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Fight for your ideology, Be one with your ideology. Live for your ideology. Die for your ideology. A'nandamu'rti Vaesha'khii Pu'rn'ima' 1961

From: “Manindra Singh”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: 31 Dec 2009 14:27:29 -0000
Subject: New Year’s Gift: Keep It Forever



Everyone in AM understands the unique and special beauty of Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis. These timeless dharmic teachings were delivered by Baba Himself on select occasions like New year’s Day and Ananda Purnima and a few other special times. Each Ananda Vanii is like its own discourse: perfect and complete unto itself, and never a repetition of previously printed discourses etc.

In addition, each Ananda Vanii was uniquely handwritten by Baba Himself.

Since all disciples of Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti can appreciate such splendour, attached please find a scanned image of Baba’s handwritten Ananda Vanii #14.

This is something for you to keep forever.

We highly recommend printing it out, framing it, and hanging it in a special place in your home, office, or residence. Or maybe you will feel it most appropriate to keep it in your puja room. You know best which place would best maintain the sanctity of Baba’s sacred message.

After all, Baba Himself put His own hand and pen to paper when He graciously wrote out the following words:

Fight for your ideology, Be one with your ideology.
Live for your ideology. Die for your ideology.

Vaesha’khii Pu’rn’ima’

On the occasion of New Year’s Day 2010, this is a special gift to Ananda Margiis all over the globe. May we treasure Baba’s divine teachings forever and maintain their sanctity.

With deepest regards,

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Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 11:46:38 -0600
From: “Paul Paltrow”
Subject: Show Me Your A’nanda Va’n’ii



Tell me, is this your A’nanda Va’n’ii??

If so, think again, because this below vanii is a Fake Ananda Vanii,
just like the other fake ones being offered by other groups. Only a
totally naive person could think to use the below as an Ananda Vanii.

New Year’s Day – 2010

You have to remember the fact that no great work can be accomplished on
this earth through flattery. In order to accomplish any noble task,
courage, competence and utmost commitment are absolutely necessary. Victory will
surely be yours. Under no circumstances should you worry about victory.
You have come to this earth to accomplish a noble task. Keep working
continuously till you reach your individual goal. And at the end of your
efforts, you are destined to reach your spiritual goal and establish
yourselves in cosmic bliss for eternity.

( English ) ( Shrii Shrii A’nandamurtjii )

( Selected from the discourse , “The Middle Path is the Perfect Path”,
A’nandavacana’mrtam, Part -13 )

Everyone should be clear – the above Ananda Vanii is totally fake –
nobody should use such a thing – it is a farce.


Baba has given His original and true Ananda Vaniis and they are
collected in His book, Ananda Vanii Samgraha. Such Vaniis, of divine
messages of truth, were delivered by Marga Guru at select times and they
are unique bullets of truth for that time period and for all time. They
are eternal in nature and totally original – they were not cut from
other discourses. Baba would handwrite them Himself for that very
occasion and for time immemorial.

Today, however, the various groups concoct their own Fake Ananda Vaniis
by stealing sentences from previously printed discourses. That is
totally wrong.

Baba has given discourses and Baba has given Ananda Vaniis. The two
cannot be mixed and matched.

(#1) Just as one cannot take a paragraph from any discourse and call it
the Supreme Command, similarly one cannot yank a few lines from a
discourse and call it an Ananda Vanii.

(#2) Just as one cannot grab any word from a discourse and call it an
ista mantra, similarly one cannot yank a few lines from a discourse and
call it an Ananda Vanii.

(#3) Just as one cannot borrow any shloka from a discourse and call it
Guru Puja, similarly one cannot yank a few lines from a discourse and
call it an Ananda Vanii.

Only people who want to manipulate Baba’s teachings do like that and
fabricate Fake Ananda Vaniis. No true disciple of Shrii Shrii
Anandamurti will do such things.

We must follow Guru and His example, and not destroy His divine
teachings by making faulty, fake concoctions and calling them Ananda Vanii.

The above Fake Ananda Vanii is an excerpt from AV-13; it is not an
original Vanii as given by Baba.


By His grace He has blessed us with a published collection of His sacred
and original Ananda Vaniis. And it is those that should be used on the
annual occasions of New Year’s Day and Ananda Purnima.

In every unit, margiis and acaryas can select one of Baba’s original
Ananda Vaniis and read it to out loud at their local gathering.

Here are but a few examples of Baba’s 74 original Ananda Vaniis.

“The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has awakened
today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You
will all be the pioneers of the new trend.” (A’nanda Va’n’ii #1)

“The only creed of a spiritual aspirant is to love the Universal
Consciousness and the creation. One must not be guided by any national,
caste, linguistic or religious sentiment and must not tolerate any
fissiparous tendency.” (A’nanda Va’n’ii #16)

“The more the honest people are firm on morality, the more the evil
forces will be active against them. So all the moralists of the universe
should remain organized and confront the evil forces unitedly.” (A’nanda
Va’n’ii #59)

So we should all select one of Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis for New Year’s
and not use fake ones that crooks are concocting and passing around.


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Keeping a skull by our side gives that same stark reminder that our life is temporary and that we should not get caught up in relative luxuries and satisfaction. We are to spend our time striving for the Great.

From: “Herb Marmlestein”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Keep Skull
Date: Wed 30 Dec 2009 13:10:49


“A’ma’r sakal dukher ma’jhe ele tumi dukhaharan’…” (PS 1421)


O’ Baba, You are Dukhaharan’. I was surrounded by sorrows & suffering; I
was in big problem; my life was unbearable. I was completely miserable. But
now, by Your grace, to save me, You have come with Your gazing eyes, silent
footsteps, loving smile, and sweet face. Baba, by Your divine advent You
have blessed me and rescued me by wiping away all my troubles and

Baba, completely depending upon You with full surrender, in that very
distressed and helpless condition, I was calling You and looking towards
You. Raising both my hands in surrender I told, ‘Baba, please save me; You
are my only shelter. If You will not save me then who will.’ Then at that
moment You rescued me by showering Your grace.

Baba, when I look around I see that because of Your gracious presence
this entire universe has become vibrated & charged. The whole sky is
enveloped in Your divine effulgence and my mind and heart is drenched in
Your love. Baba, holding Your lotus feet, I sing Your glory in my heart and
surrender to You…


When Baba would arrive at any airport then there would be a grand
reception by all local margiis and workers and part and parcel of that
dramatic and exciting time was dancing tandava with a skull for Baba.
That was the rule. Everyone in AM is well aware about this.

In AM, the skull symbolises the constant struggle of life and the fight
against death. It is one of our dharmic tools.

Thus the skull has great value in the life of any tantrika and in this
short posting we will examine why it is beneficial for every Ananda
Margii to keep a skull.


Our time on this earth is temporary – yet most people totally remain
oblivious of this fact. They think the qualities they have, i.e. their
wealth, health, beauty, and power, will last forever. That defective
outlook causes so many problems.

People falsely believe that their life and property are permanent and
that leads them to become arrogant and hurtful towards others. They
think that with their limited power they can do what they want and that
their power will never wane. By this way they torture, cheat, abuse, and
rule over others – all the while thinking that their position is
indestructible and lasting.

When the fact is that human life is temporary and this world is
transitory. Even as Ananda Margiis however, we can forget this fact. And
in that way we may forget what is most important on this earth. Perhaps
we will not cheat and exploit other like materialists are prone to do,
yet we may get wrapped up in transitory gains instead of yearning for
the Supreme.

To think of this world as a permanent abode is common amongst human
beings – this is their illusionary outlook. Yet this mindset is not
helpful for our growth and development.

Here is one suggestion; If we all keep a skull in our room or on our
desk, then we will be constantly reminded by the transitory nature of
this world. By that way, we will always be involved in proper deeds on
this earth.


Just as when people think their power is permanent then they will abuse
others day and night, similarly, when people think that their qualities
are temporary, then they will adopt the right psychology and values in
life. Then they will think that their life should be utlised for a
benevolent cause. Then there is no time to get mixed up in wrongdoing.

Baba says, ‘What is a devotee to do? “Tyaja durjana sam’sargam” – you
should give up the company of durjanas. Who is a durjana? I will
explain. A man whose company will deteriorate or deprave the standard of
others is a durjana for those persons.” (AV-12)

According to Baba, as bhaktas we are to surround ourselves with good
people, and give up the company of bad people. The shloka goes on to say
that we are to always remember that this world is temporary. That is the
recipe for a proper life.


When we constantly remember that this world is temporary – and having a
skull visible day in and day out can help – then we are bound to set our
sights on that which is permanent. In that case we will vigilantly goad
our lives unto Him. Only Parama Purusa is eternal (nitya).

Baba says, “Parama’tma’ is nitya. The term nitya means that which is
uninfluenced by the time factor i.e., beyond the periphery of past,
present and future.” (SS-18)

So when Paramatma is the only eternal Entity then that is the stance we
should attain – not any worldly status. By keeping a skull by our
bedside we will always remember that this world and this body do not
last forever. What to speak of forever, they do not even last long.
People get only get a few years when they are in the peak of their life.


When we realise that life is indeed temporary then we will fully utilise
our existence in the proper way.

The situation can be likened to visiting a new city. If you are going to
be there for only one or two days then in a quick hurry you will see all
the sights and learn all there is to know about that city, whereas if
one lives in that city then they will feel relaxed and they will no go
anywhere or see anything. They will think they have loads of time to do
that later.

We should think of our time on this earth like the sightseer who is
visiting a city for just 1 or 2 days. Then we will be vigilant to live
life for the right ideal – and not be lackadaisical or apathetic about
doing good deeds.

We will think that now is the time to act and realise Him because we
will not be here much longer. Anytime death can come – there is no
guarantee at all. We have not time for silly material pursuits and
gratification etc.

These two postings lead us in this direction:


2500 years ago when a young prince first left his kingdom and saw people
getting sick and dying on the street then he was forced to consider the
temporary nature of life and reevaluate what he should do on this earth.
It was then that his true quest began and he later became the Buddha, or
Enlightened One.

Keeping a skull by our side gives that same stark reminder that our life
is temporary and that we should not get caught up in relative luxuries
and satisfaction. We are to spend our time striving for the Great.

For this reason every Ananda Margii – regardless of whether one was
initiated yesterday or 40 years ago – should keep a skull in their
possession. Having a skull should be considered indispensable.

If getting an actual skull is too difficult or illegal then margiis
should access Google images and print out a picture of a skull or find a
good artist and get a skull printed or painted onto a piece of paper and
hang that up on their wall.

That type of ongoing reminder is absolutely necessary otherwise one is
bound to forget that we have not come onto this earth for a long time –
rather a very short stay.

One other benefit of having a skull is that it is good for one’s daily
tandava practice.


By Baba’s grace we have come here for a short time and must materialise
great works. Keeping a skull reminds us of the fact that just as the
skull was one day a breathing, walking human being, soon our head will
be in that condition. One day we too will be like that skull – sooner,
not later.

Our life is not long nor do we know when it will end. As sadhakas we
should live in the present always thinking and doing to please Him and
we should never get caught up in long-term plans – nor let the minutes
pass away thinking that we will have time in the future.

Grhiitvaeva keshes’u mrtyurn’a’ Dharma’caret

Baba says, “That is, during spiritual practice one should think that the
god of death has already started pulling one’s hair – that one’s death
is imminent. And accordingly one should work sincerely and vigorously;
one will have to do a great many noble deeds within a short period.” (SS-11)



Human life is short and it must be well-utilised. These below letters
are along this theme. We should all read and study them – and yes, keep
a skull in our living room.

Good Sadhaka

Baba says, “The mind of the man whose consciousness or discriminating
judgement is awakened– whose power of judgment is intense, always remains
wedded to the ‘Buddhi’. That is to say, his rein (mind) remains constantly
under the control of the charioteer (Buddhi or discriminating intellect),
and so, quite naturally, his organs remain loyal to the Buddhi. Random
rambles of the organ-like horses (organs) will cut no ice with him. But in
a case like this if the horses (organs) be bad and untrained, i.e. the
organs are faulty, it becomes impossible for the charioteer (discriminating
intellect) to get the desired result. Hence for the right functioning of
the chariot (body), well-trained horses (organs) are indispensable. A
sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) also should train himself likewise. His mind,
body, intellect, and organs should be directed towards the Blissful Spirit
(Shreya).” (SS-4, p.9)


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To generate unity in our Marga, we must follow Baba's path - His ideological teachings. By wiping out dogmas like Mahaprayan, scriptural distortion, fake Ananda Vaniis, expulsion, Fake BP Manual etc, and implementing Baba's divine mandates, then we can most certainly create unity in AM.

To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Gaurishankar
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 15:01:38
Subject: DMS News: Crowd – 1


== DMS NEWS: CROWD – 1 ==

Here is the first in a series of eyewitness reports about the upcoming
New Year’s DMS (Dec 30 – Jan 1, 2010) in Ananda Nagar. Please watch for
ensuing reports.


At this point the various group camps are getting situated in Ananda
Nagar. Here is the outline of where everybody is:

(A) Leaders like Dada Parameshvarananda, Dada Arthapremananda, & Didi
Ananda Giita and their supporters already arrived in Ananda Nagar.

(B) The Ranchi group Didis are staying in Berlin house which is near the

(C) Kolkata Didis are statying in the chief hostel in front of the
Berlin house.

(D) WWD Didis are staying in Ands light office where Pareshtanandji used
to stay; it is near by the pandal.

(E) Ranchi junior dada’s are staying in the jagrti which is in front of
the pandal.

(F) Ranchi Central workers stay in the central office in front of the
R.M office.

(G) 3rd front Dadas are staying in the Children home’s.

(H) Kolkata Dadas are staying in the High school.

(I) Tomorrow all the remaining group leaders will arrive in Ananda Nagar.


By reading the above news, one might say that “quite the crowd” has
arrived for DMS. And it is true: It is a crowd.

Why? Because each of these groups / supporters have not come for unity
but for their own agenda. They want to siphon more into their group camp
and gobble up any and all resources available, especially money from
margiis etc.

That is why we call this a crowd, rather than a dharmic assembly.
Because all the camps have their own target strategy – there is no
unified purpose. They have not come to spread ideology and wipe out
dogma. Rather they have come for their own groupist affairs.

Rather than being called a meeting of the minds for ideological unity,
the scene at Ananda Nagar is one like the crowd at the Howrah Railway
station, where there are hundreds or thousands of people, but they have
nothing in common per se. There is no unity of purpose. Each and every
visitor to Howrah Railway station has come for their own individual tour
program – they have no unified purpose. That is why it is called a crowd.

Same then is the case at DMS – all the group sponsors and their “yes
men” have come for their narrow interests not some great common goal. So
this is just one crowd at Ananda Nagar – nothing more.

Of course the vast majority of margiis and field workers want unity, but
the group camps have their own factional reasons for attending.


At the khumba mela – which regularly attracts millions of worshipers –
all kinds of monks come for all kinds of reasons. Some come to beg, some
smoke ganja (marijuana), some do idol worship, some are naked, some have
ashes spread all over them – so many different types come. By the
variation, it just become one crowd. And the attendees get attracted by
seeing this grand show.

The divergent agendas of the various WT groups, DMS has neatly imbued
the khumba mela crowd scene. All the camps are putting on one show –
hoping to outshine one another and get more followers.

Such is the case at various holy lands as well. No unity of purpose –
just masses of people with their own individual agenda and opportunists
trying to capitalise.


To generate unity in our Marga, we must follow Baba’s path – His
ideological teachings. By wiping out dogmas like Mahaprayan, scriptural
distortion, fake Ananda Vaniis, expulsion, Fake BP Manual etc, and
implementing Baba’s divine mandates, then we can most certainly create
unity in AM.

Till that time, the scene at DMS will just be like one crowd – nothing
more. Because when all the groups arrive for their own factional
pursuits, then there is no ideology or unity. It is just one crowd.


By Baba’s grace soon things will change in AM as many are looking toward
His divine ideal and working to put forth His dharmic teachings – not
some groupist agenda. So what is going on now at Ananda Nagar will not
last much longer. The clouds of dogma will go and the rays of dharma
will shine, by His grace.


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Subject: Khicuri Unity…
Date: Tue 29 Dec 2009 08:42:38 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“A’jake sa’njhe madhur sa’jhe ke else go, ke ele…” (P.S. 5006)


In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who
is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone’s life and in
everyone’s heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows
closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and
other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind, He has come
in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together…


As the New Year DMS approaches still the various groups are struggling
to rise above the other. Each wants to appear better than the rest in the
eyes of the common margiis. We have seen it before and it is bound
to unfold at this DMS again.

Under such circumstances, various people– especially certain so-called
leaders– are bound to make the cry for “unity, unity, and still more
unity”. Indeed, their mantra japa of “unity” is already being done. And
make no mistake, it can sound enticing, but it is never going to work.



So here comes the trick. Any unity needs to be established on the point
of ideology– otherwise it will just lead our Marga deeper into the dark
forest of dogma & groupism.

That means our call for unity must be based on the ideals that: (a)
Baba’s teachings must be followed, (b) our AM scripture must be made
proper– i.e. flawless, free of any distortions, (c) BP rights must be
restored, (d) the weapon of expulsion must be outlawed, (e) Fake Ananda
Vaniis must be stopped, (f) the integrity of the ACB should be
re-instilled, (g) the victimisation of innocent margiis must end, (h)
the dogma of MPD must be eliminated, (i) margii rights must be granted,
(j) and so many other ideological issues must be brought to the fore.

Establishing a movement and rallying around these burning issues– where
there is not an iota of compromise on the point of ideology– will
certainly bring the unity that is needed in our Marga.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity.” (PNS-15)

Unfortunately that is not what is happening today.


Instead mostly what happens is that various groupists sing their cheesy
song of unity and try to collect people into their fold. Such groupists
say, ‘Come on, let there be unity– join in, don’t delay, march with us
and be unified’. This is their type of hallmark, superficial talk.

Yet through it all, their inner goal is only to advance their crooked
agenda of tossing stones on the opposing camp, proclaiming their own
yes-men as purodhas, grabbing handfuls of power for themselves, and, in
general, ruling over the Marga. The point being that merely collecting a
critical mass under one’s own groupist umbrella has nothing to do with
unity. In that case, rather than unity being attained purely on the
point of ideology, their so-called unity is nothing but an eclectic,
dogmatic, and groupist mish-mash of various selfish endeavours. Theirs
is just like one huge pot of boiling khicuri (Indian rice stew) that is
filled with dozens and dozens of assorted ingredients. There is no
purity of purpose, nor even a trace of ideology. The whole thing is one
big disheveled mass– a melange of low-minded agendas. In that case,
when ideology is totally compromised, how can unity can be achieved–
rather it cannot. Yet this is what the various groupists are doing.


No doubt, many good and rational margiis realise this and they
understand what garbage is going on in those groupist headquarters. In
their heart of hearts, sincere margiis know that these raging groupists
are just make a false chant unity– their unity is nothing but a farce.
Even then– knowing this– a few good and kind-hearted margiis may get
‘taken for a ride’, swindled, or duped.

And here is how it happens.

Those good margiis are standing around contemplating the scene, totally
unimpressed with the groupist call for so-called unity, and in that
moment top Dadas come to them and openly challenge, ‘Baba wants that
there must be unity, so join in– do not isolated yourself or act as an
outcaste, fulfill your debt to Guru’. This is what such groupists say.
And if still that good margii does not join their groupist parade, then
those top Dadas will go one step further. They will say, ‘Everyone look,
here we have someone who is going against Baba’s will, let this fellow
shed his ego and come walk with us– arm in arm, and let unity be
attained’. Then, under that extreme pressure and humiliation, some
innocent margiis might join that so-called unity movement.

Or here is another way that it might happen.

A margii might understand perfectly that a particular groupist camp is
making a false band of unity, but within his own mind, that margii may
think that, ‘My only option is to join them and then together we can
bring forth a platform based on unity– because at any cost unity must
be achieved’. In their naivete, a few may be thinking like this. And in
that way they get scooped up into a groupist parade etc. But the result
will not be at all good, because unity cannot be achieved when the very
first step is away from ideology. So none should think that they have no
other option but to join one team or another. Rather we should always
stand on the pillars of AM ideology– whether we are surrounded by
others or not. Because it is ideology– not numbers– that is the key to
attaining unity. That is Baba’s clear-cut mandate.


So we must be careful. Because in the name of unity, various factional
leaders may try so many ploys, or stunts, and in one way or another this
or that margii might get roped in– some might fall prey to those
groupist schemes of fake unity. That is why Baba says we must be wary of
such an unwanted scenario.

Baba says, “They will try to unite the people forcibly through the
pressure of governmental [or groupist] machinery….by the steamroller
of governmental [groupist] machinery, but such unity is not at all
desirable.” (TTP)

Thus one must never succumb or give way to groupist pressure thinking
that by this way unity will be found.

Secondly, nor should one rationalise in their own mind, ‘What is the use
of remaining where I am when so many are rushing to join one or another
team, better I should also join one crew and then think about ideology’.
This type of quick-fix or band-aid solution also has no value.

Verily, neither of these two approaches are going to work. And history
has proven this time and time again.


In the past, during the Indian Independence movement, the various Indian
leaders left any high ideals aside and just opted to make a push to get
the power– as if afterwards, later on, they would be able to get things
proper and create a united India. But it never happened.

Rather everything just went from bad to worse. Instead of creating a
unified India, they cracked and divided the country into pieces–
causing untold bloodshed, riots, and hatred for years and decades to
come. Still, more than half a century later, still it is going on and it
shows no signs of dissipating.


Here the point is that for unity to be achieved, one must live by a high
ideal from the very outset, from the very beginning, and never deviate
one inch from that stand. Otherwise one is only inviting trouble.

Baba says, “We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we
allow others to do so. One cannot promote human welfare if one bothers
too much about public criticism, about the reaction in the papers or
among the voters.” (NSS, Disc: 14)

Thus when various groupists try to preach unity by mixing together so
many selfish agendas– like getting the stage at DMS, or grabbing half
of Ananda Nagar, or giving lip-service to fixing AM Publications, or
half-heartedly sponsoring a peace meeting, or so many things– then we
must not be lulled, tempted, or duped. That type of khicuri unity has no
redeeming value whatsoever. Rather it is just plain rubbish. Hence, we
should stand firm by our ideological base. Then and only then can true
unity be formed.


Unity does not mean throwing a stone on the head of some group
boss and then calling everyone around to join in. Nor does
unity come from so many other groupist ploys.

By Baba’s grace real unity is achieved by followings His tenets,
teachings, and guidelines and implementing those in our practical lives.
In these trying times in our Marga, riddled by groupism, keeping our AM
ideology close to heart is the only way to proceed. And verily with this
ideal, unity will be attained– it is ours, by His grace.

Baba says, “To live in peace and harmony, there must be a supreme
ideology accepted by all, because whenever there are ideological
differences, physical conflicts between individuals and groups are bound
to occur, and peaceful social life becomes impossible.” (NSS, Disc: 2)

Ram Sahay

Food Problems and Their Solution II

Baba says, “In the event of shortages in the food and accommodation of
the population of the world, people will convert uncultivated land into
new arable land, increase the productivity of the soil by scientific
methods, produce food by chemical processes with earth, water and air,
and if this earth decreases in its productivity, then land seeking human
beings will migrate to different planets and satellites and settle
there.” (PNS-13, p.45)


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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 07:13:46
From: V.J.K. Rajpurhit
Subject: Their Fall From Grace


“Sakal bha’ver a’dha’r tumi, toma’r na’me ja’i go mete…” – P.S. no. 787


Baba, You are the base of all ideations. By Your grace I am divinely
intoxicated in Your name and song. Within my lonely eyelids I have an
incessant desire to get You.

Baba, the whole universe is filled with Your form. My mind is resonating
in Your tune and melody. In fact, all the rhythms and all the songs have
come on this earth to sing Your glory.

Baba, the whole sky is filled with Your effulgence. Your august arrival
has changed darkness into effulgence. And the iron door of the jail is
pulverized into dust. All the dogma has disappeared. The whole universe
is filled with Your divine effulgence.

Baba, everyone is ensconced in singing Your name…


I remember that when I visited India before 1990, then our Wts commanded
huge respect. All margiis viewed our acaryas with great reverence– and
deservedly so. Those who were in AM those days surely also remember this.

However, since 1990, that respect has been waning such that at this
present moment the overall regard for Wts is at an all-time low. And
this also is not unwarranted.

Here then is a look into how this shocking scenario has taken place:
Where in such a short span of time the overall status of our acaryas has
plunged deep down into the lower echelons of our AM society.

I also recognise that there are some workers who margiis still regard
quite highly; so we should also look into that phenomenon as well. How
is it that some Wts have rightly maintained their dignified place as a
wholetime worker for Baba.

Lastly, those with experiences and stories about this topic are highly
encouraged to share their insights.


Those pre-1990 days were truly special; we all viewed our acaryas as
being extensions of Baba. Everyone felt special to be in the company of
our Wts. Why is it? Was it magic? Why did our workers seem so vibrated
those days?

Well there are any number of theories that might account for this, but
the underlying factor or root cause is one: Proper conduct.

Those days Baba was adamant that all Wts must follow all the various
codes of conduct. This pressure was placed on every worker as they knew
that Baba would surely point out any laxness in this regard. So from
morning till night, from their pre-dawn cold bath till their final
sadhana before sleep, all our workers were vigilant to follow all
conduct rules as closely as possible.

And this adherence to the system had a big effect on their being.
Because all Baba’s divine guidelines aim towards turning human beings
into veritable gods. Thus when our workers were sincerely involved in
that pre-1990 era of carefully following all the conduct rules, then
they really were on the path of life divine. And their vibration
reflected this. That is why we all wanted to be near our acaryas.

The force behind this great revolutionary era was, of course, Baba’s
ever-watchful eye. For that reason Wts were strict in following the
conduct rules and the result was quite evident.


Astonishingly, a terrible ‘fall from grace’ has happened with many of
our Wts. And here again the cause can be attributed to one root point:
Poor conduct.

Little by little with each and every passing day, month, and year, many
of our Wts began to lose their habit of following those dharmic codes of
conduct. It happened slowly, drop by drop, until finally we have found
ourselves in the mud puddle that exists today.

Because with Baba not physically present to exert pressure on our wts,
and with Centre taking a blind eye towards wrongdoings and degrading
behaviour, then all workers were just free to follow their various
degrading vrttis. And that is what has happened.

Here it is not that all fell directly into sex etc. This happened to
some and that we all know about.

Rather the more over-arching problem was the fall into materialistic
values. That is the general trend that has happened to the majority of
workers. Instead of chasing after Baba and His dharmic ideals, our Wts
have taken to chasing after iPods, laptops, automobiles, video this, and
MP3 that etc.

Indeed some margiis have commented that now many of our Wts are like
teenagers chasing after the latest gizmos and gadgets. This has become
the common episode. And it is not just a superficial occurrence but has
rather filtered into the mentality of our acarya culture.

Because nowadays respect is generated within the Wts ranks based on what
gadget one has and what car one drives. That is the debased mentality
that has taken over. That is how they get their prestige: On what object
they own, not on the depth of their sadhana. Until finally there are
Citkrsnananda type of Dadas who are wholly dedicated for their own
financial gain and nothing else. In that case, heavy-duty Swiss Bank
Accounts entering into the tens of millions become the order of the day.

Tragically this has the scene that has taken over these days. That is
why many margiis and even other Wts have commented that rather than
having acaryas who have dedicated their lives to Baba and dharma, we now
have workers who have given their all to 21st century materialism.

And the root cause behind it all is the failure to follow the conduct
rules. That vigilance is gone from our Wts ranks. There are a few who
sincerely follow and they have the respect of margiis accordingly, but
the general trend is that any Wt can do as they like and no one will say
anything about it. There is no external pressure from Centre or from
their supervisors. Reason being their moral standard is also quite low.
In that way, for the typical wt, their daily routine has become more
mundane and their mental pabulum has become terribly materialistic.
Because they are allowed to degrade themselves and fall into the common
flow of the general society, as no one is there to point them out.


Here again it should be reiterated that the problem is not a subtle one.
It is not that some Wts are faltering in pursuing the higher aspects of
life or that some Wts are not using a scrubber to wash their backsides.
The issue is not nearly so subtle or minute. Rather the mass of our wts
are totally drowned night and day in crude de-based behaviour that can
be witnessed with anyone’s crude eyes. And it is this blatant disregard
for the most obvious of conduct rules that is the chief issue at hand.
When this gets resolved then we can work on higher values and less
blatant shortcomings.


Is it any wonder than that when our wts are immersed in the chase after
material things that margiis are giving less money to acaryas.

Because when when a visiting worker shows up with a fancy travel bag
filled with the latest marvels of the world of technology, then those
family margiis, who themselves are struggling for their own survival,
think, ‘It seems this worker does not need any money as he has far more
gadgets than my entire family’.

Likewise when a margii enters into a jagriti and sees various workers in
their own rooms watching the latest and greatest on their portable,
wireless video palm-tops, then margiis think: ‘What is the need to give
such workers money. They can already afford everything that they want.
And not only that, they are not going to use the money for mission
work.’ This is that idea that comes to the minds of so many margiis.

So really, this has all led to an drastic reduction in donations given
to our Wts. And that hurts those sincere workers the most– i.e. those
who really are doing Baba’s work and need financial support. Yet it is
the undeniable trend that much less funds are being given to our workers.


In the face of this degradation of our Wts, their status in the Marga is
now most ordinary or even lower than that. No doubt groupism is at an
all-time high, but any wt on their own can redeem themselves by keeping
proper conduct. But in the absence of that, margiis find there is little
redeeming value of such workers. For, if they are not dedicating their
lives for Baba and acting accordingly, then what use are they– how can
we even call them acarya.

Unfortunately, in some sparse corners, a few margiis, here and there,
are almost rejoicing in this fall of our acaryas. And there are some
margiis who seem to take great delight in kicking our wts. As if,
finally they got the chance to step on them. A few margiis seem to
behave in this way in that they seem happy that our wts have lost their
flow and now they themselves can be top-notch in AM. But this is not the

Overall it is a shame and terribly unfortunate that this disgraced fall
has happened within our Wt ranks. It would have been far better if our
Wts had been able to rise to the occasion and maintain a strict
spiritual and dharmic flow amongst the cadre. That would have been a
great boon for our Marga & the general society. So many great works & so
much pracara could have been done.

Hence, the fact that our Wts have fallen into mire is nothing to
celebrate. Rather I yearn for those pre-90 days when our Wts were verily
second gods. And surely by Baba’s grace and with the hard work and
cooperation of all, such glorious days will return where our Wts are tops.


Our acaryas are meant to stand as the real leaders of society. There is
no doubt about that. Their role is unprecedented as they are the
veritable pioneers who by their conduct and compassion will bring smiles
to the faces of the suffering and inspire young and old alike to adhere
to the tenets of spiritual life. This is their true glory. Family
margiis can also lead but the leadership of our Wts is a vastly needed
element for the welfare of the world. And when that is absent, the
result is not at all good. That is Baba’s strict warning.

Baba says, “Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and
there is one reason: the defective leadership of society…True leaders
should always be vigilant and think how to work best for human society.”
(AV-31, ‘Conduct of Acarya’)

So when our Wts have fallen away from the acarya code of conduct, then
that has a distinct domino effect. First and foremost then junior wts
will be less inclined to follow those rules. And then that laxness will
spread throughout the entire society.

That is why Baba strongly emphasizes proper behaviour within our acarya
ranks, otherwise things will not bode well for the Marga and the society
on the whole.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a
small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a’ca’rya. Just as it is
the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good
conduct, an a’ca’rya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and
word.” (AV-31, ‘Conduct of Acarya’)

So without the proper conduct of our acaryas– without them giving up
their lust for material pursuits such as iPods etc– then society will
never be able to advance.


The solution to this whole problem is two-fold. Firstly, it is important
for family margiis to help resuscitate our acarya culture. Oxygen should
be administered little by little until our Wts regain their feet. And
that ‘oxygen’ should come in the form of soft and gentle words, urging
workers to abide by Baba’s guidelines, if they are remiss in this
regard. This is one of Baba’s special teachings for building a strong wt
cadre and a healthy society.

Baba says, “All Ananda Margis, when they see other margis acting against
the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either
by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly. Thus they will
have to make the society strong. Henceforth I direct every Ananda Margi
to keep strict vigilance on other Ananda Margi to make them practise the
principles of yama and niyama.” (GHC, ‘How to Live in Society’)

So it is our duty to respectfully yet firmly point out the defects as
they occur. Best is to first use gentle words in private and only
increase the circumstantial pressure when needed.


The second half to the issue is for acaryas to take it upon themselves
to re-evaluate their lives and take the firm determination to live a
life fully based on Baba’s ideals. And then step by step this will
become a reality. Be strict on kiirtan, sadhana, asanas, and a sentient
diet, and then naturally all the rest of the pieces will fall neatly
into place. And indeed that high standard is what Baba wants for our
acarya cadre.

Baba says, “Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others
should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They
and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development
and shreya. Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by
their own conduct are called a’ca’ryas.” (AV-31, ‘Conduct of Acarya’)

And indeed, right now those Wts who follow the proper conduct are highly
regarded and respected by margiis. And deservedly so. Whereas those Wts
who just wear their saffron robe for show are systemically humiliating
themselves and our Marga.


By Baba’s grace, our Marga will quickly regain its form. As margiis and
acaryas point out those Wts for their misconduct and as acaryas redouble
their efforts to lead a spiritual life, we will surely see fast results
and the cleaning of our Marga.

Baba says, “O human beings! You are fortunate. The clarion call of the
Universal has reached you. That very call is vibrating in every cell of
your body. Will you now lie inert in the corner of your house? Will you
now waste your time clutching ancient skeletons to your breast and
moaning over them? The Supreme Being is calling you in the roar of the
ocean, in the thunder of the clouds, in the speed of the lightning, in
the meteor’s flaming fires. Nothing will come of remaining idle. Get up
and awaken the clouded chivalry of your dormant youth. The path may not
be strewn with flowers – an inferiority complex may seek to hold back
your every advancing footstep, but even then you have to proceed onward,
tearing the shroud of darkness. You will soon rend the thick darkness of
despair on the way to the attainment of the Supreme State, and advance
onwards in the swift-moving chariot, radiant with the sun’s brilliance.”



Baba says, “At the time of kiirtana, the vocal cord sings, the ears
hear, and the hands and feet dance, and thus all the organs are kept
preoccupied with the divine. They are not allowed to move wherever they
want but are kept engaged. There is a popular Indian superstition that
when ghosts are not kept busy they break the necks of their prey. Similarly,
if the sensory and motor organs are not kept engaged in the attainment of the
divine, they may lead one astray. Kiirtana is therefore most beneficial as
it keeps all the organs fully engaged in a spiritual pursuit. However, while
doing kiirtan, if one listens to anything else, the mind will be diverted.
Suppose, while doing kiirtana, one lady asks another, `Well sister, what
did you cook today?’ This will also be heard by the practitioners of
kiirtana. To prevent these undesirable sounds from being heard, it is
advisable to play some instrument during kiirtana.” (AV-8, p.13)


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Phase of Pause in Sadhana

Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 06:01:428 -0000
From: NJK Majumdar
Subject: Phase of Pause in Sadhana


“Ke go tumi ele man ma’ta’te manorathe…” (PS 412)


O’ Divine Entity, by Your grace on this auspicious morning You have
come and stirred my consciousness. You have come on a mental chariot and
divinely intoxicated my mind. You are so gracious, please tell me Who You
are. O’ Gracious One, please grace me by revealing Yourself fully.

O’ Divine One, You have come moving along the path of effulgence. You
have taken away everyone’s unit feelings and removed their personal desire.
You satiated their heart and mind by pouring Your infinite cosmic bliss.

O’ Baba, You have reached me by moving long the path of melody and tune.
Baba, by Your grace You have taken away everyone’s unit rhythm and infused
everyone by pouring Your divine cadence. You have come to sing the divine
song to everyone and satiate their heart.

Baba, with Your divine song You have inundated the entire universe; You
are ever-gracious…


As sadhakas, it is perfectly natural for us to go through “ups” & “downs”
in our practice of meditation. At the same time we all wish that we could
always be in an “up” phase. So when a “down” phase invariably comes then we
should all know what it means and how to handle it.

Recently one senior tattvika responded to my queries on this topic and with
his permission here below I am giving a summary of his replies– all of
which the senior tattvika has reviewed and approved.


As Baba discusses in so many discourses– whether about sadhana, economics,
education, social progress, quantum physics, or literature etc– each and
every movement in this universe moves along a systaltic path.

Baba says, “As you know, in this universe of ours nothing moves – no force,
no expression, no manifestation, moves – along a straight line. The
movement is always pulsative; the movement is always of systaltic order,
order of pause and start. There must be a stage of pause, and another stage
just following the stage of pause – a stage of movement.” (AV-8)

So according to Baba, the “ups” & “downs” in spiritual life are totally
natural and to be expected. And His own terminology for these “ups” &
“downs” of life are known are periods of speed and periods of pause.


Each and every sadhaka must know that sadhana itself moves in phases of
pause and speed. This is the normal and natural pathway for everyone. This
is what Baba says.

Baba says, “While doing sa’dhana’ in the spiritual sphere, the state of
pause may come. Sometimes people say, ‘How strange! A few days ago I was
having excellent meditation, but these days I can’t seem to concentrate at
all. That’s very sad.’ Or at times one may say, ‘The other day while
meditating my body began to quiver. It was quite a pleasant experience. Why
don’t I get the same experience today?’ This sort of blissful experience
during meditation or in concentration comes within the scope of
assimilation. It becomes internalized. But if it does not find any
expression within the mind, you can never experience it. Maybe after a few
days you may experience an even greater bliss during incantation or
meditation. All this means that even in the spiritual sphere also there is
pause and speed.” (PNS-7, ‘Dynamicity and Staticity)

So while we should always put forth maximum effort in sadhana and never
skip any lessons, at the same time no one should become overly concerned
when sadhana is not as good as it once was. Because it is sure that in the
near future a new period of speed will come and one will advance ahead on
the spiritual path. This is Baba’s above teaching.



Given the fact that it is an inevitably that we will experience periods of
pause in sadhana, there are certain approaches we can do to help push our
sadhana back into a period of speed.

One point is to practice our lesson of tattva dharana– or third lesson. As
we know that this energizes our being, enhances our concentration, and
purifies the cakras. So it is a very good lesson to do when experiencing a
period of pause.

Certainly though, sitting for long or even short session in viira’sana (the
posture for 3rd lesson) is not particularly easy. Because the toes are
curled underneath and there is a lot of pressure applied to the joints of
the toes.

In that case, one can place some soft clothing articles or a piece of foam
underneath one’s feet when doing third lesson. In that way viira’sana will
feel more comfortable and one will be able to remain in that position long,
thus getting the many benefits. And certainly over time doing this lesson
will become physically easier and easier in which case the sadhaka can
involve purely in the psycho-spiritual plane.


As we all know in our sahaja yoga system– i.e. the six lessons of
sadhana– the lessons can be separated into two basic catergories:
sa’dhana’ & sa’dhana’unga.

Our first lesson (iishvara pranidhana) and our sixth lesson (dhya’na) are
the only two lessons of sadhana. The former leads to mukti and the latter
brings moksa, by His grace. So those are both sadhana lessons.

Whereas our others lessons– numbers 2 through 5– are helping lessons of
sadhana known as sa’dhana’unga. These include: Madhuvidya (2nd lesson),
tattva dharana (3rd lesson), pranayama (4th lesson), and cakra shodhana
(5th lesson). All of these are helping lessons in sadhana.

The point then comes that when should one do 1st lesson and one should 6th
lesson be done. Here are some basic guidelines that everyone can try and
experiment with.

1. If one is struggling a lot in dhyana either because one cannot visualise
Baba or because one is not feeling that sweet, heart-felt connection
inside, then one can try to switch over to first lesson. Because first
lesson is comparatively easy.

2. And it should be remembered that first lesson itself is a devotional
lesson. So just after one completes the stage of cittashuddhi (the last
step of one’s withdrawal process) then before starting the practice of
mantra japa, first one infuse a strong feeling of devotional love for Baba.
And then after arousing that devotional feeling one can then repeat their
is’t’a mantra. Then that mantra japa will be fruitful by His grace. Here
the whole point is that one’s mantra repetition should be saturated with
devotional feeling and yearning for Him. That is one key point for first

3. And then as first lesson build momentum and spiritual flow and one is
getting support from the other lesson as well, then that is a good time to
again engage in the practice of dhyana.

4. So one should always remember that first lesson is easier than dhyana.
That is one point. And next is that normal dhyana is easier than very
intimate and deeper dhyana. So one should proceed according to one’s own
mental feeling.


5. We can say that the most important point is that a sadhaka should always
be natural in their approach to sadhana and not be artificial or
hypocritical. One should do as one feels.

6. For example, when a small child has a strong desire to sit on his
mother’s lap then that little baby is going to cry and cry until that
mother lifts him onto her lap. And this is quite natural and the mother
feels that she must respond to the child’s cry. Because that is the child’s
pure and natural feeling. In contrast, if that same mother also has an 18
year old son and if all of a sudden that elder son also starts crying and
crying and demanding that he be placed on his mother’s lap, then that is
not going to bear any fruit. Because the whole scene is unnatural; that is
not what 18-year-old boys are supposed to do. And no mother is going to
take such an old child onto her lap. It does not work that way. Rather
there are other ways for that 18-year-old son to get his mother’s attention
and concern. Here the whole point is that one must be natural in their

7. Similarly in sadhana also, one must follow a natural approach–
especially in dhyana. One should approach Baba and communicate with Him
according to one’s internal feeling. One should not act in any fake or
unnatural manner. Sincerity is the key for progress in dhyana.

8. There are some who may say that dhyana is the only lesson that one
should practice– but that is not at all proper. Rather all the lessons
have their utility and speciality, and they all help promote deeper dhyana.
So the way to develop a sweet and more intimate feeling in dhyana is by
doing all the six lessons and by being sincere and true in dhyana.


9. And perhaps the most important point in sadhana is to directly ask help
from Baba. One may repeat, ‘I cannot do anything, I am helpless, so Baba
please grace me so I may move towards You’. Requesting His grace in this
way will invariably help one to move ahead on the path. This type of
constant request is needed for getting His grace. And certainly this type
of request should be carried out with all the sweet and sincere feelings of
one’s heart. Only then will it be successful. And this whole entire concept
of asking got Baba’s grace is His direct guideline. Baba teaches us that
each and every sa’dhaka should do like this.

Baba says, “They will have to approach Parama Purusa with these words:
‘Parama Purusa I want to move towards You, but I do not have sufficient
strength to move. Please give me strength, I want to move on.” (SS-18, p.


Note: All the above points are a senior tattvika’s explanation of points
originally given by Baba Himself. And by His grace all these guidelines
help a sadhaka in sadhana, especially if one is experiencing a period of
pause. Whereas when one is in a period of speed then by His grace all the
lessons are flowing naturally and one becomes completely lost in the ocean
of Cosmic Bliss.

A New Era of Spiritual Age Will Be Coming

Spontaneous Spiritual Experience in Tomorrow’s Humans

Baba says, “To move ahead from physicality to intellectuality is the
Proutistic order. It is the surest movement of human life — it is the
surest movement of human destiny…human beings will be making tremendous
progress in the realms of intellectuality and intuition. The human beings
of that future age will be very sensitive. The efferent nerves will be more
active than the afferent nerves, and subtle experiences will be more common
than they are now. Today human beings seldom have subtle experiences, but
in the future they will occur naturally and spontaneously.” (PNS-17, p.36)


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