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Subject: Baba Story: “Why I Fell Sick”



Note: Family Acarya Babanji of Bihar had many personal experiences with Baba. Here below is Ac Babanji’s first-hand account of how he became sick while in the course of duty and what Baba told him.

In 1963, as a member of the Bihar Military Police (BMP), I was dispatched to Agartala, i.e, far eastern India, by my commanding officers. I was assigned to do military patrols and border control work along the Indo-Bangladeshi border. It was an unusual and special appointment within the BMP.


However, before ever knowing that I would be promoted and transferred from Bihar to Agartala by my military supervisors, Baba called me to Him.

He said, “I will be sending you to eastern India soon to do some pracar work.”

Hearing Baba’s words I was puzzled as a transfer to that area could only be done via a promotion. And I was wondering how will I ever be promoted when my military supervisors do not appreciate my way of living. I was following all AM practices and my bosses lived in their own way. So how would they give me such a promotion. Those were the types of thoughts swirling in my head.

In a few weeks, I was ordered by my BMP supervisors to appear in an examination. The examiner asked me all kinds of questions, many of which surprised me. But, not only did I pass the examination, I got the top score.

I was then promoted and given the assignment in Agartala. This was nothing but Baba’s special way of working. Now I would be able to do His pracara work in eastern India.



Once I reached Agartala, then by His grace, a lot of pracar work was going on. So many margiis and Wts were created. Baba was arranging everything – there was a huge flow of activity.

After some time however, I became seriously ill and had to return to Bihar for treatment. I was thinking I must have done some mistake, otherwise what could be the reason for my sickness.

When I reached Jamalpur, I went to see Baba.

Those who were around told me, “Now Baba is going to eastern India – why have you come to Jamalpur.”

All I could reply was, “Nothing is in my hand. Baba is the one controlling my movements. He sent me to Agartala and now Baba has brought me here.”

So I remained in Jamalpur for some time and tried to get better. In due course, Baba returned to Jamalpur and I got the opportunity to see Him.


The first thing Baba told me was, “Why did you commit those wrongs?”

Immediately, I began wondering what wrong I had done.

Baba then said, “What about that incident.”

I was mentally pondering my role and duties, trying to figure out where I erred. Still in my mind I was thinking that knowingly I did not do anything wrong.

Suddenly a scene flashed in mind of one encounter when I ordered a shooting where some culprits were injured.

I said, “Baba, knowingly I did not do anything beyond my call of duty. I was ordered to manage the border security. The government gave me my orders and I had to follow them.”

Baba said, “Yes, the government gives you orders, but then it is your duty to use your viveka when carrying out that order.”

Actually on the border between India and Bangladesh, people in Bangladesh were chopping and stealing trees from India. Basically they were smuggling wood. My duty was to watch and guard the border as well as protect my troops. I was very concerned that if my troops were attacked and harmed then I will be blamed.

Baba told, “When carrying out your duties, you were excessive in meting out punishment. You took strong punitive measures against even innocent people. That was not the rule and against all codes and regulations.”

Then that whole fateful scene flashed in my mind, I immediately realised my mistake and understood how some innocent people were also harmed. Baba made everything perfectly clear.

Baba said, “You had to undergo the reaction for your wrongdoing. That is why you became sick and that is why you are here now.”

Now I understood why it all happened. In Agartala, I became sick and my senior commander told me to go for treatment. I remained sick for 2 – 3 weeks. My problem would not go away. Finally the doctor told me that this climate is not good for me and that I should go back to my home area. Thus I made the trip back to Bihar.

Of course, now I understand that the reason why I became sick in the first place was due to my harmful actions.


In the above story told by Ac Babaniji, there are many things to be learned.

1. As sadhakas we have to be careful when undergoing any suffering, such as when Ac. Babanji became sick. At that moment we should critically analyse the matter and do introspection and see if we made a mistake or not. Animals cannot do this type of self-analysis; and ordinary humans do not do it. As sadhakas, we must do it. Because there is no effect without a cause. We should clearly understand the link between our past actions and our present condition.

2. By the grace of Guru one may intuitively receive His guideline so that we may then change our course of action, if needed.

3. Crude and egoistic people do not reflect on the reactions of their actions and therefore invite more harm and more severe reactions, unto themselves. In the case of Babanji also, if Baba had not pointed out the problem, then Babanji would not have had any idea of his wrongdoing and he may have erred further. Baban ji is not alone in this. Rather, that is the norm: Errors are not pointed and hence people do not realise their wrongdoing.

4. Let’s take an example of how those in power might abuse their position: Suppose a policeman is ordered to arrest Mr X, then a very bad and notorious police officer will go to Mr. X and abuse and beat him mercilessly. While a good human being who is a policeman will arrest Mr X without using excessive force.

5. One must be very careful about their dealing and use their vivek (discrimination) when following orders. That will make things much better.

6. When any non-margii sinner does any injustice then they may not face the consequences immediately. In which case they will continue in their wrongdoing. But for sadhakas it is not like that. Ananda Margiis will face their reactions very quickly because in this life a practicing sadhaka must get mukti (liberation). So they must get the lesson quickly and be deterred from continuing their sinful ways. Otherwise mukti will not be possible. So for Ananda Margiis the cycle of action and reaction must be exhausted in a very short time period.

Here is Baba’s teaching from Ananda Sutram about how people learn from their good and bad actions:

Hitaeśańápreśito’pavargah (3-7)

[The requital of an action is guided by the (divine) longing for welfare.]

Purport: Even behind the requital of an act (the fruits that follow the completion of an act) lies the divine desire of benevolence. The punishment for an evil act teaches one to keep away from evil doings. The reward for a good and benevolent act teaches people that they will never get such a reward if ever they commit an evil act.
(Ananda Sutram 3-7)

7. Parama Purusa made this type of system (i.e. karma theory, or action and reaction theory) to help sadhakas remain on the right path. It is His grace.



“A’j prabha’te a’lor pa’the nu’tan phuger ba’rta’ dile…” (P.S. 2001)


Baba, today in the dawn You came and gave the message that a new era is approaching. You told me to open my eyes and see how the darkness has faded away. And that humanity has gotten liberated from the serpentine noose of ignorance, staticity, and dogma. The humanity which was stunned by exploitation, injustices, and the tortures done by demons, today that very humanity has developed the inner strength to kick out those demons and get free. O’ Lord, You are the charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, and You have come here to guide everyone towards the Cosmic Goal. In addition You have also brought a basket of hope and inspiration; and that You are showering that upon everyone. Baba, You came and sang the song of hope and showed us the path towards enlightenment. What was needed everyone got from you. Baba You came in the dawn and gave the message of the new era– that of neo-humanism…

Health Guideline

Baba says, “Deafness is not a disease by itself, unless it is congenital. It is an after-effect or reaction to some other ailment…Excessive use of quinine or similar poisonous medicines for a long time reduces the power of hearing.” (YT, p.43)

Note: The intake of allopathic medicines contribute significantly to deafness. One can see this reaction especially in the case of small kids.

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