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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 07:11:28 -0600
From: “Paul Paltrow”
Subject: Expulsion: Against Fundamentals of AM & AMPS


“Toma’ke bha’lo beseschi a’mi he aja’na’, keno ja’ni na’…” (PS 1710)


O’ Divine Entity, the scriptures say You are unknown, vast, infinite,
and unfathomable. O’ my Lord, I have deep love for You. But why I love You,
that I do not know.

Baba, although You are infinite and unfathomable, You have graced me by
coming in my dreams, becoming my most intimate One. O’ my Lord You are
beyond the conception of mind yet You have showered Your grace by coming in
the world of my ideation– in my dhya’na. By Your grace I can see You in my
meditation. Baba, during my sadhana I received You in my dhyana– and that
vibrated my entire existence. It charged each and every pore of my being.
Baba, besides You, I do not love anyone; I do not feel that anyone is mine.
Only You are mine.

Baba, even though You are very close, You remain far. Now please grace me
by satisfying my one and only desire: Be my most intimate One– always.
Baba, by Your sweet will You have saturated Yourself in the blood of my
veins and arteries– in each and every iota of my existence. Baba, You are
in my mind: Taking Your divine seat on my mental lotus. O’ my dearmost, You
are dancing in the warmth and love of my heart.

Baba, You are my heart of hearts, Baba I love You…


Now & again, the issue of expulsion becomes somewhat of a hot-bed of
discussion. Many have given their opinions and feelings; some are inventing
their own theories; and overall the large majority of Ananda Margiis have a
sincere desire to understand, delineate, and follow Baba’s teaching on this
highly important matter.

Amidst it all, some innocent people have on the one hand accepted the fact
that AM ideology is against the concept of expulsion, yet side by side he
has put forth the theorem that AMPS as an organisational body has the
capacity and method to expel someone.

So we should investigate this point: Is it really the case that AMPS has
the ability and right to expel someone even though the concept of expulsion
is itself forbidden in AM philosophy. Is it really like that? Can AMPS go
against the teachings of AM?

Here below is a look into this critical issue of expulsion which has been
plaguing our organisation since 1990 right up through this present moment.


Firstly, for the awareness of one and all, we should review Baba’s pointed
mandates where He forbids expulsion.

Baba says, “Harsh social punishment such as creating outcasts…do not find
any place in our society.” (AFPS-7, p.6)

Hence in very clear language Baba adamantly declares that AM ideology does
not support the concept of expulsion: neither in letter nor in spirit. AM
ideology is totally against the idea of expelling anybody.
And here again in the below guideline Baba condemns unideological edicts
like expulsion which permanently push someone out of Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “On no account should anybody be branded forever.” (PNS-7, p.54)

Thus Baba has given the directive that nobody can be permanently cast
aside– which is what the weapon of expulsion effectively does: It
blackballs and scars someone for the remainder of their existence.
So from top to bottom Baba pointedly rejects the expulsion theory.
Plus in so many more discourses and in countless places we can find
innumerable references where Baba outrightly discards any type of expulsion

By all this it is quite evident and undeniable that Ananda Marga ideology
does NOT accept the concept of expulsion– not at all. Rather Baba strongly
condemns it.


The next step in this process of understanding then is to investigate
whether AMPS rightly has the ability to expel someone even when expulsion
itself is 100% contrary to the teachings of AM ideology. Can our AMPS
organisation definitively go against the teachings of the AM ideology.


Without question, the whole emphasis and import of our AMPS organisation is
to propagate Ananda Marga ideology. After all AMPS means: Ananda Marga
Pracaraka Samgha. That is the name Baba has duly given because that is
the one and only purpose of AMPS. Its sole reason for existence is to
exemplify and propagate the teachings of AM. This is the duty of AMPS.

For example, it is not that AM ideology preaches that everyone should
follow a sentient vegetarian diet yet at the same time inside the AMPS
organisation one is allowed to eat meat and all kinds of tamasik items. It
is not like that. It is not that suddenly AMPS has the right or ability to
declare that eating flesh foods is allowed. AMPS cannot do like this.
Rather the AMPS organisation is responsible for representing the
ideological principle of following a sentient diet 100% of the time. That
is the way of our AMPS. And indeed in the practical sphere it does like that.

Likewise, it is not that AM ideology states that everyone should strictly
adhere to the code of yama and niyama, yet the AMPS organisation can
blatantly declare that stealing, cheating, harming others, and all kinds of
violations and contraventions of yama and niyama can be done etc. It is not
like that. AMPS cannot suddenly declare that yama and niyama need not be
followed. The organisation has no right to swerve from the ideological
teachings of AM. Rather AMPS maintains the ideal to perfectly abide by all
the tenets of yama and niyama. Indeed step by step AMPS attempts to
implement all of ideological principles of yama and niyama.


Here the whole point is that in our Marga we do not preach one thing yet
side by side do something else. What AM ideology espouses, AMPS is to
follow. This is our Ananda Marga way of living: Clean and consistent. In
our Marga there is no scope for hypocrisy.

The path of AM or tantra is a practical approach where the philosophy is
meant to be represented by the organisation– AMPS. This is our tantra and
this is our Marga.

So the entire approach of AMPS is to abide by and exemplify the principles
of AM ideology. There is no other way.

Thus when AM ideology clearly states that expulsion is forbidden then that
obviously means that the AMPS organisation must follow this very policy.
Our organisation cannot teach or do anything that goes against AM ideology.
So when the ideology (AM) states that there must not be any expulsions,
then the organisation (AMPS) is bound to follow that.


The next obvious sequence then is to understand who is in the organisation.
Because we all now know what is it that AM ideology states and we now all
understand that the organisation (AMPS) must follow the AM ideology.

So the next point to clarify then who is actually in the organisation–
AMPS. That is who are those people who are considered part of AMPS and are
therefore meant to follow and manifest the teachings of AM.
Answer: All A’nanda Ma’rgiis– Wts & family persons– are a part of our
AMPS organisation.

It is NOT that only Wts are part of the organisation. One cannot separate
family margiis from the organisation. Rather all are members of AMPS. This
is Baba’s given mandate.


And here is the proof that all are part of the organisation:

It is well accepted that every A’nanda Ma’rgii, whether they be wt or
family person, must follow 16 Points. This is commonly known to all.
Everyone knows that this is Baba’s teaching: All have to follow 16 Points.
And final point of 16 points is: “Observe C.S.D.K.” Hence this 16th point
of 16 Points is also mandatory for every Ananda Margii.

And as we all know the “S” of C.S.D.K. stands for: “Seminar”.

Regarding seminar, it is a vital aspect of the running of our AMPS
organisation whereby everyone must attend seminar and once there everyone
is allotted some important organisation duty. This is one of the main
aspects of the seminar system: That everyone is expected to attend and
actively participate in seminar and in turn everyone is given some
organisational duty. That is what happens in our seminar system.

And at the same time Baba’s directive is that every family margii, every
unmarried margii, every LFT, every Wt, indeed everyone must attend the
important organisational program of seminar. In that way everyone– every
Ananda Margii– is given the responsibility and duty to carry out various
works and projects for AMPS.

Thus, who can say that family people are not part of AMPS. Never– it is
not like that. All Ananda Margii, irregardless of whether they are married
or wt, all are part and parcel of our AMPS organisation. And the
organisation is the worldly tool for preaching the teachings of AM ideology.

Thus it is a neat & clean, air-tight system: What AM preaches, AMPS does,
and all Ananda Margiis are members of AMPS so they are bound to follow the
ideology. This is Baba’s designated style.


So then on the point of expulsion it is all crystal-clear; it is an open
and shut case. It is an easy three step process: (1) AM ideology clearly
states that expulsion is not allowed; (2) the AMPS organisation is bound to
follow this ideological tenet of not expelling anyone; (3) as members of
AMPS all Ananda Margiis are to exemplify the same rule: That expulsion
should not be done.

Where then is there scope for confusion or misunderstanding– indeed there
is not. That is why in this age of growing ideological awareness all
rational Ananda Margiis are quickly sticking to the ideological point that
expulsion has no place in our AM society: not in AM and not in AMPS,
nowhere. And therefore no one should expel anyone. This point is quickly
seeping into the hearts and minds of all Ananda Margiis.

And after all look at it this way. If those in AMPS are not going to follow
AM ideology, that is if Ananda Margiis themselves are not going to follow
AM ideology, then who on this earth is going to follow Baba’s AM ideology.
Should we think that somehow out of nowhere all the others on the planet
who do not do sadhana and who do not follow a sentient diet are going to
magically start perfectly following AM ideology and 16 Points without our
example or example. Of course not.
Here then we can easily see that it is our duty to first adhere to Baba’s
teachings of AM ideology.

Given all this, the point of expulsion is quite straight and clear.
Expulsion goes contrary to the fundamentals of AM ideology and the AMPS
organisation; and it is the duty of every Ananda Margii to live up to this
standard of not expelling anyone.

Baba says, “Your ideal should be represented by your do conduct…”
(A’nanda Va’nii #13)

Thus when our ideal states that expulsion is not allowed then the thoughts,
words, and deeds of every Ananda Margii should reflect Baba’s ideological
directive of ‘No expulsion’.


Here following is Baba’s golden guideline that all are welcome to be part
of our Ananda Marga.

Baba says “Ananda Marga keeps its gates open so that each and every man and
woman may enter. Anybody may join, anybody may sing in chorus with the
rest. The united march of the people is a march of victory. Ananda Marga
states this in unequivocal language.” (‘Spirit of Society’)

Hence AM is an open society where there is no scope for expelling anyone.
This is not allowed.


By Baba’s divine grace He has blessed us with all the teachings and
practices to guide the society. By following AM ideology– that is by our
sterling conduct, by exemplifying His various teachings such as no
expulsions– we will lead the humanity into the brilliant new era.
Here is Baba’s divine blessing upon all Ananda Margiis.

Baba says, “Common people do not know how to do, what to do, what is the
destination. They want guidance. They want guidance from certain people
whom they respect, whom they accept as their object of adoration. They
respect those people because of their high moral conduct…You boys and you
girls, you are to establish yourselves as developed human beings and as
blessed with the glory of human excellence at the helm of every affair.
Society will recognize you because of your service, because of your
sacrifice. And not only that, everybody is expecting that they will get
your help, your assistance, your guidance, when there is a dire necessity
for the same. You boys and you girls, you should know that I solely depend
on you for the translation of our lofty ideology.” (AV-34, p.85-6)



Here below is one special warning from Baba where He explicitly tells us
about the extreme dangers of expulsion.

Baba says, “Suppose somebody is suspended from his job. In his mind the
seeds of revolt germinate. He files a court case, contacts so many people,
organizes a demonstration, etc. That is the natural reaction to
suspension.” (AV-3)

By His above warning it is quite clear that those who are expelled will
form their own separate structure and embark on the negative path of
dividing the society. This is the dark and inevitable result of expulsion:
More and more division. And that is what we are practically witnessing in
our AMPS nowadays. This is one of the horrors that is going on.

It is quite clear then that the unideological act of expulsion is highly
detrimental to developing one human society. Indeed we can say that so long
as the weapon of expulsion is in vogue, one human society cannot be formed.


Here are more of Baba’s important guidelines which condemn the crude tactic
of expulsion.

Baba says, “If punishment kills or prevents one from progressing along
life’s path, it may be treated as vice…Instead of hating anyone, the
sadvipras will encourage everyone to build good careers. This will be the
sadvipra’s principle duty. None should feel that they have been doomed
forever.” (PNS-7, p.54-55)

Baba says, “Ananda Marga has formed a society which frames its laws on the
basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of all
humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society,
for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction
between class or sex, where no one is declared an outcast…” (PNS-11, p.6)

By reading Baba’s above teachings surely everyone understands well that
expulsion is not at all allowed in our AM way of life.

Rather our Marga is destined to create that singular humanity where are all
looked upon as family members and given the wonderful opportunity to move
along the path of Supreme salvation.

Mister or Shrii

Baba says, “The Samskrta word Shrii means ‘the most charming personality’.
The word ‘shrii’ is derived from sha + ra + uniis. ‘Sha’ is the acoustic
root of the mutative principle, and ‘ra’ is the acoustic root of energy.
With the help of these two things, ‘sha’ plus ‘ra’, human beings are
moving, dancing, speaking, and doing so many things. Obviously they need
‘sha’ and ‘ra’ very much. The Supreme abode of ‘shrii’ is Parama Purus’a.”
(SS-12, p.4)

Note: In this above quote, Baba is describing the meaning of ‘Shrii’ so
that we can understand why we call Him ‘Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji’– not
‘Mr. Anandamurtiji’. Naturally in our life we should then address Him in
the way which He likes to be called.

However, because of their dogmatic beliefs, some jinanis prefer the term
‘Mister Sarkar’ or even just plain ‘Sarkar’ instead of ‘Shrii’. In that
case we should gently try to make them aware about their dogma.

The central idea is that ‘Shrii’ is a very meaningful term and we should
not only use this when addressing our Beloved Guru, but everyone should use
the term ‘Shrii’ before their own name as well. This is Baba’s direct


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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:19:38 -0000
From: Kamala
Subject: NY Retreat: Colourful Report


“Asha’ni ulka’ upeks’a’ kari a’lokatiirthe calo cali…” (P.S. 744)


Baba by Your grace I will go on marching ahead towards the effulgence,
my Goal, by avoiding and overcoming all sorts of obstacles like
thunderbolts & meteors. By Your grace I will not be afraid of the thorns
and difficulties on the path. With Your strength, I will root them out,
throw them away, and move on and on. Baba, all my energy is coming from

Baba, on the path of my forward movement, there so many insects &
nuisances. Plus various types of demons, ghosts, witches, and goblins
are trying to create disturbances and fear on my journey. But by Your
divine grace when I have fixed the determination in my mind to move
towards You, then until I will not rest until I reach the Goal. Baba, by
Your grace, with my feet I will go on crushing all the obstacles on the
path, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. Baba. Your immense
blessing is always with me. You are my Source and You are my Savior…


The annual gathering of the NY summer sectorial retreat at Ananda Kanan
(USA) was recently held. This is a short report about a few of the many
happenings of that conference. Others also are welcome to write in with
their view and accounts.

In the coming days, many other elements of this retreat will be profiled
so really everyone’s input is most welcomed.


As many may be aware, Ananda Kanan, located in the Ozark mountains in
Missouri, stands at the main master unit of NY sector. It has now been a
hub for sectorial activity for years and years, nearly two decades or more.

Naturally then we expect great things from this MU, as Baba has
identified master units as an all-important representation of our Ananda
Marga way of life.

Here are a few of Baba’s dharmic guidelines about master units.

Baba says, “When Ananda Marga started touching every discipline of life,
it was then contemplated to establish the Master Units as the miniature
forms of Ananda Marga. As there are different nerve centres in the body
which control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which
are finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units
will be treated as the nerve centres of the society.” (PNS-19)

Baba says, “These miniature forms of Ananda Marga will expand and
gradually terminate in the maxiature form and cover the whole universe.
Master Units will expand all possible services, particularly in the
fields of education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment. These
Master Units will work to improve the fate, first of all human beings,
and then of all living beings.” (PNS-19)

Baba says, “Through Master Units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard
of the people in a few months or a few years.” (PNS-19)

Baba says, “With spiritual philosophy as the hub, we are to start as
many Master Units as possible.” (PNS-19)

By Baba’s above guidelines, it is quite clear that master units – like
Ananda Kanan – are to play a preeminent role in the representation and
spread of AM ideals.

As we all know, in countless reporting sessions as well, Baba has
emphasized the value and need for more and more master units, as these
mu’s are meant to carry the flag of our AM way of life in all respects.



Baba has clearly delivered the message that the dignity of women shall
always be preserved and one clear-cut avenue of this is proper dress.

Baba says, “Women should wear simple and decent clothes and cover their
bodies properly.” (CC-1)

Unfortunately, at the recent July retreat in Ananda Kanan, two of our
Didis made a poor showing by tossing aside their avadhutika uniforms and
instead embraced the crude, pseudo-culture fashion of the USA.

Most everyone is aware the the US is the capital of pseudo-culture as
the vaeshyan powers of America have imposed crude values on the society,
including the objectification of women, i.e. showing females as being
mere sex tools of society. This is one of the main examples of
pseudo-culture in the land of the USA.

Somehow, two of our respected avadhutikas, fell into this trap, and
perhaps even worse is that they made a terrible example for our youths.
Our teenagers, and especially young girls, need a proper role model to
show them a higher way of living and presenting themselves. Because at
present in the USA, Hollywood’s half-naked starlets have captured the
attention of many young girls.

So teenagers girls need a role model: someone who will exemplify the
more noble ideals and expressions of human life, i.e. someone who will
be a living representation of the dignity of women.

Under normal circumstances, our Didis are that sterling example and
under normal circumstances, our master units would be such a place.

But at this retreat – as has happened too many times in the past at
Ananda Kanan pseudo-culture has taken root. Specificaly two of our
avadhutikas totally dropped their ideal and embraced the sensual ways of

In particular, Didi Ananda Anuradha and Didi Ananda Raganuga tossed
their uniforms aside and wore skin-tight shirts and form-fitting jeans
such that every curve and shape of their bodies were highlighted. Their
clothes were so tight it looked as though their garments were painted
onto their bodies.

To be blunt, and please pardon the expression, but our revered
avadhutikas resembled “two dizzy bimbos” that one might see in a B-grade
movie, wherein the movie director is showing two ditzy females in some
shopping mall etc. The tragedy is that our Didis were reinforcing the
dogmatic and undignified way that females are represented in pop-culture.

The scene at Ananda Kanan was THAT bad.

Now here is the kicker. What were our Didis doing at the moment. Our
respected avadhutikas dressed up like that because they were going out
on a picnic with our youths – i.e. with our teenagers. As if this was
the ideal way to present themselves in front of our young,
impressionable youths at an Ananda Marga function.


All in all, this proved to be absolutely disastrous. Because all year
long teenagers in the USA are targeted heavily by corporations. The
entire capitalist machinery of pseudo-culture aims all its exploitative
powers at youths, especially young girls. They impose on these young
girls how they must look and act a certain way – wherein they are mere
objects of sexual allurement for men. We have all seen this in the form
of movies, advertisements, TV shows, internet images and in countless
other ways.

Baba says, “Another form of injustice in society is discrimination based
on sex. Instances of one sex being considered inferior to the other are
very common. Women in a sizable area of the world are considered as the
private property of men and are meant for their pleasure only.” (AFPS-7)

Baba says, “In the modern world there is a wide variety of films which
excite the passions and have a degrading influence on boys and girls,
adolescents and young men and women. Such films create in cinema-goers
the desire to emulate in their individual lives the criminal activities,
the vulgar expressions of love, or the adventurous behaviour that they
see enacted on the screen. This is another example of how keeping bad
company causes depravity.” (HS-1)

Tragically, our two avadhutikas failed to contrast this dark and
degenerating message by highlighting the ideals & aims of Ananda Marga.
When they went on that picnic with our youths, gone were their
avadhutika uniforms and out came their sexual pseudo-culture dress. Plus
they tried to make themselves look “pretty” and “alluring” in various
other ways.

Note: In particular, Didi Ananda Anuradha has an unfortunate weakness in
this regard. In past retreats at Ananda Kanan, she has used her esteemed
belt from her avadhutika uniform and used it as a girlie hair tie when
performing on stage. Plus she is no stranger to the beauty & feminine
cosmetics industry. So hers is a long and storied spectacle in this regard.

Really then, to have two of our main avadhutikas peel off their uniforms
in front of our youths and resort to the crude ways of pseudo-culture is
quite devastating. That shining star of an example is now gone and our
teens have nowhere to look for a proper way.

And all this is happening on the grounds of our Ananda Kanan master
unit, where AM ideals – like the dignity of women – are meant to be
embraced, not overlooked in favour of pseudo-culture.


Given the above scene, and other instances like it, is it any wonder
then that the whole expression of young ladies and women at the Ananda
Kanan master unit fell from our ideal during retreat.

For instance:

1) It was not at all uncommon for our tender young females at the NY
summer sectorial retreat to wear sleeveless shirts to highlight their
tans etc. In their innocence they do like this. And even worse is that
when they raise their arms, such as during kiirtan and kaoshikii, such a
shirt becomes all the more revealing. But how can we tell them or send
them an indirect message not to wear such revealing clothing when our
esteemed Didis are doing the same thing.

Please understand, that there were many Didis at the retreat who really
do honour the code of being an avadhutika and take the cause of the
dignity of women quite seriously, yet all that is undermined when a few
Didis do things that “fly-in-the-face” of such ideals. Then the example
is lost.

2) Another common scene at the retreat is for our young teenagers to
pair off as girlfriend and boyfriend. That means touching, hugging,
kissing, holding hands, rubbing, massaging, and sneaking off together to
a lonely place. All these things have become quite the norm between our
teenage children while at Ananda Kanan.

Here again, that is not our ideal way – that is not what we want to see
happening on the grounds of our MU. Nor is this something that we should

Baba says, “It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and
a man’s friend is a man.” (CC-1)

Our MU’s are places where we are to represent cent-per-cent of Baba’s
teachings, including restraint in social life and modest dealing between
males and females.

Yet our youths at these retreats are mostly involved in the “dating
game” which is so prevalent in America, which often results in teen
pregnancy, emotional difficulties, and disrespect for the human body and
condition. Sadly, this type of thing is happening on our MU grounds and
our youths are not to be blamed. They are bright-eyed beings with high
aspirations who need guidance and support from our AM leaders.

Yet when our leading Didis toss aside their own codes of conduct and
prance around in skin-tight dress to show off their bodies, then those
Didis do not have the moral courage – nor desire – to speak out against
pseudo-culture: period.

And the ones who suffer the most are our youths, as they do not get the
example nor guidance they so desperately need.

Instead all they hear from our acaryas is, “Don’t they look cute
together” or “How sweet they are” or “What a charming couple” or our
acaryas just simply smile. Believe it or not, that is the prevailing
message that our Dadas and Didis tell to these young couples of
boyfriend and girlfriend.

And the proof is that our retreats at the Ananda Kanan have turned into
the breeding ground for the dating game.

In that case, our young ones have no chance; of course they are going to

3) Mixed sex swimming is another problem at our retreats. And once again
our youths are some of the main trespassers, though through no fault of
their own. Bathing suits in America are basically like wearing underwear
or under garments. One is essentially naked when swimming. To give
leeway for all our teens to swim together – girls and boys like – is
only asking for a hormonal brush fire. There are sure to be sparks.

Yet again, when at the same time certain acaryas have tossed aside their
uniform in favour of casual American dress in order to go canoing
(boating) etc, then those Didis have no place or voice to comment on
youths who are wearing typical – yet revealing – American swim suits.

So these are but a few of the things that many of us are noticing at the
retreat on our master unit. And this has been going on for years &
years. These are not isolated incidents.

Of course there are other issues like groupism, power mongering, and
more, but in the realm of pseudo-culture and male-female relationships,
the above is a glimpse or picture of what is happening on our AM master
unit of Ananda Kanan.

And the root cause is defective leadership.

Baba says, “Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and
there is one reason: the defective leadership of society…Bear in mind
that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect
in the conduct of an a’ca’rya. Just as it is the duty of a father to
educate his children properly by his good conduct, an a’ca’rya or
a’ca’rya’ should always instruct by their exemplary actions and words.”


The cultural programs continue to be problematic because still wt
performers and others are going on stage and showing off pop-culture rap
music and hip-hop dance, instead of the dharmic and dignified samgiita
of Ananda Marga. So once again we see Dadas and Didis alike shaking
their hips on the stage and losing themselves in American
pseudo-culture. This of course does not help things at all.

Please write in with other ways you have seen the ugly play of
pseudo-culture take root on our MU properties like Ananda Kanan.

Because this pseudo-culture is a menace to society and if there is any
place where it should be wiped out, it is on our AM master units which
are meant to be a nerve center of AM thought and conduct.

Here Baba warns us of the dangers & horrors of pseudo-culture.

Baba says, “This exploitation in the cultural sphere is accomplished by
the propagation of pseudo-culture. Every honest, virtuous, rational
person must fight against this pseudo-culture, and inspire others to do
the same. If this is not done, the future of humanity will be sealed.”
(NH-LOI, Disc: 7)


Often we hear, people say, “Oh come on, this is America, everyone has a
girlfriend, they all dress in scanty ways, etc”. These are the excuses
various AM leaders give in order to justify the presence of pop-culture
antics on our MU land.

But here is a wake-up call to such persons.

There are countless ashrams and retreat sites in the US where they
uphold the dignity of dress and separation of the sexes. So many gurus
have come to the west and their followers are maintaining proper social
standards. They may suffer from various Hindu dogmas or wrong spiritual
guidelines, but at least the good things they have learned about
spiritual life, they have the courage to follow.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of life on our AM master units
and retreat sites like Ananda Kanan. No doubt, Baba has given the
greatest teachings, yet when our leaders have neither the discipline nor
the courage to uphold those guidelines, then everything goes awash and
life runs rampant.

That is what we see happening at Ananda Kanan summer retreat programs.


Here is one story that is highly related with our current problems.

One time Baba asked us all, “Why is it that the public is afraid of the

Various Dadas, Didis and margiis gave their answers. Baba was not
satisfied with their replies.

Then He said, “It is because of their uniform. If those police agents
are not in uniform then no one will respect them.”

Baba then concluded how all our Wts should be in full uniform whenever
in public or at any AM function etc. That will set the proper tone.

Unfortunately, very few of our Dadas and Didis adhere to this policy and
the negative affect is felt, seen and heard at our retreat gatherings.
Yes it is true that our margii parents can be a bit more stern with
their children at these retreats, but when our acaryas are not
representing Baba’s standard on this most basic point of dress, then
there is very little hope that we can pass the proper message to our

Until this problem is not solved, the ways of pseudo-culture and sexual
innuendos will be pervasive throughout the grounds of our MU’s during
our retreats, or at the very least in Ananda Kanan.


By His grace the standard of conduct in our AM will soon rise and our
retreats and functions at our master units will be up to the proper

Baba says, “The sadvipras will install qualified persons in power, and
the social order which will be evolved by virtue of their leadership
will give due importance to one and all. In this new society based on
Neohumanism, everyone will find their life worth living. All will regain
their lost positions of honour.” (AFPS-2)


Ajapa – Japa & Adhyana – Dhyana

Baba says, “If a man constantly chants his japa mantra or meditates
ceaselessly, then the rhythm of this japa, the rhythm that adores the
Guru during dhyana, will act as auto-suggestion during the time of
sleep, although he does not remember it…A sadhaka with this capacity
continues his dhyana and japa even in sleep. This kind of japa is called
“Ajapa’ Japa”; that is to say, without performing japa, one is actually
performing it. And it is called “Adhya’na’ Dhyana”, which means that
without actually meditating, the act of meditation is going on.” (YP,
1991 Edn, p. 150-51)


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From: “Geoff Turnham”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Negative Dhya’na Unknowingly
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 07:09:18 +0000


“Diner pare din cale ja’y, toma’r path ceye a’ma’r yu’g ye ja’y…” (2640)


Baba, my days after days are passing waiting for You. Since ages and
ages I have been looking anxiously towards the path of Your arrival. But
all that time has passed in vain. Baba, nobody is understanding my mental
anguish; I am completely helplessly in love with You. So many tears have
been shed waiting for You arrival, yet You are not coming.

Baba, in the daytime I imagine that in the night You will be coming
carrying the lantern of hope, thus fulfilling all my deepest desires. I
imagine that in my sleepless nights You will come and shower Your divine
grace and my troubled eyes will be completely satiated by having Your
blissful darshan.

Baba, when the night passes and You have not come then with deep hope I
go on ideating that You will be coming in the morning, with the advent of
the bright red crimson dawn. And like the effulgence of the rising sun You
will wipe away the cimmerian darkness.

Baba, since ages my days are passing in longing for You. Baba please


This is a topic that applies to everyone: margiis & non-margiis alike.

Because everyone – every human being – thinks. If one is not thinking
then the mind will essentially disintegrate and die. So, by definition,
we all think.

People think about their boss, their girlfriend, their enemy, their lost
love, their money, their house, their pet dog, their misdeeds etc.
People think about so many things. And when they think about that thing
they invariably apply various tanmatras or inferences: touch, form,
sound etc. In essence they are doing dhya’na, or more precisely negative

But what people fail to understand is that their thinking – or negative
dhya’na – totally dictates their future to the degree that one will
actually become or be reborn as what they were thinking about.

This has an absolutely dramatic, if not disastrous, effect. Let’s take
this entire topic step by step.


In AM, we have all heard the proverb, “As you think so you become.” And
we all know that we should ideate on our is’t’a mantra cent-per-cent of
the time. All these things we know. This theory is not new to anyone in AM.

But how seriously we truly consider the consequences of not doing this
is another matter.

Baba says, “If the mental force is directed towards finite and crude
objects, then the person is ultimately converted into crudeness. As you
think so you become.” (AMIWL-1)

Even then some of us may be thinking that, “This cannot happen to me – I
will not be changed into crudity.”

Yet that is exactly what happens.


As stated in the beginning everyone thinks; everyone holds an idea and
image in their mind. The irony is that often times – due to human
weakness – people do not hold their highest ideal in mind, but rather
something else.

For instance, many Muslims are often thinking day-long about their
hatred of Hindus. Likewise, many Jews think of their enemies in the
Muslim world. They think intensely in this manner, with vivid imagery
and with strong emotion.

And do you know what happens? Such Muslims actually are reborn as Hindus
and such Jews are verily reborn as Muslims. This is the way it works.

Same is the case with Ku Klux Klan members who despise black people as
well as with certain Frenchmen who hate Algerians etc.

Baba says, “It is the natural wont of the mind to take the shape of its
object of meditation. If the object of worship is crude, say money or
any crude thing, the mind takes the shape of that crude thing in the
course of time. Hence the proverb “As you think so you become.” For
instance, when someone constantly thinks of a ghost, he actually becomes
a ghost one day. One then starts behaving in an abnormal way. Again,
someone concentrates upon two hundred dollars, one day the person will
become an actual dollar. Hence human beings should be very, very
cautious in what they ideate upon, in their objects of contemplation.”

Baba says, “One acquires a physical body according to the nature of
one’s sam’ska’ras [unmanifested mental reactions]. Hence it is not at
all impossible for a human being to be reborn as a hog, a worm, a tree,
or even a piece of stone.” (AMIWL-7)

So it is not just limited to a Muslim turning into a Hindu or a Jew
turning into a Muslim. A person will turn into whatever they ideate on –
and again everyone ideates. Indeed, at present so many people on this
earth are sunk in the practice of negative dhya’na. Yet they are totally
unaware of the severe ramifications.

In the above teachings, Baba pointedly warns us and categorically states
that a person will become a ghost or crude money, or verily anything,
even a hog, a worm, or a spittoon – if that is what they think about. So
everyone should be made aware of the horrors of doing negative dhya’na.

There are so who intently think about their pet dog will be reborn a
dog. Indeed whatever it is that we love or hate – or whatever we think
about – that is what we will become, either in this life or the next.

Those who mentally curse their boss and think about their boss when not
at the job will be transformed into that negative boss. They will be
that one day.


One other thing should be said. This entire phenomenon is not like one
magic show, as in “poof” all of a sudden one becomes a frog. It happens

For instance, if one thinks about their boss and their boss is someone
who gets angry easily, then that negative vrtti of anger will soon take
shape in their mind as well. And then due to that continued thought, or
negative dhyana, in that very life or the next, they may become exactly
like that boss, in all the ways – physically, mentally, everything.

So little by little we acquire the samskaras or properties of whatever
we are thinking about.

Here is another example that people should be aware about.

In the west, people may not be afraid of ghosts, but they may be scared
of so many other imaginary things. They may be paranoid that nobody
loves them, and then sadly over time that becomes their living reality.
They truly think and feel that really nobody loves them. This becomes
their reality, even when others really do love them.

This approach or negative dhyana probably accounts for a huge number of
the cases of depression and related mental diseases in the more
so-called developed nations like the USA. People harbor a negative
thought in mind and ultimately they become a living representation of
that thought or fear.

As far as possible we should warn and teach those in the general society
about this entire process. They must know about it, lest they destroy
not only this life but the next one also.


All of the above applies to all Ananda Margiis as well. Just because we
have been initiated into tantra does not mean we cannot fall onto that
path of negative pratisaincara. Indeed so many sadhakas have fallen. We
must be cent-per-cent involved in our sadhana. We must ideate and do
dhyana on Him.

Unfortunately, by the looks of things, it seems that some Dadas may be
doing negative dhya’na on their “groupist enemies”. They may pass their
days planning and plotting against their rivals. In that case, they will
acquire those very samskaras and be reborn as a Bengali etc.

Then there are some Dadas who are so fascinated with their new car. Such
was the case of one Amurt worker in the USA. This Wt was enamoured with
his sports car. Hopefully by now he has given up that negative ideation.
If not, surely he will be reborn as a piece of metal or as a steering

Whatever may be, if we just do our mantra japa for a few minutes during
sadhana, and then the entire rest of the 24hrs we are involved in all
kinds of mundane thoughts and longings, then that most certainly will
affect our future.

Because whatever direction in which the mind is colored is the direction
in which we will grow. Whether it be money, fame, prestige, land, etc,
whatever we ideate on will become our living reality, sooner or later.
This is the natural law.

Thus we also should not get caught in the trappings of doing negative


The question that invariably arises is how are we to proceed. Here Baba
gives the answer.

Baba says, “Whenever any thought arises in the mind, it should be
immediately channelled towards Parama Purus’a. You should say: “O Parama
Purus’a, Thy will be done“.” (NKS, Disc: 23)

The only way then is to direct all our thoughts and energies towards
Parama Purusa and serve Him in all respects, always. This demands strong
sadhana and proper use of Guru mantra. Then we will be cent-per-cent safe.

Even then, as human beings we have so many emotions running through the
mind. How are we to deal with all of these.

Here again, Baba has given us the answer and best tool: Prabhat Samgiita.

In His Prabhat Samgiita, the full range of human emotions are expressed
and in each song those emotions are goaded towards the Supreme. So
whenever we feel angry, then we should direct that anger towards Baba,
not to our spouse, or boss, or whomever we are angry with. When we
direct our anger towards Baba then we are thinking of Him and that is
proper dhyana.

And that is the way all our emotions are to be addressed. Our love, our
infatuation, our desires, our longings, our sadness, our loneliness etc.
Each and every emotion is to be goaded towards Baba. Then our success is

That is what Baba has taught us in Prabhat Samgiita.


This entire topic of doing negative dhya’na is a slippery slope. People
the world over, non-margiis certainly and some margiis too, get verily
caught in this negative approach and it ruins their future. All should
be warned accordingly and all should then be extremely cautious and
careful about how they ideate in life. No one should allow mundane or
crude thinking – i.e. negative dhya’na – to be part of their mental
flow, lest they wish to destroy their future.

Here is Baba’s warning.

Baba says, “They say, “Why should I bother about such subtle things. I’m
quite happy as I am.” Such people, engrossed as they are in materialism,
are bound to be reborn in crude material bodies [like pigs, feces, and
wood etc].” (PNS-11)

Human life is rare and we have all been blessed with the power of
cognition. We are to utilise this in the best way possible and realise Him.

Baba says, “When one’s goal of ideation is Parama’tma’, one attains
absolute progress. As one’s psychic object is subtle and expansive,
one’s psychic body becomes subtle and expansive, too, and finally
becomes one with the Macrocosm.” (AMIWL-8)



This below teaching of Baba is also related to this entire topic.

Baba says, “You should remember to use guru mantra regularly before
every action. One attains success in the field of action by the right
application of guru mantra. Some of you, I do not say all, often forget
to use guru mantra before starting an activity. If you do forget, repeat
it after completing the action. When one no longer makes such a mistake,
that is, when one always remembers to use guru mantra before starting
any activity, one is said to have attained “dhruva smrti” or “fixed
memory”. Dhruva means “fixed”, “stationary”. When, by dint of sa’dhana’,
one establishes oneself in dhruva smrti, one experiences an unbroken
flow of bliss in one’s mind. In the scriptures, this intense spiritual
bliss is termed “dharma megha’nanda”. Whenever you develop that sort of
fixed memory, you will experience dharma megha’nanda’.” (AV-7)

WT Conduct Rules

“We are all the children of the same Father, we are all the members of the
same family. By fighting against all kinds of evil forces, we will
establish the glory of our Father and the glory of our family.” (Point #13
of ’14 Points’, WT Conduct Rules)

Note: A few so-called senior, degenerated and disgraceful Wts are going
astray from this fundamental rule by spreading the poison of groupism and
by creating division in the society– all of which is completely against
neo-humanism. This is all happening due to greed, lust of power, desire for
prestige etc. Unfortunately such persons are still in the uniform of Wts so
we have to recognise them. As they have tainted the glory of Lord Shrii
Shrii Anandamurtiji by their sinful, power-hungry ways. Indeed by all this
they have destroyed the sanctity & unity of the family.

Note 2: Those who are sincere margiis adhere to this above cited rule since
the spirit of this conduct rule is common to one and all.


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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:32:05 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Chatterjee_K
Subject: Cannot Resuscitate


“Saba’ka’r ati priyo a’daran’iiyo…” (P.S. 307)


Baba, You are the Dearmost One to all; You are the most revered and
most loved. In all the hearts You are the precious kaustba jewel. Baba,
everyone is in You– without You nothing exists. Even without
recognising You, even then I recognise only You.

Baba, in all the flowers, You are fragrance; in this entire creation,
You are lotus hub. In everything You are the best and sweetest part. In
Your touch, in Your form and taste. In all the unknown things,
You are the cluster of glittering stars.

Baba, You are nectar of the earth; I always salute only You, I do
sastaunga pranam to You again and again. Baba You are that divine
eternal Entity. You do not come and go. In each and every moment Your
liila is ever-new. O’ the Vast divine Entity who has come in the form,
I accept only You. Baba, I surrender everything at Your alter– You are
my everything…


Little by little the Kolkata faction is trying to resuscitate their dogmatic
Mahaprayan function from the dead. They are trying to declare a so-called global
unity meeting on the very heels of mahaprayan, and they are giving all
kinds of perks to those who attend.

But dogma is dogma is dogma. And no sincere or right-thinking margii
has an iota of interest in going to this dogmatic Mahaprayan program.

Because life is for pleasing Guru and when Guru Himself is displeased with
the dogma of mahaprayan since it goes against AM ideology, then which
margii wants to go against Guru and attend the dogmatic ritual of mahaprayan
in Kolkata.

Here following are some of the many points which various margiis and
acaryas are raising concerning this dying dogma of Mahaprayan.

For these reasons this dogma is going, going, gone…


1. Every sadhaka knows that memories and ideation of our most Loving
Entity Baba should be blissful. Because this is how people remember
their loved ones. For example, if one mother has a child and if that
child dies a most treacherous death in a gruesome car accident. The
mother will not then hang a picture on her wall of the child’s mangled
body and torn face from the day of that nasty accident. Rather the
mother will hang a beautiful picture of that child from when the child
was looking charming and sweet. Similarly as sadhakas we remember our
Beloved Guru in a blissful manner. And for anyone to choose so-called
Mahaprayan as the way to remember our dearmost Baba is just like hanging
that picture of the mangled child on the wall. It is one negative way,
that is why all true devotees remember Baba is positive & blissful way.


2. Everybody is aware that in no religion or spiritual path do the
followers celebrate the “death-day” of their chosen god or deity. This
is the common fact. In that way the “death day” of Lord Krsna is never
celebrated nor is the “death day” of Lord Shiva celebrated. Indeed
nobody is aware when Lord Shiva and Krsna passed away. Likewise even the
dogmatic Christians refuse to celebrate Christ’s death. Rather they
remember his birth and rising etc. The central idea being that to keep
the spiritual flow or devotional feeling alive, one fundamental feeling
is highly essential: The presence of God.


3. Plus we all know that Baba has given the formula of ‘Six Spokes of
the Social Cycle’ for the on going survival of any community or society.
And one of those required spokes is Preceptor. But the entire theory
behind Mahaprayan is that the Preceptor is gone. That is why various
margiis and wts are telling that keeping the Mahaprayan program is like
shooting ourselves in the foot– or head. Because without the presence
of Preceptor then that society will die. This is Guru’s teaching. So
from the get-go the whole Mahaprayan theory is dogmatic and destructive.


4. Each and every Ananda Margii knows that AM teachings are perfectly
complete and cover each and every part of life. So when Baba Himself has
not included the point of Mahaprayan in His teachings then why should it
be celebrated.

In reply however, one or two dogmatic type of people justify the matter
saying that Baba never wanted to talk about His physical departure etc.
Like this a few blind persons justify the point.

But various rational field acaryas give the reply that Baba has indeed
discussed aspects such as this because in the Acarya Diary itself Baba
teaches that when Guru is physically accessible then Guru Puja should be
done directly to Him. And in that same acarya diary Baba says that when
Guru is not physically near you and/ or after His physical disappearance
from this earth then we are to do Guru Puja with mantra and ideation to
His photo.

So here the key point is that Baba has indeed given the guideline how to
manage after His physical disappearance. Of course with one’s spiritual
eye one can see and feel him physically also– just it is with the crude
physical eye it is not possible. But here the central idea that that
Baba gives the answer what to do in His physical absence etc. So no one
can justify that Baba never addresses such circumstances.

Plus the acarya told that Baba further tells in Acarya Diary that if one
has a strong desire to give something physical to Guru and if He is no
longer physically on this earth then one should feed His creation and
distribute food to the needy etc.

And furthermore in the event if there is no need of such service to the
impoverished then those physical offerings should be made to the moving
waters of one river. And the other option Baba has given is to burn
those items. All these options Baba has given as means to offer to Him
when He is not physically on this earth.

And in the last scenario Baba has given the point– my acarya was
telling– that all sadhakas should offer mental flowers or mental
colours to Guru when He has physically disappeared. This also is the
teaching from Acarya Diary.

So like this in each and every scenario and situation Baba has given the
exact way for how to proceed. By His grace He has given full instruction
and left no stone unturned. Thus no one can justify the matter that Baba
did not discuss such things. Rather Baba has outlined everything so if a
point like Mahaprayan etc is not in His teachings, then we should not do
or invent such things. And ultimately we all know this, so this is one
simple reminder– nothing more.


5. It is also commonly know that the term ‘Mahaprayan’ is not one
spiritually high or reverential term. Just it means “death” in Bengali.
Everyday in those places where Bangla is spoken people are routinely
talking about ‘this mahaprayan’ or ‘that mahaprayan’. So it is a most
ordinary and commonplace thing. But in our Marga a few are foolishly
thinking that ‘mahaprayan’ is some special, holy term of Ananda Marga.
But that is wrong. This ‘mahaprayan’ word is very commonly known in the
whole non-margii Bengali community. And this word is frequently used
among them to signify death. But unfortunately 1 or 2 overseas margiis
have been kept in the dark by telling that this mahaprayan term is
something heavenly. When in reality the common connotation is just
“death”, nothing more.


6. In our Marga, we all know that spiritual service means service to
Guru. This is Baba’s teaching which each and every Ananda Margii is
aware about. Thus in the theory of Mahaprayan (Great Departure) when
Baba is “departed”, then how can one do service, especially spiritual
service. Dhyana or sadhana, is our spiritual service and in that
practice His existence is requisite, mandatory. Thus the false theory of
Mahaprayan is directly contrary to our spiritual approach in AM.


7. If we believe Mahaprayan and Baba is gone, then our ‘Parama Pita Baba
Ki-Jai’ slogan has lost its value. Because how can any Entity get
victory if they are not present. So margiis are feeling that Baba is
with us always that is why our ‘Parama Pita Baba Ki-Jai’ slogan is so
meaningful. And to think He is gone is dogma. So we should follow Baba’s
eternal guideline to not allow dogmas like Mahaprayan to crop up into
our holy Ananda Marga. That way the inherent beauty and glory of our Jai
slogan shall live on.


Here Baba warns us about the what happens when they allow dogmas like
Mahaprayan to creep into their mental outlook

Baba says, “When people are guided by, & controlled by dogmas, their
dynamism is lost, so they become lifeless. They are worse than dead
bodies. So you boys and you girls, you should know that you must never
allow any dogma to control you, to make you drift away from your
nucleus.” (BABA, ‘Beware of Dogma’)

So the Presence of Baba is a significant thing in our life. We should
not ruin our whole life by thinking that Baba is gone or distant or far
away. This type of feeling is not only detrimental but suicidal.

And here below Baba beautifully reveals the eternal secret behind the
spiritual and devotional cult of Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “The secret to develop devotional cult is to think, while
doing anything, while doing any mundane duty or doing any spiritual
practice — you should always remember that He is Subject, He is seeing
what you are doing. He is hearing what you are thinking. You cannot do
anything secretly. He is always with you.” (AV-12, p.7)

So the whole entire devotional approach in AM is to always hold dear the
feeling in our heart that Baba is constantly remaining along with us.


By His grace we will realise this blessing each and every moment of our

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings-That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has
revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of
the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (Caryacarya II p.1)


Note: So for all the reasons cited in this above letter, maximum number
of margiis and acaryas feel in their heart that Mahaprayan is just one
dying dogma. All family members are invited to share their thoughts &
feelings in this regard.

Why Red Dress

Baba says, “Ta’n’d’ava is a heroic dance, showing the fight between life
and death. The knife represents life, represents your vital stamina, and
the skull represents the death that wants to destroy you. You are
fighting against death with your weapon, be it a knife or a trishula
(trident). And as per the rule, during the day, if one so desires, one
may use a live snake in place of the skull; and at night one may use a
fire masha’la [torch] or a d’amaru [small drum]. This is the rule. So
ta’n’d’ava represents the eternal fight, the fight for survival, the
fight to maintain existence, the fight to establish oneself as a man in
this world.”

Note 1: By Baba’s above guideline we can outline the system for
doing Tandava like this. During daytime in the left hand the tandava
dancer may hold either (1) a skull, or (2) a live snake. And when doing
tandava during the nighttime then in the left hand the dancer can hold
either (3) a fire torch or (4) a d’amaru, which is a small, one liter
size, hand-held, double-sided drum that has a string and two knots
attached which twist around and create a beautiful sound when they
strike against either face of the drum. Lord Shiva was using one of these.
So the point is that during tandava, depending on the time of day
etc, any one of these four items (skull, live snake, fire torch, or
d’amaru) are held in the dancer’s left hand. And all four items
symbolize the force of death and destruction.
Then in the dancer’s right hand he will hold a dagger or a trishula
(trident). In AM, a dagger is a knife where both edges of the knife are
perfectly straight and angle towards each other to create a distinct
point at the end. So a dagger is a pin-pointed, dual-edged knife; thus
not just any ordinary type of knife is a dagger. And the second option
for the right hand is the trishul (trident). This is similar to the
western “pitch-fork”. It is a three pronged, pointed iron tool attached
onto a bamboo handle of variable length from 3 to 6 feet long.

Note 2: By Baba’s grace I was also present at that special darshan
on 20 April 1979 in Kolkata where Baba revealed the secret why tandava
dancers wear a red-coloured outfit. Because in AM it is a commonly known
fact that tandava dancers always wear that unique read uniform when
dancing. Everyone who attended DMC, DMS, or any of Baba’s darshans saw
this thing. And on that special day in April ’79 Baba explained that red
is the color of rajoguna (the mutative factor) and that by wearing red
the tandava dancers are expressing the idea that they are above the
mutative factor. It is a representation that they are not controlled by
rajoguna. Rather they are established in the sattvaguna (sentient
sphere), by Baba’s grace. So the red uniform has this unique meaning
which Baba Himself beautifully described in His darshan of 20 April 1979.

Note 3: Those doing kapalik sadhana also use a red mark on their
forehead when practicing this meditation. And the meaning behind that
red mark is the same as tandava. Namely read mark signifies that the
kapalika is above the mutative sphere of life– above rajoguna.


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Date: 27 Jul 2009 09:44:06 -0000
From: “Surya Rao”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Sentient Environment


“Bha’loba’so yadi tave eso priyatama diiner e kut’iire…” (P.S. 2619)


O’ my dearmost Baba, if You really love me then please come to the hut
of this lowly person. I want to make You listen to my love songs up to Your
full heart’s content; that’s why in my mental viina I have practiced many
tunes and melodies for You.

Baba, I do not have any knowledge or intellect. Nor do I have any
virtue, name & fame, or the weight of those things. I have only one thing:
Love for You in my mind. My whole heart is completely filled with love for
You. And by offering that love I will satisfy You, by Your grace.

Baba, I do not have any prestige nor do I get any respect or honor. None
of these do I have. Nor do I have such devotion that I feel my ego getting
wounded by Your not coming. Baba, I have only gratitude in my heart for all
those things which You have graciously bestowed upon me. Please shower me
in Your ahetuki krpa.

Baba, I know in my heart that You love me, but if You really love me
then please come close in my heart. For You I have prepared and decorated
my mind in Guru cakra. Baba, please come close and grace me…


Creating a sentient environment for our spiritual-cum-devotional practices
is critical for every Ananda Margii. This letter gives some of Baba’s unique
guidelines in this regard.


We all are Ananda Margiis. Innocently one can ask the question that, ‘We
are margiis but many are Wts also, so what about them?’. And the answer is
very simple. Wts, acaryas, Lft’s, kapalika, avadhuta or purodha, all are
Margii. Because margii means those who are following Ananda Marg ideology
and the same time they have accepted their Guru as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

We see in our Supreme Command which is always repeated after dharmacakra,
there the Ananda Margii term has been used. And that term is not only
limited to family margiis alone. Plus we all know that the Supreme Command
is the most significant guideline. That is why it is repeated after each
and every dharmacakra. With this repetition it reminds us that we are all
Ananda Margiis– irrespective of social status like Acarya, Avadhuta or

So if we see the critical definition of Ananda Margii then we will reach
the conclusion that Ananda Margii means those who are adhering to the path
of bliss. In this material world people are searching for bliss. But artha
does not have the capacity to quench the infinite human thirst. That is why
Baba has brought us onto the path of AM and shown us the proper way with
various guidelines.


Many points have been discussed in relation with better and proper sadhana.
And here I want to add one new point in that series. It is related with
sentient environment, freshness of air, and that type of atmosphere which
is conducive for sadhana because it invites positive microvita.

In one of His discourses, Baba has given the guideline about the
paincavati– Five sacred trees. In the ancient history of India when rishis
were maintaining their spiritual ashram, then their ashram was fully focused
on spiritual meditation. And they found that these sacred trees were highly
beneficial for creating a positive environment for sadhana. That is why
these paincavati were quite common. So in the important site of their
ashram where those yogis were doing sadhana, they were planting those trees
by their sadhana pitha.

Of course those days there was not a lot of scientific development but
because of their sadhana they were able to reach to the conclusion by their
higher senses about this theory of paincavati. And Baba has appreciated
their analysis and conclusion.

No doubt today in those ashrams everything has gotten polluted because in
place of sadhana only dogma is occupying the place. But now this is the
time when Baba has given this technique to us for making a better
environment in our own meditation place.


The only question then is that in the cold countries how is it possible to
plant those trees because they are originally from tropical areas. And not
exactly the same, but a similar problem is there for those who are living in
crowded cities– due to a scarcity of open space, planting big, big trees
may not be possible.

In this situation though, already science has solved the issue. Because
nowadays these plants can be kept as bonsai. You may know even this
gigantic banyan tree can be kept in one small plate and its height will be
12 inches maximum. And it will have its leaves and flowers and fruits,

So around the place of doing sadhana keeping such things will be beautiful.
Just 5 trays are needed in the sadhana room where they can be kept. And in
cold countries arranging such things is not very, very difficult. And it
can be kept inside the room. The temperature which is conducive for humans,
that same temperature these plants also like. So their growth and survival
will not be problematic and the outcome will be very positive, abundant.
They will invite positive microvita and not only sadhana but whole
vibration of the house will be charged. About these five sacred trees
(paincavati) Baba’s guideline is significant.


BABA says, “The air of the margosa tree destroys the harmful effects of
bacteria. It can also fight against negative microvita. This is the reason
why margosa is also recognised as one of the five sacred trees
(paincavati). In olden days, people liked to perform spiritual practices
sitting in an environment free from the pernicious effects of disease and
germs. That is why they would plant paincavati — nimba’ (margosa), bilva
(wood apple), shalmali (silk cotton tree), bat (banyan indica) and ashvatha
(Indian fig tree) — in and around the place of meditation or spiritual
practice. Some people of course use a’mlakii’ (wood sorrel) as a substitute
plant. In paincavati maha’nimba may be planted instead of ordinary
margosa.” (MVNS, p. 9)


Note 1: Artha vs. Paramartha’

Baba says, “Suppose a man has no clothes and feels cold. Having no money
he cannot afford to buy clothes and having no food, he feels hungry. If he
gets some money he can remove his hunger by procuring food and thus he can
remove his afflictions. Thus we say that Artha is that which removes
afflictions. People buy food, clothes,etc. with money and so money in
Sam’skrta is called Artha. But it should be remembered that money is only
Artha and not Paramartha’, for Paramartha’ means “that which removes one’s
afflictions forever”–once the afflictions are gone they will never return.
Suppose we buy food with money today; tomorrow we will again feel the pangs
of hunger. So money is Artha, not Paramartha’. Paramartha’ is that which
brings permanent cessa tion from the triple afflictions–physical, mental
and spiritual.” (‘Importance of Society’)

Note 2: Bonsai = About this please ask your friends, or your local plant
nursery, plant house or tree farm, or garden center, as well as books and
literature. I think everyone may be aware that in Madhu Malainca (Lake
Gardens) Baba had so many such trees.

How Meaningful

Baba says, “A jiiva is manifested out of Paramashiva as a jiiva in human
body– or rather, simultaneously in the Cosmic Body and in a human body.
Each and every microcosmic structure is like a universe. Hence the yoga of
scriptures say, Traelokye ya’ni bhu’ta’ni ta’ni dehatah– ‘Whatever exists
in the universe exists in your small structure as well.” (DKG, p.19)


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"I was unaware of the volcano mounting below the surface."

"I was unaware of the volcano mounting below the surface."

Date: 26 Jul 2009 10:32:41 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: My Tale: Playing with Fire


“Campak vane dakhina’ pavane…” (PS 40)


Baba, You have presented Yourself and come into this world with the
resonance of music, in endless ways. You have manifested Yourself in
innumerable styles and forms with rhythmic sweetness and beauty. Baba, all
the pangs of loss, all disappointments, and weaknesses have been forgotten.
Now everything is filled with Your divine charm.

Baba, due to Your unfathomable grace, we have been able to know You,
hear You, and see You in countless ways. Baba, if this had not been Your
desire– if You had not blessed us in this way– then how could we have
gotten You. Baba, what else is the cause except Your krpa’, Your divine
grace. O’ Baba, You have come today with the beauty of rhythm and song…


I am not inclined to say who I am – please excuse me as I have my
reasons – but I think my story needs to be told. By hearing what
happened to me – what I allowed or even caused to happen – others will
be able to save themselves from a similar fate.

That is my hope & that is why I am writing.

Actually, it all started out quite innocently, or so I thought. Little
by little things developed. Of course – all along – I thought everything
would be fine. I thought I had the entire situation well within my control.

Today I see that was not at all the case.

It is now very apparent that the root cause behind it all was that I
thought I was above all weakness. My ego, my over-confidence & my
audacious belief that I was something special skewed my perceptions and
led to my downfall & disgrace.

That is how I took a free fall into a dark, deep abyss, where I remain
to this very day.

I really do not want to see such an event happen to anyone on the path,
neither family person nor acarya, neither Dada nor Didi, neither young
nor old.


By Baba’s magnificent grace I had it all.

He blessed me to become a disciple and to get the Sadguru while on this
earth. So few get such a chance, yet by His all-merciful compassion, He
gave me such an opportunity. He placed it all right there before me –
all I had to do was move ahead on the path.

After a few years of becoming Wt, I thought I had made it to the top,
especially after I became avadhuta. I thought I was simultaneously
impermeable and impregnable, i.e. indestructible and unbeatable.

That was what my ego taught me.

By His grace, my early years were full of sincerity and an earnest
desire to move along the path. What was taught to me I did my best to
follow: asana, food, sleep, sadhana, dharmacakra. I tried to follow all
the codes, and by His grace I progressed. I felt better and my mind was
vibrated by His rhythm.

If only I had continued in this pattern. But instead I erred and now I
am absolutely nowhere, totally off the map. I do not know what will
become of me.


Who she is and whether she is margii or not I do not even want to say.

All that need be known is that I thought I was above all allurement and
that I could be relaxed about the various codes of conduct.

Baba has graciously given so many guidelines and rules about workers and
the opposite sex. We all know them. Do not look in the eye, do not be
alone, do not be friend etc. He has given all the points and all the
ways to be successful.

But due to my ego, I thought these rules and codes are for others not
me. I am Wt – I am avadhuta – what problem can come my way. Nothing.

So little by little, the conduct rules passed me by, or rather I became
loose and skipped over them.

At one point when I saw her we made eye contact. I thought nothing about
it. Then slowly – over weeks and months – we became friendly and began
to communicate via email etc. Or we would talk here and there with
others around.

Then we began to meet by ourselves.

We never talked about “us” but always discussed bigger things like the
society or spirituality etc. But that was a paper thin layer, I was
unaware of the volcano mounting below the surface. Or at least, my ego
did not want me to know of the dangers that were developing.

Up until that time we had not kissed nor held hands. So I thought I had
it all under control. There was no flagrant show or a breach of etiquette.

Then one time when we were alone I could feel my entire body become
heated and imbalanced – I felt the pull. Even then I thought I could
handle it.


Over time, all codes of conduct melted away. It happened slowly until
finally one time we were sitting together on my bed working on a project
and she leaned across me to grab a paper and I intentionally leaned
forward toward her as if to help, and our bodies brushed up against each
other. It was a warm and soft touch – one which I had not felt before.
My head was spinning – and now I understand that it was then that I
totally lost my mental balance, and ultimately my career as well.

It seemed like a whole new blissful beginning for – such was the
intoxication of avidya – because in fact it was the end.

We lived as one for a while yet presented ourselves as two separate
souls when in public. But when alone, it was entirely different. It was
like we were married, yet it held all the excitement of being something
more exotic because we were doing everything secretly.

Our life in heaven together did not last long. It exploded in my face
like nothing before I had ever seen or experienced. Now my life is
essentially over – I am a mere shell of what I once was.

And she is free to do as she likes.

I cannot blame her. After all I was the so-called dedicated and
responsible one. But due to my arrogance, ego, and bloated self-esteem,
I thought I could side-step and bypass all codes of conduct and still
keep myself in proper form.

I thought, “What is the harm in looking her in the eye and what is the
harm in going places together.” Slowly, slowly I broke all the codes of
conduct – nothing happened bad per se – and my ego got further proof
that I was unbreakable.

How wrong I was. Shortly thereafter, I fell into a total whirlpool of
self-deceit and lost the path.

What will happen to me I cannot say – but such things should not, nay
must not, happen to others. If I can prevent that from happening even
once, then I feel I will have begun to pay back my debt to society.
Though I know I will never be able to regain my dignity, nor my sadhana.
That seems quite hopeless now.


As I look around, I see such a drastic fall can happen to anyone blinded
by their ego and overconfidence.

A person many think that they can handle their alcohol and that one more
beer will not skew their vision nor judgment. They may drink and drink
thinking that they are above all perils only then to find one morning
that they are in the hospital, missing both of their legs, and having
killed their best friend in a car crash.

With so many vices and poor dealings this can happen. At first people
slowly move in the wrong direction yet gain the confidence that they can
handle it. Then one day the bottom falls out and all is lost.

Drugs, alcohol, cheating on one’s wife, financial impropriety. It can
happen anytime one begins to cross the line.

In our Marga, this can happen in so many ways. First one may begin to
skip kiirtan, then sadhana, then after months one may find themselves on
a totally different path.

That is how degeneration happens. Little by little one crosses the
boundary until one day they find they can never return again to the life
they once cherished.


We all know the story of Siita’s abduction.

To keep Siita safe, Ram’s brother Laksman etched a boundary line in the
ground around the house and told Siita not to cross the line. For a long
time Siita was faithful and respected the boundary line.

Then one day, the demon Ravana came in the guise of a sadhu begging for
alms and stood on the other side of the boundary line. Siita wanted to
give him alms, but she wanted to do so from inside the house. Ravana
replied that he would only accept her alms if she stepped over the
boundary line and gave him the food. She was in a dilemma as to what to
do. Ravana continued to coax her to cross the line.

She did and the rest is then history. She was abducted and dragged away.

Here the whole point is that once we cross the threshold of what we
should and should not do, then we will lose all that we had. We will end
up in an entirely different place, and an undesireable one at that.

This is especially true when one crosses the ethical codes of conduct on
the path of spirituality. We liked being on the path, did not want to
leave, but when our brash ego coaxes us into disregarding one code, then
that is the start of our demise.


There are so many examples how crossing the line ends up destroying
one’s life.

A family man may one day think that he will never get caught and that
getting together once with another woman will not be a big deal. Step by
step it happens until one day he finds his family life to be in total
shambles and he lives as a disgraced person in his own town.

Or what about the trusted financier who little by little goes against
the ethics and does ill with his client’s funds.

Heck it even happens with margiis and simple wts with regards to
groupism. They pledge they will follow AM ideology. Then one day they
are approached or given an opportunity with a particular group and they
think, “What is wrong I can do it this one time.” But then step by step
they are drawn in more and more – getting the perks etc – until finally
they become a full-fledged groupist member.

At first one never thinks that such missteps are a big deal. One always
believes they will be able to handle the situation until one day their
own life has gone up in flames as if everything became saturated with
gasoline and then lit with a match.

Poof! All gone. Never to return again.

Oh so many times this happens. One becomes relaxed about sadhana or food
or about watching crude things on the internet or whatever. Always one
thinks that it is ok, only to be swallowed up by it as the problem grows.

That is what happened to me in South America and that is what has
happened to others in so many places.

If nothing else, others should learn from those of us who have fallen.


We must all be vigilant. By His grace we have come under His divine
shelter and we must ensure that by our own doing we do not leave His
shelter and drift away.

The best method that I have heard from others is that we should always
think that Baba is watching all we do and that we are to follow all
kinds of guidelines to please Him. Then we will be safe and secure
always. If we think He is watching then our conscience will be pure.

Furthermore, we must always be aware that ego is a part and parcel of
spiritual life. With that inflated ego and overconfidence we should not
think that we are above the rule or codes of conduct. Once we think that
we are so intelligent or so great or so elevated that we can cross the
line of proper conduct, then we are inviting our own demise and

Take it from me – from one who fell – all should beware.

Here, by Baba’s blessing, are the best ways to move ahead in life. I
hope everyone reading is successful.

Baba says, “When I think I am His object and He is my subject, I cannot
commit any wrong under any circumstances. His ever wakeful conscience
will constantly warn me, “What are you doing? He is watching you.”

Baba says, “I will move towards Him drawn by the irresistible Cosmic
attraction. This is my dharma – simple and straight-forward. This is my
natural wont. Nothing can detract me from pursuing my innate
characteristic.” (AMIWL-10)

your brother

Multiple Points of Interest

Baba says, “Large, ancient animals used to die at previously selected
places. The wild elephants of today still follow this habit. At such places
the bones of the animals became a hill which became deposits of calcium
sulphate, calcium carbonate, etc. with the passage of time.”

Baba says, “Wherever cretaceous animals lived in groups, limestone will be
found. In Assam, for example, lime stone and petroleum can be found. The
fat of these huge animals petroleum and the bones became limestone.”

Baba says, “In Ra’r’h, in Jalda and Jaipur, limestone can also be found.
Limestone is good for manufacturing cement and helps oranges grow well.”

(Above quotes from ‘Integrated Farming’, Prout-16, p.38)


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"...due to the pull or attraction of certain celestial bodies... the liquid portion of the earth rises"-Baba

"...Due to the pull or attraction of certain celestial bodies... the liquid portion of the earth rises"-Baba

Date: 25 Jul 2009 03:43:11 -0000
From: “Subhash Dholakia”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Barely Known Point


“Tumi sudha’taraunge khelicho raunge saba’r saunge niyato…” (PS 700)


Baba, since eternity You have been playing Your divine game. By Your
grace it is filled with the vibration of colour and nectar. You are
playing with one and all – blessing everyone. Baba, You never get tired;
You never stop; You go on working day and night. Your liila is eternal.
Baba, even when there was no creation, no planets, stars or galaxies,
and also when there was no existence of the vast sky, when there was
absolutely nothing, then in that great void You were ever-present,
remaining alone. Even before and prior to the beginning of the creation
You were there, emanating with Your divine vibration. Baba Your liila
cannot be expressed in words and language. Since eternity You have been
present and You will remain forever. You are the Supreme Nucleus of this
whole cosmic cycle…


By Baba’s grace, I had His darshan on a few occasions – one of which was
in Patna during the year 1971. Usually when in His Presence, I would
just watch and listen intently, mesmerized by His divine aura.

On this particular occasion, the idea came in mind to note down Baba’s
words and ideas in my diary. So that is what I did.


The following is not an actual transcription for publication, but it is
an accurate review of what Baba discussed on that day. Afterwards, my
notes were checked with those of two different Dadas and PA Dada gave
his approval.

I have discussed this below topic on numerous occasions with margiis in
my unit and then I began to think that in this electronic era, more
should have access to this information. After all, everything is due to
His grace and He has come for the upliftment of all. In that case, how
can I rightfully keep this to myself or to my village locale.

I will feel especially graced if any or all of the below helps others on
the path, coming closer to His lotus feet.


Specifically, that day was the unique occasion wherein Baba clearly
described why fasting is so important for our human growth and
development and how fasting counteracts the negative effects of the
celestial bodies during certain lunar days, or tithis.

What He told in this Patna darshan is not in any of the published
material (that I am aware of) about fasting. It is not in Caryacarya
part III nor in other publications.

I have since asked many acaryas about this and they too cannot tell if
or when Baba discussed this topic in other places. So this does seem to
be quite unique material.



In this darshan, Baba began by telling that due to the pull or
attraction of certain celestial bodies like the moon and the sun, the
liquid portion of the earth rises. Baba was detailing how the tides of
the ocean and sea levels are affected by the pull of the moon on
particular lunar days, ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day, pu’rn’ima’,
and amavasya.

(Note: Of course, the modern day sciences of geology and physics have
verified this fact. The earth’s oceans and tides are primarily ‘s
affected by the moon etc and can result in tidal waves and other
dangerous conditions.)

Then Baba began to systemically explain how even the liquid section in
our human body also gets affected on such lunar days (tithis).
Specifically the liquid portion rises up and disturbs the regular
functioning of the brain and other primary organs in the upper regions
of the body. One’s thinking and sadhana are affected on these days.

(Note: As you may know, our bodies are 70% to 75% water / fluid, so when
the liquid portion of the body is affected, its affect is quite dramatic
and can even make people to do crazy things. That is why lunacy stems
from the root luna meaning moon. Due to the effect of the moon, people
lose their mental balance. This is also recognised in the common society)



In the next sequence, Baba began detailing the effects on the cakras.
Because when the liquid portion rises up then the upper cakras are

Under normal conditions, the vishuddha cakra (5th cakra) to the
sahasra’ra cakra (7th cakra) are purely for subtle and sentient
pursuits. These cakras are totally sattvika or sentient.

The manipura cakra (3rd cakra) to anaha’ta cakra (4th cakra) deal with
both higher and lower works, both spiritual and physical activities.
Baba has classified these as being ra’jasik, a mixture of crude and subtle.

Then the two lower cakras – muladhara (1st cakra) and svadhisthana (2nd
cakra) – only deal with baser activities, as they are ta’masik in
nature. But as we all know certain crude works need to be attended to in
this life, so those lower cakras also have their purpose.

That is how Baba described it in this darshan.

Now here comes the key point:

On certain lunar days – tithis – like ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day,
pu’rn’ima’ (full moon), and amavasya (new moon), the liquid portion of
the body rises up and disturbs the functioning of the upper cakras –
i.e. the ra’jasik and sentient cakras, which means the manipur cakra all
the way up to the sahasra’ra cakra are all affected.

(Note: Baba also differentiates between lunar days known as tithis and
solar days known as din in Sanskrit. And it is these lunar days or
tithis which create this disturbance in the body.)

On those aforementioned lunar days or tithis (ekadashii, purnima &
amavasya), due to the adverse effect of the moon’s pull and the ensuing
rise of the liquid portion of the human body, those higher cakras cannot
function normally. In turn, our entire existence is negatively affected.
Our regular and higher functioning of mind becomes impaired.



The ancient yogis – being practical scientists and researchers – knew
well that the upper cakras could not carry out their normal manner of
functioning on those tithis, so they came up with a solution.

And that solution was: fasting.

Then Baba revealed one very interesting idea. He told us that when one
fasts, a vacuum is created in the stomach – because there is neither
water nor food in the belly – and that vacuum pulls the liquid back
down. That brings relief to our entire system on these lunar days.

(Note: Many Wts familiar with Baba’s discourses said that this Patna
discourse is one of the few places, if not only place, where Baba
revealed this point about creating a vacuum in the stomach.)

In that case, when fasting during those lunar days like ekadashii, then
the higher organs are no longer hampered by the liquids which would
normally rise up on those lunar days. Hence, the lungs, heart, thyroid,
brain etc can work smoothly as usual.

That is the great benefit to the physical and mental body during fasting

Baba also then gave proof of this theory. He told that those suffering
from arthritis and gout will experience worse conditions during
ekadashii and other tithis. They will not experience any remission on
these days. Because the liquid portions of the body rises up and creates
problems for such patients.

So for all these reasons and more, fasting is a necessity for human
health and vitality.



Then in a very sweet manner Baba began to discuss about the fasting
system in Ananda Marga.

He explained that our fasting days occur on the following tithis:
eleventh moon (ekadashii), full moon (purnima), and new moon (amavasya).

Then He said how He did not prescribe four fastings to family people –
just two, i.e. the two fasting days of ekadashii. That will help them
greatly in their physical and spiritual life.

Wts are required to do four fastings as they need to engage in more
spiritual activities. Baba was careful to explain that Wts are not, by
definition, more spiritual or devotional than margiis, but clarified
that due to the nature of Wt life, they have more spiritually oriented

Finally, Baba added that all family people are welcome to fast 4 times
each month, but for them it is not a requirement. Should, however, any
family person adopt the practice of fasting on purnima and amavasya,
then they will not be questioned in any way. If they desire, they may
freely do.



Baba then clarified that our fasting days are more than just days where
we refrain from taking food. Not eating is known as anashana in Sanskrit.

But that is not our approach.

We call our fasting days as upa’va’sa. Then Baba explained the meaning
several times using various examples and definitions from the realm of
linguistics, and we all repeated and replied.

Upa’ means “near”, and va’sa means “sitting”. Hence upa’va’sa means to
sit or reside or live near the Lord.

Here below is a quote from one of Baba’s published discourses on

Baba says, “Upa” is a Sam’skrta prefix. In Sam’skrta there are twenty
recognized prefixes, and one of these prefixes is “upa”. “Upa” means
“proximity”. And “Va’sa” means “to live”, “to reside”. The word
“upava’sa” means then, “to live near the Lord”. “Upava’sa” – on these
days of fasting, what are all spiritual aspirants to do? Mentally they
should live near their Lord. On all other days they are to remain
balanced between objective adjustment and subjective approach. On these
days of fasting, however, on these days of upava’sa, one remains in
closer proximity to the Lord than to one’s mundane duties. That is why
these days are known as “upava’sa”. The word “fasting” does not
represent the proper sense or proper spirit. The Sam’skrta term for
going without food is “anashana” – “ana” means not, “ashana” means
eating – not “upava’sa”. But these eka’dashii, amavasya and pu’rn’ima’
days are days of upava’sa.” (AV-6)

The above passage was given in a discourse from 1978. It nicely
complements what Baba told us that day in 1971 about upa’va’sa so I have
included it here.

Let’s now return to what Baba told us in Patna (1971).

He told us that during fasting, one may encounter difficulty in doing
intense physical labour on that day. Some people may not experience any
hardship, but for others doing tough physical tasks may be beyond their
reach. It varies person to person.

In that case on upa’vasa’, one should engage in more intellectual and
spiritual pursuits, and less in physical duties. One should goad the
mind toward higher echelons of philosophy, ideology, and devotional
life. On these days, one should sit near Parama Purusa. That is what
Baba repeats again and again.

Thus our fasting days are not just anashana (not eating), but upavasa as
we are to pursue maximally in the spiritual realm and remain with the Lord.


So these are the chief notations that were in my diary from that day.
Because this posting is written in letter format and because it is an
email etc, I have adjusted my notes accordingly, but all the facts and
points are included.

Again I will say that perhaps the two unique points from that darshan are:
(1) A main function of fasting is to free the upper cakras from the
negative effects of liquids rising up in the human body.
(2) The way this happens is that a vacuum is created in the stomach due
to a dearth of food and water and that vacuum pulls those liquids back

The principles – both physical and spiritual – of our fasting days allow
us all to progress, despite the inherent difficulties of living on this
earth. It is truly Baba’s grace that He has given a method and solution
for overcoming every problem.

By Baba’s grace He has given us all the opportunity and practices to
live eternally at His lotus feet.


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Date: 24 Jul 2009 07:17:29 -0000
From: “Satyanarayan Mishra”
Subject: Forgive & Forget?


“Tumi ele, a’lo a’nale, a’ndha’r du’re sare gelo…” P.S. #1036


Baba, You have come and brought a showering of grace and divine
effulgence along with You. By Your auspicious advent the thick fog of
cimmerian darkness has been vanquished. And all the fear which I had has
vanished in a flash– by Your grace.

Baba, You are so magnificent. With Your soft, sweet smile You have
told me, ‘Look towards Me and remember that I am the Fear of fear. By
taking My name and ideating on Me, then fear itself gets terrified’.
Baba, You also have said to me, ‘By taking proper ideation look towards
Me.’ O’ my Dearmost Baba, You have also lovingly told me:

‘You must not forget that in this cosmic play the divine rule is not
that there is only effulgence and no darkness. Or that there are only
rose flowers and no thorns; or only high tidal waves of bliss and no
stretches of sadness. This Divine play has both qualities, side by
side– darkness and light.’ ‘You should also always remember this
divine truth: That I (BABA) am always along with you, all the time, in
pleasure and pain. I love you– you are mine and I am yours. Remove and
throw away all the loneliness and inferiority complexes from your mind.
I am ever-gracious on you.’

Baba, You Yourself have blessed me like this. Baba You have come and
showered Your causeless grace on me…


Now all around the globe people are gathering left and right to discuss
the extreme nature of the problems in our AMPS.

Even then we know that by Baba’s grace and with the strong efforts of
sincere margiis and acaryas alike, our Marga will get turned around and
headed in the right direction. It will take a determined effort– a
right effort, keeping our gaze fixed on His divine teachings.

However, amidst it all, some are still talking that we should just
“forgive and forget– so we can move on”. How far this approach is
proper or not we should all take a look. Because using the wrong
“solution” to resolve our problems will not bring a pretty outcome.


Here following are some of Baba’s famous teachings on forgiveness.

Baba says, “Ks’ama’, or forgiveness….What is forgiveness?…How should
a virtuous person behave? If one is satisfied that the wrongdoer’s habit
has been rectified, one may pardon him. If someone is perpetrating
atrocities on thousands of Ananda Margiis, however, one has no
individual right to excuse the wrongdoer because that wrongdoer has
harmed thousands of innocent people. But if a person commits atrocities
on me alone, and if I am satisfied that his nature has been transformed,
it would be proper for me as dharmika to show forgiveness. However, if
his nature has not been rectified, my forgiveness may result in that
person becoming even more of a reckless scoundrel and in such a case
forgiveness would be considered as a sign of my weakness. This is the
dharmik interpretation of ks’ama’.” (AV-4)

And here is another of Baba’s mandates on the point of forgiveness.

Baba says, “In collective life one has no right to forgive
anyone…Forgiveness is something personal; it is not a collective
matter. Suppose you are an inhabitant of India. If someone harms the
collective life of India, you must not forgive them. Likewise, as you
belong to the entire human race, you must not forgive anyone who harms
humanity.” (SS-10)


Thus in these above guidelines Baba is instructing us that:

1) There is no forgiveness in collective life. If someone has harmed the
society no individual has the right to forgive them.

2) Forgiveness is limited to individual life only– even then it must be
done only under certain special conditions. That is only if the guilty
party has fully rectified their wrongdoing.

3) Rectification is a pre-requisite for forgiveness. If the wrongdoer
has not corrected their defective behavior then they cannot be forgiven.

4) Premature forgiveness results in further harm done to the society.
These then are some of Baba’s key points on forgiveness.

So the whole sense is that forgiveness is one particular practice that
can only be be done under very limited or special circumstances. It is
not something that can be handed out freely or done indiscriminately.
Rather doing so will undermine the whole scene and create more problems
and lead to more injustices.


So when someone is claiming that we should “forgive and forget and start
afresh” then we should apply our vivek.

Because since 1990 countless misdeeds and unjust dealings have been
committed by those very certain group leaders and not a single
wrongdoing has been corrected: They have gone against Guru’s system and
sidelined margiis and taken away basic rights, margiis have been cast
aside from running the organisation, the Bhukti Pradhan Manual has been
altered, AM scripture has been distorted and the significant paragraph
about margii rights has been deleted entirely.

Like this countless wrongdoings have been committed yet not an ounce of
rectification has been done– nor has there been any admittance of such

Yet day after day there have been so many opportunities to correct these
things, but not one wrong has been undone. Nor has there been a peep
about it from those responsible for doing that damage.

Means those groupist kingpins who are at fault for taking away margii
rights and those who are to blame for not reinstating those rights do
not express any iota of repentance for their wrongdoing. Yet they want
that we should revere an follow them.

So that is just nonsense when all such crimes and injustices have been
done by various group & sub-group leaders. About their identity everyone
is already aware– names need not be mentioned.

The whole idea being that when someone is calling out that ‘so and so
number of groupist honchos should be given a blanket pardon and forgiven
entirely’, then we should be alert and stand firm to Guru’s guidelines.
Because Baba pointedly tells us not to forgive those who have harmed
society and not to forgive those who have failed to rectify their
behavior. Such wrongdoers must not be pardoned. This is Baba’s teaching.

So when there has been not any hint at rectification and when not an
iota of repentance has been expressed, then in that case where is the
scope for forgiveness. Rather under such conditions we should pay heed
to Guru’s stern warning.


Baba says, “Do not forgive till one’s nature is reformed. Immediate
forgiveness is a special weakness of mind. It results in worse harm to
society.” (CC, part 2, p.8)

Hence Baba’s key point is that there must be repentance and
rectification from those sub-factional heads and group leaders. Without
that forgiveness should not be done.

One other thing to mark: When exploitative leaders commit injustices for
years on end then their whole being becomes distorted: Their heart
becomes hard and their skin becomes thick. In that situation, it becomes
almost impossible to repent and rectify oneself. So we should beware,
keep sharp eyes, and not get befooled.

Because as we know, following and adhering to Baba’s do’s and don’ts on
forgiveness is one mandatory point for building up a healthy, well-knit
human society.


Here following is Baba’s special grace and blessing.

Baba says, “He will do what is necessary. You just go on observing Him,
just go on doing His work and adhere to what He says with all your
energy…Let that golden day come at the earliest and make your life
effulgent.” (SS-18, p.38)


Note 1: Sometimes innocent persons think we should “forgive and forget
and start afresh”. And by that way of overlooking wrongdoings, they are
thinking that this will bring peace, harmony, & unity etc. But Baba’s
clear-cut guideline is that by not evaluating the situation properly and
by offering forgiveness to those who are unrepentant and granting
pardons arbitrarily when collective harm has been done, this is not the
proper approach nor will it yield good results. Rather that will invite
more negativity.

Note 2: From the tearing down of the Bhukti Pradhan system, to
victimising and expelling innocent margiis, to the distortion of Baba’s
teachings, across the board in all these realms huge damage has been
done by a few self-serving group leaders like Sarvatmanandji,
Rudranandji etc. Those who are hungry for power and post. And never do
they show the least bit of repentance or remorse for their unjust and
sinful actions. In that case how can they be pardoned. Anyway, let us
have hope– and keep sharp eyes also.

Note 3: Here following is Baba’s special paragraph about margii rights
which those groupist forces have removed from the electronic edition of
Baba’s books and from so many printed versions.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga does not discriminate between a family person
and a sannyasi (renunciate). The place given to a family person in our
Marga is greater than the place given to a sannyasi, based on the reason
that the former is not dependent on anyone for his or her maintenance,
while the sannyasi has to depend on others. A family person is like a
strong tree which is self-supporting, while the sannyasi is like the
vine which twines around the tree for its support. A family person
therefore deserves more respect than a sannyasi, according to the trend
of thought in Ananda Marga. This itself is a revolutionary idea. No
philosopher or thinker, whether eastern or western, had ever dared to
declare a family person as deserving more respect than a hermit or a
sannyasi. It needed the courage of a revolutionary to say so.” (PNS-11,

Multiple Points of Interest

Baba says, “Large, ancient animals used to die at previously selected
places. The wild elephants of today still follow this habit. At such
places the bones of the animals became a hill which became deposits of
calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, etc. with the passage of time.”

Baba says, “Wherever cretaceous animals lived in groups, limestone will
be found. In Assam, for example, lime stone and petroleum can be found.
The fat of these huge animals petroleum and the bones became limestone.”

Baba says, “In Ra’r’h, in Jalda and Jaipur, limestone can also be found.
Limestone is good for manufacturing cement and helps oranges grow well.”

(Above quotes from ‘Integrated Farming’, Prout-16, p.38)


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Date: 23 Jul 2009 10:47:17 -0000
From: “Bhavanath Rajpal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Restless to Teach


“Toma’ke ja’y na’ bhola’…” (P.S. 2347)


Baba, by Your grace You have bound me in Your divine attraction– love.
Always I am calling and thinking about You, yet You are not satiating my
heart’s desire by coming close. Baba, when I long for You and the
feeling of melancholy is unbearable then my heart begins to ache. Baba,
in that longing and pain, the feeling comes in my mind that it is best
just to forget You. Because then at least the pain which is lingering
due to Your absence will not remain any longer. But the more and more I
think that I should forget You, then my deep longing and yearning for
You only intensifies– and my heart becomes more and more restless to
get You. Baba, I am longing for Your causeless grace, please come…


Over the last few years, one person has been jumping onto and off of the
stage to give his teachings and interpretations of Prabhat Samgiita.
Just the other day, he again surfaced and eagerly uploaded his teachings
to the internet “for the benefit of everyone worldwide”, as he so
graciously put it.

In addition to offering his own translations from Bengali into English,
he has also attached colourful images to each song. This letter
addresses his work based on two parameters: the quality of translation
and the overall value of such images.

Let us now take a look to see how far his efforts offer insight into
Baba’s magnificent, devotional collection of Prabhat Samgiita.




Our esteemed translator has begun anew with presenting Baba’s songs from
the very beginning. So here we shall examine his (re)interpretation of
Prabhat Samgiita #2.

We say reinterpretation because already our late respected Dada
Vijayanandaji has provided our Marga community with an approved line by
line translation of this song into English, “Prabhat Samgiita – Volume I

As we know all Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita compositions are of tremendous
social and spiritual value, yet at the same time it cannot be denied
that from a purely linguistic perspective, the early songs are easier to
understand, whereas those songs in the 3000’s etc can be more involved
and challenging in expression.

Given then that this is song #2 is one of those easier songs, and that
this translator himself readily admits that his mother tongue is Bengali
– he writes, “Bangla is my mother tongue…a sincere attempt has been
made to convey to a degree, an understanding of the rare depth of
devotion and feelings behind the songs” – so we naturally expect that
everything should go smoothly.


As many may already be aware, in this particular Prabhat Samgiita (E
ga’n a’ma’ra a’lora jharn’a’dha’ra’) Baba is describing how the path of
spirituality is full of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. One
will have to overcome all sorts of trials and and tribulations. Yet with
these songs, referred to as the fountain of effulgence – i.e. His divine
grace – then those obstacles will be crushed and the sadhaka will easily
advance. In a nutshell, this is a very basic idea of the song.

The second stanza of the song begins with this line:

E path a’ma’r bandhura kan’t’aka bhara’
This path my rugged thorns full

For everyone’s understanding we have put the well-accepted,
word-for-word English meaning below the original Bengali, and the line
meaning is, “This path of mine is rugged and full of thorns”. That
translation neatly suits the overall vision and theme of the song. That
is what appears in Dada Vijayanandaji’s book and that is what sadhakas
in AM have understood for years and years about this song.

Now let’s take a look at what our eager translator did with this same
line. In his newly released, high-gloss document it says:

“This path is filled with my ‘Bandhu’s* words”

The above is how he has translated that line. And in the asterisk note
for Bandhu it says, “Parampurusa the inseparable friend.”

So in this very simple and straightforward song, this so-called
translator has given a meaning that is diametrically opposite to the
generally accepted and approved meaning.

On the one side, for years and years AM scholars and devotees have long
recognised that the meaning of this line is, “This path is very rugged
and full of thorns” whereas this new translator states that “This path
is full of Guru’s words”, as if Baba’s teachings are the root cause of
all difficulties.

Of course, we all know that Guru’s words are full of sweetness, love,
and bliss and are not at all like thorns etc. Then how did this
translator make such a dramatic shift, delineating Guru’s words as being
the problems on the path. As if the only way to advance is to crush and
destroy Baba’s words.

It all seems to stem from his misunderstanding of the word “bandhura”
which means “rugged”. Every Bengali speaking person knows bandhura means
rugged and Acarya Vijayanandji’s published translation also defines
bandhura as rugged, yet this wanna-be commentator has translated
bandhura as Bandhu’s words, or the words of Parama Purusa.

How could he have come up with such a different meaning – one which goes
against the very nature and spirit of the song. Because the song is
talking about how the path is rugged and full of obstacles and that
those things must be crushed, yet this new translator is saying that
this path is full of Baba’s words, thereby blaming Guru’s guidelines and
spoken ideas for being the problems on the path, giving the impression
that Baba’s words must be wiped out entirely in order to progress.

Why like this? Why? Why? Why?

Well it seems that in his haste, our self-appointed, native Bengali
translator misunderstood bandhura to be, Bandhu meaning “Supreme Friend”
+ the suffix -ra meaning “of”. This is the only way to explain his gross
error, in both judgment and linguistic understanding.

In that way, this glossy translator has wrongly named Guru’s words as
being the source of all problems and disrespectfully delineated that
Baba’s divine teachings are what give us difficulty on the path.

Thus due to his negligence, the translator has not only totally missed
out on the correct translation, but he has spun the entire idea of the
song into a completely chaotic direction, wherein Guru is at fault and
to be blamed and that His words should be destroyed in order to advance
on the path of enlightenment.

Indeed those who are not familiar with Bengali will be totally misled
about this song because of this totally wrong and irresponsibly crude


There are also innumerable other mistakes in translation both in this
song and every other he has translated. Indeed there are so many errors,
both in language and spirit.

That is why we can only say that this new translator is “restless to
teach.” He is so anxious to preach his own ideas and is so full of his
own I-ness or ego satisfaction of a being “teacher”, that despite being
a native Bengali speaker, he cannot even grasp the most basic elements
of Baba’s songs.

This then shows that language alone is not enough. Sadhana is needed.
Then one will have a balanced outlook and spiritually vibrated mind with
which to render a proper translation of Baba’s divine songs of Prabhat

Without that, all hope is lost and one will create an absolute mess in
translation, as this restless teacher has done.


Another critical error in translation of Prabhat Samgiita #2 is as
follows. We have to remember that this song is only six lines long, and
each line is very short. Even then, this so-called translator has
jumbled this song entirely.

For instance in the end of the song, the translator has written, ” I
keep destroying, keep on destroying” as if due to his own individual
efforts he is crushing and smashing down the prison walls of
narrow-mindedness and difficulties etc, when in fact it is the fountain
of effulgence, i.e. the sweet flow of songs or Baba’s divine grace, that
is shattering the granite prison walls of dogma and problems.

This song is about how Guru’s sweet songs, teachings, and grace create a
flow in life that lead one beyond darkness and into the light. That is
the point of momentum: His songs.

Yet the restless teacher has translated it in such a way that the unit
being is doing all this miraculous work all by himself: “I keep
destroying, keep on destroying”.

This type of extreme negligence in translation occurs when one is
totally engrossed in their own ego and restless to get name and fame for
their work. In that case they are unable to understand anything and
their entire effort moves in the wrong direction.

Really there are so many errors in translation – in even these
relatively easy songs – that one could write all day about these
mistakes. But already enough has been said to provide a taste of how
this so-called translator has gone awry.


In the preface to his newly-released high-gloss rendition, the
translator has also written the following:

“The translations have been complemented by pictures taken from the
internet, which lend colour and perhaps help the reader to an extent
identifying with the depth of the song.”

Now let us examine how far his above statement is correct. How useful
and appropriate is it to attach images as representations of the theme
and spirit of Baba’s divine songs.

For each song, this brother has pasted mundane images thinking that this
will enhance one’s understanding of the subtlety of the song. But once
again his effort backfires, in multiple ways.

The philosophical response is that the devotional feeling that Baba is
describing and goading our minds toward in His divine songs goes far
beyond the written word and crude imagery. Baba’s ideas are vast and
spark the finer sentiments of human feeling and cognition. When we sing
Prabhat Samgiita we close our minds and touch down deep within and feel
His sweet presence and love. It is an internal devotional experience. We
are not relying on crude motor and sensory organs to understand the song.

Thus to attach a glossy image from the internet to the song as if this
mundane image will grant us spiritual insight is totally wrong and
misguided. Rather it will stop or cutoff the flow of mind. The mind will
dead-end in mundane thought and never even touch the more subtle layers
of devotional life.

That is one problem with using such crude imagery.

Secondly, such an approach sets a bad precedent. By this way, then in
the future, others will also put pictures in Baba’s books. And in “Human
Society” Part 1 and 2 they will included pictures of naked females where
Baba is describing the ills of pornography, and in “Subhasita Samgraha”
they will include pictures of dogmatic temples and so-called holy
shrines where Baba is pointing out the dogmas of the various religions,
and in “Namah Shivaya Shantaya” they will include pictures of
slaughtered animals where Baba is describing how in the past people
engaged in such sacrifices to please the gods etc. So a terrible
precedent has been set by attaching images to Prabhat Samgiita songs.

And indeed, one group has already embarked in this direction. So it is a
very real and valid concern.

Just as most university textbooks that deal with matters of philosophy
and subtle expression do not have pictures, similarly the scriptures of
Ananda Marga should not have pictures.

Where Baba wished to have pictures, He included them. In some of His
books for children, pictures have been included, but never in any of our
philosophical or devotional shastras.


Taking all of the above into consideration, we must now all judge for
ourselves how far the translator’s below words are accurate.

“It is for the benefit of everyone worldwide…who understand English
and would like to but are unable to savour the full sweetness of the
original Bangla songs.”

Are his translations in accordance with the devotional feeling and flow
of Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita collection?

Is his approach of using crude imagery appropriate with Prabhat Samgiita?

Is what he has done really for the “benefit of everyone worldwide”?

It seems the answer is quite clear.


Best then is that we should pay heed to Baba’s below words.

Baba says, “The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified
scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries
to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the
interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused.”

“There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor
penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures as
a means of livelihood. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in
the correct perspective before the audience. Such people may be
successful in earning a living in the name of sha’stra vya’khya’na, but
they do more harm than good to the society. There are still others who
interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect – to procure
for themselves a certificate of erudition. They too remain far from the
living spirit of the scriptures, from the One who is their fountainhead
of inspiration.” (NSS, Disc: 14)

As Baba guides us, such type of translators should refrain entirely from
doing such work. They are doing an injustice to Baba’s divine works and
a disservice to humanity.

Just as young frogs like to give lectures without have the requisite
knowledge and experience, our restless teacher is doing the same.

Best is if he gives up this project entirely and print even one more
syllable. Period. That is the only viable solution. There is no other way.


By His grace, when one has done proper sadhana they alone are up to the
task or translating and explaining Baba’s devotional compositions of
Prabhat Samgiita. Without deep meditation, a person like our restless
teacher cannot serve Baba’s will, at least not in this regard.

Baba says, “The shlokas [and songs] should be properly explained with
relevant commentaries and annotations.” (NSS, Disc: 14)



This below letter details how Baba has pointed out such poor translation
techniques in the past. At one DMC, in front of all, Baba openly exposed
the overly literal approach of one famous Dada and removed that Dada
from his duty as translator of Prabhat Samgiita.


Who is the person who is so restless to teach us about Prabhat Samgiita.
His name is Arun Prakash Bhattacharya (armanida@airtelmail.in). He is
the one who has made such much gross errors in translation and misled
others about Baba’s divine songs.

Also of note, is that a few persons on the Margii Collective email list
have praised this brother’s work up to the sky, calling him a great
devotee and describing his work fantastic contribution to humanity etc.
Here are their exact comments:

” just see the beautiful innovation of His devotee.”

“My sincere and heartiest congratulation to Brother Arun Prakashji for
the excellent effort.”

Such persons should refrain from making superficial evaluations in the
future, lest they again encourage restless people to continue in their
misguided ways, and expose their own quality and integrity of mind, or
lack thereof.

Spiritual Inheritance

Baba says, “The sentiment of spiritual inheritance and Cosmic Ideology
will keep people united. It is true that this spiritual sentiment will
not be helpful to the formation of a nation inside any particular
country, but it will definitely unite the entire planetary world and
even the universe into a nation. Then there will be only one nation – a
universal nation.” (‘To The Patriots’)


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Subject: “Yoga Phil was first Propounded by AM”
Date: Wed 22 Jul 2009 07:03:38 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“Toma’ri bhuvane toma’ri bhavane toma’ri a’she din ket’e ja’i…” (P.S. 331)


Baba, in Your kingdom and around You my days are passing in Your hope.
Thinking about Your lotus feet and ideating about You, the blackness of my
mind, the hopelessness turns into the hope of effulgence.
In Your attraction, in Your charm, and by the showering of Your grace,
everything becomes sweet and attractive. Your smile brings new charm in
life. The breeze which touches You, that sweet fragrant breeze brings the
aroma from You, and it gives new awakening in my life. My whole being is
vibrated with that. When I think about Your close proximity then my mind
dances with joy and ecstasy and then nectar showers. Baba Your grace is


In the whole, entire history of this world, the first time the philosophy
of yoga was ever propounded was by Ananda Marga. That is what Baba says.
So never before in the history of humanity was the philosophy of yoga ever
given– never.

It is quite an amazing and extraordinary concept: The first time the
philosophy of yoga came into being was with our Ananda Marga. Baba Himself
states this truth.

But, the irony is that no one would ever know it by reading our AM books–
because, tragically, those highly unique and historic words never got
printed in the published version of the discourse.


Specifically, in His morning general darshan delivered in English on 26
September 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela, Baba clearly says:

“The yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga”.

Baba says this in the first minute or two of the discourse. I have heard it
with my own ears– dozens and dozens of times. Baba says this quite clearly.

But later on when this discourse, ‘Be Free From All Complexes’, was printed
in the book Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34, that very special sentence was not
printed. If you check on page 79 you will see that it is missing.

And it is a terrible tragedy and very sad to see, because this is a very
unique and revolutionary proclamation that Baba is making: “The yoga
philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga”.

Verily, there seems to be no other place in our AM discourses where Baba
says this very thing. Yet He clearly spoke it in English that day on 26
September 1979.


Just to put things into perspective, we should analyse the import of Baba’s
historic statement.

When Baba says, “The yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga”,
then it means that no one– not a human being nor a Taraka Brahma– prior
to Baba was able to give the philosophy of yoga.

Not Patanjali, not Kapil, not Buddha, not Mahaviira Jain, not
Shankaracarya, no one was able to put forth the philosophy of yoga– not
even Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna.

Such is the grand magnitude of Baba’s divine statement.

So this is yet another remarkable aspect of our AM ideology. That this was
the first time that the philosophy of yoga has ever been given. Quite an
impressive fact.

And we Ananda Margiis can easily understand this very truth because we know
that Baba’s advent on this planet is an incredible occurrence. He has given
many “firsts” such as: Microvita theory, Prabhat Samgiita, Neo-Humanism,
Prout, and so much more. None of these ideas were ever given before.

And now we also know that Baba is also the first to give the philosophy of


Actually, many of us have been aware about this fact since long because,
for example, in our unit, we have been listening to this discourse for
years and years. By Baba’s grace, we have this cassette as it is an
overseas discourse and those were recorded properly and well-circulated. So
since long we were thinking that this point– about AM being the first to
propound the philosophy of yoga– is quite commonly known.


But just recently when we went to examine the printed discourse, we saw
that this very important and unique sentence was not placed in the book–
Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34. Rather it is missing entirely. This was
astonishing for us and at that point we concluded that every printed
discourse must be re-checked with the original cassette. Otherwise there is
no telling what other points have been missed. And we– the general members
of the Marga– should start this process by confirming the discourses using
those cassettes that we already have.


What do the editors and publishers of Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34 say about
those missing words?

The publishers and/or editors, of the book Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34,
claim that Baba’s words were ‘not clear on the tape’. That is the excuse
they have given in their footnote at the bottom of page 79.

And for that reason, i.e. because those syllables was ‘not clear on the
tape’, Baba’s historic statement– “The yoga philosophy was first
propounded by Ananda Marga”– does not appear anywhere in the book, AV-34.
But the strange thing is that those publishers and editors understood the
words directly preceding Baba’s historic statement. And in our unit we also
have a copy of that cassette and I can say first-hand that Baba’s historic
words about the first propounder of yogic philosophy are just as clear as
those preceding words.

So then it is peculiar how those publishers could not catch Baba’s historic
statement when those words were just as clear as the preceding ones.
Instead they just wrote, ‘not clear on the tape’.


Although I hate to say it, it seems that something “fishy” is going on.
Because after all, Baba’s statement– “The yoga philosophy was first
propounded by Ananda Marga”– is quite clear on the tape. So it may be that
those publishers and editors have their own hidden reasons and fears about
printing such a statement– due to its revolutionary nature. Because the
society at-large will not be inclined to believe it– rather they may
oppose. In turn, those publishers and editors may have thought that Baba’s
statement is “too outlandish” etc. So that may be the reason why those
editors and publishers deleted it from Baba’s printed book.

After all, it will not be the first time such a cowardice act has occurred.
Earlier, when certain editors and publishers printed the ‘Views of Other
Faiths’ discourse in the Prout series, they deleted the lengthy section
where Baba critiques the Semitic religions like Christianity and Judaism
etc. Because those editors and publishers thought that Baba’s words were
too tough or too outlandish. So they did not have the courage to print
Baba’s revolutionary words. What else could be the reason when that
discourse was printed in full in the book Tattvika Praveshika (1957).

Similarly, in His discourse ‘Liberation of Intellect’ of Patna, 26th
January 1980, Baba has given the revolutionary decree about women’s rights
and He condemns the Muslim dogma that “three women are equal to one man”.
But for ‘some reason’, our editors and publishers also failed to print that
section of the discourse. Rather those editors and publishers removed it
thinking that the public would react against Baba’s dharmic proclamation.
Or what else could be the reason. After all, there is a pattern developing

Likewise, in Baba’s Hindi discourse of 06 Jan 1979 in Patna, He boldly
states that AM is being propagated everywhere and that ‘Ananda Marga is
across the planets’. But this also the editors thought was too outlandish a
statement– so they removed it from the printed discourse, even though Baba
clearly states this on the cassette.

And verily, who knows where else such editors and publishers might have
failed to print Baba’s actual words– due to their own cowardice mentality
etc. Surely, the more we look the more deletions we will find. Because it
seems they do not have the courage to publish Baba’s revolutionary
statements. Or at least all the arrows point in that direction.

By all this we can understand that language skills are not the only thing
needed in order to work in the Publications department– courage is also

Because the whole of our AM ideology is revolutionary and Baba has told
many things that the general populace may not like or may not accept. And
in their fear, some of the editors and publishers of AM books delete those
potentially controversial statements like, “The yoga philosophy was first
propounded by Ananda Marga”.

Due to their cowardice mentality they do like that.

In a related manner, we can say the reason why they deleted the paragraph
about margii rights from the AM A Revolution discourse is due to their

These are the very real issues we encounter with our Publications
Department. That is why it has to be said that in order to publish Baba’s
books properly, one must have a certain degree of courage. Failing that,
due to their cowardice, they delete certain lines that they feel the public
may not like. And those editors and publishers they give phony excuses
like, ‘it is not clear on the tape’.


For everyone’s awareness and reference, a proper and true transcription of
Baba’s discourse, ‘Be Free From All Complexes’, has been appended at the
bottom of this email. That way everyone can readily see where Baba has
said, “The yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga”.

So everyone should keep a copy of this for the record and maybe even print
it and attach it to the AV-34 book. Because it is hard to believe that
those in Publications will correct the matter any time soon, if ever. So we
should take the matter in our own hands. That is the best way.


By Baba’s grace, He has blessed us with His supreme teachings of Ananda
Marga– the first time in history that the philosophy of yoga has been
given. So we should place extra importance on the printing of Baba’s books
and make sure that they are 100% clear and true to what He has said.
Baba says, “The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally
flawless.” (NSS p.200, Edn 1995)

Ram Sahay


The most gross and fundamental flaw of the printed version of this
discourse occurs in the second paragraph, where they failed to print Baba’s
historic statement, “The yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda

However, the printed discourse is riddled with numerous other types of
transcription errors and deletions etc. Really there are too many to count.


(A) Here below is the actual transcription of the first paragraph of the
discourse. By comparing this with the book (AV-34, p.79), anyone can see
that there are some fundamental mistakes in the printed version of this

“Last night I said something regarding different movements of humans in
different strata of life, different arenas of life. Now, there is an
eternal question of human mind regarding the success of life. Some people
do so many things but come out unsuccessful, and some people do something
for a short while and get crowned with success. What is the inner secret?
Why does one become successful and one not?” (Paragraph #1 of the discourse
‘Be Free From All Complexes’)

(B) Here below is the actual transcription of the second paragraph of the
discourse. This is the one where Baba says that AM is the first to propound
the philosophy of yoga. By comparing this with the book (AV-34, p.79),
anyone can see that there are some fundamental mistakes in the printed
version of this paragraph.

“Regarding this Lord Shiva says– you know, Lord Shiva was the first
propounder of the yoga cult. I will not say yoga philosophy because the
yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga. But before this,
during the time of Shiva, there was a cult, that is, a practical side was
there.” (Paragraph #2 of the discourse ‘Be Free From All Complexes’)

(C) Here below is the actual transcription of the 14th paragraph of the
discourse. By comparing this with the book (AV-34, p.81), anyone can see
that there are some fundamental mistakes in the printed version of this

“Now these two attributions, to think and to remember, are closely related
to each other. What we see or what we perceive from the external objective
world is reflected in the mind. And as a result of this reflection, coming
first from the nerve fibres and secondly in the nerve cells, creates a sort
of reflection in the mental plate. And when the reflection is created, we
feel the existence of that external object. “Feel” means we see, we hear,
we get the taste. This is thinking. And the second portion of thinking
occurs when those waves, those sympathetic waves of the human mind, get
refracted on the mental plate. They are stored-up thoughts. Those stored-up
thoughts may be termed as memory.” (Paragraph #14 of the discourse ‘Be Free
From All Complexes’)

(D) Here below is the actual transcription of the 22nd paragraph of the
discourse. It is the second to last paragraph. By comparing this with the
book (AV-34, p.83-84), anyone can see that there are some fundamental
mistakes in the printed version of this paragraph.

“Now even a man, who is a bad type of sinner, other sinners may hate him,
that he is a bad man, even sinners may say that he is a bad man – for such
a sinner, the worst type of sinner, the future is not dark. The future in
his case also is very bright, if he takes shelter in the divine lap of the
Supreme Father. “I am on the lap of my Father, I cannot be a sinner.”

Suppose you are walking along the path and your dress, your clothes, become
muddy due to dust or clay. Then should you think that you will remain nasty
or dirty forever? If you appear before your Father with dirty clothes, what
will your Father do? He will clean your clothes and take you on his lap: “O
my son, your clothes have become muddy, but you are my son. Come here, come
here, sit on My lap. I am your Father, you are My son, you must not suffer
from any sinner’s psychology.” Do you follow?” (Paragraph #22 of the
discourse ‘Be Free From All Complexes’)



~ 26 September 1979 morning, Caracas ~

Last night I said something regarding different movements of humans in
different strata of life, different arenas of life. Now, there is an
eternal question of human mind regarding the success of life. Some people
do so many things but come out unsuccessful, and some people do something
for a short while and get crowned with success. What is the inner secret?
Why does one become successful and one not?

Regarding this Lord Shiva says– you know, Lord Shiva was the first
propounder of the yoga cult. I will not say yoga philosophy because the
yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga. But before this,
during the time of Shiva, there was a cult, that is, a practical side was

He [Lord Shiva] said that a man must not be under any sort of complex –
that is, a man, a spiritual aspirant, must be free from all complexes; [he
must have] neither superiority complex, nor inferiority complex, nor fear
complex, nor defeatist complex. That is, the mind should be completely

Actually, the question was placed before Lord Shiva by Pa’rvatii. Pa’rvatii
was the spouse of Shiva, wife of Shiva. Pa’rvatii’s question was: “What are
the secrets of success?” And in reply Lord Shiva said that there are seven

He said: “The first secret is Phalis’yatiiti vishva’sah siddherprathama
laks’an’am” – that is, “In the aspirant, in the spiritual aspirant, there
must be this firm determination that ‘I must be successful in my mission.'”
This firm determination is the first factor, first item, first requisite
factor for success. If a man is doing something but has not got the
firmness of determination – if within his mind there is a question “whether
I will be successful – if I am not successful” – this kind of thing – then
he will never be successful. There must be firm determination that “I must
be successful.” This is the first requisite factor.

Do you follow? Even those who do not understand English are understanding a
little bit. Mm. [laughter]

And the second thing is: dvitiiyam’ shraddhaya’ yuktam’ – “one must have
respect for one’s goal, one must have respect for one’s path.”

And the third thing: trtiiyam’ Gurupu’janam – “one must have reverence for
the guru.” I need not explain this item, because my subject is here that
one must be free from all complexes.

Caturtho samata’bha’vo. The fourth factor is that the aspirant must have a
balanced mind. This is the item now under discussion.

Pain’camendriyanigrahah. The fifth is, one must have self-restraint. Eating
too much, sleeping too much, drinking too much – these weaknesses will not
help the aspirant. One must have a balanced life. One must have

And s’as’t’hain’ca pramita’ha’ro – “one must take balanced food, that is,
not too much nor too little.” It should be substantial; it should be
sentient, or at least mutative in nature for family persons. It must not be
of static nature. It should be balanced food, because the cells of your
body are created from the food. The food that you take creates the cells of
your body. And your mind is a collective mind of the minds of so many
cells, so if you take static food, non-sentient food, your mind will also
be of that nature. Your mind will get depraved, degenerated; so you should
take proper and balanced food.

This was the advice of Lord Shiva.

So one of His pieces of advice was – what? Caturtho samata’bha’vo – that
is, “You must have a balanced mind.” Now what is a balanced mind? The human
mind has got two special wonts, two main courses, two main duties: one is
to think and the other is to remember. The two duties of the human mind –
one, to think, and the other, to remember – to keep in memory. Two things.
Now, what is proper memory and what is proper thinking? If the thinking is
proper and if the memory is proper, then I will say that the man is free
from all complexes.

Now these two attributions, to think and to remember, are closely related
to each other. What we see or what we perceive from the external objective
world is reflected in the mind. And as a result of this reflection, coming,
first from the nerve fibres and secondly in the nerve cells, creates a sort
of reflection in the mental plate. And when the reflection is created, we
feel the existence of that external object. “Feel” means we see, we hear,
we get the taste. This is thinking. And the second portion of thinking
occurs when those waves, those sympathetic waves of the human mind, get
refracted on the mental plate. They are stored-up thoughts. Those stored-up
thoughts may be termed as memory.

Now when you are suffering from a superiority complex, you think that you
are a better person and others are worse persons; as a result of which you
are unable to accept the external waves in proper style. So your thinking
gets polluted, gets distorted, and as a result of which the refracted
portion, that is, the memory, also gets distorted, becomes defective.

So you must not have any superiority complex. You should remember that you
are not superior to anybody else. All are children of the same Supreme
Father, all are progeny of the same Supreme Progenitor. Nobody is superior
to anybody.

The second complex: Sometimes you may think that “I am an ordinary man, and
that man is so big, so learned, such a big scholar – so rich, and I’m poor”
– like this. If you think like this, what will happen? There will not be
proper expression of your mind, there will not be proper emanations of your
thought-waves; as a result of which the thought will become distorted and
the refracted thought, that is, the memory portion, will become defective.

Similarly, the fear complex: Sometimes people suffer from a fear complex.
The psychological side of the fear complex is as follows: Due to the
presence of something stronger, or due to the presence of something which
is imaginarily stronger, not actually stronger, what happens? Mental flows
are blocked, are choked. They cannot find the proper avenue of expression;
as a result of which thoughts also get polluted. There cannot be free
thinking. A man suffering from a fear complex cannot think properly. And if
the thought is defective, the memory will also be defective. So you must
never suffer from any sort of fear complex.

Why should you suffer from a fear complex or an inferiority complex, when
the Supreme Father is your father, when you all are the children of the
same Father; why should you suffer from any inferiority complex or any fear
complex, when the Supreme Father is with you? You are not weak. You are
very strong, because the Almighty Father, the omnipotent Supreme Father, is
with you to help you – so you must not encourage the psychology of
weakness, or an inferiority complex or a fear complex. He is with you,
always He is with you to help you. You are never alone.

And sometimes there is a defeatist complex. “Oh, I am defeated in this
world,” “Oh, I am defeated in this struggle for existence.” Such a
sentiment, such a psychology, sometimes goads a man to commit suicide even.
“I am defeated, I am defeated in the struggle for existence.” You must not
encourage this type of psychology. When your father is the Supreme Father,
your father is the most powerful entity in the entire universe, why should
you think that, why should you feel that you have been defeated in the
struggle for existence? No, a bright future awaits you. Your future is
glorious, your future is luminous, your future is effulgent.

So you must not suffer from this psychology of helplessness or hopelessness
or of despair. This defeatist complex may also be called “sinner’s
psychology”. A man may always think: “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a
sinner.” If he feels like that, if he thinks like this, that “I am a
sinner,” then actually one day he will become a sinner. Actually he is not
a sinner, but if he thinks like this, that “I am a sinner, I am a sinner,”
what will happen? – he will actually become a sinner, because it is the
characteristic of the human mind that it takes the form of its object. So
when a man thinks, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, O Lord, I am a sinner, O
Lord, I am a sinner,” then actually he will become a sinner. So such a
psychology is fundamentally defective. You must never think that you are a
sinner. You should think: “It may be a fact that I was a sinner in the
past, but from this very moment I am on the lap of the Almighty Father; I
cannot be a sinner, I am not a sinner. I am seated on the lap of my Supreme
Father, I am not a sinner.” Lord Shiva said this:

Api cet sudura’ca’ro bhajate ma’mananyabha’k;
So’pi pa’pavinirmuktah mucyate bhavabandhana’t.

[If even the most wicked persons worship Me with a concentrated mind, I
will liberate them from worldly bondages.]

Now even a man, who is a bad type of sinner, other sinners may hate him,
that he is a bad man, even sinners may say that he is a bad man – for such
a sinner, the worst type of sinner, the future is not dark. The future in
his case also is very bright, if he takes shelter in the divine lap of the
Supreme Father. “I am on the lap of my Father, I cannot be a sinner.”
Suppose you are walking along the path and your dress, your clothes, become
muddy due to dust or clay. Then should you think that you will remain nasty
or dirty forever? If you appear before your Father with dirty clothes, what
will your Father do? He will clean your clothes and take you on his lap: “O
my son, your clothes have become muddy, but you are my son. Come here, come
here, sit on My lap. I am your Father, you are My son, you must not suffer
from any sinner’s psychology.” Do you follow?

So even if, in the past, you were sinners, forget it. Remember that from
this very moment, you are the neat and clean son, you are the neat and
clean child, of the Supreme Father. So there must not be any psychology of
sinning complex. For a spiritual aspirant, there must not be any complex.
Be free from all complexes, and move along the path of righteousness with a
balanced mind, with mental equilibrium and also mental equipoise. A bright
future awaits you.

(26 September 1979 morning, Caracas)
Climate and Food Habits

Baba says, “Just as tamarind should be eaten in hot, wet climates as I
mentioned earlier, in hot, dry climates people say that if they do not eat
poppy-seed or black gram in their country they will be susceptible to
nosebleeds so they have to eat it. Thus the climate or environment exerts a
particular influence over inclination.” (Varn’a Vijia’na, p.92)


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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2008 06:56:14 -0500
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: What Is To Be Done
From: CJ Phillips


“Tumi balo a’ma’re, balo a’ma’re kii diye tus’ibo toma’re…” – P.S. 1235


O’ Baba please tell me how I can satisfy You…

O’ Parama Purusa Baba– the Creator of this great universe– whatever
jewels, gold, emeralds, pearls, and gems that are accumulated in this
universe, You Yourself are the Creator of those treasures. Then what
offering can I make that will satisfy You. Indeed what can anybody give to
You when You are the Supreme Controller of this entire creation.

Baba, whatever intellect, intuition, knowledge, & whatever thinking
capacity I have, all these things also are tied up on Your doorstep. All
these things are within Your easy reach. Then in what way can I satisfy You
when You are the Controller of everything. Beyond, this what else is there.

Baba, in this world I am completely empty– then how can I serve You,
please tell me. Baba, only I am surrendering unto You; please tell me what
way I can satisfy You…


Every Ananda Margii is well aware that our AM ideology has the solution for
all the problems in every realm of life. From individual to collective,
from social to psychic, Baba has beautifully given the answer in His
teachings of AM.


At the same time to bring about real social welfare, there must be
understanding of the problem at hand as well as the right application of
our AM ideology. Putting a square peg in a round hole will not work.
Rather, careful and deep understanding is needed in order to truly cure any
social ill– only that will bring about a permanent solution.



For example, if anyone travels around any major US metropolitan center then
early in the morning one will see long lines of poor and homeless people
waiting to get a free meal from a ‘soup kitchen’– i.e. a place that freely
distributes food to the needy. This is the common sight.

Surveying the scene, one might initially or hastily conclude that more
‘Free Food Kitchens’ are needed to serve all those starving, homeless
people. And in that case one might spend a whole bunch of energy and money
creating yet another ‘Free Kitchen’ to prepare & distribute food to the
poor. One might engage in this type of ‘constructive work’– thinking that
this will solve the problem.

But Baba warns us about such type of an approach.

Baba says, “It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through
constructive programmes.” (NKS, ’97, p.233)

Baba’s above guideline is that when a problem is so rampant and deep-seeded
and so misunderstood such as starvation in the materially wealthy US, then
such an approach of making one more ‘Soup Kitchen’ is not going to address
the issue fully. That ‘constructive work’ will not get at the root cause.
And that will not bring about a permanent solution. Because in that
exploitative environment where the resources are all gobbled up by a select
few, then forming yet another ‘Free Kitchen’ will not lead to real social
welfare. Something else is needed.



Similarly, others upon seeing the huge numbers of hungry people lining the
streets each morning might attempt a different solution. They might become
angry and opt to immediately wage a war against the city mayor and protest
the injustices caused by the ruling vaeshyas. Sure enough, a few activists
may think that by this way they can bring about real social welfare.
But once again, Baba warns us about the pitfalls of this approach.

Baba says, “It may not be possible to bring about social welfare
through…the struggle against injustice alone.” (NKS, ’97, p.233)

So launching fiery protests will also fall short of the mark, as a
first-step solution. Because a loud afternoon of yelling and raising the
slogan against the leaders will not yield any salt– it will not bring
about any relief or answers, if the hearts and minds of the public are not
rallying around that protest.

If most people are lazily day-dreaming that one day they will hit the
jackpot and become rich and own a Mercedes Benz and a swimming pool, then
they will not want to wage a war against the present social rule. If in
their heart of hearts they admire the likes of Bill Gates and Donald Trump
type of people etc, then they will never support a protest against the top
capitalist dogs. Rather they will defend those capitalists and think those
waging the protest are crazy.



Rather, according to Baba, what is needed in such situations like starvation in the US is the rising of social consciousness.

Baba says, “Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible
to bring about social welfare.” (PNS-21, p.63)

Once people are educated about the extreme exploitation of capitalism in
the US, and once the public truly understands that the huge material wealth
in the US is concentrated in the hands of a select few– once they realise
that 60% of all the wealth is controlled by a mere 1% of the population,
then only a just and rational solution can be found. Then people will be
ready to do the needful. So social awareness is the first and foremost step.

Social consciousness about the real terrors of capitalism is needed. And
surely then people will realise that it is the exploitative system itself
that is creating the problem– that is the root cause. And that is what
must be changed.


So the right application and right understanding is needed. Because in the
aforementioned case of starvation in US cities, making one new Free Food
Kitchen will at best give temporary relief and might even create more harm
by causing the starvation problem to continue longer. And prematurely
protesting against that exploitation without the support of the common
public will just give one a hoarse voice and perhaps a few nights in jail
or worse like the spilling of human blood. No real good will result.

In that case, only social awakening– social consciousness– will bring
about the proper and final solution. This is Baba’s key teaching.

Baba says, “Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible
to bring about social welfare.” (PNS-21, p.63)



Likewise in our Marga, when confronted with any problem then we have to
think carefully.

Some people blindly think that in this era of extreme groupism the best
thing is just simply is to sink oneself in the concrete work. But
tragically this generally comes up short. Because some get frustrated with
the way things are in AMPS these days and they end up forming their own
constructive programs outside the structure. And this just leads to more
division and infighting. While others sincerely engage in seemingly
constructive programs within AM only to see the fruits of their labour &
effort misutilised by one or another groupist leader. This is another
common outcome. So taking a quick look around it becomes increasingly
evident that our first-hand approach to the present crisis is not to just
absorb oneself in any constructive program. This will not bring social
welfare; it will not lead to a healthy AM mission.

Secondly, protesting injustices by the group leaders without there being
full bodied support of the mass of margiis and wts will not bring that
badly needed change. Standing by oneself and tossing stones on the Purodha
Board meeting or yelling at some groupist kingpin with a megaphone will not yield a positive result. Nor will things like taking silent action. The reasons are obvious.


In this current crisis in AM society, what is needed is greater and greater
social consciousness. And by Baba’s grace step by step that is coming.
Altogether, we can say that the necessary social consciousness is two-fold:
(1) Awareness of extreme groupism and that those leaders are presently
stuck in that defective mentality; (2) Recognition that only Baba’s teachings are the ideal solution.


The awareness about the huge degree of groupism is coming along.

But some in AM think that they have to devise their own plan to solve the
present crisis. And in their foolishness they are sitting at the drawing
board for hours and hours with their little egoistic brain dreaming that
they are outlining some grand-master plan to save the world. This is their
silly method. And surely that is not going to work. Rather they will die in
frustration and embarrassment.

Such is the case for those who think that unity can be formed by merging the various groups. Instead of unity, they will just invite more groupist dogmas and strife.

Only following Baba’s teachings will bring the real answer. Baba directs us
we are to understand His guidelines deeply, practice those things in our
individual life, develop our sadhana more and more, and propagate His AM
ideology. By this way we will see first-hand the manifestation of Ananda
Marga mission. This, as we all know, is the type of social consciousness
that is needed.


Our Sadguru Baba has graced us with all the solutions to all the problems
and by His great compassion the day is soon to come this dusty earth will
turn into one spiritual haven– filled with bliss and good feeling for all.

Baba says, “A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the
problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda
Marga ideology the philosophers’ stone. Just as the philosophers’ stone is
meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most
definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any
problem.” (POD, #36)



Here again Baba give His warning that just directly plunging in ‘the
concrete work’ without sufficient understanding and the cultivation of
sadhana will not bring about social welfare– rather it may cause terrible

Baba says, “It is absolutely meaningless for a person to attempt at any
constructive work, in whom there is a flagrant lack of the thought of the
Great. If one has not learnt to recognize, with sincerity and
unsectarianism, the omnipresent, omniscient God as their sole objective,
there is no denying the fact that they will eventually be compelled to
recede behind the scene, after having dealt the severest damage to their
own self and the society.” (HS-1 ,’87, p. 51)

Tragically today many such organisations like the Red Cross and all those
‘Katrina-Aid’ projects, and ‘Tsunami Relief’ programs, and rebuilding
efforts in Iraq are just riddled with fraud, cheating, and theft. We should
not let our AM fall into this lot as well.


By first raising greater and greater consciousness in our Marga, then in
the due course all our plans and programs will be fruitful. This is Baba’s

Baba says, “The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has
awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human
history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend.” (A’nanda Va’nii #1)

Three Dangers

Baba says, “We may say that intoxicants have three distinct
characteristics. Firstly, if one addict does not receive that intoxicant at
their regular, fixed time during the day then they will become anxious and
restless– even agitated. In addition, when they do get it then their mind
will not like to involve in any work. The second major point is that as
long as one remains under the spell of that intoxicant, his intellect will
be dysfunctional. And if one continues to take intoxicants on a regular,
on-going basis, then their mental stupor will continue on and on. The third
major danger is that intoxicants adversely affect the liver, throat, and
kindney. And in the majority of cases, the user suffers from constipation
also. In conclusion, all intoxicants are bad; opium and ganja (cannabis
indica) extremely harmful.” (SC-15)

Note: As A’nanda Ma’rgiis, our duty is to propagate Baba’s above teaching
and warn others about the harmful effects of intoxicants.


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VSS***Vishva = World; Shanti = Peace; Sena' = Militia or Army***World Peace Militia

VSS***Vishva = World; Shanti = Peace; Sena' = Militia or Army***World Peace Militia

Date: 20 Jul 2009 08:23:36 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Yadav”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba Story: Formation of VSS / Vishva Shanti Sena’


“Sumukhe a’siya’ da’nr’a’o prabhu tumi,
Nayan bhariya’ dekhibo toma’y…” – PS 309


Baba, by prostrating at Your lotus feet I request You to please come
and stand beside me. I want to gaze upon You to my heart’s content. Please
come in the flower garden of the deep core of my heart where the flowers of
various colours have blossomed and the cool, soft, fragrant breeze is
blowing mildly. In that fragrant and beautiful atmosphere please grace me
by coming.

Baba please make my mind exalted; make it vast like the blue void.
Purify it with the fragrance of the sandalwood and make it glittering like
the galaxies. Baba, please come with soft foot steps in this atmosphere of
the soft, cool, fragrant breeze. Please come with the sound of silence–
the vibration of the flute.

Please come in the mind. By Your grace my mind is waiting and longing
for You and is filled with the attraction and longing of spring season. It
is dancing in bliss with the melody and songs of Prabhat Samgiita. Please
grace me by coming with Your most attractive, beautiful, charming smile and
the sound of silence. All this will bring the bliss of satiation and will
fill my heart with spiritual intoxication, by Your grace. Baba please grace
me by coming in my heart…




In the beginning when Baba formed Ananda Marga in 1955, then there was no
VSS and Baba used to address the various DMC programs and regular general
darshan programs etc, and deal with various Margiis. But one thing was
getting more problematic. Namely that when Baba used to address different
programs like DMC or GD, that time as usual He would create a divine
vibration all around. This very thing all the margiis saw up to 1990. And
with that divine vibration, everyone was feeling charmed and attracted.

Many persons were pulled close to Him. Indeed everyone was feeling so much
attraction and they wanted to go physically close to Him. Under the
discipline they were only going up to a certain close place. That is why we
have seen even up to 1990 that nearby the dais or His seat, there was much
more of a crowd than in any other section up to the last row. Those who
watch video cassettes can see even today this situation.

So You can imagine that those days when there was no VSS how the situation
was. It was very difficult for Baba to manage and keep everyone at a
distance. During some occasions it happened that people came so close and
they not only touched but they grabbed Baba’s feet. And on other occasions
with that divine attraction, some margiis lifted Baba and started dancing.
This they did unwittingly in the deep spell of attraction. But after all
this was a big problem for Baba. So to control the situation He formed VSS.


Everyone might have seen that when Baba used to pass by then many margiis
would try to jump or lunge to touch His feet. This regularly happened all
the time up to 1990 at airports, different reception programs, going out
and coming in from fieldwalk, and during types of various programs. But
because VSS was alert they were able to manage the situation– though with
great difficulty they were keeping margiis distant. It was tug of war
between VSS and Margiis. Margiis were wanting to jump close toward BABA and
VSS was pushing them away. So one can imagine when there was no VSS what
would have been the situation.


Actually, once Baba told me personally about this attraction theory. HE
told that in this entire universe, Parama Purusa is the most attractive; He
is the nucleus of all the charm. And those who think about and love HIM,
according to their degree of love towards Parama Purusa they themselves
inherit that attribution or charm. In which case other people naturally get
attracted towards them.

Anyone may have seen that around devotees other people feel natural
attraction and they like to go close. So the formula is very simple and
convincing. Those who have love for Baba, their existence becomes reflected
with the charm. And this charm, it has nothing to do with educational
qualification, social status (post etc or color of the cloth), or money
situation. Rather this charm depends exclusively upon the degree of love
that they have for Baba. So good devoted margiis, their existence is more
charming than others. This one can see in their area or anywhere.

Baba explained more that by this way one can have the idea that how far the
next person or any margii is pure or impure in their thoughts, longing, and
ideation. That is if their existence is sweet, then they have more love for

So because Baba is the nucleus of all the charms that is why He is most
attractive, unparalleled. And thinking and loving Him, ordinary human
beings become extraordinary.


It is well known that Baba is the Supreme Commander of VSS, the World Peace
Militia. That is why in the beginning of its formation Baba used to come to
the parade ground to inspect and do flag hosting. On such occasions one
special high chair was arranged where He used to sit, for flag hosting.
That is why the salute giving, one traditional way is there: ‘Salute to the
Divine Father…Salute’.


Unfortunately the late PP Shraddhanand Dadaji was receiving the slogan ‘Salute to
the Divine Father…Salute’. When he received he was smiling with folded
hands. Some say that because of this he got degenerated. And he brought
down AMPS from shining gold to…

Here is one other point to be added, that Shraddhananda Dadaji has made the
system in his regular day to day life that two times daily he receives this
‘Salute to the Divine Father…Salute’, and each time he receives this
smiling with folded hands. The salute is given by the bunch of VSS

Any present or future PP who follows in this way will also certainly
face the consequences.


When VSS was created then after some time, Baba was passing by and visited
to Acarya Ram Bahadur Singh’s residence in Barahi, Bihar on 27 Dec 1959.
Ram Bahadurji had taken the duty of managing VSS so Baba visited him on
various occasions to communicate different points, oversee some works, and
to give His blessings. And on this particular occasion of 27 December 1959
in Ram Bahadurji’s house Baba gave one very special blessing which is
called as ‘Voice of BABA’.

In that very house Baba has given:


As a soldier you must not search for worldly pleasure or
comfort. Be ready for all sorts of sufferings.
Let suffering be your asset. Suffering will help you in
establishing the Sadvipra ra’j. You must not argue –
You must think twice –
You should “do” or “die”.
I don’t want to see the face of a defeated son
in flesh and blood.

Yours affectionately





In VSS camp the ‘Voice of BABA’ is used in the evening parade. It is
the concluding blessing of the program and everyone present at the camp has
to repeat it when it is called out.


The Meaning of Vishva Shanti Sena’:

Vishva = World; Shanti = Peace; Sena’ = Militia or Army

So the English meaning is World Peace Militia. And the name ‘Volunteers for
Social Service’ was introduced for those who would be horrified by the name
Vishva Shanti Sena’, World Peace Militia.


Those days VSS had multiple types of work:

(a) Giving security to Baba. Although Baba was always joking about the VSS
alertness about giving security to Him. Many stories are there that I will
write later on or please write.
(b) To give security to Margiis on different programs in various ways.
(c) To serve the society at large by relief etc.
(d) Maintain law and order and bring peace around the globe, etc.


This attraction theory is very simple. When a flower blossoms then
naturally people get attracted and like to go close. So around the flowers up
to what distance that fragrance goes people get attracted. So in natural
way flower has attraction and people get attracted. But nobody gets
attracted towards dry leaf as they get feeling toward the flower. And they
like to go close. SO the idea is that where or on which thing human beings
get attracted they like to go close to that. So when devotees see Baba they
naturally feel attracted and in that attraction they like to go close. They
feel attracted and that was the problem those days because there was the
absence of VSS. People were going close to Baba and trying to grab Him.


Lord BABA says,
“This Parama Purus’a is the ultimate goal of existence, and only to attain
Him have human beings come onto this earth. If they fail to do so, then
they do not deserve to be called human beings. Hence life devoid of dharma
is worse than animal life.” (SS-11, p.88)


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From: “Laksmii”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: My Beloved in “Madhupur”
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 12:26:40 +0530


“Toma’re smariya’ supath dhariya’ kariya’ ya’bo a’mi toma’ri ka’j…” (P.S. 2181)


Baba remembering You, I will move on the righteous path. By this way I
will go on serving You– fulfilling Your desire. O’ the dearmost Jewel of
my mind, by Your grace always I will move towards You– forgetting the
past, removing the staticity, and avoiding all sorts of dogma. By Your
grace, with the stroke of my feet I will crush my selfishness. And by
Your grace I will look towards everyone’s needs and requirements. I will
engage myself in everyone’s service.

Everyone’s happiness is my happiness. This very idea I will contemplate
in a new way from today onwards. Baba, by Your grace, and thinking about
Your love, Your greatness, & ideating on You– I will become one with
You. All my narrowness will be destroyed and my whole existence will be
transformed into vastness, by Your grace. Baba, with Your divine touch,
my whole existence will be vibrated in ecstasy. And what way You bless
me, You will qualify me according to Your liking & I will be transformed
into that. And having all those things I will serve You according to Your desire…


Throughout the ages, great devotees and spiritualists – like Vidya’pati,
Kabir, & Tagore – have employed metaphors in their songs and poetry to
describe the ecstasy of divine love.

Such metaphors – given in plain and simple language – help inspire
common people understand that there are higher aspects of devotional
life. In turn, a section of the population will seek out the deeper
meaning via inquiry and sadhana. Hence, there is great benefit to such

By His grace, our Sadguru Baba has also used indirect language, double
entendre, and metaphors to describe the more intimate relation that
develops in higher dhya’na. By this way, we are aware about and strive
to realise that type of mystical love and communion in our own sadhana.

At the same time, in the past with regards to the writings of Vidya’pati
and Kabir as well as in the present with Prabhat Samgiita, there are
some leaders who have misinterpreted those metaphorical teachings and
led the common people astray.

By gaining a clearer insight as to the meaning of metaphors in
spiritually-oriented literature, we can all move more pointedly toward
out Goal, both individually and collectively.


Language is inherently limited – it cannot capture nor express the full
gamut of human emotions and feelings. Just as a young couple in love
cannot put into words the feelings they have for one another – let alone
try and explain it to others, the same is true on the path of sadhana.
Those more intimate thoughts and feelings of dhya’na like madhura bhava
are not easily expressed in words. Yet those feelings exist and are well
within the range of human experience. It is just that language is often
incapable of conveying those subtle devotional states.

Guru bob se shiis’a’ ka’l…

Baba says, “It has been said that when someone wants to tell another
about Parama Purus’a, at the time of speaking neither is the
symbolization of the words possible, nor is the symbolization of what is
heard by the listeners possible. That is, for both speaking and
listening the symbolization of words is difficult. It is indeed a
difficult state and the Guru becomes dumb and the disciple becomes deaf.
What can the Guru [do] except become dumb? Because of the limited scope
of language, He cannot express Himself. How can Parama Purus’a be
symbolized in words?” (AFPS-6)

Thus, given the inherent limitation of language, yet the very real need
to convey a particular idea, great poets have expressed their
realisation through metaphors, using common language and analogies to
hint at their main idea.


The great sadhaka Vidya’pati has written many poems about higher sadhana
experiences, one of which is “Hari gela’ Madhupura’ ha’ma kulaba’la'”.

In this poem Sri Vidya’pati is using very common words to convey a
sublime idea. That way the general population can at least get a glimpse
of what he is talking about. In the end, those with a little bit of
insight will understand that Vidya’pati is indirectly describing a very
high state of mind, whereas some will just take it as face value. And it
is the former who should and will educate the common people as to the
meaning of those writings.

Hari gela madhupur can be misinterpreted in two ways.

Hari is a boy’s name, Madhupur is a city in North Bihar, ha’ma means I
am, kula means prestigious family, and ba’la means daughter.

Thus the literal meaning is that, “I am a daughter of a prestigious
family and I am on my way to see my boyfriend Hari in the town of Madhupur.”

That is one way to understand – albeit a grossly literal one – and
interpret Vidya’pati’s poem.

Of course those with greater curiosity and insight will understand that
the meaning must be something more than that. After all, Viaya’pati was
a great sadhaka and poet – surely his intention was something more.


By Baba’s grace, He has given us the ideal explanation of the metaphor
which Vidya’pati has used in his poem.

Baba says, “The kulakun’d’alinii resides in the kula, that is, in the
last bone of the vertebral column. In Sanskrit kun’d’alinii means
“coiled”, “serpentine loop”, “serpentine coil”. Jilipii [a fried sweet]
is also called kun’d’alinii in Sanskrit because it is coiled. The poet
Vidya’pati has said: Hari gela’ Madhupura’ ha’ma kulaba’la’ [“The Lord
is in Madhupur, that is, in the sahasra’ra cakra; I am kulaba’la’”].”
“Where is Hari [the Lord]? He is in Madhupur. “Madhupur” means the
sahasra’ra cakra. In Vaes’n’ava Tantra, the sahasra’ra is “Madhupur”.
From “Madhupur”, “Madhura” and “Mathura” have been derived. So Mathura
is not only the town in Uttar Pradesh, it is also the sahasra’ra cakra.
Ha’ma kulaba’la’ – “I am kulaba’la’,” that is, “I am the jiivashakti
[divinity of the individual] sleeping in the last vertebra.” Kulaba’la’
does not here mean “the daughter of a [prestigious] family”.” (DKG)

Thus by Baba’s elaboration the meaning is perfectly clear. Hari refers
to Parama Purusa, Madhupur means the sahasrara cakra (madhu means nectar
and pur means place) or the place where nectar secretes, kul refers to
the base cakra, bala refers to the unit being. The overall meaning is
that, “I the jiivatma am restless to go see my Lord in Madhupur.” It
refers to a sadhaka’s deep desire to bring the mind from the lower most
point up to the crown cakra, the place of divine communion.

So Vidyapati’s poem is full of full spiritual meaning and significance
and he used such simple yet indirect language both to attract the common
people and because words in general fail to fully convey a sadhaka’s
sublime experience in dhya’na. Thus he had to resort to a metaphor which
even common people could begin to understand.

Verily, over the course of history, so many greats – from Jayadeva in
the Giita Govindum to Kabir in his poetry to Tagore in Ravindra Samgiita
– have described high spiritual experiences using metaphors in plain and
simple language.

Baba Himself has validated this approach.


For instance, when Baba visited the famous Konark temple in Orissa, then
during that field walk He talked about the carvings on the walls of the
temple. Those carvings graphically display male and female bodies
engaged in a deep embrace and union. And Baba is telling to Ac
Raghunathji and others present on that field walk that this carving
depicts divine love.

Baba pointed out that if one looks at the facial expression and manner
of the eyes, then it is quite clear that those devotional artists are
not talking about crude sexual matters but rather highly spiritual love.
Just those artists used the metaphor of physical attraction to convey
the ecstasy that can be experienced in sadhana. They had no other words
nor images by which to communicate their intention to the common people.

But those citizens with just a little bit of insight and curiosity
understood well that those high-minded sages and artists had a more
subtle message to share.


Given the fairly widespread use of metaphors in spiritual songs, poetry
and literature, it then becomes the duty of those with more spiritual
insight to unravel that metaphor so all can understand at least a little
of what is being conveyed.

All in all it needs strong sadhana to understand and explain those

The same can be the said of Prabhat Samgiita. Deeper realisation is
needed to give a proper purport of Baba’s songs.

Unfortunately, unqualified or selfish people invariably put forth their
own interpretation that misguides the common people. We even see this
happening within our Marga.

If a person simply misunderstands a spiritual poem or passage, that can
be easily forgiven and corrected. But when a person of a certain post or
social status broadcasts their misguided interpretation to advance their
own agenda, then that obviously has to be addressed in a stronger manner.


We all know that Baba’s divine world of Prabhat Samgiita describes the
full range of realistions, emotions, and devotional states felt by
sadhakas. Through Prabhat Samgiita, Baba is communicating with us and
giving us a medium to express our most intimate feelings.

Of course, so many sincere sadhakas have developed a link with Baba’s
compositions of Prabhat Samgiita, and this has greatly enhanced their
sadhana and devotional feeling.

Yet there are some others who have severely misinterpreted Baba’s songs.
Here are a few examples of certain leaders who could not understand the
spirit of Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita. You can decide for yourself to what
degree they politicized their interpretation.



There is an entire genre of Prabhat Samgiita that fall within the
category of melancholic songs. In such songs, the sadhaka is in a high
state of mind – a deeply devotional bhava – and feels the close
proximity of Parama Purusa, but not the extreme closeness that he yearns
to have with Baba.

Because of this, the sadhaka feels a sense of separation and pain, i.e.
melancholia. And in that deeply devotional state of melancholic longing,
the sadhaka may say, “Oh my dearmost Parama Purusa, where have You gone,
why have You left me.”

The inner meaning is that, “Baba even if you are one inch away from me
that is too far, or even if you are coming in my dhyana, still that is
not enough, I want you even more close. I want to lose myself in You

So that is the direction in which those songs are moving. With a sadhana
oriented mind-set one can easily understand the deeply devotional nature
of these melancholic songs. They represent an intimate connection
between the bhakta and Parama Purusa.

In no way, shape or form is that meaning of the song that Parama Purusa
has really gone away somewhere – forever. Rather Baba is employing a
common, easy-to-understand metaphor to depict a sadhaka’s longing in

Yet some in the Tiljala camp have propagandized these melancholic songs
as Mahaprayan songs as a means to justify their dogmatic program that
Baba has left. Either they really think that Baba has gone so they feel
that these melancholic songs point in that direction, or they are so
infatuated with making the Kolkata Mahaprayan program into a huge event
that they are even willing to ruin Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita to suit their
groupist agenda. Which is the case, that is for others to decide.

The main idea is that in Prabhat Samgiita, Baba is not saying that He has
has really left. Dry minded people might interpret it that way. But
those with even a little spiritual wealth know that melancholic songs
describe the intimate longing between bhakta and Parama Purusa, and
there is no question that Baba has really left.

That is one area of misinterpretation of Prabhat Samgiita.



Then there is another type of song in Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita collection
that depict how a sadhaka is waiting desperately for Parama Purusa to
grace him by coming in dhyana. The sense is that the sadhaka has done
half-bath, sung bhajans and Prabhat Samgiita, performed shuddhis and the
various sadhana lessons, and is now yearning to have Baba in dhyana.

And in His Prabhat Samgiita lyrics, Baba may use the metaphor of a
female. The female has prepared her hair nicely with braids and flower
garlands and has done so much to attract her beloved, but alas He is not

In the above metaphor, Baba is employing an everyday common example that
everyone can relate with to express the universality of longing in
sadhana. He is teaching everyone the type yearning one should have and
cultivate in their devotional life. The above metaphor does not at all
imply that this is song exclusively for female sadhakas. No one should
take it in this way.

Rather Baba is teaching us all about a’kuti, strong spiritual longing.

Just as the female has anxiously prepared her hair and dress in excited
anticipation for her rendez-vous, a sadhaka has done so many
preparations like half-bath, kiirtan, 3rd lesson etc in order to get
Baba in dhyana.

So such Prabhat Samgiita songs like Toma’r ta’re nishi ja’ga’ (PS
#1068), are songs for all sadhakas, irregardless of one’s gender.

Yet in her book “Awakening of Women”, Didi A’nanda Rucira has grossly
misunderstood the inner meaning of Baba’s metaphorical language and
instead put forth the false notion that Baba has explicitly written such
songs for sisters / Didis.

When in reality, our AM does not differentiate between male and female
sadhakas. The devotional teachings are for all, irregardless of one’s
gender. Anyone with a bit of devotional insight will easily understand
that Baba is employing a common metaphor to teach the people that this
same type of yearning is also present in the spiritual realm – except it
is much deeper.

That is the idea that Baba is conveying in His Prabhat Samgiita. Yet
because this intimate feeling is not easy to put into words, He employs
the analogy of a young maiden in love. That way people can easily
connect with the feeling of the song and cultivate the notion that such
strong longing is an essential facet of deep sadhana.

So none should get swayed into thinking that Baba has written this
Prabhat Samgiita exclusively for sisters or that Baba is describing
goddess worship – both of which Didi Ananda Rucira advocates in her book.

Of course Baba has done so much for women’s welfare, women’s rights, and
the dignity of women. That cannot be denied – we are all familiar with
Baba’s vast selection of works and teachings in this regard.

Yet at the same time, in their confusion, no one should believe or
propagandize certain Prabhat Samgiita as beings songs for women due to
the gross misunderstanding of a simple metaphor.



In nearly all of Baba’s songs, especially the devotional order of
Prabhat Samgiita as opposed to the social songs for occasions like
birthdays etc, there is a distinct longing and attraction involved –
i.e. the desire to get Parama Purusa. This simple message every sadhaka
in AM understands.

Yet so-called performers like Jyotsna (SUVA) sing Prabhat Samgiita in
night clubs and pubs to wild crowds of drunken youths who are bound up
in lustful desires and Jyotsna is teaching and guiding them that these
songs describe what they are feeling.

This obviously is gross injustice to Prabhat Samgiita and if Jyotsna has
recently stopped this approach of hers then that is great and a public
apology will be delivered. But tragically for years and years, Jyotsna
has been using Prabhat Samgiita for her own fame as a nightclub
superstar and sending the wrong message to the people.

We have to remember that in the days of old – especially in India –
people were very strict in sexual matters so those poets would use the
analogy or metaphor of worldly love without fear that people would
indulge or misunderstand the message. But now in this present era of
extreme materialism, everything gets twisted in a sensual and sexual
manner- from songs to movies to advertisements etc. So people easily
think any type of attraction must refer to sexual attraction.

Such things happened with the misunderstanding of tantra, the Krsna –
Radha metaphor and so many others. These things got twisted in a sexual

That is why Baba is very careful and explicit that His Prabhat Samgiita
must not be played on the radio or be used as filmy songs. Because He
knows the common mass would misunderstand in this materialistic era.

Thus when anyone is promoting Prabhat Samgiita in nightclubs or any
other type of venue, then they are directly going against Baba’s wish
and we must oppose such things.


In order to understand Prabhat Samgiita or any of Baba’s devotional
teachings, strong sadhana is needed. Practical experience is required to
understand the devotional theory or philosophy.

It is just like how one cannot understand the taste of something sweet
until it is eaten. Likewise in the realm of devotion, theory alone is
not enough.

We must sincerely practice sadhana to understand Baba’s
spiritual-cum-devotional guidelines. When sadhana is high then one can
see and understand different aspects of AM literature, including Prabhat

Because during sadhana, Baba gives higher feelings in the mind. And with
that higher mind, one can understand His indirect teachings in the
proper way.

Those who do not practice sadhana properly and cannot appreciate the
idea of bhava, they cannot understand all the subtle points and
metaphors used in Prabhat Samgiita.

If anyone is a layman and they make a mistake due to their own blindness
then that is excusable. Whereas if a public official is openly promoting
a misguided idea like pornography then the situation is very serious and
must be addressed strongly.

Thus when certain people – i.e. a few people – in AM are promoting wrong
ideas, and when such people are long-time acaryas, famous performers, or
leaders of a group etc, then the situation is serious and those matters
must be met head on, lest common sadhakas get misguided and swayed by
those wrong things.

Here the overall aim is to clarify Baba’s use of indirect language and
metaphors for everyone’s benefit. We should all work together in this
regard and identify and reject any and all wrong interpretations.


By Baba’s grace when we practice sadhana sincerely and understand all
His teachings properly, then we are sure to reach the Goal.

Baba says, “Human beings have been aspiring for this final liberation
since time immemorial and those who have understood it should know that
they do not have to wait for it endlessly form one life to another. In
this very life convert your psychic symbolization into psycho-spiritual
symbolization and become and emancipated being.” (AFPS-6)



In the great poet’s Kabir’s songs and writings, He often employs
metaphors, indirect language, and double-entendre, something that can be
interpreted in two ways.

In one particular song, it is stated: My blanket is raining and the
water is drenching.

This of course does not make much sense.

With a more devotional application of mind though, we can understand the
meaning as, “I am crying for the Lord, my tears are raining down into my
palms, my palms are drenched in those tears of love.”

One of the main sources of confusion stems from the fact that the word
for hand and water is the same. Yet those who have done sadhana and
understand Kabir’s intention can properly understand and translate his
poems. They will be linked with the spiritual message of Kabir’s writings.


Here are some other points & misunderstandings about Prabhat Samgiita.

1) Not everyone in AM understands that the songs about Lord Shiva and
Lord Krsna are NOT meant to be sung by margiis. These are not our
devotional songs. Baba has given those songs for devotees of those other
two Taraka Brahmas. In His kindness, Baba does not want overlook any
bhatka. He has given something for all, even bhaktas of Lord Shiva and
Lord Krsna. A few margiis seem to think that songs of Lord Shiva and
Lord Krsna are for our devotional practices and they sing them at
paincajanya and dharmacakra etc, but this is not the proper approach. We
should keep a strict, one-pointed devotional approach and only sing for

2) In many, many songs, Baba makes use of indirect language such as
words like Bandhu (Friend), Sakha (Friend), Priyo (Dear), Priyatama
(Dearmost) etc. But we understand that these words have dual meanings
and apply the right one in our ideation. We do not think that the song
is for our friend at work, but rather Baba is goading the mind to create
a more intimate relation with Parama Purusa like that of friend or

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Someone could translate "Washington D.C." into 'washing' + 'ton'. meaning 'the city where a huge piles of laundry is done""

Someone could translate "Washington D.C." into 'washing' + 'ton'. meaning 'the city where a huge piles of laundry is done""

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 06:19:28 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Amriteshwar Verma”
Subject: Is this Proper to Do?


“Ka’lo jetha’y a’loy meshe, sa’t sa’gar pa’re…” (1867)


Baba, after crossing the seven oceans there is a land where the
blackness and effulgence meet: the world of immortality, i.e. satyaloka.
O’ my dearmost, by Your grace I will get You there– at that effulgent
tangential point.* Baba, Your and my intimate closeness has been going
on since eternity. It is beyond the relative factors of time, space, and
person. Baba, our relation knows no limitations. In the begininng we
were one; during my entire movement through saincara and pratisaincara
our unifying link has remained. Baba, today I feel Your love in my
heart; in the past also I felt that love; and by Your grace in the
future our love will remain. Baba, You alone are my eternal Companion.
Everything else in this mobile universe comes and goes. Under the
ignorance of avidya maya I foolishly depend on worldly things– thinking
those things will be with me up to eternity. Baba, by Your grace when
awareness comes, then I understand that everything in this expressed
world is ephemeral, except You– Parama Purusa. Baba, even the vast,
boundless ocean of avidya maya cannot create obstacles in our relation.
Baba, between You and me there is a strong attraction. You are pulling
me with Your infinite love.

Whatever obstacles come along the way will be smashed. Our love will
go on and on and I will become one with You by Your grace. Baba, in the
past I misunderstood everything and I got captivated by my blind
attachments. I temporarily lost the path of divinity and got caught in
the net of avidya maya. That was my darkest hour. But now, by Your
grace, I realise that I was Yours then and that still today I am Yours.
So many lifetimes have passed and by Your grace I remain under Your
shelter. Today, I keep Your sweet memory in my heart. My each and every
thing is for You. Baba, by saturating me in Your love, make me Yours.
Sometimes my mind gets attracted by the worldly colours, and I get
attached with those transient things. Baba, please shower Your causeless
grace. Please love me so much that Your love dominates my entire
existence; then, by Your grace, I will not get attracted by anything
else. Baba, please colour me by spreading the love of Your heart– Your
divine love. O’ my dearmost, reside eternally in my heart as my most
loving One.


*Ka’lo…a’loktiire = These are the opening and closing Bengali words of
the first paragraph of the above song (#1867). This entire first stanza
carries a deep philosophical meaning and is characterized by this below
explanation and quotes.

The basic idea is that beyond the multifarious expressions of this
mundane existence there is a heavenly abode. By the path of sadhana one
can cross the darkness of the unit mind and reach up to that divine
threshold– the abode of Parama Purusa. Baba, being the Taraka Brahma
reamins eternally in that divine stance.

These following quotes lead in that direction and provide insight into
the deeply philosophical meaning of the first stanza of the above
Prabhat Samgiita.

Baba says, “Satyaloka or the Abode of Truth is the ultimate state, of
the highest state of tranquillity (supramental state of witness-ship
beyond the scope-of the mind). In philosophical language it is called
Brahmaloka or the abode of Brahma.”

Baba says, “And when the sa’dhakas transcend the illusory bondage of
their buddhitattva — existential “I”– and race towards the ultimate
reality unhindered by any reflection on the mental plate, their
intellects and indeed their whole identities merge in Consciousness in
its pure form. That unreflected A’tman is alone called the pure
Nirgun’a. This state is the unchallengeable position in satyaloka – this
state is Consciousness itself.” (AMIWL-5)

Baba says, “In this sadhana of stabilising the citta the meaning of
progress is to gradually cleanse every kos’a of its impurities. When
ka’mamaya kos’a is stabilized, the citta will follow the dictates of the
manomaya kos’a and will not be swayed by the lower propensities, by
sensual proclivities. Then again, when manomaya kos’a becomes tranquil
the citta will be free from the influence of kamamaya kos’a. It will
then merge its own entity in the atima’nasa kos’a – the supramental
mind. In other words, it will exhaust the remaining sam’ska’ras. It
cannot perform any original action (pratyayamu’laka) without
citta-suddhi, (mental purification) because these non-original actions
keep the lower kos’as active. Thus one must continue with sa’dhana’
ceaselessly with a view to gradually establishing harmony and
equilibrium in the kos’as one after another. The moment the indistinct
sensibility of the hiran’maya kos’a (subtle causal mind) is free of the
least vestige of impurity, the sa’dhaka shines with the dazzling radiance
of the Satyaloka. That is an auspicious moment for a sa’dhaka as
it is unification between A’tman and Parama´tman.” (AMIWL-5)

Baba says, “The perfect sa’dhana’ is the sustained effort to completely
identify every kos’a with the inner self, thus the more sa’dhakas
progress on the path of sa’dhana’, the more their cakras and
propensities (vrttis) are gradually controlled by the higher and higher
kos’as. But the sa’dhakas must not stop here. At the final stage of
their sa’dhana’ even the stance of a’jina cakra, even their entire mind
entity – has to be taken to a higher state of existence, the Brahmaloka,
and merged in the Purus’a Bha’va or Cognitive Bearing. It is in the
Sahasra’ra Cakra (pineal plexus) that sa’dhakas establish themselves in
the true blissful state and transcend the bondages of pleasure and pain.
That state is the ultimate state of attainment for microcosms, it is the
original stance of Brahma. There exists neither you nor He, the two
become One. It is by means of sa’dhana’ that this supreme rank is
attainable. So you see, the destiny of human beings is in their own
hands. You are certainly capable of controlling yourself.
Here “yourself” means your propensities – the demons within you.” (AMIWL-5)


Just as the lines and phrases in the above Prabhat Samgiita contains
unique philosophical and devotional meaning. Similarly there are various
terms employed throughout His collection of Prabhat Samgiita which are
more than mere literary forms. This following letter reviews the
meaning of the name ‘Ajana Pathik’ and discusses whether it should be
translated or not.


One of the greatest things in the life each and every devotee is to have
the opportunity to call the Lord. As we know Baba the Parama Purusa has
multiple names, yet it appears that a few jinanis are confused about how
to treat these beautiful appellations of Baba. Kindly read the following
and share your own thoughts as well.


As each and every margii has the feeling in their heart, our Beloved
Baba, the divine Entity for whom we have full adoration and love, is our
be-all and end-all of life. He is our Ista and with great reverence we
chant His name in our Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan.

But we never attempt to literally translate each term of that kiirtan
and sing the translated version as: ‘father name only’, instead of Baba
Nam Kevalam. Means no one sings it as: ‘father name only’. Because the
words Baba-Nam-Kevalam carry a special meaning in our heart, and to sing
‘father-name-only’ does not reflect that same inner feeling. So we do
not do like this.

Because while chanting Baba Nam Kevalam then deep inside the idea is
there that in our hearts we are calling Baba.


Unfortunately certain jinanis have chosen to translate one of the
revered names of Baba. Means a few jinanis literally translate ‘Ajana
Pathik’ to ‘unknown traveler’– when any true devotee knows that the
term ‘unknown traveler does not at all carry the inner beauty and
meaning of the name: ‘Ajana Pathik’.


Then who knows what these jinanis will do next. Tomorrow they might
literally translate our ‘Baba Nam Kevalam’ kiirtan to ‘father name
only’. Or in their confusion they might translate His name ‘Shrii Shrii
Anandamurtiji’ as ‘charm charm bliss embodiment’. Of course devotees
will never do like this because we feel more close to Him by saying
Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. The problem is however that a few of these
jinanis are likely to do anything, since already they have literally
translated the beautiful name ‘Ajana Pathik’ into the term ‘unknown


The general rule and ethic is that nobody likes to literally translate
anything which is the proper noun of any person or place. Because then
all types of confusions can come. For example if we literally examine
the name ‘Washington DC’, then in their foolishness someone could change
that into ‘washing’ + ‘ton’. Literally meaning ‘cleaning’ + ‘tons’,
meaning ‘the city where a huge piles of laundry is done’.

So no sane person does like this.

Similarly no one literally translated ‘Bombay’ to ‘Bomb’ + ‘ay’, meaning
‘the place where explosive bombs are manufactured’. Likewise no one
literally translates ‘New York’ as ‘Fresh York’.

The overall notion is that literally translating names or proper nouns
does not work.


The divine name ‘Ajana Pathik’ denotes one of Baba’s special
attributions, but those jinanis do not have any sense so they do crazy
types of things like literally translating that term.

Yet we should not allow anything to occur which goes even one iota
against the spirit of Ista or reverence to Guru. So those jinanis who
are incapable to think in the proper direction should not touch this
delicate type of work of translating Prabhat Samgiita, otherwise they
will prove their impotence and futility each and every step along the
way. And ultimately they will create a mess.

And that is what they have done here. In Prabhat Samgiita number 227
these jinanis have translated the line ‘Ajana Pathik ek eseche’ as ‘the
unknown traveler has come’. But their chosen term ‘unknown traveler’ is
just related with tourism. It does not have any devotional value.


Instead in the translation we should keep the line as ‘Ajana Pathik has
come’, and mark it with an asterisk note which carefully explains that
the beautiful term Ajana Pathik is one of the names of Parama Purusa and
that it denotes one of His special attributions.

So the best way is to write it as ‘The Ajana Pathik has come’. And then
by the asterisk note readers will easily understand that in this
instance Baba wants to be called Ajana Pathik. And so we will call Him
that way then in the back of our minds we will devotionally remember that:

The term Ajana Pathik means ‘The Divine Entity Parama Purusa
Who moves around this entire universe and Who resides everywhere
and knows everything, and irrespective of where one goes
He remains along with you’.

That is one of His many unique attributions and that is the speciality
of the name ‘Ajana Pathik’. Means the name ‘Ajana Pathik’ denotes this
special quality.

Hence if in translation one jinani just omits the term Ajana Pathik and
instead literally writes ‘unknown traveler’, then this does not at all
carry the special meaning or inner beauty of the term. And ultimately
anyone reading that (mis)translation will not be able know what Parama
Purusa really wants to say in His song.


By Baba’s grace in our devotional life we should move ahead according to
His direction then we are sure to reach our cherished Goal.

Baba says, “Success is yours for the asking. Go on making the correct
effort.” (AV-23, p.129)


Note: All family members should kindly write in with their thoughts and
suggestions. By collective sharing we will surely comes up with the best
way to move ahead and serve Baba & His creation.

Negative Teaching Makes People Cowards

Baba says, “Starving people…basing their lives’ ideals on the wrong
religious concept and philosophy throughout their genealogical
traditions they come to regard their own miserable circumstances as the
God ordained destiny. If, in those days they had a high-spirited leader,
if they had heard his fiery speeches, or could get a proper lead and
guidance, they would perhaps have made a concerted assault on the then
social structure.” (HS-1, p.76)


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"..heaven and hell is totally dependent on one's state of mind and dealing and it is not a physical place."

"..this description of heaven and hell is totally dependent on one's state of mind and dealing and it is not a physical place."

To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Heaven & Hell
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 06:23:40 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“Arupa ratan tumi priyo…” (P.S. #2571)


O’ Parama Purusa my dearmost, You are the formless jewel. Baba, You are
smiling in the sky and You are floating in the air. O’ Formless Jewel, it
is my only request that You please make me Yours.

Constantly without any pause I go on asking for Your karuna– divine
compassion. I do not have anyone except You. Everyone’s fate is situated in
You. Baba, please look towards me with Your gracious eyes.

Baba, again and again I have taken birth on this earth. How many times I
left this earth I cannot say– it is beyond my capacity to say. Everything
is residing in Your mind; because of that You are the most adorable One.

O’ Formless Jewel, Baba, You are my dearmost…

Formless Jewel: When that formless Entity comes in the form of Taraka
Brahma then in that unique expression He is the link between the world of
form and formlessness. And He can bring sadhakas into that eternal abode–
divine stance of formlessness. Indeed by doing dhyana on Him, devotees
attain moksa.

1-25 Bha’vah bha’va’tiitayoh setuh Ta’rakabrahma

Purport: The bridge between Nirgun’a Brahma and Sagun’a Brahma is called
Ta’raka Brahma. (AS)


Since some time this was confusion in my mind. In so many discourses it is
said that He is the controller of Hell. Many such teachings are there about
this which have been cited in the note section. So when I read all these
things then I got confused that, is there any hell? Because one hand Parama
Purusa is the controller of earth, heaven, and hell. And yet, the opposite
way has been written in Ananda Sutram. Which is as follows:

2-20 Na svargo na rasa’talah

“Purport: There exists no such thing as heaven or hell. When a person does
a virtuous act or enjoys the fruits thereof, the environment around him is
then called heaven; and when he does an evil act and endures the
consequences thereof, then the environment around that person becomes a
hell for him.” (AS, Sutra 2-20)

So on one side there is the teaching that there is heaven and hell, and on
the other side there is another teaching – that there is no heaven or hell.
It was quite confusing for me.


I myself was thinking that it cannot be because Baba is Parama Purusa and
He always tells the perfect truth and He is beyond time, place, and person.
And He is the controller of everything so it cannot be contradictory.

Indeed AM shastra is such a deep thing that it needs explanation. That is
why in Namah Shiva’ya Shantaya book, Baba tells that scriptures should be
well-explained. So due to my shallow understanding I am confirming with
others. This is the confusing point; such confusion can come to any
ordinary person. Because in Sanskrit one word can have many meanings. And
the second point is that scripture is written in a very concise manner. So
in that way people may not understand properly.


Thinking all these things, I reached to a senior family kapalika acarya.
And I placed my question. And he replied that, ‘Baba’s discourses are very
deep. To understand you have to go more deeply. And then you will find that
what Baba has written that is apta vakya, perfect. There is no question of
any contradiction.’

On the point of heaven and hell, here the Family Acarya’s reply was very
simple. He told that, ‘Read this discourse of 7th April ’79, Patna. The
point will be very clear.’

And he also began to explain as follows.

We all have human mind and with that comes a dark side and a good side.
When people are moving more towards spirituality that is the brighter side
and when attracted with that those negative propensities that is the darker
portion. And in that dark side there are seven lower-most stages. And there
are some persons who are so degenerated that they are doing robbery and
cheating others day and night. And if confronted about that they have all
sorts of justifications. And they will say that ‘this is the way; everybody
is doing like this; so accordingly I am doing the same’. So their mind is
very low– they do not understand. So this is all associated with that
lower side.

And on the other side there are people who have very good minds. And day
and night they are working for the service and welfare of one and all. And
they are dedicated to pleasing Parama Purusa and they working for the
upliftment of all. So such persons are established on the wave of
brightness. Thus they are in the divine world.

So this entire description of heaven and hell is totally dependent on one’s
state of mind and dealing and it is not a physical place. Accordingly,
then hell is not a particular place. but a state of mind where it is
surrounded by avidya maya.


Baba says, “Asuriya nam…Narak is the loka of the dark world. That means,
the effulgence of the sun does not reach there. It is always surrounded
with cimmerian darkness. Darkness is so deep, that human beings cannot see
themselves. Such a deep darkness is called “anda tamisra'”. Where a human
being cannot see oneself, or others. Is this a type of hell? Yes, where
there is no effulgence, those who are covered by cimmerian darkness. Those
who do not do spiritual practice, those who do not do sadhana, they move
towards this loka of cimmerian darkness — rasatala, hell.”

“Uta means hell. In the hell, there are seven layers: Tala, atala, vital,
tala’tala, pa’ta’la, atipa’ta’la, and rasa’tala. Same way, in the world of
effulgence, nectar, there are seven layers – bhuhloka, bhuvahloka,
svahloka, mahahloka, janahloka, tapahloka, satyaloka. Parama Purusa is the
controller of these two worlds, heaven and hell. You must not
forget that all these seven lokas which are the underworld, of hell, or
these higher lokas which are the world of effulgence, they are not any
particular place. They are different stages of mind.” (AV-9 (H))

So here Baba tells that regarding hell you will not find any particular
place which is like the earth or moon or mars.

In another discourse Baba makes it very clear, that hell is a status of mind.

Baba says, “Those human beings who do not do sadhana for their spiritual
development, they are sure to get degenerated. Because in this universe,
nothing is immobile. Whether one likes it or not, one has to move. So those
who are not doing the sadhana of moving upward, they will not remain where
they are. Rather they will fall down. Because, they will have to move. If
one does not go up, then one has to go down. There are seven layers of the
mind, towards the downwards direction also. -Tala, atala, vital, tala’tala,
pa’ta’la, atipa’ta’la, and rasa’tala. Those human beings who are crude
minded, reach in hell– rasa’tala. That is the lower-most stage. Such a
human being is not human. He is not animal also. The stage of such a
person, is lower than animal…”

“When human beings get completely degenerated, then they create logic
and reasoning in the favor of their sinful deeds. So you think carefully.
That is the stage of cimmerian darkness where human beings cannot see their
own hand. Because they are surrounded by anda tamisra’, lower most of lower
lokas, rasa’tala. This is the path of degeneration.” (AV-24 Hindi, p.167)

And here Baba further describes that stage of degeneration.

Baba says, “Those who have human body but their deeds are not humane, what
is their stage? Their body is in bhurloka, but their mind is far lower than
bhurloka. After such demise they not got get human form. Instead they will
be crudified a become like wood, bricks, and stone. These are all truth–
logical things. But the tales of heaven and hell, vahista-dozalokha is just
gossip talk.” (AV–19, Hindi, p.12)

After reading this, the whole point is very clear. That, these worlds
heaven and hell, have no physical existence. It is a stage of mind. When
one does sadhana and feels the proximity of Parama Purusa Baba, then one is
in the higher world. And when mind is degenerated, selfish, crude, engaged
in heinous, sinful activities, then they are a creature of hell.

So it takes a deep and dharmic mind to understand that meaning and spirit
of Baba’s divine teachings.



In the following quotes, Baba talks in such a way about hell that
people may easily confuse that hell is one physical place.

Baba says, “U’ta’mrtasyesha’no: He is not only the Lord of heaven, He is
the Lord of hell also. U’ta’ means hell. So even a sinner of hell should
not become mentally disturbed because the Lord of hell is with him.”
(SS-11, p.51)

Baba says, “The loving inspiration of Shiva made those mute people
eloquent, and they proclaimed with a sweet smile on their faces, Hararme
pita’ Gaorii ma’ta’ svadeshah bhuvanatrayam [“Shiva is my father, Pa’rvatii
is my mother, and the three worlds of earth, heaven and hell are my native
land”]. (NSS, p.233 ’85 Ed.)

Baba says, “Shiva’s household is the three worlds.”
Hararme pita’ Gaorii ma’ta’ svadesho bhuvanatrayam.

[Hara is my father, Gaorii is my mother, and the three worlds of earth,
heaven and hell are my native land.] ” (DT-1, p.173)


And here Baba’s use of ‘hell’ is to refer to a mental state can be
likened to these following examples:

Similarly if when talking about someone you say ‘That person is negative’.
It does not mean if you bring a north pole magnet near him it will attract.
Because, your meaning is not about his physical body, but rather that his
mind is negative.

Or if you say ‘That person is crude’, it does not mean that if you touch
him or bring a hammer to his body, his body will be like stone. Because
your sense refers not to his body, but to his mind which is crude.

Or if you say, ‘He is soft’. It does not mean that person’s body his soft.
But rather, that his mind is soft.

And for example if you say, in discussing someone’s dogmatic view on
something ‘That fellow is blind’. Then by that you mean not that the person
is physically blind. But rather, that he is mentally blind and does not
have a sense of discrimination.

So the above descriptions, although they use physical type language, but
they refer to a person’s state of mind. And not their physical existence.
Similarly, as Baba explains that hell is a state of mind. It is not
something physical. But rather, it is a mental state.


Baba says, “Svahloka means manomaya kosa. The feeling of pleasure
and pain happens in this loka. Svah + ga = svarga. Svaloka is the subtle
mind. And manomaya kosa means mental state.” (AV-19, p.10)


In the common Marga society sometimes we come across a few persons
who think that Baba is contradictory. But their devotion is low and they do
not understand and instead of accepting their own foolishness and ignorance
they talk like that– accusing Baba. But those who have a certain
understanding about Baba, such persons realise that this is all just
toughness of the scriptures.


Here is an example where people foolishly blame Baba for being

They say, ‘Just see SS-4, discourse-2, “Matter and Spirit”, and another
discourse in MNS, “Matter and Abstract”. In the first discourse, Baba talks
that matter is bottled up energy. And in the second discourse, Baba talks
that matter is not bottled up energy.’

About matter is bottled up energy, the Family Acarya told that both the
discourses are 100% correct. If anybody those who are not overpowered by
vanity, easily they will understand. And he made me understand. I do not
have time to explain all those things, but anyone can read both the
discourses and they will understand. That the same Ananda Marga philosophy,
Baba is explaining in two ways.


Baba has explained this very point, that the scriptures are not
easy to understand. Baba further tells that people easily confuse the
scriptures, especially when unqualified persons are acting as the
scriptural interpreters. Here below Baba explains this point.

Baba says, “I have already said that there are various types of scripture
pertaining to the different spheres of life, and in the scriptures, too,
the ideas are presented in a few words. In very few cases only are they
elaborated. To present dharma sha’stra [spiritual scriptures], dharma guru
[spiritual preceptor], darshana sha’stra [philosophical treatises],
darshana pravakta’ [propounder of philosophy], sama’ja sha’stra [social
code], sama’ja neta [social leaders] and sama’ja a’darsha [social ideals]
in the proper perspective is the main purpose of sha’stra vya’khya’na.
Without proper interpretation, the sha’stras remain difficult to understand
and sometimes unintelligible. Thus the scriptures should always be
interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating
thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial
knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused.”

“There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor
penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures as a
means of livelihood. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the
correct perspective before the audience. Such people may be successful in
earning a living in the name of sha’stra vya’khya’na, but they do more harm
than good to the society.”

“There are still others who interpret the scriptures just to exhibit
their intellect — to procure for themselves a certificate of erudition.
They too remain far from the living spirit of the scriptures.” (NSS, p.202
’95 Ed)

Need of the Day

Baba says, “The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the
advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and
righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to
assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society
is one and indivisible.” (AFPS, pt 2 p.25)

Note: Nowadays in our Marga society, a few are forgetting this truth. They
should understand that this is not in the favour of dharma. Rather the call
of dharma is to form one human society.


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Lord Shiva's drum, "the da'mbaru, began to think that people ...coming to pay reverence to it (i.e. the da'mbaru) "

Lord Shiva's drum, "the da'mbaru, began to think that people were...coming to pay reverence to it (i.e. the da'mbaru) "

Date: Thu 16 July 2009 08:04:41 -0000
Subject: Lord Shiva D’ambaru’ Pranam Acaryas
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Satiish K Bhatia”


PS Intro: This below song reflects that deeply spiritual truth how
Parama Purusa is always graciously calling the jiivas towards His divine
Self through His eternal sound of omnkara– His murali dhvani, the
divine sound of Cosmic Consciousness.

“Tumi je d’ekecho a’ma’y, a’ja je ghare tha’ka’ da’y…” (PS 736)


Baba, it is impossible for me to remain here in my house because by Your
grace You have called me to come close to You. Baba, I want to respond
to Your gracious call. Baba, it is difficult to comprehend how
wonderfully magical Your tunes and melodies are. Baba, You are so
charming. Baba, in the abode of my mind the divine vibrations of Your
flute resonate incessantly– ceaselessly. By Your grace I hear Your
flute always: While sleeping, in my dreams, and in my awakened state.
Baba, You are so gracious; You are residing in my heart all the time,
all the 24hrs. Baba, even if I want to forget You, how can I forget You.
Baba, Your greatness is beyond conception. No matter how many octaves I
know, You are remaining beyond them all. You are beyond the reach of my
limited human capacity. Baba, by Your grace the resonance of Your divine
flute makes me float beyond all the lokas in Your rhythm, in Your song,
and in Your blissful melodies. Baba, O’ Divine Entity, please give me
shelter at Your lotus feet…


Baba makes one joke equating certain acaryas with the da’mbaru (small
drum) of Lord Shiva. The audio file (Hindi) about this has been uploaded HERE.

Here is the full story and hilarious situation.


All may be aware that Lord Shiva would often hold a trident and a
da’mbaru (small drum). To see a picture of the da’mbaru, search Google
images using the spelling “Shiva damaru”.

Being a great luminary and Taraka Brahma, it was very common for the
people of the day to come and pay their humble salutations to Lord
Shiva. He was revered and worshiped by all. Thus devotees from around
the world would lay prostrate in front of Lord Shiva, surrendering
everything at His alter. And He would bless them and solve their
problems. Being the embodiment of Supreme Consciousness itself, Lord
Shiva was the Master of this Universe and everyone in all lands held
Shiva with the highest regards. They all wanted to touch His feet.

All the while – when all this was going on – Lord Shiva would have His
da’mbaru along with Him.

So Baba recounts how, over time, Lord Shiva’s da’mbaru (small drum)
began to develop an ego about this. Everyone from around the world was
paying their deepest respects to Lord Shiva. And seeing this day after
day, the da’mbaru began to think that people were actually coming to pay
reverence to it (i.e. the da’mbaru). The da’mbaru was thinking that it
was great and that no matter where it went, people would bow down and
pay their deepest respects. The da’mbaru became totally blind and forgot
entirely that all the people were giving reverence to Lord Shiva – not
the da’mbaru.

Such is the play of ego. Whenever ego gets the chance to crop up – it will.

And that is the humorous joke that Baba is making on the audio file
because this same type of outrageous scene is present in our acarya
culture in AMPS. And all those present that day were laughing loudly as
Baba tells this hilarious joke.


So how does all this relate with the past and present situation in AM.
How is this joke about the da’mbaru relevant. Let’s have a look.

Again, here we are not talking about all, but rather some acaryas and
perhaps even a few family acaryas etc.

Everyone in AM has great love, respect, and realisation that Baba is the
Taraka Brahma – the Supreme One in human form. And we know that Baba
resides within each and every pore of this universe.

Thus when we pay our salutations to anyone, we are actually honoring the
Supreme Consciousness that lies within that human being and viewing that
jiivatman as representation or reflection of Parama Purusa. We all know
that this is the way our salutation system works.

Naturally then, when margiis have full feeling and love for Baba then
they like to recognise His presence in the form of everyone and
everything. In that case when any margiis approaches an acarya, they may
bid pranama as they wish to pay respects to the Baba that lies within.
This is the proper approach.

Yet, over time, the ego of some acaryas gets in the way. Like the
da’mbaru, such acaryas get blinded and gradually forget what is
happening. Due to the rise of their own vanity, they think that margiis
are coming to salute them. Such Dadas think margiis are honoring their
greatness. They forgot that margiis are saluting the Supreme that lies
within. They forgot that margiis are paying their respects to Parama Purusa.

That is why Baba is making that joke that the ego of those acaryas has
made them just like that da’mbaru. That is the parallelism that Baba is
making and that is why margiis are laughing hysterically when they hear
Baba tell this joke.

Of course here the point is not that all acaryas do like this, but some
fall into this ugly trap of the ego. They are the ones that are like the

And this is still going on today.


This was the case in the pre-1990 era as well.

Everyone – thousands of margiis – would come, nay race towards Baba,
from around the world to pay their respects to the Lord. This was the
way it was and so many acaryas grew up in this scene.

Baba would grace humanity by conducting huge DMCs and tens of thousands
of devotees would come to see Him, do Guru Puja, and surrender
everything at His lotus feet.

All the while certain central Dadas would hover around Baba likes bees
and would even be up on stage with Baba during the DMC. Naturally,
margiis viewed those acaryas are representatives of Baba. This was and
is the proper way to think – because after all everything in the
universe is the manifestation of the Supreme.

So with full love and feeling margiis would do pranam and touch the feet
of those acaryas because they wished to salute their nearest and dearest
Divine Entity Baba.

This went on for years and years and, due to their own lack of insight,
some acaryas developed vanity. They thought that their own greatness was
the operative factor and that margiis had come to honor them. They did
not know that Baba is that attractive Personality, not Dada X, Dada Y,
or Dada Z.

So due to the play of ego, just like with the da’mbaru, those Dadas got
misled down the road of false vanity, thinking that themselves were
great. They forgot that devtoees were honoring Parama Purusa, not them.
But in their blindness, they thought that they themselves were great and
that wherever they went people should salute them due to their regal

Such is that outrageous play of the ego. And that is why Baba is making
the joke about the da’mbaru.


Thus everyone should be aware about the tall talks and false vanity that
comes from having an inflated ego. That asmita’ or ego will blind people
into thinking that they are everything and they will forget that Parama
Purusa is the Supreme One.

Baba says, “Asmita’ [ego or vanity] is devoid of any discrimination,
people with this mental defect lose their power of discrimination.
First, they think that since they are so great, there is no need for
them to learn anything from others. As a result of this, their further
progress comes to a halt. Secondly, the arrogant attitude of this
asmita’ banishes from their minds the humble psychology of the learner.
They lose interest in learning anything useful; so not only in the world
of knowledge, but also in the world of practicality, they become misfits
in life because of their mountainous accumulated ignorance…Thus the
arrogance born of this asmita’ will lead people towards their downfall.
This arrogance, which makes them want to display themselves, forgetting
all other things, is termed aham’ka’ra [vanity]. The predominant vrtti
behind it is aham [ego]: “I am everything, there is nothing beyond and
outside me.”” (NSS, Disc: 10)

So it is with this type of humongous ego that people get lost in their
own vanity. They forget Parama Purusa. In that case when pranam is done,
they think they themselves are great. When in fact, it was all due to Him.

There is an irony to all of this in note #1 down below.

Here first is yet another warning about having an inflated ego. This is
another problem. When ego develops, then one does not like to surrender
to Parama Purusa. Tragically we have seen how some big Dadas do not like
to sing Kiirtan or do sastuanga pranam etc. This especially happens to
those with the top chair. I think names need not be given, we all know
who is involved.

Baba says, “You know, when a man learns much or earns much, his ego, his
vanity, gets puffed up. The man gets puffed up with vanity, and under
such circumstances he becomes so conscious of his little existence that
it becomes very difficult for him to surrender before the Supreme…This
is a psychic disease. Actually, vanity is a psychic disease, a psychic


By Baba’s grace He loves us and teaches us in so many ways, even through
humor. Whoever we may be, never should we allow the false vanity to
creep into our mental plate as has happened with the da’mbaru of Lord
Shiva which thinks that the whole world has come to salute it (i.e. the
drum). Thus any acarya or family acarya falling into this trap should
remedy and rectify themselves as the earliest, otherwise that will not
bode well for them.

Baba says, “By forgetting that the Cognitive Faculty is the witnessing
force behind the faculty of seeing, behind the existential I-feeling,
people become worse than animals.” (AMIWL-8)



Those days are indeed gone when thousands of margiis would rush up to
touch the feet of our acaryas. That is what many acaryas themselves sulk
about now. Because margiis have the vivek to see that such big Dadas are
only doing for their own self-interest and are not serving Baba’s divine
cause. In that case margiis stopped giving huge respect to Wts. This is
especially the case in India. That is why so many workers are lamenting.
They are not getting that big boost of respect and their ego does not
like it.

Unfortunately, due to the gross actions of big Dadas, even sincere and
earnest workers are suffering. Now margiis do not like to give them the
time of day either.

For all these reasons and more, many Wts prefer to walk around in the
general public with their sadhu garb, because the general public will
give them huge respect blindly, not knowing what hell such big Dadas
have created in our Marga.

Such is the irony these days. Those who were getting huge respect and
developing big vanity about their status, have not been reduced to next
to nothing.

Baba says, “Shiva has cautioned people to remain scrupulously aloof from
this dangerous disease of vanity by saying, Aham’ka’rah patanasya mu’lam
[“Pride goeth before a fall”].” (NSS)

Unique Quality of Human Beings

Baba says, “The human mind has two functions–thinking and memorizing.
The more the thinking capacity increases the more the power of memory
develops. The nerve cells also change, leading to a corresponding change
in the nerve fibres. These changes create a stir and a revolution in the
world of thought.” (PNS-8, p.17)


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Now... "true yoga lost its charm in the eyes of those people-- it remained as some physical exercise, nothing do to with the unification of atma and Paramatama" - Baba

Now... "true yoga lost its charm in the eyes of those people-- it remained as some physical exercise, nothing do to with the unification of atma and Paramatama" - Baba

From: “Jorge Santana”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Human Baby in Monkey’s Care
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:18:53 -0500


PS Intro: In the following song, the term ‘parii’ (angel) has been used to
denote Parama Purusa Baba. So in Prabhat Samgiita, the term ‘parii’ does
not mean some dogmatic religious angel.

“Ghor timire ma’tha’ nat kore bosechilum ekela’…” (P.S. 1946)


In the deep cimmerian darkness, with my head hung low in shame and
sadness, I was sitting along in an isolated place. One angel came from the
golden divine world, extending its wings.

The angel told me, “I am always along with you; you are never alone or
helpless– nor in the past were you ever alone. You are unaware that I am
the angel of divinity and that I am your eternal companion. I reside
eternally in your mind. So don’t ever be perturbed or get affected by the
spell of misery.”

The divine angel further revealed to me that, “Even if you are
forgetting me and keeping distance, even if you don’t remember or think
about Me, I will never forget you. Lovingly I care for you and fulfill all
your needs. Even by mistake I cannot avoid you. I always keep you close to

In the deep, isolated dark place immersed in avidya maya, with my
hanging head I was crying in misery. The angel from the divine world came
close and blessed me…


In Nama’mi Krs’n’a’ Sundaram while talking about Lord Krsna’s gifts to
humanity Baba has also explained a little about Lord Shiva’s contribution.

And there Baba says that at the time of Lord Shiva society was very primitive. People
were not even aware about the common basics of life. To address this, Lord
Shiva organised the society in various ways. And in the field of music,
Shiva invented different ra’gas and ra’giniis, and He also gave various
systematic dances. Otherwise, prior to that, human beings were not aware
about the science of music and dance. Especially their dance was not based
on any system other than the way animals dance in their happy mood, without
any system, just haphazard.


So because of the contribution of Lord Shiva, common people learned about
music and they came to know what octaves are and they learned how to sing
properly. In that ancient time musical instruments were very few. During
Lord Shiva’s period there was only the viina. And He created various types
of musical notes which were very difficult to play but they had very high
spiritual vibrations. The description of that music Baba has narrated in
Shabda Cayanika’.

Baba says, “When Shiva first started His musical sadhana then He had to do
it with this viin’a’…This viina is a quite simple string
instrument…Over time this viin’a’ changed into different kinds of
viin’a’s and viin’s, the sitar, esraj, tamboura, violin, and so many
others…But Shiva had to make practically superhuman efforts with this
primitive viina’. He had to invent the scale. He had to string his
instrument very carefully to get proper sound. It was Shiva who made the
ra’gas and ra’gin’iis. He introduced soul-stirring modulation into them.”
(SC-2, p. 127)


And this time when Parama Purusa came as Mahasambhuti in the form of Lord
Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. He has given Prabhat Samgiita. Certainly Baba’s
each and every gift is unparalleled. But Prabhat Samgiita is one of the
most unique. Because Prabhat Samgiita covers not only all the strata of
human life but it resonates within the soft core of the devotional heart of
each and every disciple of Baba.

If one reads any Baba’s discourse that may give knowledge and guidance, but
it may not be able to give that type of feeling which vibrates the soft
lyre of the heart. And with that vibrated devotional heart, devotees feel
close to Parama Purus’a Baba.


We all know that Samgiita has three aspects to it: (a) song, (b) dance, and
(c) music. All these three components Baba Himself taught and approved for
His Prabhat Samgiita. Just like He has taught us the kaoshikii dance for
which He has not only taught us the theoretical side but practically He
taught us how to do it also. In similar fashion all the sadhanas that He
taught, He showed us how to practice. So not only theory but practice also.
This is Baba’s method.

For example when He taught Guru Puja, then He also told exactly how people
should sit, in which asana, how to position their hands, what mantra to
use, everything He taught.


Similarly in 1982 when HE started teaching Prabhat Samgiita, Baba gave the
lyrics and its musical melody– everything He taught. And each and every
song was performed in His presence and got approved by Him- both the lyrics
and melody.

Here the critical point is that Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita is given in
different fashion. It is unlike the writing of other poets and musicians.
Because BABA Himself has given its tune / melody to go along with the
lyrics. And He has given the very strict guideline that His Prabhat
Samgiita songs should be performed only in that very fashion which He has

All this is not some oral description I am giving.


Each and every Prabhat Samgiita cassette prior to 1990 and each and every
Prabhat Samgiita book carry this special instruction in the beginning. This
following instruction has been given in relation with PS and what way it
will be sung.

For example in my pre-1990 Prabhat Samgiita book in the preface it says,
“The author Himself has given the tunes, the songs must be sung to these

So this above Baba’s instruction is very clear. Here the singer does not
have any freedom of changing the tune and melody of Prabhat Samgiita. Those
who love Prabhat Samgiita and those who have love for Baba must have to
follow Baba’s strict guideline of singing of Prabhat Samgiita. Only in that
way will they be benefited*. Going off the track they will not get
benefited and possibility is there to get harmed.


Unfortunately in our AMPS many things are not moving in the proper
direction. As in our individuals lives, spirituality is the most important
of the three stratas. Similarly in addition to the various problems in the
organisation on the physical and psychic planes, now also there is this
problem of Prabhat Samgiita. So I feel this is the most critical one.

Recently what I have seen, that some Margiis are going off the track in
their singing of Prabhat Samgiita. Because of pseudo-culture like disco
music, reggae, rock n’ roll, these things have polluted the atmosphere. So,
many simple innocent margiis are unaware that Prabhat Samgiita should not
be sung in those negative filmy style tunes.

But when we see critically at how all this is happening, then we will reach
to the conclusion that sister Jyotsna is moving around Berlin and NY
sectors with invitations in different units to perform and teach Prabhat

Some of the Prabhat Samgiita cd’s prepared by her I have along with me.
After listening many times and comparing with Baba’s original songs and
melody, it is quite clear that the Prabhat Samgiita songs sung by Jyotsna,
the melody for those songs are not according to Baba’s direction.

It should then be understood that just like any song where the melody is
based on crude rhythm then it leads to degeneration and invites negative
microvita. It can happen even if the lyrics are proper and the melody is
crude. Because according to the rhythm and melody, the mind and inferences
get motivated. That is why if from some distance any person listens to the
melody of disco / reggae / rock ‘n roll / Huuuu Haaaaa Huuu Haaaa, then
crude vibrations generate in the mind. And then the mind will become a
fertile place of crude microvita. So one such example Baba is giving below.
He has given that if one sings ‘ra, ra, ra, ra, let us dance and go to
hell’, then it will lead the mind towards degeneration. Same way Jyotsna is
singing Prabhat Samgiita which is not based on the correct style which Baba
guided. Surely then the outcome will not be positive.

Please read below what happens after engaging oneself in singing crude

Baba says, “If someone makes a sound like ‘ra, ra, ra — cha, cha, cha’ or
if someone sings, ‘Follow my song! Let us sing and dance our way to hell’,
these are sound inferences, but they carry a very crude idea.” (MVNS, p. 94)


The central idea is that when Baba has given the proper melody then nobody
has the right to ruin those things and change the melody. I think that
sister Jyotsna, maybe because of her innocence, she is not obeying those
things but negative microvita is not going to spare innocence.

Here I am not accusing any individual or party, I want to highlight the
facts and figures. And with this proof anybody can easily assess the
situation and see what way Baba wants and what way HIS Prabhat Samgiita got
tainted / diluted.

Just like Indian yogis since thousands of years ago they invented the
system of yoga. And now non-margiis took those things and painted them in
their own colour, in the colour of pseudo-culture. And now such distorted
yoga is getting popular in advanced countries. But this so-called yoga of
those advanced countries has nothing to do with the proper and true yoga.


So when in 1979 devotees were attending Baba’s General Darshan in Patna,
then one of the discourses which is probably printed in AV part 1 or 2, in
that very discourse Baba has warned everybody about the negative propaganda
of yoga.

“So now we see that yoga has been propagated in a very crude way. And true
yoga lost its charm in the eyes of those people– it remained as some
physical exercise, nothing do to with the unification of atma and Paramatama.”

In similar way, Baba warned us in relation to Prabhat Samgiita. That this
should be sung in proper style. Means in the way He taught. But some
superficial singers like Jyotsna are ruining the things. So it is my
request to all Margii brothers and sisters that please look into the
matter. Compare her songs with the original Prabhat Samgiita which you may
have from your collection of pre 1990 stage. And by comparing you will
reach the conclusion that her songs are distorted versions. So in the name
of teaching Prabhat Samgiita and doing pracar, what is actually going on is

I do not have any malice against Jyotsna. But when the question of
ideological concern comes then it is everyone’s common concern not to allow
Baba’s things to go astray. And we all know that practicing a negative
teaching is more detrimental than not getting taught that idea at all.


To make this point clear here is one story. There were 2 students of music
who reached to one professional musician. And after getting interviewed by
the music teacher, one student was asked to pay 500 dollars per month and
and the other student was asked to pay 250 dollars per month.

Since they were friends, both students raised the question to the
teaching: ‘Sir for the same class why are there 2 different tuition fees?’.

Then the teacher replied that, ‘One student has some negative knowledge about
playing guitar. Because they learned those bad habits from one sloppy,
incompetent teacher’.

The teacher continued, ‘So first my duty is to give some more extra time to
that student and watch him practice. That is why he has to pay extra
tuition fees. Because I have to ensure that he undoes those negative
habits. And that is not an easy job. But when that student outgrows his
negative habits and false knowledge about guitar that he acquired in the
past then he will be at the normal rate’. The teacher further clarified
that the 250 extra dollars is for wiping away his negative memory about
those wrong teachings about guitar. And then when the memory will be clear
then he will learn in proper way at the normal tuition rate of 250 dollars’.

So this above story is not only related with musicians; but it can be with
anyone. Just like some nursery students when they start learning the
language if they had previously learned certain letters of the alphabet in
the wrong way, then they do not like to forget that and then it is very
difficult to teach them.


So not knowing Prabhat Samgiita is something which is not as bad as having
learning incorrectly. If one learns incorrectly then many negative things
can happen.

(1) They will sing in their regular misguided way and they will not be

(2) They will teach others those negative teachings and by that way those
negative teachings will multiply. Just like how in India they think that
Lord Shiva is a hashish smoker, and this Indian negative teaching got
multiplied. This pracar went to one and all, around the globe. And now it
is not easy to wipe away.

I am hopeful that now entire Margii society all around the globe is more
and more alert to save Baba’s legacy. with this view I am putting forth
this letter for your consideration.



Here Baba is giving one very good guideline about the importance playing
the music according to the proper system. And that only in this way will
one be benefited.

Baba says, “The ra’gas and ra’giniis were created. There is no scope for
any deviation this way or that. On this basis Sada’Shiva developed the
science of musical notes, svara sha’stra or svarodaya, or shabda sha’stra.
Due to the strict rules as outlined in the svara sha’stra, there is not
room for any deviation at the time of singing. If any deviation is
attempted one will have to break the established rules…Indo-Aryan music
is based on a system, a rhythm; there is no room for any mistake, no scope
for deviation.” (APH, p. 359)

Thus the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita must also be maintained.


In all of Jyotsna’s CD’s, her dealing and approach towards Prabhat Samgiita
is totally against Baba’s system. Means what she is doing is way off the
mark– negative.

For example on her CD titled, ‘Dancing Divinity, Jyotsna blatantly
overlooks and ruins the sanctity of Guru’s guidelines and compositions.

In particular just see Jyotsna’s misguided rendition of PS #138– A’mi
jedike ta’ka’i hera o ru’p keval. In her adulterated versions Jyotsna
breaks all of Baba’s rules by changing the melody, adding crazy sounds and
words, and so many things.

In that song (138) Jyotsna wrongly introduces her own made-up words that
have absolutely no sense at all.
For instance throughout the song Jyotsna crazily cries out:

Yaaaa-heeeeee, yaaaaa-heeeee, yaaaaaaa-heeeeeee…
Yaaaa-heeeeee, yaaaaa-heeeee, yaaaaaaa-heeeeeee…
Yaaaa-heeeeee, yaaaaa-heeeee, yaaaaaaa-heeeeeee etc

Jyotsna does this yelling of this crude sound in quick succession throughout
the song. So this newly-created tamasik sound by her was placed there and
sung in the Prabhat Samgiita in order to make it crude. This was her
intention– to make it crude like typical negative western pop tunes.

Indeed it is embarrassing to listen to Jyotsna cry out like this on her CD.
And it is a tragedy to Baba’s holy Prabhat Samgiita.

…But non only that on that same CD Jyotsna terribly ruins another Prabhat
Samgiita as well. Here I am talking about Prabhat Samgiita song #66, “Rum
jhum, rum jhum nu’pur ba’yaye…”

Jyotsna’s crude rendition is done using the tune of some hotel cabaret
dance music. That means instead of following Baba’s divine tune, Jyotsna
negatively inserted a degenerated melody line that is common used in
prostitution halls. This is the common fact. Newer people may not recognise
and think I am stretching it. But so many senior margiis are appalled by
Jyotsna’s negative dealing. Because it is so disgraceful she switched the
tune like that.

So every Prabhat Samgiita song which Jyotsna sang on that CD is infested
with her negative adaptation. And not only this CD but all her CD’s are
like that. Her CD titled– Crimson Blossom– is one raucous display of how
to ruin Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita.

To read about that visit:



All told there is a crew of 4 core members involved in this negative
campaign. To make their money at any cost. Chiefly responsible are Inner
Song led by Kamala (formerly of NY now in SUVA) and Narada (Suva). Their
main relation with Ananda Marga is as a money-making venture. Both of a
long history in this and now it is going on full-fledge with the
profiteering done by Inner Song for their personal bank account. For that
reason they encourage and propagandize about Jyotsna’s so-called legendary
status in order that they can make money. And their partner in all of this
is Cirasmita (NY) as she runs Inner Song in that sector plus Cirasmita is
engaged at times in puffing up Jyotsna’s image and invites her to be that
main attraction at the Prabhat Samgiita retreat in NY. And in all of this
hype, Jyotsna plays the part “so well”. She walks around retreats as if she
is some Prabhat Samgiita goddess. She stands by the booth selling her CD
and autographs (signs) people’s copy as if she is an established star and
great singer when all along she is actually ruining Prabhat Samgiita. So
this is the unfortunate scene and the main culprits are the foursome of
Jyotsna, Cirasmita, Kamala & Narada.

For years and years it has been like this, if there has been some
improvement of late, please do share – that will be wonderful news.

Aside: You might be aware that Jyotsna’s personal preferences and dealing
are quite questionable and against Baba’s viewpoint.


Please read this following explanation by Baba as it relates to this whole
entire posting.

Baba says, “The world of music today is like a person without a proper guru
or proper training. People want to show they can play without having paid
their dues. They are selling themselves for gold without realizing that the
real value of music is being lost thereby. Gold is becoming even cheaper
than glass. Whenever a ra’gin’ii is a little difficult they only show that
they can play the notes without going deep into the music.” (SC-2 p. 129)


Just as when a monkey abducts a human baby and drags that infant throughout
the forest jumping from branch to branch. By that way the human baby gets
completely affected. In the same way Prabhat Samgiita has been grabbed up
by some greedy person who is hankering for money and fame.

Advent of Mahasambhutis

Baba says, “Lord Krsna came about 3500 years ago, when the war of the
Mahabharata took place. People’s individual qualities then had not taken a
collective shape. People did not know the art of living collectively…they
fought among themselves because they had no collective sense. Lord Krsna
thought that if He combined all there would be collective spirit in the
true sense of the term. Then alone all human faculties would get expanded.
He tried to make people understand, but they did not understand, because
there was no collective spirit in them…to synthesize them all Lord Krsna
was born.”

“Lord Krsna wanted to bring about a social synthesis, the seed of which was
sown by Lord Shiva.” (Disc MHB, p.6-7)

Note: In the same way Baba advented to form one synthetic human society.
But unfortunately, groupist leader in H, B, & NIA are doing just the
opposite. They are engaged to balkanize and disintegrate it. But what Baba
has planned, i.e. to form one human society, that is going to happen.
Because it is His wish.


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A Sure Thing?

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 06:28:37 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Pradiip
Subject: A Sure Thing?


“Ekahno ki prabhu toma’y du’re tha’ka’ bha’lo dekha’y…” 2332


Baba with deep longing in my heart I go on calling You. How can You feel
good when You do not pay heed to my call. Do You think that this is
appropriate. In calling You again and again my voice got hoarse until
finally I completely lost my voice. But Your heart never melted.

Baba, on which dusty earth have You sent me– thus pushing me far from
You. Why have You forgotten me. Is this the definition of Your love. Should
I believe that what You are doing is proper.

Baba Your liila is unfathomable; it is beyond my understanding. Why do
You do like this. I do not have the proper language to express myself, but
all these feelings which I am sharing with You come from deep within my heart.

Baba, sometimes You make me cry & float in my tears; and sometimes You
make me laugh when my heart is filled with Your longing. Baba, I do not
know what to do. How long do I have to wait for Your heart to melt. Baba
please come…


Every so ofter we hear about how at a particular retreat numerous people
went into samadhi. Generally speaking, the common view is that samadhi is
one very high state– something quite extraordinary. Side by side, however,
we should remember that in His discourses Baba clearly tells us that there
are various types of samadhi: Some high & some very low– crude.

Who got what, that is for those who were on hand at the retreat to say.

In our unit one or two people were also experiencing “samadhi”. At the time
it was an anomaly for us as they were not very involved in following AM
practices – and, on the whole, their conduct was rather poor. Please excuse
me for saying so.

The point being that when we asked Dadaji about how samadhi works then he
gave us quite an interesting and complete reply– which helped shed light
on why ‘less-involved sadhakas’ in our unit were getting “samadhi”.


Our Acaryaji said, “It is a quite common thing. Samadhi is not of one
type only. There are many types of samadhis — some are spiritual and many
can be crude or jara samadhi.”

“For instance, by just thinking about money many persons faint when
they lose their share or sometimes they die, that is also one type of
samadhi. And sometimes when death comes to a close person, then they cry
and sometimes get faint and crying stops. That is also samadhi.”

“With fear also samadhi comes. When the amount of fear is beyond tolerance
then people get samadhi of crude nature. In the Mahabharat such a story
comes related with Jayadratha. He had fear of his death, and that is why he
was constantly thinking about the enemy and crying in paranoia, “Save me,
he is going to kill, he has come here” — when anybody could see that no
enemy was there.”

“But the samadhi of irregular sadhakas is a different case.”

“This is only possible with people whose conduct is not ideal or even
good. If they participate in kiirtan or bhajan, then in a very short
time their mind can go a little high and that very vibration their body
cannot tolerate. So then their body feels reaction, and that is visible
through their cries or fainting etc.”

“So when new people come and do a little sadhana and kiirtan then that
vibration makes their whole body jump and they lose control due to even a
slight vibration. Means these new people started doing simple japa and they
cannot not manage the vibration whereas the margiis easily tolerate that
same vibration and much more than that.”


“And with loose, longer-term margiis or half-way margiis whose conduct is
not good and who do not do proper sadhana – they undergo a similar thing.
Almost instantly in dharmacakra or in kiirtan they start crying and
laughing etc, but side by side as soon as they leave the devotional program
they get involved in an endless amount of quarrels with everyone.
Basically in their dealing they are swindler and cheater types of people.”

“For example in a unit where I recently visited, one person was misbehaving
his wife and drinking alcohol and even smoking illegal drugs and selling
those things on the street. All these misdeeds and screwy dealings he was
doing. And then when he shows up for sadhana shivir or akhanda kiirtan then
immediately he displays samadhi types of things.”


We asked, “Please explain further by giving some example.”

The Acaryaji said, “Alright suppose you take 30 kg of solid rock in one
strong sack. And by lifting it you see that the bag is not tearing apart.
But just because the bag did not break does not mean that the rock is not
heavy. Rather that bag was strong enough to hold that 30 kg. Then, compare
that situation with the following. Take just 5 kg of rock pieces and put it
in one plastic bag. And then lift the plastic bag. Because the plastic bag
is very fragile, so it cannot bear the weight of even 5 kg of rock. The bag
will rip immediately because it cannot hold even that little 5kg bag of
rock. Means due to the weakness of the bag it could not hold the rock of
just 5kg. Let alone 35 kg, it could not lift the 5 kg rock. Not because the
5 kg rock was very heavy. Rather the reason was, because the plastic bag
was fragile in nature.”

“Likewise crude & irregular sadhakas cannot manage to take in even a little
vibration. So they are like that comparatively weaker plastic bag whereas
established margiis can manage a much greater vibration just like that
strong sack can hold many more rocks.”

“Let me clarify further.”

“In the above experiment you have seen that 35 kg of rock was unable to
destroy the strong sack. Instead the sack could hold the rock nicely. So
here in the case of samadhi, this analogy is proper. One can see the
situation in the following way.”

“The bag is just our body and the heaviness of the rock is related with
spiritual vibration. Consider what happens when equal amounts of spiritual
vibration come within the bodies of two different persons. If Mr. A’s nerve
cells and nerve fibers are strong they will not react. Tears will not come
and Mr. A will not fall in samadhi. And with similar vibration, Mr. B who
is weak minded will not be able to tolerate that vibration. And he will
fall in samadhi or tears will come or many such symptoms will be visible.”

“This can happen even by receiving a lower degree of vibration also. With
even a lower degree of vibration, one will be unable to tolerate. This
usually happens with those whose nerve fibers and nerve cells are very
weak. So some persons’ nerve cells or fibers can tolerate and other
persons’ nerve cells or nerve fibers cannot tolerate. Even, the wave which
has a far lower vibration.”

“When one does regular sadhana, asana, and takes proper food then one’s
nerve cells and nerve fibers get mature and strong. In that state, they can
receive stronger and stronger spiritual vibrations. That is why such
sadhakas easily can tolerate normal up to higher spiritual vibrations. It
depends upon individual to individual. That, they will be able to tolerate
very strong spiritual vibration. And not get samadhi.”


“See this way, our beloved Baba has had a physical body. And that physical
body was so pure and everything was so strong that He was assimilating the
strongest vibration without any external reaction of samadhi. And if anyone
touched Him for few seconds even, then they got samadhi in a flash. So Baba’s
physical body was very conducive for keeping the strongest spiritual
vibration in a very controlled way. But sadhakas could not do this; they
fell in samadhi.”


“That is why Baba was not allowing others to touch Him such as when doing
pranam to Him. So to protect this from happening then VSS guards were
employed. But even then, even without direct physical touch, just when
entering the discourse room or place of darshan then one’s whole body and
mind gets charged and goose bumps come and whole body and the mind gets
riveted. And people feel a strong divine force emanating & penetrating
their entire existence. By just sitting in that place. No doubt, certainly
it varies from individual to individual based on their sentientness and
devotion that how far they can receive the divine vibration of Baba.”

“Because sitting around in closer physical proximity, many crude Central
workers might not have received whereas as those margiis sitting a little
more distant might have received a more strong vibration. And above all it
is solely depending upon His grace alone how far he is blessing certain
individuals up to what degree.”


“The conclusion is that when the body is pure or purer, then one can digest
even the stronger spiritual vibrations very calmly and easily. But when the
body & mind is crude then even a little vibration is beyond tolerance. And
such superficial sadhakas or rustic people start crying and tears are rolling
down– even when their conduct is mean and they never do asana. Such things
you might have seen.”

Acaryaji explained like this. So we understood that, when the body is
sentient, then it can tolerate many higher vibrations without any
disturbance. And if one is not following 16 Points and just involved in
derelict type of poor behaviors then they cannot manage any spiritual waves
and they just start crying etc. And about all this, Baba describes it
perfectly in his Subhasita Samgraha discourses.


Baba says, “Viks’ipta Sama’dhi is that when the mind is engrossed in some
higher thought for a time and then the very next moment it cuts adrift to its
meaner propensities. Those that do not follow Yama-Niyama (codes of
self-restraint and austerity) — those that endeavor to attain God without
the Sadhana of Samyama (Self-control), betray a plethora of distractions.”

“If a man without self-control indulges excessively in hallelujahs or
divine songs (Kiirtana-bhajana), it is noticed that his mental proclivities
temporarily get inclined towards the Divine Bearing during the time of
kiirtana-bhajana, his body too shows evidence of pious traits, tears come
into his eyes and he attains a Trance of Subjectivity (Bhava-Samadhi) as
well. But the very next moment, i.e. immediately after his
kiirtana-bhajana, his unrestrained and incontinent mind races towards mean
propensities with a greater momentum.”

“That is why such types of Sadhakas take to very dishonest ways of life
during the rest of their daily occupations. In other words they give
themselves up to acts of depravity, deceitfulness–to defrauding their own
relatives. The people also are a little chary of such types of
carol-singers. The man without self-control does indeed enjoy a bit of
transcendental happiness by forcing his mental flow towards the auspicious
name of God, but soon after the stoppage of this divine panegyrics or
‘hymn’ (nama-kiirtana), his sand-dammed mind bursts and races towards the
inauspicious names with re-doubled speed, i.e., at that time he appears to
be more inclined to scandal-mongering and rudeness. You mark minutely how
blatantly those that are bereft of self-control among the bhajan-singers,
indulge in scurrilous languages under a little provocation.” (SS-4, p.100)


So some are real types of samadhi and some are fake. The type explained in
this entire posting is a fake type of samadhi. So if any person in your
unit is like that then you should know theirs is fake.


Baba says, “Parama Purusa is always with you, in you, and He is the
greatest of the entities and there is no other entity who loves you so
dearly, you will have no cause to feel that your life has become useless.”
(AV-23, p.131)



Note 1: ‘What can be the reason why irregular sadhakas, when they come to
Akhanda Kiirtan then they get samadhi, fainting, tears come, crying
loudly?? When we see the attainment of their samadhi we have a lot of
respect for them. But when we see their conduct they do not follow 16
points, even their food habit is tamasik. They eat meat occasionally. They
are not strict in many of the points. Even then they get regular samadhi
when they come to participate in akhanda kiirtan. And other sadhakas are
more strict in conduct but they never get samadhi.’ The above letter is the
explanation of such a scene.


Note 2: Almost a decade back one young sadhaka used to bounce around &
leap up and down in sadhana. That was going on in NY sector. And many
around him were proclaiming that this young sadhaka was the incarnation of
a great soul. They told like this because they were impressed with his
various “bounces” & “sounds” during sadhana. And when he arrived for WT
training in Sweden, he was getting rave reviews from those who met him.

Then all of a sudden came his “fall from grace”. Really it is a sad and
shocking story and my heart goes out to the young sadhaka. He really needs
our support. What he did and how he behaved has been explained in the past
and does not need re-hashing here. Only we should understand that he left
TC (training center) in a most unusual way got bound up in all sorts of
cruder type things. Yet this was the one who was “bouncing” up and down in
sadhana. Then we all understood such bouncing did not mean he was a saint
or mahasadvipra; rather it was either a totally fake display or– more
likely– it shows that he could not handle even the slightest bit of
vibration. So we should be careful to properly evaluate samadhi-like
symptoms. Because as sadhakas our approach should always be balanced and we
should be able to recognise who is who.

Mango Cake

Baba says, “In the days of old, when women folk used to prepare dried mango
cakes, the young boys used to sit by the side to keep the crows away with a
stick in the hand. Similarly you should be careful and alert always.”
(NHED, p.185)

Note: In His above noted discourse of ‘Victory Day’ (Vijay Dashami), via
one analogy Baba is guiding us how we should always be ready and very alert
about protecting all the precious gifts which He has bestowed upon us. Just
in the above analogy as the boy is alert using his stick to protect the
mango cakes from the crow. Similarly we should never allow any “crow” to
take away any of the nectar which Baba a graced as such as rights and
scripture and so many things etc.

As we know after ’90 such “elements” tried to infuse various dogmas, but by
Baba’s grace all margiis were alert so those parties could not get success.
In that same spirit, we should always be vigilant in this regard and
strictly follow Baba’s invaluable teaching.


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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 11:51:43 -0000
From: “Motilal Pandey”
Subject: History of Key Darshan Shastra of AM
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Dakhin’a’ va’ta’se malay suba’se mrdu, hese hese esechile…” (PS 358)


Baba, You have graced me by coming in the deep core of my heart with a
gentle smile– in the refreshing fragrance of a sweet, southern breeze.
Baba, You are the most divine One; I cannot forget You and I do not want
to forget You. By Your grace, by pouring my sweet love, I shall keep
Your divine memory ever alive in my mind– in my heart. O’ Supreme
Entity, O’ my Lord, O’ the Beloved of my mind, O’ the most adorable One
of my mind, I will do puja to You in my inner sanctum of my mind and
spread Your nectar of devotion across this vast, expansive universe.
Baba, in Your sweet fragrance of Your divine liila, please be merciful
and eternally reside in my mind– graciously intoxicate me with Your
divine flow. O’ Lord of divinity, please take me to Your great abode–
the land of divinity– by holding my hand, by holding my mind. Baba, by
Your grace after forgetting all fear and shyness and after remembering
You and keeping You in my heart I am at Your lotus feet, remembering
You. Baba, please do not forget me I am Yours…


Those who love Ananda Marga want to know more and more about our various
shastras – including darshan shastra – in order to follow those divine
precepts and teach others.

Naturally, they want to see our AM shastras printed in their true and
original form and gain access to all related discourses.

As many know, Ananda Sutram is the key book of our dharshan shastra,
i.e. philosophical treatise.

Baba says, “The recognized book on Ananda Marga Philosophy is A’nanda
Su’tram.” (APH-4)

Baba says, “A’nanda Su’tram is our philosophical treatise.” (CC-1,

What many may not know is that Baba delivered an entire series of DMC
discourses across India, primarily in Hindi speaking areas, from 1962 –
1968 that offer further insight and explanation about each and every
sutra from Ananda Sutram.

Tragically, none of these discourses have been printed, nor are they
available on cassette to common margiis and wts.

Raising this point of awareness may help us start to recover and reclaim
these historic and mostly unknown discourses on Ananda Sutram.

Let us also keep in mind that now in this age of science many are
leaving or losing interest in the various dogmatic religions and are
looking for a more logical path. Our dharshan shastra provides rational
explanations that will appeal to such people. Thus another reason for
recapturing all those discourses from the 1960’s on Ananda Sutram.


Many in AM are aware about Ananda Sutram. Baba dictated this back in the
Jamalpur days, 1961, and bhaktas like PK Chatterjee took down the
dictation at the Tiger’s Grave. Baba gave the sutras themselves in
Sanskrit and the purports in Bengali. The book was first published in 1962.

Then over the course of the next six years or so, Baba Himself delivered
many DMC discourses wherein He would focus and expound upon 2 or 3 or 4
sutras. These discourses would offer great insight into the subtle
meaning of our dharshan shastra, but they are not in print. Nor do those
at the helm seem to have much interest in sharing the audio files or
publishing the discourses. Rather they say they are gone or ruined
during Emergency. But many older margiis say those original DMC
discourses explaining Ananda Sutram still exist.

I have talked to many senior margiis about the series of DMC discourses
about Ananda Sutram and here is a summary of what they have reported.

(Note: Certainly some of the below information is cent-per-cent accurate
and confirmed, yet some of the below information needs further checking
and review.)

NUMBER OF DISCOURSES: From the years 1962- 1968, they estimate that Baba
delivered somewhere between 25 – 45 DMC discourses focused on specific
sutras from Ananda Sutram. We have to remember that in those days, Baba
was doing many DMC all over India, perhaps 20 – 50 DMC’s annually.

LANGUAGE: Hindi (mostly), Bengali (some). It all depends on the area.
But more of these DMCs were given in Hindi areas.

PLACE: Raipur (MP), Birpur (Bihar), Bhagalpur, Lucknow, Gazipur (UP),
Arrah (Bihar), Bettiah, Jabalpur (MP), Patna (Bihar), Munghyr (Bihar),
Muzzafarpur, Sambalpur, Tatanagar, Ranchi (Jharkhand), Delhi, Barrakpur
(WB), Varanasi, Allahbad, Kolkata, Chaibasa (Jharkhand), and perhaps so
many other places.

Again, further research is needed so the above is a general picture of
when and where Baba delivered those historic DMC discourses in Ananda

In those discourse Baba would methodically explain a particular sutra
from the standpoint of grammar, language, philosophical meaning, and
general explanation.

It would be most advantageous for our Marga society to have these
discourses in their original form.


Today, some are making valiant efforts to bring Ananda Sutram to light.
Yet, without the aforementioned discourses, the work will have to be
considered as incomplete, to some or more degree.

In short there are 4 ways to move ahead: Two of which are acceptable and
two of which are unacceptable. Unfortunately, thus far only the
unacceptable ways have been attempted.


The top and absolute best way is to apply the necessary pressure on
those in-charges and have those original discourses from the 1960’s on
Ananda Sutram printed in their entirety.

This approach demands courage and is not for the meek or faint at heart.


If #1 cannot be done right away, then the next best approach is to
provide an elaboration of Ananda Sutram using what is available of
Baba’s printed discourses. However, whatever materials we use must be
checked with the original audio recording. Because so many of Baba’s
discourses have been wrongly printed and we should not, nay must not,
continue this wrong pattern. So checking the original audio cassettes is
needed in this scenario also.


The first unacceptable approach is to create a summary or reference of
Ananda Sutram using the existing batch of printed discourses without
comparing or correcting them with the original audio cassette. This is
not good as it only perpetuates the wrongs that have been made and
further validates those tainted publications. Unfortunately this is the
tactic that has been used in the past as well as the one which some are
considering at present. But it is a faulty move, not just incomplete but
harmful. Because the more times those distorted or incomplete discourses
are reprinted the harder it is to undo all that mess.


This is the absolute worst approach. In this way, the writer uses
references, stories, and scripture from the dogmatic religions to
justify and explain Ananda Sutram. This totally denigrates Baba’s
historic work. Baba’s teachings are totally unique.

Baba says, “The trend of thinking and the spiritual practices prescribed
in our Ananda Marga are not only new but something quite different from
the established ideas and practices in these spheres of life.” (PNS-11)

So the ideas and concepts are totally new and revolutionary, yet
so-called writers like one particular Didi have used all kinds of
dogmatic rituals from the defective religions as a means to give
commentary on Ananda Sutram. This is a horrible thing to do as it drives
the divine teachings of AM directly into the mud.

I think we all know which Didi did this. Here are some references for
your review.


So we must select the proper path when working on the publication of
Baba’s dharmic discourses like Ananda Sutram or any other aspect of our
AM shastra.

Reprinting wrong things over and over again (point #3 from above)
creates a scar. Thus we should not scour through AM Publications and
reprint those faulty discourses in multiple ways and places.

For instance, nearly all the published discourses in the English edition
of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 1 are missing huge chunks of material. 80%-
90% of the discourse is missing entirely. To reprint those discourses
again and again would only further validate those wrong things.

Thus when reprinting any Baba discourse for any reason, such as for a
commentary on Ananda Sutram, then it is an absolute must to get the
original cassette. Some courage and sacrifice are needed, but this is
the way to go.

Because we must must overhaul all existing discourses and ensure they
are transcribed and translated properly.

Any small or big contribution in this regard is highly commendable. Our
approach should be to do good work and not create more dogmas.

Many good people want to help make our AM shastras published in a better
way, but those with the original cassettes are not helping. Thus more
force and pressure is needed.

With regards to our dharhsan shastra, i.e. Ananda Sutram, the best
approach is to recover those audio files from Baba’s DMC discourses from
the 1960’s. This will be a true gift to humanity.


By Baba’s grace, with a concerted effort we will recover those original
DMC discourses that neatly explain Ananda Sutram, sutra by sutra. Then
our dharshan shastra will be truly complete.

Baba says, “In the scripture of the psychic world, generally called
darshana sha’stra, there should not be the least sprinkling of dogmas,
because this sort of philosophically-oriented dogma cumulatively
increases the distortions in the psychic world. These dogmas enter the
human mind like fine needles and come out like iron ploughs. If one
tries to cast them out, then the whole psychic structure is demolished.
” (NSS, Disc: 14)

Baba says, “The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be
totally flawless.” (NSS, Disc: 14)



The shastra of Ananda Marga is perfect in all respects. It is logical,
rational, practical, and complete.

In contrast, most of the religions rely on myth and tales to put forth
their theology etc. That is why educated people in this present age are
rejecting the dogmatic religious doctrines. Because those stale
teachings do not satisfy them.

Those those who have given up their dogmatic religions are searching
something more. In result, they either become atheists, or nature
worshipers, or even worship their Hollywood icons like Michael Jackson.
Because people want something or someone to believe in.

Thus when the dharshan shastra of AM is 100% logical and can stand up to
the scrutiny of people in this age of advanced science, then this is the
perfect time to present it to the people. Because they are looking for
something – they are thirsty.

That is why we should study and know our dharshan shastra and and bring
it to the public in proper shape. We cannot just print and reprint
poorly done discourses as if this is the way to explain our Ananda
Sutram. Some with basically benign intentions wish to do like this.

But we should not give in to such tendencies. Rather we should unitedly
& courageously stand up and demand that Baba’s original DMC discourses
from the 1960’s that explain the sutras of Ananda Sutram be given to
responsible Dadas and margiis for transcription and publication.

All should know that those discourses were given, that they exist
somewhere, and now it is up to us to create the needed pressure to force
those in-charges to release those original audio cassettes. Failing
that, we will always be missing much of what Baba had to say about
Ananda Sutram – the key publication of our darshan shastra.

Sarva’unga’sana and Vipariitakarani Mudra

“Question: What is the difference between sarva’unga’sana and
vipariitakarani mudra?”

“Answer: In sarva’unga’sana we have to fix the mind at the point of the
toes, whereas in vipariitakarani mudra we have to fix the citta or mind
stuff at the tip of the nose or at the navel point.” (YP, p.117-18)

Note: Sarva’unga’sana and vipariitakarani are very similar– they are
almost the same thing. Just a few little differences are there:

(1) In sarva’unga’sana the mind and eyes are fixed on the center point
between the two big toes while in vipariitakarani mudra the mind focuses
on the navel or the tip of the nose.

(2) When the body is very straight and it does not have to exert a
continuous effort to maintain that position– rather it is easy and
comfortable to hold that posture– then it is sarva’unga’sana. Whereas
mudras, such as vipariitakarani mudra, demand a constant and ongoing
effort to maintain the posture. Asanas, on the other hand require a
little effort to enter into the position and thereafter it is
comfortable and easy to maintain.

(3) In sarva’unga’sana and vipariitakarani mudra, although the postures
look the same but the effort exerted and way of approach are a little
different as explained earlier. And in addition they effect the body in
different ways. Sarva’unga’sana affects the glands & cakras, and the
secretion of the hormone; while mudras give strength to the muscles and
nerves. These ideas have been given by Baba in His various discourses.

(4) In WT reporting sessions, Baba used to sometimes give atonement by
demanding that some or all do vipariitakaranai for a long time.
Sometimes for 1/2 hr, 1 hou, 2 hrs, at a stretch. Naturally that qas
quite enjoyable for everyone to do. And the underlying reason behind
this was that the majority of WT had acidity problems and this
Vipariitakarani mudra was the cure. So in the name of doing atonement it
was actually’s Baba’s blessing.


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Date: 12 Jul 2009 10:34:09 -0000
From: “K Lingappa”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: The Way Baba Prepared for Struggle


“A’va’r ki re a’lo elo dhu’lor e dhara’te…” (P.S. #615)


O’ human being, behold! Ajana Pathik has come again on this dusty earth.
The flood of effulgence has come. Through the medium of longing, You
quench the thirst of the eyes. Look, the Lord of Effulgence has Himself
come. All the minds and hearts which were crying in suffering and pain,
are now dancing in joy. Because, He has come. He loves one and all,
everyone. He has come here to remove the suffering, and establish
dharma. Because of His advent, everything changed. The sweet breeze is
blowing full of fragrance. On this dusty earth, Ajana Pathik has come…


We know, and Baba has told us again and again, that life is not always
smooth. One’s progress and movement is systaltic in nature – up and
down. So there will always be highs and lows. Everyone will experience
such patterns in their life.

This below Baba story is not just the recounting of a very devotional
and tantric period in our AM history, but also a practical method for
how we are to proceed in day to day life.


Those pre-emergency days in 1971 in Patna, Baba was vigorously preparing
everyone for the difficulties that lay ahead. He was teaching so many
do’s and don’ts and then checking those things as only a Sadguru can.
The scene was both riveting and exciting, as well as full of love and

Baba, of course, did not say openly that the whole world would turn on
Ananda Marga and that we would all be persecuted and put in jail. Only
He hinted that there will be a time when the number of margiis will be
few and Ananda Margiis will not be accepted etc. Baba was also telling
margiis to start stocking extra food in the homes, schools, and jagrtis.

Hearing this though, no one was worried. We all knew that Baba was the
Parama Purusa and we rightly felt that nothing could harm us. We heard
Baba’s gentle warnings about the future but at the same time we did not
really listen.

It is just like if the weather is perfect outside – the sun is shining,
there is a gentle breeze, and there is not a cloud in the sky – then if
someone says that a cyclone is coming, few, if any, will take it seriously.

Same was the case with us back in 1971. Baba was there and that was
enough. We could not think that such difficult days were coming. Trouble
was around no doubt, but so was He and that was enough to satisfy us and
think that everything would be fine.


In the Jamalpur days, Baba graciously gave yama and niyama for our
conduct and dealing – for our betterment. In that phase He, of course,
also delivered so many philosophical gems like Elementary Philosophy,
Idea and Ideology, Ananda Sutram, and so much more. Our do’s and don’ts
in personal life though were essentially limited to yama and niyama.

Around 1971, Baba began systematically giving so many teachings related
with our personal dealing and way of living – most notably 16 Points.
Prior to that some wholetimers were still drinking tea etc, but in 1971
all that stopped.

No doubt, prior to 1971, some had gotten certain practices from Yogic
Treatments so a few were doing fasting on occasion and / or wearing
laungota etc. But in 1971, those practices and so many more became
pervasive in our Marga and were made mandatory via 16 Points and other
codes of conduct.

Many may remember that before 1971, in order to have Baba’s darshan,
then VSS and in-charges would ensure all had perfectly memorized the
Supreme Command. One had to repeat it perfectly either in Hindi,
Bengali, or English. Then and only then would they be allowed to enter
the darshan hall or room.

But in 1971, that changed. Then everyone had to perfectly recite 16
Points in their exact order. That time Baba also began delivering so
many discourses on various aspects of Sixteen Points.


Thus it was in Patna that Baba graciously first checked our Sixteen
Points in so many different ways to ensure that we were all moving and
growing properly on the path. Reciting the mere list of 16 Points was
not all that was expected – we also had to follow.

It went something like this.

In the 2nd half of 1971 after shifting the office from Ranchi to Patna
due to extreme social tension and unrest, we would regularly arrive –
almost daily – at Baba’s Quarters or the jagrti for darshan.

AM was still growing at a good clip, but not at the booming rate as
months earlier because the government and newspapers were releasing and
printing so much false propaganda about Baba and the Marga.

In that dramatic era, we would all file in to see Baba and when there
were 20 or 30 of us, then He would graciously take His seat and we would
all be inside the walled Patna compound seated in an open area focused
on Him. It was all quite beautiful and charming.

And as I say, those were the days when Baba has strictly checking 16
Points as He was well aware that the Emergency was looming eerily on the


In His divine manner, Baba would look around at the margiis present and
openly ask us about our practices.

But it would be done in a very special way.

Baba would say, “Gopal, show us your shaoca manjusa. You have such a
beautiful shaoca manjusa. It is very nice. Show it to us so everyone may
see – after all this is one of our 16 Points.”

Baba had intentionally called on Gopal because He knew that Gopal did
not have a shaoca manjusa.

In response, in the course of this loving liila where Baba was watching
out for the welfare of all, Gopal would feel a bit ashamed or humiliated
or embarrassed, and internally understood that he would have to be more
strict on the point of shaoca manjusa.

And in that way, all the other margiis present understood as well that
they would have to be strict, lest they get called on in front of all.

Baba would do the same thing with the point of laungota. If anyone
present was not wearing a laungota, then that was the person Baba would
call upon.

Baba would say, “Oh, Chandra Mohan, I understand you are very sincere in
wearing a laungota every day. Is that not so. Don’t you always wear your
laungota. Tell us.”

Then everyone knew that Chandra Mohan was not wearing a laungota. Plus
they all knew that if next time they did not wear one then they would
get called on.

Once all the physical aspects were addressed in this way, from food to
fasting to taking bath properly etc, Baba raised the standard to the
psychic & psycho-spiritual planes. He would check to ensure all repeated
Guru Mantra before entering the room and that everyone was doing sadhana
– all lessons – as directed.

So by applying pressure, Baba was teaching and ensuring we were actively
involved in 16 Points. None wanted to be pointed out so step by step,
point by point, all began following. This was the way things were
rolling those days. Baba was getting everyone prepared and ready.

And not only that, in His loving liila, Baba would harshly rebuke and
scold in-charges and VSS for allowing margiis to enter without following
16 Points. So they in turn began vigilantly checking to ensure all
margiis were wearing laungota, carrying shaocamanjusa, doing pracara and
properly following all the various element of 16 Points.

By this way everyone became strong Ananda Margiis and could weather the
storm that was about to come.


Now in this year of 2009, the same system applies. Sixteen Points will
save us from all difficulties and keep us moving in the right direction.

Baba says, “For progress in entitative flow, one is to lead a pure life,
a moralistic life, a life based on moral principles. Do not do anything
bad. What is bad? Bad is that which depraves human existence. Follow a
strict code of morality. Live a pure life, a neat and clean life. Be
strict in 16 Points. What will happen? Your entitative flow will get
purified and will be in parallelism with your psychic wave.” (SS_12)

And here below Baba directly states that our strength and stamina will
increase multi-fold by adhering to Sixteen Points.

Baba says, “The more rigidly you follow the 16 Points, the more your
mental strength will increase. It will increase so much that it will be
more powerful than the collective mental strength of 100,000 people. In
a psychic clash they will have to concede victory to you. A person who
is physically strong can fight against eight, ten or twenty people at
most, but no more than that. A psychically developed person, however, is
able to fight against many more people. So you must endeavour to develop
your psychic strength – this is your bounden duty. The more rigidly you
follow the 16 Points, the more psychic strength you will acquire. It
will not take you long.” (AV-7)

Thus in the same way that 16 Points gave Wts and margiis the strength to
manage and thrive during the Emergency, today also 16 Points will
fortify us in all the ways needed to spread His teachings and gain success.

Let us also not forget that Baba is watching and those who follow His
teachings of Sixteen Points will be graced more and more to proceed
onwards. That is also His expressed guideline.


By Baba’s grace ours is not the path of preya (mundane pleasure), but
rather the path of shreya (Supreme benevolence). Sixteen Points is the
way forward. Our duty is to follow and make sure other margiis are also
following. Then our Marga will be strong, on both the individual and
collective level.

Baba says, “…In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we
will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete
seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social
and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the
sixteen points.” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)



Guru mantra is of course part of Sixteen Points. It comes under point #9
of sadhana. Here below is one important story about the greatness of
Guru Mantra.


Although Sixteen Points was formally given during the above time period
in 1970-71, many of those teachings were already present in the form
of various worker and margii conduct rules, Yogic Treatments, and other
teachings. By giving 16 Points, Baba codified and explicitly listed all
these rules and regulations into one concerted list.

One Should Always Remember

Baba says, “However little one’s capacity might be, if one constantly
remembers that Parama Purus’a is always with him, that they are in the
closest contact with Parama Purus’a, they will be able to do everything.
They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as long as they
remember this closest association with Him, they can do much more than
ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently established in
their minds, they become great. This is why no one should be disappointed
or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone constantly perform great
deeds, remembering that the flow of their capacity is coming from Parama
Purus’a, and thus they can do everything.” (AFPS-3, p. 62)


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