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This entire posting is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: When We Should Compromise;
(2) Concluding Quote: Who Propagated This Defective Philosophy?;
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #1420;

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


Here following are some very unique examples from Baba’s own life where He refused to compromise on points of ideology. We are to apply these same measures in our organizational / ideological life.



When Baba was in jail then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent a representative to convey the following message to Baba.

On behalf of Mrs. Gandhi, the messenger said, “The Government of India & Ananda Marga can peacefully coexist, so long as there is no Prout. If You drop Prout from Your agenda everything will be fine.”

This was the essence of the message from Mrs Gandhi’s camp: For Baba to forgo His Prout philosophy.

In reply, Revered Baba told, “My ideology is more important than my life. I prefer to remain in jail than compromise on My ideology.”

By Baba’s divine example, we are to understand that standing up for our ideological principles is the greatest endeavour in life. This is very evident by the fact that Baba refused to compromise by giving up His Prout philosophy.

Verily, in innumerable places and in countless ways, Baba guides us that we are never to sacrifice or compromise our Ananda Marga ideals.

Thus when certain Dadas have ruined margii rights, made a Fake Bhukti Pradhan manual, distorted Baba’s scripture, invented Fake Ananda Vaniis, created the dogma of mahaprayan, ruined the ACB system, and vicitimised and marginalised countless innocent margiis etc, then we must not compromise or make any deals with such persons. First those Wts must admit to their wrongdoing and sin, express repentance, and mend their ways.

Baba’s overarching directive is to hold firm to ideology – no matter what. We should follow His ideal.



Another well-known incident occurred when Baba was in jail & undertaking His protest fast.

At that time, various political leaders of India came to Baba in a very respectful manner and pleaded with Him to stop His fast. Those political leaders expressed that (a) the long fast was having a very detrimental effect on His body, (b) it was difficult to maintain such a fast, and (c) that His life is very important. Those well-wishers reasoned and concluded that best will be for Baba to discontinue His fast. This was their well-intentioned plea.

But once again, on this very point Baba replied that His fast was for ideological reasons – not for the wellness of His physical existence. For that reason, He must continue the fast.

Baba’s response and action again shows that following His ideological principles is first and foremost in life. On no account should an Ananda Margii ever compromise on Ananda Marga teachings or philosophy.

Hence, when certain Dadas have indulged in Bangalisation, invented dogmatic tiirthas, used expulsion as a weapon, and attacked those who followed silent action etc, we must hold them accountable for contravening Baba’s guidelines. They must accept their misdeeds, beg apology, and correct their wrongdoing etc. There is no other way.



Here is yet another example for us all to consider.

In 1970, when the defectors like Madhavananda, Vishokananda, and Prakashananda, went against Ista – betrayed Guru, then some simple people, who had sentimental friendships with those defectors, wanted to keep everyone together. Those simple sadhakas requested Baba to allow those defectors to remain in the organisation even though they blatantly contravened the very foundational tenets of Ananda Marga. In their naïveté, those simple people wanted to overlook the ideological blunders of those defectors – and have everyone co-exist once again. This is what they asked from Baba.

However, we all know that Baba took a very firm stand – an ideological stand – on this issue, and the rest is history. Baba did not wish to send messengers to those defectors and compromise with their adharmic demands and console them. Instead, on their own accord, those defectors strayed far, far away and never returned. And our Ananda Marga rose to the height of glory. And those who were tricked by such defectors and joined them initially, then Baba openly welcomed them back. While those who deliberately joined those defectors had to face punishment before being allowed back into Ananda Marga.

Here then again, Baba demonstrates through His own Personal example that when it comes to ideology, there must not be any compromise. Rather one is to stand tall on all ideological matters.

Thus in the present day situation, how can we forgive those who have altered Baba’s teachings, and done so many heinous crimes which go against Ananda Marga ideology. How can we simply forgive and excuse such people. We cannot – not until they have purged themselves of such sin and wholly mended their ways.

In so many teachings Baba has guided us to never compromise on ideological matters – never.

“Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology.” (1)

“Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology.” (2)

“Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for Ideology.” (3)



So by His own example and in His teachings, Baba guides us to always live by the high ideals of Ananda Marga – never compromise.

This following passage from Baba’s discourse leads in this same direction. This below paragraph has been paraphrased from AV-26 (H) pg 34. It is based on the original Hindi and if anyone has this book and can post the original Hindi section, then that will be very helpful.

Here then is the essence of Baba’s message from that portion of His discourse where Baba is pointedly explaining that there must not be any pact made with those who are opposed to our principles.

“Remember one can have a temporary cease-fire with the black forces, but there cannot be a pact…do you know what is cease-fire? For example, two battling parties may decide that there will not be any fighting at night, and that the fighting will resume in morning. So in a temporary cease-fire the fight has not been stopped permanently; it will continue after a short period of pause. So this is what is known as a temporary cease-fire. In contrast, what is a pact? When a pact is made then a compromise of values is done and each side accepts certain conditions and sacrifices their own ideological platform…Remember, at any cost there will never be a pact with the black forces, i.e. the negative forces. Only there can be a ceasefire from time to time. And that cease-fire will be done with the sole intention to increase your own strength. For example, suppose you are alone and the dark forces surrounding you are ten in number. Then for the time being one can make a cease fire with those black forces; but, then tomorrow you will have to collect 20 fighters to join your cause and then start your offensive against those black forces. That is the use of a temporary cease-fire. Virtuous people must remember, that one can never make a pact with the sinful forces.” (4)

Hence in clear-cut language in His above teaching, Baba directs us that we must never sacrifice our ideals by making a pact with sinful agents – those who go against the welfare of humanity. On this point, Baba maintains that we must live by and fight for our ideals, i.e. Ananda Marga ideology.

In the practical sphere, our Ananda Marga has never made a pact with or bowed down to communists, capitalists, or any type of crooked leadership etc. No matter what the circumstances, always we are to abide by our Ananda Marga ideals. That is Baba’s directive and that is what sincere margiis do.


From time to time, a few persons cry out that we should sacrifice Ananda Marga values and ideological principles in order to “keep everyone together” – just like in a crowd where everyone is physically together but has their own separate agenda. That is to say, some confused persons sometimes beg that we should overlook ideological wrongdoings like scriptural distortions and BP rights, and come in the shelter of one particular group or bring all the groups under one roof. This is their unholy approach. Because they are demanding that we forgo our ideological principles for the sake of some type of group pact etc. Yet, Baba never wants us to do such mistakes: Under no conditions are we to compromise on the point ideology.

If really we are to make a pact with unideological group leaders, then Baba would have invited all kinds of communists, capitalists, and dogmatic religious fanatics to bring their dogma into Ananda Marga. But Baba did not do like this. Rather, it was demanded that such persons must first leave their dogma and then enter the house of Ananda Marga – not vice versa.

Because for Baba, ideology is supreme and He wants that we also follow this way of life: Never compromising on ideology.

That means not compromising with those who have ruined margii rights, invented the weapon of expulsion, victimised innocent margiis, and distorted Baba’s scripture. Until such factional heads change their ways, we cannot forgive such persons and forget their sinful deeds. That is Baba’s decree.



If any person does not understand the fact that ideology is everything in life, then such a person is really just a baby in Ananda Marga – regardless of their worldly age. If such persons want to make a pact with unideological people, then they themselves are playing with fire as they are going against Baba’s fundamental principle of no compromise on points of ideology. As soon as possible those persons should study Baba’s guidelines and do long sadhana. That is what they need. That is their medicine. Then they will be alright, by His grace.


#1: If anyone is supporting any group or faction then they themselves are going against Ananda Marga ideology because supporting groupism is against the principles of neo-humanism.

#2: During times of trial, it is very difficult to come onto the right path. Due to allegiance with friends and family or personal interest etc, people go astray. They fail to link up with ideology.


Ista and Adarsha are the most important things in life. And that is what our svastika flag represents. And that is our victory in life – not the victory of dogma.


“We should always respect our ideology if we are to become true human beings. The ideologist is a man who always acts according to his ideology. If by following the ideology, the older people become unhappy or condemn me, I will not care. If by following an ideology I die and die again, let it be. I will not care. I will stick to my ideology.” (5)


“Let those well-versed in ethics criticize me or praise me, as they so desire; let Lakśmii, the goddess of wealth, either be gracious enough (because of my activities) to reside in my house, or, if she prefers, go elsewhere; let death visit me today or decades later. It makes little difference to me. Wise people will never withdraw from the path of ideology, the path which they accept as their ideal.” (6)

“What am I going to do regarding the mission of life? If logicians and philosophers condemn me, saying, “That is a very bad man,” let them say this. Or if, due to my movement towards my goal, a certain portion of society appreciates my action, let them appreciate it – it won’t affect me. I won’t be assailed by such appreciations. And if, due to my action, Lakśmii (Lakśmii is the mythological goddess of riches) comes and resides in my house, it is good. If Lakśmii says, “No, I will quit you forever, I won’t remain with you.” that is, you will have to suffer from poverty, let Lakśmii quit my house: And if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, Pluto, that is, the god of death, comes and says, “I’ll take you,” let Pluto do it! I don’t care! Or if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, I am forced to live here for an indefinite period, I am ready to live here. You know life becomes boring if one lives for a long period, but I am ready to undergo that boredom, that monotony, for the sake of my ideology.” (7)


“The shástras say that a person must stick to his ideals irrespective of whether he receives praise or abuse, whether wealth comes or wealth goes, whether he lives a thousand years or suffers death the next moment. Such a person is called “dhiira”. My direction to you is to be Dhiira. You must stick to your ideals in spite to everything. In this lies your spiritual growth.” (8)


“If I am too concerned with those who praise or censure me, I will not find time to do my real work. As I have come to this world only for a short period, my only concern should be to keep on doing the duty the Lord has assigned to me. And while doing this allotted duty, I should remember that I belong to Parama Puruśa. I have come from Him, and I will have to return to Him – and to do that, I must complete my allotted duty.” (9)


“Even if the practice of Bhágavata dharma brings pain and sorrow and the practice of paradharma (that is to say, the dharma of animals and plants) brings pleasure, humans will have to stick firmly to their svadharma, their mánava dharma. Humans should never allow themselves to descend to paradharma, the dharma of birds and beasts, of trees and plants. On no account should animal dharma be encouraged. The flag of mánava dharma must always be held high under all circumstances. This is exactly what Shrii Krśńa means when He says: Svadharme nidhanam’ shreyah paradharmo bhayávahah – “It would be better to die upholding human dharma, upholding the ideal of humanity; one should never allow oneself to fall back into a state of animality.” (10)


“The person will welcome that death rather than compromise with sin and vice. Therefore keep in mind that those who are genuine devotees, sádhakas of high order, loved by Parama Puruśa and closely bound to Parama Puruśa in love and affection, will never compromise with sin and vice. They will cling to their ideal totally, throughout their lives.” (11)


“O’ human beings, be established in the radiance of divinity and the splendour of valour and chivalry, because yours is the path of revolution. Your path is not the path of extra caution and scheduled movement. You are the traveller of a rugged path. You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright. You have no time to stagger or to look behind.” (12)


The overall guideline is that we are to hold firm to the ideological fundamental of Ananda Marga irrespective of any worldly situation. Whether we are praised, whether our friends try to lure us away, regardless of any circumstance we are to remain with ideology and never compromise. Thus in our organisational life we must take a firm stand against those who have undermined and contravened the ideological principles of Ananda Marga. We must not compromise with such Dadas etc in any way. Rather they must take responsibility for their wrongdoing, express repentance, and rectify themselves. There is no other option.

Sastaunga Pranam to Baba,


For a comprehensive listing of margii rights and common ideological points that have been compromised and violated in our Ananda Marga, please read this letter. (Note: After clicking sure to scroll down to the actual post)

1. A’nanda Va’nii #14
2. Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc: 14
3. A’nanda Va’nii #15
4. Paraphrased from AV-26, p.34, Hindi Edn
5. 23 November 1971 DMC, Purnea
6. NKS, Disc: 2
7. Ananda Vacanamrtam – part 12
8. Ananda Vacanamrtam – part 1
9. Subháśita Sam’graha Part 12
10. Discourses on Krsna & The Giita, “Better to Die . . .” – 2
11. Discourses on Krsna and the Giita, Svadharma and Paradharma – 3
12. SS-1

Who Propagated This Defective Philosophy?

“At one time people were told that this world is for human enjoyment only, so the existence of all the plants, of all the birds and animals, in the world is intended merely to provide objects of enjoyment for human beings. Their hopes and aspirations, their intense desire to live, their pains and pleasures, their affectionate family or community lives are simply without value. However much a baby goat may wish to live, the main consideration is how much meat that kid carries on its frame. This defective philosophy has made people ruthlessly violent – even more dangerous than blood-thirsty tigers. Tigers kill only to fill their stomachs, to preserve their physical existence; whereas human beings kill animals mostly out of greed. Generally people have resorted to hypocrisy to camouflage this instinct of greed; they have killed animals on the pretext of pleasing the gods, while actually their main motive in doing so was to please their own tongues. These are all the inevitable results of such defective philosophies.” (Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc: 14)

If you do not know who propagates this defective philosophy then click here for the answer.

~ PS #1420 ~

“A’mi toma’ya bha’lobesechi sare yete doba na’…” (PS 1420)


O’ Parama Purusa, You have most graciously come to me after such a long time; now I will not let You go away. I love You. O’ my Dearmost, I want to serve You; I want to fall in love with You – because falling in love with You means attaining salvation, getting emancipation, becoming one with the greater ‘I’, and remaining in eternal bliss. I do not want to fall in love with others because that means undergoing bondage, crudification, pain, misery, and, ultimately, degeneration. O’ my Lord, I want to fall in love with You.

O’ Divine Entity, You are the Polestar of my life – my life revolves around You. You are the sweetest of the sweet. You are the evening star of my life – the nucleus of my existence. O’ Prabhu, You are the morning star of the early dawn. O’ my Dearmost, because of You I am alive, and up to eternity I will remain under Your shelter, by Your grace. Thinking, contemplating, and ideating on You is the highest form of sadhana.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, You are the best of everything. You are the smile of the flowers in the crimson dawn. In the mild nights of sarat [1], You are the shepha’lii [2] flower. In the sweet breeze of the shepha’lii flower, I remain awake thinking about You. O’ my Dearmost, O’ Baba, You are manaska’mana: You are the only One who can satisfy all the longing of my heart and mind.

Baba, You are my everything, I love You…


[1] Sarat: This refers to the pre-winter Season. In tropical areas like India the pre-winter season is one of the best and most charming times of year. It is not hot and humid, nor is it chilly and cold. Rather in the pre-winter season, the climate is highly refreshing, very suitable, and, on the whole, quite delightful.

[2] Shepha’lii: The Night-flowering Jasmine (Nyctanthes arbortristis) is native to the Bengal region of India, where it is known as shepha’lii. The fragrant aroma of the night jasmine flower (shepha’lii) permeates each and every air molecule and makes the whole environment saturated and drenched it its sweetness.

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This entire posting is composed of 2 parts:
(1) Posting: How Sadhakas Utilise Their Spiritual Potentiality;
(2) Prabhat Samgiita #3323


Some get confused and think that they should attain occult powers so they can help others. Others contend that the gaining of occult powers is not good.

Some cite this sutra to support their claim that occult powers should be gotten.

5-14 Vyast’isamas’t’isha’riirama’nasa’dhya’tmikasambha’vana’ya’m’ caramo’ payogashca

Purport: “There should be maximum utilization of the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual potentialities of unit and collective bodies of human society.” (1)

They think think that Baba’s above Proutistic teaching is related with the attainment and use of occult powers.

Others stand by the point that occult powers are dangerous and lead to one’s downful.

“Occult powers are just like the dust on the roadside. The attraction for Parama Purus’a is the most valuable object– all else is only the dust of the earth.” (2)

So we should examine the situation and think, “How is it that sadhakas should utilise their spiritual potentiality?”


When a sadhaka does sadhana and strictly follows 16 Points then they naturally develop in all the ways – in all the spheres. This is the natural process – such that usually most good sadhakas are hardly even aware about their own growth.

It is similar to the case of the step-wise, progressive growth and development that we all experienced as infants and young children. Because all are born as small babies and gradually as we get older and older then huge developmental changes take place. But in one’s own day-to-day, regular existence, often people are not aware about or nor do they even recognise their own growth – how much they change day by day. Yet over a measurable span of time a major shift or growth takes place.

For example, after 15-20 years one infant becomes a strong youth. But that youth himself is unaware of his own drastic development. Just he feels it is his natural growth. But those who have not seen him since 10 years will think that a huge transformation has taken place.

In a similar way when a person practices sadhana sincerely with a pointed mind, and they are regular and strictly following all the do’s and don’ts, conduct rules, asanas, and are graced with devotion for Guru, then certainly the sadhaka’s whole personality gets changed.


Like this, various types of spiritual potentiality come to each and every sadhaka, although they are not aware. Nor do they desire those things because their mind is pointed to Parama Purusa and not towards those occult powers. So neither are they aware, nor is it their desire. It was not their intention to acquire those powers because they were just devotionally linked with Parama Purusa.

And this happens not just with one sadhaka, but with all sincere margiis and Wts – if one is sincere and strict in their spiritual routine and practices. Then surely such things develop by the grace of Parama Purusa.

Naturally then these spiritual strengths manifest in one’s regular conduct, in their daily way of dealing, speech, behaviors etc. In result, non-margii friends may complain about changes in your lifestyle and other acquaintances may leave your company. Verily, so many relationships become altered or broken. Every sincere sadhaka has numerous experiences how this has happened in their own life. And this is all due to the gradual and pointed development in spiritual life.

In that way spiritual strength manifests and projects in a very natural manner. And it happens to varying degrees. If one is very high and very pointed then it expresses more, and if less pointed then not as much. But certainly some change takes place accordingly in everyone.


Because of this, margiis understand the pains and sufferings of others and with their full heart they are always busy in helping others.

“One should lighten one’s mind and become simple, soft, and kind-hearted; and by this way one can understand the tales of others suffering. In that condition only will you be able to serve the world. In that human mind where pain is hidden and where tears have accumulated, that mind you have to understand, realise, and feel. Then you will be able to remove their sorrow. To understand the feeling of the crying heart of suffering people, in sadhakas this type of supernatural power comes. This is called mahima.” (3)

A sadhaka’s spiritual potentialities get expressed in a very natural way. That is what Baba explains in His above teaching.


All those saints in the past, because of their love for Parama Purusa, understood the feeling of suffering humanity and their love was not limited with a particular tribe or community or color or race.

So these extraordinary human qualities are just the expression of spiritual potentialities in the life of a sadhaka. Those devoid of true spiritual feeling do not have this. (See Footnote 1)


If a person is physically sick, then they are quite limited in what they can do. Their body is weak and they will not be able to perform their own designated duties, let alone help others.

Similarly, if a person is suffering psychically from depression, then here again that person will not be in position to help and serve others.

In both the physical and mental spheres, one must have energy and strength in order to reach their potential and serve society.

That is why in their selfish way, big corporations try to tend to the physical and mental well-being of their employees. Why? In order to maximise their productivity and output. When people are physically and psychically well they are more effective in their job. Then they can reach their potential.

Same is the case in the spiritual realm. If a person is spiritually developed then they can overcome all kinds of difficulties and be in position to help and guide others in all the realms of life. They understand other’s pain and can solve their problems. That is what is meant by gaining spiritual strength and utilising one’s spiritual potential.

Having spiritual potentialities does not mean doing all kinds of tricks like fake yogis and magicians who make gold watches appear and disappear etc. Those types of antics have nothing to do with fulfilling one’s spiritual potentiality.


“You will have to provide a soothing touch to the physical, physico-psychic and psycho-physical spheres of life, otherwise human existence will become meaningless…We will have to locate the source of these troubles…we will be removing the miseries…permanently remove those afflictions, which will rectify the sources of troubles in the proper way. (4)

In this above quote Baba says that when one has devotion then they can understand others’ pain and difficulties and thus they are able to help and serve them.

This is the proper explanation of Ananda Sutram, Sutra 5-14. Because it is about spiritual potentialities. And each and every margii has such feelings to varying degrees. Many margiis I know who earlier were meat-eaters, but after doing sadhana then what to say about not killing animals, their higher sense developed and they feel love for everyone. And day and night they are busy serving others. They do not feel that their own problem is any problem, rather just they are busy in relieving others’ suffering. This happens only due to sincerity & devotion – and with that the aforesaid spiritual potentialities came and changed their entire behavior.

Those who do not have such feeling in their dealing and behavior, it proves that they are away from such love of Parama Purusa. And instead they are engaged in self-propaganda, self-prestige, and other worldly longings etc.

In that unfortunate circumstance none can say that Ananda Marga sadhana has some demerits, rather such persons could not practice or follow Baba’s teaching.


Here Baba is directly explaining that Prout shows that those who are elevated spiritually will have to render service to the society by using their spiritual potentialities.


“I have told in the Prout philosophy that those who have spiritual strength, from them we will take spiritual service for the society. Such sadhakas who sit in Himalayan caves and go on doing penance but do not teach anybody or guide anybody– that will not be approved. They will have to serve. They will have to do spiritual service. To them I do not say pull a rickshaw, but if they will not do spiritual service, and if they will just sit in Himalayan caves and not come in contact with the world, and instead they will tell that the world is illusion, yet at the same time they will go on eating fruits and roots and accept such service from other human beings of this world– these things will not continue any longer. That has been going on for a long time, but it will not continue any longer; that day has gone.” (5)


By the conduct we can see one’s character because Baba says conduct is the main thing– it is the mirror of the mind. By that way we can see who is margii and who is non-margii etc. Because the point is that in our Marga we can see that those who are doing sadhana their conduct will be quite apparent. Whereas if someone’s conduct shows narrow-mindedness, groupism, and mean propensities then we have to think and understand that that person is not doing proper sadhana. So on the basis of one’s conduct we can see who is a senior margii and who is not.

Here it should be understood that seniority is not a matter of years but rather a matter of conduct. So seniority is dependent upon how far someone is pointed and committed to Ananda Marga ideology and to what degree that is reflected in their conduct. Hence conduct is the main distinguishing factor to understand who is who and what is what.


The delicate point is that if sadhakas are pointed towards the Goal (Ista) then naturally all these spiritual strengths come. And their whole conduct becomes better and better. But those who are asking for occult powers, they are getting that & then they misuse them and get degenerated. So such powers are not to be asked for in sadhana, rather the Goal is Parama Purusa. And on the way such things may come and the conduct will change and generosity will come and true sadvipra qualities will emerge and by that way such sadhakas will be an asset to the society. But no one should ask for getting occult power. That is wrong and it brings ruination.


In Prabhat Samgiita #3333 Baba reveals what happens to those who long for occult powers:

“- Aes’t’ashvaryya tumi cha’r’a’… kare viveka-ha’ra’ -”

Purport: O’ Parama Purusa only You utilise the occult powers in proper way; whereas all those others who use them destroy their conscience. Means they start doing all kinds of negative things. In trying to show their occult powers they end up destroying and killing others and they themselves will be invite negative samskaras such that they will be degenerated into stone, wood or mud. So what to say about serving others, rather those lusting after occult powers destroy themselves.

Here following are some of Baba’s teachings.



“You will surely attain spiritual progress. And because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with His psychic waves. And in that state you will be able to render still better service to human beings, animals and plants, by means of Neo-Humanism. May you all be blessed.” (6)

“Sádhaná or intuitional practice means an effort to break through the barrier of this smallness.” (7)

“The unit beings that have been in possession of the Cosmic Mind in part and that have been progressing within It, are also conscious of their smallness and this very sense of smallness is their individuality – unit-hood. Sádhaná or intuitional practice means an effort to break through the barrier of this smallness.” (8)

“How can one shake off the influence of static inertness? How can one get freedom from the bondages of names and forms? Just as the goldsmith uses a hammer and process of melting (in fire) to extract the real gold from the various ornaments, similarly a practical spiritual aspirant will have to break the bondages of names and forms in this expressed world through the cultivation of knowledge (which is mutative), devotion (which is sentient). By virtue of the heat of the fire of sádhaná and the strength derived from sustained intuitional practice, a sádhaka can overcome the static inertness.” (9)



“Most psychic diseases, if not all, grow out of the defective control over the objectivated mind. If one is alert, any trouble can be avoided. Those who regularly practise Iishvara prańidhána or dhyána (meditation) can remain free from these diseases, as their minds will remain in a balanced state. One of the numerous benefits of sádhaná is that it keeps the mind free from psychic disease and encourages the natural growth of the mind. This is of tremendous importance since such problems may arise not only in individual life, but in collective life as well. Individual human beings as well as large communities often suffer from some sort of psychic disease. A subjugated people suffer from an inferiority complex towards the sovereign elite, the ruling class. When India was a dependent colony, many Indians used to describe the members of the ruling community as God’s children, obviously due to their deep-rooted inferiority complex. Most of them wondered: “Will India ever see the light of freedom? When will we ever win the struggle against the ruling class?” This shows that the entire indigenous community was a victim of inferiority complex, the removal of which would require a group of leaders endowed with enormous mental strength and noble character – a group of mighty personalities. India at that time was not fortunate enough to have such great people, and that is why the struggle for Indian freedom had to be prolonged. Otherwise, India could have gained freedom in a much shorter time.” (10)


“One thing which helps in getting remission, or nivrtti, is called artha [that which provides temporary liberation from mundane desires]. But artha is purely physical, so it can bring only physical and temporary remission. For everlasting freedom from duhkha, Paramártha [that which provides permanent liberation] is the only remedy. Paramártha does not bring only temporary remission, but everlasting freedom from duhkha. Atyantikii nivrtti can be obtained only by Paramártha which relieves one of all duhkha: physical, mental and spiritual. This Paramártha can only be obtained by sadhana, that is, spiritual practices. For maintaining peace psychic equilibrium is necessary, and for maintaining this equilibrium freedom from all duhkha forever is necessary. Freedom from duhkha or atyantikii nivrtti can be obtained only from Paramártha, and Paramártha can be achieved only by sadhana, or spiritual practices.” (11)


“The attraction towards earthly things born out of lust (káma) and attachment (moha) makes conjugal relations a necessity. Intuitional practice helps one to overcome this need. One becomes indifferent to it.” (12)


“A sadhaka, in order to attain spiritual progress, require the help of Vidyámáyá, but at the culminating stage of sádhaná, Vidyámáya has no further value. A sádhaka performs sádhaná to tear away the veil of darkness of the variegated world created by Avidyámáyá and to strive to established himself on the path of pratisaincara.” (13)


“The endeavour to remove inferiority complexes from the mind leads human beings slowly but surely to the Supreme Entity and establishes them in universal humanism. Hence it will not do for those who are determined to solve the problems of humanity to accept inferior ideals; along with this they must also acquire the strength they need to implement their ideals. The active endeavour to acquire this strength is called sádhaná – the sádhaná of the Supreme. It should be borne in mind that no theory will ever bring people salvation. In fact, it is the inner strength gained from spiritual practices which helps to expand the individual mind. The tremendous force acquired from spiritual practices helps to bridge the gap between the harsh realities of human existence and the supreme desideratum of human life. This is an eternal truth, applicable to all spheres of life – social, economic, psychic and spiritual.” (14)


““The jiiva and Shiva are the same” – this idea helps the jiiva to become one with Shiva. And “We are different; we are two entities” – this idea compels the jiiva to move round that Supreme Hub. What is your sádhaná? By sádhaná you are to free yourself from this ignorance, from the slumber of ignorance.” (15)


“Those who have tasted even a little of the flowing nectar of Brahma, know that they can never be impure. This constant thought of self-purity greatly helps to exhaust their samskáras or reactive momenta, as a result of which the samskáras held in the sthirabhúmi of their práńa are gradually destroyed. With the help of sádhaná or spiritual practice the spell of pleasurable and painful requitals ceases both internally and externally. Sádhakas call it the combustion of the seed of action in the fire of sádhaná.” (16)


“When a man, a devotee, a spiritual aspirant moves towards the Supreme Self, his body, that is his brain and intellect increases. And when he moves further, close to the Supreme Being, his spirit, that is his a’tman is also developed. His a’tman becomes more reflecting and more soothing to other existential vibrations because it comes closer to the emanating point of the Supreme Spirit.” (17)


In the following quotes by Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji, He talks about the greatness of spiritual practice.

साधना से मन तो बढ़ता ही है जी | आत्मा की भी प्रगति होती है | आत्मा की प्रगति कैसे होती है, किस तरह की चीज़ है | वह तरक्की कैसी चीज़ है जी | हम कहते हैं कि इससे रुहानी तरक्की होती है | यह रुहानी तरक्की क्या है, जी ? मनुष्य जब साधना की बदौलत परमपुरुष की ओर बढ़ते हैं, तो बौद्धिक विकाश के साथ-साथ मानसिक विकाश भी होता है | तुम लोग देखोगे, दुनिया में बड़े-बड़े काम और बड़े-बड़े अविष्कार, मानव समाज के लिए बड़ी-बड़ी भावनाएँ, चिन्ताएँ, जिन लोगों ने की थी, सब साधक थे सब आध्यात्मिक ख्याल के मनुष्य थे, जड़ बुद्धि के, जड़ोपासक नहीं थे | यही है आध्यात्मिकता की सबसे बड़ी खूबी | आज तक दुनिया में जितने बड़े-बड़े इन्सान आये, और इनसानियत की ख़िदमत के लिए, उन लोगों ने जो कुछ भी किया है, सब काम तुम लोग देखोगे, वही लोग किये जिनके मन में परमपुरुष के लिए मुहब्बत है | जिनके दिल में परमपुरुष के लिए मुहब्बत नहीं है, दिल सूखा है, रेगिस्तान जैसा है, उनसे बड़ा-काम नहीं होता है |

“साधना से, मानसिक-आध्यात्मिक तरक्की तो होती ही है शारीरिक तरक्की भी होती है | वह तरक्की क्या है ? न, बुद्धि बढ़ जाती है | हाँ! यह बात तो ठीक है कि साधक लोग सीधे-साधे सरल होते हैं | मगर निर्बोध नहीं होते हैं | बुद्धि उनमें रहती है | और मैं भी बार-बार हज़ार बार कहता हूँ कि बुद्धिमान बनो | बुद्धू मत बनो; मगर सीधा-साधा बनो |” (19)

In Him,


When one is an advance sadhaka and ensconced in the feeling of neo-humanism then they can serve the entire humanity – otherwise not. Then only will one have true love for all.

So here we are not talking about the expression of superficial love which is limited and narrow: Such as when one is loving their own children but hating other children; or when one is dying for one’s own race, country, or community but exploiting other countries etc; or when one is eulogizing their own superiority and belittling others’ good things.

This we see and verily there are many so-called good people in the society who have done many things for their personal family, caste, color or religion. And there are various so-called monks who have completely dedicated themselves to a particular race and encouraged hatred with other races. They don’t hesitate even to engage in mass murder. The religious history is like that.

No doubt in their own particular, narrow community they may be treated as something great, but in truth they are low because they do not have universal feeling. Their “love” is based on selfishness. They did such service works just for the spreading of their own religion and for their own view or narrow cause, not out of any greater feeling of universal compassion.


The whole point is that when true sadhana is there, then the mind will expand and spiritual strength will develop and those sadhakas will have love for everyone. And they will be able to understand others’ pain.

Otherwise by doing some avidya Tantra practices, then that avidya tantric gets some type of bogus powers that bring their degeneration.

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******** Prabhat Samgiita #3323
“Ga’ner ma’la’ toma’r tare genthe rekhechi a’j bhore…” (PS #3323)


O’ Parama Purusa, since the early dawn, I have been preparing this garland of songs for You. O’ my Lord, please be gracious by coming. With heart-felt love I want to garland You. Those flowers which are not available in the garden have bloomed in the deep inner core of my heart. With the flow of Your sweet divine play, with the resonance of the string of my heart, at the sweet abode, I am waiting for You, my dearest Baba. Please grace me by coming…

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This entire posting is composed of 2 parts:
(1) Posting: Gandhi, Bin Laden, Prout, & Ananda Marga;
(2) Prabhat Samgiita #3624.



What do Gandhism, pirate ships and Bin Laden have in common? How does Prout fit into the equation? Baba’s teachings neatly answers these questions and more.


In His teachings from Social Justice in Human Society part 1, Baba explains that whenever any society is exploited by vested interests like capitalists then in response the common people adopt one of three main avenues:
1. Appealing to human sentiment like Gandhism;
2. Applying brute force like communism;
3. Stealing and pillaging from the rich like Robin Hoods.

But none of the aforementioned avenues work; none of them are able to prevail against the capitalists.


Those appealing to Gandhism do not get success because those greedy capitalists are notoriously callous and remain unmoved by those humanistic appeals.

For instance:
(a) When those adherents of Gandhism plead, “Do not collect huge wealth which you cannot use”, then those ruling capitalists simply pay a deaf ear.
(b) Whose those Gandhi enthusiasts proclaim, “Share your wealth and feed the poor”, then those top capitalists merely look the other way.
(c) When those proponents of Gandhism say, “Build housing for the homeless”, then big corporate executives nod their head and then continue counting their net worth.
(d) When the followers of Gandhi demand, “After all are cared for then and only then can you think about your personal luxuries”, then the leading capitalists remain unmoved and continue to hoard huge wealth and extravagant personal amenities.

In short, capitalists simply ignore the humanistic appeals made by Gandhian activists. Such vaeshyas do not mend their ways.

Prout philosophy states, “No matter how much importance was given to the benevolence of the human mind by the Gandhian and Bhudan movements, or how saintly their propounders may have been, selfish and mean-minded people [capitalists] will never accept their principles.” (1)

The Gandhian theory can only be effective in some far-off dreamland, not in the hard realities of the world. Gandhism died while Gandhi was still alive; now only hypocrisy remains.

“The philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence – it died long before Gandhi died.” (2)

Thus we see that the wealth disparity is only growing.

Poverty and slums are spreading fast across this earth as capitalists exponentially grow their wealth. There are more billionaires now than ever before, yet side by side large populations of people are homeless or living in the slums and shanty towns.

The slums of Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Manila, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Cairo are filled with hoards of people lacking the basic necessities like running water, toilets, sewage lines, and electricity yet in those very same cities a select slice of the population is living like kings and queens in ritzy apartments with grand luxuries. But it is not even countries like Brazil, China, Philippines, South Africa, India, Argentina & Egypt that suffer from this vast disparity of wealth.

The homeless problem throughout the US is notorious and growing phenomenon: “More than 630,000 Americans, equivalent to a city the size of Boston, are homeless, according the latest national estimate.” (13 April 2013)

Plus the homeless population is burgeoning throughout western Europe and especially in Paris.

Thus in places where capitalism is thriving (China, India etc) as well as in places where capitalism has long been established (USA & Europe), there are serious issues with the disparity of wealth. And in all such areas Gandhian appeals do not even begin to address the problems. Rather, capitalists blatantly disregard their appeals. Recently, billionaires in the US led by Warren Buffet also made appeals for other billionaires to donate money after they die, but but those appeals have mostly “fallen on deaf ears.”

So the ways of Gandhism do not work. The capitalists never give in to such demands.


Those resorting to the brute force of communism do not get success with those capitalists either because they are unable to root out the seed of capitalism – they are unable to goad the mind in a proper moral or spiritual manner. Theirs is also a materialistic approach and the result is either the greed of individual or state capitalism.

Prout philosophy states, “Those who aspire to establish communistic systems either through legal methods or at bayonet point without changing the hearts of the people, without implementing development programmes and without introducing moral and ideological education to reform people’s bad habits, are also bound to fail.” (3)

The communist leaders themselves are very wealthy. Actually there is not much difference – from an economic perspective – between communism and capitalism.

Prout philosophy states, “Capitalism and communism are fruits of the same variety.” (4)

Communism is merely state capitalism where the government hoards all the money & the people are very poor; and capitalism means private ownership that creates a huge disparity of wealth between the economically elite and the common people. Thus, both harbor the safe defective mind-set: I.e. materialism.

Nowadays, we see that communism has basically failed. So the former communist nations are are aggressively pursuing capitalism. Some of the top capitalist countries are India, China, and Russia. In such places there is no safety net. There are no governmental programs to help the poor. Those without jobs, food, housing and medical care are basically left to struggle on their own or die. Yet in those same places the number of billionaires is increasing everyday.

In places like the US and Europe there is a bit of a safety net. The laborers fight capitalists, and, in turn, there are governmental services and subsidies for the poor etc. But in China and India where the common people have no such unity or power, capitalism is swallowing all.

Even then, it had to be admitted that the mere pittance given to the poor in the US is not enough to right the wrongs or quell the situation. So that also is not the answer. This just leads to a society of beggars where the poor have barely enough to survive and the rich continue to hoard huge wealth without restrictions. This leads to a static society based on indolence and inertness. What is needed is the development of cooperatives where the wealth is rationally distributed among all members, but this communism fails to do.

Here below is the response to the US and other countries that set-up social programs offer small monies to the poor, thus ensuring they remain impoverished.

“It is true that in Great Britain some of the minimum requirements of life are being provided to the people, but how great the difference is between rich and poor! Clearly their social system is capitalistic. The exploited and disgruntled people are given a small amount of sympathy to appease them. They are given a small taste of the dainties and delicacies, but their stomachs are never full.” (5)

So the safety-net set-up by capitalistic nations does not solve the problem. And with regards to communism, we can conclude that communism failed to change the psychic pablum of the people and leaders. Instead of fighting or correcting capitalism, they themselves became capitalists.


This bring us to the third and final defective methodology outlined in this letter: Robin Hoods. For those those not aware – in a phrase – Robin Hood is one who loots from the rich and gives to the poor.

Prout philosophy states, “Those that used to think it pious to loot the rich and distribute the spoils among the poor. The Robin Hoods of that era thought that their methods alone could do away with the social disparity.” (6)

Such Robin Hoods think that by looting and pillaging they can bring social equality.

Prout philosophy states, “We have seen the advent of such Robin Hoods more or less in every country of the world. But this does not lead to the solution of the problem…Capitalism cannot be destroyed merely by pillaging the capitalists, for robbery and plunder may deflate the bloated capital of the capitalists, but it cannot kill the potential of the seed of capitalism.” (7)

So these Robin Hoods too fall short of the mark. Capitalists are not swayed or changed by such looting. Rather such capitalists come up with greater ways of protecting their wealth – i.e. increased security.

Some examples of Robin Hoods that we’ve seen in the recent and distant past include:

(A) Inner city riots such as the outbreak in LA in 1992 where the poorer blacks scorched, burned and looted the city in the wake of the Rodney King decision. In that case the judge exonerated the white policeman for beating a black man, Rodney King. In turn, the people destroyed the city. Yet still capitalism thrives in LA.

(B) In centuries past and even as recent as this year, pirate ships around the world would loot passing vessels, especially the boats of the ultra wealthy.

(C) The street warfare of Paris in 2010 featured youths looting and destroying the property of the establishment. The violent youth uprising in London in 2012 led to the destruction of so much public and private property.

(D) In the late 1880’s in the US, horsemen would derail and loot luxury trains as they crossed the vast open spaces of the western US.

(D) And if you investigate, you will come across numerous examples of looters around the world.

With their subterfuge ways such Robin Hoods try hard to knock off the capitalists – as some communists also attempted – but in the end they are met with defeat – even death.

Prout philosophy states, “Violence only invites violence. So these blood sucking [capitalist] cannibals take recourse to yet bigger conspiracy in time to come and the half-witted robbers ultimately meet their destruction at the hands of such capitalists.” (HS-1)

Here again Baba reveals how such Robin Hoods get beat by the ruling capitalists.

Prout philosophy states, “The amount of punishment meted out to the [capitalist] bloodsuckers by the robbers falls far short of the mark when compared to what they themselves [the looters] got at the hands of these [capitalist] blood-suckers.” (8)

Thus in all such cases, the looters invariably meet their demise at the hands of such capitalists.

#3 ROBIN HOODS (Cont):


Now we come to the point of Bin Laden.

Although, the late Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda cells are commonly thought of as terrorists that want to destroy everything, but we have to think in this way.

al-Qaeda wants to attack the nucleus of the capitalist stronghold and destroy them in order to retrieve the wealth and re-distribute it amongst all Muslims. That is their philosophy.

They see that the Middle East gains tremendous petroleum profits and the the kings of those Arab nations maintain close ties with the US. In return the US gives those Arab royal families power, prestige, respect, as well as weapons to suppress the public.

Those close to the royal families are extremely rich while the common people and youths in those Arab nations are very poor – in spite of the huge petroleum wealth. Such terrorists like Bin Laden want to capture the power by killing the enemies (i.e. capitalists), introducing Muslim social law, and redistributing the wealth among all. This is their endeavour.

As a whole then, as per Prout’s definition, they are also a type of Robin Hood. Such Robin Hoods try to destroy capitalists. And in this particular case those capitalists are both (a) the Arab royal families and (b) the US leaders and entrepreneurs. Indeed the Arab royalty controls huge wealth and that contravenes Islamic law which states that the wealthy are wretched.

Extremist groups like al-Qaeda aim to use violence and force to destroy the capitalists and capture their wealth, and the nredistribute those riches among common Muslims.

How far al-Qaeda will get success is yet to be seen, but that is their approach. However, as Prout philosophy points out, ultimately the firepower of those capitalist forces is more than al-Qaeda can handle.

Prout philosophy states, “Violence only invites violence. So these blood sucking [capitalist] cannibals take recourse to yet bigger conspiracy in time to come and the half-witted robbers ultimately meet their destruction at the hands of such capitalists.” (9)

Thus, according to the teachings of Prout, such terrorist cells meet their defeat at the hands of those capitalists, just as happens with all the other kinds of Robin Hoods. And indeed, in the past few years we have all witnessed the killing of so many top al-Qaeda leaders, including assassination of Bin Laden. Plus, just yesterday the #2 al-Qaeda commander in Pakistan was killed by a US drone strike.

So we can see that this Robin Hood technique also fails to end capitalist exploitation.


When Gandhism, communism, and the ways of those Robin Hoods all fail, then what is the proper approach to root out capitalism.

Prout philosophy states, “Those who lack a constructive ideology will never be capable of destroying capitalism, even if they speak sweet words, use threats, or create circumstantial pressure.” (10)

The only way to win the war against capitalists is to educate the common people about the ills of capitalist economic exploitation. This brings a collective rise in consciousness where people stand up to such capitalist exploiters. Thus we see the rise of vikśubdha shúdras, or the awakened masses, who are ready to bring revolution forward.

In this case the masses are fortified with the teachings of Prout: They understand they are being exploited and have a rational approach for moving ahead.

In Prout our aim is to bring about the all-round welfare of humanity where through circumstantial pressure people adopt the path of psychic expansion and spirituality. Then all their energy will not be spent on accumulating more and more physical wealth.

Prout philosophy states, “Our approach should be to adopt a constructive ideal, and we should wage a ceaseless and pactless struggle against all anti-human and antisocial factors. We are to fight capitalism and not the capitalists. We are to wipe out this ism from human society because this ism is paralysing humanity. The capitalists are suffering from a sort of mental ailment, and it is our foremost duty to radically cure them by diverting their physical thirst towards psychic and spiritual pursuits.” (11)

One of the key operative lines in the above teaching is: “fight capitalism and not the capitalists.”

Thus the Proutistic method is to combat the diseased mentality of capitalism and not engage in a war with capitalists. Rather those capitalists are to be educated about the ills of capitalism. They are to be taught that the human mind has infinite desires and that finite material wealth can never satisfy human longing. Side by side, while this education is going on, critical pressure and stipulations need to be implemented that keep people from hoarding wealth; rather wealth is to be rationally distributed.

So the Proutistic method aims to defeat the “ism” of capitalism and not the capitalists per se. That is the road to victory.

But this fact is lost upon Gandhism, communism, and Robin Hoods. The proponents of Gandhism simply make gentle appeals to capitalists without addressing the central problem of capitalism; the communists themselves adopt a materialistic, hoarding psychology similar to capitalism; and the Robin Hoods engage in warfare against the capitalists, but not capitalism. And in this fight they will lose as capitalists invest more and more funds into creating weapons for defeating such Robin Hoods. At present, capitalists hire soldiers who sit in the safety of isolated rooms and carry out drone strikes around the globe that systematically destroy those Robin Hoods. That is how the #2 commander of al-Qaeda in Pakistan was eliminated yesterday – and verily such attacks are going on always.

So all three – Gandhism, communism, and Robin Hoods – fail to rise to the challenge. Their defective approaches fail to derail the train of capitalism.

Thus, only Proutistic teachings are the way for eliminating capitalism and bringing forth a new human society. And this is done by rationally monitoring the accumulation of wealth and forcibly goading the minds of those capitalists towards the psychic and spiritual realms.


Here below Prout philosophy explains very clearly and in more detail why those adopting Gandhian measures can never gain success in fighting the capitalists.

“Nothing would be better, if it were possible, than the eradication of capitalism by friendly persuasion and humanistic appeals. In that case the peace of the greater human family would not be much disturbed. But can it be guaranteed that everyone will respond to this approach? Some people may say that a day will come when, as a result of repeatedly listening to such appeals and gradually imbibing them over a long time, as well as through proper mental and spiritual education, good sense will prevail among the exploiters. This argument is very pleasant to hear. Such attempts are not reprehensible. But is it practicable to wait indefinitely for good sense to prevail among the exploiters? By then the exploited mass will have given up the ghost! Though the humanistic approach works in some cases, in most instances it does not produce any result; and even where it does work, it takes a very long time. So, wherever necessary, capitalism must be forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures.” (12)


Prout philosophy states, “Both capitalism and communism have failed to provide the proper ideological inspiration and desideratum to human beings. In the interests of the welfare of humanity, these systems should be replaced. PROUT is against the exploitation by capitalism and the false dogma of communism as both are detrimental to the all-round progress of human beings.” (13)

Prout philosophy states, “PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world.” (14)

In Him,
Candra Shekhar

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“Toma’ri deoya’ pra’n’e, toma’ri deoya’ mane…” (PS 3624)


O’ Parama Purusa, You are the Giver of Life. This very existence of mine has been bestowed upon me by You. This very mind of mine has been given to me by You. Now by Your grace, my whole mind and heart, which have been given to me by You, are focused solely on Your meditation – ideating on You. O’ my Lord, You are my Goal and my sadhana revolves around You. I am thinking only about You. By Your grace I understand that everything belongs to You. Except You, nothing exists. You are everything.

O’ Supreme Entity, I love You so much; I am crying for You; I have so much longing for You. I want that You should come close to me – in my sadhana, in my dhyana. Besides You there is no one who is mine. I do not have anyone. But You are not coming close. Why do You remain far away, O’ Heartless One. Why do You remain forgetful of me. Why are You not coming near and instead going to some far distant place. O’ Parama Purusa, please come close; those things which I have kept in the casket of the inner core of my heart I want to whisper in Your ear. And among them, one of them is the intense desire to get You. I have so many intimate things to tell You. I have so many thoughts to share with You. My only request is that I should get You. Please be gracious.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, due to my crude mind, for ages and ages I remained oblivious about You. I was not keeping You in my mind. Baba, I do not know how long it has been that I have forgotten You. During that time, I just danced in the rhythm of this crude material world. I was just infatuated, intoxicated, and engrossed with the mundane allurements of the relative sphere. O’ my Dearmost, today You have graced me and made me understand that I am only Yours. By Your infinite compassion, all my thoughts, plans, programs, aspirations, sorrows, happiness, desires – everything revolves only around You. Baba, You are my Polestar; You are my everything, I surrender at Your lotus feet…

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~ Part 3 ~


“During the holidays and weekends, companies organise various types of “fun” gatherings like picnics and seminars etc whereby the employees pass even their leisure time under the “protective care” of the company. They even take family vacations with their company. The whole point being that employees are led to believe that the company is actually their family. Once this idea gets set in the mind, those employees will walk to the ends of the earth to get the job done for their cherished company.”

Lately others have brought the point how big capitalists cast their spell on many of their employees. Certainly there are a growing number of citizens whose eyes are opened wide to capitalist exploitation. Yet, at the same time, those capitalists continue to control and steamroll large sections of the workforce. Their special tactic is to brainwash employees into being loyal to the company – when in reality the “company” is the huge profit-making by a few vaeshyans. All others suffer at the hands of their ruthless exploitation.

In response our approach is two fold. First, create more vikśubdha shúdras, i.e. conscious employees who possess the requisite awareness and fighting spirit to stand up to capitalist exploitation. Second, introduce and implement the workings of Prout’s cooperative system. By this dual approach, we can handily overcome the current vaeshyan rule.


Once there is a critical mass of vikśubdha shúdras wherein employees and citizens are critically aware of the capitalist exploitative machinery, the Proutistic system of cooperatives is the only way to organise society so it can permanently slip away from the grips of present day blood sucking capitalists.

Prout says, “Cooperatives, run by moralists, are the only safeguard against capitalistic exploitation.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p.8)

Next we learn more about important aspects & vital components of the cooperative system.

Prout says, “The success of cooperative enterprises depends on three factors: morality, strong administration and the whole-hearted acceptance of the cooperative system by the people.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p.8)

So the Proutist system of cooperatives is the main way to re-build the society in the socio-economic sphere. To achieve this, there must be a widespread movement amongst people to seek out a solution to the vaeshyan rule. Other key factors include an organized approach and strict moralists.


“in the cooperative model, the fair-minded earnings of the collective are rationally divided between all participants.

Prout theory states, “The total profit of such co-operatives should be distributed amongst the workers and members of the co-operative according to their individual capital investment in the cooperative and to the service they render to the production and management of the co-operative.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 14, p.46)

Thus, as Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar describes above, in the cooperative system the profits are shared based on the merit system – but all are guaranteed enough funds for the necessities of life. In that way, all members of the cooperative earn a fair portion based on their investment and work ethic. This is one of the revolutionary qualities of the cooperative model.”

The Proutistic model of the cooperative system is quite grand and dynamic. It is a win-win situation. All involved in the cooperative benefit greatly according to the degree of their activity and investment.

Plus there will be cooperatives in all aspects of socio-economic life: Farmers cooperatives, artist cooperatives, banking cooperatives etc. Here below Shrii Prabhat Ranajan Sarkar guides us about how the farming / agricultural cooperative will work:

“Cooperative managers should be elected from among those who have shares in the cooperative. Members of agricultural cooperatives will get dividends in two ways – according to the amount of land they donated to the cooperative, and according to the amount of their productive manual or intellectual labour. To pay this dividend, initially the total produce should be divided on a fifty-fifty basis – fifty percent should be disbursed as wages and fifty percent should be paid to the shareholders in proportion to the land they donated. Local people should get first preference in participating in cooperative enterprises.” (A Few Problems Solved – 9, Some Specialities of Prout’s Economic System)

Similarly, the profits and gains of every cooperative will be rationally and justly shared with all members, according to their level of involvement etc.



Currently, however, the vaeshyan era is running at high speed – and that spells disaster for employees.

Here it should be known that employee means all levels of employees from common laborers to high level managers. Some may be thinking that employee only refers to those low paying jobs. But that is not the case. Because in the height of the vaeshyan rule all get exploited – all become shudras.

Prout theory states, “Consciousness should be developed among shúdras in order to protect them from the inhuman greed of the vaeshyas. All non-vaeshyas slip into shúdra-hood on the eve of a shúdra revolution.” (Humans Society – 2, The Kśatriya Age)

The point being that even many fancy white-collar, higher level employees are getting viscously exploited and brainwashed in this current capitalist structure. Because these so-called well-paid employees work day and night to please their executives and in return are left with nothing left in their life but their job, and the mirage that they are great. When in fact they are mere lackeys for their higher ups – carrying cell phones 24 hrs per day and never getting one ounce of time to even consider and reflect upon their own life. But even then they continue on in their toil as they live out their delusion. Certainly not all employees fall in this category, as some are alert to the tendencies and tactics of capitalists. However, a large swath of the labour force are pinned down in this way.

So whether hourly wage earning employees or big-time managers, all are just pawns in the midst of capitalist exploitation. Because those cunning capitalists have convinced everyone to join their team by selling their soul. However, with every passing day, there is a growing rise of vikśubdha shúdras. As this number increases and we spread the name and ideals of Prout, the faster capitalism will meet its end.


The common theme these days is for companies to not be a mere company but rather to be “a family”. In this way they project themselves – such as the Walmart family, the Microsoft family, the Exxon-Mobil family, the Nike family etc. By this way those top CEO’s suck more of the blood of their employees.

And they get success. One reason being that in our western capitalistic countries the general populace does not have big, extended families. Nor do they maintain a strong connection with their unit family. Devoid of that, the company is able to step-in and brainwash the employees to think that the company is really their main family, and that the employees should sacrifice for the company and think first about the company’s well-being. Like this those company executives train and mold the minds of their employees in order to set the stage for massive, uncontrolled exploitation.


Indeed those manipulative vaeshyans have done such a masterful job of brainwashing and winning over their employees that if anyone tries to awaken those exploited employees then those employees become angry and lash out. In roaring fashion, they come to the defense of their company and become hostile toward any who approach.

So those employees do not like to hear any talk about brainwashing or psychic exploitation. Instead they blame that whistle-blower for being a trouble maker, jealous of their job, etc etc.

Thus when dealing with these exploited and brainwashed employees one must behave in a very delicate and psychological way. It is just like dealing with a very sick person who is not in proper health due to some disease. The mental condition of those brainwashed employees is no different from those sickly people.

This is the state of affairs nowadays.

Ananda Margiis are aware how this is all going on, and in society there is a growing number of vikśubdha shúdras who are keen to overturn capitalist exploitation. They may not know how or what to do, but they see the capitalists for who they are.

So our duty is to awaken more and more the extreme exploitation that is going on. Everyone must be made aware and society must advance into the next era.


Under the vaeshyan rule, the entire society falls into the grips of capitalist exploitation. All levels and grades of employees get exploited from upper-level management all the way on down to the basic laborers. That is what we see going on today.

Prout philosophy says, “Today the whole human society is subjected to ruthless exploitation by capitalists. Capitalist exploitation has brought the very existence of humanity to the brink of extreme catastrophe by spreading its exploitative tentacles into every aspect of human life.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13)


Next we see how through their brainwashing maneuvers capitalists have gained control of the society.

“Rapacious Vaeshyas or capitalists are taking advantage of this intellectual inertness [i.e. brainwashing] and have spread a subtle web of exploitation into every corner of society, enabling them to suck the vitality out of the collective body. Through this process the Vaeshyas are insidiously perpetuating their reign of exploitation.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, ‘Capitalism Three Spheres’)


Throughout His Proutistic teachings, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has discussed the mind-set of those who get exploited by capitalist in the height of the vaeshayan era. Those who give way to this mentality are verily shudras. Unfortunately, now in the early part of this 21st century, many fall in this category.

“Shúdras live only for physical enjoyment. They neither bother about ideology nor give any value to rationality. Of the three aspects of time – past, present and future – they think only about the present. They have neither the time nor the inclination to think about the past or the future. Religion, spirituality and a genuine social system have no significance for them…”
“Shúdras are always sleeping. They can perform work only if someone wakes them up. Once the work is done, they go back to sleep. In order to maintain the cáturvarńika (i.e. shudra, ksatriya, vipra, & vaeshya) social system, some work will have to be taken from the shúdras. Consciousness should be developed among shúdras in order to protect them from the inhuman greed of the vaeshyas. (All non-vaeshyas slip into shúdra-hood on the eve of a shúdra revolution.)” (Humans Society – 2, The Kśatriya Age)


Here following Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar – the Propounder of Prout – is sounding the call how corrupt capitalists aim to root out the cooperative approach.

“The main reason for the failure of the cooperative system in different countries of the world is rampant immorality which has been perpetrated by capitalist exploiters so that they can maintain their
economic exploitation.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p. 8)


More and more are awakened to the extreme degree of exploitation carried out by capitalist leaders. That is enough to spell the demise of capitalism coupled with the rise of the God-centered teachings of Prout.

“We are near the last stage of the Vaeshya Era. If an impact is created, it will help the suffering humanity. It is the most opportune moment for creating an all-round revolution. This is a new sub-theory under Proutistic theory and may be called gati vijina´na – the science of dynamics in PROUT.” (Proutist Economics – Economic Dynamics – 1)

In Him,

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~ Part 2 ~

Those aware about the teachings of Prout are keenly aware about the avaricious and exploitative approach of big capitalists. In countless discourses, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has exposed the blood-sucking ways of those vaeshyan leaders [wealthy businessman]. Here, we are referring to those top-most corporate heads who lead business enterprises and exploit the common people. Through their own greedy mind-set, they resort to psychic exploitation to manipulate the masses.

“In straightforward language it can be said the main goal of capitalists is to draw more and more blood from the common mass, i.e. to make money off of the efforts of others. In this regard, the greed and devouring approach of such capitalists knows no bounds. Their main strategy is to create a group of employees and manipulate them into working night and day. Then those bosses keep all profits for themselves. This is essentially what top vaeshyas aim to do. Hard-working and dutiful employees get virtually nothing for all their sweat and blood. Instead, all the cream goes to those top company executives – i.e. those blood-sucking capitalists. That is the chief characteristic of the vaeshyan era – the top people gain control over most of the money while countless others do all the work.”

Indeed, capitalist psychic exploitation is being carried out at a ghastly pace and the chief underlying factor is that they have molded the minds of the common people. Various labour unions have put up big battles against these capitalist forces, but in the height of this vaeshyan era, the capitalists have won, temporarily. That means for the time being they have brainwashed the majority of the public – i.e. their employees are ready to respond to their every beckon and call. Those top company executives get what they want done with the willing help of their exploited employees, i.e. shudras.

And more about their brainwashing techniques is described below.


As Proutists, as Ananda Margiis, and as citizens, we should know that the days of the capitalists reign are numbered. They will not be in power forever. Such capitalists have gone against the fundamental right of humanity. This entire creation is the property of Parama Purusa , and we are all His children; thus the wealth of this universe is the common patrimony of all. By this God-centered, spiritual outlook every human being has equal right to the moveable and immoveable property of this universe. As soon as people become critically aware of this right, the days of capitalist rule will be in peril.

Already, there is a section of the workforce in the capitalist system that is aware of vaeshyan exploitation. These conscious labourers, known as vikśubdha shúdras, try mightily to raise the call and put an end to capitalist exploitation. Now they are too few in number, so the capitalist system carries on. However, soon that will change.

Certainly most Ananda Margiis are acutely aware of the exploitative measures taken by those company leaders. The main approach is that more consciousness raising and awareness is needed in the public sector. And that will come: The people are feeling the squeeze of capitalist exploitation and it will not be long before they search for answers.


Unfortunately, as it stands now, a major section of the workforce gets spoon-fed the idea that their company is their well-wisher and friend – that the company is their family. So at first the capitalist enterprise tries to purchase their employees by giving them a small amount of money. Then those capitalist executives inject brainwashing strategies in order maximize employee output and extract tremendous profits from them.

For example, during the holidays and weekends, companies organise various types of “fun” gatherings like picnics and seminars etc whereby the employees pass even their leisure time under the “protective care” of the company. They even take family vacations with their company. The whole point being that employees are led to believe that the company is actually their family. Once this idea gets set in the mind, those employees will walk to the ends of the earth to get the job done for their cherished company.

Company executives get into the mind-set of their employees and by this way drive them to exponentially increase their work. Such employees get so stressed out that they lose their perspective. Those suffering employees get convinced into thinking that their status will be enhanced by making the company more successful. This is another aspect of the brainwashing going on.

In this way, capitalist exploiters exponentially advance their income and increase profits for every employee they hire. They pay the employees 1x amount and from that employee’s work those capitalist make 10x, 50x, 100x or more. When you multiply that by each and every employee, it is quite evident that huge money is going into the bank accounts of those company leaders. All done by psychically exploiting their work-force.

Actually such employees are so brainwashed that they are not shocked or dismayed by this. Rather they glorify their company and pay tribute to and worship the top capitalists of the world. How does this happen? Capitalist opportunists appease and lure their employees by brainwashing them.

To reverse this situation, the activities of labour movements must be supported and more consciousness raising programs are needed to create more vikśubdha shúdras. Actually, with every passing day, more and more a looking for a viable alternative. So the ground is becoming more fertile.


Altogether, the current situation is just like one master who had a dog. After taking a huge voracious meal the master is fed like a king. If he eats one more morsel he will burp – or worse. In that bloated state, the master feeds a few small leftover scraps to the dog and the dog is forever grateful.

Such is the situation nowadays. Top capitalists garner huge profits while the vast majority of employees in the general society are exploited to the bone. Those employees eat, sleep, & dream about their work. Even on Saturdays and Sundays they get called into work and put in lots of overtime hours that never get clocked. In this way they maintain an arduous work schedule yet earn comparatively nothing in return.

They are so brainwashed that they think the company is their benefactor. So when they get a “bonus” they become thrilled as if that is really something great. When in fact from their efforts their employers make huge profits that are piled to the sky. As an afterthought those big bosses half-heartedly toss a few copper coins in the direction of their employees. By this tactic, those capitalists get renewed vigor, commitment and faith from their employees. All because those employees have become psychically crippled by their bosses.

This is the way the situation is going on these days. All because much of the the general public is unaware and in their ignorance they revere those capitalists and are ready to do anything for them.

However, in this present hour, the number of vikśubdha shúdras is growing as more are becoming aware of the exploitative methods of such capitalists. As soon as the common people become aware of their rights, a critical mass will be reached, and they will not sit and watch capitalists hoard all the wealth. Rather they will be primed to jump into action and pay heed to the calls of “No more capitalist exploitation – All have the right to the wealth of the universe.”


To overcome the grip of the current vaeshyan model a few things are needed. People must be made aware of their rights; they must gain a keen awareness of capitalist exploitation; they must become vikśubdha shúdras. Then, there will be the requisite momentum to cohesively advance a Proutistic economic system based on the cooperative model.


Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has given the teachings of Prout, including the cooperative system. In the capitalist structure, the over-accumulation of wealth is the aim of top business executives; they want to hoard all the money. Whereas, in the cooperative model, the fair-minded earnings of the collective are rationally divided between all participants.

Prout theory states, “The total profit of such co-operatives should be distributed amongst the workers and members of the co-operative according to their individual capital investment in the cooperative and to the service they render to the production and management of the co-operative.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 14, p.46)

Thus, as Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar describes above, in the cooperative system the profits are shared based on the merit system – but all are guaranteed enough funds for the necessities of life. In that way, all members of the cooperative earn a fair portion based on their investment and work ethic. This is one of the revolutionary qualities of the cooperative model.


In a nutshell, it can be said that capitalists operate in a manner that is 100% contrary to the ways of Prout because those bosses are driven by their extreme selfish desire to pocket huge amounts of money – all the while manipulating and exploiting those doing the work.

In a phrase the capitalist model is profit-motive. Everything and anything is justified by that bottom line. In contrast, Prout is based on the service motive where the economy is consumption based.

So capitalist appraoch is only fueled by owners making more money – at any cost; and, the Proutistic model is for the service and well-being of society. They are diametrically opposite to one another.

More about this striking difference is discussed in various discourses like: Economic Dynamics, Talks on Prout, Decentralized Economy – 1, Socio-Economic Movements, etc.


The Proutistic model is entirely different. By awakening the masses and creating more vikśubdha shúdras, we will soon be able to implement the cooperative model.


Here below Shrii Sarkar is furthermore telling about the special benefits of Proutistic cooperatives.

“Through the co-operative system human society will progress with accelerating speed.” (Proutist Economics)

“Co-operatives will greatly assist in psychic and spiritual advancement.” (Proutist Economics)

“PROUT supports the implementation of the co-operative system. Its inner spirit is one of coordinated co-operation, for only that can ensure the healthy, integrated progress of humanity. The co-operative system is essential to establish complete and everlasting unity amongst the human race. People should work to enjoy sweeter fruits by establishing the co-operative system.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 14, p. 40)



Here is Prout’s comprehensive call for all to embrace their rights and put an end to capitalism, and establish the ways of Prout.

“None of the movable or immovable property of this universe belongs to any particular individual; everything is the common patrimony of all, and the Father of all is Brahma. All living beings can enjoy their rightful share of this property, like members of a joint family in the Dáyabhága system. As members of a joint family, human beings should safeguard this common property in a befitting manner and utilize it properly. They should also make proper arrangements so that everyone can enjoy it with equal rights, ensuring that all have the minimum requirements of life to enable them to live in a healthy body with a sound mind.” (Problems of the Day, Point #1)

The following Prout principle from Ananda Sutram highlights how surplus wealth should be distributed.

Atiriktaḿ pradátavyaḿ guńánupátena (5-10)

[The surplus wealth should be distributed among meritorious people according to the degree of their merit.]

“Purport: After meeting the minimum requirements of all in any age, the surplus wealth will have to be distributed among meritorious people according to the degree of their merit. In an age when a bicycle is the minimum requirement for common people, a motor vehicle is necessary for a physician. In recognition of people’s merit, and to provide the meritorious with greater opportunities to serve the society, they have to be provided with motor vehicles. The dictum “Serve according to your capacity and earn according to your necessity” sounds pleasing, but will yield no results in the hard soil of the earth.” (Ananda Sutram)

As members of this universal human family, everyone must abide by the tenet that the wealth of this manifested universe belongs to Parama Purusa, and all are His children, so the wealth should be shared rationally amongst all. There must not be scope for people to get caught up in capitalistic tendencies.

“We must not forget, even for a single moment, that the entire animate world is a vast joint family. Nature has not assigned any portion of this property to any particular individual…When the entire wealth of the universe is the common patrimony of all living beings, can the system in which some roll in luxury, while others, deprived of a morsel of food, shrivel up and starve to death bit by bit, be said to have the support of dharma?”
“In a joint family every member is provided with adequate food, clothing, education and medical treatment, and amenities, as per their individual needs, according to the financial capacity of the entire family. If, however, any member of the family appropriates more grains, clothes, books or medicines than he or she requires, will that person not be the cause of distress to other members of the family? In such circumstances his or her actions will be certainly against dharma – certainly antisocial.”
“Similarly, the capitalists of this modern world are anti-dharma, or antisocial, creatures. To accumulate massive wealth, they reduce others to skin and bones gnawed by hunger and force them to die of starvation; to dazzle people with the glamour of their garments, they compel others to wear rags; and to increase their own vital strength, they suck dry the vital juice of others.”
“A member of a joint family cannot be called a social being if he or she does not possess the sentiment of oneness with the other members, or if he or she does not want to accept the lofty ideal of joint rights and the principle of rationality…” (Problems of the Day, Point #1)


“A little while ago I said that all crude objects of enjoyment are limited in nature, and thus their accumulation by any one individual is not desirable. Let everybody enjoy as much of the subtle psychic world as they can – let them accumulate as many psychic and spiritual resources as they want – but there must be provision for the application of force if needed to prevent any one individual from accumulating excessive physical resources. The application of physical force will, no doubt, deprive people of some of the wealth they have accumulated or decrease their opportunities to accumulate physical wealth in the future. But it is certainly not impossible, through proper education, to transform people’s desire for material pleasure into a desire for psychic pabula. (In fact, the desire for physical or psychic pabula “springs from innate psychic longings. The desires of the crude mind are easily satisfied.” However, I object to calling the desires of the crude mind pure psychic longings.) This type of education is essential in society today.”
“Such an approach does not deny the world, as do impractical idealists, nor does it attempt to suppress the higher propensities of the human mind, as do materialists.”
“Unless people’s propensities are directed towards subtle forms of expression, their minds tend to get enmeshed in thoughts of petty enjoyment. People who portray themselves as saviours of humanity and espouse high-sounding philosophies from public platforms at the tops of their voices, while at the same time nourishing within themselves the worms of self-interest, can, in any weak moment, deceive the naive public. This is a perfectly natural thing for them to do. Those who want to build a society based on human welfare without first developing themselves fully through spiritual practices, will not only degrade themselves, they will also cause the degeneration of the whole of society. They will not even be able to trust the people with whom they are working. They may initially try to develop their own capacity in order to attain positions of leadership, but eventually their sole aim will be to dominate others instead of developing themselves. When they realize from bitter experience that it is not possible to utilize the society as a vehicle for establishing their group or party supremacy, or when the suppressed masses rise up and revolt, the evil tendency to suppress the people will certainly awaken in them.” (Human Society – 1, Social Justice)


(A) Here below Prout teachings outline the key role that vikśubdha shúdras play and why their presence is so vital.

“In a capitalistic social system or in a democratic structure the situation of middle-class people (the vikśubdha shúdras) is generally miserable. This is because they are the greatest critics of capitalism and the strongest opponents of exploitation. An increase in the number of vikśubdha shúdras in a society is an early omen of a possible shúdra revolution. It is therefore the duty of those who want to create a world free of exploitation to help to increase the number of vikśubdha shúdras. It will be harmful for the revolution if these people die or are transformed into shúdra-minded shúdras. All the sadvipras in the world should be vigilant to make sure that the number of vikśubdha shúdras does not decrease due to unemployment, birth control, or other bad practices or policies.” (Human Society – 2, Shúdra Revolution and Sadvipra Society)

(B) In this next teaching, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar guides us that capitalists will stay in power for a long, long time – until that key moment arrives when there is a rise in mass awareness. That moment is soon to be upon us – we should ready the soil.

“Vaeshyas [wealthy businessman] believe that only a few people can accumulate material wealth, depriving the rest. Thus there will always be only a few vaeshyas, while those who are the objects and tools of their exploitation form the majority. Like exploited beasts of burden which carry bags of sugar, in their crippled state of mind the majority feel that they do not have the right to taste the sweetness. This feeling is the greatest ally of the vaeshyas, so directly or indirectly they always try to nurture this type of feeling in the minds of the majority. Consequently they propagate various types of isms and ethereal theories with the help of the vipras in their pay whom they have reduced to the level of shúdras. When the majority, unable to tolerate this exploitation any longer or find any other way out, desperately leap into action, the Vaeshya Age comes to an end. But it takes a long time for downtrodden people to understand that the vaeshyas are the parasites of society. Hence thorough preparation is required to end the Vaeshya Age.” (Human Society – 2, The Vaeshya Age)

(C) Here Prout philosophy points out how in the height of the vaeshyan era all others get reduced to the status of shudra – all are exploited.

“The vaeshyas increase their wealth by buying the back-breaking labour of the shúdras, the powerful personalities of the kśatriyas, and the intellect of the vipras, according to their needs. The shúdras, just like beasts, sell their physical labour in exchange for mere subsistence. Because they sell their labour, society survives and moves ahead. The powerful personalities of the kśatriyas build and maintain the social structure with the labour extracted from the shúdras. Through their intellect the vipras utilize the personal force of the kśatriyas, and through their money and capitalistic mentality the vaeshyas utilize the vipras’ intellect to increase their wealth.”
“The vaeshyas do not confront any social problem directly. Just as they buy the labour of the shúdras, the personal force of the kśatriyas and the intellect of the vipras with money, so they endeavour to solve all social problems with money. They do not win victory on the battlefield; they buy it with money. In poverty-stricken democratic countries they buy votes. As they accomplish everything with money, their vital force comes from money. They therefore take all sorts of risks in life to accumulate money. For money they can sacrifice their conscience, their sense of good and bad, right and wrong, at any moment. So in order to save the exploited shúdras, kśatriyas and vipras from the vaeshyas, money, which is the source of all their power, has to be taken out of their hands.” (Human Society – 2, The Vaeshya Age)


Throughout His Proutistic teachings, Baba has discussed the mind-set of those who get exploited by capitalist in the height of the vaeshayan era. Those who give way to this mentality are verily shudras. Unfortunately, now in the early part of this 21st century, many fall in this category.

“Shúdras live only for physical enjoyment. They neither bother about ideology nor give any value to rationality. Of the three aspects of time – past, present and future – they think only about the present. They have neither the time nor the inclination to think about the past or the future. Religion, spirituality and a genuine social system have no significance for them…”
“Shúdras are always sleeping. They can perform work only if someone wakes them up. Once the work is done, they go back to sleep. In order to maintain the cáturvarńika (i.e. shudra, ksatriya, vipra, & vaeshya) social system, some work will have to be taken from the shúdras. Consciousness should be developed among shúdras in order to protect them from the inhuman greed of the vaeshyas. (All non-vaeshyas slip into shúdra-hood on the eve of a shúdra revolution.)” (Humans Society – 2, The Kśatriya Age)

At His lotus feet,


Shudra: Those who are busy thinking about their bread and butter and do not have space to think about anything else – just their material existence.

Vaeshya: Wealthy businessman.


This entire letter is based on the teachings of Prout. Those who wish to know more about this topic should reference the various discourses on Proutist economic policies, or write in with your queries.


Please write-in detailing what you have seen with regards to the psychic exploitation of the masses by those capitalists. What strategies have you seem them do to befool and brainwash their employees.

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This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: B Group Selling Live Aquatic Animals to Kill & Eat
(2) Trailer Quote: Link Between Service & Sadhana
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #2329;

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


You may know that in many Ananda Marga units in Bengal, many Wts maintain various ponds for cultivating and selling fish in order to earn money. West Bengal is a huge fish-eating region; eating fish is such a way of life that they simply refer to fish as “water fruit.” Just as a desert is filled with cactus plants, similarly all across Bengal there are man-made and natural ponds. They are a common phenomenon. The ponds are maintained to store live fish for this community of fish-eating people.

To capitalize on the situation, certain B group Wts thought they should join in and do this as a business. Those Wts thought that selling fish to the people would be a good way to make money. Here is how it works.

Wherever they have ample space, on various Ananda Marga units they maintain large ponds that are stocked with fish. Then those Wts get the word out that the people are welcome to come and fish those ponds for a fee. Essentially, Wts sell “fishing rights” to locals, and in turn those villagers etc can come and catch and eat the fish from the pond.

The rates may vary from pond to pond, and may vary based on how many fish a person catches etc. But all along the basic idea is one: Wts charge locals a particular amount of money to come and kill the fish. You may have heard about this.

Now it is our duty to consider how far this is consistent with our ideals of neo-humanism.

As Ananda Margiis, we know that we are to honour and respect all forms of life and that we do not condone the cruel killing of any being, including fish.


Baba has given the program of pisciculture, a key system for creating ecological balance and averting and solving the water crisis. Here is how it works.

All kinds of aquatic animals like crabs, oysters, and fish etc should be cultivated in ponds and lakes. By their very presence in those water bodies, that water is cleaned and kept at an optimal level. Trees and other vegetation should be planted around those lakes and ponds. That brings shade to the area, attracts rain clouds, and very importantly, brings birds to the region. Those birds will prevent the over-population of fish, ensuring balance.

The establishment of lakes and ponds is Baba’s system for water conservation. The presence of aquatic animals is key for its success. So that is the right use of fish in the Ananda Marga model of pisciculture.

To kill and eat those fish for human consumption is a direct violation of Baba’s given system.

Prout philosophy says, “Fish should be cultivated in lakes, dams and ponds because they help conserve and purify the water. Small fish can also be cultivated in the paddy fields during the rainy season. Fish are the natural food of birds, so they are an essential part of a balanced ecology.” (1)

Prout philosophy says, “Pisciculture should also be developed in ponds and lakes. The fish help to keep the water clean and the level constant because their breathing creates water and carbon dioxide. The fish inhale oxygen along with water vapour from the atmosphere as well as dissolved oxygen from the water. They synthesize water which is exhaled into the lake. This helps to keep the water in the lake at a constant level. If many fish live in a lake, hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water will be added to the size of the lake in the course of time. Each lake should also have an attached bird sanctuary, because the fish provide food for the birds.” (2)

Thus there is no scope for Wts to sell and kill fish in the name of pisciculture. That is not Baba’s system.


Next Baba points out the hypocritical and bogus way that some humans treat animals. They superficially treat animals as friends one moment and then butcher them the next – often to get a profit. Is this not what B group Wts are doing with their fish.

“Passing through many lives as worms, insects, birds, and animals, they have undergone countless pains, miseries, tortures and humiliations. Take for example the life of a goat. A goat spends its life eating grass, until the day comes when the butcher grabs it, kills it, skins it and sells its flesh piece by piece in the market. That goat at one time had to live such a miserable life. But today it has forgotten all this. Through a process of forward movement, today it may have attained a human life.”
“Human life is more secure than animal life. Many animals live in the jungle where there is something to fear every minute; where the weak are the prey of the strong. To escape this atmosphere of fear and insecurity, many wild animals have sought refuge with human beings. They have been fed grass, leaves and other types of fodder until the right moment came to kill them for their flesh. Even today, this is generally what happens. Animals fully trust human beings; they trust them even up to one minute before their death. But when they see a person approaching them with a weapon in hand, they realize that those they had trusted as their friends are actually their enemies. Although human beings feed their animals, the love or attachment which they have for them is purely external. There is no genuine love in humans. This is how wretched animal life can be.”
“Every human being has had to pass through that sort of painful animal life in the past. But that does not mean we should be the cause of misery for those animals who have taken shelter with us today. On the contrary, we should have a merciful attitude towards them. A woman who has been badly treated or humiliated by her mother-in-law should be careful that she does not treat her daughter-in-law in the same way. Human beings should carry out their duties properly in the external world and should always ensure that no being suffers unnecessarily from any undue mistreatment. In the physical sphere, the rights of all should be protected.” (3)


As responsible human beings and as sadhakas, we should abide by Baba’s following teachings.

“We should live with the policy of “Live and let others live”.” (4)

Ananda Marga philosophy says, “For each and every living entity one’s personal life is the dearest thing. One loves one’s personal life very much. This is the rule, this is the characteristic of all living beings. But those people who understand this sentiment of living beings and love others with the thought, “I should not kill, I should not give them any trouble because they love their life as much as I love my own life”, are true sádhus and those who lack this sentiment are not sádhus, they are asádhu. Preaching the gospels of peace, and at the same time slaughtering chickens, is not a proper thing for a sádhu because the one who kills the chickens loves his life and the chickens also love their own lives. So that man lacks the universal sentiment of love. He is not a sádhu. A sádhu must be vegetarian.” (5)

Thus it is very clear that we should allow other beings to joyously live their lives, and we should not needlessly harm or kill them. That is our ethic in Ananda Marga. And that is Baba’s teaching. Certainly every Ananda Margii understands this.

Even then many of those Wt’s in Bengal have their set justification. They say, “What is wrong; we are not killing the fish; we are just charging the local people to come and catch fish on our land. If they did not fish on our land, they would fish somewhere else.” This is their rationalisation.

By that reasoning then, a villager would be able to invites goondhas (rough criminals) to come to his area and rob the local people, and in return that villager would get a percentage of the looting or booty.

So the justification given by those Wts does not hold any value.


That is not the only justification they give…

B group workers also give the false justification that by keeping such fish ponds they are following Baba’s system of pisciculture. But this is absolutely wrong. As noted above, Baba’s system of pisciculture is for ecological balance and water conservation – not the wanton killing and selling of fish. Today’s capitalistic fishing industries exploit the fish for profits etc. But that is not our way; and no one should be led to believe that is Baba’s system.

Baba’s given program of pisciculture is for ecological sustainability, animal welfare, and the benefit of all beings – bar none.


Then there are some who think that the pond will be over-populated by fish, if people do not come and go fishing in those ponds. But at about this, there is no need to worry about that. Before humans were on the planet, there were all kinds of animals all over this earth. To such persons, Baba has given the ultimate reply.

Baba says “Some people argue that animals have been created by Parama Puruśa for our food. I knew a certain person who used to say that if people do not eat goats’ meat, the world would become populated only by goats. And others said that if people don’t eat chickens, there would not be even a single inch of space on this earth – it would be filled with chickens! Now my point is, even though human beings do not eat vultures, is there a crowd of vultures in the world? How foolish such people are! People don’t eat earthworms – has there been an uncontrollable growth of earthworms on earth? Only out of excessive greed, people eat chickens and goats and are simply searching for logic to support their actions and cover up their weakness. This sort of cunning will not do. In the mobility of the psychic world, there are certain defective thoughts prevailing – that we humans are destined to rule this earth, and the creatures are destined to be ruled by us. You will have to fight against this type of psychology with the help of your strong weapon. What is that weapon? Neohumanism. All have the equal right to live here: this universe is for all. It is not the patrimony of human beings only. This is also the duty of Renaissance people.” (6)


Clearly, Baba has given the mandate that we are not to allow or encourage fishing as we are to safeguard the well-being of every animal in this creation. We should not exploit, directly or indirectly, any creature in order to make a profit etc. This is not our way.

That is why it is so shocking that our Wts are involved in the selling and killing of fish in various parts of West Bengal. Rather such Wts should stand on the moral principles of Ananda Marga and teach the people the right ideals of life through their own conduct.

But this much many B group Wts do not do. Rather than maintaining the neo-humanistic vision of Ananda Marga, and rather than living the life of a sadhu, many Wts just given in to local, pseudo-culture values, and sell fish in order to make a profit. They think that since the locals are already involved in eating fish then what is wrong.

However, what if the local population was involved in prostitution or harsh drugs like heroin etc. In those cases also, should Wts step into the business ring and try to make a profit? Should we allow or encourage that? Certainly not.

Yet that is the very attitude that is plaguing our Ananda Marga at present.


For all these reasons and more, many are saying that such Wts are using dirty money to procure their own food. They have plunged themselves into a business that is against the ethics of neo-humanism; they have adopted a profession that goes contrary to the ways of right livelihood (samyak ajiiva) since they are making money by harming and killing other beings; yet by that way their are profiting and using that dirty money to purchase their own food. This is veritably a filthy cycle.

Here are more of Baba’s teachings that guide us that no one in Ananda Marga, including our Wts, should be involved in the business of selling and killing fish etc.


Práńáh yathátmano’bhiiśt́áh bhútánám api te tathá;
Atmaopamyena bhútánám dayáḿ kurvanti sádhavah.

“Just as your life is extremely dear to you, similarly the lives of others are equally dear to them. A person who thinks thus and shows mercy on other creatures is really a sádhu, or virtuous person.” In order to become a virtuous person one need not give up one’s worldly life. When this idea dawns on one’s mind one realizes, “Why should I kill an innocent creature just for the sake of the gratification of my palate.” But then one may suddenly discover a different kind of scriptural injunction – “Oh yes, you may sacrifice animals in a particular way and the sacrificed animal will attain salvation.” People follow the scriptural injunction helplessly but in their heart of hearts they realize that the whole thing is irrational. Yet they cannot gather sufficient courage to go against the “scripture”. This sort of idea which impedes the progress of the mind is called “dogma”. A dogma arises from either a defective philosophy or a “scripture”. This sort of dogma should be rejected forthwith.” (7)


Ananda Marga teachings state: “Vultures are carnivorous birds. Yet it is found that they are not cruel or heartless. Usually, like eagles, they do not attack living humans or animals. Their habit is to eat the flesh of dead bodies. There was an incident in my childhood that I can still vividly recall. On the west of our locality there was a large field which bordered on a tributary of the Ganges. As the soil was not fit for cultivation nothing could be grown there. On the upper side of that fallow land was a mound upon which stood a large tamarind tree. A vulture lived in a nest on the tree. Beside the mound was the site for the disposal of carcasses. Cows used to graze in the field as did a few horses and sheep. Once an old cow came there and fell flat on the ground due to utter exhaustion. The veterinary doctor came and said, “The cow has no chance of survival. She is likely to die in a few hours.” The owner of the cow was a very kind-hearted man. He tried to save the cow in various ways but in vain. I noticed that as long as the cow was alive, she gently wagged her tail, even when her eyes were half closed. There was no other symptom of life, at least that is what it seemed to me. I also noticed that while her tail was wagging, the vulture stayed patiently in the tree. It came to eat the cow’s flesh only an hour after her natural death. Human beings are more cruel than vultures. Their hearts don’t melt even at the sight of tears of innocent birds and animals. Just to gratify their sense of greed, they mercilessly slit the throats of animals with sharp knives and swords and thus deprive them of the right to live, even while preaching the hollow dictates of religion.” (8)


Baba says, “Fish eat all kinds of things. Because of this, the positive qualities of those foods which they eat they may or may not get; but, certainly they get the negative qualities or defects of those foods which they eat. In addition, fish quarrel so much among themselves; they are quarrel mongers. They eat each other; they feel jealous towards one another; and also they have the tendency to wander around aimlessly in an indisciplined, disorderly manner. Because of these negative qualities of fish, since ages there has been the feeling amongst the general public that those who are fish eaters, they get contaminated by these same defects.” (9)

Amongst all of India, the most densely populated fish-eating area is Bengal. Indeed, Baba says that the main population of Bengal are kaevarta (fisherman community). There are a huge number of lakes, ponds, rivers, and water sources in Bengal; that is why fish flourish there. Thus in Bengal fish are known as water fruit. Except for very strict devoted margiis, most of them like to eat fish.


B group’s present-day manner of fishing for profits directly contravenes all Baba’s guidelines on pisciculture. His divine mandates for pisciculture stand as a broad-based ecological approach for balance and sustainability. Fish are needed for the keeping healthy and clean lakes and ponds. Those bodies of water should furthermore be surrounded by trees. Birds will naturally flock to those tress and naturally control the population of fish. This is the keen way and role of our fisheries / pisciculture system. Whereas, B group’s short-sighted, greedy and heartless way of selling and killing fish to make a profit neglects all neo-humanistic values and undermines the spirit and use of Baba’s dharmic guideline on pisciculture.

at His lotus feet,
Candra Deva

1. Ideal Farming, Integrated Farming
2. Ideal Farming, Lakeside and Riverside Plantations
3. 2 January 1979, Patna
4. Discourses on Prout, pt #1
5. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 2, Keep Company with the Virtuous
6. Prout in a Nutshell – 9, Renaissance in All the Strata of Life
7. Yoga Psychology, Instinct and Devotion
8. Neo-Humanism in a Nutshell – 2
9. Shabda Cayanika – 20, Bangla, Disc #156

The section below this mark is an entirely different topic and not related with the subject matter up above.

Link Between Service and Sadhana

“When you reach the closest proximity to the Supreme Consciousness, your mental waves will come in contact with His mental waves. Then you will understand what is to be done, and what will be the destiny of humanity in the near and distant future. Because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with His psychic waves. And in that state you will be able to render still better service to human beings, animals and plants.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 16 (H), p. 10-11)

Note: Without good sadhana rendering real social service is impossible.

Prabhat Samgiita

“Bha’loba’si toma’y a’mi, keno ta’ ja’ni na’…” P.S. 2329


O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Supreme One, I love You; but, I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart – but what is the mystery behind this, how and why You are attracting me, that I cannot say. Baba, all I know is that You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace, I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart. By Your grace, I will always hold Your divine image in my mind.

O’ Divine Entity, all the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all these desires and aspirations of mine are revolving around You. By Your grace, they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. O’ Parama Purusa, You are the focal point of my life; You are my everything.

Baba, by Your divine grace, I feel that You are guiding each and every aspect of my existence. There is not even a single ounce of confusion in my mind. Everything is very clear. Where am I, where will I go, and from where have I come: All these types of useless questions never creep into my mind. Baba, by Your grace, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending upon You: You know everything and that everything is in Your control. For me that is enough. Baba, You are my shelter, You are my anchor, and You are the Supreme Controller of this vast universe.

Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You with all my heart; my whole existence is Yours…

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From: “Ramlal Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba Story About Prout Government
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2013 23:26:08 +0530


This entire email is composed of 4 parts:
(1) Posting: Baba Story About Prout Government;
(2) Posting: Two Opposite Types of Mantras;
(3) Posting: Baba’s Procedural Order: No Co-Education Upon Entering Puberty
(4) Prabhat Samgiita #3580.

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).



Note: This short story is related with one very senior Proutist – Shrii Shashi Ranjanji, a key member of parliament with a high post and a founding member of PBI (Proutist Block of India). The following story is one key point where Sadguru Baba graciously responds to Shashi Ranjanji’s query on Prout policies. Shashi Ranjanji is also known as Shashi Ranjan Sahu.

On various occasions, I was blessed to be along with Baba while He was delivering guidelines on Prout.

We all knew that Baba’s plan was that margiis should challenge every election and run for every seat of Parliament. This was Baba’s outlined approach.

In my mind, however, I was wondering what would happen if really margiis ran for and won every seat of parliament. In that case, who would serve as the opposition group in Parliament.

For instance, in the general democratic system, there is one elected party in power. And all elected officials of that majority party will automatically and brazenly support their elected executive chief, i.e. the leader of the country. This is the norm. Yet, side by side, there are many other elected officials who are part of one or more minority groups. And it is these minority group(s) that stand as an oppositional force to the party in power. That is the way it runs. But if one party gets 75% or 80% of the seats in Parliament or Congress, then there is hardly any debate – what a leader wants do they do by voice vote. What to speak of if one group gets 100% of the seats.

Thus, if the Prout Party runs for and wins every seat of Parliament then how will there be an opposition group. Every elected official will be a Proutist and hence part of the Prout party. Then where is there scope for any opposition. This was the quandary in my mind.

So I asked Baba, “Suppose, all the members of Parliament are from the Proutist party then how will there be any opposition?”

Baba told, “Yes, there will be scope for opposition. Elected members of Parliament will pressurise those at the helm and ensure that Prout principles are followed and implemented. The loyalty of the elected leaders will not take the shape of blind support for the top post holder, but rather their loyalty will be in the form of the rational and just implementation of Proutistic ideals – in the service of the entire society. Those elected leaders will be vigilant that Proutists in the top executive offices are discharging their duties properly. On such points, there will be vigorous and open debate. That is how the opposition will be formed when Proutists have 100% of the seats in Parliament.”

I thought, “Yes, this is how we will proceed when Proutists win over all elected seats of Parliament. They will not work like general politicians wherein elected members of the ruling party blindly support the executive branch.”

At His Lotus Feet,
Shashi Ranjan


Unfortunately, nowadays in Ananda Marga, those in the executive body (i.e. purodhas in Central Office) do not appreciate any opposition from their own members, let alone from field workers and general margiis. That is why countless wrongs are going on in AMPS.

The duty of general purodhas is to keep a sharp eye on the executive body, and take them to task when they veer from Baba’s teachings. However, instead of taking dharmic stand, such purodhas are stooges. They sit there and allow top purodhas to do as they wish – wholly disregarding Guru’s mandates.

Once again, the main problem nowadays in AMPS is that healthy debate and criticism is not allowed. In that condition, general wts and margins have no voice. Top purodhas rule according to their convenience. Then sin and crime brews. In the end, they all drown in the mud of their own crime and sin.

If anyone does not understand this short explanation please write back.

in His service,


Subject: Two Opposite Types of Mantras
From: Gaungadhar ght2314@gtu…
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2013 20:44:21


Here is one very important and unique aspect about ista mantras in our Ananda Marga sadhana system. Baba has only discussed this point on select occasions – i.e. very rarely.

‘Mananat tarayet yastu sah mantrah parikiirttitah’

“Mantra is that particular word whose repetition or auto-suggestion or outer-suggestion helps the microcosm free itself of all the fetters of physical, psychic, and spiritual life.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 5, p. 96)

In His above teaching, Baba is guiding us about the important role auto and outer suggestion have in the repetition of a mantra. We all know that in the first lesson of our Ananda Marga sadhana we use a mantra. Each one of the Ananda Marga ista mantras are based either on auto suggestion or outer suggestion. At the time of initiation, based on their samskara, every Ananda Margii is given their own personal ista mantra. And that is the mantra they will use for their entire life.



So some sadhakas have ista mantras which are based exclusively on auto-suggestion; and some have mantras based only on outer suggestion. It varies from mantra to mantra.

For example, for some sadhakas, their ista mantra is based on auto suggestion. The meaning is, ‘I am that…’, i.e. ‘I am Brahma’.

So, in this case, the sadhaka is suggesting this idea to himself while repeating his mantra. And during the repetition of the first half of the ista mantra while inhaling the sadhaka thinks ‘I am’. And when repeating the second half of the ista mantra while exhaling he ideates on ‘Brahma’. The full idea is: “I am Brahma.” This is how the ista mantra works with auto suggestion. And that is what Baba is referring to in the above guideline.

Whereas in outer suggestion, the types of mantra used in first lesson are somewhat different.

In that case, Gurushakti gives the suggestion to the sadhaka, ‘you are that…’, i.e. ‘you are Brahma’. So here ‘you’ means the sadhaka, not someone else. Thus during the first half of the mantra on the inhalation the idea comes from Gurushakti to the sadhaka that ‘you are’. And on the second half of the ista mantra upon exhalation the ideation is on ‘Brahma’. The full idea is: “You are Brahma.” This is how an ista mantra works with outer suggestion.

In the Ananda Marga sadhana system, most of the ista mantras are based on auto-suggestion. It is rare to receive an ista mantra based on outer suggestion.



Thus when repeating their ista mantra every sadhaka must follow their assigned mantra – either it is auto suggestion or outer suggestion, depending on their mantra – as it is allotted by their acarya. No individual is given two mantras. Every sadhaka is given one single mantra, and that mantra is based either on auto or outer suggestion.

So one must not do both types, auto & outer. This should never be done. One has either been assigned an auto suggestion mantra or one based on outer suggestion. The one you have received is what you will use for the duration.

In select circumstances, if a mistake was made at the time of initiation, it may be that certain individuals need to have their ista mantras changed. If so, this is always done by an acarya. Beyond that, every sadhaka should always use the ista mantra given to them at the time of initiation.

Just as one should not take two different antibiotics at the same time, similarly one should not use both types of ista mantras, i.e. auto and outer. Likewise, just as one should not stand on two different moving vehicles at the same time, similarly one should not use both types of ista mantras, i.e. auto and outer.

Here every sadhaka should keep in mind that this distinction between the auto and outer ista mantras is a very subtle aspect of sadhana. Only discuss this point with those acaryas who have a very keen interest in sadhana. If you ask those wts who are fully involved in mundane dealings, business, and xyz pursuits, they will only yawn and misguide you, unfortunately. If you search you will find that there are many sincere acaryas.

Note: This matter of auto and outer suggestion is related with one’s ista mantra. So I cannot write the actual mantras here because they cannot be told openly. So it is the duty of sadhakas to communicate one-on-one with an acarya on this.


“The mind thinks with concentration, that is, the mind meditates. Regarding this faculty of thinking, if it is done in a methodical way, the result is certainly positive…But if it is not done in a methodical way, the general result is negative.” (2 June 1990 RU, Anandanagar)


The purpose in writing about auto and outer suggestion of mantra is two-fold:

(a) All sadhakas should understand the meaning of their mantra; those not aware should consult their acarya.

(b) By raising this matter, acaryas will be forced to educate themselves on the deeper aspects of sadhana.

At His Lotus Feet,


Subject: Baba’s Procedural Order: No Co-Education Upon Entering Puberty
From: Kavita@opera…
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 22:33:46
To: am-global@earthlink.net



“Some of you are aware that one central didi – herein referred to as Didi D – is extremely attached with a young man of 18 years of age, whom we shall call Mr. S. The situation is not at all ordinary – rather quite abnormal. They live together: Sleeping, eating, and going together etc. Didi D and Mr S are very linked with each other.

The reason why this is such an important matter is because this has the makings of becoming a systemic issue within our Marga. The likes of which have been the downfall of many religions and spiritual communities. We should not let our Ananda Marga suffer the same fate.”

According to the following procedural order, Didi Ananda Dyotona is disobeying Baba and contravening His stated guideline. That is very unfortunate. Didiji is doing adharmic work, incurring sin and bad samsakras, as well as ruining the life of a young man, Shubham. The whole scene is quite tragic.

Here following is Baba’s own Procedural Order which states that our Ananda Marga schools must not be co-ed once children have reached the age of puberty.



PLO no. 1A/4.2.1969

As per rules, co-education is allowed in our Schools up to Standard V. but boys who are learning in Std. V or below but have crossed twelve years of age will not be permitted to study in any of our lady managed Schools. Similarly girls who are learning in Std. V or below but have crossed 12 years of age, shall not be allowed to study in our Schools (for boys).

Feb 4, 1969

Note: Standard V is the equivalent of 5th grade or 5th class in the western system.

According to Baba’s above procedural order on co-education, there are two determining factors. If one has reached the age of 12 then that is one point to separate males and females in their schooling. Secondly, if any student has completed Standard V grade, they must be in gender-separated learning environment. So if one has completed standard V and still is not 12yrs of age, then they cannot continue into grade VI in a co-ed school. Thus, boys and girls cannot attend the same school if they are of 12 years of age or have completed Standard V grade, whichever comes first.

The real essence of the stipulation is based upon adolescence or puberty. Once the mammary glands have developed in girls and the related glands for boys, then they cannot attend the same school. That is Baba’s guideline.

So nowadays when in some parts of the world, girls and boys enter into adolescence at the age of 8, then that marks the time they must attend a single-gender school.

“Yes, I am interested in receiving the scanned PO”

The above is Baba’s procedural order. Baba has given the order and in due course GS Dada would sign and circulate it. The above is the email version. If you want a scanned copy of the actual order then click reply and paste this into the subject box: “Yes, I am interested in receiving the scanned PO”.

in Him,


For more about the situation with Didiji and Shubham click on the below link.


**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****

“Madhur mohan tumi cita-rainjan a’cho sada’ sa’the sa’the…” (3580)


O’ Parama Purusa, You are very sweet, most attractive. You have coloured my mind in Your colour. That is why You are Cita-Rainjan [1]. Always You are remaining with me side by side. You have removed the despair and filled my heart with Your love. All the darkness & hopelessness was removed by that light.

O’ Divine Entity, You are beyond the scriptures, intellect, logic, and reasoning, You are above all these; You are Alakha-Nirainjain [2], beyond description. Infinite and unblemished. Only You can shatter the bondage of avidya maya – the mirage of negative attraction – and grant salvation. Baba, You are the most charming, the most sweet, my own…


[1] Cita-Rainjan: Baba guides us & we all know that devotion is that unique ingredient which allows one to advance in the spiritual field. Without innate love for Parama Purusa one can never succeed. By Baba’s divine grace, in His role as Cit-Rainjan, He is that Divine Entity who colours and saturates the mind of sadhakas in the fountain of devotion. Baba says, “‘rainjana’, which means ‘the One who colours’ – that which colours the mind.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-1) So He is that Cosmic Being who graciously showers devotional love into the heart and mind of the bhakta. And by such overwhelming Cosmic grace, the devotee becomes immersed in Supreme bliss and comes in the closest proximity with that Love Personified Entity: Parama Purusa.

[2] Alakhanirainjan: (‘Alakh’ means ‘invisible’; ‘nir’ means ‘no’; ‘ainjan’ means ‘black spot’.) Of the infinite attributions of Parama Purusa, one of which is that He is invisible and blemishless– totally pure and perfect. That is why He is known as Alakhanirainjan. Because in this world unit beings are bound by their past actions, by their samskaras; and this creates a black mark in their mind. But being Alakhanirainjan, being both invisible and blemishless, Parama Purusa is totally beyond the realm of sense perception and beyond the realm of samskara. His mind never gets stained. He remains eternally pure and spotless.

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