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Date: 31 May 2011 16:26:43 -0000

From: “Chandramohan Deva”


Subject: Baba Taught only 1 Thing







The top-most ideal in the life of any sadhaka is to realise that,

‘Parama Purusa is always with me’. To live with this feeling firmly

established in the mind is to be a true spiritualist. That is Baba’s



As we know, devotion is everything for an aspirant; and devotion means

always feeling that ‘Parama Purusa is with me’.


Baba says, “When devotion is there, Parama Purus’a is there.” (SS-20

‘Astitva and Shivatva’)


So cultivating devotion and feeling His loving internal presence is the

central theme of our life. That is what we are to strive for.





If we take a moment to review Baba’s physical presence on this earth, we

can easily see that this is also one of the main things He wanted to

teach us– that He is always with us.


Behind His reporting sessions, behind His scoldings, behind His pointing

out, behind His Dharma Samiiksa, and behind His so many demonstrations

was the inherent idea that, ‘I (Baba) am always with you’. That was what

He was showing us.


Because in all those circumstances, Baba was practically teaching us

that even when He was not physically next to us, even then He was aware

of our each and every thought, word, and deed.


How many times would a margii arrive from Brazil or Hong Kong, or how

often would a WT come from their posting in Bombay etc, and in step-wise fashion

Baba would recount all the details of their long and arduous journey, or

some other event in their life.


This was Baba’s unique way of saying, ‘I am not just this physical body,

always I reside in your heart & mind. I am always with you– caring for



This idea Baba has repeated in hundreds of discourses. And in His

practical life, in countless ways Baba has taught this ideal: That He

remains with us– wherever we go, in whatever circumstance we are in.


Baba says, “Pure shete yah sah purus’ah, that is, ‘The witness-ship that

lies quiescent in every entity is the purus’a’.” (AS, 1-1)





Those who, by His grace, realise this ideal, to some or more degree,

feel Baba’s presence in sadhana and understand that His physical

presence was just an external manifestation, and not the whole of who

Baba is.


Naturally then when they sit for sadhana then they feel internally

linked with Baba, by His grace.


Unfortunately, today there are some who claim, directly or indirectly,

that Baba is gone. This is a result of their thinking that Baba was just

a physical person on this earth, like so many others; and since 1990

Baba is gone, just like every other person who left this earth.


But we must not in any way, shape, or form support or encourage this

false notion that Baba is gone, as that undermines Baba’s magnanimous

presence and is detrimental to our own spiritual progress.





While Baba’s physical advent on this earth was so historic and

meaningful, it was never meant that we should take His physical body as

the totality of His personality. That is why from the very beginning,

sadhana was a mandatory practice. Baba’s ongoing guidance was that we

should seek Him and serve Him within.


For that reason He has given kiirtan, dhyana, first lesson, madhuvidya

and so many other teachings and practices. To realise His presence inside.


Plus in Prabhat Samgiita Baba has described the sheer futility of trying

to find Parama Purusa in the external world.


Vane upavane khu’nijiya’ khu’nijiya’

Kona kha’ne tava dekha’ na’ pa’i…

A’ja bujila’ma manete rayecho…

Ba’hira vishve khunjiya’ khunjiya’

Ka’chera du’re pa’t’ha’te ca’i (PS #1082)


O’ Baba I am searching for You in the forest and in the gardens

I could not see you anywhere

Today I understand that You are remaining in my mind

Those searching You in the external world

Want to send You from close to far


So even when in physical form, Baba was describing that the only way to

truly get Him was to seek Him within.


Furthermore, He put forth the warning those seeking Him externally would

not only not find Him, but would push Him far, far away.


Baba says, “Du’r’a’t sudure: if people think that Parama Purus’a is far

from them, then He is very, very far. Du’ra means far and sudu’ra means

so far that the human mind cannot even imagine it.” (SS-11, p. 65)





Hence for those involved in sadhana, then nothing has changed since

1990, because the way to get Him has remained the same. He remains

eternally in our hearts and mind. In AM, by His grace, we understand

that it was just His liila that He physically manifested Himself on this

earth. But always He is with us– in our minds and heart.


That is why in AM there is not a new Guru. On most paths a successor is

named to be the new guru. But in AM when Parama Purusa Himself is the

Guru, and when He is always with us, then there is no question of there

being any second or third Guru.


Thus the same inner link that was present before 1990 is the same as

today and will be tomorrow. And it is this link– the devotional reality

that He is always with us– that we should cultivate each and every

breath, each and every moment we are alive. That is how we are to find Him.


Across so many discourses, reporting sessions, songs, and PC’s, there is

one main thing that Baba wants to teach us: That He is always with us

and the path of devotion means to realise Him and live with the

awareness that He resides eternally in our mind and heart.





Baba says, “Parama Purus’a, the Supreme Father, is always with you and

you are never alone.” (AV-12)



Chandramohan Deva





Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not

have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should

be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it

is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)






“Jakhani bha’vi kichu cini bujhi, dekhi a’mi kichu ja’ni na’…” (PS 3225)




When my little ego dominates then I think that I know and understand

everything. It is only later that I realize that I do not know

anything– I know not. When I try to move on the path with my own

strength, then it is difficult for me to decide what I want to do and

what is my goal. From the origin of which unknown source am I floating

and floating, from far to the farthest place, in the search of that

unknown divine Entity. Day and night I am searching and wandering; why I

wander around I do not understand.

O’ karunamaya, what type of divine play do You do with me. What type of

liila do You go on playing with this unit entity. How can this divine

play between unit and cosmic continue without Your grace. Baba, You are

everything, only by Your grace is anything possible…




Health Guideline


Baba says, “In order to digest starches and carbohydrates, the saliva of

the mouth must help at the preliminary stage. Chewing food brings an

adequate quantity of saliva into the mouth. No sooner does the food

mixed with saliva enter the stomach than the liver and the pancreas are

enabled to start secreting their bile and digestive fluids. So unless

food is chewed well, the liver can never function properly.” (YT, p.1)


Note: In the fast-paced life of this 21st century, people no longer give

themselves proper time to attend to their basic life duties, such as

eating food. Instead people just rush off from one appointment to

another and “grab a bite to eat” along the way at any number of

drive-thru, fast-food places. In their hectic pace, instead of chewing

their food they just inhale their meal, nearly swallowing it whole. But

this way of “eating” is terribly hazardous to the health and invites

many diseases. As Ananda Margiis we should spread Baba’s above teaching

to the members of the general society so that they may be benefited.


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From: “Mahendra Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Proof of Intellectual Extravaganza

Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 17:05:18 +0000







Here is a practical example of how intellectual extravaganza works. As we all know, intellectual extravaganza is nothing but false philosophizing or some type of garbage philosophy.


Recently one margii began his “Thought of the Day” email ritual wherein he himself offers his own “thoughts” and then signs it. See for yourself how this is nothing but his own intellectual extravaganza.





Here is one such recent entry:


“God listens to those who listen to God.” – Hamrahi


Let’s analyse this piece of intellectual extravaganza point by point.





1) Generally speaking, people project their own selfishness unto God. That is the way it goes. For instance, one who eats meat will offer meat to God, thinking that, “Since I like meat certainly God must also like meat.” And a person who likes wine will offer wine to God because, “Just as I like wine God must also like wine.” This type of thinking is the common trend.


Similarly, a self-centered person who will only listen to those who listen to him, will also project that small-minded notion unto God. Such a person will proclaim, “God listens to those who listen to God.”


Such a speaker may think he has just delivered a universal truth, but all rational people will understand that this selfish fellow has merely attributed his own shortcomings unto God. This person thinks that, “Since I am not going to care about you if you do not care about me, then surely God is not going to care about you if you do not care about God.” Such is his measly perspective.


But projecting this type of small-minded and defective outlook unto God is totally wrong and holds not even an iota of truth.





2) Here are some of Baba’s teachings which clearly show that Parama Purusa cares for and listens to all:


(A) Baba says, “The fact is that He attracts all and loves all without discrimination.” (Namami Krsnasundaram, Discourse: 22)


(B) Baba says, “He constantly showers His grace without reservation even on those persons who make no effort for salvation and who gradually degrade themselves. Even though you calumniate Brahma and deny His existence, yet He will not be displeased with you. He will not thrust you on the path of destruction. His imposing countenance of forgiveness will for ever remain, and He will forever go on directing you to the ways of salvation.” (Subhasita Samgraha – part 1, Brahma Krpáhi Kevalam)


(C) Baba says, ‘“Utámrttvasyesháno”. Parama Puruśa is bound to stay with those who live in hell. Similarly, those who have reached the zenith point of existence and attained infinite bliss, are bound to have Parama Puruśa with them…He stays with all, be they the virtuous or the sinners.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam- part 7, The Divine Drama)


By Baba’s above teachings – and there are countless more like these in His numerous discourses – it is quite clear that Baba loves everyone. He does not discriminate in any way. He has concern for all; He listens to the worries and cries of all. There is no one whom He overlooks – not in any manner. All come within the scope of His watchful and loving eye.


No one can rightly proclaim that, “God listens to those who listen to God.” As if, God only listens to such persons and disregards everyone else. That is just a preposterous and ludicrous statement. That is just an example of someone spewing their own extravaganza.





(3) The so-called author of such extravaganza has merely dragged Muslim dogma into our Marga. The followers of Islam say things like, “Only if you do namaz (dogmatic worship) then He will hear and answer your prayers.” This is their defective Islamic mentality and dogma. And now one person is dragging this same Islamic rubbish into our holy Marga.





(4) This e-mailer is just infusing a diseased outlook into the minds of others.


Baba says, “People formulated many such theories in the past and are still doing so even today. Such hypocrites want to misguide the people by their tall talks alone…”


“Loka Vyámoha Káraka.”


“That is, “They create disease in the minds of the people.” Their aim is not to solve society’s problems. Rather, they are the chief cause for the downfall, retardation and sad plight of human society.” (Prout Nutshell, part 6, Theory and Practice)


Indeed with his so-called “Thought of the Day”, this person is merely misguiding young, new, and impressionable margiis. That is the unfortunate outcome.


Certainly no seasoned margii will be fooled or swayed by this type of extravaganza. But new people may be misled.





(5) Tragically the “author” of the “Thought of the Day” is heading in the wrong direction. There was a time when he would propagate Guru’s teachings and send out Guru’s quotes, but now – governed by his own penchant for extravaganza – he is sending out his own dogmatic quotes. So it is sad that in his late age he is going in the opposite direction. Now he is only sharing his own useless and selfish things.





The only rational conclusion is that this emailer is just involved in his own extravaganza: Just useless statements that have no sense and misguide others.


Baba says, “You should remember that in most cases human intellect and intuition are wasted in extravaganza, in useless pursuits; they are not at all utilized for constructive or worthwhile endeavours.” (Yoga Psychology, The Cult of Spirituality – the Cult of Pinnacled Order)


Tragically, Shyam Sundar Goenka’s efforts in his “Thought of the Day” campaign is nothing but a mirror image of the above warning issued by Guru about extravaganza.


Everyone should help Goenkaji (aka Hamrahi) give-up this bad habit by emailing him (sgoenka.amps2@gmail.com) & politely requesting him to stop this type of madness.




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From: “Mahendra Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Proof of Intellectual Extravaganza

Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 17:05:18 +0000







Here is a practical example of how intellectual extravaganza works. As we all know, intellectual extravaganza is nothing but false philosophizing or some type of garbage philosophy.


Recently one margii began his “Thought of the Day” email ritual wherein he himself offers his own “thoughts” and then signs it. See for yourself how this is nothing but his own intellectual extravaganza.





Here is one such recent entry:


“God listens to those who listen to God.” – Hamrahi


Let’s analyse this piece of intellectual extravaganza point by point.





1) Generally speaking, people project their own selfishness unto God. That is the way it goes. For instance, one who eats meat will offer meat to God, thinking that, “Since I like meat certainly God must also like meat.” And a person who likes wine will offer wine to God because, “Just as I like wine God must also like wine.” This type of thinking is the common trend.


Similarly, a self-centered person who will only listen to those who listen to him, will also project that small-minded notion unto God. Such a person will proclaim, “God listens to those who listen to God.”


Such a speaker may think he has just delivered a universal truth, but all rational people will understand that this selfish fellow has merely attributed his own shortcomings unto God. This person thinks that, “Since I am not going to care about you if you do not care about me, then surely God is not going to care about you if you do not care about God.” Such is his measly perspective.


But projecting this type of small-minded and defective outlook unto God is totally wrong and holds not even an iota of truth.





2) Here are some of Baba’s teachings which clearly show that Parama Purusa cares for and listens to all:


(A) Baba says, “The fact is that He attracts all and loves all without discrimination.” (Namami Krsnasundaram, Discourse: 22)


(B) Baba says, “He constantly showers His grace without reservation even on those persons who make no effort for salvation and who gradually degrade themselves. Even though you calumniate Brahma and deny His existence, yet He will not be displeased with you. He will not thrust you on the path of destruction. His imposing countenance of forgiveness will for ever remain, and He will forever go on directing you to the ways of salvation.” (Subhasita Samgraha – part 1, Brahma Krpáhi Kevalam)


(C) Baba says, ‘“Utámrttvasyesháno”. Parama Puruśa is bound to stay with those who live in hell. Similarly, those who have reached the zenith point of existence and attained infinite bliss, are bound to have Parama Puruśa with them…He stays with all, be they the virtuous or the sinners.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam- part 7, The Divine Drama)


By Baba’s above teachings – and there are countless more like these in His numerous discourses – it is quite clear that Baba loves everyone. He does not discriminate in any way. He has concern for all; He listens to the worries and cries of all. There is no one whom He overlooks – not in any manner. All come within the scope of His watchful and loving eye.


No one can rightly proclaim that, “God listens to those who listen to God.” As if, God only listens to such persons and disregards everyone else. That is just a preposterous and ludicrous statement. That is just an example of someone spewing their own extravaganza.





(3) The so-called author of such extravaganza has merely dragged Muslim dogma into our Marga. The followers of Islam say things like, “Only if you do namaz (dogmatic worship) then He will hear and answer your prayers.” This is their defective Islamic mentality and dogma. And now one person is dragging this same Islamic rubbish into our holy Marga.





(4) This e-mailer is just infusing a diseased outlook into the minds of others.


Baba says, “People formulated many such theories in the past and are still doing so even today. Such hypocrites want to misguide the people by their tall talks alone…”


“Loka Vyámoha Káraka.”


“That is, “They create disease in the minds of the people.” Their aim is not to solve society’s problems. Rather, they are the chief cause for the downfall, retardation and sad plight of human society.” (Prout Nutshell, part 6, Theory and Practice)


Indeed with his so-called “Thought of the Day”, this person is merely misguiding young, new, and impressionable margiis. That is the unfortunate outcome.


Certainly no seasoned margii will be fooled or swayed by this type of extravaganza. But new people may be misled.





(5) Tragically the “author” of the “Thought of the Day” is heading in the wrong direction. There was a time when he would propagate Guru’s teachings and send out Guru’s quotes, but now – governed by his own penchant for extravaganza – he is sending out his own dogmatic quotes. So it is sad that in his late age he is going in the opposite direction. Now he is only sharing his own useless and selfish things.





The only rational conclusion is that this emailer is just involved in his own extravaganza: Just useless statements that have no sense and misguide others.


Baba says, “You should remember that in most cases human intellect and intuition are wasted in extravaganza, in useless pursuits; they are not at all utilized for constructive or worthwhile endeavours.” (Yoga Psychology, The Cult of Spirituality – the Cult of Pinnacled Order)


Tragically, Shyam Sundar Goenka’s efforts in his “Thought of the Day” campaign is nothing but a mirror image of the above warning issued by Guru about extravaganza.


Everyone should help Goenkaji (aka Hamrahi) give-up this bad habit by emailing him (sgoenka.amps2@gmail.com) & politely requesting him to stop this type of madness.




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Date: 29 May 2011 16:37:11 -0000

From: “Priyanath C Mittra”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Bin Laden and Prout







What do the pirate ships and Bin Laden have in common? How does Prout fit into the equation? Baba’s teachings neatly answers these questions and more.





In His teachings from Social Justice in Human Society part 1, Baba explains that whenever any society is exploited by vested interests like capitalists then in response the common people adopt one of three main avenues:

1. Appealing to human sentiment like Gandhism;

2. Applying brute force like communism;

3. Stealing and pillaging from the rich like Robin Hoods.





Those appealing to Gandhism do not get success because those greedy capitalists are notoriously callous and remain unmoved by those humanistic appeals.


For instance:

(a) When those adherents of Gandhism plead, “Do not collect huge wealth which you cannot use”, then those ruling capitalists simply pay a deaf ear.

(b) Whose those Gandhi enthusiasts proclaim, “Share your wealth and feed the poor”, then those top capitalists merely look the other way.

(c) When those proponents of Gandhism say, “Build housing for the homeless”, then big corporate executives nod their head and then continue counting their net worth.

(d) When the followers of Gandhi demand, “After all are cared for then and only then can you think about your personal luxuries”, then the leading capitalists remain unmoved and sail away on their fancy personal yachts.


In short, capitalists simply ignore the humanistic appeals made by Gandhian activists. Such vaeshyas do not mend their ways.


Baba says, “No matter how much importance was given to the benevolence of the human mind by the Gandhian and Bhudan movements, or how saintly their propounders may have been, selfish and mean-minded people [capitalists] will never accept their principles.” (HS-1)


The Gandhian theory can only be effective in some far-off dreamland, not in the hard realities of the world. Gandhism died while Gandhi was still alive; now only hypocrisy remains.


Poverty and slums are spreading fast across this earth as capitalists exponentially grow their wealth. There are more billionaires now than ever before, yet side by side large populations of people are homeless or living in the slums and shanty towns.


The slums of Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Manila, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Cairo are filled with hoards of people lacking the basic necessities like running water, yet in those very same cities a select slice of the population is living like kings and queens in ritzy apartments with grand luxuries. But it is not even countries like Brazil, China, Philippines, South Africa, India, Argentina & Egypt that suffer from this vast disparity of wealth.


The homeless problem in New York City and through the US is notorious; plus the homeless population is burgeoning throughout western Europe and especially in Paris.


Thus in places where capitalism is thriving (China, India etc) as well as in places where capitalism has long been established (USA & Europe), there are serious issues with the disparity of wealth. And in all such areas Gandhian appeals do not even begin to address the problems. Rather, capitalists disregard the issue altogether.


So the ways of Gandhism do not work. The capitalists never give in to such demands.





Those resorting to the brute force of communism do not get success with those capitalists because they are unable to root out the seed of capitalism – they are unable to goad the mind in a proper moral or spiritual manner. Theirs is also a materialistic approach and the result is either the greed of individual or state capitalism.


Baba says, “Those who aspire to establish communistic systems either through legal methods or at bayonet point without changing the hearts of the people, without implementing development programmes and without introducing moral and ideological education to reform people’s bad habits, are also bound to fail.” (HS-1)


The communist leaders themselves are very wealthy. Actually there is not much difference – from an economic perspective – between communism and capitalism.


Baba says, “Capitalism and communism are fruits of the same variety.” (Prout Nutshell-16, Decentralized Economy – 2)


Communism is merely state capitalism where the government hoards all the money & the people are very poor; and capitalism means private ownership that creates a huge disparity of wealth between the economically elite and the common people. Thus, both harbor the safe defective mind-set.


Nowadays, we see that communism has basically failed. So the former communist nations are are aggressively pursuing capitalism. Some of the top capitalist countries are India, China and Russia. In such places there is no safety net. There are no governmental programs to help the poor. Those without jobs, food, housing and medical care are basically left to struggle on their own or die. Yet in those same places the number of billionaires is increasing everyday.


In places like the US and Europe there is a bit of a safety net. The laborers fight capitalists and in turn there are governmental services and subsidies for the poor etc. But in China and India where the common people have no such unity or power; capitalism is swallowing all. About this more detail can be given in the next letter.


Suffice to say here that communism failed to change the psychic pablum of the people and leaders. Instead of fighting or correcting capitalism, they became capitalists.





This bring us to the third and final defective methodology outlined in this letter: Robin Hoods. For those those not aware – in a phrase – Robin Hood is one who loots from the rich and gives to the poor.


Baba says, “Those that used to think it pious to loot the rich and distribute the spoils among the poor. The Robin Hoods of that era thought that their methods alone could do away with the social disparity.” (HS-1, ’87 Edn, p.45)


Such Robin Hoods think that by looting and pillaging they can bring social equality.


Baba says, “We have seen the advent of such Robin Hoods more or less in every country of the world. But this does not lead to the solution of the problem…Capitalism cannot be destroyed merely by pillaging the capitalists, for robbery and plunder may deflate the bloated capital of the capitalists, but it cannot kill the potential of the seed of capitalism.” (HS-1)


So these Robin Hoods too fall short of the mark. Capitalists are not swayed or changed by such looting. Rather such capitalists come up with greater ways of protecting their wealth – i.e. increased security.


Some examples of Robin Hoods that we’ve seen in the recent and distant past include:


(A) Inner city riots such as the outbreak in LA in 1992 where the poorer blacks scorched, burned and looted the city in the wake of the Rodney King decision. In that case the judge exonerated the white policeman for beating a black man, Rodney King. In turn, the people destroyed the city. Yet still capitalism thrives in LA.


(B) In centuries past and even as recent as this year, pirate ships around the world would loot passing vessels, especially the boats of the ultra wealthy.


(C) The street warfare of Paris in 2010 featured youths looting and destroying the property of the establishment.


(D) In the late 1880’s in the US, horsemen would derail and loot luxury trains as they crossed the vast open spaces of the western US.


(D) And if you investigate, you will come across numerous examples of looters around the world.


With their subterfuge ways such Robin Hoods try hard to knock off the capitalists but in the end they are met with defeat – even death.


Baba says, “Violence only invites violence. So these blood sucking [capitalist] cannibals take recourse to yet bigger conspiracy in time to come and the half-witted robbers ultimately meet their destruction at the hands of such capitalists.” (HS-1)


Here again Baba reveals how such Robin Hoods get beat by the ruling capitalists.


Baba says, “The amount of punishment meted out to the [capitalist] bloodsuckers by the robbers falls far short of the mark when compared to what they themselves [the looters] got at the hands of these [capitalist] blood-suckers.” (HS-1, p. 45)


Thus in all such cases, the looters invariably meet their demise at the hands of such capitalists.



#3 ROBIN HOODS (Cont):




Now we come to the point of Bin Laden.


Although, the late Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda cells are commonly thought of as terrorists that want to destroy everything, but we have to think in this way.


Al Qaeda wants to attack the nucleus of the capitalist stronghold and destroy them in order to retrieve the wealth and re-distribute it amongst all Muslims. That is their philosophy.


They see that the Middle East is swimming in petroleum profits and the the kings of those Arab nations maintain close ties with the US. In return the US gives those Arab royal families power, prestige, respect, as well as weapons to suppress the public.


Those close to the royal familes are extremely rich while the common people and youths in those Arab nations are very poor – in spite of the huge petroleum wealth. Such terroriests like Bin Laden want to capture the power by killing the enemies (i.e. capitalists), introducing Muslim social law, and redistributing the wealth among all. This is their endeavour.


As a whole then, as per Baba’s definition, they are also a type of Robin Hood. Such Robin Hoods try to destroy captialists. And in this particular case the capitalists refer to both (a) the Arab royal families and (b) the US leaders and entrepreneurs. Indeed the Arab royalty controls huge wealth and that contravenes Islamic law which states that the wealthy are wretched.


The idea of using violence and force, destroying the capitalists to capture their wealth, and redistributing those riches among Muslims is the strategy of groups like Al-Qaeda..


How far Al Qaeda could get success is yet to be seen, but that is their approach. And as Baba points out, ultimately the firepower of those capitalist forces is more than Al Qaeda can handle.


Baba says, “Violence only invites violence. So these blood sucking [capitalist] cannibals take recourse to yet bigger conspiracy in time to come and the half-witted robbers ultimately meet their destruction at the hands of such capitalists.” (HS-1)


Such terrorist cells meet their defeat at the hands of those capitalists, just as happens with all the other kinds of Robin Hoods. And indeed, just recently we all witnessed the assassination of Bin Laden.


So we can see that this Robins Hood technique also fails to end capitalist exploitation.





When Gandhism, communism, and the ways of those Robin Hoods all fail, then what is the proper approach to root out capitalism.


Baba says, “Those who lack a constructive ideology will never be capable of destroying capitalism, even if they speak sweet words, use threats, or create circumstantial pressure.” (Problems of the Day, Point #3)


The only way to win the war against capitalists is to educate the common people about the ills of capitalist economic exploitation. This brings a collective rise in consciousness where people stand up to such capitalist exploiters. Thus we see the rise of vikśubdha shúdras, or the awakened masses, who are ready to bring revolution forward.


But again, these masses are fortified with the teachings of Prout. They are not merely looting, or putting forth human appeals, or any other defective approach.


In Prout our aim is to bring about the all-round welfare of humanity where through circumstantial pressure people adopt the path of psychic expansion and spirituality. Then all their crude energy will not be spent on the selfish tactic of accumulating more and more physical wealth.


Baba says, “Our approach should be to adopt a constructive ideal, and we should wage a ceaseless and pactless struggle against all anti-human and antisocial factors. We are to fight capitalism and not the capitalists. We are to wipe out this ism from human society because this ism is paralysing humanity. The capitalists are suffering from a sort of mental ailment, and it is our foremost duty to radically cure them by diverting their physical thirst towards psychic and spiritual pursuits.” (Discourses on Prout)


Thus only, Baba’s Proutistic teachings are the way for eliminating capitalism and bring forth a new human society.








Here below Baba explains very clearly and in more detail why those adopting Gandhian measures can never gain success in fighting the capitalists.


Baba says, “Nothing would be better, if it were possible, than the eradication of capitalism by friendly persuasion and humanistic appeals. In that case the peace of the greater human family would not be much disturbed. But can it be guaranteed that everyone will respond to this approach? Some people may say that a day will come when, as a result of repeatedly listening to such appeals and gradually imbibing them over a long time, as well as through proper mental and spiritual education, good sense will prevail among the exploiters. This argument is very pleasant to hear. Such attempts are not reprehensible. But is it practicable to wait indefinitely for good sense to prevail among the exploiters? By then the exploited mass will have given up the ghost! Though the humanistic approach works in some cases, in most instances it does not produce any result; and even where it does work, it takes a very long time. So, wherever necessary, capitalism must be forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures.” (Problems of the Day, Point #2)





Baba says, “Both capitalism and communism have failed to provide the proper ideological inspiration and desideratum to human beings. In the interests of the welfare of humanity, these systems should be replaced. PROUT is against the exploitation by capitalism and the false dogma of communism as both are detrimental to the all-round progress of human beings.” (Prout Nutshell – 15, The Existential Value of Ideology)


Baba says, “PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world.” (AFPS-9, Economic Dynamics)





“Ka’lo jalidhar, belate base, pal gun’e ja’i prabhu…” (PS 3204)




O’ Prabhu, O’ Baba, by Your grace I am only only thinking about You,

ideating on You; by Your divine grace I am sitting on the shore of this

vast ocean of time counting the moments go by– remembering only You. It is

Your grace. Baba, all these opportune and inopportune moments of my life

are vanishing into the oblivion one by one. Even then by Your grace I fill

my heart only with Your sweetness. Baba, only for You, only for You I fill

my heart with nectar.

Baba, in Your longing the flower pollen of my heart, the devotional

feeling of my heart, flies far across the vast, distant, unknown blue sky–

towards that divine land. My heart knows no bounds; it crosses over all

difficulties and feels no tiredness, fatigue, or frustration. By Your grace

it goes on and on in search of You.

Baba, I do not know why and when have You sent me into this mortal

world; I do not know anything. Baba, whose love and happiness has pulled me

here– that also I do not know. O’ Prabhu, please tell me what You want,

gently whisper in my ears.

Baba, my only request is that You please make me Yours…




Old Habits


Baba says, “The ancestors of all human beings were monkeys…But some of

the old habits still continue. Humans today fight among themselves in the

same manner as monkeys do. While fighting a person cries, ‘Um, um’ – this

is a monkeys’ habit. Sometimes people not only cry like this but bite with

their teeth. This is also an old habit of monkeys.” (AV-5, p. 79)


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Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 19:22:58 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Deva.Virendra@bharata.net…
Subject: What is the News?



Generally people live in this world without any definite plan or
program. Most are unaware about the greater meaning and aim of life.
They proceed onwards in a whimsical fashion. This is the common way of
human beings.

It was like this in the past and it is like this today also.

Certainly, people have short term material goals such as getting a job,
finding a spouse, buying a house, producing children, and purchasing a
car etc, but rarely do they think about getting old, and least of all
about death. These latter aspects people do not consider. Rather they
naively think they will remain on this earth forever. They think of this
place as their permanent abode.

Hence they remain basically oblivious of the reality: Just as one day we
have come onto this earth, one day we will also go. This fact no one
likes to consider. No one plans in this way – it is extremely rare.


Baba, being the Sadguru, has come to enlighten human beings and show us
the right path. And indeed in countless discourses, stories, and
analogies, Baba reminds us – time and again – about “What is the right

This idea He has given on so many occasions.

Why? Because it is the nature of human beings to get caught up in avidya
maya and take this world as their permanent residence and the entire
reality – when in fact it is just a relative truth. We’ve come here only
for a short while and nothing in this world is lasting. But people
forget about this fact. That is why Baba brings this point – i.e. that
human life is short – to the fore again and again.

He has given this teaching in Caryacarya (CC-II, ‘Sadhana’, point #8),
philosophical discourses, stories, shlokas, analogies, and in all kinds
of ways. Because we human beings constantly forget that this world is
not our permanent reality. People live as if they are going to remain on
this earth forever.

In contrast, Baba does not talk about the theory of gravity in dozens
and dozens of discourses. Why? Because already as a people we are aware
that gravity exists and we do not forget this fact. So there is no need
for Baba to remind us of this.

But about the greater meaning and temporary nature of life, people
regularly forget about this. Always we slip back into ignorance. Hence
Baba brings the point again and again.

Here following is one such unique teaching.


One day a yaks’a approached the great king Yudhisthira.

The yaks’a asked: “What is the news?”

(Note: The sense of his question was what is the real situation of this
material world.)

In reply king Yudhithira told: “The material world is like a frying pan.
The sun is the fire; the day and nights are the fuel. The passing
seasons are the stirring ladle and time is cook. All living entities are
being thus fried in this pan. This is the real news of what is happening
in the material world which is a miserable place full of ignorance.”

Such was Yudhisthira’s colourful and insightful reply and this is yet
one more way that Baba has brought this critical matter that we have
only come onto this earth for a short time. (Reference: AV(H)-29 chapter

And certainly in so many ways Baba has discussed this point including
during one famous discourse in Mumbai.


The interesting thing about the Yudhithira’s above analogy is that the
yaks’a is asking “what is the news”. The yaks’a is not asking about
philosophy, ethics, nature of life or anything esoteric like that.

The yaks’a is asking the news, yet such was Yudhisthira’s reply.

Why? Because that really is the news. Whenever people are told something
that they do not know then it is news.

Due to avidya maya people commonly forget that they are moving towards
their death. They do not remember the transient nature of life on earth.
People take money, prestige, beauty, attraction and all their worldly
attachments to be of a permanent nature. All their plans and programs
are based on this idea.

They see new-borns come onto this earth, but they never think that one
day they will go.

So Yudhisthira’s reply that human beings are in a frying pan proceeding
towards death is indeed news.

It is just like if a coup happened years ago but just today more
revelations about the coup were reported then that would be news. Or
when archaeologists find new fossils. This is also news because human
beings were not aware about these events.

Thus the fact that slowly, slowly we are going towards death – that is
also news.

People think this place is their permanent abode. With that as their
reference point, their behavior, values, logic and reasoning becomes
skewed, even polluted. All of their priorities are based on the false
notion that they will remain here forever and ever. And indeed most live
their life in this way.

They collect cars, chase after the opposite sex, seek out fame and
fortune. They talk all these fleeting things to be the essence of life.

If they thought otherwise, people would keep away from useless
activities like harassing others, fighting, looting, and material
pursuits etc. And they would do more sadhana and help others. But this
is not the case. Just look around and see for yourself.

Thus, Yudhisthira’s teaching of thousands of years ago is as relevant
today as it was then. That is why this is the news.


Baba’s divine guideline is that we are to complete all important works
(sadhana and service) very soon. There is no guarantee how long we will
survive on this earth. That is why Baba says do all good works
immediately because human life is short. No one decides when they will
come and no one decides when they will go.

Baba says, “The scriptures say, Grhiitvaeva keshes’u mrtyurn’a’
Dharma’caret: that is, during spiritual practice one should think that
the god of death has already started pulling one’s hair – that one’s
death is imminent. And accordingly one should work sincerely and
vigorously; one will have to do a great many noble deeds within a short
period.” (SS-11)

Thus we have not a moment to spare. None should get caught up in the
whirlpool of maya and think this world as permanent. None should chase
after frivolous things.

All should bear in mind that we have come here for a limited period and
we have a great many works to do. This is the main outlook of any sadhaka.

One should think: My life is for spiritual practice and serving others,
not carnal pleasures. All Baba’s teachings are my food for moving on the
path divine. I must not get swayed by the glitz and glamour of avidya
maya. I am to remember that I am being cooked in one frying pan and
moving towards my death. I utilise my energies for sadhana, not mundane
allurements, then I will achieve eternal life, by His grace.


By Baba’s grace He reminds us again and again that our human life is a
unique opportunity given to us by Parama Purusa. As human beings we are
to take advantage of our free will and do something great – attain Him.
That is what Baba is telling us in Yudhisthira’s analogy.

Most of the scriptures of old are filled with thousands of pages of
dogmatic teachings and one has to swift through all those things in
order to find an ounce of truth. Ananda Marga is not like that.

Baba has given us only the most pertinent guidelines to get success:
Remembering the Goal of life is one such guideline. May we always
following His teachings and never get caught up in the whirlpool of
maya, thinking this world to be our permanent abode and chasing after
fleeting fancies.

If we remember the news of the day, we are bound to move on the right
path, by His grace.

Baba says, “If you are asked by God, “What do you want?”, what should
you say?”

“You must say, “O Lord, I want your blessings so that my intellect may
move along the right path.” You know that the intellect is the cause of
your downfall or evolution. So when your mind gets proper direction,
what else would you require?” (AV-21)




“A’ka’shabhara’ a’jake ta’ra’…” (P.S. 2523)


Baba, the sky of this amavasya night is filled with the stars. The
sweet, nectar-like breeze is blowing mildly. The mind is floating in
divine ecstasy from the known to the unknown world– towards its final
destination. Baba, ensconced in Your ideation, my mind is getting lost
in Your divine bliss. Baba, the lily flower is constantly looking
towards the sky; the aroma of flowers is emanating all around. They have
forgotten themselves and lost their awareness about their own unit
existence. They restlessly move in the attraction of one call. Baba in
Your longing I am sitting alone, counting the stars. I understand that
by Your grace I have lost myself in this beautiful atmosphere and the
attraction of Your love. Baba, You are ever-gracious and You are always
remaining by my side and guiding me. Baba, on this amavasya night my
heart is yearning and longing for You. Please grace me by coming closer
and still more close…

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Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 13:32:32 -0400

To: am-global@earthlink.net

From: Dharmendra Deva

Subject: Re: Not Commonly Known Dangers of Sports








Yes, I have also seen how dangerous competitive sports can be; I know of many who have suffered life-long injuries. There are so many tragedies in today’s sports industry. So I appreciate the initial message of this email thread. (See link appended below)


Also I would like to add points for others to consider, as well as reflect on Baba’s way of including fitness into our AM way of life.





As we all know, physical exercise is a necessary component for leading a healthy life. Then one can utilise their body and mind to serve Parama Purusa and His creation.


Accordingly, Baba has designated asanas, kaoshikii and tandava as the main practices for exercising the physical body. In various discourses, Baba has clearly stated that the asanas and dances prescribed in Ananda Marga exercise the glands thereby keeping both body and mind full of vital energy and positive spirit.





Plus, as we all know, Baba advocates taking a brisk walk everyday.


Baba says, “Walk in the fresh air…If the body does not work up a sufficient sweat, then you should know that you have not taken the air properly.” (Yogic Treatments, Appendix E)





In addition, games and sports are also encouraged in Ananda Marga.


Baba says, “They will be able to devote ample time to such activities as sports, literary pursuits and spiritual practices.” (Problems of the Day, pt #9)


By His above teaching it is clear and very evident that Baba places great value on sports. And the way Baba values sports is radically different from the way sports is valued in the present era.


Baba places value on maximum participation in games and sports so that all may get the benefit. In contrast, the commercialization of sports is based on highlighting elite athletes who play the game while the rest of the society watches. Baba does not approve of this later method.


During general darshan and DMC, Baba would select and allow all kinds of people to do tandava and kaoshikii. He would not select only the same people again and again. It is not that only the best dancers would be put on display. Baba wants that everyone should participate in their personal daily routine; and during general darshan and DMC, Baba would welcome anyone’s participation. In fact He would rotate new people into the cycle. Because Baba’s clear directive is that kaoshikii and tandava are for all – not just for the elite few. His aim is to encourage all the participate.


In contrast, to participate in sports in today’s competitive society, such as for a school team – let alone semi-pro or even pro sports – one must train day-long to be good enough to play. In that way, only a small percentage compete in sports while most of the so-called modern world has turned into a society of spectators or “couch potatoes”. They become awed watching highly-trained athletes compete and they think their job is to sit, watch, and spend lots of money on tickets and memorabilia. In that way the theme and essence of sports becomes lost. Sports has become an industry or capitalist venture.


Whereas Baba distinctly advises that sports and games are for cent-per-cent participation by all. Plus Baba wants that we practice asanas, mudras, and bandhas. In individual live everyone must do these regularly, i.e. twice daily.


At the same time, on the collective level, Baba does appreciate healthy competition with respect to sports and games. That is why there are kaoshikii and tandava competitions where Baba would even distribute prizes at DMC. Plus at SSAC camps, games and sports were organized in the form of tournaments and competitions.


Yet all along, the main message Baba has given is that everyone should exercise and keep their physical body in good condition while still striving for psychic and psycho-spiritual development.


Baba says, “Be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated.” (Prout Nutshell, part 21, Nuclear Revolution)


So Baba’s message is that everyone should exercise regularly and keep their physical body healthy and disease-free. Games and sports are for all – not just elite athletes as has happened with the commercialization of sports in this capitalist era.





One other clear-cut benefit of sports is what is often termed as the “intangibles”, i.e. the non-physical benefits of sports. These qualities include teamwork, leadership, spiritedness, perseverance, friendship, and so much more. These qualities are not found in the rule book nor can they be tangibly measured, but these also stand as an important aspect and indeed benefit of sports. Any coach, manager or announcer will tell you that.


And for this reason also Baba fully encourages everyone – especially youths – to participate in both individual and team sports and games.





As neatly detailed in the initial letter on this topic, the tragedy is that in today’s overly-competitive, commercial market, sports has become an avenue primarily for the elite where so many are fallen, injured and killed. Training is intense and big corporate sponsorships are more concerned with profit than with the health and well-being of the athletes. Unfortunately, this defective mentality has even invaded our high school level sports. So in today’s environment, sports has often become a hazard. Yet, this is not what is usually reported in the newspapers and on-line; rather all the headlines glorify the top stars and overlook all those who suffered injury, illness, disability and even death.





By Baba’s grace He has prescribed the perfect system for living a healthy, balanced life. Baba guides us that our human personality is three fold: Physical, psychic, and spiritual. We must not neglect any sphere; we must not neglect physical exercise. If we follow Baba’s system and do asanas, kaoshikii and tandava, and keep attuned to His other guidelines like walking etc, then we will best be able to serve Him and propagate AM ideals. Then our bodies will not become crippled and incapacitated at an early or even late age.


Baba says, “…In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points.” (Ananda Vanii #45)








Here is the original letter on this topic…



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Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 17:54:49


From: V.J.K. Deva

Subject: …Direct Way to Heaven








Most are certainly aware that Dada Nigamanandji’s body was brought from Delhi to Ananda Nagar for his burial and cremation etc. That cremation ceremony was scheduled to happen today.


This following letter details many of the events and plannings surrounding Nigamananda’s cremation. Please read below for all that news.


Here first, we begin one of Baba’s famous stories from Shabda Cayanika as it is highly related with this entire topic.







In His story from Shabda Cayanika, Baba asks the caretaker of the land about a white stone in the back of the guesthouse. The caretaker replies, “That white thing is the tomb of those three dead people.” (Shabda Cayanika, Part 1, Disc: 3)


In that same story Baba directs an inquiry towards Brother Niilainjana, i.e. one of those three deceased persons who was buried in that spot and who now has just a luminous body.


Baba says, ‘Then I (Baba) asked: “In your opinion, are your sister Mainjulá and her friend Vásavii Vasu also bound here [like you are] by the same attachment to the place?” He smiled a little and replied: “Exactly as you say“.” (Shabda Cayanika, Part 1, Disc: 3)


Here the whole point is that when a tomb is made for a deceased person then that soul is not free. Their mind gets seriously attached to that particular place. It is a big problem.


If a tomb is constructed for a deceased person then they will not get moksa – rather that soul will be bound to that place. That is their unfortunate fate which Baba Himself reveals in His story from Shabda Cayanika.


That is why in Ananda Marga, there is no system for making a tomb for deceased persons. That is not our way as it hinders their progress and obstructs their pathway. They will not get moksa. This is evidenced by the predicament of those three deceased students (Niilainjana, Mainjulá & Vásavii Vasu) in the aforementioned story from Shabda Cayanika. They became totally bound to that land as microvita for decades and centuries – unable to progress or get moksa.


So it is a tragedy. This entire cycle of creation is spinning on and on and countless unit souls are progressing and getting moksa by His grace, yet those with a tomb get stuck and bound to that spot. They do not get moksa.


No doubt some religions are totally unaware about this fact; that is why they partake in this tomb dogma. But as Ananda Margiis why should we also fall into this trap? Why should we construct tombs for our deceased brothers and sisters and thereby block their pathway for getting moksa. That is not good.


Rather we should follow Baba’s noted system for the disposal of the dead body (reference Caryacarya Part 1). There Baba makes no mention of the construction of any tomb etc.


The whole problem is that when a tomb is made that person will not get moksa – regardless of whether they are buried or burned to ashes. So long as a tomb is constructed for that person, that unit being gets bound to that place. Their future is not at all bright. We should not impose this grim fate on anyone.







Now let’s take a look at what has happened with Nigamananda and other respected Dadas.


(A) As you probably know, on 25/ 26 May, Nigamananda’s body was transferred by ambulance from Delhi to Ananda Nagar. The distance is 1500 kilometers at minimum. It took huge resources (money, fuel, time, energy) for this to be done. So we have to think what motivated and inspired them to do like this – especially when this is not Baba’s designated system.


(B) When we look at the recent history we can get a glimpse of why this tomb dogma is going on. For example, there is the case of Dada Sadhaneshvara’nandajii’s mahaprayan in A’nanda Shiila. After Dadaji expired then what happened? Parmeshvara’nanda made one “sama’dhi sthal” (i.e. tomb) with marble on the place where Dada Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii was cremated at the A’nanda Shiila MU.


Many say now that Paremeshvarananda made that tomb of Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii so that one day someone would make a similar tomb for him. After all, our Dadas see how big-time politicians are revered and respected and get “blessed” with a huge, fancy tomb upon their death. So our big Dadas like Parmeshvarananda want a tomb when they die. But it would be unbecoming if Parmeshvarananda made or constructed his own tomb ahead of time. Being a sannyasi that would not look very good. So instead he made a tomb for another Dada in the great hope that one day someone would grace him (i.e. Parmeshvarananda) with his own tomb. This is the way things are working.


Another thing people say is that because Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii was very popular, it was relatively easy for Parmeshvarananda to collect money in Dada’s name. Thus he was able to gather huge funds – of which some was used for a tomb. Otherwise what could be the reason why Parmeshvarananda erected a tomb when doing so is explicitly against Baba’s system.


No doubt, Dada Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii was a very good devotee, laborious, and dedicated. But making a tomb is not the way to pay homage to him. Dada’s memory is not in that marble tomb. Rather his memory is in Ba’ba’s mission & organisation for whom Dadajii lived his life. His memory is his dharmic way of living at Ananda Shiila where he worked as CTS and where he constructed buildings to help build the Marga.


This above case gives the picture of how some are attracted to burying the bodies of our deceased Dadas on master units so that in due course a tomb can be erected. It seems they suffer from the dogma that this is a direct route to heaven or at the very least a way to garner great respect.


Yet Baba Himself guides us that faulty manner of making a tomb only binds a person to that land – they cannot get salvation.


(C) Here is another case that leads in this same direction. At the time of oShraddha’nandajii’s (former PP Dada) passing in October 2008 at a hospital in Ranchi, his body was taken to Ananda Shiila for cremation. And now today at the place where his cremation was done, it is surrounded by bamboo and a wood wall. Why? To reserve that spot so that that they can make a tomb in the future. Otherwise what was the need to demarcate that spot and not use it for some practical project etc.


(D) Here is yet another example: Artesha’nanda’s cremation ceremony and mahaprayan was in Gadaipur Ba’ba’ Quarter Delhi. Centre cremated his body in that Ba’ba’ Quarter campus. To this day, such persons still associate Dadaji with that place – as if that is where he will reside forever. Still that spot where he was cremated has not been used for any other project. They have reserved that spot with every intention of constructing a tomb one day. Otherwise, they would have and could have used that space for other service projects etc.


Note: If the purpose of burying the body inside the compound in Delhi was to make cemetery / smashan for night sadhana etc, then that can be accepted. Some Dadas might make that claim as it is not easy to find places for night sadhana in big cities like Delhi. But whatever they say, there is no rational justification for erecting a tomb on that spot or designating that spot for a tomb in the future. That should not be done. Nor should that body be transported a long distance such as from Delhi to Ananda Nagar. That also has no rational justification.


(E) By all this we can critically see that this tomb issue is an ongoing and growing dogma in our Marga.


(F) So now Nigama’nandajii’s mahaprayan (death) happened in Delhi and they have brought the body to Ananda Nagar. Question: What is the need to bring body to AN? Why was the cremation not done in Delhi itself? After all, Nigama’nandajii was a worker of our universal organization; his life was for the organization and humanity. Then what was the need to spend huge money from our poor organization to bring Dada’s body to AN? What was problem in cremating the body in Delhi?


Here we can only assume that the intention of some is to make a tomb for Dadaji in Ananda Nagar. Perhaps they think that by this way Dada will get a direct transport to heaven and / or that someone will make a tomb for them in the future. When in fact the truth is that Nigamananda will be bound to that land and he will not get moksa nor get any progress at all. Rather he will be stuck and bound to that place. That is Baba’s explicit warning in Shabda Cayanika.


(G) Now we can practically see that the cremation of senior Dadas is becoming a new dogma in our organization. It looks like the authorities are impressed by the cremation ceremonies of big political leaders and want to emulate those events. We have to remember that Ananda Nagar is our global headquarters for the organization. It is not our global cremation ground, i.e. global smashan. Baba has given our AM master units and Baba Quarters for designation dharmic purposes. Our MU’s and BQ’s are not to be turned into smashan bhumi or cremation ground with all kinds of tombs etc.





One important point to note is that Centre does not bring all the bodies to Ananda Nagar etc. Nor do they make a tomb for every worker.


In the last decade or longer, so many simple and sincere Wts have passed, yet their mahaprayan occurred without the erection of a tomb. Rather local margiis and workers cremated the body per Baba’s system. No big Dada came to drag that body to Ananda Nagar. Indeed even with the then President of AMPS – Ac Raghunathji – they did not bring his body to AN nor did they make a tomb for him. And verily in the last 50 years so many of our respected workers and margiis passed as dadhicii’s, yet no tomb was made in their honour.


Then why is this being done today – why are tombs being prepared and planned – for the more famous workers, i.e. those with clout? That is what we must ask ourselves.


It seems that Centre is awed and jealous of those big political leaders who have huge tombs erected in their honour. In general politics, the bodies of such leaders will be brought to certain place and they will have a grand tomb erected. And people will come and visit that spot and pay honour for generations and generation. That is what we see happening. In the same way, Centre is now trying to do the same thing for select top Dadas.


Also big leaders think that if they will make the tomb of their friends then after their death their samadhi will be also made.


Ultimately, this manner of bringing the dead body to certain place for cremation and erecting a tomb is a big dogma which should be stopped.







Here is one related dogma with all of this: It has become a distinct pattern for them to always put the dead body in the Ba’ba’ quarter. For instance: Krtvidya’nandajii, Abhiprema’nandajii, and now Nigama’nandajii, and many others. They are reside in the BQ land.


Their bodies were put in Ba’ba’ quarter to give Shraddha’njalii. But this ceremony should be done in some other hall – not in the Ba’ba’ quarter.


If the purpose of the ceremony is to do the last darshan and to pay homage to the deceased and put flowers on the body, then that can be done in any other hall.


But the organisers do not see it in the aforementioned dharmic way.


Rather their purpose is to put that deceased body in the Ba’ba’ Quarter because in their mind they wrongly think that Ba’ba’ is there in that BQ and not in any other place. That is why they use the Baba Quarters in this way. Such is their dogmatic outlook.


Otherwise what could be the reason why they are doing this again and again and again.





As we know our workers and avadhutas have come for the service of all. They have given up everything of individual life for collective welfare – all done in the loving service to Guru. For our workers, the entire brahmanda (universe) is their homeland.


So there is absolutely no need to take their body to a certain place or location. Wherever that worker died is where his cremation should be done.


Then that ceremony will properly reflect our AM ideology and pay honour to the great cause for which that Wt dedicated their life.


And of course, wherever a Wt is buried, there should not be any tomb nor should the spot be marked in any way to erect a tomb in the future. Just let those deceased souls be free and at peace. That is Baba’s system.








PS Intro: This is one special type of song where Parama Purusa explains to the devotees what He does– how He carries out His liila.


“A’gun jva’la’te a’si niko a’mi, diipa’valii jva’li man ma’jhe…” (P.S. 421)




I, Baba, do not come to light a burning fire in the heart. I come to light the lamp of devotion in the heart – for that reason I come. I fill the mind with divine effulgence, with devotion, not fire*. Even on the rough & jagged path I pour divine sweetness – I make even the dry heart full of devotion. Even in those trees where flowers do not come, those places also I decorate with flowers. I change the crude personality into a divine one. I decorate them with the beauty of devotion. To the dry heart I bring the warmth of love and devotion. And I give them inspiration to move towards divinity. This way I bless everyone.

Through the melody and rhythm of song and dance, silently I fill the remote corner of the heart with love. Indeed I fill the entire universe with devotion with the medium of song, dance and music – Prabhat Samgiita. I do not come to ignite the heart with some other yearning; rather I fill the heart with devotion.

To those hearts which are frustrated, sunken, and lost, I give them the strength for their forward movement. I fill their heart with the bliss so they can forget their pain and misery and get ensconced in divinity.

I remain with everyone through My ota and prota yoga. I make everyone aware of this by my actions. I tell this truth again and again so that human beings can realise that Parama Purus’a is with them always.

I advent of this earth to fill up the heart with devotion…


*Fire= Here fire means that devotees always lovingly accuse Parama Purusa that ‘I am crying for You yet You just set my heart on fire, with no relief in sight’. But Parama Purus’a explains that it is not like that; rather He comes with the explicit motive to fill the mind with devotion.




– Some Secret –


Baba says, “Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support: that is, when a human’s desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva’s desire coincides with the desire of Parama Purusa, then it is successful, otherwise not.” (10 September ’78)


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Subject: Unpublished Discourse About Weapons
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 22:24:58
From: “Gaurishankar Agrawal”


“Toma’ke ceyechi a’mi jiivaner prati pale…” (P.S. 2106)


Baba, I want You in each and every sphere of my life– all the time, every moment. Baba, please come in every honey-filled seed vessel of my hundred petal mental lotus. Baba, whatever beautiful things I have, whatever good things I have– I am offering everything unto You. Baba, please grace me by coming with Your most attractive form.

O’ my dearmost, Your everything is so very beautiful. You are that most resplendent divine Entity– perfectly effulgent. Just as the shining moon does not have any black spots; similarly, O’ Parama Purusa, You are resplendent and blemishless– perfectly pristine & pure. Baba, please shower Your causeless grace on me; please remove my fear and shyness from my unit mind. Please take away all those impurities that are accumulated in my mental plate. Baba, please grace me with the eternal gift of devotion.

Baba, I do not have any worldly desire– just I want Your closeness. That is why I go on searching You while doing all kinds of works, O’ my Lord of Lords. Baba, in each and every moment of my life, in all my deeds and in all my thoughts I want Your Presence– I want Your grace…


Note: This posting is based on an unpublished Hindi discourse from Bombay where Baba talks about who should have weapons.

Nuclear weapons, proliferation, and disarmament are hot topics these days. The recent nuclear security summit in Washington addressed these issues and more.

Certain leading imperialistic nations are eager to put a halt to nuclear proliferation, especially the US. However, these power-hungry, materialistic nations are not for universal welfare or global peace. They just want to keep nuclear weaponry exclusively for themselves. That is their interest.

As Ananda Margiis, we should clearly understand Baba’s guidelines and policies with regards to weapons and disarmament. Baba furthermore reveals the hidden agenda of those nations.

Let us also remember that there are all kinds of weapons such as chemical warfare, cyber-weapons, and more. So Baba’s stated policy is for the weapons of today and tomorrow.

Finally, weapons are not only for external battles but also for internal ones. Thus every individual must be armed with all kinds of sentient weaponry (yama and niyama, Prout, kiirtan, sadhana etc) so they can overcome degrading tendencies of mind and reach to Parama Purusa.


As a brief overview, Baba’s guideline is that moralists should have weapons in order to protect the people and deter anti-social elements, whereas terrorists and rogue parties should be condemned and their might and power should be snatched away.

Unfortunately, today the opposite is true. Moralists are not united and immoralists have banded together and gained access to all kinds of weapons for their various schemes. Thus bad people have weapons and good people do not. Needless to say this situation needs to be reversed.

In this complex, battle-torn world, we should arm ourselves with Baba’s divine teachings. We should know His stand on weapons.


Here is a summary of Baba’s discourse about weapons delivered in the 1960’s in Bombay.

Baba talks about how at the very beginning of human history, individuals would quarrel and physically fight by hitting, scratching, grinning, grunting, grimacing, biting and clawing. That was the socially acceptable manner to settle disputes. Everybody fought using these same basic techniques.

Then one day, one party got an idea. This alpha party discovered that they could attack their chosen target from afar by throwing fist-sized mounds of dirt, or dirt bombs. With this discovery, immediately the alpha party had a distinct advantage over his enemies, i.e the beta party. The alpha party could easily vanquish their foes.

In response the beta party became outraged, fearing that so many would get hurt and destroyed by these flying dirt bombs. The beta party exclaimed, “Come out and fight in a civilized way and meet me face to face – claw and punch. Do not resort to this dangerous method of throwing dirt bombs from your hidden position. Everyone will get killed.”

But the alpha party paid no mind to the pleas and logic of the beta team. And the alpha party continued to attack others using their dirt bomb technique. With no other recourse, the beta party decided that they too must use this dirt bomb approach. So they did research, study and practice and soon they were also using dirt bombs for their main way of fighting.

With dirt bombs flying in both directions, the alpha party became disturbed and thought that they had lost their advantage. So they looked around and found that rocks were harder and more potent than dirt bombs. The alpha team then began throwing rocks which easily bloodied and hurt other people.

Once again, the beta party became horrified by this increased level of intensity by the alpha team. The beta person demanded, “Do not throw rocks; they are too hard and dangerous. Too many people are getting hurt. This will destroy society. Only throw dirt bombs – that is our agreed upon fighting strategy. Give up this practice of throwing rocks. There should be disarmament or dis-rock-ament, i.e. no throwing rocks – no one should do this.”

But beta’s pleas fell on deaf ears. The alpha party was very satisfied with the effectiveness of rock throwing. In turn, the beta team began investigating and experimenting with throwing rocks and soon began employing that technique as well.

In this way the level of fighting increased. All this Baba relays in His unpublished discourse. But it does not stop there. Baba continues to explain the history of weaponry in human civilisation.

When the alpha party saw that team beta was also using rocks, then the alpha team looked around and came up with a new technique in order to gain an advantage. The alpha team began using big animals such as horses and elephants to attack their foes.

This was quite alarming for the beta party. They were rattled and complained bitterly that the alpha team would destroy all of humanity and kill everyone using this new method. The beta team pleaded that animals not be used for fighting as it was too dangerous and creating too many deaths.

Once again, the alpha party did not listen and they enjoyed their fighting supremacy. The beta party did their related research, trained animals and fighters, and also began using animals in their warfare. The two warring parties were again on equal ground.

Next, the alpha party invented spears and other sharp throwing devices. The beta team vigorously objected claiming that these spears were too dangerous – everyone will be killed and entire countries destroyed. The alpha party did not pay heed. With no other recourse, the beta team began developing their own spears and sharp fighting tools.

In this see-saw manner, the level of fighting increased.

The alpha team then invented the bow and arrow, and again the beta team exclaimed that this was too harmful and the alpha team should be civilised in their fighting. The alpha party ignored their plea so the beta party created their own bow and arrow.

Then around four hundred + years ago, explosive weapons came into vogue like guns and canons. The alpha team enjoyed unparalleled superiority and the beta team was aghast by the wreckage of such weapons, and petitioned that such weapons be banned. But instead the beta team was defeated and destroyed.


At this point in His Bombay discourse, Baba tells the real history of how King Babur invaded Delhi from the Middle East and at the battle of Panipat, King Babur used his advanced weaponry to defeat Abraham Lodi, the Sultan of Delhi. Actually Abraham Lodi had a much bigger army but because Babur’s troops had canons, firearms, and other weapons they were victorious. Abraham Lodi did not have canons – he only had standard, conventional weapons of the day as well as lots of foot soliders and animals. But because he did not have firearms his party suffered big losses and he was defeated.

Then Baba tells that this is the way history works. Those who invent new weapons are victorious.


Baba then asks this rhetorical question: Do you want to be in the alpha party or beta party?

The margiis responded: Alpha party.

Baba replied: Yes, never be in the beta party – always be in the alpha team.

Baba continues to explain that weapons should always be in hands of sadvipras and that such moralists should have the latest weapons. Indeed sadvipras should be ever vigilant to create more refined and powerful weapons in order to save the society. Side by side, never allow weapons to fall in the hands of the wrong people. Terrorists, imperialists, and other anti-social elements must not be armed with strong weapons.

Baba furthermore guides us that as society and civilisation develop, new types of problems come to the fore. For example, internet crime has now become an issue. In response, moralists must always have superior weapons to counteract and solve problems caused by rogue elements. Baba’s mandate is that moralists must have ultra-modern weapons in the external and internal worlds.

Our external weapons include bombs, internet security, scanners and so much more. And our internal weapons include Prout, kiirtan, yama and niyama and sadhana.


If we look at the world history over the course of the 20th century, it becomes quite clear how having newer weapons is so important.

For instance, during World War II, the US dropped the atom bomb on Japan because the US knew that Japan did not have that weapon. Thus Japan suffered terribly. In contrast, during the cold war, the US did not drop the atom bomb on the USSR because the US knew that the Russians also had the bomb. In the latter case there was no actual war – just the cold war.

In a similar fashion, India and Pakistan have fought three wars since 1947, but there has not been a war since each got nuclear weapons. The teaching from all this is that wars happen when one party feels they can crush their weaker opponent without suffering much damage.

More recently, we see how Iraq was attacked because there was no fear that they could retaliate with strong weapons, whereas the western powers did not attack North Korea because there was the very real threat that North Korea would use their nuclear arsenal.

In the more distant past, India was negligent in developing weapons which is why the Indian subcontinent was often overrun by invaders – either moguls or Britishers.

That is the history and the teaching we should all get is that the weak get destroyed and ransacked by belligerent parties. Having the latest weapons maintains the peace.

In AM, our main point is that the moralists should always have the latest weapons because good people should never suffer at the hands of those exploiters, imperialists or terrorists. We never advocate that terrorists should also have weapons. Rather top weapons should be in the hands of moralists alone.

In order to bring world peace, moralists must have the best weapons and terrorists and imperialists must not be allowed to have weapons at all. But now the opposite is the case. Good citizens do not haven weapons while and terrorists have huge weapon supplies.

With regards to the recent summit in Washington, it is not a new thing. Always those who have been in power and possessed top weapons petition to not allow others to get weapons. Because they want to maintain their dominance. Same is the case with the US today. And that is the psychology since the prehistoric era: Always those with might have been keen to not allow others to get weapons.

All in all it looks like the race for arms is a dangerous game, but the truth is that it is only dangerous if weapons are only in the hands of negative people. To establish peace then, all moralists must play this game of armament in order to save humanity – there is no other option. Then there will be peace and security.


Finally, armament does not just mean guns and other external weapons.

Enemies exist externally and internally (in the form of negative propensities), and in both cases ultra-modern weapons are needed. Those following religious dogmas or idol worship will not be able to free their mind from narrow-mindedness and the baser propensities.

Thus Baba’s entire discourse serves as an analogy for spiritual growth and development. The aim is for every sadhaka to wage a war against all depraving tendencies of mind and reach to Parama Purusa. One must defeat all the internal enemies – i.e. kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), mada (vanity), moha (blind attachment), matsarya (envy), and all other crude propensities.

In that case, ritualistic worship is totally impotent, that is the equivalent of fighting one’s inner battles with antiquated weapons like sticks and stones. Such weapons are impotent. Stronger weapons are needed, i.e. AM sadhana.


Ananda Marga sadhana is the very logical and ultra-modern weapon that will lead one to His alter. Just as in the material plane, moralists must have the latest and greatest weapons in the form of bombs and lasers in order to maintain social order and keep the peace; similarly in the inner world, one must be armed with neo-humanism, Prout, kiirtan, sadhana, yama and niyama, and His ever-present grace. Then one is sure to get victory. That is what Baba is telling us in His unpublished discourse and a very similar idea is expressed in this following guideline.

Baba says, “In this fight against avidya shakti one must have sufficient weapons. You know, a soldier requires weapons, and sa’dhana’ is a fight. In your internal sphere, that is, in your mind, you should have ten weapons. Those ten weapons are five yama and five niyama [moral principles]. And similarly, while fighting against evil forces in this crude physicality, you should have ultra-modern physical weapons also. Those who want disarmament and those who want to ban the atom bomb are not friends of human society. They do not want to accelerate the speed of human society. Rather they want to retard its progress. Weapons you must have, but you should have control over your body and mind. There must not be any abuse or misuse of your weapons. Now, in this progress, that is, in the realm of intuitionalism, you should have ten internal weapons – yama and niyama – [for] your progress in sa’dhana’.” (AV-34)


Serious Matter

Baba says, “The system of education prevailing today was formulated or evolved long ago, mainly with a view to suit the needs of the capitalist class. For the last three to four thousand years, the same type of education is being imparted. The main purpose behind this sort of educational system is to create persons with a slavish mentality to fulfill need of those capitalist exploiters. This sort of education is fundamentally defective. It is certain that this type of education which serves the capitalists’ interests is not at all suitable. This sort of education creates obstacles in the evolution of humanity. We have to thoroughly revamp the entire educational system. A new educational system must evolve to produce sadvipras.” (11/29/70, transcribed from cassette)

Note: Those who are bragging about the standard of their education should know what type & what category of knowledge they have. In this regard, we should ponder Guru’s above guideline.

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Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 13:55:02 -0000

From: NJK Majumdar

Subject: Do You Know Why AM is Special







We all know that in our A’nanda Ma’rga Baba places tremendous emphasis

on the dual approach of spiritual sadhana and social service. Both have

a huge role to play. For that reason some may be thinking that our

spiritual life and our social life are therefore equal in all regards.


Without going too deeply into the matter, this might be a logical

conclusion one would make: Estimating that both are 50-50– the same

size & of equal value etc. It is easy to surmise how someone might

conclude in that fashion.


However, Baba’s divine teaching is something else. As important as our

social life is, Baba here unveils and expresses the vastness &

unparalleled nature of our spiritual approach in A’nanda Ma’rga.


Baba says, “Our spiritual life is not a part of our social life; our

social life is a part of our spiritual life.” (Poona DMC, 26-11-79)


Thus, Baba’s above teaching establishes the supremacy of spirituality as

He tells that everything falls within the scope of our spiritual life.

That is, our spiritual life is not a subset of our social life; but our

social life is a part of our spiritual life.


With this is mind, that means that our entire social dealing comes under

that great umbrella of spirituality. Or, another way of saying it is

that nothing comes outside of our spiritual approach. Everything is part

and parcel of that. Hence in Ananda Marga we say that spirituality is

the top-most thing– the summum bonum of life.


Baba says, “Spirituality is the summum bonum of life in all its

aspects.” (Idea & Idealogy, p.77)


Here are more points which lead in this same direction– which highlight

the greatness of spiritual life in Ananda Marga. All brothers and

sisters should also write in with their perceptions and thoughts also.





The path which Baba has shown us– the path of Ananda Marga is totally

revolutionary since it is deeply ensconced in the nectar of

spirituality. From birth to death and from morning till night, the life

of an Ananda Margii is filled with spiritual practices and cosmic

ideation. When one emerges from the womb and enters this world then

immediately that infant is drenched in the singing Baba Nam Kevalam. And

it continues on from there. Hence in AM spirituality is our very heartbeat.





By Baba’s grace in AM our spiritual approach continues through the whole

life. In the morning we greet and start the day with our practices of

Guru Sakash and paincajanya etc, and the whole day follows in that flow:

Doing sadhana, reciting our bath mantra, taking second lesson before our

each and every work, ideating as we say namaskar, singing kiirtan etc.

Each and every activity through the day is linked with the Cosmic Hub–



And then after dark we go for night sadhana and ultimately take rest

with His name on our lips– dreaming of Him.


About this holistic ideal, Baba has given one divine sloka:


‘Kuru punyam ahora’tram’

Meaning: Do virtuous deeds day and night


In Ananda Marga we are ideating on Brahma during the day and performing

our various works and duties and then when sleeping we are repeating our

Ista mantra or dhyana mantra during the night. In that way each and

every second of the life is drenched in the sweet flow of spirituality.







As we know, in Ananda Sutram Baba has outlined the whole of AM

philosophy in seed form. In sum there are 85 Sutras in these five

chapters. Yet the first four chapters– or the first 69 Sutras– deal

exclusively with points of spirituality. There is no hint of mention of

social life in these sections.


Then in His revolutionary approach in the final chapter of A’nanda

Sutram Baba incorporates our social life and Prout– all neatly woven

into the context of spirituality. Hence Prout is a sub-set of AM

spiritual ideology; Prout is a God-centered philosophy resting on the

dynamic force of AM spirituality.


By all this we can all easily understand that in AM spirituality is the

main thing. This is the divine flow of life in Ananda Marga.





The path of Ananda Marga is the top as our Marga maintains its stance of

spirituality throughout all the realms of life. This is one of the

reasons why we say AM is a revolution– and far above the rest.


In comparison, the dogmatic religions fall way short of the mark. In

their most basic and fundamental sense, at best the religions

theoretically aim to be spiritual institutions; but in actuality just a

tiny partition or a small segment of religious life is for Godly

pursuits. And even that small piece has gotten infested with dogma.


Hinduism started with some aspects of meditation and other spiritual

points of yoga and Bhagavata dharma, but even then it was just a small

part of the life. The proof being that the great Shankaracarya himself

declared that people could not dedicate themselves towards spirituality

until after 75 years of age. And not just that, but step by step,

Hinduism has totally fallen away from any pointed spiritual approach.

Such that now, the touch of true spirituality is all gone from their

religious dealings and their followers just indulge in idol worship in

the temples and other dogmatic rituals.


To their own degree, Christians may even be less in this regard. They

have no meditative practice to speak of and their prayer etc is done on

Sundays only. So their religious life is extremely limited and tucked

away into a little corner.


So in this way each and every religion has partitioned its prayer

practices to a small part of life which is hardly even visible and which

barely touches the seed of their existence. Rather they are totally

governed by materialistic policies


Only in the dharma of Ananda Marga do we see that living aspect of true

spirituality ensconced into each and every cell of one’s existence.





From top to bottom, spirituality is everything in AM. That is the be-all and

end-all of our existence.


Even then in this crude era of kali yuga, due to the enormous onslaughts

of materialism etc, from time to time we all get pulled and dragged into

mundane duties and worldly obligations. We all have huge quotas and lots

of pressures to attend to in this regard: Bills to pay, houses to

maintain, plus all the negative allurements of the general society to

combat. This is the harsh reality which we are facing nowadays.


Indeed, we can see that even our Dadas get caught up in this rush of

external living and mostly they just do sadhana so that they can eat.

Means sadhana is just a ticket to get into the dining hall– nothing

more in many cases. I think we have all seen such things.


So we all know that spirituality is everything yet the practical reality

is that whether we like it or not on various occasions we are all

getting dragged head first into mundane life. No doubt we are all

following 16 Points to the best of our ability etc, but the general flow

of the world is pulling us strongly in its crude direction. In the face

of mundane pressures our sadhana time gets reduced, asanas get skipped,

and so many things unfold. No need to list them here as we are all well

aware about what happens.


Hence even though in Ananda Marga, spirituality is the most treasured

aspect of life and as much as we practice it during our days and nights,

still the reality is that the mind tends to become extroverted due to

the extreme amount of mundane pressures.


Taken altogether, we should be extremely careful and take whatever

measures necessary to reverse this trend. Baba’s following teaching

leads in this same direction.


Baba says, “This element of devotion, the most precious treasure of

humanity, must be preserved most carefully. Because it is such a tender

inner asset, to preserve it from the onslaughts of materialism, one must

build a protective fence around it, just as people put up a guard-rail

around a small tender plant.” (NH-LOI)


So Baba’s divine direction is to safeguard this most precious thing:

Devotion, which is the seed of true spirituality.


In this regard we can take steps by singing more kiirtan, keeping strict

timing for our sadhana, encouraging ourselves and others to be vigilant

in 16 Points, and evaluating our lives every 15 minutes to see if we are

on the right path or not. On this aspect also, it will be highly

inspiring to hear everyone’s suggestions and recommendations.


By this way, and with Baba’s grace, we will be able to maintain and rise

above the challenges– delving deeper and deeper into spiritual life.





Here Baba once again highlights the supreme nature of spiritual life.


Baba says, “That ultimate and absolute ideal is the Cosmic ideal – an

ideal beyond the scope of time, place and person. It is the Absolute,

without and beyond relativity. It stands with its own lustre for all

times and for every factor of the Cosmos.” (I & I, p.76)





By Baba’s divine grace each and every margii will taste the supreme

sweetness of AM spirituality & reach unto Baba’s divine lap in this very



Baba says, “The human being’s mission in life is movement towards

perfection– towards God. This is one’s dharma, or duty. In this

struggle, the forces of evil [materialism etc] are bound to be defeated.

That has been the case all along, and that will repeat itself.” (AV-23,











Here Baba reveals the awesome nature of spirituality and that taking

this as their base Neo-Humanism and Prout has been formulated etc.


Baba says, “Spirituality provides a human being and humanity at large

with that subtle and tremendous power with which no other power can be

compared. Therefore, with spirituality as the base, a rational

philosophy should be evolved to deal with the physical, psychological

and socio-philosophical problems of the day.” (‘The Cosmic Brotherhood’,

5 June 1959)


Keeping our spiritual ideal at the fore, Baba has given us the way to

identify, address, and solve each and every difficulty of our social

life. This is His great blessing on the humanity.





In His below teaching Baba pointedly guides us that it is the golden

thread of spirituality which will bring together all the various beings

of this universe.


Baba says, “The Cosmic ideal alone can be the unifying force which shall

strengthen humanity to smash the bondages and abolish all narrow

domestic walls of fissiparous tendencies.” (‘The Cosmic Brotherhood’, 5

June 1959)





“Tumi ya’ke bha’loba’so se kena a’r’a’le tha’ke…” (PS 3333)




Baba, one thing I do not understand. Please tell me why Your great

devotees like to keep themselves far away from name, fame praise etc.

Always they keep themselves hidden.

You keep Your devotees very close to You. But You do not grant them

wealth, money, higher social status, name or fame. Rather You take away

all these worldly things from devotees and You saturate their heart with

the devotion. Devotees are always hidden in the society as ordinary

persons. And as to those who are not A-grade devotees, You glorify[1]

them with the high status. Why like this? Please tell me.

Baba, only You can control and utilise occult powers. Except You,

those others who acquire occult powers lose their conscience and do all

kinds of negative things. Ultimately they degenerate and follow the path

of negative pratisaincara– they become one with the crude matter.

Devotees get You all the time in their heart and in that way they

always remain in bliss. Having You their whole existence gets filled and

all their deep longing and desires get satisfied.

Baba to those whom You are loving, to them You always keep them hidden…



[1] Devotees do not ask anything from Parama Purusa other than HE

Himself. Whereas those who are ordinary people ask for name, fame,

money, power, post etc. So accordingly Baba grants them those things and

fulfills their desire.




Brave Persons


Baba says, “Do not remain worried about your individual problems at all.

Be prepared to carry your own burden and be prepared also to carry the

burdens of others. Then alone are you brave. Be dagdhabiija. Everyone

has their own individual problems. Do not try to pass them on to others.

On the contrary, bear the burdens of others. No one is your enemy. Be

ready to bear the burdens of others.” (AV-30, p.4)


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Date: 24 May 2011 18:24:10 -0000

From: “Gurucharan Deva”


Subject: Mahaprayan of Ac Nigamananda Avt







It is with sadness and respect that we share the news of the mahaprayan* of our respected Dada, Ac Nigamananda Avt. Our esteemed elder brother underwent his mahaprayan just a few hours ago, at approx 9:30PM IST, Tuesday 24 May 2011, at Akash nursing home, Malviya Nagar, Delhi.


Dadaji was well known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm, as well as for his many years of dedicated service to the Marga and humanity. He inspired many onto the path of bliss. He became WT in 1960’s, hence he was a worker for 40+years.


All in all, Dadaji worked in many departments, but most notably in VSS for a long time. Actually he led a very colourful life. He was a very important person who will be remembered for his many good activities as well as for his notorious dealings.


Initially, after 1990, Nigamananda was the “hit man” for Sarvatmananda; and later on he became the “hit man” or “strong arm” for Rudrananda. And in the later years, he was the “hit man” for his own position.


Recently Nigamananda secretly sold one large organisational property at Asansol. That is but one of his many nefarious activities of which the list is very long. Indeed Dada tortured and terrorised so many innocent people. He will long be remembered for that – so many good and bad things.


That is why on this fateful day, surely some are sad while many others are breathing a sigh of relief. Dadaji was the cause of so many unjust and negative activities – as well as various good deeds.


When Dada became seriously ill and incapacitated due to his brain hemorrhage on 07 Feb 2011, many workers felt relief and happiness. Dadaji was notorious for his abuse of power. Of course one should not feel happy by seeing another’s misery, but back in February numerous wts could not control themselves because of all the torture Nigamananda had inflicted upon them.


Baba has given one very good teaching about what happens when an ideal person passes. Let’s see how far Dada Nigamananda fits this description.


Baba says, “You should live such a benevolent life and do such glorious deeds that when you leave this world, smiles will blossom on your face while the people mourn your departure with copious tears. The people will feel bereaved at the loss of a person who truly helped them in their hour of need. All of you should take such a vow to do noble deeds as long as you are alive, and thus leave this world with a smiling face.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 8, What Should Human Beings Do?)


So we can all think and ponder this.


Even then, given his years of service, it is totally disrespectful to say Nigamananda died – when the higher, more respectful term of mahaprayan is available. Of course Parama Purusa is eternal and never dies so there is no question of using the mahaprayan term with Him. But in the case of a respected avadhuta like Ac Nigamananda it is probably appropriate and deserved to use the term mahaprayan. Irrespective of his unseemly activities, after all Nigamananda Dada was an avadhuta and disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. On that ground, I call his death as mahaprayan.


So I have deep regard for him. After all, for those who came close to Baba and dedicated everything, I have great respect and reverence.


Tragically, for the last 3 1/2 months Dadaji was in a coma due to a brain hemorrhage.

With his mahaprayan, we pray that our dear brother Ac Nigamananda Avt has found

eternal peace on Baba’s lap.





Note: If you want to know more about his personality, please write me.


* Mahaprayan: Many are aware that mahaprayan is the common term used in

India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan of respected persons of society who died or passed away.


Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word ‘mahaprayan’ is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word ‘mahaprayan’ in reference to Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan.


And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word ‘mahaprayan’ means death of a respected person.

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Date: 23 May 2011 22:53:02-0000

From: “Liiladhar Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Early Catching is Good








Each and every one of us is prone to falling into bad habits or bad

ways. This is a fact of life – not just some theory but the practical

reality for everyone.


That is Baba’s stated warning.


The bad habit might be something like overeating or oversleeping, or it

might be something like deceit or theft. Everybody has something. We all

face it – in one way or another.


So we should learn Baba’s direct remedy for curing ourselves of such

tendencies or ills, lest they grow and consume us.





To bring this point to light, Baba makes a clear-cut analogy from the

Ra’ma’yan’a to show how every human being is prone to depraving



Baba says, “And what is Ra’van’a? In the Ra’ma’yan’a there is something

regarding Ra’van’a. (The Ra’ma’yan’a is a mythological book, it is not

history.) Ra’van’a means a ten-faced demon. That is, Ra’van’a represents

the extroverted human mind moving, functioning, in ten directions –

moving towards crudeness, away from the Nucleus – being drifted away by

the centrifugal force.” (AV-1)


Thus whenever the mind loses its internal flow and allows things like

lethargy, jealousy, greed, or other degenerating forces to grab hold of

us, it means that we have been influenced by our inner Ravana, that

degrading tendency of mind.


Here Baba explains the situation in greater detail:


Baba says, “What is Ra’van’a? You know human mind has got both the

subtle and debasing propensities. As subtler propensities are directed

towards the Self, there is no question of their extroversial

expressions. Only the debasing propensities of human mind are expressed

in ten directions – east, west, north, south, north-east, north-west,

south-east, south-west, above and below. The pu’rva, pashcima, uttar,

daks’in’a, urdhva, and adhah are known as “Pradisha” in Sanskrit and

Isha’na, Va’yu. Agni and Naert – these four corners are known as

An’udisha. Six Pradisha and four An’udisha taken together are the ten

directions in which microcosms express debasing propensities. As they

are directed towards the mundane objects, the microcosm goaded with

debasing propensities is called Ra’van’a.” (SS-18)


Thus within us we have both Rama – i.e. uplifting tendencies – and

Ravana – i.e. debasing propensities. The aspect of Rama guides us within

towards our internal Goal, whereas the degrading tendencies of Ravana

lead us astray toward so many mundane attractions and bad habits.





Again, this dramatic rift between Ra’ma and Ra’van’a is an everyday

reality for us all.


When we get inspiration to quickly rise from our bed and do spiritual

practice, that is due to the helping force of Rama. And when we decide

to turn off our alarm clock and go back to sleep, that is the crudifying

tendency of Ravana.


And if we think further we can see how this applies to so many daily

events in our life.


For instance, do we express patience with others or do we quickly become

frustrated any angry? Do we take time everyday to do svadhyaya or just

spend time watching pop-culture youtube videos etc?


Nearly each and every moment we are either being goaded in one direction

or another. And unfortunately, much of the time for most people, Ravana

is the dominant force.


In this era of kali yuga – extreme materialism – much of our human

population is rushing headlong towards crudity, and as Ananda Margiis we

also get affected by that flow.


Then of course there is the matter that even within our Marga

population, within each and everyone one of us Ravana can grow and strike.


So vigilance and awareness is needed.





When we witness one involved in dark deeds, often we think, “That can’t

happen to me.”


Yet we must remember that those in jail and those who have fallen were

not born into such a condition. It happened to them little by little, as

the tendencies of Ra’van’a were further encouraged within their own self.


Similarly, we are constantly faced with troubling tendencies of mind,

and if we do not recognise them and be vigilant to fend them off, then

those things will grow.


In the beginning Ravana is small – only we know about it. Only we know

what lesser thoughts crop up in our mind, others do not know. And it is

at this initial period that we must face and conquer those aspects of

Ravana. We must have that much honesty and strength.


Plus we must know the technique of how to destroy Ravana.


Because if we do not catch it and destroy it early on, then what was

once our little personal secret will become a whole pile of dirty

laundry for the entire society to see. Any bad thought or tendency can

and will multiply into a publicly humiliating event if we do not catch

it early on. Once we become captured by Ravana then everyone will know

about it.


No business executive thinks that one day his name will be splashed all

over the front page of the Wall Street Journal for fraud. Yet it happens



No store manager thinks that one day he will be fired from his job for

looking at porn sites. Yet it happens daily.


No politician thinks that one day he will be holding a news conference

with the whole world watching as he admits to have fallen into utter

disgrace. But it happens every day.


Similarly, none of our Wts think that one day they may fall or be forced

to hide in shame due to cases of misconduct etc. Yet, tragically, this

too happens.


What was once a seemingly innocuous thought within – unnoticed by anyone

else – can erupt into a volcano of scandal if we are not vigilant and do

not use Baba’s technique.


And it is not just these “big examples” – Ravana comes in all sorts of

shapes and sizes.


If we are not vigilant we will turn into the “margii” who is the last

one to wake up at the retreat, or who gained 15 lbs in the past year, or

who regularly skips their asanas and dances, or who does not raise their

arms in kiirtan, or who no longer volunteers for service projects, or

who has lost faith in Baba etc.


There are so many ways that Ra’van’a sprouts and ultimately destroys us.

One lapse or one moment of Ra’van’a is enough to ruin one’s life.


So we must recognise the issue, be vigilant in addressing the matter,

and know the proper technique for gaining victory.





No matter how big or how small Ra’van’a is in our life, there is one and

only one solution. There is a singular way to escape from the ill

effects of Ra’van’a.


Baba says, “Now how can you kill, how can you destroy this Ra’van’a?

This depraving force, this degenerating force is “Ra’van’a.” How can you

destroy the Ra’van’a? You can destroy this Ra’van’a only when you take

shelter in Parama Purus’a. So “Ra’van’asya maran’am Ra’mah” here “Ra’ma”

means “Parama Purus’a”. Without the help of Parama Purus’a one cannot

destroy this ten-faced demon.” (AV-12)


Baba says, “How can one be saved from crudification? Ra’van’a can be

defeated, can be destroyed, only when one takes shelter in Ra’ma. That’s

why He is Ra’van’asya maran’am: when one takes shelter in Parama

Purus’a, Ra’van’a automatically dies.” (AV-1)


So the only real solution to overcoming the degrading and harmful ways

of Ra’van’a is to wholeheartedly ideate on Baba. As soon as any crude

idea comes in the mind, by His grace we should have the presence of mind

to think of Him. Then everything will be fine. Then the problem will not

manifest in the physical sphere, and we will avoid exposing ourselves in

front of all.


If however, one tries to defeat Ra’van’a by analysing that particular

defect, then that will not help – rather it may hurt because by this way

one is further reinforcing that negative idea.


It is only when we think of Baba, then by His grace, all crude ways of

thinking get eliminated totally as the mind is cent-per-cent involved in






By Baba’s grace, He has given the solutions to all problems – including

the solution to overcoming the degrading aspects of mind known a

Ra’van’a. The sooner we recognise a negative tendency in the mind and

eliminate it by thinking of Him, then we will always be saved from all

kinds of difficulties and ruination. So catching the problem early is

good. And then we will certainly reach up to Him, by His grace.


Baba says, ‘Now, what is the duty of a sa’dhaka for spiritual

enlightenment. The sa’dhaka will have to fight against Ra’van’a, against

those debasing propensities which are the causes of illusion and cloud

the spiritual vision of mankind. So to be established in Parama Purus’a,

one will have to crucify Ra’van’a.” (SS-18)









“Saba’re kari a’hva’n saba’i a’ma’r pra’n’…” – P.S. 2945




Here goes the clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone

is my pra’n’a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal– Parama Purus’a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or as neglected one. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another. Everyone’s desires, hopes, and inspirations are the same. We are all moving on one path with the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness…




Kiirtan and Gandharva Loka


Baba says, “The following describes how and to what degree human beings

are aware about their own unit consciousness (Shiva’tma). As well as how

they come in contact with their shiva’tma.”


“For example, it is just like when one looks in the mirror then one does

not see their real self, but rather a reflection of that. Or it is

similar to when one awakens from a deep sleep then they can recall only

part of their dream, and some aspects of their dream they cannot

remember. Or perhaps, more precisely, they can only remember a

reflection of their dream– and not the dream itself.”


“In contrast, there are other occasions where one looks at their own

reflection in the water and they can clearly see their reflected image.

But still that is not one’s entire being. It remains but a reflection.

Just like if one sees a reflection of a mango in the water then that is

just a reflection and not the real mango.”


“In reality only we come in contact with our unit consciousness when we

sing kiirtan and some bliss comes. Then we come in contact with our



“So in the spiritual field one comes in contact with their own unit

consciousness after singing spiritually vibrated music like kiirtan or

bhajans. For this reason, such type of devotional chanting or singing is

highly essential in the life of a sadhaka. And when one comes in

momentary contact with their own unit consciousness while singing

kiirtan this is known as Ghandharva loka. One can only feel the bliss of

kiirtan when their mind reaches into Ghandharva loka.” (SC-26)



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Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 18:53:48 -0000


From: J.Deva

Subject: Not Commonly Known Dangers of Sports







Note: This entire topic is related with a news article that is appended below.



It is very unfortunate that mostly the “glorious” aspects of sports are highly touted – things like rewards, championships, fame, money, and star power etc. Yet very little is said about the vast numbers of athletes who are broken, left behind, overlooked and left for dead – even killed.


Children and students today only hear about the glorified tales of those superstars. In this way they get a one-sided portrait; they do not get the facts. So they blindly chase after that stardom, not aware of the overwhelming odds against them and the many pitfalls along the way.


To youths, indeed the rewards of being a star athlete are seemingly grand. That is why they become so enamoured. Yet they do not know about the millions who got hurt and looked over in trying to become a star. For every single all-star there are hundreds of thousands who were left behind and destroyed.


In that process their lives got ruined: Their bodies are destroyed; their dreams are shattered; their psychic faculty remain undeveloped (lack of schooling) or harmed (concussion etc).


So the main objection is that common people are not aware about the gross, everyday tales of athletes getting hurt, abused, and used. It happens on the field and off it.


So many gift athletes who committed a large part of their schooling to sports could not get success. Rather they were disregarded by teachers in school, promised the rainbow by coaches in the gym, and cheated by opportunistic agents on the street. Their lives became a seething mess and in the end they were left with an ailing body, no education, and zero self-esteem. This is the common tale – the one that nobody hears.


Instead people only think of the accolades given to stars.


Businesses and top capitalists earn huge money off of the talents of one player. In trying to find that star, those same capitalists destroy the lives of countless hopefuls. That is the bigger picture that everyone needs to be aware about.





Then there is the matter of gender: Up until the time of puberty girls and boys have quite similar physical capacities. Upon reaching puberty, females undergo changes that are vastly different from their male counterparts. Their physical prowess decreases and they can no longer run as fast as they once could.


Baba describes this phenomenon in His discourses on bio-psychology.


Yet still women aim to compete in sports designed for men. That is why in sports like basketball, football (soccer), and hockey etc, females experience a huge number of injuries. Even though they are competing against other women – not men – their bodies cannot endure the punishment of those games. In particular, women suffer from an excessive number of broken bones, as well as a high degree of ligament damage.


Yet in this capitalist, male-dominated system, young females are encouraged and pushed to excel in sports, leaving many young ladies with life compromising injuries and scars.





Parents and guardians should understand the situation and what is at stake; furthermore they should educate and warn impressionable youths. Everyone – especially students – should be poignantly aware of the vast numbers of people who get seriously hurt in athletics. They become physically disabled and even mentally compromised such as when a concussion ruins a person’s ability to concentrate.


Once people are fully aware of all the ramifications, then they can make more educated and responsible choices with regards to athletics.


It is when people ignore this problem and the mass media only propagates the glories that youths get a terribly skewed impression about sports and athletics. Then they think it is only about making money and being a star.


The advertisers and corporate giants feed into this frenzy in order to make millions and billions from sports. At present in the US, sports is a mega-billion dollar enterprise where TV rights and contracts are astronomical. There is huge, huge money to be made. So the powers-that-be cover up the dark side in order to breed more star athletes. Yet in that process so many innocent and idealistic youths crash and burn – left to fend for themselves with no one cheering them on.


It is like the lottery. On TV they only announce the lottery winner and do not tell the story of the many masses of people who waste their money on the lottery. They do not depict those losers, disappointments, and suicides. That dark tale is not told. Sports follows this same pattern.


So a lot of education is needed so youths can learn the many pitfalls, dangers, and deaths that occur when common people compete in sports and competitive games.


Finally, for safe exercises, Baba has given kaoshikii, tandava and asanas. In those exercises there is little chance of injury, and huge expression for physical, psychic and spiritual development.


Please read the following article about the dangers of sports – we should all be aware.








The only dark tale that does come to the fore is that of steroid. But even then they only label those users as cheaters. Rarely do they highlight the health issues. Thus, many a person takes steroids in hopes of never getting caught, totally unaware of the many health hazards and risks involved.




Sport Injuries




Note: The article appears in full below but if you visit the above link then you can see all kinds of pictures and photos that graphically display the risks involved in sports.


We are all urged to exercise in order to keep fit and to avoid getting fat. Sports seem like a fun way of burning extra calories to lose weight, but according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report, sports injuries among baby boomers increased by 33 percent from 1991 to 1998.[1] There were about 276,000 hospital emergency room-treated injuries to persons 35 to 54 in 1991 compared to more than 365,000 sports injuries to persons of these ages in 1998. The number of injuries keeps increasing every year. In 2006, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) reported over half a million injuries just for basketball. Another two million injuries were associated with bicycling, football, other sports.[2] The increase in injuries has also made doctors and RN’s much busier which has sparked an increase in the need for CNA training across the country.


Baby boomers suffered more that 1 million sports injuries which cost over $18.7 billion Dollars in medical expenses in 1998. The highest numbers of sports-related injuries came from bicycling, basketball, baseball, and running.


The largest number of deaths were associated with head injuries while riding a bicycle. Most of these injuries resulted from accidents with motor vehicles due to heavy traffic, poor visibility, or failure to obey traffic regulations. Drowning while swimming was the next most common cause of death, followed by skiing accidents. Swimming where there is no lifeguard increases the risk of drowning if a person should get a cramp, or have some other serious problem. Deaths from skiing accidents occur because of the high speeds involved and the inability to maneuver to avoid obstacles like trees or rocks. Sonny Bono, of Sonny and Cher fame, died of injuries after hitting a tree while skiing near Lake Tahoe, California. His death came just days after Michael Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy, died in a similar accident.


The prevalence of sport injuries in professional sports can be seen by just reading the sports pages of any newspaper, especially after the weekend games. Here is a sampling of the Washington Post for Tuesday, March 13, 2007:



Caron Butler’s value to the Washington Wizards was made obvious late last season when the team lost five straight games while he was out with a thumb injury on his right (shooting) hand and again after this season’s all-star break when the team went 0-3 while he was out with lower back spasms.

Butler said persistent stiffness in the left knee — the same knee that required arthroscopic surgery in October 2003 and forced him to miss 13 games as a member of the Miami Heat season — has robbed him of quickness and explosiveness and led him to play with uncharacteristic hesitancy.




Washington Capitals’ goaltender Brent Johnson left after the second period with a right knee injury. Johnson hurt himself while sprawling to stop Tkachuk’s shot and was replaced by Frederic Cassivi at the start of the third period. Johnson will be reevaluated Tuesday. The Capitals don’t play again until Thursday in Boston, where Olie Kolzig hopes to return from a sprained left knee.




Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz was hit in the head by a pitch and taken to a hospital during the Rangers’ 11-7 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday in Phoenix.

Cruz was batting with the bases loaded in the sixth inning when he was hit on the helmet near an ear by a fastball from Yovani Gallardo.

Cruz stayed on the ground for several minutes, then walked off on his own power. He had an indentation on the side of his face where his helmet had been and looked dazed as he walked to the visitor’s clubhouse. He was coherent when he got in a car and was taken to the hospital.


– Yankees: Carl Pavano last pitched in the majors on June 27, 2005, before being sidelined by shoulder, back, buttocks, elbow, and rib injuries.

– Cardinals: Jason Isringhausen is set to make his spring training debut Thursday, right on schedule. The right-handed closer missed the World Series after hip surgery in September.

– Padres: Greg Maddux was scratched from a scheduled start against the White Sox because of a mild lower abdominal strain.


As far as injuries are concerned, basketball is near the top of the list. The large number of injuries is due in part to the popularity of basketball, but the jumping and competitive aspects of the game cause the most damage. Players collide, hit (foul) each other, or fall and land improperly after jumping and they get hurt. Attempts to block the ball under the basket put the players in direct conflict without any protective equipment. Experienced players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used goggles to avoid eye injuries.


The 2009 season was particularly disastrous for the Portland Trail Blazers who had many players sidelined with serious injuries. Greg Oden broke his left kneecap after jumping to block a play. The rookie Patrick Mills injured a foot during training right after he was drafted. Nicolas Batum suffered a shoulder injury the previous year, and then re-injured it during the summer. When he started playing again, the cartilage in his shoulder tore and he had to have surgery. Travis Outlaw was lost for the year while recovering from a stress fracture in his foot. Martell Webster had a similar injury the previous year, and he re-broke the foot when he returned to play. Even the head coach, Nate McMillan, ruptured his Achilles’ tendon during practice when he stepped in to fill gaps due to the shortage of players.


The following table of injuries is based on 2006 data compiled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).



Estimated Number

of Injuries Sport and Type of Injury

529,837 Basketball – Cut hands, sprained ankles, broken legs, eye and forehead injuries.

490,434 Bicycling – Feet caught in spokes, head injuries from falls, slipping while carrying bicycles, collisions with cars.

460,210 Football – Fractured wrists, chipped teeth, neck strains, head lacerations, dislocated hips and jammed fingers.

275,123 ATVs, Mopeds, Minibikes – Riders of ATVs were frequently injured when they were thrown from vehicles. There were also fractured wrists, dislocated hands, shoulder sprains, head cuts and lumbar strains.

274,867 Baseball, Softball – Head injuries from bats and balls. Ankle injuries from running bases or sliding into them.

269,249 Exercise, Exercise Equipment – Twisted ankles and cut chins from tripping on treadmills. Head injuries from falling backward from exercise balls, ankle sprains from jumping rope.

186,544 Soccer – Twisted ankles or knees after falls, fractured arms during games.

164,607 Swimming – Head injuries from hitting the bottom of pools, and leg injuries from accidentally falling into pools.

96,119 Skiing, Snowboarding – Head injuries from falling, cut legs and faces, sprained knees or shoulders.

85,580 Lacrosse, Rugby, & other Ball Games – Head and facial cuts from getting hit by balls and sticks, injured ankles from falls.

Head Injuries can have long-term effects. Brain damage caused by concussions may result in strokes, paralysis, headaches or reduced concentration and mental clarity. A 2009 study commissioned by the National Football League reported that Alzheimer’s disease or other similar memory-related diseases appear in the league’s former players at 19 times the normal rate for men ages 30 through 49. Other studies have found that football players who suffered concussions were more likely to suffer from depression. In general, it is a good idea to avoid sports that expose the head to repeated impacts, such as boxing, soccer, and football.




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Subject: Re: Meeting with Bha’skara’nanda

Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 12:37:33 +0200

From: Amrit Lalloo








The propagation of narrow Bengali sentiment is one of the root causes of the pathetic state of Ananda Marga globally. Bhaskarananda is one of the biggest pseudo-intellectuals propagating such narrowness. It is clear that he hasn’t a clue about what neo-humanism is. All his years of meditation seems to have had no effect – the concept of vistara (expansion of mind) has alluded him. To subscribe to the idea that Baba (Parama Purusa) has a preference for Bangla and Bengal is food for small minds that cannot see the bigger picture. These people need help. In the meantime, Ananda Marga suffers.


In Him who is above narrowness,


(South Africa)




Here is the original letter on this topic:




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Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 19:36:42 -0000

To: am-global@earthlink.net


Subject: Why Part of Sixteen Points








In our AM ideology and in our 16 Points, Baba has given importance to

and placed emphasis on all that is needed for the well-being and

development of humanity. As we all know, one of the four tenets of

C.S.D.K. (Pt #16 of 16 Pts) is ‘seminar’; and one of the sub-points of

‘seminar’ is knowledge of one’s mother tongue. Obviously then, knowing &

using one’s mother tongue is an integral element for building a proper

society. The only question then is what is the logic and reasoning

behind this.





Before getting started, we should recognise that in today’s world there

are more than 7000 living languages in use on this earth. And they all

carry certain unique qualities, traditions, and specialties; yet, at

present– with the rapid-fire process of globalisation and all its

mono-culture leanings– many of these languages are threatened for their

very survival.


Thus we should take a proper look at what the grand, variety of

languages bring to the humanity as well as why Baba places such a great

significance on knowing and using one’s mother tongue.





One of the main reasons that certain mother tongues are taken ‘out of

circulation’ is because one so-called higher culture wants to dominate

another so-called lower culture. And one of the best ways to break down

another culture is to render their mother tongue as valueless or rogue

etc. Because then those innocent persons are forced to give up or

abandon their mother tongue and instead learn the language of the

exploiters. This invariably creates a huge inferiority complex in

the minds of those who have lost their mother tongue. Because – out of

nowhere – they now have to learn a new language and function with that

new linguistic tool– ie. the language of the exploiters, which is not

at all comfortable for them.


Those in this present era who grew-up speaking English can hardly fathom

what it means to have to live in a society where one’s mother

tongue is not respected or accepted. It creates a huge shock to one’s

psyche and places one at an extreme disadvantage in every social setting

imaginable – from one’s work opportunities to one’s schooling ventures.

And by that way one can be easily put down, manipulated, and ultimately



That is what happened to the black slaves that were brought to the US;

that is what happened to many of the North Africans that relocated to

southern Europe; that is what happened to the Eskimos in Alaska as well

as the native people in so many lands from Australia to Indonesia. Plus

this was also the case with the aborigines of Central America. In all

these instances a certain group lost their local language due to the

pressures placed on them by a more dominant group. And by that way, the

weaker group just got exploited, pushed to the fringe, and used as a

menial labor force in that society. This is what commonly happens to

those who lose their mother tongue.


So here the point is that to give every human being the proper right of

passage and due respect, it is highly important that all languages be

honored. That means in their family life people should not be looked

down upon for what language they speak. And every person should have the

opportunity to do their primary schooling in their mother tongue as well

as get the opportunity to learn the vishva bha’sa (world language) of

the day.


Without that there will always be one or more segments of the population

that are exploited.





One other crucial aspect of keeping all the languages of the world

‘alive’ is that a language serves as the abode of knowledge of a

particular people or community. What people learn about the world and

human understanding gets incorporated into their language. That is why

each and every language– everyone’s mother tongue– carries with it

unique knowledge of the world.


Just as the Inuit (Eskimo) language has all the perfect phrases for

describing snow, so many languages carry unique insights about the

world. We have to remember much of what people know is not written

down – especially in those cultures versed in the oral tradition – in

which case their language is literally an encyclopedia of knowledge. It

may contain important facts about what leaves are medicinal in value or

what the role is of certain bugs or how the moon moves across the sky in

the summer season. So much information and knowledge is contained in the

various languages of the world.


For example, imagine how much knowledge would be lost about yoga,

devotion, and spirituality if the Sanskrit language were to die. And

indeed every language has its own special arena of knowledge.


So keeping languages alive is one very important manner of protecting

humanity’s wealth of knowledge.





In His ideological teachings of Prout and cardinal human values, Baba

always stresses the importance of one’s mother tongue. Yet as we know,

AM is not just a theoretical endeavour. Side by side Baba implements the

practical programs to keep languages alive.


One way He did this was by having the Ananda Vaniis read in all the

languages. This was one of His special ways of respecting and honouring

all languages.


And another special measure He adopted was to always ensure all Wts

remembered and gave value to their mother tongue. This is a unique

point. Because, Wts were basically supposed to forget everything about

their former worldly life from their parents to their habits etc, but on

the point of their mother tongue Baba was very keen that even Wts must

remember their mother tongue.





One of the reasons for this is that each and every person’s mother

tongue is the language of their heart. It is by this way that people

express their finer sentiments and feelings in the form of oral history,

poetry, songs, drama, etc.


Thus one’s mother tongue is a key point of human expression.





So for financial gain or economic power, one community must not be

allowed to exploit another by rendering their mother tongue as

irrelevant. This is commonly done in this present era: Sideline their

language, infuse inferiority complex, and force them to live as second

class citizens etc. But this should not be allowed to continue as it

robs people of their human rights and dignity and it stands as the

death-bed for so much human knowledge and erudition.


All in all this is a vast topic and what is written here is a mere

sprinkling. So others should also come forward and relay their practical

experiences and understanding about this most important issue of one’s

mother tongue.





By Baba’s grace, our AM will bring justice in all realms of life

including the preservation of everyone’s mother tongue.


That is why Baba has included ‘mother tongue’ as one of the aspects of Sixteen Points.


Baba says, “The best means of communicating human expressions is through

one’s mother tongue, as this is most natural. If people’s natural

expression through their mother tongue is suppressed, inferiority

complexes will grow in their minds, encouraging a defeatist mentality

and ultimately leading to psycho-economic exploitation. Thus, no mother

tongue should be suppressed.” (PNS-15)








Nowadays, many researchers in so-called first-world nations claim to

have discovered new knowledge or invented new ideas etc, when in reality

these things have been known for centuries by various native peoples.

This is the case with so many herbs and remedies in India, China, and

Philippines etc. And indeed all over the world the native populations

have deep insights into the natural world and often times scientists are

merely re-discovering or outrightly stealing knowledge that has been

known for a long time by certain native peoples. And that knowledge was

keep in tact by their language.





By preserving and protecting all the languages of the world and keeping

everyone’s mother tongue alive, it prevents hegemony of one group over

another. This is perhaps the most important element of this issue.


Baba says, “All languages must be encouraged, but this does not mean

opposing the languages spoken by others. In this context, language in

itself is of secondary importance. Of primary importance is the negative

cultural and socio-economic consequences of linguistic imperialism.” (PE)





PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a

neohumanistic society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and

what it will look like. Overall this song paints a picture of the

upcoming dharma ra’j.


“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)




O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has

graced me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory,

victory, victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.


On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by

Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has

been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no

longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on

this earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is

flowing on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of

devotion, the new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and

terror of exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient

peace has ultimately arrived, by Your grace.


Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new

heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we

will go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please

You. Our hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In

that way we will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on

each and every unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the

flaura and fauna. Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day

which we were dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has

been dispelled. Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with

Your brilliant, divine effulgence. Baba, we will move on in the chorus

of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping You in our heart and singing about

Your glory…




Misutilisation of Science


Baba says, “The crises faced by society today indicates that humanity is not

encouraging the maximum utilization and rational distribution of the

mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the world. Science is

being used to develop more deadly weapons for war rather than being

channelised for benevolent and constructive purposes.” (PNS-13, p.47)


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Subject: Meeting with Bha’skara’nanda

Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 17:29:26 +0530 (IST)

From: narayan panda








This is the story of a meeting with one of our senior-most Dadas, Ac Bhaskarananda Avt. Read to see what has transpired in a series of fateful interactions.





Once in 2008 or so, Ac Bhaskarananda Avt telephoned me, Narayan Panda (BP, Vishakapatnam), and kindly requested me to arrange food for his lunch in Vishakhapatnam station during his journey from Howrah to Yashvantpur.


I gladly accepted his request & went to the railway station to hand over the food packet.


At that meeting, Bhaskarananda Dada immediately started telling me why he joined the Kolkata Administration. Dadaji wanted to justify his allegiance.


Bhaskarananda explained: “Ba’ba’ gave Proutist Bengal because He wanted that Prout should first be established in Bengal and then in other areas.”


That was respected Bhaskarananda’s claim.







Before continuing on with this story, let’s evaluate Dada Bhaskarananda’s opening claim. Namely that, “Prout should first be established in Bengal and then in other areas.”


As we know, Baba has come for the development and growth of the entire humanity. That is why He has given AM ideology and that is the essence of His Proutistic teachings and samaj platform. Baba’s chief aim is that all should progress and none should lag behind. Toward this end, one of the key campaigns which Baba has dharmically launched is His samaj system. About this we are well aware.


Specifically it is through this samaj system that Baba encourages everyone to rise up and do great things. This is His way of reminding one and all of their inherent qualities and immense potential.


Baba has carefully delineated that the globe is currently composed of 241 samajas, or regional socio-economic communities. And He graciously looks upon them all with equal concern and love; they are all designed to work in a self-supportive and cohesive fashion for the growth of the entire humanity.


Here are some reminders about the principles of Baba’s samaj program.


Baba says, “The socio-economic movements advocated by PROUT are founded on the ideological base of neo-humanism.” (Prout-13, p.23)


So the entire Proutistic movement of the various socio-economic units – or samajas – is grounded in the universal feeling of cosmic fraternity. There is no scope for dogma, groupism or elitism in Baba’s samaj teachings.


In this next guideline Baba guides us how the samaj system works for a unified humanity.


Baba says, “Those sentiments which are conducive to human unity should be encouraged, rejecting the sentiments which create a rift in human society. This is the approach adopted by PROUT’s socio-economic groups.” (Prout, p. 21)


By His above guideline it is evident that Baba’s samaj system is for the whole humanity to move together – He does not favour one samaj nor does He think that Amra Bengali samaj must be the first to advance Prout. You will not find any discourse that states this – only those wedded to a particular group make such false and outrageous claims. Baba Himself never talks like this.


In His dharmic manner, Baba clearly emphasizes that our samaj system must be based on this slogan:


Baba says, “Universal in spirit but regional in approach” (PNS-13, p.24)


By this way each locale has the requisite capacity to function independently yet be simultaneously linked with that common goal. That means Prout should be propagated in all areas.


Thus who can believe Bhaskarananda’s claim that Prout should first be established in Bengal and that the whole globe should concentrate on A’mara’ Bengali samaja – by giving money and human resources – and disregard their own samaj.


Baba Himself never set such an outrageous quota in His samaj meetings. Baba never asked margiis, “How much support have you given to A’mara’ Bengali samaj.” And Baba never scolded anyone from another samaj for not supporting A’mara’ Bengali.


Rather Baba would inquire with everyone about their activities and participation in their own local samaj – not A’mara’ Bengali.


Plus when Baba traveled around India and to other sectors, He always talked about that local samaj. He never traveled around the globe to propagate the cause of A’mara’ Bengali samaj.


So then how did some get this faulty notion that Baba wants that A’mara’ Bengali samaj must be established first. That is the question we must ask ourselves.


Generally speaking, when any guru leaves their physical body then those disciples in power create all kinds of cock and bull stories in the name of that guru. In turn, simple, naive, and foolish people accept such tales as being true. Whereas those who are rational always disregard such stories and stick to the original teachings.


We see this trend in our Ananda Marga as well.


All in all it is illogical, unideological, and just plain silly to think that Baba wants that Prout should first be established in A’mara’ Bengali samaj. No rational thinking margii can think like this; that is why it is so surprising – indeed shocking – that such a senior Dada like Bhaskarananda has fallen into such a dogma.





Let’s pick up the story where we left off. As you recall Bhaskarananda’s last words were: “Ba’ba’ gave Proutist Bengal because He wanted that Prout should first be established in Bengal and then in other areas.”


Then Dada went on to say, “What Bengal thinks today, India & others think tomorrow. So PROUT will be established in Bengal first and then it will be spread to other areas.”


He then told, “After all, Ba’ba’ supported Bengal so much. Shabda Cayanika was given in Bengali, Baba lived in Bengal after 1980 when the organisation was big, Prabhat Samgiita was given in Bengali.”


Such were the justifications given by Dada.







Here we have to remember that when anyone’s mind is affected by any narrow sentiment like Bangalistan etc, then they paint the whole world in that colour.


To set the record straight it should be understood that Shabda Cayanika is not about the Bengali language. We all know that Shabda Cayanika is Baba’s special series of topics centered around Sanskrit grammar. This is the well known fact. Baba is purely focused on the development and explanation of the Sanskrit language.


Certain group leaders often proclaim: “Shabda Cayanika is a series devoted to the linguistics and philology of the Bengali language”.


Yet this could not be further from the truth. In Shabda Cayanika Baba is making a careful and precise elaboration of the Sanskrit language, not Bengali. Only because Sanskrit has no script of its own was it first printed in Bengali – but the subject matter is that of the Sanskrit language. And anyone who has even an ounce of familiarity with these discourses knows this to be the case.


So that is one point. Next we should consider this:


The majority of the discourses given by Baba were in Hindi. Regarding the total number of discourses: 75% are in Hindi and 25% in other languages including Bangla; i.e. in terms of hours and time. This is a well-researched fact – not hearsay. Plus, Baba spent most of His physical life in Hindi speaking areas.


About Prabhat Samgiita, by giving these songs primarily in Bengali, Baba is teaching devotees to write songs in their own mother tongue. It is not about which language is great and which is not great. That is not Baba’s message. Rather in 1984 DMC, Baba explained that human beings may know 1, 2, 4, or even 10 languages, but all languages are the language of Parama Purusa. Baba then told that every sadhaka should try and learn more and more languages. So there is no question of any language like Bengali being better than any other language.


Baba put forth this same idea in this below discourse.


Baba says, “All languages must be given equal respect. One should remember that all languages are the languages of Parama Puruśa. I may master perhaps one, two, three or maybe 100 or 300 of these languages, but it does not mean that the languages I do not know are not the languages of Parama Puruśa. Hence, it is absurd to divide humanity on the basis of language.” (Prout Nutshell, part 7, Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 3)


And top of all, Baba Himself is a Supreme Neo-Humanist. There is no question of Baba being partial to Bengal or liking Bengal more. To make such an erroneous claim is to undermine Baba’s grand stature. No true bhakta can think in this way.


This type of narrow-mindedness undermines Baba’s personality. Any person claiming as such is low-minded and lowly. With their narrow outlook, they contravene Baba’s magnanimity. They are trying to prove Baba as being partial as if He supported Bangla more than any language. Such a misguided approach puts for the notion that Baba was externally preaching universality but internally preaching Bangalisation. This is a very, very hurtful insinuation.


All I can say about this is that usually when human beings come in contact with animals then those animals think that those humans are also animals. When a dog sees its master that dog thinks that its master is also an animal. I think you understand that analogy.


Suffice to say that only those prone to groupism will try to justify their dogmatic outlook by tainting Guru’s teachings in this way. Again, no neo-humanistic margii or worker can think in that negative manner.





Here we again pick up the story.


Bhaskaranandji continued: “I took the side of ‘B’ group during the division to satisfy Ba’ba’.”


Then Dadaji quoted one proverb in Hindi. Its meaning is: You can dissatisfy God / Ba’ba’ but if you dissatisfy Guru, your position will be in danger. Bhaskarananda concluded by saying that he didn’t want to be Gurudrohii (traitor to Guru), so he joined Kolkata group.







All I can say here is that it is just plain sad to see the lowly state of Dadaji’s mind. Here Bhaskarananda is openly proclaiming that he joined a group. Does he really think that he can please Baba by advocating groupism.


Baba says, “Motivated by socio-sentiment, one group harms and exploits another group in the social, economic, cultural and religious spheres.” (NH-LOI: Disc #7)


When Baba is propagating neo-humanism then how can anyone think that Baba is guiding them to follow groupism.


Indeed when Baba Himself has declared that groupism is the cause of so much torture and bloodshed, then who can think that one can please Baba by falling into groupism. It is nothing short of a tragedy that Bhaskarananda has fallen in this manner. We should all try and revive him. Because really he has so much more to give to the world.


Tragically, hypocritically people do all kinds of misguided and malicious things in the name of God: The crusades, jihad, killing and torturing. Indeed there has been so much spilling of blood and destruction in the name of God.


And now Bhaskarananda is singing the same tune and adding another chapter to this awful story. If he were courageous he would say that all this was his idea; only cowardly people say such things in the name of God.


Baba says, “When the advocates of dogma and the followers of isms lacked sufficient charisma to convince people through the power of their personalities, they tried to persuade them by taking the name of God. They openly exploited others in the name of the Supreme. Sometimes they said, “I have received certain instructions in a dream. God’s commandments are that you should follow these instructions“.” (Prout Nutshell, part 16, Religious Dogma – Section A)


Similarly, Bhaskarananda lacks the requisite strength and dynamism to convince others that following groupism is admirable, so he puts forth this dogma in Baba’s name. I do not think that any right-thinking margii will be duped by this shameful approach. We all know that Baba is cent-per-cent against all kinds of groupism.





Hearing all this I told Bhaskarananda:


“With all due respect, so many Da’da’s (sannyasiis) say Ba’ba’ told this, or Ba’ba told that. They fabricate so many stories and make margiis look like fools for believing in such concocted stories. So I don’t believe your words that Ba’ba’ wanted this or that, or Baba told this or that. Kindly show me Ba’ba’s statements in black & white.”


Such was my response and there was no time to say more because his train was about to leave.







We all know that this is the first time that Taraka Brahma has put all His divine teachings in a clear, cohesive ideology that has been written down and published. If anyone sadhaka or interested person wants to know Baba’s teaching or perspective on any topic, they should consult Baba’s published scripture and not rely on hearsay from this or that Dada.





Six months later, in January 2009, I happened to meet Bhaskarananda again – this time in Pundag Railway Station (Purulia) when I was returning from DMS.


After initial greetings, Bhaskarananda began advocating why all Baba’s discourses should be based on the so-called original Bengali. Here the term so-called is employed because as well all know Baba delivered discourses in so many languages including Hindi and English.


Bhaskarananda told: “Maniis’a’nanda opposed having “Translated from original Bengali” printed on the title page of each book. But you know that Ba’ba’ has formulated so many rules & regulations in Publication Department. Accordingly, it is customary to translate the original discourse into Bengali & then to Hindi / English.”


Such was Bhaskaranandji’s claim.


Dada continued, “When Ba’ba’ used to deliver His discourse in DMC time, He used to see the average standard of the people, therefore He used to speak in very simple English language. Therefore it was necessary to translate to Bengali & then to good English.”


I was surprised to hear such things from such a senior Da’da’ & thought it was meaningless to hear anything further from him because his statements are illogical & irrational.


Internally, I got annoyed with Da’da’ because who is he to comment whether Ba’ba’ was thinking that He would speak standard English, or poor quality English. If it is so, let us examine Baba’s first discourse on microvita in Kalikata on 31st Dec ’86 which He delivered in English. That discourse was so complex that even up till today, it could not be understood by so many philosophers, doctors, scientists, yet Baba spoke in that manner before so many common margiis like us who were present on that day.


At that time my train arrived in the station, and was forced to leave by bidding “Good Bye & Namaskar” to Da’da’.







In his above series of statements, Bhaskarananda is making a few false claims:


1) That it is the rule for Publications Dept to translate all discourses first into Bengali and use that as the original.


His claim is that a discourse originally given by Baba in English should be translated into Bengali and then retranslated back to English and then printed. But by this way the originality of Baba’s discourse is gone. Best is to simply transcribe Baba’s spoken English into written English. What is the need to translate an English discourse to Bengali when the goal is to first print it in English.


Another scenario is for that same English discourse to be translated into Bengali and then translate that Bengali into Spanish. Rational people will easily understand that it should be translated directly from English into Spanish. Whereas people suffering from the dogma of Bangalisation will want the English discourse translated into Bengali first and then into Spanish.


That is Bhaskarananda’s first claim – that always Bengali should server as the “original” or “master” language for all publications. And this point shall be discussed in greater detail below.


Now here is Bhaskarananda’s second outrageous claim:


2) That those who attended DMC were of a lowly standard so Baba used peasant English to communicate with them. Hence it was necessary to put English discourses into Bengali and then translate that Bengali back into proper English.







Anyone can easily understand that Bhaskarananda’s above two claims are utterly erroneous. All of Baba’s discourses should be printed “as is” in the original language in which Baba spoke. There is no “rule” that Bengali should be treated as the original language.


Secondly, Bhaskarananda is seriously insulting all non-Bengalis by saying that their mental standard (i.e. intelligence) was so low – i.e. Baba had to employ “dumb English” so those in attendance could understand. Hence it was needed to change Baba’s spoken English at DMC to Bengali and then translate that into respectable English.


All these justifications given by Bhaskarananda are silly. He may think he can dupe all Ananda Margiis with his rhetoric, but that is not so.


We know that all Baba’s discourses should first be transcribed in the language in which Baba spoke. And that transcription should be treated as the original discourse. So if Baba delivered the discourse in Hindi than that Hindi transcription should serve as the original. And same is the case with English as well as any other language. This every margii and acarya now understands. So no one can believe what Bhaskarananda is telling.


Again let me reiterate that irrespective of the language, what Baba spoke should be transcribed “as is” and that should be treated as the original. Because in the process of translation 20% of the idea gets lost. To minimize this, all His discourses – irrespective of any language – should always be directly translated from the original language, not via any 3rd language.


For example, if a Hindi discourse published in Subhasita Samgraha needs to be translated into Hungarian then it should be translated directly from the original language, i.e. Hindi, into Hungarian. If someone says that the Hindi should be translated first into English and then translated from English into Hungarian, then that will be very bad. It will be a poor translation as much of the content and meaning will get lost.


So the translation must always be from the original language – not via any other language. None then can claim that all Baba’s discourses should first be translated into Bengali and then use the Bengali as the original. This is not the right approach.


Finally, in their heart of hearts, the Publications Dept also knows that Baba’s discourses are to be printed “as is” in the languages in which they were originally given. Here is the proof.


Throughout the 1990’s, Sarvatmananda and his B group cohorts committed a lot of sins by attempting to permanently destroy and alter Baba’s divine words. They ruined created the Fake BP Manual, inserted “translated from the original Bengali” at the beginning of every book, plus they invented the Fake Ananda Vaniis and countless other dogmas like Mahaprayan etc. In short, they made a black stain on our Marga.


In the wake of all the protests to these crimes, they felt they needed to respond to margiis appeals not to distort Baba’s words. They had to prove themselves to the margiis.


So they ordered Acyutananda to create one book that was true to Baba’s words. And that book was Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34 (2000). In that publication, Acyutananda wrote every word down “as is” and what could not be heard, he wrote “inaudible”. In a phrase, he transcribed everything perfectly from the original cassette and they did not impose any of their Bangalistanisms.


Why did team Tiljala do like this? Why did they create book “as is” from the original cassette. Because they KNEW– they knew in their heart of hearts– that this was Baba’s system and in order to get back the trust and faith of margiis, they felt they had to follow Baba’s system– at least once. So they did it.


This printing in 2000 of AV-34 indeed proves that they know what this is the proper way to publish an AM book. They did not invent this approach themselves. This is the way given and approved by Baba Himself. That is why team Bangalistan adopted this “as is” technique. Because they knew it was Baba’s system and they needed to get themselves out of “hot water” and earn back the trust of margiis.


Plus they did the same thing with Subhasita Samgraha Part 24.


By all this it is quite clear that Bhaskarananda’s claims are utterly false and will fall on deaf ears – after all who is naive and gullible enough to believe those outrageous claims.





As you can see, this senior-most Dada has unfortunately fallen into some serious dogmas. As is the case when one falls into dogma, the person involved does not know that it has happened. So they tell their dogmatic views to anyone and everyone, without realising that they are inadvertently telecasting how their mind has become grossly dogmatic. Unfortunately this is what has happened with our senior worker, Dada Bhaskarananda. We should all try and help Dadaji.


I do not know why Dada fell in this way it is very painful to think of all this. It could be that when Dada came to know that the people of Kerala migrated from Bengal then due to this socio-sentiment he became prone to Bengalis.


Many may know that Baba has explained that Bengalis migrated south to Kerala and ruled there. That is why the female custom of making the sound “Ullu” is practiced in Kerala. And Malayam (the language of Kerala) is about 92% Sanskrit like Bengali. Baba describes all this in Shabda Cayanika. All know that Dadaji hails from Kerala and that could be why he fell and started blindly supporting Bengal. Otherwise what could be the reason.


Regardless, we all know Dada Bhaskarananda to be a senior Dada whose intention is basically good, so we should all try and help Dadaji. After all he has many dharmic qualities.







[A] The below letter contains the 1995 circular written by a member of Amara Bengali samaj, and he is making that dogmatic claim that our entire Marga should be based on the Bengali language. This gives proof of the dogmatic linguistic sentiment adopted by certain group members.




[B] This below letter discuss more about this critical issue of sanctity of scripture and Baba’s published discourses.




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From: “Ratan Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 07:41:17 -0500

Subject: News: O’ Sadhu, Cakuna Samvaro




As we know our Dadas and Didis are full-time representatives of Baba and the Marga. So their behaviour and dealing are to be proper at all times, especially when in public.

In particular Baba warns about any kind of mixing & dealing with the opposite sex.

Baba says, “You will protect yourself from sexual weakness and luxury.” (WT Conduct Rules, Fourteen Points, pt #12)

Baba says, “One should not look at the face of the opposite sex…” (37 Workers Rules, pt# 15)

Unfortunately, an ongoing scene took place at the 2011 Jamalpur DMS that contravened Baba’s stated mandates.



At DMS, Dadas and Didis were staying in multi-story buildings directly across the street from each other – approximately 70 feet apart. The buildings were basically the same height.

During free time in the evening hours, some or more Dadas were going up to the rooftop to watch what the Didis were doing. Dadas were on one rooftop and Didis on the another – and those Dadas were waving and gossiping and smiling towards those Didis. Indeed an unsightly scene was created – the term “spectacle” is perhaps most suited.

Firstly, as we all know, Dadas and Didis should not be flirting in this way – neither privately nor publicly.

But see how this was done: Our Dadas were in very casual garb and they were watching those Didis who were not in their usual office dress. Dadas were motioning and signaling towards those Didis.

Those watching stated that: “Allurement was in the air as our own Dadas and Didis were gesturing, texting, and phoning to each other – just like school kids.” It went on like this day after day – morning and evening – during the Jamalpur DMS program.

Some of the names of those involved are appended below.


Considering these are our sannyasis this was quite unbecoming. Our Dadas and Didis are to maintain a strict code of conduct befitting that of a renunciate. They are to set an example. Yet at this DMS, some disregarded Baba’s WT conduct rules. And they made a public spectacle of themselves.

Many of the townspeople watched as these events unfolded. They were astonished and even shocked by this display of some of our Dadas and Didis.

Is it any wonder then that our wholetimers are not commanding proper respect in the general society. When people see how some of our acaryas behave, then they feel aghast. They wonder how could such people be true acaryas when they behave in such an immature and peculiar manner.


All this casts a dark shadow on the many good Dadas and Didis who work hard and are sincere about their conduct and spiritual life. As Ananda Margiis it is our duty to pay closer attention to the way some of our wholetimers project themselves in public. Otherwise how will we be ever to lead the society forward.



By reading the above, some may be thinking, “Oh no, this can’t be so – our acaryas would not behave like that during DMS.”

However, as unfortunate as all this may sound, here is further evidence of what goes on these days. Some of you may know about Dada Vipulananda (former RS Chandigahr). Well this Dada had all kinds of illicit relations with the opposite sex until finally he recently left his wt ship. When he left he grabbed all the money he collected during his wt life and used those organisational funds to start his own private business. He now runs a petrol pump in Sitamarhi Bihar. And he is still involved in that illicit affair.

Even more remarkable is that such types of Dadas get a lot of praise in the organisation. Rudrananda himself highlighted this Dada in a workers meeting: “Wts should be like Vipulananda…”. So this Dada received huge praise & stature within our wt ranks, yet his conduct was loathsome and filthy.

This all goes to show how conduct is not the main thing these days in certain WT circles. No doubt the vast majority of our Wts are sincere, but their contributions go overlooked. Rather those who give money – like ex-Vipulananda – are praised to the sky and free to do as they wish. This Dada was laudee as being ideal – when in truth his dealing was despicable. Why was he praised? Because he gave big money to top Dadas.

This type of event sets the tone that one need not worry about their conduct if they are a WT. Tragically, a few take advantage of this. And that is what we see happening at some of our public functions as well as behind closed doors.


With regards to the scene and that 2011 Jamalpur DMS and all such related incidents, it all comes down to one thing: Honoring and adhering to a spiritual ideal in life. When that is done all kinds of great things will unfold in our Marga and our workers will be proper and respected by all. So long as that is not done, then on a regular basis we will witness this kind of poor conduct that reflects badly on our Marga.


Here is Baba’s universal guideline for all workers and sadhakas. This is the ultimate solution to all these kinds of problems.

Baba says, ““Cakśuńá Saḿvaro Sádhu” O spiritual aspirant! O Bhikśu! O monk! O devotee! You should have proper control over your eyes; whatever will have bad effect on your mind, you must not see it. “Sádhu Sotena saḿvaro”. Whatever will have bad effect on your mind, O good man, you must not hear it. “Ghánena Saḿvaro Sádhu.” You should have control over your nose, “Sádhu Jibháya Saḿvaro.” You should have control over your taste. “Káyena Saḿvaro Sádhu.” You should have control over your body. “Sádhu Vácáya Saḿvaro.” You should have control over your language also; and “Savvatha Saḿvaro Bhikśu.” If you want emancipation, if you want liberation from worldly fetters, you must have all-round restraint.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 14, The Fundamental Principles of Life)




Here is a list of some of the Dadas involved in the rooftop incident at Jamalpur DMS. If you know of any others please let us know.

1) Hiteshananda

2) Ragatiitananda

3) Puspendrananda

4) Purnadhiishananda,

5) Kalyanmitrananda

Such Dadas were attracted towards & flirting with our Didis. At minimum, a few Didis were involved but it would be inappropriate to share their names. They know who they are and we have confidence they will correct their manner next time.


“Saba’re kari a’hva’n saba’i a’ma’r pra’n’…” – P.S. 2945


Here is the clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone is my

pra’n’a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal– Parama Purus’a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or as neglected one. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another. Everyone’s desires, hopes, and inspirations are the same. We are all moving on one path with the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness…


Speciality of the Rg Veda

Baba says, “Although the Rgveda is mainly concerned with hymns, it also contains various tales and anecdotes. While not all of these stories and tales carry equal spiritual value, they are representative of the cultural heritage of those ancient humans. They paint a portrait of the gradual advancement of human thinking and the structure of society. When considered from this point of view, the language, literature and expression of the Rgveda is of special value to the world.” (SC-2, 96-7)


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Date: 19 May 2011 16:53:19 -0000

From: “G Bhaskaran Reddy”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Our Holy Language


“A’j prabha’te a’lor pa’the nu’tan phuger ba’rta’ dile…” (P.S. 2001)


Baba, today in the dawn You came and gave the message that a new era is approaching. You told me to open my eyes and see how the darkness has faded away. And that humanity has gotten liberated from the serpentine noose of ignorance, staticity, and dogma. The humanity which was stunned by exploitation, injustices, and the tortures done by demons, today that very humanity has developed the inner strength to kick out those demons and get free. O’ Lord, You are the charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, and You have come here to guide everyone towards the Cosmic Goal. In addition You have also brought a basket of hope and inspiration; and that You are showering that upon everyone. Baba, You came and sang the song of hope and showed us the path towards enlightenment. What was needed everyone got from you. Baba You came in the dawn and gave the message of the new era– that of neo-humanism…




We are all aware that groupism did not burst out just recently within the last 1 or 2 or even 7 years. Rather, its roots are very deep.

The below document – written 16 years ago in 1995 – reveals how the situation was then. That time various factional people were raising their ugly head and spreading venom.

The following was written by a member of Amara Bengali samaj. This circular reveals the superiority complex of the Bangla faction and how they want to unjustly impose various mandates on the entire world.

Certainly H group and its affiliates also have their own negativity and they are spreading their own dogmas of various tiirthas and groupism. But let us not forget it is B group who created most of the systemic problems by destroying margii rights and inventing all sorts of horrible groupist policies and dogmas.

This original circular gives the picture how the fire of groupism was burning strong beneath the ashes those days back in 1995. Reading the below document makes all this quite clear.

Reviewing this historical document will help us better understand the nature of the current problem and how to resolve it.

in Him,


* * *

(Here begins the Amra Bengali circular from 1995.)


Dear Brothers and Sister, Namaskar.

The purpose of this letter is to tell some facts that are going on against Baba’s ideals and which are causing great harm to the Marga’s unity. So every senior member must know these matters that are now confronting us, and think how to deal with them.



a. BABA was born into a Bengali family. So Bangla is the mother tongue of our Guru. Therefore it must be regarded as the sacred language in order to maintain the authentic qualities of Baba’s expression.

b. Baba always gave His Ananda Vanii first in Bangla only.

c. All Baba’s life, for writing purposes. He used only Bangla.

d. All records of Baba’s handwriting are available only in Bangla.

e. Baba wrote his signature always in Bangla script.

f. 99% of the songs He wrote were in Bangla.

g. Baba was insistent that Prabhat Samgiit must be sung in Bangla and that they were not to be translated into other languages for dissemination but learned in the original Bangla. In this way, His secret motive was that maximum people of the universe would learn and enjoy Bangla. This was Guru’s wish.

h. Acarya Diaries were originally written in Bangla. The only permitted translation is to English. Not to any other language. This proves the importance of Bangla.

i. Baba always gave dictation in His room in Bangla.

j. Baba spoke mostly Bangla during reporting.

k. With His PA, Baba spoke only Bangla.

l. All acaryas and LFTs all over the world must learn some basic Bangla to qualify.

m. Although Baba was well versed in all the major languages of the world and could converse in any of them, He personally chose to speak in Bangla most of the time.

n. On Baba’s orders, irrespective of the place or language He used in the original discourse of general darshan, all translations of His books must carry the written note that it was, “translated from the original Bangla”. This tradition was started by Baba himself.

o. Because of all this, margiis must learn Bangla and teach their children also. Bhukti Pradhans must uphold this idea and encourage everyone to learn the sacred language, for their spiritual enrichment. In all the aforementioned ways, Baba proved that Bangla is Marga’s sacred language, but it is very unfortunate, that in this diverse organisation, people are feeling uneasiness about this indisputable fact. By accepting this fact the unity within the whole Marga will be strengthened.



For a long time some group has been working against Sarvatmanandaji to overthrow him and assassinate his character. This was revealed when they made a caucus against him in November ’94 and pushed him out of his post. This they did despite the fact that he was endowed by Baba to remain as executive head for his whole life, which was assumed by all to be his right to guide and inspire the whole Mission, as he has the special qualities needed for this work and nobody else in the organisation demonstrated that they have these needed qualities. That very group it seems, made a circular in Hindi and mischievously circulated it in all Hindi areas of India anonymously. When this circular was opposed by rational people, a request was made to the Organisation that an Inquiry Commission should be set up to investigate who was the culprit behind this false propaganda. It is distressing to see that most of the members who were selected for that Inquiry Commission are Sarvatmanandaji’s proven enemies. So what chance is there that they will sincerely try to find out the culprit?


How then can Sarvatmanandaji get justice from any of those people in this matter of the Inquiry into that circular, when these opportunists and traitors have proven their enmity to him already. This whole Inquiry is therefore , nothing but an ‘eyewash’. Not only that, but these people have no courage to inquire at all, for fear of themselves losing their positions if they disturb the person who may be responsible during their work of inquiring into certain people. Who are suspect if they really want to find out the culprit, centre should reconstitute the Inquiry with people such as Vijayanandaji, Sutiirthanandaji, Narayanandaji, Pranavatmakanandaji, Vitamohananandaji, and Haratmanandaji. From the existing Inquiry Commission only Sarangiji should remain.


Because of PP’s age and health, it seems logical that he should concentrate on the spiritual duties required of Purodha Pramukha. The post of president should be offered to Vijayanandaji who is best qualified for this role in the Mission. I am requesting all Margiis and Workers to seriously think about all these things that I have mentioned because they are true and they affect us all. As you can see from these points, many things are being done which are against Baba’s wishes. So before more things are done to harm the Mission, we must stop and correct these sort of activities and by that ways the unity and solidarity of Baba’s mission will be maintained. You are all senior persons, so please take this letter in a positive way.

In His Service,

S. Das


25th April, 1995.

NB You know, Bangla is my mother tongue which I love to use. But for the purpose of this letter, I am writing in English as these matters are related to all workers and Margiis of the world, therefore I am bound to use the International language of English. So my dear Amra Bengali brothers and sisters who expect to hear from me in Bangla, please understand and excuse me. And please circulate this letter accordingly. Thanks.

(Here concludes the Amra Bengali circular from 1995.)

* * *


Everyone knows that true margiis do not believe in groupism.

brotherly yours


BABA says, “The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society is one and indivisible” (AFPS part 2 p. 25 ) Baba says, “Spiritual philosophy does not recognize any distinctions and differentiations unnaturally made between one human being and another, and stands for universal fraternity.” (Idea and Ideology)


Population Growth: Really a Problem?

Baba says, “Does a population problem actually exist? This issue should be considered in the perspective of two vital factors – the availability of food and the availability of space. Today human beings have enough resources to manage their food. Planet Earth is rich enough to feed a far greater number of people than the present population….[So] The tragedy is that there are enough resources to supply proper food to all human beings in the world, but the defect lies in the present approach of the existing socioeconomic systems.” (PNS-13, p.44)


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From: Foster Davis

Subject: Terrorise & Make Slaves

Date: Thurs, 19 May 2011 06:48:21 -0400




In just 2 days – on May 21, 2011 – one group of Christians has declared the coming Rapture: Jesus will appear and take his chosen followers to heaven, leaving everyone else behind to be doomed – as the earth will be finally destroyed on October 21, 2011. Such is their claim.

What many do not understand is the motive behind such outrageous prophecies.

As Ananda Margiis, of course we do not give an ounce of credence to these tall tales, but we should understand the mind-set that is responsible for inventing such dogmas – as well as what effect this has on common citizens.

In addition we should know how outsiders are profiting from this “event”.


In just 2 days, a whole congregation of people will be rising straight up into the sky, so they believe.

Normally when someone shoots straight up into the sky they are an astronaut on a rocket ship – such as the NASA shuttle that rocketed into outer space earlier this week. One could also be on a helicopter as that also rises directly upwards. But that is not what is going on here.

Welcome to Rapture!! The belief that all “true Christians” will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ at his return. Such Christians believe that the date of the next rapture is very, very soon: May 21, 2011. It is just 2 days away.

This will be a great event as we will see an entire mass of people defy gravity without the use of a single engine. Magically they will rise up into the sky – to the promised abode of heaven.

Even more remarkable is how another section of society – confirmed atheists – are making a bundle of money off of this rapture mania.


The next question you may be asking yourself is how could all of this unfold in the west.

After all, isn’t the west very advanced in technology and material science? Isn’t the west extremely literate? Then how could citizens of western, so-called advanced nations embrace such an event like “Rapture” that is cent-per-cent full of superstition and religious dogma.

Well, as Baba points out, the amount of worldly education or mundane knowledge or material wealth any community or society has is not the defining point. What matters is the degree to which their system of education and psychic understanding is based on neo-humanism.

Only in neo-humanism, combined with spiritual practice, can one overcome all dogmas and superstitions like Rapture.

When one’s mind is oblivious of the psycho-spiritual and spiritual realms – as is the case in materialistic societies – then even “educated” people will easily get duped by ploys and dogmas like Rapture.


The key point why various preachers – like Harold Camping who is the “author” of this coming day of Rapture – engage in this is very straightforward: To gain followers, prestige, respect, money, & more.

Such preachers like Camping are eager to increase their fold (i.e. congregation) and get people to be more vigilant in following their every command. To be frank, such preachers want an army of slaves, i.e. blind followers who hold on to their every word and order. And the best way to do this is through the infusion of a tremendous fear complex like rapture.

What is Rapture: “If you do not obey my word, i.e. God’s command, then you will not be one of the saved, rather you will be forced to suffer and meet your eternal destruction.” That is their message.

Actually such priests regularly terrorise their congregations on an individual level; this is an everyday occurrence. By not following church dogma or not giving large donations, then one will never reach heaven. And there are numerous ploys priests use on the individual level to control followers and acquire money.

And when they want to dupe large numbers of people on the mega-level, then they do big events like Rapture. Then they can make more money and get greater control. And even if the Rapture event does not come true – there is little lost.

We should not overlook the fact that Harold Camping – i.e. the inventor of this declared 2011 Rapture – also declared a Rapture day in 1994 as well. Needles to say that one did not come true. But that did not end his Rapture career. Rather through the grand 1994 schema wherein he collected huge funds from followers, he has been able to live a life of wonderful luxury for 17 years. Now again he is desiring more profits, prestige and respect so he has simply declared another Rapture. Hence the May 21, 2011 Rapture. It is now upon us.

For the last several years leading up to this grand proclamation, Mr Camping & Co have been able to get followers to commit 100% by enlisting the criteria for being accepted for the Rapture. Indeed their followers will do whatever Camping & Co say. Followers give them huge respect and praise. So it is a major win for Rapture organisers like Camping.

And when the Rapture invariably does not happen – all the organisers have to do is make-up some phony excuse and infuse massive fear into their followers by saying: “Rapture can happen at any moment – anytime – so beware.”

Note: Here we also have to keep in mind that at present Christianity is melting quickly in the so-called advanced nations. Church leaders are resorting to Ratpure as a last-ditch effort to power-boost their membership by infusing a huge fear complex in the form of Rapture dogma. By this way naive and innocent people become the obedient servants (i.e. slaves) of those opportunistic vipras, i.e. those preachers.


The whole entire rapture agenda is based on fear. Namely, if you do not follow the Christian doctrine then you will not rise up into the sky and not enter into heaven – rather you will be forced to remain on this heinous earth and finally rot in hell. That will be the awful plight of all non-believers and non-devout Christians.

With this fear psychology – all done in the name of god – such Christian priests get their followers completely engrossed in the rapture movement. That is how they sell their event. That is why so many Christians are packing bag and baggage and getting ready to make the great flight up into the sky and on to heaven in 2011 – May 21st to be exact.

Even more surprising is that this is going on during the age of science and reason.

In the past, such raptures were declared in: 1772, 1844, 1977, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, and 1994. As noted many of the dates have been declared in modern times.

And each time the leaders of the failed rapture were met with ridicule, teasing, critique and embarrassment by outsiders. Mostly they justified their stance by saying, “Jesus will be meeting us up in the sky, only we made a mistake in the calculation of the date.” And then they promptly arranged a new date – and again all their followers became totally sucked into the frenzy all over again.


Once again, how is it that such people in this modern era get duped by the Rapture dogma?

In most cases, during their childhood they were indoctrinated into the Christian dogma and on those points their mind became inert. In other worldly spheres – with their job, house repairs, education, and food shopping – they can apply their logic and reasoning but not in the field of religion. On that subject their brain is totally frozen. They are unable to think – just they follow blindly. Such is the power of dogma.

And it is for this reason that modern day people get captivated by the rapture dogma.


Seeing all this, one group of confirmed atheists have come forward to make bundles of money off of the rapture program. Here’s how they do it.

In the west – and in particular in the US – where the rapture dogma is at its height, people love their pets. They are alienated from other human beings and pour all their heart’s longing into their pet.

Believers know that Christ has come only for them – not their pets. That means during rapture, when they get magically pulled up into the sky, then their pets remain on earth.

Hence, confirmed atheists capitalised on the situation.

Such atheists proclaim: “I am an atheist – I will be stuck here on earth after the rapture – so, my dear Christians, I will take care of your pets. After you make it up into the sky, I will be here on earth to ensure your beloved pet (dog or cat etc) is not left uncared for. Start paying me now – reserve your place – and I guarantee I will care for and feed your pet after the rapture for the next 10 years. Since I do not believe in Jesus I am bound to be here after the rapture. So put down your payment with me and invest in the welfare of your treasured pet.”

This is the scam confirmed atheists are doing. There are thousands of such websites right now. And they are all collecting huge money from the rapture seeking Christians. So many believers have enrolled and deposited money for the care of their pet.

So atheists are making piles of easy money from the rapture dogma. Why easy? Because they need not invest any money and they will not have to care for those pets after the rapture. Because those pet owners will still be on earth as the famed rapture is nothing but one big sham or hoax.

Thus it is easy money and many, many atheists are taking full advantage. But don’t take my word for it. Go on-line and check out all the websites.

Indeed you will see that one person even wrote a book titled: How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You’re Left Behind. The cover features dollar signs ($$) rising up to the sky. So it is big business.


Actually, none should think that only Christians are involved in this kind of Rapture dogma.

As Baba points out in various discourses, numerous other religions and sects prescribe to the doomsday theory. Viprans in the form of religious thinkers and priests from various traditions have preached and continue to preach that the world will be destroyed.

Certain Hindus also fall into this trap. Cunning Hindu priests dupe followers into thinking that the world is coming to an end. At that point huge donations and gifts are given to those priests. To prevent the destruction of the earth the people pay for and engage in all kinds of yajinas and the businessmen sell truckloads of rotten ghee. This yajina (sacrifice) is all done to prevent the destruction of the earth. Baba has explained this is some detail in Human Society (’87 Edn, The Vaeshya Age) in a large footnote on page 83.

So it is a similar mentality as the rapture but with a slightly different outlook.

The Hindus do not believe that through their yajina they will rise up into the sky. Just they think that they will have averted disaster by saving the earth from destruction. And they will thus continue to live on earth. So theirs is a safer proposal. Without having to rise up into the sky they can more easily declare victory.

In contrast, the Christians feel that during the Rapture they are on their way to heaven and that they will be leaving this earth. That is the central difference. Other than that both exploit their followers to the bone.

It is actually fairly common for people in various countries to subscribe to various theories of this nature, but only certain radical Christians think that they will actually rise up magically into the sky without the use of a rocket ship.


Baba describes the mentality of such rapture & doomsday preachers perfectly in the below citation.

Baba says, “Hypocrites’ dogma is embraced knowingly by those with vested interests, although most people follow dogma unknowingly. Ordinary people are told by their priests, “You should not do this or that because it is a sin and is forbidden by the scriptures. If you do not follow the path that we have suggested, your family will be ruined.” If rational people challenge these illogical ideas, a priest may retort that he had a dream in which the Divine Mother appeared before him and said many things to justify his position. This is all hypocrites’ dogma.” (PNS-16)


If truth be known though, no god can do like this. No god that is all-powerful and all-loving will senselessly destroy and ruin his creation. Nor will any god favour some and hate others. That is the loophole and hypocrisy of such rapture beliefs.

Such Christians preach that their god is great and all-loving and then in the next breath they attach all kinds of crude-negative actions to their god.

But who can accept such a personality as being god if that god abuses and harasses innocent and helpless beings. No all-loving god could also be so crude-minded and malicious.

That is the main defect of their rapture and doomsday agendas. By this way such Christians expose their own mentality.

Their situation parallels that of Freud. Freud super-imposed his own crude sexual lust on all human beings.

Baba says, “Those psychologists that give undue importance to sexual lust, betray their own vulgar and licentious mentality.” (SS-3)

Thus by his theory, Freud merely exposed his own dirty outlook – nothing more.

Similarly, such crude Christian propagandists are putting for their own faulty ideas in the name of god. They are merely exposing their own mean-minded manner. That is all that is going on when they declare that their god will damn and punish all non-believers etc.

Here it should be made clear that Parama Purusa is all-merciful and there is no need for anyone to worry. He loves and looks after all.

Baba says, “His grace is for all – both for virtuous and non-virtuous. All are His children. Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant…You spiritual aspirants, you should remember that Parama Purus’a is always with you and His grace is always with you, and you all are His loving children. You need not develop any fear complex regarding the Supreme Father. You should remember that He’s the Supreme Father.” (SS-19)


Now in this modern era where still people’s intellects are being captured by religious dogma, the only way out is to propagate neo-humanism.

People must be made to understand that whenever their mind is not allowed to think beyond the confines of a particular boundary line, then that idea is dogma. For instance, in the rapture agenda, no one is allowed to think beyond the confines of the rapture model. No logic or reasoning is allowed. Just one is forced to follow the mandate of rapture blindly.

Our job is to calmly and rationally convince people not to worry about nor get caught up in or duped by any type of Rapture propaganda. We should encourage open and free debate on this matter and see the facts.

Side by side we must always remind everyone that Parama Purusa does not have any imperfection. He does not hate or curse anyone; He showers equal love upon all. He does not judge anyone based on whether they are a “believer” or not. He watches over all: the virtuous and the sinners, margiis and non-margiis.

Parama Purusa loves all – in that case, all talks of doomsday and Rapture are nothing but a farce.


Baba says, “He is everyone’s shelter, everyone’s refuge. Thus, human beings are never helpless, neither individually nor collectively. Always remember that He is with every individual. Some philosophers, quoting the scriptures, say that a day of final doom will darken the Earth when the dead will rise from the grave. Others predict that a doomsday (pralayá in Saḿskrta – “pra” means “complete” and thus pralaya means “complete destruction”) will obliterate all forms of life. One should laugh at such illogical doctrines. According to Ánanda Márga philosophy, this doomsday or pralaya will never occur….the flow of creation will continue…There will never be a complete thermal death. of the universe. Thus, predictions of an imminent doomsday should be of no concern to you. It is nonsense; pralaya will never occur.” (AV-17)



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Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 07:22:36 +0530


From: “Deva_Sudhakar”

Subject: Realisation From a Train Journey




Here I want to tell my own personal story with Sixteen Points.

Although I struggle here and there in trying to follow all of Baba’s guidelines, I

have immense respect for those margiis and wt’s who properly adhere to

these points. And certainly I try each and every day to implement as many

points as I can. By Baba’s grace sadhana, asanas, fasting and many of the

points have become regular aspects of my life. In this regard, many thanks

to all A’nanda Ma’rgiis for your support and satsaunga.

Ultimately, on a larger scale, I feel following 16 Points does not just

bring welfare to the individual, but to the society at large also; in that

sense Sixteen Points is not just an individual affair, and I think many

feel this way as well.

Anyway here then is my story– or one of my stories– about Sixteen Points.


By Baba’s grace, in the confines of my own home, I have long been

habituated to doing my sadhana twice daily– just as every Ananda Margii

does. My problem would arise when I would leave the house.

For instance, it would often happen that when traveling– either for

business or for AM retreats etc– then I would refrain from doing sadhana

in public. Because I did not feel comfortable sitting and closing my eyes

in the train, or airport, or bus terminal and doing sadhana. It was not so

much that I was physically uncomfortable, but mostly I felt uneasy

mentally– always worried about what others would think of me.

So in this state of shyness and fear, I would sit there and try to do my

meditation with my eyes open– staring out into space. But of course it did

not work. Or I would bend forward as if I was tying my shoe when really

this was my half-hearted attempt to do one of my yoga asanas. And just

forget about doing my dances like kaoshikii & tandava– never!!

In this way I was nearly paralysed when trying to do my AM practices in public.

All because of my shyness (lajja) vrtti, and similar types of psychic complexes.

And the problem is that extreme shyness continued not for one day or one

week– but rather for months and years on end.


Then one day the assignment came to travel with another margii to do some

business and then the two of us were going to go together to one of our

AMURT camps. This was the proposed agenda. And I was quite happy and

excited about it.

As we started the first leg of our journey, we got slightly delayed and

sure enough we found ourselves on the train with mealtime approaching.

I hadn’t shared my hesitations about doing sadhana in public with my margii

companion, so I just acted normal as I saw him preparing to do his evening


First I saw him go to the bathroom in his business attire with his shoes

and socks on, and then a few minutes later I saw him return wearing thongs

(sandals) with his shins, ankles, and feet dripping of water. I noticed

that his pants were rolled up nearly to his knees. And when I looked at his

face and saw that there were water droplets accumulated all throughout his

beard, mustache, and on his eyelashes. In addition, beads of water were

dripping down his cheeks and disappearing into his beard. Plus his sleeves

were rolled up past his elbows and I could see that the hair on his forearms

was totally matted down and stuck to his skin since that area was still

quite wet. In sum, he had done half-bath– on the train!

Little by little, I could see he was now preparing to sit for sadhana–

right there in the compartment with everyone watching. With much

trepidation, I also began to notice that other passengers were beginning to

take notice of him and were watching him– some strangely and others in

amusement. Or so it seemed to me.

With my heart beating fast, pretending that everything was 100% normal, I

looked over at my margii brother and I also got up and walked towards the

washroom on the train. I wetted myself down as best I could and found

myself also leaving the washroom totally dripping with water, as I had not

brought a towel with me. Nor did I have sandals. So I walked back to my

seat with my bare feet on top of my shoes– not inside. And I was using my

toes to grip my shoes with each step so that I could advance ahead. Step by

step I slid forward. The whole ordeal was quite awkward and I nearly fell

multiple times, but somehow– by Baba’s grace– I made it back to my seat

without falling on anyone.

By that time, my margii companion was deep into his sadhana lessons– eyes

closed, face serene, oblivious to the world around him.

With much nervousness I began to get seated in padmasana and slyly took a

look around the compartment. It seemed to me that everyone was watching

me– looking on in disbelief that a second person (dripping with water) was

also now going to start the esoteric practice of meditation. I was

completely worried.

But with little alternative– as I did not want to skip my sadhana since I

was traveling with a fellow margii, and because my fear of skipping sadhana

in front of him was greater than my shyness of doing sadhana in public– I

took Baba’s name and closed my eyes and quickly began the mandatory

repetition of my Ista mantra, before delving into bhuta shuddhi.

At first I was quite self-conscious and was wondering if all the

passengers were still looking at me. But then to my amazement, as I focused

on my mantra, a deep serenity overcame my being and I could feel Baba’s

divine presence. With each mantra japa, the anxiety and nervousness drifted

away; by His grace, with each and every second that went by I became more

immersed in His flow.

With that sweet feeling, I calmly proceeded through all my sadhana

lessons– one by one– feeling totally ensconced in His love. I even did

pranayama before my final session of dhyana. Finally, as I got myself out

of my kneeling position after completing Guru Puja, I discreetly took a

look at my wristwatch and noticed that it was far past my usual dinner time.

Then I looked over at my margii brother and I saw that he too had just

completed his sadhana, and he had just begun putting his shoes and socks

back on. In that moment, when our eyes met, he greeted me with a warm smile.


With sadhana properly completed, I was just about to inquire about

proceeding with our normal evening routine when I noticed another passenger

coming towards us.

At this time my nervousness suddenly overcame me and I looked over at my

margii brother. He seemed quite calm and composed. When the passenger came

closer he greeted us in a very gentle and respectful way and asked if he

could join us. We of course agreed.

And then the passenger began to say that he was deeply intrigued with

meditation and that he really admired us for being so dedicated to our

practice that we did our meditation on the train. Then that passenger

called two of his friends over and suddenly there were five of us. And it

was quite apparent how these other three gentlemen were highly impressed by

seeing us do our practices and they wanted to know all about sadhana and


Thereafter in a very open way, my margii companion and I shared many things

about spirituality with them. Soon the three gentlemen were listening with

great interest about vegetarianism, meditation, health, channelizing the

mind, and all sorts of topics. Their questions seemed endless and with each

moment their admiration for us grew.

Then to my astonishment, my margii companion revealed to them that we were

actually Ananda Margiis. One of three did not seem to know Ananda Marga at

all. But the other two gentlemen told that they had read some unfavourable

things about Ananda Marga in the newspaper, but that after this inspiring

meeting they would now hold Ananda Marga in an entirely new light– with

new respect. They also said they were interested in getting initiated.

We past the rest of the journey sharing our packed vegetarian meals with

them and spoke at length about the joys and sweetness of our spiritual

path– our AM path of bliss.


When we reached our destination we all did namaskar to one another and then

the three gentlemen went in their direction with the address and phone

number of a local jagrti in hand. And the margii brother and I went in our


When we got to the street, we hailed a taxi and got in. Once inside– in

the privacy of our own taxi– I expressed to my margii companion what a

wonderful journey it had been. We had done our full routine, did lots of AM

pracara, and spent the whole train ride in His sweet flow.

And then I admitted that regrettably I generally forgo my yoga and sadhana

practices when traveling. And I told my margii companion that when I saw

him go for half-bath and come back dripping wet, then that gave me the

courage– or provided me with the circumstantial pressure– to do the same

and also begin my sadhana. Otherwise, I admitted, I would just have skipped

it all.

So I thanked him wholeheartedly for his dharmic example and sadvipra-like



With a smile, my margii companion told me that he also had something to say.

He explained that he was totally unsure of himself as he approached the

washroom to wet down his legs, arms, face etc. And he said he was equally

nervous about starting sadhana. Because he said he had never done this

before and that he too skips his practices when traveling alone.

But he figured that since he was traveling with a dedicated Ananda Margii

(that is to say me!), then he felt should move ahead by following Sixteen

Points– because he was thinking that I would do that!

He said that was why he had started his routine by doing half-bath etc and

that if he had been travelling alone he would never have done such a thing

and also would probably have skipped his full yoga and meditation program.


At that point we both broke down in laughter and gradually that laughter

turned to warm smiles. We both felt deeply indebted to Baba for providing

us with the beauty of our AM practices. We also both repented for having

skipped sadhana so many times in the past when traveling alone– all due to

shyness in public. Because on this fantastic journey, Baba had shown us

some of the beautiful things that can happen when one is strict in

following 16 Points.

So we both took the firm determination to adhere to all our sadhana

practices when traveling in the future– no matter what the public venue

might be, and irregardless of whether we were alone or not.

And thus far, by Baba’s grace I can say we have been successful– all due

to His loving countenance.


All around the globe the vibration has changed: The consciousness of the

people is rising. People are interested in spiritual ideas, in social

change, in health and well-being. In all kinds of sentient things. And in

each and every sphere our AM has the answer.

And one of the best ways to share this with others is simply to be strict

in all our practices: Sixteen Points. Because by this way we can be an

example to the world of what AM is about.

So following 16 Points– in all circumstances– really is Baba’s special

boon on us to be a medium in the establishment of His divine mission.


It is Baba’s great blessing that He has showered us in His love and given

us all the secrets for moving ahead in life– unto His divine Lap.

Baba says, “…In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we

will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete

seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and

spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the

sixteen points.” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)




Baba says, “Those who are reared in the cradle of materialistic ideologies,

feel shy or ashamed at first to sit in meditation in the presence of others.”

(Subhasita Samgraha, part 3, p.86)


Baba says, “Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them. One should always

protect dharma, in both big and small ways. If one thinks that they will only

follow dharma in some big events, and not in small ones, then those big events

may not ever come in their entire life. It may be that in their whole life,

besides their birth and death, not a single big event happens. Yet at the time

of birth how can one protect dharma. At that time one is just a small infant

and cannot do anything. That infant is totally unaware about the events going

on around them. Then how can they protect dharma. And at the time of death, a

person is senseless. In that case also how can they protect dharma. For this

reason, dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in

jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma

protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)

Sometimes in our day to day habits we forget to follow dharma in small ways

such as not using water after urination or not doing bhuta yajina (feeding

animals and plants) etc, and we think that when the next Mahabharata happens

or when there is a battle to establish Prout or neo-humanism, then at that

time we will come forward wholeheartedly and fight. But we should remember that

in the beginning it is needed to follow dharma in small ways. Such as by doing

proper half-bath etc. Yet often we see that we overlook and neglect various small

points then we justify to ourselves that is fine. Because we mistakenly think

that when the big battle for dharma happens then we will be prepared. But we

should remember that such a battle may never happen in our lifetime and if it

does then only those who follow the small points of dharma will really be prepared.


“A’loker a’nanda tumi dhara’te nebe esecho…” – P.S. 3104

O’ Baba, the blissful Entity, the embodiment divine effulgence, You have

incarnated Yourself on this dusty Earth. This is Your grace. You have

saturated everything with Your divine flow of love and sweetness. You have

changed the dry and rocky heart into something very soft and loving. Baba,

Your sweet smile is unforgettable; Your voice is charming and attractive.

Baba, everyone says that they love You and that You love all. So why

then are You keeping me away. Whether You like me or not, please do not

continue to ignore me– please do not forget me.

Baba, O’ my Dearmost, You are very close. Only You make me aware how You

go on playing Your liila with my mind. Baba You are bliss Personified. You

have come on this Earth to inundate love and devotion. Baba, You have come

in my heart and mind and blessed me with the highest devotion– parabhakti…


Baba’s Mudra Photo is a Unique Gift…

Baba says, “The Sadguru is saying something, and the deaf or dumb man wants

to hear it but cannot. If one concentrates the mind on Vara’bhaya Mudra’,

there will be the direct effect of positive microvita on the auricular or

other nerve cells and also on the controlling cells, and it may be that all

of a sudden he may get back the power of hearing. One should look towards

this mudra’ and not to anything else. Microvita are radiated through this

mudra’. This is the inner secret.” (MVNS, p.65)


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Date: 17 May 2011 14:19:58 -0000

From: “Subhash Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: History of the Birth of…




We all know that since 1990, we have been living in an era when those at the helm issue their own fake Ananda Vaniis.

Over the years, much has been written about why these so-called vaniis are fake – and some of those points will be appended below.

What has not been talked about much is why our respected Dadas did like this. What propelled them into thinking they should create these Fake Ananda Vaniis. What are the historical forces at play?


After 1990, there was a major vacuum of power in the organisation. Someone was bound fill the void.

Of course we all know which Dada held the reins in those early days immediately after Oct 1990. We need not mention his name here. Rather we should be aware that he and every leader since has followed in this “tradition” of creating Fake Ananda Vaniis.

We should understand what started this trend as well as why it has been continued up till this very moment.


Please excuse me but the first and foremost reason why a few of our Purodha Dadas issued Fake Ananda Vaniis was power. Unfortunately, such Dadas harbored an intense urge to capture, maintain, and expand their rulership. They had to demonstrate that they deserved to be in that seat. Perhaps the best way to protect their power was to exercise it. They felt the need to flex their muscles.

To that end they did so many things:

1. Invented the dogmatic salute to PP Dada as if PP is Baba Himself;

2. Changed Caryacarya to include the dogmatic Mahaprayan program;

3. Manipulated countless bhukti pradhan elections;

4. Curtailed margii rights;

5. Victimised and expelled any and all who opposed them;

6. And so many more things they did, including issue Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Indeed creating Fake Ananda Vaniis complements their overall agenda of demonstrating their power and justifying their hold of the top chair.

First and foremost our respected Dadas thought: “I have power so I must use it, lest I lose it.”

This negative mentality gave birth to the notion of creating and making Fake Ananda Vaniis.


Once they came up with this notion that by (mis)using their new found power then they will best be able to keep it, they went one step further. And this is reflected in their creation of Fake Ananda Vaniis. They did not just create Fake Ananda Vaniis; they created Fake Ananda Vaniis with their own ulterior motive in mind.

Basically here we have a two-step process:

1) Such Dadas made these Fake Ananda Vaniis as a means of exercising their power on the throne.

2) They thought that they should “flavour” or “spice” these Fake Ananda Vaniis with their own selfish agenda. They had an ulterior motive in mind.

They promptly then began making Fake Ananda Vaniis that suited their political interest and whim.

For instance, while Baba’s dharmic and original Ananda Vaniis are filled with spiritedness, courage, and the idea of actively fighting exploitation, in contrast the Fake Ananda Vaniis invented our respected Dadas aimed to make margiis passive – even indolent. Such leaders critically withdrew all the pra’na (i.e. life-force and fighting power) when making their Fake Ananda Vaniis.

But don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself.

Here are but a few examples of Baba’s dharmic expression in His original Ananda Vaniis:

(a) “…Inspire those who are liars and criminals to live honest lives by pointing out their defects…” – Ananda Vanii #8

(b) “…Yours should be a pauseless struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality.” – Ananda Vanii #11

(c) “…Live for your ideology Die for your Ideology.” – Ananda Vanii #14

Now compare that with the Fake Ananda Vaniis that our purodhas have made:

(a) “everything is to undergo changes and you should be ready to adapt yourself, to adjust yourself with those changed phases.” (Fake Ananda Vanii January 2005)

(b) And like that over the years – & even in 2011 – so many of the Fake Ananda Vaniis satisfy their own group interest of pacifying margiis and / or blindly supporting their group.

Here the point is that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are based on truth and righteousness whereas the groupist Fake Ananda Vaniis played into their own personal agenda.

So when the various Dadas come into power they create Fake Vaniis to meet their own ends. As sad as it may seem, in His below teaching, Baba best describes this nasty trend.

Baba says, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 33, Yatamána, Vyatireka, Ekendriya and Vashiikára)



Of course, our Dadas could not tell the world that they were making Fake Ananda Vaniis as a means to express their dominance. That would not be received well.

So they opted to hide their real motive behind the creation of Fake Ananda Vaniis; and they instead created their own logic which they would share publicly. And this is what they said.

Some of our senior Dadas told that Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis were old and outdated like a last week’s or last year’s newspaper. This was their false justification.

They further told that Baba gave those Ananda Vaniis on that particular day for those people present – as if Baba’s Ananda Vaniis had no long-term value. Their basic message was that Baba’s teachings in those Ananda Vaniis were no longer relevant. Hence we have to create fresh and new Ananda Vaniis.

This is the false and bogus logic which those inventors of the Fake Ananda Vaniis gave. And again their baseline message was that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are outdated.



Here is the reply to such Dadas who claim that Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are no longer relevant to today’s world.

All Baba’s teaching were given on a particular day and date. But those teachings are not limited to that particular period. His spiritual guidelines never get old – they never lose their value.

Baba says, “The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological.” (APH-4, Prápta Vákya and Ápta Vákya)

And indeed Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are His spiritual guidelines that appear in book form.

Let’s take a closer look:

On 1 January 1976, Baba delivered Ananda Vanii #44:

Baba says, “Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces. All the tall talks of the evil forces will be silenced.” (Ananda Vanii #44)

According to some Purodhas, the above original and true Ananda Vanii given by Baba is now irrelevant. That is their justification for creating Fake Ananda Vaniis. But this could be nothing further from the truth.

Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis were relevant for that very day as well as far into the future as well. Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are timeless. Right now, the way to bring about dharma and silence the evil forces is to follow 16 Points strictly. That was true on 1 January 1976 and it is true today, 35 years later. And that same Ananda Vanii will remain true and relevant in 100 years and beyond.

That is why Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are timeless and meant to be used again and again. Indeed He has blessed us by giving His collection of original Ananda Vaniis that address all kinds of circumstances and situations yet also hold eternal value. This is the special quality of the Ananda Vaniis. It is not that those Ananda Vaniis were only meant for that day or for those people in attendance. Those Ananda Vaniis are not like old newspapers. Rather Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are 100% dharmic that are relevant across time, space and person.

Here is another of His original Ananda Vaniis.

Baba says, “It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sádhaná, by your service, by your sacrifice.” (1 January 1964, Ananda Vanii #20)

This Ananda Vanii is also pure and blemishless and not at all affected by the passage of time. There is no need for groupists to create Fake Ananda Vaniis. Already Baba has given a wonderful collection of 74 original Ananda Vaniis that are as perfect and relevant today as they were on the day they were originally given.

So the notion that certain Dadas needed to create Fake Ananda Vaniis because Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are old and outdated is totally bogus.


Indeed if we accept the bogus logic that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are old and outdated because they were delivered on a particular date for a certain limited audience, then we have to accept that logic for all of Baba’s teachings: yama and niyama, neo-humanism, Prout, microvita, Prabhat Samgiita, Ananda Sutram, kiirtan, samadhi, etc. All those topics should also be tossed aside too. After all, they were also given on a particular date to a select group of attendees.

Of course no rational Ananda Margii will agree to this. Because we know that all Baba’s teachings are timeless, including His original Ananda Vaniis.

On every topic which Baba addressed, He is speaking for the whole future of humanity, not just for a certain group at a particular juncture of time. Baba is speaking for all that is why He would insist that His talks be recorded, printed and published. Why? Because He was giving timeless teachings for the entire humanity.

So those who give the bogus logic that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are outdated are totally off-base. This is just their false manner to wield more power.


Another harmful outcome of the Fake Ananda Vaniis is that those born or entering the Marga after 1990 will only be exposed to such Fake Vaniis. Their whole life will pass surrounded by these groupist fabrications and they will not even know that Baba has created a vast and remarkable collection of original Ananda Vaniis. They will miss out on this entirely.

Yet Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are not only timeless but they are highly applicable to a whole range of situations and circumstances. Baba was able to uniquely deliver a message that was addressed a particular topic or theme in a timeless manner.

That is why we can really say that Baba’s collection of original Ananda Vaniis will never become old. They will never be like yesterday’s newspaper. They will always provide a fresh, dharmic and vibrant message – relevant to all kinds of events and human advancement.

So it is a real shame that some are filling this earth with their Fake Ananda Vaniis. We should not allow this to happen a moment longer.


By Baba’s grace He has endowed us with a great collection of original and true Ananda Vaniis that provide the whole humanity with a set of timeless teachings. We must not allow anyone to push Baba’s Vaniis aside as they invent Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Fueled by their own self-interest and lust for power, some Dada have created their own logic for why Baba’s vaniis should not be used. No rational margii will be duped by their false justifications.

Now we all know that Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are perfect and true across time, space and person. These are the Ananda Vaniis we are to use – again and again – and their value is eternal.

Baba says, “What comes from Parama Puruśa is ápta vákya…As devotees, you should follow only ápta vákya. You should remember that the Sixteen Points are your ápta vákya..By the Grace of, by the compassion of Parama Puruśa, you have received the ápta vákya guidelines, and it is your duty to adhere strictly to the teachings and gospel of ápta vákya.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 2, The Excellence of a Bhakta)




In review, Baba’s true Ananda Vanii messages– which He has given twice annually on New Year’s Day and on Ananda Purnima– are very precise and pointed like an arrow. They are complete discourses in and of themselves. They are not part of any larger discourse and they are not just a quote or partial paragraph. Instead, Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are 100% full & complete and stand as is. Plus they are unique and new in their own special way– never a repeat of previously released material.

In contrast, the Fake Ananda Vaniis are just a quotes selected by groupists from a previously released discourse. To understand that quote one must read the entire discourse. That quote is not meant to stand alone. To read just that quote is misleading and ambiguous. That is why those are Faike Ananda Vaniis.

Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are complete and unique unto themselves. They are pointed, timeless discourses that have universal application across time, space and person.


“Jhainjha’ jadi a’se jujhite shakati dio…” (P.S. #1783)


Baba, You are my Saviour. If in my life a hurricane or typhoon comes, then You please provide me the strength to fight and face that negative situation. And give me the strength to struggle and persevere.

Baba, if ever in my life lethargy and frustration comes, then please provide me strength to hold onto Your feet. And to go on moving on Your path. Baba, by Your grace I am treading on Your path. You please color my mind with Your color in all situations. During both pleasure and pain.

With Your divine grace, if my mind becomes radiant then it cannot be covered by staticity during times of cimmerian darkness. Please grant me strength to follow Your dictates.

Baba, please grace me and give me the force to go on marching on the path of effulgence, in an undaunted way moving ahead. And please give me strength by Your grace, to jump up and take on ever-new tasks to serve the downtrodden people.

And please bless me by Your Varabhaya mudra. So in my life, I never feel fear or cowardice to fight against demonic forces. Baba, in all the circumstances I am completely depending on Your grace. Without Your grace, nothing is possible…


Who is blessed one?

Baba says, “The man who is intelligent should, from his very childhood,

move along the path of proto-spirituality. The sooner a man starts and

moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is the

blessed one.” (AV-12, p.75)

Note: With the start of this happy new year we should once again reflect

how Baba has graced us by providing us all the tools and teachings for

moving along the path of spirituality. So again with renewed vigor we

should be more firm and more sincere in our adherence to Sixteen Points.


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