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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 20:03:48 -0000
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From: Manomohan Deva
Subject: Very Relevant for Today



These days with capitalism coming into question, more than ever the world is searching for Prout, knowingly or unknowingly. So we have to be vigilant to put forth the ideals of Prout – wherever and whenever possible.

In addition, we should have a clear-cut understanding of who can be a leader of Prout and what qualifications are needed.

On this important question of what is needed in order to be an ideal Proutist, Baba has given some special insights in His divine and eternal teachings of Ananda Sutram.


Everyone knows that the last 5 Sutras of Ananda Sutram are the 5 Fundamental Principles of Prout. That means the last portion of the fifth and final chapter of Ananda Sutram contains all the Prout Principles and all the Prout principles are part and parcel of the fifth chapter of Ananda Sutram. So they are one and the same.

And it is in this unique and conclusive body of teachings where Baba decisively reveals what qualities are needed in order to be an ideal Proutist or Prout leader. By the following it will become quite clear.


In this below sutra Baba is giving credence to the spiritual potentialities of this universe.

5-13. Sthu’lasu’ks’makaarn’es’u caramopayagah
prakartavyah vica’rasamarthitam’ van’t’anainca.

Meaning: “There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.” (AS)


So here in the above sutra the point is that Baba indicates that spiritual potentiality is an active aspect of the Prout theory. Thus it naturally follows that to “utilize” & “rationally distribute” these potentialities one need be spiritually evolved. Because if one is neither spiritually inclined nor interested in the field of spirituality then how can they understand how to best utilize and properly distribute the spiritual potentialities. Quite simply, without insight and knowledge in spiritual life it is not possible.


And here again in this next Prout principle Baba reveals how spiritual potentialities are a key aspect of Prout.

5-14. Vyas’t’isamas’t’isha’riira ma’nasa’dhya’tmika sambha’vana’ya’m’ caramo’payogashca.

Meaning: “There should be maximum utilization of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of the unit and collective bodies of human society.”

About this, in the purport Baba furthermore explains as follows:

Baba says, “So for the sake of collective good one will have to awaken spirituality in individuals…one or two spiritualists do not indicate advancement and progress of the whole society. The body, mind and self of every individual have the potential for limitless expansion and development. This potentiality has to be harnessed and brought to fruition.” (AS)


The central idea is that in the above sutra and explanation thereof, Baba is pointedly guiding that Prout leaders must awaken the spiritual energy within all. Yet how can one do this if their own spiritual force is not aroused.

For example if someone does not know how to read then how can they inspire and teach others to read. Likewise if one is not aware about sadhana or the spiritual realm of life then they will not be able to develop or encourage this quality within others. Yet for the rise of Prout, Baba directs us that spiritual potentiality must be awakened within each and every entity of our human society.

Hence spirituality is an essential characteristic of a Proutist leader.


The next sutra or Prout principle also emphasizes the importance of spiritual life.

5-15. Sthu’lasuks’maka’ran’o’payoga’h susantulita’h vidheyah.

Meaning: “There should be a proper adjustment amongst these physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilizations.”

Then in the purport Baba furthermore explains as follows:

Baba says, “While promoting individual and collective welfare there should be proper adjustment amongst the physical, mental and spiritual and the crude, subtle and causal factors…”
“The greatest service to the cause of social welfare can be rendered by those who have acquired spiritual power…Social control should be in the hands of those who are spiritual aspirants, intelligent and brave all at the same time.” (AS)


Thus in undisputed and clear-cut fashion, Baba guides us that only those endowed with spiritual shakti can make great contributions in the realm of social service; and furthermore in His revolutionary style Baba dictates that only those who are spiritually evolved should have leadership positions in our Proutistic society.


By all this it is quite established that to be an ideal Proutist one must be spiritually evolved. And as we all know, only by practicing the sadhana given by Taraka Brahma and only by knowing His spiritual teachings can one properly grow in the spiritual realm; otherwise one will get bogged down and stuck in dogmas. Thus AM sadhana and AM spiritual philosophy are integral aspects of Prout. In that way it follows that in order to be a true leader of Prout one must be an Ananda Margii. There is no other way.


On the other hand, those who are sympathizers of Prout can be anyone. All are welcome in this limited yet important capacity as sympathizer. So this of course should be encouraged to everyone.


But to play a leading role in the development of a Proutistic society not just anyone will do. For that significant position, Baba specifically guides us that one must be spiritually developed and well-practiced in the field of AM sadhana etc. That is, only those spiritualists– i.e. Ananda Margiis– well versed in AM spiritual philosophy and tantra sadhana fit the requirements of being a true Proutist leader.

Here none should think that this is some type of ego-charged approach. This letter is not about espousing the anyone’s greatness or putting others down.

Simply, we Ananda Margiis have to be perfectly clear what is Prout and who can properly manifest these ideals, by His grace. Just because some social leader rises to the podium and gives a resounding talk in no way makes them fit to take the reins of our Prout movement. This should not be our expectation.

Rather we should clearly understand Baba’s divine guideline that only those involved deeply in AM sadhana are capable of leading our Prout movement. Of course AM sadhana is open to one and all – in that sense anyone can be a leader. But the next step is the commitment, dedication and devotion to the practice of sadhana. Only those with this deep link with AM spiritual life can be an ideal Proutist.


Baba says, “Today or tomorrow the entire world will accept PROUT as the only panacea for all of the world’s mundane and supramundane ailments. There is no alternative.” (PNS-17, p.30)


Note 1: From amongst our AM community, all brothers and sister are most warmly invited to share their views and insights about this important issue of spirituality and Prout.

Note 2: The “Dogma about Prout” is that certain so-called Proutists these days live by the wrong calculation that any mundane type of social leader can excel as a leader of Prout. But per Baba above teachings, this is just nonsense. Unfortunately some of our “Proutist leaders” get excited whenever they see any crude fellow marching in the street as they foolishly imagine that this person is the great revolutionary and leader of Prout. This is the blind way that a few of our so-called Proutist think. That is why many Ananda Margiis do not pay any attention to those so-called Proutist leaders who make such superficial claims about non-spiritualists being ideal Proutists. Rather if anyone talks like this then they have exposed themselves.


“A’mi toma’ya bha’lo besechi…” (PS 1511)


O Lord, I have loved You from the deep core of my heart. You are my everything. With form [1] and flow [2], I wanted to attain You. I want to have You always in Your form and remain immersed in Your ideation. I want to be ensconced in Your flow, Your thought, and Your vibration. Besides that, there is nothing I want.

Baba, I was lying in the dust all by myself. Nobody was around to help me [3]. In the deep, cimmerian darkness of the new moon night, I saw only You. Baba, You were there to help me.

Baba, in misery of so much suffering and loud lamentations, and with serious tragedies striking like lightening and thunderbolts [4], everybody deserted me. Baba only You only remained close by my side.

End Notes for Prabhat Samgiita #1511:

[1] Form (rupa): Every sadhaka wants to have Parama Purusa in their mental flow. In that blessed state, when the mind thinks anything then it always ideates on Parama Purusa and sees His divine form with heartfelt emotion.

[2] Flow (rasa): Every person in this universe has their own mental flow. Some flow towards crude, mundane desires while others flow towards the blessedness of spiritual life and Parama Purusa. When the mind flows downward towards baser propensities then one feels uneasy and disturbed. When the mind flows upwards towards Him, one feels infinite joy and bliss. The natural flow of each and every person is towards Parama Purusa.

To make the mental flow proper, various programs like DMC, DMS, seminars, and retreats are arranged. Then people forget about their worries. Then their mental flow changes and gets directed towards the Supreme.

When involved in satsaunga and sentient pursuits, one’s flow is spiritual. If that flow continues for days, weeks or months – or remains like that always – that is the feeling expressed in this song.

[3] I was lying in the dust (A’mi par’echilum dulora pare): During your good days, so many friends gather around you and when misery falls then those same friends disappear. They leave; but Parama Purusa never leaves you. Only He remains always by your side and helps you. When all are abusing you then that time also Parama Purusa helps you. He is your Eternal Companion, in good days and bad.

[4] Thunder and lightening (bajrapa’te): In good days, people come to you for enjoyment but when problem comes they disappear. In this world even those who are your friends do not always have the capacity to help. Everyone has their limitations. Suppose a serious tragedy is about to happen, no human being will know beforehand in order to control the situation or avert that disaster. Only Parama Purusa knows and only He saves you. In life so many things come and go which are beyond the capacity of human beings to manage. Parama Purusa always helps His devotees.

Health Guideline: Sleeping Related

“Do not sleep on a soft bed.” (CC-3, Chap 6, Pt #4)

Note: This above point that Baba is describing has deep meaning. Some ignorant people however who are unaware about health and hygiene get swayed by pseudo-culture and they use a spring-loaded bed with thick mattresses. But that is very detrimental for the various joints, muscles, & organs of the body and it creates an ill-effect on the body systems such as digestive disorders & diseases. Mostly because of hunchback syndrome and because the stomach is pressed. Keeping this view, including many more benefits, Baba has graciously introduced this above rule. Everyone should follow this and
then they will realise the deeper aspect of its value.

Amongst conscious people it is commonly known that soft beds lead to the onset of many diseases including incurable backaches and joint pain. So one should be aware. One should not fall in the trap of momentary pleasure and invite more dangerous diseases.

Note 2: Revealing the spiritual sigificnace of this point, Baba guides us that those who are using a hard bed in day to day life, their body becomes more and more capable for intense psycho-spiritual practice. Such sincere sadhakas keep away from using a pillow also.

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Date: 21 Aug 2011 07:10:22 -0000
From: “Priyanath C Deva”
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Subject: You Are Not Sadvipra If…


“Tumi saba’r bha’loba’sa’ peyecho…” (P.S. 1383)


Baba, everyone loves You. And You receive everyone’s heartfelt love. You look upon all with the same eyes– with no differentiation. You always think about everyone’s all-round welfare. You are concerned with one and all; everyone is Yours. In the burning heat when life is becoming unbearable, then You shower us with Your grace. And You take away all our pains and sufferings. Baba, You are ever-gracious.
When the heart starts bleeding due to the blow of different negative samskaras from the present, past, and future, then You saturate those suffering hearts with the divine nectar of Your love. In that way You graciously take away all their problems in the showering of Your divine compassion. On the dark amavasya night when it is pouring rain all around, even that time You bring effulgence through the medium of firefly.
Like this You provide the solution to each and every situation. It is Your grace. Baba, You love all and You know how to love. You give utmost importance to human life. And everyone is looking towards the path of Your arrival. Those who are crying and suffering, You have given them shelter at Your lotus feet. Baba, You are granting boons and blessings to everyone. You are grace personified…


Everyone knows that in AM, one of our ideals is to become a sadvipra.

Baba says, “Sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated.” (PNS-21)

However, in our Ananda Marga, there is much confusion about who is a sadvipra. For a while, everyone was thinking that no one was a sadvipra and that a sadvipra was just one great god in the sky.

Then others developed the notion that all Wt’s are sadvipras – and still today many workers feel that because they are Wt then by definition they are sadvipras also.

We should better understand what and who a sadvipra is. Baba’s teachings are not based on some far off fantasy – they are grounded in practical thought and expression.

By clearly defining our notion of sadvipra, then everyone can evaluate for themselves how they are doing in this pursuit and develop in the proper way, by Baba’s grace.


As early as 1959, Baba introduced the concept of sadvipra.

Baba says, “Those spiritual revolutionaries who work to achieve such progressive changes for human elevation on a well-thought, pre-planned basis, whether in the physical, metaphysical or spiritual sphere…are sadvipras.” (Idea & Ideology)

So from the very beginning, everyone in AM knew that a sadvipra was something very great. Over time, many began to conceive of the sadvipra as being something that they were not. No one in AM really thought they were a sadvipra.

Then, years later, when Baba introduced the bhukti pradahan system, He gave this following stipulation about who should vote.

Baba says, ‘The sadvipras of a bhukti must elect one bhukti pradha’na from among themselves.” (CC-1)

This then opened the doorway for many to begin thinking of themselves as sadvipras. This was the case especially with family acaryas, tattvikas, and wholetimers.

In contrast, general margiis were thinking, “Ok I am voting in this BP election, but it is debatable where I am a true sadvipra.”

But in the case of family acaryas and wholetimers, because of their post and power, they were thinking, “I am definitely a sadvipra if ordinary voting margiis are sadvipras.”

In this way, the notion of who is a sadvipra became clouded – if not totally off the mark.


So here we are in 2011, and this point should be clearly marked. One veritable way of measuring who is a sadvipra is the degree to which one is skilled and practiced as as shudra, ksattriya, vaeshya, and vipra.

Baba says, “The four classes who have ruled the world at one time or another are not of recent origin, but have been known ever since the beginning of humanity as brahmins, ks’atriyas, vaeshyas and shu’dras…Ananda Marga‚Äôs approach is not to call these classes bad but to make all the members of Ananda Marga practice and develop the good qualities of them all.” (PNS-11)

To properly understand and emulate these four qualities in life is to become an ideal Ananda Margii, or sadvipra. That is Baba’s distinct mandate.

Baba says, “Every person who joins Ananda Marga…has to strive to develop and strengthen the mind. Everyone has to work for a strong and healthy body. Everyone has to work for a living…Not only earning money and having a balanced and dependable economic life is important. Even the lowest of the social classes, which people normally scorn, have been given equal importance. Every member of the Marga has to physically serve others. This is normally seen as the work of the so-called shu’dras, but followers of the Marga cannot develop completely unless they also do this efficiently.” (PNS-11)

In His above teaching, Baba is guiding us that one cannot be a sadvirpa unless they develop their personalities in all the ways. If one avoids menial chores, then one cannot be a sadvirpa. All the qualities are needed, no exceptions.

Baba says, “In short, all the characteristics of the four classes have to be mastered by each individual in our Marga. It is not only mastery of these characteristics which is necessary, but their regular practice is an essential duty of every member of Ananda Marga. Every individual thus becomes universally fit, and any person makes as good a brahmin as a shu’dra.” (PNS-11)

Hence it is clear, to become an ideal Ananda Margii – to be a real sadvipra – one must possess and practice these four qualities. One must perform all kinds of physical work, and be courageous, economically just, and intellectually advanced. Then one is a sadvipra, otherwise not.


Baba’s teaching then is quite clear. One must not be loathe to any particular type of service or work. One must be mentally ready and physically capable of engaging in all kinds of deeds.

Unfortunately, many who think of themselves as sadvipras fall far short of the mark.

For instance, those Dadas leading WT training centers and visiting those TC’s often think that, “As I am training these people or coming to give a guest lecture, then I am most certainly a sadvipra.”

Yet these same trainers, and avadhutas who visit TC, use those trainees as their slaves to perform their menials tasks. Such top Dadas do not like to cook their own food, or wash their own plate, or clean their own laungotas, or scrub their own room. To do such things would be beneath them, so they designate trainees to do all of this for them.

But in so doing, such top Dadas expose themselves as being totally deficient in having the quality of a shudra. Thus, by definition, they are not sadvipras.

Baba says, “In short, all the characteristics of the four classes have to be mastered by each individual in our Marga. It is not only mastery of these characteristics which is necessary, but their regular practice is an essential duty of every member of Ananda Marga. Every individual thus becomes universally fit, and any person makes as good a brahmin as a shu’dra.” (PNS-11)


Clearly then, to be a sadvipra one must posses all the four characteristics: shudra, ksattriya, vaeshya, and vipra.

Here again though we see so many family acaryas and Wt’s falling short of this characteristic. Because one of the needed qualities is to have the courage to fight against dogmas.

But what to say about fighting against dogmas and immorality, some of our acaryas have become habituated to compromising with injustice.

Do not get me wrong, I have deep respect for our Wt cadre and certainly there are many unsung & unknown workers who are walking that path of being sadvipra.

Yet, on the other side, we see so many workers who due to a lack of courage are unwilling to point out the injustices of various group leaders. Without this ksattriyan quality they cannot be sadvipras. We see other wts who have fallen prone to following various dogmas like Fake Ananda Vaniis, mahaprayan, tiirthas, and scriptural distortions. Either they do not have the necessary mental insight to recognise such things as dogmas – hence they lack the quality of a vipra; or they do
not have the courage to oppose those dogmas and lack the quality of a ksattriya.

In all such cases, they fall far short of being sadvipra, regardless of what they say or claim.

Then there are other workers who totally misappropriate funds and finances. In that case how can we consider those Wts to be good vaeshyas.

It is not that all workers are inept and deficient – many are good. But to determine who are good we have to see how far they are talented and practiced in these four qualities. Being deficient in one means that one cannot be considered to be a sadvipra.


These days to be a family acarya, one must have an “in” with at least one of the groups, otherwise how can they be selected. In that case, such family acaryas must follow all the groupist dogmas and agendas. They must not oppose in any way. To oppose means to lose out on their opportunity to be a family acarya, at least in this group-riddled era.

That is why in the present climate, to be family acarya means to compromise. That is a fact in nearly cent-per-cent cases.

Without saying anything further, we can easily see how far they are really sadvipras.


More than anything else, understanding who and what is a sadvipra is a way for us to gauge our own development. It is for our own introspection and demands honesty and integrity.

We may be able to convince others that we are a great sadvipra and a God-realised person, but inside we know how far this is really true or not. One should not get caught up in cheating oneself. That is the worst outcome.

Being a sadvipra is not for show, nor for bragging rights, nor for any other external perk or benefit. It is about being true to oneself and true to Baba. That is what counts.

Wearing a particular uniform or having a particular titles has absolutely zero to do with being a sadvipra. Rather, sadvipraship is based the on the all-round development of one’s human personality.

This is a big topic – so this letter is just the beginning – others should also give their thoughts.


By Baba’s, grace, we should be sincere and adhere to Baba’s following guideline when assessing our status or that of someone else. By His grace, if we follow His guidelines of proper conduct, we will certainly become a sadvipra – so that we can best serve Him and creation.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct….” (Ananda Vanii #13)


Physical Food and Future

Baba says, “Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and psycho-spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease.” (PNS-13, p.47)

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Subject: …Bringing It To Fruition
Date: Mon 26 Oct 2009 09:58:26 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“A’lo eseche ghum bheungeche, phuler vane raun legeche…” (P.S. 2253)


With the arrival of effulgence, all drowsiness & sleepiness have been
vanquished. In the flower garden, new growth has come. The buds of those
flowers which were in hibernation have now all bloomed. And they have
filled the flowers with nectar; it is overflowing.

Each and everyone’s heart is vibrated with the new color. Each and every
movement in life is vibrated in His flow. The air, the water, the earth,
and the sky– everything is filled with His vibration and charm. The advent
of the new dawn has come; now there will not be any more cries or laments
due to the darkness. In the language and expression there will no longer be
any bitterness– rather it will be saturated with sweetness and love. Love
will be the source of all inspiration.

This transformation has all happened due to the causeless grace of
Parama Purusa; He created this momentum and changed the whole vibration of
this entire universe. He filled it with His own color. The new dawn has
come and the drowsiness of staticity and dogma has disappeared. The
sweetness and charm of spirituality has come…


Nowadays with Parama Prakrti raising her magic wand and with so much
corruption in the upper echelons of government and with the vaeshyan era
at its full height, now more than ever this world is aching for the call of
Prout. Even then for Prout to appear on the scene is not a joke. Even with
all the conditions apparently ripe, there is a specific system for bringing
the Prout revolution– and without adhering to Baba’s prescribed method,
Prout will remain on the sidelines.


Since the inception of Prout in 1959, there have been numerous & on-going
efforts by various Proutists to bring revolution; but unfortunately mostly
they were thinking in their own way how a Prout government can be quickly
established– and they overlooked Baba’s system.

No doubt in various units field wts and margiis are doing very good works,
but the overall flow of PU from the top down has not been like that.

This is evidenced in multiple ways including the time in 1970 when Proutist
candidates first contested in the local elections. That time those
Proutists thought that the golden age of Prout had come. And they thought
they were there just to eat gravy and collect the prize. But in that
election those Proutist candidates got blown away like the dust. They
hardly got even a vote.

And another example is how after 1970, huge enthusiasm was created in
Tripura, Bengal that there itself would be the first Proutist government.
And in that naive excitement, huge money was poured into Bengal from around
the globe to establish a Proutist government in the A’mara’ Bengali area.
But beyond the terrible waste of money and resources, nothing could happen.
And still today there are hardly any margiis in Tripura– and not even the
shadow of a Prout movement, let alone Prout leadership. So the whole
program turned into one fly-by-night affair.

And like this all across the entire globe there are countless examples how
various Proutist Dadas and margiis became enthusiastic and tried their own
various ‘quick-n-easy’ methods to usher in a Proutist government. But in
those poorly thought out ways, so many persons got killed, so many Wts
left, and so many Margiis were misled because of those misguided efforts.
In that manner countless attempts have been met with failure.


So this is the common rule that if the path is wrong then one cannot reach
the goal. And the answer is very simple. The Lord Himself has given the
theory of Prout and He has given the pathway for how to establish it. But
because His guidelines have been overlooked that is why little has happened
thus far. Or what has been accomplished could be increased multi-fold.

So this letter is based on Baba’s teachings– i.e. the way to bring forth
the revolution along Proutistic lines.

Here following are a few of Baba’s well-known guidelines.

In His discourse ‘Nuclear Revolution’, Baba has given a phase-wise plan and

In the first phase, His expressed teaching is that Margiis should first be
created. Have new people start doing sadhana and social service. And
gradually they will get the teaching and training about out Proutistic
socio-economic policies. And also education will be given as to how the
present-day exploiters are cheating the common mass.

Because if the society is not educated properly and not awakened to the
exploitation going on, then the common mass will not support the call for
revolution. So education is highly needed. Here education does not mean the
learning of a-b-c-d. In this case education means developing an awareness
how the exploiters are cheating everyone to the bone.

On this point Baba has given various meaningful guidelines in the chapter
“Nuclear Revolution”.

As we have seen, certain of our Prout leaders are thinking that on the
point of money everything will be purchased and Proutist government can be
formed. This is one of their misguided views. And some others are thinking
that simply by shaking the hand of this or that President then Prout will
be established. But both of these approaches are faulty and one important
ingredient is missing. Such types of Proutists never tried to do any
psychological preparation of the masses.

When in fact this is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are
psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support
revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded.” (PNS 21 p.63)

Baba’s above teaching proves that first of all, the common members of
society should be taught and prepared. Just by purchasing some political
leaders or cadres, Prout cannot be established.



On this very point about education, in one samaj meeting, Baba has given
some discourse. He told, that, “In one common public meeting the political
leader raised the slogan that we should die for our land, Angabhumi. Then
several hundred of the simple villagers seated in that room rose up because
they did not like the idea of literally dying for their motherland. Some of
them even stood up and told that “I am not going to die here. Better I
should die in Varanasi. By dying there, I will get salvation.” Baba says
like this, in that very discourse.

The sense is that because villagers were not educated about the local
socioeconomic political problems, that’s why they took it in a completely
literal way. ‘Dying for motherland’ does not mean that you are absolutely
going to die there. Rather it means ‘dedicate for the cause of one’s
motherland’. So that was one misnomer. And secondly, villagers have dogma
about “Death in Varanasi brings heaven”. Because of all this, combined with
the villagers’ blatant lack of understanding about exploitation, they
opposed the program of anti-exploitation movement because they were
oblivious to the exploitation of the land.

So, that very time Baba’s sole teaching was that first the society should
be educated, and once done if the other factors are ripe then revolution
should be launched. But unfortunately in our Prout programs, sometimes
we moved in a different direction. Here is another historical example.

BY reviewing this, certainly we will be able to learn from the past and
bring Prout to the fore at the earliest.


In the past, 1857, one attempt of revolution happened from India, to shoe

away the Britishers. But it completely failed. Rather the revolutionaries
were crushed mercilessly.

That time society was not educated, socio-politically. But in 1947, it was
a different case.

In 1947 India got freedom. Reason being that this time in 1947 the common
mass possessed the requisite social awareness about how the Britishers were
cheating everyone. So the public supported the revolution. Thereby the
exploitative Britishers were forced to leave the country– India.

So the overall idea is that in 1857 the public was not educated. Then the
revolution was crushed right away. And not just that but, those people
could not raise their head for the next 90 years. So prematurely trying to
bring revolution brings complete negative result. Baba has taught this very
ideas in His Nuclear Revolution discourse.


The whole point is that society should first be educated. That is the first
and foremost work. If political consciousness about the presence of
exploitation is not aroused amongst the common mass, then the result will be

But unfortunately up till now most of the plans and program taken by the
Prout department are not moving in the direction which Baba has taught.
Many margiis and wts are working hard and doing good things, but certain
top Proutist Dadas etc are moving in their own selfish way– greedily
thinking that all the power will fall into their pocket.

For example, attempt after attempt has been made to buy the leaders and
capture the power. Or buy the cadres, make the leaders, win the election,
and make the Prout government. But a proper plan and program has not been
not made to raise the consciousness in the public against exploitation.
But Baba’s distinct guideline is that if this is not done, there will not
be an iota of success.

So our first duty is not to fall prey to the negative strategies employed
to date by some Proutist Dadas etc. Rather we are to follow Baba’s
teachings step by step. First create margiis and educate them about Baba’s
teachings and practices and help them to develop revolutionary qualities.
And if it will be done on mass scale, then there will not be any delay for
changing the whole society and bringing revolution. This is the critical
first step.

Because without the creation of new and upcoming sadvipras, how will there
be sadvipra leadership? Collecting corrupt persons from the general society
and trying to take their help in forming a Prout government is nothing but
an ill-fated strategy.


By Baba’s divine grace, Prout will be established very soon. As we
understand how to work according to His direction, our efforts
will be efficient and effective and so many great things will happen
in the realm of Prout. Things are coming together, by His grace.

Baba says, “Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and encrumbrances
cannot be more powerful that your capacity to solve them. You are the
children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be a sadvipra and make others
sadvipras also.” (PNS-6, p.30)

Ram Sahay Dev

Note 1: In HIS discourse BABA gives very explicit instructions about Prout:

Baba says, “According to PROUT, the rule of Sadvipras is the ideal form of
leadership. The establishment of Sadvipra leadership will require the
systematic and rational application of PROUT by the collective effort of
many highly intelligent people. Sadvipra rule cannot be established by
blind physical force or idle intellectual extravaganza.” (Prout-18)
So from the grass-roots level the creation of sadvipras should be done to
establish Prout society. This is the practical approach, not just some
theoretical analysis.

Note 2: Baba also guides us as follows.

Baba says, “The revolutionaries will have to fight against three forces–
outside exploiters, internal exploiters and other inner evil forces.” (PNS
21 p.65)

Note 3: Whether in the general society or in the organisation, the
necessary requirements for establishing a revolution are the same.

Note 4: From 1959 to 1990, for 31 years, Baba taught us via various Prout
rules & regulations, discourses. And then in reporting sessions He has given plans and
programs for how to implement Prout. And that plan and program was for certain

We should keep in our mind that when Taraka Brahma takes human form, then
He does not keep that very body for thousands of years. So Baba is a
Mahasambhuti, He has also a limited span of time to play His divine liila.
And along with that, He went on teaching and educating us about different
aspects of His grand philosophy, plans and programs, & so many things. He
chose to use about 35 years of time to talk about Prout and Ananda Marga.
And He has given different plans, program, and teaching. And in that very
concentrated period, He taught the plan for perhaps the next five, ten,
twenty, hundred, or several hundred years.

Those who are senior Margiis and WTs and anyone following 16 Points can
easily understand all this. But those who have superficial knowledge of
Baba’s teaching, for them this may be difficult to comprehend. And they
always confuse the matter. They think that what Baba has told in a
particular year, that was the plan of that very year only. When in fact
what Baba has told in a few years, that is the plan for the entire phase of
one era.

And it depends upon the progress of society, how many years it will take to
develop from one step to another step. For example, if the society is
educated in five years, then the first phase is finished. And the second
phase program can be started. But to educate the society on socio-political
consciousness might also take 50 years. In that case then the first phase
will go on for 50 years. And as Baba says, that not until the fourth phase
will there be revolution. So it will come in its own time. Not prematurely.

One time I heard myself, in Patna, Baba was telling that “I don’t speak for
those who are attending the General Darshan or sitting next to me. I speak
for the entire humanity — present and future.”

Similarly, Baba’s plan, program is for the present and for the near or far
future. So before making plans we should be very careful about how we are
going to execute His teaching, plans and programs.

Like New Born Baby and Mother

Baba says, “It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with
sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way, nature
provides sufficient resources like food and other essential requirements
for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these resources in a
proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed on nature. These
problems have been artificially created by the folly of human beings.”
(PNS-13, p.45)


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