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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 16:55:02 -0000
From: NJK Deva
Subject: News: Sexual Crime



Recently one Dada sexually attacked a young girl from Daltonganj. The assailant is a sectorial-level VSS worker of Delhi sector. This attack was carried out in a most violent and gruesome manner.

We are calling upon those with details of this ghastly incident to come forward with more information.

At present, the Rudrananda group is trying hard to cover up this crime.

We should not become like the Catholic church whose priests are infamous for their sexual crimes, yet all along the church systemically engaged in denial and cover ups. Now they are facing the consequences and paying heavily for their systemic and insidious problem. Our Marga should not march down a similar road.

An assertive, pro-active response is the need of the hour. If anyone knows about this tragic occurrence please let us know.

Nagendra Deva


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Date: 04 Apr 2012 10:14:18 -0000
From: “K. Chatterjee”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga



Note 1: Many of you requested further information on this critical topic. The following describes but some of the many examples of the sinful activities that were and are going on referred to in yesterday’s letter. Senior margiis most probably know all these points so this will be a helpful reminder, while new people may find this quite helpful.

Note 2: Beforehand I want to beg apology to those who may feel uncomfortable reading this letter. It happens when one has been asleep in a dark room and then suddenly all the lights are turned on. That can create discomfort. To such persons I offer my humble apology. In the past I saw that when some were sleeping deeply and they heard this news then they became reacted. This note is not for you but please use this type of note if you forward this letter to someone else.

In Neo-Humanism Baba guides us that there are different types of people. There are some simple people who unknowingly commit wrongs. And when they are pointed out then they feel repentance in their heart for their misconduct and they earnestly realise that they do not want to commit such wrongs again. Rather they want to follow the path of benevolence. Such persons are good people.

In contrast there are others who have a negative or deliberate intention in mind to do harm. And when they are confronted by others about their misguided acts, then they react in a violent manner and they refuse to repent or admit to any wrongdoing. And unfortunately that is what we are dealing with here in our Marga.

No doubt senior margiis are aware about who this guilty party is. But first I will remind you what are the damages which have been done over the last decade.

We all know it is our duty to preserve and safeguard the originality and integrity of Baba’s teachings. That is one of our main tasks in this present era. Unfortunately there are some who are exerting all their energy in the opposite direction. And in their negative stance they have undermined and distorted Baba things. Still such persons are pushing ahead in their misguided ways. To what extreme degree they are doing, see here and judge for yourself what way they are scratching and smashing the gems and jewels of our Ananda Marga.

In numerical order the points appear below.


Tne following are all systemic issues. That means they are deep-seated, on-going, recurring problems. For each point a summary description has been given. Just keep in mind that far more information is available on all of these points. Each points listed is a veritable topic in and of itself.



1. Bhukti Pradhan Post: Along with the ACB the Bhukti Pradhan post is one unique way in which margiis were given a powerful role by Baba Himself to help govern AMPS. All the dogmatic religions overlooked or suppressed family people but Baba has given family people a glorified place in AM society. Because of this, Baba has proclaimed — “Ananda Marga is a

But Bengali groupist WTs tore that down by discarding His original BP manual and replacing that with a series of wrong rules that led to the publication of the fake 1997 BP Manual done by Sarvatmanandji and his follower Sambhutyanandji. If you read the fake BP manual of 1997, then in the publishers page you will get this information. These two Dadas did not like to see the significant role of Margis which Baba bestowed. These negative people played the role of rats or termites by eating away and destroying margii rights.



2. Ruined Prabhat Samgiita: They have turned Baba’s devotional treasure of Prabhat Samgiita into one money-making venture where for the sake of profits they have thrown our Prabhat Samgiita into the hands of the degraded film industry. Since 1990 all this nonsense is going on where female filmy singers glossed in lipstick and shiny hair are pasted all over the cassette covers and like this so many things are done which contravene the ethics and sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. When from the very outset Baba sternly warned that His Prabhat Samgiita should not be ruined by being played on the radio and thereby get exposed to the evils of degenerated pop culture. But tragically that is exactly what has happened.


3. Bangalistan: Falsely heralding Bengal as the greatest land and wrongly painting Amra Bengali samaj as being the top-most, all such things were done in the name of the Bangalistan groupist agenda. Means their misguided goal was to present Bengal as the #1 group by pushing down and suppressing the voice of those around them. When in fact such things go against the very spirit of Baba’s samaj system. We should never forget that this devious practice was started by Sarvatmanandji and his followers.


4. Expulsion: This pet tool termed as expulsion was invented by Sarvatmanandji to keep everything quiet so that groupist leaders in power could continue to exploit the scene. Over the last 22 years countless innocent margiis and Wt’s have been ruthlessly squeezed out in this manner– because they courageously opposed injustices done by the then ruling group. So expulsion is nothing more than one weapon used by power hungry leaders to keep their authority and position by forcing margiis into exile.


5. Victimisation: If any common margii raises the question about any wrongdoing then they are sure to face victimisation. This is the long history ever since the sinful trend of victimisation was injected by B group leader Sarvatmanandji and was fully supported by his followers Kalyaneshvaranandji and Pranavatmakanandji etc after 1990. If anyone protested against any injustice like the misallocation of funds or scriptural distortions etc, then that margii or WT received all sorts of blows and tortures from those in power in their regime.


6. Created Purodha Pramukha Dogma: One particular Bengali group leader Sarvatmanandji created the negative notion of treating PP Dada as being one divine being. This he did to have the power of PP in his hand. Those who know a little politics, they understood this very trick.

By this way he insisted that PP be glorified on the dais and that all should raise the “jai” slogan to PP. So this was all designed for his own groupist agenda because by keeping PP in his pocket then he could easily get so many negative orders executed.


7. Tiirtha: The dogmatic holy land ploy (aka tiirtha) got implemented right away in October 1990 itself in Tiljala and Sarvatmanandji motivated and forced every Margi to seek the blessing by reaching Tiljala at least once in a year, in the October month. The name of this dogma was, “MPD”, or mahaprayan. Now it is limited only to Bengal. Everybody understood this hypocrisy.

And step by step groupist leaders garlanded the land of Tiljala as being one holy play as if the eternal, boundless Parama Purusa is only limited to that particular spot. Then over the years as the groupist fight intensified then all the groups wanted to create their own dogmatic tiirtha spots like Jamalpur and Fiesch in order to glorify their own group. So this tiirtha dogma is one clear example how one very negative idea gets multiplied all for the sake of power and prestige. We should never forget that clean AMPS which started getting tainted after the injection of dogma by the devious practice of Sarvatmanandji.


8. Memorial: Such a dogmatic endeavor was never done for Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Means even those dogmatic disciples of old did not do something like to designate wehre the tomb or mahasamadhi is erected. As if the only way to get Baba’s blessing is to go to that erected stone and pray at the Memorial in the Tiljala compound. Such a vicious dogma was created by B group & that goes against the very spirit of sadhana. Since one’s call to Baba will be heard only by praying at this holy Mahasamadhi stone. So this is all nonsense because we all know and feel and Baba Himself assures us that He resides in the hearts of devotees and listens our every word no matter where we are. But who can provide eyes to these devotionless, blind people who injected one after another dogma. And polluted the clean air of AM.


9. Fake Ananda Vanii: As we know Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are pointed revolutionary messages which infused great force and positive energy into the lives of every Ananda Margii. Plus Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis were always something entirely complete–discourses in themselves. They were never part of any discourse. That is the beauty of the original Ananda Vanii.

Narrow minded, groupist leader Sarvatmanandji did not understand the veracity of this unparalleled Baba’s gift. And He started collecting fake Ananda Vaniis. And spreading around for the groupist cause.

Unfortunately, straight away after 1990 the groupist powers of the day–B group–started their fake Vanii program by pushing aside and neglecting Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis. In this way they tried to corner margiis into the realm of staticity by issuing fake vaniis which lacked the revolutionary spirit of Baba’s true Vaniis.


10. No Freedom of Speech: The harshest period of repression of ideas and communication happened right away in the early 1990s, when Sarvatmanandji was controlling AMPS.

Those days the groupist rulers strangled everyone’s voice. Either through victimisation and expulsion or by declaring no email and shutting down and outlawing countless networks of Margis. And even shutting down their personal communication with other Margis and among Workers.

Who can forget that these devious groupist leaders like Sarvatmanandji, Sambhutyanandji, Pranavatmakanandji, Mantreshvaranandji, Kalyaneshvaranandji, etc passed one CC resolution that no Worker will be allowed to communicate with any other Worker or Margi outside their posting jurisdiction. All these negative tactics they learned from Jyoti Basu.

Baba has instilled freedom of speech / expression within AM, but that got shut down and closed off by that ruling WT group in those days. And since then this thing has been in vogue to one or another degree. But ironically, they are busy in spreading tinsel of philosophy that they are protectors of Baba’s ideology. Each and every Margi has understood their hypocrisy. Nobody is getting befooled these days.


11. No Worker Can Write to Other Workers: Per Baba’s teachings, we all know and feel that in AM we are all brothers and sisters living under His divine shelter. And as such workers can communicate with one another based on their inherent family relation. But this very beautiful idea got upended by Groupist elements who implemented this rule of no communication between workers to contain and/or isolate simple Wts. Means they justified that one could only communicate through the chain of command when really Baba’s viewpoint is otherwise.


12. Using Shraddha Mantra for Baba: We all know that Baba is the Taraka Brahma, Parama Purusa. But right away some groupist powers put forth the idea that Baba is just a died person. Because since October ’90 itself they first began chanting the Shraddha Mantra as if Baba was some mortal being who died. So see the foolishness because the most unique factor or distinguishing feature of AM is that Taraka Brahma is the Guru. But for reasons best known to them, some groupist parties do not like to recognize this fact.


13. Mahaprayan Divas Dogma: Everyone is aware that the dogmatic Mahaprayan function goes against the eternal presence of Guru. All our spiritual practices from Guru Sakash to Guru Puja, to Kiirtan & Dhyan, indeed always they create the present link between Guru and disciple. But Mahaprayan falsely says that Baba is gone. And not only that but that MPD should only be celebrated in Tiljala on 10/26 –no other place allowed. Like this they were pushing their agenda until the rule of only celebrating MPD in Tiljala died out only to be replaced by other misguided rules.


14. Bengali discourses in Prout and excluded others: In many books but most specifically in these two editions of Prout Nutshell– PNS 19 & 20– there are 8 full discourses dedicated to Bengal. While the many other samajas of India were discarded entirely; or like Bihar if they got place then very little space was given in comparison to Bengal. And for overseas samajas, the condition is the same. Either they were completely discarded or given very little place. This shows how the partiality against other samaj than those samajas of the Bengalistan area since a few groupist Dadas were
involved in printing those in 1991 etc.

15. Bengali Terminology: Whenever Baba spoke words in other languages then their general appraoch, as per Sarvatmananda’s order, was to spell and print those terms in Bangla. One clear-cut example was the 1990 DMC wherein Baba recited a poem of the great poet Tulsidas and it was recited by Baba in Tulsidas’s local tongue. Yet Sarvatmananda ensure that when printed in the book it was written in Bangla. While this is both a grammatical, spelling and contextual inaccuracy, the biggest problem is how it misrepresents Baba.

Furthermore in so many cases they changed the letter “va” in Sanskrit to “ba” in Bengali in order to spell all words in the Bangal style.

The main idea is that we should keep Baba’s discourses in tact and honor and preserve the exact manner in which Baba spoke and not distort His holy discourses by imposing any self-agends like Bangalisation etc.

16. Translated from the original Bengali: If you open Ananda Vacanamrtam (AV), Subhasita Samgraha (SS) or so many other books which were printed after 1990, then you will see that in many of the books on the publisher’s page it is written “Translated from the original Bengali”. When in fact there are innumerable discourses in those books which were given in Hindi and English. Means even when Baba spoke in Hindi or English, then even in those instances they were manipulating the situation by writing “translated from the original Bengali”. Thus in many, many places it is wrongly marked as being translated from the original Bengali when it came in printed form in the Ananda Vacanamrtam and Subhasita Samgraha books. All done for group power and to wrongly propagate the idea that Baba is Bengali, and that Bengali culture is highest.

17. At DMC they only translated the Bengali section of the discourse: During DMC Baba would speak in three languages but by checking with Margiis notebooks it is becoming more and more proved that what Baba spoke in English and Hindi never reached the pages of His books. Certain persons gave the order not to include them, only the Bangla section was used as if what Baba spoke in the other languages was negligible or not worthy of being printed. And just the Bangla portion should be kept, printed, and treated as the original.



18. Advisory Committees and Boards (ACB): This important margii body designed by Baba to provide stability and guidance to our AMPS has since long been reduced to ashes. The margiis voice has been choked in this arena. Because those margiis strict in ideology and opposed to groupism were black-balled from the ACB and in a calculated manner the ACB became little more than a puppet committee for the ruling groupist elements of the era.


19. Not Sharing Archive: Baba’s treasures are for all devotees. But on the point of Archive they are not giving anything of value to Margiis. No Baba’s cassettes, not any videos, not any CDs, not any of margiis recorded stories about Baba. Indeed not any of the devotional treasures that are the common property of each and every Ananda Margii.


So all these above expressed black stains are going on in our Marga these days. And indeed such types of grossly negative things only happen when certain people lust for extreme power– and are willing to do anything for that.

Because the above mentioned things are the worst types of wrongdoings; these are not ordinary or simple mistakes of misconduct. Such as if one person stole 50 rupees from someone else on the train. It is not like that which is easily corrected or even forgotten about entirely. Rather each and every point of the long list mentioned above is like if someone cut off your entire arm. It is that type of permanent damage that is irreparable. This type of damage is called the work of the mahapataki.

Or look at it this way. Such types of distortions etc being perpetrated in the Marga are similar to what was done by the dogmatic Muslims when they unjustly and wrongly declared that three women are equal to one male. Since that negative injunction 1500 years ago, the lives of millions of women have been ruined by depravity and torture. That damage is irreversible. Same way with the above listed items related with our Marga. Such damage is of permanent nature.

So the people responsible for such negative acts are of a particular breed. But for new margiis the answer must be told in straight language that Sarvatmanandaji and his B group crusaders are the ones responsible for all those above listed misdeeds and negative acts against our Marga. B group single-handedly invented each and every one of those atrocities that are going on in our Marg– from scriptural distortion to expulsion. Those things are all the brainchild of Sarvatmanandaji and Co.

Dadas like Nigamananda and Rudrananda were his blind supporters while all this was going on until one day they went against – that was the boomerang effect. And still this effect is going on. That we will all see.

Even then not once or twice but on numerous occasions Sarvatmanandaji and his B group team have been confronted on these above points, but never do they admit to anything or express the slightest bit of repentance. Rather they only lash out about their group needing more power.


But about such type of non-repentant persons who are the inventors of such ills, the outcome is quite clear.

Baba says, “Those egotistic persons who are antagonistic will become powerless, because those who are misguided by ego will lose their intelligence. One who opposes out of wounded ego, will ultimately be defeated. When ego is inflated, intellect declines. And one whose intellect is small, is easily defeated. So one need not be anxious about them.” (NH-LOI)

Below Baba is further characterizing the state of those who get caught in the web of their own injustices. The following obviously aptly fits Dada Sarvatmanandaji since all along it has been his patented tactic to negatively react and victimize or expel someone etc if they opposed or pointed out any of his own misdeeds. Please read the following.

Baba says, “When they [who refuse to be rectified] discover that all their strategies have been detected and nothing is secret anymore, then they will grow desperate. Through the mass media at their disposal they will utilize all their verbiage, all their abilities, all the weapons they possess–because there is no other way out.” (NH-LOI, p. 97)


Top of all, this Baba’s blessing is with us:

Baba says, “Remember Him and march ahead-victory will be yours. You have not to be afraid of the worldly forces. Those who enjoy the highest force of Paramapurus’a are sure to succeed. Victory will surely be theirs. Victory to you all.” (SS-19, p. 24)



Everyone knows Sarvatmanandji introduced all these distortions of AM ideology. He and his troops are shameless. If anyone talks about ideology, first they have to fix wrongs, only then he can talk. So when Sarvatmanandaji created the fake BP manual and they curtailed margiis rights and changed Baba’s discourses and also destroyed the system of ACB and created the fake SPB to control and tie up the margiis. In the face of all this, Sarvatmanandaji is claiming that he cares about ideology but this is just his hypocrisy. Only shameless persons do like this. Before talking about ideology if he has some sense then he has to accept his wrongdoings about these Baba’s writings and fix that and feel repentance. His condition is like one thief who is moving in saffron cloth and giving a sermon on non-stealing sitting on the jagrti dais. But who can tolerate this. The days of befooling others by tall talks and false propaganda are gone. All the margiis are understanding who is who.

And still today, B group is bragging on the point of ideology.

This is their hypocrisy that on the one side they are bragging about spreading AM ideology, and on the other side they are ruining that very ideology by so many above mentioned ways–distorting Baba’s holy scripture, strangulating Margi rights, etc.



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From: “Seshagiri Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 21:54:26 +0530




Note: All the quotes in this letter are from Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10, i.e. (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10).

This entire letter is related with a recent happening. As you read the following series of quotes and explanations it will all be quite clear how this relates to events in our Marga.


Baba says, “All created beings have a natural tendency to move along a straight path. But out of cowardice, selfishness or sinful propensities, humans and other creatures may resort to a crooked path, not only in the material world, but also in the mental world. That is, cowardliness, selfishness and sinful tendencies bring about curvatures in the world of thoughts. These curvatures breed mutual suspicion. Even innocent people are taught to think wrongly.”

“Sometimes people grow suspicious of innocent people and mistreat them. Those who still have some amount of benevolent intellect feel pained and ashamed when they realize that they should not have suspected those innocent people. But those who are devoid of benevolent intellect do not feel at all ashamed of their conduct. Rather they think and also say publicly that it is better to suspect others first, and then gradually remove those suspicions later. This is the main characteristic of a sinner’s psychology.” (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

In the above two paragraphs Baba is indirectly talking about Ac Sarvatmananda Avt, Ac Nigamananda Avt, and Ac Rudrananda Avt etc. If you can’t figure out how this works then please go back and read that again.

Note: For those new margiis not aware about Sarvatmanandji’s sinful dealings can write this network and proof of his misdeeds will be sent to you.

The basic point is that individuals like Sarvatmanandji, Nigamanandji, and Rudranandji harassed, humiliated, abused, and exploited countless innocent people. That is what Baba is describing in the above cited paragraphs.

However, the story does not end here; please read furthermore….


Baba says, “Individuals or groups or communities guided by this sinner’s psychology, become involved in various inhuman activities out of unjustified suspicion. Ultimately there comes a time when they no longer repent. Those doctrines and philosophies which teach people to suspect their fellow citizens, which teach people to treat their fellow humans as enemies, have done enormous harm to the world in the past, and if not restrained and controlled, will do so in the future also.” (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

Baba’s above teaching on sinner’s psychology is very pointed and neatly encapsulates the ways of Sarvatmanandji, Nigamanandji, and Rudranandji as well as their blind followers. While in power they harassed, terrorised, beat, expelled and humiliated so many innocent people. Various margiis and wts wanted the organisation to move according to Baba’s divine teachings, but those so-called leaders like Sarvatmanandji, Nigamanandji, and Rudranandji etc declared such idealistic margiis & wts to be enemies. Those same shameful leaders changed Baba’s teachings including books Caryacarya Part 1 and many more.

During the 1990’s, all know and saw how the boomerang effect took its course with Sarvatmanandji. If you are a new margii and do not know what I am referring to, then please write and we will send you proof.


Baba says, “The situation may come to such a pass that detectives may be employed against every person. Again, another set of detective personnel may be employed to watch whether each detective is functioning properly or not. Thus a vicious atmosphere of intelligence and counter-intelligence will be rampant in the society. And the dangerous consequence is this – that all human treasures having been poisoned, human existence itself will become meaningless. People will grow cynical, or will be forced to leave their country or their society to escape this venomous atmosphere.” (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

In the above section Baba is describing the sinner psychology so beautifully. Good, ideological margiis and wts were kicked out or forced to leave and so many other atrocities were done. To this end, the “leaders” employed both intelligence and counter-intelligence. We all saw this happen.


Baba says, “The matter does not end here. The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves.” (NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

Now let’s apply this to life in our Marga.

From the outset after 1990, the top ringleader, “master”, and most devious sinner was Sarvatmanandji. Just as Baba employs the word “master” in His above teacher, that is quite suited to Sarvatmanandji as he was the first at the top of the pyramid but then all his obedient followers like Rudranandji and Nigamanandji and their followers boomeranged on Sarvatmanandji. They wiped out his rulership and Sarvatmananda was left sitting all alone in one corner. That was the first stage of the boomerang approach.

If you are a new margii and do not know what I am referring to, then please write and we will send you proof.

In the next stage, this boomerang theory is related with another sinner: Dada Nigamanandji. Here again this boomerang effect has run its full course as all his followers have since turned on him.

In due course, the next stage will unfold and this same sinner psychology will boomerang against Rudranandji. Who will do this? Rudranandji’s own followers will take him down.

And this boomerang effect will continue – on and on – until all the sinners have been wiped out.

Although we want to help, we cannot do anything to stop this effect – we are helpless – the boomerang has to run its course.


Baba says, “Those who deprive others of justice, who stifle others’ voices and try to immortalize themselves by their own loud proclamations, are themselves usually deprived of justice in the end. And their loud cries which had risen to the skies, are smothered in the underworld. Shiva the Omniscient was aware of these hard realities. So He warned the devoted and dharmic people, Pápasya kut́iilá gatih [“The ways of sin are always crooked”].(NSS, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

We all know that since 1990 the main player and most devious sinner in all of this was Sarvatmanandji. He was the kingpin directly from 1990 through the mid 1990’s. By that time, his obedient followers like Rudrananda and Nigamananda and their followers levied the boomerang effect on him. They wiped out Sarvatmananda’s chair and he was left sitting all alone in the corner. That was the first stage of the boomerang approach.

If you are a new margii and do not know what I am referring to, then please write and we will send you proof.

But the boomerang effect did not stop there. It’s next victim was another sinner: Dada Nigamananda. Now we see that this boomerang effect too has run its full course as all his followers turned on him.

The impending next stage will soon unfold and this same sinner psychology will boomerang against Rudrananda. Who will do this? Rudrananda’s own followers will take him down.

And this boomerang effect will continue – on and on – until all the sinners have been wiped out.


Although we want to help we cannot do anything to stop this effect – we are helpless – the boomerang has to run its course.

This cycle will continue on and on because these people are not going to change their course or repent. They are set in their ways.

Finally if you want more proof on any point, just ask.

Seshagiri Deva


The following letter is but an example of how some of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. If you have any questions or comments, let us know…

From: dada nitya
Date: Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 11:54 PM

Yes, it is true, leaflets were put beneath the baggage of all dadas at night in Jamalpur jagrti hall . As soon as we came back to jagrti at night after programme some one shouted about discovering a leaflet, then soon Liilabodhananda rushed into the hall and snatched the leaflet from his and and shouted ‘search every bed and collect every leaflet and give me soon without delay’, Within 5 minutes he took away the leaflets with the help of a sycophant dada of him.

This Liilabodhananda was very vocal against dada Nigamananda. When the doctors told in New Delhi ” the patient Nigamananda may survive, but cant be active as a normal person, he may lead a crippled life, his life is in danger, cant remain alive longer, any time he may colapse.”……then soon after many dadas of Rudranada became more harsh, rude and started mudslinging against dada Nigam. These vocal opponents of dada Nigam are all Rurananda men……Liilabodhananda, Priyatoshananda, Madhuvratananda, Harishananda, Shvarupananda, Navatitananda, Chitshvarupananda etc…… .

These fellows realized that after Dada Nigam’s demise only Rudrananda can give an umbrella-shelter to them and they can lead unhindered, unchecked, free life in Ananda Marga. To become Purodha Rudrananda’s blessing is must sought. One year deserter along with a woman, Jaipur scandal creator is now a new Prudha, he is Navatitananda.

Dada Nigam was vigilant about some secrete business of Liilabodhananda, Madhuvratananda, Harishananda and checked them…..

Because of such attempt of Dada, these fellows became arch enemy of Dada Nigam. Some of these fellows wanted to become Purodha and had fear psychosis over Dada Nigham, so they wished Dada Nigam’s every ill and prayed for his early death.
These people very strategically distributed leaflets defaming dada Nigam last year. Madhuvratananda was the ring leader and Harishananda was his assistant.
Both are running a smuggling syndiacate in the name of ‘legal help’ and making huge personal money. They both are running a good share market business in New Delhi.

Dada Nigam once asked them about such share market business, money invested in Life Insurance Policy and sought proper accounts of their bank transaction etc. Thus this duo became strong opponents and leaned towards Rudrananda. More over caste feeling( Brahminism ) is very rapidly spreading In Marga. More or less ‘racial’ attitude is florishing within Marga….for example…YOU ARE MARATHI, YOU ARE BANGALI, YOU ARE MADRASI…
We find ourselves in a situation ‘from frying pan to fire’. We came to Marga to lead a pious, nice, hermit life. But nothing such of environment is here to become hermit, sanyasi. Where should we go?

Madhuvratananda, Harishananda and their whole group is enjoying life like kings, it was visible in Jamalpur, they never cared our comfort, food etc.They have every immunity granted by Rudrananda. Very surprisingly we found Madhuvratananda doing feet massage of Rakeshananda (PA) in Ananda Nagar.

This is a glaring example of easy method to go upward in administrative parlor in Ananda Marga.

Brother Nitya.


“Mora ma’na’sa sarovera tumi son’a’lii kamal…” (PS 2209)


Baba, in the pool of my mind You are the golden lotus. Looking towards You – ideating and meditating on You – is my dance and my life. Baba, You are the sweet vibration of my heart.

Baba, the garden of paradise is filled with sun rays; the glow of Your beauty is resplendent. In grove after grove, the buzzing bees get the pure, sweet honey from that lotus, i.e. You. [1]

Baba, pleasing You is my sadhana – except You I want nothing. O’ my Dearmost, O’ the Liila Personified, please fulfill the longing of my heart.

Baba, please be gracious and shower Your causeless grace on me…


[1] In the above Prabhat Samgiita, the allegory is that Baba is the sweetness of the lotus blossom and the bhaktas are like the buzzing bees. Just as the buzzing bees are attracted are attracted by the nectar of the lotus, similarly, bhaktas are attracted by the divine charm of Parama Purusa.

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Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 19:23:43 -0700
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Paramatman Deva
Subject: Baba Story: I am Not a Sinner



Note: The following is the first-hand account of Shrii Sudarshan Rao, an important margii of South India.

Baba graced me with the opportunity to have personal contact (PC). During PC, Baba pointed out my past sins and punished me on each account.

After that He blessed me and said, “From now onwards, look forward and forget about the past. Now you are pure.”

The next day I had a strong desire to go to Baba’s room and massage His feet. Those days, i.e. in the early 1960’s in Jamalpur, it was not difficult to get permission to enter Baba’s room. Family margiis had various opportunities, if one desired. I put forth my request to PA Dada and by Baba’s grace it was approved.

I entered Baba’s room and began massaging His feet. Then Baba started explaining about the different types of sinners: Patakii [sinner], atipatkiis [bad sinner] and mahapatakiis [worst sinner].

After telling about these three categories of sinners, Baba looked at me and asked, “Which category are you in?”

Instantaneously, at that very moment, one spontaneous idea sprouted in my mind. It was as if Baba was forcing the thought in my mind.

I replied, “Baba, I do not fall in any of these categories. I am not a sinner.”

Baba smiled and laughed. He appreciated the response and said, “Yes, you are right; you are not a sinner.”

That was eye-opening for me. Usually in life if people commit a sin – whether knowingly or unknowingly – they remember those misdeeds again and again. They cannot forget them. And that gives way to feelings of pain, shame and guilt. Indeed they feel guilty even after getting punished. But with Baba as the Guru it is not like that.

On the previous day Baba punished me and told me that, “From now onwards, look forward and forget about the past. Now you are pure.” And while this was all very new to me, internally I really did feel cleansed and pure. I understood that by coming in contact with Parama Purusa, one’s sins vanish.

Baba gave me a new vision: I had made mistakes, I underwent punishment for those sins, and now I am pure, by His grace. There were no lingering stains.

Parama Purusa is most gracious.



In the above story told by Shrii Sudarshan Rao, there are some valuable lessons to keep in mind.

1. Sometime people think that they are a sinner. They feel their life is bound up in sin and there is no escape. This type of defective outlook is prevalent in the Semitic religions of the west. But in AM our view is totally different. Baba guides us that we should never think, “I am a sinner” rather one cultivate the idea that, “I am the blessed child of Parama Purusa.”

Baba says, “A man may always think: “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a sinner.” If he feels like that, if he thinks like this, that “I am a sinner,” then actually one day he will become a sinner. Actually he is not a sinner, but if he thinks like this, that “I am a sinner, I am a sinner,” what will happen? – he will actually become a sinner, because it is the characteristic of the human mind that it takes the form of its object. So when a man thinks, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, O Lord, I am a sinner, O Lord, I am a sinner,” then actually he will become a sinner. So such a psychology is fundamentally defective. You must never think that you are a sinner. You should think: “It may be a fact that I was a sinner in the past, but from this very moment I am on the lap of the Almighty Father; I cannot be a sinner, I am not a sinner. I am seated on the lap of my Supreme Father, I am not a sinner.”” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 34, Be Free from All Complexes)

Baba says, “If you say, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner,” you will be a sinner. Even if you are not a sinner but you always think, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a sinner,” you will be a sinner because that sinning becomes your mental object. So you should never say, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a sinner.” You should say, “O Lord, I am your child, I am your son, I am your daughter. I have the birthright to sit on your lap. Please purify me.” This is the proper approach. This is the proper approach.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 12, Everything Comes from Something)

Indeed in multiples discourses Baba clearly guides us that we should never think of ourselves as sinners, rather we are the divine children of Parama Purusa.

2. Those unfortunate persons in the general society who cultivate this sinner’s psychology pollute their mind and degrade themselves.

Baba says, “And you know, if you always think, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner”, then actually you will become a sinner, if you are not already a sinner – because what a person thinks, he or she will become like that. If you always think, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner”, then actually you will become a sinner.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 12, The Noumenal Cause and the Personal God)

That is why Baba always reminds us that we should see always try to rectify ourselves and seek His grace.

Baba says, “So what are you to think? What are you to ideate upon? That is: “Oh Father, I am your loving child. I was a bit misguided, now please help me. I want to sit on your lap, I want to remain with you, I want to be an ideal boy, an ideal girl of yours, just help me. I am very weak and you are the strongest personality”, you should say like this.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 12, The Noumenal Cause and the Personal God)

3. Another key point in all of this is that if someone commits a wrong then they should not just arrogantly declare that they do not care or that it was not their fault. This type of hubris will make the situation worse and cause one to stray from the path. Humans make mistakes and we should be honest and humble in this regard. That is Baba’s teaching; we should always request His help in rectifying ourselves and receiving His grace.

4. In Prabhat Samgiita #737, the idea is expressed that:

Tumi eso eso more ghare baso
Sab kichu a’lokita kariya

O’ Lord please come and sit in my abode and make everything effulgent,
by Your divine touch. All the stains, dirt, sins will vanish.

Usually those who think that they are sinners do not want to go close to Parama Purusa because of their inferiority complex. They think, “How can I go to Him – to the Lord.” But AM philosophy teaches something else – all are encouraged to go close to Parama Purusa. By ideating on Him, by sheltering in Him, the stain and negative samskaras vanish and one’s existence becomes pure.

It is just like if you bring a lamp to the darkness or drag the darkness to the lamp; in either case the darkness vanishes. Likewise, in His presence the filth of sin gets wiped away.

Certain religions harp on this sinner’s psychology: I am sinner, I am sinner. They fundamentally believe that everyone is born in sin. The nucleus of their teaching is based on sin. That idea is faulty. In Ananda Marga we cultivate the notion that, “I am the blessed child of Parama Purusa.”

The central idea is that by ideating on Him the mind becomes totally pure – all the black marks vanish – and the sadhaka can march forward on the path of spirituality and reach unto Him, by His grace.

Paramatman Deva


“Toma’ke cena’ na’hi ja’y…” (P.S. 2089)


Baba, it is not possible to recognize You. When I think that I have recognized You, then my consciousness gets completely enveloped by the Cimmerian darkness.

Baba, Your divine Presence shifts from one extreme to the next. On the one side You are so tough and other times You are very soft and sweet. Baba, sometimes You are vehemently preaching Your sermons with the beating of the marching drum and blowing of the military trumpets; and on other occasions You are smiling sweetly and showering Your causeless grace with the flower pollen. Baba, such is Your beauty.

O’ Baba, in the end, in the lonely, isolated moment, I see that everything happens by Your grace. What You desire is what happens – that is the final truth.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, in Your grand Kingdom, everything belongs to You. I cannot boast that anything is mine; indeed to think that something is mine is a crime. Because everything is created by You – this whole expressed universe is Your thought projection. Then how can I say that anything is mine.

Baba, only You are mine; everyone is Yours. Baba, everyone longs for Your karuna’ – divine compassion.

Baba, to recognize You is not possible without Your grace. Baba only with the showering of Your grace can one realise You – otherwise not. Baba please grace me…

The Gospel of Neo-Humanism

Baba says, “Preach the theory of one spiritual inheritance– that every living being is the child of the Supreme Entity and that all the people of the world belong to the same family. This will have to be explained to all– that there will be a clash between different nations so long as the feeling of nationalism exists.” (PNS-4, p. 45)

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Baba Story: “I Will Become Good”
From: “Gagan” To: AM-GLOBAL
Subject: Baba Story: “I Will Become Good”
Date: Fri 28 Oct 2011 20:16:02 -0000


“Dhu’lir dharn’iite madhurii d’ha’lite tumi esecho a’jike…” – P.S. 3383


Baba, by Your divine grace You have taken advent today to inundate this dusty earth with the sweetness Your divinity. Baba, You have come to give the balm of soothing nectar to those grief-stricken people who are crying in agony. And by Your grace You console them by telling: ‘Don’t worry I am with You; I will remove all your sufferings’. Baba, You have come to grant the power of speech to those who are mute and dumb. By that way, thinking of You, they can rise up and fight against disparities, injustices and exploitation. Baba, by Your grace for all these reasons You have come.

Baba, for all those who were lagging behind; for those downtrodden people who do not get any respect; and for those most neglected souls who lost everything and have no money nor social prestige; for them, You have broken the jail of cimmerian darkness and staticity of their life. Baba, by Your grace You have smashed all those negative social bondages that were keeping these helpless people suppressed. Baba, by Your divine grace You have brought peace and effulgence into their lives. Baba, with Your divine love and attraction, You tenderly pull everyone close to You and bless one and all. Baba, You have wiped away the differences of rich and poor, high and low, and touchable and untouchable. And by Your grace You have lovingly brought all types of people together and joined them with one beautiful thread. Baba, today You have taken advent Yourself on this trouble-torn earth to grace everyone.

Baba, those who were suffering from hopelessness and those who were submerged in cimmerian darkness, for them You have taken advent today. And in the shyness of their newly found joy, all these people have accepted You as their Goal. They have accepted You as their everything and surrendered at Your alter. The entire creation has gotten blessed by Your divine effulgence. In a very happy and exalted state, everyone has begun moving ahead, joyfully. Baba, with Your divine love and compassion You have come on this dusty earth to bless everyone. You are grace personified…


Those days in 1989, Baba was working and directing our Marga at a spectacular pace – anyone around clearly remembers this. Baba was implementing one program after another and side by side watching out for the development and welfare of each and every disciple.

During one particular reporting session Baba lovingly, yet sternly, looked at one worker and began strongly rebuking and punishing that Wt for his serious wrongdoing. It was later found out that that Dada had indulged in various sexual crimes.
So on that day Baba was purifying that Wt of his sin. Of course inwardly, Baba was exuding His great charm and love – all could feel that – yet outwardly Baba was beating that worker ferociously.

Then directly after giving punishment, Baba looked over at GS Dada and said, “Now he (i.e. the Wt who was punished) is an ideal human being.” Then GS Dada turned directly towards that Wt and said, “Now you are an ideal human being.”

Then that worker replied, “I will become good.”

And GS Dada then repeated the same back to Baba.

In His divine liila, immediately Baba became furious and said, “What!! WILL become good?!? What nonsense!! Not WILL become good…He HAS become good!’. Then GS Dada turned towards that worker and repeated, “You HAVE become good.” And the Dada hurriedly said, “I HAVE become good.” Only then Baba was satisfied.

Shortly thereafter, reporting was over and everyone went about their various duties etc. But during that time, that Dada was again thinking about his old lustful ways. He reverted back to his past habits.

How do we know this? Because later on that day, another reporting was held and at one point during that second session, Baba looked over around said, “Pashu!! (animal!!) who is it that is thinking such negative and crude thoughts in our AM compound – where is that person – who is doing such things!” Then the Wts searched all around and made inquiries and finally they caught the guilty party. It was the same Wt who had previously sinned and promised to have become good.

Then with His eyes cast on that Wt, Baba said, “Were You the one thinking those negative thoughts in this campus.” The Wt looked down at his feet admitting guilt.

Baba continued, “So you were still thinking about your nasty ways!!.”

This was Baba’s divine liila wherein He would express His love in dramatic ways for the welfare of His bhaktas.

Baba continued, “You made my ashram impure and dirty by your negative thinking. One should never do like that. One should not think of their past sins. Get him out of here! Kick him out! This is not the place for this! Already I have given him too many chances!”

So in the grand liila of it all, the Wt was pushed out. And sometime later in His contemplative and sweet manner, Baba said that he should be called back and immediately the worker was allowed to re-enter the ashram. This was Baba’s very gracious and forgiving nature to always lovingly accept one and all. Ultimately though, it has to be noted that in the end, some months later, that worker left his wt-ship entirely, on his own accord.


Here the whole point of Baba’s teaching is that if one does any misdeed or sinful activity, then one must repent, rectify the matter, yet never, ever look back at those past mistakes. So on that particular day, Baba was showering His immense grace on that worker as He was removing all that terrible sin from that Wt. Due to Baba’s fathomless grace, He made that worker clean and pure all over again. All that Wt had to do was keep his mind away from such dirty thoughts – nothing more. So Baba truly blessed that worker by wiping away the ill-effect of so many crude sins.

Even then, due to his improper approach of again & again harboring those sinful ideas, that worker fell into the negative trap of mentally reviewing his lustful indgulgences – and by that way he could not keep his balance and he left.

The overarching ideal that Baba is giving is that one must never think about one’s past sins. One must move on and think about Him. That is the whole idea.


Because each and every person on this earth has been born with various samskaras and in this life or their past life, one has committed countless sins. Everyone has some garbage in their past. But Baba does not want us to think of those things– that has no value, rather doing so is harmful as it will stain and dirty the mind. Never should one knowingly or consciously indulge in that habit of thinking about their past mistakes.

Actually, the mind is such that it will automatically bring those crude ideas even when we do not want them to come and our job is to rid the mind of such impure thoughts. Those thoughts may come in sadhana or when moving in the town etc, yet always we are to push that crude thought aside by singing kiirtan or repeating our mantra or by thinking of Him.

So there is no need to consciously think of those old, impure memories of old. Such thoughts will only drag us down. Never should we harbour them in our mental plate.

As sadhakas we must always wipe away the burdens of the past by channeling the mind towards spirituality.


And here in this shloka Baba is giving this very directive that one must never allow the mind to get stuck thinking about past misdeeds.

Yassa pure ca pa pacche ca majjhe ca natthi kiuncanam’;
Akiunca’nam’ ana’da’nam’ tamaham’ bru’mi bra’hman’am.

Baba says, “I will call that person a Brahman whose mind does not run after any colour, who is neither obsessed by colour-laden thoughts of the past nor influenced by such thoughts of the present…One must free the mind from the influence of all colours. ” (NKS, Disc: 24)

Thus Baba’s divine teaching is that we should never burden or dirty ourselves by thinking of one’s past misdeeds and sins. We are to keep the mind light and and colourless not become beleaguered by the things of old.

So Baba’s teaching is quite clear– He has left no scope for confusion or ambiguity. One must never entertain the crude recollection of their past misdeeds or sins.


Yet on occasion on or another avadhuta actively promotes the idea that to overcome one’s ego one must think about their past sins. This is the “special formula” some Dada has given.

They say that to overcome the ego one must think about their past mistakes– otherwise one will never be able to overcome the ego.

Obviously, this goes against Baba’s divine teaching because Baba says that thinking about one’s past misdeeds will only lead to one’s degeneration. It has no positive outcome– it will not help one overcome the ego. That is why Baba strongly warns us never to do like that– and indeed no true sadhaka does. Rather we are to lighten our mind by forgetting about one’s past sins and channeling our thoughts towards Him.


The only question remains then is what is the proper way to overcome feelings of vanity and ego– since thinking about one’s past wrongs is certainly not the proper way.

For this Baba has given one beautiful remedy.

Baba guides us that we are to think that, ‘He is the Doer and Giver of everything. He has given us our sadhana, our intellect, and our energy to act. And not only that, He is the owner of everything. It all belongs to Him. There is nothing we own and all our talents are not our own bur rather His gifts unto us.’

By thinking like this and remembering our sadhana, then one can never develop any feeling of vanity or ego. Because the mind will always be immersed in the sweet ideal, that everything comes from Him. It is all due to His grace and divine will.


By Baba’s grace He has given us the proper way to keep the mind free of impure thoughts and He clearly tells us in so many discourses never ever to think of one’s past mistakes and sins. This we should not do. Thus when one avadhuta gives such ill-fated advice on email, we should not pay any heed. Let us again and again remember that we are to follow the mandates of our Guru, and not any second or third entity. Here again is Baba’s special teaching.

Baba says, “You should think within that you are ever pure and enlightened – you are a child of Parama Purus’a. You should think that you are like a newborn baby who remains untouched or unaffected by the dirt and dross of sin.” (AMWIL-11)


Origin of Polo

Baba says, “The well-known modern game of polo originated in Manipur’s Kobe Valley…Originally, only royal princes used to play the horse-riding game of polo. For that a very hard ball was needed. The kind of bamboo that was used, used to grow in the eastern portion of Rarh, in slightly salty soil. Still today the best bamboo for making polo balls grows in the Uluberia suvdivision of Howrah District and in Midnapore District’s Tamluk subdivision.” (SC-3, p. 71)

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Date: 10 Oct 2011 21:05:28 -0000
From: “Grg. Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Unknown Sins in Our Life



In His discourses, Baba invariably makes reference to the fact that
human beings commit sins.

Whether one wants to use the word samskara or sin, the fact remains that
humans commit such wrongs: Actions that may or may not be against the
legal code of the day, but transgress our cardinal human values and
moral codes. And that of course is the difference between a crime and a

Baba says, “If the violation is in the spiritual code, rather the
religious code, it is termed as ‘sin’. If the violation is against the
legal code it is known as ‘crime’.” (AFPS-6)

The trick then comes in knowing what is sinful and what is not. Because
there are some actions people know to be wrong, while there are various
other misdeeds that people do unknowingly– yet by that way also they
incur sin.

So we should all be aware of these unknown sins, because even if the
motive is not to commit sin, if one does those acts it still falls
within the category of sin. Hence awareness is needed.


As we delve into this discussion of committing sin unknowingly– whether
it be via abortion, or mentally harming someone, or overlooking our
social duties etc– we should be vigilant not to fall into sinner’s
psychology. One should not walk around thinking, ‘I am a sinner, I am a
bad person…’. That would only severely worsen the situation.

Rather we should take this in a positive light– as a way to improve and
purify ourselves. Just at it is important to know the laws of the land
in order to keep oneself out of harm’s way and become an upstanding
citizen; similarly it is vital that we be aware of all sorts of sins so
we can keep away from these misdeeds and become a model of dharma. By
this way we invariably become better human beings and can better help
others also.

So the whole essence of this conversation is aim towards human growth
and development. And of course it will help decrease or totally
eliminate the accumulation of negative samskaras.


As Ananda Margiis we are already ahead of the game. Because common
sinful things like idol worship and the torturing and eating animals, we
do not do. Whereas those in the general society constantly incur sin by
doing such things.

Baba says, “Those who in the name of the beginningless, endless,
formless Brahma worship idols, are indulging in deliberate slander. You
must not give indulgence to this type of mahapa’pa (great sin).” (CC-2)

Baba says, “Even to see an animal being slaughtered is a sin; he [a
devotee] cannot even think of eating meat.” (HS-1)

So these are known sins about which we have to raise awareness in the
general society– and that we are doing in our various pracara efforts.


Then what are some of the unknown sins that some Ananda Margiis might do?

Often times these are things which are legal, but against our code of
spiritual morality. So one is not committing a crime by doing these
things, but one is committing sin and incurring negative samskara.

In this era of extreme debauchery, fathering children yet not taking
responsibility for their upbringing is not a crime, but according to AM
it certainly is a sin. Because not doing what one is supposed to do,
i.e. pratyavaya, is sinful.

Baba says, “Pratyava’ya means ‘not to do what should be done’. For
instance, parents should educate [and raise] their children. If they do
not, they are said to have committed pratyava’ya.” (NKS, Disc:18)

Thus living a libertine life is surely a way to incur sin– and this
type of sin is worse than ordinary sin.

Baba says, “Pratyava’ya [sin of ommision] is worse than pa’pa [sin of
commission].” (AV-1)

And veritably there are a wide-range of (in)actions that are classified
as pratyavaya. In various discourse like ‘Sinners & their Rectification’
(AV-31), as well as in other places, Baba warns us about the wide range
of actions that fall within the scope of pratyavaya [sin of ommission].

Baba says, “You should help a man in distress. You should help the
suffering humanity. These are the dos of life. If you do not do them,
you are doing pratyava’ya.” (AV-14)

As Ananda Margiis, we have many dos that are part and parcel of our
moral and spiritual lives: From watering plants to opposing injustice,
from participating in service projects to being an example in society.
And whenever we fail to act positively in this regard, then that is a
veritable sin. So we should be vigilant.



All in all there are a variety of sins that Ananda Margiis might do

For example, doing an abortion is sinful. In many places it is not
illegal, but according to the view of Ananda Marga, it is certainly
sinful. Life itself starts at conception as per Baba’s discourse,
‘Life, Death, & Samskara’ and modern scientific research. Each and every
human being has the right to live, and to prematurely end that life,
irregardless of the stage of pregnancy, is most definitely a sin.

Then, of course, there is the infamous Mahaprayan program which reduces
our infinite Parama Brahma to a mere finite being that is gone forever.
Many in AM may blindly or naively participate in this dogmatic
Mahaprayan program, yet by doing so they are certainly incurring
negative samskaras and committing sin. Because the crude doctrine of
Mahaprayan is a form of idol worship as it wholly fails to recognise
Parama Purusa as the “beginningless, endless, formless Brahma”.

Plus if anyone visits the Tigers grave in Jamalpur or any other
so-called tiirtha spot in AM and dogmatically touches their forehead to
that spot thinking that they are doing pranam to Baba, then also they
are committing sin, or worse, even mahapapa (terrible sin).

“Vya’pitvm ca…dine”

“The Entity which is all-pervading who is established in the grandeur of
being the Witnessing Entity of everyone, about that divine Entity if I say
about Him that on this place He ate butter and on this place He took bath,
telling all these tales if I bind that all-pervading Entity to one
particular land, country, or place, by propagating the greatness of this
holy land or that holy land, if by this I ruin His all-pervasiveness then
that is not a virtuous deed, but rather sin.” (AVM-11, p. 30)

So there are any number of ways that people may be unknowingly
committing sin in Ananda Marga.

But of course, those organisers of Mahaprayan who cunningly devise and
flaunt this MPD program for their own group cause are deliberate
sinners. And their fate is even worse. Such persons know who they are
and cannot escape their fate.


So all of the above we should bring into our mental awareness and side
by side cultivate the idea that, ‘I am the blessed child of Parama
Purusa and I have come onto this earth to serve Him and help others’. By
that way our mental plate will be clean– devoid of sinner’s
psychology– and we can move ahead in a positive direction.


Here are other sins listed in point-wise fashion that are commonly done
in the society. So we should keep ourselves clear of these misdeeds, as
well as educate others.

* Many times people harm others mentally by thinking or wishing bad
things on them. This is especially the case when one suffers from anger
and jealousy such as when one is in business and does not think well of
his competitors. Or an even more common example is in the case of
various male-female relations. Then people can become extremely jealous
and malevolent in their thoughts. And sometimes they even take action in
the physical sphere as well. All these types of things are common sins
in the society and occur on a daily basis.

* The wanton disrespect and destruction of animal life in the form of
animal experimentation is another form of sin. To cruelly butcher, harm,
or ruin an animal’s existence for the so-called sake of experimentation
cannot be justified. There are other better and more exact ways
to derive information without harming other living beings. Those who
resort to animal experimentation are certainly committing sin.

* In capitalism it is in vogue to exploit & cheat others. One get
praised and promoted for such things. Thus in the business world there
are many who commit sins each and every day that they go to work.

* Politicians who incite war with a crooked motive are also clear-cut
sinners. Right now our globe is riddled with such people.

* Some derive a sick type of joy by seeing others in problem. That also
is sinful.

* All instances of genocide, homicide, and suicide are sinful. Genocide
we have seen with Hitler, the Serbs, and so many cases around the globe.
Then homicide is also are regular occurrence and now it has become the
fashion of the day to walk onto college campuses and open fire on
innocent students. Plus no one has any right to kill themselves as this
body and mind do not belong to them but rather to Parama Purusa. So all
cases of genocide, homicide, and suicide are sinful.


Generally speaking people have narrow idea about sin. So we should open
our own minds and make others aware as well. True margiis should be
aware about the various types of sin in order to protect themselves and
help the society. Even then, ultimately only the grace of Parama Purusa
can save us, but at least we should use our intellect to keep away from
unknown sins, as far as possible.


By Baba’s grace He is so gracious as He saves each and every person and
lovingly brings them on His lap, irregardless of their past misdeeds and
sins. All one has to do is remember that they are the divine child of
Parama Purusa and approach Him for His mercy.

Baba says, “For such a sinner, the worst type of sinner, the future is
not dark. The future in his case also is very bright, if he takes
shelter in the divine lap of the Supreme Father. “I am on the lap of my
Father, I cannot be a sinner.” Suppose you are walking along the path
and your dress, your clothes, become muddy due to dust or clay. Then
should you think that you will remain nasty or dirty forever? If you
appear before your Father with dirty clothes, what will your Father do?
He will clean your clothes and take you on his lap: “O my son, your
clothes have become muddy, but you are my son. Come here, come here, sit
on My lap. I am your Father, you are My son, you must not suffer from
any sinner’s psychology.” Do you follow?

“So even if, in the past, you were sinners, forget it. Remember that
from this very moment, you are the neat and clean son, you are the neat
and clean child, of the Supreme Father. So there must not be any
psychology of sinning complex. For a spiritual aspirant, there must not
be any complex. Be free from all complexes, and move along the path of
righteousness with a balanced mind, with mental equilibrium and mental
equipoise. A bright future awaits you.” (AV-34)



Here again Baba instructs us how to save ourselves from sin. Of course
since sin itself originated in the mind, Baba has blessed us with one
special remedy.

Baba says, “I have made a rhyme:”

Ba’ba’ na’m kevalam yata pa’p hare
Pa’piider sa’dhya nei tata pa’p kare.

[The repetition of Ba’ba’ na’m kevalam even once kills so many sins that
the worst sinners could not accumulate them.] (AV-6)

Thus by His grace our Baba Nam Kevalam mantra clears the mind of all psychic
sins. It works in the mental sphere and the great benefit of that is one will
not be afraid to prostrate oneself before Parama Purusa and request His mercy.
Often those who sin mentally keep away from Parama Purusa – they have a complex that they are “too dirty” or “not good enough” to go near God. Hence they remain far. That is the real danger of sinning. But the moment one sings Baba Nam Kevalam one begins to feel free mentally in which case the so-called sinner will automatically rush to His lotus feet and get Baba’s divine grace.
That is the special effect of kiirtan.


“Phuler ha’site chile, manoma’jhe a’ji ele…” (P.S. 1898)


Baba, by Your fathomless grace, You lovingly came in my mind today and
were smiling like a magnificent flower blossom. O’ my Dearmost, You know
that I love You, even then why do You remain distant at times. Baba, I
do not call anyone other than You. In my mind, nothing else has the
place; You are my only Goal. You are my everything. And I do not think
about anything else besides You. In spite of all these things why do You
remain forgetful about my existence.
Baba, I understand this heart-breaking and difficult liila of Yours.
You take my mind and play Your painful game of hide and seek. Sometimes
You make me laugh; and sometimes You make me dance; and sometimes You
make me float in the tears. Baba, after a long time You have graced me
by coming in my mind today. Baba You are so charming…

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From: “Seshagiri Deva”

Subject: Exploited Trainees of Varanasi TC (Part 1)

Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 17:11:47 +0000

To: am-global@earthlink.net






Note: This is a critical update about those young, idealistic youths in

WT Training Centre (Varanasi) and the conditions in which they live. Anyone

interested in the growth and development of our Marga must keep a close

eye on this situation.



As we all know our WT Training Centres are a beacon of light for humanity. It is here where we train and equip spirited youths with the ability to lead, teach, and guide the people.


Our Wt cadre has a tremendous role to play in propagating the ideals of Ananda Marga and the gospel of neo-humanism all around the universe. They are assets in the development of society. Naturally then we want our training centres to be operating at an optimal standard: physically, psychically and spiritually.


Keeping this in mind, here is a critical report about the life of our trainees at our WT Training Centre in Varanasi. This is something that every Ananda Margiis should know. At present there are six trainees in Varanasi. And this two-part series of letters gives an up-close look at their living conditions.


First, in order to understand this matter fully, please read this following Baba story







One very senior avadhuta Dada told the following Baba story about dharma samiiksa. It is highly relevant to the the points presented in this entire letter.


About dharma samiiksa in 1981, I remember one [story] that touched me in particular. A young man about twenty-one years old came for his review. He looked quiet, smart and educated. After asking his name Baba wanted to know what work he did for the mission. Modestly, the young man said that he was working in an Ananda Marga primary school and children’s home. His duty was to look after the four boys of the home.


After listening to what he had to say, Baba stared for a time straight at him. The analysis was thorough.


(Note: Baba witnesses all that goes on in this universe and beyond, that is why He is aware of each and every and every thought, word and deed. He is fully aware of all that transpires because this entire cosmos is within His mind.)


Baba said this little boy is a good chap; but after all, I (Baba) am sitting in my vyasasana. I have to keep watch over each disciple’s life and weigh impartially both the good and the bad. Then I will decide what steps have to be taken.”


Baba looked back to the young man, “So, my little boy, you are in charge of the children’s home, isn’t it? You teach some classes in the school. And if visitors arrive, you see they are well taken care of, I presume.”


“Yes, that’s so, Baba,” the young man replied confidently.


“Well, do you remember about a fortnight back when some visitors came to the children’s home in the morning?”


“Yes, Baba,” came the prompt reply.


“I know that you looked after them well — bought sweet and savory pastries from the market for them.”


The young man nodded his head happy that Baba knew of the visit. “What kind of sweets were they, my little boy? Was it rasagolla? And some vegetable cutlets and singara, I think.”


“Exactly, Baba.”


“You sent one of the little boys to the market to buy the food?”


“Yes, Baba.”


“You joined the guests while they were eating?”


“Yes, Baba.”


“I think the refreshments were very delicious and the few of you ate everything, isn’t it?”


“Yes, Baba,” he said softly. Now the young man was beginning to get a hint of something more in Baba’s line of questioning.


Baba continued, “Well were you aware that while you were enjoying the delicacies, the little boys were watching from behind the door? They were hoping that you would save a little for them after you had finished.”


The young man could not speak. Silently he stood, his head hanging down.


“When you finished, you told those children to wash your plates and cups. Do you care to know what was going on in the minds of those little children? They are innocent little boys. Unable to resist the temptation, they fell upon those plates and licked up the sweet rasagolla juice left on them. Are you aware of that?”


“No, Baba,” he said remorsefully.


Then the young man could only nod. He was stunned that Baba knew everything to the smallest detail. The youth stood silently looking down.


Baba lovingly raised further points about defects in the young man’s character and actions.


“Yes, Baba.” Now he [the young man] was weeping. “Yes, I could, but I did not try to feel their misery. I am sorry for that.”


Annoyed, Baba said, “Don’t say ‘sorry’, say, ‘I have committed sin.”


After a little pause, Baba continued, His voice calm. “It was only a few days ago that you suddenly returned to the school at about ten at night, after spending some days away. You asked the boys for something to eat, and they immediately brought you food. You ate a good dinner. Did you care to find out how the boys had arranged that meal for you? That food, in fact, was meant for one of the boys who, for some reason, could not eat earlier. It was kept for him. They gave that food to you, and the boy had to pass the night without food. He could not sleep for hunger.”


“No, Baba, it did not come in my mind.”


“Do you mean to say you forgot. Are you not in charge of the home? Don’t you have the slightest love or affection for the boys? You failed to do your basic duty. Can you say that your conduct is highly commendable? It it? What does your conscience say?”


“It deserves condemnation, Baba.” The youth now started weeping, tears rolling down his cheeks. Baba had spoken gently. He had neither rebuked him nor threatened him in any way, only exposed the Margii’s past thoughtless acts one by one. Baba’s affectionate tone had left a deep impression on his mind. He now felt great remorse for his misdeeds and wept without restraint.”


Baba said, “Do you know, every tinniest detail of a person’s life — both external and internal — are at my fingertips. I know completely both the dark and the light side of a person’s life. That does not mean, however, that I focus only on the dark side in order just to humiliate him or her in the eyes of others. Rather, it is the good qualities that should be

appreciate wholeheartedly.


“I (Baba) point out only those faults and evils which are absolutely necessary for one to be aware of for one’s own good. When one sincerely becomes aware of those faults, repents for his or her misdeeds and the desire to change himself or herself is genuine, no other punishment is necessary.”


The Margi was now sincerely repentant, and Baba’s mood became very tender. Otherwise He might have continued exposing the youth’s faults in public. Baba was very gentle with him and only did what was necessary to awaken his conscience.


He called the youth near. Affectionately, He asked, “Well, my son, who do you think these boys are? These children of our homes are only helpless orphans. Perhaps it does not matter if they are not dressed or fed well? The youth could only shake his head with tears running down his face. Now he wept not from remorse but from the touch of love. Baba had graciously blessed him by this whole experience.


Dharma Samiiksa was over. Prostrating himself before Baba, he left the room beaming. The divine inspiration he had received would remain an ever-burning lamp to guide him on this life’s journey.





Now please read further for news about our Varanasi WT Training Centre: standard of food for trainees, imposed silence, lack of training, and so much more.





Let’s begin by taking a look at a trainee’s first interaction at the Varanasi Training Centre. Upon arrival a new trainee is given clothing to wear.


Of course, as we all know, in AM, our style is not to wear fancy clothes but certainly one’s clothing should be clean. That is Baba’s guideline.


Baba says, “One should always use clean but not aristocratic dress.” (37 Workers Rules, pt #7)


When they arrive all their possessions are taken away; the in-charges commandeer all their personal belongings and money etc.


Tragically, our new trainees – who have come to dedicate their life to Ananda Marga are put in a depraved condition. First the Trainer Dada first takes away their money and those trainees are given dirty, used & soiled clothing.


As we know, used & soiled clothing is an invitation for skin diseases, rashes, and contagious viruses. Hence those trainees are put in a helpless position, as they are being forced to wear clothing that is unhygienic.


Let me reiterate that our trainees are wearing old, torn laungotas and undergarments that were worn by prior trainees and / or items that were tossed away by wts. It is both shocking and disgraceful. Let us also keep in mind that Varanasi is of a warm climate. Only simple clothing is needed so it would not be a big investment to give them fresh clothes.


In addition the WT Trainer Dada gets both cash donations and clothing donations (bundles of fresh clothes) for our trainees so they can have proper garments. But the cash donations Dada receives he spends elsewhere and he sells the bundles of new clothes on the black market. In the end, the trainees are forced to wear nothing more than dirty rags. This puts their health at risk as they are prone to infection and disease.


This only makes me think that if we were to treat our trainees humanely, then we might have more than six persons in training. For a world-wide organisation, a mere six trainees is not all that impressive. Certainly people talk about the conditions and that keeps some prospective trainees away.





The in-charges justify that WT Training Centre is the place of tapasya (sacrifice). That is their logic for not giving proper clothing. But that is not what tapasya means. Just they give this justification in order to save money.


Trainees get the indirect teaching that anyone can wear anyone’s old used clothes. That is why at DMS some steal gowns, turbans, laungotas and lungis from others. This is quite rampant.


Many feel however that this is not a civilised way to behave. Proper hygiene and clean clothes are needed for our trainees. It is not our way in AM to give old, raggedy clothes to our trainees. That is just inviting a recurring problem: disease, sickness, and the misappropriation of money etc. When money is donated by margiis for this very purpose then that money gets diverted by the Trainer Dada to the upper kitchen – to his personal kitchen. Thus not one rupee of that donated money gets spent on clean garments for our trainees. Rather those trainees are forced to wear unhygienic clothing. So this manner of giving soiled clothes to new trainees at the WT Training Centre in Varanasi must be stopped.


Unfortunately, this is only a small part of the many injustices now going on in TC. Please read further for news about food, imposed silence, lack of training and so much more.


But we must not forget that fresh, new clothing must be given to our WT trainees in Varanasi. The clothing can be simple, but it must be clean and new. So this is one serious issue that is going on. Again this is not a recent phenomenon. Such conditions have been going on at the Varanasi TC for months & months, even years. It has become the so-called culture or “ethic” of WT TC in Varanasi.





Another critical matter for review is the food situation at the Varanasi WT Training Centre. Here is what is happening in the trainees’ kitchen. This too is a long-time, on-going problem,


Our trainees just get rice or gruel. (Note: gruel is just one cheap mixture of food thrown into one pot that is often given to have-nots.) If they are fortunate our trainees might get potatoes. They have to eat their gruel with hot chillies, or sometimes a small quantity of vegetables is given to trainees. Rarely are pulses and milk given. Yet in a vegetarian diet, pulses and milk are the main sources of protein. Both are missing in TC yet are critically needed in that young age. Gruel and chilis are what our young trainees are eating on a daily basis.


They are allotted around 900 calories per day: That means just getting a half-belly of food or less. The quantity is fixed. That is why those trainees fight for dry chapatis or plane rice when available.


And they have no right to complain – so says Trainer Dada. They must bear the conditions silently.





This famous “sand” lecture is given to all trainees to keep them in line.


The trainer Dada and other big Dadas tell the trainees how when they were in training then the system was to put sand in the food of trainees. That is one tall tale they tell.


Then they also lecture how when they were trainees then they would eat once a week. Plus other tall tales are told.


Then those big Dadas conclude by telling, “So you are fortunate that you are eating rice-gruel and a few potatoes. What more do you need? We are doing a lot for you. You have not come here for enjoyment. This is penance. Do not think about what we (Trainer Dadas) are eating. We passed this test long ago. That is why our kitchen is different and our food is different.”


If the trainer was a real sadvipra, he would have given the lecture of family feeling and displayed that by keeping one kitchen in TC. Then the whole atmosphere would have been very cordial and respectful. But this he did not do. So he is shirking his responsibility and providing poor and defective “leadership”. Trainer Dada is not living up to Baba’s mandate – not even close. Rather he is going against.


Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of their supervised staff in all respects.” (Six Additional WT Rules, pt #2)


Baba says, “Before sitting down for a meal, invite whatever persons are present around you and share your food with them. If they do not want to share, enquire whether they have enough food with them or not.” (Caryacarya-3, “Procedure for Eating”)


The trainer Dada must be the embodiment of AM ideals, but sadly in this case the trainer Dada totally overlooks Baba’s above teachings.


Instead the above type of lecture is given by the Trainer Dada (CTS). And when big-bellied Dadas visit, they give the same story. That is what they tell to those half-starved trainees. They give that lecture to hungry trainees after they (Trainer Dada etc) themselves just ate a full belly of delicious foods like curd, fried tasties, delicacies, & sweets at a separate royal kitchen in TC etc. And while lecturing about the greatness of being food deprived they themselves are belching due to indigestion and overeating. Is this not shameful.





Here are the real facts behind the so-called sand story:


1) This incident of putting sand in the food happened on one day for one meal. By accident some dust fell into the food. It was an open kitchen in a dusty place when the pre-storm winds were blowing. And that was at a VSS camp in the 1960’s – not WT training centre. And it was never repeated again. Indeed at the next meal at the VSS camp everyone ate very well.


2) When those big Dadas did their Wt training then they were in TC for 7 – 10 days. And the food was good. There is no comparison between the food they ate and what is served nowadays. Now trainees remain in Varanasi training centre for upwards of three to five years or longer. Over such a long period of time, many suffer from serious malnutrition and weight loss. They are emaciated and look anorexic. Tragically, that is what we see happening with our trainees.


Plus they do 4 times fast without water when on the previous day they did not get proper food. You can imagine the state of their health.


And one should not forget that according to AM ideology the trainer is the guardian of all trainees. It is his distinct responsibility to look after them. These trainees are mostly aged 17 to 20. When living in their laokik house their parents cared for them and now they are forced to live in such a pathetic situation at TC. That is painful.


Why do they stay? Love for Baba. They think that irrespective of the torture they receive they should persevere.


From now on, we will photograph and weigh each trainee when they enter into as well as when they graduate from TC. By that way we can document what is going on and keep watch on the situation.





It is a fact that even no jail in a civilised country treats their criminals the way we treat our WT trainees. No one in jail suffers from malnutrition – there are laws and regulations in place to ensure all are given proper and nutritional food. Perhaps some may refuse to eat, but that is another matter.


Hence, see the shameful and sorrowful state of our WT training centre in Varanasi.


Without food and proper nutrition, how can we expect our trainees to be able to think and study. That is one of the reasons trainees could not learn anything about AM philosophy in training centre. After all, if one is always hungry how will the brain function. Baba says this body is a biological machine it is most obvious that it needs fuel, i.e. food, in order to function properly.





This food deprivation issue is quite serious and needs to be resolved. One basic formula is that a specific and adequate amount of food must be served to each and every trainee based on their body type and medical needs.


Unfortunately, what is is given now is half of what is commonly needed to be healthy. Yet those big Dadas justify this treatment: They give misleading lectures how taking only 900 calories food, which is less than half of the daily bodily need to keep the mind alert.


The truth is that those trainees are terribly deprived of food. What to speak of being psychically or spiritually alert, due to a lack of food they fight over dry chapatis, i.e. flat bread. Such is the pathetic way our trainees are treated. They are reduced to being scavengers, totally gnawed by hunger.


Again, here our cry is not that all trainees should be fed dainties and delicacies befitting of some aristocratic diplomat. We are not insisting that trainees be served fancy sweets and tasty cakes on a daily basis etc.


The demand is that our trainees cannot live off of half a scoop of rice-gruel. That is what our fight is about. To starve our trainees is an injustice and inhumane.


Note: The only recent change is that the trainee who laboriously prepares all the special food for Trainer Dada and his guests now receives some leftovers from that meal. Whereas in the past, the trainee would carefully prepare a feast for Trainer Dada Ragamayananda and then leave empty handed with an empty belly. This is the way it was for the trainee cook for years. But of late, that has changed and now the cook eats some of those leftovers. The Trainer Dada is not so “generous” with the other trainees however as they never see even one morsel of those savory dishes.





Since some time this has been going on. Has no one ever thought about this in the past? When some wts and margiis go to visit TC they see the plight of the trainees’ kitchen and those half-starving trainees. They fell moved and complain. But the trainer replies that he has no money. So margiis donate money to arrange proper food for all the trainees for several months, but the trainer’s greed obstructs this from happening. All money goes to the trainer’s kitchen. This is the ongoing problem.





The WT trainer has his own special, private kitchen for himself and his guest avadhutas etc, while all the trainees are part of the general kitchen. The only exception being the trainee-cook who is given leftovers of what the Trainer Dada does not eat. Some days it is more and some days less.


In the royal kitchen one trainee serves as cook and he makes dainties and sumptuous dishes for the trainer and his guests etc. But all those starving trainees must eat in the general kitchen. They can smell and mentally taste what their Trainer Dada is eating, but they themselves must eat nothing but gruel. You can imagine the mental state of our poor trainees. Does this not remind you of the dharma samiiksa incident narrated above.


In the Avadhuta kitchen, they eat all kinds of dainties and delicacies with clarified butter etc. They enjoy spices, condiments, company products, as well as tasty rajasik items with lots of oil.


Our big-bellied Dadas eat rich, oily food. Our half-naked and hungry trainees serve them their delicacies. This is the painful story. Our trainees are starving and suffering from malnutrition yet those big Dadas have no qualms about eating like royalty in front of those trainees. These Dadas have the responsibility to care for their trainees – physically, mentally & spiritually – but they are shirking that responsibility. They are heartless.


The unfortunate scene is that the resident and guest avadhutas are eating like kings and have no sympathy for plight of our trainees. This is not the way to build up a brilliant AM society – nor is this the example we should project to the greater humanity.


Tragically the misery does not end here. The problems in TC are not limited to the physical sphere, i.e. soiled clothes and malnutrition. The problems run deeper than that. In the next letter more will be told.







Baba’s stories always carry a poignant meaning. His below story is quite meaningful to the above discussion.


The demon asked to the prince-


“You have suffered a great deal in my kingdom during these few days. I heartily wish that you should taste the delicious food of my kingdom tomorrow. I hope you realize that this country is famous for its fine foods.”


“The prince said, ‘Is it so?'”


“The demon answered, ‘Yes, you know little about the pleasures of eating good food in this kingdom.'”


‘Do you know what our daily menu is? We eat golden cakes fried in clarified butter, Pearl water mixed with coconut kernel, spiced Parble curry with salmon fish made of platinum and in the morning we brush our teeth with diamond powder.’


Baba furthermore writes very critically. And here the teaching of AM Ideology is embedded within the story.


“The prince asked, ‘Is there such an arrangement for everyone here?'”


“The demon said, ‘This arrangement is for us only–that is, for those who are learned, intellectual, rich, highborn and aristocratic. Those with whom you associate due to your ignorance–those poor, mean and illiterate people–where would they get such things? They neither know how to cook nor eat. They eat stale rice and scorched eggfruit and they brush their teeth with ash.”


In a planned way, the demon arranged thousands of varieties of foods from far places, in the royal feast to please the prince and enhance his (the demon’s) prestige. And the prince came to the demons palace on special invitation to attend the feast. Upon his arrival he saw the huge array of foods. The prince tasted some of them reluctantly.


Continuing this idea, Baba says:


“The prince began to taste a little of each item; but his stomach was full after tasting only some of these dishes. Thinking that over-eating was bad for his health and moreover, that as he was supposed to leave early the next morning, eating too much at night would not be good, he quickly finished his meal and got up from the table.”


Baba gives some further, great ideological teaching in this children’s story.


After finishing his food, while all around it was dark, at that time one idea came in the mind of the prince. And he thought that ‘I should go and see how the cooks are getting treated.’ The prince thought-


“‘Let me see those cooks, servants and pages who prepared such delicious dishes and served them so elegantly’, he thought. While passing by the servants’ quarters, he suddenly reached the place where the kitchen staff were eating together after the day’s hard labour. They were quite exhausted. Those who had cooked so wonderfully and served so carefully were eating only stale rice, scorched eggfruit and the sour sauce of some leaves, perhaps tamarind.”


So in the above paragraph, Baba described fully that serious disparity or injustice, exploitation is a regular phenomenon in the life of servants. What way they got treated. When the prince came to know all these things, he was feeling deep repentance for having eaten any food at the demon king’s feast.


Baba further continues,


“The prince returned to his cottage with a heavy heart. So many thoughts were running in his brain. He was thinking that he had made a great mistake to eat and drink such delicious food and drink cooked and served by those poor people. The beautiful eyes of the prince were deprived of sleep that night.”


So Baba further continues the story, that in disturbed state of mind by seeing the pitiful condition of the poor people, the prince’s heart was feeling uneasy, restless. And the prince took a vow to free the humanity.


The story follows like this below,


“He [the prince] was thinking continuously, “If I cannot free humanity from such meanness, what is the

use of my education, my intellect? My coming to this earth as a human being bears no value.”



* * *



This is the end of the excerpt from “The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea”.


In this entire section of the above story, first of all Baba has given the teaching that:


(A) The demon king was enjoying alone and bragging about his high status. That time the prince wanted to know whether the common people get to eat the food which the demon is eating, or not.


(B) In the demon king’s feast, reluctantly the prince tasted very little of some of the items/recipes.


(C) When the prince came to know that the common people or cooks are not getting the same type of food, then the prince felt extremely repentant for tasting some of the dishes of the “royal feast”.


(D) Feeling quite sad with a heavy heart, the prince took a vow to free the humanity from the exploitation of blood-sucking demons who do not provide the very food to the common public. Rather such demons enjoy tasty dishes off of the back & sweat of the labour of have-nots and others whom they (the demons) exploit.












“Jyoti-ujjval pra’n’occhal tumi priyo…” (P.S. 2229)




Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, You are the Divine Controller of this vast

universe. You are the brilliant effulgence– full of vitality & saturated

& with the love. Baba, You are my dearmost. By Your own glory You are glorified.

O’ Parama Purusa You are ever-adorable.

Baba, I do not have the strength to catch hold of You. With my little

strength and with whatever means I have, I try to catch You– but it is

impossible for me. Instead I remain engrossed in my own self– unit “I”.

This ‘unit I’ is preventing me from coming close to You. Baba, please

transform my ‘I-feeling’, make it Yours.

Baba, with my own strength I will not be able to get You. With the

thread of the spider’s net I will not be able to bind You and hold You.

Because of this, please by Your causeless grace, allow Yourself to get

held. This is my only request to You. Please keep this open for Your


Baba, in my mind & in my heart, I have deep longing for You– to have

You close. Please grant me this by Your causeless grace. Baba please

come in my shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, & dhyana and make me Yours…


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