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Although some radical fundamentalists do exist in every religion – they are comparatively few in number. Here the term radical refers to those who blindly follow negative and detrimental theories based on irrational ideas devoid of logic and reasoning. Strictly following bhagavad dharma is not radical as it is based on rationality and for universal well-being. If someone is an adherent of harmful dogmatic teachings from the religions, then surely they are radical.

Here Baba points out the defective mind-set of such persons.

“It is very difficult to persuade religious bigots to follow the path of logic because according to them even to listen to others is a sinful act. This is nothing but mere sentiment. According to some religions beef eating is forbidden but the killing of deer and goats is permissible. This is totally irrational.” (1)

Thus in this age of reasoning, most are not convinced or drawn in by religious leaders. Because when those religious leaders themselves do not follow the path of logic, then the common people just think such priests etc are outdated. For this reason the various religions are shrinking.


In comparison to a 100 years ago, religion on the whole is a much weaker force than it used to be. In the middle ages, millions were killed in the name of religion during the crusades. Today however, religion is no longer the dominating influence in peoples’ lives. Mostly it is just a namesake – i.e. something that people passively follow.

Most do not ardently adhere to the various religious rituals and mandates. People no longer base their lives on what the scriptures say. With the rise of science, people depend more on their logic and reasoning. They are no longer moved or swayed by irrational religious doctrines. Hence religion is fading away in most parts of the globe.


However, if an overtly offensive attack is launched against those religions on the sentimental plane – such as by burning their holy books etc – then there will be tremendous backlash. There will be a major uprising as waves of those followers will staunchly line up behind their religion.

“Through such religions it is next to impossible to establish unity in the society. Religious differences should be minimized as much as possible, but it should be remembered that blind faith in a religion cannot be forcibly eliminated. To strike at any type of sentiment will only cause that sentiment to grow stronger.” (2)

Why do we see – from time to time – profane language used by one religious follower to another? Because of some political gain. This has happened time and again. It has happened in the past and will recur in the future. Intelligent people should always be alert and aware of such tactics. Those not in power incite tense situations to get the power and thereby create chaos in the society. This unfortunate maneuver occurs all around the globe. When we see such incidents it means some political gain is at stake. Those not in power want to come in power by escalating the situation and creating differences.

One political party did this in the USA in 2009 & 2011 – before the upcoming elections – whereby they spoke out against Muslims to ignite the Christian fundamentalists. That political party thought that by this way the can regain their political might. And a similar event occurred in India surrounding the Babri mosque whereby Hindus clashed with Muslims to rally people and regain power. For more about these incident see the link at the bottom of this letter.

The key point here is that if we allow people to create religious conflicts by such ploys then fissiparious tendencies and divisive forces will rise and society will be torn apart. All remnants of peace will be gone.

Thus to lambaste any religion on sentimental grounds will only make matters worse. That is Baba’s pointed warning. Religious leaders can only rely on sentiment and emotion to rally their people – they cannot say “use your brain” because the religions do not adhere to rational teachings.

So if we attack their religious sentiment by insulting their holy texts then that will only invite a dogmatic resurgence of that religion. Everyone, inside and outside of Ananda Marga, must be careful about this.


Here Baba outlines what our approach must be in order to create peace and harmony in the society.

“Psychological methods will have to be employed to make people realize the irrational nature of blind religious faith. This requires a rational interpretation of philosophy through enlightened intellect. When the human mind is gripped by the fear psychology it gives indulgence to blind faith rather than logic and reason. If human fear is removed through logic and reason, the very basis for blind faith will be weakened. That is why human beings will have to be taught philosophical doctrines in a rational way.” (3)

Thus we are to generate interest in logic and reasoning within the common people. Gradually those believers will begin to use their brain and that is the most opportune time to teach them. So logic and reasoning are our faithful tools to combat religious dogmas. Resorting to insulting behaviours and / or belittling their faith will not do.

Furthermore in His teachings on neo-humanism, Baba guides us to fight against isms and dogmas with our logic & reasoning. And that logic and reasoning can only be successful if one has inherent love for all of humanity. Such persons are sadvipras. They only can wipe away dogmas and isms.

If politicians try to crush, suppress or push aside the religions then they will fail. The communists tried that scheme but they could not smother those religions. Rather such religions flourished underground.

“It should be remembered that there are certain differences in the society which should be taken into proper consideration. These differences are usually removed through natural fusion. It is not possible to eradicate them by force. When human beings come close to each other with a genuine feeling of unity, when they share the common joys and sorrows of life, those external differences gradually vanish as a matter of course. In the human society there are four main types of external differences: food, dress, language and religion.” (4)

That is why Baba encourages inter-caste, inter-race & international marriages. And indeed we see that in any metropolitan city around the globe where there is a wide representation of diverse ethnic groups living and working together, such as in New York, Sao Paulo, or London, etc such types of heated social problems are much less.

We should rally around similarities not differences. We can also encourage rational philosophical discussions as that will clear up the minds of students.


The most detrimental aspect of religion is that people stop using their brain. In any era, or country or place where religion is very dominant, people are forced to blindly follow dogmatic edicts and keep away from rational analysis. In that way, they degrade themselves to near animals.

This is not just limited to religious affairs but in all spheres of life those believers become accustomed to blindly following certain politicians and radio show hosts. A leader declares: “Vote for this candidate”, “support this proposition”, “buy this product”, and the people respond – blindly. So their habit to passively follow and obey – without using their brain or critical intellect – applies to social, political, and economic life as well. Verily that habit of not using their brain in other spheres of life is the by-product of religion.

Everyone knows that the rational intellect is the unique quality of being human yet the religions mostly force people not to use their intellect – they stifle the entire method of free inquiry and open discussion. If we gradually encourage logic and reasoning – especially with youths – then gradually the hateful religions will be a relic of the past.

That is why Ananda Marga is working hard to establish educational and neo-humanistic institutions around the globe.

The rate at which religion is fading now is staggering; it is on a big downturn. We must raise the slogan of intellectual freedom and rational thinking. Then we can get success because religion does not allow such logic and reasoning.

In contrast, if we allow impulsive and fiery preachers to burn the Koran, Bible, Torah, Giita etc, then that will only ignite the flames of religious outcry and rebellion. That will be counter-productive.



As margiis we should understand Baba’s guideline for discussing the religions.

In Ananda Marga, we appreciate healthy debates on philosophical grounds based on religious teaching and preachings. Hence we can respectfully speak about the loopholes of any of the religions in a very psychological manner. For instance in Christianity we can debate their positions on heaven, hell, and Satan etc, and with Hindus we can raise the point of idol worship etc. We can discuss why these things are right or wrong with regard to all the religions.

But these philosophical discussions must be carried out in a very respectful and dignified manner. There must not be one bit of hatred or disrespect towards any religion. On this very point Baba says in Caryacarya:

“Never attack the religious beliefs of anyone. Make the person understand gradually with logic. If you attack a person’s religious beliefs, it means you have attacked Ananda Marga.” (5)

So we do not appreciate any type of attack on one’s religious sentiments. That means no bible burning, no Koran burning, no destroying of idols, no cartoons about Mohammad, no wall writing about the religions using offensive language etc.

It is fine to politely discuss the defects of idol worship but we should not stand from afar and hurl rocks at those Hindu temples.

Debating the principles is very important, Baba says we should do that. But we must not hurt their emotional or sentimental feelings of their religion. That will only lead to social chaos and and rouse the followers behind those religions. Because at that time their rational brain is not functioning, rather their ego and emotions are dominating. That is why the problems will escalate.


The question comes: Why should we encourage philosophical debates? Because we believe in the liberation of intellect and free use of logic and reasoning. Before choosing any religion, one should use their brain as to how far it is logically meaningful.

We see in the society that when some people purchase anything they consider how they should spend their money. But when committing their entire heart and emotional feeling to a certain religion then they do not use their brain. They do not question its veracity.

For instance, Hindus believe that if you hold the tail of a cow on the bank of the Ganges in Varanasi and pay a priest 50 rupees to recite the rituals for “godana puja”, then you will go to eternal heaven and receive all kinds of luxuries and niceties.

Likewise in Catholicism, if a follower confesses their sin and gives money to the priest then their sin removed and a seat is reserved for them in heaven. And similar tactics are done in Islam and Judaism as well. Followers are led by tales and tall talks.

Such an approach is not good. Everyone should use their brain and logic and see how far it is rational to surrender to those religious beliefs and theories.

In any geographical region where education is prevalent, the grip of religious dogma is melting fast. But where people are not well educated, they are more prone to illogical beliefs, rituals and dogma. So education is very important. It should not be forgotten that even in America 14% of the population is illiterate – they cannot comprehend the newspaper. Thus we must work hard to raise the intellectual standard of all peoples in all countries – that will help promote an environment of all-round respect and cordiality.


With the rise of science, logic, and reasoning, the influence of religion is far less than it used to be. However, if anyone insults, taunts, and attacks any religion, then those blind religious followers will create an uproar. Unfortunately, some resort to desecrating and destroying religious symbols – as one religious preacher threatened & burned the Koran (Quran) etc – and that only creates more harm in society.

As in the case of all critical issues, as Ananda Margiis we should be crystal-clear about Baba’s teaching. We should know our stand – i.e. the stand of Ananda Marga. Thus if someone threatens to publicly burn the Bible or the Koran, or draws a caricature of Mohammed, or mocks Hindu idol worship etc, we should know how to respond and intervene.

Specifically, (a) what is our policy with regards to the burning of holy books from the various religions, (b) what are our weapons against such religions, and (c) on what level can we address religious claims.

To reach these answers, we must adhere to Baba’s, our Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji’s, aforementioned key guidelines about the various dogmatic religions.


Baba has graciously given us all the teachings to form a harmonious human society. We must pay heed to His guideline of not hurting anyone’s religious sentiment nor should we try and forcefully root out any dogma by methods of suppression, repression, or terror. We are all one people – brother and sisters – united in under the loving shelter of one God. Whatever differences we have must be sorted out in a respectful, safe, and diplomatic manner.

“The more human beings live in unity, shoulder to shoulder, the greater the welfare of the human race will be. Let no one try to suppress others on the basis of nationality, language, religion or anything else in any sphere of life. Let the path of full expression of human intelligence be kept open forever.” (6)

In Him,

1. Prout Nutshell – 7
2. A Few Problems Solved – 2
3. A Few Problems Solved – 2
4. Prout in a Nutshell – 7
5. CC-2, “Society”, pt #9
6. A Few Problems Solved – 3


For those who want to know more about how certain opportunists create rifts among the religions in order to gain power should read the below letter (click link.)



“Nijer chanda ha’riye phelechi toma’r chande na’cite ca’i….” (1400)


O’ Parama Purusa, by Your grace I have lost my own individual rhythm. Now I want to dance in Your Cosmic rhythm. I do not have any language, tune, or proper voice by which I can sing Your glory. So I sing Your name completely depending on Your grace.

O’ my Lord, whatever known or unknown things I had, big or small, everything I am surrendering at Your lotus feet – by Your grace. And I am doing sastaunga pranam countless times. O’ Dear Lord, please grace me.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, I did not come here on this earth with any attributions, qualities, or wealth. I came empty-handed and I will go empty-handed. I will not go back with a huge treasury. Whatever sin or negative deeds I performed, those reactive momenta should remain along with me and I am ready to suffer the consequences. But whatever good things I did, making the garland of those virtues, I offer You the mala. So I am ready to face my sin but my virtue You please take. Baba, I am offering all my virtues as a mala…

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Subject: Why We Touch Anahata Cakra + Point of Unity


This entire email is composed of 4 parts:
(1) Prabhat Samgiita #1457;
(2) Posting: Anahata Cakra & Namaskar;
(3) Posting: Group Fighting Causes & Solution #2
(3) Trailer Quote: Are We To Support This Wolfish Philosophy?

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (*).

**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****

“Áma’r jato malimtá sariye dáo prabhu ájike…” (1457)


O’ Parama Puruas, O’ my Lord, please remove all the impurities and stains from my mind; today make me pure. Due to the impurities of my mind, I can’t march ahead. I do not have any such strength of my own – only by Your grace I am moving ahead on Your path. Baba, please give me more strength and stamina to do Your work and do Your dhyana. O’ my Lord please be gracious.

O’ Parama Purusa, I have nothing to boast about; I have no quality of my own. Just I am the dust of Your feet, forever. I am Yours. Engage me in Your work the way You want. Let my life proceed the way You wish. Please grace me by using me for Your work; make me Your machine, Your instrument. Baba, please utilize me in all types of work – small or big. Utilize me in all works in various corners of the earth, sending me in various directions. O’ Divine Entity, You are the Doer of everything.

Baba, by Your grace, I have come on this earth to do Your work – to do work for You. I have come to obey Your command and follow Your order, and do per Your direction. Allow me to materialize, implement, & manifest Your every plan and program and bring all Your thoughts and ideas into form. Grace me so I may translate Your desire into reality. O’ my Lord, please grace me with Your varabhaya mudra [1] every moment. Please shower Your varabhaya mudra [1] – Your divine blessing. Baba, please be gracious on me. On my own I do not have the strength or power to execute Your tasks. O’ Parama Purusa, grant me energy me so I can spread your ideas and teachings throughout each and every nook & corner of this universe and make You pleased. Grace me with Your vara’bhaya every moment.

O’ Parama Purusa, please grace me and make me Yours…


[1] Varabhaya Mudra: (vara= blessing; abhaya= fearlessness. Both palms are open. The left hand rests on the left thigh, i.e. vara mudra’, the right hand is raised, i.e. abhaya mudra’.) This is Baba’s great blessing of fearlessness that is bound in His eternal love and endless compassion. With His varabhaya mudra, Baba graciously removes any & all fear by showering His divine love. This is His special blessing upon each and every sadhaka – upon the entire humanity.

“You have to meditate on the Guru who is dvinetra [endowed with two eyes] and dvibhuja [endowed with two hands]. In what posture is this Guru endowed with two eyes and two hands? In varábhaya mudrá [the gesture imparting fearlessness and bestowing grace]. He is your well-wisher and your benefactor.” (Yoga Psychology)

“Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji through januspharsha and varabhaya mudras, take ourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of welfare. Omn Shanti, Omn Shanti, Omn Shanti!” (Caryacarya – 1, ‘Concluding Words’)

“Suppose the Sadguru is saying something, and the deaf or dumb man wants to hear it but cannot. If one concentrates the mind on vara’bhaya mudra’, there will be the direct effect of positive microvita on the auricular or other nerve cells and also on the controlling cells, and it may be that all of a sudden he may get back the power of hearing. One should look towards these two mudras [vara & abaya] and not to anything else.” (Microvita in a Nutshell)



Two distinct topics are raise in this email.

This is the way the namaskar mudra is done in Ananda Marga:

Bring the palms together and touch the ájiṋá cakra [the mid-point of the eyebrows] with the thumbs, and then bring the hands to the anahata cakra, keeping the palms together.”

Some may wonder why we touch the anahata cakra when we do our namaskar mudra. The reason is because the anahata cakra is the nucleus of all human feeling and sentiment such as love, affection, infatuation etc. Whatever love and sentiment humans have is controlled from this cakra.

We are, by nature, sentimental beings so we are deeply moved by the pull of the anahata cakra. It is there that we feel a deep sense of connection, love, and compassion. For this reason we touch the anahata cakra when doing our namaskar mudra. And it is for this reason humans all over the globe hug and embrace one another by drawing each other near to that point.

When you have sentiment for something or someone then you want it and bring it close to your chest – as that is the nucleus of human feeling and sentiment. That is why when people come close to their cherished possessions or loved ones, they reach out with both hands and draw them close to their anahata cakra. And when one receives a very special gift then they draw it in to that point. They do not hold it by their elbow, knee, or toe, rather it is brought to their anahata cakra.

Any sincere sadhaka can easily feel vibration in their anahata cakra during certain emotional occasions. That is not the vibration of the physical heart but rather of their anahata cakra. The anahata cakra is the controlling point of all human sentiment. That is why after touching the mind (ajina cakra) we touch the home of human sentiment (anahata cakra) when we do namaskar.

Those not aware about the anahata cakra mistakenly think that the physical human heart is the home of all feeling and sentiment. Or they think their emotional center is the physical heart because when they are nervous or excited their heart starts beating faster etc. Such is the confusion some have.

But that heart organ is merely a pump. That is all. It is not the home of human sentiment; just as the gallbladder is not the home of human sentiment. The main reason why people the think that physical human heart is so special is because of its close proximity to the anahata cakra.

So it is the anahata cakra that is so unique and reflects our emotional and sentimental being. The physical heart has no such capacity. It is merely a pump. The proof is that when patients get a heart transplant their emotional and sentimental nature remains as is – they do not also receive an entirely new emotional state when they receive that new heart. Just they get a pump. It is because their anahata cakra is the home of their sentiment, that is why their emotional quality remains the same.

Here are more of Baba’s teachings on this unique topic:

“Now, suppose certain sub-glands in the elder man’s chest around the anáhata cakra are activated. Then, instead of arguing, his response will become calmer, and not so serious and grave. He will become quieter and not so irritated. In this case, in the attached nerve cells and nerve fibres, certain changes will have been brought about in the glands and sub-glands of the chest portion of the body. By properly activating the controlling point of a human sentiment, the response has changed.” (1)

In the below quote the term “heart” means anahata cakra.

“The human heart is the abode of higher psychic propensities. The feeling of pain, pleasure, devotion and bliss have a deep impact on the heart. When human beings remained engrossed in crude sensual pleasure they are deprived of spiritual bliss, but the moment they start imbibing cosmic ideation, the cosmic sentiment grows stronger in their hearts. Thereafter, the more they ideate on Iśt́a and superimpose cosmic ideation on every action and thought, the more the devotional sentiment is strengthened. At this stage the sádhakas feel the existence of Parama Puruśa deep in their hearts and pervading throughout the entire world. In consequence a deep dharmamegha is created around the anáhata cakra, bringing intense bliss to the sadhaka’s mind.” (2)

In the below quote the term “heart” means anahata cakra.

“The subtlest, the most delicate, portion of the human mind is the controlling point of human cordiality. When the human mind is focused on that particular point, it starts to experience the Krśńaliilá [Krśńa’s pastimes with His devotees]. The human heart, which is Vrindavana, is the nucleus of all the warmth and sweetness of the human mind. Human beings are always eager to rush towards the mohanatattva [supreme attractive force] which lies covert in the inner Vrindavana. Parama Puruśa also enhances the degree of spiritual attraction and increases the jiivas’ desire to rush towards Him. Due to this intense spiritual attraction the mind refuses to entertain any other psychic object. One may try in vain to persuade the mind to desist from thinking of Krśńa, but even then the mind will think of Krśńa and nothing else. Human beings at that stage lose their ordinary propensities and cling to their spiritual object alone. Thus microcosmic bearing is turned into Macrocosmic bearing.” (3)

“What is our style of extending goodwill? We say, Namaskár. That is, “I pay respect to the Supreme Entity residing within you.” You should remember this. “I concentrate all the good feelings of my mind here in the trikut́i [between the eyebrows].” In your mind there are so many propensities. Propensities are called vrtti in Sanskrit. So there are so many vrttis, so many propensities, in your mind…”
“You should concentrate all your thoughts at a particular point, here – that is, with all the strength and goodwill of your mind you are doing this – you are touching these two palms here [trikut́i]. That is, you are concentrating all your goodwill here, because you are paying respect to Parama Puruśa residing within this body; this body; this body; this body [pointing to different people]. First do this.”
“And not only mental concentration, you are human beings, you have got so many sentiments also. Human sentiment, you know? When you feel much joy you burst into tears, when much sorrow you burst into tears. These are sentiments. And human beings are guided by sentiment, more by sentiment than by logic, you must not forget it – more by sentiment than by logic. So your sentiment is also there, so with all the concentration of your mind and with all the sweetness of your sentiment, from the very core of your heart, you are paying respect to Parama Puruśa residing within human structure. So you do this [palms together at mid-point of chest], and say, Namaskár.” (4)


Here are two points of clarification. The anahata cakra is not only related with those doing sadhana, rather everyone experiences feelings and vibration at their anahata cakra. That is the nucleus of all human feelings and sentiment. Secondly, the anahata cakra is not the “yogic heart”. Some in publications have labeled it as such and included this phrase, “yogic heart”, in the glossary of our books when defining the anahata cakra. But this is incorrect and none should adopt this phrase to describe the anahata cakra. Furthermore, this cakra is not limited to yogis per se, rather everyone feels this cakra, even those who have nothing to do with yoga. So that is another reason why the phrase “yogic heart” is a wrong and incorrect reference for the anahata cakra.


Unfortunately, the description about namaskar published in Carycarya is incomplete. It fails to describe how the palms should be brought to the anahata cakra to conclude the salutation. See here below.

“Namaskára: Namaskára is done by bringing the palms together and touching the ájiṋá cakra [the mid-point of the eyebrows] with the thumbs, without bowing. It can be done to all regardless of their age, because this mode of salutation is used with the ideation that everyone is the manifestation of the Supreme Being.” (5)

Everyone should correct this in their book.

in Him,

1. Yoga Psychology, The Human Body Is a Biological Machine
2. Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell – 5, Dharmamegha Samadhi
3. Namami Krsnasundaram, Appendix
4. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 30
5. Caryacarya, Part 1, Methods of Salutation

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.



In His discourse titled Social Psychology, Baba has enlisted several requisite factors for attaining unity. The first letter in this series examined the point of common ideal. This letter brings forth another point of unity: economic justice. Without economic justice there cannot be unity. Here following is Baba’s guideline.

“In Ananda Marga, even in the economic field, there is a common ideal, as the whole property of the earth is common property and is to be shared by all members of the society. This is instilled in every member by reciting the following shloka [couplet] at the commencement of every function held by the members of Ananda Marga:
Samgacchadhvam samvadadhvam…
Let us share our wealth without differentiation, like sages of the past, so that all may enjoy the universe.

Love for all – the ideal of the whole of humanity being one family, utilizing all the property of the world as one unit.” (1)

Comment: Baba clearly delineates that there must be economic justice based on the ideal that all the moveable and immoveable property of this universe is to be shared rationally amongst His children.
Unfortunately, this is present nowadays in our Wt Cadre. We have some Wts who are rich, and some who are poor – whose minimum requirements are not fulfilled. Those workers with wealth are given respect due to their high economic status, and some are mistreated because they lack economic means.
If one has money they will get organisational post and power; and without money one will be humiliated, forgotten, and overlooked.
In such an environment of “haves” and “have nots”, it is not at all possible to achieve unity. Rather it is far, far out of reach. So economic inequality is a critical cause of disunity which we see prevalent in our Marga nowadays. The problem runs deep and exists on many levels.
Hence this point of economic justice is a key point that needs to be inculcated for achieving unity.

“Suppose you have gathered sufficient money, and there is no dearth of food in your house, but the remaining portion of society, your neighbours, your friends, are suffering from a dearth of money, or food, or clothes. Then it means that you are not following the spirit of “samgacchadhvam”.” (2)

In His Social Psychology discourse, Baba presents a comprehensive list of factors for gaining unity. The first letter in this series address the point of a common ideal and this letter outlined the need for economic justice. And there are many more factors.
As His disciple, it is our duty and responsibility to critically understand how to bring unity and implement as well, by His grace.
in Him,

1. A Few Problems Solved- 7 – Social Psychology
2. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3



The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Are We To Support This Wolfish Philosophy?

This is a classic example. Here below Baba points out how the rich cannot understand the problems of the poor. Those wealthy persons have a very small mind – sunk in greed and always hungry for more.

Right now, heated talks are going on in the US about increasing minimum wage. The amount low-end workers currently earn is paltry – only $7.25 per hour. Obama’s proposed increase is to $9, which is still quite low. No one can live on such wages. You cannot have a small house, get medical care, and raise children on such a wage. It is impossible.

But certain politicians – who support wealthy capitalists – remain unmoved and have no empathy. Rather they are shocked about a potential increase in wages. Meanwhile, CEO’s and top executives earn thousands of times more than that each hour.

Here is the point of view of Prout philosophy followed by excerpts from news articles about the heated exchange in Washington and this critical issue.

Prout philosophy says, “What a dangerous outlook! What a rosy philosophy of capitalism! God save humanity from such perverted philosophy. Man’s desire for worldly pleasure does not cease until he finds a really great ideal. His hunger is insatiable. The wolf in him seems to say over and over again, “I am hungry, I am hungry.” His mouth is agape all the time and the fools of the earth, resigned to their belief in predestination, are swallowed by it. These wolves eat up their flesh and blood and cast away their insipid bones. Are we to support this wolfish philosophy? The dirty-clothed laborers, their faces lined with hard labor and fatigue, are not human beings in the eyes of those who have Mammon by their side. The characteristic of a vested interest is that it has no other thought but itself. The selfish man is the eater, the others are his food. His needs are never-ending. Out of his salary the poor man has to pay his house rent, support his family, educate his children, provide milk for his baby, marry his daughters. Are those necessities only for the people of the upper classes? Are these not the minimum necessities of life? Yes, but these thoughts of the poor are no concern of the rich! Such thinking involves some sacrifice, does it not? From where would objects of luxury for the rich come, if hunger were not the hard task-master of the poor? Let the daughters of the poor collect cow-dung forever and their sons be slaves in the households of the rich. What a fine arrangement! The high hopes of the poor?–pooh! pooh!! Aren’t they all moonshine?”
“No two things in the world are alike. So I do not suggest recasting everything into one mold. Still, for humanism and justice, equitable distribution of the resources of the universe is indispensable; co-ownership of the world’s resources is the birthright of every individual. Even a small attempt at depriving someone of this right is gross selfishness. Except when a special favor becomes necessary to give certain individuals impetus and inspiration, all persons must be given equal rights and opportunities in all spheres. Every individual must have equal rights regarding food, clothing, housing, medical aid and education — those things that are absolutely necessary for existence.” (Human Society, Social Justice)

Here are excerpts from the NY Daily News article of Wed 13 Feb 2013 about the proposed wage increase.

John Boehner shoots down Obama’s minimum wage hike proposal

The House Speaker won’t support Obama plan to raise minimum wage to $9 an hour.

House Speaker John Boehner was unimpressed with Obama plan to raise minimum wage to $9 per hour.

John Boehner done negotiating with Obama: ‘It’s my rear end that got burnt’

House Speaker John Boehner shot down President Obama’s State of the Union proposal for a minimum wage increase on Wednesday. (1)

Finally, here is an updated version of the above cited section from the chapter Social Justice. Following is how it appears in The Electronic Edition of Baba’a books 7.5.

“It is a characteristic of vested interests that they never bother to think of anyone except themselves. They must eat and the rest of humanity only exists to be eaten. They want increasingly more objects for their gratification. Those who earn three thousand rupees a month think that this is an extremely meagre amount, but they never stop to consider the needs of those who earn a negligible thirty rupees a month.(4) A poor man has to pay his rent, maintain his family, educate his children, buy milk for his babies, and save something to put towards the cost of his daughter’s marriage, all out of thirty rupees. Are these needs only applicable to the upper stratum of society? Are they not the minimum necessities of life? Rich people do not want to consider the needs of the poor, because if they do they will have to make some sacrifices. Where will their luxuries and comforts come from if hunger does not burn the bellies of the poor? Is it not a fine idea if the daughters of the poor go on collecting cow dung forever, and their sons work like slaves in the houses of the rich for generations together? Is this not a fine arrangement? As for the high hopes of the poor, aren’t they ridiculous? Aren’t they out of touch with reality?”
“No two things in this world are identical, so I am not suggesting that everything should be recast in the same mould. However, for the sake of humanism, for the sake of social justice, equitable distribution of all the wealth of the universe is indispensable, and co-ownership of the world’s resources is the birthright of every individual. Even the slightest attempt to deprive anyone of this right amounts to gross selfishness. As long as certain difficulties, both great and small, exist in the practical world, however, it will not be possible to grant perfectly equal opportunities to everybody in all instances. Apart from this, all people should be granted equal rights and opportunities, except where it is necessary to inspire some people to undertake activities which will directly benefit society, or as a temporary reward for their distinguished contribution to society. In addition, every individual must have equal rights concerning things such as food, clothing, housing, education and medical care, which are absolutely essential for existence.” (Human Society – Social Justice)

(1) Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/boehner-shoots-minimum-wage-hike-article-1.1263163#ixzz2KtFaMFXW

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From: “Vidyasagar.Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Easy But Some Cannot Get It
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 22:19:53



It is quite clear that Baba’s book – Problems of the Day – addresses many points across the entire gamut of Ananda Marga social philosophy. Yet sometimes this is misunderstood by some.

For instance, some years ago, one respected Dadaji publicly wrote: “the book [Problems of the Day] is focused on just one major problem – capitalism.”

Thus Dadaji claimed that the Problems of the Day book is dealing with just one problem. However, we know that this is simply not true. Problems of the Day examines a wide breadth of social issues. And I think that Dada came to understand this fact.

More recently, one “author” misrepresented Problems of the Day. Throughout his own publication, which was proof-read countless times, this person refers to the book as Problem of the Day – i.e. in singular form, not Problems of the Day. Indeed, he titled chapter 17 of his book, “Problem of the Day” and throughout that 9-page chapter refers to it over and over again on every page as Problem of the Day. Why Devashish (Deva’shiis’a / Devashish / Devashiisa) did like this in his book, The Jamalpur Years (2010), one can only surmise.

Suffice to say here that we should always present “Problems of the Day” to others in a way where they can understand that in this small booklet, Baba has graciously addressed all the major problems plaguing humanity. In seed form, He has addressed everything.

That much should always be conveyed to others – it will generate interest and curiosity – and people will be inclined to learn more. In this manner we can propagate Prout.

So everyone should be perfectly clear that Problems of the Day is not about one issue, rather all of them. Where this has been misrepresented in formal publications it should be corrected.


One of the best ways to get an overview of Baba’s teachings on Prout is to read these three short discourses:
(1) Discourses on Prout (initially titled “A Discussion”)
(2) Talks on Prout
(3) Problems of the Day

Each of the above three discourses has been published as a single chapter in the Prout in a Nutshell book series.


Baba inaugurated the Renaissance Universal movement in Shrii Aniruddha Prasad Singh’s house (Trimohan, Bhagalpur) on 26 January 1958 by delivering the famed discourse that was printed in book form as “Problems of the Day”.

So Problems of the Day was given even before “Idea and Ideology”, and just after Baba delivered Tattvika Praveshika. In those early days, Baba had yet to put forth His teaching on social philosophy, so those margiis were unaware about those critical issues.

Today, we see Prout as a vast body of literature which contains around 200 discourses published in 21 volumes and related books. Now we know well that Baba’s Proutistic teachings cover every nook and corner of human experience. Prout is vast in scope and its entirety falls within the realm of the social philosophy of Ananda Marga.

But during those early days when Baba started Ananda Marga Pracarak Samgha, there was not so much written about our social philosophy. So margiis were not aware about Baba’s social viewpoints and perspectives. So it was essential to put forth a brief yet comprehensive overview of Ananda Marga’s social platform, i.e. the ideals and stand of Prout. And that is exactly what Baba did in this very discourse which HE delivered in Bhagalpur on 26 January 1958.

The ‘Problems of the Day’ discourse contains 37 points. All those points are independent issues. And these are not ordinary issues – they are burning issues. The whole globe is suffering from these problems. Baba, being the Taraka Brahma, even addressed points in 1958 that were not dire issues in those days, but were to become critical topics in the years to come. So with perfect knowledge and perfect foresight, Baba told everything on that occasion.

This relatively short discourse gives a pointed and dynamic overview of nearly every Proutistic teaching – in seed form. Those aware about Prout philosophy and the Problems of the Day book cannot deny this fact.


Here are some critical examples what subjects have been addressed in this single discourse, Problems of the Day.

– Cosmic Fraternity and Ownership of Property vs Communism and Capitalism;
– Communism and Gandhism are not the Answer of Capitalism;
– Communistic approach of Accusing Capitalism is Negative;
– Policy of Distribution of Wealth vs. Capitalism and Communism;
– Spiritual Motivation vs. Communism and Capitalism;

The points do not end here. There are many more issues which Baba has addressed in this book, Problems of the Day:

– Issue of Casteism;
– Policy of Decentralization of Economy;
– Policy of Small and Large Scale Industry vs. Gandhism;
– Public Welfare, Mechanization, and Unemployment;
– Trade Union movement / Communism / Political leaders;


Here are some more points which Baba has addressed in Problems of the Day:

– Policy of Cooperative Movement;
– Policy of Industry and Trade vs Capitalism and Communism;
– Women’s Rights;
– Dowry Problem;
– Establishment of World Peace;

And still here are other issues from Baba’s Problems of the Day discourse:

– World Citizenship;
– Policy of Forgiveness;
– Geo, Socio, Communal & Religious sentiment, Casteism and Universalism;
– Issue of World Government;
– World Language Issue;


Also in the Problems of the Day discourse there are these points:

– World Script Issue;
– Problem of Imposing World Dress;
– Human Culture and Revolutionary Marriages;
– Population Management Issue and Birth Control;
– Control of Science & Laboratory Babes;

Here are some more points which Baba has addressed in Problems of the Day:

– Issue of Unity and Party Politics;
– Social Service and Party Politics and Universalism;
– Importance of Spirituality in Politics / Failure of Communism;
– Party politics and Communism & Capitalism;
– Classless Society and Communism;
– Issue of Education and Party Politics;


And finally here are other issues from Baba’s Problems of the Day discourse:

– World Government / Social service / Sadvipra leadership;
– Failure of Democracy & Election Reforms; Education Policy & Universalism;
– Social Cycle and Sadvipra Leadership;
– Social Dynamics, Revolution and Counter-Revolution;
– Ananda Marga ideology is the Only Solution;
– Materialism (Capitalism and Communism) / Sadvipra Leadership / Human society is One and Indivisible / Samgacchadhvam Mantra.

And so many more points have been addressed in this Problems of the Day (POD) book. If any sincere margii will take efforts to read carefully they may find more issues as well.


So in this Problems of the Day discourse, Baba has given one special, comprehensive vision in a compact format. That’s to say Baba has given the points in very small, form – smaller than mustard seeds yet those issues and solutions into gigantic banyan trees. So this single discourse gives pointed solutions to so many problems.



These points are very significant and of critical importance. For quick reference, this Problems of the Day discourse alone is enough for
general philosophical knowledge of the vast PROUT philosophy. With the help of this book those early margiis began their socio-political
awareness of Ananda Marga ideals and developed an understanding of the key concepts of Prout.

As we know Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji Baba has given Prout as a part of Ananda Marga philosophy, which is why the essentials of Prout stand in the 5th chapter of Ananda Sutram.

Baba has systematically addressed all the problems causing huge catastrophes and creating serious impediments to the formation of one human society. The whole globe is suffering and burning in these various problems. And Baba has given all those solutions.

Until these things are followed, the crisis is not going to finish. Rather it will escalate. So in conclusion we can say that this Problems of the Day discourse is basic and fundamental, yet dynamic and complex.


Because the fact is that in this Problems of the Day discourse, Baba has given the solution to all the burning socio-economico-politico issues. Since then Baba has given one or more discourses and elaborated further upon all these points and given a more detailed solution. Yet, the foundation was all put forth on that occasion when He delivered, “Problems of th Day.”

The ideas Baba has expressed in His Problems of the Day lecture have been magnified in various discourses which are available in
Prout volumes.

Although Problems of the Day is one discourse, or just one booklet or book, whatever we may call it; but its existence is very meaningful. It is like a map which is small in size but represents a vast area. That is the way this Problems of the Day discourse works.


Those who want to gain a basic understanding of Prout philosophy in seed form should read “Problems of the Day” – again and again. This book touches all the points and hence is an ideal publication to recommend to sympathizers and new persons. By this way they will easily understand our socio-economico-politico stand.


“There cannot be any complex in the spiritual level or existential sphere. In spirituality there is no complex because every person has contact with Parama Puruśa on a purely personal level. There is no third existence between them. There are only two – the spiritualist and the Parama Pitá [Cosmic Father]. Spiritualists move towards the Cosmic Father and sit on His lap. To do this is every one’s birthright. Nobody can be debarred from doing so on the pretext of inferior caste, colour, education or poverty. Since this is everyone’s birthright there cannot be any complex in the arena of spirituality. The defective social order injects an inferiority complex in the mind which often persists even when people enter the spiritual field. They feel that as the Cosmic Father is so great, how can they, being of low caste or poor or uneducated, go to Him? This is called mahimnabodha in the shástras [scriptures]. But one should not forget that the relation of father and child exists. Even if the father is a great scholar, the uneducated child will go to him and ask for whatever he requires because he or she has affection for the father. Just now I said that in the field of spirituality there cannot be any complex, but there are complexes due to social defects. It is our spiritual duty to rectify the social order. If we fail, there may not be good spiritualists. Even those who have the potentiality to become good spiritualists may not progress. They may be like a flower that dies before it blossoms.
I cannot allow this to happen. For this reason the theory of Prout has been given so that every person can progress speedily in the field of spirituality without any complex.” (1)


“Suppose you have gathered sufficient money, and there is no dearth of food in your house, but the remaining portion of society, your neighbours, your friends, are suffering from a dearth of money, or food, or clothes. Then it means that you are not following the spirit of “samgacchadhvam”. “Samgacchadhvam” means to build a strong, well-knit society where there shall be no exploitation, no superiority complex or inferiority complex. Just to represent the spirit of “samgacchadhvam”, I propounded the theory of PROUT. So the entire theory of PROUT stands upon this Vaedika sermon of “samgacchadhvam”.” (2)


“Just see the case of air, light, water, respirations and everything. The need for these things is the same for all individuals. There have been no differentiations. These differentiations that we see in society are creations of vested interests, creations of depraved persons, of degenerated, immoral people. So you should not support these actional defects of immoral persons. You should follow the divine vibrational system, that is, you must not try to find any differentiations among individuals. “Devábhágam yathápúrve saḿjánáná upásate.” It is the wont of divine expressions that there be no differentiations, no class of exploiters and exploited. That is, this wont of not creating any differentiations was not only their duty, it was their upásaná, the desideratum of their existential march.” (3)


““Samáni va ákuti”. When everything cometh from the same source, from the same Progenitor, and when finally everything goeth back to the same desideratum, there must be the same aspirations, the same longing, in the heart of each and every individual. But due to the depraving actions of immoral people, those exploited, those downtrodden people are forced to forget their goal. They are drifted away from the desideratum of their life. This should not be done. Everybody should get the chance to develop their natural longings for Him.
“Samánáhrdayánivah”. When everything comes from the same Progenitor and moves along the same path towards the supreme culminating point, then should there be any cordial difference between man and man? No, there must not be. Everybody should be given the scope, or circumstances should be created, such that nobody gets the scope to feel that their future is sealed forever, is blocked. So let everybody feel that everybody in this expressed universe belongs to the same big human family. “Ek caoká, ek culhá, ek hyay mánav samáj”.” (4)


““Samánamastu vo mano.” All microcosms come from the same Macrocosm, and finally, all microcosms will become one with the same Singular Macrocosm. So, while they are in society, while they are in the phenomenal world, they should remember this Supreme truth: that actually they are one, one Entity expressing itself through so many different corporeal structures. And when this is done – and it is not at all a difficult job to do it – then what will it be? It will be a society in the proper spirit of the term. And this is the loftiest, it is the highest mission of all human beings. Those who do not recognize this fact, or those who want to forget this fact, are actually enemies of human society. Those who support casteism, racialism, provincialism, parochialism, nationalism, even internationalism, are enemies of the big human society. Human society is, rather should be, based on only one ism, and that ism is universalism.” (5)

in Him


PROUT: Progressive Utilization Theory; Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s socio-economic theory for the all-round development of society. Proutists are adherents of PROUT. To His bhaktas, Shrii P.R. Sarkar is known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji, or simply Baba.


1. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 5, The Social Order and Superiority and Inferiority Complexes
2. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3, Saḿgacchadhvaḿ
3. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3, Saḿgacchadhvaḿ
4. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3, Saḿgacchadhvaḿ
5. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3, Saḿgacchadhvaḿ

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Subject: Proof of Outrightly Disobeying Baba
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 10:22:45 +0530




As we all know, Ba’ba’ has given the system of observing Vijaya Dashamii as part of Sháradotsava from Śaśt́hii to Dashamii in Carya’carya. And we are to follow His social code.

Baba says, “In a word, Ananda Marga’s social code fulfils all the conditions of an ideal social code – it is universal, rational and psychological. It is eminently suited to the development of a dynamic social structure in this rapidly-changing world. As it has been formulated in conformity with the physical, psychic and social needs of human beings, people from all walks of life fully support it and are enthusiastically engaged in its implementation.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell – 4)

The social code of Ananda Marga is ideal in all respects and, every Ananda Margii knows that Caryacarya is our social treatise. As stated above, in Caryacarya it is given that we are to observe and celebrate (a) Children’s Day (Śaśt́hii), (b) Public Day (Saptamii), (c) Fine Arts Day (Aśt́amii), (d) Music Day (Navamii), and (e) Victory Day (Dashamii) or Vijayotsava. These are our Ananda Marga festivals as given by Baba as part of Sháradotsava. (Reference Caryacarya Part 1, Social Functions and Festivals)

And this year (2012), these five days of festival arrived on 20 Oct to 24th October.

Unfortunately, instead of observing the A’nanda Festivals related with Sháradotsava, from Śaśt́hii to Vijaya Dashamii, from 20th Oct to 24th Oct, some persons observed the dogmatic function of so-called mahaprayan in Tiljala from 21st to 24th October. And on the 20th they either prepared for so-called mahaprayan observances or they used it as a travel day get to Tiljala etc. In so doing, they went against Sadguru’s instruction of celebrating the five festival dates of Sháradotsava.

Ba’ba’ taught us to follow – Mantramu’lam Gururva’kyam – but some of our brothers & sisters are going against His instruction. Really it is quite regrettable.



If we follow Ba’ba’s instructions there won’t be differences among us.

Third Front / EC joined Kalikata administration after Kinshuk da’da’ was made PP. Some had the hope that by this approach there would be a way of unifying other factions. But “unifying” various groups around a particular agenda is not unity. That never works.

The key point is that we have to bring ideological unity by following His instructions / guidelines given in black & white – not by following any groupist agenda like so-called mahaprayan. We are to abide by all His instructions.

Thus no one should fall prey to observing the dogmatic occasion of so-called mahaprayan. After all, so-called mahaprayan was prescribed by a few human beings, i.e. avadhu’tas / purodhas; whereas Vijaya Dashamii and the 5 festival dates of Sháradotsava was given by Mahasambhuti Baba Himself. On this ideological issue, I condemn the Kolkata faction.

I request one & all of our brothers / sisters to observe the festivals given in Carya’carya by Beloved Ba’ba’ & discard / reject the so-called commemoration invented by human beings like the members of the then central committee in the year 1990/91. Kindly scrap that appendix – “Mahaprayan Divas” – from Carya’carya without ifs & buts.

The solution is to follow Baba including His given festival dates, not the dogmatic programs like so-called mahaprayan invented by human beings.


Those who have devotion towards Guru will follow Him; they will do what He says. When our Ananda Marga festival of Victory Day, Vijaya Otsava (Dashamii) – and the other dates of Sháradotsava from Śaśt́hii to Dashamii – occurs during the same time as so-called mahaprayan, then one has to choose to either follow Guru or some obsolete groupists. Either one has to follow the dharma of Ananda Marga or the dogma of one group. True bhaktas will surely follow Baba and His eternal dharma.

And indeed, this issue will come up year after year as Vijaya Otsava (Dashamii) and the so-called mahaprayan program are going to coincide again and again. And not only Vijaya Otsava, but Diipavali too. On some years, the so-called mahaprayan program coincides with Baba’s given celebration of Diipavali. So that is another key point.

Those who follow the real teachings of Ananda Marga will celebrate Vijaya Otsava & Diipavali whereas those who blindly cling to the skeletons of dogma will fall in the mahaprayan category. Obviously, best is to follow Guru and His shining ideals and that is what most in Ananda Marga are doing.

All bhaktas will always follow Baba and celebrate His given festivals like Vijaya Dashamii & Diipavali.


I close this letter with these guidelines from Sadguru Baba:

[A] Baba says, “Ananda Marga wants to build up an ideal society such as this [moral society]. There should be a congenial environment where people will get the opportunity to enhance their physical, psychic and spiritual progress, and advance rhythmically and in unison towards Parama Puruśa. Hence, Ananda Marga has formulated a social treatise for the establishment of a congenial social structure.” (Prout Nutshell – 16)

[B] “Collective social functions. Many social problems arise due to lack of magnanimity, such as not properly understanding or respecting the views of others. This not only keeps people apart, but also makes them hostile to each other. People come together in different festivals and social functions which foster mutual bonds of unity. When they participate in such activities and remain engaged in the same type of collective action, they develop the feeling of temporary affinity. Ananda Marga encourages these types of social functions. Collective bathing and collective meditation on special occasions are as good as common social functions.” (Tattva Kaomudii – 2)

[C] Baba says, “In a word, Ananda Marga’s social code fulfills all the conditions of an ideal social code – it is universal, rational and psychological. It is eminently suited to the development of a dynamic social structure in this rapidly-changing world. As it has been formulated in conformity with the physical, psychic and social needs of human beings, people from all walks of life fully support it and are enthusiastically engaged in its implementation.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in A Nutshell – 4)

[D] Baba says, “Caryacarya contains the guidelines for how an individual can best contribute his efforts to the collective momentum. It also provides guidelines for how the collective body shall foster each individual’s physical and psychic welfare.” (Prout Nutshell – 18, Talks on Education – Excerpt A)


Sincere margiis adhere to the code of Caryacarya where it says to follow Vijaya Dashamii as part of Sháradotsava from Śaśt́hii to Dashamii (20 Oct to 24 Oct 2012), not the so-called mahaprayan program invented by human beings. We should follow vijaya dahasamii given by Mahasambhuti. Those supporting so-called mahaprayan should think again: Why are you going against Baba? He is the Guru of all in Ananda Marga and all should follow His guideline.

My personal feeling is that those attending so-called mahaprayan divas have pure intentions; but, even then, according to the laws of prakrti, they will have to face the consequences for their wrongful action. Idol worshipers get turned into stone for adhering to their dogma; similarly, those supporting so-called mahaprayan will face reactions as well. Remember, disobeying Guru is abominable; we all should be vigilant to follow Him.

“We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we allow others to do so.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Shiva’s Teachings – 2: Disc 14)

Brotherly yours


PS Intro: In this following song the devotee is talking to Baba, and in the second stanza the bhakta is indirectly referring to himself.

“Jeo na’, shon’o katha, bojha vytha’, abujha hoyo na’…” (PS 660)


Baba, please be gracious, please do not leave me all alone, please do not go far away; please keep me in Your shelter. Baba, please listen to the tale of my aching heart; please understand my pain and suffering – because of my deep longing for You. Baba, I beg You not to remain aloof about my yearning and crying for You. Baba, You have graced me and have made the flower of devotion blossom in my heart. And these flowers are solely for making one beautiful garland for You – ultimately surrendering them at Your lotus feet. Baba, please do not mercilessly crush those flowers. Baba, please be gracious.

Baba, with Your infinite compassion, please keep me close. Please do not permanently forget about that person who is under Your shelter day and night. Baba, it seems You have removed him from Your memory. Baba, please recall how in the past You loved him deeply up to his heart’s content. That time You saturated his mind with bliss and filled his eyes with Your loving gaze. You were so gracious those days. Baba, You know that very person was with You in each and every rhythm of the song, he was also with You in all kinds of works – always remaining by Your side. Baba, please do not forget him.

Baba, by Your grace I never forget this eternal truth that You are everything. You are the effulgence of the day as well as the darkness of the night. Baba, in this life of mine I have loved only You. Baba, You are the heart of my heart. Please shower Your divine grace on me day and night, incessantly. Baba, even if You always remain forgetful of me, that I can tolerate. Only I ask one thing of You. Baba, please do not push me away from Your holy, lotus feet.

Baba, You are my closest & dearest One. You are my everything. Baba, please keep me in Your shelter…

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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 22:25:41 -0500
From: Jitendra Deva
Subject: Think on This
To: am-global@earthlink.net



Baba says, “You are social beings. One cannot live in isolation. When
you feel thirsty, you can’t manufacture a spade, dig a well, and draw
water yourself. One person will make a spade, another will add the
wooden handle, and another will dig the well — this is how we work
collectively. This is the way for human beings to live. In all spheres
of human existence, in the aesthetic sphere as well, humanity should live
collectively. You should live in unison. You should vibrate together to
the same music. You should move in a common psychic flow. You should fight
collectively against your common enemies. Unitedly you should face all
problems, mundane and supra-mundane. In a word, you must reflect the
spirit of harmonious collective living in conformity with the spirit
of the Vedic mantra Sam’gacchadhvam’ sam’vadadhvam.” (5 April 1981)

Baba’s above teaching is the special guideline for arousing
social conscious– which is lacking these days in the society. It is also
commonly known that some top dadas have gone far off from this
above Baba’s teaching.


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Date: 29 Apr 2012, 19:43:45

From: “Shivadayal Deva” 

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines



~ Part 2 ~

Note: This series of letters, “A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines”, has four parts. Each part, presented by a different margii, offers complementary ways and descriptions for celebrating Ananda Purnima. Together, these letters paint a picture for how to commemorate this grand festival. We wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions as well. – AM-GLOBAL Moderators

Revered Baba has lovingly instilled within us all a vision for how to move ahead in life and He has graciously blessed us with the divine feeling of devotion, or bhakti. And indeed in each and every sphere of existence – whether physical, psychic, or spiritual– He has paved the way for humanity’s growth, generation, and enlightenment. Thus the divine and holy
advent of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the most significant event this earth has ever seen. Naturally then the blessed day of Ananda Purnima is recognised as the greatest and most celebrated of all our AM social functions.

Here following are further suggestions and ways to celebrate this divine day.

As we all know, this year Ananda Purnima falls on 6 May.


Unlike centralised events like DMS etc, the occasion of Ananda Purnima is meant to be joyfully celebrated in each and every unit. It is a local function for one and all. Thus every unit is highly encouraged to host their own Ananda Purnima celebration. And, sure enough, many ideal units do everything – more than a full day program. Thus margiis and sympathizers
often arrive the evening before for initial programs and presentations and then continue the next day of Ananda Purnima with a special paincajanya and celebrate the whole day through with a varied array of activities and programs, culminating and concluding late that evening. Here the main point being that, to one or another degree, blissful Ananda Purnima programs should take place locally in each and every unit– this is Baba’s prescribed system. And more about this idea is also appended as note 2 at the end of this letter.


As everyone may remember, Baba has beautifully given the system of making extended Prabhat Samgiita programs whereby gathered margiis to sing the blissful song: Several compositions of Prabhat Samgiita. Just like we often have our long akhanda kiirtan programs of 3, 6, or 12 hours – in the same way these programs of Prabhat Samgiita can also take place.

Many may recall how Baba used to sit on the dais and call for the beginning of Prabhat Samgiita programs for the grand celebration of our Ananda Purnima social function. And it would proceed step by step where first one purport was read out by a selected margii and then the singing of that same song would begin and small young children of 8 or 9 years of age would dance to that song. And then as soon as that song was completed then another would begin with the reading of the purport followed by the singing and dance performance of that very song. And in this grand fashion several songs were linked together – all the while maintaining a nicely formatted sequence where the first song celebrated Baba’s holy advent and then the next song depicts His divine blessings etc. And by that way several songs are linked together creating one panoramic, devotional picture.


Plus Ananda Purnima is a wonderful opportunity to bring forth one and all in collective harmony.

Baba says, “At the outset of any festival or social ceremony, the Sam’gacchadvam’ mantra is recited, the purpose is to impose the common ideal on all. The love for the entire humanity.” (Prout Nutshell – 4)

Thus on the festive occasions of Ananda Purnima small kids, youths, university students, parents, seniors and devotees of all walks of life – everyone moves together in one thread. So these social functions offer something for everyone, thus building the bridge of an ideal human society.

Indeed the joining and gathering for Ananda Purnima is a special event as it represents the union of everyone’s heart. This function is not like some crowd at the movie cinema, which is just a rag-tag collection of people with
their own individual agendas and separate thoughts. That is nothing but a crowd totally devoid of any family feeling. That is like one fake flower that is superficially colored yet carries no aroma. In contrast, our devotional, heart-felt gathering of Ananda Purnima reflects society in the deepest sense of the term where everyone is moving and smiling together as one integrated whole – ready to do each and everything for Baba and the humanity.

Thus at Ananda Purnima all are invited to sit together – money or other factors are not at all important. Everyone comes together regardless of one’s social status, career, educational background, or family history etc. It is a time for all grades of devotees to join together and gather for sweet celebrations, non-margiis are also invited – so long as they follow according to the sentient ways of the gathering. Only those anti-social elements, not at all interested in following the spirit of the program, should not be invited. Beyond that Ananda Purnima is a grand occasion for one and all.


In addition, during Ananda Purnima all the trades and departments of AMPS partake in their respective social service programs. VSS optees do CSS, i.e collective social service such as public cleaning or repair work or other physical works for the security, safety, and welfare of the society etc. Side by side AMURT can operate their free medical clinics. In this way, Ananda Purnima is a day for doing all types of services because we Ananda Margiis are declassed and perform all the sevas.


Universal festivals like Ananda Purnima are also a time for forgetting about past differences and starting new relations. They are a time for a fresh new start where we bury old issues, forgive and forget, sit together, and invite a clean new beginning.

Baba guides us that in personal life it is best to forgive others with our full heart. Of course on matters of ideology or collective welfare we have no right to forgive anyone. But on personal affairs, forgiving others is the best course of action and what better time to do this than on the blissful occasion of Ananda Purnima.


Here following Baba is describing the great import that festive occasions like Ananda Purnima have on the human psyche. And that such social functions lead to the formation of a unified humanity.

Baba says, “When people become tired and uninspired, when they can no longer look towards the future with hope, when their colourful dreams are shattered, at that time the sweetness of a festival brings new joy and vigour in life. Thus in individual and collective life, the importance of festivals is tremendous. One should always remember that festivals should be such that all can take part in them without any ostentatious display of wealth, and with an upsurge of their life force. And these festivals should be conducted in such a way that people take part in them from a spontaneous inner urge. I hope that you will make such arrangements so that all are attracted towards your festivals which will be more and more charming – and this will bring about your collective welfare.” (A Few Problems Solved -5, p.18)


Shivadayal Deva



Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis are His divine gifts for one and all as they encapsulate the spirit of Ananda Marga and the spirit of humanity. Thus, they are truly timeless and eternal treasures of humanity.

However, since 1990 certain respected leaders have been creating their own vaniis. They cut and paste quotes from previously posted discourses and call them Ananda Vaniis; when in fact the sentences they select are nothing but a small part of a greater discourse. They are taken out of context.

Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis are discourses unto themselves – complete, pointed, and stand alone as eternal truths and as spirited messages for the humanity. They are not mere quotes from other discourses. Baba’s every Ananda Vanii is totally unique and original.

So what these leaders are doing is nothing but manufacturing Fake Ananda Vaniis. Yet they name these as Ananda Vaniis and read them on the occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ etc. But again, these are nothing but Fake Ananda Vaniis.

What should we do?

While certain leaders continue creating Fake Ananda Vaniis, in each and every unit margiis should select one of Baba’s original timeless Ananda Vaniis and read that out at their Ananda Purnima celebrations.

Naturally, in due course, with circumstantial pressure, such persons will stop making Fake Ananda Vaniis. That day is fast approaching.


If any group is recommending that people come “to their place” – such as Tiljala, insinuating that theirs is best place for Ananda Purnima etc, then in our hearts and minds we should all know that Baba’s system is for Ananda Purnima to be celebrated locally in every unit, as His divine grace and presence is felt throughout this entire universe.


Baba says, “When He comes, after creating His own body with the help of the five fundamental factors– solid, liquid, luminous, aerial, ethereal – to create an ideological tidal wave, that is called as Maha’sambhu’ti. Maha’ means ‘great’, ‘having a form which is supra-natural’. And bhu plus ktin equals bhu’ti. Hence Maha’sambhuti means ‘The Great Creation’, ‘The Great Appearance’…[He comes] to push humans society forward, to resuscitate the half-dead human race, to awaken society– to create a wave in the field of ideology, in the social field, and in the field of humanity; [He comes] to
 create a tidal wave in every dimension and on every level.” (Discourses on Tantra – 1, p. 136)


“Maneri gahane tumi a’cho, a’cho prabhu sada’ jege a’cho…” (Prabhata Samgiita 4380)


Baba, O’ Divine Entity, You remain always in the depths of my mind – You never leave me. I am never alone. Baba, You are always awake. You go on working day and night, beyond time. You never tire or stop. Baba, whatever You want to do, You go on doing.

O Parama Purusa, this whole expressed universe is Your eternal game. You are ever-present: beginningless and endless. You are ever intoxicated in Your divine flow. You are the Goal of everyone – everyone wants You. You are remaining with one and all.

Baba, only those trying to come close to You by their virtuous deeds, shravan, manan, nididhyasana, & dhyana, are able to come to You. Only they are able to realise You and have Your grace and proximity.

Baba, You are grace-Personified…

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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 21:33:29
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Oslo Crime & Neo-Humanism
From: Jiivendra Deva




Due to the lack of pracara of neo-humanism, so many solvable problems remain unsolved. It has been 30 years since Baba propounded neo-humanism, but still the general populace is unaware. Because of this, humanity is not moving forward, rather backward.


For instance, last summer one white supremacist, motivated by racial hatred, killed 77 innocent teenagers at a political camp in Norway. At present, this mass-murder trial is underway in Oslo. At the same time, throughout the west, and especially in Europe, there is a rise in extremist, right-wing rhetoric – and even political parties.


The current leaders are unable to address and solve this matter in a comprehensive way that will lead to the growth of society. Such leaders think they can control the situation only through punishment. But that alone is not the solution.

Those who commit racial hate crimes are tried in court, punished, and given hefty sentences. But this does not solve the problem; it merely heightens the hatred of those anti-social elements. It is like adding gasoline to a fire.


A new approach is needed. And that approach has already been given by Baba:
(1) punishment to criminals and (2) education about the defects and horrors of racism, in conjunction with the beauty and charm of neo-humanism. This is the only practical way to proceed. That is Baba’s two-pronged method.

And we must propagate this widely.

Because some think that harsh punishment alone will deter and scare people from committing hate crimes. But that is not true. A shift of heart and mind are needed. And for that, the teachings of neo-humanism are a must.


Human beings are not animals and cannot be controlled only by punishment. Humans are sentimental, emotional, rational and logical beings. We need to be given teachings that satiate the heart and satisfy the mind. Every human being has a mind, and that mind needs answers.


When addressing matters of hate crimes and racial attacks – which are quite common nowadays in the west – then as outlined above the two-pronged approach is needed. Punishment should be meted out to the wrongdoer, and, side by side, the teachings of neo-humanism should be given to counteract racism in the greater society. The world is ready to go beyond the narrow boundaries of race, ethnicity, caste and gender etc.

In a psychological way we should discuss the origin of humanity and explain how we are all connected to one another. With that groundwork, this problem of racial hatred will be resolved.

All along, the divisive, fissiparous tendencies (i.e. the path of analysis) of humanity should be discouraged. And those unifying principles (i.e. the path of synthesis) should be encouraged.

When people are aware of their origin and understand that we call come from the same source, Parama Purusa, then all superficial differences (race, caste, gender etc) will vanish.


Only the two-pronged approach of Ananda Marga – punishment and neo-humanistic education – can lead the world away from hatred and racism, and build a loving feeling toward all to form one universal human family.

Jiivendra Deva


That does not mean that we should give a “free pass” to those preaching dogmatic, illogical, and outdated ideas. This applies to the activities of both fundamentalist Muslims, and Christians, among others.


People often talk about the term tolerance as being something great. They say, “Have tolerance for others.” But, in truth, tolerance is not at all a lofty sentiment. People can harbor very negative feelings towards others, yet still “tolerate” them. And anytime they may erupt and attack. So tolerance itself is not a high ideal; it does not reach the inner portions of one’s heart and mind. Our approach is not that people should merely be tolerant of each other.

For example, if in your kitchen a mouse or raccoon enters then you may say that, “I can tolerate this so long as it does not eat my food.” That gives the message that you do not like the situation but you can tolerate it. This means you have a negetive feeling toward what you are tolerating. Such a senitment should not be used toward human beings. This word – tolerate – is not appreciated in family life or with friends. If it is used, then others know that you hate that person, and by exercising tolerance you refrain from attacking them. Or it means that someone is doing bad things and irritating you but you control your anger and do not attack them. That is also tolerance. That type of feeling is not at all ideal. No one should preach: “We should tolerate others.” In Ananda Marga we do not support such an lowly outlook.

According to the tenets of neo-humanism, we should strive to cultivate a truly loving feeling towards all, and see them as brother and sister. Then all feels of hatred and aversion will completely dissipate; that is the effect of love. Whereas with tolerance, that does not happen. So neo-humanism extends far beyond the rather static meaning of tolerance.


PS Intro: This song describes the feeling of one higher stage of devotional

“Prabhu, toma’y kii kahibo a’ro…” P.S. 447


Baba, oh Prabhu, I love You so much. How can I express the deep love of my heart to You. Words alone fail to describe the feeling. With my vocal chords I cannot express the grace which You have showered on me. Baba, You have permanently drenched me in Your ahetuki krpa’. Since I have gotten You in my life, my life has become meaningful. I do not have any other type of longing in my mind except You. Baba, by Your grace, my mind is running always towards You & You alone. Baba, You have made my life blissful, in all the ways. It is just as if my whole existence is full of nectar.

O’ my Dearmost, the cimmerian darkness has vanished from my life; those black days have gone far, far away. There is no longer any trace of them. This has all happened since the divine effulgence descended in my life by Your grace.

Baba, according to Your tune, melody, and rhythm, I am dancing. My days and nights, and my entire life, have become just like one bouquet of songs. Not even a wee-bit of dilemma or confusion is existing in my life. By Your infinite grace my mind is perfectly straight. This is all because of Your boundless karuna’ (divine compassion).

Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, my whole existence – my body, mind, and prana – is vibrating with the spiritual waves which You have generated by Your sweet touch. Baba, I have gotten You by Your grace. You have graced me immensely. Baba, I fully surrender myself at Your lotus feet…

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How Culture is One

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 21:27:44 -0000
From: Hariish Deva
Subject: How Culture is One



Commonly people think there are so many cultures: African, western, Native American, Chinese, Russian, Indian etc. Indeed, in the last two decades, various terms like multi-cultural, plurality of cultures, bi-cultural etc have come into vogue. People think humans differ according to their own “separate culture”. Hence it is often thought that there are many different cultures on this planet. In that case there is no question of one human family.

But according to Baba’s teachings, human culture is one – not many. This letter is an effort to better understand Baba’s sublime teachings on culture, and why culture is one.


First and foremost, according to Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji, culture is the collective name of various human expressions.

Baba says, “Culture is the collective name of various expressions of human life.” (A Few Problems Solved – 6)


Let’s examine a few practical examples to better understand what is culture.


As we know, when people meet then they greet each other. This practice of humans greeting each other when they meet is pervasive. It happens everywhere. A person in the hills of North Korea greets their friend; and a person from a valley in California greets their friend. In both cases, in some way they greet their relations. This is a common practice. This is culture. And because it is everywhere, that is why culture is one.

Of course, people from different lands may express their greetings differently.

For instance, in Ananda Marga we do namaskar or pranam; in some lands, people bow to one another; in other countries people wave their hand and say hello; in some places people say shalom; in other lands people embrace one another or kiss; and many resort to handshaking also. Thus there are many ways that people greet each other. But these various types of greetings are not cultures, but rather demi-culture.

Culture is the act of greeting, irrespective of how it is done. On this point, all human beings share a common thread; they all greet one another.

Some may try and bifurcate the society by dividing people into this culture or that culture. But in truth there is a common thread that is shared among all. Greetings is one such common point. Again, there may be various ways of greeting a friend, but in reality people from all various places are all doing the same thing, i.e. greeting.

It should be very clear that the greeting itself culture, while the way people greet one another is a cultural expression or demiculture. Demiculture may be innumerable but culture is one. That is why all humans are one.

To some it may look like culture is many. However, the very act of greeting another person is itself our human culture. The practice of greeting a friend or neighbor etc is shared by all peoples in all lands.


All over the world people express their joy or happiness. This expression of happiness is common to all. This is culture. If someone is happy in Thailand then they express their happiness, and if someone is happy in Alaska or Siberia then they too express their happiness. Expressing happiness is the culture of human beings: When they are happy then they express themselves in some way.

It may be through art, dance, laughter, drama, music and so many ways. That is a common point everywhere. That is why human beings are one, irrespective of their geographical area. Because their culture is one, i.e. when they are happy they express their joy.

And they may do this in various ways: Some may laugh loudly; others might just smile; some might dance naked in the street; while still other might decorate their dress with flowers. Around the globe, people express themselves differently.

People of Thailand may dance in a way different from residents of Alaska or Siberia. But that difference in style is their demi-culture, or the cultural expression of that area. Human culture is one: To express happiness.

One should not confuse culture and demi-culture. Culture is the trunk of the tree and the demiculture refers to all those branches, and twigs.

So human culture is one, i.e. expressing happiness when they are happy.

In other words in different lands, people express their joy or happiness in various ways. Some sing, some dance, some clap, some whistle, some smile, some laugh, some slap hands, and others hug. There are so many ways how people express their happiness. These are not culture, but rather demi-culture. Demi-culture is different in various lands. The main theme is that when they are happy and they express their happiness. That is common everywhere. That is culture and that is one.


All human beings are one: (a) everyone greets, (b) everyone expresses happiness, and (c) many similar practices can be included in this list.

Irrespective of their so-called caste, language, so-called race or geographical areas, literate or educated, all have these common qualities. That is why inherently human culture is one. By superficial review, it may seem like people live in different ways and express themselves according to different cultural tenets, but these are just local variations of our singular human culture that we term as demi-culture.

The conclusion is that fundamentally human culture is one and there are various local differences and those differences are not cultural distinctions but rather expressions of demi-culture.


Ananda Marga wants to unite all and form one human society. This is one of our main themes: To unite all human beings.

Human culture is, by definition, one. It is singular. As Ananda Margiis, we propagate this divine truth – i.e. that human culture is one – to bring about one human society.

When people start thinking human culture to be one it will be very easy to unite all humans. Then peace can be brought on this earth. Disunity invites violence. People divide humanity on the basis of various platforms including culture. By that way so many problems surface. By propagating the truth that human culture is one we can unite everyone and bring peace.
Baba says, “The more human beings live in unity, shoulder to shoulder, the greater the welfare of the human race will be.” (A Few Problems Solved Part 3 – Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 3)


“A’mi toma’re bhuliya’ chinu katodin…” (Prabhata Samgiita #4091)


Baba, I was remaining forgetful and was oblivious of You for such a long span of time. My life passed like this. I traveled on the rugged, jagged path. Sometimes I fell down in the ocean current.

O’ Parama Purusa, my days, full of stains, were wasted in hopelessness– without any achievement, without any genuine progress. So many lonely, isolated nights passed in crying in utter despair with no pra’na– just frustration.

Baba, sometimes I suffered and got hit by the cold northern breeze. And sometimes that northern breeze took away all my hopes, inspiration, and gains. Just I drowned in staticity and crudeness.

Now, by Your grace, today spring has come. All the surroundings are filled with the colourful flowers and sweet aroma. The dark night has changed into a glittering moonlight, shining in the sky. Peacocks are dancing in happiness and expressing their joy by extending their feathers.

O’ Divine Entity, the sweet breeze has come. It is shaking my whole existence and making me quiver in the divine vibration. That sweet breeze is giving me the hint and telling me, ‘Listen! the divine flute, which is resonating, it is calling you…”

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Status of EMS

From: Ishvara Deva
Date: Tue 27 Mar 2012 21:36:06
Subject: Status of EMS


Many are aware that “EMS” (Ek Manav Samaj) is a branch of our organisation where we sit down with people from the various dogmatic religions and talk. One of the aims is to bring people from different faiths together so they can overcome their differences, hatred, and anger. This is one of the objectives of EMS, which is a distinct branch of AMPS.

But this EMS branch where we meditate talks between different religious groups is quite different from our socio-cum-philosophical approach of Ek Manav Samaj, One Human Society.

The idea and reality of Ek Manav Samaj can only be achieved by creating one human society based on ideology. In that endeavour there is no scope or question of creating social unity by merging all the dogmas of the various religions, or compromising with different religious dogmas. That is never going to work – that will never bring social harmony.

Baba says, “How far is the unification of all religions possible?”

“Ans.: – To seek infinite bliss is the only dharma of humanity. Humanity has but one dharma. Thus, the question of the unification of religions does not arise. The apparent dissimilarity between various religions arising due to differences in their ritualistic practices is not a spiritual difference. Whenever rituals dominate and efforts to attain bliss are feeble, whatever that may be, it is not spirituality.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell Part 3, Some Questions and Answers on Ananda Marga Philosophy – Excerpt B, question #49)

The only way to create Ek Manva Samaj is to rid society from all such dogmas and build a neo-humanistic social order based on the pure spiritual ideals of AM.

Hence none should think that the tenets of EMS (i.e. talking with different religious groups) is part of the process of creating the social aim of creating one human society.


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From: “Vijay Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: 16 Mar 2012 21:23:57 -0000
Subject: “I am Sure Baba is in My Group”



For a while the level of the group clash in our Marga has been at a critical phase. Each faction is fighting for their own survival & dominance, all the while thinking that Baba is supporting their party, their narrow cause. Verily, all think that “Baba is on my side”, or “I am sure Baba is in my group.” This is the very delicate – if not tragic – situation going on now in our Marga. ‘Tragic’ because this is the very same syndrome that has brought down all the various religions.


In the Shia & Sunni fight within the Muslim religion, both sides think that by killing members of the opposite faction then Prophet Mohammad is pleased. So both sides think that their preceptor is Prophet Mohammad and that the other side is an intrusion of their religion. Both have their own interpretation of Islamic law – both have their own teachings of Islam. And for that, they end up killing each other thinking that Prophet Mohammad is on their side.

Christianity is the same. All the factions think that ‘Jesus is my Lord and He is with me’, and in that rigid belief they commit all kinds of heinous crimes against other Christians. All parties feel justified in their cause and think their teachings are the real Biblical sermons. This is the height to which their conflict has reached.

So this type of battle – or downfall – is quite common amongst all the dogmatic religions. And here Baba signals how it has happened in Buddhism as well.

Baba says, “About thirty-five years ago, a war was going on between two countries, the citizens of which have the same religion (Buddhist). When the soldiers went to war, their mothers used to pray to Lord Buddha to save the lives of their respective sons. What will Lord Buddha do? Save this man or that man? Both have the same “Is’t’a,” but both parties have totally forgotten their ideology. If they were established in the ideology, they would not have gone to war. So therefore, man should follow both the ideology and “Is’t’a”. One should be an ideologist and an “Is’t’anist.” (Subhasita Samgraha-20, ‘Ideology, Goal and Devotion’)

Here the whole point is that when any religion reaches the stage of illogical fanaticism or groupism, then they appeal to their preceptor to support their selfish cause, totally forgetting the very teachings given by their preceptor. And in that way, members of the same religion fight against and even kill one another, totally transgressing all the codes and teachings given by their preceptor.

Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism are all suffering from the same problem. As they divide into various factions, each party is thinking that their preceptor is only with their group.


Unfortunately, now all the groups in Ananda Marga (AM) are marching down a similar road. Read any groupist propaganda letter or stand outside almost any AM function, and you can see such things taking place. Indeed, such battles are verily occurring in courtrooms around the globe, in various sectors, as each group tries to gain the upper hand.

For the sake of their petty interests and groupist survival, fights are breaking out over jagrtis, Master Units, Prout bhavans, retreat sites etc. All the physical properties of AM have been divided up and are being treated as battles zones. Indeed, heated battles are taking place left and right, and amidst it all, the various factions think, “I am sure Baba is in my group”. That is the very real belief that permeates their mental plate.

Yet what they forget is that what they are doing is not consistent with Baba’s teachings. They may think they have Ista, but they have lost adarsha, i.e. His teachings. And when they have lost adarsha or AM dharma, then how is it that Ista can be pleased. In that case, how is it that Baba is really in their group? So with this defective mentality they are hurting and harming other Ananda Margiis for their own selfish gain.

Tragically, this is the level of where things are at: Avadhutas have been murdered; Didis are being beaten and locked out of jagritis, land is being wrongly captured and sold, presses are being hijacked, offices are being broken into, and so much nonsense is going on. Each side is drunk in the intoxication of their own group’s power struggle, and all hail, “I am sure Baba is in my group.”

Should these groups take a few more steps down this fateful road, then they will all create their own silly interpretations of AM teachings as well. Each will have their own Ananda Sutram.

Then truly there will be no difference between their group and the various factions in the dogmatic religions.


Such groupists should stop and reflect. Because, while they may think that “I am sure Baba is in my group”, clearly such internal feuding does not bode well for their future. When a Dada is murdered, when a Didi is harmed, when Ananda Margiis are victimised and abused, then clearly someone is going to meet their fate – i.e. pay their dues.

Baba says, “If an Ananda Margi engages in harming another Ananda Margi he remains under the condemnation of A’nandamu’rtijii till his conduct is reformed.” (Caryacarya – 2, ‘Society’, pt #14)

So even though, all the groups think, “I am sure Baba is in my group”, in their own way they are all going to face Baba’s wrath. Because He does not and will not tolerate the harming or hurting of other Ananda Margiis. That is against the very teaching of Baba. Regardless of their “logic”, no factional camp is justified in such malevolent actions.


Although, things have sunk far below our AM standard, still there is hope. The various camps have yet to tear apart Baba’s teachings. Ananda Marga ideology remains in tact and singular in form. And that is what we are to follow – not any groupist conflict or factional agenda.

Indeed, our first and foremost duty is to strictly adhere to His guidelines; that is the only way to overcome groupism. When the mind is ensconced in neo-humanistic feelings, then such crude battles will never occur. Rather there will be a joining of the minds and natural unity within AM. Then all really will be doing for Baba as their actions will be according to His teachings.

So none should lose hope – nor should anyone be duped into thinking that any particular factional camp is standing for Baba and holding the flag of AM. Because no one involved in any selfish power struggle is on the path of dharma. It is certain that Baba is not in any group.


Baba has blessed us with the teachings that will serve as the guiding light for creating one Ananda Marga and leading the entire humanity unto the path of benevolence.

Baba says, “O human beings, try to understand the needs of humanity and build an appropriate social system. Do not try to do anything for your petty personal or group interests, because nothing done with a narrow outlook bereft of Cosmic ideation will last. The cruel hand of time will obliterate all your achievements and plunge them into an oblivion you cannot fathom.” (Subhasita Samgraha-1, Ch.1)

Vijay Deva


“Tumi a’ma’y bha’lo besechile, a’mi toma’r pa’ne ta’ka’i ni…” (PS 801)


Baba, You have loved me and showered me in Your divine blessing, but I did not look towards You. I did not care or pay heed to Your love. Baba, You have graciously bestowed everything upon me. But I did not give You anything in return. Drowned in my own selfishness, I did not surrender at Your alter. In spite of that You love me. Baba, You are do gracious.

Baba, in those deep, black foggy days of my life, when I was feeling helpless, isolated, and lonely, then You gently held my hand and consoled me and You lovingly kept me along with You. In bleak those foggy days, You got wounded on the thorny path, but I did not apply any ointment to ease the pain. I was so selfish.

Baba, You are so gracious, You always help me in each and every circumstance. In my sorrowful days, when in danger, and when my heart is broken, always You console me by filling my entire being with Your sweet nectar. Even then, in the grand universal arena of Your divine liila, I could not become useful in any work. Due to my own lethargy, my existence could not be utilised. Uselessly, I wasted my time. In spite of this, still You love me.

Baba, O’ my Dearest; You are my own; You are my everything; You have showered Your causeless grace and made me Yours…


Baba says, “This has been our failing: that we neglected the spiritual faculties of human life, we neglected the cardinal spiritual points of life. If we are interested today in the welfare of this beautiful universe, we should try more and more to accelerate the speed of spiritual progress. If the acceleration of spiritual progress becomes tremendous, then not only in the human world, but also in the physical, psychic and spiritual spheres of the entire world — and not only of the entire animate world, but of both the animate and inanimate worlds — there will be tremendous progress. And this is what we want. Now we are anxiously waiting for that crimson dawn on the eastern horizon.” (A Few Problems Solved-5)

Note: Generally people do not realise this very thing which Baba has explained above. To understand this fully it needs agraya’ buddhi (pointed intellect). Only those who are blessed sadhaka can understand that sadhana is the panacea.

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Date: 09 Feb 2012 21:48:26 -0000
From: “Sudhakar Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Example of Pig



In countless discourses Baba stresses the importance of working collectively and remaining united. All margiis know that Baba emphasizes how this is the way great things can be accomplished.

Alone, one may be able to solve small individual problems, but doing great works on a grand scale is far beyond one’s individual capacity. A strong collective effort is needed. That demands a methodical, organised approach and leadership. For this reason, the entire Mahabharata was planned.

Human beings have the intellectual capacity to proceed in this collective manner. And certainly Baba guides us to work unitedly and collectively.

His discourses on samgacchadhavam and so many related topics stress this point of collective movement. In addition, in 1990, Baba Himself took oaths from so many workers and margiis who pledged to Baba that they would work in a coordinated and cooperative manner with unity. Baba obviously sees this as a critical matter.


In one general darshan on 09 Feb 1989 in Diigha’, Baba makes a unique distinction.

In Bangla, Baba explains how pigs do not have the requisite intellect to work unitedly. When they move, they all run in separate directions. They just wander around on their own. They do not have the capacity to move together. They do not make a leader and follow in an organised way. Pigs never do like this. Instead they all run their own way. That is what happens when any farmer lets a bunch of pigs out of their barn.

Baba then goes on to say that human beings have the required intellect to work collectively in an organised fashion. That is part of being human. Baba then says that those in human framework who fail to work cooperatively and instead engage in acts that go against the collective movement are like pigs. Such people are like pigs, or even worse – i.e. even lower than that. That is the comparison that Baba makes in that unique discourse on 09 Feb 1989 in Diigha.

Baba further emphasizes that humans should never move like pigs, hither and thither.

Tragically, those involved in group oriented feuds, clannish battles, and factional struggles are by definition not working in a collective manner.


Now it is for you the reader decide who is who. We have to take a hard look at those involved in groupist activities and those fighting for their group interest instead of universal well-being. We have to see if they are the cause for why things in AMPS are going against Baba’s directive of unity and working together.

In samgacchadhvam, in His Ananda Vaniis, in Caryacarya, and in the 1990 oaths – as well as so many other occasions, Baba has highlighted that we must work together. That is ideal human activity.

By the various actions of groupists, we all have to evaluate if such persons are following human behavior or something else which Baba has described above.

You the reader must contemplate this on your own.


Some reading this may think that, “Oh my, I am involved in groupist and separatist activities and therefore I am a _ _ _, or worse.”

However, it is never too late to change one’s approach and embark on great endeavours.

So those who are sane will realise their mistakes, mend their ways and engage in collective works for the welfare of humanity from this very day forward.

None should think they are permanently tied up in the ways of factionalism. All have the capacity to change and do something which is beyond the narrow boundary of self and group interest. They can do for universal well-being.


By Baba’s grace, most margiis and field workers are deeply interested in working collectively for the upliftment of humanity. That is our human dharma. And by Baba’s grace it will not be long before our Marga society is a perfect reflection of samgacchadhvam spirit.

Baba says, “You will have to carry the collectivity with you, because the collectivity is yours. The collectivity is not outside you – your future is inseparably connected with the collective fortune. You must take the entire collectivity with you and move towards the sweetest radiance of the new crimson dawn, beyond the veil of the darkest night.” (PNS-8)



The first posting below is related with the sound file of the oath Baba was taking from various margiis and acaryas about working collectively.






“Marmaviin’a’y eki sur a’chi ba’je diva’nishi mor virahii hiya’r ma’jhe…” (P.S. 480)


Baba, day and night, only one tune is resonating in the viina of my melancholic heart. O’ my dearmost Baba please come. In the deep core of my mind only one tune is swinging: O’ Baba, You are not far away, You are not far, You are so close, You are with me.

Baba, when I see You in my karmayajina*, then I see You are remaining there also. Baba, You are with me in all the works. O’ Baba, please come, O’ Baba please come.

With the full longing of my heart, in whichever direction I look, there is nothing else that I can see except for Your divine form. O’ my Lord of Formlessness, with the resonance of the ever-new song, dance, & form, please allow Yourself to be held in my heart.

O’ Baba, please come, O’ Baba please come…

*Karmayajina= The work done with cosmic ideation is known as karmayajina; that alone is proper action. Thus karmayajina is any action or service done with the sole motive to please Parama Purus’a. In contrast those things done devoid of cosmic feeling, such selfish activities are called kriya’– and that leads to bondage. So only those works done with spiritual ideation come within the scope of karmayajina.

Motherly Status

Baba says, “We must pay due honour to women as mothers and help them to live long lives.” (SC-20)

Note: Baba teaches us in His great ideology how He has given a very special status to females– motherly status. But in European countries at present the large majority of females do not like to accept this motherly status because of pseudo-culture. In that sense, the situation is totally unlike other countries where motherly status is quite warmly embraced by the female population.

We all know that Baba used to give marriage blessings in three languages: English, Bengali, and Hindi. And when speaking in Hindi or Bengal, then in His marriage blessing Baba would say, ‘O mother take this mala and keep this with you, this is your personal property’.

But when doing the same blessing in the English language then instead of addressing the bride as ‘mother’, Baba would use the term, ‘little girl’.

Why Baba did not address them as mother? Because our females of English speaking communities would not have liked to be addressed as mother. That is why Baba did not use that term.

In other parts of the globe, those adherents of AM ideology are in a totally different situation. They enjoy having motherly status.

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Date: Wed 01 Feb 2012 22:06:36 -0000
From: “Liiladhar Karn”
Subject: Key of Unity


“Toma’r bha’laba’sa’ bu’jhe nijeke khunje peyechi…” (P.S. 4504)


Baba You are so gracious. By enabling me to understand Your love I could search for my true self. Earlier I was confused about who I am and I was always feeling sad and pessimistic about my future. But now, by Your grace, in my heart I feel Your love– I feel that I am under Your shelter at Your lotus feet. Baba, now, by Your grace, I understand where I am; my life has become meaningful.

Baba, You are the polestar of my life. By Your arrival, my whole existence is just moving towards You. It is so blissful. Baba, when I get fatigued & tired by involving in the work, and when negative thoughts ruin my peace and tranquility, and when the clouds of hopelessness come– in that dark hour I take shelter in Your divine love.

Baba, my mental sky, my air, my breath, my entire existence, my everything is dancing according to Your sweet melody. My hopes get fulfilled by Your samvit (force of awakening). From the divine land, one unknown angel is beckoning me; O’ my dearmost Parama Purusa, You are that very apsera’ (angel). I have understood this truth in my meditation by Your grace.

Baba, by Your grace, I am completely ensconced in Your love and now I understand that I am completely sheltered in Your lap…


By looking around it is clear that this is the transitional period– a time of serious change and struggle in our Marga society. And for all of us– Margiis and many Wts– it is not easy to decide what to do and what not to do. Because nowadays various Wt groups & sub-groups are raising their ugly head: Declaring new PP’s, making claims to power, putting forth their groupist plan etc. And in response some confused margiis/Wts are thinking that they will work independently outside the organisational structure etc, etc. So in various ways groupism and the rush for power are creating a multi-fold, ripple effect.

The answer of course is singular: Creating unity. That is the distinct challenge we face now. That is what we must achieve.


But what we may or may not realise is that this condition is similar to the post-Mahabharata period when all kinds of internal disputes and infighting was going on. And in the end they could hardly do anything concrete for serving humanity. Rather the Yadava dynasty destroyed itself after Lord Krsna left the planet.


As we all know, without unity and the development of one human society, nothing will be achieved. At least we can learn from those capitalists & how they have bonded together– albeit superficially–to fulfill their negative agenda.

On the other side of the spectrum in a positive spirit Baba has given that our social movement based on coordinated cooperation and that we should unite. So all around unity is needed to progress.

So now samghe shakti, unity is needed. And the best way is to follow Baba.

Following Baba, means forming unity; whereas groupism is the opposite. And of course the Marga which is unified will have more strength & vigour.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation [groupism] in society.” (‘Talks on Prout’)


Now because of inner clash we have crippled ourselves such that even the wicked exploiters in society are not feeling threatened by us. Earlier, in those pre-1990 days, they were thinking that AM is one fireball and negative persons were very fearful about us. But not now; now they think that AM is doomed to destroy itself. All due to our present-day disintegration because of groupism. And such disintegration leads to more disintegration, splintering and division. That is why the exploiters in the mainline society are not worried about us any longer.

And regarding the point of disintegration, by seeing the history it is clear that this has happened to so many organisations and religions in the past– where they become one with the dust. This is one negative phase going on. So in our Marga this is the transitional period.

Because all around there is confusion, attachment, and misinformation. Right & wrong news and so many things are floating around; it is hard to know what is correct and what is incorrect. In this condition some people are feeling angry, depressed, frustrated & confused.

And again, the answer lies in unity by adhering to His ideological principles.



Similar was the case in the past in the 1970’s when Baba went to jail. That time the conditions were also chaotic. Our Marga was in a complete dilemma about what to do and what not to do.

And then Baba graciously gave margiis the opportunity to visit Him and He guided us about how to proceed. The story goes like this:

When Baba was in jail, in Patna. Then one margii went to see Baba inside the jail. And Baba asked, ‘How is it going on?’

The simple margii replied innocently, ‘Baba, there is so much negative propaganda. Nobody is listening these days to our call. So pracar is not going on. It is very difficult.’

Then Baba smiled and told the margii, ‘Your only duty is to be strict in 16 Points. As much as you will be strict in 16 points, then you will get direct guideline and inner inspiration and strength to move ahead from Parama Purusa. If you are loose or lax in 16 points, then you will lose the inspiration to do pracar. even you will lose the inspiration to do anything, any type of social service. And you may even decide to leave AM.’

Baba continued, ‘So the best thing is to be strict in 16 points. And do not think or allow any negativity to enter in your mind. Thinking about negative things, mind will only be more depressed. The duty of sadhakas is to keep the eyes fixed on the goal. The goal is Parama Purusa.’

So in this way Baba has steered everyone’s vision toward the path of dharma–
toward the ultimate Goal. Indeed that is the way to remain unified.



Usually when there is a dilemma (dhvidha) or confusion (dhvandva) about what to do and what not to do, initially people get flustered and frustrated. And most of the time what they do goes in the wrong way.

Because the general tendency of the human mind is to run toward the external objects or crude ideas such as money, name & fame, or power etc. This is the natural temptation, because human beings have crossed thousands and thousands of animal lives in which they were only dominated by basic propensities– animal instincts. So those natural values are animalistic type whereas higher values, in which case veracity and dharmic teachings usually do not reflect in the mind until the mental plate is cleaned. So only when Sixteen Points is practiced more and more, only then does dharma get strengthened and the mind becomes more pinnacled and pointed. Whatever human beings do in that condition is very meaningful and valuable– or at the very least they will not harm anyone. Whereas if one is not following dharma then they will not only harm others but themselves also. So following Sixteen Points means following dharma and by that way all around benefit happens.



Also in Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Baba guides us that our eyes should be fixed on Parama Purusa. Inviting unnecessary thoughts and filling the mind in that manner is very detrimental. If anyone fails to keep their eyes on the Polestar, then on a dark night that person will certainly lose the path. So the eyes should be fixed on the Goal. And that goal is Parama Purusa– none else.

BABA says: “Now to materialize any principle or ideology, one requires firmness, especially those who provide leadership to society, those who are the pioneers, the vanguard of a new movement. “We must keep the goal fixed before us, and keep moving towards the goal. We shall never deviate from our goal, whatever the obstacles or hindrances in the way. Once we start moving, we shall never stop or look back.” (NSS, p.16)

So Parama Purusa is our Goal. And the only way to keep the eyes fixed on the Goal is by following 16 Points. That is the path of our forward movement. And that is way Baba directs us that we should proceed.

Baba says, “Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces. All the tall talks of the evil forces will be silenced.” (Ananda Vanii #44)

So in this organisational crisis and transitional period which we are facing today, our duty is to keep unity by being more and more strict in 16 points. By that way, inner strength will develop. And according to His desire, Baba will guide us how to carry out His mission. Means Baba will make us the medium to execute His work. To materialize His desire and achieve the Goal.



So when our organisation is struggling and stuck during a period of pause, then we should see the situation more again carefully and grab hold of Baba’s teachings.

Baba says, “Pause means the gathering of momentum for speed in the subsequent phase. If one closely watches the effect of speed on a particular community or the entire humanity, one sees that generally people eulogize the period of speed. However we cannot afford to ignore the state of pause, because by judging what the previous state of pause was like, we can discern the speed of the next phase.” (PNS-7, p.67)

So this pause period does not mean frustration for one and all. Rather big training is going on and society is preparing to move forward in the proper direction.

Baba says, “There are some people who are pessimistic. They say that the society around us is very bleak, that it has no expression of vitality and that is seems that everyone is in deep slumber. Pessimists say this because they have never made any detailed study of human history, nor do they care to. Had they done so, they would certainly be optimistic, because if they had looked carefully at the symptoms of pause, they would have realise that significant preparations were being made for the subsequent phase of speed. So under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life.” (PNS-7, p.67)


And about creating unity after such transitional periods Baba guides us in the following way:

Baba says, “In the present day also, you can see for yourself how the social movement is grinding to a halt. When social progress loses its velocity it is called ‘yugasandhi’ (transitional period) in Sam’skrta. You have all been born in such a transitional period and have assembled here today. In the future, the honest and virtuous people of the society will respond to Your call and will unite. The same polarization is taking place now as occurred in the past: the honest people are with you and will remain with you; the dishonest people will oppose you now and will continue their efforts to block your progress in future. Whenever there is a war between dharma and adharma, you are sure to be victorious. You are not alone– dharma is with you, the benevolent intellect is with you, and I am also with you.” (AV-7, p.63)


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Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 21:48:11 -0500
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Why Unity Fails
From: Cinmay Deva


Prabahata Samgiita #3002

Cir ka’le-r bandhu———
Nikat’e- ese— ghu-m bha’ungio—,

Ghu-m bha’ungio—
Jad’eri bha’vana’y yadi mete-
Tha’ki-, ja’gie di-o
Nikat’e- ese— ghu-m bha’ungio—,

Ghu-m bha’ungio—
Kichui toma’r aja’-na’ na’i,
Kichui tomar a’ja-na’ na’i,
Randhre ra’ndhre a’cho- sa’dai
Toma’y bhu’le- jad’e- harai,
T’ene- pa-the a’-nio—
Nikat’e- ese— ghu-m bha’ungio—,

Ghu-m bha’ungio—
Ana’di ashes’a e- liila’-y,
Ana’di ashes’a e- liila’-y,
Toma’y khonja’- hoye ut’he da’y
Bhra’nti kichu- dekhate na’ dey,
Tumi- diipak jva’-lio—
Nikat’e- ese— ghu-m bha’ungio—,

Ghu-m bha’ungio—
Cir ka’le-r bandhu———
Nikat’e- ese— ghu-m bha’ungio—,
Ghu-m bha’ungio—


O’ Parama Purusa, You are my Bandhu [1]. Your and my relation is not just of this life. Since the dawn of creation, You were with me when I was in various shapes and forms. How far I was aware or not, but You were with me. Since the beginning of this life also, You have been with me – whether I always realised it or not. My and your relation is beyond time – You are my eternal companion. O’ my eternal Bandhu, by coming close, please break my slumber. By Your grace awaken me from any psychic or spiritual stupor. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, please arouse me. If I give up sadhana and get attracted to the material world, please wake me up and bring me at Your feet.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, You are omniscient and omnipresent. Nothing is unknown to You. Past, present, and future all lie within You. Baba, You are ever-present in each and every pore – You are everywhere throughout this entire universe and the expressed and unexpressed worlds – everywhere. What I do and don’t do, You always see. You witness everything. O’ my Dearmost, You are my Polestar, if ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma. If I give up my Sixteen Points and get drowned in sensual pleasures, then please pull me back to the path of Ananda Marga.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. Doing sadhana and completing all the lessons is not easy. Following dharma is very difficult. All kinds of avidya maya come and disturb me.

The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. There are so many material allurements that divert me from the Goal – that draw me away from You. O my Dearmost, please grace me by lighting the lamp – diipak jva’lio [2] – of divine knowledge, filling my heart with devotion, and bringing me at Your alter.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu, arouse me and bring me at Your lotus feet…


[1] Bandhu: Usually people think that the term ‘Bandhu’ means ‘friend’, but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhu means something much more.

Baba says, “‘Bandhu’ means ‘those within the bondage of love’. That is when one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called ‘Bandhu’. Now you see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best friend– he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to the cremation ground. After your cremation he won’t be with you. So he is not Bandhu– he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation.”

“So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical framework– in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any mundane friend, mundane Bandhu.” (AV-12)

[2] Diipak Jva’lio: ‘Please light the lamp of divinity and remove the darkness of ignorance’. As a Sadguru Baba graces us with true, inner knowledge by lighting our lamp within by bringing us onto the path of spirituality. By this way we are able to overcome the hindrances of staticity and crudity. That is one of the main messages of this particular Prabhat Samgiita, lighting the lamp within and removing the darkness of ignorance. This is also expressed in our Guru Puja. About this I think most are aware.

“…Jina’na’injana shala’kaya’…”

Baba says, “You know that an eye ointment is applied with a stick (‘Shala’ka’ means stick). Now, all the microcosms are parts of that Noumenal Entity, all are actually parts and particles of that Supreme Entity, but due to ignorance, due to the darkness of ignorance, they cannot see what is what and which is which. That is why they require the ointment of spiritual knowledge. Guru (with a stick) applies the ointment of spiritual knowledge to their eyes.” (AV-3)


As we embark on this new year, there is struggle and strife everywhere and the theme in so many circles is unity, unity, unity.

Political parties in the general society have been chanting unity; various groups in AMPS have also been singing the unity song, and indeed, this unity slogan is prevalent in so many spheres of life.

But, it never works; their call to unity is never achieved; it always fails. That is the reality. We should understand why.

Ay the same time, we all know Baba Himself has given the key ingredients for forming true and lasting unity. In His discourse “Social Psychology”, Baba guides that the central components for achieving unity are: a common ideal, a casteless society, collective social functions, and no capital punishment.

We should familiarize ourselves with His practical teachings and gain the essentials for creating real unity, both in our Marga and the general society.


Unfortunately, nowadays, unity is nowhere to been seen in the general society, nor in the Marga. We see semblances of it only to later realise that it was just so-called unity where the rallying point was self-interest, nothing more.

Two smaller businesses merge to form a unified bigger enterprise. Two politicians join forces in order to unify their party. Countries join the United Nations or EU as a show of unity.

Indeed there are so many examples of unity. But invariably they break apart.

Because up till now in this world, “unity” has always been grounded in the selfishness of two different people or groups. So long as it is profitable for them, they remain unified, and the moment that “unity” is not meeting their agenda, they split apart.

Whereas Baba guides us that a healthy, broad-based approach is needed to create unity, and that must include: a common ideal, a casteless society, collective social functions, and no capital punishment. Then that will be real and lasting unity.

Yet we see how so many corporations have unified and divided; so many regions of the world have reached a temporary unity, only to again split; and so many political alliances have been made to gain unity, only to fall apart a day or year later.

Whether it be the USSR, AOL-Time-Warner, Czechoslovakia, the Catholic Church, or some political movement in your locale, time and again we see “unified entities” break apart into pieces.

And the reason is always the same: The small-minded ideal of selfishness can never stand the test of time– it can never create a true bond.

Rather as a humanity we must adhere to Baba’s pointed and practical guidelines for achieving unity. There is no other way.


The greater tragedy is that since 1990, that same type of so-called unity has been surfacing in AM. Our Marga is meant to be the model for guiding the rest of society but since 1990 our AMPS has been a near mirror image of the crude, materialistic patterns prevalent in the world today.

Whether it be in the name of one group or some new faction, various teams have been “uniting.” It is not at all uncommon. And they then call for others to join them.

But this also never works.

Because when some group or faction is the basis of unity, and not Baba’s stated ideals, then that group’s self-interest is the operating agenda. Certain leaders are desperately trying to gain an upper-hand on the power, and for that they start chanting, “unity, unity, unity’ in hopes of gathering people to support their selfish agenda.

That is why we constantly see splits and fissures in our Marga. At first after 1990 all were united under Sarvatmananda. Then the Rudrananda group came into being. Then NIA. Then EC. Then United Administration.

That is the way it goes. Because no group is operating according to Baba’s recipe for unity given in “Social Psychology”, where Baba outlines that our common ideal is practically based on Brahma sadhana, samgacchadhvam, and universal fraternity.

Instead, the various factions just chase after their own unit agenda where others either join in or break apart based on whether that agenda meets their selfish needs. That is why there has not been any lasting unity in AM since 1990.

Through it all, so many good margiis and field workers have the sincere feeling in their heart to see a united AMPS based on Baba’s teachings.


To date, unity then has just been a fleeting dream on this earth. Baba has come to change all that. He has graciously given teachings on unity that are completely new and revolutionary.

When Baba speaks of unity it is totally different from the way corporations, countries, groups or even other gurus speak of unity.

Baba talks of unity in very practical terms and uses words like ‘ideology’, ‘cosmic inheritance, ‘common patrimony’, ‘universal welfare’, ‘cosmic brotherhood’, ‘service motive’ etc.

Here again are Baba’s key ingredients for bringing unity: a common ideal, a casteless society, collective social functions, and no capital punishment. Those interested should read the entire discourse, “Social Psychology”.

Never will you see or hear mundane words like ‘power’, ‘profit’, ‘control’, ‘money’, or ‘popularity’, be associated with Baba’s ideal of unity.

Yet these latter words (‘power’, ‘profit’, ‘control’, etc) are the driving force behind most, if not all, so-called unity movements on this earth. Because thus far, unity has always been just a euphemism for satisfying someone’s selfish agenda. That is why it always fails.

Here Baba warns us that the failure to bring real unity leads to the utter destruction of that community, country or society – verily it can lead to extinction of humanity.

Baba says, “Lack of unity among the members of society because of too much self-interest in the individual members, the formation of groups for economic or social advantage, and the lack of understanding of others, act not only to bring about the downfall of society, but also can wipe it out completely from the face of the earth. Instances of many groups and empires disappearing altogether are not rare in the little-known history of this world.” (AFPS-7, Social Psychology)


Baba’s warnings and guidelines on unity are totally unique– never before have they been put forth on this earth. For your review here are some more of Baba’s given teachings on unity.

Baba says, “For the unity of the entire humanity, the indispensable factor is spirituality. This supreme treasure teaches human beings that Parama Purus’a is the Supreme Father, Parama Prakrti [the Supreme Operative Principle] is their Supreme Mother, and the entire universe is their homeland.” (AFPS-2)

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation in society. And to ensure this we have to start a new order to safeguard the interests of the exploited masses. So for a proper social synthesis what we require is a common philosophy of life; that is, ideological unity.” (PNS-15)

Baba says, “Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance, one Cosmic ideology will have to be propagated too, and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity the Cosmic Entity is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can save the human race.” (TTP)


Only Baba has given the practical teachings on unity wherein groupism, dogma, and exploitation are eradicated and instead the time-tested ideals of cosmic inheritance, ideology, spirituality, and one human society are encouraged.

All other types of so-called unity based on selfish interest and the profit motive are doomed for failure.

That is why to date, attempts at unity have failed again and again and again. Any groupist platform for unity will also fail. Only unity based on the spiritual teachings of AM ideology can bring lasting peace and welfare to society. Only then will we have true unity.


Who is Greatest Fool

Baba says, “How one person sings melodious songs, how another dances beautiful rhythmic dances, how another delivers wonderful discourses, etc. But we cannot see the entity who pulls the strings from behind and runs the show. And the funniest thing is this: the speaker, the singer, the dancer thinks that he is the agent, the doer, and takes the entire credit for the performance. People do not care to think of the entity that pulls the strings from behind, or if they are even more foolish, they think that others see them alone, not the entity who pulls the strings from behind.” (NKS, 97 Edn, p.181)

Note: Under the spell of avidya maya many persons think that all credit goes to them for their great deeds. The number of such persons is huge. But according to Baba’s above guideline in the spiritual way of thinking they are fools. We should be careful and save ourselves from falling into this category of fools.

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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:41:18 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Prakash Deva
Subject: Who Should Distribute Baba Photos & Films


“Du’rer aja’na’ pathik eseche mor ghare ei viha’ne…” (P.S. 4947)


From the distant dawn the Ajana Pathik has come today in my home. About
this very Ajana Pathik, I had longing for Him in my life, in my death,
while awake, in my dream, & in my sleep. All throughout I have been longing
for Him. And that Aja’na’ Pathik has come today in my home.
That very Entity is most loving for me, even more than my own prana. He
is the dearest of dear to my soul. He is more adorable than anything else.
He loves me so much; He knows more about me than I know about myself. What
I know about myself, He knows far more.
That Aja’na’ Pathik is kaladhiish– He cannot be bound by time. So He is
kaladhiish. That Aja’na’ Pathik is also the controller of the time factor
so He is kalatiita– One who works beyond the bondage of time. His glory,
charm, and attraction cannot be expressed in words. Since eternity He has
been hiding in a remote corner of my heart. I have been dreaming of Him
with deep longing for hundreds of lives. That Aja’na’ Pathik has come today
in my home. He has graced me…


Around town and in our email forums, there has been much discussion
about the management and distribution of Baba photos and films as well
as Baba’s other devotional treasures like Prabhat Samgiita etc.

This is an important topic as it is directly related with Ista, the
spread of Baba’s teachings, one’s individual growth as a sadhaka, and
our organisational systems.

So let’s take a look at this critical issue.


One of the main things that Baba has emphasized is moving ahead in
samgacchadhvam spirit – i.e. working together unitedly toward a common

Baba says, “The meaning of the sam’gacchadhvam’ mantra should be
realized in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or
small, with unity…” (CC-2, ‘Society’, pt#34)

One can say that for this reason of unity and collective projects, Baba
created AMPS – the tool for spreading His dharmic teachings and programs
in an organised & cohesive manner.

After all, the way to achieve success on this earth is to join together
and work collectively. That makes any job or project infinitely easier.
Even the materialists have learned this basic point. Small businesses
have merged together to create larger companies, and larger companies
have bonded to create bigger corporations, and bigger corporations have
expanded to become world-wide, multi-national enterprises. Their aims
may be selfish, but as a matter of efficiency and approach, the business
world realises that working collectively is the only way to go. In
addition, schools, countries, foundations all follow this same principle.

Naturally then, whether it be on points of pracara, Prout, AMURT,
schools, or the distribution of Baba photos and films, our approach as
Ananda Margiis should be in the spirit of samgacchadhvam, i.e. working
together in an organised way towards a common ideal.

Clearly then, our fundamental manner is to adhere to our AMPS structure
and regulations. Specifically, the distribution of Baba photos and films
should be led and carried out by the corresponding organisational
pathway, such as Public Relations Department and PRS Dada.

That is the way things should work – under ideal or normal conditions.
That is in tune with our samgaddhadhvam spirit.

However, at present, we are not living in normal times. Because when our
organisational structure is cracked, when groupists are doing and dying
for their own fame and power, and when our organisational channels are
no longer doing what they were designed to do, then who can think these
are normal times.

In that case, we have to reconsider the matter entirely.


When there is care and love, then naturally there will be deep interest
to do things properly. But where groupism is rampant, the desire to
serve the cause of dharma is replaced by the greedy need to rule over
others. Tragically, at present, many of the devotional tools in AM have
been taken hostage by group leaders who suffer from this defective

VARABHAYA MUDRA PHOTO: Earlier, all Ananda Margiis had easy access
through the proper organisational channels to a high-quality image of
Baba’s varabhaya mudra photo. However, since 1990, the photo being
distributed has been tainted, faded and lightened such that one can
hardly even see the image. This makes both Guru dhyana and Guru sakash
very difficult.

Actually, the history is that after 1990 the organisation (i.e.
Sarvatmananda’s team) had a perfect negative of Baba in varabhaya mudra.
However, as they were more concerned with power than saving Baba’s
things, they allowed their negative get ruined by mold in the humid
environment of Tiljala. Such was their level of interest.

By the grace of Baba, committed margiis came forward and began sharing a
high-quality photo, much to the displeasure of the organisation. As they
preferred to have full control, whether they were carrying out their
duties properly or not.

Still today this remains an issue. The PRS and other organisational
channels either do not have a good quality photo or they refuse to share
it with others – both of these scenarios come into play.

In that case, how can we sit back and say, that only PRS Dada has the
right to distribute Baba’s photo. Rather, it is the right of every
Ananda Margii to have Guru’s photo for the spiritual progress in
sadhana. In the best case scenario, PRS would have a proper system in
place to get the photo to sadhakas of the Marga. But nothing of the sort
has been done. Rather, PRS refuses to share the photo at all.

So this is a clear-cut instance where the organisation is not serving
the aims of dharma. Thus, bhaktas have been forced to step forward and save
the situation so devoted margiis can get a proper photo. Best of course
is if the organisation properly handles this duty, but when they do not
have the interest nor the desire, then other recourse is needed.

PRABHAT SAMGIITA: This is another blatant example how since 1990 the
organisation has failed to live up to their duties. Instead of following
in the footsteps of Baba’s dharmic example, the groupists in power gave
up the ship on Prabhat Samgiita and (1) sold out to pseudo-culture and
(2) propagated the late PP’s silly rhymes, ridiculously titled as
Shraddha Shuman.

Who can forget how the organisational “leaders” pasted glamorous
pictures of filmy singers on the covers of our Prabhat Samgiita
cassettes and began distributing those cassettes as a collection of
mundane love songs wherein Baba’s divine compositions were sold in the
common marketplaces along side pop-music.

Under such a condition, who can think that the organisational channels
were fulfilling their dharmic duties – rather they strayed deep into the
realm of pseudo-culture and dogma.

They have shown they cannot be trusted.

Plus, that is not all, for years and years in that post-1990 period,
Sarvatmananda and Co. were actively promoting, recording and selling PP
Dada’s silly rhymes, thereby totally overlooking Baba’s divine
collection of Prabhat Samgiita.

All this eerily spells out how the organisational channels were failing
to live up to their responsibilities – thereby forfeiting their duties
to others, i.e. interested margiis and acaryas.

AM BOOKS: Next we come to the publication of Baba’s books. Although Dada
Acyutanandji is working hard and has diligently involved in this
endeavor, Dadaji’s fine efforts have not been enough to overcome the
dark ways of the Kolkata team.

No doubt, Rudrananda is doing zero to publish AM books, but even worse,
in the opposite corner, Sarvatmananda and his cohorts have adopted the
path of Bangalisation. They hastily toss aside and intentionally ruin
English and Hindi discourses – as well as those given in other languages
– and instead they only attend to Bangla discourses. Or they insist that
all discourses be first put into Bengali – even if Baba spoke in English
– in order to put Bengali on top. There are no shortage of examples in
this regard.




These above letters are but a few of the many examples of how such
groupists have ruined Baba’s books. So this is another clear-cut case
wherein the factional heads have gone against the ethic of AM and
destroyed our treasures.

All in all, it is clear we are not living in normal times. Because those
at the helm of the organisation are violating all the principles of AM.
And even worse is that when others try to pick up the responsibility or
correct things, then those factional monsters wage an all-out war
against that innocent margii.

So the whole scene is quite tragic and the only remedy at present lies
in the hands of those courageous margiis & wts who come forward.

Because organisational authorities have no interest in doing their jobs.


Actually when these groupists bond together, they can create all kinds
of problems. The most glaring example of this is the dogma of Mahaprayan.

As we all know, in Caryacara part 2, Baba has clearly stated that Guru
is infinite and ever-lasting, forever in our hearts.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone
has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium
of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (CC-2)

Yet, when all the groupists were “united” and serving as footstools to
Sarvatmananda, then in ’90 they unanimously voted to insert the dogmatic
Mahaparyana addendum to Carycarya part 1, essentially stating that Baba
is gone.

Such is the hell that groupists can do when they are all on the same
page, i.e. working together.


Now let us again return to the main query: Who Should Distribute Baba
Photos & Films?

Given all the information and proofs from up above, we have to
reconsider the situation. Because when the organisational channels have
no desire to attend to this responsibility, then there is no other
option except for others to come forward.

Certainly, the Public Relations Dept should be in charge, but when they
shirk their responsibility, the only recourse is for rational margiis to
take up the job.



We must remember that those leaders at the helm of the organisation are
not like some capitalist owners who may do as they please. The only
avenue of post holders in AMPS is to serve Guru and the Marga, beyond
that they have no right.

Thus when top Dadas are failing to carry out their duties and when
devoted margiis around the globe are thirsty for devotional treasures
like a proper Baba photo etc, then other dharmikas must come forward and
demonstrate initiative.

Because, all sadhakas should have proper access to Guru’s gifts.

Baba says, “Human life is short. It is wise to get all the instructions
regarding sa’dhana’ as soon as possible.” (CC-2, ‘Sadhana’, pt#8)

So when Baba’s photo is such an essential part of our sadhana practice
and when His discourses and Prabhat Samgiita are some of our devotional
treasures, then every Ananda Margii has a right to those gifts. That is
Baba’s stated wish.


Given the severity of the situation, the only practical way to move
ahead is for interested Ananda Margiis – be they family margiis or wts –
to share Baba photos and Prabhat Samgiita etc. That is the only way to
remedy the situation at present.

But, this is only a temporary measure – a quick band-aid.

The main solution is to clean up the organisation and have people in the
chair who wish to serve Guru and propagate His ideals. Then PRS Dada
should have full authority over the distribution of Baba’s photo etc.


By Baba’s grace He has created AMPS as medium for us to work together in
spreading His ideal. Without that, it would be impossible. So we must
fix the organisation. Till that time – until all groupists have been
removed or rectified – pathways are needed to ensure things like Baba’s
photo get distributed properly to other sadhakas. In that case, any
interested margii can do.

Baba says, “All have come from Him, and therefore all will remain
together. But this is not sufficient. All have come from Him, are in
Him, and will merge in Him, therefore all people will have to live
together. For you, unity is the natural course, and division is
unnatural. You well know that the Cosmic Energy will not long tolerate
what is unnatural.” (Disc MHB)



Just because margiis and field workers are now involved in sharing
Baba’s image and writings does not mean that they can carry out this
work indiscriminately.

Rather, it should be done with the utmost sanctity and reverence for
Baba’s gifts.

Thus, we should be vigilant that no one go against the ethic of the
Marga in this regard. If that happens, these instances should be
reviewed on a case by case basis, and conclusive action should be taken.

And again, best of all will be if the integrity of our AMPS can be
restored. Then the organisation can resume full authority of all
devotional properties etc. That will be best.

About Rich People

Parama Purusa Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of
money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is
necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you
keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become
responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your
valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities
for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the
basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of
society.” (HS-1, p. 41)

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From: “maheshvar”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: NY Plot: Important Letter to Kinshuk – Plse Fwd

Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 13:11:48 +0000







All around there is much euphoria in the wake of the recent “unity” meeting in Kolkata. People are very optimistic; they think that under Ac Kinshuk ji’s reign, the administration will welcome the golden era into our Marga wherein all factions are united.


I also noticed that Tiirthananda was given the post: SS of NY sector. That was very surprising to see. Why is it that Ac Kinshuk ji totally ignored the situation in NY sector.


In short, why has Ac Kinshuk given the post of Sectorial Secretary to Tiirthananda when Tiirthananda himself has nothing to do with the Kolkata unity. All of Tiirthananda’s actions lead in a different direction.


By reading this letter anyone can understand well.





Here is the key matter: Why would the new, so-called Unity AM Kolkata team make Dada Tiirthananda SS of NY Sector when they (Kolkata & Co.) are not stipulating changing back the bylaws of NY Sector.


As everyone knows, a few years back NY sector wrongly changed the legal by-laws of AMPS in NY. Since the beginning, all the sectors including NY were to be controlled by AMPS HQ in India. That is the system.


When Tiirthananda had the by-laws changed, he actually still wanted to be part of AMPS Central and included in the Ranchi DMS & functions. At that time, AMPS was working with him to update the by-laws. The reason given for changing the by-laws at that time was to protect the sector from a Tiljala takeover. But Tiirthananda & his NY followers deceptively changed the NY sector by-laws such that they need not follow any Central administration of AM. Now NY sector is 100% totally independent and autonomous.


By this example one can see that Tiirthananda comes close to created “trust” and then he betrays that trust. So no one should ever put an ounce of faith in him. Tiirthananda engages in backstabbing actions again and again. That is his regular pattern.


Essentially, AM Inc (i.e. Tiirthananda’s breakaway organisation in NY) has turned Baba’s mission into a capitalist real estate agency


Of course all of this is completely against Baba’s given organisational codes and policies. Baba created the AMPS organisation with a central headquarters in India. And that central administration is to control and oversee all offices and all sectors around the globe.


But Tiirthananda hijacked NY sector and made his own separate organisation where he has crowned himself as king of those margiis. In this way, NY has become a totally independent entity separate from the main structure, AMPS. Tiirthananda controls the by-laws and registry in NY. The name is Ananda Marga but it has nothing to do with our central office in India.


So why did the so-called Unity AM Kolkata team allow Tiirthananda to rule NY under such conditions – where NY is totally separate and independent and he is SS, i.e. top post. Could the new Unity AM administration be so weak they cannot make the requisite decisions to strengthen their administration?





A few of us approached some Tiljala Dadas about why they would appoint an SS like Tiirthananda who has set-up his own organisation for the past 6 years legally separate from India.


The answer they gave was that he looked sincere and attended many meetings. What a convoluted answer that was – a total run-around.


We were also told that the senior Dadas are not blind. Just they would rather wait until the legal case is over to deal with the by-law issue.


However, common sense tells us:

1. The legal case could take years;

2. Tiirthananda has built a sector that is psychologically separate from India despite his parlaying the post and some senior NYS margiis going with him to the March meeting.


Furthermore, Vishvadeva (a longtime NY ACB member and an adherent of Tiirthananda) announced in Kolkata that they have no intention of changing the bylaws back.


There is also the question about the role AM North America, the organization set up to let Tiljala function in NYS after Tiirthananda blocked all immigration and access to retreats etc. Of course now Tiirthananda become executive of their board and takes over the St Louis property. Indeed, just over a year ago, NY OS Rainjitananda (a Tiirthananda cadre) contacted AM North America (i.e. Tiljala’s organisational front in NY) threatening them with legal action for using the name Ananda Marga.


So what is in it for Unity AM to have Tiirthananda as a SS? What is the payoff for India?





Tiirthananda is known as a compulsive liar and politician. He will play both sides. He also is not stating his full support of the new merger. The board members of AM Inc, an independent body separate from Centre, feel they are owners now of NY sector properties.


Vinay Hemmelgarn moved into the Denver unit and no Tiljala or Ranchi Wt can come into the jagriti. The margiis are upset about this as they have known Dharmapremananda a long time. But Vinay rules that he is the landlord & owner and there is some “tantric principle” that makes the other groups not allowed to be near his son. So they are not welcome.


Tiirthananda margiis are tutored at retreats to be blatantly anti-Tiljala and anti-Ranchi with Tiirthananda being the new moral leadership. Where is all this going?


Many are aware that Tiirthananda has ideas to lure Georgetown Sector and Berlin Sector into partnership with NYS and form a separate Ananda Marga. I don’t think this plan has been abandoned. NY is now a separate organisation and he wants to include other sectors in this organisation. That is Tiirthananda’s grand vision along with his EC cohorts.





Here follows a list of critical issues related with the NY Sector by-law matter. Please know that AM Inc is the alternate organisation of NY Sector created by Tiirthananda and his NY ACB followers like Vishvadeva and Vinay etc. Senior margiis of NY such as Pashupati (of North Carolina), Cirasmita (of Vermont), and Vishvamitra (of North Carolina) all go along with the EC program.


1) The existing NYS AM Inc board does not recognize any authority from India administrations, neither Kolkata nor Ranchi. Even then he got the post of SS in the wake of of the recent Tiljala unity meeting.


2) Tiirthananda is not legally answerable to the Tiljala Unity AM GS unless he so chooses. Of course the new GS, Dada Bhaveshananda, is the ex Tiljala president and friendly with tiirthananda. Here it should be noted that Tiirthananda used to go visit Tiljala and the Tiljala WTs did not want him in the building. It made a lot of clash and he would be blocked from entering. The last trip, just over 2 years ago, Tiirthananda only went to visit the then president of Kolkata faction Bhaveshananda, whom he has some connection with (due to geo-sentiment of both being from South). And now Bhaveshananda is GS of Tiljala.


3) AM Inc still has control over immigration policies in NYS, not Unity AM. That means AM Inc controls (and sponsors) which outside workers are able to legally enter NYS as a wholetime worker of Ananda Marga – and not just as a regular tourist. After all anyone can enter a country with permission of the local government but to enter as a missionary worker, i.e. Wt, it needs the sponsorship of the organisation. And now Tiirthananda has complete control over this for NY sector.


After 9-11, then President Bush put immigration into the jurisdiction of the homeland security. Homeland Security functions without having to have permission from congress for enforcing the laws of the land. Religious workers are now scrutinized carefully and R1 visas (religious worker visa) are worth their weight in gold. Some workers come in on business visas to circumvent Tiirthananda’s block, but technically a religious worker needs an R1. No religious nonprofit, especially foreign, can afford attention from immigration for having a visa in the wrong category.


Note: Here it should be understood by all that AM Inc is an incorporated, independent organisation that is self-ruled and free of all connections with India.


4) Tiirthananda maintains his independent status yet also holds a Tiljala / Unity AM SS post as a worker. This is a split loyalty.


5) AM Inc does not have to give disclosure of sectorial funds.


6) AMURT under AM Inc does not have to disclose accounting, fund sources, or dispersal of relief funds. NYS AMURT is not under Unity AM nor does Unity AM have access.


7) All AM Inc properties are not part of Unity AM. They are considered owned and lorded over by the NYS board members according to the bylaws. Jagrities and master units have their own boards, but SS can circumvent the board and control the property as he wishes.


8) AM Inc board chooses their own NYS SS, not the Tiljala Unity AM. The by-laws were changed to state that New York sector can approve or select their own SS independent of the GS. This has caused much criticism of the anti organizational stand of Tiirthananda.


Indeed, in the future people will understand the history, and Tiirthananda will be treated as the #1 problem creator for achieving real unity. He has done enormous harm to the organisational structure which Baba planned and made. Tiirthananda is the greatest traitor. Baba wanted to unite one and all and Tiirthananda made independent NY sector independent. This is the horrific example he set. It is just like the cheat who started mixing papaya seeds in with black pepper. This created one negative trend. By that definition Tiirthananda is great sinner. Others will copy him and all lands will be “independent”. That is the possibility. Unfortunately right now people are not realising this.


9) It is very surprising that the Tiljala team has given Tiirthananda the post of SS without demanding a formal apology for his anti Bengali campaigns since 2005. It is well known that Tiirthananda was harassing Tiljala workers, withholding relief funds from Tiljala workers, blocking access to units and retreats, and denying immigration status for workers, and has not rectified these issues in the sector.


10) Workers of AM inc report to Tiirthananda, not SS of Unity AM. The non posted workers (personal friends of Tiirthananda) and EC related workers are independents and do not support the PP or the merger. The regular workers hold posts still with Ranchi. Many independents are erratic in their duties and discipline protocols.


11) Any work with AM of North America, set up for the Tiljala administration to function after being blocked and discriminated against, does not overlap into AM, Inc. Tiirthananda takes control of AM North America assets and property, but offers nothing in return to the Tiljala administration.


12) AM, Inc does not acknowledge Kinshuk as legal PP as they claim PPs are selected illegally. Yet 3 members of the board senior margiis traveled to Tiljala last week with Tiirthananda saying they support the merger and PP. Some even want positions as global advisors to PP.


13) Tiirthananda has not made the statement that he is part of Unity AM and that he will change back the bylaws as a gesture of support. He says he has no intention of doing this. Indeed, Tiirthananda is still part and parcel of EC overseas workers and claims himself as a non-supporter of third front India.


14) Under AM, Inc, there are no consistent TP, RDS, or financial policies.


15) In the case of Ranchi winning the indiscipline legal case, they legally take over NYS properties and assets. They are asking for recoup of all sectorial funds spent since Tiirthananda left Ranchi. For more about this see Note #4 below.





In essence, what is the Tiljala Unity AM getting from NY sector via Tiirthananda? Why has the OS Dada not been changed to have a conduit to Unity AM in case of fraudulence by Tiirthananda?


If on this very matter, Kinshukji is incapable of doing anything then that will be proof of his lack of courage and strength. The saddest thing will be that the current level euphoria in AM will be very short-lived. It will be like the euphoria of a newly married couple that gets married only to file a divorce a week later.


Please write in with your thoughts. Plus kindly forward this important letter about the situation in NY to Kinshukji.








Let’s all hope that the Tiljala / Unity AM insists that Tiirthananda stop harassing AM Mexico to change their bylaws to come under AM Inc and take personal control of the bank account left to AM Mexico by the ex vice-president Gagan. This has set up an unworkable situation where the president will not comply with Tiirthananda; hence he is targeted by Tiirthananda Wts so much, and he will no longer work with any EC acarya.


It is beyond necessity to use acaryas (Didi Ananda Usa and the present RS Dada Aardvhendhu) to turn a man’s wife and children against him in hopes of breaking him down to get the AM bank account. The retreats are held to seduce the margiis with the goal of turning them against the president and breaking up his board, thereby making way to set up a board chosen by Tiirthananda. This should stop immediately. This is not a sector that is neo humanistic or following any form of benevolence to the margiis who still care enough to support it.





Tiirthananda has more ties with EC overseas. Citkrsnananda will not involve himself with the merger and still thinks Kolkata is illegitimate admin. I believe Citkrsnananda will move into the leadership position of the overseas EC.


Except for Maheshvarananda (PROUT) and Tiirthanananda (SS NYS), no other EC personnel recognizes the admin or Kinshuk. Didi Giita also did not come in on the merger. So there are more groups sprouting up instead of going in the direction of a monolithic AM society as it was before 1990.





The Tiirthananda gang sees nothing wrong with the way they are operating. Tiirthananda and his crew give the logic that they are saving NY sector from certain top Dadas of India. For this reason Tiirthananda & Co have separated themselves. That is their justification.


However, this is nothing but their bogus logic.


Their situation is akin to one nanny cutting off the head of a baby and saving the head. Then when the police come to arrest her, the nanny gives the justification that she chopped off the baby’s head to save that baby from parental abuse.


Similarly, in the name of saving NY sector from those Dadas in India, Tiirthananda has cut the organisation into pieces and separated NY completely. That is his faulty approach.


As for Tiirthananda’s relationship with the the NY board, the situation is quite clear. They get power and think they are running the sector, while Tiirthananda gets to stay as SS. And now with Tiljala appointing him as SS, he is back legit with the organization.


But all remember that Tiirthananda is a defector. The EC Dadas not posted with Ranchi all are all in this category. They are all just using the organization without being part of it any more. This is the breakdown of the system more than anything Rrudrananda and Nigamananda have done.


If you want to know more about Tiirthananda’s nefarious activities, just write and we will reply with further details and facts about his dealings.





See how Tiirthananda has lassoed margiis of NY sector to cover the costs of the big lawsuit in NY with the Ranchi faction. The entire board, 4 margiis and 4 WTers, filed the lawsuit saying they are legitimate administration by their laws. It is obvious they will cover the lawyer costs. The WTs will technically not pay as they are sannyasii with no income. So Tiirthananda has used the bank accounts from the units in US even though he has the Swiss bank account and probably his own bank accounts too. This is also why he wants the AM Mexico account. To adjunct and spread out the financial liability, he has put most of the US units on as plaintiffs along with the board. This puts their boards, margiis who have had nothing to do with the bylaw changes, in line to pay a percentage of the legal costs.

Many feel that WTs and board members should pay all the costs since they wanted the bylaws changed and profit from it.


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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 22:23:42 -0400

From: Donald_G

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Story: Horses of Three Barns







In the aftermath of the recent unity meeting in Tiljala, a listing was issued of all the new postholders and next to their name was a code (KA) or (TF) indicating their group affiliation.


This reminds me of one story.





Once there were many horses. They were all living together but after some time they began fighting visciously. So they were split up into different camps. They were groupified according to various geographical regions: Borough farm, Harmond farm, and Taffu farm. The fighting continued: When they would go to graze they would quarrel and then return to their separate farms. Then one day some of those horses decided once again to live together. They thought they would live as horses, and not as Borough horses and Taffu horses. So they held a conference and the two horse farms shifted themselves to the same pasture. The Borough farm and the Taffu farm joined together. Yet even though they now lived under “one roof”, each horse still identified themselves as being from Borough Farm or Taffu farm. So even though they were “living together”, those horses would only eat and talk with horses from particular region: Borough or Taffu. And they were only friends with other horses from their region. They harboured nothing but hatred and animosity for horses from other areas. In that way they were branded according to their geographical area, and they kept that brand even though they now all now “lived together” in one central barn. Plus they fought like crazy, unable to truly generate a feeling of oneness. Seeing their brands, farmers and other animals were just laughing at the hypocrisy of such horses. Those horses tried to proclaim that they were united as horses in a single barn; but, in truth, they retained their old factional identities and branded themselves as Borought horses, or Taffu horses etc. And the fierce fighting continued – with seemingly no end in sight. And still today it is like that. Those horses cannot give up their brands and live together peacefully.





Regarding the above parable, is that not exactly what we are witnessing in the wake of the recent Tiljala unity meeting. Two warring groups had a meeting in order to unite themselves, yet afterwards they all kept their old group affiliation: “I am KA (Kolkata Administration)” or “I am TF (Third Front)”. So even though they held a “unity meeting”, they still identified with and branded themselves as a members of their own separate group camp, i.e. KA or TF.


That is why many are saying this was just a so-called unity meeting or a bogus unity meeting. Because in truth, not a shred of unity happened. Only those two groups reinforced their old factional alliances. It is all just a case of hypocrisy – nothing more. They are claiming unity with their tongues but in reality they are totally locked into their old group camps.







In the neo-humanistic outlook of Ananda Marga, all are human and no one should be identified as being from a certain group. But now look what has happened.


In the past all group affiliations were hidden. No one wanted to label themselves in any way. No one wanted to claim that they were part of a particular group. Rather all wanted to be thought of as being beyond all narrow sentiments. They were saying that others were making groups, but would deny that they themselves were part of any group.


Yet now we find that in the wake of the recent unity meeting, they are all openly recognising their groupist affiliations in front of all: KA (Kolkata Administration) and TF (Third Front). And of course we know that sitting in their own turf is the Ranchi faction.





The situation is just like a person who at first does not want to smoke or drink in front of their elders. But then once that person becomes totally debauched and addicted to drugs and alcohol, then that same person will leave all their shame behind and openly drink and smoke in front of their esteemed family members.


A similar fall has occurred with today’s groupists. In the past they would never openly admit that they were part of a group. Yet now they have lost all shame and worry and they proudly state their group affiliation. Indeed, in the wake of the recent “unity meeting” they have branded themselves as being KA or TF.


That is why many say that the recent unity meeting in Tiljala is totally bogus and devoid of any ideological integrity. Those group leaders who actively participated in the unity meeting on 25 – 27 March do not treat themselves as being disciples of Baba. Rather they classify themselves according to their own geo-sentiment.





For real unity, a distinct universal feeling is a must. Branding oneself as being KA or TF will never give rise to unity.


Baba says, “In this world we find different varieties of group sentiment and socio-sentiment. For example, a small group may be composed of only a very few people, which we call a family. There are still larger groups, such as castes, communities,(1) tribes and nationalities; and behind all those groups the same mental weakness, the same psychic disease, is operating. As a consequence of this disease, people confine themselves within a particular group, and due to this confinement, they suffer from different types of complexes…Within a gang of thieves, one of them says appreciatively, “Oh! The sleight-of-hand of such-and-such other thief is marvellous – he has made a fool of me!” Here one pickpocket is praising another, because they belong to the same group. But one who does not belong to that gang of pickpockets will never appreciate it.” (NH-LOI,


I anticipate that Baba will be gracious and those who have fallen in the quagmire of narrow sentiments will rise up and become true human beings and not just confine themselves to being KA and TF etc.






Note: Of course it is obvious to all that those in the Ranchi camp are yet another group. They did not have a big part in the above story but that does not mean they are devoid of groupist feelings. To the contrary, they are drowned in that as well.


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Date: 10 Jan 2010 21:07:57 -0000

From: “Bhavanath Rajpal”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: DMS News #2: Two Different Protests Across the Planet




“Eso tumi raune rupe a’ma’r maner an’u-a’nute…” – P.S. 2242




Baba, please come in my mind with form and color. Please come in each

and every iota of my mind. My whole life has passed in searching You from

country to another country. When I was looking to find You in far distant

places, then I did not get You anywhere. And when I searched You in the

external world nearby me, then also I did not get You. In fact, I did not

get You in any holy land or in the cave of the mountains. In search of You

in lonely places I cried in longing.

Baba, by Your grace when I look into my mind then I see that You are

there smiling on my mental lotus. You are in my mental pollen, in its

fragrance, and in its nectar. Sitting there You are smiling. Baba I did not

get You anywhere externally because You are always in my mind. When I try

to look within then by Your grace I feel that You are with me…








We all want unity within our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. The main question is which avenue will take us there. The events at the recent DMS and the NY winter retreat shed further light on this matter.


You may have heard that at the recent Ananda Marga New Year’s DMS in Ananda Nagar one group sat in protest. To some it may look like this group is quite noble: Engaging in a peaceful, silent protest outside the main gate of the DMS pandal with placards, banners, and pamphlets preaching unity.


But to really understand the situation, we have to see the big picture. We cannot just stare at one small piece of the puzzle.


Specifically, when EC was staging a peaceful protest for unity and declaring along with B group that Kinshuk Dada should be the next PP, then we have to see what other activities EC was involved in to evaluate how far they are sincere in their approach.


And indeed if we evaluate EC’s situation in NY sector, we get a grander view of the scene.


That same EC faction which was staging a protest at DMS in Ananda Nagar is the same EC group that controlled the winter retreat at Ananda Kanan (USA). At that gathering they deliberately barred other groups and their members – i.e. the Ranchi group NY SS et Co – from entering into NY sector sectorial retreat. EC veritably blocked that Dada from entering the retreat grounds. When that Dada arrived on site they forcefully told him that he was not welcome. This happened the same exact week that EC was staging their own protest for being disallowed to enter into the DMS pandal in Ananda Nagar.


Plus one other interesting thing to be aware of.


In NY this same EC group is fighting tooth and nail in a huge, unprecedented court case for control of the sector. And they are trying desperately to gather as much funds from margiis as they can in order to pay their attorneys and related legal fees. All done to snatch the power from the other group. These are the plain facts. All the groups are unceremoniously indulged in the fight for power – not true unity.





Groupism means harboring a narrow agenda for one’s own personal material gain, i.e. for their particular region, caste, community etc. This type of special self-interest is the defining point of being a group. Groupism has nothing to do with how big or small it is in number, i.e. size of their membership; it is only related with harboring a narrow mentality or group feeling. There may be 1 million people in a group, 100 people or 1 person. That is all meaningless. What makes a group a group is their narrow-minded interests.


In contrast, if a fight is going on for the cause of universal welfare, i.e. for everyone’s physical, psychic and spiritual development and one is battling against all sorts of exploitation, then irrespective of the number of people involved, it is not a group.


As long as Baba was controlling AMPS it was not a group. Certain non-margiis were labeling AMPS as a group but it was not a group. Those days AM was for universal emancipation, not any narrow agenda.


Today however the various factions are busy trying to grab the power and injecting dogmas like the supremacy of their language, land, community, or tiirtha. Or they just squabble over who can get more purodhaships in their camp etc. None of these “causes” are ideological. That is why the current group struggle is nothing but a factional feud.


All the groups in today’s Marga rally around their chosen dogmas and all the groups want to exploit margiis. That is why they never raise the slogan of margii rights or common issues (see note 1). When not in power they cry out about their own pathetic situation in front of margiis and exploit their sentiment; but when in power the situation is different. Then those groups rule with an iron fist.


Sane people understand this quite well.


If anyone is emotionally attached to certain friendships or a particular language or any other narrow cause, then they should not befool themselves into thinking that they are fighting for Ananda Marga ideology.


All in all, the entire present day group fight has nothing to do with AM ideology – rather it runs counter to our ideological standards.


If on this point you have any doubt please write me.





Here the point is that unity can never be based in groupist hypocrisy – nor the hypocrisy of H, B, or EC groups. All such factions have their self-interest in mind and when we see the big picture their true colours can easily be understood. Those who are victims in one sector are the power mongers in another. Such persons can never bring unity.


The only solution is unity based on ideology – not any group agenda. For more about this see note 1.


Thus when one group is preaching unity on one side of the planet and and carrying out factional feuds on the other side of the globe, even the simplest of observers can understand what is going on.


To solve this matter we have to uncover all shades of hypocrisy and rally around Ananda Marga ideology, not any group camp. So-called unity based on groupist sentiment is fragile and can explode at any moment whereas as real unity based on ideology is the true foundation of our AM and human society.


Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation in society. And to ensure this we have to start a new order to safeguard the interests of the exploited masses. So for a proper social synthesis what we require is a common philosophy of life; that is, ideological unity.” (Prout Nutshell, Part 15)


Baba says, “Lack of unity among the members of society, because of too much self-interest in the individual members, formation of sects for economic or social advantages, or lack of understanding of others, not only brings the downfall of society, but also will wipe it completely from the face of the earth. Instances of so many sects and empires disappearing altogether are not rare in the history of this world.” (“Tattvika Praveshika”)








The present group fight in our Marga is not an ideological fight. Here ideological means Baba’s divine teachings, not any group agenda. This fight is all about their own selfish group interest. Here following the is the logic and reasoning in support of this fact.


Since 1990, so many injustices have been done related with ideology, yet none of these following points are ever raised by these group leaders – i.e. H, B, or EC. Rather they are the perpetrators.


1. Destruction of BP rights and imposition of the Fake BP Manual;

2. Expulsion used as a weapon since 1995 when all groups qqq were together were living and unitedly ruling qqq

3. Countless intentional scriptural distortions such as placing “Translated from the original Bengali” on the cover page of all AM books, even if those discourses were given in English or Hindi;

4. Elimination of the margii based ACB system: Advisory Committees & Boards;

5. Curtailment of margii rights;

6. Creation of dogmatic pilgrimages in Ananda Nagar, Kolkata, & Jamalpur, and many other places;

7. Issuing of Fake Ananda Vaniis;

8. Victimisation of countless innocent Ananda Margiis;

9. Bangalisation of AM teachings;

10. Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita by using filmy singers etc;

11. Not recognising Silent Action as a fundamental right;

12. Rejecting English and Hindi passages spoken by Baba and only translating the Bengali portions of Baba’s holy DMC discourses which were given by Baba in three languages;

13. Treating Baba as a mortal being by using the shraddha mantra for Sadguru Baba and the imposition of dogmatic Mahaprayan;

14. Construction of dogmatic memorials to limit Baba to a particular land or place;

15. And so many more ideological wrongs.


Note: Please do write us if you wish more information on any of the above points.


Yet, no group ever raises any of these universal points related with AM teachings / ideology. They only raise their own selfish claims based on their group agenda for post and power.


So all this infighting is nothing but a factional power fight. In that case why should margiis quarrel, give their resources and time, and do & die in such a fight when it is all about selfishness and grabbing the post – and nothing else.


Regarding the above listed ideological points related with margii rights and scripture etc, neither the factions of Tiirthananda & EC, nor B faction, nor H (i.e. Ranchi faction) support these purely ideological issues. Never do they ever raise these items – they only raise points of personal lust for post and power.


Then why should any sincere devotee sacrifice themselves for this cause of infighting and group agenda. There is no ideology on either side. That is Baba’s teaching.


Baba says, “Many of the ills of society develop because people do not care to know other members of society. This may not only mean ignorance of the condition and difficulties of others, but also leads to intolerance and a lack of interest in the affairs of the other members of society. Common social functions bring different members of society together and are therefore a great unifying force. By performing certain functions collectively, all the members are engaged in doing the same thing for some time, and this brings about a feeling of unity and interest in others.” (Social Psychology, 1957, Jamalpur)











Baba says, “The Cosmic Operative Principle, whereby the Citishakti [Supreme

Cognitive Faculty] goes on transforming itself into Cosmic Ectoplasms and

those Cosmic Ectoplasms into the bhacakra [spatio-eternal system] without

undermining its own status, must necessarily imbibe the witness-ship of the

Sambharaka.” (HS, Edn ’99, p.148)


Note 1: To do proper translations of Baba’s original discourses the

translator must be aware of Baba’s own Grammar book series as well as His

small encyclopedia: Laghu Nirukta. Without these two necessary works, the

translation will be incomplete. And it may lack unclarity and create

confusion. The above example has happend like that.



Note 2: The term ‘bhacakra’ is not available in any published dictionary in

the general society. That is why the translator / editor could not properly

clarify this term. Instead he speculated about its meaning from his own

mind. The real meaning of the term bhacarka is given in Laghu Nirukta. That

is as follows:


“1. The sky and space which can be seen from one side of the earth

represents only half or a partial amount. To see the other half one has to

go to the other side of the earth. And when the entire thing is treated as

one, then that is bhacakra. Bhacakra is complete.”

“2. The next definition means the known and unknown created worlds– that

combined is bhacakra.”



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Re: How Culture is One

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 05:34:12 -0000


From: Hariish Deva

Subject: Re: How Culture is One




“Maneri gahane tumi a’cho, a’cho prabhu sada’ jege a’cho…” (4380)




Baba, You are always remaining in the depths of my mind– You never

leave me. You always remain awake. You go on working day and night, beyond

the time. You never stop. Baba, whatever You want to do, You go on doing. This whole expressed universe is Your eternal game. You are ever-present: beginningless and endless. You are ever intoxicated in Your divine flow. You are the Goal of everyone– everyone wants You. You are remaining with one and all. Those who are trying to come close to You by their virtuous deeds and shravan, manan, nididhyasana, & dhyana, only they are able to come to You. Only they are able to realise You and have Your grace and proximity. Baba,

You are grace-Personified…





~ Part 2 ~


Note: This letter is in reply to one margii brother who was inquiring about Baba’s use of the term, demi-culture.



Yes indeed, Baba’s use of the term, “demi-culture”, is well known to senior margiis and those familiar with Baba discourses.


In fact, by Baba’s grace, I was in His divine company for field walk (May 8, 1979) in Fiesch during His Berlin sector tour in 1979. And on that tour itself Baba used the term, demi-culture. For your reference I have appended portions of that field walk in point #3 below.





Here are further points for consideration:


1. All sadhakas are aware of His guideline that human culture is one and that so-called cultural wars, distrust, and clashes between one geographical areas will cease to exist when people accept our human culture as one.


2. These days what people commonly think of as culture or separate cultures are really nothing more than different modes of expression – not different cultures. Human culture is one and Baba chose the term demi-culture or mode of expression to represent the different ways people express our singular human culture.







3. As mentioned above, on one field-walk in Fiesch, in reply to the margii Baba spoke the following lines about culture and demi-culture:


Baba says, “You see, I have said that the human culture is one. Only, there are different modes of expressions. Now, we may say demi-culture, regarding those modes of expression. There were during the Middle Ages, three distinct demi-cultures in Europe. One Prussian, another Latanic, and the third one Iberian. “Iberian” means Spain, Portugal, and Basque….”


Then the Margii states: In ancient times, one human culture. Although in ancient times there was only one human culture. Baba then corrects the margii.


Baba says, “Even now, human culture is one. There are local differences in eating and dancing. [But] that doesn’t make culture.” (Baba’s Field Walk in Fiesch, May 8, 1979)


In His above teaching, Baba is clearly stating that human culture has been and remains one. Only we may say that the modes of expression, or demi-culture, vary. Those variations reflect the various ways how people eat and dance etc. That is Baba’s use of the term demi-culture.


4. It is our duty to use these terms, demi-culture and modes of expression, in our day to day life. We should utilise Baba’s given terminology of demi-culture in our: writing, art, literature, talks, lectures, presentations, stories, dramas and more. Gradually, by this way, Baba’s teachings on culture and demi-culture will be propagated. The concept that human culture is one is a completely new idea. We have to help teach others by our practical daily use of the term, demi-culture.







5. At present, due to a lack of understanding, people think in an analytical (divisive ) way. They divide our singular human culture into many. And still this is going on.


Baba says, “Dogmas have taken root in the human mind. People cannot get rid of these false ideas because they have been injected into their minds since childhood. As a result, one human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and caste also have different sub-castes – what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas.” (A Few Problems Solved, part 7)


Indeed on this point of culture, people continue to divide humanity to such a degree until finally each and every person carries their own separate culture. This is nothing but the path of analysis (division & factionalism) while ours is that path of synthesis (unity).


6. For instance, some think that there is both western culture and eastern culture. And by their path of analysis they divide western culture into parts like European culture and American culture. And they further divide American culture into so many parts: Italian-American culture, Native American culture, Chinese-American culture, African-American culture, Mexican-American culture, Guatemalan American culture, Filipino American culture, Japanese American culture, Greek American culture, etc.


If we continue to list all there divisions then there might be several hundred classifications. Because people from all over the globe are in the US and they carry their own demi-cultural label. In the same way, this type of analysis (division) can be done in each and every land. Tragically, through that lens there is a gigantic wave of differentiation and distrust.





7. The solution is that irrespective of one’s mode of expression or demi-culture, human culture is one. We are all human. We are bound by one paternal love of Parama Purusa. Wherever humans are born and raised they adopt local variations which vary from place to place. So there are local variations but in essence humans are not different from one another. Human culture is one.


8. Here again the central idea is that all human beings are one: (a) everyone greets, (b) everyone expresses happiness, (c) everyone has something they value or holds as an ideal, (d) people share and serve food together, and (e) many similar practices can be included in this list.


Irrespective of their so-called caste, language, so-called race or geographical areas, and level of education etc, all have these common qualities. That is why inherently human culture is one. By superficial look, it seems that people live in different ways and have a different culture, but these are local variations that we term as demi-culture.


The conclusion is that fundamentally human beings are one and there are various local differences and those differences are not cultural but rather demi-culture.


Baba says, “According to PROUT all of society has the same culture. There are local variations in the mode or state of cultural expression, but the expression is universal. While everybody eats, some eat by hand, others by stick and still others by spoon. Indian dance is based on mudrá or dance postures, and European dance is based on rhythm, but they do not represent two different cultures.” (Prout Nutshell-15)








Here are some of Baba’s further teachings on the point of culture:


(A) Here Baba puts forth the point that culture represents a wide array of human expressions.


Baba says, “It [culture] is the collective name for different expressions of life. People eat, enjoy hospitality, laugh on some occasions and shed tears on others, and thereby express life through various actions. The collective name of all these actions is culture.” (Prout Nutshell-15)


(B) Next Baba further emphasizes how human culture is internally one with many external variations. As well-wishers of humanity we are to always rally around the common points. That will make society healthy. Those who highlight differences from one human being to the next harm society.


Baba says, “There are certain prima facie local variations, but there is no difference in the subterranean cultural flow of the human society. The difference is external and not internal. Culture is one for the entire world. Common factors for the entire humanity (that is, culture in the true sense of the term) should always be encouraged, but prima facie differences should never be encouraged. Those who encourage these differences help the fissiparous tendencies which endanger human progress. To establish a cosmopolitan cultural outlook, we have to wipe out prima facie differences through matrimony and other socio-economic blendings.” (Prout Nutshell-4)


(C) Here below Baba differentiates between customs and culture. Customs are many whereas human culture is one.


Baba says, “Local variations will diminish if there is a close blending between different groups of people, because this will create common customs. In Nepal there is a blending of Hindu and Buddhist customs. In Bengal there is a blending of Aryan and Dravidian customs. These local variations are called customs. Thus local modes of expression bearing local or group specialities are customs, but the expression itself is culture. Therefore it is a mistake to readjust boundaries on the basis of language and culture. Indian culture and the culture of the world are one and the same. Readjusting boundaries on the basis of customs is not possible for customs may differ within the same locality.” (Prout Nutshell-15)


(D) Finally, Baba demonstrates how there is both good culture (saḿskrti) and bad culture (krśt́i)


Baba says, “The particular expressions of life which are not considered beneficial to others are called krśt́i. To take a very common example, an English family, out of hospitality, may offer beef to an Indian guest who may not like it. The term saḿskrti also means culture. It is used in a good sense and is beneficial for all.” (Prout Nutshell-15)





On 12/14/2010 01:12 AM, one margii wrote:


Namaskar, can you please reference where you got the definition of demi-culture.


I cannot recall Baba speaking of demi-culture.






Animals Are More Aware About…


Baba says, “A crow has a natural premonitive instinct regarding storms. An owl and to some extent a dog can sense beforehand the possible occurrence of an earthquake or some other unforeseen natural calamity of great magnitude. Such power of apprehending phenomenal vibrations exists not in ten or twenty but in innumerable species of birds. Such a power is indeed of paramount necessity in their rigorous struggle for survival. Such a power did exist, too, to some extent, among the prehistoric people. But today, in this age of so-called civilization, human beings, having become extremely ease-loving, have lost that power through misuse and lack of necessity; just as their tails, their ability to move their ears and their capacity to hold things with their feet have disappeared. Now the hairiness of their bodies and the strength of their teeth and nails are also becoming extinct. The greater the pre-occupation of creatures with the struggle for existence, the necessarily gr

eater must be their power of premonition or prescience of impending danger, or else their existence will be effaced from the surface of the earth — this is the law of nature.” (SS-3)


Note: People often think that animals are lowly & neglected beings but that is not true. As Baba points out above, animals are far more aware about naturally occurring phenomena than human beings. On this point animals are highly instinctual and are always surveying the scene. They can forecast and predict a wide array of storms and natural calamities. In the above quote Baba indicates how humans also used to have such abilities, but now with the onset of modernity and a comfort-oriented lifestyle, humans have lost this skill. So now modern people are entirely dependent upon science to forecast the weather etc. But as developed as science is, scientists (meteorologists and seismologists) are still totally in the dark about earthquakes. They are unable to predict when and where an earthquake might occur; whereas various animals like dogs and owls have this unique gift. That’s why the recent earthquake unleashed in Pakistan, many dogs reportedly started behaving abnormally. They were restless, walking around whimpering, and going in and out of the house constantly. The dogs knew about the impending disaster that was about to strike Pakistan, and parts of India. In contrast, modern scientists did not have a clue than an earthquake was about to occur. But the dogs know. And those smart people who understood why the dogs were upset were able to help themselves and others also. So in future, we should rely upon animals to guide us about when and where natural disasters will strike. While dogs know about earthquakes, crows know about cyclones. Similarly there are numerous animals that are acutely aware about impending storms and natural disasters.




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How Culture is One

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 06:48:27 -0000


From: Hariish Deva

Subject: How Culture is One




“A’mi toma’re bhuliya’ chinu katadin…” (P.S. 4091)




Baba, I was remaining forgetful and was oblivious of You for such a long

span of time. My life passed like this. I traveled on the rugged, jagged path.

Sometimes I fell down in the ocean current.

My days, full of stains, were wasted in hopelessness– without any

achievement, without any genuine progress. So many lonely, isolated nights

passed in crying in utter despair with no pra’na– just frustration.

Baba, sometimes I suffered and got hit by the cold northern breeze. And

sometimes that northern breeze took away all my hopes, inspirations, and

gains. Just I drowned in staticity and crudeness.

But now, by Your grace today spring has come. All the surroundings are

filled with the colourful flowers and sweet aroma. The dark night has

changed into a glittering moonlight, shining in the sky. Peacocks are

dancing in happiness and expressing their joy by extending their feathers.

The sweet breeze has come. It is shaking my whole existence and making

me quiver in the divine vibration. That sweet breeze is giving me the hint

and telling me, ‘Listen! the divine flute, which is resonating, it is

calling you…”






Commonly people think there are so many cultures: African, western, Native American, Chinese, Russian, Indian etc. Indeed, in the last two decades, various terms like multi-cultural, plurality of cultures, bi-cultural etc have come into vogue. People think humans are different according to their “separate culture”. Hence it is often thought that there are many different cultures on this planet. In that case there is no question of one human family.


But according to Baba’s teachings, human culture is one – not many. This letter is an effort to better understand Baba’s sublime teachings on culture, and why culture is one.





First and foremost, according to Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji, culture is the collective name of various human expressions.


Baba says, “Culture is the collective name of various expressions of human life.” (A Few Problems Solved – 6)





Let’s examine a few practical examples to better understand what is culture.





As we know, when people meet then they greet each other. This practice of humans greeting each other when they meet is pervasive. It happens everywhere. A person in the hills of North Korea greets their friend; and a person from a valley in California greets their friend. In both cases, in some way they greet their relations.This is a common practice. This is culture. And because it is everywhere, that is why culture is one.


Of course, people from different lands may express their greetings differently.


For instance, in Ananda Marga we do namaskar or pranam; in some lands, people bow to one another; in other countries people wave their hand and say hello; in some places people say shalom; in other lands people embrace one another or kiss; and many resort to handshaking also. Thus there are many ways that people greet each other. But these various types of greetings are not cultures, but rather demi-culture.


Culture is the act of greeting, irrespective of how it is done. One this point, all human beings share a common thread; they all greet one another.


Some may try and bifurcate the society by dividing people into this culture or that culture. But in truth there is a common thread that is shared among all. Greetings is one such common point. Again, there may be various ways of greeting a friend, but in reality people from all various places are all doing the same thing, i.e. greeting.


It should be very clear that the greeting itself culture , while the way people greet one another is a cultural expression or demiculture. Demiculture may be innumerable but culture is one. That is why all humans are one.


To some it may look like culture is many. However, the very act of greeting another person is itself our human culture. The practice of greeting a friend or neighbor etc is shared by all peoples in all lands.





All over the world people express their joy or happiness. This expression of happiness is common to all. This is culture. If someone is happy in Thailand then they express their happiness, and if someone is happy in Alaska or Siberia then they too express their happiness. Expressing happiness the culture of human beings: When they are happy then they express themselves in some way.


It may be through art, dance, laughter, drama, music and so many ways. That is a common point everywhere. That is why human beings are one, irrespective of their geographical area. Because their culture is one, i.e. when they are happy they express their joy.


People of Thailand may dance in a way different from residents of Alaska or Siberia. And that difference in style is their demi-culture, or the cultural expression of that area.


One should not confuse culture and demi-culture. Culture is the trunk of the tree and the demiculture refers to all those branches, and twigs.


So human culture is one, i.e. expressing happiness when they are happy.


In other words in different lands, people express their joy or happiness in various ways. Some sing, some dance, some clap, some whistle, some smile, some laugh, some slap hands, and others hug. There are so many ways how people express their happiness. These are not culture, but rather demi-culture. Demi-culture are different in various lands. The main theme is that when they are happy and they express their happiness. That is common everywhere. That is culture and that is one.





Each and every community gives value or importance to something. In the west, matter or material wealth is most valued: people chase after property, possessions and money; in other lands marriage or social status is most valued; and in some places religion is what is most cherished. In each of these areas, people have a chosen arena that they revere or value most; this gives them their stamina and direction.


Giving value to something is present everywhere around the globe. A person of a remote village of Zaire has something that he cherishes in life and deems very important and a person of Canada living in a bustling city also values something in his life. This is the common point everywhere. Human beings have something they cherish. That is the culture of human being. Both in Zaire and Canada this is true. They share a common point in that they both value something. Around the globe, all have this. That is the common point of all human beings. That is culture. It is one. Peoples’ values may change from place to place, but the act of giving value to something is common to all.


In other words, that every person in every land gives value to something is our shared human culture. On this point of giving value or cherishing something, people of various lands or areas cherish different things. People in some parts of the world value material possessions, and in some parts people give importance to religion. So there are local variations, but those variations are not culture, but rather demi-culture. Then what is culture? To cherish something in life, that is culture.


So it should be very clear that giving value to something is culture. Every human being on this planet has this quality. This is the common thing to all. That is why culture is one. People of different areas may value different things, but they value something. And that quality of cherishing something is human culture. And that is common. That is why around the planet there is one culture.


In clarification: Demi-culture means chasing particular things: whether it be material or spiritual or intellectual or external beauty or art and literature – they must cherish something. This variety is demiculture and the common point of cherishing something is culture. That is why all humans are one. All have the same culture.





Wherever people live together they have friends or family and on various occasions they share their food. This is common everywhere. In China, people feed their children, relatives, friends and family; and in Australia they feed their children, relatives, friends and family. The common ticket is that they share food with others. This everyone does. This is human culture – it is common and done everywhere. Thus, on the point of food also, human culture is one.


No doubt the person in Australia has his own style of cooking, dining, menu choices, and serving, and those from a remote Chinese village have their way of cooking, dining, menu choices, and serving. These things are demi-culture. Culture is that they all share their food with one another – that is common around the globe. The difference is these expressions are but local variations of a superficial nature. The deeper aspect is common: Preparing and sharing food.


The way people eat may vary significantly from place to place. Some do half-bath, sing kiirtan and do sadhana before eating; others wash their hands and feet and say a prayer; some eat with their hands; others eat with a spoon; some eat vegetarian and some take non-veg. And there are so many ways and foods people eat. The manner and style varies dramatically from place to place. But these things are not culture; they are demi-culture.


Here culture is practice of serving and sharing food with friends, family, relatives and neighbors. This is commonly done all around the globe. That is why Baba says that the culture of human beings is one. Everyone shares food with their children, family, friends or guests etc. Hence, human culture is one.


There are various ways of doing this around the planet, but those various approaches and styles are not culture; they are demiculture. The culture of human beings is one, irrespective of where you are born, culture is one.


We should not separate one human from another by proclaiming people of various areas as having various cultures such that they are alien to each other. Our outlook on this issue is 100% integrated – all inclusive.





All human beings are one: (a) everyone greets, (b) everyone expresses happiness, (c) everyone has something they value or holds as an ideal, (d) people share and serve food together, and (e) many similar practices can be included in this list.


Irrespective of their so-called caste, language, so-called race or geographical areas, literal or educated, all have these common qualities. That is why inherently human culture is one. By superficial look, it seems that people live in different ways and express themselves but these are local variations that we term as demi-culture.


The conclusion is that fundamentally human beings are one and there are various local differences and those differences are not cultural but rather demi-culture.





Ananda Marga wants to unite all and form one human society. This is one of the main themes: To unite all human beings. If we view culture as many then it is difficult to unite everyone. So our AM’s perspective on culture is to find common elements that all have in their general expression. It is by this way we can understand human culture as one.


And when people start thinking human culture to be one then it will be very easy to unite everyone. Then peace can be brought on this earth. Disunity invites violence. People divide humanity on the basis of various platforms including culture. By that way so many problems surface. By understanding culture as one we can unite everyone and bring peace.








qqq Often, what people think to be culture is not culture but rather demi-culture. Subtle or fundamental qualities which everyone has is culture and that is prevalent everywhere. And that is what we tried to express in the above letter. qqq





Some may innocently think that this issue of culture is not an important affair or that this is not a problem. Here following is one striking example of the degree to which the present day humanity has fallen into the trap of dividing people into different cultures.


When watching or listening to a news broadcast, reports are commonly given: “75% of Black males…”, or “15% of Asians…”, or “the majority of hispanics…”, or “Haitian immigrants are prone…” etc. People are not treated as people but rather as members of separate groups, clans, castes and cultures.


Here the point is that the news purports to present events in an unbiased, impassive tone. Yet the language which they use itself is divisive: blacks, hispanics, whites, asians etc. They put people in different groups as a matter of course. In turn everyone accepts this as being totally normal. Because when such an authoritative voice speaks in this way, then people take it as an unquestionable truth that there are different cultures or different races on this earth. They do not think twice about it. Just they live as if deep down we really are different and there is no common thread. Such is the dramatic or blatant manner in which people commonly think these days and this is reflected by popular and even intellectual news reports.


So then how should such news be reported. Firstly, people should be referred to as human beings, and not “African Americans” or “Asians” or “Latinos” etc. Everyone is a human being and it should be reported in that manner. Secondly, if indeed it is needed or noteworthy to provide differentiations, then that classifcation can be made on characteristics like lifestyle (i.e. obese persons are more prone to heart disease, or those eating flesh foods are prone to coronary heart disease), economic level, age, educational attainment etc. In all these ways we can groupify people, but not based on race. It should not be reported that on white person attacked three black people or that a chinese man started a new business etc. We are all human – that is our race & human culture is one; our manner of speaking should reflect this inclusive approach.


As Ananda Margiis, it is our job to change this outlook and help all come to the understanding that human culture is one.





One critical point to know is that demi-culture can be good and demi-culture can be bad. When a demi-culture elevates a person or a community it is good demi-culture; and when a demi-culture degenerates a person or a community it is bad demi-culture. More about this will be written in the next letter.




Real Wealth


“Ya’jinavalkya asked, ‘What would you like?'”


“Maetreyii replied: ‘Yena’ham’ na’mrtasya’m’ tena’ham’ kim kurya’m'”


“‘What will I do with things which will not remain with me permanently?

Of what use are the objects which will not establish me in

immortality?…’Please give me that thing which will remain with me

permanently, which I’ll be able to preserve forever, which will

establish me in immortality. I don’t want anything else.'”


“Then Ya’jinavalkya gave her a number of instructions, upon which a

major part of Raja Yoga is based’.” (AV-7, p.44)


Note: As described in the above quote: Really, worldly things cannot

remain with us very long. That is why ideal people run towards Parama

Purusa. Being Parama Purusa and Guru, Baba Himself has guided us how to

reach Him. On this point, we are extremely fortunate to at least have

gotten the path. Now our main duty is to follow it.



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To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Gaurishankar
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 07:51:08
Subject: It Is A Psychic Disease


“A’so na’,  ja’o na’ kabhu, chile, a’cho, tha’kibe tumi…”  (P.S. 590)


Baba, You neither come nor go. You were, You are, and You will remain
forever with everyone. You are liila personified; You go on playing Your
liila like this.
In the last so many millions and millions of years, those who were
existing in Your infinite bosom, still today they are and they will remain
there. Everyone’s abode is within You. And whoever will come in future up
to thousands and millions of years, they will also never get destroyed.
They will always remain within You. Having everyone together You go on
playing Your liila in this beginningless to endless way.
Baba, because of this infinite quality of Yours I do sastaunga pranam again
and again at Your lotus feet. Those who are millions of light years away
from You, they will also never be lost in oblivion. They are dancing within
You. With Your love You are tying everyone close to You. Baba, because of
Your infinite charm and grace my whole existence is surrendered at Your


Our Ananda Marga has reached a critical phase. While we all know that groupism
is bad – it still plagues our Marga. A few people who are sincerely trying
to repair our organisation resort to groupist means. Various “calls for unity”
prescribe merging or sharing power between various groups when in fact unity
can only result from following ideology. It never stems from mixing or matching
various groups.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity
in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also
occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity
means unity in the subtlest level of the mind.” (PNS-15)

Baba says, “However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we
encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this
there should not be any scope for exploitation in society.” (PNS-15)

Groupism is one type of dogma, which unfortunately is still followed in our
Marga today, knowingly or unknowingly. We should all increase our awareness
of this psychic disease and warn others.


Animals are unable to ascertain their suffering from a physical problem
and are hence unable to treat their physical disease. They feel that some problem
is present, but they don’t know what is their exact problem – i.e. what sort of
disease. To recognize a physical disease is the work of one’s psychic
faculty. Human beings are psychically developed, that’s why humans can easily
recognize their physical diseases, whereas animals cannot.

The next step is psychic disease. Primarily, human beings are psychic. And
in the mind, there may be various diseases. Some individuals can recognize these
psychic diseases, and some cannot. Just like, animals cannot recognize
their physical disease, in the same way human beings cannot recognize their
own psychic diseases. To recognize psychic disease, it needs spiritual
strength. Those who are not spiritually elevated cannot understand
their own mental problem nor what type of psychic disease they are suffering from.


Baba has given quite a number of discourses on this very problem. One such
book is, “Liberation of Intellect and Neohumanism”. There Baba
describes how geo-sentiment, socio-sentiment  etc are serious types
of contagious psychic diseases. Talking about these psychic diseases, Baba
says that socio-sentiment is a million times more dangerous than
geo-sentiment. Both geo- and socio-sentiments are psychic diseases. But
geo-sentiment has some link with physical boundary lines, that’s why it is
less harmful. And socio-sentiment is more psychic in nature, that’s why it
is more dangerous. Another name of the disease socio-sentiment, is groupism.

Since 1982, margiis and WTs have been reading and learning about the
‘liberation of intellect’. That’s why, if you invite anybody to join in any
group, they will not feel comfortable. Because, in our Marg everyone thinks
that groupism is not good. Because of this awareness, some selfish and
cunning groupist leaders never like to accept that they are
propagating groupism. But by seeing their agenda, working system, plans and
programs etc, one can easily reach to the conclusion that their whole plan
and program is nothing but the propagation and enhancement of their group.

We have to recognize groupist outlook by the action. That’s why Baba says
in His discourses that we should not get overwhelmed/convinced with the
tall talks of such propaganda. All such confusion happens because of
simplicity and lack of spirituality.


By seeing the nature of their work or propaganda, one can easily recognize
such groupists. By any number of examples we can see how various group leaders
are not neohumanistic.


The basic point with regard to the issue of Ananda Vanii is that Baba has
given the distinct title “Ananda Vanii” to refer to a certain type of
His teachings. And with love and reverence for Guru, as disciples we should
follow His view and guideline. Therefore we should not issue quotes from
other discourses in the name of Ananda Vanii. Because those quotes belong
in their respective discourses and were never meant to stand alone and be
presented as Ananda Vaniis. That is Baba’s system. Thus any person or group
issuing their own Fake Ananda Vanii is going against Baba’s divine guidelines.
In their mind they may think that their group has tha authority to issue an
Ananda Vanii, but this is nothing but their diseased outlook of groupism.


For so many years in the past various “leaders” and more recently have tried to
sideline the margiis from taking leadership roles in the organisation so that
they themselves could continue their exploitation and selfish tricks. With the
intention to exploit Margiis, they altered the entire Bhukti Pradhan manual &
created so many negative rules. Anyone doing such things – directly or indirectly –
suffers from the psychic disease of groupism. So that is another way to discern
who is groupist and who not.


As we know Baba is neither bound to a Memorial building in Kolkata
(Mahasamadhi place) nor in Patna Jail or Jamalpur. Yet certain groups are
involved in their one after another dogmatic tiirtha campaigns.

The dogma related with Jamalpur and Tiljala is part of one deep seeded plan
like the religious dogma of old. We should not allow them to bind Baba in
some crude place by dogmatic people. History shows how the propagators of
dogma for their selfish mundane gain did and are doing like this. As an
easy way of making money, they infuse this cheap sentiment to empty the
pockets of margiis. Hence the dogmas of: Mahasamadhi, Jamalpur tiirtha,
Patna Jail tiirtha , Tiljala tiirtha (i.e. MPD) etc..

Like this countless points are there; we should be aware.


So this groupism is a psychic disease; and neo-humanism is the only cure.

Hence the duty and responsibility of rational margiis and WTs is to propagate
Baba’s neohumanistic ideology. And wherever groupism is raising its head,
we should quicky recognise it and strike at it mercilessly in a firm manner.

We should remember this following Baba’s teaching.

Baba says, “Where there is no propagation of satya people indulge in
individual selfishness or group selfishness. The aim or object is not
enlivened with the spirit of collective welfare. The only object of the
party concerned is how to establish oneself in this material world [getting
Purodhaship] by means of the use of well-knit language and cunningness.”
(Tattvika Diipika’, p.1)


By Baba’s grace, all these years Baba taught us that in any negative circumstances,
we should not lose our patience and at the same time, we should keep our
eyes fixed on our goal. Our goal is Parama Purusa. And our path is the path
of neohumanism. Ananda Marga ideology. Those who will follow dharma, they
will be victorious.

Baba says, “Thus only neohumanism can save the universe, only neohumanism
can save human existence. So now, we are to sing the songs of neohumanism.
…Let all the hearts of the entire created universe, dance in ecstasy.
This is the goal of the day. We are for all.” (PNS 9)

At His lotus feet,

Real Wealth:

One Should Ponder, Assimilate, and Practice

Parama Purusa BABA says, “Those who seek to attain the permanent cessation
of afflictions in their lives, have no other way than to follow this path
of sadhana. Imagine that a certain person had accumulated vast wealth due
to his life long’s diligent labor. It may be that the person, in the days
of his prosperity, was a central figure in the society. But at the end of
his life he may suffered a wretched existence, bemoaning his losses in the
arid desert of his heart. The reason is that the person had an insatiable
thirst for material objects and never tried to identify his individual flow
with the cosmic flow. On the other hand, a person living in a thatched hut
may not forget Parama Purus’a even in the midst of abject poverty and never
deviates from the goal of his life. Such a person’s life can never lose its
charm. Every dust particle of this earth will seem to be as sweet as honey
to him. Likewise, his existence will acquire the sweetness  of honey.”
(APH-4, pg 290)

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