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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Modernity & Spirituality
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2000 06:22:16 +0000


“Tumi na’ bale esechile, a’j na’ bale cale gele…” (P.S. 1327)


Baba, without saying anything You came and appeared in my dhya’na, and
now today without telling You just left– disappeared.
Baba, I was lying in the dust on the path, but You just lifted me up and
put me on Your lap. It is Your grace, O’ Parama Purus’a.

Baba, my dwelling was old and tattered– broken down. And not only that,
I was also without intellect and conscience. Indeed, my condition was so
pitiful that I did not have even one morsel to put into my mouth. But, by
Your grace, You bestowed everything upon me and You taught me all the things.

Baba, I was not understanding the dharma of human life– what human
beings should do, what are the do’s and don’ts– about all these things I
was not at all aware. To get You I did not do any sadhana. But even then by
Your grace You have taught me sadhana and You have blessed me with
perfection to move ahead on the path.

O’ my dearmost Baba, previously in my life I was not even getting the
status of a human being. All the teachings I had been given were full of
dogma. Baba, by Your grace You have poured the sweetness and given me a
voice and lifted me onto Your Divine lap. Baba, You have done everything.
Secretly You came and secretly You left– even then You have arranged
everything for me. Baba, Your grace is unforgettable…


In this ultra-modern era where life has become so complex, if we want to
save ourselves from rampant psychic ailments like depression, melancholia,
personality disorders, madness etc, then we have to think very carefully.
Because we are all living in the midst of an extremely difficult era– and
the problems are only multiplying. In which case keeping one’s peace of
mind is not a small endeavour.

If you want to know more about this entire idea which is based on Baba’s
guidelines, then read the following and contribute your own thoughts as well.


Due to rapid scientific progress, the present-day world has become
increasingly intricate and complex. Such that no longer can people keep
their mental balance as they have so many different things to think about.

From fixing the car to paying taxes, from raising a family to dealing with
health issues, from multi-tasking to future planning, from job security to
computer meltdowns, from divorce to infertility, from global warming to
competition within one’s profession, there are an ever-increasing array of
issues that people have to address in their day-to-day lives.

And with all this comes a similar array of mental problems. From a “simple
case” of frustration to heated anger outbursts, from mental stress disorder
to thoughts of suicide & madness– and everything in between.

This entire package of exponentially increasing worldly difficulties and
the rampant spread of mental problems is especially true in so-called
developed countries– i.e. those materialistic lands where money is king.
No doubt these issues are becoming more prevalent around the globe, but in
those places where materialism has been tops for decades and decades like
the USA, then these problems have become systemic. And if we are not
careful, soon they will be systemic everywhere. That is the very real fear.
And this is not just my opinion or your opinion, or the views of some
new-age wellness committee, or Dr Weil, or Deepak Chopra etc, this is a
quite common concern amongst all– everyone is thinking about this. Because
it is paralysing the whole society.

But only Baba has given the solution. In numerous discourses He has warned
us about the lack of balance between the inner and outer worlds that is
coming to a crescendo in this 21st century.

Baba says, “People have lost their tranquility…peace is lost. What is
the overall consequence of this phenomenon? Mental disorders have become
rampant – more and more people are becoming insane.” (AFPS-4)

So Baba has issued the warning and side by side given the solution.


And through it all, Baba guides us that the solution to this epidemic is
singular– one.

Baba says, “The only way out now to save human beings from destroying
tranquillity is to adopt the path of synthesis [pointedness in sadhana];
there is no other way than this.” (AFPS-4)

So only by intuitional practice– sadhana– can one escape the ghastly grip
of mental problems that go hand in hand with a money-dominated,
materialistic way of life.


However, just getting initiation is not enough. If one is not pointed in
sadhana then they will suffer the consequences of various mental problems.
That is Baba’s warning.

Here we are not talking about brain diseases but rather psychic diseases
which leads one to the brink of a total mental meltdown.

And what is even scarier is that those suffering from the early onsets of
these psychic diseases may not even recognise it. And that disease will
grow and grow until one day their whole existence is consumed by that
degenerative and toxic syndrome.

So must be very serious and sincere in doing sadhana.

Unfortunately many times we think that since we learned sadhana then that
is enough. But that will not do; that will not alleviate the problem. That
is a false sense of security and will bring one’s demise. Rather, the
pointed practice of sadhana is needed to save onself in this crude
materialistic era. Otherwise one will be swallowed whole and drown in
self-pity, depression, or other types of mental delirium etc.


And on the top, again it should be said that the worst aspect is that the
problem starts and the person suffering cannot recognise it. Just as an
animal cannot solve their own physical problem as they are physical beings.
Similarly, humans cannot solve their own psychic problems as they are
psychic beings. Rather the way out is to make the mind spiritually
oriented. But this people fail to do.

That is why all around there are so many imbalanced and crazy people. Some
we may see on the street or on the news channel, or even right beside us in
our workplace or own household. Because this problem is everywhere.

Yet many times we cannot tell the next person about their psychic disease,
because their mind is so weak. That is the difficult scene and living
reality in this contemporary world: All around lunatics are moving.
Baba says, “Today the number of lunatics – people suffering from psychic
disorders – is on the increase.” (NH-LOI: Disc 1)

So this is the very real situation that confronts us.

And even scarier is that neither can such persons recognise their problem
nor can one say anything to them since they will get depressed and kill
you. This happens not just between strangers but with people living in the
very same household.

I am not exaggerating the situation. These are the facts which social
scientists & medical experts are raising. Many are speaking along these

However, only Baba has given the solution: Pointed practice of sadhana is
the way out– merely having the lessons is not enough. This is Baba’s
practical guideline which we all should realise in the core of our hearts.


Of course, theoretically speaking, we all know that doing sadhana is the
road to welfare. Many know this, nay all know this. But side by side, we
can say that spiritual lethargy is quite common, or even more prevalent.
Baba says, “Of all the different types of lethargy, spiritual lethargy is
the worst. Spiritual lethargy means not to sit for meditation regularly.
Those with spiritual lethargy have time for all other actions, but for
spiritual practice there seems to be no time. They say, ‘It’s already late
today – I’ll do a short meditation right now, and devote more time to
sa’dhana’ tomorrow.’ They sit attentively inside the cinema hall, but in
dharma sa’dhana’ they feel sleepy.” (SS-9)

Those suffering from this type of spiritual lethargy slide step by step
into the mud of psychic diseases. So this is yet another pitfall to be
wary of.


So sadhana is the only way out of this modern-day nightmare of complexity
of life. See here how it works.

In the past, people were not very developed but their life issues were
basic and relatively easy to manage. Acquiring food was the main problem
and that was their only issue to address.

In contrast, to survive in this present era, one must think in thousands of
directions all day long. Otherwise one is sure to drown.

To combat this, humans have resorted to more and more cheating, lying,
tricks, and duplicity in hopes of “getting ahead”. They adopt multiple
personalities: Thinking one thing, saying another, and doing something
else. This brings a split or division in their existence– thereby
incurring more struggle and strife.

Baba says, “Today human beings’ thoughts, words and deeds never coincide.
In civilized language what we call, “diplomacy” is also increasingly
practised. As a result, people have lost their tranquillity.” (AFPS-4)

And there are numerous examples of this in everyday life: A husband worries
about his wife finding out that he cheated on her; a businessman loses
sleep over embezzling from his company; a sister feigns friendship with
another and worries about what was said behind her back etc. And the list
goes on and on.

Because due to an outright vacuum of spiritual thought, everyone just
develops their own dogmatic views and they argue night and day with others
about this. Till in the end, no one can adjust with anyone else. This is
what we see happening– especially in the so-called advanced nations.
And again, this is all the result of a distinctly aspiritual way of
living– i.e. money oriented & materialistic approach to life.

Baba says, “There is also a lack of amity (love and affection) among human
beings. The cause of this lack of amity is the same: an outlook which is
not synthetic but only analytic, compels people to see the differences and
bring divisions.” (AFPS-4)


So even though their problems and mental headaches are multiplying in
various strata, the general people are indulging in more and more dreams of
getting money– falsely thinking that this is the solution. When in fact
money will not solve their psychic woes, and money will not bring them an
ounce of mental peace. But still, due to the shackles of ignorance, they
chase after money.

Even you may have met some margiis and acaryas who fall into this category,
as it is an easy trap to fall into.


However, Baba warns us again and again that the only escape from the
complexities of this modern world is more and more sadhana. Only then can
one keep themselves mentally balanced and disease-free.

Baba says, “If human beings want to save themselves from this catastrophe,
the only way is to march forward towards a single goal– Parama Purusa.”

So if sadhana is done properly then all the problems can be solved but if
sadhana is not done then one will only invite mountains and mountains of
negative consequences and psychic diseases.


By Baba’s grace may we all progress on the path of sadhana and achieve
divine emancipation and eternal bliss.

Baba says, “When people attain self-realization in sa’dhana’, then they
realize, ‘O Parama Purus’a, You are vast, You are unfathomable– and I am
small and insignificant. But I am a small fraction of Your immeasurable
limitlessness, and I will completely surrender to You all the feelings of
sam’kalpa and vikalpa of my mind and totally obliterate the distinctions
between ‘I’ and ‘You’.” When these distinctions of “I” and “You” are
dissolved, people become liberated from all bondages…In this state,
shattering all bondages, they attain the supreme stance of eternal bliss.”

Karma Rasa


For more information on this entire topic, please reference any of Baba’s
many discourses like ‘The Ever-Expanding Domain of the Microcosm’ where He
is discussing the rise of mental tension and insanity in the so-called
modern world.


All are aware that in that pre-1990 etc, our AMPS was filled with sweet and
joyous thoughts. Everyone had love and affection for one another and there
was a feeling of unity among all. Everyone experienced this. But now there
are so many factions and dogmatic perspectives that we have fallen away
from our ideal and instead gotten trapped in division and strife. Indeed
now the differences are so great that various groupist camps want to kill
each other. That is what we are practically seeing these days. So in our
Marga also, sadhana is needed as by that way we can once again feel the
spiritual link that unites us all, generating good feeling among all.


“Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance one Cosmic Ideology will
have to be adopted and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity– the
Cosmic Entity– is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual
sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other
theory can save the human race.” (To The Patriots)


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From: Amriteshwar Verma
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 07:31:52
Subject: Everyone Must Be Aware…


PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a neohumanistic
society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and what it will look
like. Overall this song paints a picture of the upcoming dharma ra’j.

“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)


O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has graced
me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory, victory,
victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.

On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by
Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has
been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no
longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on this
earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is flowing
on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of devotion, the
new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and terror of
exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient peace has
ultimately arrived, by Your grace.

Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new
heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we will
go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please You. Our
hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In that way we
will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on each and every
unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the flaura and fauna.
Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day which we were
dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has been dispelled.
Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with Your brilliant,
divine effulgence.

Baba, we will move on in the chorus of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping
You in our heart and singing about Your glory…



In the height of this vaeshyan era, we should all take proper care not to
be pulled into the pitfalls and degenerative ways of capitalistic life–
where those top capitalists try to pull all into their urn’a’ja’l (spider’s


In His historic June 1990 discourse, Baba reveals how human life is highly
significant and that we should always engage in positive thinking. Indeed
Baba says, “The psychic potentialities of human beings are immense.” (YP,
’91, p.134)

But some negative forces in society, have their own way of dealing.


As we have all seen, capitalism extends its hands in various ways to grip
the whole society, especially the downtrodden communities and poor
countries. Capitalist leaders make them into satellite groups so that
capitalists can extract their vital resources.
How is this done?

In most of the cases we see that the imposition of sexually related things
like vulgar cinema and negative crude dance, dramas, literature etc plays a
huge role. All these things are slowly yet systematically getting more and
more imposed by capitalists. And capitalists’ only motive is to exploit and
use the common public, the affected mass of that area, as the suppliers of
raw materials.

Especially nowadays, with the help of the Internet, capitalists have spread
their negative message and tactics all around. It is saturating and
asserting itself in all societies and innocent people have gotten seriously
affected– especially youths.


In India thousands of years ago the science of yoga was started by great
rishis and yogis. But now if you go and see the “yoga” of European
countries you will be surprised. It took a completely different shape. In
the name of yoga all sorts of negative things are going on. Like the
domination of sex into yoga, and yoga has become the fashion where all the
prior standards of do’s and don’ts, and the discipline of yoga is lost

So this journey of yoga started in India and reached to European countries
and there it got metamorphosed. Means it got mixed with the color of
pseudo-culture and materialism. And now this yoga has returned back to
India in its new negative form; and now this new yoga is polluting Indian
soil. So you see, everything is getting affected with this pseudo-culture.
Indeed in the present day, the popularized yoga which is existing cannot be
compared with that yoga which was originally introduced by the great sages
and rishis. Rather it is far far degenerated from that and I feel it is a
shame to call it yoga.

And this imposition of culture is not only limited with yoga or dance.


Indeed all the media of entertainment has gotten completely polluted.
Radio, television, dance, drama, literature, books, magazines,
publications, all the sources of knowledge and entertainment have gotten a
serious blow from this capitalistic exploitation. And Baba has termed this
as pseudo-culture. In no uncertain terms, Baba warns us to be aware from
this capitalistic monster– pseudo-culture.


In Neo-humanism Baba teaches us how wealthy exploiters infuse
pseudo-culture through the media of vulgar cinemas, movies, television, and
internet programs etc to pollute the public mind, especially youths. When
the public becomes intoxicated capitalists create the circumstances and
take away all their resources. While the common public, indulging in
vulgar activities, remains oblivious about how they are getting exploited
by those capitalists.

So due to the capitalists, these days anywhere you look, things are painted
in the light of sex. If you go to purchase some products or anything, then
you will see something of sexual import. It is everywhere.


This widespread disease is disturbing all the arenas of life. This
following Baba’s teaching gives enough light, and for our collective
welfare we should understand this. Please think about this following Baba’s
quote where Baba explains how rich capitalists impose crude forms of
entertainment on those whom they want to control.

Baba says, “Suppose, a particular community has a high standard of arts
(theatre, cinema, etc.) but the number of rich people in that community is
comparatively few. On the other hand, the culture of another community is
very undeveloped, but there is a greater number of wealthy people among
them. Now, the latter [wealthy exploiter] group wants to maintain its
exploitation over that [simple public] group having a more developed
cultural heritage, and one of the ways to paralyze people in the
psycho-economic sphere is cultural exploitation–to impose vulgar cinemas
and dramas upon these good people.” [NH-LOI]

So in this above paragraph Baba is giving a clear picture how step by step
rich people spread their net to exploit the common public by indulging them
in degenerative entertainment, programs, movies etc.

The story does not end here Baba describes more about how the human mind
functions. And how the mind of the innocent common public gets easily
attracted towards negative and crude sensual pleasures and entertainment.
It is the common tendency that most of the people like to watch crude
negative movies and listen to negative songs. And in so doing the common
people get trapped in the net of capitalist exploiters. Please read below
for more clarity.

Baba says, “As you know, the mind has a natural tendency to degrade itself;
it flows more easily downwards than upwards. So if some people, by virtue
of their wealth, impose vulgar cinemas and dramas on others,…” [NH-LOI]

Baba further explains that with this influence of vulgar literature,
cinema, dance etc, the backbone of common pubic gets smashed. By this
breaking of their backbone they get paralysed. And they cannot stand erect.
The common public is bound in the spell of this sensual attraction & they
are even incapable to think about what is happening to them. How they are
getting exploited and what their living conditions are like.

Most of the time the common public is not even aware that they have been
trapped in the quagmire of pseudo-culture. Or that they are getting
exploited by wealthy people. For the common public, over the course of time
pseudo culture just became their way of life.

Does everyone remember those day in the recent past when people had some
time to think about social services and helping others. But now most of the
public when they have even just a little time they like to be glued to the
television. After all this is human weakness. In human beings the animal
propensities are more dominating than that divine propensity.


To understand more please read how the human mind works and how it is prone
to crude enjoyment. And ultimately the mind gets degenerated; and in the
final steps by this way capitalists exploits the common public. Step by
step this happens. Please read following Baba quote.

Baba says, “this [pseudo-culture] will break their backs and they will
become paralyzed. And these paralyzed, spineless people in future will
never be able to stand unitedly against cultural or any other kind of
exploitation. They can never do so because mentally they are completely
dead–their capacity to raise their heads in protest has been crushed
forever. How can they raise their heads again?” [NH-LOI]

Baba is furthermore explaining below that this pseudo-culture is very
detrimental & dangerous. So we have to recognise that the majority of
people are already trapped in pseudoculture. Without taking them out, there
is no way for their emancipation. So Baba is telling that the duty of good
people is to help others. To save others from pseudo-culture, i.e. their
attraction towards crude dance, negative movies, literature, and their
indulge in crude gossip using slang.

Baba says, “This exploitation in the cultural sphere is accomplished by the
propagation of pseudo-culture. Every honest, virtuous and rational person
must fight against this pseudo-culture, and inspire others also to do the
same.” [NH-LOI]


Excuse me the story does not end here. Baba is warning that it is the duty
of devotees, margiis, sadvipras to save the humanity. And if it is not done
then humanity will face its doom. So whatever we propagate in terms of
social service programs, superficial help, or any other type of
developmental project, that will not suffice. Because this sex instinct
which capitalists magnify can have a horribly dominating effect in the
life. If a perverted mentality is dominating in the mind then nothing
glorified can be achieved in the entire life. Whole life will be turned
into utter frustration in the end.

For clear understanding please read out this Baba’s quote.

Baba says, “If this is not done, the future of humanity will be sealed. It
is proper for human beings to struggle for political freedom, for social
emancipation; but if their cultural backbone is broken, then all their
struggles will end in nothing–like offering clarified butter to a
sacrificial fire which has been reduced to ashes. If one’s spine is
shattered, it is impossible to hold one’s head erect. Can those whose necks
and backs are crushed under the weight of pseudoculture, be expected to
hold their heads high in any sphere of life?” [NH-LOI]

In this following message Baba is giving us explicit direction:

Baba says, “Hence it is the bounden duty of every rational person to save
innocent people from pseudo-culture.” [NH-LOI, p.54-55]
The whole idea is that this pseudo-culture is not something that is
remaining or living on the moon, stars, or planet mars only. Rather this
pseudo-culture is surrounding and permeating around our very existence.

So this pseudo-culture is not limited to 1 or 2 persons. Rather this
pseudo-culture is an on-going, pervasive problem that in one or another way
we all are facing in our day to day life. Our own personal lives are
affected & our kids like to see such negative films more than they like to
work on their course of study or textbook.


By the grace of Baba, we Ananda Margiis will remain free from pseudoculture.
But not only that, the time is not far when our Marga will be leading the
way and giving light to the entire human society for their all around

Baba says, “…You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshippers of
Life Divine, hence I call you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with
glorious light. Victory is surely yours.” (from AV #26)


Note: In this x-tra busy, modern world we must always be careful not to get
caught up in the temporary, degenerative allurements of pseudo-culture.
Otherwise it has a disastrous effect. Means in and around this is the
common problem and sometimes a few margiis or Dadas may go and see– but
never it yields any beneficial outcome. Rather it worsens. So this is just
reminder to one and all and especially to our children and adolescent youth
that we should properly guide them away from the terrible ways of
pseudo-culture, and onto the path of light.


Makes happy people unhappy, and unhappy people happy

Baba says, “Once King Akbar said, ‘Birbal, can you please tell me something
which will make a happy man unhappy and an unhappy man happy?’ Birbal replied,
‘Aesa’ din nahi rahega’– This day will not last forever’.” (AV-4, p. 80)


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Their (AM Priests) mantra becomes: "Keep quiet - do not say anything - just accept it" all."

Their (AM Priests) mantra becomes: "Keep quiet - do not say anything - just accept it all."

Date: Sun 28 Jun 2009 22:43:52 -0800 (PST)
From: Surya Morales
Subject: Role Of Cowardly People in AM
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Bha’loaba’si a’mi toma’y, tumi bha’loba’sa na’…” (P.S. 4592)


Baba I love You, but You do not love me. Baba You are not coming clearly
in my dhya’na– that means You are not loving me. If You would have
loved me then You would not remain distant.

O’ my close One who is keeping Himself far away. From Your distant place
please accept me surrender. And from Your far distant abode, please send me
this blessing: That my sadhana will be successful. Please grace me such
that You Yourself will be coming in my dhya’na.

Baba, I do not desire any boons from You. All that I desire is to
continue doing Your dhya’na. Baba, please bestow this blessing upon me.
Baba, You are mine. Please grace me by filling my entire consciousness
with this eternal truth– that You are mine.

Baba, You are not coming in my dhya’na– what more can I say. I have so
much longing for You to come, yet You are not coming. Baba, how come You do
not love me. Baba, please grace me by coming…


How did phallic worship became equated with the tantra of Lord Shiva?
Why did the worship of Sri Krsna become reduced to a mere set of rituals
instead of an internal sadhana towards godhood?

How is it that these two Taraka Brahmas lived on this earth for decades
and decades and graciously gave a huge body of dharmic teachings, only
for those guidelines to be distorted into something of little or no
value – even harmful?

What is the operative factor in this demise and what do we need to be
wary of with respect to keeping our Beloved Baba’s teachings & practices
in their original form.

That is what we seek to investigate here.


Everyone comes onto this earth with a role to play. Some just live an
ordinary life of eating and drinking; some do heroic deeds and sacrifice
for the welfare of others; and, some people become cowards and fearfully
accept various dogmas, even when they know those things are wrong.

This letter focuses on this latter category: Cowardly people who
knowingly submit themselves to dogma in order to escape criticism,
punishment, and the like.

Because, over the ages, it is such persons who have allowed or enabled
the teachings of Taraka Brahma to gradually become more and more diluted
until finally they are reduced to a crude set of illogical and useless

Such a tragedy has happened in the past and if we are not careful it
will happen in this present era also.


In our search, the review of history is important. Taking a look back
into the past teaches us how to avoid pitfalls in the future.

For instance, if we fail to study the history surrounding the partition
of India and all its tragedies, then in the future we may think that
dividing a country is a fine and noble enterprise.

So a glance back – now and again – at history is most helpful.

Thus, understanding what transpired with Lord Shiva’s and Lord Krsna’s
teachings provides insight into how to properly manage Baba’s divine
ideological guidelines.



It did not happen all at once.

Both Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna took advent on this earth and taught the
people of the day so many practical and philosophic tenets of dharma
sadhana, morality, and spiritual realisation. The lives of these two
Taraka Brahma’s were densely filled with righteous actions and
guidelines for others to see and follow.

Yet step by step, those teachings were eaten away – very slowly, from
one generation to the next.


First a priest – in order to heighten the prestige of his own temple or
out of his own greed – told that worshiping Lord Shiva at his temple /
tiirtha will bring salvation. And so many other nonsense things they
told for their own selfish gain.

Those early followers who were aware of Lord Shiva’s teachings knew that
such priestly edicts were false. But in their cowardly way they did not
protest – due to fear of punishment and retribution by those priests. So
the people kept mum, obediently followed those priests, and internally
thought that Lord Shiva will save the situation. Huddled in their
fearful ways, such cowardly people acquiesced to the dogmatic preachings
of those priests.

Time passed. Their children saw this as did their grandchildren.

In turn those younger generations got it fixed in their mind that their
grandfather was faithfully following the original and authentic
guidelines of Lord Shiva by visiting that particular temple or tiirtha
or by paying certain taxes to priests in order to marry a daughter or
receive the graces of God.

Hence, the indoctrination of a new generation into dogma. What started
out as one generation of people knowingly and fearfully compromising
with dogma, gradually rolled into a complete misunderstanding by the
younger generations.

Those newer generations took that dogma to be the golden road – the path
of truth and excellence. Because that is all they knew, thanks to the
fearful and timid dealings of those before them. They saw their
grandfather and thought that must be correct, when in fact that
grandfather was keeping silent and obeying priests in order not to be
beaten, abused, victimised, harassed, or tortured.

This is the way dharmic teachings get dismantled. It happened with Lord
Shiva’s teachings as well as with Lord Krsna’s teachings. In both
circumstances, cowardly people are at fault for failing to stand up and
oppose those mischievous priests.

Indeed the distortion of Lord Shiva’s and Lord Krsna’s teachings
happened to such an extreme degree that when Baba graciously delivered
His two treatises – Namah Shivaya Shantaya and Namami Krsna Sundaram –
then those sets of dharmic discourses did not at all match what was
going on today. The dogma the present day followers of Lord Shiva and
Lord Krsna were doing did not at all resemble the glorious teachings
Baba had given in those books. The true teachings of Lord Shiva and Lord
Krsna were utterly non-existent in the contemporary society. Such was
the extreme degree to which dogma had taken root.

And again, what was the cause: The step by step compromise made by
cowardly people who were to fearful and scared to oppose the ruling


Today in Ananda Marga, a similar show is unfolding – but we can still
stop it before it is too late.

The priests have invented so many dogmas for their own selfish gain,
power, and prestige. Here is but a small sampling of those dogmas:

[1] Mahaprayan (i.e. Baba is gone), [2] Fake Ananda Vaniis, [3]
Distortion to AM Scriptures, [4] Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual (1997), [5]
Crude Tiirthas & Memorials in AN & Jamalpur etc, [6] Expulsion as a
Weapon, [7] Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita with Filmy Singers, [8]
Destruction of ACB, [9] Bangalisation, [10] PP Dada Not Doing Kiirtan
etc, [11] Unity through Groupism, [12] Translated from the Original
Bengali, [13] And Many, Many More.

And we all know how & why those things were established.

If anyone fails to attend Mahaprayan then they will lose their post; if
anyone opposes the Fake BP election process they will be outcasted; if
anyone points out scripture distortions, then they will be victimised etc.

So these are the types of threats that were made by the ruling priest
class or groupist leaders of the day. By this way they impose their will
and intimidate others.

In response, a section of fearful followers acquiesce. They watch the
original BP manual go up in flames, they watch the AM Revolution
discourses be snipped and cut; they watch one punishment posting ordered
after another. They see so many things going on and they keep quiet –
not wanting to invite any problem unto themselves, not wanting to invite
the wrath of those priests.

Their mantra becomes: “Keep quiet – do not say anything – just accept it

In the back of their mind they think that “Baba will save the
situation”, when in fact it is their duty to come forward and fight for
what is right.

Such cowardly people become “yes man” or “goody-goodies” to those in
power. They think that this is the only way to survive, when in truth
they are ruining their entire tantric career by turning themselves into
agents of dogma. Because what they accept out of fear, the next
generations will blindly accept as truth, and Baba’s true teachings will
be lost.

Because the younger people will think, “Our elders were around Baba so
what they were doing must be correct.”

In that case, dogmatic functions like Mahaprayan and the reading of Fake
Ananda Vaniis will become totally normal and the real ideological
foundations of Ananda Marga will systematically vanish into thin air.
There will not be a trace of AM left on this earth.

This is not some false dream or fictional horror story. This is the
reality of what will most certainly happen if a strong stand is not
immediately taken against the present dogmas that priests have dragged
into AM.

Baba’s advent will be for naught as His teachings will be gone.


So we must not be cowardly or fearful of threats and rantings by those
in power, rather we are to stand up and maintain His original teachings.
Therein lies the establishment of dharma in AMPS and our debt to Guru.

Baba says, “We cannot call people “good” if they cannot lead people of
all walks of life towards welfare. We can call them “goody-goodies” but
not good people. Those who are truly good people will move bravely
forward and provide inspiration and strength to those mute masses to
fight against all kinds of obstacles, and give a clarion call to them to
march ahead.” (AV-22)

Baba says, “Intelligent people should no longer remain silent…They
must not act like goody-goodies, seeing evil but continuing to tolerate
it. This is very bad.” (NH-LOI, Disc: 2)

Baba says, “The characteristic of good people is to fight against
injustice, to firmly adhere to truth and righteousness, to protect the
helpless and fight against all evil persons. Those who are merely simple
and are of a meek and goody-goody nature are not good people.” (AFPS-5)


By Baba’s grace, whenever and wherever we see any dogma cropping up or
in vogue – whether it be sannyasi superiority or scriptural distortions
– we should wage a merciless war, upholding Baba’s teachings. Failure to
do so is only inviting the multiplication of dogma and the ruination of
our Marga. No one should fall into such a cowardly way of life.

Baba says, “I have already said that Ananda Marga is the first movement
aimed at liberating spirituality from the unwholesome influences from
dogma. Hence you must not in any way encourage dogma. Rather, you should
carry on an endless fight against dogma. And while fighting against
dogma, you will realize the actual truth, and when you will come in
contact with truth, you will be established in real spirituality…human
beings have got to be established in human excellence and carry on a
ceaseless struggle against dogma.” (PNS-18)


Where Invented

In the following quote Baba reveals the history of the “ball” which is
nowadays commonly used in innumerable games and sports. The ball is originally
invented in India.

The following Baba’s teaching reveals this fact.

Baba says, “The meaning of the root verb kand is ‘to wallow’. We get the
word kanduka (ball) by adding ‘uk’ to ‘kand’ or adding ‘u’ + ‘ka’ to
kand. Its etymological meaning is ‘that which rolls’; colloquially it refers to
‘ball’– a ball rolls. It should be remembered that the kanduka
(ball) originated in this country. Originally, balls used to be made from cloth, but since
cloth balls did not last very long people in ancient Bengal started making
balls from the shoots of young bamboo.” (SC-3, p.70-71)


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From: “A. Roy”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: To Become A-Grade Bhakta
Date: Sat Jun 27 2009, 23:05 +0530


“Toma’kei a’mi bha’loba’siyachi, keno ba’siya’chi ja’ni na’…” (P.S. 304)


O’ my Dearmost Baba, I love only You. Why I love You that I do not
know– I cannot say. But one thing is sure, from the deepest core of my
heart I love You.

Baba, by Your grace I have chosen Your path. You are my Polestar and I
never have any iota of doubt why I have come on this path. My eyes remain
fixed on Your blissful arrival, looking for You day and night.

Baba, my mind always remembers You. In good times and bad, my mind
always remains awake thinking about You. Baba please grace me by coming in
my mind all the time– during sleep & while awake, all the 24 hrs. Except
You I do not believe anything. You alone are the love of my life.

Baba, whatever may be the height of the tidal waves, and no matter how
severe the difficulties are, always I will march ahead on Your path. And by
Your divine grace I will continue to overcome all obstacles and reach unto

Baba, other than You I have no desire. You are my Goal. You are my Ista.
You are the Essence of my existence my Soul of soul. Baba, You are my
Dearmost, I love only You…


This entire letter revolves around the spiritual ideal of how
one can become an A-Grade bhakta, according to Baba. Being the Sadguru,
Baba has graciously provided us with the exact way to reach this pinnacled


In this ultra-modern, materialistic era, we see how the mass of people
thrust their minds in various directions. Their mind gets stained with the
mundane colours of this world. This we all understand well and we all
witness such events throughout the day.

In contrast, as Ananda Margiis we know that we are to spend our human life
involved in spiritual pursuits. In innumerable discourses, Baba has told us
that human life is something very special– very rare. And the aim of this
human life is to come close Parama Purusa. And the only means we have for
achieving this is through sadhana. And the chief ingredient for doing
proper sadhana is bhakti. This magic formula is known to every Ananda
Margii– whether they be wholetimer or family margii or LFT etc.

So now, on the cusp of this spring season, we should take the time to
objectively evaluate our own standard of bhakti and also remain aware of
the fact that we can always heighten our standard, by His grace. Because
Baba has given us the tools to do so.


In order to move ahead let us take a look at one of the main ways that Baba
has given us for measuring one’s standard of bhakti.

Baba says, “The bhaktas of the lowest category think, “As Parama Purus’a
belongs to all, so certainly He belongs to me as well because I am one of
the multitude.” Thoughts of this type are not very congenial for one’s
spiritual progress. The second category of bhaktas is slightly better than
this. They think, “Parama Purus’a is mine, and thus He must belong to
others also.” That is, the bhaktas of both categories have no hesitation in
sharing Parama Purus’a with others. But the bhaktas of the highest category
think, “Parama Purus’a is mine only and He belongs to no one else.” This is
the sign of an excellent sa’dhaka, and the spiritual progress of this
category is inevitable. “He is mine and mine alone and He does not belong
to anyone else” – this assertion is undoubtedly true.” (SS-11, 26 February
1971 DMC, Jammu)

So in His above guideline Baba acutely describes to us the three broad
categories of bhaktas. And by internalizing Baba’s teachings we can easily
do self-analysis and understand where we are.


And really self-analysis is the key here because our entire relation with
Parama Purusa is an internal affair. There is no third party involved. It
is between I and God, between I and Baba. I may brag about my greatness to
others, but what I am is not hidden in front of Parama Purusa. He sees me
for who I am.

So through self-analysis we should become truthful to ourselves about who
we are– what type of bhakta we are and what our relation is with Parama
Purusa. All this is quite important.

Because with Parama Purusa we should always be natural and straight and not
pretend to be something else. That will not work. So self-analysis will
help make our relation with Parama Purusa to be sincere and natural, which
in turn will help give us the impetus & insight to proceed ahead on the
path of bhakti.

Hence, the whole concept of measuring one’s own level of bhakti is not some
hazy, baseless affair; rather, it is quite practical and highly scientific
and is based on the process of self-analysis.


So once again, regarding the three categories or grades of devotees, Baba
is quite clear:

(a) The lowest bhaktas think that since Parama Purusa belongs to all then
He also belongs to me also since I am part of the all.

But this standard is not very desirable since one is willing to share
Parama Purusa with others. That is Baba’s teaching.

(b) The next category of bhaktas falls into a similar problem. They think
that since Parama Purusa belongs to me then He must belong to others also.
Here again though the sadhaka is willing to share Parama Purusa with
others– that is the main weakness of this approach.

(c) Finally, those who are A-grade bhaktas lovingly feel in their heart
that ‘Baba is mine and mine alone’.

Such bhaktas do not feel comfortable sharing Parama Purusa with others.
They want Baba all to themselves.

According to Baba, this is the highest standard and such devotees are sure
to reach the Goal. Their success is guaranteed.


And indeed this type of feeling– of not wanting to share that which is
most treasured– is very natural in any kind of worldly attraction as well.
All might have had the mundane experience that one does not like to share
those things which they are deeply attached with. For example, a mother has
very strong attachment for her baby; so, the mother does not like to share
that baby with others.

Similarly, that same theory applies with the highest realm of bhakti also.
That stage comes where one feels that Parama Purusa is mine and mine alone.

In that realm, one has the feeling in their heart not to share Baba with
anyone else. This aspect is completely internal and the heart gets that
feeling intrinsically by His grace. It is not something external where one
is bragging to others or showing off their greatness in public. It is not
like that. Rather, when through bhakti one feels that ‘Baba is mine and
mine alone’, then that is just a soft, sweet internal feeling in the core
of one’s heart.

So every sadhaka should do self-analysis and understand, ‘If I want to
share Baba with others or not’. Because understanding this will enable one
to move ahead on the path.


Ultimately, in order to become that highest standard of bhakta– where we
think that Baba is mine and mine alone– then two basic steps are needed.


First, we should openly and honestly evaluate our present status; we should
sincerely recognise who we are as sadhakas. In that case we have to ask
ourselves again and again, ‘what is the nature of my relation with Baba, to
what degree do I consider Him my own’. An honest estimation or
self-analysis is needed otherwise we will not be able to rise up to the
next level.

Because Baba warns us again and again that there is not an iota of scope
for duplicity or hypocrisy in spiritual life. So who we are, we should
recognise and act accordingly inside. We should not falsely lie to
ourselves if that is not who we are. So we should be true to our nature and
at the same time dearly hold onto the vision that through sadhana and by
His grace we may increase our standard.


Theoretically understanding all this is very easy but bringing the feeling
that ‘Parama Purusa is mine and mine alone’ is very difficult. Bringing
this idea in the domain of one’s internal realisation is a huge endeavour.
Just as it is easy to intellectually think that ‘I am Brahma’. Whereas to
internally feel and realise that ‘I am Brahma’ is completely different–
i.e. it is not easy. It takes sincere effort– it takes sadhana, i.e.
Iishvara Pranidhan or first lesson. And by that way one can get there.

Similarly to develop the realisation that ‘Baba is mine and mine alone’,
that demands intensive sadhana. Specifically, it means doing prolonged
dhyana or sixth lesson.


So the second aspect is that we should be sincere in sadhana. All the
lessons will pointedly help us to develop our spiritual base. These lessons
will clean the mind and with that purified mind we can pointedly rush
towards Him in dhyana. Because actually it is sixth lesson, or dhyana,
which ultimately enables us become established in that highest grade of

Why is it that dhyana is necessary? Why is it that dhyana is the secret to
becoming an A-Grade bhakta? Because in dhyana one comes in very close
proximity with Parama Purusa and one loves Him and serves Him and shares
the feeling of their heart with Him. So much internal communication happens
that is completely personal.

And as this feeling grows more and more intense through dhyana then one
internally starts feeling that ‘I do not want to share Baba with anyone,
Baba is mine and mine alone’.

So dhyana is the only lesson which gives us the training and requisite
bhakti to develop a more personal and intimate link with Baba. There is no
other lesson like this. But to do dhyana or to reach up to that heightened
stage of dhyana, other lessons are needed. All the lessons will serve as
support pieces for strengthening dhyana. And then with dhyana an intimate
feeling for Baba will grow more and more.

So the regular practice of all the lessons and doing dhyana will bring Baba
in a very close and intimate way. In which case that will make this highest
stance of bhakti attainable.

Of course nothing can come about without His grace. So His blessing is
needed. And that He is surely giving. What we have to remember is that from
our own side, effort is needed. And proper effort in dhyana will raise one
to the highest standard. Because it is only in dhyana that one can nurture
and cultivate that intimate relation that ‘Baba is mine and mine alone’.
This feeling can only arise in the mind through intense and sincere
practice of dhyana. That is Baba’s teaching.


As our practice of dhyana grows then one becomes more and
more like Parama Purusa. That is, one sheds their colours by offering them
unto Him. And in that way, when one is not shackled by so many worldly
attachments, then the sadhaka becomes more and more fixed on the Goal. And
in a spontaneous way the feeling will arise in the mind that, ‘Baba is mine
and mine alone’.

This is the beautiful process that happens through dhyana.

Baba says, “‘By surrendering all the colours of my mind to You, I want to
become colourless.’ This surrender to the Supreme Consciousness propels
human beings towards Him. So this colour festival is not merely an outward
play; it is purely a psycho-spiritual phenomenon. This very
psycho-spiritual phenomenon is operating behind the process of
varn´a´rghyada´na [offering of colours]. ‘O Lord, make me colourless so
that I may move towards You without any hesitation’.” (NH-LOI, ‘Inner Asset’)


By His divine grace, we will all feel that sweetest level of bhakti in our

Baba says, “This bhakti is a heavenly attribution, and this heavenly
attribution is enjoyed by human beings.” (SS-17, 1 June 1986 DMC, Calcutta)



Ultimately to make dhyana a veritable force in our lives, two distinct
qualities are needed. The mind must be both clean and concentrated.
Think of it this way. If you look in the water to see your reflection then
two things are needed. The water must be clear and the water must be still.
Without both those attributions, one cannot see their reflection in the

Likewise, in order to see Baba in dhyana, those same two qualities are

Firstly, that mind must be clear– i.e. pure or clean just like that water.
That means the mind must have the earnest desire to move on the spiritual
path and not get hung up on mundane allurements. In this regard the other
lessons and aspects of sadhana help a lot such as iishvara pranidhana,
cakra shodhana (5th lesson), Guru Puja, Kiirtan, etc.

Secondly, that mind must concentrate. That is, it must not move all over
the place like a river. Rather it should remain quiet and still in one
place. Or more specifically there should be a gentle flow of mind towards
the Goal. Dhyana is a dynamic expression of mind.

That is the beauty of concentration and that is a requisite of
dhyana. Otherwise one will not be able to keep the idea & image of Baba in
the mind. And to enhance concentration, then tattva dharana (3rd lesson),
pranayama (4th lesson) and so many related spiritual practices are needed.

So if the mind is dirty or fickle then dhyana is nothing but a dream.
Whereas if we do all our spiritual practices and as our moral conduct
improves then certainly our dhyana will grow more and more.

And by Baba’s grace dhyana is that special tool to bring Baba in one’s
close proximity and become an A-Grade bhakta. Certainly by regular dhyana,
this sweet and intimate relation will descend in the dry heart, by His grace.

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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 07:12:16
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Pavitra” pwKlauss@springnet…
Subject: Name of Your Baby


“Ruper mela’y bose tumi arup ga’n shun’iye ja’o…” (PS 3331)


O’ Formless One, O’ Divine Entity, You have situated Yourself in the
festival and grandeur of form. You have created Your advent in this
colourful world. You are playing Your flute– singing Your song for me.
By Your grace You have come emanating Your eternal call. Baba, bathing
Yourself in the ocean of form You resonate Your divine sound in my
heart. That is: by leaving Your eternal formless stance of Nirguna
Brahma, You graciously descend upon this earth as the Taraka Brahma and
come into the world of form. By Your grace, You fill the heart with
devotion and with the irresistible urge to get You. O’ my dearmost, You
have come into the world of form and showered Your grace by playing Your
eternal flute. Baba, Your sound– Your divine flute– resonates
eternally in animate and inanimate beings, in flora and fauna, in mobile
and immobile beings, everywhere. You saturate Your divine love in every
thought and in all expressions. Baba, You play Your flute and by Your
grace it vibrates in all atoms and in every molecule– in everything and
everywhere. O’ Parama Purus’a, You are the Na’dtanu of the ages, You are
beyond time; You are Ka’la’tiita. You are immutable. You remain in one
unaltered state in all times: past, present and future. Because of Your
immutable characteristics, You are not only beyond the bondage of time
(Ka’la’tiita) but also beyond the bondage of space (Desha’tiita) and
beyond the bondage of form. O’ Na’dtanu, O’ Parama Purusa, I do
sastaunga pranam at Your alter…

*Na’dtanu: This is one of the countless names that describes one of the
infinite attributions of Parama Purusa. Specifically Na’dtanu refers to
that Divine Entity who is the Lord of all music and dance. That is, the
One whose very body is made out of the na’da– the primordial sound– is
Himself the Lord of the dance.


When Baba held DMCs in our Berlin Sector, then Baba Himself was
emphasizing the importance of Sanskrit names. Time and again He beautifully
explained the meaning of various names and on multiple occasions He also
corrected the then PA Dada Ramanandaji’s pronunciation of Sanskrit
names, or even changed the name itself to one having a spiritual meaning.

Surrounding this, one beautiful scene comes to mind.


During one DMC we held our usual kaoshikii and tandava contests & when
Dada Ramanandaji called out the names of those involved then he
announced the name of one sister named Ama’vati.

Immediately Baba pointed out that this name meant ‘darkness’ or ‘new
moon’; and then and there in front of one and all Baba graciously told
that her name should be Jyotismati, meaning ‘divine effulgence’. In that
special way our sister took on this new name – one with a truly
spiritual meaning.

Certainly this was Baba’s blessing upon that sister and the society, and
the overall idea is that Baba gives great emphasis on the proper use of
Sanskrit names, both with respect to pronunciation and meaning.


A name then is not just a word per se. It is an important reminder to
both the named and the person addressing that individual that we live in
a God-centered universe. This helps spiritualise one’s daily life
experience and reminds us of our Goal.

Thus not any name will do – names should be given based on this ideal.

(1) Choosing a name based on the sound of the word, or (2) issuing a
name that lacks a devotional meaning is not part of our AM system.

Yet, on occasion – or even more frequently – this has been known to happen.

When names are such an essential element of our life as sadhakas, we
should take the opportunity to carefully review this important topic.


As we all know, Baba has placed tremendous emphasis on the use of
Sanskrit names. We are to use them in all circumstances – cent-per-cent
of the time.

Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do
not have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the A’carya.” (CC-I, p.6,
1995 Ed.)

Baba says, “The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.”
(CC-I p. 7, 1995 Ed.)

That is why in our Marga, we all receive a Sanskrit name as soon as we
enter AM and that name should be used pervasively, in all aspects of our

Unfortunately quite commonly, outside of India, many use their Sanskrit
name only at the time of dharmacakra or only when talking to margiis
etc. In their daily or professional life, or even when communicating
with their spouse, they may fail to use their Sanskrit name. This is one
point for us all to be careful about.


At the same time we must be aware that not every Sanskrit name is
appropriate, as depicted in the above story of that DMC.

To ensure proper Sanskrit names are given, Baba has specifically
detailed names that are of spiritual value. Every acarya has this list /
booklet. Those are the names that are to be used in our Ananda Marga at
the time of initiation. But it does not always happen like that.

Of course, a large majority of the names in Sanskrit are “good” or
“acceptable” for use in AM. By “good” or “acceptable”, we mean that that
Sanskrit name directly refers refers to Parama Purusa Himself or one of
His divine qualities.

Names like Purusottama (Cosmic Nucleus), Liila (His Divine Play), Kpra
Devii (Personification of His Divine Grace) and Divyamurti (Embodiment
of God) are ideal in that they remind us of the presence of Parama Purusa.

However, there are many Sanskrit names that fail miserably in this regard.

Names like Brinjal (eggplant) as well as other Sanskrit names meaning
rice, chili, and other food items are not our ideal. Yet these Sankrit
names are also used in the general society and on occasion sneak into
our Marga.

Plus various names such as the highly popular surname Singha, meaning
lion, are based on the animals. Yet we know that according to the cycle
of brahmacakra, human life is the veritable movement away from our baser
animalistic vrittis towards our inherent sublime nature, i.e. life
divine. So there is no value – rather it is detrimental – to have a
Sanskrit name that refers to an animal. This is also a point of caution.

Finally, there are some Sanskrit names like Khendi and Puddan, which do
not mean something very glorified. And there are so many
other examples. Then there is the so-called Sanskrit name, Pheku,
meaning garbage. That also is obviously not up to the requisite standard.

In addition, in India, they’ve begun giving Sanskrit names that are
actually verbs or adjectives, not nouns. One such name is Chalati which
is a verb meaning “to go”.

People choose such names because they feel they are unique. That is
the new trend.

Whether one is born inside or outside of India, regardless of our local
traditions etc, we should ensure that our Sanskrit names are of proper
meaning. If you have any question, consult your local acarya.


Another critical facet of this discussion is the use of nicknames. All
too often our family members or close friends give us a nickname.
Normally we are given these names when we are very young, such as when
we are 4 or 5 years old.

You have all heard them. Names like Pinky, Rinky, Tee-tee, Lulu, Bessy,
Beansie etc. Often these names rhyme with our given name or are given
for just some silly reason, albeit with good intention.

Actually, when I was in India, I was surprised to see how each family
member often has a non-spiritual nickname which all the other family
members call them. In that way, they pass the bulk of the life being
called a name that has virtually no sense and zero spiritual import.

Wherever we live, we should all be wary and conscious of the use of
nicknames – they should not replace our given Sanskrit names.


Finally, there are two other common words to discuss associated with
naming. The first is Kumar and the second is Deva.

At present, many in AM seem to attach Kumar to their name. Names like
Devesh Kumar, Krsna Kumar, Jayanta Kumar, Chandranath Kumar and the like
are quite common.

Yet Kumar (kaoma’ra) refers to that state of life when one is immature.

Baba says, “Childhood, or kaoma’ra.” (SS-21)

In those early years of life, children needlessly break and destroy
their toys for no apparent reason and constantly switch from one task to
the next, unable to concentrate on anything for any period of time. That
is what kaomara means: the life of a child when all kinds of silly or
senseless things are done.

Here I am not trying to criticise children – they have their natural
dharma. Childhood is part of the growing process. Only the point is that
we should not attach that idea or identity with our Sanskrit name by
adding the suffix Kumar. That is not our AM system – that is some folk
manner from the traditions of old.

If we wish to append any word to our Sanskrit name then that name should
be Deva.

Baba says, “Now, the word “deva” comes from the root word “div”. “Div”
means “a divine existence”. So “deva” means “a divine existence”.” (AV-3)

Baba says, “The word deva should be suffixed to the name. Every person
is at liberty to use his/her own surname, but the more the usage of deva
as a title, the better it is.” (CC-1)

Thus we should link our Sanskrit names with Deva, not Kumar.


By Baba’s grace when a proper Sanskrit name is given that that brings
all kinds of beauty in life: Both to the individual and the society. It
reminds of the eternal presence of Parama Purusa and keeps us
ever-focused on the divine nature of human life.

When we seek names for our own children we should keep in mind all of
the above. Then their names will serve them well for this life.

Those who are devotees can easily understand all these points – others
may not.

We should be vigilant to ensure that only proper Sanskrit names are used
in our units and that we use these Sanskrit names in all circumstances
and conditions.

Baba says “If Sam’skrta is used human unity will be encouraged and human
beings will move closer together.” (PNS-17)

Baba says, “Today not even the Pacific Ocean between Asia and America is
difficult to cross. The people of Asia and America are touching each
other’s minds and have learned to accept each other sympathetically as
their own. Europe, Africa, Australia, Mercury, Jupiter, the stars, the
comets, the constellations – none of them is alien to the other, none is
distant from another. Gradually everyone has begun to realise the vibration
of the One Integral Mind.” (AFPS-1)



Baba tells in SS part III that those who are not established on the path
of spirituality are shy to practice in front of others.

Those who lack a deeper sense of deep devotion feel shy to reveal
themselves as an Ananda Margiis, and most of the time they do not like
to tell or use their own Sanskrit name – or the Sanskrit names of others.

But this is only because of their weakness of the mind and lack of
proper moral strength. So we should not be affected by this. Rather we
should instill within that person the requisite strength, courage, and
devotional confidence to move ahead in the right way.

In Subhasita Samgraha part 3, Baba explains that those who suffer from such
a weakness of mind due to materialism or other negative philosophies
suffer from such psychic complexes.

Baba says, “Those who are reared in the cradle of materialistic ideologies,
feel shy or ashamed at first to sit in meditation in the presence of
others.” (SS pt 3, p.86)

One Should Always Remember

Baba says, “However little one’s capacity might be, if one constantly
remembers that Parama Purus’a is always with him, that they are in the
closest contact with Parama Purus’a, they will be able to do everything.
They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as long as
they remember this closest association with Him, they can do much more
than ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently
established in their minds, they become great. This is why no one should
be disappointed or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone
constantly perform great deeds, remembering that the flow of their
capacity is coming from Parama Purus’a, and thus they can do
everything.” (AFPS-3, p.62)


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From: “Ramlal Sharma”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: “Ba’ngla’ and Ba’nga’lii”
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 07:44:19 +0530


“Ye ga’ne toma’ke shon’a’i tumi ki shon’ na’ priyo…” (PS 4471)


O’ my dearmost Baba, why don’t You listen to the song which I am singing
for You? Why do You neglect that song which is coming from my heart. The
song which expresses the longing and yearning of my heart. That very song
You do not care about– why like this.

When the flower which blossoms on this earth and emanates aroma all
around, when that very flower is lying on the dust & crying, can that be

If it pleases You, You can take back all those mundane things which You
have given me. Only one request I have– that please remain constantly in
my ideation. That is my sole desire…


These days, one group is spreading dogma that their samaj is the gifted
one. And Baba did a special favor. At the centre of the favor was, a
special book about their samaj which Baba wrote. And that book is “Bangla
and Bengali”. So this type of message is spreading around. And it is
creating confusion in the entire Margi society. So on this point, certain
critical facts I gathered, that I am enlisting here for your consultation.

And at the same time, it is my request that what is your opinion about this
point. You should also share. So here are the points about the “Bangla and
Bengali” book, which that group is bragging about.

This book is not any special book. Rather it is just one in the series of
collections of discourses, made from various previous AM books. And not
only that. It is not even a collection of complete discourses. It has a few
discourses, which are complete — which have been collected from other AM
books. And yet most are just excerpts–a few paragraphs from discourses
which are found in other books of AM Publications. Following are the facts.

1. To say or give logic that this book is specially about Bengal and given
by Baba specially for that. And similar thing Baba did not do in relation
with other samajas, does not have any sense.

2. For example, see the first discourse in this ‘Bangla and Bengali’ book,
entitled “Tantra and Indo-Aryan Civilization”. – In Bangla, “Tantra o Arya
Bha’ratiiya Sabyata'”.

This is one very old discourse from the book “Abhimata”. In English, that
book is called “The Opinion”. The discourse is now also in A Few Problems
Solved (AFPS) and Discourses on Tantra. Those who are senior Margis, they
know that this discourse was commonly known many, many years back. That
time when Ananda Doot was published in Hindi, there it got published. When
Central Office was in Jamalpur. And this book “Bangla and Bengali” came
only recently.

So in “Bangla and Bengali”, that old discourse has been added and made the
first chapter.

So the point here is, that the discourse “Tantra and Indo-Aryan
Civilization” is not originally published in “Bangla and Bengali”. Not at
all. To suggest so is to mislead. Rather, this discourse has been published
since many years in various AMPS books. It has been brought into this book
“Bangla and Bengali” only recently, but this discourse has come from other
published AMPS books. Here in “Bangla and Bengali”, it is just an appended
discourse, part of a collection.

Yet one group is claiming, that this book “Bangla and Bengali” was
specially written by Baba as a favor to them, to reveal that their samaj
(socio-economic unit) is gifted above all others. When this discourse and
so many others from the book, already existed for years and were simply
republished and reprinted in “Bangla and Bengali”. Then if anyone is using
this book to say their samaj is more gifted than others, that is looking
like something false.


3. Usually wherever Baba visited, He gave huge talks on the various points of
that local area / socioeconomic unit / samaj. Wherever DMC was, there Baba
made a special tour and invited samaj Margis to join in the discourse. And
then He gave various types of informations, about the local area and its
development. But Sarvatmanandji did not like these discourses on samajas
(socio-economic movements) outside Bengal, so those discourses did not get
printed. Margis of those areas where Baba visited, they are living proof of

If Sarvatmanandji had continued as the leader of AMPS, then Baba’s
discourses on other samajas all over India outside Bengal, they would never
have come in the picture. Because in this world everything is changing.
Those who are born, they will die. So those who are living proof, i.e.
Margis of all those samajas (socio-economic units) outside Bengal where
Baba visited. After their passing away, proof of Baba’s visits to those
places would have been lost. But instead now these Margis are the proof.

Means, Baba gave huge information about all these samajas (socio-economic
units) throughout India. Each and every samaj where Baba visited, such
things happened. And such “Bangla-Bengali” type of book can be made about
all the samajas.

So saying this– that Baba only spoke about Amra Bengali and none else,
that is the notion of mental illness.

4. This “Bangla and Bengali” book is made of excerpts from previously
published discourses. That is, discourses which have already been published
in other AMPS books. Excerpts or limited selected parts of those discourses
have been re-printed in “Bangla and Bengali”.

So one group is claiming that Baba has specially given this book for their
samaj. That it is one special grace He made. When the discourses are
published already in other AMPS books, then it is clear this is false news
they are propagating.

5. Most of the discourses in “Bangla and Bengali”, either they are full
discourses available elsewhere in previous AM publications, or they are
partial excerpts taken directly from other chapters of Baba’s discourses.

6. One more example I will give you. The Samskrta grammar book series
Shabda Cayanika from book 1-26.

One of the chapters of this ‘Bangla and Bengali’ book is called “Bengali ki
Viiresh Vijay Ke Bhule Jabe?”. This very chapter is an excerpt from the
Samskrta grammar Shabda Cayanika book, Part 1 pages 93-115. It is also
available in the ZY-Find electronic edition.

So in that way, what is printed in “Bangla and Bengali” is just excerpted
from other AMPS books. Chapter after chapter in this Bangla-Bengali book is
like that–taken from other books. But groupist persons are bragging that
this book proves Baba favored their samaj. Compared to other samajas, they
falsely claim that Bangalistan was given “top priority by Baba”. And the
book “Bangla and Bengali” which they say proves Baba gave more attention to
their samaj, is full of discourses reprinted from other books. Here above I
have given one example, and I will provide further examples below.

7. Those who were in power those days, wherever they got anything from
Baba’s discourses related with Bengali, they collected those paragraphs.
And those very things, which Baba spoke about other samajas, they avoided.
They rejected such things which are unrelated with their samaj, like straw.
Then with the excerpts about Bengal which they collected, they created
different titles and made them look like various independent discourses.
And in that way a special book was created, that is — “Bangla and
Bengali”. This is a sort of hypocrisy.

To claim that “Bangalistan was given top priority by Baba in all the
Samajas.” And they try to prove Baba’s “favoritism” on the basis of the
book “Bangla and Bengali”. But such claims are nonsense, as all Margis know
that Baba’s discourses about other samajas are plenty. But the group in
power those days ignored and refused to print those other samaj discourses.

And the book “Bangla and Bengali” which is supposed to prove Baba focussed
only on Amra Bengali– that book is full of discourses reprinted from other
books which themselves have nothing to do with Bengal. So such claims to
the “special status” of Bengal are completely false, unfounded.

8. We know that Namami Krsna Sundaram, Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Ananda
Sutram, Guide to Human Conduct, and so many books. They are all complete
books of Baba. Everything in these just-mentioned titles is original to
those very books. It was never published before it came in those books.
These are the volumes of Baba’s originally published material.

While after that, so many books came which are collections of other books.
And these collected books such as AM Philosophy in a Nutshell, are
“collection books”. Because discourses from other AMPS books like Ananada
Marga Elementary Philosophy, Idea and Ideology, Tattva Kaomudii, Faculty of
Knowledge, Prama, Namami Krsna Sundaram, etc. So many discourses of all
these books have been collected. And one series has been made, whose name
is AM Philosophy in a Nutshell.

But here, one thing we should remember. That in the Ananda Marga Philosophy
in a Nutshell series, excerpts or sections of discourses from other books
of Baba are not treated as independent chapters. No partial discourses have
been brought. Rather, certain chapters have been brought in full, and this
collection book, has been created.

9. To create collection books, there is a standard style which Baba has
shown us: Collect the complete discourses given on one particular idea. And
then gather those discourses, print them together and create one book. But
collecting the paragraphs of various chapters and treating them as a
special chapter. And on the top beating the drum, that “This special
‘Bangla and Bengali’ book is given by Baba in favor of Bengal only. No
samaj could get that favor from Baba’s side.” Those who write like this, or
propagate like this, they are imbalanced.

10. Here are some more facts, about the “Bangla and Bengali” book. From so
many other books, like Ananda Vacanamrtam, Subhasita Samgraha, Prout, etc,
different paragraphs have been collected and treated as though they are
independent chapters of “Bangla and Bengali”. In that way, this “Bangla and
Bengali” book has been created.

For example, Kuru Punyam Ahoratram – “Do Virtuous deeds Day and Night”. And
“Seven Secrets of Success”. And so many more such discourses already
printed in other books. They just took the discourse and branded it as a
discourse of “Bangla and Bengali”. They gave a new title and put it there.
As though it had never been published elsewhere.

By this way, fanatic Bengalis, those who are suffering from the psychic
disease of narrow-mindedness or racial supremacy.(see note 1) They created
the book. And now they are puffed up in the vanity of the supremacy of
their race. And they think that they are specially God-gifted.

So one should understand the hypocrisy of hypocritical people. With their
dogmatic mind what they say, what they write has nothing to do with dharma,
morality, or standard human practice. When hypocrisy is the be-all and
end-all of life, then what noble guideline can you get from such people?

Now in our organization, group clash is up to its brim. Its peak. Both the
groups are creating huge problem. I did not have any desire to write on
such point related with group politics. And when these groupist people,
they falsely propagate their glory in silly manners, then usually I keep

But in this case of “Bangla and Bengali”, they brought Baba into their
periphery. (see note 2) And they wrote in such a way as if Baba did a
special favor to them. By writing the “Bangla and Bengali” book. But that
was not the Satya, or eternal truth. Rather to give proper answer, all
these above narrated facts have been collected. To give proof that Baba is
impartial. He did not bestow special favor to Bengalistan. Only psychically
diseased (see note 3) people are painting the rosy picture in a different
way from the reality. No one should forget that Baba loves equally, one and
all. He teaches us to work for the entire universe. Mind should be 360
degrees. It must not be narrow. Please write your suggestions.


In these difficult days, Baba blesses us with the following inspiration.
That these times of narrow minded thought are giving way to a new, more
enlightened age.

“Narrow sentiments are gradually fading away and a universal outlook is
arising in the minds of human beings. Science and technological development
have exposed the blind faith and dogma that have suffocated many sections
of society, and gradually humanity is advancing towards an age of
rationality and common interest.” (PNS-13, p.18)

Baba further graces us,

“We have a bright future–the crimson light of that future is breaking
through the dark horizon of the present. We must welcome it.” (PNS-9, p.36)


* In one of his group propaganda letters entitled “SUPPORT BANGALISTAN &
SAMAJ MOVEMENT”, Kalyaneshvaranandji has written the following:

“Bangalistan was given top priority by Baba in all the Samajas.”
And to support his claim, Kalyaneshvaranandji has written:

“Baba published the book “Bangla and Bangali.” No
such book was published by AMPS about any other Samaj,
because – Baba never spoke so much about any other

** These Shabda Cayanika discourses Baba has given in the Bangla language.
That is why innocent and confused people, they think this is a book of
Bengali grammar. But those who have gone through the book very carefully,
they know this is Samskrta grammar. This book has nothing to do with
Bengali grammar only. It is the grammar mainly of Samskrta, and then other
Samskrta-related languages. Because hundreds of languages’ vocabulary is
from Samskrta. A huge percentage is there. Mostly Indian languages, some
have more than 90% Samskrta and some a little less. But they carry these
roots. That’s why this Shabda Cayanika book is the grammar of all those
languages. So it is our duty to remove this dogma that this Shabda Cayanika
is a Bengali grammar book.

It is just like when a mad dog bites anyone, then the germ spreads to and
spoils that very living being. Similarly these diseased people, whatever
comes in their contact, they tried to color it in their Bengali color. And
went on and on singing the chorus in the favor of their samaj or their
language. And so many things.

*** In “Bangla and Bengali”, most of the discourses are like this — that
is, excerpted from somewhere else. Two examples I have given you, above.
But almost all are like this. Here follow more.

Other chapters in “Bangla and Bengali” taken from Shabda Cayanika include:
– “History of Bengal” from AFPS parts 3 and 5. They made this into the
chapters 9 and 10 of Bangla and Bengali.

– “Bengali New Year” — This was AFPS-5, and they put it in as the chapter
11 of Bangla and Bengali.

– “Spring Festival” is from AFPS-5 . And they put it as chapter #12 in
Bangla and Bengali.

– “Light Festival” from AVM, also taken and placed in Bangla and Bengali.

And so many such discourses of AVM and Prout, and AFPS. And the Samskrta
Grammar book. They just collected some full discourses and some excerpts.
Some excerpts have been taken also from the Varna Vijinana and Varna
Vicitra series of discourses. Uprooted from their original place and
printed there in “Bangla and Bengali”.

note 1: Regarding those who suffer from the psychic disease of
narrow-mindedness or racial supremacy. Those who are puffed up in the
vanity of the supremacy of their race. And they think they are specially

About the path followed by such persons, Baba says,

“The followers of ism foolishly consider themselves to be God’s chosen ones…
They think that the Supreme Father bestows His grace only on them,
not on the rest of creation.” (PNS-16, p.6)

And regarding such people, who consider their race to be higher than that
of others. Baba condemns such persons on the point of their racial supremacy.

Baba says,

“Those who…believe in the artificial distinctions of caste and class,
etc., or beat drums proclaiming racial supremacy, follow the path of
self-contraction. Their sa’dhana’ is the sa’dhana’ of ignorance and
annihilation.” (DT-2, p.45)

Baba concludes below, explaining about the outcome of those who misguidedly
follow this crude path of racial supremacy, by viciously exploiting others.

Baba says,

“They talk about universalism like parrots. They have no defined ideology
in their individual and collective lives, and merely dedicate themselves to
the deception of the human race as they strive to serve their petty
self-interests by any means, fair or foul. We cannot expect any beneficial
contribution from them.” (DT-2, p.13)

Note 2: My situation is like suppose, if you are sitting in your quiet
lonely room, doing your own job. And one dog started barking outside the
window, constantly. Then how long can you tolerate such noise? So under the
pressure of circumstances, you have to go and solve the barking problem. So
when some people give wrong notion that Baba gave a special favor to their
samaj or their language, then it is the duty of any Margi to remove the
dogma which is getting spread. Because of this reason, I was forced to

Note 3: Baba explains that only psychically diseased persons can develop
interest to propagate their own so-called racial supremacy. And paint one
falsified picture that Taraka Brahma favors their samaj above all others.

Here Baba explains about the origin of this serious affliction.

Baba says,

“Those who do not follow the spiritual path may perform harmful actions at
any time. Even those whom society respects as intelligent or learned may,
in reality, be no better than “polished satans”, or what the scriptures
call “demons”. Our modern society is full of such people.” (DT-2, p.13)

And ultimately, Baba tells the fate of such persons.

Baba says,

“Those who accept differences of lineage and caste degrade themselves, and
are ultimately converted into foxes, dogs, pigs, worms, or even trees and
stones.” No one can prevent their degradation.” (DT-2, p.45)

About Rich People

Parama Purusa Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of
money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is
necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you
keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become
responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your
valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities
for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the
basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of
society.” (HS-1, p. 41)


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Date: 01 Jun 2009 23:49:05 -0000
From: “Manoj Shaha”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Dharma Raks’ati Raks’itah


“Tumi bhul pathe cale esecho…” (P.S. 2007)


Baba, by mistake, anyhow You have lost the path and come to my home. I
do not believe in fate or fortune. And this I also know that I do not have
any wealth or virtue. Your auspicious arrival is simply due to Your grace.
You graced me by coming to my home– Your arrival has nothing to do with my

You have come here to change the burning desert into the greenery. To
revitalise dried-up, half-dead plants and transform them into blossoming
flowers and luscious fruits. Baba, with Your arrival, everyone has gotten
new life. Those who were depressed and hopeless, You brought a smile to their
face and placed a song in their throat. By this way You decorated them with
a garland of jewels.

Baba, now I understand that only You are mine; I do not have anyone
else. Except You there is none that I can say is mine.

What I have and what belongs to me, everything is Your causeless
grace. I think You thought all these things and You deliberately made a
mistake in order to come here to my little hut. You did this mistake
knowingly and with full awareness. Baba, You have come to my place; You
have graced me. It is due to nothing else than Your causeless grace that
You have come…


Our Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has taught us to follow dharma at any
cost. That is why in His discourses He says, ‘Dharma raks’ati raks’itah’,
those who follow dharma, dharma saves them.


But nowadays dharma is quite controversial. In India people think that
their religion is dharma and in AMPS groupists think that their team’s agenda is
dharma. That is why groupist people challenge that, ‘Come on my side, dharma
will be victorious’; ‘Neutrality is not good’; ‘Follow dharma’. And like
this these groupists go on, but their “dharma” is just their own
narrow-minded agenda.

One day while I was walking on the road I heard one butcher talking with
another butcher. And he told that ‘it is my dharma to kill 5 goats every
day with my hand’. When I heard this then I thought that what type of
misguided dogma is related with the term dharma. See how much this term is
abused and misused.


Without going into a more lengthy discussion, in a very brief way anyone
can conclude that in our Ananda Marga Baba has taught the true dharma.
Following dharma means strictly adhering to 16 Points.

Because 16 Points is the cream of all those guidelines which Baba has
taught for practicing in regular life. And in 16 Points one point is
upavasa, fasting.


We know that Baba has designated 4 days for fasting per month; and these
are mandatory for WTs. And He has designated 2 mandatory days for family
people. That is ekadashii.

But according to His teaching if one practices 4 times fasting per month
then that is very good. But at least 2 upavasa in any month, everyone will
have to do. In the case of senior citizens though, Baba has relaxed this
rule. That means seniors have to do upavasa but they need not do fasting
without water. Fasting without water is for healthy persons only.

Anyway, on this point all the margiis know the significance of fasting, its
definition, when to do, how to do, and how to conclude it. That means how
to observe fasting and how to break the fast.

But there is a special teaching related with upavasa which often enough
many of us are not following. So that needs constant reminding.


So here are the following Baba’s teachings:

Baba says, “These fastings are called upavasa in Samskrta…`Upa’ means
`proximity’. And `Vasa’ means `to live’, `to reside’. The word `upavasa’
means then, `to live near the Lord’. `Upavasa’ – one these days of fasting,
what are all spiritual aspirants to do? Mentally they should live near
their Lord. On all other days they are to remain balanced between objective
adjustment and subjective approach. On these days of fasting, however, on
these days of upavasa, one remains in closer proximity to the Lord than to
one’s mundane duties. That is why these days are known as `upavasa’. The
word `fasting’ does not represent the proper sense or proper spirit. The
Samskrta term for going without food is `anashana’ – `ana’ means not,
`ashana’ means eating – not `upavasa’. But these ekadashii, amavasya and
purnima days are days of upavasa.” (AV-6)

And here again Baba is guiding us that on days of upavasa one should
introvert the mind and focus upon Him.

Baba says, “Upavasa in the sense of fasting is also useless…if one does
real upavasa that can do a lot. The scriptural meaning of uspavasa is-by
derivation– upa which means “near”, and va’sa, which means “to stay”.
Upa’vasa therefore means “to make the mind stay near Parama’tma'”. In other
words, it means to withdraw the mind from thoughts of physicalities and
keep it near Parama’tama’. The sanskrit word for fasting as such is
anashana [remaining hungry / starving].” (AV-23, p. 36-7)

Below is another golden teaching about upavasa.

Baba says, “These fixed days are called upavasa since during these days
people keeping their minds engaged in spiritual matters, ‘live closer’ to
God, and any possibility of mental degradation is averted: their humanity
is not endangered by the lengthening shadows of annihilation.” (NSS, p.188)

And in this following teaching Baba is giving the point that those who
think about food on fasting day are not up to the mark.

Baba says, “Upavasa (fasting) means living nearer to God. `Upa’ means near
and `vasa’ means living. During ekadashii upavasa the mind of a
devotionless person will be in the stomach and not with Parama Purusa.”


Living constantly with Him that is the beauty of upavasa.

So the conclusion is that those who follow dharma, they will be victorious.
And dharma is nothing but 16 points. And indeed it is really beautiful that
if one follows 16 Points then Baba’s grace is always showering on that
person. That is why Baba says be strict in 16 points.

Baba says, “…In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare,
we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete
seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and
spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the
sixteen points.” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)


Note: Human life is for sadhana. Everyday sadhana should be done but
especially on upavasa days sadhana is better. Because one’s whole energy is
pointed in a single direction. Those who have deeper experience they
realize this otherwise the common feeling is that on fasting days the body
gets tired. And physical, psychic, and spiritual work are all difficult–
people say like this. But those who are sincere in sadhana, they realize
that fasting is the best day for meditation. Because upavasa is interlinked
with pointed sadhana. That is why this letter has been written.

Remarkable Future

Parama Purusa BABA says, “As life becomes increasingly easy, there will be
greater opportunities for intellectual pursuits. A day will come when there
will be hardly any need for human beings to work. This may sound strange
today and perhaps we might not like to hear such a thing, but that day
will surely come. Physicality will be transformed into more and more
intellectuality, and intellectuality will be transformed into the
culminating point of spirituality.” (PNS-17, p. 36)


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