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Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 20:44:29 +0530
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Subject: If We Follow
From: Manomohan Sanyal


“Toma’re ke cinite pa’re bolo…” (P.S. 782)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, who can recognise You, who can know You – please tell me. It is not easy to recognise You. You are always moving along Your own path. You do not care about any obstacles or hindrances. You always move ahead in Your own way, O’ my Dearmost.

Baba, You always remain with everyone, individually and collectively through Your ota and prota yoga [1]. You are with everyone always; no one is ever alone. Baba, You never hate anyone. You graciously encourage and inspire one and all to do good deeds; You fill their minds with benevolent thoughts and give them strength to go on doing great work. Baba, Your divine play is unparalleled and unfathomable.

O’ Divine Entity, O’ Baba, everything is Your expression; and, in that way You are always present. In the scorching heat of the summer sun’s hot wind, and in the cold breeze of ice-covered mountains, everywhere You are. In the deep, dark, depths at the bottom of the ocean, and in the raging heat of the mirage in the desert, everywhere You are dancing. Everything is Your expression.

In the burning heat of the desert, You provide the soothing shade of the tree. O’ Parama Purusa, You pour nectar in everyone’s heart. You saturate each and every human heart with Your divine nectar. Baba, Your ways are infinite. Your liila is beyond comparison…


[1] Ota-Prota Yoga: In Subhasita Samgraha part 17 (Gwalior DMC in 1984), Baba has given the meaning of ota yoga and prota yoga in English. Ota yoga is “individual tactuality” between Parama Purusa and the unit entity; and, prota yoga is “collective tactuality” between Parama Purusa and all the entities, simultaneously.

The above definition is exclusively describing the intimate relation between Parama Purusa and His jiivas through His ota & prota yoga. This same devotional term has been explained in a slightly different manner in the following discourse.

Baba says, “What is ota-yoga? He as the Cosmic Father has a direct relationship with each and every entity of this world…All are His affectionate children. This is His ota-yoga. Each and every entity, animate or inanimate, has a direct link with Him. Just as ota yoga means the Cosmic Father’s relationship with each entity individually, prota yoga means His relationship with all collectively.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 6)



Baba says, “You must continue doing good to society, and at the same time must fight against the bad…On the path of dharma, one is not only to do noble deeds; one must also fight against the dishonest people both are virtuous actions. There are many good people in the society – noble people engaged in noble deeds – who are not ready to fight against wrongs and injustices. This sort of passive benevolence does not really promote the cause of human progress in the world. What is desirable is to acquire virtue by doing noble deeds and fighting against all sins and crimes. Both are mandatory, both an integral part of dharma.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 8, p. 50-51)

If we follow Baba’s above mandate, our organisation will be free from all kinds of negativity. Stagnant-minded people will not get the opportunity to pollute Baba’s ideology by imposing their dogma.

Manomohan Sanyal

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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 22:25:41 -0500
From: Jitendra Deva
Subject: Think on This
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Baba says, “You are social beings. One cannot live in isolation. When
you feel thirsty, you can’t manufacture a spade, dig a well, and draw
water yourself. One person will make a spade, another will add the
wooden handle, and another will dig the well — this is how we work
collectively. This is the way for human beings to live. In all spheres
of human existence, in the aesthetic sphere as well, humanity should live
collectively. You should live in unison. You should vibrate together to
the same music. You should move in a common psychic flow. You should fight
collectively against your common enemies. Unitedly you should face all
problems, mundane and supra-mundane. In a word, you must reflect the
spirit of harmonious collective living in conformity with the spirit
of the Vedic mantra Sam’gacchadhvam’ sam’vadadhvam.” (5 April 1981)

Baba’s above teaching is the special guideline for arousing
social conscious– which is lacking these days in the society. It is also
commonly known that some top dadas have gone far off from this
above Baba’s teaching.


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Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 22:02:36 -0500
From: John Kanter
Subject: The Dogma Threatening Longevity of AM
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“A’lor pathe je eseche a’ndha’re se hoy na’ ha’ra’…” (P.S. 996)


Baba, those who are treading the divine path never get lost in the
oblivion of darkness and staticity. Those who are smiling sweetly, their
life can never be like hell– surrounded by the agony of suffering and
Baba, here along with me, You are and I am. And Your love has bound me.
In result I have lost everything else. Those who have ascended onto the
path of hope and optimism never get lost in hopelessness and pessimism.
Baba, You have come with a sweet smile while riding Your chariot of
panoramic colors. By getting You, the whole universe is purified;
everyone’s existence has become successful…



There have been so many societies that have come on this earth and all
wanted to survive– nay they all wanted to thrive. But the reality is
that, at some point in time, nearly each and every civilisation meets
its demise and falls into oblivion.

Such civilisations of the past included the Mayan, Incas, Roman,
Confucian, Greeks, Aztecs, Egyptian, Licchaviis, Vikings, Phoenicians–
and the list goes on and on.

Similarly, the societies currently active on this globe also have their
inherent flaws and weak links; they will not last long– let alone forever.


By His grace Baba has provided us with the key tenets that ensure the
survival of any society. This He has done with the elaboration of the
six spokes of the social cycle, or s’ad’ara’h sama’ja cakra. And by His
grace these six are all present in the of our AM family– so long as we
adhere to His guiding principles.

Baba clearly also points out how the existence of today’s dogmatic
Mahaprayan function severely violates these tenets, as it goes against
the point of ‘Preceptor’. In that case who can support such a groupist
agenda like Mahaprayan– which spells disaster for our Marga.

Thus so long as we adhere to our AM dharma, and reject the infusion of
any dogma like Mahaprayan, then our Ananda Marga will guide the society
up through the ages. Regarding this, there is not an iota of doubt.

Baba says, “A’nanda Ma’rga is that path of progress, and that is why
A’nanda Ma’rga is the only alternative for the preservation of human
existence and civilization.” (TK-1)

We will also examine how and why today’s so-called leading civilizations
will succumb due to their defective ways.


Before advancing any further, we should first identify what the six
spokes are that ensure the preservation and prosperity of any society.

Baba says, “The six factors which guide society, which make it vibrate
in bliss and dance in bliss when its different entities realize the
fullness of existence in every fibre of their existence, are the
s’ad’ara’h sama’ja cakra [six spokes of the social cycle]. The six are:
spiritual practice, spiritual ideology, social outlook, socio-economic
theory, scripture and preceptor.” (NKS, Disc: 26)

For any society to sustain itself, these six factors must be proper. And
Baba has placed all six in our AM society, including that of Preceptor;
thus we should not let any dogma like Mahaprayan– which declares that
the Preceptor (Baba) is gone– ruin our AM civilisation.

Here the point is that when any of the six points becomes weak then it
slowly, slowly causes the disintegration of that society like a cancer.
It has happened in the past and it will happen in the future– if one is
not careful.


Here then also is a quick look around the world to see how today’s
so-called leading civilisations are prone to fall as they lack one or
more of the needed six spokes of society.

(A) Among its many demerits, US capitalism severely lacks a spiritual
ideology. Goaded by its grossly materialistic outlook– which breeds
slogans like ‘Whoever dies with the most toys wins’– is the Achilles
heel of American society. While US capitalism may be weak in other areas
as well, clearly the most threatening gap is that of not having a
spiritual ideology. In that case unhealthy competition, psychic
diseases, misplaced values, and the like are sure to destroy the society.

(B) Arguably the weakest link of Christianity is that it is devoid of a
proper spiritual cult– spiritual practice. They have their supposed
preceptor, and they have the glimpses of a social outlook etc, but the
most glaring weakness of Christianity is that they have no spiritual
practice– just it is based 100% on dogma and baseless rituals. For this
reason, Christianity is sure to meet its end.

(C) Back in the old days of India, the society built up by Shankaracarya
could not last due to the fact that he ignored the world– he failed to
even remotely develop any socio-economic theory by which people could
live on this earth. Devoid of that, Shankaracaryas theory of mayavada
(illusion theory) could not stand the test of time.

(D) The Muslims have a strong social outlook and that is why they were
able to take over and dominate many of the other lands and religions in
the Middle East.

Baba says, “Hazrat Mohammed offered a new way of life to the ignorant
and oppressed who were swirling endlessly round and round in the muddy
whirlpool of superstition. He clearly declared that all the people of
the world belonged to one caste.” (HS-2)

At the same time such Muslims lack a proper spiritual ideology and Islam
is sure to meet its end. Actually, on various occasions Baba has told
that Islam will meet a bloody death due to extreme infighting etc.

(E) When the Muslims arrived in India, even though they ruled for 500
years, they could not wipe out the existing Indian civilisation, because
those Hindus had strong faith in their Preceptors, Lord Shiva and Lord
Krsna. So the fact that those Hindus have strong faith in their
Preceptor they were able to maintain. They never feel that Lord Krsna or
Lord Shiva has died. They never even think to observe the so-called
Mahaprayan of their Preceptor. For that reason Hinduism could survive.

(F) Even then there is not any single society currently on this earth
that is perfect in all six components or all six spokes of the social
cycle. In that case no civilisation– except our Ananda Marga– can last
over the course of time.


Because for beginning to end our Marga is firmly grounded in all the six
spokes of society: (1) spiritual practice, (2) spiritual ideology, (3)
social outlook, (4) socio-economic theory, (5) scripture, and (6) preceptor.

(1) here below Baba clearly declares that we have a proper spiritual
cult or spiritual practice.

Baba says, “The practice of Ananda Marga has been formulated to enable
spiritual aspirants to search for the Supreme within their minds.” (SS-12)

(2) Here Baba clearly states that we have an proper spiritual ideology.

Baba says, “How can human hunger be satisfied in the subtlest realm? For
this Ananda Marga philosophy is there…Our ideology is a happy blending
of rationality and spirituality.” (PNS-17)

(3) Here below Baba clearly tells that we have a proper social outlook.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga is therefore not merely an organization of
idealists or moralists who preach a classless society, but a method, a
system or a dharma which leads to a classless society.” (PNS-11)

Baba says, “Ananda Marga has formulated a social treatise for the
establishment of a congenial social structure.” (TK-2, ‘Our Social

(4) Here below Baba clearly guides us that we have a proper
socio-economic theory.

Baba says, “PROUT is the path of socio-economic emancipation for
humanity.” (PNS-17)

(5) Here below Baba states that we have a proper scripture or shastra.

Baba says, “The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute
knowledge.” (AMPH-4)

(6) And by Baba’s grace we have true Preceptor.

Baba says “Ta’raka Brahma is quite a different Entity, a unique Entity,
for He is spiritual preceptor, social preceptor, kaola and Maha’kaola
all in one.” (NKS, Disc: 7)

So in Ananda Marga, all the six spokes are perfectly met.


And Baba verily states that He– as the Guru, as the Preceptor– is an
eternal Entity who will guide us through the ages.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone
has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium
of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (CC-2)

Unfortunately, those top leaders who espouse the crude theory of
Mahaprayan go against Baba’s divine mandate by declaring Baba is gone.
For that is the meaning of Mahaprayan– Guru is no more.

Yet that seriously threatens our very existence.

That is why even the ritualistic Hindus never ever practice the
Mahaprayan of Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna– because they know well that
this would spell the end of their religion, of their civilisation.

Those group leaders who advocate Mahaprayan do not have this much sense.
Affected by their group and geo-sentiments, they plainly tell
that Baba is gone forever with the declaration of their dogmatic
Mahaprayan program.

In so doing, such leaders (un)knowingly yank one of the integral six
spokes out of our AM society– all because it satisfies their plan of
action. But by taking away our Preceptor– by declaring that Baba is gone
with their dogmatic Mahaprayan program– they are undermining the very
essence of Ananda Marga and threatening its survival.

But they will not get success. Because there are a large number of
devotional and rational minded margiis and acaryas in AM who will never
ever accept the dogma of Mahaprayan in their heart.

That is why it is sure that our AM will last forever; and that is why
the dogma of Mahaprayan is short-lived. It started in 1990 and has been
waning ever since and soon it will be gone entirely. Because it goes
against the dharma of Ananda Marga.


By Baba’s grace, all the six spokes are alive and well in our AM and
that is why our Marga will lead the humanity up to eternity. Our Marga
will live on and on…

Baba says, “There is no power in the universe, in the heaven or in the
underworld, which can annihilate Ananda Marga, because Ananda Marga is
established on the solid foundation of rationality and righteousness.”

Baba says, “A’nanda Ma’rga is that path of progress, and that is why
A’nanda Ma’rga is the only alternative for the preservation of human
existence and civilization.” (TK-1)



Here below Baba points out how societies like Buddhism and Jainism also
could not last as they severely lack a proper social outlook, a proper
society economic theory– nor could they give a proper spiritual
ideology etc.

Baba says, “Why have Buddhism and Jainism not stood the test of time?
Both these religions suffer from two main defects which have undermined
their popularity. Gaotam Buddha failed to propound any clear idea about
God and the ultimate goal of human life, and he did not try to build a
human society based on his teachings. Mahaviira Jain, first of all, gave
too much stress to nirgrantha vada or going about naked. Primitive
people did not wear clothes, but they began to cover their bodies due to
changing climatic conditions. After they grew accustomed to covering
their bodies, they began to feel ashamed if they went about without
clothes. Hence, Mahaviira’s philosophy of nirgrantha vada never gained
mass support. Secondly, he placed too much emphasis on forgiveness and
mercy. He taught people to forgive their worst enemies, even if they
were as deadly as scorpions and snakes. As a result of this teaching,
people lost the will to fight against the enemies of society. So,
although the teachings of Buddha and Mahaviira Jain were not based on
dogma and did not deliberately mislead people, they failed in the course
of time because they were not sufficiently comprehensive and
well-balanced.” (PNS-16, ‘Religious Dogma’)

Think on This

Baba says, “You are social beings. One cannot live in isolation. When
you feel thirsty, you can’t manufacture a spade, dig a well, and draw
water yourself. One person will make a spade, another will add the
wooden handle, and another will dig the well — this is how we work
collectively. This is the way for human beings to live. In all spheres
of human existence, in the aesthetic sphere as well, humanity should live
collectively. You should live in unison. You should vibrate together to
the same music. You should move in a common psychic flow. You should fight
collectively against your common enemies. Unitedly you should face all
problems, mundane and supra-mundane. In a word, you must reflect the
spirit of harmonious collective living in conformity with the spirit
of the Vedic mantra Sam’gacchadhvam’ sam’vadadhvam.” (5 April 1981)

Note: This above Baba’s teaching is the special guideline for arousing
social conscious– which is lacking these days in the society. It is
commonly known that some margiis and wts have gone far off from this
above Baba’s teaching.

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From: George Kourakos
Subject: For the Betterment of All
Date: Wed 17 Mar 2010 11:15:22 -0000


“(Tumi) esechile mor bakul-bita’ne na’ baliya’ ka’r ghare…” (PS 4320)


Baba, that time the place was surrounded by innumerable bakul flowers
which were blooming and You graced me by coming to my cottage during that
verdant spring season. With Your divine grace, You brought devotional
horripilation (goose bumps) throughout my entire existence and You also
vibrated the very pulsation of my blood. Baba, by having You in such an
intimate and close way, my life has become meaningful. It is Your grace.

Baba, soon after that golden dawn, Your liila moved into a different
phase. Because then You went away leaving me crying all alone. O’ my
dearmost where did You go that time.

Baba, since then I have spent countless days and nights waiting–
sitting by my window threading heaps of flower garlands for You. But that
was all in vain because You did not come. It is painful that now I no
longer see that attractive & charming smile because You are keeping
Yourself distant. Now I no longer see that radiant smile which I used to
see on Your lips when You were with me.

Baba in longing for You, ages have passed since You came close.
Springtime has finished and now summer has come. My entire garden of those
sweet, fragrant bakul flowers has dried up and withered away in this hot
season*. Now that same window– where I used to sit and make garlands for
You and wait– is full of spider webs. Baba, it is so painful and
heartbreaking how You have gone so far away. And my mind is completely dry
in the absence of Your divine presence.

O’ my dearmost, please shower Your causeless grace and appear in my
heart in a very intimate and charming way…

*Hot Season= In the absence of His presence, the sadhaka feels a distinct
dryness in his heart. Summer season– or hot season– has been used as a
metaphor to express that dryness in the devotees heart, where one’s
devotional feeling is lower. And this happens with each and every sadhaka.
Sometimes when one feels dry and out of the spiritual flow then that is
summer season; and when one’s flow of sadhana is good then that can be
compared with springtime because in their dhya’na they feel greater
proximity with Parama Purusa. But when one is experiencing the dryness of
summer, the best thing a devotee can do is to sincerely request Baba to
grace them by coming in their meditation.


(This letter is part of a series of letters on our practice of satya. To
receive past postings from this series, please write us. -Eds)

In our Marga, each and every thing is done for the healthy growth and
sentient development of everyone– for the welfare of all. As every Ananda
Margii is aware, this approach to life is known as satya.

Baba says, “The right application of thought and words for the welfare of
humanity is called satya. That which one thinks or says with a view to
harming others may be a fact or a factual statement [i.e. rta], but it is
not satya.” (AV-4)

Thus it is only satya which can promote well-being to the world in all
circumstances. Mere mundane facts and figures– i.e. rta– alone will not do.

Unfortunately a few people in our AM feel that only rta is proper
and that satya is a ‘distortion of the facts’. This is the deluded
perspective of some.

While most are certainly understanding the eternal value and special
quality of satya– benevolent truthfulness.


However to follow satya it does demand having a somewhat developed state of
mind. Devoid of that, one will be stuck in the realm of rta.

As Baba explains below, less evolved beings like animals and plants are
confined to the ways of rta– and even some humans are limited to this more
static approach as well.

Baba says, “That which is a fact, which has really taken place, we call
rta. The spirit of rta can be found in the plant world. Even among simple,
undeveloped people one can easily find the idea of rta as the motivating
force for society.” (NSS: Disc 10, ‘Shivokti 8’)

By His above teaching it is evident that rta is the guiding factor in the
life of undeveloped creatures, including some human beings. Due to their
lower state, they are only aware about this simple and limited way of
living: Following rta.

Whereas the broad-based view of Ananda Marga is totally different. Guided
by benevolence, Ananda Margiis will adhere to satya.

Baba says, “But the followers of dharma improve upon rta and utilize it in
a reformed way for the welfare of the world. When rta leads to harm, or
when it carries the possibility of falsehood, in that case people improve
upon rta and make it a fit instrument for promoting welfare. Rta when it
leads to welfare is called satya.” (NSS: Disc 10, ‘Shivokti 8’)

Thus when the ways of rta are outdated and unable to follow the dynamic
laws of dharma, then rta must be tossed aside in place of satya.


That is why Baba is very careful to point out the very pointed and clear
difference between rta and satya. It is not that they are the same. Rather
there is a fundamental difference between the two.

Baba says, “In the opinion of the yogic scriptures there is an ideological
difference between rta and satya. That which is a fact, which has happened
or happens, is called rta. And the ideation used for the welfare of the
people is called satya.”

Parahita’rtham’ va’unmanaso yatha’rthatvam’ satyam.

“Using one’s mind or speech out of a spirit of welfare for others is
satya’. It is said that one should take the shelter of satya, not rta..”
(SC-2, Disc:11)


Here in this below example, Baba clearly shows how satya is employed to
promote justice and welfare.

Baba says, “If a person takes shelter in your house out of fear of a wicked
person and afterwards that wicked person comes up to you and asks: ‘Is that
fellow here?’, in that case, an innocent person’s life is endangered. Here,
if one is to follow satya then one will have to say: ‘No, he is not here.’
In this way an innocent person will be saved from being murdered or
tortured at the hands of a wicked person.” (SC-2, Disc:11)

In the above example if one were to resort to rta then that would do
irreparable damage; it would cause irreversible harm. That is why it is
satya which has incorporates the dynamism and vivek to bring wellness all
of the time.


However that is not to say that rta itself is totally useless.

Another way of looking at this entire equation is that each and every
moment of our lives we are to follow rta– unless rta contravenes the
spirit of welfare. Where rta reaches its limit and when rta causes harm to
others, that is when we depart from the path of rta and stand firm on the
principles of satya.

Thus, so long as rta is moving evenly and consistently with satya, then rta
can be followed– and indeed it is to be followed. But the moment rta
swerves from universal well-being, then the only option is satya.

Because only satya promotes the benevolence and welfare of others 100% of
the time. And since we have come to this world to serve others, then satya
is our greatest tool– out greatest friend.


The question then becomes what is the best way to follow satya. How can one
develop the intuitive understanding of what is satya. This is the method we
all need to know. And by Baba’s grace He has given the answer.

Baba says, “Sa’dhana’ is the only way to remove the shadow of asatya and
reach satya.” (APH-3)

Thus it is only by our spiritual practices and meditation lessons that the
mind develops the softness and compassion to know where satya lies.

Here we should always remember that where there is an ounce of selfishness
there cannot be satya. Thus all those who in the name of groupism tell
their various stories about dharma, they are just a bunch of cheats
spoiling the good name of satya. But for this none should blame satya.

Rather it is those groupist parties that should be blamed and pointed out–
and ultimately rectified. Otherwise they will only invite their own

So the only way to keep the mind above selfish tendencies is by ideating on
the Great. By adhering to the path of sadhana the mind will grow and
blossom and emanate the sweet fragrance of satya all the time.


Where as rta or relative truth is limtied and only of value in a particular
set of circumstances, the path of satya has eternal value across all time
and space.

“Question: What is Truth or satya?”

“Ans. Truth is that which never changes: it always remains in the same
condition throughout eternity. Satya is not only unchangeable throughout
eternity but it is also unlimited: there is nothing beyond it. Satya also
does not change from place to place: it remains the same whether in one
place or another. Thus Satya is not affected by time, place and person; it
is Ka’la’tiita, Desha’tiita and Pa’tratiita.” (APH-3, “Some Q & A…’, #10)


Here Baba guides us that those followers of satya– those Ananda Margiis–
will gain victory in each and every moment of life.

Satyameva jayate na´nrtam´

Baba says, “Finally satya becomes victorious in each and every fight, in
each and every clash and in each and every work. Satya comes our
successful. ‘Satyameva jayate na’nrtam’.’That is, the falsehood won’t be

‘Satyena pantha’ vitato devaya’nah’

“Your path to godhood becomes widened with the help of this satya, that is,
this satya makes the path wide so that progress towards godhood is
achieved.” (AV-2)


Different Style

Baba says, “Then came Lord Krsna about 3500 years ago, when the war of the
Mahabharata took place. People’s individual qualities then had not taken a
collective shape. People did not know the art of living collectively. The
individual qualities that lacked a sense of collectivity were given
such a sense by Lord Krsna.” (MHB, p.6)

Note 1: That problem of division which happened in the past is now
going on in our organisation where various people belong to different
factions and are dividing along group lines.

Note 2: The above excerpt is from Baba’s book, “Discourses on Mahabharat”.
Unfortunately now certain known groupists are trying to distort this book.
In the past Sarvatmanandji inserted ‘Translated from the Original Bengali’
on the cover page of each and every AMPS book– even when the discourses
in that book were originally given by Baba in English or Hindi. This was
Saravatmananda’s crooked plan of action in order to show the superiority
of Bengali. Sarvatmananda Dada had the motive to manipulate the scene to
make it look like most of Baba’s discourses were given in Bengali. To that
end Sarvatmananda printed ‘Translated from the Original Bengali’ on the
cover page of each and every AMPS book.

However, when this ill-fated strategy got exposed, Sarvatmananda had to
give up this trick and do something else. He needed to find a different style.
That is why now in the Bengali version of “Discourses of the Mahabharat”,
Sarvatmananda has deleted all of the places and dates at the end of each of
the discourses.

As we know it is standard to list the place and date at the end of each and
every discourse; this is our regular policy in all our AMPS publications.
But Sarvatmananda has discarded this policy; that is why both the ’90 and ’99
Bengali editions of “Discourses on Mahabharat” do not show where and when the
discourse were given. Reason being that they are all Hindi discourses and
Sarvatmananda does not want to reveal this fact by printing the place.
Because everyone knows that discourses given in Ranchi (Jharkhand, formerly Bihar)
were Hindi discourses. That is why Sarvatmananda deleted the place and date
from the Bengali publication. Because he wants readers to think that they
are Bengali discourses– as if the majority of Baba’s discourses were
given in Bengali. This is Sarvatmananda’s ploy. And now they say he is
going to do the same with the upcoming English edition also– remove all
the places and dates in order to make it look like they are Bengali discourses.
This is Sarvatmananda’s devious trick and manipulation. So all should be alert.

Note 3: Some many think that the above is an isolated incident. But tragically
Sarvatmananda has done this in innumerable places already. Because his entire
plan is to make it look like the vast majority of Baba’s discourses were given
in Bengali. For example in the Hindi editions of Ananda Vacanamrtam parts
26-29 and AV-32, there is no listing of the place and date of the discourses.
Sarvatmananda had those removed. So now those discourses are sitting in that
book totally ‘naked’– without any place or date noted at the end of the discourse.
Point being that those are primarily all Hindi discourses but Sarvatmananda did
not want to admit this fact to the readers so he deleted the place & date of
the discourse to conceal this fact.

Note 4: And the same tactic he has done with the discourse ‘Human Search
for Real Progress’. For that discourse also he has removed the place and date.
And like that there are countless examples where the place and date have been
removed– all done in an effort to make it look like the large majority of
Baba’s discourses were given in Bengali. This is Sarvatmananda’s recent tactic.


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Subject: …Bringing It To Fruition
Date: Mon 26 Oct 2009 09:58:26 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“A’lo eseche ghum bheungeche, phuler vane raun legeche…” (P.S. 2253)


With the arrival of effulgence, all drowsiness & sleepiness have been
vanquished. In the flower garden, new growth has come. The buds of those
flowers which were in hibernation have now all bloomed. And they have
filled the flowers with nectar; it is overflowing.

Each and everyone’s heart is vibrated with the new color. Each and every
movement in life is vibrated in His flow. The air, the water, the earth,
and the sky– everything is filled with His vibration and charm. The advent
of the new dawn has come; now there will not be any more cries or laments
due to the darkness. In the language and expression there will no longer be
any bitterness– rather it will be saturated with sweetness and love. Love
will be the source of all inspiration.

This transformation has all happened due to the causeless grace of
Parama Purusa; He created this momentum and changed the whole vibration of
this entire universe. He filled it with His own color. The new dawn has
come and the drowsiness of staticity and dogma has disappeared. The
sweetness and charm of spirituality has come…


Nowadays with Parama Prakrti raising her magic wand and with so much
corruption in the upper echelons of government and with the vaeshyan era
at its full height, now more than ever this world is aching for the call of
Prout. Even then for Prout to appear on the scene is not a joke. Even with
all the conditions apparently ripe, there is a specific system for bringing
the Prout revolution– and without adhering to Baba’s prescribed method,
Prout will remain on the sidelines.


Since the inception of Prout in 1959, there have been numerous & on-going
efforts by various Proutists to bring revolution; but unfortunately mostly
they were thinking in their own way how a Prout government can be quickly
established– and they overlooked Baba’s system.

No doubt in various units field wts and margiis are doing very good works,
but the overall flow of PU from the top down has not been like that.

This is evidenced in multiple ways including the time in 1970 when Proutist
candidates first contested in the local elections. That time those
Proutists thought that the golden age of Prout had come. And they thought
they were there just to eat gravy and collect the prize. But in that
election those Proutist candidates got blown away like the dust. They
hardly got even a vote.

And another example is how after 1970, huge enthusiasm was created in
Tripura, Bengal that there itself would be the first Proutist government.
And in that naive excitement, huge money was poured into Bengal from around
the globe to establish a Proutist government in the A’mara’ Bengali area.
But beyond the terrible waste of money and resources, nothing could happen.
And still today there are hardly any margiis in Tripura– and not even the
shadow of a Prout movement, let alone Prout leadership. So the whole
program turned into one fly-by-night affair.

And like this all across the entire globe there are countless examples how
various Proutist Dadas and margiis became enthusiastic and tried their own
various ‘quick-n-easy’ methods to usher in a Proutist government. But in
those poorly thought out ways, so many persons got killed, so many Wts
left, and so many Margiis were misled because of those misguided efforts.
In that manner countless attempts have been met with failure.


So this is the common rule that if the path is wrong then one cannot reach
the goal. And the answer is very simple. The Lord Himself has given the
theory of Prout and He has given the pathway for how to establish it. But
because His guidelines have been overlooked that is why little has happened
thus far. Or what has been accomplished could be increased multi-fold.

So this letter is based on Baba’s teachings– i.e. the way to bring forth
the revolution along Proutistic lines.

Here following are a few of Baba’s well-known guidelines.

In His discourse ‘Nuclear Revolution’, Baba has given a phase-wise plan and

In the first phase, His expressed teaching is that Margiis should first be
created. Have new people start doing sadhana and social service. And
gradually they will get the teaching and training about out Proutistic
socio-economic policies. And also education will be given as to how the
present-day exploiters are cheating the common mass.

Because if the society is not educated properly and not awakened to the
exploitation going on, then the common mass will not support the call for
revolution. So education is highly needed. Here education does not mean the
learning of a-b-c-d. In this case education means developing an awareness
how the exploiters are cheating everyone to the bone.

On this point Baba has given various meaningful guidelines in the chapter
“Nuclear Revolution”.

As we have seen, certain of our Prout leaders are thinking that on the
point of money everything will be purchased and Proutist government can be
formed. This is one of their misguided views. And some others are thinking
that simply by shaking the hand of this or that President then Prout will
be established. But both of these approaches are faulty and one important
ingredient is missing. Such types of Proutists never tried to do any
psychological preparation of the masses.

When in fact this is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are
psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support
revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded.” (PNS 21 p.63)

Baba’s above teaching proves that first of all, the common members of
society should be taught and prepared. Just by purchasing some political
leaders or cadres, Prout cannot be established.



On this very point about education, in one samaj meeting, Baba has given
some discourse. He told, that, “In one common public meeting the political
leader raised the slogan that we should die for our land, Angabhumi. Then
several hundred of the simple villagers seated in that room rose up because
they did not like the idea of literally dying for their motherland. Some of
them even stood up and told that “I am not going to die here. Better I
should die in Varanasi. By dying there, I will get salvation.” Baba says
like this, in that very discourse.

The sense is that because villagers were not educated about the local
socioeconomic political problems, that’s why they took it in a completely
literal way. ‘Dying for motherland’ does not mean that you are absolutely
going to die there. Rather it means ‘dedicate for the cause of one’s
motherland’. So that was one misnomer. And secondly, villagers have dogma
about “Death in Varanasi brings heaven”. Because of all this, combined with
the villagers’ blatant lack of understanding about exploitation, they
opposed the program of anti-exploitation movement because they were
oblivious to the exploitation of the land.

So, that very time Baba’s sole teaching was that first the society should
be educated, and once done if the other factors are ripe then revolution
should be launched. But unfortunately in our Prout programs, sometimes
we moved in a different direction. Here is another historical example.

BY reviewing this, certainly we will be able to learn from the past and
bring Prout to the fore at the earliest.


In the past, 1857, one attempt of revolution happened from India, to shoe

away the Britishers. But it completely failed. Rather the revolutionaries
were crushed mercilessly.

That time society was not educated, socio-politically. But in 1947, it was
a different case.

In 1947 India got freedom. Reason being that this time in 1947 the common
mass possessed the requisite social awareness about how the Britishers were
cheating everyone. So the public supported the revolution. Thereby the
exploitative Britishers were forced to leave the country– India.

So the overall idea is that in 1857 the public was not educated. Then the
revolution was crushed right away. And not just that but, those people
could not raise their head for the next 90 years. So prematurely trying to
bring revolution brings complete negative result. Baba has taught this very
ideas in His Nuclear Revolution discourse.


The whole point is that society should first be educated. That is the first
and foremost work. If political consciousness about the presence of
exploitation is not aroused amongst the common mass, then the result will be

But unfortunately up till now most of the plans and program taken by the
Prout department are not moving in the direction which Baba has taught.
Many margiis and wts are working hard and doing good things, but certain
top Proutist Dadas etc are moving in their own selfish way– greedily
thinking that all the power will fall into their pocket.

For example, attempt after attempt has been made to buy the leaders and
capture the power. Or buy the cadres, make the leaders, win the election,
and make the Prout government. But a proper plan and program has not been
not made to raise the consciousness in the public against exploitation.
But Baba’s distinct guideline is that if this is not done, there will not
be an iota of success.

So our first duty is not to fall prey to the negative strategies employed
to date by some Proutist Dadas etc. Rather we are to follow Baba’s
teachings step by step. First create margiis and educate them about Baba’s
teachings and practices and help them to develop revolutionary qualities.
And if it will be done on mass scale, then there will not be any delay for
changing the whole society and bringing revolution. This is the critical
first step.

Because without the creation of new and upcoming sadvipras, how will there
be sadvipra leadership? Collecting corrupt persons from the general society
and trying to take their help in forming a Prout government is nothing but
an ill-fated strategy.


By Baba’s divine grace, Prout will be established very soon. As we
understand how to work according to His direction, our efforts
will be efficient and effective and so many great things will happen
in the realm of Prout. Things are coming together, by His grace.

Baba says, “Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and encrumbrances
cannot be more powerful that your capacity to solve them. You are the
children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be a sadvipra and make others
sadvipras also.” (PNS-6, p.30)

Ram Sahay Dev

Note 1: In HIS discourse BABA gives very explicit instructions about Prout:

Baba says, “According to PROUT, the rule of Sadvipras is the ideal form of
leadership. The establishment of Sadvipra leadership will require the
systematic and rational application of PROUT by the collective effort of
many highly intelligent people. Sadvipra rule cannot be established by
blind physical force or idle intellectual extravaganza.” (Prout-18)
So from the grass-roots level the creation of sadvipras should be done to
establish Prout society. This is the practical approach, not just some
theoretical analysis.

Note 2: Baba also guides us as follows.

Baba says, “The revolutionaries will have to fight against three forces–
outside exploiters, internal exploiters and other inner evil forces.” (PNS
21 p.65)

Note 3: Whether in the general society or in the organisation, the
necessary requirements for establishing a revolution are the same.

Note 4: From 1959 to 1990, for 31 years, Baba taught us via various Prout
rules & regulations, discourses. And then in reporting sessions He has given plans and
programs for how to implement Prout. And that plan and program was for certain

We should keep in our mind that when Taraka Brahma takes human form, then
He does not keep that very body for thousands of years. So Baba is a
Mahasambhuti, He has also a limited span of time to play His divine liila.
And along with that, He went on teaching and educating us about different
aspects of His grand philosophy, plans and programs, & so many things. He
chose to use about 35 years of time to talk about Prout and Ananda Marga.
And He has given different plans, program, and teaching. And in that very
concentrated period, He taught the plan for perhaps the next five, ten,
twenty, hundred, or several hundred years.

Those who are senior Margiis and WTs and anyone following 16 Points can
easily understand all this. But those who have superficial knowledge of
Baba’s teaching, for them this may be difficult to comprehend. And they
always confuse the matter. They think that what Baba has told in a
particular year, that was the plan of that very year only. When in fact
what Baba has told in a few years, that is the plan for the entire phase of
one era.

And it depends upon the progress of society, how many years it will take to
develop from one step to another step. For example, if the society is
educated in five years, then the first phase is finished. And the second
phase program can be started. But to educate the society on socio-political
consciousness might also take 50 years. In that case then the first phase
will go on for 50 years. And as Baba says, that not until the fourth phase
will there be revolution. So it will come in its own time. Not prematurely.

One time I heard myself, in Patna, Baba was telling that “I don’t speak for
those who are attending the General Darshan or sitting next to me. I speak
for the entire humanity — present and future.”

Similarly, Baba’s plan, program is for the present and for the near or far
future. So before making plans we should be very careful about how we are
going to execute His teaching, plans and programs.

Like New Born Baby and Mother

Baba says, “It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with
sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way, nature
provides sufficient resources like food and other essential requirements
for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these resources in a
proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed on nature. These
problems have been artificially created by the folly of human beings.”
(PNS-13, p.45)


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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2008 06:56:14 -0500
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: What Is To Be Done
From: CJ Phillips


“Tumi balo a’ma’re, balo a’ma’re kii diye tus’ibo toma’re…” – P.S. 1235


O’ Baba please tell me how I can satisfy You…

O’ Parama Purusa Baba– the Creator of this great universe– whatever
jewels, gold, emeralds, pearls, and gems that are accumulated in this
universe, You Yourself are the Creator of those treasures. Then what
offering can I make that will satisfy You. Indeed what can anybody give to
You when You are the Supreme Controller of this entire creation.

Baba, whatever intellect, intuition, knowledge, & whatever thinking
capacity I have, all these things also are tied up on Your doorstep. All
these things are within Your easy reach. Then in what way can I satisfy You
when You are the Controller of everything. Beyond, this what else is there.

Baba, in this world I am completely empty– then how can I serve You,
please tell me. Baba, only I am surrendering unto You; please tell me what
way I can satisfy You…


Every Ananda Margii is well aware that our AM ideology has the solution for
all the problems in every realm of life. From individual to collective,
from social to psychic, Baba has beautifully given the answer in His
teachings of AM.


At the same time to bring about real social welfare, there must be
understanding of the problem at hand as well as the right application of
our AM ideology. Putting a square peg in a round hole will not work.
Rather, careful and deep understanding is needed in order to truly cure any
social ill– only that will bring about a permanent solution.



For example, if anyone travels around any major US metropolitan center then
early in the morning one will see long lines of poor and homeless people
waiting to get a free meal from a ‘soup kitchen’– i.e. a place that freely
distributes food to the needy. This is the common sight.

Surveying the scene, one might initially or hastily conclude that more
‘Free Food Kitchens’ are needed to serve all those starving, homeless
people. And in that case one might spend a whole bunch of energy and money
creating yet another ‘Free Kitchen’ to prepare & distribute food to the
poor. One might engage in this type of ‘constructive work’– thinking that
this will solve the problem.

But Baba warns us about such type of an approach.

Baba says, “It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through
constructive programmes.” (NKS, ’97, p.233)

Baba’s above guideline is that when a problem is so rampant and deep-seeded
and so misunderstood such as starvation in the materially wealthy US, then
such an approach of making one more ‘Soup Kitchen’ is not going to address
the issue fully. That ‘constructive work’ will not get at the root cause.
And that will not bring about a permanent solution. Because in that
exploitative environment where the resources are all gobbled up by a select
few, then forming yet another ‘Free Kitchen’ will not lead to real social
welfare. Something else is needed.



Similarly, others upon seeing the huge numbers of hungry people lining the
streets each morning might attempt a different solution. They might become
angry and opt to immediately wage a war against the city mayor and protest
the injustices caused by the ruling vaeshyas. Sure enough, a few activists
may think that by this way they can bring about real social welfare.
But once again, Baba warns us about the pitfalls of this approach.

Baba says, “It may not be possible to bring about social welfare
through…the struggle against injustice alone.” (NKS, ’97, p.233)

So launching fiery protests will also fall short of the mark, as a
first-step solution. Because a loud afternoon of yelling and raising the
slogan against the leaders will not yield any salt– it will not bring
about any relief or answers, if the hearts and minds of the public are not
rallying around that protest.

If most people are lazily day-dreaming that one day they will hit the
jackpot and become rich and own a Mercedes Benz and a swimming pool, then
they will not want to wage a war against the present social rule. If in
their heart of hearts they admire the likes of Bill Gates and Donald Trump
type of people etc, then they will never support a protest against the top
capitalist dogs. Rather they will defend those capitalists and think those
waging the protest are crazy.



Rather, according to Baba, what is needed in such situations like starvation in the US is the rising of social consciousness.

Baba says, “Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible
to bring about social welfare.” (PNS-21, p.63)

Once people are educated about the extreme exploitation of capitalism in
the US, and once the public truly understands that the huge material wealth
in the US is concentrated in the hands of a select few– once they realise
that 60% of all the wealth is controlled by a mere 1% of the population,
then only a just and rational solution can be found. Then people will be
ready to do the needful. So social awareness is the first and foremost step.

Social consciousness about the real terrors of capitalism is needed. And
surely then people will realise that it is the exploitative system itself
that is creating the problem– that is the root cause. And that is what
must be changed.


So the right application and right understanding is needed. Because in the
aforementioned case of starvation in US cities, making one new Free Food
Kitchen will at best give temporary relief and might even create more harm
by causing the starvation problem to continue longer. And prematurely
protesting against that exploitation without the support of the common
public will just give one a hoarse voice and perhaps a few nights in jail
or worse like the spilling of human blood. No real good will result.

In that case, only social awakening– social consciousness– will bring
about the proper and final solution. This is Baba’s key teaching.

Baba says, “Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible
to bring about social welfare.” (PNS-21, p.63)



Likewise in our Marga, when confronted with any problem then we have to
think carefully.

Some people blindly think that in this era of extreme groupism the best
thing is just simply is to sink oneself in the concrete work. But
tragically this generally comes up short. Because some get frustrated with
the way things are in AMPS these days and they end up forming their own
constructive programs outside the structure. And this just leads to more
division and infighting. While others sincerely engage in seemingly
constructive programs within AM only to see the fruits of their labour &
effort misutilised by one or another groupist leader. This is another
common outcome. So taking a quick look around it becomes increasingly
evident that our first-hand approach to the present crisis is not to just
absorb oneself in any constructive program. This will not bring social
welfare; it will not lead to a healthy AM mission.

Secondly, protesting injustices by the group leaders without there being
full bodied support of the mass of margiis and wts will not bring that
badly needed change. Standing by oneself and tossing stones on the Purodha
Board meeting or yelling at some groupist kingpin with a megaphone will not yield a positive result. Nor will things like taking silent action. The reasons are obvious.


In this current crisis in AM society, what is needed is greater and greater
social consciousness. And by Baba’s grace step by step that is coming.
Altogether, we can say that the necessary social consciousness is two-fold:
(1) Awareness of extreme groupism and that those leaders are presently
stuck in that defective mentality; (2) Recognition that only Baba’s teachings are the ideal solution.


The awareness about the huge degree of groupism is coming along.

But some in AM think that they have to devise their own plan to solve the
present crisis. And in their foolishness they are sitting at the drawing
board for hours and hours with their little egoistic brain dreaming that
they are outlining some grand-master plan to save the world. This is their
silly method. And surely that is not going to work. Rather they will die in
frustration and embarrassment.

Such is the case for those who think that unity can be formed by merging the various groups. Instead of unity, they will just invite more groupist dogmas and strife.

Only following Baba’s teachings will bring the real answer. Baba directs us
we are to understand His guidelines deeply, practice those things in our
individual life, develop our sadhana more and more, and propagate His AM
ideology. By this way we will see first-hand the manifestation of Ananda
Marga mission. This, as we all know, is the type of social consciousness
that is needed.


Our Sadguru Baba has graced us with all the solutions to all the problems
and by His great compassion the day is soon to come this dusty earth will
turn into one spiritual haven– filled with bliss and good feeling for all.

Baba says, “A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the
problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda
Marga ideology the philosophers’ stone. Just as the philosophers’ stone is
meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most
definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any
problem.” (POD, #36)



Here again Baba give His warning that just directly plunging in ‘the
concrete work’ without sufficient understanding and the cultivation of
sadhana will not bring about social welfare– rather it may cause terrible

Baba says, “It is absolutely meaningless for a person to attempt at any
constructive work, in whom there is a flagrant lack of the thought of the
Great. If one has not learnt to recognize, with sincerity and
unsectarianism, the omnipresent, omniscient God as their sole objective,
there is no denying the fact that they will eventually be compelled to
recede behind the scene, after having dealt the severest damage to their
own self and the society.” (HS-1 ,’87, p. 51)

Tragically today many such organisations like the Red Cross and all those
‘Katrina-Aid’ projects, and ‘Tsunami Relief’ programs, and rebuilding
efforts in Iraq are just riddled with fraud, cheating, and theft. We should
not let our AM fall into this lot as well.


By first raising greater and greater consciousness in our Marga, then in
the due course all our plans and programs will be fruitful. This is Baba’s

Baba says, “The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has
awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human
history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend.” (A’nanda Va’nii #1)

Three Dangers

Baba says, “We may say that intoxicants have three distinct
characteristics. Firstly, if one addict does not receive that intoxicant at
their regular, fixed time during the day then they will become anxious and
restless– even agitated. In addition, when they do get it then their mind
will not like to involve in any work. The second major point is that as
long as one remains under the spell of that intoxicant, his intellect will
be dysfunctional. And if one continues to take intoxicants on a regular,
on-going basis, then their mental stupor will continue on and on. The third
major danger is that intoxicants adversely affect the liver, throat, and
kindney. And in the majority of cases, the user suffers from constipation
also. In conclusion, all intoxicants are bad; opium and ganja (cannabis
indica) extremely harmful.” (SC-15)

Note: As A’nanda Ma’rgiis, our duty is to propagate Baba’s above teaching
and warn others about the harmful effects of intoxicants.


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From: George Kourakos
Subject: How New Sub-Factions are Created
Date: Tue 7 Jul 2009 06:34:11 -0000


‘Prabha’ter ravi bale ghuma’ye theko na’ a’ra…’ – P.S. 4703


Baba, by Your divine grace, the sun of the new dawn is giving the
message: ‘O human beings don’t remain asleep in slumber anymore. You
have a huge amount of work to do. A whole mountain’s worth of work is in
front of you t. Don’t day-dream anymore; remove your lethargy.

O’ human beings, open your eyes and look toward the crying world at
least once. Since ages & ages you have been sleeping in darkness. The
whole night you were dreaming. Now do not sleep anymore– this is not
the time for lethargy and sleep. Get up. Serve those who are getting
tortured and crying by removing their heavy load of pain and suffering.

Look, the crimson dawn is spreading divine effulgence, everything is
shining. The bright and glorious day is not far anymore. It is fast
approaching. The day is coming when people will be liberated from all
sorts of bondages, there will not be any pain or torture or
exploitation. Everyone will enjoy blissful life. On the peak of the
mountain birds are chirping and spreading this divine message.

O’ humans beings, the crimson dawn is knocking at your door,
march ahead toward your cherished goal…



Unity in our AM is the need of the day; unfortunately, what we are
witnessing now is the massive rise of newer and newer sub-factions,
sometimes done knowingly and sometimes done unknowingly.

All the religions have undergone similar events in their histories. So
this type of splintering and breaking away we desperately want to avoid.

However, since 1990, and especially in the last 3-4 years, our AMPS is
falling into this very same rut, with more and more sub-factions coming
into vogue.

This is now happening in various sectors and with all the major & minor
players, mostly Wts and fewer margiis. It is a pervasive tendency.

Here the key matter is to understand and identify what is going on,
rather than to point finger at anyone per se. Because we all know that
groupism is an ugly word, so once the current trends are understood then
good people will keep themselves a million miles away from the formation
of such factions and sub-factions.


In essence, there are two basic qualities that differentiate a faction
from a sub-faction: Speed and numbers. Yet really the two are interlinked.

If a breakaway team has sufficient numbers then they will quickly split
from the main body and immediately form their parallel structure. In
that case they are a faction.

If a protesting group does not have a sufficient number of followers,
then they will hover within the main framework for a while organising
their own activities until they gather more people. In that case they
are a subfaction.

Both of these things are happening now in AMPS.

Of course prior to 1990, neither of these events could occur in AMPS as
Baba Himself is dharma and He commanded and loved all. None could
imagine of making a parallel structure or breaking away.

However, with each and every passing moment since 1990, the loopholes in
our leadership have become more and more evident– until now things are
so loose and there is such a dearth of moral force at the top of our
organisation that the creation of factions and sub-factions is a regular


Basically, whenever– in the name of protesting wrongs or creating
unity– a group is created that begins to assume particular duties
usually performed by the main framework, then this become one sub-faction.

For example, acarya training is a recognised operation of AMPS. And if
some dissatisfied persons in the organisation start making their own
acarya training program then, whether they realise it or not, they are
making one sub-faction.

Of course, the heads of this sub-faction may feel justified in what they
are doing because the main framework is drowned in corrupt activities.
In case they may feel it is the need of the hour to create an acarya
training program etc.

But often times what they fail to realise is that by competing with the
main organistional system they are doing more harm in that they are
going against the code of unity. Because their operative, whether it be
well-intentioned or not, is essentially splintering the structure. And
one day it will lead to a totally separate framework.


Around the globe this type of splintering and breaking away has happened
with so many religions.

Just take a look at Christianity. So many different sects and dissension
groups were formed when certain individuals were unhappy with the
leadership. So they decided to take on various operations of the church
such as creating their own place of worship or making their own priests.
And then as time went by, the structural gap and way of living became so
wide, even though their teachings are essentially in Christian in
nature, that the sub-faction becomes their very own religion. One such
case is with the Mormons or Catholics and so many others. Those more
familiar with Christianity can come up with so many examples.

With regards to Hinduism, the same thing has happened. A reformist sect
gets created and slowly but surely their activities become more involved
until they are doing all the things that the main branch of Hinduism is
doing. In that case they no longer recognise themselves as Hindus and
instead form their own totally separate religion. Such is the case with
the Sikhs. They recognise Shiva and Krsna etc, but now if you call a
Sikh a Hindu, they will cry foul.

So in the field of religion there are innumerable examples of how
sub-factions get created and ultimately form their own separate
congregation and independent structure.

In the end, all that really develops is more disunity, more intolerance,
and more hatred towards the other groups. And this divisiveness severely
hampers humanity.

Our AMPS was formed to do away with all that, yet now it has fallen into
the rut of splintering and on a monthly or weekly basis one new
sub-faction is being formed.


And indeed, Baba warns us that such division is all too easy for human
beings. There is nothing great in dividing. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can
make their own splinter group or sub-faction.

Baba says, “Dogmas have taken root in the human mind. People cannot get
rid of these false ideas because they have been injected into their
minds since childhood. As a result, one human society is divided into
different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions;
religions also have different castes, and caste also have different
sub-castes – what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to
divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the
people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas.” (PNS-9)

So all such types of division only creates a black stain on the
humanity. Never does it hold the seed of greatness; just it places one
more hurdle in unifying humanity.



So then what is the solution. What is one to do when one knows that the
ruling body is in shambles and going against all codes of justice and
morality. What is one to do when the main structure is wrought with
corrupt activities and the lust for power.

In that case, according to Baba, there is one and only one option:
Consciousness raising.

Teaching and discussing and educating ourselves about the real ideals of
AM will bring about the needed change. By this way people will rally
around a collective ideal and not run in disparate directions. And it
will put tremendous pressure on the ruling body to either step down or
change their ways.

By remembering our common goal and by infusing the mind in ideological
endeavors– not political-minded activities– then it is sure we can
lift our AMPS out of its current slump and build that great monolithic

And the key behind it all is arousing social consciousness in AM. This
is done by doing more and more sadhana, discussing Baba’s teachings, and
applying His guidelines to our daily life, both in the individual and
collective sphere. Fueled by such an approach we are sure to create true
unity within our AMPS.

Baba says, “Create a great social consciousness…In all spheres of
human existence…humanity should live collectively. You should live in
unison. You should vibrate together to the same music. You should move
in a common psychic flow. You should fight collectively against your
common enemies. Unitedly you should face all problems, mundane and
supra-mundane. In a word, you must reflect the spirit of harmonious
collective living in conformity with the spirit of the Vedic mantra
Samgacchadhvam sam’vadadhvam.” (NKS: Disc 26)

Baba says, “Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to
impossible to bring about social welfare.” (NKS-26)


When according to Baba, when social consciousness is the only solution
for building a healthy AMPS, then why is this not being done to the
fullest extent. Some are certainly involved in this noble endeavour yet
others are make one after another sub-faction. What is the reason.

Firstly, a few are driven to grab the power in which case they are eager
to take advantage of the weak state of AMPS and build a separate
structure. So blinded by their lust for control, a few knowingly start
their own subfaction or faction.

Secondly, dividing is easier than uniting. Knowingly or unknowingly some
think they can make things better by re-inventing the wheel through
their own structure. In their naivete or cunningness, what results
however is more division.

Thirdly, to create true unity, patience is needed and political
ambitions must be totally cast aside. One must be totally involved in
the high ideal of AM ideology and not any second or third motive. Some
leaders of sub-factions have not an iota interest in this hence they are
bound to splinter away.

Even then, none should worry or fret, because there is an abundance of
good margiis and acaryas in AM who are distinctly interested in
following Baba and creating a singular AM society. And as people realise
how by making their own training programs they are in fact making a new
sub-faction, then they will give up that course of action and instead
wholly involve in the grand ideal of consciousness raising, the result
of which will be magnificent: A united Ananda Marga.


By Baba’s grace, He has infused within us a vision to build a new
humanity. Bound together with one heart and our love for Him, we are
sure to be successful in this grand endeavour.

Baba says, “The humans of today are possessed of spirited intellect and
accomplished wisdom. They are keen to advance with rapid step shattering
the shackles of dogmas. They will no longer be entrapped by the illusion
of opportunism. The rays of the crimson dawn of a new humanity on the
eastern horizon have started weaving textures of colours on their
eyelids and in the subtle recesses of their minds. As for those who have
been dreaming of keeping humanity imprisoned by dogmas, their days are
numbered; their blissful dreams are being shattered to pieces. I call
upon all enlightened people and say: ‘Go ahead with courage. The
humanity has been awaiting you. Establish it in the excellence and
grandeur of glory’.” (A’nanda Va’nii #53)


Note 1: WHO IS WHO

There is so much to say about who is doing what in AMPS these days and
these facts you all know. Even then here is a slight sampling.

Of course any ruling regime that fails to follow Baba’s teachings is
just one corrupt form of leadership and their days are numbered.

If any group creates their own structure and their own parallel programs
then they are making more and more division. Even if they brag how their
so-called publications or Prabhat Samgiita programs are supposedly
better, they are doing far more harm by infusing a divisive tendency
within humanity. We all know who such people are.

Then if there is another team that preaches “social consciousness
raising” but does so under the guise of blatant racism mixed with
political ambition. Then obviously their path is doomed for destruction.
And without citing any names we all know who such people are.

Then if there is a Didi or Dada in a particular locale or sector who
does not leave AMPS per se but just does everything in their own way not
recognising the greater AMPS structure, then they are also creating
divisiveness. And what little so-called goodness they are doing is
vastly overshadowed by their egotistical ploy of creating one
sub-faction within our AMPS structure. Such persons neither have the
courage to break away nor the awareness of how to bring welfare in our
Marga. We all know who such persons are.

Then if any committee or team decides to take on various functions of
the organisation like acarya training, tattvika trainging, or pracaraka
training, then once again this will only lead to the division of AMPS.
What may have started as a simple plan will lead to a massive split
based on different political leaders and competing programs.

And there are many more scenarios as well.

So we should all look at things anew and take a careful look at our own
activities and ensure we are not falling into any type of factionalism,
sub-factionalism or anything derivation there of.

Ours is the blessed march towards true unity and by His grace & armed
with His AM ideals we are bound to get success.

Jada (Crude) Samadhi

Baba says, “Suppose, one is a great yogii but if there is no love for
his goal, then those suspended propensities are finally converted into
crude matter, that is, the subtle human existence becomes like iron, it
becomes like wood, it becomes like sand. What a deterioration! What a
downfall! This particular type of yoga where a yogii does not bear love
for the Supreme Entity is called ‘hat’ha yoga’ in Sam’skrta. It is
dangerous for the human elevation.” (AV-2, p.18)


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