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Baba says, “People…waste their time getting old for nothing. That is, they waste their time in non-spiritual pursuits. This is called “spiritual lethargy”. It causes the greatest harm to human life because it results in only a very small percentage of the human potentiality – maybe one or two percent – being utilized by humans.

Subject: Lifelong Sleep
Date: Sat 31 Oct 2009 07:02:27 -0000
From: “Gaurishankar Agrawal”


“A’mi toma’re bhuliya’ chinu katadin…” (P.S. 4091)


Baba, I was remaining forgetful and was oblivious of You for such a long
span of time. My life passed like this. I traveled on the rugged, jagged path.
Sometimes I fell down in the ocean current.

My days, full of stains, were wasted in hopelessness– without any
achievement, without any genuine progress. So many lonely, isolated nights
passed in crying in utter despair with no pra’na– just frustration.

Baba, sometimes I suffered and got hit by the cold northern breeze. And
sometimes that northern breeze took away all my hopes, inspirations, and
gains. Just I drowned in staticity and crudeness.

But now, by Your grace today spring has come. All the surroundings are
filled with the colourful flowers and sweet aroma. The dark night has
changed into a glittering moonlight, shining in the sky. Peacocks are
dancing in happiness and expressing their joy by extending their feathers.

The sweet breeze has come. It is shaking my whole existence and making
me quiver in the divine vibration. That sweet breeze is giving me the hint
and telling me, ‘Listen! the divine flute, which is resonating, it is
calling you…”


Note: Be sure to read the follow-up report and news update at the bottom
of this letter about the awful mistreatment of Didi Shucismita’s broken

The other day when doing pracara I had an indepth, personal conversation
with someone about yama and niyama, kiirtan and meditation.

They appeared to be quite interested.

When our talk ended, I thought they would have a question on the topic
or ask when was the next dharmacakra etc.

But instead, they said they wanted to go on the internet to check the
timetable about some pseudo-culture movie at the local cinema. That was
all they wanted to know.

When I recounted this to my Dada then he nodded knowingly and said,
“Psychic slumber.”

My acarya then went on to give the following reply which I have written
in summary form for all of you.


The human personality is dynamic and diverse and exists on three realms:
physical, psychic and spiritual.

We all know that Ananda Marga aims for the development of the whole
human personality.

Thus we should be fully aware about sleep and how it manifests on all
levels of life.

Unfortunately nowadays many are not cognizant of this critical issue,
both inside and outside the Marga. So it needs our careful attention,
for our own understanding and growth, and for sharing with others.


In brief, here is what is meant by sleep, in the various realms of life.
These are Baba’s definitions.

(A) Physical sleep is when one is lying down in their bed and sleeping.
This we all know about.

(B) Psychic sleep is when one is not aware about the real value of human
life and is instead engrossed in material pursuits, religious dogmas,
and animalistic propensities.

(C) Spiritual sleep is when one forgets the divine fact that Parama
Purusa is with you, watching you.

All these are discussed in greater detail below.


The most telling aspect or main characteristic about sleep – whether it
be physical, psychic or spiritual – is that when one is sleeping then
they are not aware that they are sleeping. They are not at all
conscious. That is why it is so dangerous, especially in the psychic and
spiritual realms. Though physically sleeping when driving is also very

Sleep happens unbeknownst to the person. The person sleeping is totally
oblivious of the fact that they are sleeping. They cannot think or say,
“Right now at this moment I am sleeping.” This basic awareness they do
not have.

The best they can do is to try and remember the very last thing they
were doing before they went to sleep. After that they will not be aware
what transpired. This mostly applies to physical sleep. Those involved
in psychic and spiritual sleep can pass entire lifetimes without waking
up – it happens, even in our Marga.

It should also be noted that of these three types of sleep, physical
sleep is restorative – so long as one does not sleep too much. In
contrast, both psychic sleep and spiritual slumber have no redeeming
quality – none.


We all know what physical sleep is, but psychic sleep may be less apparent.

Basically, when one is engrossed in religious dogmas, social dogmas, and
material pursuits, then that is psychic sleep. Such persons have no
concept of the more subtle aspects of life. They are just here for
eating, sleeping, drinking and merrymaking or various dogmatic
enterprises. These are the characteristics of psychic slumber.

If someone is sleeping psychically and you talk to them about yama and
niyama or meditation, then they will often have a blank look on their
face. Regardless of their educational status, if they are sleeping
psychically, even a PhD scholar will be mentally dull in this regard.
They will not show an iota of interest in spirituality.

You can tell people all day about how human life is precious and money
is not everything and that they must learn meditation etc, and then at
the end of the conversation they may only ask about getting a bottle of
wine. Such is a classic case of psychic slumber.

Unfortunately at present in this grossly materialistic era, most suffer
in this regard. They cannot see that this entire world is the divine
expression of Parama Purusa and that there is more to living that
satisfying one’s animalistic propensities.

We should not just think that psychic sleep only applies to those
non-margiis grossly disinterested in spiritual topics.


There are also those who express some or more interest in the subtle
sphere but get clouded in dogmas like groupism, factionalism, etc. That
is what we have happening in our Marga.

All in AM have the book knowledge that groupism is something bad, but
even then some have fallen prey to this ism and have committed their
life to the selfish interests of their chosen group. No names need be
mentioned here, but in our Marga some fall in this category.

And that is exactly what Baba is warning about in His below teaching.

Baba says, “Next is psychic lethargy. What is the nature of this sort of
lethargy? Psychic lethargy is the lack of mental courage to think
independently and to utilize the physical potentialities according to
one’s inherent thoughts. For example, most people realize that since all
human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus’a, there should not be any
distinction of caste. Those who accept casteism can never accept Parama
Purus’a and conversely, those who believe in Parama Purus’a can never
accept casteism. Almost all human beings understand this and yet, in
their individual lives, they surrender to old customs and beliefs. Just
imagine what a serious lapse this is, what a serious psychic lethargy.
The root case is the lack of moral courage.” (AV-8)

Thus anyone in AM who even is remotely connected with groupism and
groupist politics is a victim of psychic slumber. Whether they wish to
admit it or not, they are totally sleeping in the psychic realm.

And indeed they will not admit it. Because, as stated above, those who
are sleeping cannot recognise that they are sleeping. That is the
special, if not dangerous, quality of sleep.

Thus day in and day out those involved in psychic slumber indulge in
groupist activities all the 24hrs. Yet they remain oblivious to their
psychic slumber. Their sense of vivek is not working – they cannot
understand the teachings of Parama Purusa and apply them to their life.
So they think what they are doing is alright. They continue to engage
100% in their groupist battle plans.

Yet one fine morning, in this lifetime or the next, by Baba’s grace,
they will awaken and wonder what hell they have been doing with their
lives. And they will exclaim, “Why did you not tell me that I was doing
such things?” – yet little do they know that each and every day for
decades they were told not to indulge in groupist propaganda.

They do not realise that life is short and life is meant for ideology,
not groupist or dogmatic or material pursuits. Such is the main criteria
of psychic sleep.


If you ever talked to someone on the phone when they were extremely
tired or if you ever talked to someone just as they were falling asleep
or even when they were asleep, then you know that that person will not
remember what you were talking about. Having succumbed to sleep, you can
tell them so many things – “Your mom called”, “It is raining out, “The
loan was rejected” – and they will not remember anything. But later they
will accuse you of not telling them.

Same is the case with psychic slumber. Such persons have been following
groupist dogmas for years and doing so many injustices in our Marga, yet
they are not able to pay heed to the warnings. They do not understand
the harm they are doing, the time they are wasting, and the negative
karma they are creating.

Thus in both physical and psychic sleep, the person in slumber is
oblivious to all kinds of rational talk. Yet later on, they will accuse
others of not saying anything when they realise what they were doing
wrong and what good things they missed.
And the only reply is, “All along people told you but you did not hear
or listen.”


Lastly, we come to the phenomenon of spiritual sleep.

Baba says, “Of all the different types of lethargy, spiritual lethargy
is the worst. Spiritual lethargy means not to sit for meditation
regularly. Those with spiritual lethargy have time for all other
actions, but for spiritual practice there seems to be no time. They say,
“It’s already late today – I’ll do a short meditation right now, and
devote more time to sa’dhana’ tomorrow.” They sit attentively inside the
cinema hall, but in dharma sa’dhana’ they feel sleepy.” (AMIWL-10)

So spiritual sleep relates with not properly attending to one’s duty of
sadhana. That is certainly one main aspect of spiritual slumber.

From that main stem of not doing sadhana come many offshoots.

Lack of spiritual awareness means forgetting that Parama Purusa is with
me, watching me. If at any time during the day or night a sadhaka
forgets – even temporarily – that Parama Purusa is with me or if they do
not have that idea vibrating in their mind, then it means that they /
you are sleeping spiritually.

Thus all the dogmatic religions that claim that God is far away are sunk
in spiritual slumber. Similarly, those followers of so-called mahaprayan
(i.e. Baba is gone) are also lost in spiritual slumber. As are those who
chase after Parama Purusa by going on tiirthas, whether that tiirtha be
in Mecca, Jerusalem, Jamalpur or Kolkata. Plus those dogmatic worshipers
who ask their God for material gain and those groupists who secretly
pray to Parama Purusa for prestige and power – they are all sleeping.
Internally they are harboring for something else other than Parama
Purusa Himself.

In all such cases the aspirant is sleeping soundly. They may deny it a
thousand times over, but that is the way of the world. Those in sleep
cannot recognise they are sleeping. So they come up with dumb
justifications for their foolish pursuits. This happens both in psychic
and spiritual slumber.

The key defining point with spiritual slumber is feeling / not feeling
Baba’s constant presence. As soon as one feels that, “Baba is with me”
then that person is no longer sleeping. However without vigilance and
proper spiritual endeavor, they may fall back asleep. That happens.

This state of spiritual slumber is also known as adhyataman nidra.

In essence anyone who thinks, “I am great” is plunged in this disastrous
mode of life or spiritual slumber. Because they are unable to realise
the greatness and presence of Parama Purusa, they foolishly think that,
“I am great”.

So these are some of the telltale signs of spiritual slumber.

Here is another warning from Baba how people waste their existence
doused in spiritual slumber.

Baba says, “People…waste their time getting old for nothing. That is,
they waste their time in non-spiritual pursuits. This is called
“spiritual lethargy”. It causes the greatest harm to human life because
it results in only a very small percentage of the human potentiality –
maybe one or two percent – being utilized by humans. Even those whom we
call great personalities hardly use ten percent of their potentialities.
Due to spiritual lethargy people are unable to grow, and thus remain
very ordinary. They come to the world, live, decay and die as ordinary
human beings.” (AV-8)


By Baba’s grace we should all live life as awakened sadhakas – not
falling prey to dogma or groupism and not forgetting that He is always
with us. Then our life will be successful. Failing that, one will be
prone to lifelong sleep.

Baba says, “Human beings have to move, and move on ceaselessly. When
they are endowed with the strength of movement, they will have to move
in a proper manner. Where there is strength, that strength must be
properly utilized. One must not slip into slumber, allowing this
strength to remain inert. Parama Purus’a has given this power to be
utilized. The knowledge of the learned, the strength of the strong, the
intelligence of the intellectuals – all these faculties have been given
not to be merely preserved but to be utilized. Those persons who do not
utilize their faculties have no right to ask for anything from the Lord,
and those who misuse their faculties are also doomed to destruction.”



As we all know, Solapur DSL Didi Brc. Shucismita’ suffered a broken hand
in May at the WRC camp. That time Centre did not give any treatment –
they refused – and her hand was not plastered for 4 days. That was the
tragedy. Here is the report about that initial incident.


Then in August RDS, Didiji openly told in a meeting with senior Purodha
Vishvadevanandajii about her horrible situation.

She explained how a medical doctor warned that serious treatment was
needed but neither Centre nor her authorities in WWD would help.

The doctor warned that the arm may never be the same again. Days passed
and still no help. Finally, with no other recourse, she accepted service
from her laukik family. She knew that to serve Guru in this lifetime her
arm would need to be proper, thus after days of waiting and no one from
the organisation offering to help, her laukika family members arrived on
scene and pleaded with her to get medical treatment. In the end, taking
Baba’s name, she went with her laukik brother and got medical treatment,
even then it was too late.

She told that after the plaster cast was finally put on, not a single
senior worker nor any higher authority turned to look after her.

Furthermore, because Centre refused to give her the needed treatment –
or for that matter any medical care, she did not get plaster on time,
that’s why her hand has become permanently curved. She had needed more
serious treatment but neither Centre nor any senior Didi helped her.

Such is the horrible plight of innocent workers who do not join any
group. They get harrassed and tortured.

It is inconceivable that those in Centre and senior Didis would not help
our Didi. Such top Dadas and Didias have lost even their most basic
human feeling. If someone is suffering, then irrespective of their caste
or social status, then help should be given. But this much human feeling
is totally absent from the heart and minds of our top Wts. It is
shameful how they let this Didi suffer.

Such is what happens when people do not practice sadhana etc. Their mind
becomes blind due to their vanity and lust for power. Everyone should
seek out and write Didi Shucismita’. All should inquire about her welfare.

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Date: Fri, Oct 30 07:06:12 -0000
From: “J_Moore”
Subject: Misuse & Abuse of WT-Ship



PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita is for non-margii devotees who
have devotion for Lord Krsna. So we Ananda Margiis should learn this
and teach them.

“A’ma’r ka’n’u kotha’ gelo, kotha’y luka’l, khunjiya’ hayechi sa’ra’…”
(P.S. 4113)


Where has my Lord Krsna gone. Where is He hiding? I have been
searching Him all day long. And now it is evening– so since morning to
evening. In His longing my eyes are showering tears. I am wandering
around in search of Him. In longing for Him, my eyes are raining tears.

My beloved Lord Krsna is neither in Vrindaban, nor Gokul, nor is He in
Mathura. Where has He gone? From which divine world is He playing His
flute and herding his cows.

What type of bond of love am I tied up in. My heart is aching. I am
completely restless in His love. Where is my dear-most Lord Krsna. What
type of love is this. He has taken away my heart, my mind. And He has
given nothing.

What type of liila is this. In a flash I lost everything. I will not
care about any types obstacles. I will go on searching Him non-stop. I
will go on searching my dear most Lord Krsna– my Life of the life, my


Note: This letter contains critical news about the so-called
12.5% tax on field workers these days.

Perhaps the greatest resource in our Marga is our very own family
members. Baba Himself says that ours is a “man-making mission”; ours is
the constant endeavour to create devotional and ideologically-minded
sadhakas who can lead the humanity. And, certainly our AM acaryas are a
vital component of this formula.

And indeed, most enter into WT-ship with the high ideal of living a
sadhu life and serving humanity.

Yet all too often things go awry, primarily due to a seriously flawed
and defective approach taken by the so-called governing bodies of our Marga.

On going case studies further substantiate this notion as they critically
reveal how the style of leadership in our Marga since 1990 undermines
the overall development and well-being of our Wts.

Before reviewing all the specific points of this 12.5% tax, we
should first investigate some of the prevailing themes involved as this
way of (mis)management applies to not only these particular workers, but
rather to our entire Wt cadre.


Our acaryas have a great role to play on this earth as they are to
embody Baba’s divine system of Sixteen Points and spread AM ideology.
This is their true dharma.

Tragically, those at the helm – from 1990 up through this present hour –
view our workers in a totally different light. Such top Dadas look upon
the mass of wts as mere money-making machines. That is their worth in
the eyes of such ruling Dadas.

If a wt gives cash to support their groupist court cases, then those
leaders feel that that worker has properly fulfilled his duty. If a wt
slaves day and night selling merchandise for the ruling camp, then those
leaders feel that this is proper. If a worker comes across money in any
way, shape, or form, then those crude leaders feel they must have those
funds– for their own selfish use.

All because those at the top think that the only utility of the mass of
field workers is to bring in money into the organisation. This is their
flawed way of thinking.

And proof of all this is that those who give funds get Purodhaships, get
Vishesh yoga, get cushy postings etc. And those who do not make money
and instead engage in serving the local people, or doing pracara, then
they are viewed as being basically worthless. Because they do not supply
huge “green” to their bosses.

With this type of monetary pressure hanging over their heads, then
naturally the mass of wts get swayed in this direction. Because they
know that if they do not earn big bucks, then there will be hell to pay.

Thus, day by day, their adherence to 16 Points wanes and they get molded
into money-making machines, or nearly so. All because those top leaders
pin prick them that they must do this– or else…face the consequences.


Then there is another defective outlook pursued by those ruling Dadas.
Although they are holding the top posts, such “leaders” do not feel that
they are running an organisation for some united or collective goal.
Rather they feel that they have a whole bunch of pawns at their disposal
for the selfish need.

That is why such top Dadas will readily forgo all organisational
protocol if a particular worker is one of their pawns. For example, if a
general worker is giving them money or supporting their group cause,
then that worker will be freed of all organisational responsibility.
That wt will not have to go to reporting, or that worker will be
“allowed” to visit their parents, or that worker will be “enabled” to
have an illicit relation– or anything.

The whole point being that those top Dadas will utilise a worker for
their own personal or groupist needs, and throw all the organisational
protocols to the wind.

Yet Baba has set down various organisational rules, systems, and
pathways that are to be follow. But those ruling Dadas blatantly
overlook and toss aside Guru’s directives, if anyone is obliging them
meet their selfish desire.


When the organisation is being run under such conditions and when the
mass of wts are looked upon as mere pawns that are to be exploited, then
this makes for one very diseased organisation– and that is exactly what
we are seeing now.

Wt’s come in with high hopes of doing something great in their lives,
but step by step they get beaten and broken down by the powers that be,
until finally wts just get involved in filthy behaviours, run away and
get married, return back to their families, or became ‘yes-man’ of the
ruling groupist kingdom.

So this crooked management style is ruining the very fabric of our AMPS.
Because ours is a man-making mission, yet when that very endeavour is
being severely undermined, then who can say that the purpose of our
organisation is being served.




It is commonly known that Nigamananda is working very hard to snatch money
from all junior workers. Nowadays junior Dadas and Didis struggle hard to
get donations due to widespread groupism. So it is very difficult to get to
RDS, purchase train ticket etc. Yet when reaching RDS Nigamananda and his
troops forcibly snatch money in the name of their imposed 12.5% tax.

That means taking 12.5% of all donations that workers got.

In the name of this charge they even secretly take money from the workers
pockets, even from the personal bags of workers. Especially from those
workers who are not spoons and those whose character is good.

All workers know that Nigamananda dislikes those who are not in illicit
relations with any didi. Because then it is difficult to control that person.
Nigamananda likes to have “dirt” on someone so he has leverage to control the

In short, the 12.5% tax is used to suppress wts and keep them living next to
poverty level, such that they must stuggle for their basic survival. That keeps
good wts “at bay”.

Same thing is happening in didis side where Nigamananda’s troop of Didi Ananda
Nitimaya’ and Didi Ananda Prabha’ are both very harsh with juniors Didis. They
take money in the name of food and accommodation at the RDS and on the
name of 12.5% tax.

The whole situation is very difficult and quite backwards. Those junior workers
doing ideological pracara are the ones who do not have much money and the top
business oriented Dadas have lots of money. Yet those top Dadas are still not
content. They want every ruppee.

It is an age-old story. The exploiters are wealthy and the simple people are poor.
And those doing the real pracara are victimised. It is the story of haves and have nots.

By seeing the fancy meals, expensive garments, proper health, and shining
jewelery of those top Dadas it is clear they are the haves. By seeing the simple
food, basic clothes, and worn faces of simple workers, it is evident they are
the have nots.

Even then still those top Dadas are ravenous to grab every penny from around
the globe. They are ruthless in their appraoch and lavish in their spending.
They will eat a breakfast costing RS 200 while a simple Dada eats plain moori
for RS 2. And still top Dadas are anxious to grab whatever money those junior
workers have.

All in all the situation is quite pathetic. It is a serious matter. When such
incongruities are happening within our Marga, then how are such so-called leaders
going to spread the teachings of Prout and social / economic justice elsewhere.
They cannot.

This is the sad state of affairs nowadays in our Marga. So many good wts
are suffering.

And again, this is not an isolated case but rather a systemic problem. If it
is not the 12.5% tax then it is something else.


That is why many are telling that becoming a wt in the organisation
these days is just like joining the US army. In both case new enrollees
join with the hope of doing something noble, but in the end they are
sent on crude self-serving escapades for the powers that power. Because
we all know that there is no proper intention by the US’s invasions of
Iraq & Afghanistan etc, similarly those WTs also get used and abused
by their ruling bodies.


By Baba’s grace the state of affairs in our organisation will improve
soon. Our mission, our wt cadre, our Marga family is destined to do
something great on this earth. And as soon as we can realise the true
dharma of our acaryas, the faster we will get things straightened out
and become successful.

Baba says, “Remember, Ananda Marga is a man-making mission…Those who
have the responsibility to show the path to others should be of
superlative character with the most refined conduct. They and their
followers must move constantly towards all-round development and shreya.
Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by their own
conduct are called a’ca’ryas.” (AV-31)


Real Wealth

“Ya’jinavalkya asked, ‘What would you like?'”

“Maetreyii replied: ‘Yena’ham’ na’mrtasya’m’ tena’ham’ kim kurya’m'”

“‘What will I do with things which will not remain with me permanently?
Of what use are the objects which will not establish me in
immortality?…’Please give me that thing which will remain with me
permanently, which I’ll be able to preserve forever, which will
establish me in immortality. I don’t want anything else.'”

“Then Ya’jinavalkya gave her a number of instructions, upon which a
major part of Raja Yoga is based’.” (AV-7, p.44)

Note: As described in the above quote: Really, worldly things cannot
remain with us very long. That is why ideal people run towards Parama
Purusa. Being Parama Purusa and Guru, Baba Himself has guided us how to
reach Him. On this point, we are extremely fortunate to at least have
gotten the path. Now our main duty is to follow it.


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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2009 07:48:27 -0000
From: Hariish Deva
Subject: “Doing to Feel Good About Ourselves”


PS Intro: This following song is not a very common type of Prabhat Samgiita.
In this song, the scene unfolds how Baba is sitting listlessly in the flower
garden all by Himself, and the devotee is trying in many ways to attract His
attention. So Parama Purusa is just playing His liila because although He
knows everything, here He is pretending as if He is unaware that the devotee
is close by. This type of liila is displayed in this following song.

“Toma’re dekhechi jabe ca’npa’r vane
takhano pa’pa’r’i d’ha’ka’ madhu chilo…” (PS 531)


Baba the day when I saw You in the campa flower garden, that time also the
flower’s honey vessels were covered by its petals. Underneath the flower petals,
there was an accumulation of honey nectar. I looked toward You with my eyes
full of great longing, expectation, and anticipation; but that was all in
vain because You did not respond to me that time. Baba, one thing is beyond
my understanding, why were You just sitting there listlessly in that flower
garden–and You did not seem to notice me at all.

Baba, in various ways I tried to attract Your attention. I intentionally
placed my foot on some dry, crunchy leaves hoping that at least by that sound
You would hear me and wonder ‘who has come, who is here’. Yet, alas, You did
not pay any heed. But even though You were not looking towards me, still You
were pulling my heart very strongly. Thus in spite of Your playful indifference,
in my heart the lamp of hope was still glittering. I was keeping the feeling
alive in my heart, that Your liila will change and You will graciously look
towards me.

So again I tried to attract Your attention. This time my heart was filled
with fear and shyness; I could not gather the courage to go directly in front
You. So I just continued moving from a distance with gentle steps looking
towards with longing in my heart. Means slowly, slowly– time to time– I
was staring at You with anxious and hopeful eyes, hoping that at least You
will grace me by looking towards me and call me closer to You. Alas, all my
hopes and dreams were in vain. That day I understood how Your liila generates
blissful pain in my heart.

Baba, even then that day I continued on with the hope that this liila will
end soon, and You will look towards me. That time the whole atmosphere was
charged with the sweet aroma of all those flowers in the garden.

Baba, Your liila is unfathomable. Although You did not look towards me that
time, but in my heart I felt that You are more close than ever. Baba, I felt
that You graciously pulled my entire existence towards You with the invisible
flow of devotion and tied me in the bond of Your love…


Not long back I attended a retreat and at the opening ceremony and also in
our ERAWS Departmental meetings Dadas were telling that ‘We [margiis] should
engage in some work or activity so that we will feel good about ourselves’. They were
telling that this should be our motivating factor. Plus they were saying, ‘If
you do not do something, then how will our seniors be pleased’. So these are
some of the things we margiis are hearing at retreats nowadays. So this is
one of the common problems. Unfortunately those making these types of statements
are oblivious about Baba’s teaching.

Baba says, “It is incorrect to say that merely doing good deeds is enough:
People must hold an object of ideation in their minds. And that supreme
object of ideation is Parama Purus’a. Only then if some good action is
performed will it be successful. Now if one wants to do some good deed excluding
Parama’tma’ that will not be a good deed. This will be sheer selfishness on
your part, and nothing good can come from it.” (26 Feb ’71, Jammu)


Due to the mass propagation of the self-centered philosophy of materialism,
there is a huge increase in selfishness. The common people are going far
astray from Baba’s above golden guideline.

Nowadays general citizens– especially those who regard themselves as so-called
advanced people– rarely do good deeds. And in the those measly few circumstances
when they do seemingly perform “good actions”, it is really done out of
self-satisfaction. That is for the sake of their own entertainment. These days
this has become the fad.

And then afterwards they just brag about their own “greatness”. They announce
to others about how they did top-level social service. And by saying that they
can feel good (puffed up) and get prestige. This is the on-going trend.

Baba says, “Suppose a certain man donates one thousand rupees to a particular
institution. The next day he looks anxiously for his name in the newspaper.
If his name does not appear in the paper, then with an air of conceit he brags
amongst his kith and kin. “I have donated a thousand rupees, but I do not desire
recognition and therefore I have not published my name in the paper.” The desire
for fame exists in a concealed form in that man’s mind. Clearly, he did not make
the donation with the spirit of service.” (SS-1)


But one should understand such so-called good works neither help the individual
nor the collective. Rather it causes or brings about their ultimate degeneration
in all the realms:

1) Those who are “doing the service” look down upon those whom they are serving;
and they end up exploiting them etc.

2) Those who are “doing the service” really want  something return. Such as
name or fame etc. And when if/when they do not get that then they retaliate or r
eact in various ways;

3) Plus they go not recognise the dignity of those human beings whom they are serving.
They do not respect those downtrodden masses. By their arrogant tendency, they
end up imposing an inferiority complex upon those whom they are “serving”.

4) They bind themselves in the ocean of negative samskara and bondage by getting
sucked into the never-ending cycle of action and reaction.

5) For their own self-entertainment they lose their vivek. And when they do entertain
themselves often they harm others. For example on the weekend people do various
outlandish things like hunting, fishing, and killing. By this way we can see that
there are all kinds of negative things they do to entertain themselves. All so
that they can satisfy their selfish desires and feel good. Yet all this is a
waste of time– not to mention destructive.

6) Ultimately such persons degenerate and get totally frustrated.


To do work with the sole purpose and motive of pleasing Parama Purusa is the
greatest thing; that is the only good work. And by His grace true devotees do
like this. There is no other way.

Baba says, “When you perform acts with the ideation that the person served is
Náráyańa, there is no possibility of arrogance or the desire for fame growing
in your mind. Then you will realize that through the grace of a’ra’yan’a you have
been given the opportunity of serving Na’ra’yan’a. Our hands and feet are not ours,
they are His, and by serving Himself with those hands and feet, He sports with
Himself. Such an action is an action without attachment. Only in this way can one
attain salvation from the bondage of Karma. “(SS-1)

Baba says, “Knowing oneself is the real knowledge; serving all with the ideation
of Na’ra’yan’a, the real action, and the vow to please Parama Purus’a the real
devotion.” (A’nanda Va’nii #25)



In our organisation AMPS, the following types of ailments are going on.
Some Wts are openly bragging and telling each other:

(a) “Hey, do something to feel good”; or,
(b) “Hey, do something to please your higher authority”; or
“Hey, do something to please your grouip leader” etc; or,
(c) “Hey, do something to save your post and get a promotion.”

This is what they say. And this is not a hidden idea either. Rather it
happens on a daily basis. In this way they brag and loudly expose their
feeling to one and all. Plus some margiis etc who give a few pennies
for relief projects talk all day long about their own greatness and great
generosity. These are the common ailments.

So by this one can easily understand that such persons are surrounded by
Cimmerian darkness. The fate of such Wts or margiis ends up in sheer frustration.

In contrast, good margiis follow Baba’s teaching: Do with the ideation of
serving Parama Purusa.

Margiis’ Status

Baba says, “Most people spend their lives on this planet eating and
drinking. Sometimes they contract diseases, their stomachs become distended,
and they die. But there are certain exceptional people who say, ‘No, we have
not come to eat, drink and make merry.’ Those who lead licentious lives foolishly
get involved in brawls and fights, but the exceptional people say, ‘No, we
don’t want to live such a life, we have to lead an ideological life on the path of
“A’tmamoks’a’rtham’ jagaddhita’ya ca.”

“Those people who are society’s exceptions are extraordinary people. They
alone will build human history. Others cannot and will not do it.”

“These exceptional people are sometimes seen as lunatics by the naive public,
but the fact is that these exceptional people do something new and constructive
for society.”

“You should also know that you are exceptions. You too will do something great,
will build up something historical.” (9th January ’79)

Note: The life of each and every good margii is looked upon as something
peculiar in the eyes of the common people. The reason is A-grade margiis
are not involved in the religious dogma or materialistic ways of common
people; plus all margiis are practicing yoga, kiirtan, sadhana, eating only
sentient food, and following progressive ideas. So margiis’ thinking and living
and socializing are quite different from the common public. That is why the
common public thinks margiis are peculiar people. But sincere margiis are
not worried about this; rather they know that this is one merit. Such
margiis are great exceptions and they are also the vanguards of the entire
society. All sincere margiis are making the path which the common public will
tread in the very near future.


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In Dharma Samiiksa...Baba clearly opposed all gay and homosexual type of dealing. Never did He accept it or praise it. Rather He offered strong punishment to rectify that individual and bring them onto the path of welfare.

From: “Marc Pele”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Homosexuals & AM
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:39:28 +0000


“Tumi ekat’u ka’che eso, a’r ekat’ukha’ni heso…” (PS 1909)


Baba, please grace me by coming a little more close, and please smile
a little softly. Baba, by Your grace, my penance to get You will remove
the cimmerian darkness of my mind. That I know. And please shower your
sweet and charming smile like a full moon.
I know this cimmerian darkness of my mind is not eternal. So much mental
blackness and stains, hundreds of times comes and goes from my mind. Yet
this deep, all around pitch darkness, pervading everywhere, will leave
while keeping its head low in defeat. Baba, You love the divine
effulgence– not the darkness. By Your grace, I will not accept defeat
at any cost. I will remain holding only Your lotus feet. Whatever people
may say, whatever may happen, I will remain pure and blemishless, by
Your grace. Baba, You are my beginning and my end– You are my Goal.
Baba, please come close and grace me by Your divine love…


In the general society – especially in the west and certainly in the US
– the gay / homosexual movement is gaining momentum. They are marching
on the capital, getting the attention of the US President, lobbying to
make gay marriages legal in so various states, and various other things
are going on.

Naturally then, those homosexuals hiding in AM may be thinking that soon
their time is going to come. They may be thinking that their star is
going to rise and that soon the momentum about the gay / lesbian
platform will swing in AM as well. Surely some homosexually-oriented
people who’ve been biding their time in the Marga are making plans to
mobilise and turn things in their favour.

So we have to think: Is this perspective correct? Is AM going to also
“turn the corner” on the gay issue?


In the general society, taking a stand in support of the termed
“gay-rights” issue is viewed as progressive and broad-minded. Now it has
become the fashion to “accept all people without judgment”, embrace all
religions, and be open to all ways of doing. Today this type of outlook
is highly appreciated and if one embraces such a perspective they are
viewed as being “cosmopolitan” and “open-minded”.

Why is it the case?

Because for centuries there has been a lot of dogma and hatred stemming
from both the general society and the various religions. Such harshness
made life extremely difficult for many people. There was blatant racism,
gender inequality, and so much intolerance of others that life was quite

Now that is less so – there is widespread & growing acceptance of all
peoples. And for the most part this has been a big improvement because
earlier the general society and the various religions were littered with
so many stigmas and dogmas. People were being senselessly alienated and

Thus, in the general society, this has been a progressive period in many
respects – and the label of “progressiveness” has been expanded to
include the homosexual way of living as well.

So those gay oriented people hiding in AM are thinking that soon their
sun will rise in AM as well.


Before deciding one way or the other about the future of homosexuality
in AM, we must remember that AM is dharma. That is the first thing to
keep in mind.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga alone is dharma and all the rest are sectisms.”
(SS-1, p.63)

That means that from its very inception Ananda Marga has been filled
with truth and righteousness. The teachings of AM are perfect in all
respects – they need not be improved upon. Nothing more needs to be
added in order for it to become “progressive”. Only human beings need to
come to realise such teachings.

In stark contrast the various religions are founded in dogma.

Baba says, “All religions are based on dogma – they are not based on
logic – and they propagate their dogma through stories, myths and
parables.” (PNS-18)

Thus there is a heaven and hell difference between AM and the various

Ours is based on proper and right-minded teachings given by Parama
Purusa Himself and the various religions are based on crude, degrading
mandates issued by selfish priests. And those misguided religious tenets
have hounded society for centuries.

So when AM is dharma then we should maintain its pristine form whereas
the religions should be modified and cleaned-up.

It is just like if there is pure food then putting any chemical in that
food “to clean it up” will pollute it whereas if food has dirt in food
from the very beginning then steps must be taken to remove the soil and
make the food proper.

Likewise if someone is 100% healthy then there is no need to operate on
that person – and indeed operating will cause harm – whereas if one is
diseased then an operation is needed.

Our Marga is like the pure food and the healthy person while the
dogmatic religions are like the soiled food and the diseased person.

Baba’s guidelines need not / must not be changed whereas the religions
need huge modifications and changes. That is the central operative

Now let’s see how this formula applies to the issue of homosexuality in
Ananda Marga, remembering that AM is 100% dharma and straying from that
only invites degeneration.


During dharma samiiksa, Baba took a strong stand against all wrongdoing
in order to set society on the proper course and bring welfare to the
people. We all saw this.

For the sake of righteousness, Baba openly exposed those involved in
extra-marital affairs, pre-marital sex, pedophilia, and, here it comes,
lesbian and gay interactions. All these things Baba openly addressed
during the time of dharma samiiksa.

Baba clearly opposed all gay and homosexual type of dealing. Never did
He accept it or praise it. Rather He offered strong punishment to
rectify that individual and bring them onto the path of welfare.

So when AM is dharma and when Baba’s stand is in opposition to gay
relations, then we must not deviate from that way. Because whatever may
be the trend in the general society today, already the teachings of AM
represents the right approach. We need not bend to what is viewed as
being “broadminded” according to the general society. Rather deviating
from the stand of AM is to fall from the path of dharma. So we must not

Baba says, “We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we
allow others to do so. One cannot promote human welfare if one bothers
too much about public criticism, about the reaction in the papers or
among the voters.” (NSS, Disc: 14)

Thus when Baba’s stand and the stand of AM is against the practice of
homosexuality, then that is our approach – period.


This in no way means that we should persecute gay people or allow any
hate crimes or violence towards gay people. That is not our way. They
are our brothers and sisters and part of this grand human family. We
must have maximum empathy for them as human beings and respect as

It is only their mode of living that we do not appreciate, not their

Furthermore we should work to get them treatment for their glandular
defects etc. Just like anyone suffering from a malady, we should help
them to recover in both the physical and / or psychic fields. In
addition, we are to show them that if they want to find and express
love, then they should learn to love Parama Purusa.

Thus although we strongly oppose the practice of homosexuality, we will
never launch a personal campaign against those individuals per se.
Rather we will always defend and ensure their cardinal human rights as
we attempt to educate them about and rectify their lifestyle.


In AM, we all know that sex is purely for procreation purposes. It is
basically has no other value or real use. Baba advises maximum
restraint, i.e. “the more the better”.

Those familiar with AM and Baba’s mandates understand this point well.

So when homosexuality offers no recourse for producing children then
what is the use of such relations. It is just lust and / or misguided
attraction. Nothing more.

There is no existential value or utility in homosexual relations.


So although this is a seemingly controversial topic, our approach is
quite clear. There need not be any debate or countless forums about this

Those who think that just as gay relations are gaining support in
general society then the same will occur in AM are misguided. This is
not what the future holds for Ananda Marga.

Gay relations – as a human practice – will only be possible in Ananda
Marga when things like pre-marital sex, prostitution, easy-as-pie
divorce, fatherless children, and child pornography are also accepted in
AM. I.e. Never.

The day such things are embraced by AM society is the day it is no
longer Ananda Marga. It will be something else.

AM ideals are based on Baba’s teachings and our AM society is meant to
follow those ideals – none other.

That is why only naive people carry the false hope that one day
homosexuality will become an accepted and honoured life choice in AM.


Once again sympathy and understanding is needed in all respects – all
should be valued and loved.

Here we are condemning the practice of homosexuality and not homosexuals
per se. We are against the practice – not the person.

Rather we are to extend all sympathies and therapies to guide the person
in the proper manner, away from such pursuits.


By Baba’s grace He has given us all the teachings for dharmic life.
Whatever is popular or not popular in the general society has no bearing
on the way things develop in AM. Ours is the path of pure spirituality
and the social representation thereof according to Baba.

Thus when the issue of homosexuality comes to the table, we know exactly
where we stand, irrespective of the current protests and / or proposals
being made in the general society.



Here is further reading on this topic of homosexuality.



“Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance one Cosmic Ideology will
have to be adopted and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity– the
Cosmic Entity– is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment
will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can
save the human race.” (To The Patriots)


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... Baba is encouraging and reminding the Bhojpuri people of the greatness of their land so they will raise their fist against injustice.

From: “Ramanuj Subramanyan”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Which Samaj is Great
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 06:50:43


“Toma’r tare vishva ghure, ber’iyachilum, shudhu shudhu…” (PS 2199)


Baba, You are the most charming Entity of this entire creation. I have
wandered around and searched this vast universe looking only for You– only
for You. I could not see or find You anywhere; I could not get that most
sweet Entity of my mind, O my dear most Baba.

Baba, about You, various people say various things: Some give useless
logic and empty theories about You; and, O’ my Vidhu, O’ my Moon, others
say that You cannot be held by studying the philosophy or by learning
spiritual science.

Baba, I do not possess any spiritual wealth or atma-jinana for attaining
You. Only this much I know that You alone are the essence of everything.
Baba, You are my Goal. O’ my dearmost, by Your grace this much I understand
that when You shower a wee-bit of Your grace only then will I get You.

Baba, please be gracious…


On and off since 1990, various groups have come into the lead,
simultaneously pushing others behind. And they justify their view by
telling that their people or their samaj is “better than the rest”.
But we know that Baba is the Cosmic Father– the Supreme One. And He never
favours the people of one area over another. Rather in front of Him
everyone is of equal standing– irregardless of their birth or community.
Rather Baba enjoys seeing the growth of one and all– ‘Let everyone develop
in a nice way’, He would say.

Thus there is no credence to the statement or feeling that one group is a
shoulder up from another. And proof of this is that wherever Baba would go
He would sing the praises of that particular area to give them positive
spirit to move ahead. And those receiving that inspiration would understand
that just as Baba is encouraging us to advance, likewise He is infusing the
spirit of progress within all.

So Baba’s samaj theory is a dynamic approach where all progress in
coordination with the development of all. And no group, clan, or community
can raise their head and say they are better or more blessed than others.
To do so is merely to expose their own ignorance.

Here is more about Baba’s samaj theory.


As we know, Baba’s samaj theory recognises the specialties of all. In that
regard Baba praises all the samajas. For example, each and every place
where Baba has visited then invariably He praises that community and the
qualities of their samaj. Because Baba wants to highlight the good things
of a particular samaj in order give them a boost of self-confidence so that
they can fight against exploitation and raise their standard. So Baba
praises all samajas with the intention of removing their inferiority
complex– thus enabling them to move ahead.


Unfortunately some samajas are operating in an opposite way. They are
eulogising their own greatness in such a way as to inject inferiority
complexes within other samajas all around the globe in our AM society. But
such an approach goes directly against the spirit of Baba’s samaj system.


Because Baba inspires one and all in order to help the society rid itself
from any and all negative feelings like inferiority complex. Because Baba
loves all and He encourages each and every community to overcome their
current difficulties and struggles. Baba helps everyone to recognise their
inherent strength and talents. Toward this end Baba has praised so many
samajas so that each and every community could rise up and grow.


Here then are some of the many examples where Baba praises various samajas
when He visits that particular area.

In the following quote Baba is glorifying how Chattisgarh samaj will serve
as one guiding light to the whole humanity.

Baba says, Chattisgarh “should have a very bright future. Let the people
from other parts of the world come here and learn how far the people here
have achieved progress, and in which ways they are going to bring about
progress in other spheres of life. Let the light of Chattisgarh be ever
effulgent, like a luminous star in human society, so that all may learn and
be benefitted by it.” (AFPS-4, p.37)

And here below Baba is encouraging and reminding the Bhojpuri people of the
greatness of their land so they will raise their fist against injustice.

Baba says, “From the economic point of view the soil of this [Bhojpur] area
is extremely fertile…The [Bhojpuri] people are industrious, and the soil
is fertile…If the land is not poor, why should the people be poor? There
should not be poverty among the people at all in this area. So it is your
bounden duty to make this beautiful fertile land free from exploitation.”
(AFPS-4, p. 53)

Baba also highlights the speciality of those people of the Ananda Nagar area.

Baba says, “Anandanagar has a unique glory, and that glory has developed
out of the great sacrifice of many noble souls. Let Anandanagar provide
guidance to the entire universe in spiritual practice, service, sacrifice,
renunciation, and culture. This is what we should pray for, and this is the
reason that we should build Anandanagar and help it radiate light to the
universal humanity. This is what I want.” (AFPS-4, p. 38)

Baba continues, “Let Anandanagar be the medium of our cultural
progress…it will not be difficult to establish Anandanagar as an ideal
cultural and spiritual center.” (AFPS-4, p. 39)

And here below Baba is injecting Magadha samaj with the strength and
courage to stand in the face of all opposition and exploitation.
Baba says, “That Magadha which has given birth to noble persons…will
never perish. There is no power on earth that can destroy it.” (SC-1, p. 141)


Furthermore, by the following lines it is clear that when Baba visits any
samaj then He praises not one but many aspects of the samaj. A case in
point occurs here with regards to Mithiila samaj.

Baba says, “Mithiila is situated in the eastern part of India, at a
different longitude, and as such it should and does have its own
almanac…Thus we see that in all respects Mithila has its own
specialities…This proves that Mithila has all along had its own script
and alphabet.” (AFPS-4, p. 47)

Baba continues, “The children of the present-day Mithila, should remember
that even five or six thousand years ago there was a great civilisation at
Mithila, and it was a pre-Aryan civilisation: That is, it existed even
before the Aryans migrated to India. Thus you can easily understand how
ancient was the civilisation of Mithila.” (AFPS-4, p. 48)

Baba says, “The very land of Mithila is the land of Tantra.” (AFPS-4, p. 48)

Baba adds, “The people of Mithila are very rational-minded and intellectual
by disposition. There was no differentiation of caste among them even as
far back as in the post Buddhist age.” (AFPS-4, p.48)

Baba concludes, “In fact it can be said that the Maethili language has the
oldest history of all the Sam’skrt-derived languages in India…This
language is at least 1200 to 1300 years old, and its literature is 900
years old.” (AFPS-4, p. 50)

And here below Baba is highlighting particular attributes of the Pahari and
Dogari samajas.

Baba says, “Pa’ha’r’ii is a separate language, not merely a dialect; and
Dogrii, too, is also a separate language, as I have told you previously.”
(AFPS-4, p. 55)

Similarly when Baba has visited overseas then He always praises and
encourages those local samajas as well. Such as in Venezuela, Fiesch,
Manila and so many places.

By this way it becomes clear that Baba has injected strong inspiration within
all the communities which He has visited. This is one special approach that He
has done everywhere. So none should think that Baba only praises one– thus
leading the rest behind.


Indeed the entire spirit of Baba’s samaj theory encompasses the welfare of
all– whether He physically visited a place or not. Baba’s overall
guideline is that every samaj and community should grow.

Baba says, “Encourage everyone to build their career in a nice way. Let
none get the scope to think that their life has become useless.” (Ananda
Vanii #19)


So there is no question of any land being high or low. All are are part of
Parama Purusa’s special creation; and He loves all equally. About this
there should be no complex, no feelings of inferiority, no dogma.
We should all live remembering that all samajas are great, all human beings
are great, and that all are His progeny.

Baba says, “You must never encourage superiority complex, inferiority
complex, fear complex, defeatist complex etc. You are the very children of
Parama Purusa. Hence you are not inferior to anyone. You must not encourage
any inferiority complex, for you are the members of the highest and noblest
family. Because Your Father is the most revered Entity of this universe.”
(AFPS-4, p. 22-23)


Note 1: Here Baba is guiding us not to accept the dogma that any particular
samaj is better than the rest. Rather we are to directly oppose such a
misguided idea.

Baba says, “A person who wants to promote other’s welfare, a person who
wants to serve the entire humanity must keep away from dogma. Not only
that, he will have to staunchly resist dogma.” (AFPS-4, p. 61)

Baba continues, “It is not enough to keep away from something which is
considered a veritable sin, it is not enough to lodge only verbal protest
against sin. But one will have to wage an uncompromising fight against it.
This is the greatest criterion of a truly righteous person.” (AFPS)


Baba says, “Acaryas who have a minimum of five hundred initiates and are
adept in the difficult vishes’a yoga will be eligible for purodha
training.” (CC-1, chapter 4, point 2)

Note: These days this above mandate of Baba is limited to the printed page
only. Unfortunately, in practice, different parameters are there for
getting Purodhaship. Now a minimum two qualifications are needed: (1) To
obey Centre like a slave without any “if’s & but’s”– to always be ready to
blindly follow them; And (2) To collect money by hook or by crook, by right
or wrong means, and give that to one’s bosses. If these two criteria are
present then one is qualified for Purodha training. So I hope in future
Baba’s teaching will again be followed.


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Subject: …Bringing It To Fruition
Date: Mon 26 Oct 2009 09:58:26 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“A’lo eseche ghum bheungeche, phuler vane raun legeche…” (P.S. 2253)


With the arrival of effulgence, all drowsiness & sleepiness have been
vanquished. In the flower garden, new growth has come. The buds of those
flowers which were in hibernation have now all bloomed. And they have
filled the flowers with nectar; it is overflowing.

Each and everyone’s heart is vibrated with the new color. Each and every
movement in life is vibrated in His flow. The air, the water, the earth,
and the sky– everything is filled with His vibration and charm. The advent
of the new dawn has come; now there will not be any more cries or laments
due to the darkness. In the language and expression there will no longer be
any bitterness– rather it will be saturated with sweetness and love. Love
will be the source of all inspiration.

This transformation has all happened due to the causeless grace of
Parama Purusa; He created this momentum and changed the whole vibration of
this entire universe. He filled it with His own color. The new dawn has
come and the drowsiness of staticity and dogma has disappeared. The
sweetness and charm of spirituality has come…


Nowadays with Parama Prakrti raising her magic wand and with so much
corruption in the upper echelons of government and with the vaeshyan era
at its full height, now more than ever this world is aching for the call of
Prout. Even then for Prout to appear on the scene is not a joke. Even with
all the conditions apparently ripe, there is a specific system for bringing
the Prout revolution– and without adhering to Baba’s prescribed method,
Prout will remain on the sidelines.


Since the inception of Prout in 1959, there have been numerous & on-going
efforts by various Proutists to bring revolution; but unfortunately mostly
they were thinking in their own way how a Prout government can be quickly
established– and they overlooked Baba’s system.

No doubt in various units field wts and margiis are doing very good works,
but the overall flow of PU from the top down has not been like that.

This is evidenced in multiple ways including the time in 1970 when Proutist
candidates first contested in the local elections. That time those
Proutists thought that the golden age of Prout had come. And they thought
they were there just to eat gravy and collect the prize. But in that
election those Proutist candidates got blown away like the dust. They
hardly got even a vote.

And another example is how after 1970, huge enthusiasm was created in
Tripura, Bengal that there itself would be the first Proutist government.
And in that naive excitement, huge money was poured into Bengal from around
the globe to establish a Proutist government in the A’mara’ Bengali area.
But beyond the terrible waste of money and resources, nothing could happen.
And still today there are hardly any margiis in Tripura– and not even the
shadow of a Prout movement, let alone Prout leadership. So the whole
program turned into one fly-by-night affair.

And like this all across the entire globe there are countless examples how
various Proutist Dadas and margiis became enthusiastic and tried their own
various ‘quick-n-easy’ methods to usher in a Proutist government. But in
those poorly thought out ways, so many persons got killed, so many Wts
left, and so many Margiis were misled because of those misguided efforts.
In that manner countless attempts have been met with failure.


So this is the common rule that if the path is wrong then one cannot reach
the goal. And the answer is very simple. The Lord Himself has given the
theory of Prout and He has given the pathway for how to establish it. But
because His guidelines have been overlooked that is why little has happened
thus far. Or what has been accomplished could be increased multi-fold.

So this letter is based on Baba’s teachings– i.e. the way to bring forth
the revolution along Proutistic lines.

Here following are a few of Baba’s well-known guidelines.

In His discourse ‘Nuclear Revolution’, Baba has given a phase-wise plan and

In the first phase, His expressed teaching is that Margiis should first be
created. Have new people start doing sadhana and social service. And
gradually they will get the teaching and training about out Proutistic
socio-economic policies. And also education will be given as to how the
present-day exploiters are cheating the common mass.

Because if the society is not educated properly and not awakened to the
exploitation going on, then the common mass will not support the call for
revolution. So education is highly needed. Here education does not mean the
learning of a-b-c-d. In this case education means developing an awareness
how the exploiters are cheating everyone to the bone.

On this point Baba has given various meaningful guidelines in the chapter
“Nuclear Revolution”.

As we have seen, certain of our Prout leaders are thinking that on the
point of money everything will be purchased and Proutist government can be
formed. This is one of their misguided views. And some others are thinking
that simply by shaking the hand of this or that President then Prout will
be established. But both of these approaches are faulty and one important
ingredient is missing. Such types of Proutists never tried to do any
psychological preparation of the masses.

When in fact this is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are
psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support
revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded.” (PNS 21 p.63)

Baba’s above teaching proves that first of all, the common members of
society should be taught and prepared. Just by purchasing some political
leaders or cadres, Prout cannot be established.



On this very point about education, in one samaj meeting, Baba has given
some discourse. He told, that, “In one common public meeting the political
leader raised the slogan that we should die for our land, Angabhumi. Then
several hundred of the simple villagers seated in that room rose up because
they did not like the idea of literally dying for their motherland. Some of
them even stood up and told that “I am not going to die here. Better I
should die in Varanasi. By dying there, I will get salvation.” Baba says
like this, in that very discourse.

The sense is that because villagers were not educated about the local
socioeconomic political problems, that’s why they took it in a completely
literal way. ‘Dying for motherland’ does not mean that you are absolutely
going to die there. Rather it means ‘dedicate for the cause of one’s
motherland’. So that was one misnomer. And secondly, villagers have dogma
about “Death in Varanasi brings heaven”. Because of all this, combined with
the villagers’ blatant lack of understanding about exploitation, they
opposed the program of anti-exploitation movement because they were
oblivious to the exploitation of the land.

So, that very time Baba’s sole teaching was that first the society should
be educated, and once done if the other factors are ripe then revolution
should be launched. But unfortunately in our Prout programs, sometimes
we moved in a different direction. Here is another historical example.

BY reviewing this, certainly we will be able to learn from the past and
bring Prout to the fore at the earliest.


In the past, 1857, one attempt of revolution happened from India, to shoe

away the Britishers. But it completely failed. Rather the revolutionaries
were crushed mercilessly.

That time society was not educated, socio-politically. But in 1947, it was
a different case.

In 1947 India got freedom. Reason being that this time in 1947 the common
mass possessed the requisite social awareness about how the Britishers were
cheating everyone. So the public supported the revolution. Thereby the
exploitative Britishers were forced to leave the country– India.

So the overall idea is that in 1857 the public was not educated. Then the
revolution was crushed right away. And not just that but, those people
could not raise their head for the next 90 years. So prematurely trying to
bring revolution brings complete negative result. Baba has taught this very
ideas in His Nuclear Revolution discourse.


The whole point is that society should first be educated. That is the first
and foremost work. If political consciousness about the presence of
exploitation is not aroused amongst the common mass, then the result will be

But unfortunately up till now most of the plans and program taken by the
Prout department are not moving in the direction which Baba has taught.
Many margiis and wts are working hard and doing good things, but certain
top Proutist Dadas etc are moving in their own selfish way– greedily
thinking that all the power will fall into their pocket.

For example, attempt after attempt has been made to buy the leaders and
capture the power. Or buy the cadres, make the leaders, win the election,
and make the Prout government. But a proper plan and program has not been
not made to raise the consciousness in the public against exploitation.
But Baba’s distinct guideline is that if this is not done, there will not
be an iota of success.

So our first duty is not to fall prey to the negative strategies employed
to date by some Proutist Dadas etc. Rather we are to follow Baba’s
teachings step by step. First create margiis and educate them about Baba’s
teachings and practices and help them to develop revolutionary qualities.
And if it will be done on mass scale, then there will not be any delay for
changing the whole society and bringing revolution. This is the critical
first step.

Because without the creation of new and upcoming sadvipras, how will there
be sadvipra leadership? Collecting corrupt persons from the general society
and trying to take their help in forming a Prout government is nothing but
an ill-fated strategy.


By Baba’s divine grace, Prout will be established very soon. As we
understand how to work according to His direction, our efforts
will be efficient and effective and so many great things will happen
in the realm of Prout. Things are coming together, by His grace.

Baba says, “Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and encrumbrances
cannot be more powerful that your capacity to solve them. You are the
children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be a sadvipra and make others
sadvipras also.” (PNS-6, p.30)

Ram Sahay Dev

Note 1: In HIS discourse BABA gives very explicit instructions about Prout:

Baba says, “According to PROUT, the rule of Sadvipras is the ideal form of
leadership. The establishment of Sadvipra leadership will require the
systematic and rational application of PROUT by the collective effort of
many highly intelligent people. Sadvipra rule cannot be established by
blind physical force or idle intellectual extravaganza.” (Prout-18)
So from the grass-roots level the creation of sadvipras should be done to
establish Prout society. This is the practical approach, not just some
theoretical analysis.

Note 2: Baba also guides us as follows.

Baba says, “The revolutionaries will have to fight against three forces–
outside exploiters, internal exploiters and other inner evil forces.” (PNS
21 p.65)

Note 3: Whether in the general society or in the organisation, the
necessary requirements for establishing a revolution are the same.

Note 4: From 1959 to 1990, for 31 years, Baba taught us via various Prout
rules & regulations, discourses. And then in reporting sessions He has given plans and
programs for how to implement Prout. And that plan and program was for certain

We should keep in our mind that when Taraka Brahma takes human form, then
He does not keep that very body for thousands of years. So Baba is a
Mahasambhuti, He has also a limited span of time to play His divine liila.
And along with that, He went on teaching and educating us about different
aspects of His grand philosophy, plans and programs, & so many things. He
chose to use about 35 years of time to talk about Prout and Ananda Marga.
And He has given different plans, program, and teaching. And in that very
concentrated period, He taught the plan for perhaps the next five, ten,
twenty, hundred, or several hundred years.

Those who are senior Margiis and WTs and anyone following 16 Points can
easily understand all this. But those who have superficial knowledge of
Baba’s teaching, for them this may be difficult to comprehend. And they
always confuse the matter. They think that what Baba has told in a
particular year, that was the plan of that very year only. When in fact
what Baba has told in a few years, that is the plan for the entire phase of
one era.

And it depends upon the progress of society, how many years it will take to
develop from one step to another step. For example, if the society is
educated in five years, then the first phase is finished. And the second
phase program can be started. But to educate the society on socio-political
consciousness might also take 50 years. In that case then the first phase
will go on for 50 years. And as Baba says, that not until the fourth phase
will there be revolution. So it will come in its own time. Not prematurely.

One time I heard myself, in Patna, Baba was telling that “I don’t speak for
those who are attending the General Darshan or sitting next to me. I speak
for the entire humanity — present and future.”

Similarly, Baba’s plan, program is for the present and for the near or far
future. So before making plans we should be very careful about how we are
going to execute His teaching, plans and programs.

Like New Born Baby and Mother

Baba says, “It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with
sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way, nature
provides sufficient resources like food and other essential requirements
for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these resources in a
proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed on nature. These
problems have been artificially created by the folly of human beings.”
(PNS-13, p.45)


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Likewise if before eating a sweet one mechanically recites second lesson, but the whole time one's mind is engrossed in the thought of that sweet delicacy and thinking "this sweet is so tasty", then that also is not the right practice of second lesson. In that case one is incurring sam'skara. One must think that this is Parama Purusa in the form of that sweet.

... if before eating a sweet one mechanically recites second lesson, but the whole time one's mind is engrossed in the thought of that sweet delicacy and thinking "this sweet is so tasty", then that also is not the right practice of second lesson. In that case one is incurring sam'skara. One must think that this is Parama Purusa in the form of that sweet.

From: “Virendra Mandal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Do You Eat Sweets?
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 12:41:37 +0530


Intro to PS: This song is to be used in concerts organized for the general
public because Baba has written this song for non-margiis. Everyone knows
that Baba is for all.

“Shivashankarah he shubhankar vishvabiijah prabhuh karun’a’-a’karah…”
(P.S. 3653)


O’ Lord Shiva, Shiva Shankar, O’ welfare and grace Personified, You are
the Controller of everything. You are origin of the universe. O’ Prabhu,
You are the Ocean of grace.

With the beauty of divine effulgence, Your body is shining like the
mountain of silver. The Moon* is beautifying above Your head. Your whole
existence is like the most precious jewel and it is shining in its own
glory. O’ Kalyan Sundaram, Lord Shiva, You bless everyone.

Please grace me with both Your hands in varabhaya mudra. I surrender at
Your alter. Please grace me always.

You are always established in sama-samaj-tattva. No scripture has the
capacity to express Your glory. You have infinite attributions. Please
grace me with a wee-bit of the dust of Your lotus feet. I surrender at
Your alter….

*moon= Here the idea is that Lord Shiva is always ensconced in the divine
nectar (soma dha’ra’ / rasa ) of the pineal gland. That is why the moon is
symbolic. Because of this reason in mythology Lord Shiva’s picture is made
keeping the moon above His head. General people do not know the reason
behind this.

Baba says, “The hormone secretion of the pineal gland (pineal plexus or
sahasra’ra cakra ) is partly controlled by the moon, hence its nectar is
called somarasa or somadha’ra’ (soma means moon). This pineal secretion
invigorates the lower glands of the human body and intoxicates the
spiritual aspirant with divine joy.” (SS-8)

PS Note 1: Most songs of Prabhat Samgiita are based on Sanskrit vocabulary
and word meaning, but in this song the case endings & verb endings are in
Sanskrit also.

PS Note 2: About one-pointedness in Ista see the ‘Shriinathe…’ shloka
from AMIWL-11, p. 801

PS Note 3: This song has value for understanding the philosophy & greatness
of Mahasambhuti. Same way Baba has written the Namah Shivaya Shantaya and
Nama’mi Krsna Sundaram books– for philosophical teachings and also to
indirectly tell about Himself without making exact reference. Of course in
the realm of personal spiritual practices we Ananda Margiis only refer to


One time at DMC Baba was giving a discourse about dhruvasmrti, or fixed
memory on Brahma.

Baba was explaining that dhruvamsmrti means remembering Parama Purusa
always and that when not doing sadhana then one must use Guru mantra in
order to keep the mind ensconced in the thought of the Supreme. Then one
will be established in dhruvasmrti.

Baba then looked at everyone in attendance – there were a a few hundred
present that day – and Baba lovingly said, “When coming into the hall
today, not one person repeated Guru mantra.”

Everyone fell silent – awed by Baba’s statement.

Then Baba explained further, “When taking food or eating rice, if one is
thinking that this is rice etc, then one’s mind is not fixed on Brahma.
In that case the person is not established in dhruvasmrti. One should
instead think that this rice is Brahma. Then one will be properly
practicing 2nd lesson and become established in dhruvasmrti.”

In that same DMC discourse, Baba also told that if you love your son or
daughter as a son or daughter, then that is not consistent with the
practice of 2nd lesson. Rather one must think that that the person
before me is Brahma in the form of my son / daughter. One must view all
as expressions of Parama Purusa. Then that is second lesson, otherwise not.

Baba says, “Do you love your son? No, no you don’t love your son. You
love Brahma in the form of your son. By loving your son as a son, you
cannot love the Lord. Where there is the feeling of son, there is no
Lord and where there is the Lord, there is no son. Where you exist He
does not and where He exists you are no more.” (SS-1)

Baba’s guideline and discourse that day was all about how we should see
Brahma in each and every object. That is the right practice of second
lesson and leads to dhruvasmrti. Merely repeating the mantra itself is
not enough. Side by side one must ideate on the idea that all is Brahma.
Then one’s practice of second lesson is proper.

That was the very meaningful teaching Baba was emphasizing that day.


We all know that all thoughts and actions in this world are binding. For
that reason people take birth on this earth again and again, from one
life to the next. That is the way of karma and samskara theory.

By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with the process of second lesson
whereby we can live in this world yet not incur further samskaras. In
that case we can live a reaction-free existence and attain liberation,
by His grace.

Such is the great value of second lesson.

At the same time we must remember that second lesson must be practiced
properly, otherwise it will not have any effect.


As Baba has explained, merely repeating Guru mantra is not enough.
Second lesson must not be repeated mechanically like one parrot. It must
be accompanied by the feeling and idea that everything and everyone is a
manifestation of the Divine.

If one hastily recites second lesson and feeds a poor person thinking
that the person before me is one helpless beggar, then that second
lesson is not proper and that action will be binding.

Likewise if before eating a sweet one mechanically recites second
lesson, but the whole time one’s mind is engrossed in the thought of
that sweet delicacy and thinking “this sweet is so tasty”, then that
also is not the right practice of second lesson. In that case one is
incurring sam’skara. One must think that this is Parama Purusa in the
form of that sweet.

Here Baba explains how we should interact with the world and perform our

Baba says, “Action performed for the sake of action is bondage…As
explained earlier the ideation that whatever I do, I do only to please
Parama’tma’ is called devotion – Bhaktirbhagavato Seva’. Devotion is
service to God. When devotees serve the universe they do it with the
feeling that they are serving the manifestation of Na’ra’yan’a only to
please Him.” (SS-19)

Thus whether we are eating or helping the poor or doing anything on this
earth, then one’s mind must be suffused with the idea that everything is
Parama Purusa – the person doing the action is Parama Purusa, the item
offered is Parama Purusa, and the person being served is Parama Purusa.

Then one’s action comes within the domain of second lesson. Then one
will not incur new samsakra.

So again the key point is that mechanically repeating Guru mantra is not
enough. In addition, the mind must be suffused with the sweet feeling
that everything is Parama Purusa. That is Baba’s divine teaching.

It should be noted that even though there are various Guru mantras, the
meaning behind them all is the same: Everything is Brahma. That is the
singular meaning of second lesson.


Here Baba explains further how we are to interact in the world. This is
how we should do second lesson and view the world.

Baba says, “Thus the mind of one, who has established himself in real
vaera’gya (the renunciation of all sensual pleasures) can never become
attached to finite objects. Even in their midst he remains beyond the
reach of their attraction and gains eternal peace after death.”

“No truck with water while I bathe
With hairs flowing free
Nor woes nor griefs shall ever scathe
Unwet I dip in sea.
Dedicated to God, night and day
Awake, asleep or dreaming be
No lures of world or desires gay
Dare ever come between He and me.”

“Do your work, but do not be caught up with it. A great man said, –”

“Grind spices or be a cook
Touch not the pan you ever
Dance a frog ’fore serpent’s hook
But let it not devour,
In the sea of nectar shall you bathe
Unwet shall remain your hair
Tie the elephant to a spider’s web
Love awaits you there.”

“Here the spider represents the little unit, the sa’dhaka. A sa’dhaka
will realize what divine love is like only when he prepares the cobweb
of devotion and ties the elephant, the Supreme Entity to it.” (SS-2)

Thus in both of the above poems, Baba is beautifully explaining to us
how with the help of second lesson we can remain permanently linked with
Him, never getting attached to any mundane allurement on this earth. In
that case we will view all as His divine expression and our second
lesson will be perfect. We will live in this world, serving one and all,
totally free of any samskara.

Baba says, “Life is intimately bound up with work. If people do their
work ascribing divinity to each object they are involved with, then,
because of their non-attachment to material pleasure, they cannot be
bound by the reactions of their actions. Life also cannot be the cause
of such bondage, nor for that matter can the reactions of one’s actions
be the cause of future lives. Otherwise a person who lives a long life
will perform many actions, thus creating many reactions of greater
sorrow to be experienced, and one will be a victim of the actional cycle
life after life. (SS-2)

By His grace, the proper application of second lesson allows us to feel
and view one and all as divine expressions. That is the right
application of second lesson. Then there is no question of any worldly

In contrast, if one merely repeats Guru mantra like a parrot and fails
to ideate properly, then one will be forever bound in the cycle of
karma, living and dying on this earth again and again and again.


One final point to remember in this discussion is that by doing second
lesson properly, then one will be forever floating in His bliss. The
sadhaka will think that everything is Brahma and that all day long he is
interacting with and seeing Baba. Then life is so blissful and sweet.

That is why another name for second lesson is madhuvidya, that practice
or knowledge which brings the sweetness of the Lord’s love into each and
every interaction.


By Baba’s grace we should make second lesson perfect. We should see Him
in each and every thing. Even when eating sweets we should think this is
Parama Purusa, we should not think that right now I am eating one sweet.
In that case, our life will pass blissfully on this earth and we will
not be bound by any action. We will feel each and every moment that
everything is Brahma. Each cell will be vibrated by this divine idea.
Then life really is blissful.

Baba says “Whatever you speak or do,
Forget Him never;
Keeping His name in your heart,
Work, remembering it is for Him,
And, endlessly active, drift in bliss.”
(CC-2, ‘Sadhana’, pt#10)



Here are two posting that are intimately related with this topic of
second lesson.

A) This is one special Baba story how second lesson protects sadhakas
from danger and disaster.

B) This below shows how closely related bath mantra is to second lesson.


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From: “Phoenix Chapman”
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 14:02:38 -0700
Subject: A Key Point For…


“Tumi bhuliya’ giya’cho a’ma’re…” (P.S. 4102)


Baba, You always hold me in Your heart. That is why it is so painful
that now You have forgotten me. All my efforts are going in vain: Singing
Prabhat Samgiita according to the tune and melody, crying in yearning for
You and looking towards the path of Your arrival, and also trying to hold
You in my ideation, meditation, and dhyana. All these efforts are getting
wasted. Because You have forgotten me. That is why You are not paying any
heed to my efforts.

O’ Prabhu, by Your grace I never forget You. Because Your introduction
is my introduction, then how I can forget You. By Your wee-bit of grace all
the time– every moment– I am always floating. My whole existence is
depending upon Your karuna, divine compassion.

Baba, age after age– what type of liila is this that are You are
playing with this meagre entity like myself. In Your divine liila my role
is to always get neglected by You. This has been going on since ages; You
never cared about me. Baba, You do not love me.

Baba, all the time, in the dawn, morning, midday, evening, You go on
playing hide and seek with me. Why this type of divine play. Baba please
come in my heart…


In this critical period when the leadership is so helter-skelter, here is
something that will surely keep us sadhakas on track– simultaneously
creating a proper collective flow.


Baba says: “If human beings do not keep company with righteous people, or
do not study holy books, if their minds are not saturated with love for the
Supreme Entity, then this group of enemy microvita infests their minds.
Ultimately, the structure of those minds is crudified, and through dogma,
reaches the nadir point of crudification.” (MVNS, p. 15-16)

We should follow this above quote of Baba. It is the duty of each and every
disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji to observe HIS guideline.


In my life, I have experienced that in the beginning I often find it
difficult to follow many of the rules of dharma (16 Pts etc). But good
margiis friends and my acarya have told me again and again that on the
point of dharma we should not try to find some excuse why not to follow,
but rather the mentality should be to follow and adhere to all the rules
even more strictly. This should be our approach. That is the guidance I
have continually received by Baba’s grace.

So since then I have tried to follow all the aspects of 16 Points. Because
they were also telling that in one of His discourses, Baba guides us that
even in our jokes and humour we should not move a single step away from the
path of dharma.


Similarly, in one of the discourses which Baba has given during the Bhukti
Pradhan reporting in Tiljala, Calcutta, then Baba told that many persons
think, ‘I will do something great when dharma and adharma fight will start,
like Mahabharata’. But in their regular day to day life these same persons
do not care. They think, ‘When Mahabharat types of battles happen, then I
will support dharma. Otherwise when involved in simple things in day to day
life, then I need not to take trouble’.

The point being that if one does not follow dharma all the time then one
can never follow dharma. That is Baba’s warning.

Furthermore Baba guides us that in the lives of most human beings, such
great battles of dharma never happen. Means most people never get the
opportunity to participate in such types of battles. Rather in their life
only 2 major things happen. One is the moment of their birth and other is
the time of their death. Beyond that not much else happens. And at those
two important times it is hard to perform great deeds. Because at the time
of one’s birth, one is just a baby & thus incapable of doing anything.
Likewise, at the at the time of death one is old and feeble, in which case
it is very difficult to manage.

So the essence of Baba’s teaching is that we human beings should follow the
principle of dharma all the time. At every opportunity, small or big.


Baba says, one must have to follow dharma all the 24hrs.

Sutra 2-7: ‘Tasmaddharmah Sadakaryah.’

Meaning: “Dharma should always be practiced.”


Now, at this present moment, is the delicate time when a few
are getting confused about what to do and what not to do. In that
case they are getting misguided by one or another group or subgroup etc,
and in that way they end up getting misled. So this is a very delicate time.

Thus we should strive hard to follow Baba’s above teaching: In every moment
in our day to day life we have to follow dharma. Then only will the mind
will be serene and pure. In which case internally one’s own inner vivek
(conscience) will develop more and more such that one will be able to see
with pristine clarity what is to be done.

Otherwise people get confused again and again and get permanently caught up
in the negative track. Because always one or another sub-group faction will
try to convince you that their way is best.

So to avoid that poor outcome, it is needed in one’s practical, day-to-day
life to adhere to dharma in all regards, on all the points– including all
the simple things. In each and every sphere dharma should be upheld.

Only then will the proper guideline always get reflected in the mind, in
which case one will not go astray. Otherwise this time is very delicate;
this is the crucial time when a lot of problems are coming on this globe.
Various types of natural calamities, severe types of economic problems,
political problems– all these things are coming.


So whom to support, what to do, what not to do, all these decisions &
answers do not come until one does not follow dharma strictly– in their
everyday practical life. And that means following 16 Points. And when one
does that, then the direct guidelines of dharma will come from within. And
the right answer will always be found. This is Baba’s expressed guideline.

By Baba’s grace those who are following dharma, they never get misled or
defeated. That is the key point. Thus in one’s practical life one should
follow dharma. And then the grace of Parma Purusa, the grace of Baba will
be there. And one will always be victorious in each and every step of life.
All this Baba has told in numerous discourses.


Baba says, “Marching ahead is Jiivan Dharma (the characteristic wont of
life). And to march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as an
integral entity, is the principal aspect of Jiivan Dharma. Resolve
courageously to observe this Jiivan Dharma. Remember:

‘Yato Dharmah tato istah, yato istah tato jayah.’

“Where there is Dharma, there is Ista (Baba) and where there is Ista, there
is Victory.” (AV #43)



Here following are a few more of Baba’s divine guidelines about dharma:

(A) Baba says, “Only dharma accompanies you even after death. None but
dharma is suhrd (Eternal Friend).”

‘Eka eva suhrd dharma nidhane api anuyati yah’

“Dharma alone is suhrd and remains with one till the end.” (AV-5)

(B) Baba says, “Dharma raks’ati raks’itah– one who protects dharma is
protected by dharma. Dharma saves the dha’rmika, the upholder of dharma, in
the material sphere, in the subtle sphere and in the casual sphere. When
dharma saves people in the material sphere, they experience it before their
very eyes, they hear it with their ears, they feel it with the tenderness
of touch. When dharma helps them in the causal sphere, they experience it
by loving Parama Purusa with all the sweetness of their hearts. This
feeling has no external expression. When dharma saves people in the subtle
sphere, they experience it through deep reflection.” (Shivokti 11)

(C) Here Baba reveals how dharma works secretly.

Baba says, “With the increasing development of the power of reflection,
dharmik people realize that dharma is always with them in a very subtle
way. They further realize that their dharma and their beloved Parama Purusa
are one and inseparable.”

‘Dharmasya su’ks’ ma’ gatih’

Meaning: “The ways of dharma are very subtle.” (NSS, ’95 Edn, p.156)

(D) Here Baba guides us that dharma is the essence of life.

‘Dhriyate dharma itya’huh sa eva paramam’ prabhu’

Meaning: “Dharma is that which sustains.”

Baba says, “The seed of humanity cannot sprout and flourish unless it is
planted in the soil of dharma. To diverge from the path of dharma means to
rush headlong towards total annihilation. In all one’s actions one should
keep Parama Purus’a as the goal, and be well established in dharma.” (APH-8)


Baba says, “There are fishes who carry something like a sack inside their
bodies and they carry their children in those sacks. There are some snakes
who also take their children with them. Not only have they inborn instinct,
but they have something more, that is, they have love and affection for
their children. This is also true of some species of snakes, but love and
affection for their children is more prominent in mammals.

Mammals are more developed than non-mammals because in the case of
mammals mothers feed the children with their breast-milk and certainly they
have got affection for their children — that is why they do so.” (YP ’98,
Edn, p.83)

Note: Mothers of financially poorer countries keep their babies along with
them and breast-feed their infants. But the case is different with
so-called advanced mothers from around the globe– especially in the
so-called developed nations. In those so-called developed places, neither
do those mothers want to breast-feed their infants nor do they want to keep
their infants along with them.

So in comparison to those animals we have to see how far the whole
situation is working. Because those mammals and animals do love and care
for their offspring; accordingly, then humans are more advanced so they
should express more love. And mothers of poor countries do like that. But
the strange thing is that mothers from the so-called advanced countries…

With the scale of Baba’s above teaching, we have to judge whether
such mothers are really developed or moving in the opposite direction.


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Who is Dada & Didi

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 07:46:21
Subject: Who is Dada & Didi
From: “Ishvara”


“Toma’ke ka’che peyechi e ba’r…” (P.S. 1076)


Baba, by Your divine grace, this time I have gotten close to You–
this time I gotten You as my close intimate One. O’ Baba, no matter how
busy You are, and no matter how engrossed You are in the work of
carrying out Your divine program, even then I will never leave Your
side. I am going to remain with You all the time, each and every moment.
Baba, in this grand creation of Yours, who is remaining without work;
everyone has work. No one is without work. Work makes the world go
round. Indeed each and everyone has their duties to attend to. So on the
excuse of work, I will not accept that as reason for Your not coming close.
Baba, I understand Your liila and how You execute Your loving play of
hide and seek. Baba, You work secretly out of the fear of being caught.
Baba, this time I have gotten You in a deeply personal and special
way. And I will go on holding You. Baba, it is Your grace…


Note: This entire letter concerns the current status of a few overseas
so-called family acaryas and tattvikas who are suffering from the
psychic disease of superiority complex. Those of us living in overseas
sectors see that this problem is mounting.

Throughout the ages one or another class or caste has tried to
establish their greatness and superiority by making others feel lower or
lowly in order to exploit them. And still today this is continuing. That
is why Baba openly condemns this crooked policy: In order to make
everyone alert and to build up one neo-humanistic society.

Even then this contagious disease of superiority complex has spread
throughout our vast margii family, and many suffering from this syndrome
are our overseas so-called family acaryas.

First of all, although unworthy of getting a family acaryaship in the
true sense of the term, such overseas opportunists got their fake title
by bootlicking groupist factional heads. And now they are bragging about
their status wherever they go. We can see this happening all around.

Had they been true acaryas they would not have fallen into this
predicament nor suffered from this complex. It is just like when beggars
get a couple rupees they parade around and want to show off that they
are rich; whereas extremely rich persons do not prance about and brag
about their wealth.

And of course the ultimate example is that Parama Purusa never brags
about His greatness rather He remains invisible and lets other crazy
persons brag about themselves.

So these so-called family acaryas in our overseas sectors fall into this
latter category and are following this crude tactic: To lift oneself
upwards by trying to impose an inferiority complex upon others in order
to exploit them. They want to show that they are great and others are
lowly. In reality, this is the root cause of nearly every social
disparity. And this fact Baba has revealed in numerous discourses. And
it is a shame that it has entered our “family-acarya” ranks.


Of course, everyone in AM is well aware that Baba has descended onto
this earth to smash all the barriers and complexes and form one human
society– where everyone is deserving of equal love and respect.

Baba says, “All the beings of this universe are the kith and kin of one
another…All are equally respectable and entitled to equal love and
affection…” (A. Va’nii #58)

So in our universal human family no one is high and no one is low– all
are brother and sister under Baba’s divine shelter.

In any family irrespective of their merits or qualities everyone is
family member. And they never brag about their greatness inside the house.

In her professional life a mother may be the Governor-General of the
state province and the children may be just little infant. But the
mother never brags and exploits her children on the point of her high
post or great position in the society. Rather she loves the whole family
and all are equal.

Similarly in AM irrespective of one’s social status, all relations are
that of brother and sister. Retreats and seminars are the coming
together of our vast AM family. And these retreats/seminars should not
turn into military base operations or police barracks where the
atmosphere is dominated by commanders, juniors, and seniors and any and
all semblance of family feeling is totally absent– gone.

Nor should our AM family become like one obscene royal palace where
there are a few who are decorated members of the royal family and
everyone else is a lowly servant. In that imbalanced situation all live
together but the relation is that of master and slave– king and pawn.
These types of outdated and exploitative mentalities should not be
encouraged in our AM.


Oddly enough, however, right now there is one segment of the population
within AMPS that is trying to get the upper hand on some of the others.

That is, certain overseas so-called family acaryas are pushing hard and
jockeying for position in order to place themselves permanently above
the common margii public. Because they know that on the basis of their
character and behavior they are not qualified that is why they are more
concerned to get prestige.

It is just like crude dogmatic Hindu priests who eat meat and drink
liquor: Their dealing is awful. But on the point of caste supremacy they
shamelessly extend their feet to the public and inspire others to revere
them by touching their feet to get their blessing. Because those priests
know that they are worthless and that nobody respects them. That is why
they create the situation of garnering respect through external
pressure. Similar is the case of these so called family acaryas.

First they know that they are not fit and that is why they are terribly
concerned and worried about getting recognised and having their
reputation. So they decorate themselves in foolish ways in order to show
off their new-found status. But you might not have heard that at public
gatherings Ac Candranathji wore some fancy tag on his chest that boldly
says “Dada Acarya Candranath”. Rather by his conduct and simplicity all
were aware that he was a family acarya.

But in overseas sectors these fake family acaryas are putting tags and
name badges on their chest at every AM gathering and labeling themselves
as “Dada So and So” or “Didi such and such” etc. Because they want to
show off themselves and present themselves as being a notch above.
This is the unsightly phenomenon taking place these days: One can see it
at retreats, on the email, and just in regular affairs. Everywhere this
is apparent.


In a nutshell, when these persons who purchased their fake family
acaryaships peep their face back in their home sector from “Training
Center”, then immediately they want to distinguish themselves as being a
notch above the lay margiis. And one way they are imposing this social
disparity is that they are infusing the notion that all should address
them as ‘Dada’ or ‘Didi’.

Because up till now, in the overseas sectors, the term ‘Dada’ and ‘Didi’
is strictly related with WTs. In the 8 sectors outside India it is the
common presumption that ‘Dada’ and ‘Didi’ is a special title of respect
reserved for Wts. This is the general misunderstanding.

So now– to encash on that– the new arrival of so-called family acaryas
also wants in on the action. That is they are setting up the scene in
their home sectors that they should also get the special title of ‘Dada’
or ‘Didi’. That is half the equation. And the other half is that general
margiis are below the line, in the eyes of the so-called family acaryas.
By their distorted view, these so-called family acaryas silently insist
that common margiis cannot be called Dada or Didi. That is the unspoken
rule. And that is the inferiority complex being thrust in the face of
the general margii public.


But the reality of the situation is that all in AM are Dada and Didi.
Because Dada and Didi simply means elder brother or revered sister etc.
It is a way to address each and every person.

That is why when moving about in India, then everyone is Dada and Didi.
Be they family margiis, family acaryas, single brothers, or wholetimers.
Everyone is commonly referred to as Dada or Didi, whichever the case may

This is the spirit of those terms and that is the dharma of AM– where
all are deserving of equal love and respect.

But now in the overseas sectors these so-called new family acaryas are
abducting and hijacking the term ‘Dada’ and ‘Didi’ and pinning it to
their own chest– simultaneously making sure that no “undeserving
candidate” does the same. This is the imbalanced game and exploitative
maneuver that is commonly seen at overseas retreats.

But again this is nothing but the imposition of one dogma. Because in
reality and in spirit all in AM are Dada and Didi and no one need pin
this title on their chest. Rather in our neo-humanistic AM family where
everyone is brother and sister then all have this sublimely written on
their heart.


But the so-called overseas family acaryas are overtly trying to keep
this fact hidden. Because they want to boost up their own rear end. And
they want that they only should be called ‘Dada’ or ‘Didi’– and not any
regular margii.

It is just like someone whose grandfather was President of the country.
Then they want to refer to that fact to get respect and show themselves
as being better. Because based on their own merit or quality they are
unfit. So they go around telling everyone that their grandfather was
President of the country. Likewise now these so-called family acaryas
are doing the same thing. Trying to bolster their position by appointing
themselves as ‘Dada’ and ‘Didi’ and not letting anyone else have that
respect. That is the dogmatic ploy which overseas family acaryas are

So it is important that this dogma be rooted out as quickly as possible
just like any dogma should be rooted out at the very beginning–
otherwise it will cause chaos and destruction over the long haul.

Baba says, “There should not be the least sprinkling of dogmas, because
this sort of philosophically-oriented dogma cumulatively increases the
distortions in the psychic world. These dogmas enter the human mind like
fine needles and come out like iron ploughs. If one tries to cast them
out, then the whole psychic structure is demolished. If a tender banyan
plant grows at one corner of a fine mansion, and if its growth is
unchecked for long, then that small plant develops into a gigantic tree,
and when one tries to tear it down, the entire mansion crumbles to the
earth.” (NSS, Disc 14)


To remedy the situation there are a few things which we can do:

(1) In overseas sectors let family margiis also be called Dada or Didi.
Over time let this become part of our natural expression where all are
Dada or Didi just like all are brother and sister. That is one remedy.

(2) We should always remember that our main goal is to form one human
society-all must come together with this feeling regardless of their
social status such as who is avadhuta or margii or family acarya etc.
Inside our AM family no one should brag about their social position. If
anyone tries to impose this crude notion they are superior then they are
going against the fundamental feeling of A’nanda Ma’rga where all are
part of the same universal family.

(3) Others should write in with their thoughts as well.


By Baba’s grace and with our heart-felt compassion we will bring the
entire humanity into one neo-humanistic flow where all feel cared for,
respected, and loved.

Baba says, “Marching ahead is jiivan dharma (the characteristic wont of
life). To march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as an
integral entity, is the principal aspect of jiivan dharma. Resolve
courageously to observe this jiivan dharma…” (A’nanda Va’nii, #43)



Throughout this letter we use the term ‘so-called family acaryas’
because such overseas opportunists purchased their family acaryaships
either outrightly with their wealth or by bootlicking group leaders.
Tragically these overseas so-called family acaryas could not earn their
acaryaships in the proper manner; because in their personal life they
are not properly following AM teachings. So by their conduct they cannot
teaching anything. That is why they are not up to the standard of
acarya. Hence we refer to them as fake or so-called family acaryas.


As we all know Baba’s family acarya system is an ideal component of AM
life. One of the great specialities of family acaryas is that they live
in a certain locale and can help the society grow and develop in their
specific area. They know the local language, understand well the
problems of the people, and are connected to that region. Thus family
acaryas are be a dynamic force for strengthening and broadening our AM
society. By this way we will see tremendous positive changes. So as
quickly as possible– in the true sense of the term– we should build up
the cadre of family acaryas.

Three Afflictions

Baba says, “The jiiva experiences three types of suffering —
a’dhibhaotika, a’dhidaevika, and a’dhya’tmika. A’dhibhaotika suffering
is mundane, that is, it derives from shortages of food, clothing,
medicine, education, shelter, etc. If we change the structure of society
this misery will be ended. So we must do this, we should do this.
Regarding a’dhidaevika suffering — if we prepare our minds through
sa’dhana’, all the mental cares and worries that result from a defective
mental structure will come to an end. The feeling of separation [from
Parama Purusa] is a’dhya’tmika suffering. This can be eliminated by
spiritual sa’dhana’, that is, by dhya’na, dha’ran’a’, pra’n’a’ya’ma,
pratya’ha’ra, etc. (DKG, p. 25)


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Addiction comes in many forms: Alcohol, cigarette / nicotine, work, drugs, gambling, painkillers and now in this 21st century there is internet addiction disorder (IAD).

Addiction comes in many forms: Alcohol, cigarette / nicotine, work, drugs, gambling, painkillers and now in this 21st century there is internet addiction disorder (IAD).

From: “Daniel Bromberg”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Internet Addiction
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 12:58:43 +0000


“Toma’r saunge mor paricay, ek-a’dha yuger katha’ nay…” (PS 2303)


Baba, my closeness with You is not only since the last few hundred or
even thousands of years. Nor is it only since the last one or two epochs or
ages. Baba, from before the beginning of time You have been along with me;
by Your grace I have always been in Your shelter. Baba, I have been singing
Your divine glory since eternity. It is Your grace.

Baba, by being ensconced in Your divine love, my heart became satiated
and fulfilled. All my needs and longings got completely quenched and
satisfied. Baba, by constantly ideating on You– day and night, all the
time– by Your grace my mind may become one with You.

Baba, please be gracious and do not keep me distant. Always keep me
close to Your lotus feet– under Your shelter. Baba, please remain along
with me constantly– all the 24 hrs. And please grace me and saturate my
mind with Your divine nectar. Baba, make my life full by utilising me all
the time in various deeds, in whatever way You like.

Baba, by Your grace our intimacy and relation has been since eternity.
And, by Your divine krpa’, it will go on up to infinity…


Addiction comes in many forms: Alcohol, cigarette / nicotine, work,
drugs, gambling, painkillers and now in this 21st century there is
internet addiction disorder (IAD).

As margiis and as parents this is something for us to be critically
aware of, because this stands as yet one more material indulgence that
may distract us from spiritual life and even disturb or ruin our
personal and family life.

In particular, we should be vigilant that our margii children not fall
into this trap.

In general, teenagers seem to be particularly susceptible IAD; the
internet has become yet another temptation for teens. So we should be
aware of the telltale signs of IAD and not allow any of our young ones
slip into this gigabyte abyss.

While there are innumerable benefits to using the Internet, we should
not let ourselves (family, community etc) get bit by the “animal” of
internet addiction disorder either.


There are numerous articles – yes(!) on the internet – about internet
addiction disorder. Further information then is easily accessible.

Here for your convenience is a list of some of the signature
characteristics of this addiction:

1) Always in a rush to get on line;
2) Overlook life responsibilities (homework, house duties, appointments
etc) in order to go on line;
3) Feel irritated if disturbed when using the internet;
4) Ignore relations with those around you in favour of “on-line friends”;
5) Always thinking of going back on line;
6) Secretive about what on line activities and pursuits;
7) Lose sight of reality, i.e. confusing fictional aspects of on-line
experiences such as gaming etc with the reality of living in this world.
(Note: Teenagers are particularly prone in this regard.)
8) Sad or depressed when not online, only to “recover” when back on line;
9) Say you will be off in 15 minutes, but stay on line for hours and
hours longer;
10) Skip meals and lose sleep because of excessive time on line;
11) Verbally accost or even physically attack those who object to their
internet habits;
12) Cannot survive without it – “gotta have it”; do everything and
anything to be on line;
13) Leads to other negative behaviours including crime and unlawful
activities etc;
14) And there are a plethora of other signs to watch for. So if you
suspect one of your near and dear ones is suffering from IAD, please
investigate the matter thoroughly.

So these are some of the more common lifestyle presentations of IAD. It
is important to note that one need not have all the above
characteristics in order to be suffering from IAD. Needless to say,
there are degrees of addiction.

Also of note is that nowadays more and more doctors, psychologists, and
therapists are involved in studying and researching IAD. It is a recent
problem, yet already it has gained the attention of top professionals in
the field.


There are certain genres of sites that are more prone to addictive

Here are sites that most lead to addiction, though not necessarily in
this order:
1) Porn sites;
2) Gambling sites;
3) Social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter etc;
4) Gaming.

All of the above can be highly addictive to users. So we should all be
alert about this.



One of the main reasons why teenagers are especially prone to being
hooked or addicted to the internet is because this is all they know.
That’s to say, they have grown up with the internet and do not know life
without it.

From the very beginning, many of their life activities and pathways
have been routed through the internet.

Thus, they may have fewer off-line interests than older generations.
This is one reason why they are prone to IAD.

Another critical point is that kids and teenagers are highly
impressionable. They have a tendency to confuse what is on their screen
with the physical reality of life.

For instance, when the Ramayana was first shown on TV in India, then
there were a rash if injuries with youth. Why? Because just as Hanuman
made the great leap from India to Sri Lanka, kids also thought they
could also leap. And in their childlike ways, dozens of kids jumped from
the roof of their houses etc in order to be like Hanuman. Kids are that

In contrast, not one single adult attempted such a leap.

Here the point is that kids often confuse what they see on the screen
with the stark reality of this world.

The same problem can happen with their gaming ventures on line. Young
kids and early teenagers can easily start to think that what adventures
and fantasies they are doing on line is an accurate depiction of real
life events. And the next thing you know, such kids are doing very
dangerous things, like jumping off the roof of their house.

So responsible parents and adults should be highly aware about IAD and
how it can affect their kids.

The best remedy is prevention – to control the situation ahead of time –
and set up guidelines and rules for use of the internet. Otherwise, the
situation can become quite messy.

As margiis, as mothers and fathers, as acaryas, and as sadhakas, it is our
combined and collective responsibility to bring each and every child of our
Marga into a spiritually inspired and devotionally way of living. All
should come into our AM society and become the pillars of the future
humanity, averting the dark aspects of life like IAD.

Baba says, “Children will become assets of society in the future to the
extent that their parents or guardians discharge their duties properly.”


In His Ekendriya chapter, Baba issues a critical warning of what will
happen if one focuses on a single materialistic pursuit. If one points
all their psychic energy toward one direction – and if that direction is
not a spiritual one – then often that creates destruction in life.

That is Baba’s distinct warning.

For instance, if a person dedicates all their time and energy to making
money, or dating the opposite sex, or doing business, or gambling, or
whatever worldly desire they have, that will lead to their degeneration.
Their mind will get crudified and they will become imbalanced and
ultimately fall.

Baba says, “You may know some people whose minds always run after money.
You might have asked them to sit down for a while and have a chat, and
been surprised by their excusing themselves, saying they were so busy
and had to rush off to the stock exchange. If their pursuit of money is
hampered in any way, if it eludes their grasp, if they are totally
severed from it, their minds will lose their base and they will die.”

“All crude objects on which people base their hopes and aspirations will
certainly disappear one day, for the nature of this relative world is
“Yah a’gacchati sah gacchati” – “Whatever comes, goes.” When people are
deserted by their crude objects of desire they are eaten away by
frustration and disappointment, and die a miserable death.”

“I heard that once, when the currency was devalued, a wealthy jute
merchant suddenly died because all the aspiration of his life were based
on money. He could not face the prospect of having to part with his
cherished object of desire.”

“This is ekendriya. One should concentrate one’s mind on the Supreme One
to the exclusion of all mundane objects; for they can give no lasting
support.” (APH-6)

If one fails to chase after the true spirit of ekendriya and instead
gets derailed toward mundane desires, their future is not bright.

That same ominous outcome will swallow them if they uniquely pursue any
crude habit including the internet. So IAD is indeed a scary matter for
anyone involved. The addict will become a victim, in one way or another.

They may lose their marriage or their job or their house or whatever.
There are so many horror stories in this regard. I am sure we all have
heard numerous stories how an addict ends up destroying their own life.
This does not just happen in Hollywood and Bollywood, tragically common
people also get bound in negative pursuits and degrading habits.
Ultimately that addiction makes them totally blind to whatever
responsibilities and obligations they have.


In this following teaching from the discourse ‘Vya’tireka-1’, Baba is
guiding us that the best way to cure addicts from their negative
behaviors like IAD is not to remind them directly of their addiction but
to engage their mind in healthier and higher pursuits.

Baba says, “The best psychological cure for addicts is to put them in an
environment where they will be unable to think of their object of
addiction for any length of time. To proclaim, “Don’t do this, it’s
bad,” is futile, for it is a negative approach. If you say, “Don’t drink
wine”, you are still injecting the concept of wine into the alcoholic’s
mind, thus making it impossible for him to forget it and kick (quit) his
bad habits. You are giving alcohol negative publicity, and it again
becomes his mental object. Thus whenever he gets the opportunity he will
certainly drink it again. And it may be that this negative approach
encourages the alcoholic to become even more addicted. It is a defective

“These days the sign “No smoking please” is placed in many public
places, but it will not reduce the amount of smoking. If society wants
people to stop smoking, its approach should be to divert the smoker’s
mind to other objects. A chain smoker should be encouraged to get
involved in various pursuits such as music, dance, songs, culture of
fine arts, etc., for if the mind remains engaged in these things it will
forget its object of addiction. But the person who thinks, “I’ll stop
drinking wine the day after tomorrow-no, let me see, why not tomorrow”
can never kick the habit,for wine remains the mental object. The mind
will try to materialise whatever it thinks about in the external world –
this is its nature.” (APH-6, p. 373-74)

So if a child has a computer in their room or if an adult spends all
their time in their office where they have internet access, the best
remedy and cure is for the addict to go places where they do not have
on-line access and instead involve in other pursuits like music, sports,
art etc. If they surf the web using an i-Phone or palm top etc, then
they should intentionally stay away from that device for hours at a

The mind needs to be free and ultimately goaded toward a more benevolent
pursuit. One great way to overcome addiction and depression is to engage
in service. One should volunteer to help others. That has a real healing
effect on the person doing service. And of course other are benefited as

Sadhana, kiirtan, and svadhyaya are also, of course, get practices for
cleaning and clearing the mind of an addiction. Instead the mind will
get pointed toward a spiritual ideal.


By Baba’s grace He has given us all the teachings and warnings in life
to overcome all the negative trends and habits in society, like internet
addiction disorder. We should all be vigilant and watch and care for
others, especially teenagers.

Baba says, “There are certain common and natural tendencies in human
life. Those tendencies are of either a degenerating or an exalting
nature, that is, they are either of a depraving or an elevating nature.
We should encourage the elevating tendencies and discourage the
depraving tendencies. In certain portions of this world, depraving
tendencies such as pornography exist. Protesting will not stop or check
it unless we also do something positive to check it. If we do something
positive, it will create a new stir in the human mind. Pornography and
other depraving tendencies will be completely discouraged and checked.
That will be our course of action. We have to create new literature, new
books, new music, new songs…we have to create a cultural stir. These
are our immediate duties. We have to chalk out a programme and act
accordingly.” (‘Rule of Rationality’, PNS-12)



One other important point to be aware of is that Baba tells us not to
think about past misdeeds. We should forget about them. That is why HE
has designed human beings to have both eyes in the front– so that we
may look forward and march towards the Goal.

Thinking about past negative events will cause those things to come
again and again; this is the concept of AM.

So to think over and over that “I am sinner — I am sinner”, this
psychology is not good. If any negative habit is there then one should
try to avoid that and engage in higher pursuits. That is why we have
seen in Dharma Samiiksa that if anyone committed something negative then
always Baba first gave atonement. And then guided their mind toward
different social service activities. Only if HE found that after this
still people also went on thinking and engaging in those same negative
things, then He became very furious.

Because according to AM philosophy the human mind has tremendous
quality: What way the mind thinks, the whole personality can
metamorphose in that direction. So if an honest person thinks about his
past misdeeds like stealing then that negative habit will again appear.
That is why Baba has given the system of pratyaha’r, ‘offering of one’s
mental colors’. And this is exactly what we do in Guru Puja, so this
also one of the important practices.

All along His teaching in countless places BABA has guided the entire
society on this very point because in certain religions like
Christianity they give a lot of preference to remind about their past
sins. And most of the time that sin is unknown– what they did they do
not know. This thing is present in small or big form in most of the
religions. Because of this also AM has given completely new ideas.

So our way in AM is not to condemn people for their sins or wrong
actions. Baba says, “In ancient times people were made outcastes on
trivial charges of social crimes. We do not subscribe to such beliefs.”

Rather our viewpoint is to rectify people and free them of their old
habits so they may progress.

WT Conduct Rule: 360 Degrees

Baba says, “Always remain united and organised. Solve all problems big and
small in a united way. Advise every Ananda Margii to remain united at all
times.” (Point #31 of ’32 Rules for Avadhu’tas’)

Note: Alas where are those workers whose mind is saturated with this Baba’s
golden teaching. They exist, but are in a minority. Because of such margiis
and Wts the earth is saved.


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From: Carson Tyler
Subject: Agnya’shaya & Pracara
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 10:08:17 -0400


“Kakhano a’mi prabhu d’a’kini toma’y, tumi bha’lobesecho more…” (PS 3368)


Baba, You are so gracious on me. I never call You and in my heart I do
not have such a strong feeling of longing, but You are always loving me.

Baba, even by mistake, I do not spend any time doing Your work. So
neither I do any work nor do I allocate any time to follow Your commands
and orders to satisfy You. Even then You go on looking after all my needs
and caring for me. Baba, You are so gracious.

All in all my situation is like the dust lying on the floor of the earth.
I always involve in all kinds of worldly, material pursuits– all the while
stuck in crude ideation. I never think about You.

I do not understand how even a blade of grass does not move without Your
approval– if You do not desire. This eternal truth I do not understand.
Because my situation is like one particle of dust that is lying on the
ground. I only view the world in my own crude way without any cosmic
ideation. Just I go on crudifying myself in that degenerated approach.

Baba, You are always gracious. I never call You with deep longing, yet
You always love me.

Baba, the dawn of the day comes by Your grace. The smile of the moon in
the night is the expression of Your compassion. Baba, this whole created
universe is filled with Your divine vibration and that takes expression in
the form of everyone’s love and affection.

Baba, You are so gracious on me. Without my calling You, without my
remembering You, without my following Your commands & directions, You
always care for me and love me. Baba, Your grace is causeless…


There are many spiritual groups who openly tout their guru as being
divine. They are very open and adamant about their position and publicly hold their guru
in the highest way.

In AM, while all have deep respect for Baba internally, but sometimes in
the public platform we find that a few in AM are hesitant to show great
esteem for Baba.

People think, “I can say Baba is a great thinker or a great linguist
etc, but I cannot say that He is Parama Purusa.”

And there are a variety of other ways that people express their concerns
for not wanting to refer to Baba as Divine or Taraka Brahma. Perhaps you
may have seen how some are shy to talk about Baba’s true greatness and
real nature in public.

The points in this letter help address this matter. And more will be written
in the future about this because a book is being released about Baba,
“He Lived Among Us”, wherein various jinanis like university professors are
praising Baba as writer, lyricist, linguist, social reformer etc, but the
whole point of Him being Parama Purusa is overlooked. We have to think a
thousand times before pursuing such a path.

With regards to Lord Krsna and Lord Shiva, all know that these two
entities are Parama Purusa so side by side to say that Krsna plays the
flute or that Shiva created dance, then that is alright. Because already
those Entities are known as God.

But such things are often not done with Baba. He is “glorified” by
jinanis as being a grammarian or linguist and it is not stated that He
is Parama Purusa as well. In that case the public gets the wrong
impression. And that is not easy to correct. Forever and ever they will
just think that Baba is a grammarian.

It is similar to this. Let’s say you are the president of one company
and on the weekend you decided to sweep the driveway of your house and
in the newspaper it is reported on the front page that you are a sweeper
without mentioning that you are also the president of one company. In
that case, your stature was brought down.

Same with Baba when He is praised for being a grammarian and not
mentioning that He is also Parama Purusa. That is the critical issue.

More about this new book will be written in full. And a full explanation
and analysis will be done about it. Specifically, why are people doing
like this?

Below examines more about preparing oneself properly – developing the
requisite courage – for doing AM pracar.


In Ananda Marga all are deeply involved in psycho-spiritual practices each
and every day. Our lives move ahead singing kiirtan, doing sadhana, and
absorbing the mind in His svadyaya. By this way all the higher cakras are
benefited immensely and one can progress along the path of spirituality.

At the same time, many margiis begin to notice that after entering the
Marga there are many foods which they can no longer digest. And in fact it
is well known that many margiis (both wts and family people) suffer from a
variety of stomach related diseases– primarily due to indigestion.

Even it is not uncommon for margiis to have a difficult time digesting even
sentient foods while in the general society there are non-margiis who eat
just about anything and do not seem to suffer any digestive problems at
all. The question then becomes why does this happen.


According to Baba, as the higher cakras become strengthened, often times
the lower cakras weaken. So those sadhakas who remain involved in more
subtle pursuits such as sadhana and spiritual talks etc, their upper cakras
are more developed and their lower cakras lose their strength. Whereas
those non-margiis who never do sadhana have strong lower cakras and
undeveloped higher cakras.


At the same time, Baba’s divine direction is that every Ananda Margii
should be healthy and adept in all the spheres of life and be able to do
all kinds of social service.

Baba says, “Every person who joins Ananda Marga…has to strive to develop
and strengthen the mind. Everyone has to work for a strong and healthy
body…Every member of the Marga has to physically serve others…Every
individual thus becomes universally fit.” (PNS-11)

Thus Ananda Margiis have to be balanced and capable in all the trifarious
activities of life. And here furthermore Baba describes who is an ideal
Ananda Margii.

Baba says, “Sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such
leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually
elevated.” (PNS-21)

By these above descriptions, it is clear that Baba wants that we should be
vibrant and competent in all the spheres of life– and for that to happen
all the cakras, even the lower ones, should be healthy and strong.


As we all know, the third cakra of the human body is the man’ipura carka
and it is basically mutative or rajasik in nature. Even then it has
tremendous import on the human structure. Even though it is one of the
lower cakras, it has great significance in the development of a
well-rounded human being.

Here are some of Baba’s facts and figures about this third cakra.

Baba says, “Igneous plexus (man’ipura cakra) — agni man’d’ala.” (YP)

Baba says, “In the igneous plexus, or man’ipura cakra, there is the maximum
accumulation of heat. It is the shelter of heat, and is known as
agnya’shaya in Sanskrit. It is also known as maha’shaya, meaning “the
shelter of greatness”, because it is the centre of the body. The igneous
plexus or agni man’d’ala contains within its fold the ten glands and
sub-glands of the man’ipura cakra. The area of the man’d’ala is greater
than that of the cakra.” (YP)

So the entire region of the manipura cakra is quite complex and does many

things within the humna structure including controlling the fire element within

the physical body.

In addition here are the various tendencies of mind or vrttis which are
controlled by the man’ipura cakra.

Baba says, “The man’ipura cakra: This cakra is located at the navel. It
controls ten propensities: lajja’ [shyness, shame], pishunata’ [sadistic
tendency], iirs’a’ [envy], sus’upti [staticity, sleepiness], vis’a’da
[melancholia], kas’a’ya [peevishness], trs’n’a’ [yearning for acquisition],
moha [infatuation], ghrn’a’ [hatred, revulsion] and bhaya [fear].” (‘Glands
and Sub-Glands’, 12 May 1990)

Thus it is highly important to keep this man’ipur cakra strong. If it
becomes weak not only will our digestion suffer but also all kinds of
undesirable mental tendencies will creep into the mind.


Our shuddhis, our tattva dharana (third lesson), our cakra shodhana (fifth
lesson) and our entire system of sadhana keeps the cakras balanced. Even
then as the mind rises more attention is given to those higher cakras–
those upper cakras where we repeat our Ista Mantra and do our Guru dhyana.
In that case invariably the higher cakras strengthen and the lower cakras

To help balance this, Baba prescribes various asanas for us to practice
since the asanas help strengthen particular cakras. And this has a big
benefit on the entire human structure– both physical and mental.
Baba says, “By performing a’sanas regularly, human beings can control the
propensities attached to each cakra, and hence the thoughts which arise in
their minds and their behaviour. This is because a’sanas have a profound
effect on the glands and sub-glands.” (‘Glands and Sub-Glands’)

So keeping all the cakras healthy and balanced through the twice daily
practice of asanas is an important aspect of the life of each and every
sadhaka. And if we fail to do this we will suffer from all sorts of
deficiencies, physical and mental.


Some are under the misconception that doing asanas only addresses one’s
physical ailments. And while it is certainly true that the regular practice
of asanas both prevents and cures the onset of various diseases and
maladies, it is also true that asanas also correct and benefit one’s mental
inclinations as well.

Here Baba clearly tells the relationship between public fear and shyness
and the man’ipur cakra.

Baba says, “If someone has a great fear of public speaking, it means his
man’ipura cakra is weak.” (YP)

And here Baba tells how the practice of asanas will help cure this mental

Baba says, “Mayu’ra’sana [peacock posture] has a pressurizing effect on the
man’ipura cakra. The secretions of the glands and sub-glands of the
man’ipura cakra and the propensities associated with them will become more
balanced if this a’sana is practised regularly. If someone has a great fear
of public speaking, it means her man’ipura cakra is weak. Through the
regular practice of mayu’ra’sana, this propensity will be controlled and
fear will be eliminated.” (YP)

It is well known that peacocks can digest anything– even poisonous snakes,
so mayu’ra’sana will surely aid in digestion. But that is not all it will
cure all sorts of mental weakness like fear of public speaking. That is
Baba’s above teaching.

Thus asanas like mayu’ra’sana, uddayan mudra, agnisara mudra, and yoga’sana
which have a pressurzing effect on the man’ipur cakra will produce similar
beneficial effects, like enhancing one’s public speaking.

That is why our asana practice will have a tremendous affect on our ability
to do pracara. Because we have so many good sadhakas in our Marga who have
so much to offer the world. Yet we see that most of the planet is not yet
interested in AM– or has not even heard of it. But as we become more
courageous and speak more consistently and openly in public then surely the
citizens of this globe will become more and more attracted to Ananda Marga.
It should not just be that the hellish Bin Laden’s of the world project
their voice on the public airwaves. A’nanda Ma’rgiis should also be
involved in this important endeavour. By that way our Marga will grow and
we can fill the world with sweetness.

So we should be vigilant in all our AM practices and strengthen all the
cakras and become ideal in every respect.

Baba says, “Sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such
leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually
elevated.” (PNS-21)


By Baba’s grace the day is not far when all will be brought in the
beautiful fold of our Ananda Marga. May we courageously strive ever onwards
towards this goal.

Baba says, “Remember, until every person in the universe accepts the
A’nanda Ma’rga ideololgy, you have no opportunity to rest.” (CC-II, chapter
4, point #6)



Here below Baba tells more about the man’ipura carka.

Baba says, “The man’ipura area is the primary location of deha’gni [bodily
fire], the main sphere of the existence of vitality. An unborn baby,
through the medium of this man’ipura cakra, remains joined with the
mother’s body by means of the umbilical chord. And through this medium the
lymph from the mother’s body penetrates into the body of the infant. That
is why this part of the human organism is not incinerated by the normal
temperatures of fire. After a cremation the descendants of the deceased
carry this part away from the funeral pyre, along with the bone remnants,
and ultimately throw it into the Ganges. This is known as asthivisarjana
[immersion of the bone remnants].”


Both noaka’sana (boat pose) also known as dhanura’sana (bow pose) and
cakra’sana (wheel pose) help a lot in the development and strength of the
man’ipura cakra. Noakasana is done inhaling upwards with the navel pressed
to the ground. While cakra’sana is done inhaling upwards with the navel
pointed to the sky. Thus both of these a’sanas are classified as
recaka’nta, since they both end while exhaling or while releasing the air
from the body. In contrast there are some asanas that end while inhaling
such as utkat’ pashcimotta’na’sana (difficult upward seated forward bend).
Such a’sanas are known as pu’raka’nta since they end while filling the
lungs with air. All these three asanas mentioned herein– whether they be
pu’raka’nta or recaka’nta– exercise the man’ipur cakra.

Please refer to Caryacarya part three for more information about these
specific poses and about asanas in general. In addition, always consult
with an acarya or qualified member of our Marga before undertaking the
practice of asanas or before adding new asanas to your current practice.
This is also Baba’s guideline.

Sadhana Point

Baba says, “Whatever a man is to do in his spiritual life he is to do –
why? Because he is in love with the Supreme Entity. Love is the first
word, love is the starting point, and love is the last point.” (AV-12,


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From: “Praviira Matel”
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Subject: Later On I Will Do…
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 07:14:28 +0000


“A’mi toma’r pathei cali go a’r tava sure ga’n ga’i…” (PS 1756)


O’ Baba, by Your grace I move only on Your path: I sing in Your tune and
dance to Your rhythm. My whole existence is moving in Your divine flow–
ensconced in Your sweet bliss. Baba, O’ my dearmost, You are the most
attractive One. I think and ideate only on You and I meditate only on Your
glory. Baba, 24hrs a day I am looking towards You; I want only You. Baba,
only You are my Goal; only You are my Desideratum. Baba, You are the
shining star of my life.

Baba, by Your grace we are so close. We are tied up in a bond of love.
Baba, You are the ray of hope & happiness in my life. Baba, I am like the
dark evening of the rainy season– my life is full of problems and
difficulties; and You are like the soft night-queen flower (rajaniigandha’
[1])– You are the Personification of all that is sweet. Baba, by Your
fragrant touch, my whole life becomes fragrant. Baba, by Your grace my life
is saturated with Your heavenly aroma– my existence is saturated with Your
grace. Baba, I am jiiva and You are Shiva. I am wrought with imperfections and
defects and You are blemishless and pure. Baba, I am like the winter sky
that is enveloped by the fog. My life is filled with problems. Baba, You
are like the crimson effulgence of the morning’s new dawn. With the
brilliance of Your presence all my problems disappear. Baba, You bring
charm and bliss into my life. You make everything beautiful. Baba, without
You my life is meaningless– unbearable. Baba, by dyeing my mind in Your
color, my whole existence rushes towards Your divine land– towards You.

Baba, because of Your grace-compassion, I am marching only towards You.
Baba, You have done everything for me…


[1] Rajaniigandha’: (Night Queen Flower) This is one of the most fragrant
and aromatic flowers; it emanates a delicious, sweet smell all around for
miles and miles. The wonderful scent of the rajaniigandha’ makes any
environment charming. For this reason in the above song the sadhaka is
saying that Parama Purusa is like the rajaniigandha– because He emanates
unending sweetness all around. In contrast, the sadhaka compares himself to
the suffocating, humid evening in the rainy season. Because that humid
evening has so many negative characteristics such as heavy air and the
onslaught of buzzing mosquitos and pestering insects. Thus the torturous
humid evening represents the sadhaka’s problem-filled life. But when the
sweet aroma rajaniigandha’ comes in contact with the sticky, humid evening,
then everything becomes sweet and charming. Then that humid evening gets
transformed into something wonderful. Similarly even though a sadhaka’s
life might be filled with countless problems and obstacles, but with the
divine arrival of Parama Purusa, everything becomes charming and blissful.
All of one’s problems immediately disappear– vanish, because of His sweet
presence. That is why in the above song the sadhaka compares Baba with the
rajaniigandha’ flower.


It can sometimes happen in the life of a sadhaka that one thinks, ‘although
I do not have time for sadhana today, later on in the future I will have a
lot of time for sadhana’. This type of mentality can develop in one’s mind;
even it is common.


I have one margii friend who was trying hard to arrange the marriage of his
daughter. In that planning, day by day was going by, and all the while he
was neglecting his spiritual duties– he wasn’t doing an ounce of sadhana.
And whenever anyone raised the matter with him then he would immediately
retort, ‘When this is marriage is finalised then I will devote a maximum
amount of time for sadhana’. This was his on-going justification. But in
the end, when the marriage finally got arranged then immediately he became
involved in arranging a place for the newly married couple to live etc etc
— and never did he have time to do sadhana. Just his life became filled
with another type of mundane planning.

On another occasion I was in the presence of one acarya, who for years and
years was planning that when he will become old then he will do lots and
lots of sadhana. So he spent nearly 10 or 12 years of his life planning to
find a place to live later on so that when he gets older he will be able to
do plenty of sadhana. But ultimately his plan did not come to fruition and
in the end he only complained that he was unable to do sadhana because he
could not concentrate his mind.

Then in another situation, there was one margii neighbor who was working 24
hrs a day at his mundane job and side by side building sadhana platforms in
his backyard– planning that ‘in the future when I retire then I will
devote all my time to sadhana’. So at present he was neglecting his kiirtan
and sadhana under the excuse that he had no time as he needed to work to
make money in order to build the sadhana platforms etc. This was his
on-going plan. But when all was said and done, after skipping his sadhana
for so long finally he lost interest entirely in doing meditation. Never
was his dream fulfilled, and he just filled his life instead with more
mundane things.

So like this in various ways and shapes people build glorious plans about
how in future they will do a lot of sadhana– yet neglect their practice in
the present moment. But tragically the end of the story is never good for
such type of planners.

Step by step here are Baba’s replies to those who plan in the future they
will do so much sadhana.


Here below Baba responds to those who think that when they retire or when
the kids grow old then I will do a lot of sadhana.

Baba says, “Some people consider that one should start intuitional practice
in old age when a person has more leisure, after one has spent the prime of
one’s life earning money. People are afraid that they may face insecurity
and difficulties in their old age if they do not accumulate enough wealth
before their bodies weaken with age, rendering them incapable of hard work.
They regard the prime of life as the period intended for earning money, and
old age with its decreased capacity for hard work as the time to remember
God. They are labouring under the misconception that hard work is not
necessary for intuitional practice and that old age is therefore the proper
time for it. Whoever is born is bound to die and one is constantly
approaching death, not knowing when it will come. It is never certain if
one will live to grow old. Yet people reserve the most important work of
practising sa´dhana´ for the time when the body has become completely
enfeebled and the fatuous mind of old age has become entangled in the
reactions of this life to such an extent that it is afraid of starting
anything new. Ordinarily it is fear of one’s approaching death that makes
one think of God in old age. One’s evil deeds begin to haunt one, and one
starts praying and imploring God to save him or her from the consequences
of one’s deeds. There is no value in remembering God in old age, when it is
not possible to concentrate the mind due to the weakness and disease of the
body and its preoccupation with the reactions (sam´ska´ras) of the deeds of
this life. The mind then is caught up in the infirmities of the body, in
the diseases of old age, impending death, and most of all, in memories of
past incidents, and it is impossible to concentrate it. For these reasons
one is incapable of intuitional practice.” (AMEP, chap 10)

So in His above teaching Baba is guiding us that one cannot suddenly start
doing a lot of sadhana in old age. Because at that point the mind has
already been trained in a different way– it is not accustomed to doing
sadhana. Thus in later age doing sadhana is nothing but a far off dream.
Plus in old age invariably people suffer from various physical ailments
which prevent them from doing meditation.


Here below Baba exposes the futile plans of those who promise that in
future I will do a lot of sadhana.

Baba says, “Of all the different types of lethargy, spiritual lethargy is
the worst. Spiritual lethargy means not to sit for meditation regularly.
Those with spiritual lethargy have time for all other actions, but for
spiritual practice there seems to be no time. They say, “It’s already late
today – I’ll do a short meditation right now, and devote more time to
sa’dhana’ tomorrow.” They sit attentively inside the cinema hall, but in
dharma sa’dhana’ they feel sleepy.” (AMIWL-10)

Baba says, “Every human being, from the age of fourteen or fifteen, has an
innate desire to ideate on Parama Purus’a. With cosmic ideation one will
attain vast expansion of mind, one will become great in all respects. No
one can check the all-round growth of such a person. People realize this
and yet ignore it and thus waste their time getting old for nothing. That
is, they waste their time in non-spiritual pursuits. This is called
‘spiritual lethargy’. It causes the greatest harm to human life because it
results in only a very small percentage of the human potentiality – maybe
one or two percent – being utilized by humans. Even those whom we call
great personalities hardly use ten percent of their potentialities. Due to
spiritual lethargy people are unable to grow, and thus remain very
ordinary. They come to the world, live, decay and die as ordinary human
beings.” (AV-8)

So such type of poor planning or laziness in sadhana ruins one’s existence.


Here below Baba guides us that nothing in this world is permanent and that
even our near and dear ones forget us when we leave this world. Hence while
living on this earth we should pass our time in more and more sadhana–
since our link with Him will alone with us, forever and ever.

Baba says, “When a person dies, what feelings will his mother and father,
his brothers and sisters show? They will cry aloud, but after two or three
days, normalcy will return. They will resume their normal mundane duties.
And after a few days more or a few months they will forget the person. In
societies where a widow’s marriage is accepted by people, the widow will
remarry…So you cannot say that any of your relatives is your bandhu.
Nobody is your bandhu, or friend, in this respect…Jagat Bandhu is the
only real Bandhu. Parama Purus’a is the only real bandhu. He loved you in
the past; He will love you in the future. He alone is Bandhu. His name is
Jagat Bandhu…” (AV-4)

Baba says, “After your death your friends will carry you to the cremation
ground. After being burnt, the body is rendered into ashes. Your friends
will spray some water on the ashes of the funeral pyre, and then go back
home. As long as they are in the cremation ground, they remember you. After
that they forget you. But dharma remains with you even after your death,
and what you did for dharma in this world is never forgotten. Therefore, in
your worldly life, you are to strengthen the hands of dharma, and in the
world, dharma will strengthen you.” (AV-4)


By Baba’s grace as Ananda Margiis we should be pointed in our daily sadhana
practice lest all our time get wasted in other pursuits. So we should
devote more and more energy to sadhana in this present moment.

Baba says, “The worship of Brahma should be done scrupulously, or else you
will later regret and bemoan the futility of your life with the last drop
of your tears at your last hour. You should make your life worthwhile
through your sa’dhana’ How much can your worldly friends and relations do
for you? After your death your relatives may perhaps ask, “How much money
has he left behind?” Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in
flattering reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry for you
for about ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your
lot will be only a profound sigh – a record of the futility and frustration
of your life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent.” (SS-3)


Note: If one maintains a strict sadhana & asana practice throughout their
life then in late age also they will be able to carry on with their
spiritual routine. But those who neglect their daily sadhana will never be
able to taste that sweetness in their later years. That is the way it works
according to Baba.

The Place of Occult Powers in AM

Baba says, “In spiritual life as well as in ordinary life, if one retains
simplicity it is helpful for the attainment of God; through this one’s life
and mind become filled with the effulgence of Parama Purusa. This is the
supreme attainment. Spying out every nook and cranny of the eight occult
powers is another name for stupidity.” (SC-2, p.149)

Note: Unfortunately in the general society people think that occult powers
themselves are the essence of spirituality. Indeed, devoid of occult
powers, such persons do not have any concept of spirituality. In AM however
it is different; it is not like that. In our Marga devotion gets utmost


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From: “Omprakash Rai”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Kundalinii Should Be at the Knee
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 06:49:53 +0530


“Ye a’guna jva’liye gele saba’r mane liila’chale…” – P.S. #4087


Baba, the fire of devotion which You have ignited with Your divine play
will never extinguish. By Your grace it burns brightly in each and
everyone’s heart. It will burn and resonate across all space and time &

Baba, the tune of the song which You are singing and the song in which
You are loving everyone, that is saturated in each and every molecule of this
earth. In the firm foundation of sama-samaj-tattva (Principle of Social
Equality), the equality and straightforwardness which You have given
will go on pouring sweetness during this entire yuga and beyond, in this
animate and inanimate world, & up to eternity.

O’ my dearmost Baba, Your attributions are infinite– You are gunatiita
[1]. On the one side You are shapeless and on the other side You are
glorifying Yourself in Your own form. Baba, You have come on this earth
with Your own samkalpa. You Yourself are the ever-perfect Controller of
everything. Baba, Your liila is unfathomable and beyond the description
and capacity of words…


[1] Gun’a’tiita: One of the infinite characteristics of Parama Purusa is
that He is beyond the gun’as, beyond all the binding principles like
sa’ttvagun’a, rajogun’a, and tamogun’a.

Baba says, “Why is He beyond the scope of all attributions [binding
principles]? There are two reasons. One is that He is the creator of everything, so
He is the creator of qualifications also, attributions also. So how can
He be within the binding scope of those principles, of those
qualifications? And certainly He is beyond the reach of these
qualifications. In Sam’skrta, qualification or attribution is called
“gun’a”, and He is called “Gun’a’tiita”, that is, beyond the bondage of
any gun’a.” (AV-12)



By reading the below, you will clearly understand what is meant by the
joke, “their kundalinii is at the knee.” This is one of the more
humorous things floating around this time of year.

Though there is a serious side to it as well.

So go ahead, read the below and share your views.


In the stage of sa’lokya – the lowest stage of realisation – the sadhaka
feels that they and their Lord are in the same world, i.e. the same
loka. The aspirant thinks, ‘Both I am here and Parama Purus’a is also
here in this world.’ (Reference NKS, Disc: 3)

The moment the kundalinii awakens from its dormant state in the
muladhara cakra, one gets this basic feeling of spirituality, that “I
and my Lord are in this world together.” That is the stage of sa’lokya,
the lowest stage of realisation.

The irony is that the dogmatic mahaprayan program dictates that Parama
Purusa is gone – He is not in this world – He is living in some far
distant place, not here. Thus the entire premise of so-called mahaprayan
is below the lowest stage of realisation. It is below sa’lokya.

Sa’lokya states that Baba is here, and the dogmatic mahaprayan program
states that Baba is gone.

It is well known that at the dogmatic mahaprayan program the crude chant
is repeated that, “Oh Lord, You have gone to some distant world, You are
not living here with me, please grace me from Your far distant place.”
This is the lowly dogmatic feeling of the mahaprayan program.

That is why many say that those who attend the dogmatic mahaprayan
program do not even have the most basic feeling of spirituality – they
are not even at the level of salokya. Their kundalinii has not even
awakened to that small degree at the base cakra – or they ignore
that feeling.

Baba is with us, but their mahaprayan program states that Baba is gone.

So the running joke is that to enjoy the dogma of mahaprayan, one’s
kundalinii must even below the muladhara cakra, their kundalinii must be
at the level of the knee(!), i.e. way below the lowest cakra. Many have
been laughing about this.

Only when the mind is sunk in that darkened state – with their
kundalinii at the knee – can one attend & enjoy the so-called mahaprayan
program. That is the on-going & hilarious joke.

On the one hand it is humorous and on the other hand it is pitiful that
some of our brothers and sisters are suffering in this extreme ignorance.

In contrast, if one has even the lowest level of realisation, sa’lokya,
then they will be above the standard of the dogmatic mahaprayan. In that
case, they will not go rushing off to attend that crude event. Then
their kundalinii will not longer be at the level of their knees.


Here is the next point that relates with the dogma of mahaprayan.

Baba recounts how long ago in Bengal, a family would marry their
daughters when they were just 2 or 3 years old, and sometimes even
before they were born.

And then if the husband died young, which was quite common in those days
as there were many childhood diseases, then the girl would have to
suffer and live her entire life as a widow, undergoing all kinds of penance.

Even on the hottest days of the year, during ekadashii the girl could
not take water. The entire family would be eating and drinking to their
heart’s content but the girl had to suffer and fast without water. If it
was so hot, then they would pour a few drops of water into the girl’s ear.

This was the cruel and inhumane treatment going on those days – all due
to the darkness of ignorance. It was all baseless, devoid of any logic
and rationality. But people did it because their minds were sunk in
total dogma.

And here is another irrational dogma that was propagated in Bengal.

In AV 9-10, Baba describes how any woman who heard the vedic chants
would get punished by having molten lead poured into her ears.

Thus, by not using their brain, they just pushed the whole society
toward destruction.

And now in that same land of Bengal, they are championing the dogma of
mahaprayan. This is their irrational and illogical approach. They are
not understanding that Parama Purusa resides in the heart.

Instead, year after year, they are proclaiming and observing the false
notion that Parama Purusa is gone.

But this cannot last – just as later on the those in Bengal discussed the matter
and used their rational mind and stopped the mistreatment of young widows
in Bengal, similarly sadhakas in Bengal will one day rationally review and reject
the dogma of mahaprayan. And they will feel ashamed that how all theses years
this meaningless and anti-devotional program was held in their locale.

It will not be long before the so-called mahaprayan is totally a thing
of the past, just some relic that people look at and think, “I can’t
believe people would actually attend and participate in the MPD dogma
that Baba is gone.”

Due to the very narrow sentiments of a few, this mahaprayan dogma is
still hanging on by a thread.

With the fresh air of rationality, the dogma of MPD that Baba is gone
will be totally removed from this earth. Why? Because ultimately people
do not like to follow dogma.

People want to rejoice and bask in the presence of Parama Purusa and not
get bogged down in the lowly dogma that Baba is gone.


It is with love and affection that the above is written – to help open
the eyes and mind of those who unfortunately got stuck in the dogma of

They do not realise that they are going against Baba’s wish. He did not
forget anything nor is Baba’s philosophy incomplete. By celebrating the
dogma of mahaprayan, those worshipers are charge-sheeting Parama Purusa
that He forgot to give this program in Caryacarya. So they added it.

When in fact He has given everything. What He did not give was not meant
to be. Such should be that status of the mahaprayan dogma, i.e. gone.


By Baba’s grace we should awaken all, especially other Ananda Margiis,
to the divine truth that Parama Purusa is in their heart.

Those involved in the dogma of mahaprayan should not be left to suffer
in their lowly state, where their kundalinii is stuck at their knees, or they
are not using their rational brain.

It is the unfortunate situation that to understand, attend, and enjoy
the dogma of mahaprayan, one’s mind should be in total darkness, devoid
of an iota of rationality and realisation.

Let spirituality and rationality reign in our Marga, and by His grace we
will all realise the divine truth that Baba is always with us.

Baba says, “He actually resides in the heart of a devotee.” (DT-2, ‘Yoga
& Tantra’)

Baba says, “When you attain awareness of Him, you find that He was all
along with you in your search. He was seated in your heart.” (AV-23,
‘God Is With You’, 23 May 1971, Ranchi)


Deciding Factor of Beauty

Baba says, “The notion of what is beautiful or ugly, or good or bad in
human beings changes from age to age, and in different environments. Those
who are black-complexioned will say, `How beautiful black is. Why is that
man so white? Has he contracted leukoderma, i.e. white leprosy? How
repulsive, how utterly repulsive!’ That is, human judgement is relative; it
changes according to time, place and person. In one particular country of
the world, people decompose small fishes, make a sauce out of them and then
bury it in the ground. After three months, when the sauce is so rotten that
its odour can be smelled even a mile away, they dig it up and eat it with
rice and pulses. `Oh how delicious,’ they exclaim. But if we were to eat it
we would complain, `How obnoxious, how repulsive!’ In that same country, a
gentleman was frying luci [puffed, unleavened bread] in cow’s ghee. The
village chief came up to him, saying, `Can you please go and cook your food
in some other place, far away from here? We have no idea what you’re
cooking, but whatever it is, it smells terrible. We can’t stand it any
more.’ It means they do not like the smell of pure cow’s ghee, which, for
us, is a very nice smell.” (AV-8, p.9-10)


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From: “Girish Chandra Mitra”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: We Must Save These Drowning People
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 07:57:48 +0530


“Ek nu’taner sur a’ji ba’jalo phule phuledola’ diye…” PS 127


By Baba’s grace, the melody of the new era is played today…Today in the
path of forward movement, no obstacle stands in our way. Our full-throated
songs are all sung in one tune. Forgetting all our differences, merging
together and laughing, let us march ahead today. Let us move together
with all…


Everyone is part of our human family, irrespective of their behaviour
and actions.

Certainly we are closer to our brothers and sisters in the Marga, as by
His grace we have come together to respond to His call. Naturally there
is a greater affinity amongst Ananda Margiis.

So it is very painful to see a few workers stray from the path and steer
away from their allotted duties and dharma.

Before detailing the below, it should be made clear that the vast
majority of workers are tried and true. Our acarya cadre is a noble one,
filled with dedicated persons who have great zeal for AM ideology.

Thus the cases pointed out below represent a mere few, and by Baba’s
grace we will help them to regain their footing so they can once again
become great agents of dharma and assets to our AM society. That is the
sole point of this letter.


The unique force we call mahamaya, or simply maya, never likes to lose
any of her subjects to the path of liberation. Thus again and again she
tries to ensnare those reaching towards mukti. Invariably, on certain
occasions, she is successful.

Such is what has happened to a few of our workers. They came with pure
intentions, and with the desire to do good, but due to circumstances and
by their vanity and indulgences, they succumbed to maya in a most
disastrous manner.

Tragically, when one is in the grip of maya, they cannot see the light
nor breathe fresh air. They are just bound in her web. So although each
and every worker has come for a very pious purpose, they can get stuck
in “less-than-stellar” activities.

The day their eyes open, they will be shocked by what has transpired –
by the hell they have been involved in. Sometimes though, their slumber
does not end during this lifetime – that is another tragedy.

So it is with heartfelt pain that I share the following. We must
remember that it is our responsibility to bring all to the proper path,
new people as well as those who have strayed (temporarily).

Even though maya may be strong, we must do our best to awaken one and all.


In so many avadhuta meetings, Baba would remind all workers that worldly
gratification is short-lived and not for Wts.

Baba would say: ‘You are my workers and you have come for a very
specific purpose – to wipe away the tears of suffering humanity and
spread the gospel of neohumanism. You are not ordinary, rather you are
extraordinary. You are the exception. You have not come to this world
for earthly enjoyments.’

This was the way Baba would speak in various worker and avadhuta meetings.

Still today, by His grace, Baba is holding the hand of each and every
worker. Those blinded by maya let go due to their vanity and lust. Even
then Baba is calling them back to the proper path.

We should examine these below cases, do the best we can to rectify them
and alert others lest more get bound by maya.


It is a tell-tale sign when any Dada or Didi gets involved in very close
and intimate communication with one another, especially when that
communication is very regular. This first case is like that.

Dada Mahitosa’nanda and Didi Ananda Suvrata’ were involved in talking to
and texting one another quite regularly via SMS (a message from her
mobile). Such inner communications were going back and forth between
Dada and Didi.

Then one drama happened.

Some other Dadas got those very text messages into their own in-box, and
forwarded those secret communications to many, many Wts. Thus all came
to find out about the inner dealings of Dada Mahitosa’nanda and Didi
Ananda Suvrata’.

By the nature of the messages, it was quite clear that this Dada and
Didi were involved in an illicit affair. One need not be a detective to
understand that this was what was going on. So for a while, everyone was
gossiping about these two Wts.

And when Didi Ananda Suvrata’ arrived in Pundag station for a recent RDS
etc, then Dada Mahitosa’nanda drove one jeep and received her at the station. All
took this to be proof of their status together.

How far their relationship is down and dirty, that is for Dada and Didi
to admit. That is not for others to say. But by the nature of the texts,
all workers were abuzz with the goopy details of this affair.

What happened has happened and now is the time for repair. Many say that
Dada Mahitosa’nanda and Didi Ananda Suvrata’ have shame for what they
have done in which case we must help revive them. If they are shameless,
then our hands are tied and there is little we can do. In that case,
only Baba can save them.

For various reasons, some are calling this a case of five-star negativity.


During seminars, DMS, or camps, Daya’shekhara’nanda always manages a
special van or train reservation with Allahabad RSL. They are like two
peas in a pod.

Plus whenevere Dadaji has to attend any function in the region travels
together with RSL together. It is not at all uncommon for Dada to hire a
special van and travel with her.

Needless to say this is most abnormal behaviour for a worker in our
Marga. In India, many Wts travel by 3rd class rail, not a hired car or
van. And it is well know that a single Dada and Didi are not to travel
together like this. It is unusual.

That is why many margiis have taken notice of this and have been talking
about it. During that past RDS, many workers were also discussing the

The main problem is that when one makes special plans like this it often
gives way to other things, and certainly indicates a type of mental


This next case involves Dada Mohansundarananda and Didi Ananda
Jyotisvarupa. Many treat this duo as boyfriend and girlfriend. You can
decide for yourself or, better yet, inquire with them as to what exactly
is going on.

However, it cannot be denied that these two have been “involved” with
one another for years and years. They are quite close and interlinked.

Their bond is so tight that when they find themselves separated by too
many kilometers then they cry out for one another.

Actually, their relationship is so old and so well known, people do not
even talk about it anymore. And often other acaryas will just mention
either Dada Mohansundarananda or Didi Ananda Jyotisvarupa in order to
refer to the both of them.

So their link is quite close. Ask them about it for more details, often
they are quite happy to talk about it.


In and of themselves, these cases are sad to see.

The mass of our Wts are sterling examples of dharma who live each day
holding onto a high ideal. And veritably, the aforementioned Wts also
came into the Marga with their sights set high.

So it is unfortunate and unnerving to hear and see such actions. We
always want our Marga to be something special, better than other
organisations etc.

Thus when any worker falls it is not just an individual affair but a
matter of collective concern.


One thing to clarify is that there is a heaven and hell difference
between married life and an illicit affair.

In married life, there is a sense of responsibility, duty, honesty,
obligation and more. Married people are not enamoured with sex but have
a pointed ideal in life: To manage their familial and social lives and
reach their spiritual destination and inspire their family members to do
the same, all the while working for their safety and welfare.

In a phrase, at the very least, married persons are bound by the rules
of society.

In contrast, those involved in illicit affairs are sunken in sexual
lust. This applies to one having an extra-marital affair as well as to
depraved priests and missionaires, including a few of our Dadas etc.

There is no sense of commitment, dedication or integrity. It is just
indulgence, and often deceit, dishonesty, and hypocrisy as well. There
are no redeeming factors.

All Wts should be highly encourage to live up to their ideal. If any has
fallen, then seek help, call out to Baba, and follow 16 Pts. That is the
way to go.

But if really one’s mind is totally engaged with their significant
other, then that worker should give up their dress and get married.
Hovering between the two is not the way. Accepting the responsibilities
is far better than being a half-baked acarya.

Best of all is to rectify oneself fully and resume one’s duty as an
acarya of the Marga with full integrity and commitment.


Baba has detailed that the path of AM is the path of exceptions, that
includes the vast majority or even all of our workers.

To keep our Wts on the right path, Baba is adamant that there should be
no intermingling. Baba used to tell the Dadas that if the Didi’s jagrti
was burning, then let it burn, do not go and help, instead quickly tell
the margiis to come to the rescue.

The point being, no worker should get caught up in helping or developing
sentimental links across gender lines. Doing so is only to invite problem.

Unfortunately, today there are a few Dadas who spend all their time
“serving” the Didis. Such Wts spend all their time during RDS checking
in on the Didi’s camp. It is not at all good.

We must recall that Buddhism was banished from India due to the crude
mixing of their monks and nuns. The same dark fate should not meet our

Instead we should encourage all to live the life of a sadhu, and become
an exception. That is the destiny of our wholetimers. And already most
are doing like this.

Baba says, “Most people spend their lives on this planet eating and
drinking. Sometimes they contract diseases, their stomachs become
distended, and they die. But there are certain exceptional people who
say, ‘No, we have not come to eat, drink and make merry.’ Those who lead
licentious lives foolishly get involved in brawls and fights, but the
exceptional people say, ‘No, we don’t want to live such a life.’
Missionary life was started on this planet by such people who today are
glorifying that tradition in ever increasing numbers. They alone will
make this line of exceptions even more brilliant, and will build human
history.” (AV-8)


By Baba’s grace our entire acarya cadre will again glitter and shine.
Those who have fallen should get rectified. Their should be no psyhic
longing for the opposite sex, let alone physical indulgence.
Unfortunately, right now there seems to be a little bit of both in our
Marga. Today that must stop and by Baba’s grace we must become exceptional.

Baba says, “Those people who are society’s exceptions are extraordinary
people. Keeping our ideology fixed before our eyes, we must also become
exceptional people. For those people who are treading a new path, who
are constructing something new, exception is as valuable as their very
lives.” (AV-8)


Only Remedy

Baba says, “It is the duty of all human beings and especially those who are
devotees, it is their mandatory duty to always think that, ‘I am a machine
and the controller is Parama Purusa. He is the machine man and I have to
work according to His desire. I have to fulfill His desire. This body of
mine is a machine and it belongs to Him. This is His machine and this
machine has to do His work.’ If one constantly thinks in this way then the
vanity of action will never sprout. This is the only path to save oneself
from vanity. One has to think ‘I am just one machine; I am a tool and
according to His desire I have to work’.”

(SS-16 (H), p. 81, DMC Agra 19 Feb 84)


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From: “Shantatma Kerketta”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: His Books Are Not the Way
Date: Thu, 15 0ct 2009 08:27:56 +0530


“Pradiip shala’ka’ jvele cali eka’, se priyo to mor elo na’…” ( P.S. 4794)


Alone sitting in isolation I lit the lamp. I was waiting and wondering
why my Dearmost has not come. I wanted to have a glance of Him, to lay my
eyes on Him. But neither did He come nor did He look towards me.

Sitting in dhyan, in my mind I prepared and decorated a seat for Him; I
was waiting and waiting for Him. But in dhyan I was just asking Him for
boons– to fulfill my worldly desires. I did not want to have Him. Rather I
wanted worldly things– boons etc. I did not ask for those things which are
divine and eternal. Instead I asked for perishable, decaying, material
things– those which are under the bondage of time, space, and person. So
instead of longing for Him, I asked Him for boon after boon. In my
misguided dhyan all these crude types desires I had.

So all that went in vain because my Dearmost did not come. In dhyan when
I was folding His seat and putting it away, then I thought that without
pure devotion then nothing is going to happen; I cannot get Him. What I did
in dhyan was just a waste of time. Everything went in vain. I gave more
importance to worldly things in comparison to devotion and I went on asking
for parabhakti from Him. That too went in vain.

Sitting alone I lit the lamp and waited, but my dear most did not come…


Even after a person dies, their example stands. Either that history
serves the welfare of humanity by providing a stellar model, or it
leads people in the opposite direction, toward the path of degeneration.

One of our late Dadas has put in print various ideas that may not be so
conducive to our human growth and development. It needs our clear-cut
review to remind us whether this Dada’s method is the path of dharma
or not.

This has great relevance to the way things are going in AMPS these days.
Because this Dada glorified creating a separate structure and now that
same misguided method is going on today. Thus our review is needed.


“I had established an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas…in Dehradun
District of UP.”

One of our late avadhutas wrote these words in his own book, when describing
the time he left AMPS to establish his own ashram.


We all know that in the general society, one’s quality, qualifications and
attributions are measured on the grounds of various superficial variables,
money, age, post, power etc.

But according to Baba’s Neohumanistic philosophy, character, dealing,
behavior and conduct are one’s true qualifications.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning,
your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.”
(Ananda Vanii #13)

In the above Ananda Vanii, Baba’s message is quite clear. Without ambiguity we
Ananda Margiis evaluate others on the point of their character and conduct.
Not on the point of money, power, avadhuta dress, Purodhaship, Kapalik
Sadhana, vishesha yoga, age, seniority, and Central Committee, Acarya board
and Purodha board, or even post of Purodha Pramukha.

So according to Baba’s above teaching we should evaluate the calibre of
everyone by their conduct only.

So to evaluate the quality and qualifications of this late avadhuta,
respected Dada Samanvayananda, we should discuss on the point of conduct.
How far did Samanvayanandaji’s conduct go in accordance with Baba’s


In Tantra, the Guru-disciple relation is the most significant thing. That
is why Baba has made various rules and given in Caryacarya about the
services to Guru.

We Ananda Margiis always do Guru Puja, minimum two times a day, every day.
And we know “Guru Brahma…”, the whole idea behind this is that Guru is
everything. And that any disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji must have
this basic characteristic that they should believe in Guru, not betray. One
must not betray Guru, otherwise everything is gone.


Here in India, Margis are fully aware about the history of Dada
Samanvayanandji. But our overseas Margis and newer margiis may not be aware
so for clarity, the basic matters are described here below.

Samanvayananda’s previous name was Ac. Shivananda Avt. And in 1972
when Baba went into jail, Dada lobbied against Baba and got failure.
Precisely, Samanvayanandaji a.k.a. Dada Shivananda left the organisation
and in a challenging way he created his own organization, giving it the name
“Prema Marga”. Dada established his office in Dehradun that time.

Making matters worse, in his lifetime Samanvayanandaji never expressed repentance
or remorse for going against Guru those days.

Tragically, Samanvayananda remained shameless & glorified that betrayal,
as if what he did was just and proper.

Dada created his own book ‘Glories of …’.

And in that book he mentions many times about his great work in Dehradun.
Means he is glorifying that time when he went against Guru and made that
separate organization known as Prema Marg and he was challenging Guru and AM.

About this deceitful display, Dadaji says that this was his “great” work.

We should not forget that in those days, Baba was in jail. It was during
those difficult days for AM when all support was needed, yet the late Dada
Samanvayananda left and created his own organization to compete against AM.

Andin his book, Samanvayanandaji wrote on page 57 about his glorified
days as a pseudo-guru.

“I had established an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas…in Dehradun
District of UP.”

Thus Samanvayananda does not show an ounce of repentance for his betrayal to
Baba. Not a word of repentance does he express for those black days in
which he left Baba and created his own organization.

In simple language this is betrayal to Baba and also back-stabbing.


When Guru is in jail then true margiis took lot of trouble and suffering in
various ways and also got imprisonment. I have deep respect for them. But
what respect should one have when Dada Samanvayananda betrayed Baba and
left Him during that very crucial time when Baba was in jail. And when
Baba was released then Dada Samanvayanandaji painted his own black face
with white oil paint and appeared before Margis in the beginning of 1983 as a
great saint as if nobody knows about his hypocrisy and betrayal to Baba.

When Baba was in jail Margiis were suffering also in jail, and Dada
Samanvayanandaji was enjoying his own self-created guru-ship, and
establishing one organization. And when the good days of AM came, then Dadaji
returned back because his fake guruship of Prema Marga was not as
beneficial or enticing as befooling Margiis. What a hypocrisy.

Baba appointed him as brahmacarya and made him wear a white lungi in order
to help rectify Dada of his arrogant and misguided ways.

But after ’90, Samanvayanada petitioned and got a very high post in our administration.
Who will appreciate his hypocritical behavior. I don’t think that any true Margii
and WT will appreciate.

Then later on some of those group leaders made Samanvayanandaji their high priest.
And Dada Samanvayanandaji moved all around the globe & gave his sermon
like the Pope of Rome. And he praised himself about the glory of his past.

About hypocritical people Baba’s guideline is very strong.

Baba says “Hypocrites are those who betray.” “Don’t forgive till his
nature is reformed. Immediate forgiveness is a special weakness of mind. It
results in worse harm to society.” (CC-2)

Everybody in this universe can forget Dada’s back stabbing to Marga
ideology. But true Margiis and Wt’s cannot. And his poor example must
not be glorfied but rather shown as deceit so none get enticed to
make a similar mistake by going against the Marga.

Already, a few others others have created their separate, parallel
structure as our Marga is struggling to survive, but this is not
the way. None should get duped by Samanvayananda’s example.


Here following is Baba’s divine guideline for building up one human society.

Baba says, “You must think, ‘I will personally move towards the supreme
desideratum, and at the same time I will try to assist those who are
suffering from despair, those steeped in blind superstition…Our family is
universal; our abode is also universal’.” (SS-18, p. 41)



Here is one further point about which Samanvayananda wrote in his
book. It regards the matter of certain instructions Dada Samanvayanand
himself dogmatically created, telling that if these are followed one will
achieve liberation.

Ac. Samanvayananda wrote in his book Ananda Satakam on p.131 last
para “Bhagavat….Paraman Padinca…” And, Samanvayanda Dada explains:

“Those who not only read but follow the instruction noted herein (of Ananda
Satakam) with interest and care, they will surely overcome the delusion of
this world and cross the stormy ocean of living in this world.” (p.131,
Ananda Satakam)

A similar type of teaching to what Samanvayanandji is teaching in this
“sutra”, is also very common teaching in Hindu religion. One famous example
is Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa has been written to impose / inject
fear complex into the general public mind to worship the god monkey, Hanuman.

To force the public to worship Hanuman monkey god, poet Tulsidaas wrote
“Hanuman Chalisa'” and that same way Samanvayanandaji is teaching others by
giving a dogmatic teaching like Tulsidas did. It is obvious that if the
dogmatic poet of the Hindu religion would not have injected the fear
complex then surely nobody would have appreciated to worship the monkey.

Because human psychology is that humans like to believe or pray that some
human being is their god. Not the monkeys. So it is the charisma of the
fear complex of that poetry that misguided / forced Hindu people to chant
every day the Hanuman chalisa hymn, means the monkey god eulogy.

So, it is obvious to all that to inject his Ananda Satakam on Margiis’
mind, Dada Samanvayananda did the same technique as the dogmatic Hindu poet

Following is the stanza of that dogmatic monkey god hymm: ‘Jo
satbar…mahasukha hoi’. The meaning is that those who will repeat those
Hanuman Chalisas (eulogy of Hanuman monkey god) will get liberation
and be free from all worldly problems, like money, matter, ghost etc.

So with fear Hindu dogmatic people are repeating this. In the same way our
Dada Samanvayananda tried to impose his book Ananda Satakam on Margiis
by creating fear complex.

“Those who not only read but follow the instruction noted herein (of Ananda
Satakam) with interest and care, they will surely overcome the delusion of
this world and cross the stormy ocean of living in this world.” (p.131,
Ananda Satakam)

The hidden threat is that those who do not follow my teaching will be
bound up in maya. Such is the crude fear complex that Samanvayananda
used to promote his faulty book.

Just the dogmatic poet of Hindu religion did with the monkey god story.

Baba clearly explains that religions do not follow the path of rationality,
do not follow the path of dharma. Rather they claim to be issuing the word
of God, and with this excuse they inject one after another dogma among
their followers.

Baba says,”The word “Dharma” is often loosely used for so-called religion.
The reasonfor this is that when the founders of almost all religions
propagated their respective doctrines to the general mass, they claimed
they were the messages of God. But no religion ever followed the path of
logic.” (HS-I, ’87 ed., p.4)

So religions preach all sorts of harmful dogmas under the aegis of their
false claim that they are preaching the word of God.

Certainly, those living in India know very well about the monkey god Hanuman
but for overseas readers let me please tell something more….– the god
Hanuman belongs to the ape family. He has a long tail and his face is like
a monkey. It is not even a human being; Hanuman is one monkey. That is why
one name of the monkey is Hanuman. And Chalisa’ means eulogy. Every Hindu
dogmatic person is well aware of these things but for the benefit of
overseas Margiis it is meaningful to explain the matter in full.

However the main point is that this dogma of the monkey god is deeply
rooted in all fundamental Hindus’ mind. And every day they must repeat this
thing minimum one time and especially when they feel fear of ghost. The
dogma is that by repeating the monkey god name, ghosts will not come and
monkey god worshippers will ultimately reach the goal of liberation and all
desires will be fulfilled. And those who disrespect this will themselves
burn in hell fire. Because of this dogmatic belief, Hindu people are afraid
and they are repeating the Hanuman Chalisa with deep reverence.

So Dada Samanvayananda unfortunately suffered from attachment to
Hindu dogma. Clearly Dada carried this dogma on his head. Because in
the same way as the monkey god hymn, Dadaji created one complex that if any
margii will believe and respect and chant his sloka then surely they will
get liberation as if there is no need of astaunga yoga sadhana. Only his
Ananda Satakam will work as the divine ship to across the ocean of maya.

Our Language

Baba says, “All the languages of the world are our language, this always
you will remember. All the languages are your language. Of them you may
know 2, 4, 10, 20, 200, 500, and all the rest you do not know. That does
not mean that the languages which you do not know are not your language.
All the languages of the world are the language of humanity. All the
languages are the language of Parama Purus’a. For all the languages you
should have love– equal love for all the languages.” (Hindi Language,
Morning General Darshan 1/1/84, Ananda Nagar)


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It is not discussed how Columbus and his crew - and those other so-called explorers who followed in their footsteps -  They systematically started a genocide that would continue for a couple hundred years until finally an entire continent was essentially bereft of all native people.

It is not discussed how Columbus and his crew - and those other so-called explorers who followed in their footsteps - They systematically started a genocide that would continue for a couple hundred years until finally an entire continent was essentially bereft of all native people.

From: “Will Chaucey”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Charge Columbus with Genocide
Date: Wed 14 Oct 2009 05:41:36 +1000


“Toma’r a’ma’r bha’loba’sa’ keu va ja’ne, keu ja’ne na’…” (P.S. 1423)


Baba, You love me and I love You. This very fact is not commonly known.
Baba, about my and Your love, a few may recognise but many not. Some
believe that love between the unit and the vast is indeed possible, but
some do not believe this eternal truth.

When the garland is prepared with only an insignificant thread, some
think that it is just a collection of flowers. While others can understand
that this garland represents the very sweet feeling and deep loving
relation for Whom it is made.

Nobody cares to recognize that on even small dew drops the whole sun is
reflecting. In a similar way, the unit carries a deep loving relation with
Parama Purusa. And in its little heart, Parama Purusa remains close by.

How much energy one little molecule can assimilate, the ordinary
intellect does not realise– nay cannot recognise. The little flower which
is dancing keeping the nectar in its heart, that is the entire sweetness of
the flower and its meaningful existence. In the same way, the beauty of
human beings is to carry the loving feeling for Parama Purusa in their
heart. That is the Goal of life. And then life becomes successful…



Note: All reporters and ideological contributors should check their
email accounts as there is important mail waiting for them there.

Once again Columbus Day – Oct 12 – has come and gone. It is a national
holiday in the US and Columbus himself is seen as a veritable hero in
many lands amongst most of the population.

Unfortunately, our history is not correct.

Much of our global population did not get the right account about
Columbus and his fellow explorers / exploiters. Today, the harsh ways
and demeaning tactics of Columbus et al have been made known, thus more
are sympathetic to the terrible fate that has befallen native
populations. Even then, it is not enough. More awareness is needed and
our history needs to be properly updated.

Baba’s call is that we should fully reconsider and rewrite history. No
longer should it be a one-sided perspective of kings and conquerors but
should reflect the struggles and glories of the common people.
(Reference: Let History be Rewritten 29 January 1980, Patna).

By His auspicious advent and His divine vibration, the world is
awakening to the truth – justice is slowly being served – gradually
light is coming and darkness is being lifted, by Baba’s, grace.

With increased recognition & respect to native peoples around the globe,
one can only come to the conclusion that “great explorers” like Columbus
be viewed in a new light.

Specifically, Columbus should be charged for his brutal crimes instead
of being hailed and revered for discovering the “New World”.


As mentioned, due to Baba’s divine vibration, in the last few decades,
things are changing. There is a growing dialog about “celebrating”
Columbus Day, or not. Should it be known as a a glorious day of
discovery or a black day which triggered countless atrocities. Today,
more and more are sympathizing with the latter.

Even then not all that much has been done in the practical field. There
remains a huge hill to climb.

After all, for generations and generations, all over the globe there has
been tremendous propaganda about the so-called greatness of Columbus,
especially in the “New World” (i.e. western hemisphere) and in lands
colonized by the western European nations.

Up until very recently, from Indonesia to Canada and from the US to
India, in schools everywhere it has been taught in an undisputed way
that “Columbus discovered America”, especially in the Euro-American
lands and colonies. Thus Columbus has been championed as a hero for

The statement – “Columbus discovered America” – was generally
accompanied by the following myths:

(a) Prior to Columbus’s arrival, there were no people living in the “New
World” (i.e. the United States) – or maybe just a few;
(b) prior to Columbus’s arrival, the US was just mostly empty space; and
(c) with great courage Columbus navigated the Atlantic ocean and founded
this totally new place.

These were the great lies that were propagated all around.

Columbus is then seen as great discoverer – who understood the world was
round and therefore opted to sail west to India from Spain. In that
manner Columbus became the founder of the USA & North America. A land
that no one knew even existed.

That is the common history that is taught and hundreds of millions of
people have been indoctrinated into this belief.

But this is totally false.

There was an established population and thriving community of native
peoples living all across North America. Some historians claim that
there were as many as 100 million people or more inhabiting that land.

Baba has also recognised that long ago a population of Indians came west
and formed the famed Mayan civilisation in the Americas, far before

Baba says, “The Mayan civilization is a transplanted Indian
civilization. It migrated to Central America during the rule of the
Pallavas of South India. Thus the transplanted Mayan and Indian
civilizations existed side by side.” (AFPS-3)

As Baba makes clear – there were long established communities of people
throughout South and North America. There were the Mayans and so many
other native peoples.

What happened to those people? How long were they here? Where did they
go? What is their story?

This part of the history is not commonly told in the general society.
All people understand is that, “Columbus discovered America”, as if
before his arrival no one was here.

It is not discussed how Columbus and his crew – and those other
so-called explorers who followed in their footsteps – burned and
butchered those native people. They systematically started a genocide
that would continue for a couple hundred years until finally an entire
continent was essentially bereft of all native people. Any and all
remnants of their existence were eliminated.

For these reasons and more, Baba has given the edict and warning, ” Let
History be Rewritten” (29 January 1980, Patna).

Baba says, “I suggest that in the writing of history there should be a
radical change. The history written so far is a history of kings and
monarchs. It should be thoroughly overhauled and completely rewritten –
rewritten in the interest of humanity and the universal well-being of
the human race. If the chronicles of history merely describe who
succeeded to the throne and when, who plundered the neighbouring
countries or kingdom, and who became a minister, they will be of no
importance whatsoever, nor, indeed, of any interest to the common
masses. If human beings are to profit from the study of the annals of
history, they must reflect the weal and the woe, the hopes and
aspirations of the masses.” (AFPS-4)


Unfortunately, the brutal history about “Columbus Day” is not widely
known, yet it stands as a microcosm of a ruthless exploitation and
terrible genocide that has happened almost everywhere. Around the globe,
local people have been viscously attacked by invaders.

Here is the basic formula:

1) Intimidate, terrorise and kill as many native people as possible.

In the US, the native Americans were hunted, burned alive, cheated,
raped and by and large decimated until this one proud community of
people was reduced to a mere few.

2) Commandeer all their treasures and resources.

The Euro-Americans quickly turned not just the Americas, but lands the
world over, into their own backyard and pillaged those places for their

3) Impose a dominant culture and language.

In the US, the brutal history for centuries is that the dominant white
population would systematically abduct new borns, infants and small
children of native populations – all done to exterminate the native
culture. They would put such children into military camps, and not allow
them to speak their own language or learn the history of their people.
Plus those innocent kids would be sexually molested, indoctrinated into
the way of the dominant group, converted to Christianity and arrested,
beaten, and tortured if they speak out. Their parents were left to cry
in misery. This happened all the way up to the 1950’s.

By Baba’s grace when He gave the divine teachings of AM, the vibration
changed. Then sun started shining and a new awareness was born.

Baba says, “The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has
awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human
history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend.” (Ananda Vanii
#1, 1 January 1956)

4) Humiliate the local people – break their morale – and impose a huge
inferiority complex.

The US Federal government and armies taught the native people to look
upon themselves as sub-human. And not just in the US, but in so many
colonized lands, the dominant European invaders forced local people into
this degraded outlook.

5) Use the native people as a free or cheap labor force.

6) Finally, wipe away their history and hail those who defeated them.

Such a formula has been applied by the dominant European culture(s) all
over: Australia, South Africa, United States, Canada, Mexico,
Philippines, Brazil and wherever the Europeans went such as Zimbabwe,
Vietnam, Bolivia etc. Almost everywhere. time and time again they
conquered the people and imposed their own language and culture, and
left the native people sunk in feelings of inferiority and woe.

Christopher Columbus is the grandfather of this heinous trend.

The European explorers tried hard to do this in India but they could not
get complete success. Otherwise India would have been much different.
Instead it is one of the only countries still in tact after the arrival
of “explorers”.

So this is not a one time event. Over and over again, native peoples
have been crushed by an invading dominant culture. By years of false
history and the manipulation of cultural values, people were led to
believe that the European culture is the uppermost. That’s why the
Christian religion became so dominant all over the globe.

And the celebration of Columbus Day stands as perhaps the so-called
crowning jewel of this horrific aspect of human history.


Yet, year after year, in the US and throughout the so-called New World,
Columbus day is revered as a national holiday with big parades and fancy
events. Government offices are closed, banks shut down, the Post Office
is closed – all done in honour of Christopher Columbus.

Again, awareness of the horrors created by Columbus is growing, but
there remains far more unawareness than awareness.

And certainly, no government is prepared to charge Columbus with a



Due to Baba’s divine will, a strong vibration has been generated and
since the mid 20th century, the tamasik forces are being defeated and a
proper humanity is being formed. By His grace a greater awareness is

Here are some examples of recent developments, due to His grace and the
rise of human consciousness.

“Canada’s apology follows a similar one by Australian Prime Minister
Kevin Rudd to the Aboriginal peoples in February of this year. Like in
Canada, young Aboriginals were taken from their families, often by
force, and sent to schools and homes where they were often abused,
exploited, and prevented from speaking their language or practicing
their way of life.The United States has a similar legacy, but has yet to
apologize.” (June 16, 2008)

The US Federal government is “considering” apologising for these
actions, and in fact a committee in the US Senate did issue an apology
on Aug 10, 2009, stating, “Apologizes on behalf of the people of the
United States to all Native Peoples for the many instances of violence,
maltreatment, and neglect inflicted on Native Peoples by citizens of the
United States.”

Why are such apologies and recognition needed? A proper history is
needed to give respect to those who have been treated as downtrodden as
well as to ensure such atrocities are not repeated.

By seeing Columbus not as a hero but rather as an aggressor, no sane
person will appreciate his misdeeds wherein one human group destroyed

Just as no one appreciates Hitler, similarly Columbus and his fellow
invaders cannot be gloried. Their true colour will be seen for what it is.

This will not be the victory of one race but rather the victory of
morality and neo-humanism.


The ruthless exploitation of native peoples is a common equation.

Break their backbone – make their situation pathetic – bring economic
and cultural ruination – lead them into the depths of addiction,
frustration, and despair – and on the top make “scientific studies” that
prove that this is a genetic phenomenon, not a social one.

This is the systematic way native populations have been exploited – and
Columbus is the forefather of all such exploitation. Indeed the very
journals of Columbus and his fellow explorers stand as proof of what
vile acts and atrocities they committed. There is no denying their history.

By Baba’s grace their anti-human ways are being recognised and
overturned, step by step.

Baba says, “Human culture is one, though there are some local variations
in its expression. But a particular group which is motivated by
socio-sentiment to exploit others, tries to destroy the local cultural
expressions of other groups. It forcibly imposes its language, dress and
ideas on other groups, and thus paves the way for exploitation by
paralysing those people psychologically. This is how people guided by
socio-sentiment perpetuate exploitation in cultural life.”

“This is occurring throughout the world. Is it not your noble duty to
save these simple and persecuted people from exploitation? Certainly it
is. Those of you who did not understand this before, now do understand
it clearly; or you will come to understand it later from others. Human
beings must be saved. Why should innocent people be forced to live like
sacrificial lambs? This must not be tolerated…Hence it is the bounden
duty of every rational person to save innocent people.” (NH-LOI)


By Baba’s grace, the days of glorifying Columbus are coming to an end
and he will be charged with the real crimes he committed. That will set
a tone that all people should be respected and remind our humanity that
local people should be protected. By rewriting this history to reflect
the truth, such crimes will not be repeated in the future.

Baba says, “Only by writing such a history will human beings one day
prove not only to this world but to the entire universe, that Parama
Purus’a was justified in creating human beings.” (AFPS-4)


Surgery and Ancient India

Baba says, “There is a very interesting example of surgery. The cousin
of Krsna (the son of the sister of Lord Krsna’s father) was Jarasandha, the
king of Magadha, with his capital at Rajgir. At the time of the birth of
Jarasandha, the child bad to be cut out of the womb. People saw this child
and threw it in the cremation ground. Then there came a very famous
non-Aryan (raksasii) lady doctor known as Jara. She stitched the child in a
proper surgical operation and saved it. Since the lady Jara joined (sandhi)
the pieces of the child’s body, the name of the child became Jarasandha.
This proves that the people were well acquainted with surgery.” (MHB, p.


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Date: 13 Oct 2009 07:58:21 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Yadav”
Subject: Ongoing Fantasy: ‘I am Dharmic’


“Diner a’lote a’so ni, ele tumi a’ndha’re…” P.S. 2073


Baba You are so merciful, You are so divine. Earlier when my life was
full of happiness then that time You did not come; but now in this period
of darkness You have come. It is Your grace.

During my good days I wanted You to come and rejoice the occasion. But
that did not happen– in the effulgence of the day You did not come. But
now in the darkness of night You have come. Baba, how You play Your

Baba in the smile of the moon, You do not present Yourself. But when I
was suffering in pain, then with the soothing balm You came and relieved me
of my suffering. Baba, You have come in this cimmerian darkness when I am

Baba, everyone knows that You are most-loving; and everyone
knows that You think about one and all. Even then they involve in logically analysing
and reasoning about Your ways in order to strengthen their love for You–
to love You in a deeper way.

O’ Baba, You are beginningless and Your abode is in infinity. In all
the twelve months You remain constantly along with me– in pain and
pleasure. Baba, You are the divine shelter of everyone; You are the heart
of everyone, the Soul of souls. And by Your grace You pull everyone close
to You. You never discard or ignore anyone– irrespective of how high or
how low they are.

Baba You have only come in this time of crying and suffering. In the
good days when I was calling You then You did not come. Baba, Your glory is
unfathomable; Your liila is beyond imagination; Baba, You are so gracious…


We live in such a diverse and colourful universe– in their own mind most
everyone thinks that they are following dharma, or the way of truth etc.
All think that their plan is the way things should be, that their plan is
the most righteous one.

Mr. Bush and his capitalist agents think that their approach of “getting
oil no matter what” is virtuous, while Islamic militants believe their
“so-called holy doctrine of Allah” is virtuous.

So to get power, to stand on top of the mountain, due to their
self-interest, both parties think they are right. This is their real

And this type of drama is unfolding within every religion and within every
nation– all over the globe. Goaded by their self-interest, all think that
their group or party has “the way”.


Similar is the case in AM. Due to their self-interest, one factional party
thinks that their way is the dharmic approach and another group believes
that they hold the key to “truth and enlightenment”.

So all pronounce theirs as the pathway of AM ideology.

One group thinks writing “Translated from the original Bengali” at the
beginning of every book is the dharmic approach, and another group believes
that “PP’s word” is the key to truth & welfare in AMPS. And still others
take it upon themselves to fabricate their own self-styled Ananda Vaniis.
But that is not all…

Some think that the killing of Abhipremananda is something virtuous.
Whereas others think that in the dark of the night, they can attack anyone
who is going against their group. And even the old chief of VSS
Madhavananda thought that his killing of some avadhutas was virtuous.
All these types of things have been going on– in the name of dharma.

So each & every side has their own strategy in mind, knowingly or
unknowingly. And all are internally convinced their way is that of AM

This is how things are unfolding these days in our Marga.

Now then is the time to see who is just living in their own silly dreamland
and merely repeating ‘I follow dharma’, and who is really involved in AM
ideology and truly following dharma.


By Baba’s grace, He has given us the perfect method to see who is who and
what is what.

Baba says, “To my ideology I am as simple and straight as a rod.” (SS-18)

So Baba’s teaching is quite neat and clean: One must adhere to AM teachings
completely and not twist them in any direction. That is Baba’s guideline.
And the practical application of this is that His teachings are to be kept
“as is”– and those teachings are to be applied in one’s practical life.

That is the determining factor of who is following AM ideology.


Unfortunately some have their own way of “following dharma…”.

1. For example, for years and years some factional heads were adamantly
convinced that all Baba’s books should be prefaced with “Translated from
the original Bengali”– even if the discourse was originally given in
English in Fiesch, Switzerland. So in the name of dharma those groupists
printed “Translated from the original Bengali” on the cover page of all the
AM books. This was their so-called dharma.

2. Then others have grabbed partial quotes from various sources and
proclaimed them to be Ananda Vaniis– when in fact Baba never included such
things in His original Ananda Vanii collection. Hence what those groupists
are making is nothing but Fake Ananda Vaniis– all done in the name of

3. Still others place PP’s name on the bottom of various orders and
proclaim that so and so is hereby expelled forever or some other outlandish
claim when in fact Baba has firmly declared that expulsion is not allowed
in AM. Even then various groupist proceed ahead in the bullish plan of
expulsion. This then is yet another episode of what that some factional
heads are doing in the name of dharma.

4. So in all sorts of ways, shapes and forms, various leaders in various
camps do things in the name of dharma. Those who are cunning knowingly
understand that they are going against dharma yet proclaim it as being
dharmic. And in the other corner some simple and naive people truly believe
in their heart that what they are doing is dharmic. Yet, in reality–
though one is worse than the other– both are far, far from AM ideology.


The question then becomes why do they do like this– why do certain
factional leaders go against AM ideology yet proclaim with full zeal that
they are acting in accordance with AM ideology. How is that they do not
have courage to admit and repent that what they are doing is opposite to
Baba’s teaching– opposite to dharma.

As is commonly seen, the answer is that they are blinded or goaded by their
own selfish desire. Stuck in that low mindset they are unable to admit
their fault– and just get drowned in their own silly agenda.
Either they think ‘I must get the power’ or they think ‘I must remain
forever on this MU’ or they think ‘I must become the most respected one’
etc. And in that blindness of self-interest, in that drunken egoistic
state, they do so many nasty things in the name of AM ideology to satiate
their hunger. But in that way they stray far from the path & go 100%
against dharma.

In that blindness, they distort AM scripture, take away margii rights, tear
down the BP system– countless heinous acts they do, all in the name of

Such is what happens when this or that groupist is wearing the eye-glasses
of selfish-interest. They twist AM ideology to their own end.

When in fact a true dharmika will do each and everything for AM ideology–
for dharma, without harbouring any other desire in mind.

Unfortunately time and time again, groupists stray from this ideal– all
because of their selfish approach.


It is just like during the Indian independence movement. At that time
various so-called leaders were making countless promises about how they
will restore glory to India. This was their regular chant of dharma. But
their so-called holy promise was all dependent on one factor– that of
satisfying their selfish desire of getting the chair etc. And then once
they got it, the rest is history. We all know what happened.

Rather than solving India’s ills and bringing forth the glory of India &
restoring dharma, instead they cracked the nation into multiple pieces. All
because their selfish lust for power was greater than their desire to bring
welfare to the country, greater than their desire to follow dharma.


Tragically, we are now witnessing this same type of event in AMPS. Blinded
by their self-interest they wrote “Translated from the original Bengali” on
the cover of every AM book in an attempt to show that their land or
language is the top etc. Or due to their self-interest they fabricated so
many Fake Ananda Vaniis that goaded margiis to ‘sit still and remain
passive’ or ‘follow “dharma” by siding with my group’ etc.

And by all this selfish power plays, the real teachings of AM ideology just
fall by the wayside– this is their so-called dharmic approach.


Hence even though there are so many opposing camps that all claim to be
following dharma, it is quite easy to understand how these various groups
are just living in their own dreamland. Because, each, in their own way,
twists AM teachings to suit their own ends.

Whereas those who are ideologists– those who are dharmikas– will always
keep Baba’s teachings “as is” and mold themselves according to His divine

By this measuring rod, we can be sure who is a veritable dharmika and
abiding by the ideals of AM versus who is living in their own hypocritical
dreamland and merely mouthing ‘I follow dharma’.


In the end let us remember that Baba has given one authoritative warning to
those selfish people who are bragging that ‘everything I am doing is
dharmic’. Such persons should remember that nature will not spare them:
They will have to undergo the consequences of their misdeeds– either in
this life or the next.

Hence we should utilise whatever strength Baba has given us to serve others
and never fall prey to any type of personal or group interest– just like
those who think that ‘let AM Revolution discourse get distorted since the
change is in favour my wt group etc’. This type of defective outlook is
very negative.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that
happen in one’s personal and collective life where some wrong is committed.
And if one is simple and open-minded then they may understand and admit
their wrongdoing whereas if one is just drowned in their own ego they will
never understand– and they will just incur more and more sin and
ultimately undergo that hellish reaction.


This is the time to look in 360 degrees and review the situation. It is our
duty to keep Baba’s teaching “as is”. If His divine teachings remain in
their original condition, then today or tomorrow AM ideology will be
established– based on His very teachings. But if His divine words are
tainted then the situation will be so disastrous.

That is why it is the personal and collective responsibility of each and
every Ananda Margii to keep Baba’s things “as is”. That is the greatest
work of this present day.


By Baba’s divine grace, we will all bring back the holy pillars of AM
ideology into our AMPS and create one truly dharmic society.

Baba says, “You follow me, that is, you follow my word, follow Bha’gavata
Dharma, because you are a human being.” (SS-21)


Importance of Padma’sana

Baba says, “Padma’sana [lotus posture] is just like a lotus in full bloom.
Just as the roots and stem of the lotus remain under the water and only the
leaves and flowers float about it– and although it is born in the mind it
sustains its love for the stars– in the same way people sitting in this
lotus posture and remaining in the world, can keep their minds above their
mundane environment. That is why on the path of sa’dhana’ this posture has
tremendous importance.” (NSS, ’85, p.241)


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"...sarvaungasana purifies the entire body. 'Sarva' means all; 'aunga' means limbs and organs; and 'asana' means position comfortably held. So by performing this asana the whole body-- all the limbs and organs-- gets rejuvenated and cured from all types of diseases and ailments."

"...sarvaungasana purifies the entire body. 'Sarva' means all; 'aunga' means limbs and organs; and 'asana' means position comfortably held. So by performing this asana the whole body-- all the limbs and organs-- gets rejuvenated and cured from all types of diseases and ailments."

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:35:51
Subject: Asanas That Cure All Diseases


“Ga’n geye ja’bo, shono na’ shono tav iccha’…” P.S. 2305


Baba, I will go on singing Your song– Your glory. It’s up to You
whether You will grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with
these songs, in my deep contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations,
by Your grace– and go on serving You.

Baba with my deep yearning I am calling You again and again without
getting any response– You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me
maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I
will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of
getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine
tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And
that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to
go closer to You.

Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly
attributions, Your depth cannot be measured– nobody can realise You. But
by surrendering that very unit “I” which already belongs to You, and with
the divine sweetness of singing Your name I will surely get You by Your

Baba, I sing my songs only for You–to serve You, to please You. Please
be gracious and keep me on Your lap.

Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning
for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in
the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation
towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but
rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that
devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of
communication is quite natural.


In the wide world of yoga there are more than 50,000 known asanas. And
among those 50,000, Baba has graciously compiled approximately 42 which we
use in our A’nanda Ma’rga system.

And in particular in A’nanda Ma’rga yoga, there are two a’sanas that Baba
has given which cure all the diseases.

(a) The first one is sarvaungasana [shoulder stand]. And as its name
denotes sarvaungasana purifies the entire body. ‘Sarva’ means all; ‘aunga’
means limbs and organs; and ‘asana’ means position comfortably held. So by
performing this asana the whole body– all the limbs and organs– gets
rejuvenated and cured from all types of diseases and ailments.

(b) The second asana with this cure-all quality is matsyendrasana [spinal
twist]. As noted, in sarvaungasana the name itself denotes that it is
beneficial for all the organs etc. But the same is not the case with the
name– matsyendrasana. Reason is that matsyendrasana is named after one
prince who became a great yogi. That prince’s name was Matsyendranath. And
since he was the one who created this asana, that asana was named:

(c) But it should be clearly known that both these asanas positively effect
the entire body. But the name of one asana expresses this idea whereas the
other asana does not. Even then, the all-round benefits of these two asanas
are nearly identical.

(d) In sarvaungasana even the eyes get proper exercise by focusing up
towards the big toe. Similarly, in matsyendrasana, the eyes derive
tremendous benefits from looking to the far left and far right during the
twisting motion.

(e) So both these asanas exercise & revitalise the entire body from head to
foot. Specifically these asanas benefit the arms, legs, mouth, nose, eyes,
head, ear, tongue as well as all the cakras of the body.

(f) For sarvaungasana, a complementary asana also needs to be done. That is
matsyamudra, a.k.a fish posture. So first one should do sarvaungasana, then
one should 15 seconds rest by doing shavasana (corpse pose), and then one
should do matsyamudra. Directly after completing matsyamudra one can again
begin sarvaungasana. But each time in between Sarvaungasana and
Matsyamudra, shavasana should be performed.

(g) Those suffering from high blood pressure should refrain from doing

(h) In our AM system, asanas have not been selected just on the basis of
physical exercise only. Rather Baba has perfectly selected those asanas
which are helpful in maintaining good health as well as proper glandular
secretions– which help make the body fit for spiritual practice. Such
types of asanas have primarily been included in our AM system. That is why
Baba has included and approved only 42 asanas for Ananda Margiis.

(i) Here below are a few of Baba’s direct guidelines regarding asanas.

Baba says, “‘A’sana’ means ‘a position in which one feels comfortable’–
‘Stirasukhama’sanam’.” (CC-3)

Baba says, “A’sanas are a kind of exercise by regular practice of which the
body stays healthy and hardy and many diseases are cured.” (CC-3)
Baba says, “[Specifically] those diseases which create trouble in the path
of meditation may be cured by the help of specific a’sanas, so that
sa’dhana’ may more easily be done.” (CC-3)



(I) Sarva’unga’sana (all-limbs posture):

(a) Lie down on your back. Gradually raise the entire body and keep it
straight, resting its weight on your shoulders. The chin must be in contact
with the chest. Support both sides of your trunk with your hands. The toes
must remain together; the eyes must be directed at the toes.

(b) Lie down in padma’sana. Gradually raise the body and rest its weight on
your shoulders. Support both sides with the hands. This a’sana is also
known as u’rdhvapadma’sana (inverted lotus posture)’.

Practise three times, up to five minutes each time.

(II) Matsyamudra’ (fish posture): Lie down in padma’sana. Rest the crown of
the head on the floor and grasp both the big toes with the hands. Practise
three times. Maximum time for practice is two-and-a-half minutes.

(III) Matsyendra’sana (Matsyendra’s posture): generally for males:

(i) Press the mu’la’dha’ra cakra with the right heel. Cross the left foot
over the right thigh and keep it to the right of the thigh. Grasp the left
big toe with the right hand, keeping the right arm along the left side of
the left knee. Reach backwards from the left side with the left hand and
touch the navel.
Turn the neck to the left as far as possible.

(ii) Then press the mu’la’dha’ra with the left heel and reverse the
process. One round means completing the process on both sides.

Practise four rounds, half a minute each time.

– The Solution –

Baba says, “Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart,
intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in
A’nanda Ma’rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of
identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and
psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows–
the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the
progeny of Parama Purus’a…by dint of sa’dhana’ or spiritual practices
human beings gradually become divine.” (PNS-18, p.10)


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Self-Test: II

"This is the introspective self-test that everyone in AM must take. No one can administer this test to you. Nor can you impose this test on anyone else. This is for every sadhaka to think about internally - with absolute honesty and sincerity, otherwise it will not work."

"This is the introspective self-test that everyone in AM must take. No one can administer this test to you. Nor can you impose this test on anyone else. This is for every sadhaka to think about internally - with absolute honesty and sincerity, otherwise it will not work."

From: “Ramlal Sharma”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Self-Test: II
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 10:50:51


“A’lo jhariye madhu ks’ariye a’ndha’r sa’riye tumi esecho…” (P.S. 1233)


Baba, You have come and by Your divine advent You are showering
effulgence, exuding nectar, and wiping away all darkness. Baba, You have
come– making the flowers blossom & graciously spreading happiness and
bliss to one and all. Baba, by Your august arrival everyone’s hopes and
longings have been fulfilled.

Baba, living beings were awakened by the deep yearning and pain of
longing in their heart. And with this feeling, in the anticipation &
hope of Your coming, they were awake, watching for Your arrival–
constantly looking towards Your path. Baba, this pain and longing of
devotees resonated in Your heart and You could no longer remain distant.

Baba, You have come and You are graciously pouring the basket of love–
satisfying everyone’s heart. The sleeping humanity has gotten new life
by Your grace.

Baba– that river which dried up and evaporated, and that song which
was lost in the oblivion– the current of that very river and the tune of
those songs You have graciously brought along with You.*

Baba due to Your august advent You have inundated each and every heart
with the nectar of devotion. This is Your causeless grace…

* The inner idea is that when Parama Purusa comes and He saturates the
heart with deep devotion, then all those feelings of love and which had
dried up start to blossom. In the above song, the river signifies the
flow of devotion and the song and melody refers to that subtler
expression of devotional feeling…


Note: The link for the first letter in this series is below the signature.

The first letter in this series emphasized the importance of devotion
and offered a self-test: “Am I a jinani or not?”

This letter focuses on evaluating, “Am I truly a devotee?”.

In any discourse it states that devotees are the uppermost and
their life will be victorious. So let’s see, “Am I devotee
or not?”

Many live under the illusion that they are devotees, but in
true sense they are not. None should fall into this hole.

Thinking about being a devotee is not enough, one should
test oneself according to Baba’s divine teachings.

Knowing what one’s real status is very important. If you
discover this truth at the end of your life, then that
will invite misery and it cannot be fixed in that late

Now is the time to know: Do I have devotion for the Divine
Entity or not?

There is no external judge, court, or committee that is carrying out
this survey. This is purely a self-test.

Specifically, I should ask myself and you should ask yourself. There is
no “other” involved and this is not the time to judge or classify
someone else. This is purely a personal experiment for spiritual

Let’s then investigate this important topic, “Am I a real bhakta?”.
Knowing the answer will foster progress along on the path.


Other schools of yoga may give huge credence to the paths of action
(karma) and jinana (knowledge). But in Ananda Marga, everyone
understands well that bhakti is the main thing. That is what Baba
Himself emphasizes in so many thousands of discourses.

Baba says, “It is a recognized fact that the way to salvation is
three-fold; jina’na, karma and bhakti. All three of these roles are
recognized routes, and I have nothing to say against any of them. But
you know, those who are experienced in this life of spirituality say,
after realization, that the path of bhakti is the best. Even the
intellectual giant Sham’kara’ca’rya had to admit that “moks’a
ka’ran’asamagryam’ bhaktireva gariyasii” – bhakti is the best way to
moks’a or salvation, the approach of bhakti is the best.” (AV-6)

Baba says, ‘The path of bhakti is not only harmless, but the wisest one
and is the approach of the most rational people. So my advice to you all is
to move along the path of bhakti. It is the best route.” (AV-6)

Indeed, it is well known in our Marga that devotion is the most favoured
approach and the best thing in life is to become a devotee – that is
second to none.


When we all want to become devotees, there should be a sure-fire way to
determine, “If I am a devotee or not”.

One should not live in the illusion that “I am a great bhakta” when in
fact I have just tamasik devotion. That is like cheating oneself,
knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally.

It is just like if I think to myself, “I am a great swimmer and I can
swim across the river”, when in truth I am not a great swimmer. Then
when I try to swim the river, invariably calamity will strike. I will
not make it – I will drown. All because I was living under the banner of
self-deception & hypocrisy.

Such horrors should not happen in one’s devotional life. One must not
think, “I am a top grade bhakta, I am a top grade bhakta’, only to reach
the end of their years on this earth and suddenly realise, “I have
wasted my time, I do not have devotion, I do not know what to do.” This
type of panicked desperation due to living in an illusion should not
befall anyone.

All along they hypocritically think that I am great devotee, and they
get happy announcing this to others, when in fact in their heart they
have just tamasik devotion. That situation is not good, because
Parama Purusa sees right into your heart and knows what you are.

So one must not dupe oneself in this hypocritical manner. Then one
will just feel empty inside despite getting praise from others.

Nor should one live with the false notion that “I have no devotion”,
when in fact I have a lot of devotion.

There should not be a miscalculation in either direction.

So we should make a clear pathway to understand our own degree of
devotion. That is what this letter is all about.


First we must understand and define what devotion is.

Sa para’nuraktriishvare

According to Baba, devotion is love for the Supreme Entity.

Baba says, “One’s attraction for the Infinite Entity is called
prema…And for a bhakta? Bhaktipremasvaru’pin’ii. For a bhakta, “bhakti
is prema personified.” Bhakti is the spirit of prema.” (SS-24)

Having love for Parama Purusa is devotion.


The key principle then is how to measure one’s love for Him. How can a
sadhaka introspectively understand, “How much do I really love Baba.”

Here is one theorem that will help.

Baba says, “Where “I” is, “He” is not… where “He” is, “I” is not.
Remember, devotion is the pre-requisite of sadhana’. Maturity of
devotion is love and maturity of love is He.” (SS-3)

What needs to be understood here is that the human mind is one. One’s
egoistic desires cannot co-exist with love for Baba. It is either “I” or
“He”, “I” or “Baba”. That is the real determining factor in assessing
the level of devotion.

Let’s take a more careful look.

Suppose a person thinks, “I want to become a respected leader, but of
course I love Baba.” Anyone thinking like this is not a true bhakta.
Because their egoistic desire of wishing to become a great leader is
more than their love for Him.

Likewise if the mind is full or dominated by any similar desire: “I want
to become a millionaire”, or “I want to meet someone from the opposite
sex”, or “I want my boss’s job”, or “I want post and prestige”, or “I
want to vacation in Switzerland”, or “I want to become Purodha
Pramukha”, or “I want to be respected in my town”, or any other such
desire, then to the degree that desire is existing or dominant is the
degree to which, “I am not a devotee”.

Because the “I” is dominant and not “He”.

That is essentially how it works. “I” and “He” cannot co-exist as the
human mind is one.

One is imposing my desire about His desire.

This does not mean that one must give up everything of this world,
such as a job, or house, or family, only it means that one
should live in this world in service to Him.

I should continue doing my duty – doing my job and serving my
family – all in service to Him, not in pursuit of my own
petty desires. This is objective adjustment.

Objective adjustment does not mean forgetting Baba, it means
keeping Him as the Supreme Subject in all one does. The I-feeling
of ego should never dominate. Many get confused on this point.

Real bhaktas harbor only a single desire in their mind; regardless of
what they are doing they think, “I want to please Parama Purusa”. That
is their singular motivation and internal longing.

Any other subsidiary desire merely diminishes that state of true
devotion. Why? Because love is only one, not two or many. One cannot
simultaneously long for Baba and a higher post. Longing is one and a
person will naturally long for what they love most.

Thus every Ananda Margii must reflect, “What do I long for most? Baba
and Baba alone – or do I have other desire in mind?”

One cannot love two things to an extreme degree, only one. Some
confuse that they can have strong love for many objects, but that
is just a misnomer. There can be top-grade love for one entity.

Why? Because the cult of spirituality is the cult of pinnacled order.


This is the introspective self-test that everyone in AM must take. No
one can administer this test to you. Nor can you impose this test on
anyone else. This is for every sadhaka to think about internally – with
absolute honesty and sincerity, otherwise it will not work.

If others administer the test, one can get a passing mark by
their hypocritical behavior. One has to prove to Parama Purusa, that
I am devotee – not others.

One must consider, “Am I doing to please Him or do I have some other
competing desire in mind.” That is the essential question.

Everyone must know their own state of mind and mental longing. That is
the self test. Then one will know their level of devotion.

According to AM scriptures, devotion is everything, and one’s longing
should only be for Parama Purusa and for that reason one gets
human life, then we should be clear about our real
stature of devotion. One should know, “I have high devotion or low

No one should live in some dreamland state like the pauper who
internally thinks they are a billionaire when in fact they have not even
one penny to their name.

Similarly, no Ananda Margii should foolishly walk this earth thinking
themselves to be a great bhakta, when in truth they have so many other
worldly longings in mind.

When talking about highest devotion then mind can only love one. When
loving Parama Purusa then one cannot simultaneously have worldly love.
If you fall in love with worldly things side by side dreaming that you
are a great devotee, then your devotion is false and it will not help you.

That is why introspection is needed to fix oneself.

In this regard, no third party is involved in this self-test. It is
between you and Parama Purusa. In this situation, hypocrisy has no
value. Sincerity is needed.

Here Baba shows how worldly love cannot coexist with Divine Love.

Baba says, “Do you love your son? No, no you don’t love your son. You love
Brahma in the form of your son. By loving your son as a son, you cannot
love the Lord. Where there is the feeling of son, there is no Lord and
where there is the Lord, there is no son. Where you exist He does not
and where He exists you are no more.” (SS-1)

Jánhá káma tánhá nahiin Ráma, jánhá Ráma tánhá nahiin káma;
Dono ekatra nahiin miile ravi-rajanii ek t́hama.

Baba says, “When there is attachment to the mundane, Parama Puruśa is not
there; where there is Parama Puruśa there cannot be attachment – these
two things cannot go together, just as the sun and the night cannot go
together in the same sky.” (DKG)


By Baba’s grace He has given us devotion for Him by bringing us onto the
path. But one must not let that level of devotion be drowned out by
other crude desires. One must cultivate more and more pure devotion –
failing that one’s fate is bleak.

Baba says, “the worship of Brahma should be done scrupulously, or else you
will later regret and bemoan the futility of your life with the last drop
of your tears at your last hour. You should make your life worthwhile through
your sa’dhan’. How much can your worldly friends and relations do for you?
After your death your relatives may perhaps ask, “How much money has he left
behind?” Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering
reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry for you for about
ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will
be only a profound sigh – a record of the futility and frustration of your
life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent.” (SS-3)

One must sincerely ask, “Do I long for Baba or something else like
money, name, or fame?”. Then one will know one’s true status.

At the same time, never miss the opportunity to ask Baba for more and
more bhakti. By His grace human life is a unique opportunity to come
close to Him.

One must realise, “I have been through so many animal lives and day by
day I am speeding towards my death. I must be practical and sincerely
advance along the path of bhakti. For that, I must think, ‘Am I longing
for Baba or something else’.”

Baba says, “There should not be any amalgamation in devotion. For example,
people mix copper in gold, but there should be no mixture in bhakti. Bhakti
should be shuddhá bhakti, unadulterated devotion; that is, there should
not be any covert desire in the mind. If there is a second thought, it
might be that that desire will be satiated; but Parama Puruśa will remain
unattained. The covert desire was your main desire, and devotion was a
show. This will not do.” (AV-1)

Baba says, “The object of Esana is Parama Puruśa and nothing else.”

“Ananyamamata visnormamata brahmasamgata”.

The Esana for other objects has to be channelized towards Parama Puruśa.
This will be the right Esana. And “Ananyamamata visnormamata brahmasamgata”
– that is love, that is Mukti. Hence, the correct Esana for men is Bhakti

“If a man wants to become a devotee of the lord but in the mind of his mind,
if he thinks that God will make him pass his examination – here the Esana is
not one but two. Here the work will not be done, “I want Paramatman and from
Him I want nothing”. When something is demanded from God the Esana becomes
two. Hence the time is completely wasted. Where this Esana is towards Paramatman
there it is known as Devotion. Where there is Bhakti there will be the success
in action and there will be victory for devotees.” (SS-20)




Baba says, “O’ human beings, don’t get scared, light is sure to come
after darkness.” (AV-1, p. 51)

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"Relative logic is based on sense perception...This is by definition limited and mistake prone.  Various groupists saw Baba with their crude eyes and then when their crude eyes could no longer see Baba, they declared that He is gone, and voila - mahaprayan."

"Relative logic is based on sense perception...This is by definition limited and mistake prone. Various groupists saw Baba with their crude eyes and then when their crude eyes could no longer see Baba, they declared that He is gone, and voila - mahaprayan."

Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 08:46:37 -0000
Subject: Bogus Logic
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Satiish K Bhatia”


“Pratham jiivane, tumi a’so niko, ta’r la’gi, mane kono klesh na’i…” (PS 379)


Baba, You did not come close to me in the dawn of my life; but I do not
have any agony in my mind about why You did not bring me under Your
shelter that time– why You did not come close to me and become very
intimate. For that I do not have any mental anguish or suffering. But I
do have repentance in my heart for why I did not search You that time.
That is why my heart is burning and crying all the time. The fault is
mine that in my early years I did not search You. For that I have deep

Baba, that time You were so close to me– living side by side, always.
Even then I did not call You or try to search for You by learning
sadhana. I did not care about that back then. Just my days and nights
passed in vain, doing various useless pursuits that time in the early
stage of my life. Yet, now in the twilight of my life, the more those
early remembrances sprout in mind, the more pain I feel.

Baba, by Your grace everyone comes onto this earth for a short span of
time, for a calculated period. And there are so many works to do. Yet
fruitlessly people waste their time blaming God for their misfortunes–
but there is no benefit in this. Because everyone is facing their own
samskara. When they remove the umbrella of vanity, they will realise
that Your grace is showering eternally. Baba, You are ever gracious;
what You do is best for me. My only desire is to always remain under
Your shelter…


People often think that if they have logic on their side – then
everything is well and fine. Then they feel that their stance is
justified and correct.

However, this needs our special consideration.


The Sanskrit word “yukti” means logic. The root “yuj” means to unite.
And when one unites themselves with a particular thought process, that
is their logic. However, such logic can be right or wrong. Because,
everyone has their logic – even those on opposite sides of the same issue.

For instance, pro-choice advocates and anti-abortion activists both have
their logic. Pro-choice’ers say that a woman has a right to make a decision
about her body and that there is no loss of human life whereas right to lifers
argue that one cannot kill a human life yet abortion does just that. So both
sides have their own logic – and the debate roars ahead in that way.

Another hot topic is gay marriage. Those for it proclaim that every human
being has the right to marry while those opposed say that marriage is to be done
only between a man and a woman. Here again, both sides have their logic.

Likewise, politicians “on opposite sides of the aisle” have their own
logic about issues from health care to the economy. Meat eaters and
vegetarians have their logic. Convicted criminals and court justices
both have their logic. Everybody has their logic.

In the aforementioned cases, both parties are not correct. One may be
correct or neither may be correct. It depends. Yet both have their
favoured logic on the very same issue.

Here the point is that logic can lead one to the wrong answer. Period.
So we have to be careful – logic itself is not to be trusted 100% – we
must ensure that our quest for truth goes beyond simple logic.


At present we have similar issues in AMPS. There are topics on the table
for review, and various parties have their logic. So on any given issue
– court cases, land disputes, book rights etc – each of the groups has
their chosen logic. They all have their ground to stand on, claiming
their view or logic to be correct.

To escape this predicament – to follow the path of dharma – we have to
then go beyond just plain logic.


The main problem is that logic can be formulated around any group,
party, or personal interest. Let’s take the case of mahaprayan.

If we were to walk into the Tiljala campus, then they can give all kinds
of logic as to the importance of mahaprayan. Because their desire is to
earn money, make Kolkata the epicenter of AMPS life, enhance their group
prestige etc, for all these reasons and more, they have huge interest in
making mahaprayan a success.

They may even say that Baba is gone because we do not see Him with our crude
eyes anymore. So they have all kinds of logic and more about this particular
point is addressed in the next subheading.

Yet we all know mahaprayan to be a dogma. Such is the problem with logic.

Thus we need to ensure that logic is not just based on private
interests, but rather represents universal welfare and spiritual values,
i.e. sarva jana hitaya.Then that logic will lead to the proper answer,
otherwise not. Then it will just be bogus logic, nothing more.

For instance, Baba Himself has said that:

1) Parama Purusa is everywhere and in everything;

Baba says, ‘There is no place which is inaccessible to Him. If a person
is at a particular place and has to move to some other place, he will
have to travel. But the Lord is everywhere, and He in reality does not
have to move. In other words, He has so many feet that He is able to
reach any place and be available at all places at all times.” (AV-30)

2) Parama Purusa is timeless;

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone
has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium
of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (CC-2)

3) Parama Purusa always resides in our heart;

Baba says, ” When you are established in devotion, you get Parama’tma’
too. Then you will experience yourselves that Parama’tma’ is seated in
your heart, you will not have to go elsewhere in search of Him.” (SS-19)

4) In addition, Baba has outlined all the needed celebrations in our
Marga and in no place did He mention that mahaprayan should be
celebrated. Rather He specifically warned against observing mahaprayan.

Thus for any logic to be correct on the issue of mahaprayan, then it
must be in keeping and consistent with Baba’s above teachings. It must
be in concert with apta vakya, i.e. the eternal truths as given by Baba.

But the dogma of mahaprayan runs totally contrary to all of Baba’s
stated principles. The groupist mahaprayan celebration mandates that
Baba is gone forever. That is their position. In contrast, in countless
discourses Baba says that He is always with us. Both stands cannot be

Since Baba’s every word is supreme truth and by definition apta vakya,
then that must be accepted and any other logic discarded.

In that case, all sincere Ananda Margiis will adhere to Baba’s dharmic
teachings and not listen to any other groupist logic in favour of
observing the dogma of mahaprayan.

Because the logic in favour of mahaprayan is just bogus logic guided by
group and party interest, separate from the truth of universal welfare.


Relative logic is based on sense perception: what one learns from the
world using their eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and hands etc. This is by
definition limited and mistake prone.

Various groupists saw Baba with their crude eyes and then when their
crude eyes could no longer see Baba, they declared that He is gone, and
voila – mahaprayan.

So their dogmatic logic of mahaprayan is based on their crude sense
perception. So we should never get trapped by this materialistic
approach. Day in and day out people are led in the wrong direction by
sense perception.

Baba says, “Whatever people say they “know” about an object is only
their sense perception, and not real knowledge. And that sense
perception remains unsubstantiated.” (AMIWL-8)

Those then who claim that Baba is gone and give their logic of
mahaprayan are totally misguided, fooled and blinded by the limitations
of their crude sense experience.

Sadhakas of the Marga should instead rely on more subtle ways of
knowing. Guided by intuition and devotion, such bhaktas can feel in
their heart that Baba is there. In that case, how can one claim that He
is gone. That is why no true Ananda Margii follows the dogma of mahaprayan.

The dogma of mahaprayan(MPD) is nothing but the brainchild of dry groupists
who got befooled by their own petty interest and limited sense
experience. Such is their pathetic condition.

And indeed when their logic for MPD is measured against the touchstone of
divine truth and realisation, then very quickly their logic falls on its face and is
proven totally false.


To get the truth, logic must be grounded in rationality, universal
welfare and spiritual sentiment. Then that logic will lead one in the
right direction.

Unfortunately now in AMPS, each and every group has their own distinct
logic, i.e. bogus logic. It is not just the B team that suffers from
this syndrome with regards to the dogma of mahaprayan. All groupists
give their phony logic based on narrow sentiments.

1. There are some who will give tons of logic how it was appropriate to
change the by-laws in NY sector. Such persons are not guided by any
welfare motive, but rather by their own group and greedy sentiment.

2. There are some who will detail with all kinds of logic how expulsion
is a needed and proper tool for keeping our Marga clean. But such
logicians are just guided by their personal desire for power etc. That
is the basis of their bogus logic, not AM teachings.

3. And there are people who will justify all kinds of things: Fake
Ananda Vaniis, scripture distortion, eradication of margii rights, fake
BP manual etc. There is no end to their logic. But such logic is not
correct and not in accordance with the dharma of AM. Their paltry views
are just the outcome of group sentiment etc.

In each and every case, on each and every issue, we have to see if a
particular view is based on rationality and represents universal
well-being, i.e. sarva jana hitaya. Then and only then can it be accepted
as proper and true. Then that logic is beneficial.

We should never be swayed by the logic of groupists. Theirs is just
bogus logic and will not lead one along the path of welfare.


If a person ideates on Parama Purusa and takes His teachings to be true,
then that sadhaka will merge in Him and be one with AM ideology, in
thought, word, and deed. There will not be any difference.

But if one gets glued to groupist logic, then one will stray far from
the universal values of AM and become permanently plastered to their
group. They will bind themselves to the dogmatic logic of group
sentiment. That will be their miserable fate. And there will be no escape.

No one should meet such an ugly destiny.

The only way to save oneself is to wholly divorce oneself from the logic
of all groupist policies like the dogma of mahaprayan and instead follow
the great teachings of Parama Purusa in the form of AM ideology. Then
one’s position in life is safe and secure. Then one will float in His
bliss, otherwise not.


By Baba’s grace He has given us perfect and pure teachings in all the
realms of life. His ideology will lead us to the goal. One should keep
all groupist logic – i.e. bogus logic – off to the side, or better yet
in the trash bin. We should only follow His teachings, the ideology of
Ananda Marga – the path of divine intuition.

Baba says, “Logic is a psychic survey. Such a survey may or may not be
correct, therefore it is futile to follow logic blindly… This psychic
survey, embedded in relativity, may or may not be correct. Intuitional
vision is the best logic. Intuitional vision should be your guiding
ideology.” (PNS-15)



It is worth taking a moment to compare the (mis)deeds of both Rudrananda
and Sarvatmananda as it gives deep insight as to how to prevent our AM
society from further harm.

Essentially, Rudrananda is after power and he has done some nasty things
– no doubt. But when his time on this earth expires, “Rudranandaism”
will be gone. His negative legacy will be nil, i.e. not long lasting.
Because he has only chased after post and power for himself and after
his time on this earth that chase will be done, without any real
lingering effects.

Of course, here we are not wishing or waiting for anyone’s expiration,
rather our aim is their rectification. So the above is a mere analysis,
nothing more.

Then there is Sarvatmananda. In stark contrast, his actions will have a
long(er) lasting effect and will probably stand for some time after his
life terminates. Why? Because “Sarvatmanandaism” is focused on systemic
manipulation of organisation and ideology, not just his personal lust
for power. Sarvatmananda also has the goal of Bangalisation & WT
superiority. To that end he has ruined the BP Manual, invented Fake
Ananda Vaniis, founded the dogma of Mahaprayan, ruined countless Hindi
and English discourses, invented expulsion as a weapon, eradicated the
ACB, and indulged in countless other horrific activities.

That is why Sarvatmananda’s “legacy” will be far worse than that of
Rudrananda. It will take time and effort to clean-up the mess made by
Sarvatmananda whereas the dirt created by Rudrananda will get swept away
at the time of his own death.

That is the chief difference between the two.

On personal basis, I have no ill will against either of these Dadas, rather I
think fondly of them as my elder brothers. Only my comments refer to
the repercussions of their misdeeds.

We should be cent-per-cent vigilant not to let anyone distort or change
Baba’s eternal guidelines. In this critical time, that is our main duty:
To keep Guru’s teachings in tact.

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