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Date: 13 Oct 2009 07:58:21 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Yadav”
Subject: Ongoing Fantasy: ‘I am Dharmic’


“Diner a’lote a’so ni, ele tumi a’ndha’re…” P.S. 2073


Baba You are so merciful, You are so divine. Earlier when my life was
full of happiness then that time You did not come; but now in this period
of darkness You have come. It is Your grace.

During my good days I wanted You to come and rejoice the occasion. But
that did not happen– in the effulgence of the day You did not come. But
now in the darkness of night You have come. Baba, how You play Your

Baba in the smile of the moon, You do not present Yourself. But when I
was suffering in pain, then with the soothing balm You came and relieved me
of my suffering. Baba, You have come in this cimmerian darkness when I am

Baba, everyone knows that You are most-loving; and everyone
knows that You think about one and all. Even then they involve in logically analysing
and reasoning about Your ways in order to strengthen their love for You–
to love You in a deeper way.

O’ Baba, You are beginningless and Your abode is in infinity. In all
the twelve months You remain constantly along with me– in pain and
pleasure. Baba, You are the divine shelter of everyone; You are the heart
of everyone, the Soul of souls. And by Your grace You pull everyone close
to You. You never discard or ignore anyone– irrespective of how high or
how low they are.

Baba You have only come in this time of crying and suffering. In the
good days when I was calling You then You did not come. Baba, Your glory is
unfathomable; Your liila is beyond imagination; Baba, You are so gracious…


We live in such a diverse and colourful universe– in their own mind most
everyone thinks that they are following dharma, or the way of truth etc.
All think that their plan is the way things should be, that their plan is
the most righteous one.

Mr. Bush and his capitalist agents think that their approach of “getting
oil no matter what” is virtuous, while Islamic militants believe their
“so-called holy doctrine of Allah” is virtuous.

So to get power, to stand on top of the mountain, due to their
self-interest, both parties think they are right. This is their real

And this type of drama is unfolding within every religion and within every
nation– all over the globe. Goaded by their self-interest, all think that
their group or party has “the way”.


Similar is the case in AM. Due to their self-interest, one factional party
thinks that their way is the dharmic approach and another group believes
that they hold the key to “truth and enlightenment”.

So all pronounce theirs as the pathway of AM ideology.

One group thinks writing “Translated from the original Bengali” at the
beginning of every book is the dharmic approach, and another group believes
that “PP’s word” is the key to truth & welfare in AMPS. And still others
take it upon themselves to fabricate their own self-styled Ananda Vaniis.
But that is not all…

Some think that the killing of Abhipremananda is something virtuous.
Whereas others think that in the dark of the night, they can attack anyone
who is going against their group. And even the old chief of VSS
Madhavananda thought that his killing of some avadhutas was virtuous.
All these types of things have been going on– in the name of dharma.

So each & every side has their own strategy in mind, knowingly or
unknowingly. And all are internally convinced their way is that of AM

This is how things are unfolding these days in our Marga.

Now then is the time to see who is just living in their own silly dreamland
and merely repeating ‘I follow dharma’, and who is really involved in AM
ideology and truly following dharma.


By Baba’s grace, He has given us the perfect method to see who is who and
what is what.

Baba says, “To my ideology I am as simple and straight as a rod.” (SS-18)

So Baba’s teaching is quite neat and clean: One must adhere to AM teachings
completely and not twist them in any direction. That is Baba’s guideline.
And the practical application of this is that His teachings are to be kept
“as is”– and those teachings are to be applied in one’s practical life.

That is the determining factor of who is following AM ideology.


Unfortunately some have their own way of “following dharma…”.

1. For example, for years and years some factional heads were adamantly
convinced that all Baba’s books should be prefaced with “Translated from
the original Bengali”– even if the discourse was originally given in
English in Fiesch, Switzerland. So in the name of dharma those groupists
printed “Translated from the original Bengali” on the cover page of all the
AM books. This was their so-called dharma.

2. Then others have grabbed partial quotes from various sources and
proclaimed them to be Ananda Vaniis– when in fact Baba never included such
things in His original Ananda Vanii collection. Hence what those groupists
are making is nothing but Fake Ananda Vaniis– all done in the name of

3. Still others place PP’s name on the bottom of various orders and
proclaim that so and so is hereby expelled forever or some other outlandish
claim when in fact Baba has firmly declared that expulsion is not allowed
in AM. Even then various groupist proceed ahead in the bullish plan of
expulsion. This then is yet another episode of what that some factional
heads are doing in the name of dharma.

4. So in all sorts of ways, shapes and forms, various leaders in various
camps do things in the name of dharma. Those who are cunning knowingly
understand that they are going against dharma yet proclaim it as being
dharmic. And in the other corner some simple and naive people truly believe
in their heart that what they are doing is dharmic. Yet, in reality–
though one is worse than the other– both are far, far from AM ideology.


The question then becomes why do they do like this– why do certain
factional leaders go against AM ideology yet proclaim with full zeal that
they are acting in accordance with AM ideology. How is that they do not
have courage to admit and repent that what they are doing is opposite to
Baba’s teaching– opposite to dharma.

As is commonly seen, the answer is that they are blinded or goaded by their
own selfish desire. Stuck in that low mindset they are unable to admit
their fault– and just get drowned in their own silly agenda.
Either they think ‘I must get the power’ or they think ‘I must remain
forever on this MU’ or they think ‘I must become the most respected one’
etc. And in that blindness of self-interest, in that drunken egoistic
state, they do so many nasty things in the name of AM ideology to satiate
their hunger. But in that way they stray far from the path & go 100%
against dharma.

In that blindness, they distort AM scripture, take away margii rights, tear
down the BP system– countless heinous acts they do, all in the name of

Such is what happens when this or that groupist is wearing the eye-glasses
of selfish-interest. They twist AM ideology to their own end.

When in fact a true dharmika will do each and everything for AM ideology–
for dharma, without harbouring any other desire in mind.

Unfortunately time and time again, groupists stray from this ideal– all
because of their selfish approach.


It is just like during the Indian independence movement. At that time
various so-called leaders were making countless promises about how they
will restore glory to India. This was their regular chant of dharma. But
their so-called holy promise was all dependent on one factor– that of
satisfying their selfish desire of getting the chair etc. And then once
they got it, the rest is history. We all know what happened.

Rather than solving India’s ills and bringing forth the glory of India &
restoring dharma, instead they cracked the nation into multiple pieces. All
because their selfish lust for power was greater than their desire to bring
welfare to the country, greater than their desire to follow dharma.


Tragically, we are now witnessing this same type of event in AMPS. Blinded
by their self-interest they wrote “Translated from the original Bengali” on
the cover of every AM book in an attempt to show that their land or
language is the top etc. Or due to their self-interest they fabricated so
many Fake Ananda Vaniis that goaded margiis to ‘sit still and remain
passive’ or ‘follow “dharma” by siding with my group’ etc.

And by all this selfish power plays, the real teachings of AM ideology just
fall by the wayside– this is their so-called dharmic approach.


Hence even though there are so many opposing camps that all claim to be
following dharma, it is quite easy to understand how these various groups
are just living in their own dreamland. Because, each, in their own way,
twists AM teachings to suit their own ends.

Whereas those who are ideologists– those who are dharmikas– will always
keep Baba’s teachings “as is” and mold themselves according to His divine

By this measuring rod, we can be sure who is a veritable dharmika and
abiding by the ideals of AM versus who is living in their own hypocritical
dreamland and merely mouthing ‘I follow dharma’.


In the end let us remember that Baba has given one authoritative warning to
those selfish people who are bragging that ‘everything I am doing is
dharmic’. Such persons should remember that nature will not spare them:
They will have to undergo the consequences of their misdeeds– either in
this life or the next.

Hence we should utilise whatever strength Baba has given us to serve others
and never fall prey to any type of personal or group interest– just like
those who think that ‘let AM Revolution discourse get distorted since the
change is in favour my wt group etc’. This type of defective outlook is
very negative.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that
happen in one’s personal and collective life where some wrong is committed.
And if one is simple and open-minded then they may understand and admit
their wrongdoing whereas if one is just drowned in their own ego they will
never understand– and they will just incur more and more sin and
ultimately undergo that hellish reaction.


This is the time to look in 360 degrees and review the situation. It is our
duty to keep Baba’s teaching “as is”. If His divine teachings remain in
their original condition, then today or tomorrow AM ideology will be
established– based on His very teachings. But if His divine words are
tainted then the situation will be so disastrous.

That is why it is the personal and collective responsibility of each and
every Ananda Margii to keep Baba’s things “as is”. That is the greatest
work of this present day.


By Baba’s divine grace, we will all bring back the holy pillars of AM
ideology into our AMPS and create one truly dharmic society.

Baba says, “You follow me, that is, you follow my word, follow Bha’gavata
Dharma, because you are a human being.” (SS-21)


Importance of Padma’sana

Baba says, “Padma’sana [lotus posture] is just like a lotus in full bloom.
Just as the roots and stem of the lotus remain under the water and only the
leaves and flowers float about it– and although it is born in the mind it
sustains its love for the stars– in the same way people sitting in this
lotus posture and remaining in the world, can keep their minds above their
mundane environment. That is why on the path of sa’dhana’ this posture has
tremendous importance.” (NSS, ’85, p.241)


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From: “Gagan”
Subject: Who Gets Frustrated
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 07:47:25 -0000


“Ga’n geye ja’bo…” P.S. 2305


Baba, I will go on singing Your song– Your glory. It’s up to You
whether You will grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with
these songs, in my deep contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations,
by Your grace– and go on serving You.

Baba with my deep yearning I am calling You again and again without
getting any response– You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me
maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I
will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of
getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine
tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And
that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to
go closer to You.

Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly
attributions, Your depth cannot be measured– nobody can realise You.
But by surrendering that very unit “I” which already belongs to You, and
with the divine sweetness of singing Your name I will surely get You by
Your grace.

Baba, I sing my songs only for You. Please listen to these heart-felt
loving melodies– and be gracious…

Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning
for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in
the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation
towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but
rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that
devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of
communication is quite natural.


Everyone wishes to do something great with their life and contribute
something special while on this earth. However, human beings are
motivated in different ways. Sometimes their motivation serves as a
perennial source of inspiration for dharmic works and sometimes their
motivating force sends them into an inevitable state of depression and

We should take a look at the operative factors involved – i.e. what is a
person’s motivating force – as well as understand why some tend to get


There are some who Baba has termed as reactionary type of people. Let us
see who they are and if their pathway leads to frustration or not.

One classic case is the communists in Bengal. They watched as our Marga
gathered more and more followers and sympathizers by performing service
to the needy, poor and destitute. The common people were rallying around
us because of our plans and programs to uplift them from disaster and

Seeing this, the communists were seething, i.e. burning with jealousy.
They too then started social service projects – out of a reaction to
what was being done by our Marga. In contrast to our works – which were
motivated by a sincere desire to serve – the communists were only
engaging in “service” as one ploy or strategy to combat us. They were
jealous of the positive attention we were getting.

The communist doctrine did not assert that service is indispensable in
society nor was this their normal way of working. They were not doing
this as their duty to serve others, just they were doing out of
reaction. That was their primary motivation.

Not surprisingly, it was not long before all their frustrations mounted,
their desire fizzled, and ultimately their projects crumbled into dust.

Hence Baba has nothing good to say about such reactionaries – who do not
out of a sincere desire to serve, but to satisfy their selfish needs out
of sheer jealousy.

Baba says, “You will have to identify such reactionary forces in the
society, such vocal revolutionaries who claim to be
socio-economico-political reformists, but who actually befool the people
by adopting such pseudo-reformist, pseudo-humanistic strategies. You
will have to recognize them all.” (NH-LOI: Disc 9)


The next obvious question is do such things – reactionary approaches –
happen within our Marga as well. Unfortunately, since 1990, there have
been many such examples.

For instance, some years ago H group ((Ranchi et al.) began protesting
against the dogma of mahaprayan, but soon their cries against this dogma
died out. It did not take long before they became totally frustrated on
this issue.

Why? Because their motivation was totally based on opposing B group and
dismantling their program – i.e. out of reaction to the Kolkata faction.
They did not like that B group had a long kiirtan program so out of
jealousy they started their own dogmatic tiirtha in Jamalpur with a ten
day kiirtan. But again, they were not motivated by any higher ideal –
i.e. not out of love for Baba or to uphold His eternal nature. Rather
their chief purpose was to push Kolkata in the mud and grab the
attention for themselves. Thus from the Ranchi side, frustrations
mounted quickly and their opposition came to a halt. The proof is that
today we do not see them rally against the dogma of mahaprayan and
their own dogmatic Jamalpur tiirtha program is a total bust.

So that is one instance of a reactionary event in AM – and, truth be
told, there are countless others. And the common theme among theme all
is extreme jealousy.

Nearly every groupist strategy and approach is reactionary – done in
opposition to another group. Never do they do out of ideological
yearning. One group expels the other, and then vice versa. This is all
done out of reaction. They do not oppose the wrongful practice of
expulsion – they just are motivated to counteract the other group. So
their cries against the unfairness of expulsion do not last long.

That is further proof that groupists are nothing but reactionaries, not
ideologiists. If their group members perform a negative action they all
keep mum, but if the other group does the same thing they raise a big
hue and cry. Such a mentality is no better than party politics; rather
it is party politics.

Baba says, “Are they not the ones resorting to mud-slinging for the sake
of party politics? Most of them are blinded by their obsession for
power, so what can they teach others?” (POD #32)

So the motivation behind every groupist is approach is crude – done out
of jealous reaction – and that is why such groupists are continually
frustrated in life. Never are they basking in His bliss, never do their
plans and programs come to fruition, always they are just in a state of
angst, trying to outdo their opposition.

Plus we see such reactionary approaches in individual life as well.

Sometimes a Dada sees another person doing long sadhana and then that
Dada vows to do sadhana for twice as long. This is nothing but reaction
& jealousy. That Dada is not guided by the high ideal to serve and love
Parama Purusa. Rather their sole motivation is to “outdo” that sadhaka
etc. For that reason, their days of doing “long sadhana” do not last
long. Quickly they get frustrated – and even when they were supposedly
sitting for long sadhana, their mind was not involved in the mantra.
Just they were looking over their shoulder to ensure they were sitting
the longest.

And there are countless such cases in individual life as well. We can
all think of many such examples.

Whether in individual life or group life, such reactionary type of
people are just “leg-pullers”, i.e. just trying to wrestle another party
to the ground out of jealousy. They have no higher motivation than that.
In cent-per-cent of these instances, frustration rises mounts quickly,
and the entire approach is derailed.

Baba says, “They are reactionaries. They suffer from a mental disease.
They are afraid to accept the new; they suffer from fear complex. They
utter high-sounding phrases, but their hearts are filled with fear
complexes.” (NH-LOI, Disc: 7)

So these reactionaries are one category of people who get easily


A second category of people that get easily frustrated are those who
resort to hypocrisy. But like reactionaries, these people also can be
easily identified.

The classic example is any groupist who is not currently in power. In
that case, such a person will walk around and act sweet, soft and humble
with all the margiis. They will empathize with the struggles of margii /
family life, offer encouragement in sadhana, and act with all kinds of
niceties. And they will brag about all the great things they will do for
others etc.

One might become truly convinced that this Dada really is a gem. But the
proof comes later on.

As soon as that groupist Dada comes to power, then their thirst for
power and control knows no bounds. Their years of frustration vent fully
and one can see that such this groupist is a veritable despot, crushing
all in their way. But again, due to their severe lack of divine
inspiration, their tenure will not last long and one day they are sure
to lament about their failed ways.

Whether we look at Sarvatmananda, Tiirthananda, Rudrananda, or whichever
group leader, they all fall prey to the above formula. They are tried
and true hypocrites, destined for frustration.

When in power they rule with an iron fist and when not in power they
wear the mask of hypocrisy and pretend the be saintly in order to gain
more followers and ultimately overthrow the ruling group. It is just one
duplicitous cycle.


Here again, those suffering from this sort of hypocrisy are not limited
to groupists only. Anyone who is hankering for praise or attention or
power is like that. But in our Marga, mostly these are groupists and
their tools.

Many perform sadhana, asanas, fasting, reading of Baba’s books all so
that others will revere them. But if they do not get the attention they
seek or when others are not around to watch, then such persons will be
1000% frustrated and they will give up their holy behavior.

I think we have all seen such type of behaviour.


Really, there is much more to say, but at this point the subject is
quite clear and already many were aware about such things.

The main difference between these two groups is that reactionaries are
primarily those in power who are jealous of any other party gaining
momentum, whereas hypocrites are those factional teams not in power who
feign saintly behaviour to garner more followers and gain the sympathy
of others. That is the general rule.

The solution then is two-fold: To be very sincere in our own spiritual
practices, service others with honest intention of welfare, and identify
those reactionaries and hypocrites who are polluting society, both
outside and within our Marga.

Becoming a reactionary or hypocrite is a severe blow to the human
personality – so we must not let us happen to us either. Such a person
is destined for angst and frustration and in the future one will suffer
the tortures of their past actions.

We should all drastically avoid any such ways and be sincere in Sixteen
Points and always ask Baba to keep us on the path of supreme benevolence.


The true path of Ananda Marga is the path of revolution – boldly
pronouncing the truth in all sphere of life, not caring if praise or
censure comes our way – not motivated by jealousy or the lust for power.

Baba says, “Those who are courageous enough to speak out this truth in
clear language – those who say, “Shatter this bondage of limitation!” –
their path is called the path of revolution.” (NH-LOI, Disc: 7)

Our inspiration comes directly from Him and our sole aim is to please
Parama Purusa. With this type of approach, all kinds of great works can
get done and one will never feel tired, frustrated, or exasperated –
always one will be infused with Divine inspiration.

If anyone has a sincere motivation to (a) help others, (b) bring forth
the banner of AM ideology, and (c) please Baba, then invariably they
will face strong opposition. But frustration will never enter the lives
of such persons. Always they will be infused with a perennial source of
inspiration that comes directly from Him. They wil always drift in His

One great example of all this is what happened during Emergency. The
communist government and all their battalions were against AM, our Marga
was imprisoned, yet so many in the Marga held strong and kept
ideological zeal and optimism despite the harsh treatment. It almost
seemed like the greater the torture, the more inspiration those
dharmikas had. No one gave up – because they had an inner urge to serve
Baba. The few who left AM had some other crude goal in mind.

We should always ensure that we are motivated by the idea of serving and
pleasing Him, with the intention of becoming one with Parama Purusa.
Then we will never fall prey to hypocritical or reactionary tendencies.

If any work is done WITHOUT that benevolent motive then such persons
will bind themselves and destroy their inner peace and tranquility.

We must not not waste our time in such nasty dealings – life is too
short. No one should fall prey to being a reactionary or hypocrite. That
is only inviting a life of exasperation and frustration – nothing more.


By Baba’s grace He has given us all the tools to achieve victory – i.e.
attain Him. Parama Purusa likes it when we follow ideology and avoid
getting caught up in the mess of maya. We must think about Parama Purusa
and do what He says, i.e. those well documented tenets outlined in His
dharmashastra. That is the only way to lead a life devoid of any
frustration – working tirelessly to spread His ideals.

Baba says, ‘Sadvipras will never have any rest. They will have to
continue fighting tirelessly. This fight is the life of living beings.”
(POD, #34)



Being a reactionary can happen to anyone – if they are not careful. Thus
it is not limited to people outside the marga or to certain groupist
forces. Anyone who is not guided by divine inspiration and ideological
motivation is susceptible to becoming a reactionary.

Of late there has been the case of a margii formerly of Seattle, WA
(USA) and his whole entire approach was to give a knee-jerk reaction
against anybody upholding the tenets of ideology. This poor margii
suffered / suffers from extreme jealousy and inferiority complexes. He
is perpetually nervous and scared that others will take his place or
position – he always thinks that others will loot his prestige and

Thus with white knuckles he clutches onto his plethora of organisational
posts, clings onto organisational dogmas held by the ruling regime, and
simultaneously tries to suppress anyone who raises the flag of ideology.

Unfortunately for him his life has just become one internal ball of
frustration, bound up in jealousy and dryness – nothing more. No one
should fall into this way of life. It is like living in a spiritual
desert, bereft of any connection with the Divine.

By Baba’s grace we should all hope and pray for this aforesaid margii to
be rectified soon, lest his past karma make for a bleak future. Let us
all hope for the best.

One New Dogma

Baba says, “Ananda Marga is for one and all: I wish to disseminate dharma
among all. The dedicated sannyasis (monks) and sannyasinis (nuns) of Ananda
Marga have accepted their life of sannyasihood (renunciation) not out of
any escapist mentality, but to further the cause of human welfare. And
through their service, they seek to lead human beings along the path of
righteousness, to the abode of Supreme Bliss.” (AFPS-3, p. 30)

Note: Nowadays one dogma is getting injected that the Ananda Marga
sannyasis system is just temporary– that it was made only for the time
being. This poisonous dogma has been put forth in a book titled
“Divyacaksu”. The book itself is a collection of Baba stories told by the
late family Ac. Dasarathji. And the book was edited by householder Acarya
Pratapa’ditya. Actually 1% of the book is Dasarthji’s stories and the other
99% is the gossip of senior editor Pratapa’ditya. And it is in
Pratapa’ditya’s printed gossip in the middle of the book where he has
inserted his misguided idea that the AM sannyasis order is only temporary.
But this is entirely wrong. Because the sannyasis order is a permanent
feature of AM. Baba has given the system that sannyasis and family people
will be working together, side by side. So the AM sannyasis system is an
on-going and permanent aspect of AM society. Our Ananda Marga is a balanced
philosophy. It is unlike the dogma of Buddhism which dictates that everyone
should be sannyasis; nor is it similar to the dogma of Islam that claims
that everyone should be a family person. Rather our Marga is a balanced
approach: There are family persons and sannyasis. This is Baba’s permanent
& dharmic system. So persons like Pratapa’ditya should be made aware and
corrected and he should not get scope to taint our AM philosophy and Baba
stories by sticking his misguided ideas right there in the middle of the
book, “Divyacaksu” which is a compilation Ac Dasarathji’s stories.


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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 07:11:06 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Richard Cross
Subject: Get Ready for 2010 Election: Fake BP Manual


“Lukiye path cala’ ekii liila’, lokalocane keno na’hi a’so…” (P.S. 3698)


Baba, You are Ajana Pathik, You are the most loving One who moves
throughout this vast universe doing everything but in Your journey You
always keep Yourself hidden. You move around secretly. Baba, You do all
the things but nobody can see You; You do not like to come within the
field of vision.

O’ my Dearmost, to whom You love, they want to search You in their
mind; they want to hold You in their heart by the process of shravan,
manan, niddhidhya’san & dhyana. But in Your divine liila You do not like
to be seen. You go on moving secretly. Why like this. Why is Your style
so secretive? Baba, You do not like to move around following the
straight, clear-cut path whereby everyone can see You. That type of
movement You do not do.

Baba, the eternal truth of straightforwardness which has been
established since ages, even a wee-bit of that You do not follow in Your
movement. Rather everything You do in hidden fashion.

O’ my Revered One, it may be also possible that my understanding is
not complete so that I do not properly comprehend You. Baba, by the
ordinary measuring scale You are immeasurable. If anyone wants to
understand You and get You, then You escape and never get held. Then
remaining distant, You just smile.

Baba, what type of liila is this. You go on doing everything while
remaining hidden, out of my grasp. O’ Baba, I long for You and surrender
at Your alter…


This entire letter looks at how the Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual issued in
1997 has been used as a weapon by groupist leaders to destroy the BP post.

After all, despite all the troubles going on in the organisation, we
must not let this critical matter slip by. It has already been 12+ years
and still the matter has not been rectified. How long are we going to
allow this to linger. Together, with a concerted effort, we must keeping
bringing this matter to light. Without that, the integrity of the BP
post will never be restored.

Remember, starting January 2010, new BP elections will begin in units
all around the globe. Certainly the ruling regime will desire to use
this Fake Manual. As Ananda Margiis, we should insist that Baba’s
original BP manual be followed instead.

Here is more about this critical issue.


Everybody knows that the Bhukti Pradhan (BP) post is part and parcel of
a unique system given by Baba wherein family people are actively
involved in the leadership of a dharma organisation (AMPS). In the past
no pseudo guru had the courage or vision to put forth such an idea. Only
our all-knowing Sadguru Baba has put the plan in motion that all
people– whether sannyasis or family people– should be actively
involved in the administration of a spiritual organisation, thereby
bringing dharma to the masses. Such is the revolutionary approach of the
BP system given by Baba.


However at present in AMPS, our Bhukti Pradhan system is in a state of
shambles. This also everyone recognises. The BP post has become a
non-entity in AMPS life whereby those margiis who oppose the leading
faction are ousted from the BP position. In that way so many BP’s are
either marginalised or just sit on the BP chair as a stooge of the
ruling group. All acknowledge that in today’s social milieu of extreme
groupism, the voice box of the BP has been shut.


The next question then becomes how did all this happen. And while there
are various factors involved, it cannot be denied that when the groupist
rulers threw away Baba’s original BP guidelines and instead created
their own Fake BP Manual (’97), then that became one distinct cause of
the downfall of the BP post. Because that Fake BP Manual (’97) contains
so many wrong rules which allow the ruling group to turn the BP post
into a mere puppet position etc.

Even then in the minds of some it is not clear how all this is
happening. A few are not understanding how the Fake Manual is used by
factional leaders to control the BP post. Thus to help bring the matter
into the open foreground and make it crystal clear, various margiis have
decided to address points one at a time from the Fake BP Manual in order
to show how the Fake BP manual contravenes our pristine AM ideology.
This letter begins that series.


As we all know, one of the first and foremost tenets of our AM society
is that it incorporates one and all. Everyone is looked upon as a child
of the Supreme and a member of our human family.

In that light Baba has firmly declared that no one can be expelled from
AMPS. In our AM way of life there is no such thing as expulsion.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga has formed a society which frames its laws on
the basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of
all humanity. This society is radically different from any existing
society, for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no
distinction between class or sex, where no one is declared an
outcast…” (AFPS-7, p.6)

And here below Baba reiterates the same idea: That expulsion is not
accepted in Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “Harsh social punishment such as creating outcasts…do not
find any place in our society.” (AFPS-7, p.6)

So by all this it is clear as day that expulsion, debarment,
disqualification etc are not facets of our AM way of living. That is not
part of our social dharma.


Now let us take a look at but one of the many ways how the Fake Manual
contravenes our AM ideology. First let us remember that expulsion is not
allowed in our Marga. Do you have that idea in mind? Good, now let us

Here is one of the unrighteous (adharmic) rules from the Fake BP Manual.

In order to vote or be a BP candidate, the Fake BP Manual declares that:

“He or she must not be expelled.”
(Fake BP Manual 1997, chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12)

Thus in clear cut language the groupist rulers have put forth the crude
edict that no one may vote in the BP election or run for the BP post if
they have been expelled. So the Manual makes the false assumption that
expulsion is legal.

Yet we all know that according to Baba expulsion is not allowed in AMPS.

So the Fake BP Manual clearly ignores Baba’s dharmic teaching and puts
forth the unjust & fake policy that expulsion is allowed and that if
anyone is expelled then they cannot participate in the BP elections–
neither as a candidate nor as a voter. This is the type of outrageous
manipulation that is rampant throughout the Fake BP Manual. Please refer
to Note #2 after the signature for more info.

And in their groupist policy-making schema this is what the groupists do.

If factional heads feel that any margii is not accepting their
dictatorial and unholy leadership then that margii will be “expelled”
and forbidden to participate in the BP election process.

So when courageous & dharmic margiis or BPs protest against groupist
wrongdoings then the factional leaders expel them and point to chapter
1, section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual and declare that
“expelled” margii ineligible to participate in the BP elections or hold
the post of BP.

Indeed there are innumerable cases where this has occurred and if we are
not careful this devious rule will be invoked thousands of more times in
the future.

Thus in the past Rudrananda’s faction or Sarvatmananda’s faction has
used expulsion as a way to railroad BP elections and control the BP
post. And what is their justifcation: chapter 1, section 13, point #9,
pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual. And so long as this obscene rule exists,
in the future any groupist leader will take advantage of this unholy rule.


So when the upcoming BP elections are going one from one election after
another– 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007– using this Fake Manual the we all must
be informed and ready to dismiss all the fake rules which factional
leaders have slipped into their Fake BP Manual. Because now we see that
whichever groupist regime is in power during the BP elections, then they
will invariably rely on the Fake Manual to manipulate the course of
events– once again rendering the BP post as a useless position.

When in fact we all know that the post of Bhukti Pradhan is an
upstanding seat in our Marga and that the post should be held by a
strong margii who upholds the teachings of dharma. That is Baba’s
teaching and that is Baba’s vision: That the BP chair will play a vital
role in upholding AM ideals.

But this the groupist heads are unwilling to accept. Because they are so
greedy for power that they do not want anyone else to participate in the
governance of AMPS.

As a last reminder, we should all be alert and vigilant as we approach
the upcoming BP elections. We should demand that the Fake BP Manual be
put in the garbage where it belongs and instead Baba’s dharmic BP
guidelines should be implemented.


By Baba’s divine grace, the tide is changing and all the dogmatic rules
like those in the Fake BP Manual are being rejected by the people. And a
new phase of peace and harmony has arrived.

Baba says, “Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. We do not
want any dogma. The age of dogma is gone. What we want is an idea based
on Neohumanism. We are for the entire created world; and not only for
human beings or living beings, but for the entire animate and inanimate
universe.” (AFPS-5)



Everyone knows that Sarvatmanandji’s name itself is printed in bold
letters on the inside cover of the Fake BP Manual. Because in those days
the B bandits were still in power and they gave the important ISMUB Secy
post to their captain, Sarvatmananda. That is why where it says
“published by” then Sarvatmananda’s name appears. Because he is the one
who first published the Fake BP Manual. Of course now Rudrananda is king
of the roost so he is sinfully enjoying all the manipulations of the
Fake BP manual. Rudrananda is using all those crude edicts to satisfy
his groupist agenda. And that is the way it works– whichever group is
in power takes advantage of this fake BP manual.


The following are some of the serious distortions made to the original BP
manual given by Baba. In 1997 a new version of the BP manual was made and
published, which is very different from the original given by Baba. Changes
were made which severely limit Margi rights. Please see some of these
significant changes below that stipulate who can vote and run for the BP

(A) Page 12, rule number 6, “clean image…”

But in AM ideology, Baba never talks about superficial things like a
“clean image”. Baba’s only conern is dharmic action and Baba Himself
says on so many occasions that those who follow dharma and oppose
exploitation, then they will not be in the good books of the status quo.
Thus dharmikas will not have a “clean image”. So this point is totally
silly and against AM ideology.

(B) Pg 12, rule 7, “He or she must not have acted against the organisational
unity and solidarity.”

We must remember that organisational solidarity is not the unity we
seek. Baba says unity is ideological unity. Yet when groupists dominate
the organisational channels then they will try and create their own fake
type of unity through “organisational solidarity” as they push their own
selfish agenda. That is the way groupism works. So here again in this
rule, they are merely watching their own backside and not interested in
AM teachings.

(C) Pg 12, rule 9, “He or she must not be expelled or facing any charge or
enquiry on account of organisational impropriety…”

The dogma and cheating in this above rule will be quite apparent to
anyone who has understood the above two points. Basically, with
groupists at the helm, then naturally dharmikas will contest the
factional parties, and those factional parties will chargesheet the
dharmikas in order to protect their power.

(D) Pg 17, rule 6, “…must be capable of maintaining organisational

When groupists are ruling, “maintaining organisational solidarity” means
being a “yes man” and blindly follow crude rules invented by groupists.
So this rule is also bogus. True unity is ideological unity not unity
around groupist platforms.

And so many more such rules.


If anyone wants a scanned copy of the Fake BP Manual or a scanned copy
of Baba’s original BP guidelines, then simply write in and our office
personnel will get that out to you at the earliest. By this way– by
having the Fake Manual and Baba’s original BP guidelines– then we will
be best informed and properly prepared to ensure the upcoming elections
are carried out in a dharmic manner. That will be a grand step towards
bringing integrity and dignity to the BP post.

Ajapa – Japa & Adhyana – Dhyana

SadGuru Baba says, “If a man constantly chants his japa mantra or
meditates ceaselessly, then the rhythm of this japa, the rhythm that
adores the Guru during dhyana, will act as auto-suggestion during the
time of sleep, although he does not remember it…A sadhaka with this
capacity continues his dhyana and japa even in sleep. This kind of japa
is called “Ajapa’ Japa”; that is to say, without performing japa, one is
actually performing it. And it is called “Adhya’na’ Dhyana”, which means
that without actually meditating, the act of meditation is going on.”
(YP, 1991 Edn, p.150-51)


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Date: 22 Sep 2009 06:33:52 -0000
From: “Satyanarayan Mishra”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Oh Really – Not Part of Prout


PS Intro: This is one special type of song where Parama Purusa explains to
the devotees what He does– how He carries out His liila.

“A’gun jva’la’te a’si niko a’mi, diipa’valii jva’li man ma’jhe…” (P.S. 421)


I, Baba, do not come to light a burning fire in the heart. I come to
light the lamp of devotion in the heart– for that I come. I fill the mind
with divine effulgence– devotion, not fire*.

Even on the rough & jagged path I pour divine sweetness– I make even
the dry heart full of devotion. Even in those trees where flowers do not
come, those places also I decorate with flowers. I change the crude
personality into a divine one. I decorate them with the beauty of devotion.

To the dry heart I bring the warmth of love and devotion. And I give
them inspiration to move towards divinity. This way I bless.

Through the melody and rhythm of song and dance, silently I fill the
remote corner of the heart with love. Indeed I fill the entire universe
with devotion with the medium of song, dance and music– Prabhat Samgiita.
I do not come to ignite the heart with yearning; rather I fill the heart
with devotion.

To those hearts which are frustrated, sunken, and lost, I give them the
strength for their forward movement. I fill up the heart with the bliss so
they can forget their pain and misery and get ensconced in divinity.

I remain with everyone through the ota and prota yoga. I make everyone
aware of this thing by all my actions. I tell this thing in all my work so
that human beings can realise that Parama Purus’a is with them.

I advent of this earth to fill up the heart with devotion…

*Fire= Here fire means that devotees always lovingly accuse Parama Purusa
that ‘I am crying for You yet You just set my heart on fire, with no relief
in sight’. But Parama Purus’a explains that it is not like that; rather He
comes with the explicit motive to fill the mind with devotion…


Time and again there is confusion on the point of Baba’s samaj system – which
as we all know is a universal and dharmic approach to uplift all peoples
and create a healthy, dharmic society.

– Some use samaj as a euphemism for groupism;
– Some think that samaj is not in line with the principles of Prout;
– Some think that they can create a samaj based on their own
racist tendencies.
– Some think that samajas are formed strictly on the point of language;
– And there are various other misnomers regarding Baba’s divine samaj

This letter aims to clear up some of these matters and present – albeit in
brief – a few of the key points of samaj.


We all know that Baba first propounded Prout in the condensed form which
came in the Idea and Ideology book in 1959. Then a couple years later in
1961 Baba delivered the discourses for Ananda Sutram– of which the 5th and
final chapter gives further summary of Prout. In total, 16 sutras or
aphorisms are in that chapter.

And then, after that, gradually Baba has elaborated upon His Proutistic
guidelines and formed the vast Prout philosophy, around 200 discourses
directly. And many indirect references Baba has given about Prout in
several hundred other discourses.

For example if you see the book Namah Shivaya Shantaya, there also Baba
talks about Prout. (Reference: Discourse 10, section ‘Shivokti 5’) This
stands as but one of the many, many places where Baba makes indirect
reference to Prout in this book and in the rest of His scriptures.

And of course the direct discourses on Prout are collected together in the
21 parts of the Prout in a Nutshell series. From parts 1-21 all are Prout.

And in Prout part #13, the chapter ‘Socio-Economic Groupifications’ is
dedicated for the samaj movement. Because the central idea of samaj theory
is based on socio-economic movements; and that is exactly what is discussed
in the chapter ‘Socio-Economic Groupifications’. In that discourse Baba
talks about (a) What are the fundamentals of samaj, (b) On what grounds
will samajas be made, (c) What are the basic necessities of samajas, (d) so
forth and so on.

So anyone can easily understand that when the guideline of samaj has been
given in one chapter of Prout, and that it is part and parcel of our social
philosophy and perfectly consistent with all the teachings and theories of
Ananda Marga.

So if any imbalanced person is telling that samaj is something different,
Then it is similar to if any ignorant person foolishly says that a sentient
diet and vegetarian food are not part of Ananda Marga teachings.

Without going into more detail here I am quoting from Baba. In this
following teaching Baba is talking about samaj.

Baba says, “PROUT based socio-economic movements are popular movements
which will fight against all forms of exploitation and for the local
demands and sentiments of the people.” (PNS-13, p. 21)

By reading this above Baba’s simple teaching, anybody can easily understand:
(1) What is samaj; (2) That samaj is according to Prout principles; and,
(3) That the function of samaj is to fight against all types of
exploitation– for the growth of the local population of one particular area.

So certainly it is clear then that Baba’s samaj theory surely lies within
the jurisdiction and teachings of Prout.


Some confused people think that samaj means some groupist agenda or a
movement which is based on narrow sentiments and ideas. But in reality,
samaj is something universal in nature and dharmic.

By reading the chapter ‘Socio-Economic Groupifications’ anyone will get the
clear-cut picture how Baba beautifully with logic and reasoning clarifies
to the audience that His samaj system is based on neo-humanism. And really
the point is quite clear.

Baba says, “The socio-economic movements advocated by PROUT are founded on
the ideological base of Neo-humanism.” (Prout-13, p. 23)

But some in the name of samaj are preaching their own small-minded beliefs
or dogmas.

So again it is unfortunate that a couple people are confused on the point
of samaj movement. Such selfish individuals or groups are obsessed with
materialistic gain, even then they form groupism. And to justify that they
confuse common margiis by preaching, ‘No, no, no, this is not groupism,
this is samaj movement’. But we must be very careful to understand that
samaj movement and group propaganda / groupism are not the same thing.

Those who are thinking that samaj is just one form of groupism, they are in
dreamland. Please see what Baba says:

Baba says “The multi-colored garland of humanity will be enriched if
varying human groups blend together from a position of strength and
independence out of a genuine love for their brothers and sisters.”
(Prout-13, p. 20)

Baba says, “Those sentiments which are conducive to human unity should be
encouraged, rejecting the sentiments which create a rift in human society.
This is the approach adopted by PROUT’s socio-economic groups.” (Prout, p. 21)

By the above quotes it is clear then that samaj theory is based on
broad-minded, universal thinking that leads to the development of one human

Nowadays the whole society is moving ahead. Common citizens have better
understanding than in the past. And I think all the confusion will be
washed away when a few persons become more alert and conscious. Then the
dogma and confusion will not be able to remain and nobody will be able to
misguide and confuse others.


Here following is Baba’s blessing:

Baba says, “You are the very child of Parama Purus’a…Keeping the Supreme
Entity fixed in your mind, proceed to the Supreme Goal with the utmost
devotion, and you are destined to attain the greatest fulfillment.” (APH-4,



Having a few affluent countries when rest of the world is facing
serious crisis on different fronts does not represent the glory of human society.
The undeniable truth is that those so-called affluent countries became
affluent by sucking the vital juice of so-called poor countries. To root
out this malady Baba wants that in each and every area, local people should
rally around & fight against exploitation, and become self-sufficient in
all respects. To give practical shape to this idea Baba has formulated the
Samaj movement which is, as noted above, well-discussed in Prout-13, 4th


Baba says, “While forming socio-economic units, several factors should
be considered. These include same economic problems; uniform economic
potentialities; ethnic similarities; the sentimental legacy of the people;
and similar geographical features.” (PNS-13)


Baba says, “Where there is economic parity, cultural mixing, communication facilities
and administrative efficiency, it will be easy and natural for two or more
adjoining units to cooperate, because they will have attained a high degree
of socio-economic uniformity. In such cases they should merge to form a single
larger unit. This will further the welfare of their respective citizens and
enhance their socio-economic interests.” (PNS-13)


Be Careful in Desiring

Baba says, “Human beings attain Parama Purusa in whichever way they want.
Their desires to attain Him are fulfilled according to their expectations.
Suppose someone has a desire to eat delicious food. Parama Purusa will
grant that wish and the person may be reborn in the next life as a wolf or
wild boar to eat to his heart’s content. A woman who wishes to adorn
herself with ornaments may be reborn as a colorfully marked peacock. One
day, however, a hunter may shoot the beautiful peacock with an arrow. As
one desires, so one attains. Similarly, human beings attain Parama Purusa
according to their inner desire. So, before wishing to attain Him, one must
be extra cautious. Suppose a man wants to be a king. In the next life he
may be born into the household of a poor man whose surname is `Raja’
(king). He wanted to be a ra’ja’ (king) and he became one! One must be very
cautious before wishing for anything.” (AV-4, p. 62)


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Date: 17 Sep 2009 06:04:18 -0000
From: “Pramod Dev”
Subject: Proof of Distortion in New Book: AV 11-12


“Tumi bha’lo ba’so yadi, eso…” (P.S. 792)


Baba, You are the most loving One. But I have hardly any devotion; that
is why sometimes I feel that You do not love me. Baba, when You love me
so much then please come close. Baba, if You are going to judge me by my
virtue and vice and based on that You will decide whether I am qualified
or not, then I do not have any hope because I only possess negative
things. I do not have any good qualities or virtues in my life. So
without considering my virtue and vice– good or bad things– please come.

Baba, the garden of my life is filled with thorns. There is not a single flower;
but, innumerable buds are there. So when You will come then those buds will surely
bloom, otherwise not– they will wither away. But on those flowers which do bloom,
then there You will remain seated. Baba, please sit on those newly blossomed flowers.

Baba, in my heart neither I have any song nor I have longing to sing the song.
The pollen of my prana has dried up and is floating in the air. All this happens
because You are remaining distant. When I will get the blessing of Your touch then
my whole existence will be vibrated. And all the negative things will turn into
positive ones. And by that way I will be able to serve You. Baba, without seeing
my virtue and vice please come…


Note: Many of us know that there are terrible issues with the publication
of Baba’s books. Even then it has to be recognised that Dada Acyutanandaji
has tried hard since he became part of the Publications team to improve the quality
of the books. It is due to his efforts and Baba’s grace that progress has been made.
Tragically at present our dear Dada Acyutanandaji is bed-ridden in Kolkata due to long
standing illness. As our brother and esteemed worker, we are hoping for his
speediest recovery. Once he is feeling better we hold much confidence that he
can put forth effort to improve upon the gross errors that have plagued our AM
books since 1990.

The highly touted, latest edition of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 11-12
(2008) came out last year with much fanfare; unfortunately the book is
riddled with scriptural distortions.

This letter (a) contains an important Baba story on keeping the sanctity
of His scripture, and also (b) points out grave transcription /
translation errors from the recently published AV 11-12 (2008).

Although AV-12 has many, many errors, one key distorted paragraph about
priest dogma has been discussed in detail below.


One of Baba’s great reasons for coming onto this earth is to teach
humans how to live together. Some mistakenly think that by mixing and
merging all the groups together then a great human society can be built.
However, that is not possible: Just as leeches can never co-exist with
humans, similarly, combining different forms of self & group interests
can never bring that grand ideal of ‘ek manav samaj’, or one human
society. To do that– to build a human society in the true sense of the
word– ideology is needed. For that reason Baba has come and given His

And it is our duty to maintain the integrity of those teachings– if not
one human society will never be formed on this earth.



Being the Parama Purusa incarnate, Baba has issued various warnings
about future events and wrongdoings pertaining to His divine teachings.
From these below instances, we can see how much importance Baba has
placed on keeping Marga teachings perfect and free from dogma.

For example, it is well known how Baba issued a stern warning to
Raghunathji about the dogma of idol worship. Baba said, ‘After I leave
this body, you must ensure that no form of idol worship is done in AM’.

And to Parasattananda, Baba told, ‘After my leaving, there must not be
any form of celebration or ritualistic ceremony commemorating that
date’. Hence here, Baba was foretelling that no dogmatic Mahaprayan
should be started.

And to family Ac Pratapadityaji, Baba warned, ‘In the past crooked Hindu
priests who professed to be followers of Lord Krsna distorted and ruined
Lord Krsna’s teachings by inserting all kinds of dogma.
I have taken certain precautions and arranged to have everything
recorded. That way distortions will not be allowed to happen, even then
you must be vigilant not to let anyone ruin My discourses.’


As disciples of Baba, we should be very strict in preserving the
sanctity of His printed discourses. This is our moral duty.

Some may claim, ‘What is the big deal if we change a few words here and
there– that is fine, so long as we keep the gist of what He is saying’.
Some may say like this.

But that error-prone approach will not do. It is not acceptable. Because
one error leads to another until finally everything is totally ruined.
Vigilance is needed from the very beginning.


Everyone knows that the Tiljala camp is the one printing Baba’s books
these days. But here the issue is not who is printing Baba’s books. No
one is trying to criticise any group per se. That is not the motivating
factor behind this letter.

The issue is that the our AM books– Baba’s teachings– must be proper,
period, no excuses. That is what Baba wants and that is what this letter
is about.

Who can forget those days in Patna when Baba was harshly scolding and
rebuking various wt’s for not recording and printing His discourses.
Baba was furious and set the tone that His discourses must be recorded
and printed in a timely and proper way.

So this whole topic goes way beyond any petty group clash. Rather it is
an issue of non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity
and Ista and Adarsha.


Now then to the problem at hand…

Nearly every discourse in AV-12 (2008) has been terribly distorted in
one way or another. Here we are not just talking about skipping over
small words like ‘and’ or ‘but’ etc, but rather deep-seeded distortions
that affect the very meaning of Baba’s discourse.

Here is one critical example. In the 3rd to last paragraph of the
discourse, ‘Everything Comes From Something’ (2 June 1979 evening, Lyon,
France), those publishers wrote it entirely wrong.

THEY WRONGLY WROTE: “And you should never think, ‘Oh, because the priest
didn’t issue me any ticket for Heaven, I won’t be able to go to Heaven.’
No, no, no, don’t say that. The priest has no right to issue you a
ticket, and who is going to issue you a ticket to Hell? No, no, no, your
good actions will bring you closer to Parama Purus’a, and finally you
will become one with Him by dint of your sa’dhana’, by dint of your
occult practice.”

Yet see here what Baba really spoke.

BABA ORIGINALLY SPOKE: “And you should never think, “Oh, because the
priest didn’t issue any ticket for Heaven, that’s why I won’t be able to
go to the Heaven.” No, no, no, don’t think that. The priest has got no
right to issue you a ticket of heaven, and who is going to issue him
with a ticket to Hell? No, no, no, your good actions will bring you
closer to the Parama Purus’a, and finally you will become one with Him
by dint of your sa’dhana’, by dint of your occult practice.”

The above is what Baba originally spoke in English as He was in Europe
at the time and this discourse was given 100% in English.

So in Baba’s version, He is pointing out the injustice of the priests
and making a joke about how those dogmatic priests should sent to hell.

BABA SPOKE: “The priest has got no right to issue you a ticket of
heaven, and who is going to issue him with a ticket to Hell?”

Here Baba is making a direct statement about how crooked priests have no
right to misguide exploit the people based on the false notions of
heaven or hell. Rather, those priests themselves will live in their own
hell if they continue to perpetrate crimes against humanity. That is
Baba’s essential point.

But the publishers of the book changed that very section to make it
sound like you the reader, not the priest, is being sent to hell.

THOSE PUBLISHERS WROTE: “The priest has no right to issue you a ticket,
and who is going to issue you a ticket to Hell?”

So they totally skirted the issue of Baba mocking and attacking that
priestly dogma. So their new edition of AV-12 strays far from Baba’s

Because in His revolutionary way, Baba is boldly pointing out the dogma
of the priest class and bashing and mocking their so-called authority,
yet our Publishers changed that section entirely.

And indeed there are so numerous errors.


In comparing the above two paragraphs, anyone can see that 13 errors of
omission and commission have been made in only 4 or 5 lines of text.
That means there are 2 or 3 distortions on every line. And it seems the
whole book is like that. Yet this newly published AV 11-12 (2008) is the
book that some of our respected Dadas are saying is “perfect”, and done
“word-for-word” according to the original cassette. They were assuring
margiis that there are no errors in this book etc, etc.

But now we can see for ourselves what is going on.


And again, the main critical error of this passage is that those
publishers distorted the section where Baba is saying that the priest
will go to hell. This is a serious point.

Because AM is against all kinds of dogma, especially religious dogma as
that stifles the growth of the whole society. And Baba is adamantly
telling that not only do those priests not have the power to send anyone
to heaven, but because of their shams and duplicity those crude priests
themselves will go to hell. That is Baba’s dramatic statement.

Yet the publishers missed and distorted this point entirely when
printing the latest version of Ananda Vacanamrtam 11-12.

Baba makes a revolutionary stand against priest dogma and our respected
publishers deleted that point.


Was the error done deliberately by our publishers– i.e. The Tiljala
camp. Was it a mere oversight– along with thousands of others? How did
it happen? Only we can guess.

But one thing is certain: Since they are so enthusiastic to translate
all Baba’s discourses from Bangla, irregardless of the original
language, perhaps that is the cause of this problem. That is one hypothesis.

Or maybe those Dadas just want to preserve or protect the sanctity of
the priest class. Or maybe they are scared of criticising those priests.

Any or all of the above may be the reason why this horrible distortion
was done.

Let us remember that in the recent past, these same publishers deleted
the final three paragraphs of the discourse ‘Liberation of Intellect’
(NHNS) where Baba points out how the dogma of Islam says three females
are equal to one male.



So now that we know the new book, Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 11-12 (2008),
is full of big and small errors, then what should be done.

Truly speaking, this book is not worth purchasing when it is in such bad
shape. The plus point is that by our not purchasing it, then it puts
pressure on those publishers to print it properly.

Whereas if we all simply go out and buy the book with all those current
errors and distortions, then they will think it is fine. And those
errors will remain in the book up to eternity.

Because just see: The first edition of AV-12 was published in July 1980.
And now, after 28 long years, the book is again being printed with all
these errors. If we just accept the book in this poor condition, we will
all be long gone from this earth by the time a new edition is printed–
in 50 or 100 years from now.

So if in this lifetime you would like to have an accurate version of
AV-12, and would like to see all of Baba’s books printed in the right
way, then certainly we should discard the 2008 version of AV-12 and
refrain from purchasing it.

That will send the proper message to those involved.

Excuse me for saying so but, “money talks”, at least in this case
because those publishers are trying to generate a solid income. And if
we opt to NOT purchase the book then it makes a profound statement on
their bank account.

Of course those truly interested in serving Baba will always be strict
to ensure that no mistakes are made in His books, and if so an immediate
correction will be done and an apology issued. In that case, money need
not come into play. With all due respect, our Dadas seem to have
something else on their mind because they never make a swift, or, for
that matter, any rectification of their distorted books. And they
certainly never apologise or admit their guilt. In that case what are we
to think. No doubt they are our family members, but still we have to
evaluate the situation for what it is.


By Baba’s grace He has given us human life and we should ensure that we
preserve the integrity of Baba’s teachings. Here is Baba’s special
teaching on this point.

Baba says, “You have to build up society by your collective efforts. You
know when the weaver weaves clothes then rats and termites engage in
trying to cut it. So the weaver has to protect the clothes from those
rats and termites. In the same way when you are building anything then
without any delay various types of “termites” and “rats” will try to
destroy that work. You must be careful. Above all those who have a pious
motive to build up something, they ultimately get victory. But “rats”
and “termites” do not have a pure motive so ultimately getting destroyed
is their fate. Just they leave some dirty, ugly mark in the pages of history.”

“By seeing those ugly, black marks, in future people think ‘oh, it seems
this was attacked by termites and rats. Oh it appears that the termites
and rats which came to attack and destroy this, but instead those rats
and termites broke their teeth and got annihilated’.”

“It is the universal law. So as you build up good things, be vigilant to
keep sharp eyes all around. Be sure to protect your work from “rats” and

“In the past females were preparing mango jelly in summer. And to shoe
away the crows & to protect the mango jelly, one boy from the house was
always standing guard with large stick in his hand and sharp eyes
watching for those crows. Same way you should always be alert & vigilant
to save your work from termites and rats. Then work will be done…”

“Today again you take oath to build up the earth by your own individual
and collective efforts. We have come here to beautify this earth. We
will make it so and we will go on doing this our whole life. This will
be our main collective vow.” (AV-24 Hindi, p.149).



Here is another discourse from AV-12 (2008) that is riddled with errors
and distortions. The following is the opening paragraph from the
discourse ‘An Expression is Never Alone’.

In BOLD LETTERS & [in brackets] are words that Baba spoke but do not
appear in the latest printed edition of the discourse.

“The entire expression of this Universe is vibrational. Whenever
[WHEREVER not whenever] there is vibration, there is sound, there is
colour. So whatever you see or whatever you feel has an inference or
inferences that come in contact with your [OUR not your] sensory or
motor organs – has some sound. You see, when you are moving, you are
walking, a particular sound – “tak, tak, kat, kat” – is created. That
particular sound, sound representing an action, is called “acoustic
root” – in Samskrta, “Biija Mantra”. [WHATEVER YOU DO], there is a sound
just to represent the spirit of that being [DOING not being], of that
deed. While you sit [SLEEP not sit] you are doing something, that is,
your respiratory organ is functioning…”

And like this there are countless errors in the newly printed AV-12.
Because the errors in the above paragraph are of a less severe nature
than the error about the priest dogma and going to hell mentioned in the
main letter, for that reason this has been added as a note instead of
being discussed in the body part of the letter.

We Should Know & Correct

Baba says, “In algebra the formula (a+b) squared= a2 + b2 + 2ab. This is
a well known formula and originally it was invented by Mahars’i Kapil.”
(SC-8, disc 1, 5 oct 86 kolkata)

Note: It is well known that Mahars’i Kapil was born in India several
thousand years ago. People commonly think the above formula was first
propounded by a western mathematician, but in the above teaching Baba
reveals the real fact. This gives the idea those mathematics was highly
evolved in that early history of India.

Here below Baba tells another important fact regarding Kapil:

Baba says, “The first philosopher was Mahars’i Kapil, who will be
remembered and respected for all time.” (AFPS-9, ‘Geology & Human


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From: “Ramlal Sharma”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: “Ba’ngla’ and Ba’nga’lii”
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 07:44:19 +0530


“Ye ga’ne toma’ke shon’a’i tumi ki shon’ na’ priyo…” (PS 4471)


O’ my dearmost Baba, why don’t You listen to the song which I am singing
for You? Why do You neglect that song which is coming from my heart. The
song which expresses the longing and yearning of my heart. That very song
You do not care about– why like this.

When the flower which blossoms on this earth and emanates aroma all
around, when that very flower is lying on the dust & crying, can that be

If it pleases You, You can take back all those mundane things which You
have given me. Only one request I have– that please remain constantly in
my ideation. That is my sole desire…


These days, one group is spreading dogma that their samaj is the gifted
one. And Baba did a special favor. At the centre of the favor was, a
special book about their samaj which Baba wrote. And that book is “Bangla
and Bengali”. So this type of message is spreading around. And it is
creating confusion in the entire Margi society. So on this point, certain
critical facts I gathered, that I am enlisting here for your consultation.

And at the same time, it is my request that what is your opinion about this
point. You should also share. So here are the points about the “Bangla and
Bengali” book, which that group is bragging about.

This book is not any special book. Rather it is just one in the series of
collections of discourses, made from various previous AM books. And not
only that. It is not even a collection of complete discourses. It has a few
discourses, which are complete — which have been collected from other AM
books. And yet most are just excerpts–a few paragraphs from discourses
which are found in other books of AM Publications. Following are the facts.

1. To say or give logic that this book is specially about Bengal and given
by Baba specially for that. And similar thing Baba did not do in relation
with other samajas, does not have any sense.

2. For example, see the first discourse in this ‘Bangla and Bengali’ book,
entitled “Tantra and Indo-Aryan Civilization”. – In Bangla, “Tantra o Arya
Bha’ratiiya Sabyata'”.

This is one very old discourse from the book “Abhimata”. In English, that
book is called “The Opinion”. The discourse is now also in A Few Problems
Solved (AFPS) and Discourses on Tantra. Those who are senior Margis, they
know that this discourse was commonly known many, many years back. That
time when Ananda Doot was published in Hindi, there it got published. When
Central Office was in Jamalpur. And this book “Bangla and Bengali” came
only recently.

So in “Bangla and Bengali”, that old discourse has been added and made the
first chapter.

So the point here is, that the discourse “Tantra and Indo-Aryan
Civilization” is not originally published in “Bangla and Bengali”. Not at
all. To suggest so is to mislead. Rather, this discourse has been published
since many years in various AMPS books. It has been brought into this book
“Bangla and Bengali” only recently, but this discourse has come from other
published AMPS books. Here in “Bangla and Bengali”, it is just an appended
discourse, part of a collection.

Yet one group is claiming, that this book “Bangla and Bengali” was
specially written by Baba as a favor to them, to reveal that their samaj
(socio-economic unit) is gifted above all others. When this discourse and
so many others from the book, already existed for years and were simply
republished and reprinted in “Bangla and Bengali”. Then if anyone is using
this book to say their samaj is more gifted than others, that is looking
like something false.


3. Usually wherever Baba visited, He gave huge talks on the various points of
that local area / socioeconomic unit / samaj. Wherever DMC was, there Baba
made a special tour and invited samaj Margis to join in the discourse. And
then He gave various types of informations, about the local area and its
development. But Sarvatmanandji did not like these discourses on samajas
(socio-economic movements) outside Bengal, so those discourses did not get
printed. Margis of those areas where Baba visited, they are living proof of

If Sarvatmanandji had continued as the leader of AMPS, then Baba’s
discourses on other samajas all over India outside Bengal, they would never
have come in the picture. Because in this world everything is changing.
Those who are born, they will die. So those who are living proof, i.e.
Margis of all those samajas (socio-economic units) outside Bengal where
Baba visited. After their passing away, proof of Baba’s visits to those
places would have been lost. But instead now these Margis are the proof.

Means, Baba gave huge information about all these samajas (socio-economic
units) throughout India. Each and every samaj where Baba visited, such
things happened. And such “Bangla-Bengali” type of book can be made about
all the samajas.

So saying this– that Baba only spoke about Amra Bengali and none else,
that is the notion of mental illness.

4. This “Bangla and Bengali” book is made of excerpts from previously
published discourses. That is, discourses which have already been published
in other AMPS books. Excerpts or limited selected parts of those discourses
have been re-printed in “Bangla and Bengali”.

So one group is claiming that Baba has specially given this book for their
samaj. That it is one special grace He made. When the discourses are
published already in other AMPS books, then it is clear this is false news
they are propagating.

5. Most of the discourses in “Bangla and Bengali”, either they are full
discourses available elsewhere in previous AM publications, or they are
partial excerpts taken directly from other chapters of Baba’s discourses.

6. One more example I will give you. The Samskrta grammar book series
Shabda Cayanika from book 1-26.

One of the chapters of this ‘Bangla and Bengali’ book is called “Bengali ki
Viiresh Vijay Ke Bhule Jabe?”. This very chapter is an excerpt from the
Samskrta grammar Shabda Cayanika book, Part 1 pages 93-115. It is also
available in the ZY-Find electronic edition.

So in that way, what is printed in “Bangla and Bengali” is just excerpted
from other AMPS books. Chapter after chapter in this Bangla-Bengali book is
like that–taken from other books. But groupist persons are bragging that
this book proves Baba favored their samaj. Compared to other samajas, they
falsely claim that Bangalistan was given “top priority by Baba”. And the
book “Bangla and Bengali” which they say proves Baba gave more attention to
their samaj, is full of discourses reprinted from other books. Here above I
have given one example, and I will provide further examples below.

7. Those who were in power those days, wherever they got anything from
Baba’s discourses related with Bengali, they collected those paragraphs.
And those very things, which Baba spoke about other samajas, they avoided.
They rejected such things which are unrelated with their samaj, like straw.
Then with the excerpts about Bengal which they collected, they created
different titles and made them look like various independent discourses.
And in that way a special book was created, that is — “Bangla and
Bengali”. This is a sort of hypocrisy.

To claim that “Bangalistan was given top priority by Baba in all the
Samajas.” And they try to prove Baba’s “favoritism” on the basis of the
book “Bangla and Bengali”. But such claims are nonsense, as all Margis know
that Baba’s discourses about other samajas are plenty. But the group in
power those days ignored and refused to print those other samaj discourses.

And the book “Bangla and Bengali” which is supposed to prove Baba focussed
only on Amra Bengali– that book is full of discourses reprinted from other
books which themselves have nothing to do with Bengal. So such claims to
the “special status” of Bengal are completely false, unfounded.

8. We know that Namami Krsna Sundaram, Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Ananda
Sutram, Guide to Human Conduct, and so many books. They are all complete
books of Baba. Everything in these just-mentioned titles is original to
those very books. It was never published before it came in those books.
These are the volumes of Baba’s originally published material.

While after that, so many books came which are collections of other books.
And these collected books such as AM Philosophy in a Nutshell, are
“collection books”. Because discourses from other AMPS books like Ananada
Marga Elementary Philosophy, Idea and Ideology, Tattva Kaomudii, Faculty of
Knowledge, Prama, Namami Krsna Sundaram, etc. So many discourses of all
these books have been collected. And one series has been made, whose name
is AM Philosophy in a Nutshell.

But here, one thing we should remember. That in the Ananda Marga Philosophy
in a Nutshell series, excerpts or sections of discourses from other books
of Baba are not treated as independent chapters. No partial discourses have
been brought. Rather, certain chapters have been brought in full, and this
collection book, has been created.

9. To create collection books, there is a standard style which Baba has
shown us: Collect the complete discourses given on one particular idea. And
then gather those discourses, print them together and create one book. But
collecting the paragraphs of various chapters and treating them as a
special chapter. And on the top beating the drum, that “This special
‘Bangla and Bengali’ book is given by Baba in favor of Bengal only. No
samaj could get that favor from Baba’s side.” Those who write like this, or
propagate like this, they are imbalanced.

10. Here are some more facts, about the “Bangla and Bengali” book. From so
many other books, like Ananda Vacanamrtam, Subhasita Samgraha, Prout, etc,
different paragraphs have been collected and treated as though they are
independent chapters of “Bangla and Bengali”. In that way, this “Bangla and
Bengali” book has been created.

For example, Kuru Punyam Ahoratram – “Do Virtuous deeds Day and Night”. And
“Seven Secrets of Success”. And so many more such discourses already
printed in other books. They just took the discourse and branded it as a
discourse of “Bangla and Bengali”. They gave a new title and put it there.
As though it had never been published elsewhere.

By this way, fanatic Bengalis, those who are suffering from the psychic
disease of narrow-mindedness or racial supremacy.(see note 1) They created
the book. And now they are puffed up in the vanity of the supremacy of
their race. And they think that they are specially God-gifted.

So one should understand the hypocrisy of hypocritical people. With their
dogmatic mind what they say, what they write has nothing to do with dharma,
morality, or standard human practice. When hypocrisy is the be-all and
end-all of life, then what noble guideline can you get from such people?

Now in our organization, group clash is up to its brim. Its peak. Both the
groups are creating huge problem. I did not have any desire to write on
such point related with group politics. And when these groupist people,
they falsely propagate their glory in silly manners, then usually I keep

But in this case of “Bangla and Bengali”, they brought Baba into their
periphery. (see note 2) And they wrote in such a way as if Baba did a
special favor to them. By writing the “Bangla and Bengali” book. But that
was not the Satya, or eternal truth. Rather to give proper answer, all
these above narrated facts have been collected. To give proof that Baba is
impartial. He did not bestow special favor to Bengalistan. Only psychically
diseased (see note 3) people are painting the rosy picture in a different
way from the reality. No one should forget that Baba loves equally, one and
all. He teaches us to work for the entire universe. Mind should be 360
degrees. It must not be narrow. Please write your suggestions.


In these difficult days, Baba blesses us with the following inspiration.
That these times of narrow minded thought are giving way to a new, more
enlightened age.

“Narrow sentiments are gradually fading away and a universal outlook is
arising in the minds of human beings. Science and technological development
have exposed the blind faith and dogma that have suffocated many sections
of society, and gradually humanity is advancing towards an age of
rationality and common interest.” (PNS-13, p.18)

Baba further graces us,

“We have a bright future–the crimson light of that future is breaking
through the dark horizon of the present. We must welcome it.” (PNS-9, p.36)


* In one of his group propaganda letters entitled “SUPPORT BANGALISTAN &
SAMAJ MOVEMENT”, Kalyaneshvaranandji has written the following:

“Bangalistan was given top priority by Baba in all the Samajas.”
And to support his claim, Kalyaneshvaranandji has written:

“Baba published the book “Bangla and Bangali.” No
such book was published by AMPS about any other Samaj,
because – Baba never spoke so much about any other

** These Shabda Cayanika discourses Baba has given in the Bangla language.
That is why innocent and confused people, they think this is a book of
Bengali grammar. But those who have gone through the book very carefully,
they know this is Samskrta grammar. This book has nothing to do with
Bengali grammar only. It is the grammar mainly of Samskrta, and then other
Samskrta-related languages. Because hundreds of languages’ vocabulary is
from Samskrta. A huge percentage is there. Mostly Indian languages, some
have more than 90% Samskrta and some a little less. But they carry these
roots. That’s why this Shabda Cayanika book is the grammar of all those
languages. So it is our duty to remove this dogma that this Shabda Cayanika
is a Bengali grammar book.

It is just like when a mad dog bites anyone, then the germ spreads to and
spoils that very living being. Similarly these diseased people, whatever
comes in their contact, they tried to color it in their Bengali color. And
went on and on singing the chorus in the favor of their samaj or their
language. And so many things.

*** In “Bangla and Bengali”, most of the discourses are like this — that
is, excerpted from somewhere else. Two examples I have given you, above.
But almost all are like this. Here follow more.

Other chapters in “Bangla and Bengali” taken from Shabda Cayanika include:
– “History of Bengal” from AFPS parts 3 and 5. They made this into the
chapters 9 and 10 of Bangla and Bengali.

– “Bengali New Year” — This was AFPS-5, and they put it in as the chapter
11 of Bangla and Bengali.

– “Spring Festival” is from AFPS-5 . And they put it as chapter #12 in
Bangla and Bengali.

– “Light Festival” from AVM, also taken and placed in Bangla and Bengali.

And so many such discourses of AVM and Prout, and AFPS. And the Samskrta
Grammar book. They just collected some full discourses and some excerpts.
Some excerpts have been taken also from the Varna Vijinana and Varna
Vicitra series of discourses. Uprooted from their original place and
printed there in “Bangla and Bengali”.

note 1: Regarding those who suffer from the psychic disease of
narrow-mindedness or racial supremacy. Those who are puffed up in the
vanity of the supremacy of their race. And they think they are specially

About the path followed by such persons, Baba says,

“The followers of ism foolishly consider themselves to be God’s chosen ones…
They think that the Supreme Father bestows His grace only on them,
not on the rest of creation.” (PNS-16, p.6)

And regarding such people, who consider their race to be higher than that
of others. Baba condemns such persons on the point of their racial supremacy.

Baba says,

“Those who…believe in the artificial distinctions of caste and class,
etc., or beat drums proclaiming racial supremacy, follow the path of
self-contraction. Their sa’dhana’ is the sa’dhana’ of ignorance and
annihilation.” (DT-2, p.45)

Baba concludes below, explaining about the outcome of those who misguidedly
follow this crude path of racial supremacy, by viciously exploiting others.

Baba says,

“They talk about universalism like parrots. They have no defined ideology
in their individual and collective lives, and merely dedicate themselves to
the deception of the human race as they strive to serve their petty
self-interests by any means, fair or foul. We cannot expect any beneficial
contribution from them.” (DT-2, p.13)

Note 2: My situation is like suppose, if you are sitting in your quiet
lonely room, doing your own job. And one dog started barking outside the
window, constantly. Then how long can you tolerate such noise? So under the
pressure of circumstances, you have to go and solve the barking problem. So
when some people give wrong notion that Baba gave a special favor to their
samaj or their language, then it is the duty of any Margi to remove the
dogma which is getting spread. Because of this reason, I was forced to

Note 3: Baba explains that only psychically diseased persons can develop
interest to propagate their own so-called racial supremacy. And paint one
falsified picture that Taraka Brahma favors their samaj above all others.

Here Baba explains about the origin of this serious affliction.

Baba says,

“Those who do not follow the spiritual path may perform harmful actions at
any time. Even those whom society respects as intelligent or learned may,
in reality, be no better than “polished satans”, or what the scriptures
call “demons”. Our modern society is full of such people.” (DT-2, p.13)

And ultimately, Baba tells the fate of such persons.

Baba says,

“Those who accept differences of lineage and caste degrade themselves, and
are ultimately converted into foxes, dogs, pigs, worms, or even trees and
stones.” No one can prevent their degradation.” (DT-2, p.45)

About Rich People

Parama Purusa Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of
money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is
necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you
keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become
responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your
valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities
for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the
basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of
society.” (HS-1, p. 41)


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