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Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 07:47:03 +0530
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Groups: Past, Present & Future
From: Manomohan Sanyal


Intro to PS: In this following song, the loving Parama Purus’a, Tara’ka
Brahma, is communicating directly with the devotee. Specifically, in a
personal way, the divine Entity, Tara’ka Brahma, is asking the sadhaka
various questions. In contrast, in most Prabhat Samgiita songs, the
devotee is singing or expressing his own thoughts to Parama Purusa. But
this entire song is different: It is expressed in the voice of Parama
Purusa; He Himself is narrating the scene.

“Kende kende tava kavarii-bandha khuliya’ giya’che ka’r tare…” P.S. 1104


For whom have been crying such that your hair braids have become loose
and undone, and now your hair is just falling in an unkempt manner. Who
is responsible for causing you so much pain. Even then you are trying
hard to conceal your grief-stricken & broken heart; but by seeing your
pain-filled eyes anyone can understand how sorrowful you are.

Indeed, you are so upset that you cannot maintain the proper melody
or tune of the song which you are singing. Why like this– whose longing
has caused all these problems & distress in your life. Now look, the
whole day has passed and it is reaching up towards evening time. The
brightness of the day is gone and now evening is falling. The sun is
going to set; that time has come.

At this time in this lonely place are You sitting here by yourself in
this isolated forest. Tell me, whose memory is churning your heart; why
are you so heart-broken. The whole day you have been sitting here alone
involved in contemplation and now evening has come and still you are
remaining here. Who is the cause behind all this, how has this
happened– please tell me.

Always remember that the balaka bird flies off to far distant places,
but again and again it returns and comes back to its own nest.
Similarly, if your Beloved has gone far away, then He too will return
again and come back. So please do not cry.

O’ devotee, whose love has shaken your whole existence. Rest assured
that He will come…


Note: Recently – on 30 Aug ’09 – two leading factions gathered and
talked at Ananda Nagar and came up with a so-called plan for unity.
Elements of their flawed plan are discussed below. Be sure to read all
the way to the bottom of this letter and see how skewed their
declarations are.

Even more revealing however is what was NOT mentioned in their “plan”.
There is a blatant omission of any mention of AM ideology and Baba’s
teachings. Without those ideals, their plan for unity is but a scam.
That is the tell-tale sign that their plan is just a bunch of hot air
destined for failure.

Overall, their plan reads as a fake treaty between two warring gangs or
two mafia families, not as a dharmic stance taken by disciples of the
Sadguru. So no good margii should be duped by their words, thinking that
they are reading some glorified message.

If someone were to say, “Today there is groupism in our Marga”, it would
not come as a surprise to anyone. All would internally think, “Yes, that
is true.”

Side by side, we all know that, “There should not be any groupism in our
Marga.” That also no one would dispute – not even the group leaders

So it is a bit of a puzzle: We all know that it should not be there, but
it is there.

How then did groupism come into our Marga? What is its state at present?
And, what will be the situation in the future?

If we understand the nature of groupism itself, then by Baba’s grace we
have the best chance of rooting it out from our Marga forever.


Before advancing this topic any further, we should just remind ourselves
that the unity we all want has nothing to do with merging various groups
and factions. Unity only stems from following His teachings, i.e. AM
ideology. Then and only then will we be united and groupism vanquished.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means
unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical
unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic
ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind.” (PNS-15)

So unity is ideological unity. That is Baba’s guideline.

And then, in the very next sentence, Baba issues His grave warning that
any chance of real unity is destroyed by the mere presence of groupism.

Baba says, “However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we
encourage the exploitation of one group by another.” (PNS-15)

Tragically, that is where we are now: Any semblance of unity basically
shattered by the overwhelming presence of groupism. And it is this
problem that we have to understand and ultimately fix.


Prior to ’90, there was no real evidence of groupism in our Marga. The
seeds were there because the same people who lead groups today were also
in the Marga those days. But by Baba’s grace He showered His great love
and created a whirlwind of activity and that kept us together.

We were busy rallying together against a common enemy, i.e. fighting for
our very existence with the communists. Plus Baba kept everything in AM
moving at such a rapid pace, we could only think about keeping up with
Him. There was little or no opportunity or scope to pay heed to
individual or group interest.

All that changed after ’90.


In the early years immediately after 1990, still our Marga stood as one
cohesive whole, at least in physical form. The organisation did not
crack or split.

Was it because all were rallying around ideology? No. It was because
that was a time of transition and all were worried about how they would
survive. When times are tough, and one is concerned about their very
existence, then even enemies can co-habitate.

For instance, snakes and humans are natural born enemies. But during a
terrible flood, when both are scrambling for their own survival, they
can live together without attacking one another.

Such was the case in our Marga from 1990 – 94 or so. All the elements of
groupism were present, but those Dadas were so worried about how they
would even survive, they bonded together. But that bond was not
ideological, but rather for their selfish survival.

Once they became more confident that indeed life would go on and their
extreme concern for survival subsided, then those same people aimed
toward something else: power. Then their real colours came forth and the
groups began to manifest.

So as soon as the great fear that their own survival was not in
jeopardy, and they need not huddle together for shelter in order to
exist, then – lacking any higher goal – the fight for power started.
They did not just want some power, they wanted all the power. And in
that lust for power – more and more groups were formed.

So that is the basic formula or continuum of groupism in AMPS: (a)
selfish survival -> (b) lack of higher ideal & quest for power -> (c)
proliferation of more factions to satisfy that lust for power.

No water or sunlight is needed, the above sequence is enough to create
an absolute jungle of groupism. And that is exactly what we have now in
our Marga.


Back in the mid 90’s, various circulars were in fact written about the
initial presence of groups, but no one could really believe it and the
circular writers were victimised, attacked and exiled. Because in those
years, the group fight was not pronounced – it was just gaining momentum
– and still many were thinking that all our avadhutas are divine, i.e.
second gods.


Over the ensuing years, the existence of groupism became more evident,
as described above. With the rise of groupism came group clash and the
struggle for power and control.

Specifically, that clash manifested in three distinct ways: (a) The
fight for property, (b) the fight for margiis, and (c) the fight for

It was generally view among the “contestants” that the one who got the
most in each of these categories was the victor.

Tragically, especially since 2000, in our Marga we have seen bitter
battles over the land, buildings, and followers. To the groupists, they
felt these things meant power.

Never in any stage of the fight has it been over ideological ideals. The
groups have never fought over the dogma of Mahaprayan, or Fake Ananda
Vaniis, or crude tiirthas, or scriptural distortions, or margii rights,
or the Fake BP manual, or anything remotely related with ideology.

The fight was purely over mundane wealth – crude power. Their concerns
have been and remain totally selfish. There is no welfare motive and no
cares for Baba’s teachings.

Hence, we have witnessed veritable wars over buildings and property
rights in Ananda Nagar. Our sacred master unit has essentially been
turned into a battle zone. The spilling of blood and the destruction of
property became a daily affair. Even one of our avadhutas was murdered
during this fight for property.

All the while, there was also the fight for people in the form of
margiis and acaryas.

Each of the groups equated power with landholdings and numbers. The more
land and buildings, the more members, the stronger the group.

Till now that was what the fight has been about. That is essentially
where we are at present.


Still today, there is no clear-cut sign that the groupist battle will
subside or that the proliferation of groups will stop.

Because of their misguided outlook and endless desire for power, more
and more groups are getting created. It used to be Sarvatmananda’s gang
versus everyone else. Then H group formed. Then NIA / SKY / Shiva Gotra
came & went. Then EC spurred onto the scene. And now all the major
groups are splitting again into sub-factions. So now instead of there
being two groups there are at minimum six – and that is not including
the Didi’s side.

Why so much division? Because all want power. When it comes to groupism,
there is no common ideal of service and spiritual value. As soon as one
group affiliation fails to satisfy one’s desire for power, then another
group or sub-faction is formed.

Baba says, “We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity,
and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the
defective teachings of dogmas.” (PNS-9)

Groupism is a dogma – it is a totally defective notion. Yet at present,
it is burning sky high in our Marga. Until that fire is extinguished, we
will continue to see the proliferation of more and more groups.

If we go at the current pace, by 2015, instead of 5 or 6 groups there
will be 12 – 15. Can you imagine the mess that will make. Each and every
sector, nay region, will be run by a different groups in the same way
warring mafia families divide up and rule city blocks, each competing
for supreme control.

Right now, the groups are fighting groupism with still more groupism.

By Baba’s grace and with the efforts of good margiis, the situation will
right itself in our Marga, but not until that golden day dawns – and it
will dawn – when really ideology is the guiding light, not the groupist
rush for power.


At present, there are so many good margiis and acaryas who want to
please Baba and build up a shining AM society, but till now they could
not unite, only the groupists have been able to rally together.

Baba says, “The moralists have been scattered for so long that they
could not fight… there is an unholy alliance amongst the latter
[groupists].” (PNS-18)

So that is the way things have been moving in our Marga – but that will
not last much longer. No one should give up hope.


At the same time we should not get duped by the ruling leaders.

For years and years they have sat in separate dharmacakra halls and
chanted the vedic sermon of samgacchadhvam about the greatness of
collective movement and unity, but in their heart of hearts they
harbored more power and division.

Plus they have consistently made proclamations about peace, unity, and
other high sounding ideals. This only to be followed by the launching of
the next groupist offensive.

Their claims then of unity and singing of samgacchadhvam stand as a
gross display of hypocrisy. Just it is the talk of one parrot. Repeating
the same thing again and again with no inner understanding of those words.

And now check out their latest trick.

On Aug 30, 2009, the H and B factions came together and issued a
document describing how they will be united. As noted above in the top
of this letter, there is no mention of adhering to AM ideals in their
so-called unity plan. In that case their unity treaty is just one more
political sham.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity…” (PNS-15)

Without AM ideals unity is but a joke. Instead in their plan they are
still preaching about the existence of groupism. In the first sentence
of their report they write:

ways for dialogue and unity with the other groups

Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 8:28:32 AM
Subject: [AnandaMarg] Meeting Between Ranchi & Kolkata

Thus the group leaders openly preach for the continuation of groupism,
as if unity can be achieved by merging or making a pact between
factional forces.

Yet Baba warns us that the mere presence of groupism alone spoils any
chance at unity.

Baba says, “However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we
encourage the exploitation of one group by another.” (PNS-15)

But because the factional leaders are so ingrained in groupism they can
neither comprehend Baba’s teachings nor do they have even an ounce of
shame that in their own unity report they talk about continuing
groupism. Such is the depths of their disease of factionalism – their
minds are totally painted in that colour.

So their very premise is misguided and so are all their points.

For instance, let’s look at point #1:

1. To share the land dispute situation in Ananda Nagar. As in several
places through lack of our attention local villagers have grabbed land,
both groups agreed to cooperate to protect our land in Ananda Nagar,
providing all their legal papers.”

The above point is nothing about unity. All it states is that the two
groups (H & B) should protect their shared self-interest against a
common enemy. In that sense the Ranchi and Kolkata teams are no
different from the Americans and Russians “uniting” to fight together in
World War II. We all know what hell took place afterwards. So fighting
against a common enemy is no unity at all. Yet this is their first
stated declaration.

And to tell you the truth, all of their declarations are silly and in
the same vain as the above. It is a mere waste of time to analyse the
other points. They all read the same. There is zero mention of following
the high ideals of AM. All they talk about are back-door deals between
groupist leaders who have not an ounce of trust or brotherly love for
one another.

That is why all good margiis and acaryas understand that this latest
attempt at unity by the B and H forces is nothing but a total sham – a
political whitewash to befool and pacify margiis that “proper steps are
being taken.”

But no one with eyes to see is at all duped by this latest groupist ploy.


By Baba’s grace, more and more awareness of AM ideals is mounting in our
Marga. The groupist leaders may not know anything about Baba’s teachings
but margiis and acaryas around the world are deeply interested. Their
hearts are pained by what is taking place now in our Marga and they are
ready to bring real unity. That day is coming soon. We are all working
together toward that glorious moment.

Baba says, “Human history today has reached such a transitional phase
that universal humanity, forgetting all spatial, temporal and personal
differences, shall have to move, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder
towards the new dawn with rapid steps. Humanity must respond to this
call. With the reddish glow of the dawn, the collective body, mind and
soul will be radiant with joy. And that alone will be the real progress
of universal humanity, the firm establishment of unified humanism.”
(Ananda Vanii #61)


Blow on Human Intellect

Baba says, “They [groupist leaders] concoct various so-called
scriptures, they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the
human race that all the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead
of considering the interest of the entire human society, they give
preference to the interest of a particular community. This loud
propaganda in favour of a particular community, this parading of
irrational logic, this sort of fallacious argument, all combine to
stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect. This sort of mentality
is called dogma.” (AFPS-4, p.61)

Note: Some groupist leaders in our Marga are moving in this same narrow


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