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Date: 15 Mar 2012 20:41:57 -0000
From: “Gursharan Deva”
Subject: Baba Story: Wrong Pronunciation



I can never forget the time when, by Baba’s grace, I attended DMC at Kullu on 1 November 1979. Actually in my life, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend many DMCs, and all were special in their own way, due to His divine presence. In particular at Kullu, I remember the strong spiritual vibration. All were enchanted by His sweet charm.


From my diary, I am reminded how at that DMC Baba delivered the discourse: Moks’a Kya’ Hae, or What is Moks’a.


Also on that occasion, I noted in my diary how Baba graciously stopped the chanting of Guru Puja and corrected the pronunciation. Because as we all know, for Guru Puja to be effective, one must maintain purity of mind, proper ideation (bhava), and recite the chant three times with the correct pronunciation. Without those qualities, Guru Puja will not work. It is Baba’s grace that He has shown us the proper pronunciation so we may do our puja in the right manner.


I have the audio file of that very DMC program from when one Dada shared it with me, and I have uploaded it to the blog for all to hear.



What follows below is my diary entry from that magnificent occasion of Kullu DMC where Baba lovingly showered His grace on all, irrespective of one’s social stature or birth. Because at DMC, Baba calls His bhaktas– all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, from all corners of the earth– and He equally showers His love on everyone, without any differentiation. That is the special quality of DMC.

(Note: It will be too long if I include my entire entry, so here I am appending the later part of the DMC experience which includes Baba’s blessing, Guru Puja, and Jai Slogan etc. In addition, in parentheses (00:00) I have added the timings which relate to the sound file on the blog.)


…Baba is beautifully concluding His discourse– ‘What is Salvation’– in Hindi. (00:57, timing on the sound file)

Sadguru Baba is seated on the dais, His eyes closed and His palms together, as He recites, Samgacchadhvam…

(At this point, they have removed the microphones from in front of Baba so all will be able to witness and experience the upcoming varabhaya mudra. For this reason it is difficult to hear Baba recite Samgaddhadhvam. But if one listens carefully the chant can be heard.)

The anticipation and spiritual energy mounts as Baba recites, ‘Omn Shanti, omn shanti, omn shanti’. (01:28, timing on the sound file)

All eyes are minds are pin-pointed towards Baba– everything is still– and in His loving manner Baba slowly begins to separate His hands, bringing His right hand slightly up, palm facing the margiis, while His left hand is placed by His left thigh, palm facing upward.

Baba is graciously giving varabhaya mudra– His divine blessing!! (01:34, timing on the sound file)

There is a strong upsurge of devotional feeling and spiritual flow. Sadhakas are crying out, ‘Baba!, Baba!, Baba!…bhaktas are crying in bliss…His divine love is radiating everywhere– in all directions… (01:34 – 01:52, timing on the sound file)

(According to His causeless grace, at His various DMC’s, Baba will give His blessing for around 10 seconds, per His wish. The longer the varabhaya mudra is held, more and more sadhakas will become unconscious, inundated in divine bliss, and go into samadhi.)


(It is always arranged that the BP or local in-charge should be close by PA Dada so that as soon as Baba concludes His mudra, then the BP can ask PA for permission to ask Baba to do Guru Puja. So first the BP goes to PA Ramanandaji, and then the BP respectfully approaches Baba for permission. That is the system. And it all happens in a matter of seconds.)

The Bhukti Pradhan now asks PA Ramananda Dada and PA Dadaji gives the BP access to Baba. The BP requests Baba about Guru Puja and Baba graciously grants permission. (1:52)

Before the start of Guru Puja, we can hear reminders how the terms “Gurave” and “Parama'” should be pronounced properly. (2:00)

(In particular Gurave should not be spoken as Guruve, as that (Gurave) is the proper Sanskrit grammar. Those who do not read the text properly pronounce it in the wrong manner, as Guruve.)

Secondly Parama should be pronounced with a natural “a” at the end. Once again, those not aware about Sanskrit merely say Param. But that is not correct. In essence there are three ways that parama is pronounced:
(a) Param: This is when the -ma is given half-pronunciation. This is not the proper way.
(b) Parama: This is when the -ma is given full-pronunciation wherein the -ma sounds like the “ma” in the work market. This is the proper pronunciation.
(c) Parama’: This is when the -ma is given an overly long pronunciation with the mouth open wide such as the “a” sound in the word father. This also is not the proper way.

Finally, the best way to learn how to pronounce the word parama is by listening to the audio file on the blog.

In the early days of AM it was also like that. That is why the CC-1 1975 English Edition also states, “Param” in the Guru Vandana’ section. Around 1978 or so, Baba clarified to one and all that it should be Parama. And that is reflected in the later books as well as in ZY Find or the Electronic Edition of Baba’s books. In certain instances it was written as paramah, but that is not correct. It should be parama.


One Dadaji begins leading Guru Puja. (2:11)

When Dada recites the last line of the first stanza, Tasmae Shrii Gurave namah, the Dada mispronounces Gurave as Guruve, and one can hear Baba making corrections in pronunciation to PA Dada. (2:43 – 2:52)

But Guru Puja continues.

When Dada recites the last line of the second stanza of Guru Puja, again he commits the same mistake by saying, Guruve. Then in dramatic fashion, Baba again clarifies to PA Dada that ‘Gurave’ is the proper pronunciation, not Guruve. Baba repeats the corrections again and again, emphatically. (3:18 – 3:23)

Then, you can hear PA Dada shout, ‘Stop it!’.

At this point Guru Puja is halted. The whole DMC Pandal is totally silent.

Then the Dada re-starts Guru Puja from the very beginning. (3:30)

From then on, the three rounds of Guru Puja proceeds without incident, as the Dada correctly says “Gurave” and “Parama”. And it all goes smoothly.

After three blissful rounds of Guru Puja, we collectively chant, “Tava Dravyam…” (9:53)

Then everyone does sastaunga pranam.


When Guru Puja (Akhanda Mandala…) and the Pranama Mantra (Tava Dravyam…) have concluded, then Baba showers another blessing upon us all. (10:29)

Sarve’tra sukhinah bhavantu sarve santu nira’maya’h;
Sarve bhadra’n’i pashyantu na kashcid duhkhama’pnuya’t.

Let everybody be happy (11:10)
Let everybody be free from all ailments
Let everybody see the bright side of everything
Let nobody be forced to undergo any suffering or exploitation

Parama Pita Baba Ki– Jai!! Parama Pita Baba Ki– Jai!! Parama Pita Baba
Ki– Jai!! (11:30)


We should be vigilant in the pronunciation of all our chants: Samgacchadhvam, nityam shuddham, and of course Guru puja – as all as any other chants used in our AM way of life. Then one can derive the full benefit from those chants. That will be very meaningful.


So this was the beautiful scene that we all experienced that day at Kullu DMC. And still that divine vibration of Baba is alive in everyone’s mind and heart. All we need to do is search Him within and He is there showering His blessing.

Baba says, “Now by dint of sadhana,’ one is to arouse and exalt that sleeping divinity. That Svayambhu’liunga becomes one with Shambhu’liunga. But for this one requires divine help. And I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further that one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in future, for infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this divine favour. And you are all sa’dhakas. You will certainly attain that supreme stance and enjoy that divine blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it, my sons and my daughters.” (AV-23)



Generally at DMC, Baba would graciously shower His varabhaya mudra upon all. On some select occasions, Baba would lovingly present His janusparsha mudra, wherein both hands are on His knees, palms facing upwards. Although less common, this is another one of Baba’s divine blessings.


When a sadhaka becomes inundated in His spiritual bliss, then that sadhaka may undergo all kinds of blissful sensations.

Baba says, “When the mental flow of a spiritual aspirant moves along the introversial phase of Macrocosmic meditation, one’s animative force, having the potentiality of divinity itself, rises above all tendencies – all sam’ska’ras – and proceeds towards Eternal bliss. In this state the mind is vibrated with Cosmic feeling. The unexpressed divine qualities of the higher glands find expression and the resonance of the mind vibrates the nervous system. This gives rise to pious expressions in the physical body. In the case of those people whose occult feelings are not physically expressed due to causes associated with the nerves, the mental vibrations cause certain radical changes, in the various glands within the body. These occult feelings are basically of eight types: stambha (astounding), kampa (trembling), sveda (sweating), svarabheda (hoarseness of voice), ashru (tears), roma’inca (horripilation), vaevarn’a (change of colour) and pralaya (fainting fit). There are other feelings associated with these major feelings. For examples, nrtya (dancing), giita (singing), vilun’t’hana (rolling), kroshana (weeping), hum’ka’ra (roaring), la’la’sra’va (salivating), jrmbhan’a (yawning), loka’peks’a’ tya’ga (indifference), at’a’ha’sya (bursting into laughter), ghu’rn’ana (whirling), hikka’ (hiccoughing), tanumot’ana (relaxation of the physical body) and diirghashva’sa (deep breathing).” (Guide to Human Conduct)


“Nu’tan diner nu’tan su’ryat pu’rva a’ka’she ut’heche a’cho…” (P.S. 1308)


Baba, by Your grace, today the new sun of the new dawn is rising up in the sky. With the feeling of fear and shyness, the Cimmerian darkness of the night has disappeared. O’ human being, throw away the staticity and dogma of the past, and embrace the effulgence of the new dawn. The divine Entity with the divine effulgence has come to your doorstep – with new form and color, showering love on all. O’ human being, the creatures of darkness have disappeared. The Parama Purusa who is the nucleus of this universe, that very Entity is the greatest One. Ideating on Him go on doing His service…

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Date: 23 Sep 2011 19:25:02 -0000
From: “Satyanarayan Mishra”
Subject: Janusparsha Mudra



Animals come on this earth and are bound in their base propensities, just to follow the laws of nature– beyond that they cannot do anything; but, humans come for something more, for something infinite: To get a’nandam, bliss.

Without feeling drenched in that eternal bliss, humans will never be satisfied. And that bliss cannot be gotten without attaining Parama Purusa– without getting Him. So in essence, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone wants Him; because all want bliss, or a’nandam.

And verily, human beings have been seeking this a’nandam since the prehistoric era. Since that time, in their meditation, so many rishis and munis have intuitively received various guidelines from Parama Purusa. However, perfect knowledge only comes to humans when Parama Purusa comes in the form of Mahasambhuti and guides the humanity.

So we are fortunate that we have Baba’s guideline to move on the path of divinity. And, He has blessed us with two distinct mudras– Varabhaya Mudra & Janusparasha Mudra– by which to meditate on Him. And both have their special utility and value. Both propel humans along the path of bliss.


We live in a colourful world: There are so many different types of people who come from various backgrounds, each with their own mental and physical make-up– each with their own life schedule and duties. Such is the diversity of life and range of people that is found on this earth.

And by Baba’s grace He has given something for all: Na’ma mantra, sadharana yoga, sahaja yoga, kapalik sadhana, and vishesh yoga etc. Which one is higher and which one is lower, nobody can challenge. Because all the lessons are important and success depends upon which sadhana is most suited to a particular individual, one’s own efforts therein, and Guru’s grace.

We should always keep in mind that even with na’ma mantra meditation one can get the highest realisation, if one earnestly practices with devotion and sincerity.

The overarching idea is that we can expect innumerable types of people– of various standards– to approach AM. Many of whom may be unable to follow 16 Points due to their own shortcomings, personal issues, or life circumstances. Yet in each and every case, Baba has given a level of practice specially suited for them.


As mentioned above, there are various levels of our AM yoga: There is na’ma mantra meditation, sadharana yoga sadhana, sahaja yoga, kapalik sadhana, and vishesha yoga etc. And then of course there are other practices as well like microvita sadhana etc.

Here the striking point is that there are degrees of practice. Thus when any new person approaches AM there are different levels available– this everyone is aware about. And to date, our acaryas and margii brothers and sisters have done well goading new people to the right practice for them.

For instance, if a new person comes to us who is particularly obese and long-habituated to eating meat etc, then we are to guide that person towards sadharana yoga. Because they cannot do difficult asanas– or any asanas– and their body is not ready to follow 16 points, all due to their own limitations and shortcomings, or life circumstances. In that case then, according to Baba’s system, they are to receive sadharana yoga meditation.

Hence, this new person will still be able to start doing dharma sadhana. Sadharana yoga does not offer all the six lessons which comprise sahaja yoga, but rather offers specific lessons that are suitable to the practitioner.


And indeed in His guidelines to acaryas, Baba clearly outlines who shall receive sadharana yoga meditation: aged or elderly persons, diseased persons, physically handicapped individuals, those with no place or time to do sadhana, those who work 24 / 7 in their job or service, those recommended by Baba for sadharana yoga.

So if one is eating meat and cannot sit in padmasana or siddhasana or for any of the above reasons, then sadharana yoga is the perfect way for them to begin.

And of course all along– as that new person becomes more suited to a sentient way of living– we can prepare them for entry into the more involved practices of sahaja yoga, such as when their situation changes or when they regain their health etc.

Here the point is that irregardless of anyone’s background, our AM has a way for each and every person, irregardless of their life history, to enter into the tantric cult of AM sadhana.


Consistent with this, it is Baba’s great blessing that He has graciously given two mudras available for doing His dhyana. And both have their special quality and margiis can use either one.

Of course, the two mudras being referred to here are: Varabhaya Mudra and Janusparsha Mudra.

Those doing sahaja yoga– the standard six lessons of AM sadhana– ideate on Baba in varabhaya mudra when doing dhyana.

And those people who are suited to doing sadharana yoga according to Baba’s recommended guidelines, they will do their dhyana using Janusparsha Mudra– wherein Baba is sitting with both hands on His knees, with His palms facing upwards. It is called as such because ‘janu’ means ‘knee’ and ‘sparsh’ means ‘touch’.

As we know, both these mudras are infused with Baba’s special grace and blessing, yet from a practitioner’s standpoint, for some it is comparatively easier to visualize Baba in janusparsha mudra than varabhaya mudra. And for others, varabhaya mudra is more appropriate.

Suffice to say here though, that if any person is not adjusted well with sahaja yoga– for the aforesaid reasons such as age, busyness of schedule, or physical handicap etc, or if sahaja yoga is temporarily beyond their reach– then they can ask their acarya and do sadharana yoga in which case they will do dhyana using janusparsha mudra. And verily it is the responsibility of the acarya to determine who should be given sadharana yoga meditation.


It is important to know however that in certain cases the various practices of sadharana yoga serve as a great transition point for transforming non-margiis into margiis.

For example if at the time of initiation one is overly busy in their job, or if they do not have a place to live, or if they are quite sick, then in all these cases one can begin with sadharana yoga. That is Baba’s system.

Given that society is now sunk in this materialistic era when scores of people are not adjusted well for this or that reason, then it is only practical to think that many will first need the ways of sadharana yoga– in which case they can do their dhyana using janusparsha mudra.

It is the standard system for acarya to review the background of each of their diiksa bhais (initiated persons) and decide which system of meditation is best for them. That is duty of the acarya and if today any acarya is not doing this then they are not discharging their duty properly.


Here it should also be noted that my acarya has told me that janusparsha mudra is also used in one or more of the lessons of vishesha yoga. So it is not that for senior ananda margiis or purodhas that janusparsha mudra is something irrelevant.

Rather all should be encouraged to keep pristine images of both photos: Varabhaya mudra and janusparsha mudra. Of course one should not try and do their dhyana using both photos simultaneously. That will not be beneficial– rather it will bifurcate the mind.

If any margii does not have a photo then they should ask Centre to provide it so they can get the photo. That is the system.


As noted above, Baba has given various criteria for imparting sadharana yoga meditation, in which case the practitioner will be guided to do dhyana seeing Baba in janusparsha mudra. Hence this mudra photo is to be used by various sadhakas. There is no denying this fact.

However, since the janusparsha mudra is also used in vishesha yoga, some confused persons that think that this mudra is specially dedicated to vishesh yogis– and no one else. For that reason some do not like to give the janusparsha mudra photo to general margiis. This is their dogmatic viewpoint.

But we should not forget that according to Guru there are certain persons who need to use the janusparsha mudra in their dhyana. So our duty is to clear up this confusion. Margiis should approach Centre and request accordingly. Because it is their right and this point of janusparsha mudra should not get trapped in any type of dogma.


Here is another important aspect of the janusparsha mudra.

Each Ananda Margii understands– at least theoretically– that Baba is with them. But to realise this practically these two mudras, varabhaya & janusparsha, are very, very helpful.

Without these two mudras, the concept that ‘Parama Purusa is with me’ will remain in the philosophy only. This theory will not come in the domain of realisation. So we can understand that these two mudras are highly significant for each and every sadhaka.

Although Mahasambhuti is not physically present on this planet today, but through these two mudras, along with His expressed directive about how to reach to Him, then one can have Him in their close proximity and make their life successful. Those who practice dhyan and sadhana they understand this well.

Then they can touch Him and have Him with all the senses and inferences; and, in that case their heart becomes satiated by having Him. In that state, one’s spiritual desire will be permanently satiated and sadhakas can reach to the goal Parama Purusa, by His grace. Without this there is no way.


Hence the spiritual and devotional meaning of both these mudras is highly significant as Baba has told us to take refuge in janusparsha mudra as well as in varabhaya mudra.

Baba says, “Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji through januspharsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of welfare. Omn Shanti!” (CC-1, ‘Concluding Words’)


We all know during that during DMC Baba would bless everyone by giving His varabhaya mudra. This was the case with each and every DMC, whether it was a large semi-annual DMC or a small DMC. On all such occasions, Baba would graciously give His varabhaya mudra. That was the culmination of the DMC.

And if for some reason varabhaya mudra was not given, then it would not be considered DMC, but rather DMS. Indeed there were many occasions when a DMC was announced but then for whatever reason varabhaya mudra was not given, so the occasion would be referred to as a DMS– even though beforehand it was announced as DMC.

This brings the point that DMS can occur with or without Guru’s physical presence. If He was there for an announced DMC but did not give varabhaya mudra then that occasion would be DMS. And if He was not present for a dharma gathering, He would send His representative and in that case it was also a DMS. That was the system in that pre-1990 era.

That distinction aside, in addition to the DMC, there were other occasions on which Baba would grace everyone with His varabhaya mudra such as during His birthday celebration of Ananda Purnima, Diipavali, Color Festival, Vijaya Dashami (Victory Day). According to His wish, He would give His varabhaya mudra on those occasions as well. Nobody knew beforehand if He would do it or not. It was all depending solely on His wish.

Plus, it was known, that sometimes He would give His varabhaya mudra in the acarya or avadhuta meetings and on some rare occasions during PC also. That is the basic overview of Baba giving His varabhaya mudra. Others should also contribute more about this.


At the same time, it is not known to me if ever Baba has given janusparsha mudra at a DMC or Ananda Purnima etc, if anyone has information about that I want to know.


Lastly, according to my knowledge, there are two versions of both the janusparsha and varabhaya mudra photos. And there is approximately a 5-10 yr gap between these photo sessions. That is to say, around 1955, at one photo session, pictures were taken of Baba both in varabhaya and janusparsha mudra. And then again it was done 5-10 yrs later. So there are proper negatives of Baba in both these mudras.

Those interested should find out who has these various photos and they should also get a copy. Finally, those sadhakas who do have these photos should show them to other interested sadhakas.


Everyone should kindly use this letter as an introduction into the topic of janusparsha mudra. There are many aspects which remain untouched such as the meaning, history, etc. So others are welcome to write in with more on this important and devotional topic.

In the end, what we can say is that Baba would give His varabhaya and janusparsha mudras whenever He wished. It was His causeless grace on His devotees.


By Baba’s grace every Ananda Margii is to take shelter in both of Baba’s mudras and spread that blessing to one and all.

Baba says, “Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji through januspharsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of welfare. Omn Shanti!” (CC-1, ‘Concluding Words’)



PS Intro: In this song the devotee is addressing Parama Purus’a in a very indirect manner.

“Ba’ndhan jetha’y ceyechilum se ba’ndhan keno na’ elo…” (P.S. 3752)


The Divine Bond– “Ba’ndhan”– which I was looking for, why has that Divine Bond not come. He, that Divine Bond, is the darkness of my nights as well as the effulgence of my days; He is my everything. Alas, He is remaining far.

By His grace I wanted my loving devotional link with Him to gradually grow closer & closer through the sweet ideation of my Ista mantra, different lessons, dhyana etc, all the ways which He shows up to samadhi– until ultimately becoming one with Him. I was also longing that by calling Him constantly with the repetition of my mantra & heartfelt feeling, then He will bless me by His august advent in His absolute and divine form in my Guru cakra. In that way, by His grace I will get His extreme proximity and oneness. Alas, He is remaining far.

I was also desiring that He will attract me close to Him by showering His divine love and infusing a sweet intimate relation. Thus by falling in love with Him, His divinity will descend in my unit existence. Naturally, my heart will feel love for His vast creation– as the neo-humanistic feeling will sprout in my heart, by His grace. And then each and every manifestation of this grand universe will emanate His effulgence. Alas, He is remaining far.

Those sadhakas who are blessed by Him and engaged in pointed, arduous meditation, by His grace, they surely love all beings. Baba, You are my divine bond, please grace me by keeping me deep within Your bosom…

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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:41:18 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Prakash Deva
Subject: Who Should Distribute Baba Photos & Films


“Du’rer aja’na’ pathik eseche mor ghare ei viha’ne…” (P.S. 4947)


From the distant dawn the Ajana Pathik has come today in my home. About
this very Ajana Pathik, I had longing for Him in my life, in my death,
while awake, in my dream, & in my sleep. All throughout I have been longing
for Him. And that Aja’na’ Pathik has come today in my home.
That very Entity is most loving for me, even more than my own prana. He
is the dearest of dear to my soul. He is more adorable than anything else.
He loves me so much; He knows more about me than I know about myself. What
I know about myself, He knows far more.
That Aja’na’ Pathik is kaladhiish– He cannot be bound by time. So He is
kaladhiish. That Aja’na’ Pathik is also the controller of the time factor
so He is kalatiita– One who works beyond the bondage of time. His glory,
charm, and attraction cannot be expressed in words. Since eternity He has
been hiding in a remote corner of my heart. I have been dreaming of Him
with deep longing for hundreds of lives. That Aja’na’ Pathik has come today
in my home. He has graced me…


Around town and in our email forums, there has been much discussion
about the management and distribution of Baba photos and films as well
as Baba’s other devotional treasures like Prabhat Samgiita etc.

This is an important topic as it is directly related with Ista, the
spread of Baba’s teachings, one’s individual growth as a sadhaka, and
our organisational systems.

So let’s take a look at this critical issue.


One of the main things that Baba has emphasized is moving ahead in
samgacchadhvam spirit – i.e. working together unitedly toward a common

Baba says, “The meaning of the sam’gacchadhvam’ mantra should be
realized in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or
small, with unity…” (CC-2, ‘Society’, pt#34)

One can say that for this reason of unity and collective projects, Baba
created AMPS – the tool for spreading His dharmic teachings and programs
in an organised & cohesive manner.

After all, the way to achieve success on this earth is to join together
and work collectively. That makes any job or project infinitely easier.
Even the materialists have learned this basic point. Small businesses
have merged together to create larger companies, and larger companies
have bonded to create bigger corporations, and bigger corporations have
expanded to become world-wide, multi-national enterprises. Their aims
may be selfish, but as a matter of efficiency and approach, the business
world realises that working collectively is the only way to go. In
addition, schools, countries, foundations all follow this same principle.

Naturally then, whether it be on points of pracara, Prout, AMURT,
schools, or the distribution of Baba photos and films, our approach as
Ananda Margiis should be in the spirit of samgacchadhvam, i.e. working
together in an organised way towards a common ideal.

Clearly then, our fundamental manner is to adhere to our AMPS structure
and regulations. Specifically, the distribution of Baba photos and films
should be led and carried out by the corresponding organisational
pathway, such as Public Relations Department and PRS Dada.

That is the way things should work – under ideal or normal conditions.
That is in tune with our samgaddhadhvam spirit.

However, at present, we are not living in normal times. Because when our
organisational structure is cracked, when groupists are doing and dying
for their own fame and power, and when our organisational channels are
no longer doing what they were designed to do, then who can think these
are normal times.

In that case, we have to reconsider the matter entirely.


When there is care and love, then naturally there will be deep interest
to do things properly. But where groupism is rampant, the desire to
serve the cause of dharma is replaced by the greedy need to rule over
others. Tragically, at present, many of the devotional tools in AM have
been taken hostage by group leaders who suffer from this defective

VARABHAYA MUDRA PHOTO: Earlier, all Ananda Margiis had easy access
through the proper organisational channels to a high-quality image of
Baba’s varabhaya mudra photo. However, since 1990, the photo being
distributed has been tainted, faded and lightened such that one can
hardly even see the image. This makes both Guru dhyana and Guru sakash
very difficult.

Actually, the history is that after 1990 the organisation (i.e.
Sarvatmananda’s team) had a perfect negative of Baba in varabhaya mudra.
However, as they were more concerned with power than saving Baba’s
things, they allowed their negative get ruined by mold in the humid
environment of Tiljala. Such was their level of interest.

By the grace of Baba, committed margiis came forward and began sharing a
high-quality photo, much to the displeasure of the organisation. As they
preferred to have full control, whether they were carrying out their
duties properly or not.

Still today this remains an issue. The PRS and other organisational
channels either do not have a good quality photo or they refuse to share
it with others – both of these scenarios come into play.

In that case, how can we sit back and say, that only PRS Dada has the
right to distribute Baba’s photo. Rather, it is the right of every
Ananda Margii to have Guru’s photo for the spiritual progress in
sadhana. In the best case scenario, PRS would have a proper system in
place to get the photo to sadhakas of the Marga. But nothing of the sort
has been done. Rather, PRS refuses to share the photo at all.

So this is a clear-cut instance where the organisation is not serving
the aims of dharma. Thus, bhaktas have been forced to step forward and save
the situation so devoted margiis can get a proper photo. Best of course
is if the organisation properly handles this duty, but when they do not
have the interest nor the desire, then other recourse is needed.

PRABHAT SAMGIITA: This is another blatant example how since 1990 the
organisation has failed to live up to their duties. Instead of following
in the footsteps of Baba’s dharmic example, the groupists in power gave
up the ship on Prabhat Samgiita and (1) sold out to pseudo-culture and
(2) propagated the late PP’s silly rhymes, ridiculously titled as
Shraddha Shuman.

Who can forget how the organisational “leaders” pasted glamorous
pictures of filmy singers on the covers of our Prabhat Samgiita
cassettes and began distributing those cassettes as a collection of
mundane love songs wherein Baba’s divine compositions were sold in the
common marketplaces along side pop-music.

Under such a condition, who can think that the organisational channels
were fulfilling their dharmic duties – rather they strayed deep into the
realm of pseudo-culture and dogma.

They have shown they cannot be trusted.

Plus, that is not all, for years and years in that post-1990 period,
Sarvatmananda and Co. were actively promoting, recording and selling PP
Dada’s silly rhymes, thereby totally overlooking Baba’s divine
collection of Prabhat Samgiita.

All this eerily spells out how the organisational channels were failing
to live up to their responsibilities – thereby forfeiting their duties
to others, i.e. interested margiis and acaryas.

AM BOOKS: Next we come to the publication of Baba’s books. Although Dada
Acyutanandji is working hard and has diligently involved in this
endeavor, Dadaji’s fine efforts have not been enough to overcome the
dark ways of the Kolkata team.

No doubt, Rudrananda is doing zero to publish AM books, but even worse,
in the opposite corner, Sarvatmananda and his cohorts have adopted the
path of Bangalisation. They hastily toss aside and intentionally ruin
English and Hindi discourses – as well as those given in other languages
– and instead they only attend to Bangla discourses. Or they insist that
all discourses be first put into Bengali – even if Baba spoke in English
– in order to put Bengali on top. There are no shortage of examples in
this regard.




These above letters are but a few of the many examples of how such
groupists have ruined Baba’s books. So this is another clear-cut case
wherein the factional heads have gone against the ethic of AM and
destroyed our treasures.

All in all, it is clear we are not living in normal times. Because those
at the helm of the organisation are violating all the principles of AM.
And even worse is that when others try to pick up the responsibility or
correct things, then those factional monsters wage an all-out war
against that innocent margii.

So the whole scene is quite tragic and the only remedy at present lies
in the hands of those courageous margiis & wts who come forward.

Because organisational authorities have no interest in doing their jobs.


Actually when these groupists bond together, they can create all kinds
of problems. The most glaring example of this is the dogma of Mahaprayan.

As we all know, in Caryacara part 2, Baba has clearly stated that Guru
is infinite and ever-lasting, forever in our hearts.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone
has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium
of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (CC-2)

Yet, when all the groupists were “united” and serving as footstools to
Sarvatmananda, then in ’90 they unanimously voted to insert the dogmatic
Mahaparyana addendum to Carycarya part 1, essentially stating that Baba
is gone.

Such is the hell that groupists can do when they are all on the same
page, i.e. working together.


Now let us again return to the main query: Who Should Distribute Baba
Photos & Films?

Given all the information and proofs from up above, we have to
reconsider the situation. Because when the organisational channels have
no desire to attend to this responsibility, then there is no other
option except for others to come forward.

Certainly, the Public Relations Dept should be in charge, but when they
shirk their responsibility, the only recourse is for rational margiis to
take up the job.



We must remember that those leaders at the helm of the organisation are
not like some capitalist owners who may do as they please. The only
avenue of post holders in AMPS is to serve Guru and the Marga, beyond
that they have no right.

Thus when top Dadas are failing to carry out their duties and when
devoted margiis around the globe are thirsty for devotional treasures
like a proper Baba photo etc, then other dharmikas must come forward and
demonstrate initiative.

Because, all sadhakas should have proper access to Guru’s gifts.

Baba says, “Human life is short. It is wise to get all the instructions
regarding sa’dhana’ as soon as possible.” (CC-2, ‘Sadhana’, pt#8)

So when Baba’s photo is such an essential part of our sadhana practice
and when His discourses and Prabhat Samgiita are some of our devotional
treasures, then every Ananda Margii has a right to those gifts. That is
Baba’s stated wish.


Given the severity of the situation, the only practical way to move
ahead is for interested Ananda Margiis – be they family margiis or wts –
to share Baba photos and Prabhat Samgiita etc. That is the only way to
remedy the situation at present.

But, this is only a temporary measure – a quick band-aid.

The main solution is to clean up the organisation and have people in the
chair who wish to serve Guru and propagate His ideals. Then PRS Dada
should have full authority over the distribution of Baba’s photo etc.


By Baba’s grace He has created AMPS as medium for us to work together in
spreading His ideal. Without that, it would be impossible. So we must
fix the organisation. Till that time – until all groupists have been
removed or rectified – pathways are needed to ensure things like Baba’s
photo get distributed properly to other sadhakas. In that case, any
interested margii can do.

Baba says, “All have come from Him, and therefore all will remain
together. But this is not sufficient. All have come from Him, are in
Him, and will merge in Him, therefore all people will have to live
together. For you, unity is the natural course, and division is
unnatural. You well know that the Cosmic Energy will not long tolerate
what is unnatural.” (Disc MHB)



Just because margiis and field workers are now involved in sharing
Baba’s image and writings does not mean that they can carry out this
work indiscriminately.

Rather, it should be done with the utmost sanctity and reverence for
Baba’s gifts.

Thus, we should be vigilant that no one go against the ethic of the
Marga in this regard. If that happens, these instances should be
reviewed on a case by case basis, and conclusive action should be taken.

And again, best of all will be if the integrity of our AMPS can be
restored. Then the organisation can resume full authority of all
devotional properties etc. That will be best.

About Rich People

Parama Purusa Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of
money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is
necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you
keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become
responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your
valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities
for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the
basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of
society.” (HS-1, p. 41)

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