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This entire posting is composed of 2 parts:
(1) Posting: Here Is Our Measuring Scale #1;
(2) Prabhat Samgiita #2945


As we look around, we see various people conducting themselves in different ways. Some actions are deemed as “civilised”, whereas other actions are looked upon as “uncivilised.”

In addition, there are many who consider themselves to be quite civilised when in fact they routinely engage in uncivilised behaviours.

So we should examine what it means to be civilised, as well as understand that each particular case should be looked upon independently. We should refrain from making sweeping generalisations.


According to Ananda Marga philosophy, a person is civilised if their action and overall conduct is supported by logic, reasoning, and rationality.

“We may call those human acts and behaviour civilized that give evidence of this discriminative judgement, in a great measure.” (1)

Here below Baba furthermore describes what it means to be civilised.

“I would say, the greater the support of judgement in action and behaviour, the better shall be the expression and development of civilization.” (2)

So those actions supported by intellect and a keen sense of discrimination (viveka) are civilised.



Here are a few examples for consideration:

1. If instead of attending to their trash in a responsible manner, someone is taking garbage away from their house and dumping it on the road, then that action is uncivilised. In other realms of life that person might be civilised, but he is uncivilised on this point of trash disposal and dropping it on the public road where it will become a hazard. So that action is uncivilized because it is devoid of logic and reasoning. If an entire community adopts this method of throwing trash in the street then we can say that entire community is uncivilised on this specific point.

Here again we should remind ourselves of Baba’s teaching about what it means to act in a civilised manner.

“I would say, the greater the support of judgement in action and behaviour, the better shall be the expression and development of civilization.” (3)

So when any person tosses their trash on the street in a thoughtless manner that action is deemed as uncivilised.

2. Similarly, if a person is passing stool on the road because they are too lazy or apathetic to adhere to a more conscientious approach, then that person is uncivilised. The civilised approach is to dig a small hole in an isolated, forested place and then cover it up accordingly. So civilisation – or being civilised – is not a function of economics, but a matter of conscious and considerate action.

For instance, if a moneyed person has a modern bathroom with a flush toilet and marble tiles, but if after defecating or urination they only use toilet paper (blotting paper) and do not use water to clean themselves, then the person is uncivilised – with regards to that particular action. Because their approach to health and hygiene is of a very low standard. Only using paper will not clean the affected area. So it is an uncivilised approach. Whereas, a person who urinates or defecates in the forest and covers it properly and washes his front and backside with water thoroughly is quite civilised. Thus economics is not the operative factor in determining who is civilized.

“I would say, the greater the support of judgement in action and behaviour, the better shall be the expression and development of civilization.” (4)

The overall principle is that those actions supported by logic, reasoning, and rationality are civilised. To go against these tenets is to indulge in uncivilised dealings.

3. Then there are some people who do not want anyone to harm them. If they are punched, cut, or knifed by anyone they will be very upset and furious. And they certainly do not want anyone to kill them. Yet these very same persons are quite comfortable killing animals in order to eat them. Such persons have access to plenty of sentient food and they are not about to die of starvation, even then they insist on butchering and ingesting animals. On this point, that person is uncivilised. Because they fail to use their intellect and sense of compassion to understand that just as they themselves do not want to be harmed or killed, similarly those poor defenseless animals do not wish to be harmed or killed. That is why this person is uncivilised – at least on this particular point of senselessly killing and eating animals.

4. Then there are some who resort to illegal drugs and banned substances or use alcohol in order to feel “happy” etc, but this approach is not at all supported by rationality and logic. To find happiness the mind must be in a balanced state, yet drugs and alcohol put the mind in a depraved state where one can never find happiness or contentment – rather that person will act like an addicted fiend. That is why we say that on the point of drugs and alcohol, this person is uncivilised. If they use their innate sense of logic and reasoning, they can easily understand that alcohol and drugs are harmful. Since they fail to act in the proper manner we can say that their action is uncivilised.

“We may call those human acts and behaviour civilized that give evidence of this discriminative judgement, in a great measure.” (5)


Here I wish to close with these thoughts:

(a) There is an existing stereotype that the western, materialistic nations are deemed as civilised, whereas certain so-called developing nations in the east as well as in the southern hemisphere are not civilised. This is an entirely wrong analysis and in Ananda Marga we do not subscribe to such generalisations. As we know being civilised cannot be bought, sold, or traded; being civilised means acting in a way that is supported by logic, reasoning, and rationality. For that one need not live in a particular place or own any particular object. Only one must act with a developed sense of viveka (rational discrimination).

(b) So this point of civilisation is related with conduct and to be evaluated on a case by case basis. A person may be civilised in one sphere but uncivilised in another. Similarly, we cannot say that any particular country is 100% civilised and that another country is 100% uncivilised. Not every person in every country is cent-per-cent the same. There are variations between individuals as well as a range of dynamics within a particular individual. That is why we evaluate who is civilised on a case by case, action by action basis. At best we can say, if there is a prevailing trend, that many or most are inclined in a particular way. But never can we wholly declare any specific place or land as perfectly civilised or uncivilised, always. Rather we must look at each case, each incident, independently.

(c) In our Ananda Marga also we see things unfolding in a similar manner. Margiis know that caste marriages and the dowry system are wrong, so if any are still following those rituals then they are uncivilised – on that point. They may be civilised on points of hygiene etc, but on this point of marriage and dowry they are uncivilised. Likewise every Ananda Margii knows that groupism is bad and against neo-humanistic principles etc, so if they are following groupism then they are uncivilised – in that sphere of life. On other avenues, they may be dharmic i.e. civilised, but on the point of groupism they are dogmatic, i.e. unrefined.

(d) Another key point is that there is a distinct link between science and civilisation. The general flow now is that civilisation is lagging behind. That means that the large majority of scientific advancements are directed toward uncivilised behaviour. And this invites one’s ruination. That is what we see happening nowadays with pop films, music, dance, video, drama etc. So much of what science has to offer is used in ways that degrade the mind. That brings psychic degeneration. That is why we say that civilisation is lagging behind. People are not using scientific achievement and the latest technologies in a rational way. Rather people are using such inventions to plunge the mind deeper into pseudo-culture and degrading activities. That is the sad state of affairs in this present era.


“In the present age, civilization is on the wane due to science enjoying the pride of place. But developed as science is today, if civilization is pushed up again to the top, people can reach a greater height than ever before.” (6)

Here are some of Baba’s related teachings on this topic.


“What we see in the market place and railway stations is the exhibition of half-clad street beggars and lepers – all stretching out their begging bowls, the only means of earning their livelihood. They are fortunate if anybody contemptuously flings a copper coin at them. The old blind beggars wait all day long at the bridge and lift their bowls as soon as someone walks past them. Their shrill cries fall on deaf ears only. On the other hand, the affluence of foods kept ready in luxurious houses to entertain the big guns of society ridicules the present human civilization.” (7)


“If “a life for a life” is considered an unassailable principle of justice, then there is nothing more to say. But remember that born criminals commit their crimes due to their physical or psychic abnormalities; are not the so-called civilized people who make no effort to cure such born criminals, guilty of the same crime? Does not capital punishment amount to cutting off the head to get rid of a headache? In my opinion to take the life of a born criminal of this type is as much a crime as it would be to pass a death sentence on a patient just because we could not cure the person’s illness. It is the duty of a civilized society to arrange for born criminals to be cured of their ailments. Killing them to lighten the burden caused by their lives is certainly not indicative of a developed civilization.” (8)


“The vanity expressed by the so-called civilized human beings of today is extremely dangerous. These people hide the cruder propensities of the mind under the cloak of sweet words and decent behaviour. They are more harmful to the well-being of the human race than the so-called uncivilized humans, because they are hypocrites. The defects of the uncivilized humans pale into insignificance before their abominable hypocrisy. The uncivilized humans of the past may have killed twelve people at most in the battles they fought with bows, arrows, sticks and spears, but the so-called civilized human beings of today kill millions of unarmed, innocent people indiscriminately with their dreadful and lethal weapons. Human society of today is being exploited by the so-called civilized people. Such people should not make themselves look ridiculous by claiming otherwise.” (9)


“To be civilized means to give a refined form to everything, and it is inseparably connected with education. But if refinement takes second place and hypocritical behaviour becomes the primary means of expression, that cannot be called civilization or education. If a man who is invited to a dinner party only nibbles at the savouries, saying, “I am sorry, I cannot eat any more,” then goes home to devour a hearty meal and later brags that he eats very little, an impression of abstemiousness may be created in the minds of others, but there is a complete lack of straightforwardness in his behaviour. In modern society many aspects of civilization and education are of this sort.” (10)


“However, there is at this time a class of self-styled scholars who want to establish separate clubs for themselves for no particular reason. Is there any altruistic motive behind their demand? None at all. The actual reason is that they feel that if they mix with the illiterate masses their social prestige will be undermined. If you investigate more deeply, you will generally find that in such “gentlemen’s clubs” immorality is rampant and wine flows in abundance. Should we, then, consider the members of these clubs to be civilized, cultured and educated scholars while other people are uncivilized, uncultured and uneducated fools? Such silly nonsense propagated in the name of civilization cannot be allowed to continue.” (11)


“As you know, all are the progeny of the same Supreme Progenitor. He created this universe and He created this material world, as well as His living children. Now, when he created the material world, the inanimate world, the plants and the human beings, common sense says that the entire world belongs to His children irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality, standard of education, standard of wisdom, or standard of physical, mental or spiritual strength. It is the vested interests, with their mean and base motives, that create disparity among living creatures, especially among human beings. So those who exploit others and want to enjoy this created world by depriving others of their legitimate and paternal rights, are the enemies of society. They are the enemies of humanity, and they are the enemies of the cultured and civilized world.” (12)


“Black people did not lag behind either. True, compared with other races their contribution to human civilization is less impressive, not because of their racial inferiority, but because the so-called civilized races (for their selfish political interests) deprived them of sufficient scope in their development. Furthermore, the hostile natural environment did not allow introversion of their psychic potentialities.” (13)


“Once I heard about a doctor, standing by the bed of a poor, distressed patient, who said in an authoritarian way, “You must pay my fees at once. I won’t listen to any excuses.” A poor relative of the patient left the house in despair, borrowed money by giving an IOU, and paid the doctor’s bill. I doubt whether a country can be considered civilized if the strictest reform measures are not taken against such human demons.” (14)

in Him,

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******** Prabhat Samgiita #2945

“Saba’re kari a’hva’n saba’i a’ma’r pra’n’…” (P.S. 2945)


The clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone is my pra’n’a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal– Parama Purus’a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or neglected. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another. Everyone’s desires, aspirations, and hopes are the same. We are all moving on one path by the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness…

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From: “Herb Marmlestein”
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Subject: How Western Civilisation is Going to Fall
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2009 07:24:29


PS Intro: This song symbolizes the holy advent of Mahasambhuti. When
He comes He infuses His divine vibration throughout each and every pore
of this expressed universe– in which case everything blossoms into
something positive.

In this present era, the divine vibrational wave
which Baba has emanated through His varabhaya and januspharsha mudras is
transforming everything. Now we are witnessing the divine results of
this across the entire planet. Everyone’s whole way of thinking is
changing from dogma-centered to God-centered. People are becoming
neo-humanistic. This grand transformation is going on everywhere; it is
not limited just to our AM society. Rather the entire globe– all human
beings– is involved.

This below song represents the grand idea that
when Taraka Brahma comes then there is a holistic shift of
consciousness. Negative people become afraid and good people rise up
courageously and become firm on the path of dharma. This type of grand
transformation is taking place right now, by Baba’s grace. And that is
exactly what this song says.

“Esecho nat’araj anekdiner pare a’j…” (PS 4595)


O’ Nataraj, O’ Lord, after ages and ages You have come today. It is
Your grace. O’ Dhurjat’i, Your matted locks are dancing so beautifully.
In all the three lokas, in the three realms, the demons are fearful and

O’ Divine Entity, by Your grace You have transformed everyone. Those
who were sleeping, those downtrodden who were neglected and humiliated
in the world, those without respect or recognition in the society, and
those humans who were feeling defeated and sunk in woe– they have all
become awakened due to Your auspicious advent. By Your grace their
drowsiness has been smashed. They have gotten new life. Now they are
full of happiness and joy. O’ Lord, You are so gracious.

O’ Divine Entity, Your drum, bugle, and horn are resonating all
around. In all the ten directions and across the entire horizon, Your
victory call is resounding. O’ Prabhu, the feeling of dharma has been
aroused among all. Everyone has understood what is vice and what is
virtue– what is dogma and what is rationality. By Your grace the people
have experienced a shift of consciousness. Their outlook has become
dharmic and spiritual. O’ my Lord, by Your grace the eclipse of the moon
has been removed. Now the darkness is gone. You have made everything

O Lord, You have done everything for us; I do sastaunga pranam at
Your alter…


When any society is powerful then naturally those inhabitants think
their place at the top will last forever. Those in Rome thought the
Roman empire would last forever, same with those living in the Egyptian
empire. Neither could conceive of their collapse. And that is the case
with all such cases, including today’s western civilization.

The basic rule is that those at the top think that their greatness will
endure across time and space – indefinitely.

With that complacency comes indulgence. They think no matter what they
do their place at the pinnacled point is reserved forever. Invariably
however, that situation changes. Their place at the top cannot last.
With the rise of indulgence etc, it is not long before that society is
struggling hard to lift its own jaw off the ground after its hard fall
into the crust of the earth.

We should look back at the past and apply those principles to today’s
western society. For years – i.e. centuries – the west has been exerting
its will, controlling others, and gaining a higher and higher stature.

By examining Baba’s precepts, it is quite apparent that the fall of
western civilisation is imminent.


In His discourse, “The Future of Civilization”, Baba looks back at
various civilizations that were at the top – they seemed to have no peer
– yet they fell.

This happened to the Arabs, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks, the
Romans. They all fell. And in His discourse Baba points out the cause.

They fell either to due internal demise, i.e. weakness stemming from
their own society, or due to external influence, i.e. by attacks from
the outside. Most often though it was a combination of the two.

In general it is the advancement of science that puts a particular
civilisation at the top. This was the case with the Egyptians and it is
the case of today’s western civilisation as well. The Egyptians had the
pyramids, mummies and so many other engineering and scientific feats.
They seemed unparalleled in so many ways – yet they fell – they were
overrun by outsiders.

Similar is the case of the Romans. They had everything in terms of
advancement and progress, but due to internal dissension they met their
demise. Due to all kinds of extreme social disparities, such as slavery
etc, their society crumbled as there was massive unrest from within due
to the “haves” and “have nots”. By that point, they were no match for

Baba says, “The Christian or Roman civilization was also considerably
higher on the ladder of development. Yet they were lacking in social
outlook. There were no feelings of fraternity and equality. The slave
system was rampant and human feelings were on the wane. Furthermore, the
lack of a proper socio-economic theory generated a kind of fascist
mentality in them. Those rolling in luxury and adverse to labour became
indolent. Naturally they were defeated by a stronger and more strenuous
force.” (AFPS-6)

Baba’s main point is that either due to their own complacency or
indulgence ruling societies fall prey to outside invaders who are more
vigilant and disciplined, or due to lack of social equality and social
unrest a society implodes from within. Or it may be due to a combination

Another factor that comes into play is that of metamorphosis. This is
when a ruling civilization slowly, even unknowingly starts to adopt
other ways until finally over time they have totally changed from the
society they once were.

In the past, so many ruling society fell from power for these reasons.
Nobody could imagine their demise, but it happened. The situation is
strikingly similar to the west today.


To some or more degree, all of the above indicators are rampant in the
west. Due to indulgence and complacency they are getting beat at their
own game of capitalism; due to extreme disparity of wealth there is
growing social unrest, and little by little the west is leaving their
own principles of life and adopting eastern ways of doing.

For all these reasons and more, today’s western society is heading for a
big fall. Those aware about Baba’s teachings will not be at all
surprised – and they will be best in position to help others.


The way things are headed in the west either it will implode internally,
be overrun externally (or a combination thereof), or metamorphose into
something totally different. At present all these things are going on.

1) Due to extreme capitalism there is vast disparity of wealth. This
creates huge internal dissension. When the common people can no longer
afford hearth & home, nor food and drink, then that society is on the
brink of disaster. This is what we see happening in the so-called
developed or advanced nations in the west.

2) The selfishness and materialism of the west is also ruining the
mentality of the people. Now more than ever before there is a wave of
psychic diseases and troubles, everything from extreme angst and
frustration to depression to suicide etc.

3) The west is losing ground to “developing” nations in all the realms
that led them to the top. The financial debt to the eastern world is a
huge burden and can easily lead to their being swallowed up by a severe
economic collapse. In which case western nations will surely fall prey
to others.

Note: The above points speak to either internal demise or external
encroachment. And if we analyse further the current conditions in the
west, this list will grow by dozens and dozens of points. The above is a
mere sampling of indicators.

4) This next point deals with metamorphosis. At present, Christianity is
taking a hard hit in the west. People are no longer the ardent followers
they once were. Many are token Christians and are actually more
interested in eastern ways such as yoga and Buddhism etc. They label
themselves as Christian yet all their life habits are slowly moving
toward eastern life practices. This methodical transformation is well
underway. So many Christian followers practice yoga or meditation and
not only that but the Christian establishment has come up with their own
form of yoga. With this ongoing trend, the rituals and traditions of
Christianity will only be an afterthought as the whole society has
metamorphosed into something else. This will be a slow, gradual approach
until the transformation is mostly complete. We might see such a radical
change in as short as two decades.

All the above presentations speak to the impending fall of western
civilisation as we know it. We should prepare ourselves so we are not a
hapless victim of its fall, but rather a knowledgeable observer who can
help and guide others.


It is not that every society must fall. That is not the natural order.
Baba has given the key ingredient needed in order for any society to
flourish across time and space. So long as these six factors are
present, then that society will continue to be a healthy, stable, and
prosperous one.

Baba says, “The six factors which guide society, which make it vibrate
in bliss and dance in bliss when its different entities realize the
fullness of existence in every fibre of their existence, are the
s’ad’ara’h sama’ja cakra [six spokes of the social cycle].” (NKS, Disc: 26)

Those six are: (1) spiritual practice, (2) spiritual ideology, (3)
social outlook, (4) socio-economic theory, (5) scripture and (6) preceptor.

Baba says, “The entire social structure is dependent on these six
factors.” (AFPS-6)

Thus, to the degree those six factors are present is the degree to which
that civilization is stable. To the degree those factors are absent is
the degree to which that society is prone to fall.

Baba says, “About one thousand five hundred years ago, Arabs were very
developed in science. But they were defeated by the Islamic wave, for
they were lacking in the six aforesaid factors, while the latter had at
least five of them.” (AFPS-6)

At present, western civilization is severely lacking in most every
category. The big fall that is bound to take place in the west is not at
all a surprise to those familiar with Baba’s guidelines.

Baba says, “In the future also, for want of the six factors of bhati
(progress) the extinction of a concerned group of people is sure to
happen.” (PNS-6)

We should prepare ourselves mentally and be vigilant. Then we will be in
the best position possible to help and serve others during this
difficult time. If we too are swallowed up in shock, then we will not be
able to render our social and moral duties and bring relief the suffering.

One thing to note here, just because the west falls does not necessarily
mean that there will be a great rise of the east. To succeed, one must
not just defeat or take over another, but that society also must
inculcate the six spokes. So it is not that the eastern hemisphere is
necessarily set-up for a long and prosperous rule. Tragically, the east
also is moving towards western values. So we should keep that in mind as


There is no question that the vacuum created by the fall of western
civilisation needs to be filled by the tenets of Ananda Marga. Baba has
fully given all six spokes in our AM philosophy. There is no want –
there is no lacking principle.

Even though there is no lacuna in AM teachings, groupist leaders have
dragged in dogmas like Mahaprayan and scriptural distortions and by
that we have lost at least two of the six spokes. This is indeed not
just a tragedy but a danger as well.

Unfortunately at present we have not been able to integrate Baba’s
teachings into our own living patterns within AMPS. Within our own
acarya structure itself there is social disparity, social unrest. There
is a class of haves and there is a class of have-nots. Plus we suffer
from other weak points due to our own shortcomings, such a wide-spread

Such problems stem from those groupist leaders – because most margiis
and wts in AM have a pure heart and wish to see Baba’s teachings implemented.
Only the group leaders are a problem, So long as they are not rectified and alive,
then their presence is tantamount to having cancer in the body. It must be
cut away, otherwise survival is not possible.

The only remedy is to look anew at Baba’s divine guidelines and bring
those into being in our individual and collective life. Failing that we
will meet the same fate as so many civilizations in the past. Whereas if
we are able to sincerely involve in AM ideology, then it is sure that
ours will be the path of success. There is no doubt about it.

Baba says, “Where these factors [six spokes of the social cycle] are
present, there the movement is to wards ananda or divine bliss, and due
to this movement the chance of their elimination becomes nil. Such
groups which have the six factors in their possession will be able to
produce sadvipras.” (PNS-6)


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with all the teachings and abilities
to bring about a thriving civilisation. By adhering to His tenets and
following 16 Pts our Marga will be able to lead the humanity into that
bright new era.

Because the west as we know it will not last much longer.

Baba says, “March ahead and wage war against all difficulties, every
impediment. Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and
encumbrances cannot be more powerful than your capacity to solve them.
You are the children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be a sadvipra and make
others sadvipras also.” (PNS-6)



To gain greater knowledge on this critical topic, it is highly advisable
to carefully review and study Baba discourse, “The Future of
Civilization”, which is printed in PNS-6 and AFPS-6. It is also
available via the electronic edition of Baba’s books.

The Place of Occult Powers in AM

Baba says, “In spiritual life as well as in ordinary life, if one
retains simplicity it is helpful for the attainment of God; through this
one’s life and mind become filled with the effulgence of Parama Purusa.
This is the supreme attainment. Spying out every nook and cranny of the
eight occult powers is another name for stupidity.” (SC-2, p.149)

Note: Unfortunately in the general society people think that occult
powers themselves are the essence of spirituality. Indeed, devoid of
occult powers, such persons do not have any concept of spirituality. In
AM however it is different; it is not like that. In our Marga devotion
gets utmost importance.


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