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Subject: Re: #10 DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 13:51:34 +0530
From: Jaykrsna



(Note: This is the tenth letter on this thread. Please find links to the nine earlier letters below. – Eds)


Brother Divyam’shu wrote:

The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality [mature girls exposing their bellies etc]. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing.

My reply:

Exactly- if this happened in May DMS, it should be rectified as early as possible. This is not only the fault of Mr. Pathak. Besuse if Mr. Pathak was using this type of dance pattern then it should be controlled by RAWA incharge Dada – Ac Acintanandji Avt.

Mr.Pathak is a very young chap so maybe he is just confused about RAWA’s system given by BABA; in contrast, in-charge Dada Acintanandji should have full awareness of the platform of RAWA and hence Dada controll any and all programs performed through RAWA.

All programs should be passed and reviewed by the RAWA dept. or advisory committee of RAWA dept. before being presented in the public forum.

Indeed, the in-charge of each & every dept. of AMPS should have proper knowledge of the events and programs of his dept. Otherwise we will have to face this type of blunder on a regular basis.



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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:08:45 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Raviindra Deva”
Subject: Re: News Sexual Crime



I cannot forget how in 1970, one of the monks in the Ramakrishna Mission committed this type of devious sexual crime in rural Jaipur. The outraged villagers took matters into their own hands.

Villagers caught the monk and removed his saffron robe and put him in civil dress. Then they painted his face black, forced him to sit on a donkey, and paraded him through the town with a placard hanging from his neck which read, “I am a child molester.”

But it did not stop there.

More and more villagers joined in and they physically detained that monk and forcibly removed his reproductive organ in such a manner that the monk had to be hospitalized. News of this spread around the whole of India. The monk was shamed by his criminal dealing and will remember his misdeed his entire life.

The sexual crime by Mukunda’nanda must also be taken seriously and addressed accordingly. Thus far the villagers of Daltonganj in 2012 have not dealt with the aggressor the way those villagers of Jaipur did in 1970. How and what the villagers do is for them to decide. But allowing the crime to go unpunished is not acceptable. The culprit must be taken to task.

Raviindra Deva


Below are the links to the first two letters from this series. In these letters you can get the details of the case.

News: Sexual Crime, Letter #1

News: Sexual Crime, Letter #2

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Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 14:54:29
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Ram Kumar Deva
Subject: Re: News: Sexual Crime



Yesterday’s email reported:

>Recently one Dada sexually attacked a young girl from Daltonganj.
>The assailant is a sectorial-level VSS worker of Delhi sector.
>This attack was carried out in a most violent and gruesome manner.
>We are calling upon those with details of this ghastly incident to
>come forward with more information.

I inquired and confirmed this news with my own sources. It is true; I talked with Daltonganj margiis. They attested to the veracity of this tragic incident.

Unfortunately, one margii was more concerned with hiding the bad name of this culprit, Dada Mukunda’nanda, rather than help the victim and reporting this to the police.

In total, this is indeed nothing short of a tragedy. With a heavy heart – yet knowing it is the right thing to do, otherwise repeated issues will arise in future – I list more of the facts below about this case

1. This unfortunate incident took place in a village about 30 kilometers from Daltonganj town. It is in Daltonganj District. The diocese is Palamu, with the headquarters being Daltonganj.

2. The assailant was Mukunda’nanda, a senior dada 50+ years of age. He is hardcore cadre of Rudra’nanda.

3. Mukunda’nanda sexually assaulted and forced himself on the 7-year-old daughter of one respected margii.

4. This dada was staying in the house of one margii when he called the child to him and started teaching her. Everything seemed fine. Dada then sent the girl’s mother to cook food for him. This gave Dada the opportunity to violently assault the girl sexually.

5. In the aftermath, the girl was admitted to the hospital with profuse bleeding. Medical experts confirmed the gory details and the horrors that this innocent 7-year old girl suffered.

6. The Dada who did this is Ac Mukunda’nanda, sectorial organising secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector.

7. For more information contact the bhukti pradhan of Daltonganj.

8. As members of the Marga, we should take it upon ourselves to ensure justice is done on various levels.

Ram Kumar Deva

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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 16:55:02 -0000
From: NJK Deva
Subject: News: Sexual Crime



Recently one Dada sexually attacked a young girl from Daltonganj. The assailant is a sectorial-level VSS worker of Delhi sector. This attack was carried out in a most violent and gruesome manner.

We are calling upon those with details of this ghastly incident to come forward with more information.

At present, the Rudrananda group is trying hard to cover up this crime.

We should not become like the Catholic church whose priests are infamous for their sexual crimes, yet all along the church systemically engaged in denial and cover ups. Now they are facing the consequences and paying heavily for their systemic and insidious problem. Our Marga should not march down a similar road.

An assertive, pro-active response is the need of the hour. If anyone knows about this tragic occurrence please let us know.

Nagendra Deva

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From: “Marc Pele”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: They Were Trustless
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 22:07:12 +0000



Note: A sound file has been placed on the AM-GLOBAL blog that serves as an accompaniment to this below letter. That sound file is called, ‘One Oath Taking Ceremony’. Visit: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/

To prepare oneself for this entire topic, please consider the following.

Suppose there is one guru who knows that some of his disciples suffer from certain flaws. That guru calls those disciples near and says, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be given greater responsibility to run the ashram and its activities; promise me that you will not sell the ashram and destroy all the programs. Can I trust you that you will not ruin the ashram?”
By making this type of statement and posing this sort of query, it is very evident that the guru does not trust his disciples. Such a statement does not at all convey a sense faith in his disciples.

Keep the above idea in mind as you read the remainder of this mail.


The present scenario unfolding now in our organisation did not come out of nowhere. There was every indication that such a splintering could and would take place. Baba certainly knew; and if we all think a little bit, it should not have come as a surprise to us either. Please understand that I have full regard and respect for our dear Dadas, only I wish to bring something to the table for everyone to consider and review.


In 1990, as you may remember, Baba was calling Dadas– groups of Dadas, especially Central Workers and other top Dadas– to Him so that they could take an oath in His presence. There was no secret this was going on, as many have heard about this program.

Those days, Beloved Baba was calling several workers or more at a time and asking them, ‘Do you promise to work for the welfare of the mission? Can I trust you to spread my ideology? Are you committed to serving all peoples? Will you keep this organisation unified? Are you to be trusted?’.

To each of these types of questions, all the Dadas present– ie the top Dadas which Baba had called before Him– were required to take an oath to that they would solemnly swear to fulfill their duty to Baba and the Ananda Marga mission. This was the scene which was unfolding in 1990. And those respected Dadas were quite proud to have been called before Baba to take such an oath. They took this to be an honor and and indication of their high commitment to Baba.


With all due respect, however, we should apply a little bit of our own cognitive abilities– by way of analogy– to understand the real meaning of having to take such an oath in the first place.

Suppose there is one guru who knows that some of his disciples suffer from certain flaws. That calls those disciples near and says, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be given greater responsibility to run the ashram and its activities, promise me that you will not sell the ashram and destroy all the programs. Can I trust you that you will not ruin the ashram?” By making this type of statement and posing this sort of query, it is very evident that the guru does not trust his disciples. Such a statement does at all convey a sense faith in his disciples.

With respect to our dear Dadas, I think all readers are by now getting the idea why Baba requested such top WTs to take an oath before Him. Before discussing this further, let’s take a look at another analogy.

Suppose, one day when a father is about to retire from his business and he is going to pass the torch of ownership of all his entrepreneurial interests and land holdings to his son, and the father says, ‘Son, I have worked hard all my life, please promise me that you will honestly watch over my affairs and take care of the family’, then does this not indicate that the father does not have full faith in his son. Otherwise, what was the need for the father to ask such a thing of his son. Such a statement or oath only comes into play, when a father feels that the son cannot be entirely trusted– or not trusted at all.

Or it is just like if there are two friends, and if one says to the other, ‘Listen, I have to go out for a few minutes, please promise me that you will not steal my belongings while I am gone’, then who is going to really think they have any friendship at all, or that the other person can be trusted. And certainly we can all think of so many other such examples– all of which point to a blatant lack of trust for the other party. In essence one is saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’.

Yet this is the very same type of oath which our All-knowing Baba requested from those top Dadas.

Please excuse me for saying so, but this oath was done because Baba was well aware about their inherent tendencies of groupism, division, and power mongering etc. With such ideas floating in their mental plates, how is it that those top Dadas were going to be able to care for the AM mission. Hence, Baba requested them to take an oath– to help steer them away from their negative desires. Yet we all know what happened, we all know how far those our revered Dadas could live up to the oath or not.


From another perspective, various other acaryas and senior margiis who were NOT asked to take such an oath in front of Baba were relieved, because they felt that having to take such an oath meant that such persons were not up to the proper standard. And indeed it looks like that is the case. There are so many decent acaryas and margiis who are truly committed to the ideals of AM, and Baba knowingly never asked them to take that oath in front of Him. Whereas those who were requested to take an oath back in 1990 are the very ones who have pillaged our AMPS and cracked it into pieces for their selfish ends.


But as life would have it, those top Dadas who took the oath– ‘I can be trusted to watch over the mission’– had their own perspective of the matter. With all due respect, those esteemed acaryas felt that it meant that they were the ones who were true to Baba.

Hence, they told everyone they knew that Baba took a special oath from them as they thought this would impress others. Indeed they traveled all over Delhi Sector and the entire globe, describing how Baba had specially called them and asked, ‘Can I trust you’ etc. So through their own eyeglasses, they thought that this was Baba’s way of telling them that they are the great ones to run the organisation. But those with a balanced mind can understand the inner truth: That having to take such an oath means that they had a weakness or mental defect. That Baba was saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’. Otherwise Baba would not have been concerned about them in that way.

And indeed, seeing what these oath-taking Dadas have done to our organisation since 1990, it is quite apparent that the all-knowing Baba did not trust them from the outset. That is why He was again and again asking them, ‘Can I trust you, can I trust you’. Please excuse me for saying so, but that is what rationality says. Many of these Dadas are our friends, but that does not exclude us from taking a proper look at the situation. After all we have come to establish AM ideology and serve the humanity, not any other reason.

Note: In AM oaths are taken when a person gets diiksa of various types. We remember our oaths everyday, but this query – “Can I trust you” – is unusual and displays a lack of trust.



Regardless, our esteemed top Dadas viewed that oath as their entitlement to running the organisation. And not only that, they thought that they should then take similar oaths from the margiis. And that is the very tradition that they started.

After 1990, thinking of themselves as the great ones, those top Dadas began calling all the margiis to their various dogmatic programs like Mahaprayan, and requested those arrivees to take an oath. Such is the grand hypocrisy that has been going on since 1990. See the irony of it all.

Those top Dadas have ruined Baba scriptures, broken the organisation into pieces, created dogmatic tiirthas, pilfered so much money, expelled so many innocent margiis, destroyed the BP system, and countless harm they have done to our Marga, yet they see themselves as being fit to insist that others be true to Baba’s teachings. As if they are the golden watch-bearers to ensure that everything is proper.

For your review, here is the oath which our revered Dadas have been taking from other general acaryas and margiis since 1990. They do this oath of ‘dedication’ or ‘rededication’ at their dogmatic Mahaprayan ceremonies and at other gatherings. The audio version of the oath has been put on the AM-GLOBAL blog:


So go to the blog and listen for yourself what they are doing, and for your convenience here below is the transcription of that very oath.

“We, say on oath, in the name of Parama Brahma and Marga Gurudeva, that we shall observe uncompromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ista, Adarsha, Supreme Command and Conduct Rules. We shall actively endeavour to promote, individual and collective well-being, to perform all sorts of actions as desired by Revered Marga Guru. We shall not allow the unity of Ananda Margiis to be jeopardised for any reason. We shall maintain the unity, even at the risk of our life. We shall not, under any circumstances, allow individual interest to stand in the way of collective interest. We shall protect, in all respects and all costs, the dignity of Margiya treasures: The sublime ideology, universal love, and unshakable unity, and the sanctity of our flag, our symbols, and the pratikrti [photo] of Marga Guru.” (Oath taken at dogmatic Mahaprayan programs)

Again there is nothing wrong with the above oath per se. Just it is painfully amusing that the ones administering this oath have utterly destroyed our Marga. They have made a mockery out of unity, they have tossed AM ideology in the dustbin, they have gone against Ista in countless ways, they have stepped on and torn up our flag, and they have time and again put their own selfish and individual interests ahead of the common good– ahead of collective interest.

Thus it is an absolute mockery for them to be administering this oath to well-intentioned margiis and acaryas. And again, the only reason Baba was asking them in 1990, ‘Can I count on you, can I trust you’ was because He was indirectly saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’. That is what He was telling those top Dadas.

Please excuse me as I know how this sounds. However, do not take my word for it, take a look at what has occurred in our organisation since 1990. All because of the lust, deceit, and selfishness of certain people whose names need not be mentioned here. You know who they are.


Here is Baba’s clear-cut warning that if the people responsible for implementing an ideology are not up to the mark, then there will be hell to pay– the society will suffer.

Baba says, “Even if there is no defect in the philosophy but the person who takes the responsibility of implementing the philosophy is full of defects, then that high philosophy will remain confined to books only. The society will rush headlong to the depths of degradation, and no one will remain to save it. The people’s copious tears will drench their clothes, and they will die, banging their heads against the closed doors of human liberation. For them there will be no escape.” (NSS, Disc 14)

Because our revered top Dadas could not implement AM ideology in their own lives, our organisation has paid the price and indeed the greater society has suffered needlessly at the hands of so many exploiters– because our Marga could not come forward and save them.


By Baba’s grace those true to Him have taken the internal vow to establish His ideology on this dusty earth. Such persons will always be strict in following His teachings. Whereas those who merely brag, that Baba asked them, ‘Can I count on you’, we now know their status. By His grace, a new era of ideology is coming in our Marga.

Baba says, “Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we allow others to do so.” (NSS, Disc: 14)



If anybody is having difficult and still could not understand the essence of this posting then this analogy may help.

Let’s say a husband and wife were at the airport as the husband was about to go away on a business trip. When saying good-bye, just before he was to board the plane, if the concerned husband says to his wife, ‘Please promise that you will be true to me’, who is going to think that their marriage is based on trust and fidelity.

Rather, one gets the distinct idea that the husband knows well that his wife has loose behaviour, or that she has been untrue in the past, or that she has interest in someone else. It gives the distinct feeling that ‘You (i.e. the wife) are not trustworthy’. And it is for this reason, with this doubt and uncertainty in mind, that he is requesting her to promise to be faithful. All because the wife has a distinct tendency to be unfaithful. Otherwise what was the need for the wife to take such an oath when there is a deep & trusting commitment between the two parties, between the husband and wife.

In other words if trust each other and if husband says like that there will be huge disappointment. She will cry out and be angry why he is accusing me, rather than be happy.
“Maner ma’jhe kon se ka’je a’cho balo na’…” (P.S. #2033)


Baba, You are hiding deep in the recesses of my mind. What You are actually doing there I cannot say. Just You are sitting in the depths of my mind– listening to all my thoughts. Baba You are everywhere: omnipresent. Nothing can remain hidden from You. Baba, it is impossible to hide anything from You — what a torture this is. Your liila, Your divine play, is very vast– verily immeasurable like the infinite ocean. To understand Your divine liila, is very difficult. When I go to measure the depth of Your liila, then my whole existence is lost. Only consciousness remains floating. Mind becomes one with You. And “I feeling” is lost. Baba, if You do not want to be held, please tell me what You want. Your desire is my desire, don’t you know this very fact? Baba, You are eternally hiding in my mind and heart. Nothing remains unknown to You…

Wealth and Sin Live Side by Side

Here is something to keep in mind when viewing those capitalists who are now ruling this earth.
Baba says, “The person who cannot cheat others cannot become a millionaire overnight. You know as I told many times the goddess of wealth is established in sin. Only the person who is a terrible sinner and knows how to cheat others as quickly as possible, only they can be come a millionaire. The goddess of wealth is the goddess of sin.” (Discourse: ‘Introduction of Various local Gods and Goddesses’, AV-11 [H] pg 7)

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From: “Vinay.Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Example of Profane Baba Story
Date: Sun 05 Feb 2012 21:55:05 +1000


“A’mi toma’y ja’ni, e katha’ vilate pa’ribo na’, na’, na’, na’…” (P.S. 609)


Baba, by Your divine grace You are mine. Even though I am aware about Your divine Self, how I can I say for sure that I know You. No, no, no I cannot say. Baba, in spite of my intimate closeness with You, You remain mostly unknown to me. Baba, You are playing an unnamed tune on my mental viina calling me – sitting in my heart constantly.

Baba, in the beautiful dawn hour, when the effulgence of the moon fades away and the petals of the lotus blossom in the pond, I awaken. By Your grace, in that early hour all my lethargy and sleepiness vanishes completely. At that very auspicious moment how can I forget Your heavenly sweetness which permeates all around. Baba, You are so gracious and charming.

Baba, although You are always hiding and trying to keep Yourself out of sight each and every moment, even then by Your grace I know You are everything. In spite of Your on-going, eternal, divine liila of hide and seek, I understand You are the essence behind each and every expression. Baba, You play Your divine flute – all the while trying to remain hidden. Baba, by Your grace I know that You are that singular Divine Entity, yet in Your magical way You express Yourself in innumerable names, forms, and rhythms.

Baba, by Your causeless grace this much I know: You are mine and mine alone…


The crude expression I came across today while reviewing one book is literally unspeakable – far beyond what I thought someone would include in a publication about Baba. That is why I refuse to even cite the actual word here in this letter.

Suffice to say that the writer allowed his lewd imagination to run wild when describing Baba’s own mother just prior to her giving birth. That is the tragedy involved.
The writer used such an unseemly and ungainly term that it just makes one question what kind of debased mind-set he really has.


After all, those days in the small town of Jamalpur there was no medical report documenting the details of the birth. Such a medical log did not exist.

So then how did the writer come up with this crude way of describing Baba’s mother?

Tragically, the writer just dug into his dirt-stained mind – his own imagination. That is how he wrote this sensual account; he described it totally on his own. The result of which is a crude, beastly description. Really this is too much that such a so-called writer would publicly narrate the scene of Baba’s own mother giving birth in this way.


In our AM ideology, Baba Himself has written about many female diseases in Yogic Treatments and never did He employ such a term. Rather Baba always spoke in respectful, sentient language. And it is His blessed example that we are to follow. In fact, nowhere in our AM literature has such term been put in print – nowhere.

So the writer of the book in question totally failed in this regard. Rather than adhering to Guru’s standard, he deviated and chose his own vile word to describe Baba’s own mother during childbirth. And he put that term in a bound book that he is trying desperately to sell in all sectors of the world and on the internet, for all to see.

It is truly unthinkable that in this publication, he resorted to crude, sensual, slang terminology that has absolutely no place on those pages, i.e, in a story about Baba. Let me again reiterate that such a word is not present in any true AM book, yet it was used in this publication.


Here following are Baba’s words where He strongly condemns the crude ways of such present-day writers.

Baba says, “It is a matter of great regret that a class of modern artists, in the realms of poetry, novels, cinema, drama, etc., employ all their artistic talents for the sole purpose of kindling people’s crude sensuality, instead of portraying human propensities with the idealistic outlook of a true artist – what to speak of portraying their subtle human feelings. Without supporting conservatism, I would say that this class of artists is truly a blot on society.” (Prout Nutshell – 1, The Practice of Art and Literature)

As we know, ours in AM is the way of sentient, civilised expression. It is a great tragedy then that the said book (noted below) fails in this regard.




As has been reported by many, the book, “Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years” written by Devashish (Donald Acosta), is filled with countless mistakes. Nearly each and every page is tainted by factual errors, debased expression, and other problems. And that is the book I am referring to above.

Specifically, the profane story that describes Baba’s mother in a dirty manner just before she gives birth appears on the middle of page 2. If you do not have the book let us know and we will try and help.


Here are prior letters posted on this network about Devashish’s book, “Anandamurti: The Jamalpur Years”.




Crow and Cuckoo

Baba says, “It is said that there is a particular species of the cuckoo bird that is incapable of nesting and raising its own offspring. So to protect and save her babies, the mother cukoo gently places her own eggs in the crow’s nest, even though the crow is her dreaded enemy. But since the eggs of both the birds looks the same, the crow carefully cares for those cuckoo eggs which were placed in her nest– thinking them to be her own. At the time of birth, the newborn birds of both species are black; so seeing the baby cuckoos, the mother crow does not initially realise that the baby cuckoos are not her own offspring. It is only when the baby birds become a little bigger and start to call out and cry, that the crow realises those are not her babies. Then and there the mother crow becomes very angry, suddenly understanding that it has gotten duped. But because of having given long-term care and developed sincere love for the baby cuckoo, the mother crow gives up the idea of attacking and killing the cuckoo. And instead the mother crow raises the baby cuckoo as one of her own.” (SC-10)

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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 12:12:23 -0000
From: “Jawaharlal Deva”
Subject: Baba Story: I Don’t Know How to Surrender



Note: The following story has been recounted by our margii brother, Shrii Nishikant Laghate.

When I came in contact with Baba in 1966, I went to Jamalpur and He graced me by giving me personal contact (PC). In that personal encounter, Baba pointed out my mistakes and punished me.

Then He ordered me to surrender.

But I had no idea how to surrender. I was totally unaware about what to do.

Mentally I was asking Baba, “How do I surrender? What should I do?”

I was in a quandary as to what to do, i.e. how to surrender. Mentally I was pleading with Him to show me the way.

Then Baba said, “Just become like a very small infant.”

Hearing this I understood what to do and I fell at His lotus feet, giving everything of myself, by His grace, and losing myself in Him.

And Baba blessed me.


Shrii Nishikant Laghate’s above story brings an important point to light…

Many people think that simply lying in sastaunga pranam is surrender or mentally thinking, “I surrendered” is actually surrendering to Guru. But that does not work; that is not the operative factor. Because when one keeps something for oneself, one’s ego or I-feeling is still active, and that type of “surrender” is meaningless.

Then there are still others who think that surrendering is like a military or police arrest where you just surrender physically, and hold onto your ego, pride, vanity and other mental baggage. This also is a point of confusion. In spirituality there must be cent per cent surrender in the psycho-spiritual realm.

So Baba’s teaching of being like an infant is ideal.

One must think that, “I have nothing – nothing belongs to me – everything is of Parama Purusa.” Then the true feeling of surrender comes.

The infant does not have anything of its own. A small baby does not fall prey to ego, vanity, intellect, or fortune etc, whereas grown-ups often think that they have something (career, house, car, name, fame etc) and then after doing some type of show or drama of surrender, they cannot get success. It does not work.

In the case of an infant, that baby literally has nothing – it surrenders unconditionally to mother, whereby the mother is forced to come to the baby’s rescue. When a sadhaka surrenders with that same psychology (i.e. unconditionally) then Guru is sure to accept.


So that is what a sadhak must emulate in their spiritual life when surrendering to Guru. A sadhaka must give everything of themselves, without holding back anything. Then that will be surrender in the real sense of the term.

Baba says, “Prańipáta means complete surrender to the Eternal Entity, Parama Puruśa. The mental attitude that “whatever is, is from Parama Puruśa and nothing is mine” is prańipáta. One who has ego, one who thinks that one’s intellect, wealth and other things are one’s own, is the greatest fool. A person boasts of learning, intellect and fortune. But nothing is eternal. Therefore one who boasts of anything of this world is a fool. The worst psychic knot is the false vanity of intellect. Whatever is, is of Parama Puruśa; nothing is yours. Hence there should be complete surrender to Parama Puruśa. This is the first indispensable factor for mental development. If you really want to serve the world, complete surrender at the feet of Parama Puruśa is a must.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-1, The Three Factors for Spiritual Elevation)

Baba says, ‘If you want to attain the bliss of Brahma, you must offer your own self. If you want to have the Great “I”, you must give away your own little “I”. You have to give the full sixteen annas, (the full rupee). Giving fifteen annas and holding back one anna will not do. You must completely surrender.” (Subhasita Samgraha-3, Vibration, Form and Colour)

Baba says, “If human beings cannot surrender themselves at the altar of Parama Puruśa they can never attain spiritual progress in life. Without total surrender, Macrocosmic grace is not attained, and without Macrocosmic grace nothing is attained. Besides this there is no other way, (Nányah Panthá Vidyateyanáya).” (Tattva Kaomudi -3, Bhakti and Krpá)


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Subject: Please Post
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 14:00:24 +0530
From: tr sukul



What I could know so far in the present context is that this all seems to be the fight for might [a.k.a political power] and hence all the groupism and quarreling.

If the established group leaders think that Baba is not watching them and therefore they are free to follow or leave morality, then they are throwing themselves into darkness of crudeness for which they will have to repent. This type of attitude indicates that they have not understood the realities of human life taught by Baba and they have become sannyasis merely due to shmashan vaeragya i.e. like those who when happen to visit shmashan and feel instantaneously that life is like a bubble of air in water which appears for few seconds and then vanishes, but as soon as they come back to their residences they immediately forget these ideas and think they will live forever.



I am not of that level who can judge the truth of sannyasi/s and his/their wisdom, just I am a follower of my beloved BABA. Whatever I have learnt from Baba’s available literature in the form of His discourses and discussions, it is that human life is for self-realisation. Hence each and every moment should be utilised for attaining the set target of this realisation.

They are blessed ones who have dedicated their lives for the sake of establishing the ideals of their Guru, but if once they have handed over their everything to their Guru they have no right to use it for their own without the permission of Guru, this is simple rule of morality.

Now if such persons act against the directions of the Guru then it is obvious that they do not believe in the ideals of Guru for which they have dedicated themselves.


While narrating Ravana as mahapa’taki Baba has explained that the act, Ravana performed, was against the morality and yet it was done in the uniform of a sannyasi, so he had done mahapatak not atipatak and the result was his death. Atipatki can get redemption but not the mahapatki, as no one will believe in sannyasis in future, every woman will suspect on sannyasi, etc.

As regards me, I treat all sannyasis to be the representative of my Baba and have full regard but these stories really shake me internally. Even if they are just few bad apples, still whole of the sannyasi samaj is to be blamed as the faith of common people diminishes.


Just as the doctor not only points out the disease but also suggests the medicine to be taken, regardless of how sour it may be, similarly as concerned Ananda Margiis we are to point out the problem and give the solution. And the solution to perpetual groupism is neo-humanism where people shed their groupist identities and mindfully follow Guru’s divine ideals and teachings.


At last I would like to say that I have blind faith in my Gurudev which no story can decrease it even for a minutest quantity. As regards organisation, the One who has formed it, He has programmed it in His own way; that will only work – nothing else.

Dr T.R. Shukla

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Date: Tue 9, Aug 2011 21:54:28
From: V.J.K. Deva
Subject: Re: Read News: Which Group Is Best?


“Jamiin a’sama’n tumha’ra’, tumha’ra’ jaha’n sa’ra’…” (P.S. 4335)


Baba, this earth & this vast blue sky belongs to You. Not only that, but this entire universe is Your property. You are the sole owner of everything. I am Yours; You are mine. I want to move according to Your direction. You are my everything. You are the source of all energy. Whatever strength the sun has, it is coming from You. Similarly
whatever fragrance comes from the flower garden, that is Your fragrance. You are the divine Entity which decorates everyone’s heart. Baba, You are always with everyone in sorrow as well as in happiness, equally. You are always residing in my heart; in Your longing my eyes are showering tears. Baba, You are the controller of everything. This entire created world belongs to You. You are mine and I am Yours…


After reading the recent post about the goings-on in the various groups, a few of us got together and spoke at the jagrti. We collectively came up with replies to common mentalities that we encountered upon the release of this news. Plus by reviewing Baba’s divine teachings, we studied His two-fold approach for stopping such sinful behaviour and inspiring such workers back onto the path of Supreme Benevolence.




There are some who think that it is inappropriate to point out the defects of responsible parties, like our AMPS leaders, in public. Such persons prefer things should be handled in more of a hush-hush manner. After all, they say, human weakness is common and we should simply solve these problems behind closed doors. Stay positive – be patient – and refrain from criticizing anyone, ever. This is the way some in our Marga think.


Actually such sensitive matters could be kept hidden if the current administration / group leaders were taking these matters seriously. If a given ruling body or government or organisation is not corrupt then there is no need to highlight those misdeeds in the newspaper or the public forum. Because the government or organisatoin itself will weed out the problems and make everything alright.

However, the key point is that when the government or leadership itself is indulged in criminal activity and covering up those sinful activites – as is the case in our Marga today – then there is no other way than to bring forth the issues on the public stage, heighten public awareness, and garner support from the general margiis.




Some state that in Baba’s presence negative things were not broadcasted in public. So they feel that in the post-1990 era we should strictly adhere to this same method.


Yes, it is correct to say that Baba did not “air” such matters in public. The reason is that Baba was taking such matters very seriously within the 4 walls of His reporting sessions. He Himself was delivering justice and never supported sexual misconduct. The culprits were always punished for their welfare. So there was justice from within our Marga and hence no need to go public.

But these days in our Marga, there is hardly any justice – or we can say no justice. The leaders look the other way; they pay a deaf ear and a blind eye toward immoral dealings. All they care is if a person supports their agenda or not.

In today’s so-called justice system in AMPS, there is all kinds of isms like: Casteism, nepotism, favouritism, hatred, and much more. The innocent are victimised and the perpetrators move freely as heroes.

In such a desperate situation there is no way other than to highlight those wrongs and ask for margii support.

We can also look at it this way. In the general society, if government corruption is not allowed to be highlighted in a given land, then the outcome is ghastly and disastrous. See what happened in the communist-era USSR where 25+ million people were sacrificed (gulag). And there are so many other examples from the history.

Still today, Russia and China do not want their black deeds published – those who write are jailed. This has gone on for decades – nobody knows what is really going on.

The idea is that wrongdoing must be brought to the surface and not be kept secret. Pressure is needed to stop those wrongdoers from this heinous activities. It the those at the helm are not going to correct these affairs, then others must create pressure.

On a related note, the media should be in the hand of courageous moralists, not cowards. And whenever events are recounted in public about wrongdoing etc, then that information must be checked for accuracy, confirmed, and rechecked. That is the way to proceed: The news must be 100% correct.




Some people think that talk of any wrongdoing should only be whispered in the ears of a select few, and not written in the email, blogs, or printed papers.


This is also one utopian idea – keeping quiet or within the inner circle is not the answer.

Look what happened in the case of the Catholic clergy with child molestation. They were just whispering in the ears of their higher authorities and shoving the matter under the rug. These molestation cases and sexual indiscretions were going on for decades and the higher-ups only continued to cover up the matter. Until ultimately the putrid smell started oozing out and the whole world became aware of what was going on. By that time the scandal was of epic proportions where thousands and thousands were abused, hundreds of priests were punished, and the Catholic church got a very bad name.

Here is a similar history. Buddhism began in India, but the Buddhist monks and nuns were co-habitating and involving with one another physically. The Indian public became outraged and Buddhism was essentially banished from India.

We do not want such an event to occur with our Marga as well.




Some think it best to pretend that nothing happened at all – just ignore it all.


The problem is that whether we write about it or not, if something sinful is going on then it will appear in the newspaper – one way or another.

Of course nobody wants this to happen. So best is that people should not do such wrongs which they do not want others to know about. The absolute answer is to prevent the issue entirely by maintaining moral conduct.

Indeed in this day and age of digital everything, you can’t hide. Concerned margiis are writing today to prevent all this from coming out in the public papers and courts of law. That is what happens when scandals grow in size. We want to nip the problem in the bud.




Some people feel that exposing wrongdoers has no distinct benefit. The news flickers for a moment and then fizzles out. So then why do it at all.


Actually it is well founded that writing publicly helps wrongdoers mend their ways. Out of fear of being exposed they stop their misdeeds. Nobody likes to be exposed in front of an entire community. Exposing misdeeds is a very powerful tool.

And indeed such a strong tool is needed because the force of avidya maya is also quite strong. People easily get lulled under the iron grip of maya. To shake them from that trance of ignorance, huge external pressure is needed. Exposing someone on the public platform is one form of external pressure. Out of the fear of incurring negative propaganda, people are forced to refrain from sin. This is one distinct way of controlling their behaviour.

Earlier Baba Himself was giving direct external pressure but these days there is no pressure exerted from within the organisational structure – zero.

On the spiritual plane, devotees think that Baba is watching them 100% of the time and that serves as a form of pressure to refrain from wrongdoing. But for crude people the situation is entirely different. They think that Baba is gone, passed away, not living here, far away, and that Baba cannot see what is happening. So they do not feel any pressure in that sphere of life. Thus with crude people, the only option is to apply massive external pressure. When their misdeeds are highlighted in front of all, then that pressure helps bring that onto the right path.

At the same time it should be noted that writers should be benevolent minded, i.e. doing for the welfare of others and not for revenge, prestige, or vengeance. And their reports must be totally accurate.



Actually our approach for dealing with wrongdoers and sinners is two fold: (1) external pressure or the application of force, and (2) persuasion, or encouraging them and convincing them to be better.

Here following is Baba’s teaching about this dual approach.

Baba says, “You can help someone to become good by making him understand, but no one becomes good through the application of force. You may persuade, you may bring them onto the path of righteousness by helping them to understand. This you can certainly do. If the sinner is engaged in sinful acts or keeps moving ahead on a sinful path, you can prevent that person from doing so by the application of force. But you cannot rectify him in this way.” (AV-10, The Witness-ship of Parama Purusa)

So our approach is two-fold. By applying force externally or exerting pressure we can prevent people from committing sins. If they feel fearful or scared that they will be exposed, then that external pressure is sufficient to keep them from wrongdoing. Other forms of external pressure are the threat of jail and fear of losing wt ship etc.

The pressure most available to us as Ananda Margiis is public exposure. If a worker thinks that if they do wrong they will be exposed in front of all, then they will certainly refrain from that misdeed.

As Baba says, however, the application of force or pressure does not rectify a person or make them good, but it can prevent them from doing harm. Our second tool then is persuasion. By encouraging them to do good and be good, people can verily rectify their crude behaviour and become great sadhakas. So this technique we must also employ.

One of the best forms of persuasion we can employ with our Wts is to say: “You have dedicated yourself for the great cause – not carnal pleasures and animalistic propensities. You have come on this earth to do great work for Parama Purusa – you must never forget this fact. Yours is a most noble life.”

By this type of encouraging manner, we can persuade and inspire them to adopt the path of righteousness.

After all, every Wt has dedicated their life for the great cause. Initially they did not plan to do such sinful things. So we have to tap into that sentient inner desire and persuade them to be great.

Here I request every margii and wt to communicate with those doing wrong and convince them that they dedicated their life to project the gospel of neo-humanism and bhagvad dharma. We must persuade them- by phone, email, or face-to-face etc – that their attraction must be towards Parama Purusa only.

Any other type of attraction is asakti (mundane attachment like opposite sex, prestige, money etc) leads to degradation.

By this this sort of dual approach, by Baba’s grace we will get success:
(#1) With the force of external pressure, we can infuse fear in them that if and when they do wrong then we will expose them in front of all. By this way they may refrain from plunging in sine.
(#2) And then, through persuasion, we may open their mind and inspire them to live for a high ideal.


By Baba’s grace everything will come in proper flow soon in our Marga. These days we are most certainly dealing with various indiscretions, but by adhering to His teachings in all the realms, it is certain that we will quickly turn things around and build a brilliant AM society and lead the way forward. So none should lose hope – our path is bright.

Baba says, “Those who have accepted the Supreme Entity as their goal – those who really believe in universal humanism and reflect universalism in the fullest measure – are alone capable of constantly maintaining proper adjustment, for under the influence of a spiritual ideal their temperaments become great and benevolent. Due to their benevolent idealism and mental development they naturally look upon all with love and affection. They can never do any injustice in any particular era or to an particular individual.” (Prout Nutshell-6, Dialectical Materialism and Democracy)


Divine Play

Lord Baba says, “There is a fight between bhakta and Bhagava’n, as you know. It was started in — when? Beginningless time. And we don’t know whether it will go on up to endless time. The fight is about what? Bhagava’n says: “O bhaktas, O devotees, I am here because you are here. My name, Bhagava’n, would become meaningless if the bhaktas were not present, because a name becomes meaningless if that name is not used by anybody as a mode of address.” Suppose a man, a particular gentleman, is Nirmal. But if there is no one in the universe to call him Nirmal, then that name “Nirmal” becomes meaningless. “And so you are superior to me,” says Bhagava’n. “O bhaktas, You are superior to me.” And the bhaktas say: “O Parama Purus’a, Thou art the very fundament of my life, very base of my life. I exist because you exist.” (Ananda Vacanrtam-34, p.62)

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From: “Shantatma Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Diseased
Date: Fri 17 Jun 2011 21:38:48 +0530


Note: This posting is related with the writings of one brother on a recent thread from one of our AM email forums.


When a person suffers from stomach cancer then they are unable to digest even simple food. In that case, whenever they eat, a huge amount of putrid gas is formed, which ultimately gets released in the form of flatulence. All because their disease will not allow them to properly digest that simple food.

Under such circumstances, one should take proper care. One should not pass that gas in the dharmacakra hall or in any other sentient atmosphere. That is not the way; they should not pollute such environments.

Best is that such a person should seek medical attention and keep oneself under treatment until they are cured. One should not relieve oneself in public. They should recognise their disease and have it treated.

Here I am talking about a disease in the psycho-spiritual sphere. This has appeared in one AM email forum. It is sad that one person has written like this:

“saying MY GURU is God!! or My Guru [Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji] Has Declared himself as God. Too much ego there.”

This person is outraged with Baba’s teachings of Ananda Sutram and Caryacarya which are cited below.

We all know Baba is the Taraka Brahma, i.e. God incarnate. This fact every true Ananda Margii understands well. Baba has told this in His discourses and every sadhaka feels this in their heart. This is the basic, minimum concept every sadhaka must have to practice Ananda Marga tantra, dhyana etc. Without this, one cannot do sadhana; one will just waste their time.

For new margiis, these following two references may help:

1-25. Bhávah bhávátiitayoh setuh Tárakabrahma.

“Purport: The common point bridging together the empirical state of Saguńa and the metempirical state of Nirguńa is called Táraka Brahma [Baba]. Táraka Brahma appears in saguńa [embodied] form as Mahásambhúti [Baba].” (Ananda Sutram, 1-25)

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor) [Baba], That alone has revealed Brahmavidyá (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamúrtijii [Baba]. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty. (Caryacarya-2, Sadhana, Pt #1a)

These two simple quotes essentially state that Baba has come as Parama Purusa to guide humans as a Guru and teach spiritual science.

Yet, when someone says that, “Baba is Parama Purusa”, then this person becomes reacted. In response he starts spreading all kinds of foul writings on our AM email forums. That is what we practically see going on.

“saying MY GURU is God!! or My Guru [Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji] Has Declared himself as God. Too much ego there.”

Here he is polluting the atmosphere because of his disease. This is not something healthy or beneficial for his own spirtual progress – nor is this helpful for new margiis reading this they may get confused.

This sadhaka himself is blaming his Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji as being as egoistic. because Baba proclaims himself in Ananda Sutram and Caryacarya as being the the Divine Entity.

I feel sad and have pity on this person. He has been connected with AM for decades, but this basic, fundamental point he could not get. I only hope that Baba will grace him. May Baba open his eyes.



When a human being is living amongst animals then that person should not introduce himself as an animal, just to please those pigs, squirrels, owls and dogs. Rather one should say that, “I am a human being.”

Similarly, Baba being the Taraka Brahma should not come on this earth and introduce Himself as an ordinary mortal – that would not be proper. So Baba has beautifully graced us by telling us that He is Parama Purusa.

The only problem is that diseased person get a little bit reacted – nothing more.


The problem is that this person is passing his crude understanding in public – all across our AM forums. But this is not the place for his irrational and anti-devotional ramblings.

If some non-margii says these types of things that is totally different. It is the same as if a jackal is howling then it is fine because people do not expect that the jackal should talk. But if a human being is howling then people will try and help and bring him to the psychiatric hospital.

Best is that he should seek treatment. This person should say to Baba, “O, my Dearmost Baba, due to my terrible limitation I am unable to properly understand Your divine words, please grace me so that I may realise Your True Self.” This should be the approach. Or this person can go to an acarya for help.

Unfortunately, this person does not realise his own problem. So he is “passing his smell” on the public stage. It is quite foul.


If someone tries to spit on the sun at high noon then the sun will not get harmed rather that spit will fall directly on the face of that person. Similarly, if anyone tries to abuse Baba then Baba will not get harmed in any way, rather the person is himself harmed as he will not progress in sadhana. That is the concern.


Now you probably want to know who is the person writing against Guru on the public platform and spreading all kinds of poisonous emails. If this were a non-margii I would simply ignore the matter. But this person has invested himself in AM yet without this basic feeling he will not progress in the psycho-spiritual realm. That is my worry. In Tantra this is the basic requirement: To surrender to Guru and accept His guideline.

Everyone should know who is speaking against Ista (Baba) & Adarsha (Baba’s teachings). And the answer is that this person is Prakash Laufer of NY sector. Prakash is the one who cannot digest Baba’s teachings and in reaction is writing offensive emails on our AM forums.

Please help cure brother Prakash of his disease. He can be reached at:


I am worried about his spiritual progress because when any Ananda Margii does not have basic faith on his Ista then their sadhana is futile.


“Campak vane dakhina’ pavane…” (PS 40)


Baba, You have presented Yourself and come into this world with the resonance of music, in endless ways. You have manifested Yourself in innumerable styles and forms with rhythmic sweetness and beauty. Baba, all the pangs of loss, all disappointments, and weaknesses have been forgotten. Now everything is filled with Your divine charm.

Baba, due to Your unfathomable grace, we have been able to know You, hear You, and see You in countless ways. Baba, if this had not been Your desire– if You had not blessed us in this way– then how could we have gotten You. Baba, what else is the cause except Your krpa’, Your divine grace.

O’ Baba, You have come today with the beauty of rhythm and song…

One Should Always Remember

Baba says, “However little one’s capacity might be, if one constantly remembers that Parama Purus’a is always with him, that they are in the closest contact with Parama Purus’a, they will be able to do everything. They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as long as they remember this closest association with Him, they can do much more than ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently established in their minds, they become great. This is why no one should be disappointed or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone constantly perform great deeds, remembering that the flow of their capacity is coming from Parama Purus’a, and thus they can do everything.” (AFPS-3, p.62)

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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 21:33:57-0000

From: NJK Deva

Subject: Demon or Saint: You Decide




In His related discourses, Baba guides us that we should know and understand history. History itself is important – without it one will just repeat the same mistakes made in the past.

Along with the longer-term history of our AM history, as Ananda Margiis we should also know the events which have taken place in the organisation since 1990. So many margiis fought to uphold our AM ideology. We should know what problems they faced and how they struggled. Then we will be best able to prevent such episodes in the future,

The following is one critical incident from this time.


Just a few months ago, in mid-December 2010, after a sadhana program held in Alibag (Mumbai) one well-intentioned margii (referred herein as margii K) wrote a public letter of high praise about the greatness and saintliness of Viitamoha’nanda who attended that program.

Margii K wrote: “This year, Ac Viitamoha’nanda dada attended for the first time. He is a very noble WT.” And then that margii K went on to tell all kinds of glorious tales about Vitmoha’nanda.

In reply, brother Narayan Pandaji, the BP of Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), wrote the following:

“After 1993, Viitamoha’nanda was one of the chief captains of the special squad of Sarva’tma’nanda in eliminating the WTs / Grhii ma’rgiis who were coming against their group and protesting injustices. The same person along with Raviisha’nanda had come to take A’c. Maniis’a’nanda Avt. from Visakhapatnam at th end of October 1995 to Tiljala for eliminating him forever. Their plan was to remove Maniis’a’nanda’s avadhuta dress, put him in plain clothes, and forcibly take him to Tiljala. Their plan was not to be. Ba’ba’ saved Maniis’ananda Dada; so Viitamoha’nanda & Raviisha’nanda returned to Kolkata without Maniis’ananda and without his dress. I can’t bear the word “noble” used by you for such a hypocrite sanya’sii [like Viitamoha’nanda].”


We must all realise that in the course of history – even recent history – there are many dark scenes that people often deny. The above encounter really happened and the proof is that those days people did not speak up due to the reign of terror. No one dared speak openly about injustices and dogmas within the organisation. To do so was to purchase a ticket to be black-balled and get ousted. One would be threatened, expelled, beaten physically, tortured and finally eliminated – i.e. attacked and killed. This is not hearsay. That was the way things were working those days. Top Dadas would target anyone who questioned their modus operendi.

Innocent margiis who spoke up would face torture, attack, humiliation, punishment and even killing. This is rta; these are factual events; that is what was going on. That is why no one would dare open their mouth. Those few margiis who were writing about these injustices were terrorised. One should not fall into denial and forget this critical history, otherwise the same thing will be repeated in the future.

Those who came in AM yesterday may be surprised by hearing this; but those senior margiis and those active in the 1990’s know well what horror was going on. Those who came after 2000, or those who were just plain blind all along, they may not know this aspect of history mentioned above.


And indeed, not just in AM but each and every country, society, organisation etc carries a history of ghastly events. Eventually society changes, but some do not like to believe that those dark events actually took place on their soil. For instance, today some people cannot believe that members of the upper brahmin caste would put molten lead in the ears of women and harijains who heard the vedas. Yet Baba clearly tells us that this was going on.

Here the point is that even though some deny those dark events, we should not disregard those claims. Our history is full of shady scenes and that part of history must not be denied or suppressed.

From 1990 to ’97, so long as all those groupists were together, they were terrorising margiis and wts who raised their voice against those injustices. It is only due to the sacrifice of those courageous margiis who wrote back then, that we now have freedom of expression in AM today. Otherwise people could not write about those so-called great Dadas in centre and their black deeds.


One should not forget this history. What Pandaji is writing about Viitamoha’nanda is an eye-witness account. Dada Viitamoha’nanda and Dada Raviisha’nanda were both criminals and reached Vishakatpatnam in October 1995 with the sole intention of eliminating Ac Maniis’a’nanda Avt. That is what Pandaji is writing.

If you want to know more about this, please communicate with Narayan Panda of Vishakapatnam. He too faced terrible backlash from those groupist as he was punished and victimised in all sorts of ways for opposing their wrongdoing and misdeeds.

The duty of every margii is to become educated about our entire AM history, whether it be glorious or not. Denial is nothing but a sign of cowardliness.



Note: If you have read entire letter and reached here, then you have to think: Are Dadas Viitamoha’nanda and Dada Raviishananda demons or what? If you just automatically scrolled down to this point then please go back to the top of this email and read through the entire letter and then decide.

Baba Nam Kevalam


“Saba’r saunge tumi a’cho, tumi a’cho, Prabhu tumi a’cho…” (PS 1111)


O’ Lord, by Your grace You are with all; O’ Prabhu You are

ever-present, You know not any barriers of relativity. You always remain

with everyone. Baba, by showering Your infinite love & compassion, You have

graciously captivated and attracted my mind. Baba You are ever present–

ever present.

Baba, in the fast, ferocious winds of the cyclone, and in the deadly

grip of the cobra, at the time of death when the god of death comes near,

or when in the jaws of enemy, in all these terrifying circumstances You

shower Your sweet grace by smiling and dancing. Baba, even in the fire of

the unbearable inferno, You shower Your causeless grace and You turn

everything into the cool balm of sandalwood. Baba, You are ever-gracious.

Baba, You are present eternally. Even before anything was existed and

before there was even the hint of creation, You were present then also.

Because You are the Creator. Baba, You are the origin; You are omnipresent.

Even when there was no existence of seconds, minutes, hours, days, dates,

months, or years, and there was no way to count the time, that time also

You were there. Baba in that moment You were alone. There was no divine

play of hope and hopelessness between the Lord and His devotees; just You

were all alone. Baba, today You are ever-present along with Your creation.

And You are vibrating in Your liila’rasa, dancing with divine ecstasy in

the bond of love, showering Your grace to all the jiivas, and attracting

everyone close to you. Baba You are ever-present, omnipotent. Baba, Your

liila is unfathomable.

Baba, You are the beginning and You are the only desideratum, the Goal…


Who is Real Human Being

Baba says, “Parama Purusa will be pleased when you serve His creation– not

only human beings, but also plants, animals, and the rest of creation. That

is bhu’ta yajina, pite yajina, and nr yajina are to be performed. Those who

have this feeling are human beings in the real sense of the term.” (AV-3,


Note: Usually so-called advanced people do most things solely for their own

self-gratification and personal entertainment etc. Sometimes it may look

like they are doing social service work, but it is not social service in

the true sense. Because they are doing that “service” only to enhance their

own prestige and to garner praise from all around. And proof is that they

themselves brag about the little things that they did. So what they are

doing is just business, not service. If in their various duties and works

anyone does not feel that they are truly serving the progeny of Parama

Purusa, then we cannot call such people proper human beings.


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Date: Thu 04 Feb 2011 11:55:42 -0000

To: am-global@earthlink.net

From: “Mishra”

Subject: For Optimal Health– III







As we all know fasting is special practice whereby one’s entire system gets

cleansed and purified. Because by allowing the organs to rest and collect

the toxins, the body gets the opportunity to rejuvenate itself. And of

course, breaking the fast properly with a thorough cleansing process is an

indispensable feature of fasting– otherwise much of the benefits are lost.


So by doing the whole fasting and breaking in a sincere and complete manner

then an innumerable amount of “health and wealth” is aroused in the human

structure such that the body and mind glisten with purity and lightness.





That is why we all know that Baba Himself is very strict with all margiis

and acaryas on the point of fasting. He wants that we should derive all the

many benefits from this great practice. Indeed, in multiple ways He reminds us

that always He is watching. This following teaching is leading in that

exact manner.


Baba says, “Suppose, a gentleman is undergoing fasting, and secretly in a

closed room, he takes chocolate. ‘No one will know, nobody will know.’ But

it is not so. His unit cognition will know that he has taken chocolate. And

similarly, the Cosmic Father will know that in a particular room one unit

body took chocolate very secretly, and that unit body is still thinking,

that the fact that he took chocolate on a fast-day is not known to anybody.

It is known to everybody. Nothing is a secret.” (AV-12)


Hence Baba is acutely aware of exactly what happens– as well as what does

not happen– on our each and every fasting day. And He wants that we

sincerely follow His guideline as this is for our welfare.





That is why in dharma samiiksa and in all types of reporting sessions, Baba

used to point out sadhakas on the point of fasting in front of one and all.

And if one person got pointed out it was understood that if others are also

falling into this same category then they should also rectify themselves.

That was the spirit. It was not just that Baba was speaking to only one

individual on such occasions.


Some people would wonder why Baba was pointing out margiis or Wts in front

of the collective, as opposed to informing them individually. And surely

the reason for this is that Baba did not have the time to speak to each and

every individual on each and every particular point. So by highlighting a

particular sadhaka’s mistake in public, then if 4 or 5 others were doing

the same wrongdoing then naturally they would get also alarmed. And the

feeling would come that they too should rectify themselves. As they

understood that Baba is very concerned and strict on this point.


Plus, another reason is that naming the defects on the public platform was

a good way of reminding one and all. Because day after day or every few

days if He was pointing out a different margii or Wt on the point of

fasting, then it automatically became a reminder to all those present that

this was something important. So if anyone was attending the reporting for

an entire week or two week period, then numerous reminders they would get.


And invariably they would spread that idea to others who did not attend.


Here we should keep in ming that as Guru Baba was pointing out the defects

of disciples from the very beginning, not just in later years. From the Jamalpur

era up to the grand DMCs in the late 80’s, Babe would point out, beat, and His

shower love. This was all done for our welfare. By this way we could grow and move on

towrards Suprem fulfillment. Baba is the dharma Guru and His special quality is to

both love and punish.


Baba says, “The preceptor must also be nigraha (capable of inflicting punishment)

and anugraha (capable of bestowing grace). One who punishes only or who bestows

grace only is not an ideal preceptor.” (ANIWL-9)





Hence overall there were at minimum two distinct reasons for pointing

people out in front of the collective: lack of time to speak to everyone on

an individual basis and by this way it was a good reminder to one and all.

Thus within a short period Baba could rectify and instill proper practices

within countless sadhakas within the entire Marga. Overall we can say it

was His special technique and blessing.


And surely every Margii and Wt will readily admit that Baba is very strict

on the point of fasting. And He wants that we should all be sincere on this

very point. As He tells us again and again in various ways that indeed He

is always watching our each and every action to ensure our welfare.


I hope others will also come forward and share their experiences on this

very topic.





Here following is Baba’s Blessing:


Baba says, “You boys and you girls do you realise why you were born? You

were born to do something to please Parama Purusa. Always move towards

Parama Purusa through your actions, through your thoughts, through your

contemplation, and your goal will be attained, your purpose in coming to

this world will be fulfilled.” (SS-18)



Satyanarayan Deva





Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not

have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should

be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it

is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)













1. First mix 1/4 piece of lemon or lime with some salt in a dry container–

preferably a plastic or ceramic container, but not metal.


2. Then add 1/2 litre to 1 litre of warm water and stir.


3. The lemon salt water mixture should be distinctly salty to taste– but

not overly salty.


4. If your mixture is not sufficiently salty then little by little more can

be added. And if really it is already too salty then simply dilute your

mixture by adding more warm water.


5. Then one should begin to drink this lemon salt water. Not in one gulp

per se, but in a series of comfortable sips and swallows over the course of

a few minutes, without bloating the stomach. But one should not take too

much time either.


6. After finishing that initial round of salty lemon water then one can

walk nearby for a minute or two– either in the fresh air or indoors.


7. Plus you can gently stretch the upper body by raising the arms on the

inhale and then exhaling and gently bending to the side. And repeat by

bending to the opposite direction. This gently helps to hasten the

cleansing process.


8. Then as soon as one feels ready to again drink, then the next round of

lemon salt water should be taken. Note: It is important not to wait too

long in between rounds. As soon as the stomach feels comfortable one should

again drink.


9. And like this multiple rounds should be done of drinking lemon salt

water and then walking slowly. This process should be repeated until one

feels the need to go to the toilet. And overall upwards of 2-3 litres of

lemon salt water can be ingested in this way. (Note: But under no

circumstances should solid food be taken yet. Rather this will wreak havoc

on the system as fresh food will be sitting on top of waste material. So no

food should be taken at all until the entire system gets clear.)


10. By this process of drinking round after around, a strong urge will come

to go to the toilet– within 1/2 hour to one hour, depending. And initially

when in the toilet a very strong smelling brown waste matter will be

released. And thereafter progressively more and more liquids will be

released via the rectum. This will also be brown at the beginning. But one

should not worry that they have been stricken with a severe case of

diarrhea. It is not like that. Rather this is the initial stage of cleaning

out the digestive track.


11. Once one has begun the process of defecating & clearing the stomach and

bowels. Then you can switch over from drinking a salty mixture and instead

begin taking pure fresh water without any salt. This fresh water will help

hydrate the body and will also aid in the cleansing process.


12. In this process of cleaning one might have to visit the toilet anywhere

between 3-5 times, or more. And one important thing to remember is that

never should the urge be suppressed and “held in”. Rather as soon as the

impulse comes one should go straight to the toilet.


The waste material will go from brown and somewhat solid to being yellowish and

liquidy until finally being a completely clear liquid. And once completely clear

liquid comes then in this case one can feel assured that indeed the entire digestive

track has become clean– including the intestines, colon, and stomach. Everything has

become perfectly clean.


14. And by this entire process of cleansing a very light and healthy

feeling will consume the body. And one will fell very happy, fresh, and



15. Within ten to fifteen minutes a slight feeling of hunger will come. And

at that point one can eat 2-3 ripe bananas, depending on the size. But the

bananas should be soft and ripe– not green and hard.


16. And then after taking a few bananas– and do be careful not to overeat

and fill the stomach completely– then after waiting 25 minutes it is

important to again drink some fresh water. This will help in digesting the



17. And thereafter when stronger hunger comes one should take some easily

digestible food– like well-hydrated rice and vegetables, or whatever is

conveniently available in your area or locale. But neither strong food like

citrus fruit nor heavily spiced or oily food should be taken. These should

be avoided and instead more simple food should be eaten.


18. And throughout the day care should be taken to continue to drink fresh

water in small amounts, but not at the same time as eating. This will help

ensure the solid food gets digested properly and it will also keep the body



Attention: One should also keep in mind that breaking fast is a highly

individualized thing. Everyone should be gentle and listen to their own

body when undergoing this entire process.





“Tumi a’ma’y hrdaya ma’jhe eso go priyo madhurata’ ma’khi…” (P.S. 747)




Baba, please come in my heart and saturate my entire being with the

showering of Your sweetness, O’ my dear most.

Baba please remove my all impurities and negative samskaras– and

whatever other things I have that got accumulated over the ages. Please

inundate my entire existence with the showering of Your love and divine

grace. Baba, this entire universe, these seven lokas, nothing is beyond Your

reach. Everything is within You. And because everything resides in You,

that is why You know all my merits and demerits– whatever I have. By Your

Grace today I am surrendering whatever that is mine unto You. With the only

desire that You please look towards me with Your compassionate eye, eyes

full of karuna’. This wee-bit of grace I long from You.

Baba, since ages, since many lives, I have been crossing through the

negative path, path of dogma. But today by Your grace, this is the first

time in my entire life when You awakened my samvit and now I understood my

mistakes. And I rectified them by Your grace.

Baba, all my actions, my entire being, my whole heart, everything I

offer at Your lotus feet. I do not want to keep anything as my own from

henceforth onward. With this pointed mind I am doing sastaunga pranam to

You. Please accept it…






Baba says, “When a swift horse runs its hooves make a turtur sound. That

which makes a turtur sound as it moves is called turaga or turaunga or

turaungama (that is, “horse”). That animal which makes a kurkur sound as it

runs is called kuraga or kuraunga or kuraungama (that is, “deer”). In this

way human beings have created many word forms and verb forms to express

their mental ideas. This process of word formation is called “acoustic

derivation” and the original verbal roots in all the world’s languages were

created in this way.”

“The first word forms in all the world’s languages were the original

verbal roots. By adding prefixes and suffixes many different words were

derived. Among the established languages of the world, mainly four can be

considered as the root languages. They are Vedic, Latin, Hebrew and old

Chinese. If one examines the derivation of the vocabulary of these

languages one will find that their method or process is identical. (Varn’a

Vijina’na, Disc 19, p. 270)



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From: “Malati”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:03:11 -0730



~ Part 3 ~

Note: The initial letter in this series is appended below for your easy

Here is follow-up news and information, as well as the name of Dadas and
Didis involved, regarding the topic of Nigamanandji and his personal
relationship with one Didi.

This issue is of great importance for multiple reasons.

When a senior Wt and purodha like Nigamananda engages in conduct – i.e.
dealings with the opposite sex – that is blatantly contrary to Baba’s
teachings, then the horrible danger is that others will emulate his poor
behaviour. In a phrase, Nigamananda is a bad example and a bad role
model. Yet the whole aim in being an acarya is to set a proper example:

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a
small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a’ca’rya. Just as it is
the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good
conduct, an a’ca’rya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and
words.” (AV-31)


Indeed, setting a positive example is so important in life.

For this reason Baba Himself would personally do sadhana when there was
no need for Him to do sadhana. Why? To set a good example.

Baba says, “He [Taraka Brahma] needs no sadhana, but just to set an
example to others, He performs sadhana with the masses.” (DT-2)

All human beings need to do sadhana for our growth and development, and
by His grace He has shown us the way. And indeed in AM, every single
Ananda Margii understands that sadhana must be done. Verily all the
conduct rules which He has given need to be strictly followed. This then
is the power of a positive example.

Now let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum.

B group started doing an annual shraddha ceremony in the form of
Mahaprayan Divas, and now some naive margii are following this same
dogma with regards to their deceased relations. Each year they are
observing the death day of their relative with pomp and show etc. Even
though this is against AM conduct rules, they justify that what tare
doing is not different from what Tiljala camp is doing.

Here the point is that people follow what the leaders do. This is how
human beings behave. They do not think rationally or independently but
rather follow what the leaders do. That is why youths follow the star
actors and athletes etc. Every decade there are different stars and
hence different fads. That is Baba’s teaching.


Thus when Nigamananda is going against Baba’s divine teachings then he
is going to create much harm. That is Baba’s warning and that is what is
going on. Indeed because of seeing Dada Nigamananda, so many Dadas
became overweight.

Furthermore, Baba’s clear-cut teaching is that Dadas must not indulge in
close relations with members of the opposite sex. (All these rules are
noted in the below cited letter.)

By his indulgence, Dada is showing that it is “OK” to disregard Baba’s
teachings. And when Dada compromises then younger, impressionable
workers will be led astray by his negative example.

For instance, most are aware that the Didi whom Nigamananda spends all
his time with one Didi. Dada basically trained her to be his companion.
And indeed due to Dada’s negative teaching she may think this is the
right thing to do.

Thus when she recently toured all throughout NY sector in order to drum
up support for Nigamananda, then she followed what he taught her. Didi
did not try and travel with other Didis, nor did she work alone, instead
she linked up with Dada Shubacetananda and the two of them moved all
over the sector as if they were permanently joined at the hip.

Yet this is not their fault per se….

This is a direct result of Nigamananda’s poor example. Didi got
indoctrinated into this type of life and then she justified this to
Shubacetanandaji. They were so confident in their dealing that they
traveled openly together in front of one and all as if they were husband
and wife. All margiis, lfts, acaryas, and the common public saw their
display. Dada S and Didi moved together in one car all day and stayed
together every night. Everyone saw this.

Hence Didi and Shubacetananda either thought:
1) This is the proper way of doing since this is what Nigamanandji does.
2) Or they thought that since Nigamananda does not follow Baba’s stated
conduct rules then I also need not follow.

So the root cause behind it all is Nigamananda’s negative behaviour.
That is why Baba warns us to severely that the misdealing of one Dada
will create a lot of problems.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a
small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a’ca’rya.” (AV-31)



Those blindly following Nigamananda and skipping all their conduct rules
regarding relations with opposite sex will bear the consequences of
their misdeeds. They will have to face the unenviable reaction.

It is the duty of each margii and wt not to blindly follow any human
being rather we are to follow the direct commands of Guru.

Certainly the key problem in all of this is Dada Nigamananda’s behaviour
yet nor can we 100% ignore or free from blame others who got involved.


I do not want to highlight any Didi’s name but without that the report
looks like some type of fairy tale. Hence the involved Didi is Ananda
Dyotana Avtk. She is the one who passes all her time with Nigamananda
and she is the one who recently toured with Shubacetanananda in NY.


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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 14:57:11 -0000
Subject: Re: Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Satiish K Bhatia”




This is in reply to the sincere margii who is defending Nigamananda’s
conduct and close relation with one Didi by claiming that those with
black hair have sexual restraint.

1. To justify his point, the sincere margii states that Dada
Shraddhanandji had black hair late in life. But, all should know that
the late Shraddhanandji lived as a family person for many years and
fathered several children. This itself shows that just because one has
black hair in later age does not mean that they exercised full control
over their sexual actions. Plus there are countless aged actors in
Bollywood and Hollywood who have thick, black hair yet throughout their
lives they engaged in so much hanky-panky. So the illusion that black
hair in late age means celibacy is just a myth – nothing more. It is
unfortunate that the sincere margii got misguided on this point.

2. Secondly, Baba never said that those with black hair need not follow
conduct rules. And several of His rules for Wts mandate that avadhutas
must not spend time alone with the opposite sex. Yet that is exactly
what Dada Nigamananda is doing as he passes so much time with one Didi –
they are together almost 12 hours daily, on a regular basis. Should we
overlook this discretion because Dadaji has black hair.

3. Finally, we all know that the life of any revered wt is to set forth
a proper example. That is one of the great aspects of acarya life. Yet,
by skipping Baba’s conduct rules and spending all his time with a
younger Didi, Nigamanandji’s actions are a poor representation of Baba’s
teachings. But because of his seniority and post, various junior workers
have begun doing this same type of dealing. They think, “If Dadaji can
have a Didi friend, then so can I find a Didi for myself – what’s the
harm.” Thus his poor behaviour is having terrible domino effect on our
entire Wt cadre.

Thus in no way, shape or form can we accept any justifications about
Nigamananda’s poor dealing. Unfortunately, the sincere margii got
misguided by someone and ended up writing his letter (see below).


> Namaskar. Those who is writing this type of thing [about Nigamananda],
> they should know the bio-psychological effect of these things. If the
> person can maintain the mental purity regarding sex then naturally the
> lymph does not convert into seamen and then it helps to provide the
> food for all the glands and brain, and that person can have the black
> hair on the head even in old age. ie, you cou could have seen the
> black hair on the head of such dada´s, like resp.Vijayananda dada
> jee, resp. Shraddhananda dada jee, resp. Dhruvananda dada jee. And you
> can see the hair of Nigamananda dada jee too.


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From: “Parahsakti Devii”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 21:34:31 +0530


“Visa’de basudha’ chilo eka’ toma’r abhabe…” (P.S. no. 4863)


Baba, prior to Your advent– in the absence of Your divine presence and
without and Your ideological guidelines, this whole earth was drowned in
misery. Everything was here, but Your divine teachings were not. Even
the little effulgence turned black because of the dominance of the pitch
dark Cimmerian night. Light was not even able to shine because of the
extreme dominance of staticity. So Your advent was highly needed. In the
past, in the sky of the human heart there was a moon, but it was covered
with the cloud of dogma– improper thinking, full of ignorance. In the
forest there were flowers but they had no fragrance. In the past, on the
branches of the tree the birds were there, but they were not chirping.
They were crying in agony sitting in their lonely way. In the corner of
my mind there was loneliness and longing, but not You. Baba, smashing
the Cimmerian darkness Your advent happened. Baba, You have
vibrated everyone’s existence with Your divine flow. It is Your grace,
Baba, only Your grace…


Now it is commonly known that one top posted Dada spends so many of his
waking moments with a particular Didi.

Yet Baba has clearly given all Ananda Margiis – and especially Wts –
specific conduct rules which clearly mandate the separation of the sexes.

Indeed, everyone in our Marga knows that one Dada and one Didi are not
supposed to be traveling and living together. Nor are they supposed to
be gossiping on the phone for hours and hours about non-organisational

Unfortunately this is allegedly going in at least a select few cases.
Before mentioning the name of one highly posted Dada who is seemingly
indulged in this manner, we should once again review some of Baba’s
rules for Wts.


These following conduct rules apply to all wearing Wt dress – none are
exempt. By this way the purity and strength of our devoted cadre is

Baba says, “Avadhuta must not remain in a lonely place with any female.”
(32 Rules For Avadhutas, pt #13)

Baba says, “One should not look at the face of the opposite sex except
at the time of nursing.” (37 Workers Rules, pt #15)

Baba says, “You will protect yourself from sexual weakness and luxury.”
(Fourteen Points, pt #12)

It is Baba’s grace that He has blessed us with rules and regulations in
all realms of life, by this way our Marga can be of a high moral
standard and not fall prey to sexual lapses as has happened with so many
churches, temples, spiritual groups, and so-called great sadhus etc.

Hence, nobody in our Marga is above the rules; all must adhere to Baba’s
stated guidelines.


For all of the above reasons and more, many are telling that Dada
Nigama’nandji must pay heed. Because he spends all his time with one
particular Didi.

They talk together, smile together, walk together, talk together, travel
together, eat together, gossip together, joke together, and plan
together – among other things. Everything is done together; that is the
way Dada Nigamananda is reportedly conducting his life in connection
with one Didi.

Indeed they are so much like two peas in a pod, that if you have seen
Dada Nigamanandji in the last year or two, then most likely you know
exactly which Didi it is. Because they are always together.

What they do or don’t do physically is one matter, but they are so
mentally involved with one another that they can hardly tolerate being
separated. Such is the degree to which they are linked and attached.

The most common complaint about Dadaji is that it looks like he is
totally unable to exist without that Didi as his consort. They seem
inseparable – period.

Nigamananda recently brought that Didi with him all the way to Berlin
sector. The idea of being there without her was apparently more than his
heart could bear. So he arranged to bring her along.

The only question left to ask: Is Dada Nigamanandji bigger than Baba’s
conduct rules? Are we to simply overlook this nasty situation?

This is definitely a matter for us to carefully consider. One of the
most pressing matters is that our senior Dada Nigamanandji seems to have
indoctrinated his favoured Didi into behaving poorly wherever she goes.
Some of her latest ventures are recounted below.

Perhaps the biggest issue of all is that Dada’s example sets a poor
precedent for younger workers. It gives them the idea that they too need
not follow the AM conduct rules as given by Baba.


Now let’s see some of the ways the unnamed Didi has been affected.

When in Delhi sector, this Didi spends cent-per-cent of her time with
Dada Nigamanandji, or entertaining other Dadas. Because that is what
Nigamanandji taught her to do.

And now she is spreading those “teachings” in other sectors.

Didi is so attached to Dada N that in order to be with him in Berlin
sector she pretended to have work in NY sector – that was the only way
she could manage to get to Berlin sector to be with Nigamananda. Didi
pretended her time in Europe was a mere stopover before going to NY.
Hence after the Berlin DMS Didiji toured NY – and here is what she did.

Upon arriving to NY, Didiji immediately glued herself to one Dada. She
went everywhere with this Dada. Because that is what Nigamanandji
trained her to do.

So right away she and one not-to-be-named Dada traveled together alone
in a car all over the USA and then they toured through Mexico as well.
And the entire time it was just the two of them in a car and then they
were together wherever they stayed at night.

It seems Baba’s divine conduct rules were just let in the dust as this
Didi and Dada traveled together, as though they were man and wife.

Didi acted as though the whole thing was quite natural since this is
what she does with Nigamanandji when in India and in fact she was in NY
to champion his cause. So she felt very “at home” moving around with
this new Dada – always at his hip.

However, most of the margiis were very uncomfortable seeing this.
Because the whole affair was very un-sannyasi-like. It was weird to be
watching this Dada and Didi go all over the place, confiding in each
other, and sharing each and every moment together. Everyone started
whispering and wondering about them – and rightly so.

Because all margiis understand this type of behaviour is totally against
Baba’s conduct rules. Yet Didi was quite casual about the whole affair.
Some say she encourages Dadas to go against wt conduct rules – all
because she has been an ongoing victim of Nigamananda’s ways.

Thus the poor dealing that Nigamananda taught her is spreading around
the globe – luring in other persons. That is the terrible harm.

All this has very serious ramifications – which we shall discuss.


First, one other point that must be added: Because of the wrong teaching
delivered by Nigamanandji, his favoured Didi is unable to develop
sisterly bonds or even manage normal conversations with other Didis.
Always she feels she must be with the Dadas – entertaining them in some
way or another.

That is why when in Delhi sector or any other land, this Didi keeps her
distance from other Didis. She neither works with them, nor travels with
them, nor speaks with them, nor eats with them. She is not friends with
the Didis.

Thus her entire approach is 100% polar opposite of Baba’s mandate.

Baba says, “It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and
a man’s friend is a man.” (CC-1)

All in all the plight of this Didi is a bit sad and unfortunate – and no
doubt the brunt of the blame rests on Nigamanandji’s shoulders.


Here are some of the harmful repercussions of Nigamananda’s actions:

1) If a leader or group controller like Nigamananda is not following
Baba’s teachings in his personal life, then it becomes the trend amongst
junior workers to follow that misguided manner as well. And that is what
we see unfolding today.

2) Nowadays, there are a growing number of wts who follow this “loose
style” of living. It has begun spreading like cancer. To remedy the
situation a plan is underway to contact all such workers involved in
sketchy or questionable dealings and give them the opportunity to
rectify their behaviour. If they do not, the only option is to bring the
matter to one and all in hopes that circumstantial pressure will help
such workers to mend their ways. The main aim is to stop the loose
behaviour – not to expose a particular worker or pool of workers.

3) The vast majority of Wts are very good. They adhere to Sixteen Points
and they know how some Wts are behaving. Indeed it sickens them to see
such things. So they know what is going on but they do not want to
openly oppose such events, like Nigamananda’s manner, because that will
only invite unbearable victimisation. So they keep quiet.


While at the outset, the tactic may not be to “go public” when we see
Dadas and Didis unusually close, what we can all do is softly and gently
approach those doing wrong and ask them to rectify their behavior. They
should not become one bad example such that in their old age they lose
sight of dharma, as happened with Nigamananda. That makes for their own
degradation and sends a poor message to new and younger workers. Thus we
should all help our workers adhere to the tenets of AM – this is first
and foremost for their welfare.


By Baba’s grace, we can bring our Marga back to its glory by setting an
example of pristine behaviour and inspiring or pressurizing others to do
the same. We cannot allow some Wts to slide in this way. Overlooking the
matter is not the answer, rather that only invites more problems.

Baba says, ‘Hence, all Ananda Margis, when they see other Margis acting
against the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this
habit either by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly.
Thus they will have to make the society strong.” (GHC)


What Every Intelligent Person Should Do

Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji says, “Each and every intelligent person of
the world, everyone who has an iota of intelligence, should try to goad all
their energies, all their propensities unto Him. He is the Supreme Shelter.
There is no alternative.” (AV-3, p.33)

Note: In today’s crude capitalist society where the degenerated ways of
materialism run rampant, the common people rush head-long into negative
activities. But we Ananda Margiis must not get affected or swayed by
this mass movement– where people run without thinking and ruin
themselves. Rather as sadhakas, we should do what is intelligent. We
should be intelligent. And per Baba’s above guideline the most
intelligent people are those sadhakas direct their energies toward Him
and surrender everything unto His lotus feet.


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Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 15:58:14 -0600
From: “Paul Paltrow”
Subject: Church Sex Scandal: Many Things to Learn


PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita is a melancholic song – the
bhakta has a deep yearning to receive Parama Purusa in a more intimate
way. Those who have not fallen in love with Him may not understand this
feeling. In that case one may mistakenly think this song is too harsh in
its expression towards Parama Purusa. But in the world of divine love,
this is all quite natural. The bhakta wants Parama Purusa extremely
close so when he does not get what he wants then this type of loving
accusation and playful interaction occurs. All because the bhakta has a
bond of love with Parama Purusa. So the accusation placed is not harsh,
but just the sweet longing of not getting Him as closely as one feels.
In worldly love, this type of longing can occur between the baby and its
mother, if they have a sweet relation. You may have seen how the child
will carry on if the mother is absent, because the baby wants her to be
close. Similar feelings the bhakta has for Parama Purusa. Those who do
not have that type of deep love for Him will not feel comfortable
accusing Him in a loving way. The below song is based on a deeply
intimate and loving relation between the bhatka and Parama Purusa.

“Toma’r la’gi kato vytha’, tumi ta’ha’r khon’ja ra’kheno na’…” (PS 345)


Baba, do You know how much longing I feel for You? You do not
understand the pain of my heart. If You did understand You would come
close. Instead You just always keep Yourself engaged in the great works
of this vast universe. You never listen to the painful stories and
suffering of this lowly being.

Baba, now in my mental forest, I will collect flowers for You and
weave a magnificent garland to offer You. I will see whether You accept
my humble gift or not.

Baba, I will go on singing Your sweet melodies and my heart will
vibrate in that melody and I will dance in Your divine vibration. Will
You then look at me or not?

Baba, my Dearmost I have so much love for You, please do not forget
me, please keep me in Your arms…


For decades and decades the Catholic Church has been riddled by sexual
abuse and scandal. Yet, it all remained hidden for a long time. Now it
is rising to the surface as their own followers are coming forward with
their personal accounts and tales of abuse by priests. This has become a
huge public scandal for the church.

In addition, recent reports reveal how the Pope himself was also
involved in this long-standing problem.

Even though Ananda Marga is not a religion – ours is universal dharma –
we should examine how issues of sexual abuse became rampant within the
church as well as why those cases were effectively covered up for
generations and generations. We should take note of the problem not just
as the downfall of a particular religion but also how we can prevent
such incidents in our Marga.

Finally, we shall review why Baba has termed neo-humanism as a “weapon”
to clean up the entire humanity and put an end to all dogmas.


All the various religions have taken hold of society in one way or
another. But the main thing they have in common is creating a scripture
and doctrine that pronounces their priests on a pedestal. Their priests
are deemed as infallible – i.e. God’s chosen representatives. Without
them, one cannot enjoy the kingdom in heaven.

Church officials can then use their unquestionable authority as divine
leaders for their own self-interest and even crude sexual dealing – as
we now see.

In AM we have monks and nuns, but there is no priestocracy because in
Ananda Marga, our Dadas and Didis are not “middle-men” between the
sadhaka and the Supreme. But in the church it is like that.

Basically, religions like Catholicism rule society by creating all kinds
of unfair laws – against women, lay people, outsiders etc – and then
proclaiming their own priests as demi-gods. This entire agenda is then
wrapped in the tinsel of godhood.

That means if anyone does not follow the priest rulership, they will not
enjoy the eternal bounty of God, instead they will be doomed to hell
fire. With this fear complex and air of superiority, the church easily
rules over the masses. It has been this way for centuries.

And the main precept is: The priests are infallible and beyond question.

By this way, the lay people become second class citizens at the mercy of
the all-powerful priest. Even in today’s materialistic society, still
church officials carry tremendous clout.

That is one of the main reasons why Catholic priests were able to get
away with all kinds of sexual abuse from pedophilia to homosexuality and
much, much more – for decades and decades if not centuries.

They were deemed as infallible, beyond reproach, and God’s divine
messenger. In that case, what wrong could they do?



A second major contributing factor to the ongoing sexual abuse scandal
in the Roman Catholic Church is canon law.

Church officials and priests are not subject to state law etc. Instead
they have their own canon law. But when that canon law just rubber
stamps a priest’s innocence regardless of what sin they commit or what
hell they do, then the priest need not answer to anyone. Then there is
no law to which they must adhere.

For this reason, there has been systemic sexual misconduct in the
church. Because via canon law they covered it all up and brushed it
under the rug.

Whereas if anyone in the general society is convicted of pedophilia,
child molestation, or anything else, then that stain will remain on
their permanent record and their name will be publicly listed on
official websites as being sexual predators. They will have a criminal
record and be followed by the courts in their every dealing.

But the church does not operate with such strictness. To appear pristine
and pure, they never address their issues publicly, unless someone else
has brought the affair to the fore. And most often, the church merely
overlooks the matter entirely. The sexual crime remains but a piece of
paper in the file cabinet of one bishop, far beyond the reach of the
parishioners and state officials.

Thus when priests are deemed as infallible and when the governing body
of the church overlooks their wrongs via canon law, priests literally
have license to do as they please. In that case they can and will commit
so many atrocities.

That is why the floodgates have now burst. After years and years of
cover-ups, people are coming forward to report all the hellish
behaviours of those priests.

Indeed, today the church is confronted by tens of thousands, if not
hundreds of thousands, of cases of sexual abuse. Many cases remain
unreported – but certainly people are coming forward and demanding
justice. What was covered up for years behind the cloak of the church is
now pouring into headlines around the globe.


Even though some victims are making claims today, for generations,
hardly a single person was willing to bring the matter in the public
arena. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, many little boys who may have told their parents about being
touched etc, were simply not believed. Parents could not fathom, nor did
they want to think, that their child had been sexually abused by a
priest. This is one reason why a case was not brought forward. That
happened within the family.

Then of course there were many ways that the church had for dealing with
this. Often the church simply blamed the victim for enticing the priest
and imposed such a guilt complex on the victim that they were ashamed to
come forward. Or the church warned the victim that it was a sin to speak
openly about this issue, so the only option was to remain quiet. And
finally, the priests told victims that if they kept this to themselves
they will be rewarded in heaven.

Plus there are so many other strategies and justifications the church
employed in order to keep the matter hush-hush and unknown.

Then there is an entire group of victims who became utterly terrified of
the priests. There were emotionally scarred and did not even dare
receive the holy sacrament from such priests as that would entail being
touched by them or being whispered to in the ear by the priest. When
they were so hurt, they have neither the courage nor the strength to
come forward and fight an institution as mighty as the churhc


SINCE 2000

That era of utter silence has now mostly passed. Dirt and grime can only
be covered up for so long. Even then many remain silent – forever
scarred by the abuse, breach of trust, scandal and shame.

Here is but a brief glimpse of some of the sexual abuse issues since
2000. The below represents a mere fraction of what actually transpired.
However, each and every day the list grows and becomes more steeped in
rampant abuse and irresponsible governance.

2002 Vatican issues directive that all sexual abuse allegations should
be reported to Rome

2002 Rev. Paul Shanley, former priest of the Archdiocese of Boston
arrested, charged, and convicted of abusing numerous boys

2002-US cardinals travel to Rome for emergency meeting with Pope re.
sexual abuse scandal

2002 Cardinal Law of Boston resigns as Archbishop and moves to post in

2004 John Jay Report, commissioned by the US Bishops, says more than
4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in
the last 50 years, in cases involving more than 10,000 children – mostly

2004 Archdiocese of Portland files for bankruptcy

2007 Spokane Diocese agrees to pay sexual abuse survivors $48 million

2007 Archdiocese of Los Angeles agrees to pay survivors $660 million

Thus, the church can no longer deny that there is a problem. The only
question is how will they resolve issues of the past and prevent future
scandals. Regardless, they may never be able to regain the trust of the

In Europe, the massive churches are mostly empty. The continent has
become a lost cause for the church. Christianity is doing comparatively
better in the US, but mostly their so-called success is found in the
“developing nations”.

This too however will be short lived because once the people are armed
with the ideals of neo-humanism, the irrational and dogmatic ways of the
church will no longer appeal to them.


Let’s now take a look how celibacy came into being in the Catholic
Church as well as why it could not become a successful practice.

Christianity is about 2000 years old whereas the eastern religions like
Hinduism and Buddhism are much older. So those early Christian leaders
took a look, albeit a superficial one, at what was happening in the east
and they saw that huge respect was given to monks who practiced
celibacy. So it was incorporated into certain sects of Christianity as
well. This was one way to present the priest class as being “divine” and
better than the general public.

What the church officials failed to emulate however were all the
stringent codes of conduct that monks in the east followed:
Vegetarianism, fasting, asana, pranayama, sadhana, tapah, no
intoxicants, yama and niyama etc. This is not to say that every monk
from an eastern tradition is tried and true. Only we are to understand
that those who are successful adhere to a pure way of living.

But in Christianity, they only copied the point of celibacy. They failed
to copy any sentient lifestyle practices. Hence their priests indulged
in tamasik foods, crude drink and had no real spiritual base. In that
case they were an accident waiting to happen. It was impossible for them
to lead a disciplined life when their entire constitution was littered
with static properties. In that case their baser propensities were just
growing and growing.

It comes as no surprise then that for centuries, the Catholic priests
have been submerged in crude pursuits like child molestation etc.

By Baba’s grace our Marga is not like that. Baba has blessed us with a
proper way of living. No doubt we are not scandal free, but anyone who
sincerely follows 16 Pts will lead a blessed life. Sixteen Points fuels
the sadhaka – family person or sannyasi – in a wholly positive direction.


All in all, there is a heaven and hell difference between Ananda Marga
and the existing religions. We should be aware of these basic
differences. That will give insight as to why AM will succeed where the
religions failed. Slowly, slowly the whole globe is search of truth – a
way to reach God – and we should be able to clearly elucidate the
differences so none think that Ananda Marga is merely an off-shoot or
combination of certain religions.

The following points have been well outlined in the book, “The Flame
that Burns Upward” (1974) by Jagadishwarananda. Here the chief
differentiations between AM and the dogmatic religions are merely listed
for your review:

(a) Ananda Marga does not recognise holy river or holy places.
(b) Ananda Marga is determined to put an end to priesthood.
(c) Ananda Marga has made heaven and hell non-existent.
(d) Ananda Marga discourages prayer, worship, rites, rituals etc.
(e) Ananda Marga has created disenchantment about religious thread and
pigtail, ie sacred thread and sacred hair.

These are some of the basic differences between our Ananda Marga and the
various religions. Some other differences are related with our social
outlook. Christianity rallies around capitalism whereas our Ananda Marga
advocates Prout.

Furthermore, anyone familiar with the ideals of AM can list more


For us, seeing what is happening in the Catholic church is a lesson.

We must always remember that priests are not infallible and that anyone
can err, regardless of their dress.

Of course our AM scriptures do not proclaim that avadhutas are
infallible nor do they proclaim that avadhutas are a medium between the
sadhaka and God, but if we are not careful we can fall into that hole.
In that case so many dangers and scandals will come our way.

Thus we should remember that all must live up to the ideal of Ananda
Marga codes of conduct. That is the main thing. Just being an avadhuta
is not enough. That way of life is a practice, not a position.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a
small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a’ca’rya. Just as it is
the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good
conduct, an a’ca’rya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and
words.” (AV-31)

Thus, everyone in AM, family person or Wt, must adhere to the codes of
conduct as given by Baba. Should anyone drift from that conduct they
should be pointed out – and if applicable, exposed in front of the law.

We must not tolerate even an ounce of wrongdoing, otherwise we will face
a similar scenario as is unfolding now with the Catholic Church. We
should not lose the faith of the masses when all around the globe people
are looking for someone to lead them unto the path of beatitude and peace.

One other point to bear in mind is this:

Baba says, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (AV-33)

For centuries, the Catholic church possessed extraordinary power,
wherein they were not answerable to any law whatsoever, and that led to
their demise.

In AM, everyone person, regardless of their post, must be answerable for
their own behaviour – no one is exempt from review.


When Baba first gave neo-humanism then He said that you now have the
“weapon of neo-humanism”. Those days few understood since in that time
the atom bomb and long range missiles were thought of as powerful
weapons. How could a philosophy be a weapon.

Now we know.

Wherever neo-humanism is propagated, the masses become aware and dogma
gets exposed. In that case, no one can rest on their so-called sacred
position and claim themselves as divine.

Over time, people have thought of kings, queens, priests, politicians,
actors, war heroes, and athletes as being divine. Due to Baba’s grace,
the collective human consciousness is rising and before our very eyes we
are witness to the fall of crude leaders in all realms of life:
financial, political, social and religious.

With the spread of neo-humanistic ideals – as is happening now – there
is nowhere for crude leaders to hide. All must face their misdeeds. That
is what the people demand.

With the propagation of neo-humanism, our human society will be rid of
old dogmas and enter a whole new era. What is happening now with the
Catholic Church is no coincidence. It is a direct result of their
dogmatic ways combined with the supreme advent of Parama Purusa and
divine His teachings.

Baba says that the dogmatic religions are going to die. And indeed now
they are getting exposed and being torn down by their own followers. The
Pope and his Catholicism are facing this as we speak.


Baba’s divine cosmic grace is working and this entire world is changing
fast every day. Ananda Marga is the real thing; it is dharma for the
welfare of all. We should represent His teachings by our conduct and not
let our Marga fall like as happened with the dogmatic religions.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning,
your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.” (AV #13)


Psychic Disease: False Health Problem

Even though they do not have any physical problem, psychically diseased
people mentally suffer and cry and complain about different imagined
physical ailments. Such types of psychic diseases are called mania.
Following is one example:

Baba says, “There was another person I knew who was quite healthy and
carried out his daily activities with ease, and yet he was under the
impression, for no particular reason, that there was some trouble in his
stomach. Actually there was no disease; he was in good health. Yet
occasionally he used to come to me and complain that there was some
disorder in his stomach. This was his [psychic disease] of mania.”
(APH-5, p. 347)

Herein lies the solution:

Baba says, “One of the numerous benefits of sa’dhana’ is that it keeps the mind
free from psychic disease.” (APH-5, p.348)


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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 12:01:06 +0530
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: News: Loot & Booty Sharing


“Bandhu a’ma’r, nikat’ a’ma’r, a’mi kii ga’ibo toma’r ga’n…” (P.S. 525)


O’ my Bandhu, O’ my dearmost, You are my very close and intimate One.
What song should I sing to please You. You know about my deep longing
for You. O’ Baba, You are my Love, You are the personification of hope,
saturated in sweetness. You are my heart of hearts– and my everything.

Baba, since that very first day when You blessed me by bringing me in
Your closeness under Your care since then by Your grace I have
understood that You are my shelter; You are doing everything for me. Also
since that very day, with Your divine touch, You have blessed me with a new
life, O’ my Bandhu and most intimate one. By Your causeless grace, my
way of living has been transformed from a worldly existence into life divine.
Since then everything has become blissful.

O’ my Lord, on that most blessed day You graciously caressed me with
Your soft lotus hand. In that atmosphere of the blissful early morning
dawn, the lotus flowers were blossoming in the pond and spreading their
sweet aroma all around. Then by Your infinite grace You pulled me very
close to You and graciously placed me on Your Lap and loved me; and by
placing Your hand on top of my head, You bathed me with Your divine
effulgence. You granted me everything. What You have done is unparalleled.

Baba, You are love personified; You are my most dear; You are my


Our AM schools and services projects are founded for the welfare of
society and to spread the divine gospel of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii.
This we all know.

To see any such project get misused or hijacked by selfish or group
interest is a direct front against Guru.

Thus Ananda Margiis across the globe should take direct and active
interest in the awful financial scandal that has taken place at our AM
Polytechnic College (Malur, Karnataka).

At present, as we speak, the groups involved are trying to keep
everything under the covers so they can continue to loot and keep their
booty. For the first time, the entire story is told here within this

Please read carefully and act according.


All may know that we have our Ananda Marga Polytechnic College (Diploma
in Engineering) in Malur, near Bengalore, Karnataka.

Students get admission in this college on the basis of big capitation
fees (donation in lakhs of rupees), and large monthly tuition fees. In
this way this institution generates a huge amount of money, more than
one million US dollars per year.

That’s why all groups have their greedy eyes on this college.


When the Kolkata administration divided AMPS, then they could not capture
this institution because all the margiis and the entire staff at the college
were against Kolkata.

The Rudrananda camp had full control over the college. It should be
noted that Parmehsvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda were also hardcore cadre
of H group those days.

But times change. When the EC group emerged under the leadership of
Parmeshvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda, then the situation at this college,
also changed.

The in-charge of the Polytechnic College was Animesha’nanda, who is
originally from Chattisgarah but he has only minimal Chattisgarhii
sentiment. He changed his loyalty to Vandana’nanda + Parmeshvara’nanda.
Plus margiis of those areas under the leadership of S.S. Goenka also
became supporters of this group.


Because of this groupism one big tussle started in the college.

The college staff divided into two groups.

(#1) One group was of Animesha’nadna + Citshiva’nanda (who went there to
give muscle support to Animesha’nanda) and some staffs of the college
teaching section, who were supporter of EC.

(#2) Other group emerged in the leadership of Arun (from Gaya, Bihar)
the hostel in-charge who has been living in the college for years. He
has group ties with Vishvanath (from Bihar, he lives there to save the
college from outside criminals), Ravi (from Gaya), Pankaj (teaching staff from
Varanasi, relative of Ravii) and other staffs of the hostel.


After some days of tussle, finally both groups captured certain areas of
the college and shifted there accordingly.

The teaching department of the college came under the control of
Animesha’nanda. He receives tuition fees from the students, pays the
teaching staff and other college staff, and “manages” the money he gets
from tuition fees and capitation fees.

The other group captured the hostel. In turn, they collect hostel
charges from the students, and basically deal with all monies related
with the hostel and living accommodations & services etc.

Animesha’nanda never had control over the hostel.




For the last 4 years, both of these two groups have been looting the
money they were getting, i.e. embezzlement. They’ve been stuffing their
pockets and personal bank accounts with the monies collected when in
fact those funds are the rightful property of the AM Polytechnic
College, not those greedy groupists.

In short, because there was no proper administration, there has been a
huge money scandal unfolding at the college. Still it is going on.

Animesha’nanda, who gets millions as capitation fees and tuition fees,
pays huge shares to his dons like Parmeshvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda,
and also to what some margiis call the “hi profile margiis” in the name
of margii meetings.

In return, all Animesha’nanda does is arrange one sadhana’ shivir per
year — that’s all, nothing more. Thus, he personally pockets huge piles
of money and tuition / capitation fees every year. This literally then
is a case of millions of dollars of embezzlement that he steals from our
AM Polytechnic College.

The other group embezzles a sizable amount from the hostel and they were
also happy with that huge amount they were saving per month. Arun is all in
all of the hostel. He has been living with his family there since years.

Here everyone should be clear that all money (after expenditure of
hostel) was being distributed to the members of group. Money was not used
for the development of college or organization.

Thus, both the parities involved are cheating the AM Polytechnic college
by grabbing hoards of monies for their personal and groupist desires.


Since years there has been a cold war at the college. Both groups have had
their greedy eyes and insatiable appetites on each others holdings and

Animesha’nanda and his goon Citshiva’nanda were always trying to capture
the hostel while the other group was always trying to capture the
teaching side of the college.

Because of this fight, there has not been a proper teaching or learning
environment at the college. Instead, our AM Polytechnic College has been
transformed into a place of cheap sentiments, politics, crookedness,
groupism and money looting.


Finally, Citshiva’nanda has started taking the hostel fees from the
Chattisgarhi students. In reply the other group started taking tuition
fees from the students of Bihar, Jharkhanda and UP.

Then Citshiva’nanda organized Chattisgarhi students living in hostel
against the hostel in-charge and his group. With the help of these students
and local hired goondas, Citshiva’nanda tried to capture the hostel.

Then the other group replied in the same manner. Hostel staffs,
Vishvanath, Ravi and students from Bihar, Jharkhanda, UP attacked on
Chattisgarhi group. After a physical fight (lathis, hockeysticks,
knives, local made guns were shown) Citshiva’nanda had to leave the

In the end, the police also came to the college to manage the unruly scene.


The hostel group then called Ranchi administration for help and the
Rudrananda camp who has been keeping a greedy eye on the money, did not
delay a moment.

Svarupa’nanda and Dharmapra’n’a’nanda (Chennai DS) went to the college.
They stayed at the college to establish a presence and control the college.

The Rudrananda camp has declared Dharmapra’n’a’nanda as in-charge of the
college. So Dharmapra’n’a’nanda and Ranchi supporter hero Sushil from
Katihar are at the college.

Nigama’nanda from Ranchi and Parmeshvara’nanda from Patna have reached
Bengalore. They are involved in arm-wrestling match with each other at
the bargaining table.

Now situation is very tense.


Now we have to investigate why – despite all these antics and commotion
– both camps are keeping quiet about all this.

Because we have to remember that whenever any member of the Rudrananda
camp / H group enters even a small ashram operated by EC or intrudes on
any small and useless issue, then the EC personnel colour the whole
internet and make it a big issue. All their e-mailers become active.
They become totally vocal.

So it is very surprising that on this big issue about the AM Polytechnic
College, where Rudrananda camp is storming and capturing the college and
where a nasty physical fight has occurred, the entire EC team is keeping

Why? They are not telling a single word. Why?

Animesha’nanda is telling that he will solve the problems and he does
not need help of any margii. Why? Is it not a point of intrigue?

When H group kicked out Parmehsvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda and others
then EC went to all margiis and begged for help and still they are crying
for help.

But in the case of this Malur Polytechnic College issue, why is it that
they do not want margiis to interfere? Why is the EC leadership of
Parmeshvara’nanda going to sit with Nigma’nanda directly to solve the
problem? Is it not strange and out of character?

The answer of all these question is: To keep all the money they have
looted and keep the scandal secret.

For this single reason, neither group wants to highlight the situation.

If margiis are alerted and come forward and look into the matter then
all will know that for the last many years millions of dollars money
have been looted and embezzled from our AM Polytechnic College by these
very groupists.

EC does not want to to reveal this multi-million dollar scandal and the
Rudrananda camp wants either full control of the college or a maximum
share in the looted amount.

Hence both group leaders are in contact to solve this problem secretly
on a give-and-take basis at the bargaining table. They prefer to make a
black pact and keep their millions as opposed to letting the margiis
know what hell has happened.

That’s why Animesha’nadna is telling margiis not to come forward and EC
supporters & e-mailers are keeping mum.


When our AM Polytechnic College is being ravaged by groupists and when
all the projects of AM are meant to be in the service of Gurudev and
humanity – not in the hands of greedy groups – then we should be alert,
ready to take action and apply pressure.

In that case it is the duty of all Ananda Margiis to unitedly rise up
and correct the situation. This much we owe our Beloved Baba. We must
not sit idle thinking others will do. It is our personal responsibility
to stand up and act.

As margiis we should not wait for an invitation from any group.

Responsible margiis, those who are not puppets of any group, should come
forward and critically look into the matter. The account books should be
audited by independent auditors and the ongoing looting and money
scandal should be stopped.

All monies earned by the Polytechnic College in Malur should be used for
the development of the college, not sucked up by groupist tycoons for
their personal gain.




Now that the news is out, we should be swift to take action. Sitting
idle amounts to sin according to Baba – a sin of omission.

Baba says, “Those who shirk duties and responsibilities do commit a
great harm to society. It is this lack of dutifulness in our country
[India] today that has caused great retardation in different spheres of
life. It has also caused spiritual degeneration. One should perform good
actions regularly, should do sa’dhana’ properly – these are the dos
which everyone is expected to perform. Those who do not pay heed to
these responsibilities do indulge in pratyava’ya. Pa’taka is the
collective name of pa’pa and pratyava’ya.” (AV-23)

Thus we should not remain still a moment longer while such groupists
pillage and destroy our Polytechnic College in Malur.


By Baba’s grace He has empowered us with the ability to take action and
change the course of events – turning bad situations into positive ones.
In this way, we must rally round and save our Polytechnic College from
the clutches of these groupist forces.

Baba says, “The very import of the history of human welfare is the
history of struggle and strife. Even the sweet gospels of peace could
not be preached in an environment of peace and composure. Devils did not
allow the apostle of peace to work peacefully – that is why I say that
peace is the outcome of fight.”

“This endeavour at the well-being of the human race concerns everyone –
it is yours, mine and ours. We may afford to ignore our rights, but we
must not forget our responsibilities. Forgetting the responsibility
implies the humiliation of the human race…” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)


Dangerous Yoga

Baba says, “Suppose, one is a great Yogii but if there is no love for his
goal, then those suspended propensities will finally be converted into
crude matter. That is, the subtle human existence becomes like iron; it
becomes like wood; it becomes like sand. What a deterioration! What a
downfall! This particular type of yoga where a yogii does not bear love for
the Supreme Entity is called ‘Hatha Yoga’ in Samskrta. It is dangerous for
human elevation.” (AV-2, p.18)

Note: Nowadays, especially in European countries, in the name of teaching
yoga certain pseudo-yoga-businessmen are busy selling their useless and
dirty things to the common public by opening various yoga and meditation
centres. But in those places citing the God’s name is untouchable. And not
only that but they teach all kinds of fake lessons such as misguided
pranayama and self-invented asanas etc. But when the Goal is not Parama
Purusa then that ultimately brings terrible degeneration. Neither is the
unassuming public aware nor are these culprits aware what hell they are
bringing upon innocent people. It is our duty as far as possible to warn
everyone for their welfare.

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