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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 21:38:21
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Subject: One of the Main Causes of Balkanisation in AM


This entire email is composed of 4 parts:
(1) Prabhat Samgiita #3057;
(2) Posting: One of the Main Causes of Balkanisation in AM
(3) Reader Comment: On – Misleading Baba Story & More
(4) Trailer Quote: Searching Outside Is A Waste

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).

**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****


“A’ndha’re tumi ele, a’loy bhariya’ dile…” (P.S. 3057)


O’ Parama Purusa, You have graciously appeared in this Cimmerian darkness. By Your holy advent, everything has become filled with Your divine aura & effulgence. By Your causeless grace, all my dirt, staticity, negativity was removed in a flash. Amazingly, the Cimmerian darkness has been instantly transformed into effulgence by Your divine Presence.

O’ Supreme Entity, the clusters of clouds of confusion and dilemma which enveloped my life for ages were blown away in an instant by Your sweet momentum. The force of Your sweetness pushed them away. When my heart felt for You then no dilemma remained – they vanished. O’ my Lord You have magically removed all my burdens and pains and pulled me very close to You – in Your closest proximity. Baba, now I understand that by Your divine compassion I am never alone – nor am I ever neglected. You have graciously appeared in this Cimmerian darkness.

O’ Parama Purusa, You are always along with me close by – lovingly taking care of everything. I am always surrounded by You. Even knowing thus, I have cried. O’ My Lord, You blessed me by making me forget that cry. You are so gracious, now You are here by my side, along with me. You have graciously manifested Yourself in this Cimmerian darkness…

Baba, You have come to the darkness and illumined everything with Your light and love…


Expulsion has been a critical issue in our Ananda Marga since 1990. It has adversely affected our organistation by creating a “culture of fear” and undermining our unity – leading to terrible balkanisation. To resolve this issue we must better understand our Ananda Marga’s stand on expulsion, as well as investigate how it has been misused.


There is no scope for expulsion in Ananda Marga: As long as one follows Ista and has faith in adarsha, they can’t be expelled. That is the main idea.


The key point in this topic is that one must not go against Guru.

As we all know, Vishokananda was a traitor to Guru. As a defector, he had already categorically removed himself from Ananda Marga. Thus, his expulsion was a mere formality.

Because when one does not accept or follow Ista that means they have basically disconnected themselves from Ananda Marga at the most fundamental level. In that case their life itself is contrary to the main principle of being an Ananda Margii.

Think of it in this way:

If a person is loyal to their country then they are a citizen. And if they act in a way that is disloyal to that nation they will lose their right to live in that country as a citizen.

Likewise, if one observes non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ista and adarsha, they are an Ananda Margii. If one renounces Ananda Marga ideals and plots against Ista, they have withdrawn themselves from Ananda Marga and their expulsion is a mere formality – as they have already disconnected themselves from Ananda Marga from the very root.


In essence, since 1990, whoever has been at the helm has used expulsion as a weapon to maintain their exploitative hegemony over the organisation. There have been many expulsions over the years and none have been warranted. None were done to safeguard and protect the sanctity of Ista. Those sadhakas who were expelled were whistleblowers who pointed out bad deeds going on in Centre.

They were sadhakas committed to Ista and Ananda Marga ideology. The only thing they were “guilty” of was taking a dharmic stand against wrongdoings and injustices in the upper echelons of the organisation.

Indeed, since 1990, certain key Dadas have used expulsion again and again as a tool for (a) seeking revenge (b) getting rid of dharmic whistleblowers, (c) creating an atmosphere of fear, (d) threatening and wiping away any in their path for more power, and (e) maintaing the status quo.

This is the very dark way in which expulsion has been used – and the results have been horrific.


In every organisation and community, there must be scope for the free expression of ideas. By this way wrongs can be corrected, injustices can be undone, and an environment of trust is created.

If open communication is not allowed, then by the weight of their own injustices, that organisation will crumble. So within every organisation and community, there must be adequate and ample scope for the free expression of ideas. There must be open avenues wherein opinions can be expressed and evaluated. That is an absolute need for the survival and growth of any organisation or community. Unfortunately that is missing nowadays in AMPS.

Since 1990, expulsion has been used by groupist leaders to put a clamp on open and free communication just like a communist regime does so no one will point out their atrocities and wrongful dealing.

Those who took a dharmic stand were systematically eliminated using expulsion; and, side by side, others were silenced under the threat of expulsion. That has been the harmful trend since 1990.

By veritably shutting down the air-waves and eliminating the voice of the people, the stage was set for the organisation to move along the harsh pathway of injustice after injustice, and one vengeful deed after another. All done in order to grab hold of more power and keep others at bay.



Another harmful offshoot of expulsion is the rise of splinter groups and competing factions, i.e. balkanisation. When people are expelled on false pretenses and when others are fearful of expulsion, then naturally such persons will seek out a new home. When they can no longer survive under such suppression, oppression, and repression, then they themselves will form a splinter group or competing faction. And that severely threatens unity; rather it shatters all attempts at unity.

This we have all been witnessed in AMPS since 1990. All because expulsion has been used as a weapon of revenge and a tool for destruction where innocent people have been harmed and dharmic voices have been outcaste or silenced.


There is no scope for expulsion in Ananda Marga: As long as one follows Ista and has faith in adarsha, they can’t be expelled, irrespective of what they have done. That is is the main idea.

And in the case of those who have been expelled since 1990, they were not involved in any wrongdoing or misdeed. They were firm in morality and Sixteen Points. So there is no question of any wrongdoing; they were jettisoned for blowing the whistle on unjust and corrupt dealings by various top Dadas. Because of this, such sadhakas were expelled.



Here Baba points out the long history how those in power regularly attacked and exiled dharmic persons who opposed the injustices of the ruling elite. Remember, hundreds and thousands of years of history show that whenever people stood up to exploitation and pointed out the status quo then those in power misused their authority, and harassed and outcasted them. Baba strongly condemns such dealing.

Unfortunately a similar thing has happened and is happening in AMPS, as described in the prior para. We should read Baba’s teachings to understand more in-depthly: How in the past atrocities occurred and that the same is going on at present in AMPS.

“In the Vipra era, humanity was affronted by the creation of divisions between high and low. People of high-birth would lose their caste if they merely stepped on the shadow of the so-called low-castes. Even worse, if a Vedic Brahman touched a person from a low family he was declared an outcaste. In no other age has humanity suffered such hatred and insult. Rabindranath says, “By standing aloof from your fellow man daily, you have hated the God enthroned in his heart.”” (1)

“Nor did the Samskrta scholars give any importance to Bengali: it was considered nothing short of blasphemy to translate the religious scriptures from Samskrta into Bengali. The Nabab Hussein Shah personally tried to develop the Bengali language. With his active support Krttivása Ojah translated the Ramayana, Káshii Ram Dash translated the Mahabharata and Máladhra Vasu translated the Bhágavata from Samskrta to Bengali. This caused a furor among the community of scholars. They tried to brand Hussein Shah as a saboteur of the Hindu religion because, according to them, to translate the holy scriptures into Bengali was to defile the Hindu religion. Máládhra Vasu had to bear the stigma of being a Moslem convert and was widely ridiculed as Guńaranjiṋa Khan. So incensed were the Samskrta scholars over the translations of Krttivása Ojah that he was declared an outcaste for committing an act of sacrilege. All this took place only 450 years ago.” (2)

“The Shákadviipii Brahmans spread (prasár) Ayurveda throughout northern India. In Bengal, however, there was little use of Ayurveda; mainly the Vaedyaka system was in vogue. In contrast to Ayurveda, the Vaedyaka treatises provided for the dissection of corpses; that is, the Bengali physicians did not limit themselves to the Ayurvedic theories. They paid attention to the practical side also. Later on, the demonic dogmas of the Shákadviipii Brahmans in north India extended their limiting influence over the physicians as well and slowly the Vaedyaka practitioners abandoned the dissection of cadavers. When Shrii Madhusudhan Gupta began practising western medicine during British rule the caste injunction against touching dead bodies made him a social outcaste.” (3)

“In vaedyak shástra there is a provision for the dissection of dead bodies; but in northern India, there is no such provision. Anyone doing so will run the risk of becoming an outcast. And so there is a standing rule in northern India that the Vaedyas of Bengal are not recognized as Brahmans, although, according to the liberal social system of Bengal, the Vaedyas should be recognized as Brahmans. I do not believe in casteism; I am just trying to point out the facts.” (4)

“The Atharva was mixed with Tantra at nearly every step. At one time the orthodox priests declared the followers of the Atharvaveda to be socially outcast; they said atharvánnaḿ má bhuiṋjiitháh, that is, the food of the followers of the Atharvaveda should not be accepted.” (5)



“History bears testimony that whenever a person states the absolute truth in any sphere of life, whether it be spiritual, social, economic or otherwise; sought clarification of doubts or protested against injustice and wrongs, the evil forces forthwith plotted against the person, administered poison, slandered and assaulted that person with rage, misused authority and mercilessly dealt blow after blow; but the blows boomeranged and ultimately the evil forces were annihilated by those very blows. Remember, by an unalterable decree of history, the evil forces are destined to meet their final doom.” (6)

“The unity of Ananda Margis should not be allowed to be jeopardized for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of your life.” (7)



Following is grand ideal of Ananda Marga where there will not be any exploitation or expulsion; and, where leaders will not crush whistle blowers with their steamrollers nor harrass them as ruling communists have done. The following ideal has yet to be achieved that is why such a struggle is going on.

“Ananda Marga forms a society in which laws have been framed always keeping in view the common ideal, and thereby developing the idea of the oneness of all humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society, for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction, whether of class or sex, where no one can be outcast or punished so that one may not be incapable of reforming oneself, and where no laws are framed keeping in view the interest of a few individuals only. In such a society, no one would be weak or downtrodden, and no one would allow oneself to be exploited by others. Such a society had been dreamt of and spoken of earlier by moralists and idealists, but never before has a practical approach to achieve it – as has been discovered by Ananda Marga by producing people who combine all the qualities of the different economic classes of the world in one individual – been conceived of by any of the numerous thinkers or lawgivers of the world.” (8)

In His service,

1. Prout Nutshell – 7 , Social Values and Human Cardinal Principles
2. Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 2
3. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 10, The History of Bengal
4. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 10, The History of Bengal
5. Shabda Cayanika -2, Rk to Rkśa (Discourse 11)
6. Ananda Vanii #41
7. Caryacarya, Part 2, Society, pt #13
8. A Few Problems Solved – 7, Ananda Marga: A Revolution

The sections below demarcated by asterisks are entirely different topics,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Re: Misleading Baba Story & More

Subject: Re: Misleading Baba Story & More
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 06:46:50 GMT
To: am-global@earthlink.net



I had no idea how much negativity Devashis has written in his book. The comment about BABA using avidya techniques is sacrilege and slanderous.

We must do something about this. Devashis had denigrated Guru. Baba said that we should go any length to protect the Sanctity of Ishta.

Perhaps, we need Devashis’s email and first ask him to change the passages?

We cannot assume that he gets emails from AM GLOBAL because if he did he would have changed that cover photo of Baba that we complained about a long time ago.

We must not allow any further negative comments about SadGuru!!! We should provide lawsuit for slander!!!


Link to Initial Posting:

Searching Outside Is A Waste

“…Toma’y ceyeche kato nar na’rii svadeshe videshe tiirthe ghuri
pa’yani kotha’o shato klesh vari ye na’i khunjeche antare.”

(PS #4537, last stanza)

One precious guideline is in this Prabhat Samgiita:

O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Baba, those who do not search for You within their mind do not get You. Baba, so many people are in search of You. In their ignorance they are looking for You in one country or another, wandering around various holy lands and tiirthas. Even after facing hundreds of troubles and difficulties, they do not get You by searching for You externally. They do not even get a tiny fraction of Your divine reflection. Baba, You are residing within their hearts but they can’t see…

Note: Unfortunately a few naive margiis and Wts search for Parama Purusa outside: Wandering from this tomb to that tomb, from this place to that place, and from this quarters to that quarters. In order to go close, they give large donations to the residing priests of those holy places. In that way, priests benefit economically. Tragically, those seekers cannot feel that Parama Purusa Baba resides in their heart. They cannot understand this so they do not want to see within.

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From: “Phoenix Deva”
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 22:42:19 -0700
Subject: Prout: Expel Outsiders


“Áloke sna’ta’nande-smit e prabha’t jeno prabhu sha’shvat hayo…” (PS


Baba, by Your grace this dawn of Your auspicious birthday is saturated with effulgence and smiling in bliss– and it should remain so up to
eternity. In the horizon of my mind, Baba, by Your grace Your effulgence should remain radiant. Since ages I have been sitting in meditation in the hope of Your advent.Baba, today You have fulfilled my longing. Your gracious compassion has satisfied my longing.
Baba, by Your grace this showering of Your karuna should go on and on up to eternity, age after age. It was known to me that You reside eternally in my mind. But, today You have advented and expressed Yourself in a beautiful and charming way. By Your grace, I understand that the tale of this divine liila has no end. Baba, by Your grace this dawn of Your auspicious birthday is saturated with effulgence and smiling in bliss, and it should remain so up to eternity…


Warning: No one should be scared or fearful about the heading of this
letter; this is one of our essential Prout policies which Baba has
discussed in numerous discourses.

Tragically, the rapid spread of outsiders– both capitalist exploiters
and floating laborers– has become a critical issue that severely
threatens the peace and security of each and every country, region,
state, city, town, and village throughout this earth.

At present, everyone is affected by this. So we should all pay heed and
be prepared to wave the flag of Prout on this burning issue.


Back in the 80’s, Baba boldly pioneered the the ma’rwa’dii bhaga’o
movement (‘Expel Ma’rwa’diis’) in India because this vaeshayan (i.e
capitalist) community of Rajasthan was doing business all around India
and exploiting local people to the bone wherever they went. The
ma’rwa’diis created their industries, exploited local resources, got
cheap labor, stepped on or ignored local workers, sold products for huge
profit, and then invested their money in other regions. All along they
never identified themselves with where they were living. Just they moved
to an area and learned the language with the sole intention of
ruthlessly exploiting that place for their own financial gain. Finally,
Baba made the battle cry ma’rwa’dii bhaga’o (expel ma’rwa’diis) in order
to empower local people. The movement became so intense that even some
“margiis” who were ma’rwa’diis got reacted and left AM entirely. Because
Baba was applying maximum pressure to set the wheels of Prout in motion
and put forth the dharmic example that outside exploiters are not
welcome in a community.

And still this problem with the ma’rwa’diis and other outside capitalist
exploiters is going on today all over the world. So we should pay heed
to Baba’s teaching: ‘Expel outside exploiters’. Let this be our slogan.

Then of course there is the other angle to the issue…


…it is not just the outside exploiters that create hell for local
people. No doubt outside capitalists are true criminals, but another
thorn in the side of local people is the issue of floating laborers.
They are outside people who move to an area and take jobs away from
local people.

Baba says, “As examples we may cite Howrah, Hooghly, Parganas and
Burdwan in West Bengal. Most of the manual labourers in these districts
are outsiders, hence the local people will never experience a good
standard of living.” (PE)

So this is the other half of the problem. People who move to an area
just for the sake of getting work sets off an imbalance in that area
that starves the local people.

The practice of floating labor markets then must also not be tolerated
or allowed to happen.



This dual issue around the globe of– outside capitalist exploiters and
floating laborers– undermines local people everywhere. Yet Prout’s
stand is in support of local populations and takes a bold position
against this economic injustice which is scouring each and every corner
of the earth.

Baba says, “PROUT always stands for the cause of exploited people,
irrespective of race, nation, religion etc., and always opposes all
types of exploitation. But as poverty is the main problem in the world
today, PROUT gives top priority to opposing economic exploitation, as
this affects the livelihood and existence of the people.” (PNS-13)

Thus when it comes to outside capitalist exploiters and floating
laborers we should be keen to the problem as well as the solution. And
we should be aware of the rights of the local people– they should be
guaranteed 100% employment as well as a healthy percentage of the
profits that are made from local resources. Thus, a measly hourly wage
is not sufficient for their compensation. In total, local people must be
in control of all all socio-economic affairs of their samaj and be
instrumental in all policy decisions thus giving them a strong voice
regarding all financial and business concerns in their area: From use of
resources to the method of production to sales and profits etc. That is
Baba’s mandate.


Unfortunately the problem of outside exploiters and floating labor
market is a burgeoning issue– nearly every country is involved in one
way or another. So local people around the globe are getting marginalised.

US capitalists have jumped into China to produce & ship goods all over
the world thereby exploiting the Chinese labor force; in turn overseas
overseas Chinese have scoured SE Asia in order to build huge profits;
British and American interests have long exploited India and continue to
do so; in turn, Indian vaeshyas have made Africa their economic stomping
grounds where they exploit the resources and labor of Africa for their
own gain; the Germans and other Europeans have done the same in South
America; and indeed this type of outside capitalist exploitation is a
major feature of today’s global economy. Every player does it.

And side by side, various labor forces are constantly moving to places
where they can get work and take jobs away from local people. These
floating labor markets are not as devious and cunning as outside
capitalist exploiters, but at the same time their ways cannot be
appreciated or tolerated as they are undermining local people.

Such is the case with the bulk of the Hispanic workforce which has
immigrated to the US. They are taking all the jobs away from locals.
Just like the North Africans who have flooded Europe, Indians who have
moved to the US or London, Nicaraguans who have gone to Costa Rica. The
problem is rampant: People move to an area solely to get a job and take
employment away from locals who comprise the true population of an area.


The above policies and instances of outside exploiters and floating
labors create economic injustice and social unrest. Where overseas
Chinese capitalists go they are attacked by furious locals and in turn
they retaliate and harm those locals– physically or economically. Same
is the case with British capitalists in South Africa, American
industrialists in Bangladesh, and all outside exploiters everywhere.
Tensions are growing day by day…

…and as the food crisis and economic fallout multiplies, there will be
more fighting and rioting in the streets.

Likewise, members of the floating workforce are getting attacked on
their way to their jobs because locals are angry about having their
livelihood taken away from them.

Here there is no need to describe in full all these events because they
are prevalent everywhere– at least in seed form. And soon this type of
fighting will be systemic and create pandemonium everywhere, if bold
steps are not taken quickly the remedy the situation.

And only Prout can solve this nasty crisis.


To solve this issue, Prout advocates that local people should be in
charge of their own economies. And here Baba gives more insight as to
who is a ‘local person’. Anyone of any nationality can become a local
person in any region so long as their cultural and financial interests
coincide with those of that area.

Baba says, “Local people are those who have merged their individual
socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the
socio-economic unit they live in. Clearly, this concept of local people
has nothing to do with physical complexion, race, caste, creed, language
or birth place. The fundamental issue is whether or not each person or
family has identified their individual socio-economic interests with the
collective interests of the concerned socio-economic unit. Those who
have not done so should be branded as outsiders.” (PE)

Thus the day when capitalist outsiders and floating labor groups can
conduct business anywhere they like is an outdated concept and it must
not be tolerated. That is one of main ills of today’s economic scene.

And if not stopped peacefully through Proutistic policy making, then
verily we are going to the spilling of blood on each and every street
corner. Due to financial hardship and the strangling of local
communities, social upheaval will result.

In a nutshell to solve this issue, outsiders of all types must be
expelled. Investors must keep their financial dealings within their
local area and (floating) laborers must be given scope to work in their
hometown. That means, samajas must be identified and encouraged to
become economically self-sufficient. So Prout alone can bring relief to
the people– all people.


By Baba’s grace capitalism is now on its last legs– but turning the
corner into a Proutistic society will not be an easy job, nor a
bloodless one if we are not careful. Scarcities of essential commodities
combined with economic exploitation will lead the common people to
retaliate in the streets. Following Baba example, we are to preach and
teach the slogans of Prout.

Baba says, “PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human
society.” (AFPS-9)



Baba says, “The problem of a floating population and immigrant labour
will not occur in the cooperative system, as cooperative members will
have to be local people. Floating labourers should have no right to be
cooperative members – migratory birds have no place in cooperatives – as
they can disturb a whole economy. Howrah district, for example, produces
sufficient crops in a season to feed the local people for seventeen
months, but due to immigrant labour the produce is consumed in six and a
half months. The elimination of the floating population will also
protect the social life of the cooperative from the possibility of
adverse social influences.” (PNS-14)

Baba says, “The first principle of decentralized economy is that all the
resources in a socio-economic unit should be controlled by the local
people. In particular, the resources which are required to produce the
minimum requirements must be in local hands, and all the industries
based on these resources will have to be controlled entirely by the
local people. Local raw materials must be fully utilized to produce all
kinds of commodities necessary for the economic development of a
socio-economic unit.” (PNS-21)

Baba says, “Local people must be employed in local economic enterprises.
Unless the local people are fully employed in the local economy,
unemployment can never be solved. Local people should determine the
quantum of minimum requirements and the basic policies connected with
their own economic well-being. If this principle is followed the problem
of outside interference in the local economy will not arise at all.” (PE)

Baba says, “The indigenous capitalist class, who were in collusion with
the Britishers, usually brought in labourers and managers from outside
the local area to disrupt the local economy and make it amenable to
their control. The English language was imposed on local people, and the
British administration went to great lengths to train up tens of
thousands of Indian clerks in the English system of education to ensure
British cultural dominance of the Indian economy.” (AFPS-9)

Baba says, “For economic democracy is that outsiders must be strictly
prevented from interfering in the local economy. The outflow of local
capital must be stopped by strictly preventing outsiders or a floating
population from participating in any type of economic activity in the
local area.” (PNS-21, ‘Economic Democracy’)

Baba says, “Local people are defined as those who have merged individual
socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the
socio-economic unit they live in. The primary consideration is whether
or not people have merged their individual interests with their
socio-economic unit, regardless of their colour, creed, race, mother
tongue, birthplace, etc. Those who earn their livelihood in a particular
socio-economic unit but spend their earnings in another socio-economic
unit should be considered as outsiders or non-local people, as this
practice is not in accordance with the interests of the socioeconomic
unit in which they are employed. It results in the drainage of the
capital necessary for the continued growth of that unit and undermines
its economic development.” (PNS-13)

Baba says, “Capitalists, in either their singular or collective forms,
are the most pernicious economic exploiters today. All over the world
they are continually exploiting local economies and draining their
wealth. In nearly all cases the profits they accrue are spent outside
the local area and remitted to outside stockholders and parent
companies. An essential measure to control this economic exploitation is
that the speculative markets in all countries of the world should be
closed down immediately.” (PNS-13)

One Should Always Remember

Baba says, “However little one’s capacity might be, if one constantly
remembers that Parama Purus’a is always with him or her, that they are
in the closest contact with Parama Purus’a, they will be able to do
everything. They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as
long as they remember this closest association with Him, they can do
much more than ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently
established in their minds, they become great. This is why no one should
be disappointed or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone
constantly perform great deeds, remembering that the flow of their
capacity is coming from Parama Purus’a, and thus they can do
everything.” (AFPS-3, p. 62)

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From: Ram Gopal Deva “RamGopal63@Indianet…”

Date: Wed, 01 June 2011 23:34:08 +0530

Subject: On A Daily Basis









Some naive people think that it is too difficult to follow dharma all of the time. Rather they think dharma is something that can and should only be followed on certain grand occasions. Such are the thoughts of a few people.







Here following is Baba’s reply.


Baba says, “If one thinks that they will only follow dharma in some big events, and not in small ones, then those big events may not ever come in their entire life. It may be that in their whole life, besides their birth and death, not a single big event happens. Yet at the time of birth how can one protect dharma. At that time one is just a small infant and cannot do anything. That infant is totally unaware about the events going

on around them. Then how can they protect dharma. And at the time of death, a

person is senseless. In that case also how can they protect dharma. For this reason, dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)


So Baba’s explanation is perfectly clear – one should follow dharma always, in all aspect of life.





Even then, some think that when those in the Marga were physically fighting the communists, then that was the main ideological fight. Since then, they reason, there has been no scope for ideological fight. It is is purely a thing of the past. And it is only when margiis & dadas again start physically fighting with those communists that the ideological fight will recommence. That is one myopic view of one Dada.





However, it is not rocket science. One can easily understand what is AM ideology and what is an ideological fight. It is very simple and straightforward.


In His neo-humanistic philosophy, Baba clearly states that an ideological fight means combatting all kinds of narrow sentiments and groupism.





In the life of each and every Ananda Margii then, this ideological fight is going on each and every moment. It is not that an ideological fight only happened in 1967 and 1982 when so many Dadas were killed by communists. Today as we speak, an ideological battle is taking place and sincere margiis are fighting this fight on a daily basis.


These are but some of the major issues of today’s ideological fight:

(a) Distortion of scripture

(b) Elimination of bhukti pradhan rights & margii rights

(c) Destruction of the ACB

(d) Expulsion

(e) Gender issues

(f) Dogma of Mahaprayan

(g) So-called holy tiirthas

(h) Fake Ananda Vaniis

(i) Victimisation


These are the main ideological issues of the day that demand our focused attention. The aim is to keep AM philosophy unaltered.





As we know some people like to glue themselves to dogma. Our duty is to free them from such dogmas and bring them onto the right path. This is also the ideological fight.


Those who believe in groups are not following AM ideology. Trying to convince them to give up their group affiliation is also the ideological fight. Naturally when selfish groupists combat each other for power, then such a clash has not an iota of ideological import. But when dharmikas, i.e. sincere Ananda Margiis, oppose groupism by holding onto the gospel of neo-humanism, then that most certainly is an ideological fight.





Here the point is that our fight for ideology is dynamic and takes places on multiple levels – always. Anyone sincerely involved in following Baba’s divine ideal is carrying the flag of ideology each and every moment. They are always involved in this dharmic fight. That is Baba’s teaching.


That is why no one can take it seriously when one Dada states that fighting the communists is the only ideological battle in life.





As Ananda Margiis, our aim and understanding should be based on Baba’s teachings whereby each and every moment we are striving to establish AM ideals on so many different planes of life.


Baba says, “Everywhere in the manifested or unmanifested universe there is a ceaseless fight going on between vidyá [ideology] and avidyá [ignorance].” (PNS-15, Talks on Prout)


Baba says, “Dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)



Ram Gopal




Here is the Dada who is telling that only the fight against the communists is the ideological fight.


“The real ideological fight was against communist and against CBI in Baba’s physical presence.” – Shuddhátmánanda





“Maner ma’jhere base gopan kotha’ shon’o, kichui luka’no ja’y na’…” (P.S. 583)




Baba, You are sitting in the mind. You listen to all the talks & tales and feelings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. What anyone thinks, You know. Baba, You are everywhere– in each and every iota of this entire universe. Indeed You are so vast & You have manifested Yourself in such a grand way, that beyond You there is no existence of anything.


Baba, You even listen to the very small talks of the mind; You take care of even the most meagre and ordinary matters– just like dust particles. You cannot forget or ignore anyone, and You do not remain oblivious of anything. You take care of everyone. You love one and all. The galaxies & stars which are floating in far away distant places, even those objects are not beyond Your touch. For You everything is close by; nothing is far. And You take care of everything.


The spring which has lost its beauty & the flower which has just bloomed, nothing gets forgotten. Everything has equal importance to You. You are everywhere. There is no place where You do not remain. Except You, there is nothing.


Baba, You are sitting inside the mind and listening to all the feelings and longings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. Baba You are infinite; Baba, You are everywhere…




Where Invented


In the following quote Baba reveals the history of the “ball” which is nowadays commonly used in innumerable games and sports. The ball is originally invented in India.


The following Baba’s teaching reveals this fact.


Baba says, “The meaning of the root verb kand is ‘to wallow’. We get the word kanduka (ball) by adding ‘uk’ to ‘kand’ or adding ‘u’ + ‘ka’ to kand. Its etymological meaning is ‘that which rolls’; colloquially it refers to ‘ball’– a ball rolls. It should be remembered that the kanduka (ball) originated in this country. Originally, balls used to be made from cloth, but since cloth balls did not last very long people in ancient Bengal started making balls from the shoots of young bamboo.” (SC-3, p.70-71)


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Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 05:48:38 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Mandal.Virendra@bharata.net
Subject: Why Should Any Sincere Devotee Sacrifice for Factional Cause?


“A’ka’shabhara’ a’jake ta’ra’…” (P.S. 2523)


Baba, the sky of this amavasya night is filled with the stars. The sweet, nectar-like breeze is blowing mildly. The mind is floating in divine ecstasy from the known to the unknown world– towards its final destination. Baba, ensconced in Your ideation, my mind is getting lost in Your divine bliss.   Baba, the lily flower is constantly looking towards the sky; the aroma of flowers is emanating all around. They have forgotten themselves and lost their awareness about their own unit existence. They restlessly move in the attraction of one call.   Baba in Your longing I am sitting alone, counting the stars. I understand that by Your grace I have lost myself in this beautiful atmosphere and the attraction of Your love. Baba, You are ever-gracious and You are always remaining by my side and guiding me. Baba, on this amavasya night my heart is yearning and longing for You. Please grace me by coming closer and still more close…



The aim of any ideological sadhaka is not to preach any sermon per se. All that they share in their letters are the teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. And we are simply passing on His message to our Guru Bhra’ta’s, i.e. disciples of Baba.


The present group fight in our Marga is not an ideological fight. Here ideological means Baba’s divine teachings, not any group agenda. This fight is all about their own selfish group interest. Here following the is the logic and reasoning in support of this fact.

Since 1990, so many injustices have been done related with ideology, yet none of these following points are ever raised by these group leaders – i.e. H, B, or EC. Rather they are the perpetrators.

1. Destruction of BP rights and imposition of the Fake BP Manual;
2. Expulsion used as a weapon since 1995  when all groups were living under one roof;
3. Countless intentional scriptural distortions such as placing “Translated from the original Bengali” on the cover page of all AM books, even if those discourses were given in English or Hindi;
4. Elimination of the margii based ACB system: Advisory Committees & Boards;
5. Curtailment of margii rights;
6. Creation of dogmatic pilgrimages in Ananda Nagar, Kolkata, & Jamalpur, and many other places;
7. Issuing of Fake Ananda Vaniis;
8. Victimisation of countless innocent Ananda Margiis;
9. Bangalisation of AM teachings;
10. Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita by using filmy singers etc;
11. Not recognising Silent Action as a fundamental right;
12. Rejecting English and Hindi passages spoken by Baba and only translating the Bengali portions of Baba’s holy DMC discourses which were given by Baba in three languages;
13. Treating Baba as a mortal being by using the shraddha mantra for Sadguru Baba and the imposition of dogmatic Mahaprayan;
14. Construction of dogmatic memorials to limit Baba to a particular land or place;
15. And so many more ideological wrongs.

Note: Please do write us if you wish more information on any of the above points.

Yet, no group ever raises any of these universal points related with AM teachings / ideology. They only raise their own selfish claims based on their group agenda for post and power.

So all this infighting is nothing but a factional power fight. In that case why should margiis quarrel, give their resources and time, and do & die in such a fight when it is all about selfishness and grabbing the post – and nothing else.

Regarding the above listed ideological points related with margii rights and scripture etc, neither the factions of Tiirthananda & EC, nor B faction, nor H (i.e. Ranchi faction) support these purely ideological issues. Never do they ever raise these items – they only raise points of personal lust for post and power.

Then why should any sincere devotee sacrifice themselves for this cause of infighting and group agenda. There is no ideology on either side. That is Baba’s teaching.



In addition to the quote about the two Buddhist groups noted in the original letter on this topic (see note 1), kindly review this below teaching:

Baba says, “About thirty-five years ago [in 1936], a war was going on between two countries, the citizens of which have the same religion (Buddhist). When the soldiers went to war, their mothers used to pray to Lord Buddha to save the lives of their respective sons. What will Lord Buddha do? Save this man or that man? Both have the same “Is’t’a,” but both parties have totally forgotten their ideology. If they were established in the ideology, they would not have gone to war.” (SE)

The above teaching is a sound file (titled “Baba is on my side”) of Baba’s voice from Purnea DMC 1971 which is posted to the left side of the AM-GLOBAL blog, http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/


With all due respect, when the mind is filled with emotion then rationality fades away. So when two people want to talk on substantial issues, they should not pre-judge anything. Keeping an open mind and using one’s power of rationality is of utmost importance.


One other point of note: As Ananda Margiis we are neither Indian, nor American, nor Filipino, nor members of any other nationality or group. We are universalists. Our outlook should not be pro-Indian or pro-American  etc. Only we should see the world through the eyes of our neo-humanistic ideology.


Indeed there is a time to fight:

Baba says, “Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology.” (Ananda Vanii #14)

So we should fight for ideology. But when two or more groups are just involved in their own selfish infighting and rush for power, and when no group is willing to stand up for any true ideological issue, and when margiis are getting confused by groupist propaganda, then the main job at hand is to awaken others.

Baba NEVER says, “Fight for your group agenda. Be one with your group agenda. Live for your group agenda. Die for your group agenda.”


Note 1:                                 BABA’S FOREWARNING:



Now please read the following quote. It is very clear. Baba has forewarned us not to fall in this very trap of infighting as occurred with those Buddhist monks 2500 years ago, but now some Dadas are committing this same blunder.

Baba says, “Great differences in opinion developed among the bhikkus (monks) some time after his death. Two groups of bhikkus emerged – Sthaviravádii, the southern school of Buddhist doctrine, and Mahásáḿghika (the northern school), which later on became known as “Hiinayána” and “Maháyána” respectively. But that was not the end of it. Innumerable branches and sub-branches emerged, countless philosophies of Sthaviraváda, Vijiṋánaváda, Shúnyaváda, Mahásukhaváda, and Atisukaváda. Each one of these groups became so engrossed in their own so-called ideologies, doctrines and subdoctrines that they did not have any time to do any constructive work.” (AFPS-4)

In His above teaching Baba is describing how the Buddhist monks divided into factions and spent all their days in infighting. For this reason they could not do any real service to the society. That is very real history and therein lies Baba’s distinct warning.

Tragically, nowadays in AM, all our top Dada have separated into various groups – B, H, EC etc – and they are consumed in battling one another for supremacy. That is the unfortunate scene that has developed in the Marga. A classic example of this is the legal battle going on in NY. The two groups involved are committing all their energy, time, and resourceds etc into this group conflict, and hence they are unable to serve the general society. Is it not a mirror image of what transpired long ago?

==> This above note is an excerpt from the posting, Baba’s Forewarning On NY Court Case. To read that entire letter visit:


Religious Dogma and Females

Baba says, “In the past it was the practice in India that if a woman heard the recitation of the Vedas even by accident, molten lead was poured into her ears. This was done because if women were not suppressed they could not be easily exploited and ordered about to do menial work, like maid servants.” (PNS-16)

Note: Religions have always suppressed and exploited various sections of society in order to impose their dogmatic ideas. Weaker, minority groups always suffered terribly at the hands of religion. And always it was always the all-powerful clergy who soaked up the benefits. That is, all the rules and regulations were bent in favour of the dominant class, i.e. the male clergy etc.

So since the birth of religion on this globe, various anti-social and harmful activities have been done in the name any particular religion. In that circumstance, in order to protect the downtrodden masses, the state or government has had to intercede and declare those religious decrees to be unlawful.

For instance, in the US, the state has stepped forward and opposed the false rule that black and whites should not marry. Yet for years and years the dominant white churches opposed these inter-racial marriages. But, in the due course of things, the US government has declared such inter-racial unions, i.e white-black marriages to be legal. Likewise in India the government has come forward to make ordinances against the Hindu tradition that the wife must burn herself to death by throwing herself on the husband’s funeral pyre. Now this dogmatic religious tradition is basically outlawed and not done anymore. Plus in the US, the government has declared that polygamy is illegal– a man can no longer keep multiple wives. So the Mormon religion and others like it in the US can no longer impose rule that a man can have as many wives as he likes.

In all these circumstances when religion has imposed hateful and harmful rules against the weaker sections of society, at some point the government was forced to take a stand against those religious dogmas by declaring them illegal. This we have witnessed in nearly every country around the globe.

So today when the various Muslim communities impose the idea that women must wear a veil in public, then soon we are going to see this reversed by various governments. And in some places this has already begun.

Especially so because, at present, radical Muslims use the veil as a way to hide the face of their terrorist attackers. In that case, it is the duty of the government to intercede and declare such veils as illegal. Because in the present moment, in the name of wearing a veil, both male and female Muslim terrorist bombers sneak into public places to carry out their attacks. Because in many countries, male policeman are prohibited to ask females to lift their veil. Then that veil becomes a special tactic of Muslim religious radicals to sneak their attackers– either male or female– into public events and carry out their destructive plans. Because anyone can hide behind that veil and go where they like. All because of their dogmatic religious rule that females must cover their face with a veil in public.

Given this, states and governments have no other recourse than to outlaw the dogmatic provision that females must always move in public wearing a veil. And soon we will see this law come into effect pervasively. Because at present, dogmatic Muslim leaders are imposing this illogical rule on females and side by side using this as a means to carry out their heinous activities.

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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 06:58:43 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Richard Cross
Subject: BP Election Process 2010


“Lukiye path cala’ ekii liila’, lokalocane keno na’hi a’so…” (P.S. 3698)


Baba, You are Ajana Pathik, You are the most loving One who moves
throughout this vast universe doing everything but in Your journey You
always keep Yourself hidden. You move around secretly. Baba, You do all the
things but nobody can see You; You do not like to come within the field of

O’ my Dearmost, to whom You love, they want to search You in their mind;
they want to hold You in their heart by the process of shravan, manan,
niddhidhya’san & dhyana. But in Your divine liila You do not like to be
seen. You go on moving secretly. Why like this. Why is Your style so
secretive? Baba, You do not like to move around following the straight,
clear-cut path whereby everyone can see You. That type of movement You do
not do. Baba, the eternal truth of straightforwardness which has been
established since ages, even a wee-bit of that You do not follow in Your
movement. Rather everything You do in hidden fashion.

O’ my Revered One, it may be also possible that my understanding is not
complete so that I do not properly comprehend You. Baba, by the ordinary
measuring scale You are immeasurable. If anyone wants to understand You and
get You, then You escape and never get held. Then remaining distant, You
just smile. Baba, what type of liila is this. You go on doing everything while
remaining hidden, out of my grasp. O’ Baba, I long for You and surrender at
Your alter…


Note: 2010 is an election year. Some BP elections have already been held
and many more are coming up in the next 1 – 2 months. Already the leaders
have set their plans in motion to get their chosen canditate in the seat.

They cemented their agenda for the various bhuktis during New Year’s DMS.

Be alert and ready. The Fake BP Manual of ’97 is still in vogue. Know
your rights and be ready to oppose all wrong doing with regard to BP
elections. This is our collective duty.

This entire letter looks at how the Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual issued in
1997 has been used as a weapon by groupist leaders to destroy the BP post.

This manual has been the cause of so many fixed elections: 1998, 2001,
2004, 2007, and now the same is trying ot be done here in 2010.

Awareness and vigilence is the only cure, lest they once again manipulate
things according to their own agenda.


Everybody knows that the Bhukti Pradhan (BP) post is part and parcel of a
unique system given by Baba wherein family people are actively involved in
the leadership of a dharma organisation (AMPS). In the past no pseudo guru
had the courage or vision to put forth such an idea. Only our all-knowing
Sadguru Baba has put the plan in motion that all people– whether sannyasis
or family people– should be actively involved in the administration of a
spiritual organisation, thereby bringing dharma to the masses. Such is the
revolutionary approach of the BP system given by Baba.


However at present in AMPS, our Bhukti Pradhan system is in a state of
shambles. This also everyone recognises. The BP post has become a
non-entity in AMPS life whereby those margiis who oppose the leading
faction are ousted from the BP position. In that way so many BP’s are
either marginalised or just sit on the BP chair as a stooge of the ruling
group. All acknowledge that in today’s social milieu of extreme groupism,
the voice box of the BP has been shut.


The next question then becomes how did all this happen. And while there are
various factors involved, it cannot be denied that when the groupist rulers
threw away Baba’s original BP guidelines and instead created their own Fake
BP Manual (’97), then that became one distinct cause of the downfall of the
BP post. Because that Fake BP Manual (’97) contains so many wrong rules
which allow the ruling group to turn the BP post into a mere puppet
position etc.

Even then in the minds of some it is not clear how all this is happening. A
few are not understanding how the Fake Manual is used by factional leaders
to control the BP post. Thus to help bring the matter into the open
foreground and make it crystal clear, various margiis have decided to
address points one at a time from the Fake BP Manual in order to show how
the Fake BP manual contravenes our pristine AM ideology. This letter begins
that series.


As we all know, one of the first and foremost tenets of our AM society is
that it incorporates one and all. Everyone is looked upon as a child of the
Supreme and a member of our human family.

In that light Baba has firmly declared that no one can be expelled from
AMPS. In our AM way of life there is no such thing as expulsion.
Baba says, “Ananda Marga has formed a society which frames its laws on the
basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of all
humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society,
for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction
between class or sex, where no one is declared an outcast…” (AFPS-7, p.6)

And here below Baba reiterates the same idea: That expulsion is not
accepted in Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “Harsh social punishment such as creating outcasts…do not find
any place in our society.” (AFPS-7, p.6)

So by all this it is clear as day that expulsion, debarment,
disqualification etc are not facets of our AM way of living. That is not
part of our social dharma.


Now let us take a look at but one of the many ways how the Fake Manual
contravenes our AM ideology. First let us remember that expulsion is not
allowed in our Marga. Do you have that idea in mind? Good, now let us

Here is one of the unrighteous (adharmic) rules from the Fake BP Manual.
In order to vote or be a BP candidate, the Fake BP Manual declares that:

“He or she must not be expelled.”
(Fake BP Manual 1997, chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12)

Thus in clear cut language the groupist rulers have put forth the crude
edict that no one may vote in the BP election or run for the BP post if
they have been expelled. So the Manual makes the false assumption that
expulsion is legal.

Yet we all know that according to Baba expulsion is not allowed in AMPS.
So the Fake BP Manual clearly ignores Baba’s dharmic teaching and puts
forth the unjust & fake policy that expulsion is allowed and that if anyone
is expelled then they cannot participate in the BP elections– neither as a
candidate nor as a voter. This is the type of outrageous manipulation that
is rampant throughout the Fake BP Manual.

And in their groupist policy-making schema this is what the groupists do.
If factional heads feel that any margii is not accepting their dictatorial
and unholy leadership then that margii will be “expelled” and forbidden to
participate in the BP election process.

So when courageous & dharmic margiis or BPs protest against groupist
wrongdoings then the factional leaders expel them and point to chapter 1,
section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their Fake BP Manual and declare that
“expelled” margii ineligible to participate in the BP elections or hold the
post of BP.

Indeed there are innumerable cases where this has occurred and if we are
not careful this devious rule will be invoked thousands of more times in
the future.

Thus in the past Rudrananda’s faction or Sarvatmananda’s faction has used
expulsion as a way to railroad BP elections and control the BP post. And
what is their justifcation: chapter 1, section 13, point #9, pg 12 of their
Fake BP Manual. And so long as this obscene rule exists, in the future any
groupist leader will take advantage of this unholy rule.


So when the upcoming BP elections are in our midst then we
should be well informed and ready to dismiss all the fake rules which
factional leaders have slipped into their Fake BP Manual. Because it is a
guarantee that whichever groupist regime is in power during the BP
elections, then they will invariably rely on the Fake Manual to manipulate
the course of events– once again rendering the BP post as a useless

When in fact we all know that the post of Bhukti Pradhan is an upstanding
seat in our Marga and that the post should be held by a strong margii who
upholds the teachings of dharma. That is Baba’s teaching and that is Baba’s
vision: That the BP chair will play a vital role in upholding AM ideals.
But this the groupist heads are unwilling to accept. Because they are so
greedy for power that they do not want anyone else to participate in the
governance of AMPS.

As a last reminder, we should all be alert and vigilant as we approach the
upcoming BP elections. We should demand that the Fake BP Manual be put in
the garbage where it belongs and instead Baba’s dharmic BP guidelines
should be implemented.


By Baba’s divine grace, the tide is changing and all the dogmatic rules
like those in the Fake BP Manual are being rejected by the people. And a
new phase of peace and harmony has arrived.

Baba says, “Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. We do not want
any dogma. The age of dogma is gone. What we want is an idea based on
Neohumanism. We are for the entire created world; and not only for human
beings or living beings, but for the entire animate and inanimate
universe.” (AFPS-5)



Everyone knows that Sarvatmanandji’s name itself is printed in bold letters
on the inside cover of the Fake BP Manual. Because in those days the B
bandits were still in power and they gave the important ISMUB Secy post to
their captain, Sarvatmananda. That is why where it says “published by” then
Sarvatmananda’s name appears. Because he is the one who first published the
Fake BP Manual. Of course now Rudrananda is king of the roost so he is
sinfully enjoying all the manipulations of the Fake BP manual. Rudrananda
is using all those crude edicts to satisfy his groupist agenda. And that is
the way it works– whichever group is in power takes advantage of this fake
BP manual.


Those leading the elections – i.e. the ruling faction – is bound to share
their adopeted, yet “cherished” election manual. Demand a copy from your
local acarya, RS, or ISMUB representative. And then sit down with them
and review the aforementioned points. They must be called upon to answer
to all the unideological points from the Fake BP Manual. Letting this
election transpire in silence is not good. That is why all margiis all
around the globe are standing up and demanding for Baba’s original
BP guidelines to be reinstated.

Ajapa – Japa & Adhyana – Dhyana

SadGuru Baba says, “If a man constantly chants his japa mantra or meditates
ceaselessly, then the rhythm of this japa, the rhythm that adores the Guru
during dhyana, will act as auto-suggestion during the time of sleep,
although he does not remember it…A sadhaka with this capacity continues
his dhyana and japa even in sleep. This kind of japa is called “Ajapa’
Japa”; that is to say, without performing japa, one is actually performing
it. And it is called “Adhya’na’ Dhyana”, which means that without actually
meditating, the act of meditation is going on.” (YP, 1991 Edn, p.150-51)


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Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 07:13:01 -0000
From: J.Young
Subject: Carya’carya Opposes Expulsion


“A’lor pathe je eseche a’ndha’re se hoy na’ ha’ra’…” (P.S. 996)


Baba, those who are treading the divine path never get lost in the
oblivion of darkness and staticity. Those who are smiling sweetly, their
life can never be like hell– surrounded by the agony of suffering and

Baba, here along with me, You are and I am. And Your love has bound me. In
result I have lost everything else. Those who have ascended onto the path
of hope and optimism never get lost in hopelessness and pessimism.
Baba, by Your grace You have come with Your sweet smile riding Your
chariot of panoramic colors. By getting You, the whole universe is
purified; everyone’s existence has become successful…

Note: We are extremely sorry to hear about the recent tragedy surrounding our
dear elder brother Dada Parmeshvarananda. By Baba’s grace, Dadaji was saved
otherwise he could have been killed. We wish Dadaji and very fast recovery
back to 100% health. – Eds.


Each and every Ananda Margii knows well that ours is the path of unity–
where all live together as one human family. This is Baba’s divine decree.
So the entire AM philosophy is moving in this singular, unified direction–
including all of Baba’s teachings of Caryacarya.

Unfortunately a few do not understand and have gone on to wrongly pronounce
that parts of Caryacarya can be used to divide the society by supporting
the dogmatic expulsion theory. They think that taking away someone’s
acaryaship or revoking their certification means that the particular worker
is therefore expelled. But that is not at all the case.

In a nutshell, losing one’s acaryaship or taking away their certificate
only means that the specified worker may no longer– temporarily so– be
allowed to perform initiations or teach various sadhana lessons etc. On the
whole though losing one’s ‘ship’ has no bearing on their existential
standing as a worker. That is: One will continue to hold their usual post
and engage in all kinds of organisational duties and social functions etc.

So there should not be any confusion about this. None should think that
losing one’s certificate means that they are therefore an ex-wt or a
so-called expelled worker etc. It is not at all like that.

In truth 99.9% of the workers do not even have a certificate– nor is it
needed in the true sense.

With our rational minds we should properly understand Baba’s guidelines
about this and set the record straight.


In chapter 40 of Caryacarya part 1, Baba has beautifully issued one special
mandate to help maintain the standard of all acaryas. There Baba guides us
that if any tattvika, acarya, or purodha “is unable to discharge his
respective duties” then their ‘ship’ or “certificate” can be taken away.

That means if one is not properly fulfilling their responsibilities as a
tattvika then they may temporarily lose their tattvikaship. And the same is
the case with acaryas and purodhas; they can lose their acaryaships and
purodhaships. That is what the rule states. And this is exclusively done
with the benevolent motive to bring those WT’s’ back up to the proper
standard. It is not designed as a mechanism to “expel” anybody.

All in all, it is just like how medicine is prescribed to cure a problem
and make the patient healthy and normal again. That medicine is not meant
to kill anyone. Same is the case with the taking of a worker’s various
ships. That procedure is done to make that Wt a better worker, not to
permanently terminate their role as a Wt etc. That is not the aim.

So taking away one’s ship’s is not designed to expel that worker. The proof
is that on many occasions Baba Himself with His Supreme Benevolence has
revoked the acaryaship or purodhaship from various workers but that did not
mean they were expelled. Rather over that period those Wts maintained their
usual close link with the organisation– trying hard to fulfill all their
normally assigned social duties etc.

Therefore none should think that any aspect of Caryacarya– such as chapter
40– is meant to go along with the dogmatic and divisive tactic of
expulsion. The two are not at all related.

Following is more about the solid organisational standing of those workers
who lose their various ‘ships’.


Here it should be clear to all that the concerned individual who has lost
their acaryaship will continue to function as a WT and engage in all their
social work and simultaneously strive to do all their allotted duties.
Indeed they even maintain their same posting.

If they are Regional Secretary they will remain as RS; and if they are a
Sectorial level Prout worker they will keep that very post. So whatever
posting they have, they will keep. This is the system as per Baba.


By this we can understand that such persons who lose their ‘ships’ are
still very much a part of the organisation and are expected to participate
in all types of functions from the weekly dharmacakra to various types of
organisational activities. So they are still very much involved and an
integral part of the collective Marga flow.


So if someone loses their ‘ship’, such as their acaryaship, it does not at
all mean that they are therefore expelled. That is not at all the case.

In fact, 99.9% of the time when one loses their ships then those around
them are not even aware that that individual lost their ships. Because that
concerned worker is still involved in all their normal duties. Actually it
is only evident when one loses their avadhutaship for the simple reason
that the colour of their lungi changes from orange to white. So then
obviously others are aware that the person temporarily lost their
avadhutaship. Because their external dress is different– not because their
way of life is different. That is if one of the other ships is lost then
others do not even know. Because the dress stays the same, as does one’s
regular routine.


Qualitatively, by losing their acaryaship it simply means that during that
period those persons may not do certain things that are the speciality of
an acarya– such as teach the various lessons of sadhana. That is the main
thing one cannot do if they lose their acaryaship. But they can participate
100% in all the collective functions of Ananda Marga and keep the very same
posting which they had earlier. So there is no question of their being
expelled from Ananda Marga. That is not at all the case.


Many may recall the time in October 1990 when Baba Himself withdrew the
‘ships’ of so many Central Workers– around one dozen or so. He took away
their avadhutaships and acaryaships etc. This is a well known incident
because during that time a large DMC was held and various Central workers
like Keshavananda were moving around on the stage wearing white lungis.

They were wearing their orange shirts but were wearing white from the waist
down. Because their avadhutship was taken. This was the case with around
one dozen Central Workers like Keshavananda, Bhaveshananda, Nigamananda,
Mantreshvarananda, and so many others. They all lost their ‘ships’ and were
moving around in white lungis that time, but keeping their same post etc.
This all goes to show that when one’s ‘ships’ are taken away then they keep
their same posting and discharge their allotted duties.

Per Baba’s practical example this is how it works. Because that time in
October 1990 when Baba took away their avadhutaship etc, then all those
Central Workers kept their very same posts. Keshavananda even remained
as Baba’s PA. And they all participated fully in that DMC as well as all
the related meetings and festivities etc. So there was no question of
their being expelled from the organisation. It was not at all like that.

Only they were temporarily restricted from teaching the various lessons of
sadhana etc. That was the main thing that was affected.


Hence, all in all, the whole procedure in Caryacarya about taking away
one’s certificate or ‘ships’ is a benevolent rule designed to rectify and
improve a worker– not alienate him.

It is all done with the intention and hope that such deficient workers will
succeed in overcoming their defects and ultimately regain their full status.
In contrast, if for their groupist interests, those in the helm attempt to
use chapter 40 of Caryacarya as a way to expel and marginalise any worker,
then that is a clear-cut case of the misuse and abuse of a good rule. And
that cannot be tolerated.



As the divine Sadguru Baba has come to form that one, singular human
society where there are no outcastes and all are part of the same
collective flow. And all the teachings of Caryacarya are working in this
same magnifcent direction.

Baba says “The unity of Ananda Margiis should not be allowed to be
jeopardized for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of
your life.” (Caryacarya-2, ‘Society’, pt#13)

By His above teaching and indeed on numerous occasions in Caryacarya itself
Baba directs us to from that unified humanity where there is no possibility
of expulsion.

Baba says, “The meaning of the sam’gacchadhvam’ mantra should be realized
in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or small, with
unity. Consider misfortune of one as the misfortune of all, an injury to
one as an injury to all.” (Caryacarya-2, ‘Society’, pt#34)

Here is another of Baba’s divine decrees from Carya’carya.

Baba says, “Do not allow distinctions to crop up among Ananda Margiis.
Unity should be maintained even at the risk of one’s life.” (Caryacarya-2,
‘Misc’, pt#3)

And indeed throughout the entire AM philosophy the idea comes again and again that we are to form that one human society where no one is declared an outcast, shunned, or excommunicated etc. Such dogmatic beliefs and dirty terms are the very things which Baba wants to wipe away by creating one
human society. And His divine teachings of Caryacarya echo this same noble endeavour.


The crude and sinful act of expulsion has no redeeming quality. Expulsion
is fundamentally against the neo-humanistic teachings of AM philosophy.

Thus there is no place for expulsion in our Marga and Carya’carya certainly
does not condone such heinous acts like expulsion. The sooner everyone in
our AM family understands this truth, the better it will be for all.

So those who are having trouble incorporating this point into their outlook
should quickly seek help from others. And if we see that such and such
person is not getting it, then it is our duty to bring them on the right


By and large we should take an important lesson from the post-1991 AMPS
history. Because Baba has pointedly warned us that expulsion is such a
divisive tool which leads the outcasted party to revolt and consequently
divide the humanity.

Baba says, “Suppose somebody is suspended from his job. In his mind the
seeds of revolt germinate. He files a court case, contacts so many people,
organizes a demonstration, etc. That is the natural reaction to
suspension.” (AV-3)

Unfortunately since 1991 various groupists have issued so many dogmatic
expulsions and this is itself the very cause of the splitting of our Marga
society. So we should learn from this mistake by correcting it and not
repeating it again. We must overcome and rectify those wrongful expulsions
and form one monolithic AMPS society.


By Baba’s divine grace the whole humanity will embrace the concept that we
are all one. With that neo-humanistic outlook we will all live harmoniously
side by side– together.

Baba says, “So the important thing is that all are the progeny of the
Supreme Progenitor. According to this, there will be unity in the physical
stratum, and so will there be in the psychic and spiritual strata. But to
strengthen this unity yet more, there is one more factor which should be
there, and is there – that factor being the common goal for all the
children of the Supreme Father – the merger of all in Him. All have come
from Him and are in Him; therefore, all people will have to live together.”
(Disc on MHB: ‘Planning for the Mahavishva’)




Here in His below teachings Baba warns us about how the various dogmatic
religions issue crude edicts and decrees which divide humanity.

Baba says “Notions of vice and virtue, codes of justice and scriptural
texts – which are claimed to be the word of God – have been formulated by
different religions to further vested interests. Those who oppose the
scriptures or the system they propound are subject to severe punishment. To
socialize with a person of a different caste is a great sin and those who
commit such sacrilegious acts will be excommunicated. They will have to
make atonement according to scriptural decree, and sometimes the magnitude
of their penance maybe the cause of their death. If they plead for a milder
dose of punishment, the priests express their helplessness: one cannot defy
the scriptures!” (PNS-7, p.52)

Thus what is the difference when one religion self-righteously blasts
someone on the point of caste and when one groupist regime uses their
selfish agenda to oust and expel a Wt or margii. Answer: There is no
difference; both are sinful.


In Baba’s below teachings He guides us that all are part of the same human
family– and everyone should be made to feel included and part of that
larger humanity.

Baba says, “You should always be vigilant that not a single individual of
our collective body is in the least neglected or ignored. Let not a single
boy or girl feel within them that no one is concerned about them– let not
a single person be allowed to think: ‘No one cares whether I have taken my
food or not’. You must pay special heed to this.” (PNS-14, p.4)

Unfortunately if a worker or margii is expelled then they are just left
alone to rot. They are forgotten about and left to die– psychically if not
physically. That is the hellish result of expulsion and that is why Baba
has declared again and again that there is no place for expulsion in our
Marga. Ours is a neo-humanistic society.

One Should Always Remember

Baba says, “However little one’s capacity might be, if one constantly
remembers that Parama Purus’a is always with him, that they are in the
closest contact with Parama Purus’a, they will be able to do everything.
They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as long as they
remember this closest association with Him, they can do much more than
ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently established in
their minds, they become great. This is why no one should be disappointed
or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone constantly perform great
deeds, remembering that the flow of their capacity is coming from Parama
Purus’a, and thus they can do everything.” (AFPS-3, p.62)


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Date: 13 Oct 2009 07:58:21 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Yadav”
Subject: Ongoing Fantasy: ‘I am Dharmic’


“Diner a’lote a’so ni, ele tumi a’ndha’re…” P.S. 2073


Baba You are so merciful, You are so divine. Earlier when my life was
full of happiness then that time You did not come; but now in this period
of darkness You have come. It is Your grace.

During my good days I wanted You to come and rejoice the occasion. But
that did not happen– in the effulgence of the day You did not come. But
now in the darkness of night You have come. Baba, how You play Your

Baba in the smile of the moon, You do not present Yourself. But when I
was suffering in pain, then with the soothing balm You came and relieved me
of my suffering. Baba, You have come in this cimmerian darkness when I am

Baba, everyone knows that You are most-loving; and everyone
knows that You think about one and all. Even then they involve in logically analysing
and reasoning about Your ways in order to strengthen their love for You–
to love You in a deeper way.

O’ Baba, You are beginningless and Your abode is in infinity. In all
the twelve months You remain constantly along with me– in pain and
pleasure. Baba, You are the divine shelter of everyone; You are the heart
of everyone, the Soul of souls. And by Your grace You pull everyone close
to You. You never discard or ignore anyone– irrespective of how high or
how low they are.

Baba You have only come in this time of crying and suffering. In the
good days when I was calling You then You did not come. Baba, Your glory is
unfathomable; Your liila is beyond imagination; Baba, You are so gracious…


We live in such a diverse and colourful universe– in their own mind most
everyone thinks that they are following dharma, or the way of truth etc.
All think that their plan is the way things should be, that their plan is
the most righteous one.

Mr. Bush and his capitalist agents think that their approach of “getting
oil no matter what” is virtuous, while Islamic militants believe their
“so-called holy doctrine of Allah” is virtuous.

So to get power, to stand on top of the mountain, due to their
self-interest, both parties think they are right. This is their real

And this type of drama is unfolding within every religion and within every
nation– all over the globe. Goaded by their self-interest, all think that
their group or party has “the way”.


Similar is the case in AM. Due to their self-interest, one factional party
thinks that their way is the dharmic approach and another group believes
that they hold the key to “truth and enlightenment”.

So all pronounce theirs as the pathway of AM ideology.

One group thinks writing “Translated from the original Bengali” at the
beginning of every book is the dharmic approach, and another group believes
that “PP’s word” is the key to truth & welfare in AMPS. And still others
take it upon themselves to fabricate their own self-styled Ananda Vaniis.
But that is not all…

Some think that the killing of Abhipremananda is something virtuous.
Whereas others think that in the dark of the night, they can attack anyone
who is going against their group. And even the old chief of VSS
Madhavananda thought that his killing of some avadhutas was virtuous.
All these types of things have been going on– in the name of dharma.

So each & every side has their own strategy in mind, knowingly or
unknowingly. And all are internally convinced their way is that of AM

This is how things are unfolding these days in our Marga.

Now then is the time to see who is just living in their own silly dreamland
and merely repeating ‘I follow dharma’, and who is really involved in AM
ideology and truly following dharma.


By Baba’s grace, He has given us the perfect method to see who is who and
what is what.

Baba says, “To my ideology I am as simple and straight as a rod.” (SS-18)

So Baba’s teaching is quite neat and clean: One must adhere to AM teachings
completely and not twist them in any direction. That is Baba’s guideline.
And the practical application of this is that His teachings are to be kept
“as is”– and those teachings are to be applied in one’s practical life.

That is the determining factor of who is following AM ideology.


Unfortunately some have their own way of “following dharma…”.

1. For example, for years and years some factional heads were adamantly
convinced that all Baba’s books should be prefaced with “Translated from
the original Bengali”– even if the discourse was originally given in
English in Fiesch, Switzerland. So in the name of dharma those groupists
printed “Translated from the original Bengali” on the cover page of all the
AM books. This was their so-called dharma.

2. Then others have grabbed partial quotes from various sources and
proclaimed them to be Ananda Vaniis– when in fact Baba never included such
things in His original Ananda Vanii collection. Hence what those groupists
are making is nothing but Fake Ananda Vaniis– all done in the name of

3. Still others place PP’s name on the bottom of various orders and
proclaim that so and so is hereby expelled forever or some other outlandish
claim when in fact Baba has firmly declared that expulsion is not allowed
in AM. Even then various groupist proceed ahead in the bullish plan of
expulsion. This then is yet another episode of what that some factional
heads are doing in the name of dharma.

4. So in all sorts of ways, shapes and forms, various leaders in various
camps do things in the name of dharma. Those who are cunning knowingly
understand that they are going against dharma yet proclaim it as being
dharmic. And in the other corner some simple and naive people truly believe
in their heart that what they are doing is dharmic. Yet, in reality–
though one is worse than the other– both are far, far from AM ideology.


The question then becomes why do they do like this– why do certain
factional leaders go against AM ideology yet proclaim with full zeal that
they are acting in accordance with AM ideology. How is that they do not
have courage to admit and repent that what they are doing is opposite to
Baba’s teaching– opposite to dharma.

As is commonly seen, the answer is that they are blinded or goaded by their
own selfish desire. Stuck in that low mindset they are unable to admit
their fault– and just get drowned in their own silly agenda.
Either they think ‘I must get the power’ or they think ‘I must remain
forever on this MU’ or they think ‘I must become the most respected one’
etc. And in that blindness of self-interest, in that drunken egoistic
state, they do so many nasty things in the name of AM ideology to satiate
their hunger. But in that way they stray far from the path & go 100%
against dharma.

In that blindness, they distort AM scripture, take away margii rights, tear
down the BP system– countless heinous acts they do, all in the name of

Such is what happens when this or that groupist is wearing the eye-glasses
of selfish-interest. They twist AM ideology to their own end.

When in fact a true dharmika will do each and everything for AM ideology–
for dharma, without harbouring any other desire in mind.

Unfortunately time and time again, groupists stray from this ideal– all
because of their selfish approach.


It is just like during the Indian independence movement. At that time
various so-called leaders were making countless promises about how they
will restore glory to India. This was their regular chant of dharma. But
their so-called holy promise was all dependent on one factor– that of
satisfying their selfish desire of getting the chair etc. And then once
they got it, the rest is history. We all know what happened.

Rather than solving India’s ills and bringing forth the glory of India &
restoring dharma, instead they cracked the nation into multiple pieces. All
because their selfish lust for power was greater than their desire to bring
welfare to the country, greater than their desire to follow dharma.


Tragically, we are now witnessing this same type of event in AMPS. Blinded
by their self-interest they wrote “Translated from the original Bengali” on
the cover of every AM book in an attempt to show that their land or
language is the top etc. Or due to their self-interest they fabricated so
many Fake Ananda Vaniis that goaded margiis to ‘sit still and remain
passive’ or ‘follow “dharma” by siding with my group’ etc.

And by all this selfish power plays, the real teachings of AM ideology just
fall by the wayside– this is their so-called dharmic approach.


Hence even though there are so many opposing camps that all claim to be
following dharma, it is quite easy to understand how these various groups
are just living in their own dreamland. Because, each, in their own way,
twists AM teachings to suit their own ends.

Whereas those who are ideologists– those who are dharmikas– will always
keep Baba’s teachings “as is” and mold themselves according to His divine

By this measuring rod, we can be sure who is a veritable dharmika and
abiding by the ideals of AM versus who is living in their own hypocritical
dreamland and merely mouthing ‘I follow dharma’.


In the end let us remember that Baba has given one authoritative warning to
those selfish people who are bragging that ‘everything I am doing is
dharmic’. Such persons should remember that nature will not spare them:
They will have to undergo the consequences of their misdeeds– either in
this life or the next.

Hence we should utilise whatever strength Baba has given us to serve others
and never fall prey to any type of personal or group interest– just like
those who think that ‘let AM Revolution discourse get distorted since the
change is in favour my wt group etc’. This type of defective outlook is
very negative.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that
happen in one’s personal and collective life where some wrong is committed.
And if one is simple and open-minded then they may understand and admit
their wrongdoing whereas if one is just drowned in their own ego they will
never understand– and they will just incur more and more sin and
ultimately undergo that hellish reaction.


This is the time to look in 360 degrees and review the situation. It is our
duty to keep Baba’s teaching “as is”. If His divine teachings remain in
their original condition, then today or tomorrow AM ideology will be
established– based on His very teachings. But if His divine words are
tainted then the situation will be so disastrous.

That is why it is the personal and collective responsibility of each and
every Ananda Margii to keep Baba’s things “as is”. That is the greatest
work of this present day.


By Baba’s divine grace, we will all bring back the holy pillars of AM
ideology into our AMPS and create one truly dharmic society.

Baba says, “You follow me, that is, you follow my word, follow Bha’gavata
Dharma, because you are a human being.” (SS-21)


Importance of Padma’sana

Baba says, “Padma’sana [lotus posture] is just like a lotus in full bloom.
Just as the roots and stem of the lotus remain under the water and only the
leaves and flowers float about it– and although it is born in the mind it
sustains its love for the stars– in the same way people sitting in this
lotus posture and remaining in the world, can keep their minds above their
mundane environment. That is why on the path of sa’dhana’ this posture has
tremendous importance.” (NSS, ’85, p.241)


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