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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 07:11:28 -0600
From: “Paul Paltrow”
Subject: Expulsion: Against Fundamentals of AM & AMPS


“Toma’ke bha’lo beseschi a’mi he aja’na’, keno ja’ni na’…” (PS 1710)


O’ Divine Entity, the scriptures say You are unknown, vast, infinite,
and unfathomable. O’ my Lord, I have deep love for You. But why I love You,
that I do not know.

Baba, although You are infinite and unfathomable, You have graced me by
coming in my dreams, becoming my most intimate One. O’ my Lord You are
beyond the conception of mind yet You have showered Your grace by coming in
the world of my ideation– in my dhya’na. By Your grace I can see You in my
meditation. Baba, during my sadhana I received You in my dhyana– and that
vibrated my entire existence. It charged each and every pore of my being.
Baba, besides You, I do not love anyone; I do not feel that anyone is mine.
Only You are mine.

Baba, even though You are very close, You remain far. Now please grace me
by satisfying my one and only desire: Be my most intimate One– always.
Baba, by Your sweet will You have saturated Yourself in the blood of my
veins and arteries– in each and every iota of my existence. Baba, You are
in my mind: Taking Your divine seat on my mental lotus. O’ my dearmost, You
are dancing in the warmth and love of my heart.

Baba, You are my heart of hearts, Baba I love You…


Now & again, the issue of expulsion becomes somewhat of a hot-bed of
discussion. Many have given their opinions and feelings; some are inventing
their own theories; and overall the large majority of Ananda Margiis have a
sincere desire to understand, delineate, and follow Baba’s teaching on this
highly important matter.

Amidst it all, some innocent people have on the one hand accepted the fact
that AM ideology is against the concept of expulsion, yet side by side he
has put forth the theorem that AMPS as an organisational body has the
capacity and method to expel someone.

So we should investigate this point: Is it really the case that AMPS has
the ability and right to expel someone even though the concept of expulsion
is itself forbidden in AM philosophy. Is it really like that? Can AMPS go
against the teachings of AM?

Here below is a look into this critical issue of expulsion which has been
plaguing our organisation since 1990 right up through this present moment.


Firstly, for the awareness of one and all, we should review Baba’s pointed
mandates where He forbids expulsion.

Baba says, “Harsh social punishment such as creating outcasts…do not find
any place in our society.” (AFPS-7, p.6)

Hence in very clear language Baba adamantly declares that AM ideology does
not support the concept of expulsion: neither in letter nor in spirit. AM
ideology is totally against the idea of expelling anybody.
And here again in the below guideline Baba condemns unideological edicts
like expulsion which permanently push someone out of Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “On no account should anybody be branded forever.” (PNS-7, p.54)

Thus Baba has given the directive that nobody can be permanently cast
aside– which is what the weapon of expulsion effectively does: It
blackballs and scars someone for the remainder of their existence.
So from top to bottom Baba pointedly rejects the expulsion theory.
Plus in so many more discourses and in countless places we can find
innumerable references where Baba outrightly discards any type of expulsion

By all this it is quite evident and undeniable that Ananda Marga ideology
does NOT accept the concept of expulsion– not at all. Rather Baba strongly
condemns it.


The next step in this process of understanding then is to investigate
whether AMPS rightly has the ability to expel someone even when expulsion
itself is 100% contrary to the teachings of AM ideology. Can our AMPS
organisation definitively go against the teachings of the AM ideology.


Without question, the whole emphasis and import of our AMPS organisation is
to propagate Ananda Marga ideology. After all AMPS means: Ananda Marga
Pracaraka Samgha. That is the name Baba has duly given because that is
the one and only purpose of AMPS. Its sole reason for existence is to
exemplify and propagate the teachings of AM. This is the duty of AMPS.

For example, it is not that AM ideology preaches that everyone should
follow a sentient vegetarian diet yet at the same time inside the AMPS
organisation one is allowed to eat meat and all kinds of tamasik items. It
is not like that. It is not that suddenly AMPS has the right or ability to
declare that eating flesh foods is allowed. AMPS cannot do like this.
Rather the AMPS organisation is responsible for representing the
ideological principle of following a sentient diet 100% of the time. That
is the way of our AMPS. And indeed in the practical sphere it does like that.

Likewise, it is not that AM ideology states that everyone should strictly
adhere to the code of yama and niyama, yet the AMPS organisation can
blatantly declare that stealing, cheating, harming others, and all kinds of
violations and contraventions of yama and niyama can be done etc. It is not
like that. AMPS cannot suddenly declare that yama and niyama need not be
followed. The organisation has no right to swerve from the ideological
teachings of AM. Rather AMPS maintains the ideal to perfectly abide by all
the tenets of yama and niyama. Indeed step by step AMPS attempts to
implement all of ideological principles of yama and niyama.


Here the whole point is that in our Marga we do not preach one thing yet
side by side do something else. What AM ideology espouses, AMPS is to
follow. This is our Ananda Marga way of living: Clean and consistent. In
our Marga there is no scope for hypocrisy.

The path of AM or tantra is a practical approach where the philosophy is
meant to be represented by the organisation– AMPS. This is our tantra and
this is our Marga.

So the entire approach of AMPS is to abide by and exemplify the principles
of AM ideology. There is no other way.

Thus when AM ideology clearly states that expulsion is forbidden then that
obviously means that the AMPS organisation must follow this very policy.
Our organisation cannot teach or do anything that goes against AM ideology.
So when the ideology (AM) states that there must not be any expulsions,
then the organisation (AMPS) is bound to follow that.


The next obvious sequence then is to understand who is in the organisation.
Because we all now know what is it that AM ideology states and we now all
understand that the organisation (AMPS) must follow the AM ideology.

So the next point to clarify then who is actually in the organisation–
AMPS. That is who are those people who are considered part of AMPS and are
therefore meant to follow and manifest the teachings of AM.
Answer: All A’nanda Ma’rgiis– Wts & family persons– are a part of our
AMPS organisation.

It is NOT that only Wts are part of the organisation. One cannot separate
family margiis from the organisation. Rather all are members of AMPS. This
is Baba’s given mandate.


And here is the proof that all are part of the organisation:

It is well accepted that every A’nanda Ma’rgii, whether they be wt or
family person, must follow 16 Points. This is commonly known to all.
Everyone knows that this is Baba’s teaching: All have to follow 16 Points.
And final point of 16 points is: “Observe C.S.D.K.” Hence this 16th point
of 16 Points is also mandatory for every Ananda Margii.

And as we all know the “S” of C.S.D.K. stands for: “Seminar”.

Regarding seminar, it is a vital aspect of the running of our AMPS
organisation whereby everyone must attend seminar and once there everyone
is allotted some important organisation duty. This is one of the main
aspects of the seminar system: That everyone is expected to attend and
actively participate in seminar and in turn everyone is given some
organisational duty. That is what happens in our seminar system.

And at the same time Baba’s directive is that every family margii, every
unmarried margii, every LFT, every Wt, indeed everyone must attend the
important organisational program of seminar. In that way everyone– every
Ananda Margii– is given the responsibility and duty to carry out various
works and projects for AMPS.

Thus, who can say that family people are not part of AMPS. Never– it is
not like that. All Ananda Margii, irregardless of whether they are married
or wt, all are part and parcel of our AMPS organisation. And the
organisation is the worldly tool for preaching the teachings of AM ideology.

Thus it is a neat & clean, air-tight system: What AM preaches, AMPS does,
and all Ananda Margiis are members of AMPS so they are bound to follow the
ideology. This is Baba’s designated style.


So then on the point of expulsion it is all crystal-clear; it is an open
and shut case. It is an easy three step process: (1) AM ideology clearly
states that expulsion is not allowed; (2) the AMPS organisation is bound to
follow this ideological tenet of not expelling anyone; (3) as members of
AMPS all Ananda Margiis are to exemplify the same rule: That expulsion
should not be done.

Where then is there scope for confusion or misunderstanding– indeed there
is not. That is why in this age of growing ideological awareness all
rational Ananda Margiis are quickly sticking to the ideological point that
expulsion has no place in our AM society: not in AM and not in AMPS,
nowhere. And therefore no one should expel anyone. This point is quickly
seeping into the hearts and minds of all Ananda Margiis.

And after all look at it this way. If those in AMPS are not going to follow
AM ideology, that is if Ananda Margiis themselves are not going to follow
AM ideology, then who on this earth is going to follow Baba’s AM ideology.
Should we think that somehow out of nowhere all the others on the planet
who do not do sadhana and who do not follow a sentient diet are going to
magically start perfectly following AM ideology and 16 Points without our
example or example. Of course not.
Here then we can easily see that it is our duty to first adhere to Baba’s
teachings of AM ideology.

Given all this, the point of expulsion is quite straight and clear.
Expulsion goes contrary to the fundamentals of AM ideology and the AMPS
organisation; and it is the duty of every Ananda Margii to live up to this
standard of not expelling anyone.

Baba says, “Your ideal should be represented by your do conduct…”
(A’nanda Va’nii #13)

Thus when our ideal states that expulsion is not allowed then the thoughts,
words, and deeds of every Ananda Margii should reflect Baba’s ideological
directive of ‘No expulsion’.


Here following is Baba’s golden guideline that all are welcome to be part
of our Ananda Marga.

Baba says “Ananda Marga keeps its gates open so that each and every man and
woman may enter. Anybody may join, anybody may sing in chorus with the
rest. The united march of the people is a march of victory. Ananda Marga
states this in unequivocal language.” (‘Spirit of Society’)

Hence AM is an open society where there is no scope for expelling anyone.
This is not allowed.


By Baba’s divine grace He has blessed us with all the teachings and
practices to guide the society. By following AM ideology– that is by our
sterling conduct, by exemplifying His various teachings such as no
expulsions– we will lead the humanity into the brilliant new era.
Here is Baba’s divine blessing upon all Ananda Margiis.

Baba says, “Common people do not know how to do, what to do, what is the
destination. They want guidance. They want guidance from certain people
whom they respect, whom they accept as their object of adoration. They
respect those people because of their high moral conduct…You boys and you
girls, you are to establish yourselves as developed human beings and as
blessed with the glory of human excellence at the helm of every affair.
Society will recognize you because of your service, because of your
sacrifice. And not only that, everybody is expecting that they will get
your help, your assistance, your guidance, when there is a dire necessity
for the same. You boys and you girls, you should know that I solely depend
on you for the translation of our lofty ideology.” (AV-34, p.85-6)



Here below is one special warning from Baba where He explicitly tells us
about the extreme dangers of expulsion.

Baba says, “Suppose somebody is suspended from his job. In his mind the
seeds of revolt germinate. He files a court case, contacts so many people,
organizes a demonstration, etc. That is the natural reaction to
suspension.” (AV-3)

By His above warning it is quite clear that those who are expelled will
form their own separate structure and embark on the negative path of
dividing the society. This is the dark and inevitable result of expulsion:
More and more division. And that is what we are practically witnessing in
our AMPS nowadays. This is one of the horrors that is going on.

It is quite clear then that the unideological act of expulsion is highly
detrimental to developing one human society. Indeed we can say that so long
as the weapon of expulsion is in vogue, one human society cannot be formed.


Here are more of Baba’s important guidelines which condemn the crude tactic
of expulsion.

Baba says, “If punishment kills or prevents one from progressing along
life’s path, it may be treated as vice…Instead of hating anyone, the
sadvipras will encourage everyone to build good careers. This will be the
sadvipra’s principle duty. None should feel that they have been doomed
forever.” (PNS-7, p.54-55)

Baba says, “Ananda Marga has formed a society which frames its laws on the
basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of all
humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society,
for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction
between class or sex, where no one is declared an outcast…” (PNS-11, p.6)

By reading Baba’s above teachings surely everyone understands well that
expulsion is not at all allowed in our AM way of life.

Rather our Marga is destined to create that singular humanity where are all
looked upon as family members and given the wonderful opportunity to move
along the path of Supreme salvation.

Mister or Shrii

Baba says, “The Samskrta word Shrii means ‘the most charming personality’.
The word ‘shrii’ is derived from sha + ra + uniis. ‘Sha’ is the acoustic
root of the mutative principle, and ‘ra’ is the acoustic root of energy.
With the help of these two things, ‘sha’ plus ‘ra’, human beings are
moving, dancing, speaking, and doing so many things. Obviously they need
‘sha’ and ‘ra’ very much. The Supreme abode of ‘shrii’ is Parama Purus’a.”
(SS-12, p.4)

Note: In this above quote, Baba is describing the meaning of ‘Shrii’ so
that we can understand why we call Him ‘Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji’– not
‘Mr. Anandamurtiji’. Naturally in our life we should then address Him in
the way which He likes to be called.

However, because of their dogmatic beliefs, some jinanis prefer the term
‘Mister Sarkar’ or even just plain ‘Sarkar’ instead of ‘Shrii’. In that
case we should gently try to make them aware about their dogma.

The central idea is that ‘Shrii’ is a very meaningful term and we should
not only use this when addressing our Beloved Guru, but everyone should use
the term ‘Shrii’ before their own name as well. This is Baba’s direct


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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:19:38 -0000
From: Kamala
Subject: NY Retreat: Colourful Report


“Asha’ni ulka’ upeks’a’ kari a’lokatiirthe calo cali…” (P.S. 744)


Baba by Your grace I will go on marching ahead towards the effulgence,
my Goal, by avoiding and overcoming all sorts of obstacles like
thunderbolts & meteors. By Your grace I will not be afraid of the thorns
and difficulties on the path. With Your strength, I will root them out,
throw them away, and move on and on. Baba, all my energy is coming from

Baba, on the path of my forward movement, there so many insects &
nuisances. Plus various types of demons, ghosts, witches, and goblins
are trying to create disturbances and fear on my journey. But by Your
divine grace when I have fixed the determination in my mind to move
towards You, then until I will not rest until I reach the Goal. Baba, by
Your grace, with my feet I will go on crushing all the obstacles on the
path, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. Baba. Your immense
blessing is always with me. You are my Source and You are my Savior…


The annual gathering of the NY summer sectorial retreat at Ananda Kanan
(USA) was recently held. This is a short report about a few of the many
happenings of that conference. Others also are welcome to write in with
their view and accounts.

In the coming days, many other elements of this retreat will be profiled
so really everyone’s input is most welcomed.


As many may be aware, Ananda Kanan, located in the Ozark mountains in
Missouri, stands at the main master unit of NY sector. It has now been a
hub for sectorial activity for years and years, nearly two decades or more.

Naturally then we expect great things from this MU, as Baba has
identified master units as an all-important representation of our Ananda
Marga way of life.

Here are a few of Baba’s dharmic guidelines about master units.

Baba says, “When Ananda Marga started touching every discipline of life,
it was then contemplated to establish the Master Units as the miniature
forms of Ananda Marga. As there are different nerve centres in the body
which control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which
are finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units
will be treated as the nerve centres of the society.” (PNS-19)

Baba says, “These miniature forms of Ananda Marga will expand and
gradually terminate in the maxiature form and cover the whole universe.
Master Units will expand all possible services, particularly in the
fields of education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment. These
Master Units will work to improve the fate, first of all human beings,
and then of all living beings.” (PNS-19)

Baba says, “Through Master Units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard
of the people in a few months or a few years.” (PNS-19)

Baba says, “With spiritual philosophy as the hub, we are to start as
many Master Units as possible.” (PNS-19)

By Baba’s above guidelines, it is quite clear that master units – like
Ananda Kanan – are to play a preeminent role in the representation and
spread of AM ideals.

As we all know, in countless reporting sessions as well, Baba has
emphasized the value and need for more and more master units, as these
mu’s are meant to carry the flag of our AM way of life in all respects.



Baba has clearly delivered the message that the dignity of women shall
always be preserved and one clear-cut avenue of this is proper dress.

Baba says, “Women should wear simple and decent clothes and cover their
bodies properly.” (CC-1)

Unfortunately, at the recent July retreat in Ananda Kanan, two of our
Didis made a poor showing by tossing aside their avadhutika uniforms and
instead embraced the crude, pseudo-culture fashion of the USA.

Most everyone is aware the the US is the capital of pseudo-culture as
the vaeshyan powers of America have imposed crude values on the society,
including the objectification of women, i.e. showing females as being
mere sex tools of society. This is one of the main examples of
pseudo-culture in the land of the USA.

Somehow, two of our respected avadhutikas, fell into this trap, and
perhaps even worse is that they made a terrible example for our youths.
Our teenagers, and especially young girls, need a proper role model to
show them a higher way of living and presenting themselves. Because at
present in the USA, Hollywood’s half-naked starlets have captured the
attention of many young girls.

So teenagers girls need a role model: someone who will exemplify the
more noble ideals and expressions of human life, i.e. someone who will
be a living representation of the dignity of women.

Under normal circumstances, our Didis are that sterling example and
under normal circumstances, our master units would be such a place.

But at this retreat – as has happened too many times in the past at
Ananda Kanan pseudo-culture has taken root. Specificaly two of our
avadhutikas totally dropped their ideal and embraced the sensual ways of

In particular, Didi Ananda Anuradha and Didi Ananda Raganuga tossed
their uniforms aside and wore skin-tight shirts and form-fitting jeans
such that every curve and shape of their bodies were highlighted. Their
clothes were so tight it looked as though their garments were painted
onto their bodies.

To be blunt, and please pardon the expression, but our revered
avadhutikas resembled “two dizzy bimbos” that one might see in a B-grade
movie, wherein the movie director is showing two ditzy females in some
shopping mall etc. The tragedy is that our Didis were reinforcing the
dogmatic and undignified way that females are represented in pop-culture.

The scene at Ananda Kanan was THAT bad.

Now here is the kicker. What were our Didis doing at the moment. Our
respected avadhutikas dressed up like that because they were going out
on a picnic with our youths – i.e. with our teenagers. As if this was
the ideal way to present themselves in front of our young,
impressionable youths at an Ananda Marga function.


All in all, this proved to be absolutely disastrous. Because all year
long teenagers in the USA are targeted heavily by corporations. The
entire capitalist machinery of pseudo-culture aims all its exploitative
powers at youths, especially young girls. They impose on these young
girls how they must look and act a certain way – wherein they are mere
objects of sexual allurement for men. We have all seen this in the form
of movies, advertisements, TV shows, internet images and in countless
other ways.

Baba says, “Another form of injustice in society is discrimination based
on sex. Instances of one sex being considered inferior to the other are
very common. Women in a sizable area of the world are considered as the
private property of men and are meant for their pleasure only.” (AFPS-7)

Baba says, “In the modern world there is a wide variety of films which
excite the passions and have a degrading influence on boys and girls,
adolescents and young men and women. Such films create in cinema-goers
the desire to emulate in their individual lives the criminal activities,
the vulgar expressions of love, or the adventurous behaviour that they
see enacted on the screen. This is another example of how keeping bad
company causes depravity.” (HS-1)

Tragically, our two avadhutikas failed to contrast this dark and
degenerating message by highlighting the ideals & aims of Ananda Marga.
When they went on that picnic with our youths, gone were their
avadhutika uniforms and out came their sexual pseudo-culture dress. Plus
they tried to make themselves look “pretty” and “alluring” in various
other ways.

Note: In particular, Didi Ananda Anuradha has an unfortunate weakness in
this regard. In past retreats at Ananda Kanan, she has used her esteemed
belt from her avadhutika uniform and used it as a girlie hair tie when
performing on stage. Plus she is no stranger to the beauty & feminine
cosmetics industry. So hers is a long and storied spectacle in this regard.

Really then, to have two of our main avadhutikas peel off their uniforms
in front of our youths and resort to the crude ways of pseudo-culture is
quite devastating. That shining star of an example is now gone and our
teens have nowhere to look for a proper way.

And all this is happening on the grounds of our Ananda Kanan master
unit, where AM ideals – like the dignity of women – are meant to be
embraced, not overlooked in favour of pseudo-culture.


Given the above scene, and other instances like it, is it any wonder
then that the whole expression of young ladies and women at the Ananda
Kanan master unit fell from our ideal during retreat.

For instance:

1) It was not at all uncommon for our tender young females at the NY
summer sectorial retreat to wear sleeveless shirts to highlight their
tans etc. In their innocence they do like this. And even worse is that
when they raise their arms, such as during kiirtan and kaoshikii, such a
shirt becomes all the more revealing. But how can we tell them or send
them an indirect message not to wear such revealing clothing when our
esteemed Didis are doing the same thing.

Please understand, that there were many Didis at the retreat who really
do honour the code of being an avadhutika and take the cause of the
dignity of women quite seriously, yet all that is undermined when a few
Didis do things that “fly-in-the-face” of such ideals. Then the example
is lost.

2) Another common scene at the retreat is for our young teenagers to
pair off as girlfriend and boyfriend. That means touching, hugging,
kissing, holding hands, rubbing, massaging, and sneaking off together to
a lonely place. All these things have become quite the norm between our
teenage children while at Ananda Kanan.

Here again, that is not our ideal way – that is not what we want to see
happening on the grounds of our MU. Nor is this something that we should

Baba says, “It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and
a man’s friend is a man.” (CC-1)

Our MU’s are places where we are to represent cent-per-cent of Baba’s
teachings, including restraint in social life and modest dealing between
males and females.

Yet our youths at these retreats are mostly involved in the “dating
game” which is so prevalent in America, which often results in teen
pregnancy, emotional difficulties, and disrespect for the human body and
condition. Sadly, this type of thing is happening on our MU grounds and
our youths are not to be blamed. They are bright-eyed beings with high
aspirations who need guidance and support from our AM leaders.

Yet when our leading Didis toss aside their own codes of conduct and
prance around in skin-tight dress to show off their bodies, then those
Didis do not have the moral courage – nor desire – to speak out against
pseudo-culture: period.

And the ones who suffer the most are our youths, as they do not get the
example nor guidance they so desperately need.

Instead all they hear from our acaryas is, “Don’t they look cute
together” or “How sweet they are” or “What a charming couple” or our
acaryas just simply smile. Believe it or not, that is the prevailing
message that our Dadas and Didis tell to these young couples of
boyfriend and girlfriend.

And the proof is that our retreats at the Ananda Kanan have turned into
the breeding ground for the dating game.

In that case, our young ones have no chance; of course they are going to

3) Mixed sex swimming is another problem at our retreats. And once again
our youths are some of the main trespassers, though through no fault of
their own. Bathing suits in America are basically like wearing underwear
or under garments. One is essentially naked when swimming. To give
leeway for all our teens to swim together – girls and boys like – is
only asking for a hormonal brush fire. There are sure to be sparks.

Yet again, when at the same time certain acaryas have tossed aside their
uniform in favour of casual American dress in order to go canoing
(boating) etc, then those Didis have no place or voice to comment on
youths who are wearing typical – yet revealing – American swim suits.

So these are but a few of the things that many of us are noticing at the
retreat on our master unit. And this has been going on for years &
years. These are not isolated incidents.

Of course there are other issues like groupism, power mongering, and
more, but in the realm of pseudo-culture and male-female relationships,
the above is a glimpse or picture of what is happening on our AM master
unit of Ananda Kanan.

And the root cause is defective leadership.

Baba says, “Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and
there is one reason: the defective leadership of society…Bear in mind
that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect
in the conduct of an a’ca’rya. Just as it is the duty of a father to
educate his children properly by his good conduct, an a’ca’rya or
a’ca’rya’ should always instruct by their exemplary actions and words.”


The cultural programs continue to be problematic because still wt
performers and others are going on stage and showing off pop-culture rap
music and hip-hop dance, instead of the dharmic and dignified samgiita
of Ananda Marga. So once again we see Dadas and Didis alike shaking
their hips on the stage and losing themselves in American
pseudo-culture. This of course does not help things at all.

Please write in with other ways you have seen the ugly play of
pseudo-culture take root on our MU properties like Ananda Kanan.

Because this pseudo-culture is a menace to society and if there is any
place where it should be wiped out, it is on our AM master units which
are meant to be a nerve center of AM thought and conduct.

Here Baba warns us of the dangers & horrors of pseudo-culture.

Baba says, “This exploitation in the cultural sphere is accomplished by
the propagation of pseudo-culture. Every honest, virtuous, rational
person must fight against this pseudo-culture, and inspire others to do
the same. If this is not done, the future of humanity will be sealed.”
(NH-LOI, Disc: 7)


Often we hear, people say, “Oh come on, this is America, everyone has a
girlfriend, they all dress in scanty ways, etc”. These are the excuses
various AM leaders give in order to justify the presence of pop-culture
antics on our MU land.

But here is a wake-up call to such persons.

There are countless ashrams and retreat sites in the US where they
uphold the dignity of dress and separation of the sexes. So many gurus
have come to the west and their followers are maintaining proper social
standards. They may suffer from various Hindu dogmas or wrong spiritual
guidelines, but at least the good things they have learned about
spiritual life, they have the courage to follow.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of life on our AM master units
and retreat sites like Ananda Kanan. No doubt, Baba has given the
greatest teachings, yet when our leaders have neither the discipline nor
the courage to uphold those guidelines, then everything goes awash and
life runs rampant.

That is what we see happening at Ananda Kanan summer retreat programs.


Here is one story that is highly related with our current problems.

One time Baba asked us all, “Why is it that the public is afraid of the

Various Dadas, Didis and margiis gave their answers. Baba was not
satisfied with their replies.

Then He said, “It is because of their uniform. If those police agents
are not in uniform then no one will respect them.”

Baba then concluded how all our Wts should be in full uniform whenever
in public or at any AM function etc. That will set the proper tone.

Unfortunately, very few of our Dadas and Didis adhere to this policy and
the negative affect is felt, seen and heard at our retreat gatherings.
Yes it is true that our margii parents can be a bit more stern with
their children at these retreats, but when our acaryas are not
representing Baba’s standard on this most basic point of dress, then
there is very little hope that we can pass the proper message to our

Until this problem is not solved, the ways of pseudo-culture and sexual
innuendos will be pervasive throughout the grounds of our MU’s during
our retreats, or at the very least in Ananda Kanan.


By His grace the standard of conduct in our AM will soon rise and our
retreats and functions at our master units will be up to the proper

Baba says, “The sadvipras will install qualified persons in power, and
the social order which will be evolved by virtue of their leadership
will give due importance to one and all. In this new society based on
Neohumanism, everyone will find their life worth living. All will regain
their lost positions of honour.” (AFPS-2)


Ajapa – Japa & Adhyana – Dhyana

Baba says, “If a man constantly chants his japa mantra or meditates
ceaselessly, then the rhythm of this japa, the rhythm that adores the
Guru during dhyana, will act as auto-suggestion during the time of
sleep, although he does not remember it…A sadhaka with this capacity
continues his dhyana and japa even in sleep. This kind of japa is called
“Ajapa’ Japa”; that is to say, without performing japa, one is actually
performing it. And it is called “Adhya’na’ Dhyana”, which means that
without actually meditating, the act of meditation is going on.” (YP,
1991 Edn, p. 150-51)


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From: “Geoff Turnham”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Negative Dhya’na Unknowingly
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 07:09:18 +0000


“Diner pare din cale ja’y, toma’r path ceye a’ma’r yu’g ye ja’y…” (2640)


Baba, my days after days are passing waiting for You. Since ages and
ages I have been looking anxiously towards the path of Your arrival. But
all that time has passed in vain. Baba, nobody is understanding my mental
anguish; I am completely helplessly in love with You. So many tears have
been shed waiting for You arrival, yet You are not coming.

Baba, in the daytime I imagine that in the night You will be coming
carrying the lantern of hope, thus fulfilling all my deepest desires. I
imagine that in my sleepless nights You will come and shower Your divine
grace and my troubled eyes will be completely satiated by having Your
blissful darshan.

Baba, when the night passes and You have not come then with deep hope I
go on ideating that You will be coming in the morning, with the advent of
the bright red crimson dawn. And like the effulgence of the rising sun You
will wipe away the cimmerian darkness.

Baba, since ages my days are passing in longing for You. Baba please


This is a topic that applies to everyone: margiis & non-margiis alike.

Because everyone – every human being – thinks. If one is not thinking
then the mind will essentially disintegrate and die. So, by definition,
we all think.

People think about their boss, their girlfriend, their enemy, their lost
love, their money, their house, their pet dog, their misdeeds etc.
People think about so many things. And when they think about that thing
they invariably apply various tanmatras or inferences: touch, form,
sound etc. In essence they are doing dhya’na, or more precisely negative

But what people fail to understand is that their thinking – or negative
dhya’na – totally dictates their future to the degree that one will
actually become or be reborn as what they were thinking about.

This has an absolutely dramatic, if not disastrous, effect. Let’s take
this entire topic step by step.


In AM, we have all heard the proverb, “As you think so you become.” And
we all know that we should ideate on our is’t’a mantra cent-per-cent of
the time. All these things we know. This theory is not new to anyone in AM.

But how seriously we truly consider the consequences of not doing this
is another matter.

Baba says, “If the mental force is directed towards finite and crude
objects, then the person is ultimately converted into crudeness. As you
think so you become.” (AMIWL-1)

Even then some of us may be thinking that, “This cannot happen to me – I
will not be changed into crudity.”

Yet that is exactly what happens.


As stated in the beginning everyone thinks; everyone holds an idea and
image in their mind. The irony is that often times – due to human
weakness – people do not hold their highest ideal in mind, but rather
something else.

For instance, many Muslims are often thinking day-long about their
hatred of Hindus. Likewise, many Jews think of their enemies in the
Muslim world. They think intensely in this manner, with vivid imagery
and with strong emotion.

And do you know what happens? Such Muslims actually are reborn as Hindus
and such Jews are verily reborn as Muslims. This is the way it works.

Same is the case with Ku Klux Klan members who despise black people as
well as with certain Frenchmen who hate Algerians etc.

Baba says, “It is the natural wont of the mind to take the shape of its
object of meditation. If the object of worship is crude, say money or
any crude thing, the mind takes the shape of that crude thing in the
course of time. Hence the proverb “As you think so you become.” For
instance, when someone constantly thinks of a ghost, he actually becomes
a ghost one day. One then starts behaving in an abnormal way. Again,
someone concentrates upon two hundred dollars, one day the person will
become an actual dollar. Hence human beings should be very, very
cautious in what they ideate upon, in their objects of contemplation.”

Baba says, “One acquires a physical body according to the nature of
one’s sam’ska’ras [unmanifested mental reactions]. Hence it is not at
all impossible for a human being to be reborn as a hog, a worm, a tree,
or even a piece of stone.” (AMIWL-7)

So it is not just limited to a Muslim turning into a Hindu or a Jew
turning into a Muslim. A person will turn into whatever they ideate on –
and again everyone ideates. Indeed, at present so many people on this
earth are sunk in the practice of negative dhya’na. Yet they are totally
unaware of the severe ramifications.

In the above teachings, Baba pointedly warns us and categorically states
that a person will become a ghost or crude money, or verily anything,
even a hog, a worm, or a spittoon – if that is what they think about. So
everyone should be made aware of the horrors of doing negative dhya’na.

There are so who intently think about their pet dog will be reborn a
dog. Indeed whatever it is that we love or hate – or whatever we think
about – that is what we will become, either in this life or the next.

Those who mentally curse their boss and think about their boss when not
at the job will be transformed into that negative boss. They will be
that one day.


One other thing should be said. This entire phenomenon is not like one
magic show, as in “poof” all of a sudden one becomes a frog. It happens

For instance, if one thinks about their boss and their boss is someone
who gets angry easily, then that negative vrtti of anger will soon take
shape in their mind as well. And then due to that continued thought, or
negative dhyana, in that very life or the next, they may become exactly
like that boss, in all the ways – physically, mentally, everything.

So little by little we acquire the samskaras or properties of whatever
we are thinking about.

Here is another example that people should be aware about.

In the west, people may not be afraid of ghosts, but they may be scared
of so many other imaginary things. They may be paranoid that nobody
loves them, and then sadly over time that becomes their living reality.
They truly think and feel that really nobody loves them. This becomes
their reality, even when others really do love them.

This approach or negative dhyana probably accounts for a huge number of
the cases of depression and related mental diseases in the more
so-called developed nations like the USA. People harbor a negative
thought in mind and ultimately they become a living representation of
that thought or fear.

As far as possible we should warn and teach those in the general society
about this entire process. They must know about it, lest they destroy
not only this life but the next one also.


All of the above applies to all Ananda Margiis as well. Just because we
have been initiated into tantra does not mean we cannot fall onto that
path of negative pratisaincara. Indeed so many sadhakas have fallen. We
must be cent-per-cent involved in our sadhana. We must ideate and do
dhyana on Him.

Unfortunately, by the looks of things, it seems that some Dadas may be
doing negative dhya’na on their “groupist enemies”. They may pass their
days planning and plotting against their rivals. In that case, they will
acquire those very samskaras and be reborn as a Bengali etc.

Then there are some Dadas who are so fascinated with their new car. Such
was the case of one Amurt worker in the USA. This Wt was enamoured with
his sports car. Hopefully by now he has given up that negative ideation.
If not, surely he will be reborn as a piece of metal or as a steering

Whatever may be, if we just do our mantra japa for a few minutes during
sadhana, and then the entire rest of the 24hrs we are involved in all
kinds of mundane thoughts and longings, then that most certainly will
affect our future.

Because whatever direction in which the mind is colored is the direction
in which we will grow. Whether it be money, fame, prestige, land, etc,
whatever we ideate on will become our living reality, sooner or later.
This is the natural law.

Thus we also should not get caught in the trappings of doing negative


The question that invariably arises is how are we to proceed. Here Baba
gives the answer.

Baba says, “Whenever any thought arises in the mind, it should be
immediately channelled towards Parama Purus’a. You should say: “O Parama
Purus’a, Thy will be done“.” (NKS, Disc: 23)

The only way then is to direct all our thoughts and energies towards
Parama Purusa and serve Him in all respects, always. This demands strong
sadhana and proper use of Guru mantra. Then we will be cent-per-cent safe.

Even then, as human beings we have so many emotions running through the
mind. How are we to deal with all of these.

Here again, Baba has given us the answer and best tool: Prabhat Samgiita.

In His Prabhat Samgiita, the full range of human emotions are expressed
and in each song those emotions are goaded towards the Supreme. So
whenever we feel angry, then we should direct that anger towards Baba,
not to our spouse, or boss, or whomever we are angry with. When we
direct our anger towards Baba then we are thinking of Him and that is
proper dhyana.

And that is the way all our emotions are to be addressed. Our love, our
infatuation, our desires, our longings, our sadness, our loneliness etc.
Each and every emotion is to be goaded towards Baba. Then our success is

That is what Baba has taught us in Prabhat Samgiita.


This entire topic of doing negative dhya’na is a slippery slope. People
the world over, non-margiis certainly and some margiis too, get verily
caught in this negative approach and it ruins their future. All should
be warned accordingly and all should then be extremely cautious and
careful about how they ideate in life. No one should allow mundane or
crude thinking – i.e. negative dhya’na – to be part of their mental
flow, lest they wish to destroy their future.

Here is Baba’s warning.

Baba says, “They say, “Why should I bother about such subtle things. I’m
quite happy as I am.” Such people, engrossed as they are in materialism,
are bound to be reborn in crude material bodies [like pigs, feces, and
wood etc].” (PNS-11)

Human life is rare and we have all been blessed with the power of
cognition. We are to utilise this in the best way possible and realise Him.

Baba says, “When one’s goal of ideation is Parama’tma’, one attains
absolute progress. As one’s psychic object is subtle and expansive,
one’s psychic body becomes subtle and expansive, too, and finally
becomes one with the Macrocosm.” (AMIWL-8)



This below teaching of Baba is also related to this entire topic.

Baba says, “You should remember to use guru mantra regularly before
every action. One attains success in the field of action by the right
application of guru mantra. Some of you, I do not say all, often forget
to use guru mantra before starting an activity. If you do forget, repeat
it after completing the action. When one no longer makes such a mistake,
that is, when one always remembers to use guru mantra before starting
any activity, one is said to have attained “dhruva smrti” or “fixed
memory”. Dhruva means “fixed”, “stationary”. When, by dint of sa’dhana’,
one establishes oneself in dhruva smrti, one experiences an unbroken
flow of bliss in one’s mind. In the scriptures, this intense spiritual
bliss is termed “dharma megha’nanda”. Whenever you develop that sort of
fixed memory, you will experience dharma megha’nanda’.” (AV-7)

WT Conduct Rules

“We are all the children of the same Father, we are all the members of the
same family. By fighting against all kinds of evil forces, we will
establish the glory of our Father and the glory of our family.” (Point #13
of ’14 Points’, WT Conduct Rules)

Note: A few so-called senior, degenerated and disgraceful Wts are going
astray from this fundamental rule by spreading the poison of groupism and
by creating division in the society– all of which is completely against
neo-humanism. This is all happening due to greed, lust of power, desire for
prestige etc. Unfortunately such persons are still in the uniform of Wts so
we have to recognise them. As they have tainted the glory of Lord Shrii
Shrii Anandamurtiji by their sinful, power-hungry ways. Indeed by all this
they have destroyed the sanctity & unity of the family.

Note 2: Those who are sincere margiis adhere to this above cited rule since
the spirit of this conduct rule is common to one and all.


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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:32:05 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Chatterjee_K
Subject: Cannot Resuscitate


“Saba’ka’r ati priyo a’daran’iiyo…” (P.S. 307)


Baba, You are the Dearmost One to all; You are the most revered and
most loved. In all the hearts You are the precious kaustba jewel. Baba,
everyone is in You– without You nothing exists. Even without
recognising You, even then I recognise only You.

Baba, in all the flowers, You are fragrance; in this entire creation,
You are lotus hub. In everything You are the best and sweetest part. In
Your touch, in Your form and taste. In all the unknown things,
You are the cluster of glittering stars.

Baba, You are nectar of the earth; I always salute only You, I do
sastaunga pranam to You again and again. Baba You are that divine
eternal Entity. You do not come and go. In each and every moment Your
liila is ever-new. O’ the Vast divine Entity who has come in the form,
I accept only You. Baba, I surrender everything at Your alter– You are
my everything…


Little by little the Kolkata faction is trying to resuscitate their dogmatic
Mahaprayan function from the dead. They are trying to declare a so-called global
unity meeting on the very heels of mahaprayan, and they are giving all
kinds of perks to those who attend.

But dogma is dogma is dogma. And no sincere or right-thinking margii
has an iota of interest in going to this dogmatic Mahaprayan program.

Because life is for pleasing Guru and when Guru Himself is displeased with
the dogma of mahaprayan since it goes against AM ideology, then which
margii wants to go against Guru and attend the dogmatic ritual of mahaprayan
in Kolkata.

Here following are some of the many points which various margiis and
acaryas are raising concerning this dying dogma of Mahaprayan.

For these reasons this dogma is going, going, gone…


1. Every sadhaka knows that memories and ideation of our most Loving
Entity Baba should be blissful. Because this is how people remember
their loved ones. For example, if one mother has a child and if that
child dies a most treacherous death in a gruesome car accident. The
mother will not then hang a picture on her wall of the child’s mangled
body and torn face from the day of that nasty accident. Rather the
mother will hang a beautiful picture of that child from when the child
was looking charming and sweet. Similarly as sadhakas we remember our
Beloved Guru in a blissful manner. And for anyone to choose so-called
Mahaprayan as the way to remember our dearmost Baba is just like hanging
that picture of the mangled child on the wall. It is one negative way,
that is why all true devotees remember Baba is positive & blissful way.


2. Everybody is aware that in no religion or spiritual path do the
followers celebrate the “death-day” of their chosen god or deity. This
is the common fact. In that way the “death day” of Lord Krsna is never
celebrated nor is the “death day” of Lord Shiva celebrated. Indeed
nobody is aware when Lord Shiva and Krsna passed away. Likewise even the
dogmatic Christians refuse to celebrate Christ’s death. Rather they
remember his birth and rising etc. The central idea being that to keep
the spiritual flow or devotional feeling alive, one fundamental feeling
is highly essential: The presence of God.


3. Plus we all know that Baba has given the formula of ‘Six Spokes of
the Social Cycle’ for the on going survival of any community or society.
And one of those required spokes is Preceptor. But the entire theory
behind Mahaprayan is that the Preceptor is gone. That is why various
margiis and wts are telling that keeping the Mahaprayan program is like
shooting ourselves in the foot– or head. Because without the presence
of Preceptor then that society will die. This is Guru’s teaching. So
from the get-go the whole Mahaprayan theory is dogmatic and destructive.


4. Each and every Ananda Margii knows that AM teachings are perfectly
complete and cover each and every part of life. So when Baba Himself has
not included the point of Mahaprayan in His teachings then why should it
be celebrated.

In reply however, one or two dogmatic type of people justify the matter
saying that Baba never wanted to talk about His physical departure etc.
Like this a few blind persons justify the point.

But various rational field acaryas give the reply that Baba has indeed
discussed aspects such as this because in the Acarya Diary itself Baba
teaches that when Guru is physically accessible then Guru Puja should be
done directly to Him. And in that same acarya diary Baba says that when
Guru is not physically near you and/ or after His physical disappearance
from this earth then we are to do Guru Puja with mantra and ideation to
His photo.

So here the key point is that Baba has indeed given the guideline how to
manage after His physical disappearance. Of course with one’s spiritual
eye one can see and feel him physically also– just it is with the crude
physical eye it is not possible. But here the central idea that that
Baba gives the answer what to do in His physical absence etc. So no one
can justify that Baba never addresses such circumstances.

Plus the acarya told that Baba further tells in Acarya Diary that if one
has a strong desire to give something physical to Guru and if He is no
longer physically on this earth then one should feed His creation and
distribute food to the needy etc.

And furthermore in the event if there is no need of such service to the
impoverished then those physical offerings should be made to the moving
waters of one river. And the other option Baba has given is to burn
those items. All these options Baba has given as means to offer to Him
when He is not physically on this earth.

And in the last scenario Baba has given the point– my acarya was
telling– that all sadhakas should offer mental flowers or mental
colours to Guru when He has physically disappeared. This also is the
teaching from Acarya Diary.

So like this in each and every scenario and situation Baba has given the
exact way for how to proceed. By His grace He has given full instruction
and left no stone unturned. Thus no one can justify the matter that Baba
did not discuss such things. Rather Baba has outlined everything so if a
point like Mahaprayan etc is not in His teachings, then we should not do
or invent such things. And ultimately we all know this, so this is one
simple reminder– nothing more.


5. It is also commonly know that the term ‘Mahaprayan’ is not one
spiritually high or reverential term. Just it means “death” in Bengali.
Everyday in those places where Bangla is spoken people are routinely
talking about ‘this mahaprayan’ or ‘that mahaprayan’. So it is a most
ordinary and commonplace thing. But in our Marga a few are foolishly
thinking that ‘mahaprayan’ is some special, holy term of Ananda Marga.
But that is wrong. This ‘mahaprayan’ word is very commonly known in the
whole non-margii Bengali community. And this word is frequently used
among them to signify death. But unfortunately 1 or 2 overseas margiis
have been kept in the dark by telling that this mahaprayan term is
something heavenly. When in reality the common connotation is just
“death”, nothing more.


6. In our Marga, we all know that spiritual service means service to
Guru. This is Baba’s teaching which each and every Ananda Margii is
aware about. Thus in the theory of Mahaprayan (Great Departure) when
Baba is “departed”, then how can one do service, especially spiritual
service. Dhyana or sadhana, is our spiritual service and in that
practice His existence is requisite, mandatory. Thus the false theory of
Mahaprayan is directly contrary to our spiritual approach in AM.


7. If we believe Mahaprayan and Baba is gone, then our ‘Parama Pita Baba
Ki-Jai’ slogan has lost its value. Because how can any Entity get
victory if they are not present. So margiis are feeling that Baba is
with us always that is why our ‘Parama Pita Baba Ki-Jai’ slogan is so
meaningful. And to think He is gone is dogma. So we should follow Baba’s
eternal guideline to not allow dogmas like Mahaprayan to crop up into
our holy Ananda Marga. That way the inherent beauty and glory of our Jai
slogan shall live on.


Here Baba warns us about the what happens when they allow dogmas like
Mahaprayan to creep into their mental outlook

Baba says, “When people are guided by, & controlled by dogmas, their
dynamism is lost, so they become lifeless. They are worse than dead
bodies. So you boys and you girls, you should know that you must never
allow any dogma to control you, to make you drift away from your
nucleus.” (BABA, ‘Beware of Dogma’)

So the Presence of Baba is a significant thing in our life. We should
not ruin our whole life by thinking that Baba is gone or distant or far
away. This type of feeling is not only detrimental but suicidal.

And here below Baba beautifully reveals the eternal secret behind the
spiritual and devotional cult of Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “The secret to develop devotional cult is to think, while
doing anything, while doing any mundane duty or doing any spiritual
practice — you should always remember that He is Subject, He is seeing
what you are doing. He is hearing what you are thinking. You cannot do
anything secretly. He is always with you.” (AV-12, p.7)

So the whole entire devotional approach in AM is to always hold dear the
feeling in our heart that Baba is constantly remaining along with us.


By His grace we will realise this blessing each and every moment of our

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings-That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has
revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of
the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (Caryacarya II p.1)


Note: So for all the reasons cited in this above letter, maximum number
of margiis and acaryas feel in their heart that Mahaprayan is just one
dying dogma. All family members are invited to share their thoughts &
feelings in this regard.

Why Red Dress

Baba says, “Ta’n’d’ava is a heroic dance, showing the fight between life
and death. The knife represents life, represents your vital stamina, and
the skull represents the death that wants to destroy you. You are
fighting against death with your weapon, be it a knife or a trishula
(trident). And as per the rule, during the day, if one so desires, one
may use a live snake in place of the skull; and at night one may use a
fire masha’la [torch] or a d’amaru [small drum]. This is the rule. So
ta’n’d’ava represents the eternal fight, the fight for survival, the
fight to maintain existence, the fight to establish oneself as a man in
this world.”

Note 1: By Baba’s above guideline we can outline the system for
doing Tandava like this. During daytime in the left hand the tandava
dancer may hold either (1) a skull, or (2) a live snake. And when doing
tandava during the nighttime then in the left hand the dancer can hold
either (3) a fire torch or (4) a d’amaru, which is a small, one liter
size, hand-held, double-sided drum that has a string and two knots
attached which twist around and create a beautiful sound when they
strike against either face of the drum. Lord Shiva was using one of these.
So the point is that during tandava, depending on the time of day
etc, any one of these four items (skull, live snake, fire torch, or
d’amaru) are held in the dancer’s left hand. And all four items
symbolize the force of death and destruction.
Then in the dancer’s right hand he will hold a dagger or a trishula
(trident). In AM, a dagger is a knife where both edges of the knife are
perfectly straight and angle towards each other to create a distinct
point at the end. So a dagger is a pin-pointed, dual-edged knife; thus
not just any ordinary type of knife is a dagger. And the second option
for the right hand is the trishul (trident). This is similar to the
western “pitch-fork”. It is a three pronged, pointed iron tool attached
onto a bamboo handle of variable length from 3 to 6 feet long.

Note 2: By Baba’s grace I was also present at that special darshan
on 20 April 1979 in Kolkata where Baba revealed the secret why tandava
dancers wear a red-coloured outfit. Because in AM it is a commonly known
fact that tandava dancers always wear that unique read uniform when
dancing. Everyone who attended DMC, DMS, or any of Baba’s darshans saw
this thing. And on that special day in April ’79 Baba explained that red
is the color of rajoguna (the mutative factor) and that by wearing red
the tandava dancers are expressing the idea that they are above the
mutative factor. It is a representation that they are not controlled by
rajoguna. Rather they are established in the sattvaguna (sentient
sphere), by Baba’s grace. So the red uniform has this unique meaning
which Baba Himself beautifully described in His darshan of 20 April 1979.

Note 3: Those doing kapalik sadhana also use a red mark on their
forehead when practicing this meditation. And the meaning behind that
red mark is the same as tandava. Namely read mark signifies that the
kapalika is above the mutative sphere of life– above rajoguna.


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Date: 27 Jul 2009 09:44:06 -0000
From: “Surya Rao”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Sentient Environment


“Bha’loba’so yadi tave eso priyatama diiner e kut’iire…” (P.S. 2619)


O’ my dearmost Baba, if You really love me then please come to the hut
of this lowly person. I want to make You listen to my love songs up to Your
full heart’s content; that’s why in my mental viina I have practiced many
tunes and melodies for You.

Baba, I do not have any knowledge or intellect. Nor do I have any
virtue, name & fame, or the weight of those things. I have only one thing:
Love for You in my mind. My whole heart is completely filled with love for
You. And by offering that love I will satisfy You, by Your grace.

Baba, I do not have any prestige nor do I get any respect or honor. None
of these do I have. Nor do I have such devotion that I feel my ego getting
wounded by Your not coming. Baba, I have only gratitude in my heart for all
those things which You have graciously bestowed upon me. Please shower me
in Your ahetuki krpa.

Baba, I know in my heart that You love me, but if You really love me
then please come close in my heart. For You I have prepared and decorated
my mind in Guru cakra. Baba, please come close and grace me…


Creating a sentient environment for our spiritual-cum-devotional practices
is critical for every Ananda Margii. This letter gives some of Baba’s unique
guidelines in this regard.


We all are Ananda Margiis. Innocently one can ask the question that, ‘We
are margiis but many are Wts also, so what about them?’. And the answer is
very simple. Wts, acaryas, Lft’s, kapalika, avadhuta or purodha, all are
Margii. Because margii means those who are following Ananda Marg ideology
and the same time they have accepted their Guru as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

We see in our Supreme Command which is always repeated after dharmacakra,
there the Ananda Margii term has been used. And that term is not only
limited to family margiis alone. Plus we all know that the Supreme Command
is the most significant guideline. That is why it is repeated after each
and every dharmacakra. With this repetition it reminds us that we are all
Ananda Margiis– irrespective of social status like Acarya, Avadhuta or

So if we see the critical definition of Ananda Margii then we will reach
the conclusion that Ananda Margii means those who are adhering to the path
of bliss. In this material world people are searching for bliss. But artha
does not have the capacity to quench the infinite human thirst. That is why
Baba has brought us onto the path of AM and shown us the proper way with
various guidelines.


Many points have been discussed in relation with better and proper sadhana.
And here I want to add one new point in that series. It is related with
sentient environment, freshness of air, and that type of atmosphere which
is conducive for sadhana because it invites positive microvita.

In one of His discourses, Baba has given the guideline about the
paincavati– Five sacred trees. In the ancient history of India when rishis
were maintaining their spiritual ashram, then their ashram was fully focused
on spiritual meditation. And they found that these sacred trees were highly
beneficial for creating a positive environment for sadhana. That is why
these paincavati were quite common. So in the important site of their
ashram where those yogis were doing sadhana, they were planting those trees
by their sadhana pitha.

Of course those days there was not a lot of scientific development but
because of their sadhana they were able to reach to the conclusion by their
higher senses about this theory of paincavati. And Baba has appreciated
their analysis and conclusion.

No doubt today in those ashrams everything has gotten polluted because in
place of sadhana only dogma is occupying the place. But now this is the
time when Baba has given this technique to us for making a better
environment in our own meditation place.


The only question then is that in the cold countries how is it possible to
plant those trees because they are originally from tropical areas. And not
exactly the same, but a similar problem is there for those who are living in
crowded cities– due to a scarcity of open space, planting big, big trees
may not be possible.

In this situation though, already science has solved the issue. Because
nowadays these plants can be kept as bonsai. You may know even this
gigantic banyan tree can be kept in one small plate and its height will be
12 inches maximum. And it will have its leaves and flowers and fruits,

So around the place of doing sadhana keeping such things will be beautiful.
Just 5 trays are needed in the sadhana room where they can be kept. And in
cold countries arranging such things is not very, very difficult. And it
can be kept inside the room. The temperature which is conducive for humans,
that same temperature these plants also like. So their growth and survival
will not be problematic and the outcome will be very positive, abundant.
They will invite positive microvita and not only sadhana but whole
vibration of the house will be charged. About these five sacred trees
(paincavati) Baba’s guideline is significant.


BABA says, “The air of the margosa tree destroys the harmful effects of
bacteria. It can also fight against negative microvita. This is the reason
why margosa is also recognised as one of the five sacred trees
(paincavati). In olden days, people liked to perform spiritual practices
sitting in an environment free from the pernicious effects of disease and
germs. That is why they would plant paincavati — nimba’ (margosa), bilva
(wood apple), shalmali (silk cotton tree), bat (banyan indica) and ashvatha
(Indian fig tree) — in and around the place of meditation or spiritual
practice. Some people of course use a’mlakii’ (wood sorrel) as a substitute
plant. In paincavati maha’nimba may be planted instead of ordinary
margosa.” (MVNS, p. 9)


Note 1: Artha vs. Paramartha’

Baba says, “Suppose a man has no clothes and feels cold. Having no money
he cannot afford to buy clothes and having no food, he feels hungry. If he
gets some money he can remove his hunger by procuring food and thus he can
remove his afflictions. Thus we say that Artha is that which removes
afflictions. People buy food, clothes,etc. with money and so money in
Sam’skrta is called Artha. But it should be remembered that money is only
Artha and not Paramartha’, for Paramartha’ means “that which removes one’s
afflictions forever”–once the afflictions are gone they will never return.
Suppose we buy food with money today; tomorrow we will again feel the pangs
of hunger. So money is Artha, not Paramartha’. Paramartha’ is that which
brings permanent cessa tion from the triple afflictions–physical, mental
and spiritual.” (‘Importance of Society’)

Note 2: Bonsai = About this please ask your friends, or your local plant
nursery, plant house or tree farm, or garden center, as well as books and
literature. I think everyone may be aware that in Madhu Malainca (Lake
Gardens) Baba had so many such trees.

How Meaningful

Baba says, “A jiiva is manifested out of Paramashiva as a jiiva in human
body– or rather, simultaneously in the Cosmic Body and in a human body.
Each and every microcosmic structure is like a universe. Hence the yoga of
scriptures say, Traelokye ya’ni bhu’ta’ni ta’ni dehatah– ‘Whatever exists
in the universe exists in your small structure as well.” (DKG, p.19)


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"I was unaware of the volcano mounting below the surface."

"I was unaware of the volcano mounting below the surface."

Date: 26 Jul 2009 10:32:41 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: My Tale: Playing with Fire


“Campak vane dakhina’ pavane…” (PS 40)


Baba, You have presented Yourself and come into this world with the
resonance of music, in endless ways. You have manifested Yourself in
innumerable styles and forms with rhythmic sweetness and beauty. Baba, all
the pangs of loss, all disappointments, and weaknesses have been forgotten.
Now everything is filled with Your divine charm.

Baba, due to Your unfathomable grace, we have been able to know You,
hear You, and see You in countless ways. Baba, if this had not been Your
desire– if You had not blessed us in this way– then how could we have
gotten You. Baba, what else is the cause except Your krpa’, Your divine
grace. O’ Baba, You have come today with the beauty of rhythm and song…


I am not inclined to say who I am – please excuse me as I have my
reasons – but I think my story needs to be told. By hearing what
happened to me – what I allowed or even caused to happen – others will
be able to save themselves from a similar fate.

That is my hope & that is why I am writing.

Actually, it all started out quite innocently, or so I thought. Little
by little things developed. Of course – all along – I thought everything
would be fine. I thought I had the entire situation well within my control.

Today I see that was not at all the case.

It is now very apparent that the root cause behind it all was that I
thought I was above all weakness. My ego, my over-confidence & my
audacious belief that I was something special skewed my perceptions and
led to my downfall & disgrace.

That is how I took a free fall into a dark, deep abyss, where I remain
to this very day.

I really do not want to see such an event happen to anyone on the path,
neither family person nor acarya, neither Dada nor Didi, neither young
nor old.


By Baba’s magnificent grace I had it all.

He blessed me to become a disciple and to get the Sadguru while on this
earth. So few get such a chance, yet by His all-merciful compassion, He
gave me such an opportunity. He placed it all right there before me –
all I had to do was move ahead on the path.

After a few years of becoming Wt, I thought I had made it to the top,
especially after I became avadhuta. I thought I was simultaneously
impermeable and impregnable, i.e. indestructible and unbeatable.

That was what my ego taught me.

By His grace, my early years were full of sincerity and an earnest
desire to move along the path. What was taught to me I did my best to
follow: asana, food, sleep, sadhana, dharmacakra. I tried to follow all
the codes, and by His grace I progressed. I felt better and my mind was
vibrated by His rhythm.

If only I had continued in this pattern. But instead I erred and now I
am absolutely nowhere, totally off the map. I do not know what will
become of me.


Who she is and whether she is margii or not I do not even want to say.

All that need be known is that I thought I was above all allurement and
that I could be relaxed about the various codes of conduct.

Baba has graciously given so many guidelines and rules about workers and
the opposite sex. We all know them. Do not look in the eye, do not be
alone, do not be friend etc. He has given all the points and all the
ways to be successful.

But due to my ego, I thought these rules and codes are for others not
me. I am Wt – I am avadhuta – what problem can come my way. Nothing.

So little by little, the conduct rules passed me by, or rather I became
loose and skipped over them.

At one point when I saw her we made eye contact. I thought nothing about
it. Then slowly – over weeks and months – we became friendly and began
to communicate via email etc. Or we would talk here and there with
others around.

Then we began to meet by ourselves.

We never talked about “us” but always discussed bigger things like the
society or spirituality etc. But that was a paper thin layer, I was
unaware of the volcano mounting below the surface. Or at least, my ego
did not want me to know of the dangers that were developing.

Up until that time we had not kissed nor held hands. So I thought I had
it all under control. There was no flagrant show or a breach of etiquette.

Then one time when we were alone I could feel my entire body become
heated and imbalanced – I felt the pull. Even then I thought I could
handle it.


Over time, all codes of conduct melted away. It happened slowly until
finally one time we were sitting together on my bed working on a project
and she leaned across me to grab a paper and I intentionally leaned
forward toward her as if to help, and our bodies brushed up against each
other. It was a warm and soft touch – one which I had not felt before.
My head was spinning – and now I understand that it was then that I
totally lost my mental balance, and ultimately my career as well.

It seemed like a whole new blissful beginning for – such was the
intoxication of avidya – because in fact it was the end.

We lived as one for a while yet presented ourselves as two separate
souls when in public. But when alone, it was entirely different. It was
like we were married, yet it held all the excitement of being something
more exotic because we were doing everything secretly.

Our life in heaven together did not last long. It exploded in my face
like nothing before I had ever seen or experienced. Now my life is
essentially over – I am a mere shell of what I once was.

And she is free to do as she likes.

I cannot blame her. After all I was the so-called dedicated and
responsible one. But due to my arrogance, ego, and bloated self-esteem,
I thought I could side-step and bypass all codes of conduct and still
keep myself in proper form.

I thought, “What is the harm in looking her in the eye and what is the
harm in going places together.” Slowly, slowly I broke all the codes of
conduct – nothing happened bad per se – and my ego got further proof
that I was unbreakable.

How wrong I was. Shortly thereafter, I fell into a total whirlpool of
self-deceit and lost the path.

What will happen to me I cannot say – but such things should not, nay
must not, happen to others. If I can prevent that from happening even
once, then I feel I will have begun to pay back my debt to society.
Though I know I will never be able to regain my dignity, nor my sadhana.
That seems quite hopeless now.


As I look around, I see such a drastic fall can happen to anyone blinded
by their ego and overconfidence.

A person many think that they can handle their alcohol and that one more
beer will not skew their vision nor judgment. They may drink and drink
thinking that they are above all perils only then to find one morning
that they are in the hospital, missing both of their legs, and having
killed their best friend in a car crash.

With so many vices and poor dealings this can happen. At first people
slowly move in the wrong direction yet gain the confidence that they can
handle it. Then one day the bottom falls out and all is lost.

Drugs, alcohol, cheating on one’s wife, financial impropriety. It can
happen anytime one begins to cross the line.

In our Marga, this can happen in so many ways. First one may begin to
skip kiirtan, then sadhana, then after months one may find themselves on
a totally different path.

That is how degeneration happens. Little by little one crosses the
boundary until one day they find they can never return again to the life
they once cherished.


We all know the story of Siita’s abduction.

To keep Siita safe, Ram’s brother Laksman etched a boundary line in the
ground around the house and told Siita not to cross the line. For a long
time Siita was faithful and respected the boundary line.

Then one day, the demon Ravana came in the guise of a sadhu begging for
alms and stood on the other side of the boundary line. Siita wanted to
give him alms, but she wanted to do so from inside the house. Ravana
replied that he would only accept her alms if she stepped over the
boundary line and gave him the food. She was in a dilemma as to what to
do. Ravana continued to coax her to cross the line.

She did and the rest is then history. She was abducted and dragged away.

Here the whole point is that once we cross the threshold of what we
should and should not do, then we will lose all that we had. We will end
up in an entirely different place, and an undesireable one at that.

This is especially true when one crosses the ethical codes of conduct on
the path of spirituality. We liked being on the path, did not want to
leave, but when our brash ego coaxes us into disregarding one code, then
that is the start of our demise.


There are so many examples how crossing the line ends up destroying
one’s life.

A family man may one day think that he will never get caught and that
getting together once with another woman will not be a big deal. Step by
step it happens until one day he finds his family life to be in total
shambles and he lives as a disgraced person in his own town.

Or what about the trusted financier who little by little goes against
the ethics and does ill with his client’s funds.

Heck it even happens with margiis and simple wts with regards to
groupism. They pledge they will follow AM ideology. Then one day they
are approached or given an opportunity with a particular group and they
think, “What is wrong I can do it this one time.” But then step by step
they are drawn in more and more – getting the perks etc – until finally
they become a full-fledged groupist member.

At first one never thinks that such missteps are a big deal. One always
believes they will be able to handle the situation until one day their
own life has gone up in flames as if everything became saturated with
gasoline and then lit with a match.

Poof! All gone. Never to return again.

Oh so many times this happens. One becomes relaxed about sadhana or food
or about watching crude things on the internet or whatever. Always one
thinks that it is ok, only to be swallowed up by it as the problem grows.

That is what happened to me in South America and that is what has
happened to others in so many places.

If nothing else, others should learn from those of us who have fallen.


We must all be vigilant. By His grace we have come under His divine
shelter and we must ensure that by our own doing we do not leave His
shelter and drift away.

The best method that I have heard from others is that we should always
think that Baba is watching all we do and that we are to follow all
kinds of guidelines to please Him. Then we will be safe and secure
always. If we think He is watching then our conscience will be pure.

Furthermore, we must always be aware that ego is a part and parcel of
spiritual life. With that inflated ego and overconfidence we should not
think that we are above the rule or codes of conduct. Once we think that
we are so intelligent or so great or so elevated that we can cross the
line of proper conduct, then we are inviting our own demise and

Take it from me – from one who fell – all should beware.

Here, by Baba’s blessing, are the best ways to move ahead in life. I
hope everyone reading is successful.

Baba says, “When I think I am His object and He is my subject, I cannot
commit any wrong under any circumstances. His ever wakeful conscience
will constantly warn me, “What are you doing? He is watching you.”

Baba says, “I will move towards Him drawn by the irresistible Cosmic
attraction. This is my dharma – simple and straight-forward. This is my
natural wont. Nothing can detract me from pursuing my innate
characteristic.” (AMIWL-10)

your brother

Multiple Points of Interest

Baba says, “Large, ancient animals used to die at previously selected
places. The wild elephants of today still follow this habit. At such places
the bones of the animals became a hill which became deposits of calcium
sulphate, calcium carbonate, etc. with the passage of time.”

Baba says, “Wherever cretaceous animals lived in groups, limestone will be
found. In Assam, for example, lime stone and petroleum can be found. The
fat of these huge animals petroleum and the bones became limestone.”

Baba says, “In Ra’r’h, in Jalda and Jaipur, limestone can also be found.
Limestone is good for manufacturing cement and helps oranges grow well.”

(Above quotes from ‘Integrated Farming’, Prout-16, p.38)


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"...due to the pull or attraction of certain celestial bodies... the liquid portion of the earth rises"-Baba

"...Due to the pull or attraction of certain celestial bodies... the liquid portion of the earth rises"-Baba

Date: 25 Jul 2009 03:43:11 -0000
From: “Subhash Dholakia”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Barely Known Point


“Tumi sudha’taraunge khelicho raunge saba’r saunge niyato…” (PS 700)


Baba, since eternity You have been playing Your divine game. By Your
grace it is filled with the vibration of colour and nectar. You are
playing with one and all – blessing everyone. Baba, You never get tired;
You never stop; You go on working day and night. Your liila is eternal.
Baba, even when there was no creation, no planets, stars or galaxies,
and also when there was no existence of the vast sky, when there was
absolutely nothing, then in that great void You were ever-present,
remaining alone. Even before and prior to the beginning of the creation
You were there, emanating with Your divine vibration. Baba Your liila
cannot be expressed in words and language. Since eternity You have been
present and You will remain forever. You are the Supreme Nucleus of this
whole cosmic cycle…


By Baba’s grace, I had His darshan on a few occasions – one of which was
in Patna during the year 1971. Usually when in His Presence, I would
just watch and listen intently, mesmerized by His divine aura.

On this particular occasion, the idea came in mind to note down Baba’s
words and ideas in my diary. So that is what I did.


The following is not an actual transcription for publication, but it is
an accurate review of what Baba discussed on that day. Afterwards, my
notes were checked with those of two different Dadas and PA Dada gave
his approval.

I have discussed this below topic on numerous occasions with margiis in
my unit and then I began to think that in this electronic era, more
should have access to this information. After all, everything is due to
His grace and He has come for the upliftment of all. In that case, how
can I rightfully keep this to myself or to my village locale.

I will feel especially graced if any or all of the below helps others on
the path, coming closer to His lotus feet.


Specifically, that day was the unique occasion wherein Baba clearly
described why fasting is so important for our human growth and
development and how fasting counteracts the negative effects of the
celestial bodies during certain lunar days, or tithis.

What He told in this Patna darshan is not in any of the published
material (that I am aware of) about fasting. It is not in Caryacarya
part III nor in other publications.

I have since asked many acaryas about this and they too cannot tell if
or when Baba discussed this topic in other places. So this does seem to
be quite unique material.



In this darshan, Baba began by telling that due to the pull or
attraction of certain celestial bodies like the moon and the sun, the
liquid portion of the earth rises. Baba was detailing how the tides of
the ocean and sea levels are affected by the pull of the moon on
particular lunar days, ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day, pu’rn’ima’,
and amavasya.

(Note: Of course, the modern day sciences of geology and physics have
verified this fact. The earth’s oceans and tides are primarily ‘s
affected by the moon etc and can result in tidal waves and other
dangerous conditions.)

Then Baba began to systemically explain how even the liquid section in
our human body also gets affected on such lunar days (tithis).
Specifically the liquid portion rises up and disturbs the regular
functioning of the brain and other primary organs in the upper regions
of the body. One’s thinking and sadhana are affected on these days.

(Note: As you may know, our bodies are 70% to 75% water / fluid, so when
the liquid portion of the body is affected, its affect is quite dramatic
and can even make people to do crazy things. That is why lunacy stems
from the root luna meaning moon. Due to the effect of the moon, people
lose their mental balance. This is also recognised in the common society)



In the next sequence, Baba began detailing the effects on the cakras.
Because when the liquid portion rises up then the upper cakras are

Under normal conditions, the vishuddha cakra (5th cakra) to the
sahasra’ra cakra (7th cakra) are purely for subtle and sentient
pursuits. These cakras are totally sattvika or sentient.

The manipura cakra (3rd cakra) to anaha’ta cakra (4th cakra) deal with
both higher and lower works, both spiritual and physical activities.
Baba has classified these as being ra’jasik, a mixture of crude and subtle.

Then the two lower cakras – muladhara (1st cakra) and svadhisthana (2nd
cakra) – only deal with baser activities, as they are ta’masik in
nature. But as we all know certain crude works need to be attended to in
this life, so those lower cakras also have their purpose.

That is how Baba described it in this darshan.

Now here comes the key point:

On certain lunar days – tithis – like ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day,
pu’rn’ima’ (full moon), and amavasya (new moon), the liquid portion of
the body rises up and disturbs the functioning of the upper cakras –
i.e. the ra’jasik and sentient cakras, which means the manipur cakra all
the way up to the sahasra’ra cakra are all affected.

(Note: Baba also differentiates between lunar days known as tithis and
solar days known as din in Sanskrit. And it is these lunar days or
tithis which create this disturbance in the body.)

On those aforementioned lunar days or tithis (ekadashii, purnima &
amavasya), due to the adverse effect of the moon’s pull and the ensuing
rise of the liquid portion of the human body, those higher cakras cannot
function normally. In turn, our entire existence is negatively affected.
Our regular and higher functioning of mind becomes impaired.



The ancient yogis – being practical scientists and researchers – knew
well that the upper cakras could not carry out their normal manner of
functioning on those tithis, so they came up with a solution.

And that solution was: fasting.

Then Baba revealed one very interesting idea. He told us that when one
fasts, a vacuum is created in the stomach – because there is neither
water nor food in the belly – and that vacuum pulls the liquid back
down. That brings relief to our entire system on these lunar days.

(Note: Many Wts familiar with Baba’s discourses said that this Patna
discourse is one of the few places, if not only place, where Baba
revealed this point about creating a vacuum in the stomach.)

In that case, when fasting during those lunar days like ekadashii, then
the higher organs are no longer hampered by the liquids which would
normally rise up on those lunar days. Hence, the lungs, heart, thyroid,
brain etc can work smoothly as usual.

That is the great benefit to the physical and mental body during fasting

Baba also then gave proof of this theory. He told that those suffering
from arthritis and gout will experience worse conditions during
ekadashii and other tithis. They will not experience any remission on
these days. Because the liquid portions of the body rises up and creates
problems for such patients.

So for all these reasons and more, fasting is a necessity for human
health and vitality.



Then in a very sweet manner Baba began to discuss about the fasting
system in Ananda Marga.

He explained that our fasting days occur on the following tithis:
eleventh moon (ekadashii), full moon (purnima), and new moon (amavasya).

Then He said how He did not prescribe four fastings to family people –
just two, i.e. the two fasting days of ekadashii. That will help them
greatly in their physical and spiritual life.

Wts are required to do four fastings as they need to engage in more
spiritual activities. Baba was careful to explain that Wts are not, by
definition, more spiritual or devotional than margiis, but clarified
that due to the nature of Wt life, they have more spiritually oriented

Finally, Baba added that all family people are welcome to fast 4 times
each month, but for them it is not a requirement. Should, however, any
family person adopt the practice of fasting on purnima and amavasya,
then they will not be questioned in any way. If they desire, they may
freely do.



Baba then clarified that our fasting days are more than just days where
we refrain from taking food. Not eating is known as anashana in Sanskrit.

But that is not our approach.

We call our fasting days as upa’va’sa. Then Baba explained the meaning
several times using various examples and definitions from the realm of
linguistics, and we all repeated and replied.

Upa’ means “near”, and va’sa means “sitting”. Hence upa’va’sa means to
sit or reside or live near the Lord.

Here below is a quote from one of Baba’s published discourses on

Baba says, “Upa” is a Sam’skrta prefix. In Sam’skrta there are twenty
recognized prefixes, and one of these prefixes is “upa”. “Upa” means
“proximity”. And “Va’sa” means “to live”, “to reside”. The word
“upava’sa” means then, “to live near the Lord”. “Upava’sa” – on these
days of fasting, what are all spiritual aspirants to do? Mentally they
should live near their Lord. On all other days they are to remain
balanced between objective adjustment and subjective approach. On these
days of fasting, however, on these days of upava’sa, one remains in
closer proximity to the Lord than to one’s mundane duties. That is why
these days are known as “upava’sa”. The word “fasting” does not
represent the proper sense or proper spirit. The Sam’skrta term for
going without food is “anashana” – “ana” means not, “ashana” means
eating – not “upava’sa”. But these eka’dashii, amavasya and pu’rn’ima’
days are days of upava’sa.” (AV-6)

The above passage was given in a discourse from 1978. It nicely
complements what Baba told us that day in 1971 about upa’va’sa so I have
included it here.

Let’s now return to what Baba told us in Patna (1971).

He told us that during fasting, one may encounter difficulty in doing
intense physical labour on that day. Some people may not experience any
hardship, but for others doing tough physical tasks may be beyond their
reach. It varies person to person.

In that case on upa’vasa’, one should engage in more intellectual and
spiritual pursuits, and less in physical duties. One should goad the
mind toward higher echelons of philosophy, ideology, and devotional
life. On these days, one should sit near Parama Purusa. That is what
Baba repeats again and again.

Thus our fasting days are not just anashana (not eating), but upavasa as
we are to pursue maximally in the spiritual realm and remain with the Lord.


So these are the chief notations that were in my diary from that day.
Because this posting is written in letter format and because it is an
email etc, I have adjusted my notes accordingly, but all the facts and
points are included.

Again I will say that perhaps the two unique points from that darshan are:
(1) A main function of fasting is to free the upper cakras from the
negative effects of liquids rising up in the human body.
(2) The way this happens is that a vacuum is created in the stomach due
to a dearth of food and water and that vacuum pulls those liquids back

The principles – both physical and spiritual – of our fasting days allow
us all to progress, despite the inherent difficulties of living on this
earth. It is truly Baba’s grace that He has given a method and solution
for overcoming every problem.

By Baba’s grace He has given us all the opportunity and practices to
live eternally at His lotus feet.


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