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In so many reportings Baba Himself was checking to see that everyone was applying oil to the crown of the head. And Baba was sternly pointing anyone out if they were failing to do this. By this way it became clear that Baba's direction is also that oil should be applied to the hair on the head as well.

From: Gagan
Subject: Universal Point + News
Date: Mon 02 Nov 2009 11:08:39 -0000


“Path pa’ne ceye basiya’ a’chi, eso priya mor gharete…” (P.S. 3182)


Baba, I am sitting and waiting for You– looking toward the path of
Your arival. O’ my dearest One, please come to my home. Without Your
divine presence my life is meaningless.

Baba, after throwing off all my drowsiness, I am sitting in the
beautiful moonlight, waiting in longing for You. Baba, in this entire
world You are the Essence of nectar. O’ my Innermost, of all the things
which I call my own, You are my most Dear.

Baba, please remove all my meanness and please come to me like the shade
of the tree in the burning desert, very cool and soothing. Baba, You
are the nucleus of this entire universe and the Soul of souls. You are
the nectar in the flower, You are the full moon of winter’s blue sky. Baba,
You are the best, most sweet part of everything.

Baba, the madhup* (honey bee) of my mind only longs for Your closeness,
Your proximity…

*Madhup (Black bee)= The Bengali term ‘madhup’ refers to the ‘Black
Bee’ in English. And as depicted in the above Prabhat Samgiita, this
madhup, or black bee, has a very special and intimate relation with the
flower. It spends countless hours in and around those flower petals,
touching its pollen and examining the various parts of the flower. And
sometimes the madhup even gets enveloped within the flower itself when
those petals close. But never does the madhup try to escape by
puncturing or making a hole in that flower. Just it remains inside once
the petals close. And like that its existence passes day after day
hovering around the for hours and hours. That’s why the relation between
the madhup and the flower is symbolically used to represent the special
closeness that exits between the devotee and Parama Purusa. The inner meaning
is the same: That Parama Purusa and the devotee have a very close and
intimate relationship.


NEWS: At the bottom of this report is an article about Nigamananda’s
recent outing to Berlin sector. Ideologically alert margiis asked Dadaji
many things and Nigamananda was not comfortable having to address
the truth. That is why he was complaining at RDS. Read below for the
entire story.

Everyone in Ananda Marga understands to some or more degree that an
integral feature of yoga and human health is the regular maintenance and
revitalisation of the glandular system. This Baba has spoken about at
length. And on numerous occasions He has explained that it is the
secretions of the glands themselves which help keep the human structure
in a proper condition.

And sure enough many of our yogic practices work towards maintaining the
glands: From our sadhana system to our sattvik food to our yoga asanas,
these daily practices all help make the glands healthy.

And of course one special point intimately related with the health of
the glands is the application of oil to the hair on the joints of the
body. Because many glands are located in the joints and the joint hair
is specially designed to help regulate and cool the glands. This is the
unique way which Parama Purusa has created the human body.

And side by side He has also told that in order to maintain the joint
hair it is needed to oil and comb those areas of the body. So the
application of oil to the joints is a key point of human health and Baba
has included this in so many of his important teachings of AM way of
life such as in Sixteen Points and Caryacarya. And this everyone is
aware about– and most, if not all, are following.




One point which is equally important which seems to be less commonly
known is the importance of putting oil to the hair on top of the head.
In so many reportings Baba Himself was checking to see that everyone was
applying oil to the crown of the head. And Baba was sternly pointing
anyone out if they were failing to do this. By this way it became clear
that Baba’s direction is also that oil should be applied to the hair on
the head as well.

And after all, why not? Because we know that right there at the crown of
the head is the home of the all-important pituitary and pineal glands.
And to keep those glands cool and properly regulated, the hair on the
head needs to be well maintained. And placing oil aids in that process.
So this is Baba’s guideline in this regard and on countless occasions He
has directly told this point: To apply oil to the hair on the head.


And while this is surely Baba’s teaching, it should also be known that
within the field of ayurveda also, they commonly tell that applying oil
to the head promotes all-round health, hygiene, and well-being.


For whatever reason, it can be readily observed in our AM society around
the globe that this practice of using oil on top of the head is not always
followed. More specifically here in many of our western countries this
point is commonly forgotten or left behind. No doubt margiis in these
areas are generally quite strict in following many of the points such as
fasting etc. However, for one reason or another, the point of using oil
on the head is less commonly done. Maybe it is because margiis here are
not thinking that this is Baba’s teaching. But those of us who had the
golden opportunity to go to India in those years know well that Baba is
very vigilant on this approach that all should apply oil to the hair on
the head. This was one of His regular directives.




In His discourses from Nama’mi Krs’n’asundaram, Baba has given one
special insight for following Mahasambhuti. In a neatly outlined
three-step process Baba guides us that (a) we should follow what Guru
has written, (b) we are to practice what Guru has spoken, (c) we are to
observe how Guru has lived His life and use our vivek to understand what
His actions support and oppose. And those things we should also do.

These are Baba’s own directives for how to best follow Him. So by this
above mandate, we can easily understand that those teachings which Baba
has spoken about on a regular basis such as applying oil to the crown of
the head are to be considered as permanent guidelines of Ananda Marga.
And there is a distinct benefit in this also, because each and every
syllable which Baba has told is for our welfare, growth, and
development. So in following Guru the return is something very great.


Here below Baba has given one special boon and guideline for advancing
far, far ahead on the path.

Baba says, “It is bigger to put one lesson into action than to hear
many. You should put into action every lesson in your life.” (CC-2,
‘Miscellaneous’, pt#10)

So wherever we may be physically, mentally, & spiritually, from today
onwards, by Baba’s grace, step by step, may we all incorporate more and
more of His divine guidelines into our regular use and practice. On this
grand endeavour Baba’s infinite grace is ever with us.

Baba says “I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further
that one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in
future, for infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this
divine favour.” (AV, part 23, p.76)



As we are all well aware here below is the third point of 16 Points.

Baba says, “Never cut the hair of the joints of the body.”

About this above point, there are multiple benefits including one
special aspect known as paincagni– literally meaning ‘the five fires’.
And the five fires means allowing the hair of the body to grow in 5
places– namely (a) on the top of the head, (b) face, (c) chest, (d)
armpits, and (e) pubic region.

And the inner significance of these paincagni is that these five fires
kindle the spirit–or “fire”– of fearlessness, courage, valour, and
bravery. Because allowing the hair to grow in these five places gives
one the endurance in life to overcome all obstacles and defeat all
enemies. That is why they are known as paincagni– the five fires.

At various times Baba has revealed this secret about paincagni and
bravery. When He first gave 16 Points, in various reporting sessions, as
well as in one special avadhuta meeting known whereby Baba has given a
special blessing. So on all these occasions and more Baba has verified
the special import of paincagni.





At a RDS meeting Nigamanada told that when he went to Europe he
faced many problems b/c of the circulation of news about organisational
dealings etc.

Margiis in Berlin sector were very alert and asked many questions
about the exploitation of field workers and also about his relation with
Ananda Dyotona.

And not only that but margiis asked about the curtailment of margii rights,
the fake BP Manual, Fake Ananda Vaniis, and various scriptural distortions like
AM: Revolution. They were keen to all kinds of ideological points.

Indeed, Nimgamananda faced numerous inquiries about ideological wrongdoings etc.

This demonstration by margiis in Berlin sector gave insight as to the great
things that can happen as awareness grows. The main idea is that it empowers
margiis to hold those at the helm to ideological standards. Plus it spells
the end of the victimisation of innocent margiis.

Since 90, those in the upper echelons of the AMPS structure have wanted just to keep
everything mum – totally silent. They do not want to leak out even one iota
of air from their suffocating grip.

Theirs is no different from what goes on in China, Cuba, Iran etc. If anything
thing happens then they shut down all communication.

Groupists run the organisation in the same way. During even regular gatherings like
RDS and various camps etc, they shut down all avenues of communication by ordering
all cell phones off. That way if and when an injustice is done, nobody can do anthing
about it. These leaders just treat field workers and margiis as 2nd grade citizens.

Even some jails have a better regard for open communication and issues of human rights.
What the groupists are doing in AMPS is totally unjust. With their ego and blindness
they think they can suppress the truth. But it does not work that way.

That is why Nigamananda had such a difficult time when he was in Berlin sector.
Because he was forced to answer pointed questions from margiis who had proper
knowledge of organisational injustices. The truth always comes out.

The more knowledge we have and share, the faster we can bring our AMPS back onto
the path of dharma. It will not be long.

Awareness and consciousness raising about injustices and ideological teachings are the
key components. Our respects to courageous and awakened Ananda Margiis everywhere.

Vain Approach
“…Toma’y ceyeche kato nar na’rii svadeshe videshe tiirthe ghuri
pa’yani kotha’o shato klesh vari ye na’i khunjeche antare.”


(PS #4537, last stanza)

One precious guideline is in this Prabhat Samgiita:

Baba, so many people are in search of You. In their ignorance they are
searching You from one country to another– wandering around various
holy lands…tiirthas. Even after facing hundreds of troubles and
tortures they do not get You by searching outwardly. They do not even
get a tiny fraction of Your divine reflection. Baba, only those who
search You within their mind get You. Baba, You are residing in their


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