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Subject: Khicuri Unity…
Date: Tue 29 Dec 2009 08:42:38 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“A’jake sa’njhe madhur sa’jhe ke else go, ke ele…” (P.S. 5006)


In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who
is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone’s life and in
everyone’s heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows
closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and
other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind, He has come
in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together…


As the New Year DMS approaches still the various groups are struggling
to rise above the other. Each wants to appear better than the rest in the
eyes of the common margiis. We have seen it before and it is bound
to unfold at this DMS again.

Under such circumstances, various people– especially certain so-called
leaders– are bound to make the cry for “unity, unity, and still more
unity”. Indeed, their mantra japa of “unity” is already being done. And
make no mistake, it can sound enticing, but it is never going to work.



So here comes the trick. Any unity needs to be established on the point
of ideology– otherwise it will just lead our Marga deeper into the dark
forest of dogma & groupism.

That means our call for unity must be based on the ideals that: (a)
Baba’s teachings must be followed, (b) our AM scripture must be made
proper– i.e. flawless, free of any distortions, (c) BP rights must be
restored, (d) the weapon of expulsion must be outlawed, (e) Fake Ananda
Vaniis must be stopped, (f) the integrity of the ACB should be
re-instilled, (g) the victimisation of innocent margiis must end, (h)
the dogma of MPD must be eliminated, (i) margii rights must be granted,
(j) and so many other ideological issues must be brought to the fore.

Establishing a movement and rallying around these burning issues– where
there is not an iota of compromise on the point of ideology– will
certainly bring the unity that is needed in our Marga.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity.” (PNS-15)

Unfortunately that is not what is happening today.


Instead mostly what happens is that various groupists sing their cheesy
song of unity and try to collect people into their fold. Such groupists
say, ‘Come on, let there be unity– join in, don’t delay, march with us
and be unified’. This is their type of hallmark, superficial talk.

Yet through it all, their inner goal is only to advance their crooked
agenda of tossing stones on the opposing camp, proclaiming their own
yes-men as purodhas, grabbing handfuls of power for themselves, and, in
general, ruling over the Marga. The point being that merely collecting a
critical mass under one’s own groupist umbrella has nothing to do with
unity. In that case, rather than unity being attained purely on the
point of ideology, their so-called unity is nothing but an eclectic,
dogmatic, and groupist mish-mash of various selfish endeavours. Theirs
is just like one huge pot of boiling khicuri (Indian rice stew) that is
filled with dozens and dozens of assorted ingredients. There is no
purity of purpose, nor even a trace of ideology. The whole thing is one
big disheveled mass– a melange of low-minded agendas. In that case,
when ideology is totally compromised, how can unity can be achieved–
rather it cannot. Yet this is what the various groupists are doing.


No doubt, many good and rational margiis realise this and they
understand what garbage is going on in those groupist headquarters. In
their heart of hearts, sincere margiis know that these raging groupists
are just make a false chant unity– their unity is nothing but a farce.
Even then– knowing this– a few good and kind-hearted margiis may get
‘taken for a ride’, swindled, or duped.

And here is how it happens.

Those good margiis are standing around contemplating the scene, totally
unimpressed with the groupist call for so-called unity, and in that
moment top Dadas come to them and openly challenge, ‘Baba wants that
there must be unity, so join in– do not isolated yourself or act as an
outcaste, fulfill your debt to Guru’. This is what such groupists say.
And if still that good margii does not join their groupist parade, then
those top Dadas will go one step further. They will say, ‘Everyone look,
here we have someone who is going against Baba’s will, let this fellow
shed his ego and come walk with us– arm in arm, and let unity be
attained’. Then, under that extreme pressure and humiliation, some
innocent margiis might join that so-called unity movement.

Or here is another way that it might happen.

A margii might understand perfectly that a particular groupist camp is
making a false band of unity, but within his own mind, that margii may
think that, ‘My only option is to join them and then together we can
bring forth a platform based on unity– because at any cost unity must
be achieved’. In their naivete, a few may be thinking like this. And in
that way they get scooped up into a groupist parade etc. But the result
will not be at all good, because unity cannot be achieved when the very
first step is away from ideology. So none should think that they have no
other option but to join one team or another. Rather we should always
stand on the pillars of AM ideology– whether we are surrounded by
others or not. Because it is ideology– not numbers– that is the key to
attaining unity. That is Baba’s clear-cut mandate.


So we must be careful. Because in the name of unity, various factional
leaders may try so many ploys, or stunts, and in one way or another this
or that margii might get roped in– some might fall prey to those
groupist schemes of fake unity. That is why Baba says we must be wary of
such an unwanted scenario.

Baba says, “They will try to unite the people forcibly through the
pressure of governmental [or groupist] machinery….by the steamroller
of governmental [groupist] machinery, but such unity is not at all
desirable.” (TTP)

Thus one must never succumb or give way to groupist pressure thinking
that by this way unity will be found.

Secondly, nor should one rationalise in their own mind, ‘What is the use
of remaining where I am when so many are rushing to join one or another
team, better I should also join one crew and then think about ideology’.
This type of quick-fix or band-aid solution also has no value.

Verily, neither of these two approaches are going to work. And history
has proven this time and time again.


In the past, during the Indian Independence movement, the various Indian
leaders left any high ideals aside and just opted to make a push to get
the power– as if afterwards, later on, they would be able to get things
proper and create a united India. But it never happened.

Rather everything just went from bad to worse. Instead of creating a
unified India, they cracked and divided the country into pieces–
causing untold bloodshed, riots, and hatred for years and decades to
come. Still, more than half a century later, still it is going on and it
shows no signs of dissipating.


Here the point is that for unity to be achieved, one must live by a high
ideal from the very outset, from the very beginning, and never deviate
one inch from that stand. Otherwise one is only inviting trouble.

Baba says, “We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we
allow others to do so. One cannot promote human welfare if one bothers
too much about public criticism, about the reaction in the papers or
among the voters.” (NSS, Disc: 14)

Thus when various groupists try to preach unity by mixing together so
many selfish agendas– like getting the stage at DMS, or grabbing half
of Ananda Nagar, or giving lip-service to fixing AM Publications, or
half-heartedly sponsoring a peace meeting, or so many things– then we
must not be lulled, tempted, or duped. That type of khicuri unity has no
redeeming value whatsoever. Rather it is just plain rubbish. Hence, we
should stand firm by our ideological base. Then and only then can true
unity be formed.


Unity does not mean throwing a stone on the head of some group
boss and then calling everyone around to join in. Nor does
unity come from so many other groupist ploys.

By Baba’s grace real unity is achieved by followings His tenets,
teachings, and guidelines and implementing those in our practical lives.
In these trying times in our Marga, riddled by groupism, keeping our AM
ideology close to heart is the only way to proceed. And verily with this
ideal, unity will be attained– it is ours, by His grace.

Baba says, “To live in peace and harmony, there must be a supreme
ideology accepted by all, because whenever there are ideological
differences, physical conflicts between individuals and groups are bound
to occur, and peaceful social life becomes impossible.” (NSS, Disc: 2)

Ram Sahay

Food Problems and Their Solution II

Baba says, “In the event of shortages in the food and accommodation of
the population of the world, people will convert uncultivated land into
new arable land, increase the productivity of the soil by scientific
methods, produce food by chemical processes with earth, water and air,
and if this earth decreases in its productivity, then land seeking human
beings will migrate to different planets and satellites and settle
there.” (PNS-13, p.45)


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Subject: …Bringing It To Fruition
Date: Mon 26 Oct 2009 09:58:26 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“A’lo eseche ghum bheungeche, phuler vane raun legeche…” (P.S. 2253)


With the arrival of effulgence, all drowsiness & sleepiness have been
vanquished. In the flower garden, new growth has come. The buds of those
flowers which were in hibernation have now all bloomed. And they have
filled the flowers with nectar; it is overflowing.

Each and everyone’s heart is vibrated with the new color. Each and every
movement in life is vibrated in His flow. The air, the water, the earth,
and the sky– everything is filled with His vibration and charm. The advent
of the new dawn has come; now there will not be any more cries or laments
due to the darkness. In the language and expression there will no longer be
any bitterness– rather it will be saturated with sweetness and love. Love
will be the source of all inspiration.

This transformation has all happened due to the causeless grace of
Parama Purusa; He created this momentum and changed the whole vibration of
this entire universe. He filled it with His own color. The new dawn has
come and the drowsiness of staticity and dogma has disappeared. The
sweetness and charm of spirituality has come…


Nowadays with Parama Prakrti raising her magic wand and with so much
corruption in the upper echelons of government and with the vaeshyan era
at its full height, now more than ever this world is aching for the call of
Prout. Even then for Prout to appear on the scene is not a joke. Even with
all the conditions apparently ripe, there is a specific system for bringing
the Prout revolution– and without adhering to Baba’s prescribed method,
Prout will remain on the sidelines.


Since the inception of Prout in 1959, there have been numerous & on-going
efforts by various Proutists to bring revolution; but unfortunately mostly
they were thinking in their own way how a Prout government can be quickly
established– and they overlooked Baba’s system.

No doubt in various units field wts and margiis are doing very good works,
but the overall flow of PU from the top down has not been like that.

This is evidenced in multiple ways including the time in 1970 when Proutist
candidates first contested in the local elections. That time those
Proutists thought that the golden age of Prout had come. And they thought
they were there just to eat gravy and collect the prize. But in that
election those Proutist candidates got blown away like the dust. They
hardly got even a vote.

And another example is how after 1970, huge enthusiasm was created in
Tripura, Bengal that there itself would be the first Proutist government.
And in that naive excitement, huge money was poured into Bengal from around
the globe to establish a Proutist government in the A’mara’ Bengali area.
But beyond the terrible waste of money and resources, nothing could happen.
And still today there are hardly any margiis in Tripura– and not even the
shadow of a Prout movement, let alone Prout leadership. So the whole
program turned into one fly-by-night affair.

And like this all across the entire globe there are countless examples how
various Proutist Dadas and margiis became enthusiastic and tried their own
various ‘quick-n-easy’ methods to usher in a Proutist government. But in
those poorly thought out ways, so many persons got killed, so many Wts
left, and so many Margiis were misled because of those misguided efforts.
In that manner countless attempts have been met with failure.


So this is the common rule that if the path is wrong then one cannot reach
the goal. And the answer is very simple. The Lord Himself has given the
theory of Prout and He has given the pathway for how to establish it. But
because His guidelines have been overlooked that is why little has happened
thus far. Or what has been accomplished could be increased multi-fold.

So this letter is based on Baba’s teachings– i.e. the way to bring forth
the revolution along Proutistic lines.

Here following are a few of Baba’s well-known guidelines.

In His discourse ‘Nuclear Revolution’, Baba has given a phase-wise plan and

In the first phase, His expressed teaching is that Margiis should first be
created. Have new people start doing sadhana and social service. And
gradually they will get the teaching and training about out Proutistic
socio-economic policies. And also education will be given as to how the
present-day exploiters are cheating the common mass.

Because if the society is not educated properly and not awakened to the
exploitation going on, then the common mass will not support the call for
revolution. So education is highly needed. Here education does not mean the
learning of a-b-c-d. In this case education means developing an awareness
how the exploiters are cheating everyone to the bone.

On this point Baba has given various meaningful guidelines in the chapter
“Nuclear Revolution”.

As we have seen, certain of our Prout leaders are thinking that on the
point of money everything will be purchased and Proutist government can be
formed. This is one of their misguided views. And some others are thinking
that simply by shaking the hand of this or that President then Prout will
be established. But both of these approaches are faulty and one important
ingredient is missing. Such types of Proutists never tried to do any
psychological preparation of the masses.

When in fact this is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are
psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support
revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded.” (PNS 21 p.63)

Baba’s above teaching proves that first of all, the common members of
society should be taught and prepared. Just by purchasing some political
leaders or cadres, Prout cannot be established.



On this very point about education, in one samaj meeting, Baba has given
some discourse. He told, that, “In one common public meeting the political
leader raised the slogan that we should die for our land, Angabhumi. Then
several hundred of the simple villagers seated in that room rose up because
they did not like the idea of literally dying for their motherland. Some of
them even stood up and told that “I am not going to die here. Better I
should die in Varanasi. By dying there, I will get salvation.” Baba says
like this, in that very discourse.

The sense is that because villagers were not educated about the local
socioeconomic political problems, that’s why they took it in a completely
literal way. ‘Dying for motherland’ does not mean that you are absolutely
going to die there. Rather it means ‘dedicate for the cause of one’s
motherland’. So that was one misnomer. And secondly, villagers have dogma
about “Death in Varanasi brings heaven”. Because of all this, combined with
the villagers’ blatant lack of understanding about exploitation, they
opposed the program of anti-exploitation movement because they were
oblivious to the exploitation of the land.

So, that very time Baba’s sole teaching was that first the society should
be educated, and once done if the other factors are ripe then revolution
should be launched. But unfortunately in our Prout programs, sometimes
we moved in a different direction. Here is another historical example.

BY reviewing this, certainly we will be able to learn from the past and
bring Prout to the fore at the earliest.


In the past, 1857, one attempt of revolution happened from India, to shoe

away the Britishers. But it completely failed. Rather the revolutionaries
were crushed mercilessly.

That time society was not educated, socio-politically. But in 1947, it was
a different case.

In 1947 India got freedom. Reason being that this time in 1947 the common
mass possessed the requisite social awareness about how the Britishers were
cheating everyone. So the public supported the revolution. Thereby the
exploitative Britishers were forced to leave the country– India.

So the overall idea is that in 1857 the public was not educated. Then the
revolution was crushed right away. And not just that but, those people
could not raise their head for the next 90 years. So prematurely trying to
bring revolution brings complete negative result. Baba has taught this very
ideas in His Nuclear Revolution discourse.


The whole point is that society should first be educated. That is the first
and foremost work. If political consciousness about the presence of
exploitation is not aroused amongst the common mass, then the result will be

But unfortunately up till now most of the plans and program taken by the
Prout department are not moving in the direction which Baba has taught.
Many margiis and wts are working hard and doing good things, but certain
top Proutist Dadas etc are moving in their own selfish way– greedily
thinking that all the power will fall into their pocket.

For example, attempt after attempt has been made to buy the leaders and
capture the power. Or buy the cadres, make the leaders, win the election,
and make the Prout government. But a proper plan and program has not been
not made to raise the consciousness in the public against exploitation.
But Baba’s distinct guideline is that if this is not done, there will not
be an iota of success.

So our first duty is not to fall prey to the negative strategies employed
to date by some Proutist Dadas etc. Rather we are to follow Baba’s
teachings step by step. First create margiis and educate them about Baba’s
teachings and practices and help them to develop revolutionary qualities.
And if it will be done on mass scale, then there will not be any delay for
changing the whole society and bringing revolution. This is the critical
first step.

Because without the creation of new and upcoming sadvipras, how will there
be sadvipra leadership? Collecting corrupt persons from the general society
and trying to take their help in forming a Prout government is nothing but
an ill-fated strategy.


By Baba’s divine grace, Prout will be established very soon. As we
understand how to work according to His direction, our efforts
will be efficient and effective and so many great things will happen
in the realm of Prout. Things are coming together, by His grace.

Baba says, “Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and encrumbrances
cannot be more powerful that your capacity to solve them. You are the
children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be a sadvipra and make others
sadvipras also.” (PNS-6, p.30)

Ram Sahay Dev

Note 1: In HIS discourse BABA gives very explicit instructions about Prout:

Baba says, “According to PROUT, the rule of Sadvipras is the ideal form of
leadership. The establishment of Sadvipra leadership will require the
systematic and rational application of PROUT by the collective effort of
many highly intelligent people. Sadvipra rule cannot be established by
blind physical force or idle intellectual extravaganza.” (Prout-18)
So from the grass-roots level the creation of sadvipras should be done to
establish Prout society. This is the practical approach, not just some
theoretical analysis.

Note 2: Baba also guides us as follows.

Baba says, “The revolutionaries will have to fight against three forces–
outside exploiters, internal exploiters and other inner evil forces.” (PNS
21 p.65)

Note 3: Whether in the general society or in the organisation, the
necessary requirements for establishing a revolution are the same.

Note 4: From 1959 to 1990, for 31 years, Baba taught us via various Prout
rules & regulations, discourses. And then in reporting sessions He has given plans and
programs for how to implement Prout. And that plan and program was for certain

We should keep in our mind that when Taraka Brahma takes human form, then
He does not keep that very body for thousands of years. So Baba is a
Mahasambhuti, He has also a limited span of time to play His divine liila.
And along with that, He went on teaching and educating us about different
aspects of His grand philosophy, plans and programs, & so many things. He
chose to use about 35 years of time to talk about Prout and Ananda Marga.
And He has given different plans, program, and teaching. And in that very
concentrated period, He taught the plan for perhaps the next five, ten,
twenty, hundred, or several hundred years.

Those who are senior Margiis and WTs and anyone following 16 Points can
easily understand all this. But those who have superficial knowledge of
Baba’s teaching, for them this may be difficult to comprehend. And they
always confuse the matter. They think that what Baba has told in a
particular year, that was the plan of that very year only. When in fact
what Baba has told in a few years, that is the plan for the entire phase of
one era.

And it depends upon the progress of society, how many years it will take to
develop from one step to another step. For example, if the society is
educated in five years, then the first phase is finished. And the second
phase program can be started. But to educate the society on socio-political
consciousness might also take 50 years. In that case then the first phase
will go on for 50 years. And as Baba says, that not until the fourth phase
will there be revolution. So it will come in its own time. Not prematurely.

One time I heard myself, in Patna, Baba was telling that “I don’t speak for
those who are attending the General Darshan or sitting next to me. I speak
for the entire humanity — present and future.”

Similarly, Baba’s plan, program is for the present and for the near or far
future. So before making plans we should be very careful about how we are
going to execute His teaching, plans and programs.

Like New Born Baby and Mother

Baba says, “It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with
sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way, nature
provides sufficient resources like food and other essential requirements
for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these resources in a
proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed on nature. These
problems have been artificially created by the folly of human beings.”
(PNS-13, p.45)


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