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Subject: Re: Goenka: I Have No Interest in Revolutionary Marriages
Date: Sat 25 Jun 2011 17:29:36 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Deva



One of the key points of building one human society is our revolutionary marriage system which was specially given by Baba. This is an essential way for bringing people together and creating a harmonious society.

As has been clearly detailed in earlier postings (see links below), the Goenka clan has resisted Baba’s divine guideline of revolutionary marriages. Instead they have glued themselves to their own caste and community. This has been going on from generation to generation.

Yet, by His below teachings, Baba guides us that revolutionary marriages are needed in order to do AM pracara and build a healthy social order. Without revolutionary marriages, these two aims cannot be achieved. We see then how important they are.

You can decide for yourself the quality of the person who intentionally rejects Baba’s teaching and instead arranges caste marriages.

One margii has contributed the following teachings by writing a summary in English of Baba’s below quotes from Hindi discourses. (Note: If you are unable to read the Hindi font in this email, kindly refer to the attached PDF file.)


Baba says, “You will have to struggle against dogma. And not just by saying dogma is bad, no. By your own actions, you will have to show you reject dogma. I will tell all that we need to create a human society as soon as possible.
Everywhere in the world A’nandama’rga praca’ra will have to be done even more strongly. And for this, two things are needed. For creating a society more and more revolutionary marriages are needed. … And those who are guardians, mothers and fathers, have your sons and daughters do revolutionary marriage and thereby show that you are against dogma. You should fear no one. If your duty is not accomplished by individual effort, then move ahead collectively. There is no cause for fear. I am with you.” (Summary of the below Hindi)

तुम लोग dogma के ख़िलाफ़ सङ्ग्राम करते रहोगे | और केवल—मुँह से बोलोगे कि dogma ख़राब है—सो नहीं | अपने करके दिखला दोगे कि—तुम dogma को नापसन्द करते हो |

हम तो सबसे कहेंगे कि हम लोगों को जल्द से जल्द समाज बना लेना है | और, दुनिया में सर्वत्र आनन्दमार्ग का प्रचार और ज़ोरदार करना है | इसके लिए चाहिए दो | समाज बनाना है, इसलिए अधिक से अ&
#2343;िक revolutionary marriage चाहिए | …

और, जो लोग guardian हो, माता-पिता हो, अपने बटे-बेटी को revolutionary marriage करके दिखला दो कि—तुम dogma के ख़िलाफ़ हो | घबड़ाओ नहीं, किसी से डरो नहीं | अपने वैयष्टिक प्रयास से अगर नहीं हुआ, सामूहिक प्रयास से करो
; | घबड़ाने की कोई बात नहीं है | और हम तोरा सिनी रो साथ छियो |

क्रान्तिकारी विवाह
(Kra’ntika’rii Viva’ha, Deoghar, 08 Jan 84 General Darshan)

Here is another of Baba’s divine teachings on this key point.

Baba says, “Get more and more revolutionary marriages done. And, what should brave youths and their parents do? Put an ending to casteism, pulverize it to dust with the force of their blows. Build one human society, and deliver the message of Ananda Marga to all the corners of the world. And for this, maximum whole timer workers are also needed. So create more and more whole timer workers. And by creating more and more revolutionary marriages, make the society strong.” (Summary of the below Hindi)

अधिक से अधिक revolutionary marriage करा लो | और जो हिम्मतवार लड़के हैं, वे, उनके guardian, उनके माता; वे लोग क्या करें ? जात-पाँत को लात से ख़त्म कर दो, चूर-चूर कर दो | एक समाज, एक दल, एक मज़बूत समाज बना लो और हम लो& #2327;ों को दुनिया के कोने-कोने में आनन्दमार्ग का पैगाम पहुँचा देना है | इसलिए अधिक से अधिक सङ्ख्या में whole timer worker की भी जरूरत है | कोई whole timer worker बनो | कोई revolutionary marriage करके समाज को मज़बूत बना दो |

(14 Jan 1984, Patna)
Ram Sahay






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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:41:18 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Prakash Deva
Subject: Who Should Distribute Baba Photos & Films


“Du’rer aja’na’ pathik eseche mor ghare ei viha’ne…” (P.S. 4947)


From the distant dawn the Ajana Pathik has come today in my home. About
this very Ajana Pathik, I had longing for Him in my life, in my death,
while awake, in my dream, & in my sleep. All throughout I have been longing
for Him. And that Aja’na’ Pathik has come today in my home.
That very Entity is most loving for me, even more than my own prana. He
is the dearest of dear to my soul. He is more adorable than anything else.
He loves me so much; He knows more about me than I know about myself. What
I know about myself, He knows far more.
That Aja’na’ Pathik is kaladhiish– He cannot be bound by time. So He is
kaladhiish. That Aja’na’ Pathik is also the controller of the time factor
so He is kalatiita– One who works beyond the bondage of time. His glory,
charm, and attraction cannot be expressed in words. Since eternity He has
been hiding in a remote corner of my heart. I have been dreaming of Him
with deep longing for hundreds of lives. That Aja’na’ Pathik has come today
in my home. He has graced me…


Around town and in our email forums, there has been much discussion
about the management and distribution of Baba photos and films as well
as Baba’s other devotional treasures like Prabhat Samgiita etc.

This is an important topic as it is directly related with Ista, the
spread of Baba’s teachings, one’s individual growth as a sadhaka, and
our organisational systems.

So let’s take a look at this critical issue.


One of the main things that Baba has emphasized is moving ahead in
samgacchadhvam spirit – i.e. working together unitedly toward a common

Baba says, “The meaning of the sam’gacchadhvam’ mantra should be
realized in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or
small, with unity…” (CC-2, ‘Society’, pt#34)

One can say that for this reason of unity and collective projects, Baba
created AMPS – the tool for spreading His dharmic teachings and programs
in an organised & cohesive manner.

After all, the way to achieve success on this earth is to join together
and work collectively. That makes any job or project infinitely easier.
Even the materialists have learned this basic point. Small businesses
have merged together to create larger companies, and larger companies
have bonded to create bigger corporations, and bigger corporations have
expanded to become world-wide, multi-national enterprises. Their aims
may be selfish, but as a matter of efficiency and approach, the business
world realises that working collectively is the only way to go. In
addition, schools, countries, foundations all follow this same principle.

Naturally then, whether it be on points of pracara, Prout, AMURT,
schools, or the distribution of Baba photos and films, our approach as
Ananda Margiis should be in the spirit of samgacchadhvam, i.e. working
together in an organised way towards a common ideal.

Clearly then, our fundamental manner is to adhere to our AMPS structure
and regulations. Specifically, the distribution of Baba photos and films
should be led and carried out by the corresponding organisational
pathway, such as Public Relations Department and PRS Dada.

That is the way things should work – under ideal or normal conditions.
That is in tune with our samgaddhadhvam spirit.

However, at present, we are not living in normal times. Because when our
organisational structure is cracked, when groupists are doing and dying
for their own fame and power, and when our organisational channels are
no longer doing what they were designed to do, then who can think these
are normal times.

In that case, we have to reconsider the matter entirely.


When there is care and love, then naturally there will be deep interest
to do things properly. But where groupism is rampant, the desire to
serve the cause of dharma is replaced by the greedy need to rule over
others. Tragically, at present, many of the devotional tools in AM have
been taken hostage by group leaders who suffer from this defective

VARABHAYA MUDRA PHOTO: Earlier, all Ananda Margiis had easy access
through the proper organisational channels to a high-quality image of
Baba’s varabhaya mudra photo. However, since 1990, the photo being
distributed has been tainted, faded and lightened such that one can
hardly even see the image. This makes both Guru dhyana and Guru sakash
very difficult.

Actually, the history is that after 1990 the organisation (i.e.
Sarvatmananda’s team) had a perfect negative of Baba in varabhaya mudra.
However, as they were more concerned with power than saving Baba’s
things, they allowed their negative get ruined by mold in the humid
environment of Tiljala. Such was their level of interest.

By the grace of Baba, committed margiis came forward and began sharing a
high-quality photo, much to the displeasure of the organisation. As they
preferred to have full control, whether they were carrying out their
duties properly or not.

Still today this remains an issue. The PRS and other organisational
channels either do not have a good quality photo or they refuse to share
it with others – both of these scenarios come into play.

In that case, how can we sit back and say, that only PRS Dada has the
right to distribute Baba’s photo. Rather, it is the right of every
Ananda Margii to have Guru’s photo for the spiritual progress in
sadhana. In the best case scenario, PRS would have a proper system in
place to get the photo to sadhakas of the Marga. But nothing of the sort
has been done. Rather, PRS refuses to share the photo at all.

So this is a clear-cut instance where the organisation is not serving
the aims of dharma. Thus, bhaktas have been forced to step forward and save
the situation so devoted margiis can get a proper photo. Best of course
is if the organisation properly handles this duty, but when they do not
have the interest nor the desire, then other recourse is needed.

PRABHAT SAMGIITA: This is another blatant example how since 1990 the
organisation has failed to live up to their duties. Instead of following
in the footsteps of Baba’s dharmic example, the groupists in power gave
up the ship on Prabhat Samgiita and (1) sold out to pseudo-culture and
(2) propagated the late PP’s silly rhymes, ridiculously titled as
Shraddha Shuman.

Who can forget how the organisational “leaders” pasted glamorous
pictures of filmy singers on the covers of our Prabhat Samgiita
cassettes and began distributing those cassettes as a collection of
mundane love songs wherein Baba’s divine compositions were sold in the
common marketplaces along side pop-music.

Under such a condition, who can think that the organisational channels
were fulfilling their dharmic duties – rather they strayed deep into the
realm of pseudo-culture and dogma.

They have shown they cannot be trusted.

Plus, that is not all, for years and years in that post-1990 period,
Sarvatmananda and Co. were actively promoting, recording and selling PP
Dada’s silly rhymes, thereby totally overlooking Baba’s divine
collection of Prabhat Samgiita.

All this eerily spells out how the organisational channels were failing
to live up to their responsibilities – thereby forfeiting their duties
to others, i.e. interested margiis and acaryas.

AM BOOKS: Next we come to the publication of Baba’s books. Although Dada
Acyutanandji is working hard and has diligently involved in this
endeavor, Dadaji’s fine efforts have not been enough to overcome the
dark ways of the Kolkata team.

No doubt, Rudrananda is doing zero to publish AM books, but even worse,
in the opposite corner, Sarvatmananda and his cohorts have adopted the
path of Bangalisation. They hastily toss aside and intentionally ruin
English and Hindi discourses – as well as those given in other languages
– and instead they only attend to Bangla discourses. Or they insist that
all discourses be first put into Bengali – even if Baba spoke in English
– in order to put Bengali on top. There are no shortage of examples in
this regard.




These above letters are but a few of the many examples of how such
groupists have ruined Baba’s books. So this is another clear-cut case
wherein the factional heads have gone against the ethic of AM and
destroyed our treasures.

All in all, it is clear we are not living in normal times. Because those
at the helm of the organisation are violating all the principles of AM.
And even worse is that when others try to pick up the responsibility or
correct things, then those factional monsters wage an all-out war
against that innocent margii.

So the whole scene is quite tragic and the only remedy at present lies
in the hands of those courageous margiis & wts who come forward.

Because organisational authorities have no interest in doing their jobs.


Actually when these groupists bond together, they can create all kinds
of problems. The most glaring example of this is the dogma of Mahaprayan.

As we all know, in Caryacara part 2, Baba has clearly stated that Guru
is infinite and ever-lasting, forever in our hearts.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone
has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium
of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (CC-2)

Yet, when all the groupists were “united” and serving as footstools to
Sarvatmananda, then in ’90 they unanimously voted to insert the dogmatic
Mahaparyana addendum to Carycarya part 1, essentially stating that Baba
is gone.

Such is the hell that groupists can do when they are all on the same
page, i.e. working together.


Now let us again return to the main query: Who Should Distribute Baba
Photos & Films?

Given all the information and proofs from up above, we have to
reconsider the situation. Because when the organisational channels have
no desire to attend to this responsibility, then there is no other
option except for others to come forward.

Certainly, the Public Relations Dept should be in charge, but when they
shirk their responsibility, the only recourse is for rational margiis to
take up the job.



We must remember that those leaders at the helm of the organisation are
not like some capitalist owners who may do as they please. The only
avenue of post holders in AMPS is to serve Guru and the Marga, beyond
that they have no right.

Thus when top Dadas are failing to carry out their duties and when
devoted margiis around the globe are thirsty for devotional treasures
like a proper Baba photo etc, then other dharmikas must come forward and
demonstrate initiative.

Because, all sadhakas should have proper access to Guru’s gifts.

Baba says, “Human life is short. It is wise to get all the instructions
regarding sa’dhana’ as soon as possible.” (CC-2, ‘Sadhana’, pt#8)

So when Baba’s photo is such an essential part of our sadhana practice
and when His discourses and Prabhat Samgiita are some of our devotional
treasures, then every Ananda Margii has a right to those gifts. That is
Baba’s stated wish.


Given the severity of the situation, the only practical way to move
ahead is for interested Ananda Margiis – be they family margiis or wts –
to share Baba photos and Prabhat Samgiita etc. That is the only way to
remedy the situation at present.

But, this is only a temporary measure – a quick band-aid.

The main solution is to clean up the organisation and have people in the
chair who wish to serve Guru and propagate His ideals. Then PRS Dada
should have full authority over the distribution of Baba’s photo etc.


By Baba’s grace He has created AMPS as medium for us to work together in
spreading His ideal. Without that, it would be impossible. So we must
fix the organisation. Till that time – until all groupists have been
removed or rectified – pathways are needed to ensure things like Baba’s
photo get distributed properly to other sadhakas. In that case, any
interested margii can do.

Baba says, “All have come from Him, and therefore all will remain
together. But this is not sufficient. All have come from Him, are in
Him, and will merge in Him, therefore all people will have to live
together. For you, unity is the natural course, and division is
unnatural. You well know that the Cosmic Energy will not long tolerate
what is unnatural.” (Disc MHB)



Just because margiis and field workers are now involved in sharing
Baba’s image and writings does not mean that they can carry out this
work indiscriminately.

Rather, it should be done with the utmost sanctity and reverence for
Baba’s gifts.

Thus, we should be vigilant that no one go against the ethic of the
Marga in this regard. If that happens, these instances should be
reviewed on a case by case basis, and conclusive action should be taken.

And again, best of all will be if the integrity of our AMPS can be
restored. Then the organisation can resume full authority of all
devotional properties etc. That will be best.

About Rich People

Parama Purusa Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of
money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is
necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you
keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become
responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your
valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities
for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the
basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of
society.” (HS-1, p. 41)

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From: “Dayananda Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: Lowly Mentality that Gets Attracted to Ramdevji

Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 22:01:29 +0530








In response to the initial letter on this topic I’d like to add the following:


Years ago, in 1956 when Baba saw the terrible condition of our human society and how the common people were struggling and suffering, He thought that something should be done. He took it upon Himself to provide the foundation for building a healthy, human society.


In such a situation, ordinary people usually join an existing movement in hopes of resolving the issue. Baba did not do that.


Baba knew that the existing social philosophies were useless and outdated. They would not solve the ongoing, complex social problems. Rather such philosophies were detrimental to society and would only prolong the problems. They were poison in the name of medicine. So Baba told the people not to be swayed by such existing utopian philosophies like Gandhism as these philosophies will never resolve the issues in a proper manner.





In response, Baba gave His universalistic Prout philosophy.


Naturally, since Prout was entirely new, there were no followers so Baba inspired margiis to learn about Prout and propagate it. To convince one and all about the efficacy of Prout, Baba delivered thousands of lectures.


55 years have since passed. To date, we Proutists could not propagate the philosophy as was needed. Baba wants that every person on this earth should at least recognise the name – Prout. Still today however, it is not on the “tip of the tongue” of the common people. In the general society, the term Prout is not well known; people are unaware about it.


Why not well known? Not because Prout has defects and drawbacks but because this is a revolutionary philosophy, not an evolutionary one. Prout opposes all kinds of dogmas in all spheres of life. Thus when society itself is infested with innumerable dogmas and special interest groups are very powerful and control the media (TV, newspapers, journals, radio, web broadcasts etc), then propagating Prout is a difficult task.


Even then, Prout is the panacea – not these pseudo-philosophies, in spite of their popularity.


Not propagating Prout and getting allured by useless outdated theories is nothing short of mental bankruptcy. We know well and indeed it is proven that such philosophies like Gandhism are not the solution to today’s problems. Rather these pseudo-philosophies will only linger the problem and delay the solution.





We must not forget that Baba has warned us that if we are lazy in propagating Prout then some other undesirable dogmatic theory will invariably fill up that political vacuum.


Indeed, because we are not propagating Prout the public is looking towards outdated dogmas to solve the problem. Even then, those joining outdated Gandhian movements are far worse than those not doing the pracara of Prout. Such persons are active agents in bringing defective movements into power. So they are far worse.


Thus there are three levels: Best is to propagate Prout; neutral is not to propagate Prout; and worst is to join some defective movement based on Gandhism.


It is just like how a kitchen attendant should remain in the kitchen and be alert to ward off wild pigs and raccoons. If that kitchen attend just ends up lazily sitting in the kitchen, that is also manageable. Worst is if the attendant persuades the raccoons and pigs to enter the kitchen.


Now we all know the status of those who join Gandhian movements.







So-called social leaders like Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev do not have any concept of how to resolve today’s problem. They are motivated by Gandhian principles and Gandhism has nothing to offer. It is just a capitalist ploy. Time has proven this again and again. Now a new universal philosophy needs to be propagated. That is Prout.


It is not the fault of new margiis that they got swayed by Anna Hazare & Ramdev etc, rather it is the fault of we Proutists. We could not convince new margiis from running after these fake movements; we could not inspire them to wholeheartedly adopt our Prout Philosophy and permanently solve the problems in society.


It is just like one sick person, suffering cancer, who seeks out voodoo doctors, snakecharmers, witchcraft practitioners, snake oil healers, and those using magic wands, simply because they saw a big crowd around such persons. But all these quasi methods will not solve their problem. Even then cancer patients run in that direction.


Similarly some earnest people are chasing after Hazare and Ramdev, when in reality only Prout is the solution. As rational margiis we should not get allured by these defective or fake movements.





History has proven again and again that talking about and even starting a revolution is comparatively easy.


Baba says, “It is very easy to talk big about revolution. Audiences may be awestruck and applaud, but to actually bring about a revolution is not at all easy.” (Human Society, Part 2, Shúdra Revolution and Sadvipra Society)


To bring any revolution to a practical and positive outcome is a big job. The post-revolutionary period is critical. That is when disaster most often strikes. Why? Due to lack of a proper political philosophy.


For instance, in the post Tsarist autocracy in Russia, they launched the communist revolution but due to the lack of a proper social-politico philosophy, the people suffered terribly in that post revolutionary period. The same thing happened in Cuba in the late 1950’s under Castro. The same thing happened in Iran after the departure of the Shah.


In all such cases the society fell into deep turmoil.


And indeed we will witness the same thing in the wake of the recent Islamic revolutions / “Arab Spring” of 2011. The dictators were overthrown only to be replaced by Islamic fundamentalist parties that will suppress the people. This we are all going to see.


Thus in the face of any social change, we have to be very careful to propagate Prout. There is no other way.





Swami Ramdev has nothing to do with Prout; rather he is himself a religious exploiter. He follows the dogmatic Hindu caste system, the burning of ghee / yajina and all kinds of dogmatic rituals of Hinduism. In that case what can one anticipate, what can one expect. Such a person like Ramdev is fighting one type of corruption in the economic sphere and side by side propagating another type of corruption in the religious sphere. So his manner is absurd.


Ramdev is both a religious trader and an economic exploiter. His economic empire is valued at 220 million US dollars. In India – or anywhere – such a fortune does not arrive by honest means. It is not magic. This entrepreneurial exploiter sells leaves and herbs at outrageous costs. Just as the Indian captialist companies like Dabur & Vaidynath operate, in the same way the Ramdev ayurvedic company (Divya Pharmacy) is exploiting the people.


They sell things like cow urine and take in huge profits. To run such a business it does not need billions of dollars investments. The initial investment is quite meagre and the returns are huge. And on the top, Ramdev is using his “stature” by exploiting people’s spiritual sentiment. The prana dharma of India is spirituality so the people naturally give huge respect to monks. Capitalizing on this sentiment, Ramdev exploited economically and now he wants to become a great political leader. We will see.


Let us just remember this rule of thumb: Without ruthless exploitation, one cannot become super wealthy overnight.





While Ramdev is stuck in all kinds of dogma and Prout stands for dharmic justice, there remains one critical point that neatly contrasts the two.


Ramdev is solely raising the banner of anti-corruption. He wrongly thinks that if a few corrupt leaders are removed from the Indian government then things will be fine. Such is his shallow outlook.


In contrast, Prout raises the banner of anti-exploitation. Baba wants that all forms of exploitation should be rooted out at the core, including the abhorrent greed of capitalism and the ingrained defects of Hindu dogma. Thus Prout wages a merciless campaign against both economic and religious exploitation.


Ramdev will never support such a stance, primarily because his entire personae and his own institution is based on economic and religious exploitation.


Raising the banner of anti-corruption is comparatively cheap. One merely needs to point their fingers at a few politicians and that is all. This is commonly done by people like Ramdev and Anna Hazare. They think by creating an oversight committee (i.e. Lokpal bill) then the society will be fine. By this way they dupe the masses and gain followers.


But their approach will never bring justice to the world. For that one must have the courage to wage a war against all forms of exploitation – and not be party to it as Ramdev is.





This type of makeover of starting an anti-corruption (not anti-exploitation) is not new. Due to lack of historical knowledge, people do not have any idea that this is a very common phenomena – and it never works.


So they get cheated again and again – every generation become enthralled by a new “leader”. Society gets befooled and ultimately cheated to the bone.


A generation ago, or longer, millions of Indian students gave up their degree studies and joined Jaya Prakash Narayan’s call. Within a short time, that movement fell into utter turmoil and the lives of those students got destroyed. This is big scar in India. And here again a whole new generation of people have become involved in yet another pseudo-movement.


Such type of movements come to the fore and become very popular. The leader’s aim is to get power and then they become a tyrant and an exploiter, or a variation thereof. Just look at what happened with Gandhi. He became popular and then divided India. That division became a wicked cancer and still that cancer is ruining the lives of countless innocent people. Thereafter Vinod Bhave delayed revolution by creating the Bhudan land movement. Baba describes this in Human Society, part 2, The Vipra Age. And then of course we have the Jaya Prakash Naryan movement that was detailed in the first letter in this series. In all such cases the raised the banner of anti-corruption and in all such cases their movement created more problems and could not solve anything.


So this type of anti-corruption movement is not a new tactic. After Indian independence, this has happened so many times based on Gandhian prinicples. Now again these people are fighting to pass their famed “Lokpal bill” and that itself is very defective- just a utopian idea that is not going to solve the problem. As Ananda Margiis we will never support such a defective platform.





Now this ghee burning monk – Ramdev – who is an adherent of yajina dogma is calling upon people to follow him. He supposedly has the answer. Yet in this scientific era he thinks that burning clarified butter will not pollute but rather purify the air. Ramdev’s entire manner is burdened by such contradictions and blindness.


We should use our viveka – not the crowd mentality. This is not the solution.


The conclusion is that people should read the history and see what happened to those adhering to similar baseless movements in the past. Everyone should clearly learn what happened to those who are driven by faulty philosophies. What was their fate. A proper philosophy is needed to truly resolve the problems and that proper philosophy is Prout – not any Gandhian movement.


Baba says, “PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world.” (AFPS-9, Economic Dynamics)







How ironic is it to lead hunger strike in a country where more than 40 percent of children under five are malnourished.


At the same time Ramdev’s usually sports a very luxurious lifestyle – far above the level of the common person.. Ramdev travels in a private jet, stays in a five-star luxury hotel, and has the money for fancy arrangements and safety measures before going on a fast.


Who can say then that really he is the leader of the people in the true sense of the term.




“Bha’loba’si toma’y a’mi, keno ta’ ja’ni na’…” P.S. 2329




Baba, I love You but I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart– but what is the mystery behind this, that I do not understand. Baba, You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart.

All the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all my desires and aspirations are revolving around You. And they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. Baba, You are my everything.

Where I am, where I will go, and from where I have come, all these types of useless questions never come in my mind, by Your grace. Baba, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending on You– that You know everything and that everything is in Your control.

Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You; my whole existence

is Yours…




Most Loving


Baba says,

“That Entity who is the most beloved of all, that Entity is one’s Is’t’a.”


“Is’t’a means Parama Purus’a, but why is He called Is’t’a? The answer is

that by attaining Parama Purus’a one no longer has any unsatiated hunger or

unquenched thirst.”


“Is’t’a means the most beloved of all entities.”

(BABA, 04 July 1979)


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Date: 10 Jun 2011 20:58:34 -0000
From: “Indrajit Rai”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Story: Baba Sends Money to Devotee



Here is one Baba story that speaks to how He always cares for the
welfare of His devotees and wishes to see AM pracara progress and flourish.


In those days, like today also, Baba wished to see AM ideas propagated
in all kinds of ways and in all the various languages. So back in the
1960’s, brother Karmeshvarji’s job of writing and printing the AM
newspaper in Angika was an important and valued job. Because Baba wanted
AM ideas printed in all local languages, including Angika.

By Baba’s grace, Karmeshvarji worked tirelessly toward this end – day
after day printing and distributing the Ananda Marga daily Angika paper
in Purnea.

Karmeshvarji was a family man with children, but he was also an LFT for
Ananda Marga. He had little money, spent most of his time in AM works,
and lived in a relatively simple area, surrounded by poor farmers.

All along he was doing an excellent job of running the newspaper and
then he began leasing a printing press to make things more dynamic. He
leased the press for RS 250 per month and then spent another RS 80 per
day on paying helpers and distributing the newspaper. Again this was
back in the 1960’s so you can understand that was a lot of money
than in today’s economy.

One other brother, Navalji used to help collect donations from local
farmers and circulate the newspaper.

Thus with extremely limited means, Karmeshvarji was doing a wonderful
work of running the paper and propagating AM ideals.


One day while Karmeshvarji was busy with his newspaper work, one of his
small boys, who was just a student in primary school, came to him and
said, “Papa, ma says there is no food in the house and ma wants to know
what we are going to eat?”

Karmeshvar was absolutely silent. He thought for a moment to ponder the
situation; he really did not know how to respond.

Then in a quite manner he stated, “Go and tell your mother to fill a
glass with water, ideate and recite Guru mantra, and then drink the
water. In this manner, she should serve a glass of water to every member
of the family. Thereafter you will not feel any hunger.”

And then the father promised the boy that he would arrange proper food

The small child returned back to the house and told his mother what the
father had said. The mother thought, “OK, let’s try and see how it works.”

One by one they all drank the water following this technique and by
Baba’s grace they all felt satisfied.


The next day while Rameshvar was vigorously working on printing his
paper, in his busyness he had forgotten about the incident of the
previous day. Then the idea flashed in his mind that he had not secured
any money to buy food for his family. He did not know what or how he
would feed them.

Then he thought for a while and closed his eyes.

He connected deep within the inner recesses of his mind and said, “Baba,
I can live for 3 to 4 days at a time without food. But I have a family –
my wife and small kids need to eat. And if I cannot earn the money to feed
them, then I will be unable to continue my work on the AM newspaper. I
think You are listening.”

Karmeshvar felt sad at the prospect of potentially having to stop his
work for the AM newspaper, but at the same time he had implicit faith in

Then Karmeshvar printed and published the newspaper that day.


The next morning a margii brother named Gaunga Sharma arrived at
Karmeshvar’s office and immediately gave Karmeshvar 200 rupees.

Karmeshvar felt Baba’s infinite grace within and without and asked, “You
are not from around here – how did you get here and how did you know
that I was in need of money?”

And then Gaunga Sharma recounted all that had transpired.


Yesterday, I headed out from my home and went to go see Baba in Ranchi.
As soon as I got there Baba called me.

When I came before Baba, He told me:

“There is some very important work to do. Here is 200 rupees. Travel
immediately to Karmeshvar in Purnea. He needs money very badly. If he
does not get this money our Angika press will stop and his family will
go hungry. So take this money. Our Angika paper must continue and
Karmeshvar’s family must have a 1-month stock of food.”

With that Gaunga Sharmaji received the money from Baba and embarked on
the overnight journey from Ranchi to Purnea to go see Karmeshvar.


That was the way in which Gaunga Sharma explained his visit with Baba to

Gaunga Sharma was thinking that all the money will go for food for the

But immediately, Karmeshvar looked at the 200 rupees in his own hand and
realised that he did not have any blank paper to print tomorrow’s news.
So Karmeshvar gave 100 rupees to one of his helpers and told him to go
get a supply of paper.

Seeing this, Gaunga Sharma became shocked and said, “This money is for
food for your family.”

(Note: In actuality, the money Baba had given was for both the newspaper
and food.)

Karmeshvar replied, “Blank paper is absolutely needed and besides,
already my helper has gone to go buy the paper.”

Then Guanga Sharma said, “I am giving an additional 100 rupees from my
own pocket and I am taking the remaining 100 rupees that you have and I
am going directly to your house and will hand over 200 rupees to your
wife for food for the family.”

(Note: Baba had directed Gaunga Sharma that he must ensure that proper
food was supplied for 1 month and that if necessary he should speak with
Rameshvarji’s wife.)

Then the matter was resolved – Gaunga Sharma settled all matters and
concerns about food with the wife of Rameshvarji.

In the due course, Gaunga Sharma returned to Ranchi and gave full report
to Baba about what had transpired and Baba was extremely pleased by
hearing the news.


All this goes to show that Baba is carefully watching each and every
minute detail. It was true then and it is still true today.

He has great interest that the ideas of AM should be propagated in all
ways to all corners of the globe & beyond. At the same time, He keeps
His eyes and ears attuned to the needs and cares of His devotees.

Baba neither wants the propagation of AM ideals to be hindered nor does
He want to see any of His bhaktas in trouble.

Thus our AM newspapers and electronic media must continue regularly.
That is His explicit desire. All should also know that He listens to our
worries and difficulties and that He is always there to help.

Such are the wonderful ways of His grace-compassion.


By Baba’s grace, in His below two declarations He sweetly assures us
that He listens to the words of each and every person and that He wants
that we should dedicate all our time and energy to building a great
society by spreading the ideals of AM.

Both of these concepts are not only explicitly stated in His below
teachings, but they are prevalent in one’s practical life as well. The
story of Karmeshvar gives proof of this. And indeed there are countless
other tales and experiences which show He cares for our every need and
inspires us to do the great work each and every moment.

Baba says, “Every jiiva, as part of its birthright under prota yoga,
enjoys His grace. So no one is small, no one is insignificant. If anyone
laments, “I am such a useless person, such a helpless sinner, that
Parama Purus’a can’t possibly wish to listen to me,” I will point out
that when He listens to the collective, then He naturally listens to the
individual too.” (NKS, Disc: 9)

Baba says, “The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of
this earth but of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together, will
have to be admitted one day by people. The spiritual aspirant has to
hasten that auspicious moment by pauseless effort, service and
propagation of the great Ideology. This alone is the Supreme task for
the present humanity.” (A’nanda Va’nii)



Part and parcel of His Prout philosophy an samaj theory is that all
languages are important. None should be overlooked and that none should
harbor any kind of inferiority complex based on the language they speak.
Baba honors all tongues and the teachings of AM should be translated
into every local language.

Just as Baba highly encouraged in the above story that AM ideals must be
propagated in Angika, same is the case with all the world’s languages,
such as the language of the Inuits in Alaska, the Zulus in their area,
and the Maoris of Australia. Every language should have its place and
become a veritable medium of AM ideas.


Here Baba writes of the importance of having our own press and media
outlets. Without that, we will never be able to propagate the great



“Malay va’ta’se madhu nishva’se ke go ele mor phulavane…” P.S. 1801


O the Divine Entity who are You who has come in my flower garden in this
spring season with a sweet and charming smile. When I saw You for the first
time I was surprised, and it was difficult to think that such an attractive
Entity would be here. I wanted to look towards You more intimately but I
ould not, that time I was sitting in the flower garden unmindfully.
I couldn’t even hear the footsteps of Your arrival, & You did not give
any hint or clue before coming to this garden. So I could not receive
You properly nor could I offer You a garland. You have graced me by
coming here but You have not cared about receiving an invitation. Please
tell me, O’ Divine Entity, who are You?
Understanding Your liila is impossible. Within a flash You become tough
and then in the next moment You are as tender as a flower– like a
garland of love –so sweet and charming. O divine Entity You cannot be
understood. You are Infinite–no beginning, & no end. Through the
practice of sadhana and dhyana I am surrendering myself at Your alter .
Baba You have graced me by coming to my mental flower garden…

WT Conduct Rule: Who is who

Baba says, “Avadhuta [WTs] shall not engage his ears in any obscene
language or songs, touch any tamasik articles, see any depraving entity or
pictures, go through any story, novel, or fiction having even the slightest
bit of sexual importance, eat, drink, or smoke any rajasik or tamasik
things or use any article which is artificially scented.” (Point 32 of 32
workers rules)

Note: Only using saffron garb is not the criteria. If any Wt is not
following strictly the above Baba’s guideline and instead they are (a)
listening to obscene talk and music, (b) touching tamasik items, (c)
viewing any crude movies or pictures, (d) reading degrading books and
magazines, and (e) ingesting negative foods, then in that case they are
fake. Their situation is as follows.

Baba says, “Nothing will result from dyeing one’s clothes with saffron
colour only for show. Dye yourself within. People of some particular
religious creeds think that dyeing their clothes or bodies with a
particular colour is a part of spiritual Sa’dhana’. But remember that is
all useless, unless you are dyed within as well.” (SS part 3)

Baba further says,

“Mana na’ ra’inga’ile ra’inga’ile yogi ka’par’a.

Saffron and red do not a yogiis make
With mind undyed he remains a fake.”

“Dye your mind with His colour. Those who have not done so cannot attain
Him, for this very coloration is Prema or Divine Love…No external sign
of Sa’dhuta’ or virtue is necessary. Become sa’dhu within. Behind the
external show of virtuousness of many so-called sa’dhus exists a
pharisaic state of mind. Preserve the true dignity of the word, Sa’dhu.”

“Mu’d’ha mu’ra’ye jata’ v’ar’aye….

With shaven head or matted locks
And ashen body a Sadhu walks
With the swaggering gait of a well-fed buffalo.
And crude mind filled with thoughts mean and low.”

“That is why I say that you must bring about a revolutionary change in
the flow of your judgment and thought, and see how, after overcoming your
fascination with external colour, your mind becomes tinged with the His
glorious colour.” (SS part 3)

Note 2: Unfortunately, at present there is no dearth of fake sadhus in our Marg.
Senior margiis are aware about this fact.

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Date: Fri 8 Apr 2010 18:45:27


Subject: Indeed Margiis Can Teach

From: “Ishvara Deva”







Recently in our unit, some of us were involved in teaching others about AM, and one Dada intervened and stated that we should not do this as we were “not qualified”.


This made us feel very sad. By Baba’s grace we then consulted with one very senior acarya Didi and here following are the points she gave.


Really this was a very sentimental time for us and I remain so grateful for the guidance I received from Didiji.


For those more prone towards philosophical dialog, here are the essential questions we are raising.


1. Should we start teaching others about AM only when we get moksa, i.e. perfection?


2. Should we wait until we have been on the path 10 years before teaching others; or should we wait until we become a wholetimer before guiding others?


3. When can a general margii start teaching others about AM? When should a margii begin preaching the gospel of AM ideology?


Again, here it is not that I want to be a “great” Ananda Margii and give high-sounding talks to big audiences. That is not the spirit of this inquiry. Merely with our own inner heart feeling, a few of us were quietly sitting and talking to others about AM when that Dada came over and told us not to do like that.





Only after consulting with a senior acarya Didi, did everything become clear. Here are the key points raised by that senior acarya Didi:


The bottom line is that it is the duty of each and every Ananda Margii to start teaching others about Ananda Marga immediately. Even the day a person is initiated they can, nay must, start doing pracara with others.


Here is the support from Baba’s teachings:


(A) SIXTEEN POINTS: It is the duty of every Ananda Margii to follow 16 Points and embedded within 16 Points is service or seva. As we all know there are 4 types of seva in AM: shudrocita seva, ksatriyocita seva, vaeshyocita seva, and viprocita seva. And Baba guides us that we, i.e. all margiis, are to perform all four types of seva, including viprocita seva, which includes preaching the ideals of Ananda Marga.


Baba says, “We can give joy to Parama Puruśa by serving His creations – human beings, animals and plants – and this service will be the best application of neohumanism. This service can be done in four ways – viprocita sevá (intellectual service), kśatriyocita sevá (service of courage), vaeshyocita sevá (economic service) and shudrocita sevá (manual service). None of these is inferior: we cannot ignore any one of them. People should render service according to their capacity. Those who like intellectual service, can do that; those who like manual service, can do so. But it will be best if all the four types are performed.” (17 May 1982, Calcutta)


In His above directive, Baba clearly tells that everyone – new and senior margiis alike – are to engage in all kinds of seva including teaching others about AM philosophy and lifestyle. Everyone must do this according to their capacity.


That means even a newly initiated margii can and should teach the general public about kiirtan, or yama and niyama etc. To the degree one is properly aware about Baba’s teachings is the degree to which they should teach others. Then they will be performing seva and following 16 Points. That is Baba’s mandate.


(B) AM MISSION: The Ananda Marga mission – self-realisation & selfless service – concerns each and every Ananda Margii.


Baba says, “What should a person do? Life is a mission. I have said that human life is an ideological flow. That is, human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one’s very existence is a mission. Átmamokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca – “Whatever one is to do one is to do for átmamokśa – for his own liberation – and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society.” One is to do both these things: that is, these two things are one’s mission.” (AV-30)


Thus here again Baba is directing each and every person in the Marga to perform service – i.e. helping to care for and elevate all beings. Upon entering into AM, everyone must do this from day 1. Baba does not say that one should do sadhana for ten years – or after getting perfection, i.e. moksa – then one should start doing service. It is not like that.


Rather from the very beginning every margii is to do sadhana and perform service by preaching the ideals of dharma to others. So here again Baba is mandating that every Ananda Margii must do AM pracara and explain the tenets of AM to others.


(C) SUPREME COMMAND: In our Supreme Command too Baba tells each and every Ananda Margii to teach others about dharma and inspire them onto the path of spirituality.


“…It is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margii to endeavor to bring all to the path of bliss. Verily is this a part and parcel of sadhana, to lead others along the path of righteousness.” (Supreme Command)


Thus by Baba’s teaching in the Supreme Command, it is clear that all margiis – young or old, male or female etc – must embark on teaching others about AM ideals.





Through His mandates of Sixteen Points, by His mission statement (Átmamokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca), and by the Supreme Command, it is quite clear that every Ananda Margii should teach others about AM ideals from the very beginning. To delay this is to go against Guru’s teachings. No one should have any complex about this nor should this point be shrouded in confusion. All – I repeat all – are to teach others about the principles of AM.







Thus if you or anyone in your unit is sincerely teaching others about AM philosophy and a Dada tells you that you are “too new”, or “not senior enough”, or “not smart enough” etc, then just inform that Wt that Baba’s guideline is that, “I must perform all 4 sevas each and every day and that includes teaching others about AM ideology, according to the level of my own knowledge base.”


Thus no Dada can give any lame excuse and prohibit any margii – new or old – from guiding others on spiritual life and AM ideals.


Actually, it is the dogmatic religions that preach how lay / family people cannot teach the tenets. In Christianity only the priest can do; in Islam, only the mullah can do; and in Hinduism only the pundits can do. They are the only ones to preach the gospel of their religion – not the common people. So AM is totally unique. Baba says that all can and should do.


Unfortunately some ignorant and crafty Wts want to introduce religious dogmas into our AM society by stating that only the priest class can guide others. They just want to “copy & paste” such dogmas into our Marga.


But we must remember such dogmas are hellish.


Baba says, “These [common] people were deprived of the right to study the Vedas. The Antyaja Shúdras, if they even heard the Vedic chants, or the controlling Vedic mantra aum, or the “Savitr Rk” mantra, would be committing a great sin and molten lead would be poured into their ears so that their hearing would be destroyed forever. Nor were women, however educated, allowed to hear such sacred chants.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 5)


Indeed in those days of old, what to speak of not allowing the common people to preach the philosophy, they would not even allow the common people to learn it. If general citizens came in contact with those teachings they would be tortured and shunned – i.e. scarred for life. That was the way those dogmatic religions operated – and still today that is their modus operendi. They feel that mantras or prayers can only be solemnized when they are recited by priests etc. According to bhagavad dharma, there is no 3rd person between the devotee and God, but in such religions, the priest / mullah etc is the so-called intermediary. Here the point is that in the dogmatic religions, only the priest is able pass on religious knowledge, not anyone else.


Tragically now some Dadas are leaning in this direction and not allowing margiis to teach the philosophy to others. We have to oppose such Dadas. When any Dada is forbidding a margii to propagate the gospel of Ananda Marga or neo-humanism, we should alarm everyone about that Dada and unmask their name and address.


AM is totally different from the dogmatic religions. Baba has blessed us with a revolutionary approach where all have the moral duty to preach and teach the tenets of AM.


Unfortunately, some Dadas puffed up with vanity feel that only they should talk about dharma. They want everyone to listen to them. That is what their ego tells them. So they feel threatened if a margii sincerely engages in talks about AM philosophy with others.


But again, Baba’s mandate is clear and pointed: Every initiated person in Ananda Marga must preach and teach others about our AM way of life.





Now that it is clear that it is the duty of every Ananda Margii to perform service and teach others about the philosophy and ideals of AM, there are a few easy points to keep in mind.


1) One must not teach others about the lessons of sadhana unless one is an tattvika, or acarya etc.


2) One should not teach aspects of Baba’s teachings that they themselves are not adequately familiar with. If one does this then two negative results will arise. Firstly, one will spread faulty explanations and confuse others; and secondly, the person you are trying to teach will lose faith in you.


So ti is important to educate oneself about AM ideals and consult Baba’s discourses by reading Ananda Marga books.


Indeed, every Ananda Margii should be eager and ready to preach Baba’s gospel to any and all who are interested. And even if they are not interested, we should try and inspire them.


Margiis can teach our kiirtan mantra to anyone. We can teach them to sing internally or externally.







Here is another dynamic to be aware of when preaching AM ideals.


Some sincere margiis start doing pracara and mistakenly think that because they are doing dharmic work then people should appreciate them. Although this is not a totally degrading mindset, but for bhaktas this is not a very lofty outlook. This has a distinct drawback as well because if people are not appreciating you, then you feel there is no point in doing the work and you may drop it entirely. Furthermore if anyone criticises you then you will be totally dejected. Side by side, some opportunists might praise you to the sky in order to exploit you and get you to attend to their agenda. These are the pitfalls of getting caught up in praise and censure.


The best is for every sadhaka to serve other and propagate AM ideal thinking that they are doing everything for Parama Purusa – to please Him.


Then if someone opposes or praises you it does not matter. Your mind will remain balanced and you will not veer from your course. Why? Because you are doing to serve Parama Purusa, not to garner praise etc. Here the whole idea is that one should not be a slave of praise or censure. Then one cannot fulfill their duty on this earth.


Those who do pracara dharma with idea that they are serving Parama Purusa never get frustrated by others’ negative comments. That is the expression of real devotion. And such persons do not anticipate that others should praise them because they are doing a great job.


Whenever a person believes in their heart that it is their duty to do a particular task then they do not expect that people should praise them. For example, when a mother is caring for her very small infant, then that mother does not care if the neighbor praises her or not.


Similarly, a good sadhaka will preach the gospel of AM without any expectation of praise and without any concern for censure. One will fulfill this blessed duty to please Parama Purusa.


Baba says, “Nindantu niitinipuńáh yadi vá stuvantu: “If I am too concerned with those who praise or censure me, I will not find time to do my real work. As I have come to this world only for a short period, my only concern should be to keep on doing the duty the Lord has assigned to me. And while doing this allotted duty, I should remember that I belong to Parama Puruśa. I have come form Him, and I will have to return to Him – and to do that, I must complete my allotted duty.” (Subhasita Samgraha, part 12)


Baba says, “Regarding those who are likely to create obstacles in your path – let them do so. You should remember that those who are the actual pioneers, the real vanguard of the society, are always a microscopic minority, but it is they who are destined to be victorious. Those who once opposed, or are now opposing or will oppose in the future, will in the future admit: “Yes, we are now driving our vehicle safely and comfortably along the very path which that vanguard once opened by clearing the jungle.” This means that those who cleared the obstacles in the beginning will later be recognized as pioneers. The funny thing is this, that people do not give recognition at the time it is due. This is the natural law. And at the same time you should also remember this simple truth: that in a jungle the number of tigers and lions is always few; the jackals far outnumber them. Yet in the jungle the tigers and lions reign supreme, not the jackals. The jackals are sure to howl, that is their nature; but the tigers and lions will not be frightened.” (AV-6)








One should never forget that human life evolves gradually from animal life in the cosmic cycle of brahmacakra. Human beings were animals in the past and those propensities are still dominant in many of our fellow human beings. For this reason some people feel the need to oppose good work. If we all keep this in mind then one will not get affected when others are opposing your righteous deeds.


Always remember this proverb: No good deed goes unpunished. The sens is that certain notorious people want to abuse you because their own prestige is at stake. But pay no mind to them, go on propagating the ideals of dharma, always singing Baba’s name.


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From: “Karma Deva”


Subject: Spreading the Dharma of AM…

Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2011 21:52:44 +0000







Now in the general society there is an extreme dearth of sentient ideas.

Rather the rancid mud of materialism has infiltrated into every arena of

life. Even then good people all around are looking for some daylight by

which to move ahead. In their heart they have a yearning to discover

something better.





As Ananda Margiis, it is our duty to share Baba’s ideas in all the ways and

in all the directions. This is what the society needs and this is a

sensitive time because right now around the globe people are in search of

something. So we should satisfy their thirst with the benevolent teachings

of AM. And if we refrain from doing so then someone will fill the gap with

more faulty ideas, thereby leading the society astray.


So it is a must for all Ananda Margiis to express Baba’s divine guidelines

in multifarious ways. By this way we can help the society to advance.





Some in AM may be thinking that they do not know enough; or some may be

thinking that we need not do because Baba Himself will do; or some may be

thinking that in the future they will do.


But to all these thoughts, the reply is that what we know about AM we

should teach in this present moment. We should not wait for the future nor

should we remain passive thinking that Guru will do. Rather He has already

given us the duty and now the moment is ripe.


Indeed we are merely His medium, He is projecting through us. The more we

try the more He will grace us to do His work.


So what we know in any sphere of AM philosophy or AM way of life we should

teach: In our workplaces, in our communities, in our travels, and in all

sorts of new avenues. In all the places, in all the ways.





Because Baba’s ideas must be spread to all people and as we apply ourselves

in this great endeavour we will become more capable media for disseminating

His divine teachings.


Of course all of these above things everyone in AM is already aware about–

we know we are to propagate AM ideals. So please excuse me for repeating

this now.





But at the same time in the practical sphere we are lagging behind, a

little bit. Now so many so-called yoga groups are blowing their trumpets in

full force. Yet what they have to share is not the panacea for the society.

Here the idea is not to condemn all those saying anything in the name of

yoga. Because they are also our brothers and sisters and they may be

sincere in their approach.


But nonetheless the fact stands: Only Baba is the Parama Purusa Incarnate

and only His divine teachings of Ananda Marga are perfectly true across

time, space, and person. Only His directives can lead the society forward.


And only His teachings are logical and rational in all respects. There is

no dogma only dharma in our AM – so it can all be explained rationally.


So casting away all shyness and hesitation we should undertake our march

and spread His ideals in all the ways: With our vocal chords, paintbrushes,

keyboards, films, meetings, classes, etc. In all the ways. This is our

allotted duty.


We should be at the forefront and not be second to anyone in any regard.

Reason being, Baba’s ideas are best and they should reach the people’s ears

first, lest they led astray by something else.





Here Baba is encouraging all Ananda Margiis to come forward and express the

benevolent ideas of AM– in whatever way they feel they are most suited. By

this way we can clean the muck from the society and build it into a

brilliant, shining humanity.


Baba says, “When litterateurs dedicate themselves to the service or

sa’dhana’ of literature, they have to let their creative genius flow in

this very current: they have to cleanse all that is turbid, all that is

inauspicious in individual life in the holy waters of their universal

mentality, and then convey it sweetly and gracefully into the heart of

humanity. Herein lies the fulfilment of their service, the consummation of

their sa’dhana’.” (PNS-10)



Karma Deva





As we know our AM teachings are grounded in benevolent truthfulness–

satya. So our minds should be coloured in this eternal ideal and not in

pseudo-culture when involving in our pracar programs.


Baba says, “The main duty of the Ta’ttvikas is to make a propagation which

aims at collective welfare…At the time of propagation, your views, nay,

all your tendencies should be pointed towards satya, because it is only

through the propagation of satya that collective welfare is possible.”

(Tattvika Diipika- II)





PS Intro: This below Prabhat Samgiita highlights the divine glory and

greatness of Parama Purusa.


“Tumi kotha’y chile, kotha’y tha’ko, keu ta’ jane na’…” (PS 540)




O’ Parama Purus’a, where were You – where have You been? I have been

searching all over for You. Where do You reside – nobody knows. I have

been looking everywhere for You. You are the smallest of the small and

the most vast of the vast [1]. I have not been able to find you

anywhere. Baba, those who want You, ultimately You make them Yours, You

merge them into Your Divine Self [2]. O’ Infinite Entity, You are

boundless, You cannot be held. O’ Parama Purus’a, where do You reside –

nobody knows.

O’ my Dearmost, in this entire universe, no single manifestation can

express Your full beauty. The moon’s smile – the ocean breeze – the

smiling flower – the sweet charming sky – all these beautiful things

were created by You. You have filled this world with Your divine

expressions, yet they are not Your True Self. They are not Your full

expression nor can they express Your full sweetness. All these things

are mere small reflections of Your infinite charm. O’ Ananta, You are

limitless. Your full glory cannot be expressed in words, shapes, or

forms. O’ Parama Purus’a, where do You reside – nobody knows.

O’ Parama Purusa, You are so gracious. In my ideation and in my

meditation, my every atom and molecule are dancing in Your flow – it is

Your grace. You do everything for me. Baba, You have been playing the

flute [3] since time immemorial and You will continue up to eternity. By

this way, You have been attracting me and drawing me closer to You. O’

my Lord, Your effulgence is infinite and unfathomable.

O’ Parama Purus’a, where have You been, where do You reside – nobody knows.

O’ Baba, please grace me by coming close…


Notes for Prabhat Samgiita #540:


[1] Here below Baba explains how Parama Purusa is more vast than the

vast and smaller than the small. Becuase of this one cannot find Him

with their crude senses.


Baba says, “On the one hand Parama Purus’a is very vast; on the other

hand He is very small. He is so vast that you cannot fully see Him. In

Sam’skrta, there are a few words to describe something very vast:

visha’la, vira’t’a, brhat, etc. Out of these, the words vira’t’a and

brhat are used to describe an entity which is immeasurably vast, and

visha’la is used for an entity which may be vast, but can be measured.

For instance, the Himalayan mountains are very vast in size, but still

they can be measured in terms of miles, from south to north and from

east to west. In the scriptures it has been said.


Brhacca taddivyam acintyaru’pam’…


“Parama Purus’a is extremely vast: then how can you see such a vast

Entity with your dim vision? It is impossible. And besides seeing such a

divine effulgence, your eyes will be blinded; your vision will be

completely lost.”


Su’ks’macca tat su’ksmataram’ vibhati


“Parama Purus’a is not only vast. He is small as well – so small, so

subtle that you cannot see Him with your physical eyes. Human ocular

power is extremely limited: if an object is very vast it cannot be seen,

and if it is very small and subtle it cannot be seen either.” (SS-12)



[2] In these below quotes, Baba is telling that one cannot go close to

Him and still remain separate. When one gets closer and closer, then by

His grace, the bhakta will merge in Him – just like a piece of salt gets

merged in the ocean, it can not longer remain a separate grain of salt.


Baba says, “If a salt doll goes to fathom the sea, it will certainly

melt and become the sea itself. Similarly, if the knower of the Supreme

Consciousness goes to fathom the Supreme, he merges in the sea of

Consciousness and becomes Supreme himself. Be constantly absorbed in the

thought of the Supreme Consciousness and you too will become Supreme.”



Baba says, “If a salt doll goes to measure the sea, it will melt into

it. Neither can it measure the sea, nor will it ever return, its

existence will merge into the vastness of the sea, releasing it from all

cares and worries. If one wishes to take the form of the sea, one will

have to become the sea itself; there is no other way. None of His

qualities has any limit. His fragmentary manifestations are all passing

through unlimited forms, due to His ceaseless imaginative flow: none of

them is an end in itself.” (SS-3)



[3] Here below Baba explains the inner meaning of the sound of the flute

and how the bhakta rushes towards Parama Purusa due to His divine



Baba says, “The music emanating from Krs’n’a’s flute shook the minds of

the sa’dhakas, causing them to echo and vibrate. This resonance is

nothing but prapattiva’da. Here there is scope neither for jina’na nor

for karma. Here mobility is the only task, the only dharma. “The way He

is calling me – I am to move accordingly.” This state of mind is one of

the sweetest states, the madhura gun’a [sweet quality] of prapattiva’da.

“I am rushing ahead due to the sweet call of His flute and entering into

His sweet and blissful environment.” Hence for Vraja Krs’n’a, there is

no need to interpret the faculties of knowledge and action. There is no

scope for fighting over philosophical ideas. Only complete prapatti is

there, and once it shakes the jiiva, he can no longer stay away. One

rushes out and starts running after Him.” (NKS, Disc: 4)


Baba says, “The spiritual aspirant hears the various sounds of onm’ka’ra

or pran’ava [like the sound of the flute] at various stages, during deep

sa’dhana’, during sweet sa’dhana’. The sound is called Krs’n’a’s

muraliidhvani. The sa’dhaka becomes mad because of this sound and goes

deeper and attains Ra’dha’ bha’va more and more, and rushes headlong

forward.” (DKG)





Human Life on other Planets & Stars


Baba says, “Humans of this world– not only of this world, but of the

entire universe there are so many planets and stars where there is human

life– and all humans of the universe have got the same wont. And they

utilise and display these wonts according to climatic conditions,

conditions of time and space. But fundamentally, humanity is a singular

entity.” (17 August 1979 DMC, Taipei)


The above is what Baba actually has spoken in English. The below is how the

Publications Department printed it in SS-12.


“Humans of the world – not only of this world, but of the entire Universe

there are so many planets and stars where there is human life – and all

humans of the entire Universe have got the same course. They tend to

display their wonts according to climatic conditions, conditions of time

and space. But fundamentally, humanity is a singular entity.” (SS-12)



Note 1: In comparing the above two paragraphs, it is clear that so many

small and big mistakes have been committed by the Publications Department.

And there was no translation involved either. Baba spoke in English and the

book is printed in English. Even then, there are a variety of changes which

dilute the meaning of Baba’s discourse.


For example, they changed the word “wont” to “course”. Plus they omitted

the word “utilise”; then they wrongly inserted the word “display”. Indeed,

each sentence has a minimum of 3-5 mistakes.


So this is the grade of work that is going on in our Publications Deparment.

And then of course there are the big distortions like AM-Revolution where

they cut the entire paragraph about margii rights.


Note 2: In His above discourse Baba is giving us the conclusive idea that

there are humans living on various planets. This is not a hypothesis;

rather it is a fact given by Parama Purusa. And He knows everything because

this is His creation.


So we should propagate this idea that there are humans living on various

planets. Still modern science is unsure about this concept. They are using

rockets to reach distant planets but what they fail to realise is that the

speediest thing is the mind. With the mind one can easily realise this truth.

It is our hope that in the near future scientists will reach this

conclusion that human beings already on exist on many other planets.

But in our Marga, this is a well-known, established truth, not a mere




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Good Company

From: “Will Chaucey”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Good Company

Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 11:38:44 +1000







Baba has graciously us blessed with all the needed guidelines for living a

spiritual life– plus He has pointedly alerted us about all the pitfalls as

well. In this dual regard, right company plays a big role.


As we know, the friends we keep and the people around us play a highly

significant role in our human growth. By remaining in the midst of

noble-minded people then the mind moves on the path of vidya whereas when

surrounded by undesirable company then the opposite occurs. This fact we

have all seen and realised but even then sometimes a reminder can be helpful.





Here then are some of Baba’s key guidelines in this regard.


Baba says, “A good person or a sa’dhaka needs proper maintenance, for in a

world of constant change, care must be taken that the change be always

towards the better or the higher. Keeping good company is essential for

this positive development. While bad company strengthens the bondage of the

soul, good company is conducive to liberation and salvation. The keeping of

good company is conducive to liberation and is known as satsaunga in

Sanskrit. When satsaunga is followed, either physically or mentally or

both, the subconscious mind, and thus the conscious mind, are charged with

better and higher influences. This change will move the follower forward

towards higher and better goals. The alternative is asatsaunga, the keeping

of bad company, which leads one into greater and greater bondage.” (AV-33)


Thus according to Baba good company or satsaunga leads to liberation

whereas bad company pushes one under more and more bondage.


And here Baba explains in very colourful language and clear-cut examples

about this entire phenomenon.


Baba says, “Humans will have to move ahead by carefully watching those

with whom they will associate. What is the result of keeping good company?

By spending time with good persons, a deep impression is imprinted on the

mind, causing the desire to be good, to rise in the mind. On the other

hand, if one chooses to associate with drunkards, a desire will eventually

come in the mind, what is the harm if I drink a little wine? The same sort

of thing will happen if one lives with thieves.”

“To give an example, a person is standing beside a tea-stall. There the

flavour of the tea floats to the nose, and then the person says, ‘Bring a

cup of tea here, too’. In this incident, the flavour of the tea affects the

mind. If that person had not remained near the tea stall, the smell would

not have reached the nose and perhaps that person would not have taken tea

for two or three days. This is the influence that association has on the


“Hence humans should choose their company very carefully, for, a mistake

in this will cause them to repent their whole life. Even parents who are

not good should either send their children to live in a student hostel or

keep them with some of their relatives who are good. One must be very

strict in this. In Tantra it is said:


“Satsaungena bhavenmuktir asatsaungesu bandhanam”.

Tasmat Asatsaungamudran’am’ Sa’mudra Parikiirtita.”


“The Tantrik practice of Mudra’ Sadhana means to associate with good

human beings in order to attain liberation…Hence good association results

in salvation and bad association results in bondage. Hence evil company

must be avoided.” (Karma Yoga)


That is why we should always try and keep in the contact good company–with

Ananda Margiis. As this will bring us along the path of the divine.


Here below Baba neatly explains how that good company lessens one’s radius

with the Lord and bad company pulls one farther from the Lord. That is the

primary difference between satsaunga and asatsaunga.


Baba says, “So while selecting company, you should be careful whether its

discourses, its activities, its plans or programmes are to decrease the

distance between you and your Lord. This is Satsaunga, good company.

Otherwise it is Asatsaunga. Even intellectual discussions of a high order

may not be Satsaunga if it has got nothing to do with lessening the

distance between you and your Lord, you and your Goal. That type of

intellectual discourse, in my language is called intellectual extravaganza.

Baoddhika Amitavyayita´. Satsaunga and Asatsaunga. When it goads you on the

path of the Lord, it is Satsaunga. From this moment, you should always try

to have Satsaunga.” (AV-14)








Please excuse me, but sometimes people fall into the trap of thinking that

being around Ananda Margiis is enough. And generally this is true since

usually as Ananda Margiis we sing kiirtan together, do sadhana, and

collectively engage in service projects. Even then sometimes it can happen

that there can be a few margiis together but, their company is not

satsaunga. Because for one reason or another their talk might be about

pseudo-culture movies, or they may be just involved in rajasik activities

like shopping or skiing. Or sometimes it can been seen that we travelling

together in the car then they will listen to pop music or the like. And

sometime margiis just talk about too many mundane topics. All these things

can happen. So 100% of the time we should be vigilant to ensure that the

company we are keeping is satsaunga and we should ensure that as

individuals we are adding positively to the collective flow and keeping all

our social interactions sentient and Baba-centered.


So today, tomorrow and during the retreat season when we are many are in

transit to our blissful functions, like dharmacakra, here then are some good

topics to discuss will travelling: how to better follow 16 Points, Baba dreams,

the top three things about spiritual life, favourite aspect of Ananda Marga, how

to remember Baba during one’s daily routine, or any number of topics which create

a sweet and harmonious vibration in the mind.


Another option is to bring an AM book like Ananda Vacanamrtam and read that out

loud in the car with those whom you are travelling with and discuss it collectively.





“Ga’n geye ja’bo, shono na’ shono tav iccha’…” P.S. 2305




Baba, I will go on singing Your song– Your glory. It’s up to You

whether You will grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with

these songs, in my deep contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations,

by Your grace– and go on serving You.

Baba with my deep yearning I am calling You again and again without

getting any response– You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me

maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I

will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of

getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine

tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And

that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to

go closer to You.

Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly

attributions, Your depth cannot be measured– nobody can realise You. But

by surrendering that very unit “I” which already belongs to You, and with

the divine sweetness of singing Your name I will surely get You by Your


Baba, I sing my songs only for You–to serve You, to please You. Please

be gracious and keep me on Your lap.


Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning

for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in

the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation

towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but

rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that

devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of

communication is quite natural.





Love For All


Baba says, “The sense of differentiation and distinction are of no value to

devotees. For them, all become one, all discriminations disappear. Only

human beings can have this type of mentality and that is why they are

superior to all other beings.” (AV-7, p.12)



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