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This entire posting is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: When We Should Compromise;
(2) Concluding Quote: Who Propagated This Defective Philosophy?;
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #1420;

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


Here following are some very unique examples from Baba’s own life where He refused to compromise on points of ideology. We are to apply these same measures in our organizational / ideological life.



When Baba was in jail then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent a representative to convey the following message to Baba.

On behalf of Mrs. Gandhi, the messenger said, “The Government of India & Ananda Marga can peacefully coexist, so long as there is no Prout. If You drop Prout from Your agenda everything will be fine.”

This was the essence of the message from Mrs Gandhi’s camp: For Baba to forgo His Prout philosophy.

In reply, Revered Baba told, “My ideology is more important than my life. I prefer to remain in jail than compromise on My ideology.”

By Baba’s divine example, we are to understand that standing up for our ideological principles is the greatest endeavour in life. This is very evident by the fact that Baba refused to compromise by giving up His Prout philosophy.

Verily, in innumerable places and in countless ways, Baba guides us that we are never to sacrifice or compromise our Ananda Marga ideals.

Thus when certain Dadas have ruined margii rights, made a Fake Bhukti Pradhan manual, distorted Baba’s scripture, invented Fake Ananda Vaniis, created the dogma of mahaprayan, ruined the ACB system, and vicitimised and marginalised countless innocent margiis etc, then we must not compromise or make any deals with such persons. First those Wts must admit to their wrongdoing and sin, express repentance, and mend their ways.

Baba’s overarching directive is to hold firm to ideology – no matter what. We should follow His ideal.



Another well-known incident occurred when Baba was in jail & undertaking His protest fast.

At that time, various political leaders of India came to Baba in a very respectful manner and pleaded with Him to stop His fast. Those political leaders expressed that (a) the long fast was having a very detrimental effect on His body, (b) it was difficult to maintain such a fast, and (c) that His life is very important. Those well-wishers reasoned and concluded that best will be for Baba to discontinue His fast. This was their well-intentioned plea.

But once again, on this very point Baba replied that His fast was for ideological reasons – not for the wellness of His physical existence. For that reason, He must continue the fast.

Baba’s response and action again shows that following His ideological principles is first and foremost in life. On no account should an Ananda Margii ever compromise on Ananda Marga teachings or philosophy.

Hence, when certain Dadas have indulged in Bangalisation, invented dogmatic tiirthas, used expulsion as a weapon, and attacked those who followed silent action etc, we must hold them accountable for contravening Baba’s guidelines. They must accept their misdeeds, beg apology, and correct their wrongdoing etc. There is no other way.



Here is yet another example for us all to consider.

In 1970, when the defectors like Madhavananda, Vishokananda, and Prakashananda, went against Ista – betrayed Guru, then some simple people, who had sentimental friendships with those defectors, wanted to keep everyone together. Those simple sadhakas requested Baba to allow those defectors to remain in the organisation even though they blatantly contravened the very foundational tenets of Ananda Marga. In their naïveté, those simple people wanted to overlook the ideological blunders of those defectors – and have everyone co-exist once again. This is what they asked from Baba.

However, we all know that Baba took a very firm stand – an ideological stand – on this issue, and the rest is history. Baba did not wish to send messengers to those defectors and compromise with their adharmic demands and console them. Instead, on their own accord, those defectors strayed far, far away and never returned. And our Ananda Marga rose to the height of glory. And those who were tricked by such defectors and joined them initially, then Baba openly welcomed them back. While those who deliberately joined those defectors had to face punishment before being allowed back into Ananda Marga.

Here then again, Baba demonstrates through His own Personal example that when it comes to ideology, there must not be any compromise. Rather one is to stand tall on all ideological matters.

Thus in the present day situation, how can we forgive those who have altered Baba’s teachings, and done so many heinous crimes which go against Ananda Marga ideology. How can we simply forgive and excuse such people. We cannot – not until they have purged themselves of such sin and wholly mended their ways.

In so many teachings Baba has guided us to never compromise on ideological matters – never.

“Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology.” (1)

“Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology.” (2)

“Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for Ideology.” (3)



So by His own example and in His teachings, Baba guides us to always live by the high ideals of Ananda Marga – never compromise.

This following passage from Baba’s discourse leads in this same direction. This below paragraph has been paraphrased from AV-26 (H) pg 34. It is based on the original Hindi and if anyone has this book and can post the original Hindi section, then that will be very helpful.

Here then is the essence of Baba’s message from that portion of His discourse where Baba is pointedly explaining that there must not be any pact made with those who are opposed to our principles.

“Remember one can have a temporary cease-fire with the black forces, but there cannot be a pact…do you know what is cease-fire? For example, two battling parties may decide that there will not be any fighting at night, and that the fighting will resume in morning. So in a temporary cease-fire the fight has not been stopped permanently; it will continue after a short period of pause. So this is what is known as a temporary cease-fire. In contrast, what is a pact? When a pact is made then a compromise of values is done and each side accepts certain conditions and sacrifices their own ideological platform…Remember, at any cost there will never be a pact with the black forces, i.e. the negative forces. Only there can be a ceasefire from time to time. And that cease-fire will be done with the sole intention to increase your own strength. For example, suppose you are alone and the dark forces surrounding you are ten in number. Then for the time being one can make a cease fire with those black forces; but, then tomorrow you will have to collect 20 fighters to join your cause and then start your offensive against those black forces. That is the use of a temporary cease-fire. Virtuous people must remember, that one can never make a pact with the sinful forces.” (4)

Hence in clear-cut language in His above teaching, Baba directs us that we must never sacrifice our ideals by making a pact with sinful agents – those who go against the welfare of humanity. On this point, Baba maintains that we must live by and fight for our ideals, i.e. Ananda Marga ideology.

In the practical sphere, our Ananda Marga has never made a pact with or bowed down to communists, capitalists, or any type of crooked leadership etc. No matter what the circumstances, always we are to abide by our Ananda Marga ideals. That is Baba’s directive and that is what sincere margiis do.


From time to time, a few persons cry out that we should sacrifice Ananda Marga values and ideological principles in order to “keep everyone together” – just like in a crowd where everyone is physically together but has their own separate agenda. That is to say, some confused persons sometimes beg that we should overlook ideological wrongdoings like scriptural distortions and BP rights, and come in the shelter of one particular group or bring all the groups under one roof. This is their unholy approach. Because they are demanding that we forgo our ideological principles for the sake of some type of group pact etc. Yet, Baba never wants us to do such mistakes: Under no conditions are we to compromise on the point ideology.

If really we are to make a pact with unideological group leaders, then Baba would have invited all kinds of communists, capitalists, and dogmatic religious fanatics to bring their dogma into Ananda Marga. But Baba did not do like this. Rather, it was demanded that such persons must first leave their dogma and then enter the house of Ananda Marga – not vice versa.

Because for Baba, ideology is supreme and He wants that we also follow this way of life: Never compromising on ideology.

That means not compromising with those who have ruined margii rights, invented the weapon of expulsion, victimised innocent margiis, and distorted Baba’s scripture. Until such factional heads change their ways, we cannot forgive such persons and forget their sinful deeds. That is Baba’s decree.



If any person does not understand the fact that ideology is everything in life, then such a person is really just a baby in Ananda Marga – regardless of their worldly age. If such persons want to make a pact with unideological people, then they themselves are playing with fire as they are going against Baba’s fundamental principle of no compromise on points of ideology. As soon as possible those persons should study Baba’s guidelines and do long sadhana. That is what they need. That is their medicine. Then they will be alright, by His grace.


#1: If anyone is supporting any group or faction then they themselves are going against Ananda Marga ideology because supporting groupism is against the principles of neo-humanism.

#2: During times of trial, it is very difficult to come onto the right path. Due to allegiance with friends and family or personal interest etc, people go astray. They fail to link up with ideology.


Ista and Adarsha are the most important things in life. And that is what our svastika flag represents. And that is our victory in life – not the victory of dogma.


“We should always respect our ideology if we are to become true human beings. The ideologist is a man who always acts according to his ideology. If by following the ideology, the older people become unhappy or condemn me, I will not care. If by following an ideology I die and die again, let it be. I will not care. I will stick to my ideology.” (5)


“Let those well-versed in ethics criticize me or praise me, as they so desire; let Lakśmii, the goddess of wealth, either be gracious enough (because of my activities) to reside in my house, or, if she prefers, go elsewhere; let death visit me today or decades later. It makes little difference to me. Wise people will never withdraw from the path of ideology, the path which they accept as their ideal.” (6)

“What am I going to do regarding the mission of life? If logicians and philosophers condemn me, saying, “That is a very bad man,” let them say this. Or if, due to my movement towards my goal, a certain portion of society appreciates my action, let them appreciate it – it won’t affect me. I won’t be assailed by such appreciations. And if, due to my action, Lakśmii (Lakśmii is the mythological goddess of riches) comes and resides in my house, it is good. If Lakśmii says, “No, I will quit you forever, I won’t remain with you.” that is, you will have to suffer from poverty, let Lakśmii quit my house: And if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, Pluto, that is, the god of death, comes and says, “I’ll take you,” let Pluto do it! I don’t care! Or if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, I am forced to live here for an indefinite period, I am ready to live here. You know life becomes boring if one lives for a long period, but I am ready to undergo that boredom, that monotony, for the sake of my ideology.” (7)


“The shástras say that a person must stick to his ideals irrespective of whether he receives praise or abuse, whether wealth comes or wealth goes, whether he lives a thousand years or suffers death the next moment. Such a person is called “dhiira”. My direction to you is to be Dhiira. You must stick to your ideals in spite to everything. In this lies your spiritual growth.” (8)


“If I am too concerned with those who praise or censure me, I will not find time to do my real work. As I have come to this world only for a short period, my only concern should be to keep on doing the duty the Lord has assigned to me. And while doing this allotted duty, I should remember that I belong to Parama Puruśa. I have come from Him, and I will have to return to Him – and to do that, I must complete my allotted duty.” (9)


“Even if the practice of Bhágavata dharma brings pain and sorrow and the practice of paradharma (that is to say, the dharma of animals and plants) brings pleasure, humans will have to stick firmly to their svadharma, their mánava dharma. Humans should never allow themselves to descend to paradharma, the dharma of birds and beasts, of trees and plants. On no account should animal dharma be encouraged. The flag of mánava dharma must always be held high under all circumstances. This is exactly what Shrii Krśńa means when He says: Svadharme nidhanam’ shreyah paradharmo bhayávahah – “It would be better to die upholding human dharma, upholding the ideal of humanity; one should never allow oneself to fall back into a state of animality.” (10)


“The person will welcome that death rather than compromise with sin and vice. Therefore keep in mind that those who are genuine devotees, sádhakas of high order, loved by Parama Puruśa and closely bound to Parama Puruśa in love and affection, will never compromise with sin and vice. They will cling to their ideal totally, throughout their lives.” (11)


“O’ human beings, be established in the radiance of divinity and the splendour of valour and chivalry, because yours is the path of revolution. Your path is not the path of extra caution and scheduled movement. You are the traveller of a rugged path. You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright. You have no time to stagger or to look behind.” (12)


The overall guideline is that we are to hold firm to the ideological fundamental of Ananda Marga irrespective of any worldly situation. Whether we are praised, whether our friends try to lure us away, regardless of any circumstance we are to remain with ideology and never compromise. Thus in our organisational life we must take a firm stand against those who have undermined and contravened the ideological principles of Ananda Marga. We must not compromise with such Dadas etc in any way. Rather they must take responsibility for their wrongdoing, express repentance, and rectify themselves. There is no other option.

Sastaunga Pranam to Baba,


For a comprehensive listing of margii rights and common ideological points that have been compromised and violated in our Ananda Marga, please read this letter. (Note: After clicking sure to scroll down to the actual post)

1. A’nanda Va’nii #14
2. Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc: 14
3. A’nanda Va’nii #15
4. Paraphrased from AV-26, p.34, Hindi Edn
5. 23 November 1971 DMC, Purnea
6. NKS, Disc: 2
7. Ananda Vacanamrtam – part 12
8. Ananda Vacanamrtam – part 1
9. Subháśita Sam’graha Part 12
10. Discourses on Krsna & The Giita, “Better to Die . . .” – 2
11. Discourses on Krsna and the Giita, Svadharma and Paradharma – 3
12. SS-1

Who Propagated This Defective Philosophy?

“At one time people were told that this world is for human enjoyment only, so the existence of all the plants, of all the birds and animals, in the world is intended merely to provide objects of enjoyment for human beings. Their hopes and aspirations, their intense desire to live, their pains and pleasures, their affectionate family or community lives are simply without value. However much a baby goat may wish to live, the main consideration is how much meat that kid carries on its frame. This defective philosophy has made people ruthlessly violent – even more dangerous than blood-thirsty tigers. Tigers kill only to fill their stomachs, to preserve their physical existence; whereas human beings kill animals mostly out of greed. Generally people have resorted to hypocrisy to camouflage this instinct of greed; they have killed animals on the pretext of pleasing the gods, while actually their main motive in doing so was to please their own tongues. These are all the inevitable results of such defective philosophies.” (Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc: 14)

If you do not know who propagates this defective philosophy then click here for the answer.

~ PS #1420 ~

“A’mi toma’ya bha’lobesechi sare yete doba na’…” (PS 1420)


O’ Parama Purusa, You have most graciously come to me after such a long time; now I will not let You go away. I love You. O’ my Dearmost, I want to serve You; I want to fall in love with You – because falling in love with You means attaining salvation, getting emancipation, becoming one with the greater ‘I’, and remaining in eternal bliss. I do not want to fall in love with others because that means undergoing bondage, crudification, pain, misery, and, ultimately, degeneration. O’ my Lord, I want to fall in love with You.

O’ Divine Entity, You are the Polestar of my life – my life revolves around You. You are the sweetest of the sweet. You are the evening star of my life – the nucleus of my existence. O’ Prabhu, You are the morning star of the early dawn. O’ my Dearmost, because of You I am alive, and up to eternity I will remain under Your shelter, by Your grace. Thinking, contemplating, and ideating on You is the highest form of sadhana.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, You are the best of everything. You are the smile of the flowers in the crimson dawn. In the mild nights of sarat [1], You are the shepha’lii [2] flower. In the sweet breeze of the shepha’lii flower, I remain awake thinking about You. O’ my Dearmost, O’ Baba, You are manaska’mana: You are the only One who can satisfy all the longing of my heart and mind.

Baba, You are my everything, I love You…


[1] Sarat: This refers to the pre-winter Season. In tropical areas like India the pre-winter season is one of the best and most charming times of year. It is not hot and humid, nor is it chilly and cold. Rather in the pre-winter season, the climate is highly refreshing, very suitable, and, on the whole, quite delightful.

[2] Shepha’lii: The Night-flowering Jasmine (Nyctanthes arbortristis) is native to the Bengal region of India, where it is known as shepha’lii. The fragrant aroma of the night jasmine flower (shepha’lii) permeates each and every air molecule and makes the whole environment saturated and drenched it its sweetness.

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Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2012 21:36:27 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Vijaya Das”
Subject: Cry of Sambhutyanand jii



Now, after 47 years of worker life and an ongoing allegiance with Saravatmanand jii and the Kolkata administration, at the age of 65 Ac Sambhutyanand jii Avt is publicly writing that he has been evicted from his room in Tiljala and all his belongings taken. A link to Dadaji’s public letter has been appended at the bottom of this mailing. By reading his letter it looks like he has been expelled as he expresses that he has no place to go: “I am nowhere, I have no address to locate myself. Where shall I go at the age of 65.”


Here are some thoughts on the present situation.

1) To throw away the belongings (clothes, blankets, medical records) of anyone, especially a senior citizen like Sambhutyanand jii, is totally inhumane. Under no circumstances should such recourse be taken.



2) As we all know, this is not first time that the Kolkata Adm. has inflicted inhumane treatment on others. They have tortured many innocent margiis and workers who do not agree with their plans, policies, and procedures. Indeed, Ac. Sambhutyanand jii himself was always part of those harsh, inhumane acts. Because from day 1, Sambhutyanand jii was an active, dedicated spoon of Sarvatmanand jii. So he has all the inside knowledge about these misdeeds, crimes, and sinful acts.

3) Certainly Sambhutyanand jii is intimately aware of the many anti-ideological and violent acts of Sarvatmanand jii, Vicitra’nand jii, and Kolkata Adm. So today, when Sambhutyanand jii is on the receiving end of such inhumane torture from the Kolkata regime, he should not only raise his own personal issues and tales of woe, he should also discuss and reveal all the black deeds done by Kolkata Adm, many of which he was directly / indirectly involved in. Some of those incidents include torturing many workers, the murdering of Wts (e.g. Ac. Abhipremananda Avt), the distortion of Baba’s books, the curtailment of margii rights, and many other black deeds.


4) Let us not forget that when Rudranand jii was central ISMUB Secretary, then Sambhutyanand jii jii was a sectorial ISMUB strong-arm. And when Sarvatmanandji became ISMUB Secretary then again Sambhutyanand jiia was a sectorial ISMUB Wt. Both in 1994 and 1997, under the leadership of Rudranand jii and Sarvatmanand jii, respectively, along with the support of Vandananand jii, Parmeshvaranand jii, respected Didi Ananda Giita and others, Sambhutyanand jii himself changed Baba’s given BP election manual, snatched away margiis’ rights, distorted Baba’s discourses as only being given in Bengali, and authored the Fake BP Manual. Indeed, Sambhutyanand jii was one of the key members of the caucus who conspired to change the BP manual. In fact, if you look at the cover of the 1997 Fake BP Manual, which is still in vogue today, it is Sambhutyanand jii’s name – and his name alone – that appears on the cover. So he was a key person in ISMUB those days, as well as the right-hand man of Sarvatmanand jii.



5) Now Sambhutyanand jii should recount how this conspiracy was hatched? Who was on the inside? How did they go about distorting the Bhukti Pradhan Manual? Who was present in those conspiracy meetings? All these things he should tell – openly and frankly. The truth must be told. And in exchange, he should be granted clemency or fully pardoned. And all margiis and workers should look upon him with kindness and sympathy – once he comes forward with the truth.

6) Let us remember that Kolkata Adm. has not just taken away Sambhutyanand jii’s belongings; that is not their only injustice. They have also snatched away margii rights, victimised countless margiis, distorted Baba’s discourses, indulged in Bangalisation, and used expulsion as a weapon to get rid of those margiis and Wts who protested the injustices. Sambhutyanand jii should write the inside story of all these things as well. Because after all, he was a key figure in the B group machinery for executing all those injustices. Sambhutyanand jii’s fingerprint is on most of those incidents. So he is fully aware about what transgressions and criminal activities were done. One of Sambhutyanand jii’s roles was to appease and befool Hindi speaking margiis. On this front, he was Sarvatmanand jii’s chief agent. Plus he was plunged into so many other notorious activities. Literally, he knows all that occurred.

7) Let Sambhutyanand jii come forward today and give his personal view about how he feels now about those distortions and miseeds. And once he gives a full account of all that transpired, he should be pardoned for his honesty and warmly embraced by all Ananda Margiis.


8) Failing that, if Sambhutyanada refuses to talk about all these injustices which he must know about, then margiis will not listen to him. No one will pay heed to his cry about his personal troubles. Because if two robbers fight for their share of the booty, why will common villagers be sympathetic to either of their cries? Those who changed the BP manual and took away margii rights are themselves robbers.

9) If Sambhutyanand jii chooses to keep quiet about all this, then it should understood that he is still hiding behind and not at all repentant for what he did. Dadaji must reveal the truth about what happened. Indeed this is a very good and unique opportunity for Sambhutyanand jiia Dada to tell his side of the story and come clean. In response, he should be granted a full pardon.


10) The history should be told about how all those injustices were carried out. There should be a first-hand account. Already, so many are aging and even dying, someone involved in those misdeeds should come forth and tell the truth. And Sambhutyanand jii is the right person to do this. He was a part of all that gang and knows first-hand all that they did. The history must be recounted. That will be the proof that really Sambhutyanand jii is interested in dharma and not just putting on a show and acting as a spy for Sarvatmanand jii by gaining everyone’s sympathy.

Please Dadaji, be bold and honest – come forward and speak your truth.

Vijay Das


Here it should be understood that the original group leader is Sarvatmanand jii and it was under his rule and with his brain power that all such misdeeds and sinful activities were initially enacted. And all along, Sambutyananda was by his side.

1. Attacks and murders (e.g. Ac. Abhipremananda Avt) on our AMPS workers and margiis;
2. Destruction of BP rights and imposition of the Fake BP Manual;
3. Expulsion used as a weapon;
4. Countless intentional scriptural distortions such as placing “Translated from the original Bengali” on the cover page of all Ananda Marga books, even if those discourses were given by Baba in English or Hindi;
5. Elimination of the ACB system;
6. Curtailment of margii rights;
7. Creation of dogmatic pilgrimages in Ananda Nagar, Kolkata, & Jamalpur;
8. Issuing of Fake Ananda Vaniis;
9. Victimisation of countless innocent Ananda Margiis;
10. Bangalisation of Ananda Marga teachings;
11. Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita by using filmy singers etc;
12. Not recognising Silent Action as a fundamental right;
13. Only translating Bengali portions of Baba’s holy DMC discourses which were given by Baba in three languages;
14. Using shraddha mantra for Sadguru Baba and the imposition of dogmatic Mahaprayan;
15. Construction of dogmatic memorials to limit Baba to a particular land or place;
16. And so many more ideological wrongs.


If you wish to read Ac Sambhutyanand jii’s recent public letter click below…



“Vrhat tumi, ks’udra a’mi, toma’r pa’ne nece ja’i…” (PS 1363)


Baba, You are vast, infinite, & cosmic; and I am just one small unit – meager. According to Your desire my whole existence revolves and dances around You. By Your grace I have only one longing– that is closeness at Your lotus feet.

For eternal time, the loving relation between us has continued. Even then, You are Cosmic and I am unit. Without me, You can exist; but, without You, my existence cannot remain. Without You, my life is meaningless.

Baba, I can never think of anything else but You. You are my sadhana, You are my Goal of life – my Polestar. Baba, please grace me, please bestow the devotion so with that heart I will go on singing Your glory, Your tales, and Your songs up to eternity….

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Date: 04 Apr 2012 10:14:18 -0000
From: “K. Chatterjee”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga



Note 1: Many of you requested further information on this critical topic. The following describes but some of the many examples of the sinful activities that were and are going on referred to in yesterday’s letter. Senior margiis most probably know all these points so this will be a helpful reminder, while new people may find this quite helpful.

Note 2: Beforehand I want to beg apology to those who may feel uncomfortable reading this letter. It happens when one has been asleep in a dark room and then suddenly all the lights are turned on. That can create discomfort. To such persons I offer my humble apology. In the past I saw that when some were sleeping deeply and they heard this news then they became reacted. This note is not for you but please use this type of note if you forward this letter to someone else.

In Neo-Humanism Baba guides us that there are different types of people. There are some simple people who unknowingly commit wrongs. And when they are pointed out then they feel repentance in their heart for their misconduct and they earnestly realise that they do not want to commit such wrongs again. Rather they want to follow the path of benevolence. Such persons are good people.

In contrast there are others who have a negative or deliberate intention in mind to do harm. And when they are confronted by others about their misguided acts, then they react in a violent manner and they refuse to repent or admit to any wrongdoing. And unfortunately that is what we are dealing with here in our Marga.

No doubt senior margiis are aware about who this guilty party is. But first I will remind you what are the damages which have been done over the last decade.

We all know it is our duty to preserve and safeguard the originality and integrity of Baba’s teachings. That is one of our main tasks in this present era. Unfortunately there are some who are exerting all their energy in the opposite direction. And in their negative stance they have undermined and distorted Baba things. Still such persons are pushing ahead in their misguided ways. To what extreme degree they are doing, see here and judge for yourself what way they are scratching and smashing the gems and jewels of our Ananda Marga.

In numerical order the points appear below.


Tne following are all systemic issues. That means they are deep-seated, on-going, recurring problems. For each point a summary description has been given. Just keep in mind that far more information is available on all of these points. Each points listed is a veritable topic in and of itself.



1. Bhukti Pradhan Post: Along with the ACB the Bhukti Pradhan post is one unique way in which margiis were given a powerful role by Baba Himself to help govern AMPS. All the dogmatic religions overlooked or suppressed family people but Baba has given family people a glorified place in AM society. Because of this, Baba has proclaimed — “Ananda Marga is a

But Bengali groupist WTs tore that down by discarding His original BP manual and replacing that with a series of wrong rules that led to the publication of the fake 1997 BP Manual done by Sarvatmanandji and his follower Sambhutyanandji. If you read the fake BP manual of 1997, then in the publishers page you will get this information. These two Dadas did not like to see the significant role of Margis which Baba bestowed. These negative people played the role of rats or termites by eating away and destroying margii rights.



2. Ruined Prabhat Samgiita: They have turned Baba’s devotional treasure of Prabhat Samgiita into one money-making venture where for the sake of profits they have thrown our Prabhat Samgiita into the hands of the degraded film industry. Since 1990 all this nonsense is going on where female filmy singers glossed in lipstick and shiny hair are pasted all over the cassette covers and like this so many things are done which contravene the ethics and sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. When from the very outset Baba sternly warned that His Prabhat Samgiita should not be ruined by being played on the radio and thereby get exposed to the evils of degenerated pop culture. But tragically that is exactly what has happened.


3. Bangalistan: Falsely heralding Bengal as the greatest land and wrongly painting Amra Bengali samaj as being the top-most, all such things were done in the name of the Bangalistan groupist agenda. Means their misguided goal was to present Bengal as the #1 group by pushing down and suppressing the voice of those around them. When in fact such things go against the very spirit of Baba’s samaj system. We should never forget that this devious practice was started by Sarvatmanandji and his followers.


4. Expulsion: This pet tool termed as expulsion was invented by Sarvatmanandji to keep everything quiet so that groupist leaders in power could continue to exploit the scene. Over the last 22 years countless innocent margiis and Wt’s have been ruthlessly squeezed out in this manner– because they courageously opposed injustices done by the then ruling group. So expulsion is nothing more than one weapon used by power hungry leaders to keep their authority and position by forcing margiis into exile.


5. Victimisation: If any common margii raises the question about any wrongdoing then they are sure to face victimisation. This is the long history ever since the sinful trend of victimisation was injected by B group leader Sarvatmanandji and was fully supported by his followers Kalyaneshvaranandji and Pranavatmakanandji etc after 1990. If anyone protested against any injustice like the misallocation of funds or scriptural distortions etc, then that margii or WT received all sorts of blows and tortures from those in power in their regime.


6. Created Purodha Pramukha Dogma: One particular Bengali group leader Sarvatmanandji created the negative notion of treating PP Dada as being one divine being. This he did to have the power of PP in his hand. Those who know a little politics, they understood this very trick.

By this way he insisted that PP be glorified on the dais and that all should raise the “jai” slogan to PP. So this was all designed for his own groupist agenda because by keeping PP in his pocket then he could easily get so many negative orders executed.


7. Tiirtha: The dogmatic holy land ploy (aka tiirtha) got implemented right away in October 1990 itself in Tiljala and Sarvatmanandji motivated and forced every Margi to seek the blessing by reaching Tiljala at least once in a year, in the October month. The name of this dogma was, “MPD”, or mahaprayan. Now it is limited only to Bengal. Everybody understood this hypocrisy.

And step by step groupist leaders garlanded the land of Tiljala as being one holy play as if the eternal, boundless Parama Purusa is only limited to that particular spot. Then over the years as the groupist fight intensified then all the groups wanted to create their own dogmatic tiirtha spots like Jamalpur and Fiesch in order to glorify their own group. So this tiirtha dogma is one clear example how one very negative idea gets multiplied all for the sake of power and prestige. We should never forget that clean AMPS which started getting tainted after the injection of dogma by the devious practice of Sarvatmanandji.


8. Memorial: Such a dogmatic endeavor was never done for Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Means even those dogmatic disciples of old did not do something like to designate wehre the tomb or mahasamadhi is erected. As if the only way to get Baba’s blessing is to go to that erected stone and pray at the Memorial in the Tiljala compound. Such a vicious dogma was created by B group & that goes against the very spirit of sadhana. Since one’s call to Baba will be heard only by praying at this holy Mahasamadhi stone. So this is all nonsense because we all know and feel and Baba Himself assures us that He resides in the hearts of devotees and listens our every word no matter where we are. But who can provide eyes to these devotionless, blind people who injected one after another dogma. And polluted the clean air of AM.


9. Fake Ananda Vanii: As we know Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are pointed revolutionary messages which infused great force and positive energy into the lives of every Ananda Margii. Plus Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis were always something entirely complete–discourses in themselves. They were never part of any discourse. That is the beauty of the original Ananda Vanii.

Narrow minded, groupist leader Sarvatmanandji did not understand the veracity of this unparalleled Baba’s gift. And He started collecting fake Ananda Vaniis. And spreading around for the groupist cause.

Unfortunately, straight away after 1990 the groupist powers of the day–B group–started their fake Vanii program by pushing aside and neglecting Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis. In this way they tried to corner margiis into the realm of staticity by issuing fake vaniis which lacked the revolutionary spirit of Baba’s true Vaniis.


10. No Freedom of Speech: The harshest period of repression of ideas and communication happened right away in the early 1990s, when Sarvatmanandji was controlling AMPS.

Those days the groupist rulers strangled everyone’s voice. Either through victimisation and expulsion or by declaring no email and shutting down and outlawing countless networks of Margis. And even shutting down their personal communication with other Margis and among Workers.

Who can forget that these devious groupist leaders like Sarvatmanandji, Sambhutyanandji, Pranavatmakanandji, Mantreshvaranandji, Kalyaneshvaranandji, etc passed one CC resolution that no Worker will be allowed to communicate with any other Worker or Margi outside their posting jurisdiction. All these negative tactics they learned from Jyoti Basu.

Baba has instilled freedom of speech / expression within AM, but that got shut down and closed off by that ruling WT group in those days. And since then this thing has been in vogue to one or another degree. But ironically, they are busy in spreading tinsel of philosophy that they are protectors of Baba’s ideology. Each and every Margi has understood their hypocrisy. Nobody is getting befooled these days.


11. No Worker Can Write to Other Workers: Per Baba’s teachings, we all know and feel that in AM we are all brothers and sisters living under His divine shelter. And as such workers can communicate with one another based on their inherent family relation. But this very beautiful idea got upended by Groupist elements who implemented this rule of no communication between workers to contain and/or isolate simple Wts. Means they justified that one could only communicate through the chain of command when really Baba’s viewpoint is otherwise.


12. Using Shraddha Mantra for Baba: We all know that Baba is the Taraka Brahma, Parama Purusa. But right away some groupist powers put forth the idea that Baba is just a died person. Because since October ’90 itself they first began chanting the Shraddha Mantra as if Baba was some mortal being who died. So see the foolishness because the most unique factor or distinguishing feature of AM is that Taraka Brahma is the Guru. But for reasons best known to them, some groupist parties do not like to recognize this fact.


13. Mahaprayan Divas Dogma: Everyone is aware that the dogmatic Mahaprayan function goes against the eternal presence of Guru. All our spiritual practices from Guru Sakash to Guru Puja, to Kiirtan & Dhyan, indeed always they create the present link between Guru and disciple. But Mahaprayan falsely says that Baba is gone. And not only that but that MPD should only be celebrated in Tiljala on 10/26 –no other place allowed. Like this they were pushing their agenda until the rule of only celebrating MPD in Tiljala died out only to be replaced by other misguided rules.


14. Bengali discourses in Prout and excluded others: In many books but most specifically in these two editions of Prout Nutshell– PNS 19 & 20– there are 8 full discourses dedicated to Bengal. While the many other samajas of India were discarded entirely; or like Bihar if they got place then very little space was given in comparison to Bengal. And for overseas samajas, the condition is the same. Either they were completely discarded or given very little place. This shows how the partiality against other samaj than those samajas of the Bengalistan area since a few groupist Dadas were
involved in printing those in 1991 etc.

15. Bengali Terminology: Whenever Baba spoke words in other languages then their general appraoch, as per Sarvatmananda’s order, was to spell and print those terms in Bangla. One clear-cut example was the 1990 DMC wherein Baba recited a poem of the great poet Tulsidas and it was recited by Baba in Tulsidas’s local tongue. Yet Sarvatmananda ensure that when printed in the book it was written in Bangla. While this is both a grammatical, spelling and contextual inaccuracy, the biggest problem is how it misrepresents Baba.

Furthermore in so many cases they changed the letter “va” in Sanskrit to “ba” in Bengali in order to spell all words in the Bangal style.

The main idea is that we should keep Baba’s discourses in tact and honor and preserve the exact manner in which Baba spoke and not distort His holy discourses by imposing any self-agends like Bangalisation etc.

16. Translated from the original Bengali: If you open Ananda Vacanamrtam (AV), Subhasita Samgraha (SS) or so many other books which were printed after 1990, then you will see that in many of the books on the publisher’s page it is written “Translated from the original Bengali”. When in fact there are innumerable discourses in those books which were given in Hindi and English. Means even when Baba spoke in Hindi or English, then even in those instances they were manipulating the situation by writing “translated from the original Bengali”. Thus in many, many places it is wrongly marked as being translated from the original Bengali when it came in printed form in the Ananda Vacanamrtam and Subhasita Samgraha books. All done for group power and to wrongly propagate the idea that Baba is Bengali, and that Bengali culture is highest.

17. At DMC they only translated the Bengali section of the discourse: During DMC Baba would speak in three languages but by checking with Margiis notebooks it is becoming more and more proved that what Baba spoke in English and Hindi never reached the pages of His books. Certain persons gave the order not to include them, only the Bangla section was used as if what Baba spoke in the other languages was negligible or not worthy of being printed. And just the Bangla portion should be kept, printed, and treated as the original.



18. Advisory Committees and Boards (ACB): This important margii body designed by Baba to provide stability and guidance to our AMPS has since long been reduced to ashes. The margiis voice has been choked in this arena. Because those margiis strict in ideology and opposed to groupism were black-balled from the ACB and in a calculated manner the ACB became little more than a puppet committee for the ruling groupist elements of the era.


19. Not Sharing Archive: Baba’s treasures are for all devotees. But on the point of Archive they are not giving anything of value to Margiis. No Baba’s cassettes, not any videos, not any CDs, not any of margiis recorded stories about Baba. Indeed not any of the devotional treasures that are the common property of each and every Ananda Margii.


So all these above expressed black stains are going on in our Marga these days. And indeed such types of grossly negative things only happen when certain people lust for extreme power– and are willing to do anything for that.

Because the above mentioned things are the worst types of wrongdoings; these are not ordinary or simple mistakes of misconduct. Such as if one person stole 50 rupees from someone else on the train. It is not like that which is easily corrected or even forgotten about entirely. Rather each and every point of the long list mentioned above is like if someone cut off your entire arm. It is that type of permanent damage that is irreparable. This type of damage is called the work of the mahapataki.

Or look at it this way. Such types of distortions etc being perpetrated in the Marga are similar to what was done by the dogmatic Muslims when they unjustly and wrongly declared that three women are equal to one male. Since that negative injunction 1500 years ago, the lives of millions of women have been ruined by depravity and torture. That damage is irreversible. Same way with the above listed items related with our Marga. Such damage is of permanent nature.

So the people responsible for such negative acts are of a particular breed. But for new margiis the answer must be told in straight language that Sarvatmanandaji and his B group crusaders are the ones responsible for all those above listed misdeeds and negative acts against our Marga. B group single-handedly invented each and every one of those atrocities that are going on in our Marg– from scriptural distortion to expulsion. Those things are all the brainchild of Sarvatmanandaji and Co.

Dadas like Nigamananda and Rudrananda were his blind supporters while all this was going on until one day they went against – that was the boomerang effect. And still this effect is going on. That we will all see.

Even then not once or twice but on numerous occasions Sarvatmanandaji and his B group team have been confronted on these above points, but never do they admit to anything or express the slightest bit of repentance. Rather they only lash out about their group needing more power.


But about such type of non-repentant persons who are the inventors of such ills, the outcome is quite clear.

Baba says, “Those egotistic persons who are antagonistic will become powerless, because those who are misguided by ego will lose their intelligence. One who opposes out of wounded ego, will ultimately be defeated. When ego is inflated, intellect declines. And one whose intellect is small, is easily defeated. So one need not be anxious about them.” (NH-LOI)

Below Baba is further characterizing the state of those who get caught in the web of their own injustices. The following obviously aptly fits Dada Sarvatmanandaji since all along it has been his patented tactic to negatively react and victimize or expel someone etc if they opposed or pointed out any of his own misdeeds. Please read the following.

Baba says, “When they [who refuse to be rectified] discover that all their strategies have been detected and nothing is secret anymore, then they will grow desperate. Through the mass media at their disposal they will utilize all their verbiage, all their abilities, all the weapons they possess–because there is no other way out.” (NH-LOI, p. 97)


Top of all, this Baba’s blessing is with us:

Baba says, “Remember Him and march ahead-victory will be yours. You have not to be afraid of the worldly forces. Those who enjoy the highest force of Paramapurus’a are sure to succeed. Victory will surely be theirs. Victory to you all.” (SS-19, p. 24)



Everyone knows Sarvatmanandji introduced all these distortions of AM ideology. He and his troops are shameless. If anyone talks about ideology, first they have to fix wrongs, only then he can talk. So when Sarvatmanandaji created the fake BP manual and they curtailed margiis rights and changed Baba’s discourses and also destroyed the system of ACB and created the fake SPB to control and tie up the margiis. In the face of all this, Sarvatmanandaji is claiming that he cares about ideology but this is just his hypocrisy. Only shameless persons do like this. Before talking about ideology if he has some sense then he has to accept his wrongdoings about these Baba’s writings and fix that and feel repentance. His condition is like one thief who is moving in saffron cloth and giving a sermon on non-stealing sitting on the jagrti dais. But who can tolerate this. The days of befooling others by tall talks and false propaganda are gone. All the margiis are understanding who is who.

And still today, B group is bragging on the point of ideology.

This is their hypocrisy that on the one side they are bragging about spreading AM ideology, and on the other side they are ruining that very ideology by so many above mentioned ways–distorting Baba’s holy scripture, strangulating Margi rights, etc.



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From: “Marc Pele”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: They Were Trustless
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 22:07:12 +0000



Note: A sound file has been placed on the AM-GLOBAL blog that serves as an accompaniment to this below letter. That sound file is called, ‘One Oath Taking Ceremony’. Visit: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/

To prepare oneself for this entire topic, please consider the following.

Suppose there is one guru who knows that some of his disciples suffer from certain flaws. That guru calls those disciples near and says, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be given greater responsibility to run the ashram and its activities; promise me that you will not sell the ashram and destroy all the programs. Can I trust you that you will not ruin the ashram?”
By making this type of statement and posing this sort of query, it is very evident that the guru does not trust his disciples. Such a statement does not at all convey a sense faith in his disciples.

Keep the above idea in mind as you read the remainder of this mail.


The present scenario unfolding now in our organisation did not come out of nowhere. There was every indication that such a splintering could and would take place. Baba certainly knew; and if we all think a little bit, it should not have come as a surprise to us either. Please understand that I have full regard and respect for our dear Dadas, only I wish to bring something to the table for everyone to consider and review.


In 1990, as you may remember, Baba was calling Dadas– groups of Dadas, especially Central Workers and other top Dadas– to Him so that they could take an oath in His presence. There was no secret this was going on, as many have heard about this program.

Those days, Beloved Baba was calling several workers or more at a time and asking them, ‘Do you promise to work for the welfare of the mission? Can I trust you to spread my ideology? Are you committed to serving all peoples? Will you keep this organisation unified? Are you to be trusted?’.

To each of these types of questions, all the Dadas present– ie the top Dadas which Baba had called before Him– were required to take an oath to that they would solemnly swear to fulfill their duty to Baba and the Ananda Marga mission. This was the scene which was unfolding in 1990. And those respected Dadas were quite proud to have been called before Baba to take such an oath. They took this to be an honor and and indication of their high commitment to Baba.


With all due respect, however, we should apply a little bit of our own cognitive abilities– by way of analogy– to understand the real meaning of having to take such an oath in the first place.

Suppose there is one guru who knows that some of his disciples suffer from certain flaws. That calls those disciples near and says, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be given greater responsibility to run the ashram and its activities, promise me that you will not sell the ashram and destroy all the programs. Can I trust you that you will not ruin the ashram?” By making this type of statement and posing this sort of query, it is very evident that the guru does not trust his disciples. Such a statement does at all convey a sense faith in his disciples.

With respect to our dear Dadas, I think all readers are by now getting the idea why Baba requested such top WTs to take an oath before Him. Before discussing this further, let’s take a look at another analogy.

Suppose, one day when a father is about to retire from his business and he is going to pass the torch of ownership of all his entrepreneurial interests and land holdings to his son, and the father says, ‘Son, I have worked hard all my life, please promise me that you will honestly watch over my affairs and take care of the family’, then does this not indicate that the father does not have full faith in his son. Otherwise, what was the need for the father to ask such a thing of his son. Such a statement or oath only comes into play, when a father feels that the son cannot be entirely trusted– or not trusted at all.

Or it is just like if there are two friends, and if one says to the other, ‘Listen, I have to go out for a few minutes, please promise me that you will not steal my belongings while I am gone’, then who is going to really think they have any friendship at all, or that the other person can be trusted. And certainly we can all think of so many other such examples– all of which point to a blatant lack of trust for the other party. In essence one is saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’.

Yet this is the very same type of oath which our All-knowing Baba requested from those top Dadas.

Please excuse me for saying so, but this oath was done because Baba was well aware about their inherent tendencies of groupism, division, and power mongering etc. With such ideas floating in their mental plates, how is it that those top Dadas were going to be able to care for the AM mission. Hence, Baba requested them to take an oath– to help steer them away from their negative desires. Yet we all know what happened, we all know how far those our revered Dadas could live up to the oath or not.


From another perspective, various other acaryas and senior margiis who were NOT asked to take such an oath in front of Baba were relieved, because they felt that having to take such an oath meant that such persons were not up to the proper standard. And indeed it looks like that is the case. There are so many decent acaryas and margiis who are truly committed to the ideals of AM, and Baba knowingly never asked them to take that oath in front of Him. Whereas those who were requested to take an oath back in 1990 are the very ones who have pillaged our AMPS and cracked it into pieces for their selfish ends.


But as life would have it, those top Dadas who took the oath– ‘I can be trusted to watch over the mission’– had their own perspective of the matter. With all due respect, those esteemed acaryas felt that it meant that they were the ones who were true to Baba.

Hence, they told everyone they knew that Baba took a special oath from them as they thought this would impress others. Indeed they traveled all over Delhi Sector and the entire globe, describing how Baba had specially called them and asked, ‘Can I trust you’ etc. So through their own eyeglasses, they thought that this was Baba’s way of telling them that they are the great ones to run the organisation. But those with a balanced mind can understand the inner truth: That having to take such an oath means that they had a weakness or mental defect. That Baba was saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’. Otherwise Baba would not have been concerned about them in that way.

And indeed, seeing what these oath-taking Dadas have done to our organisation since 1990, it is quite apparent that the all-knowing Baba did not trust them from the outset. That is why He was again and again asking them, ‘Can I trust you, can I trust you’. Please excuse me for saying so, but that is what rationality says. Many of these Dadas are our friends, but that does not exclude us from taking a proper look at the situation. After all we have come to establish AM ideology and serve the humanity, not any other reason.

Note: In AM oaths are taken when a person gets diiksa of various types. We remember our oaths everyday, but this query – “Can I trust you” – is unusual and displays a lack of trust.



Regardless, our esteemed top Dadas viewed that oath as their entitlement to running the organisation. And not only that, they thought that they should then take similar oaths from the margiis. And that is the very tradition that they started.

After 1990, thinking of themselves as the great ones, those top Dadas began calling all the margiis to their various dogmatic programs like Mahaprayan, and requested those arrivees to take an oath. Such is the grand hypocrisy that has been going on since 1990. See the irony of it all.

Those top Dadas have ruined Baba scriptures, broken the organisation into pieces, created dogmatic tiirthas, pilfered so much money, expelled so many innocent margiis, destroyed the BP system, and countless harm they have done to our Marga, yet they see themselves as being fit to insist that others be true to Baba’s teachings. As if they are the golden watch-bearers to ensure that everything is proper.

For your review, here is the oath which our revered Dadas have been taking from other general acaryas and margiis since 1990. They do this oath of ‘dedication’ or ‘rededication’ at their dogmatic Mahaprayan ceremonies and at other gatherings. The audio version of the oath has been put on the AM-GLOBAL blog:


So go to the blog and listen for yourself what they are doing, and for your convenience here below is the transcription of that very oath.

“We, say on oath, in the name of Parama Brahma and Marga Gurudeva, that we shall observe uncompromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ista, Adarsha, Supreme Command and Conduct Rules. We shall actively endeavour to promote, individual and collective well-being, to perform all sorts of actions as desired by Revered Marga Guru. We shall not allow the unity of Ananda Margiis to be jeopardised for any reason. We shall maintain the unity, even at the risk of our life. We shall not, under any circumstances, allow individual interest to stand in the way of collective interest. We shall protect, in all respects and all costs, the dignity of Margiya treasures: The sublime ideology, universal love, and unshakable unity, and the sanctity of our flag, our symbols, and the pratikrti [photo] of Marga Guru.” (Oath taken at dogmatic Mahaprayan programs)

Again there is nothing wrong with the above oath per se. Just it is painfully amusing that the ones administering this oath have utterly destroyed our Marga. They have made a mockery out of unity, they have tossed AM ideology in the dustbin, they have gone against Ista in countless ways, they have stepped on and torn up our flag, and they have time and again put their own selfish and individual interests ahead of the common good– ahead of collective interest.

Thus it is an absolute mockery for them to be administering this oath to well-intentioned margiis and acaryas. And again, the only reason Baba was asking them in 1990, ‘Can I count on you, can I trust you’ was because He was indirectly saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’. That is what He was telling those top Dadas.

Please excuse me as I know how this sounds. However, do not take my word for it, take a look at what has occurred in our organisation since 1990. All because of the lust, deceit, and selfishness of certain people whose names need not be mentioned here. You know who they are.


Here is Baba’s clear-cut warning that if the people responsible for implementing an ideology are not up to the mark, then there will be hell to pay– the society will suffer.

Baba says, “Even if there is no defect in the philosophy but the person who takes the responsibility of implementing the philosophy is full of defects, then that high philosophy will remain confined to books only. The society will rush headlong to the depths of degradation, and no one will remain to save it. The people’s copious tears will drench their clothes, and they will die, banging their heads against the closed doors of human liberation. For them there will be no escape.” (NSS, Disc 14)

Because our revered top Dadas could not implement AM ideology in their own lives, our organisation has paid the price and indeed the greater society has suffered needlessly at the hands of so many exploiters– because our Marga could not come forward and save them.


By Baba’s grace those true to Him have taken the internal vow to establish His ideology on this dusty earth. Such persons will always be strict in following His teachings. Whereas those who merely brag, that Baba asked them, ‘Can I count on you’, we now know their status. By His grace, a new era of ideology is coming in our Marga.

Baba says, “Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we allow others to do so.” (NSS, Disc: 14)



If anybody is having difficult and still could not understand the essence of this posting then this analogy may help.

Let’s say a husband and wife were at the airport as the husband was about to go away on a business trip. When saying good-bye, just before he was to board the plane, if the concerned husband says to his wife, ‘Please promise that you will be true to me’, who is going to think that their marriage is based on trust and fidelity.

Rather, one gets the distinct idea that the husband knows well that his wife has loose behaviour, or that she has been untrue in the past, or that she has interest in someone else. It gives the distinct feeling that ‘You (i.e. the wife) are not trustworthy’. And it is for this reason, with this doubt and uncertainty in mind, that he is requesting her to promise to be faithful. All because the wife has a distinct tendency to be unfaithful. Otherwise what was the need for the wife to take such an oath when there is a deep & trusting commitment between the two parties, between the husband and wife.

In other words if trust each other and if husband says like that there will be huge disappointment. She will cry out and be angry why he is accusing me, rather than be happy.
“Maner ma’jhe kon se ka’je a’cho balo na’…” (P.S. #2033)


Baba, You are hiding deep in the recesses of my mind. What You are actually doing there I cannot say. Just You are sitting in the depths of my mind– listening to all my thoughts. Baba You are everywhere: omnipresent. Nothing can remain hidden from You. Baba, it is impossible to hide anything from You — what a torture this is. Your liila, Your divine play, is very vast– verily immeasurable like the infinite ocean. To understand Your divine liila, is very difficult. When I go to measure the depth of Your liila, then my whole existence is lost. Only consciousness remains floating. Mind becomes one with You. And “I feeling” is lost. Baba, if You do not want to be held, please tell me what You want. Your desire is my desire, don’t you know this very fact? Baba, You are eternally hiding in my mind and heart. Nothing remains unknown to You…

Wealth and Sin Live Side by Side

Here is something to keep in mind when viewing those capitalists who are now ruling this earth.
Baba says, “The person who cannot cheat others cannot become a millionaire overnight. You know as I told many times the goddess of wealth is established in sin. Only the person who is a terrible sinner and knows how to cheat others as quickly as possible, only they can be come a millionaire. The goddess of wealth is the goddess of sin.” (Discourse: ‘Introduction of Various local Gods and Goddesses’, AV-11 [H] pg 7)

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Date: 21 Aug 2011 07:10:22 -0000
From: “Priyanath C Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: You Are Not Sadvipra If…


“Tumi saba’r bha’loba’sa’ peyecho…” (P.S. 1383)


Baba, everyone loves You. And You receive everyone’s heartfelt love. You look upon all with the same eyes– with no differentiation. You always think about everyone’s all-round welfare. You are concerned with one and all; everyone is Yours. In the burning heat when life is becoming unbearable, then You shower us with Your grace. And You take away all our pains and sufferings. Baba, You are ever-gracious.
When the heart starts bleeding due to the blow of different negative samskaras from the present, past, and future, then You saturate those suffering hearts with the divine nectar of Your love. In that way You graciously take away all their problems in the showering of Your divine compassion. On the dark amavasya night when it is pouring rain all around, even that time You bring effulgence through the medium of firefly.
Like this You provide the solution to each and every situation. It is Your grace. Baba, You love all and You know how to love. You give utmost importance to human life. And everyone is looking towards the path of Your arrival. Those who are crying and suffering, You have given them shelter at Your lotus feet. Baba, You are granting boons and blessings to everyone. You are grace personified…


Everyone knows that in AM, one of our ideals is to become a sadvipra.

Baba says, “Sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated.” (PNS-21)

However, in our Ananda Marga, there is much confusion about who is a sadvipra. For a while, everyone was thinking that no one was a sadvipra and that a sadvipra was just one great god in the sky.

Then others developed the notion that all Wt’s are sadvipras – and still today many workers feel that because they are Wt then by definition they are sadvipras also.

We should better understand what and who a sadvipra is. Baba’s teachings are not based on some far off fantasy – they are grounded in practical thought and expression.

By clearly defining our notion of sadvipra, then everyone can evaluate for themselves how they are doing in this pursuit and develop in the proper way, by Baba’s grace.


As early as 1959, Baba introduced the concept of sadvipra.

Baba says, “Those spiritual revolutionaries who work to achieve such progressive changes for human elevation on a well-thought, pre-planned basis, whether in the physical, metaphysical or spiritual sphere…are sadvipras.” (Idea & Ideology)

So from the very beginning, everyone in AM knew that a sadvipra was something very great. Over time, many began to conceive of the sadvipra as being something that they were not. No one in AM really thought they were a sadvipra.

Then, years later, when Baba introduced the bhukti pradahan system, He gave this following stipulation about who should vote.

Baba says, ‘The sadvipras of a bhukti must elect one bhukti pradha’na from among themselves.” (CC-1)

This then opened the doorway for many to begin thinking of themselves as sadvipras. This was the case especially with family acaryas, tattvikas, and wholetimers.

In contrast, general margiis were thinking, “Ok I am voting in this BP election, but it is debatable where I am a true sadvipra.”

But in the case of family acaryas and wholetimers, because of their post and power, they were thinking, “I am definitely a sadvipra if ordinary voting margiis are sadvipras.”

In this way, the notion of who is a sadvipra became clouded – if not totally off the mark.


So here we are in 2011, and this point should be clearly marked. One veritable way of measuring who is a sadvipra is the degree to which one is skilled and practiced as as shudra, ksattriya, vaeshya, and vipra.

Baba says, “The four classes who have ruled the world at one time or another are not of recent origin, but have been known ever since the beginning of humanity as brahmins, ks’atriyas, vaeshyas and shu’dras…Ananda Marga’s approach is not to call these classes bad but to make all the members of Ananda Marga practice and develop the good qualities of them all.” (PNS-11)

To properly understand and emulate these four qualities in life is to become an ideal Ananda Margii, or sadvipra. That is Baba’s distinct mandate.

Baba says, “Every person who joins Ananda Marga…has to strive to develop and strengthen the mind. Everyone has to work for a strong and healthy body. Everyone has to work for a living…Not only earning money and having a balanced and dependable economic life is important. Even the lowest of the social classes, which people normally scorn, have been given equal importance. Every member of the Marga has to physically serve others. This is normally seen as the work of the so-called shu’dras, but followers of the Marga cannot develop completely unless they also do this efficiently.” (PNS-11)

In His above teaching, Baba is guiding us that one cannot be a sadvirpa unless they develop their personalities in all the ways. If one avoids menial chores, then one cannot be a sadvirpa. All the qualities are needed, no exceptions.

Baba says, “In short, all the characteristics of the four classes have to be mastered by each individual in our Marga. It is not only mastery of these characteristics which is necessary, but their regular practice is an essential duty of every member of Ananda Marga. Every individual thus becomes universally fit, and any person makes as good a brahmin as a shu’dra.” (PNS-11)

Hence it is clear, to become an ideal Ananda Margii – to be a real sadvipra – one must possess and practice these four qualities. One must perform all kinds of physical work, and be courageous, economically just, and intellectually advanced. Then one is a sadvipra, otherwise not.


Baba’s teaching then is quite clear. One must not be loathe to any particular type of service or work. One must be mentally ready and physically capable of engaging in all kinds of deeds.

Unfortunately, many who think of themselves as sadvipras fall far short of the mark.

For instance, those Dadas leading WT training centers and visiting those TC’s often think that, “As I am training these people or coming to give a guest lecture, then I am most certainly a sadvipra.”

Yet these same trainers, and avadhutas who visit TC, use those trainees as their slaves to perform their menials tasks. Such top Dadas do not like to cook their own food, or wash their own plate, or clean their own laungotas, or scrub their own room. To do such things would be beneath them, so they designate trainees to do all of this for them.

But in so doing, such top Dadas expose themselves as being totally deficient in having the quality of a shudra. Thus, by definition, they are not sadvipras.

Baba says, “In short, all the characteristics of the four classes have to be mastered by each individual in our Marga. It is not only mastery of these characteristics which is necessary, but their regular practice is an essential duty of every member of Ananda Marga. Every individual thus becomes universally fit, and any person makes as good a brahmin as a shu’dra.” (PNS-11)


Clearly then, to be a sadvipra one must posses all the four characteristics: shudra, ksattriya, vaeshya, and vipra.

Here again though we see so many family acaryas and Wt’s falling short of this characteristic. Because one of the needed qualities is to have the courage to fight against dogmas.

But what to say about fighting against dogmas and immorality, some of our acaryas have become habituated to compromising with injustice.

Do not get me wrong, I have deep respect for our Wt cadre and certainly there are many unsung & unknown workers who are walking that path of being sadvipra.

Yet, on the other side, we see so many workers who due to a lack of courage are unwilling to point out the injustices of various group leaders. Without this ksattriyan quality they cannot be sadvipras. We see other wts who have fallen prone to following various dogmas like Fake Ananda Vaniis, mahaprayan, tiirthas, and scriptural distortions. Either they do not have the necessary mental insight to recognise such things as dogmas – hence they lack the quality of a vipra; or they do
not have the courage to oppose those dogmas and lack the quality of a ksattriya.

In all such cases, they fall far short of being sadvipra, regardless of what they say or claim.

Then there are other workers who totally misappropriate funds and finances. In that case how can we consider those Wts to be good vaeshyas.

It is not that all workers are inept and deficient – many are good. But to determine who are good we have to see how far they are talented and practiced in these four qualities. Being deficient in one means that one cannot be considered to be a sadvipra.


These days to be a family acarya, one must have an “in” with at least one of the groups, otherwise how can they be selected. In that case, such family acaryas must follow all the groupist dogmas and agendas. They must not oppose in any way. To oppose means to lose out on their opportunity to be a family acarya, at least in this group-riddled era.

That is why in the present climate, to be family acarya means to compromise. That is a fact in nearly cent-per-cent cases.

Without saying anything further, we can easily see how far they are really sadvipras.


More than anything else, understanding who and what is a sadvipra is a way for us to gauge our own development. It is for our own introspection and demands honesty and integrity.

We may be able to convince others that we are a great sadvipra and a God-realised person, but inside we know how far this is really true or not. One should not get caught up in cheating oneself. That is the worst outcome.

Being a sadvipra is not for show, nor for bragging rights, nor for any other external perk or benefit. It is about being true to oneself and true to Baba. That is what counts.

Wearing a particular uniform or having a particular titles has absolutely zero to do with being a sadvipra. Rather, sadvipraship is based the on the all-round development of one’s human personality.

This is a big topic – so this letter is just the beginning – others should also give their thoughts.


By Baba’s, grace, we should be sincere and adhere to Baba’s following guideline when assessing our status or that of someone else. By His grace, if we follow His guidelines of proper conduct, we will certainly become a sadvipra – so that we can best serve Him and creation.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct….” (Ananda Vanii #13)


Physical Food and Future

Baba says, “Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and psycho-spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease.” (PNS-13, p.47)

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From: “Motilal Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2011 15:28:34 +0500
Subject: Bangalisation of Prout Books


Baba has given this following song to warn those who are demons in human form, who by their nefarious work are destroying the peace by spreading poison and bringing disaster.

“Manus’ manus’ ha’ra’ye hunsha kotha’y calecho tumi.
A’ka’sh ba’ta’s bis’iye diye narak kare marttyabhu’mi…” (PS 1190)


Why have you lost your rational sense and started moving on the path of annihilation and ruination. You made this golden earth poisonous with the domination of your disastrous theories, i.e. the dogma of groupism etc. You threw away the high ideals of spirituality and you forgot the eternal truth that whatever strength you are getting, that is coming from Him…Parama Purusa…Baba… He is the source. So you lost the sense and you do not like to understand that, to pulverize your ego, the trident of Parama Purusa is active…


Note: This letter details the wrongs done to our Prout publications including Prout Nutshell part 19, Prout Nutshell part 20, and Proutist Economics. In addition, this letter examines how one group – in particular – has committed permanent wrongs to Baba’s divine teachings, mostly done to highlight their own samaj. Please read the following and keep for your future reference. Only through our collective efforts, along with Baba’s grace, will we be able to set everything right.

Ours is a universal society aimed at projecting Baba’s ideals to one and all. So we have to be vigilant when any impediment within the Marga crops up and steers things in a different direction. Please read the following and together we can decide what should be done.


Here is the situation: One group has altered and distorted Baba’s Prout books in order to highlight their own samaj. Let me explain further.

Specifically, two editions of the “Prout in a Nutshell” series, i.e. parts 19 & 20, were intentionally dyed in the colour of Bangalisation – i.e. extreme preference towards the A’mara’ Bengali samaja at the expense of Baba’s entire samaj theory.

In these two books (PNS 19 & 20) there are 13 full discourses dedicated to Bengal – and hardly a mention of any other samaj. This gives the false impression that the A’mara’ Bengali samaj is the only samaj on the planet, or that Baba only gives importance to this samaj. But this is not the case at all. At present, there are 241 samajas around the globe and Baba in His own unique way gives equal importance to them all.

But after 1990, led by the heavy hand of Sarvatmananda, one group blatantly stuffed the pages of our Prout books exclusively with discourses on Bengal while discarding other samajas entirely. Indeed in Prout in a Nutshell parts 19 & 20, there are 17 discourses in total. And of those 17 discourses, 15 of those discourses address a particular samaj. And of those 15 samaj discourses, 13 of those those discourses are exclusively about Bengal. That means 87% of the samaj discourses in those two books are about A’mara’ Bengali samaj. And interestingly enough, both Prout Nutshell 19 & 20 were printed just after 1990 when Sarvatmananda had full power.

So it is clear that with a partial hand someone’s intention was only to highlight the Bangalistan area at the cost of other places. This is the wrong someone did to Baba’s Prout Nutshell series, parts 19 & 20.


To make things look “natural”, those at the helm those days included one samaj discourse on Bihar and one on Ireland. After all it would look too obvious if 15 out of 15 samaj discourses in those books were on Bengal. So they did included two other samaj discourses to make things look legitimate. Plus, Prout Nutshell part 21 contains no samaj discourses. And indeed this is the common tendency. When you want to distort something, then hide the fake or foul things in the middle, not at the end. Sarvatmananda understood this theory well. With the few Prout books first published after 1990, he followed this theorem exactly.

But we are not befooled by his “decoy”.

Because we know that Baba delivered hundreds of discourses on so many samajas. Baba always expressed maximum interest in every samaj. But this fact Sarvatmananda did not wish to recognise. So he personally gave the order to fill PNS-19 and PNS-20 with discourses on Bengal. And all other samaj discourses were left out of those Prout publications.

In fact, one other decoy maneuver he did was print Baba’s numerous discourses about other samajas of India in the name of Raghunathji. This was another trick used by Sarvatmananda to give less priority to other samajas and highlight on Bengal. After all if you make it look like Baba the Sadguru only spoke about Bengal – and ignored all other samajas – then Bengal stands in the spotlight all by itself.

Note: A reference to the “Raghunath Book” – which is really Baba’s book – is listed in a note at the bottom of this letter.

Here the whole idea is that one group leader wanted to make it look like Baba gave utmost importance to Bengal, as if Bengal is the topmost and all others are second rate.


Yet we all know, the spirit of Baba’s teachings and Baba’s practical approach is completely universal in all respects.

Whatever samajas Baba visited and even those places He did not physically attend to, always Baba recognised the value of and encouraged the development of all samajas. Toward this end He regularly gave dictations about the plans and programs to execute in the various samajas of the world. And Proutists from all over the globe personally noted down and received these guidelines directly from Baba Himself. Indeed Baba gave tremendous import to all samajas.

Those aware know that Baba’s Proutistic teachings are related with so many aspects of the development of the numerous samajas of this earth. He addressed topics such as agriculture, industry, irrigation, trade, culture, history, dance, archeology, music and so much more. Baba spoke in great detail about a wide and diverse collection of samajas. He personally designated large amounts of time for this.

Tragically, one group made sure that Baba’s important guidelines about other samajas did not get place in the Prout Nutshell series. They made sure that only the Bengali samaj was given the spotlight in the Prout books.

Because as well all know, the first edition of Prout Nutshell parts 19 and 20 were printed after 1990. Thus those group leaders at the helm selectively chose – according to their own agenda – which discourses to place in those Prout books. It was a case of clear-cut manipulation. The proof being that there are 241 samajas on this earth. Baba gave equal importance to all. Yet 87% (13 of 15) of the samaj discourses in PNS 19 & 20 deal with only 1 single samaj: A’mara’ Bengali.

This was done in such a way that in the future if anyone reads Prout, then they will conclude that Baba only cared about Bengal.


Some may raise the point that if this is so important why did no one oppose this wrong earlier. Here we have to remember that immediately after 1990, Sarvatmananda’s reign was in full storm. He was raging battles in all kinds of directions and ruling with an iron fist. It was the reign of terror. Anyone who opposed any wrongdoing was humiliated, exiled, victimised, and ultimately eliminated. Plus there were so many injustices being carried out, that people were just trying to survive. As bad as things are now, those days it was 1000 times worse. There was one totalitarian leader ruling the Marga and he had his Wt gangs to support him. In that case no field worker or margii dared oppose any wrongdoing.


In this harsh atmosphere, along with B group’s deep seated desire to impose their Bengali Raj, they made sure that only Baba’s teachings related with Bengali areas got the upper hand. Only their own samaj discourses were highlighted in the Prout Nutshell books. And Baba’s talks about other samajas did not get the place– they were neglected and rejected outright.


Because if you look at the Prout 19 and 20 then you will find 13 separate discourses / chapters which are exclusively related with the Bengali samaj. While Baba’s divine discourses about the samajas of South India, North India, and Western India – not to mention all the other parts of the globe – were essentially discarded from these Prout books.

But Baba has given similar guidelines to all those samaj leaders from other parts of the globe. Indeed Baba used to call them from far just to give special guidance about their samaj. Yet due to B group’s interference, only the Bengali samaj plans, programs, and guidelines given by Baba have been published in Prout 19 and 20.

Why were Mara’thi samaj, Tamil samajam, Kannada samajam, Chhattisgarhii samaj, Dogari samaj, Nagpuria samaj, Maharlika samaj, Mauri samaj, and all those several dozens of samajas discarded from the Prout books? I think now the answer is becoming clear. Why were 87% (13 of 15) of the samaj discourses in Prout Nutshell 19 & 20 only about Bengal? I think now the answer is becoming clear.

Everyone knows that Baba’s guidelines for these aforesaid samajas were given, but they were never allowed to have a place in the Prout books. Only Bangalistan got the place.

The reason being that those days in 1991-92, B group was controlling everything and they wanted to create an inferiority complex in the minds of margii members of other samajas. By this way they could keep ruling and put their samaj on top. So they deftly created the false impression that Baba has given special preference to Bengalistan by only including the Bangal samaj discourses in the Prout series. Sarvatmananda thought by this way he could best continue his group supremacy.

But the fact is that Baba guided equally to all the samajas.

Clearly then this is one type of deliberate distortion to Baba’s Prout teachings. It is nothing but a black stain that only discourses related with the area and planning of Bengal were placed in Prout 19 & 20.

Till today B group does not have an iota of repentance for what they have done. They distorted the Bhukti Pradhan manual, wiped out margii rights, ruined the ACB system, invented expulsion as a weapon, gave birth to Fake Ananda Vaniis, implemented mahaprayan dogma, created religious tiirthas (holy land dogma) and so much more.

And they have imposed their dogmatic vision of Bangalisation unto Baba’s Prout books. But even then that is not the totality of their ill deeds.


Here is another pertinent example how B group has altered Baba’s books and manipulated His discourses on samaj.

A case in point: In the Proutist Economics book a total of 104 pages got dedicated for the Bengali samaj, and only 18 pages were allotted for all the five (5) samajas of Bihar. And Baba’s talks on innumerable other samajas were discarded entirely. By this manipulation, so many of Baba’s teachings related with the development of samaj did not get place in Prout.

Thus the distortion done to Proutist Economics is a carbon copy of the distortion done to Prout in a Nutshell parts 19 & 20.

Here the point is that wherever they got the chance to distort Baba’s Prout teachings in the favor of their Bangalisation dogma, they seized the opportunity. In particular, those Prout books first printed after 1990 were wickedly distorted.


All this gives proof that since long B group has been strategizing and executing their plans of group dominance wherever and whenever they got the opportunity. Theirs is a long term plan not only to rule the Marga but to permanently scar and litter Baba’s divine teachings with their various dogmas like Bangalisation and related distortions.

Indeed their plan was so deep-rooted that even after their fall from power, many of their distortions and dogmas still stand: Destruction of BP Manual, Bangalisation of Baba’s Discourses, Fake Ananda Vaniis, Expulsion as a weapon, Mahaprayan dogma etc. The list is quite long.

In contrast, the other groups just wanted power – and that washes away relatively easily. When those group leaders reform themselves or pass on, then their lust for power is gone from this earth.

But from day 1 this has not been the case with those Bengali leaders. From the outset they had a deep-seated plan to permanently infuse all kinds of dogmas into AM society and Baba’s books. They actually wanted to change Baba’s teachings – permanently. As bad as the other groups are – no other group did like this.

Indeed it was only B group that brought this whole other agenda to the table. Only they planned on permanently deleting, manipulating, and distorting Baba’s divine AM ideology. What dogmas they implemented in a few short years of their reign may take generations to remove. This is a big, big problem. No other faction did like this. Only B group led by Sarvatmananda imposed such dogmas and distortions.

Still today we are dealing with the mess they created – and tomorrow we will be as well. Because with a few short brush strokes Sarvatmananda and Co permanently changed so many of Baba’s divine teachings:

1. Fake Ananda Vaniis, 2. Fake BP Manual, 3. Dogma of Mahaprayan insertion into appendix of Caryacarya, 4. “Translated from Original Bengali” into countless books, 5. Expulsion as a weapon, 6. Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita via filmy cassettes, 7. Tiljala as a Tiirtha site, 8. Destruction of the ACB system, 9. Wrong system of translation, 10, Bangalisation, 11. Elimination of Margii rights and so many more systematic and permanent wrongs.

This is the great gift that B group has bestowed on our AM society: The gift of dogma and ruination of Baba’s teachings.


Baba is the Supreme Neo-Humanist who guides and loves all samajas. It is unthinkable to believe that Baba only likes one samaj. But that is what B group wants the world to believe.

So the main idea we must convey is that all Baba’s Prout books should reflect His universal love for all peoples in all places and all samajas. To promote the dogma that He was partial to Bengal is to undermine Guru’s standing.

Together, with a rational mind, we must decide how Baba’s Prout books should be reformulated. It cannot be that PNS 19 & 20 contain 13 discourses on Bengal. Nor do I suggest that all the A’mara’ Bengali discourses be removed and replaced by discourses on other samajas.

As His disciples we must find the right balance and method for printing Baba’s Prout discourses to ensure that they reflect the spirit and totality of His universal teachings for humanity. And all those devoted margiis who took notes from Baba’s various samaj meetings must come forward with those writings. Already many samaj leaders are involved in this great work and more should participate. This is the way to safeguard Baba’s teachings and demonstrate that He has given discourses and guidelines on all the samajas.


At the cost of the sanctity of Baba’s treatises on Prout and the welfare of our Marga the crimes committed by B group must not be allowed to continue. The day has come for all margiis to come forward waving the banner of neo-humanism, doing away with narrow-minded, groupist traditions.

Baba says, “You must awaken those who do not realise the facts, and make them aware. Let the ideals of neo-humanism reach their ears, and be implanted in the core of their hearts. With their liberated intellects they will throw all their illusions into the dustbin.” (NH-LOI)



These are the thirteen (13) discourses in Prout Nutshell 19 & 20:

Prout Nutshell 19
East Wet Theory
Economic Exploitation of Bengal
Talks on Bengal – Section A
Talks on Bengal – Section B
Talks on Bengal – Section C
Talks on Bengal – Section D
Talks on Bengal – Section E

Prout Nutshell 20
Economic Self-Sufficiency for Bengal
Northeastern India
South Bengal
Contai Basin Planning

Anyone looking at these books will think that Baba only cared about Bengal or that Baba was just one limited social theorist. That is the main problem with what B group has done.

The reality of course is that Baba is Parama Purusa incarnate. He cares for and loves all equally. He has equal regard for every samaj. This spirit must be reflected in Baba’s Prout books. To highlight only one samaj is a grave injustice against Guru; it is a crime and a sin.

As His disciples we must ensure that Baba’s books fully reflect His teachings. So we have to sit collectively and think how our books on Prout should be formulated. Not all the Bengal discourses need be removed, nor do all the hundreds of other discourses about various other samajas be placed in the Prout Nutshell series. But whatever we choose to do, it must reflect Baba’s universal care for the entire humanity.

And side by side, naturally all of Baba’s samaj discourses and notes will have to be printed in some form. But the way things are right now is not at all good.



This letter details how they printed Baba’s discourses and talks in Raghunathji’s name because those discourses were about other samajas, not A’mara’ Bengali. To minimize the importance of those talks and the respective samajas, they put them in the name of a disciple. And when Baba spoke about Bengal then it was printed for all to see in Baba’s name.


Allopathic Medicines Not Good

Baba says, “When people take allopathic medicine to cure a disease, the medicine disturbs the ecological balance of the body because more negative microvita get concentrated at the point of the disease. Allopathic medicines do not kill diseases — diseases die by their own natural death. Although the medicine may check the disease, the increased concentration of negative microvita can overcome the effect of the medicine. In fact, the increased concentration of negative microvita caused by allopathic medicines creates many new types of diseases, and due to this, two or three new diseases are presently being created every decade. So what is the solution to this problem? Our approach should be two fold — external and internal. Externally we should take medicines to check diseases, but internally we should perform spiritual practice.” (MVNS, p.136)

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From: Ram Gopal Deva “RamGopal63@Indianet…”

Date: Wed, 01 June 2011 23:34:08 +0530

Subject: On A Daily Basis









Some naive people think that it is too difficult to follow dharma all of the time. Rather they think dharma is something that can and should only be followed on certain grand occasions. Such are the thoughts of a few people.







Here following is Baba’s reply.


Baba says, “If one thinks that they will only follow dharma in some big events, and not in small ones, then those big events may not ever come in their entire life. It may be that in their whole life, besides their birth and death, not a single big event happens. Yet at the time of birth how can one protect dharma. At that time one is just a small infant and cannot do anything. That infant is totally unaware about the events going

on around them. Then how can they protect dharma. And at the time of death, a

person is senseless. In that case also how can they protect dharma. For this reason, dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)


So Baba’s explanation is perfectly clear – one should follow dharma always, in all aspect of life.





Even then, some think that when those in the Marga were physically fighting the communists, then that was the main ideological fight. Since then, they reason, there has been no scope for ideological fight. It is is purely a thing of the past. And it is only when margiis & dadas again start physically fighting with those communists that the ideological fight will recommence. That is one myopic view of one Dada.





However, it is not rocket science. One can easily understand what is AM ideology and what is an ideological fight. It is very simple and straightforward.


In His neo-humanistic philosophy, Baba clearly states that an ideological fight means combatting all kinds of narrow sentiments and groupism.





In the life of each and every Ananda Margii then, this ideological fight is going on each and every moment. It is not that an ideological fight only happened in 1967 and 1982 when so many Dadas were killed by communists. Today as we speak, an ideological battle is taking place and sincere margiis are fighting this fight on a daily basis.


These are but some of the major issues of today’s ideological fight:

(a) Distortion of scripture

(b) Elimination of bhukti pradhan rights & margii rights

(c) Destruction of the ACB

(d) Expulsion

(e) Gender issues

(f) Dogma of Mahaprayan

(g) So-called holy tiirthas

(h) Fake Ananda Vaniis

(i) Victimisation


These are the main ideological issues of the day that demand our focused attention. The aim is to keep AM philosophy unaltered.





As we know some people like to glue themselves to dogma. Our duty is to free them from such dogmas and bring them onto the right path. This is also the ideological fight.


Those who believe in groups are not following AM ideology. Trying to convince them to give up their group affiliation is also the ideological fight. Naturally when selfish groupists combat each other for power, then such a clash has not an iota of ideological import. But when dharmikas, i.e. sincere Ananda Margiis, oppose groupism by holding onto the gospel of neo-humanism, then that most certainly is an ideological fight.





Here the point is that our fight for ideology is dynamic and takes places on multiple levels – always. Anyone sincerely involved in following Baba’s divine ideal is carrying the flag of ideology each and every moment. They are always involved in this dharmic fight. That is Baba’s teaching.


That is why no one can take it seriously when one Dada states that fighting the communists is the only ideological battle in life.





As Ananda Margiis, our aim and understanding should be based on Baba’s teachings whereby each and every moment we are striving to establish AM ideals on so many different planes of life.


Baba says, “Everywhere in the manifested or unmanifested universe there is a ceaseless fight going on between vidyá [ideology] and avidyá [ignorance].” (PNS-15, Talks on Prout)


Baba says, “Dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)



Ram Gopal




Here is the Dada who is telling that only the fight against the communists is the ideological fight.


“The real ideological fight was against communist and against CBI in Baba’s physical presence.” – Shuddhátmánanda





“Maner ma’jhere base gopan kotha’ shon’o, kichui luka’no ja’y na’…” (P.S. 583)




Baba, You are sitting in the mind. You listen to all the talks & tales and feelings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. What anyone thinks, You know. Baba, You are everywhere– in each and every iota of this entire universe. Indeed You are so vast & You have manifested Yourself in such a grand way, that beyond You there is no existence of anything.


Baba, You even listen to the very small talks of the mind; You take care of even the most meagre and ordinary matters– just like dust particles. You cannot forget or ignore anyone, and You do not remain oblivious of anything. You take care of everyone. You love one and all. The galaxies & stars which are floating in far away distant places, even those objects are not beyond Your touch. For You everything is close by; nothing is far. And You take care of everything.


The spring which has lost its beauty & the flower which has just bloomed, nothing gets forgotten. Everything has equal importance to You. You are everywhere. There is no place where You do not remain. Except You, there is nothing.


Baba, You are sitting inside the mind and listening to all the feelings and longings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. Baba You are infinite; Baba, You are everywhere…




Where Invented


In the following quote Baba reveals the history of the “ball” which is nowadays commonly used in innumerable games and sports. The ball is originally invented in India.


The following Baba’s teaching reveals this fact.


Baba says, “The meaning of the root verb kand is ‘to wallow’. We get the word kanduka (ball) by adding ‘uk’ to ‘kand’ or adding ‘u’ + ‘ka’ to kand. Its etymological meaning is ‘that which rolls’; colloquially it refers to ‘ball’– a ball rolls. It should be remembered that the kanduka (ball) originated in this country. Originally, balls used to be made from cloth, but since cloth balls did not last very long people in ancient Bengal started making balls from the shoots of young bamboo.” (SC-3, p.70-71)


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